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File: 1674155024342.png (68.23 KB, 712x718, FmyZKxDXoCI7kJr.png)

34c1bf3a No.3687210

Uh oh, anthrocon is still playing covid and pissing enough people off. https://twitter.com/anthrocon/status/1615834992885604366

I canceled my supersponsor registration, due to this covid policy bullshit.I thought they werent playing covid anymore. I didn't realize that the refund policy claims half of your registration fees as a "donation " when they issue a refund.wtf is that about. Fuck furry cons and fuck anthrocon, yes my tailhole is achy

158ffe02 No.3687227

Too little, too late. They're all going to die a horrible death soon anyway, thanks to the poison running through their veins.

018e6799 No.3687238

Why worry about a little flu when it's already a super spreader event for HIV and monkeypoz?

3652e270 No.3693270

Are there any OK conventions anymore?
Are there any that never sucked the diseased coof-cock during the pandemonium?
Seems to me like everything got all intolerably political just after 2016ish.
To the extent that I really think that all the "cancelled" furries are the only ones really worth paying any attention to, if one was into popufurs that is…

aa218114 No.3693272

File: 1677973360582.jpg (51.19 KB, 500x348, save-planet-kill-yourself.jpg)


It's like stock bot responses.

586c3abc No.3693276

Uncle Kage's little Asian slut who he plays hide the noodle with.

bf6daa3a No.3693278

retard supreme

d96f3477 No.3693298


Some wear their vax shots like a medal of honor. There's plenty of furfags that will comply because it's the only time they get laid. You're better off spending your money on something useful, like, anything else.

Wonder how many of them wear their vax cards along with their conbadges?

d96f3477 No.3693299


Because twitter, facebook, and google told them they were going to die a miserable lonely death on a ventilator in an overflow tent in a hospital parking lot if they didn't get their shots.

Anyone else wonder what happened to those 10s of thousand of ventilators that were made?

586c3abc No.3693301

File: 1677991765143.png (739.54 KB, 1707x636, Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 2….png)

They should wear their Rabies vaccination tags.

d96f3477 No.3693302


Right about the time the shots started being pushed hard, the company I worked for had some interns on staff. College age dudes…one of them had laminated his card and was wearing it on the lanyard with his company badge.

It was hard not to say something.

586c3abc No.3693388

Will these same paranoid furries walk into a restaurant nearby and demand that the manager make sure everyone else in the restaurant is vaccinated against Covid before going in? Are they going to give the hotel management flack about other guests staying at the hotel who are not involved with attending Anthrocon and demand that they be vaccinated and wear masks to be allowed to stay at the hotel on the same weekend? Do they bitch at anyone riding public transport such as buses, trains or taxi drivers to wear masks and be vaccinated before getting into the vehicles? What kind of difference will it make for Anthrocon to retain these outdated masking and vaccination policies when any convention goer will put themselves at risk everywhere outside of the so-called "safe" convention space? The risks are so low anyway. Can't they see how nonsensical their demands to the convention regarding this are?

d96f3477 No.3693569

File: 1678148446011.png (553.45 KB, 900x506, east-palestine-explosion.png)


In this case, it's not about the common sense of everything else around you that isn't following your little security theater protocol, it's about doing what you're told.

People were told that putting a dirty piece of cloth on their face, standing a few feet away from another person (front to back only, side to side was ok,) and getting an untested medical injection would literally SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Normally, people would go "Yeah, right," but in this case the fear and hysteria was pushed just right and people bought into it, regardless of observation that said none of that worked. Check the twitter feed in the original comment, there's someone whining about how they still got sick. It wasn't their mask that failed, it was someone else who caused it. I'm not sure how that logic works, but for many, it did.

Anthrocon and Cockroach have implied that by doing these silly things, that the attendees will be safe from the deadliest disease known to man. Or, as it was put to me: "Wait wait wait….these stupid faggots have kiosks set up for rapid STD tests because their swapping more bodily fluids than a fucking medical clinic does, having more random sex than a roman bathhouse orgy, and yet they're frightened by a fucking cold? I know they're fucking stupid but my God. Do us all a favor hold this fucking event in Palestine Ohio."

d96f3477 No.3693570


In case the original twitter feed gets nuked for some reason, here's an archive. The comment I was referring to is at the bottom of the feed.


3652e270 No.3693575

File: 1678152237392.jpeg (61.4 KB, 620x604, baffled-620x604.jpeg)

>>3693388 >>3693569
You guys are cool, and you're speaking what is true.
This last few years of total mass crazy was not a "pandemic"… it was a "pandemonium" caused by mass formation and silly fear porn.
Never mind the fact that no virus has ever been seen under a microscope or even proven to exist.
"Viruses" are just soup sucked out of diseased dead animals and mixed with more animal fluids, then injected into a healthy animal, or human, and everybody calls it a "virus" because rotten festering disease soup mix is somehow poisonous when injected into living creatures.
I may have seen the last furry con that was not overtly woke and political, around 2016ish. I don't expect to see another for a long time, so many of the "accepting" folks in the furrosphere are contemptible little Lenins and Stalins when it comes to anything touching on politics.
Random acts of fucking seem great, but doing so seems to delete the part of the fucker's brain that considers negative effects from catching and spreading actual not-fake disease.
BTW, Fauci actually killed the funding for alternative research into a cure for AIDS, which involved hot-tub hyperthermia and were showing actual good results for the poor faggots, because why not sell expensive useless drugs that only help solidify the AIDS pozzing in the scared faggot's bodies? Coz nobody cares for faggots, right?
Also, did you hear about the sudden outbreaks of AIDS in people who took the bioweapon mRNA injections? (this is in addition to the new not-rare occurrence of sudden death, mass infertility and mass cardiac proplems of healthy young people.)


BTW, >>3693270 was my post, and I'm not a bot, just a dedicated shitposter, and not an long-time lulzer either.

d96f3477 No.3693594

File: 1678155387434.jpg (709.67 KB, 1240x1754, tumblr_nxwsyovZdg1rz034to7….jpg)


The fact that vaxxed people are starting to develop interesting things is well known among those who pay attention, but you'll never hear it on the mainstream media wires. Maybe a "Doctors note more heart problems…cause unknown…"

One other thing to add to your list is a recent study (another one!) starting that masks do nothing for this kind of problem:


And some commentary on that study:


I'm not a medical guy, so I can't comment in a technical manner about what I see. I just see people developing cancers and other problems out of nowhere, people who had no history of those diseases. I have to step back and go "what changed?" We all know what changed…just trust Doctor Baffled, I guess.


But would that be "Safe and Effective?"

Probably effective and not safe, which is the point.

3652e270 No.3693807

File: 1678168136737.png (104.86 KB, 768x432, FOct27c-184348675.png)

Oh for sure indeed, but we really didn't need expensive make-work studies to alllow us to know that they never did anything, easily proven by early vaper videos on youtube in 2020 where someone effortlessly exhales smoke through one of those face-diapers.
On another note, has anyone here read about the toxic titanium dioxide dust in those blue dehumanizing pieces of shit?

4704bd83 No.3693972

Take your Vax so you can die for his amusement if you want to fuk in the lobby so bad

d96f3477 No.3694014


That's just lovely. Graphene, microplastics, and now Titanium Dioxide. Those are a regular fun-fest of cancer causes.

3652e270 No.3694025

File: 1678225107340.jpg (106.67 KB, 630x630, 1200x630bb-755187630.jpg)

Remember, it's not just graphene or graphene oxide; What is in the bioweapon mRNA injections is called "Graphene Hydroxide."
Look that shit up sometime, even if you're using a censored search engine like gogol, duckfuck, yawokeoo or bingepstein. It's scary shit.
BTW, the russian search engine yandex.com does not seem to censor english and western-related search results, it even still works for online streaming movie site searches.
Also, any article you can find by Dr Mercola is worth reading and considering, Mercola is honest and truthful, and was proven correct on every topic he covers, despite the mass censorship against him.

586c3abc No.3694026

3652e270 No.3694060

File: 1678239893602.jpg (48.84 KB, 900x675, gates book photo 2022 900x….jpg)

>mysteriously dead sputnik injection peddler
Yeah, I saw that one on http://revolver.news fairly recently. Perhaps the Russian method of "dealing with" oligarchs and billionaires can be implemented by the USA government someday soon?
Also, try to strip out the "ID" shit from articles.
https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/russian-scientist-behind-sputnik-covid-vaccine-found-strangled-to-death-with-a-belt/ar-AA18hWWZ is slightly better, for example, or use archive.is or similar, which also helps fight censorship when articles get deleted suddenly.

4704bd83 No.3694062

Positive vibes off this dood

d96f3477 No.3695195


It may be that furry seems to have a younger audience, and many younger folk bought into the fear porn with all they had. Colleges and schools required compliance, and other than a few protests most seemed to go along with it. They now believe that these shots and masks are required and work effectively, and if someone else doesn't get the shots or wear a mask then they themselves are at risk - apparently the shots don't work for you unless I get them as well. Take the comment in the linked twitter feed for example:

Jan 19
Replying to
I was masked and vaxed still got it at the end of the convention. I don’t think everyone there was truly honest. What needs fixed is who enters the ballroom first for events no one had any clue it starts with Super Sponsors, sponsor then general admission."

This idiot believes that it wasn't his mask that failed, or the shots he took that didn't do anything, it was someone else's fault that he got sick. That's the kind of stupid leaps of logic you're dealing with. Furcons would rather just declare martial law instead of trying to be a rational, logical entity. It's cheaper that way, at least for the con. That way they can shoot down these twitter cowboys that claim they got sick because other people didn't get their shots.

Comic-con goers seem to be older (at least to me,) and probably don't care. I personally attend amateur radio conventions, and no one at those seem to care either - but it's generally an older audience.

That's just my observations and is in no way intended to be anything other than my observations.

d96f3477 No.3695196


Almost every con I attended over the years, I came home with the crud. That's just a symptom of being around a bunch of different people from all areas of the country (world.)

Being obese and generally unhealthy isn't good for that either.

586c3abc No.3695758

File: 1679119047611.png (1.39 MB, 1341x753, Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 0….png)

Furry Conventions still want you to gear up like Doctrine Dark.

0f00021f No.3695798

> Never mind the fact that no virus has ever been seen under a microscope or even proven to exist.
That is an outright lie. What is the name of the liar who told you that?

0f00021f No.3695801

> easily proven by early vaper videos on youtube in 2020 where someone effortlessly exhales smoke through one of those face-diapers.
Stopped reading there. You are an ignorant crackpot with nothing of value to contribute.

If you had ever bothered to read the responsible news media you would have known face masks are not intended to stop "vapor." Anytime someone talks, sneezes or coughs the person expels tiny droplets of moisture into the air. Each droplet can potentially contain tens of thousands of virus particles. It is these microscopic moisture droplets that masks stop. Proper face masks are very good at stopping them too.

0f00021f No.3695802

Didn't read. You are that ignorant crackpot who doesn't know what face masks are for.

43caeb34 No.3695806


It's easier and nets more attendees in the end.

Does any of the medical security theater do anything? Probably not, but the attendees BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE SAFE BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING THE THING, and those in charge wouldn't just be pulling things out of their ass, now would they?

9fd32b0e No.3696296

Imagine the outcry if they demanded a negative HIV test in order to attend

43caeb34 No.3696314


As much sex as goes on at a con, they probably should test for that, as well as require a physical inspection for things like HPV.

Did Monkeypox ever gain a foothold in furcons? Or are we not afraid of that one now?

586c3abc No.3696495

File: 1679539183634.png (27.79 KB, 703x256, Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 2….png)

529f9e6d No.3696518

>Furfag with agenda makes claim without data to back it up
I'm not even saying he's wrong, but who the fuck cares about a tweet from some nobody that's clearly only intended to make people that want to believe their version of reality is the truth nod their heads.

43caeb34 No.3696941


> Masks work!

Of course they do. Get your booster! It's safe and effective, they may not prevent you from getting or spreading covid, and they may be for a strain from two years ago - but get it anyway!

586c3abc No.3696952

File: 1679797979668.png (685.01 KB, 836x647, Screenshot_2020-02-28 coro….png)

8b9a138d No.3696955

MFF 2017 was my first and only con.
The way that cons are handling this issue has completely turned me off of attending one in the future.

Besides, I don't party anymore, I don't want to make friends, I don't want sex; I just want to stay home and watch engine teardowns or whatever with the bf.

2c6f436a No.3697247

Glad I decide to stopl going to furcons years ago. It's nothing but a fucking cult.

0f43bd41 No.3697250

I worry about furries these days. They act like they don't know they're social pariahs anymore. That's how ya get in trouble.

586c3abc No.3697251

That's funny because Tujo Panda mentioned something similar in his new video.


43caeb34 No.3697974


The last few I went to were nothing but booze and sex fests. I know that's always been a thing, but that seemed to be all it was.

It was a businessman's convention with animals instead of Armani.

3652e270 No.3700752

File: 1682630089191.webm (2.11 MB, 480x270, Gwcotlu4xvypurvp-1.webm)

People are free to believe official propaganda and fear-porn if they wish, but it is wise to consider alternative points of view.
You must not read very much since you are NPC-triggered so easily.
Adhominem attacks are not a hallmark of a person who chooses to think.
And never mind about the mRNA rewriting your cell DNA to produce cytotoxic spike prions, and the people dying with seizures and heart problems is just like anaphilactic shock or something…lol.


cdc04ce0 No.3700782

File: 1682649660038.png (582.53 KB, 563x701, Andromeda Strain Blu-ray.png)

33e4cec7 No.3700787

> mRNA rewriting your cell DNA to produce cytotoxic spike prions
They do not produce "prions," you pathetically ignorant crackpot, they produce spike proteins IDENTICAL to those produced by COVID-19.

The difference is the virus doesn't care if you live or die, as long as you infect at least two other people first. The vaccines, on the other hand, have been tested for safety and approved by the FDA.

To sum up, you have no choice whether or not you get spike proteins. If you catch COVID-19 you get them anyway.

3652e270 No.3700815

File: 1682713667850.jpg (131.93 KB, 830x700, science of science 4chan 2….jpg)

>have been tested for safety and approved by the FDA.
Nothing approved by FDA has entered production.
All the mRNA injections are still EUA.
And I'm not even mentioning the problematic discovery of Graphene Hydroxide and RF-powered self-assembling microcircuitry in the injections.
I mentioned Dr Mercola earlier,
Dr Robert Malone is worth reading, also.

>If you catch COVID-19 you get them anyway.

I caught "the shed" disease from the spike shedding from a recently-injected person, knocked me flat for 3 days, then back to normal.

43caeb34 No.3700816


What's a few spike proteins among friends.

The fallout from this medical experiment will probably only become clearly evident when the current 20-somethings hit 40-50 or so. If they make it there.

43caeb34 No.3700818


> IDENTICAL to those produced by COVID-19.

It produced one of the proteins. Specifically, the one called the "S" protein. A slight modification in this protein and you're not longer making anything useful, which is why the shots were largely ineffective against variants.

Get covid and you get broad-spectrum immunity to all the proteins in a covid infection, and you have a better chance of fighting off a slight mutation.

Getting boosters at this point is just telling your body how to fight a strain that hasn't been around for a couple of years.

04d2f67d No.3700827

All other diseases are A-OK. Only Corona is a concern.

When will there be a cure for stupidity.

a67a41e9 No.3700833

Didn't read. You are that pathetically ignorant crackpot who doesn't know the difference between a prion and a protein, and who didn't even know what facemasks are for.

43caeb34 No.3700835


Isn't that amazing?

Now, put a dirty piece of damp cloth over your mouth and stand 6 feet away from the person in front of you (side to side is ok because covid can't go side to side) and you'll be safe from the deadliest disease known to man.

43caeb34 No.3700836


You sound vaccinated. Why don't you tell us what facemasks are for, Cotton.

a67a41e9 No.3700838

Read the thread, moron.

04d2f67d No.3700840

File: 1682728832494.jpg (48.19 KB, 798x339, lotr.jpg)

>deadliest disease known to man

3652e270 No.3700862

File: 1682739127405.jpg (66.59 KB, 570x640, most scientists agree.jpg)

> ignorant crackpot
It seems to me that you don't know what cytotoxic means, otherwise you would have mentioned it somewhere in your adhominem attack.
What if it actually is a prion?
Why are so many of the treatments that actually save symptomatic people tend to be anti-malarial drugs?

Lyme disease and AIDS/HIV are both products of bioweapons engineering, The coof is some kind of abortion that relies on fear porn to get you to take the bioweapons that they put in the injections.
By the way, when was the last time that a flu shot ever prevented a flu for you?
But that's not a problem, since "vaccine" had the dictionary definition changed… A vaccine used to give you "immunity" instead of "treatment against a disease" or some bullshit about "climate public health."

>Read the thread, moron.
And also read the articles I linked.

5c55839c No.3700870

Didn't read. You are that pathetically ignorant crackpot.

cdc04ce0 No.3700875

File: 1682748771218.png (392.64 KB, 701x636, vancome lady lalala.png)

LOL we've got a Vancome Lady wannabe here guyz.


22f065a6 No.3701028

There is the one main reason furries want to continue carding for vaccinations and mask wearing and it's because much of the fandom has HIV?AIDS and any little illness will get them very sick.

3652e270 No.3701084

Survival of the fittest, let them die in their own filth and snot bubbles.
The most vocal degenerates seem to allow their degeneracy to ruin the quality of their artwork.

Personally, I think the continued "carding" is because they're nasty little Bio-Leninists on a religious power trip.
"Mine is the generation that will bring the light of TOTALITARIANISM to the dark corners of the world!"

(Turn subtitles on)

30444205 No.3701115

>And also read the articles I linked.

LMFAO okay.

You're either a schizo or shilling, but mainly you have no idea what you're talking about. COVID is a coronavirus. Like the common cold, or SARS. It isn't a bioweapon. If it came from a lab it's because they didn't follow proper handling procedures of wild samples because it looks just like what they were finding in bats, it's where the last SARS came from. Meanwhile this 'self-assembling RF circuitry or whatever you're talking is beyond technobabble and only complete fucking morons with no understanding of technology would fall for something that outlandish and retarded.

Also been taking the flu vaccine for years and noticed I stopped catching it, or getting it as badly. You don't seem to even understand what a vaccine is or does. They NEVER said it would make you immune, nor did they cover up that people who were vaccinated were still dying. Meanwhile a whole bunch of morons like yourself decided to take themselves out of the voting pool by refusing to listen to doctors. They wound up begging to be vaccinated as their lungs filled with fluid and they slowly asphyxiated to death while on a ventilator in some fucking hospital. Begging for a vaccine that was far too late to be taken to do anything. Because they don't have a clue.

You're not getting responses because you aren't worth the time to respond to. The massive wave of vax deaths never happened. Meanwhile a bunch of old republicans died for no reason and Biden got re-elected. Great job!

43caeb34 No.3701129


I did, Cotton. The only thing I see here is you calling everyone who doesn't agree with you names.

Those little paper things people were wearing for days at a time were just crawling with germs and bacteria, and every time they sneezed they blew out all over the place. Doesn't seem like that's very helpful to me.

During SARS-Covid-1 (remember that?) people who claimed masks helped in any way were getting legal attention, and not in a good way.


> "Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry," said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

>"As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets."
>Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed. But those warnings haven't stopped people snapping up the masks, with retailers reporting they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

43caeb34 No.3701131

>They NEVER said it would make you immune

They sure did.


> The virus STOPS with every vaccinated person.

43caeb34 No.3701132


Fauci: When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected.

MSNBC, June 2 2021.


43caeb34 No.3701135

>They wound up begging to be vaccinated as their lungs filled with fluid and they slowly asphyxiated to death while on a ventilator in some fucking hospital. Begging for a vaccine that was far too late to be taken to do anything. Because they don't have a clue.

And jews were forced to push guns into walls so the barrels curved around so when they pulled the trigger they shot themselves, ala Acme.

No one did either of those things, and you know it. You're just repeating that stupid lie from one Alabama doctor. If you'd ever seen anyone who is going to be put on a ventilator, they're not asking for anything.

43caeb34 No.3701139


FDA rejects experts' petition to relabel COVID vax as federal research confirms poor performance

> CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, former White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci and especially President Biden repeatedly and falsely told Americans throughout 2021 that COVID-19 vaccines will protect them from infection and transmission.

3652e270 No.3701144

File: 1682979407513.jpg (76.26 KB, 1080x1080, skrased85 twattr rats 2021….jpg)

>COVID is a coronavirus. Like the common cold, or SARS…

>Meanwhile this 'self-assembling RF circuitry or whatever you're talking is beyond technobabble and only complete fucking morons with no understanding of technology would fall for something that outlandish and retarded.

…Unless you actually dare to do any research.

>You're not getting responses

Seems like you're projecting a bit.
I'm writing for the noble lurkers, not the reactionary propaganda shitposters.
>The massive wave of vax deaths never happened.
I could link a lot of articles that disagree with your statement, but everybody knows how to search on multiple search engines to avoid censorship, and knows that asking ChatGPT is just stupid if you want any unbiased information.
Are you afraid of articles that don't have a "fact check" note telling you that the regime approves of someone's science?

>You don't seem to even understand what a vaccine is or does.

Try searching for "old definition of vaccine"

>Meanwhile a whole bunch of morons like yourself decided to take themselves out of the voting pool by refusing to listen to doctors.

Thank God for that, I might have DIED from an injectable bioweapon!

>Meanwhile a bunch of old republicans died for no reason and Biden got re-elected. Great job!

When did Biden's body double get re-elected?

43caeb34 No.3701157

File: 1682983849589.jpg (56.54 KB, 680x538, vaxx.jpg)

33e4cec7 No.3701167

Didn't read. You are that pathetically ignorant crackpot.

3652e270 No.3701170

>Didn't read.
Good. But other people will read. We share links for them, not you.

"Crackpot" will one day be an honorable word given to gentlemen and scholars.

43caeb34 No.3701180


It's of little use arguing with that person.

They only drink from the fountain of Fauci, you can offer them any proof you wish and they'll claim otherwise.

Got to admire them sticking to their guns.

cdc04ce0 No.3701181

File: 1682991292000.png (508.94 KB, 798x449, Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 2….png)

Better make sure you get your Shingles vaccine and every other vaccine available to protect yourself from every possible contagion. I guess you just have a weak immune system that you keep getting illnesses or the Flu so much without getting vaccinated.

From the numerous people that I've talked to both vaccinated and unvaccinated, it seems that it's the vaccinated who are getting sick most often with all sorts of illnesses and the unvaccinated haven't seemed to get ill since this whole pandemic started.

cdc04ce0 No.3701182

>They only drink from the fountain of Fauci, you can offer them any proof you wish and they'll claim otherwise.

They're the sort of person who would have volunteered to be a test subject for Dr. Mengele if they were alive during WW2.

1bdd7a37 No.3701188

So if you want to use WW2 let us use that as an example. Imagine if the entire nazi army wasn't seen as a danger. That they could just waltz into each country fully armed and then wreck the place after taking over most of the military unopposed. That is was a virus does to an immune system when it doesn't know the virus is an enemy.

The point of vaccines is to simply make the immune system aware of a specific disease. Immune system doesn't let the virus get any kind of foothold. So it isn't so much a matter of weak immune system vs a strong one if the immune system doesn't see the enemy.

cdc04ce0 No.3701190

>Imagine if the entire nazi army wasn't seen as a danger. That they could just waltz into each country fully armed and then wreck the place after taking over most of the military unopposed.

Not quite the same context. Your argument might work if the entire Nazi army had invisibility cloaking devices and did that.

>The point of vaccines is to simply make the immune system aware of a specific disease. Immune system doesn't let the virus get any kind of foothold.

Ye have little faith in the body's immunity. I could agree that vaccines may be helpful for those with compromised immunity due to other health problems or age, but then again you have to think of the agenda by Big Pharma regarding the creation and use of such vaccines. Big Pharma is all about creating meds to control illness for a profit. As long as they can profit from keeping you well they will do so. Once there isn't a point for them to do so they could care less about anyone's health!

cdc04ce0 No.3701192

Humans have been living in China as far back as slightly over 2 million years. Humans have co-existed with wildlife for all that time including the bats in the caves in Wuhan. You'd think that if this current outbreak was a naturally occurring outbreak that this would have happened many times before on a large scale (not worldwide but country wide or larger). When scientists decided to take specimens of bats from the caves in Wuhan to experiment on the viruses they carried it was a recipe for disaster. Some may argue that it is for greater scientific research that it needs to be done but nobody can predict or take precautions to eliminate all dangers of a contagion escaping from the best secure laboratory facility.

Go watch the Andromeda Strain movie which tells about Scientists using a satellite in an effort to collect rock and dust samples from space in a supposed effort to learn more about extraterrestrial life in the Universe. The satellite collects samples of such, including an unknown pathogen, and crash lands on Earth, infecting a small desert town called Piedmont, New Mexico which wipes out the whole town except for two survivors, an old man and a baby. The survivors are taken to a secret underground research facility named Wildfire in a remote area near Flatrock, Nevada. A small team of top scientists are recruited to try and identify the virus, it's origin, genetic makeup and how it's transmitted and what effects it causes throughout the body. Without going into too much detail of the story, the scientists nearly get things wrong by missing valuable clues and not performing mandatory step by step procedures such as autopsies of the lab animals killed by the pathogen, causing misjudgements in how to possibly treat the infection or prevent it from spreading, with some suggestions that were not acted on that could have made things infinitely worse before truly understanding the function of the Andromeda Strain!

The moral of this is some things are best left be without human interference, because human interference often makes things worse!

cdc04ce0 No.3701193

And that's not even going into any military interests in finding, creating or developing new possible bioweapons such as was thought to be a possibility of the Project Scoop mission and Wildfire laboratory facility in that movie or the virus hosted by infected monkeys which the military was willing to blow up a whole town, even when a cure was found in the movie Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman.

These films may be fiction but their plots are damn near close to what could become actual truth with scientific study of viruses in labs and even future space missions collecting samples from rocks in space.

cdc04ce0 No.3701194

So in short if you trust in Big Pharma, by all means take their touted vaccines and medicines, but don't try and force them on anyone who doesn't want to take them!

f79684bc No.3701222

They should be covicted for soliciting suicide in the veryleast hate crimes and fraud.

2fbb6936 No.3701230

KKK republicans who were chugging horse paste and face facebook memes (sometimes while they got hooked up in the ICU because how could they die of a hoax?)

You fools are the saddest examples of the darwin award and god bless each one of your hearts.

cdc04ce0 No.3701237

File: 1683066353604.jpg (612.66 KB, 933x732, professional shitposter.jpg)

You've earned this title.

34054a13 No.3701835

File: 1683697472662.png (58.74 KB, 698x145, blfc.PNG)

BLFC requiring updated boosters

34c1bf3a No.3701891



2c6f436a No.3701901


What a bunch of fucking sellouts

460b2f82 No.3701910

People don't end up in the ICU with covid anymore bro. You're not living in reality.

c0dccaaa No.3701954

Covid is like diamonds, it's forever.

cde00aa0 No.3701971

File: 1683925901863.png (41.8 KB, 300x250, HK5TqNknXZ-2.png)

image saved in memes.

34054a13 No.3702043

File: 1684039945616.png (21.21 KB, 583x233, denfur.PNG)

Denfur announces no mask, no vax, yes furry seethe

87c363aa No.3702079

File: 1684086210134-0.jpg (57.85 KB, 800x800, H2112eb86497c41e8a92997024….jpg)

File: 1684086210134-1.jpg (12.49 KB, 532x367, 3m-particulate-welding-res….jpg)

Might just as well wear those valved mask as a fashion statement.

43caeb34 No.3702093


The 'ol Horse Paste meme, totally ignoring that ivermectin has been a massively successful and relatively safe anti-parasitic ever since it was introduced. It's used in everything from oral to topical medications, including things to treat skin problems.

You need another booster.

43caeb34 No.3702094


I bet the tweetstorm on this one was amazing. Furries can't show their rabies card and feel special now.

43caeb34 No.3702095


Besides, if these shots worked, then the people getting them would be relatively immune to the disease.

Since we know they're not…

43caeb34 No.3702096


A casual search on Google, one of the most hysterical vaxx pushers doesn't even give me any positive results for:

"ivermectin use putting people in icu"

First hit was: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7550891/

"Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019"

And the conclusion:

"Ivermectin treatment was associated with lower mortality during treatment of COVID-19, especially in patients with severe pulmonary involvement. Randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm these findings."

The stuff has shown interesting results over the years as boosting the effects of other medications when treating relatively terminal diseases. It's like Aspirin, it really is a wonder drug.

43caeb34 No.3702097


But is covid a girl's best friend? Or is that the giant vibrating "Thor" from that sketchy shop down on 7th Street?

cdc04ce0 No.3702100

File: 1684113696354.png (385.43 KB, 703x433, Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 2….png)

When it comes to veterinary medicine for animals, veterinarians use Selamectin over Ivermectin because it's much safer!

cdc04ce0 No.3702101

LOL imagine all the lost possible "Covid Vaccinated" artwork commissions now.

34c1bf3a No.3702103

This is great! Love how all the maskies are loosing their shit. No one said you couldn't wear a mask but those retards are on the take the Vax and mask to protect me. Nope.

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