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c9a67978 No.3696641

How do you know they were?
Were you helping them?
We all know that's your favorite pasttime.
And why do you think the guy
on the left is white?
He looks like he's
half Spic or half nignog or something.

0055645e No.3696642

File: 1679618957000.jpeg (620.81 KB, 2200x2200, B14EA5BE-B32D-487E-A61C-8….jpeg)

It’s not really the gay flag it’s the globalist corporate flag that the lizard people use to denationalize us!

c9a67978 No.3696644

Because they're
ignorant and stupid
like 3B.

3ed450a2 No.3696646

File: 1679619067068.jpg (621.31 KB, 1811x2290, Screenshot_20230323_174705….jpg)

NJ on the border Joe!

3ed450a2 No.3696649

Help put more assholes in prison!

f88d5ba8 No.3696650

File: 1679624276487.jpg (96.53 KB, 1031x948, PqxU0J5.jpg)

28db1f05 No.3696651

>Derka derka. Mohammad Jihad!
A sand nig, then. Same shit.

Catch and release, nig

Is the kike media pretending like they never intended to arrest Trump now? Standard kikery, I guess.

9bab88a0 No.3696655

So Trump is a kike and Truth Social is kike media? b/c that is where the news of him "getting arrested" came from.

Oh wait you're a fucktard Trump supporter, he could shit in your mouth and you would tweet about how good it tastes.

28db1f05 No.3696656

Reading comprehension.

28db1f05 No.3696657

Also reality comprehension for that matter lol.

9bab88a0 No.3696658

File: 1679630498383.jpg (67.27 KB, 780x445, urnpublicidap.org24fc4d906….jpg)

hmm whats this?

Orange Fuckstain?

28db1f05 No.3696659

Yes, and?

9bab88a0 No.3696660

File: 1679633316349.png (862.13 KB, 813x740, 2023-03-23 21_45_35-Trump ….png)

9bab88a0 No.3696661

File: 1679633393839.jpg (70.68 KB, 1136x852, Fr7Ga9EWcA4bMOM.jpg)

bc0a606d No.3696663

File: 1679639366958-0.jpg (72.53 KB, 277x330, Fun-with-Mugshots-Bug-Eye.jpg)

File: 1679639366958-1.jpg (285.4 KB, 500x861, Free-and-Loose.jpg)

File: 1679639366958-2.jpg (186.86 KB, 500x619, Bad-Family-Photos-Glamor-S….jpg)

File: 1679639366958-3.jpg (40.46 KB, 640x426, Woman-pair-between-boobs.jpg)

File: 1679639366958-4.jpg (40.49 KB, 640x445, Sunbathing-Whale1.jpg)

He obsessively searches the internet for ugly people to post as if ugly people existing somehow means all black people are lesser somehow.

Yet he himself is probably a great example of just how ugly the results of white inbreeding can be.

bc0a606d No.3696664

Grifter is gonna grift. Morons and their money will soon be parted.
I bet he's planning on fleeing America.
That classified documents case is getting hot.

bc0a606d No.3696665

In other news: FBI worked with cops to infiltrate a Colorado left wing activist group trying to entrap them by having the under cover officer offer to sell them weapons and even ask some of them to help her kill people.

Of course the people in the group turned down the offer even though the undercover cop and her FBI friends went so far as to take the people they were trying to encourage to do violence out to dinner and implied sexual favors if they would help her.

No matter how hard they tried they couldn't get the left wing activists to buy or sell guns illegally much less do violence.

Eventually the undercover agent was discovered and admitted in court she was working for the FBI.

I'm sure it was very frustrating for them when the FBI is used to being able to entrap right-wing lunatics easily with the same offers.


c9a67978 No.3696666

File: 1679650163958.jpg (45.14 KB, 790x527, donald-trump-nft.jpg)

So what?
It's not your money, are you Jealous?
Better than China Joe and Hunter constantly scamming Chinese money.

There is no case at all, it's just like everything else.
They've been investigating him for 7 years and found nothing.
He's probably the cleanest person running fpr office that ever lived.

"But you'll get him THIS time"

It's the last desperate attempts by the dying left
grasping at straws to do anything…. ANYTHING…
to keep Trump from running for President again,
because they know he will win a third time,
AND take office this time, and
they know they will be totally fucked
forever if that happens.

Trump doesn't seem worried at all.
So if he's not worried, we're not worried.

c9a67978 No.3696667

So what are you trying to say,
that the FBI is stupid on top of
being evil and corrupt?
We already knew that.

a4ae60cd No.3696714

File: 1679671974533.jpg (120.79 KB, 499x640, 2020 riots BLM montage.jpg)

>Left wing group
>FBI confides in them

Alex, I will take 'FBI PsyOps' for $200

Like the left needs FBI help to commit murders and violence…..


a4ae60cd No.3696716

File: 1679672179878.webm (2.83 MB, 720x1280, BLM riot minneapolis.webm)

Lets review 'fiery but mostly peaceful' leftist activities…..

cc776af8 No.3696719

File: 1679674396689.png (1.07 MB, 1329x942, 756.png)

0df8e7bd No.3696722

0df8e7bd No.3696723

File: 1679676621078.png (5.13 MB, 2160x2160, acfolbrg5opa1.png)

a4ae60cd No.3696724

File: 1679676934521-0.jpg (65.48 KB, 599x510, diversity higher racism.JPG)

File: 1679676934522-1.png (104.27 KB, 680x324, DOD offenses.png)

>The Pentagon
>hires diversity chief
>closet racist

Reminder that your tax dollars are paying diversity hires in the highest levels of government to foment racism.

a4ae60cd No.3696725

File: 1679677024479-0.jpg (53.47 KB, 658x572, pentagon recruiting.JPG)


The pentagon is unable to reach its recruiting goals.

Its a complete mystery.

a4ae60cd No.3696726

File: 1679677243038-0.png (177.22 KB, 436x275, reply ukraine gas companie….png)

File: 1679677243038-1.png (2.05 MB, 1206x978, reply ukraine war.png)


There is a threat to the Establishments money laundering center. Being a good sheep, I must defend it.

Why are leftists like this?

f561b9e3 No.3696728

File: 1679677585064.jpg (26.07 KB, 433x217, bfd5c1729e34.jpg)

Nice quads! Baal smiles on you!

>They've been investigating him for 7 years and found nothing.

Unless you count all the people that have been arrested and found guilty while working under Trump and are now testifying against him.

All combined some of them are looking at over 30 years of prison time and for most of them that is all the years they have left.


f250538b No.3696729


f250538b No.3696730

File: 1679677629857.jpg (612.53 KB, 1541x2048, 87rzkvc7pmpa1.jpg)

Dead whites paid for with us taxes

0df8e7bd No.3696731

File: 1679677727914.png (539.41 KB, 1048x625, lkzdng0i1npa1.png)

Furniture liquidation warehouse!

f561b9e3 No.3696732

File: 1679678216273.png (1.57 MB, 1200x1200, Evulchibi-1009572-She_want….png)

America has been in wars that are older than most of the people signing up for the military and every day we hear about Republicans trying to cut services for people who were wounded in battle.

Why would someone want to join for that? It's like willingly leaping into a meat grinder. Why do you think Obama invested so much in drones? He saw this coming.

23ada556 No.3696733

Scientists and philosophers alike have debated what makes us human for centuries. They generally agree that empathy, remorse and a sense of right and wrong are key elements. I see no such traits exhibited by the negro race.

and even more concerning is their use of aggression/hate/violence in every aspect of their lives.

thats assuming all (make and models) are actually human

9bab88a0 No.3696734

File: 1679679157651.jpg (21.29 KB, 500x448, Fr4NWapacAAFEC3.jpg)

She was 13, a virgin.

Trump raped her 1st
Tied her up with nylons.

Epstein 2nd… complained to her "i should have been 1st"

Trump went 3rd and 4th, violently beating her.

Charges dropped 5 days before 2016 election.
Father & Family threatened

9bab88a0 No.3696743

that is because *drumroll*


98739667 No.3696744

File: 1679683450642.jpg (38.14 KB, 525x655, typical nigger 371.jpg)

I love that curve, not withstanding the fact that niggers are disgustingly ugly.

9bab88a0 No.3696745

and racist rhetoric just pushes people more to the left while you look like Blizzard, a sad bigoted asshole.

9bab88a0 No.3696747

File: 1679684313817.png (406.07 KB, 858x662, 2023-03-24 11_56_00-Anonym….png)

𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐑𝐚𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐆𝐀𝐈𝐍

89476b8f No.3696766

N­­­­i­­­g­­­­­g­e­­­­­r­­­­­­­s­­ tongue my anus.

cc776af8 No.3696785

File: 1679691797225.png (400.44 KB, 1305x932, 66644.png)

23ada556 No.3696787

23ada556 No.3696788


Hi 3B.


9bab88a0 No.3696795


She was 13, a virgin.

Trump raped her 1st
Tied her up with nylons.

Epstein 2nd… complained to her "i should have been 1st"

Trump went 3rd and 4th, violently beating her.

Charges dropped 5 days before 2016 election.
Father & Family threatened

23ada556 No.3696804

More Lies.
C'mon man, think up some better ones.

23ada556 No.3696807

You promised you would deliver
that Trump indictment
to us by now.

C'mon man, where is it?
My popcorn's getting cold!

f561b9e3 No.3696813

File: 1679704327203-0.jpg (178.76 KB, 1242x1113, FsAGlzHakAA-Iv7.jpg)

File: 1679704327203-1.jpg (58.11 KB, 1054x438, Fr6d5pqaYAEuXHn.jpg)

File: 1679704327203-2.jpg (103.17 KB, 620x680, FrgW6uGakAE81a6.jpg)

File: 1679704327203-3.jpg (94.83 KB, 1208x846, Fr_s1YeWAAALlS5.jpg)


You've not been paying attention to the news. The game has changed.

The NYC prosecution of Trump on the fraud charges is on hold because of all the death threats and conservatives sending in envelopes of white powder to the court house.

Judges have ruled that because of the potential for violence they will be holding Trump's indictment behind closed doors and the identity of the jury for all of his trials will be kept secret to prevent death threats to them and their families.

Setting up the courts to run with this heightened security is going to take a few days.

Also, fun fact, one of Trump's lawyers has lost legal protection where he can claim client confidentiality because Trump ordered him to do a crime so they need time to question him on the record.

Trump is only making things worse for himself by calling for violence. As always he is his own worse enemy.

f561b9e3 No.3696815

File: 1679704665608.jpg (74.84 KB, 720x592, 852a02bfcd9d.jpg)

Another fun fact, LOTS of Trump's staff have now lost legal protection and can no longer claim executive privilege in the Jan 6th case.

Now all of these people will have to choose to go to prison for the rest of their lives or turn on Trump.

c9a67978 No.3696816

I don't see where he called for violence ANYWHERE in those posts.

Typical leftie, twisting the truth.

c9a67978 No.3696817

They will do neither.
They'll just plead the fifth.
Or claim they can't remember.


f561b9e3 No.3696825

File: 1679706832681-0.jpg (1.36 MB, 1485x1198, Cutesexyrobutts-951244-mir….jpg)

File: 1679706832681-1.jpg (756.84 KB, 1077x1500, Cutesexyrobutts-912442-mir….jpg)

File: 1679706832681-2.jpg (839.43 KB, 953x1550, Cutesexyrobutts-883732-mir….jpg)

Not if they want to stay out of prison.

"I don't remember murdering my wife" doesn't let you get away with murdering your wife.

Remember, most if not all of these people are on record in email/text/recording breaking the law for Trump.

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