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This looks absolutely fucking terrible.
Why is the art style so familiar?

862828fe No.3694690

For a concept storyboard it's better than most of the scribbled sketches that are usually presented. Besides if the movie ever does get made it will probably be fully CGI animated with 3D models. This is honestly a shame because if they contracted it out to an Anime studio from Japan it could've turned into something great!

3bcf0d1e No.3694806

Just to be clear I don't mean the art, the art is top notch. It's the storyline, it just looks like you got served but with dancing rodents, with some 'run from cats, run from water' filler. It doesn't exactly look like rattatouie.

2e4b4b8d No.3694848

>Anime studio from Japan it could've turned into something great!
>something great!

>3 frames per second of animation just shifting the same picture around for minutes

>no expression because your cheap inbetweener artists can't actually draw, only copy
>Parallax effect! Parallax effect! Zoom! Flash!

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