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5d467b73 No.3707938

Oh it would be so terrible if you went to make a post on this cool new imageboard.
Please definitely don't do so @ https://omegachan.cc/
Tor: http://omegch4qojmuqfn5rdspxe6kxo6aa3zkal7nfb6hkybadn3yvftow6yd.onion/(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

f61d9dd6 No.3707966

File: 1688933103047.jpeg (98.09 KB, 625x790, Fy3Lw6DX0AAx7tY.jpeg)

So its just like all the other altchans advertising here. A generic board with the admin talking to himself. Cool.

0ad0d7ad No.3710593

This is the second shill thread about this. Buy an ad or get out.

5296c79f No.3710619

yeah man this is not your target audience we're a bunch of furrries and nobody wants them there whats the fucking point

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