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03049522 No.3693296

Why is Sean Chiplock banned?

45494616 No.3693297


Because twitter is a shit hole. Always has been, always will be.

Fact: People would rather be in Ohio than on Twitter.

fc634d43 No.3693306

File: 1677992512466.png (204.52 KB, 350x507, knucklestheechidna.png)

as a person in Ohio and not Twitter, I fully agree.

45494616 No.3693309


I also fit that category.

fc634d43 No.3693318

File: 1677994839566.jpg (101.2 KB, 850x744, 98a04c6822447f6a599b79b723….jpg)

Trust me I would, but I have too many businesses and homes in Ohio to just bail, I'd love to flee down south.

4cfae51d No.3693384

Because he's a massive faggot.

c9fe3e05 No.3694260

File: 1678321090917.png (763.59 KB, 754x502, sadness.png)

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