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File: 1692559520202.png (446.58 KB, 415x823, Piggyback Cockroach Costum….png)

9de24810 No.3712652

Why does the fandom keep protecting this geriatric man? How many countless young furries have piggybacked their rise to success in the furry fandom by taking a ride on the cockroach? How much longer will the dirt be contained until a landslide of roaches come flooding out of the fandom's doors?

bfd3790f No.3712819



There is no sex tape, despite furries being absolute autists, they have class, and a 70 year old man with his 110 year old mom living with him isn't "Hot."

86891f41 No.3713202

Maybe not a sextape but pre-sex drunk shenanigans.

6281e745 No.3713459

File: 1692984840311.jpg (74.74 KB, 800x513, Kage the Cockroach.jpg)

> the cockroach

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