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What kinds of free software does /furi/ like to use?
Do you use free a program to draw? Make 3D models? Make music? Edit video? Or just for everyday productivity?
Are you a strictly open-source kind of person? Or are you fine with proprietary? Know any neat freeware utilities?
Share the cool shit you use to get things done, as long as it's FREE!

This useful site helped me find alternatives to common programs: https://alternativeto.net/
I encountered a lot of cool software synthesizers and other music utilities while I was looking for a free digital audio workstation last year. All the "free" ones that came bundled with an audio interface that I bought not only had licenses for some reason, but also bullshit limitations like a limited number of installations, or requirements like attaching the license to an account with personal info, shit like that.

I've got the FOSS essentials starter pack: Firefox, Thunderbird, 7zip, VLC Media Player, qBitTorrent, Notepad++, and I've been trying to get used to GIMP. I don't use anything by Google anymore, aside from visiting YouTube but I stayed logged out. I've actually made a lot of effort in the past couple years to get off of their radar, including paying for E-mail service somewhere else but that's another story.

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First one I wanted to share is VCV Rack 2.

It's a software synthesizer meant to fully mimic an IRL modular synthesizer. I didn't even know what they were until a few months prior when a buddy of mine happened to post some videos of his. I wasn't about to start building my own modular synth station but now a small part of me is tempted? Especially if it could attach to my guitar rig. But before that happens maybe I'll learn how to operate them in the first place with this. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of community-developed custom effects and modulators available to download for free.

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Next is Bespoke Synth.

This one is actually my favourite out of all of these. It's another software synthesizer but it operates and functions pretty much like a material editor in a 3D program. I think it's pretty much perfect for people who have an both an interest in music and an interest in game development, or just desktop media creation in general. It's been in continuous development for over a decade by just one guy who worked for Harmonix on Rock Band and Dance Central, among other things. I actually had a lot of fun learning how to use this thing and now that I'm talking about it I feel like resuming work on that song I was making. It's fun to use because the connections between boxes animate and there's a global visualization in the background while music is playing. The program accepts real-time input so you can use your keyboard or guitar with it and have the program basically function as a multi-effect pedal for your IRL instrument if you've got an audio interface. It's compatible with VSTs like any self-respecting DAW and has MIDI control functionality too.

Trailer/info video by the man himself:

Usage video (also by the man himself):

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Krita has improved a great deal from when I first used it years ago.

You can even get it for Android tablets now.

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I do all my video editing in Kdenlive.

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