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fd7e34df No.3714622

Aliens, Men, Apes and Machines Why are we all here on this forsaken unforgiving speck of dust called Earth orbiting a star ready to die beyond our lifetime; Eat all the things and fap to all the porn you don't much time left before you expire… Have fun!

9119ee16 No.3714640

Don't believe anyone who says dolphins are intelligent. That's all bullshit from weirdos who dropped acid and say they "talked" to dolphin while they were jerking them off.

Brain size doesn't matter. Crows are far smarter than animals with brains larger than their entire body

fd7e34df No.3714644

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>Crows are far smarter than animals with brains larger than their entire body

Go on…

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05e5e700 No.3714656

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Dolphins are intelligent. Crows are bros. Octopuses are supposed to be relatively smart too. Look what honey badgers can do: https://youtu.be/c36UNSoJenI

9119ee16 No.3714663

Dolphins really aren't intelligent. The majority of their brain mass is meant for dealing with the cooler temperatures in the ocean. They're bottom tier when it comes to neuron density. They're stupid behaviorally too.

Everything about dolphins being intelligent is based on bullshit from the quack John Lilly

ca59361f No.3714665

File: 1694054483956.jpg (63.4 KB, 500x375, quotemarcusaeraliusgodsand….jpg)

>Why are we all here on this forsaken unforgiving speck of dust called Earth

Why not? Do you otherwise have something better to do?

0d0c82f9 No.3714682

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fd7e34df No.3714826

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