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File: 1689279778378.png (892.28 KB, 861x472, pakistan tech center.png)

a8b9a5ce No.3708542

How many of you have lost your job due to tech companies outsourcing your IT positions to these guys?


ca7e0104 No.3708543

If your employer doesn't need you to be in the office then why hire someone domestically at all when third world pajeets are cheaper?

Also you won't have to deal with autistic trannies when you outsource

67fbfd42 No.3708546

File: 1689281754194.jpeg (20.57 KB, 750x563, 1002067370-photo-u1.jpeg)

I realized IT wasn't for me. Now I'm a janitor. Can't internationally outsource us!

a8b9a5ce No.3708551

File: 1689282195509.png (554.03 KB, 782x588, cheaper cleaning services.png)


Indian and Pakistani cleaning companies are sweeping up those jobs too by offering cheaper cleaning services to establishments.

67fbfd42 No.3708552

File: 1689282385549.jpg (70.89 KB, 1170x1198, F0tT8oxWYAEA489.jpg)


I work for one of the biggest janitorial contractors in the country. I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon.

44de79aa No.3708683

Kitboga has ruined Indian tech support for me, I can't stop thinking that I'm talking to a scammer


647da052 No.3709328


We have a field support line at work. When I called in I got an Indian tech and for a second wondered if I had just called a scammer instead.

8c2f717f No.3709361

C-suite propaganda. There is no tech talent shortage; there is a shortage of employers willing to pay reasonable rates for talent with non-slavery working conditions. Instead, they write totally nonsensical job descriptions for fantasy positions that are deliberately impossible to fill and then use that as an excuse to apply for H1-Bs en masse.
When the H1-B route doesn't work, companies go for downsizing before outsourcing. IT people tend to offer the least resistance of anyone when faced with infinitely-scaling workloads and "other duties as assigned" taken to borderline/actual illegal levels, but when the layoffs hit, this inadvertently drives the cost of domestic talent *higher* by transforming large swathes of the newly-unemployed labor market into increasingly expensive unicorns who find themselves unable to get new jobs because they are overqualified and/or too costly compared to the fiercely competitive zoomer college grads who all have compsci degrees with minors in cybersecurity and 50+ random certifications applying for any and every tech position possible. These kids obviously don't have the experience to do anything besides entry level help desk work, but that's irrelevant to the employers who are fatally attracted to prospect of replacing a department full of aging, costly specialists with a young one-man-army who thinks a starting offer of $70k is impressive in 2023.

>third world pajeets are cheaper
That gap has been closing for years. Their pay demands may never reach domestic levels, but there is a much lower threshold where the money saved no longer offsets the loss from the guaranteed nosedive in quality. That's not to say outsourcing will go away, it just won't be India providing the labor anymore, and their economy is fucked when that day comes and their multitudes of cookie cutter IT nobodies have nowhere to work.

46c2c5d3 No.3709370

India is nothing but a giant wheat machine they will never run out of it. They also eat the powder because they just have mass wheat threshers that are mobile factories. They just mash everything down into a spice and add water. Then they just shit out so much their rivers are permanently brown. They won't run out of food and they are the masters of disease control. Plus they will just eat their neighbors if they feel like it. India isn't fucked at all. Infact they don't even care about money they just prank phone call each other everyday…they -do not care about your time-.

3df1b571 No.3709377

File: 1689813219375.png (666.79 KB, 1273x1080, F1GxbxVWYAAaAxW.png)

Americans have their own problems to fix first.

ee7fc792 No.3709379

You forgot to mention that all these companies hiring practices are dictated by consulting firms like McKinsey. The consultants answer to everything is always just layoffs, outsourcing, and hiring more outside consultants.

f1a8b02c No.3717677

I fly drones for the Government, can't outsource me, I'm too good at bombing sanidggers.

cd6c056f No.3717696


And then came the Killer-AI

See you at the social security line, my friend

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