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The year is 2000 - 2005

Virtual pets are all the craze. But none of the online ones more popular than neopets.

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Neopets got so popular it even had a magazine that physical stores started carrying. It got a physical trading card game as well. And I even fastfood toys I think.

This site is the reason I use adblockers to this very day, because the site decided to put flash ads all over the thing to the point my dial up internet slowed to crawl on each page load.

Making restocking impossible vs people with better internet.

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My first online gf was from neopets. The first online gf I dumped was from neopets (same one). The first time I got scammed was via neopets. The first password I remembered was from neopets. My first time being a mod came from neopets. Probably my first online ban was on neopets.

Some beliefs I still carry are from this site. And I still think of people and friends there I used to know,

Most of the time I would roleplay on its forums and do give aways. Or play the games to make money for the give aways. Or do the battledome.

Its not a site I think is interesting these days. But 10 or more years ago, it was pretty cool.

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I was into Neopets for a while. This was my guy.

Someone else I know used to like a game that essentially stole the Neopets world map and most of the assets but they had all different 'pets'. I forget what it was called.

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Reminds me of capara. She was one of those species too. And in the game Cheat.

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i was into floatsam, he was limited edition too, but kinda cool… made me not want to delete my account.

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I was on the site long enough to eventually have had most of the limited pets.

I remember when draiks were what people went crazy for. Them and krawks I think were the rarest and most expensive pets.

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The most amazing thing to me about neopets has always been its lack of porn. Given how big it was, Given its number of female characters that were drawn to be attractive. That it promoted art contests with prizes.

How dedicated its fans were to playing it. And slaving over the game to make money.

You would think it was like the sonic fandom.

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