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File: 1684579489123.png (323.84 KB, 1900x800, 43156.png)

7b97b01c No.3702442

Look Anon! The trisomic man with his own interpretations of the law fucks up again.

Note that he is cleaning up most of the shit he commissioned and faved so far.

653af96d No.3702443

I don't see what's the problem here.

9f25d0fc No.3702450


No one is forcing you to use the site. Or, are you one of those who can't quit looking at the thing because you're "trying to point out the bad!"

6911932f No.3702451

File: 1684591121256.jpeg (204.98 KB, 1000x778, akita-anakuro-canine-chal….jpeg)

Fagooneer is trying to get advertising bucks. Someone should send an archive of his cub stuff to any prospective advertisers just to keep things interesting.

29435879 No.3702453

Patachu (OP) was banned from FA long ago. But he's got a point. Content-policing art is ridiculous. Albeit, that's the direction the fandom as a whole is heading.

653af96d No.3702461

FA is the core of the furry fandom.

FA cant pay itself and I am done with being ostracized

in before "Muh freeedom of speech (read Mein Kampf and Siege)"

541e68e3 No.3702462

File: 1684592798848.jpg (21.37 KB, 400x281, 5aa22d7456db5.image.jpg)

I can't believe FA is still around, or people actually still use it.

541e68e3 No.3702463

File: 1684593091816.png (205.37 KB, 847x343, laughing820122928383.png)

>FA is the core of the furry fandom.

Oh gawd, my sides.

FA has been a complete and utter joke for years, and so is Dragoncuck.

0791faed No.3702489

File: 1684608418154-0.png (410.93 KB, 950x1280, km-15.png)

File: 1684608418154-1.png (646.03 KB, 950x1280, km-15_.png)

I can think of a few artists that might won't like this.

7b97b01c No.3702494

File: 1684610999189.png (134.67 KB, 1600x1200, 1682067280043524.png)

this, with the boorus and everything else, i question the herd mentality - or lack of - of the furries.

Second amendment's purpose is to protect the first.
read Nietzsche or commit suicide.

c7b71a3e No.3702496

I hate this place. It's a pain in my ass.

d91c0398 No.3702519

File: 1684631770934.jpg (24.74 KB, 400x400, furry_biden.jpg)

"BREAKING NEWS! People get mad at sites that expose their lies, hypocrisy, and other assorted misdeeds!"

You are what Kaczynski described as the "oversocialized individual"

Your entire reality is based on the beliefs of your peers, or whatever you think your peers believe.

They don't care about something; and you don't care about it either.
They start to be against the same thing later; and you're suddenly against it, and you "always were against that"

They start simping for feral blacks and BLM, and so do you.

That's how it worked with AltFurry. You didn't care that they were on your website, and you said as much. But the moment your perceived majority turned on them, so did you.

You are a doormat.

Also, your dox is on the 'farms.


Here specifically:


d91c0398 No.3702523

File: 1684632694665.jpg (306.07 KB, 1152x1536, furry_book.jpg)

Also, calling it now:

When the younger generation of furry posers who are just here to inject trans shit and BLM faggotry into the fandom finally start going after knots and fortune cookies on canine furries because "DAT'S EBIL ZOOPHILIA HURRR DURRR" you'll quietly go along with it, and it will be a dark day for furaffinity; many good drawings will be lost to the memory hole.

60dc1109 No.3702528


lmfao you actually think that's Dragoneer?

77598dd0 No.3702529

kazinsky wasn't a furry tho

c7b71a3e No.3702532

File: 1684634382009.jpg (483.13 KB, 1057x1073, Screenshot_20230520_205725….jpg)



cad4b4c3 No.3702533

He's a narcissistic self-googling faggot, so there's a chance.

And for the record, this recent FA change is one of the few decisions he's made that I actually support. Banning cubshit is always a good thing. That shit should be aggressively purged from every corner of the internet.

77598dd0 No.3702534

comparing emo faggots who thought they were sparkle dogs to fuckin pipe bombers is a huge misnomer but be my guest.

c7b71a3e No.3702535

File: 1684634603687.jpg (55.4 KB, 1280x640, chris-poole-4-chan-e145738….jpg)

No please, keep going newfags.

77598dd0 No.3702536

if this site had any connection to the false owner actor moot of 4chan in anyway you would have seen it go down with 8chan and other knock offs of its shit, nothing is going to come from this site that is going to present a modern day threat unless someone straight up gets a rare horse disease in their ass and posts about it for clout and that would be worth noting at all until the next wave of ai generated porn hits

c7b71a3e No.3702546


Didn't read. Anyone that comes here is an idiot.

d1901c9a No.3702559

File: 1684639066059.jpg (719.69 KB, 1536x2304, wyrde-hrf-x10-latent-upsca….jpg)

7759df3a No.3702579

>a complete and utter joke for years
You say that as if that doesn't apply to the fandom itself?

d737c87f No.3702583

File: 1684663343261.gif (876.14 KB, 320x193, gtfo.gif)

>thinking Elonneer uses lulz.net
>not knowing one of the most famous tripcodes in internet history
>TL;DR wall of fuckery

4fa88263 No.3702591

File: 1684671336705-0.jpg (620.23 KB, 2380x2261, 1872644_WinterFox_ychmarch….jpg)

File: 1684671336705-1.png (187.37 KB, 930x859, 3703406_HalcyonWinter_2103….png)

> Banning cubshit is always a good thing.
You must know by now, the proper way to ask for art of some type, here at lulz, is to claim a dislike for it. So here is your cub porn you asked for. Enjoy.

eb38fd49 No.3702592

>No one is forcing you to use the site.
Hey asshole, EVERY website will get targeted by payment processors when they get large enough, nowadays.

269fb8ca No.3702601

> payment processors
Who Really Controls the Internet.

69eacb08 No.3702613

File: 1684686703184.jpg (345.76 KB, 644x900, d7k8hgq-069aeec4-d508-4ca0….jpg)

I don't think this is just because of payment processors, but also the general public perception has importance, take anti furries they will first point at cub porn, also nazis, memes, and slap us with bad swag. I dislike the bad PR the fandom can't get rid of, and this is well illustrated on /furi/, I hardly check this place when it isn't about bewares. what I want to say is let's take the chill pill and move on, pedobunny is unsustainable and has a small audience. Let's move on to adult, well developed characters, let's be incluisive. do you love cub? It's okay! The best praxis is to keep chill and play by the rules and progress smoothly, not speeding things up. We are still struggling to get trans rights accepted here in Europe, and it shows a lot of opposition by people who hate change. Just please wait longer for society to accept the ongoing change, there really are MAPs, zoosexuals out there trying to come out, don't push it too fast. Everything will come with time, because people are afraid of what they do not understand, when the moment will come people will tolerate cub, loli, etc, with a better understanding of the psychology and erasing the taboo about them.

1bc8bcdf No.3702617

File: 1684689814017.jpg (51.24 KB, 872x479, it's_4chan_irl.jpg)

So I had the impulse to test out that infamous trip in an old thread literally just in the last day or two; it worked and I deleted it, but before that I hadn't thought about it in years. Now barely a day later somebody's using it with Dragoneer, what a weird world.

77598dd0 No.3702629

As a furry i never asked for acceptence nor do i care, i excel at most hobbies and learn fast if i really want to. The problem is that I haven't fully expressed that irl and I have been closetted for years. It makes me want to kms and so I usually take a bunch of drugs until i feel like my furry side comes out. Coke makes it almost instant. Weed I can sort of enter a dream-like state and become one with my sona. But its easier to take a bunch of pills and OD. I have been admitted to a hospital 5 times for suicide over this because i wouldn't give them the real reason, I know they don't accept it. Unless of course they are just furs without their skin themselves, like me. The other niche eccentrics can claim that they are outlandish or something of a culture shock but to be honest I see why they are eccentric, it is because they have set themselves into a task that they naturally cannot realize without breaking a few rules, and increased the risk factor and therefore made it more attractive to them to attempt. Cublovers are fairly mild compared to necrozoos or plushiefuckers or inflationists because in the midst of trying to realize their fetish they just look like freaks to many, in the midsts of performing their fetish they are completely unstoppable depraved madmen, its the same with me on drugs except i don't fuck horses.

9f25d0fc No.3702640


U so mad.

eb38fd49 No.3702672

>but also the general public perception has importance
Have you not noticed how the general public perception has only been getting worse and worse?
No one is owning up to being actually attracted to the stuff they're drawing while being sensible about it, so there is no culture around "I think I should be able to express my zoosexual/ pedophilic desires in fiction if you're against my right of sexual expression, then go fuck yourself."

The problem is that the only thing that is informing public morals right now is guidelines, not artists. If we had sympathetic artists, we could inform people's morals.
Instead, we have a dichotomy of,
2) "Ladies and gentlefurs, I will hereby denounce all my feral art and am going to donate $50 to this animal saving charity or whatever to atone for my sins. I have gained enlightenment by 12 year old non-binary Twitter users commenting 'yiiiikes' and 'kys' on my posts. May the furry fandom forgive me for my dastardly deeds, AMEN."
Both extremes are the only options furry artists can take when in the heat of drama, it seems.

37a2d6c6 No.3702673

File: 1684728527541.jpg (569.09 KB, 750x1000, 1169932109.kayanamasha_z0b.jpg)

NOOOOOO!! Not my underage pokemans!

0c7519ce No.3702691

File: 1684739549443.jpg (1.35 MB, 3600x2303, 1677868021.blooming_lynx_v….jpg)

Apparently it's not restricted to "underage" Pokémon but any who in his opinion have "child like proportions or he thinks look like " adolescent animals."

The animals in this pic are NOT underage but will no doubt get deleted.

0dc35f8b No.3702694

Let's just give up at this point, fandom don't like it so we got to adapt, it's not the end of the world to learn human anatomy and draw proper anthro, that's the real problem.

d1901c9a No.3702697

File: 1684748397489-0.jpg (60.46 KB, 684x342, e7fbe606de003bc227b1fdffdb….jpg)

File: 1684748397489-1.jpg (2.67 MB, 1562x2000, William_Utermohlen_-_1967_….jpg)

4e48f9e0 No.3702700

File: 1684757738760.jpg (305.78 KB, 1448x2048, E-2NGqWVcAM6E0l.jpg)

What is the point of being forever hiding, forever outcast, doing art as a hobby when you can have a comprehensive, supporting community right there, willing to defend and help? You aren't an island, you'd be much better, and this is valid for everyone ITT who are selfish thinking only "my cub/mazi/gun art is cool i don't care what other think" but you should care what other think, and understand them, accept that we are a community, you learn from it, it support you, all we ask is to follow a few little rules. Is that hard?

Agreed. Let's move on, in a month no one will talk about it, besides selfish idiots who will still claim ink/bunny is the new place to be.
Lastly Derpibooru (Brony central) is studying similar policies to do a crackdown on underage looking filly "foalcon" porn as many flies under the radar or grey area.

29435879 No.3702704

File: 1684762640913.jpg (211.49 KB, 1300x600, 1684718915.ipoke_doodle_01….jpg)

Fennec front: This is an act of aggression!

c7dd45bf No.3702727

File: 1684773212568.jpg (383.62 KB, 1200x1600, 4315907_Satanist_satanist2.jpg)

> fandom don't like it so we got to adapt
Fucking lies. Only a loud minority of fanatics dont like it.

Dragoneer has been caught up in the slippery slope of censorship. Once you succumb to censoring one reasonable case, then it seems things will be better if just one other thing is also banned.

I'm sure it won't be long until he starts thinking about banning all rape, or implied rape submissions. After all, it must be contributing to violence against women.

c7dd45bf No.3702728

File: 1684773788284.jpg (116.31 KB, 1011x1226, Shodie_0000000000000000000….jpg)

> idiots who will still claim ink/bunny is the new place to be.
And what do you think is wrong with Inkbunny? If you don't want to be exposed to some fetish then simply blacklist related keywords.

292aacdf No.3702730

> So I had the impulse to test out that infamous trip in an old thread literally just in the last day or two
I read somewhere that if you use that tripcode at 4chan it's an automatic ban.

b5ab990f No.3702731

File: 1684776314358-0.jpg (171.48 KB, 994x1538, Lost Lil Ghost - Page 1.jpg)

File: 1684776314358-1.jpg (205.79 KB, 994x1538, Lost Lil Ghost - Page 2.jpg)

File: 1684776314358-2.jpg (221.78 KB, 994x1538, Lost Lil Ghost - Page 3.jpg)

The only problem with Inkbunny is you can't post human content.

There's Baraag, but it's more of a twitter/blog thing than a proper gallery.

c7dd45bf No.3702732

File: 1684777584099.jpg (362.05 KB, 1541x1700, 4485282_Fuf_dommybearedits….jpg)

> The only problem with Inkbunny is you can't post human content.
Oh yeah, I didn't think about that. Some artists just post a censored version at IB along with a link to where the uncensored image is.

4d2a1173 No.3702764

Then you are the enemy

4d2a1173 No.3702765

Thankfully it never will be because morons like you will never be in control.

cad4b4c3 No.3702769

I'm part of a hosting provider and am "in control" of multiple sites.

We delete entire accounts for CP and cubshit alike, we don't even differentiate between the two; because they are the same thing. Even discussion/advocating for such things results in accounts being deleted.

Feels good.

b5ab990f No.3702773

File: 1684819502932-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 1357x2100, V-Day---1.jpg)

File: 1684819502932-1.jpg (1.58 MB, 1357x2100, V-Day---2.jpg)

File: 1684819502932-2.jpg (1.37 MB, 1357x2100, V-Day---3.jpg)

3ba748bf No.3702777

One site is clunky, has atrocious tagging and bad image quality, as well as being monetized
The other looks sleek, has good image quality and tagging and is a non-profit project

The only thing FA has going for it is "morals" and human content, and there are already a LOT of new accounts and old accounts being re-activated by artists that feel their smol characters are going to be targeted by this policy and thus moving over to IB

I know that FA is a big site with a large userbase, but IB has 100K accounts logged in during the past month, that is nothing to sneeze at for a "niche" little-brother-like site. You have IB artists living fulltime doing art, even a couple IB-writers as well, so it may be fairly niche, but it surely is big enough to keep itself going and the people there paid

6911932f No.3702782

File: 1684827556177.jpg (94.65 KB, 800x500, 31102265.jpg)


Right, keep telling yourself that. Most hosts turn a blind eye as long as you don't post shit that could get you a felony and you pay them on time.

Fuck outta here with your morality squad mindset.

d1901c9a No.3702786

File: 1684828994868.jpg (49.49 KB, 555x960, 31675840_1012662835559177_….jpg)

Do midgets count too?

a6e042fe No.3702789

File: 1684831308561.png (779.53 KB, 646x800, Neer-Piss-Jug.png)

Princess Piche is long overdue for a fatal heart attack. His ticker's gonna 'splode any day now.

d1901c9a No.3702792

File: 1684833808404-0.gif (24.92 KB, 143x113, 1673643088858-1.gif)

File: 1684833808404-1.gif (24.92 KB, 143x113, 1673643088858-1.gif)

File: 1684833808404-2.gif (24.92 KB, 143x113, 1673643088858-1.gif)

File: 1684833808404-3.gif (24.92 KB, 143x113, 1673643088858-1.gif)

File: 1684833808404-4.gif (24.92 KB, 143x113, 1673643088858-1.gif)

d1901c9a No.3702814

File: 1684849621061-0.jpg (178.51 KB, 1024x1024, chibies (1).jpg)

File: 1684849621061-1.jpg (224.51 KB, 1024x1024, chibies (2).jpg)

is chibi allowed?

4fa88263 No.3702823

File: 1684859825573.jpg (262.03 KB, 1518x1677, 4435928_UnchainedMonkey_ph….jpg)

> is chibi allowed?
No, of course not. Not if it's a sexual situation or explicit nudity.

dd64b79e No.3702824

File: 1684860231856.jpg (58.87 KB, 872x480, around_snacks,_never_relax.jpg)

Well yeah, because that's impersonating the admin.

4fa88263 No.3702825

File: 1684860455599.jpg (300.78 KB, 802x1280, photo_2023-05-22_08-13-53.jpg)

But at least banning chibi makes some sense if cub is already banned. There will always be some jerks who try to sneak things in by claiming it's not cub, it's chibi.

This image for example. The artist says it is a chibi version of an adult character. Yet the chibi holds a stuffed animal like little kids do, and he has a pacifier like little kids do.

11612c90 No.3702828

File: 1684860891707.png (2.51 MB, 1301x1275, 4234234.png)


Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?

Yes you is!

Who's not getting any women because he's so short? You

Awww your so cute when your making a pouty face.

4d2a1173 No.3702873

Now this is some Grade A delusion

59363fb2 No.3703007

File: 1685046975270.png (61.02 KB, 1736x1810, Fwxg9FFWwAAAek5.png)

63975d25 No.3703056

The line is drawn when you can't differentiate between fictional and irl. The same concept as parasocial relationship and "never meet your heroes."

But too many people keep giving an excuse "It's jUsT A dRawINg".


37b86469 No.3703063

File: 1685109442089.jpg (508.04 KB, 2725x2160, Nightdancer_between-a-knot….jpg)

> The line is drawn when you can't differentiate between fictional and irl.
There will always be dangerous lunatics who can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. That is what insane asylums are for.
> But too many people keep giving an excuse "It's jUsT A dRawINg".
You will not cure the insane by banning everything that might trigger them. You must lock the lunatics up, for our protection and theirs.

6911932f No.3703179

File: 1685175878989.jpg (15.78 KB, 1313x95, moronicwomanformerlyknowna….jpg)

Looking at the dumpster fire this created on the dumpster fire that is Twitter, why am I not surprised sciggles' moronic ass is digging her heels in? Same type of shit with the sonic ban she tried back in 2012.

b0613def No.3703182

I'm sorry, can you not differentiate a drawing and real life?

c87c163e No.3703466

Kill yourself moralfaggot.

c5dc0b5e No.3703485

File: 1685488881682.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x427, 1526337927719.jpg)


>But too many people keep giving an excuse "It's jUsT A dRawINg".

I guess we'd better lock up anyone who has ever played a first person shooter. You know, because "It's just a video game!"

c7b291a3 No.3703499

File: 1685497931332.jpg (95.9 KB, 850x785, x8676.jpg)

How long until furry is outlawed as promoting bestiality?

c7b291a3 No.3703501

File: 1685499545601.jpg (102.38 KB, 850x785, 6676655.jpg)

Its "hurting real children"
"Its hurting real animals"
"Its hurting god"
"Its hurting microscopic life"

You want to be a good person right?

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