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6f412d9c No.3708802

The new Dr Who. He's a gangsta nigga out to saev tiem.

2b58c97d No.3708803

File: 1689453423632.jpg (92.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

bitch this cant be realz n sheet. No hoe wud be this dumb to do dees.

e5785c0d No.3708804

why are those negros so photoshoped?

8608045f No.3708807

Because niggers are ugly?

4ed9874e No.3708818

I've never seen a single second of that British trash show, but from seeing who it's fans are I can tell it's a horrible franchise.

Shitty media attracts shitty fans

68e58a28 No.3708834

Dr Who is pretty good, but its been slowly dying since David Tennant.

3716b926 No.3708872

File: 1689473698901.jpg (116.11 KB, 1024x768, surprised-fourth-doctor.jpg)

> I've never seen a single second of that British trash show, but from seeing who it's fans are I can tell it's a horrible franchise.

462d6cb9 No.3708885

File: 1689484033506-0.jpg (104.44 KB, 1200x597, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

File: 1689484033506-1.jpg (73.25 KB, 1200x598, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

462d6cb9 No.3708886

File: 1689484066664-0.jpg (68.63 KB, 1200x601, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

File: 1689484066664-1.jpg (60.38 KB, 1200x598, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

462d6cb9 No.3708888

File: 1689484148089-0.jpg (34.99 KB, 1200x598, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

File: 1689484148089-1.jpg (60.39 KB, 1200x599, why-did-this-face-come-bac….jpg)

4ef4caa4 No.3708893

> it's a horrible franchise.

Everything made for British television is terrible. They're trying too much to be self-ironically crap, to the point that it's no longer endearing like the low-budget old shows from the 70's they're trying to imitate.

Dr Who is a prime example. It's a high budget show with low production values, badly chosen actors, bad writing and stupid cheap props made out of tinsel and traffic cones mixed with 90's quality computer graphics, by choice.

4ef4caa4 No.3708894

File: 1689502306055.jpg (11.54 KB, 474x274, th-3879415391.jpg)

Take also any British panel show. The premise is that everyone's rude to each other, nobody knows anything, and the hosts don't even want to be there.

Each episode lasts for several hours in filming, and then gets cut down to 30 minutes to show on "Dave". This is for trolling for those moments when the panelists get so bored, they break out of the format and start doing stupid shit like drinking booze under the table or throwing shit at each other.

462d6cb9 No.3708895

That sounds just like what Steam and Aufy would do at a restaurant.

4bcdf7b3 No.3708925

File: 1689511739407.jpeg (126.96 KB, 1400x1050, james_gunn_talks_about_th….jpeg)

I'm actually extremely collected and focused on manners in public. I rarely even go outside without wearing business casual, and I'm incredibly concerned with public appearance.

I might make implied insults, but I'd do so calmly and with a calm face. I have a kind of what they call "blunted affect."

I can't even smile if I wanted to. My face goes all twitchy and the smile never happens.

1a0fc219 No.3708965

Yes, that's what they call sarcasm. It's Very common in British TV shows - a staple if you will. That's how the upper class people distinguish themselves from the lower classes.

The usual trope is, the host is a sarcastic rich bastard and the guests are middle class yobs. Each party insults the other for 30 minutes, then cut to commercials.

c794ee2e No.3708994

I lost interest after the girl doctor series bombed and it's hard to find episodes to watch online in America.

aad7973d No.3709001

>gayi am racist and not very bright from outer space
Unironic improvement over the last series as long as they bring some competent writers who get the show.

4bcdf7b3 No.3709025

You really can't blame the last season on the writers, it was put out during a covid shutdown.

I'm still going to watch the new season, but with the BBC's policy on equally representing all people, I wont be surprised if the new Who is not only black, but gay, transgendered, and muslum.

4bcdf7b3 No.3709027

I don't want to sound racist, sexist or homophobic, but Dr Who is NOT HUMAN. He shouldn't be able to regenerate into a black guy. Its like if they made a new James Bond movie, but made Bond a FtM Filipino guy with a male "companion."

Its just not right.

0598d095 No.3709057


I am not so sure. I'd need to study all the episodes, especially those on Gallifrey before committing to that viewpoint. Were there any negro Time Lords at all?

462d6cb9 No.3709069

File: 1689605164246.gif (1.35 MB, 160x160, main-qimg-5af3ac40d8960081….gif)

The Doctor is HALF HUMAN on his mother's side.


531009c6 No.3709071

How fucking long has Dr who been running and how many different writers has it had over that time?

It's like superhero comics. You can't have consistent lore when it's all shit that's been written by dozens of people over decades. There are never any good stories or characters that are written by constantly changing committees

c794ee2e No.3709093

File: 1689616520761.jpg (62.88 KB, 1452x721, cb5efd8d686e.jpg)

I watched the final three episodes of the girl-doctor series. She died and regenerated into one of the previous doctors which has never happened before.

c794ee2e No.3709097

File: 1689617056391.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x1500, EPTvWXEWkAcUaUT.jpg)

There were several black time lords. I remember one of them was on the council that ruled Gallifrey during the Dalek war arc. Didn't River Song spend time as a black girl in one of her regenerations?

Supposedly one of the future doctors is a black lady but that one might be retconned out. The executives have shown discomfort with the idea that the first Doctor to embrace guns and violence should be a black lady. Kinda sends the wrong message if you are trying to be progressive.

Dr. Thuglife.

4bcdf7b3 No.3709100

File: 1689618345576.jpg (64.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-K2tRbg88rvjlD2iB-….jpg)

I guess I'm not nerd enough. My lore has failed me.

dd0024be No.3713499

File: 1692992368909.jpg (95.96 KB, 582x779, sci-fi convention.jpg)

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