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181dd95a No.3690432

Here I am sitting at home on my couch with my laptop on the coffee table with two cuties, one on each side of me. You'll never guess who they are? ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Love Kupok! ♥♥♥

c2712799 No.3690535

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Happy Valentine's Day, /furi/! ♥

ccbf465d No.3690541

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You may all be a bunch of freaks, fiends, failures, faggots, and fruitcakes, but you're funny-ass fuckers and most of all you're my friends! ( ੭ ˘ ³˘)੭‎°。⋆♡‧₊˚

f170d65d No.3690542

File: 1676523736851.png (1 MB, 1062x796, south park i'm not your bu….png)

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*lightning flashes outside your house*

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