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One time, as a boy scout camp counselor, I pooped in the campers' shower, and almost got a kid kicked out for doing it.


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mind you I was 16 at the time, not some 30 year old freak, but it was still fun.

Gotta love Staff privileges of going out after curfew. Its not just a job, its an infection.

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but really what paramilitary organization is good with out a good phantom pooper.

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nice clipart of the steam donkey that makes kids bring guns to school.

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Did something happen that I'm not aware of? I remember the the Mail-Boro from boyslife magazine always just being light hearted fun. or is this another case of where that "martha speaks" kid show as being a secret message to murder everyone they could see?

I swear this stuff is getting so common that SCP-993 might as well be real.

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>The principle

3f130715 No.3708825

you know how tolerated that shit is tho. who would care

3f130715 No.3708826

How are you not aware that long past mascots/cartoons which didn't quite win world reknown end up making ovaltine messages so you would kill your wife or become gay.

3f130715 No.3708828

Imagine having so much cancer you play that game and are convinced to kill your parents. It's like the literal plot device except give it a few years, not trying to spoil it for you tho.

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Well considering I'm gay, I hate my parents and they hate me, never had a wife to murder, and consume a number of "cartoons" I wouldn't know.

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thous own eye does not reflect thine self if what you are saying is fact.

In any case, who gives a shit?

3f130715 No.3708837

tbh anyone can adopt a concept and turn it into something else for themselves, but acting on something a cartoon tells you to is super weak minded.

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>or is this another case of where that "martha speaks" kid show as being a secret message to murder everyone they could see?

Not everyone, just blacks.

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Or maybe thats just who I am, and you're a schitzo spaz?

Don't know if anyone's told you, but psychology is kinda my thing.

3f130715 No.3708843

It happens to be a trend setter to as soon as a killer touches some sort fantasy hype it becomes a no mans land. shit cant be enjoyed ever again. even the number 1488 has nothing to do with anything but was taken up in recent years. Anything with a potential for nostalgia and trope is exploitation for memetic fodder, weaponized, and sent to the mentally-ill as ammunition to commit that shit. Pewdiepie having nothing to do with a ChristChurchMuslim shooting.

He didn't know he was part of an agenda, he probably thought it was a cool thing to say, didn't know shit about a youtuber. But now its fucked. Same thing with soyjacks and shit, people cling like a safety-jacket but one day memes themselves will be the probably cause in getting raided.

ChristChurchGuy and TopsShooterGuy are all part of the fingerprint that was designed to make you feel part of a HateGroup without any Drawback. It happened to the point they had to suddenly adopt new mascots and meems for different audiences, but its the same obvious shit.

Everytime someone posts a stupid ass meme you know its just veiled terrorism, you can't even express it without it being "politically incorrect" or some shit that it isn't indoctrinating each other to -publically shoot someone-.

But someone eventually will "do crime" over a stupid ass frog meme for example. A meme is just for to be entertaining and eye catching, except until its hijacked into an agenda-base. Suddenly Art Statements don't even matter because the medium has been turned into an incentive to kill each other.

Argue it but its already happened, marketing uses corporate backed advertising to appeal to idiots who think its trendy, and then they blow up over the tiniest shit like a rainbow logo or some shit. Then its off to shoot some clueless fuck. Everything is a controlled content feed to seduce and induce you with a killer's psychosis

ca4cb613 No.3708844

File: 1689467089637.png (1.12 MB, 936x1052, boop.png)

>as soon as a killer touches a weapon and hurts someone


I was training in a dojo focused on using weapons as part of their bodies for years, and we never had a single case of a homicide, despite being in the "bad" part of town.

we were focused on kalii, staff, and improvised weaponry… basically anything at hand thats about arm or spread arm length.

none of us ever did any kind of crime, it was always guns.

ca4cb613 No.3708846

File: 1689467238189.gif (108.95 KB, 659x743, tumblr_fea2454dc4912aafa92….gif)

it disgusts me that people blame weapons for their own behavior as an excuse for their own.

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Take your meds or whatever.

And enjoy whatever, despite whats hip or not.

3f130715 No.3708848

pol thread bullshit is a problem and allowing polstars on this side is fucking stupid just link the reply straight to lemonparty.

ca4cb613 No.3708849

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>kick to face

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and btw, I aced my psych and soc classes, even while having a major concussion, spine damage, and a 3rd vertebrae fracture (stable).

I consider myself quite accomplished.

Even then I got an electrical engineering degree, a culinary degree, and an I+E cert… several certs in multiple codes, and for god knows why, the air force gave me a "switching relay technology" degree, whatever tf that is.

:P Challenge me on anything. I know approximate knowledge of all thing

ca4cb613 No.3708862

File: 1689469410717.jpg (11.96 KB, 198x255, 5k7p-1432493789-115926-med….jpg)

I'm too drunk to do anything… whatever I did a bunch of stuff, I know a bunch of stuff… nothing matters regardless.

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File: 1689621498877.jpeg (452.74 KB, 1536x2048, F1L0T7nXoAATNuV.jpeg)

I got some bad news.
If you're reading this, you are one of Steam's alcohol induced personality fragments. The only way to break free is to WAKE UP

ca4cb613 No.3709113

File: 1689622949678.jpg (319.6 KB, 2560x1440, 3224901.jpg)

This entire site is just a bunch of components of my psyche.

I've spent so long with the few remaining members of lulz, that we know each-other on a fundamental basis.

You are me, and I am you.

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File: 1695523636853.jpg (619.12 KB, 2400x2050, 4665842_Zoichi_pancakes_fi….jpg)

I have no idea what's going on in this thread, so here's a goat with a pancake on his head.

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