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Kinda funny, my dad used his "american" tools "made in china" to help me with a project. They started arching all over and then caughtut on fire and started to smoke.

Weirdly, because Uninion, he wasn't able to to use my tools as a temp thing, cause they're Makita, and not American made… despite all the American made tools being made in China.

I will never know what is wrong with people.

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although he's like 3 months from retirement, and he's looking at getting my makita set… because fuck you I suppose.

a25d546d No.3713106


Makita is nice, Also Dewalt is popular , but I always the batteries in those lacking in lifespan (not charge but years of usability).

In the old days it was Metabo and Bosch but today not so much anymore , well not in cordless.

If you really want to treat yourself one day , try Fein in cordless but expect to bring the biiiig Wallet

The worst crap I have had the displeasure of owning was Milwaukee despite the hype, they shorted out. Twice!

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