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0d350233 No.3712481

"Lulz Archive
This archive has gone private.

Content is still being saved but is no longer accessible publicly. Truth is, i don't give a shit about that dumb ass imageboard. The only reason i created this archive was to save posts from a user that used to frequent the site. However they haven't posted for months now. and since their posts are no longer allowed on the site because of that abuse report to the hosting company, i see less of a reason to care about the site."


75c4ecd8 No.3712485

Don't fucking care.
Also it's hilarious that the only reason you were archiving the board was so you could jerk off to bfg's necrozoo porn.

6ffff20d No.3712490


44ec8f03 No.3712496

The ex-archivist did have contact info there so any CP would be deleted, if reported.

001ade5b No.3713068

Is this abt that one thread about not so alive foxes?

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