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So, this is really just a toy, but with Bowser being one of the front page options i just had to try it out. Overall, amusing for a short while but not very useful.

Kinda surprised Bowser turned out so mopey, i really haven't played any games from the last two decades so i don't know if he's like this in them, but he certainly never was as far as i know. It's obvious there's a hard limit on how far you can go with it though, but the "mistakes" it makes on the way are quite amusing.

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I had to do several "retakes" at the end, it just went into a pointless loop several times. I know this is a very "low quality" AI but i'm surprised Bowser turned out so emotional and hesitant, it's just not what i expected.

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Hey, what if you could create an AI with good or evil personality for world building that sick!
You could ask them questions and role play with them!

4253465e No.3688526

This AI can do ERP or something? I wanted one to do lewds things in text form or something

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