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d55d02ad No.3694686

List Furries you've come across reading comments through Twitter who come off as raving lunatics that need mental help.


8245ac34 No.3694687

File: 1678545563884.jpg (155.62 KB, 960x1280, polybius.jpg)

> Twitter Furries with anger issues who need mental help

162f8845 No.3694738

File: 1678570907350.png (27.17 KB, 703x218, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 1….png)

8fb5547e No.3694739


Who names themself cumdump?

162f8845 No.3694742

File: 1678572003592.png (504.2 KB, 703x688, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 1….png)

>Who names themselves cumdump

8fb5547e No.3694750


Maybe with a diet he could turn it around. And not feel so bad about himself.

d7e04c51 No.3694758

No. Anyone into puppy play is irreparably broken. There is no fixing him

8fb5547e No.3694762


What do you mean by puppy play? Do you mean acting like a dog or fucking actual dogs?

7bc6a791 No.3694775

File: 1678588734576.png (853.3 KB, 1024x704, degeneratepedos.png)

See that shitty dog mask he's wearing? Everyone with that fetish has severe brain problems

0aa7a99a No.3695302

File: 1678905517632.jpg (113.63 KB, 551x735, PolyPox.jpg)

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