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When furries talk about sex they always want to talk about bareback sex. Why don't furries believe in using protection during sexual activity? You'd think the numerous STI infections floating out there would be enough to convince them to put on a condom.

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Use protection during sex. That goes double if you are a furry. Here's a how to guide. If you don't know, now you know…..

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b3b951e9 No.3688207

You wouldn't need to wear a condom if you weren't getting fucked by every degenerate at a con.

f3a5a6a5 No.3688217

Sluts are all mentally retarded. No exceptions.

c70c4640 No.3688219

Do they need protection from their hands? I don't understand the question.
Oh you mean gay people? Why do you think every other commercial on TV is two dudes kissing and talking about being 'undetectable?' Let's do the math, if you're degenerate enough to sleep around you don't care about health, just pleasure. Condoms don't feel the same. So you wind up with Aids Family Trees with a bunch of cute woofaboo OCs all linked together. Because gay people think monogamy is some sort of 'breeder behavior.' Condoms don't stop the monekypox after all so might as well just return to monkey and become a bug chaser while you're at it.

tl;dr form a healthy relationship with another person you can trust to share fluids with.
OC comic is incest fantasy, love the whole 'hay my kids are screwing each other, better make sure they use condoms because safe sex' angle the artist went for.
In general if there's a condom in a furry fantasy pic it's because artist/commissioner has a specific fantasy or fetish about them.

efc49077 No.3688227

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>Why don't furries use condoms.

It's fantasy. Artists are selling a fantasy.

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