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5cc42567 No.3715084

"I didn’t really know what to say last night when I found this out.
My partner confided in me about these messages and I was appalled by what I saw. I can’t imagine how someone finds killing a living thing for sexual gratification okay.
Acidraincloud and Teriyakicat

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5974beaa No.3715112

>My partner confided this to me last night. Here it is, twitter.

I don't even care what the contents are. This person is a massive faggot and deserves to be single forever.

26424f8d No.3715133

Nah it was the right thing to do

The sad thing is that you just know all the other vorefags secretly do shit like this too

29a41c3a No.3715148


I somehow doubt that the average vore enjoyer takes it to that level.

35672476 No.3715154

Dead fish I don't care

5974beaa No.3715185

I don't know, I suppose I expect a level of trust and understanding with my boyfriend that would involve working out grievances confided for at least more than 1 day and not just immediately posting it publicly on twitter.

I guess modern zoomer relationships are as disposable as modern phones these days.

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File: 1694468590287-1.jpg (2.94 MB, 2591x1988, a162bddea98dd3ae9e0b2c6782….jpg)

Oh, this radar-blip of an event from three weeks ago that most of us have forgotten about already? OK.

Some furs in my local group were upset about this and how it made them feel to be in the same fandom as these people. Personally, I don't concern myself with it because the fandom has grown so much in the last ten years that it's like: what the hell do a couple of turds in Nebraska who I've never-even-heard-of have to do with me? The fandom's still a small world in many ways, yeah, but it's also been large enough for long enough that I stopped expecting it to have unanimous solidarity in anything a long time ago. Not only that, but in my IRL experience people who aren't preoccupied with the internet like we are don't even know how pornographic furry is; their entire impression is that it's a costume thing.

Tangent: I'm pondering whether or not the fandom might grow even more in the next five-ish years because it looks like there are a lot of kids on TikTok falling in love with the costume part of furry because of fursuit clips. Not that I use the app, but certainly I'm not the only one who has seen the compilation videos floating around in YouTube's recommendations? Speaking of furry YouTube, there are a handful of channels with 100K-200K subscribers and counting, and ClappedSeal appears to have somehow gained subs by going full furry, and many of them are more than likely young people like him. Meanwhile, being caught enjoying "Feral NSFW" is extremely problematic and scandalous amongst a lot of teenaged furs (no, really).

Not quite correct. Yeah, it was finally posted just three weeks ago, but the exchange pictured happened over six years ago. See how it says "July 5, 2017" at the top of the first phone screenshot?

29a41c3a No.3715207

>the exchange pictured happened over six years ago
So what I'm hearing is this was done out of spite instead of genuine concern.

Fucking furries, man.

55370eaf No.3715211

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This is their explanation.

BTW, this isn't between just a single pair of people. There are two couples involved in this debacle: one couple is exposing the other as sadists.

b99633ef No.3715233

> their entire impression is that it's a costume thing.
Not anymore. Now I bet the normies think of costumed furries who beat the crap out of innocent beach-goers. :-/
> Meanwhile, being caught enjoying "Feral NSFW" is extremely problematic and scandalous amongst a lot of teenaged furs (no, really).
Hold on, isn't that a complete reversal from the youthful sparkledog crowd of years past?

de22c080 No.3715239

>Now I bet the normies think of costumed furries who beat the crap out of innocent beach-goers.
I know… it sucks that the news had to take what was originally a furry attacking another furry, and warp it into fake news outrage bait.
>isn't that a complete reversal from the youthful sparkledog crowd of years past?
Its crazy, everyone loves knots until there is a clearly intelligent feral with their knot on display and suddenly its bestiality to them. Four legs bad, two legs good.

a4d8f281 No.3715259

Everyone already thinks flurries are sex pests
>Four legs bad, two legs good
This but unironically.

5bd47ad8 No.3715272

File: 1694485503311.jpg (149.22 KB, 892x551, 1166112273.bencoon_tailypo.jpg)

> everyone loves knots until there is a clearly intelligent feral with their knot on display and suddenly its bestiality
Camouflage the peen, problem solved.

5974beaa No.3715282

>Consistent use of they/them without a single gendered pronoun in sight.

What a faggot lol

37189b6b No.3715311

File: 1694497715957.webm (797.46 KB, 406x360, teriyakicatdance.webm)

e225c102 No.3715320

File: 1694500413732-0.webm (2.61 MB, 720x1280, wigglefox_01.webm)

File: 1694500413732-1.webm (2.35 MB, 720x1280, wigglefox_02.webm)

File: 1694500413732-2.jpg (204.33 KB, 600x1329, thehearthfox_01.jpg)

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File: 1694500413732-4.jpg (143.41 KB, 820x1645, thehearthfox_03.jpg)

@theHearthFox, the creator of that dancing puppet called WiggleFox that stole the show and brought everybody joy at Anthrocon this year, ended up in some Twitter drama for nothing more than being friends with somebody who likes "Feral NSFW" art. It was nothing actually serious, just a few dozen teenagers and a couple of low-tier YouTube commentary vids making a fuss about feral pr0n. I think they even gained followers from this ruckus.

Blocked and Reported podcast did an episode on this little debacle, but it's a total nothingburger that takes until 38m30s before they even start talking about the drama in the title. The preceding forty minutes are just the hosts giving a rudimentary explanation of otherkin and therians to a target audience that has never heard of them. There are a few voice quotes from @TheHearthFox since they also happen to be a therian, but really the only thing worthy of note is that feral porn is apparently despised by a lot of young furries.
Credit to the person who already linked it last month: >>3712107.

Tweets in the screenshots.

Couple of YouTube commentary vids.
Second one sounds like @TheHearthFox may be a bit of a dick, but check out the comments.

85d2c74c No.3715345

File: 1694506930863.webm (448.15 KB, 480x852, fox3.webm)

He really needs to drop the usernames of the people who are harassing him, so we know who they are.

Also someone needs to send this webm to him on twitter. (I don't have an account) The idea popped into my head and I had to make it.

Nestor Ivanovych Makhno did nothing wrong.

37189b6b No.3715356

File: 1694509471443.jpg (1.78 MB, 2250x3000, piranha 3D.jpg)

I had no idea about the dancing puppet thing. I thought it was another cruel way to treat animals by forcing them to dance, tugging on their arms and legs even if he wasn't the one doing it to the cat, he was mocking it. If karma had it's way this guy would go on a cruise ship and end up annoying the other passengers with his stupid fursuit antics, and be thrown overboard into the Gulf of Mexico to let the Piranhas have at him.

80da2506 No.3715364

Not gonna lie, the idiot that tries to destroy that puppet is probably going to be drinking his soy lattes from a tube in the local ICU for some time XD

85d2c74c No.3715380


Hearthfox is obviously on the spectrum, and autists have all the benefits of "retard strength" without the 'tardation.

4dc2d250 No.3715391

Literally this. Vorefag here, I don't approve of killing animals for sexual pleasure but then again I'll happily spend all day shoving barbed hooks through an anchovie's face and throwing it into the ocean to slowly die alone, trapped to an invisible line and waiting to be engulfed or torn apart by another bigger fish. This story isn't sensational enough.

a4d8f281 No.3715409

File: 1694541889573.png (311.49 KB, 628x547, 1694506804825232.png)

Vore fetishists are all deranged. That retard that hit the guy with a megaphone on a beach was also a voretard

127cf5a5 No.3715411

File: 1694545666547.png (1.14 MB, 1874x1440, 1692775659123.png)

d131570d No.3715426

File: 1694554462147.png (363.23 KB, 847x545, confused jewish man.png)

9581799f No.3715463

File: 1694562527473.jpg (235.8 KB, 640x1536, Just Say No To Crossbreedi….jpg)

He looks like a mongrel.

66bd72d8 No.3715498

File: 1694577452767-0.png (60.38 KB, 800x600, Burned_Fur.png)

File: 1694577452767-1.png (224.18 KB, 1080x426, what-yall-have-been-doing-….png)

>…that feral porn is apparently despised by a lot of young furries.


Teens with self made moral value of "muh opinion & muh morality is the only right thing and even righter than muh associates."

Sounds familiar?

Feral not my thing, prefer on two legs instead four.

66bd72d8 No.3715499

Rather than worrying abut the dog, should be worried about how their perspective of how long before the boundary between the killing of an animal and killing of a human is disappear. That boundary usually become thinner and thinner everyday for those type of people.

a4d8f281 No.3715502

The Burned Furs were absolutely right about everything.

8bb04309 No.3715531

The ramblings of an iniquitous troglodyte

37189b6b No.3715537

File: 1694591451746.jpg (37.04 KB, 584x461, b28.jpg)

4dde79c2 No.3716713

>Young Furries
Damm I hate this generation, I don't want to sound like a boomer or some shit like that but why are these new wave furfags so annoying?
It seems like they need to be on a constant witch hunt for the stupidest things possible.

37189b6b No.3716753

File: 1695427889400.png (192.43 KB, 930x778, Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1….png)

deb857aa No.3717648

File: 1696159820860.png (425.12 KB, 701x394, Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 0….png)

Furaffinity admins are protecting this creep's account from negative comments. Dragoneer and his bunch welcome Zoosadists like Mr.-Teriyaki and AcidRainCloud with open arms to their platform.

127cf5a5 No.3717726

File: 1696211851125.png (1.07 MB, 1875x775, Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 2….png)

Checking through the zoosadist's favorites it's easy to tell that he's guilty and shows no shame of it.

26424f8d No.3717738

File: 1696223210916.jpg (190.57 KB, 1352x1051, 439881158cb973faf4a0f3546b….jpg)

Why couldn't they just have been normal dogfuckers :(

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