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File: 1672119141421.png (929 KB, 1482x621, australia_pron.png)

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File: 1672119563963.png (455.25 KB, 631x740, Ice_Cream_Sharing.png)

Ashklenazi jews/ashkenazic khazarians/zionist jews are today, and have always been a cancer of humanity.
Those calling themselves "jews" are dirty pharisees. judaism is actually pharisaism.

These psychopathic cancers are looting the world and trying to take over (re-take) ukraine, Crimea and parts of Russia.

Always reject the pharisee's lies and poisons, and feed and use your discernment to avoid their evil tricks. They are "the seed of the devil".

(pic unrelated)

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File: 1672120143988.png (509.55 KB, 602x866, 7b57ae5433e598f94a94664617….png)

Trumps a bit of a zionist, but he's still better than Biden. Biden is literally an empty vessel being piloted by kikes.

Hardly anyone voted for Biden before he fucked up the country. They had to rig the election at unprecedented levels to install him.

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Whites must be exterminated

To Make America Great

3b540b81 No.3684338

Nigger lynching is a victimless crime.

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File: 1672123057764.png (1.29 MB, 1909x1304, 6c80af56acf2ae298dd9ca1aaf….png)

The only reason there are any joggers of reasonable intelligence is because someone up the family tree, they have European genes.

75d393a8 No.3684342

>I love how right wingers are aligned with Russia. Fun to see them get blown up by the superior ukrainian military with US weapons and EU weapons.

How do you feel about funding with your taxes and debt the already deep pockets of the militaro-industrial complex ? Do you have shares in the petroleum and farming industry too, if not you are just funding - and cheering about - a proxy war to enrich the 1% who's cut Russia into juicy pieces after the war.

Repeat after me good little leftist : "Russian oligarch bad, USIan oligarch good !"

88dee087 No.3684343

The problem with q factor is that the population distribution is unknown and the correlation factor for actual cognitive achievement varies between 0.4 - 0.7 so it's not a good at predicting anything. If the confidence interval of g was displayed on that chart, all the results would fall inside it - in other words, the result is not scientifically significant.

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File: 1672139464466.jpg (113.92 KB, 640x821, 12312393.jpg)

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File: 1672150922359.jpg (87.65 KB, 646x717, uknegrorapesandisletgo.jpg)

>Why Mommy Carries A Gun
>To stop sexual emergencies by blacks

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File: 1672150981212.jpg (39.67 KB, 494x338, reply father grow on trees….jpg)

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File: 1672157769037-0.jpg (117.88 KB, 1343x960, Fk-zoteXgAAPEr1.jpg)

File: 1672157769037-1.jpg (80.49 KB, 868x575, 9c80e863299d.jpg)

Remember Georgie Santos the mysterious pathological liar and wanted criminal who is about to become a Republican senator?

Well, Republicans aren't going to do anything about it. Even though he is completely unqualified and lied about EVERYTHING in his life including being Jewish and gay, they are still going to seat him as a Republican senator.

They don't care that he was working as a telemarketer for Dish Network before someone (No one knows who) gave him over half a million dollars to fund his campaign. For all they know he's working for China directly but they don't care.

They only want power to protect the elites, cut taxes on the rich, and the leverage to hold the American people hostage until they get what they want. That is who they are.

72dbbd6e No.3684354

If it's a choice between the Jews and the Nazis people will always choose the Jews.
The lesser evil wins every election.

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File: 1672161608880.jpeg (136.83 KB, 861x723, Fk-LRK2WAAEZGWW.jpeg)

Hang em

09212a2e No.3684360

Whatever owns the conservatives

b7916e29 No.3684364

This retard still thinks there's a two party system. Laugh at him.

We would unironically be freer under Hitler than we are today under the jews.

Jews are taught religiously and culturally that all goyim exist only to serve them as livestock. Oppressing others is hardwired into them.

1d433ffa No.3684365

Hitler would kill you tho,
not too free now is it

1d433ffa No.3684367

How many Republican pedophiles
will the anti American conservatives
cover up for?

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File: 1672170647388.png (382.09 KB, 721x519, Paris.png)

Seems Paris had a bad christmas.


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File: 1672175302638-0.png (148.67 KB, 1289x1218, screenshot.png)

File: 1672175302638-1.jpg (63.74 KB, 711x400, zelensky biden ass.jpg)

Meanwhile in Ukraine Biden-supported Zelensky genocide of own people continues.

be0c42a3 No.3684375

Holy shit what the fuck is this shit I literally just opened this thread and this shit is literally dog shit garbage shit do you mother fuckers even know what you are even posting? What even is this shit supposed to be a Racist, Anti-Semetic, Anti-Government, Foreign Commissioned, Eugenics Lab based on propoganda and RaceWar Statistics as a front for pedofilia by Neo-Conservative Anarcho-Communist MediaWhore Schizoids? Looks like you're pegged as a fuck for being a retard. You are all probably incestual welfare queens. Yup, that's what it is.

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File: 1672176571352.jpg (56.26 KB, 720x678, a_package.jpg)


Republicans eject, expose, and prosecute paedophiles when they are found within the party.

Democrats cover up and protect their paedophiles, all while constantly making false accusations of sexual misconduct to basically every republican candidate.

72dbbd6e No.3684378

Yeah, someone reported a guy for being a likely terrorist hording illegal weapons. The cops arrested him, took the weapons, then let him go. The next day he killed a bunch of people by carrying out the terrorist attack the police were warned about.

The people of Paris did not take it well that the cops failed that hard.

72dbbd6e No.3684379

File: 1672177521565.jpg (94.37 KB, 680x576, Fkzp-OnWAAAIMbA.jpg)

Zelensky is destroying Russia for us! They are in such chaos that they don't even have money in their banks.

8ce638e1 No.3684380

File: 1672180449373.png (684.18 KB, 499x1026, reply why are people racis….png)

66910fa6 No.3684381


Kurds vs Turks. Kurds are convinced it's Turkey is behind the shooting.

It's the joy of a multicultural society and is an enrichment (except for the people who get their cars burned, still a small small price to pay for multiculturalism)

66910fa6 No.3684382

To his credit Zelensky wanted to negotiate at first. Boris Johnson and others convinced him no to do it. USA needs that war, and UK is the USA's good little doggy. They even blew up the pipeline for them. "It is done".

So now they are scrapping the barrel. That furaffinity Ukrainian should say "thank you USA !" and don't forget "Fuck Putin". Into the meat grinder he goes..

66910fa6 No.3684383

Go play Fortnite and let the grownups talk.

66910fa6 No.3684384

File: 1672186605240.jpg (166.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Zelensky is destroying Russia for us!

What's the next move, land invasion? You'll have to act quickly, because a war or civil war torn Russia will have these guys consider invading and they are closer.

3020e2a9 No.3684385

File: 1672188555151.png (274.68 KB, 828x864, 1239118947.sliceofdog_nucl….png)

This isn't meant to be particularly anti-Obama. In fact, I'm a big Obama supporter. But his suggestion of getting rid of the world's supply of nukes, while a great ideal, will just never work. I mean, seriously, when China and Russia are two of 5 'nuclear states' you've gotta wonder if dropping your guard in the hope that they'll do the same is a good idea. I have nothing against the people of those countries, but the leaders are less than worthy of our trust.
But anyways, I loved drawing this. Brown is my
favourite, followed by Obama, and they might pop up in future political comics, if I so choose to make them. Putin however, I'm not happy with. He's hard to do in a charichature style because he's so… awfully ordinary. Oh well. Enjoy.

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File: 1672189798637.png (397.96 KB, 638x543, NY HAHAHAHAHA.png)

The people of the liberal hellhole of NY are dying in droves due to a snowstorm.

You would think that a northern state would know what to do.

This on top of the massive deaths in assisted living facilities when the state forced the elderly to be imprisoned during the covid outbreak.

Liberals fuck up everything they touch.

8ce638e1 No.3684388

File: 1672190063047.jpg (170.56 KB, 750x500, black criminals pay only w….jpg)

>I'm a big Obama supporter.

Then you are responsible as an accomplice for this clownworld.

d9359d42 No.3684393

File: 1672192686390-0.jpg (20.81 KB, 160x174, 20221228_095153.jpg)

File: 1672192686390-1.jpg (280.75 KB, 2000x1331, trump-ukraine-timeline-pro….jpg)

File: 1672192686390-2.jpg (683.45 KB, 1080x1993, 20221221_200249.jpg)

File: 1672192686390-3.png (118.44 KB, 640x352, screen-shot-2022-10-16-at-….png)

File: 1672192686390-4.jpg (521.83 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221022-012416….jpg)

Dude literally wanted to start a war with Iran just to distract his impeachment.

If you reffering Trump as a better Jew in terms of taking advantage and reaping the benefits for himself like any conspiracy theory of how Jew controlling the economy, than you be damn right.

Not to mention his "help" required a favour each time.

842d0e82 No.3684394

when i play fortnite and win you would cry.

72dbbd6e No.3684398

File: 1672205577615.jpg (61.02 KB, 680x680, Fk2sj2RagAEGMRf.jpg)

Terrorism is terrorism. Why it happens doesn't matter. The guy should be made an example of. If the world starts hanging these people in public like we did in the old days then these morons would think twice before they do this shit.

These mass shooters and people like the rioters on Jan6th do it because they feel entitled. The do it because they feel there will be no consequences.

Look at how shocked the Jan6th terrorists were that they got arrested! They thought trying to overthrow the government and install a dictator would lead to no problems what-so-ever. It would be fun day! History in the making!

These people are detached from reality. If we start putting live executions of their kind on TV for them to watch they will start to understand that reality don't give a fuck about their hurt feelings. The law is the law.

We should also start hanging politicians again. America was a lot better off when we did. Trump should be swinging in the wind right now. The DOJ has plenty of evidence to charge him, try him and hang him high!

72dbbd6e No.3684399

File: 1672206138141.jpg (51.64 KB, 720x960, Dont-die-stupid.jpg)

Those people were mostly idiots who tried to drive during a blizzard then got trapped in their cars and froze to death. Four died without heat in their homes because they weren't prepared, three died from cardiac events related to shoveling or other snow-clearing and three died of non-storm related causes after emergency services were delayed.

They are finding bodies frozen on the street corners because idiots went out to try and get food on foot during a blizzard.

If the city was run by Republicans it would have made no difference. In fact it probably would have been worse because they would have cut funding to emergency services so they could give their rich friends and themselves a tax cut.

72dbbd6e No.3684401

Ukraine doesn't need to invade Russia. The nation is already falling apart. They can't feed or pay their own citizens. The Russian people will take care of Putin all on their own.

Russian Lives Matter, yo!

72dbbd6e No.3684402

f2b04906 No.3684404

Kill em all

b7916e29 No.3684405

At least he's not jewish.

Once enough of the Ukrainians are dead, they'll send in NATO to sweep up russia, then replaced the dead Ukrainians with the jews who fled the country at the first sign of war. Pretty sure they said at some point that they want to make it New Israel.

3020e2a9 No.3684406

File: 1672212891021-0.jpg (36.91 KB, 960x480, bored_ape_yacht_club.jpeg-….jpg)

File: 1672212891021-1.png (508.22 KB, 840x600, 1221159198.astronautilus_s….png)

Taking their home and land, cutting down all their trees, then wonder why they are attacked. They even mentioned in this video they just "lost" their leader 2 months ago, so obviously they killed him. These animals are highly intelligent. They know they are being killed by humans.

The human population went from much less than half a billion to over 8 billion in the blink of an historical eye, a mere 500 years - The net result has been massive environmental degradation and destruction as well as rising animal and plant extinction rates. This is by any metric - unsustainable.

66910fa6 No.3684409

>If the city was run by Republicans it would have made no difference.

Actually it would, there would have been a higher percentage of "nutcase preper" stockpilling food and supplies for the apocalypse.

3020e2a9 No.3684410

File: 1672221619230.png (819.82 KB, 1101x719, recapthisyear.png)

72dbbd6e No.3684412

File: 1672222485910.webm (2.34 MB, 640x360, RadicalLeft.webm)


I remember when you wack jobs said Jews wanted to make California the new Israel. Get some new material.

e82b4fc0 No.3684424

File: 1672233800868.jpg (13.47 KB, 280x157, Kill_Gates.jpg)

Ukraine is part of the khazarian creatures' old stomping grounds, it's completely obvious by now that they're looting America dry and funneling wealth into the ukraine to turn it into an extension of israhell.
In fact, there are videos these creatures themselves have released, showing some kind of twisted dystopian world they have planned for 2030, and of course praising it as "connected, sustainable, carbon whatever, world leading, etc."

This is a deadly dangerous war where anyone who's a goy is now the target for either complete control (down to the bowel motions) or execution (if they're too "noisy" or non-compliant), overall it's their final win or lose move (winner gets world control) and the pro-commie propagandist scum that's allowed to post their lies on here are one way or another getting paid to do it, or just so completely stupid and demoralised, they don't even realise they could actually be getting paid for it.
All of this information is completely out in the open.

BTW - the ghouls' remote-controlled kill-switch injections have been so successful, they're already "testing the waters" by openly promoting their desire (for everyone's health and equity) to infuse 500 injections of this witches' brew into every human (and animal?) on the planet by 2030.
Oh yeah, and they're also planning the "next big one" as Kill Gates smirked about. This guy hazily rambled on about that matter for a couple of minutes, but if you care, you'll be able to find better sources yourself:

Then again, nobody new visits this hellhole anymore anyway and I'm just endangering my own life by even mentioning this thanks to wrongthink now being almost-officially illegal in Ausjailia, and possibly soon the whole world unless people refuse to budge any more.

RE those promoting this nightmare: How dead does anyone have to be on the inside, to be comfortable and okay with the kind of future that's planned by these complete psychopaths? It boggles the doggy-mind.

e82b4fc0 No.3684425

File: 1672234493602.jpg (26.77 KB, 416x234, silent-night.jpg)

Anyway… here's Lucy and Jeff's latest walk and talk where Jeff's laughing again about the global democide and wokesters and lefties dropping dead like flies, and touches on the subject of these "fake" jews now going all out with their war against everyone else:
Silent Night - A Merry Satan Klaus Christmas: Three Unwise Men And A Welfare Baby
It's pretty clear that by now he's given up trying to "help" people and "wake them up", and maybe that's the best thing.
It's hard to laugh about people dying horrible deaths though, even if they did it to themselves (due to being too degenerate, rotten or just plain stupid, etc.)
Maybe it's just better to find good-clean stuff to laugh about, and focus on that.

BTW - isn't it a bit "weird" that chinese/zionist police stations are now being built and manned in Ausjailia and America?

ff30b517 No.3684426

File: 1672235509423.jpg (112.09 KB, 1080x1080, 15baa7add27dc495fcf5409dbe….jpg)

Society was so much better, and healthier before child support existed. Child support, supports women sleeping around and creating broken families.


e82b4fc0 No.3684427

File: 1672236866532.jpg (1.99 MB, 3500x2500, cute-rita.jpg)

I was going to say something else but forgot, so whatever. Here's a cute Rita.

Just some basic advice though: The zionists/khazars/pharisees would never have known in enough detail how to unfurl their satanic plan to destroy the whole world, had people not started getting addicted to their smartphones and also stopped caring about their (Internet) privacy.

Get a dumb phone, deactivate its data service, and keep it inside a signal-absorbing pouch instead, use the smartphones only when absolutely necessary as they still track in airplane mode or when off.

Use an ad/shit blocker and/or a browser that doesn't "phone home" every single thing you do. (Such as LibreWolf, Brave Browser, Ungoogled Chromium, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, Otter Browser, Gnome Web, etc.)

Use a different browser for different things - one browser for signing in to Google shit, another browser for general browsing without signing in to anything (which will then track you across domains), another browser for banking and paying for shit.
That way, you're separating your known identity from the everyday websites you browse. This is more critical than your mere non-canine mind may realise.

Use open-source or trusted software to disable telemetry in your computer operating system (Windows), as that'll track your every move otherwise, often including visited websites, etc.

Avoid browsing on the "smartphone", as it's practically impossible to avoid telemetry on them, because that's what they're designed/built for.

Use a decent VPN that's from a more privacy-friendly country, because ISPs now sell browsing habits of their customers.

There are no good search engines left for finding out anything truthful regarding the khazarian world-democide, except for Yandex for some reason. Use startpage.com or possible the brave search for more basic crap.

Pay with cash, because card/Internet/micro-finance is leading to mark-of-the-beast-CBDC.

Boost your testosterone naturally and try not to be a giant faggot all the time.

If you've taken the deathshot, there are ways of negating its evil effects, but it's a lifelong detox.

e82b4fc0 No.3684428

File: 1672237222634.png (798.65 KB, 1000x767, foxie.png)

Most importantly, never lose your soul! This war is about taking your soul, and if part of it is already gone, then beg God for forgiveness and help in regaining it.

Anyway, that's about 99% it from me. Good luck. I gotta conserve more energy for my own life, as watching people committing suicide is still no laughing matter for me, it just makes me sad and drains my little remaining energy. I happen to want to survive through to the other side of this nightmare and upcoming dark winter.

81894837 No.3684434

File: 1672239285025.png (1.84 MB, 933x770, pods.png)

>The human population went from much less than half a billion to over 8 billion in the blink of an historical eye, a mere 500 years - The net result has been massive environmental degradation and destruction as well as rising animal and plant extinction rates. This is by any metric - unsustainable.

No, its climate change.

Just eat the bugs, live in the pod and own nothing.

be0c42a3 No.3684435

Currently the only real war worth noting is the nazi conscious and globalized reptialian fund of an failed business endeavor between Americanism and Foreign Obligation to promote "Democratic Appeal" to "troubled countries" by exchange of weapons for oil rights, which is not exactly noble or heroic when it also endorses the same ground-zero problem of catering to anti-conventions such as Nazism or Totalatarianism (for which would look like a win-win by feeding into a lost cause with no possible turn out other than gaining resource and trade deals abound, but actually infact it is not so and abliest to a a fault). Basically the world is just NaziDeepState versus "Prop/Proxy" where neither side should be allowed any footings. Russia isn't good because it doesn't appeal to democracy. Ukraine isn't good because it doesn't appeal to democracy. It is just twisted business designed to profiteer in memetic killing.

That is why so many countries want a hand in it that would seem. In the case for funding a melting pot of poor-idealism now we have a "discrete memetic deathtrap" as the real and severe conflict. But money will just cover it up until everyone that needs to die does, even their customer base (no one cares about each other to the point of attrition). Number one fact.

Then Simon Says gets its pattern mixed up and it all falls apart and gets exposed, everyone like to sneer and turn a blind eye to themselves it seems. They suddenly go back to their roots which are nested in base-racism and primal-hatred towards their neighbor. There is no peace. This is the current state of the real world.

81894837 No.3684436

File: 1672239626693.jpg (123.31 KB, 328x1024, reply 2021jan6 protest geo….jpg)

>people like the rioters on Jan6th do it because they feel entitled

>You are not allowed to protest tyranny

If this does not convince you that your rights have been taken away, I do not know what else will?

81894837 No.3684438

File: 1672239837063.jpg (87.96 KB, 1024x915, jew proverb tasty is someo….jpg)


Dont forget welfare, alimony and food stamps.

Child support would only apply to White families.

ff30b517 No.3684439

File: 1672240081120.png (268.91 KB, 337x497, Style.png)


Oh yes, all of that stuff is communist/socialist and putting the country into debt.

Welfare is cancer. As is government in healthcare.

685fb01b No.3684446

File: 1672243858054.png (181.42 KB, 416x900, FlAgk_pakAEpsP8.png)

The last thing fascist billionaires, the GOP, and MAGA want to admit is that fascism is bad for business.

685fb01b No.3684447

File: 1672244126241.jpeg (80.03 KB, 638x535, Fk_1ug9XkAMdk7A (1).jpeg)

Russia losses as of today:
103,840 troops
4657 vehicles/fuel tanks
3016 tanks
2000 artillery systems
1707 unmanned aerial vehicles
283 planes
267 helicopters
653 cruise missiles
418 multiple launch rocket systems
16 ships

72dbbd6e No.3684449

File: 1672245117295-0.jpg (89.29 KB, 613x680, Fk_o2_7aAAASG3V.jpg)

File: 1672245117295-1.jpg (65.36 KB, 680x494, Two-Losers.jpg)

>The vaccine was a plot by the Jews to install a kill-switch in everyone!
>I'm going to ignore the fact that the majority of people who died are conservatives who never took the vaccine while the people who took it survived the outbreak.

72dbbd6e No.3684450

File: 1672245437164.jpg (60.73 KB, 669x680, FkoU5M_XkAI6MmY.jpg)

What you actually mean is "before child support existed women were forced to be slaves to men because they weren't allowed to hold down good jobs."

It's all about having power over women. You pathic little incels are still mad you lost that leverage.

1d433ffa No.3684453

I'm thankful so many conservatives die and will continue to die as the virus ravages their communities.

ff30b517 No.3684454

File: 1672246422094.jpg (473.19 KB, 850x1063, 6v.jpg)


Lack of child support doesn't make a woman a slave, it makes her be careful about taking birth control, or more pro-abortion if she isn't married to the guy.

But it absolutely turns the guy into a slave. Because he goes to jail if he doesn't slave for the money.

1d433ffa No.3684455

What a sad bunch of incels in this thread

ff30b517 No.3684459

File: 1672254518717.png (28.41 KB, 757x319, 90percent.png)


Is that suppose to be an insult, lol?

Thats most men now.

3020e2a9 No.3684469

File: 1672265251308.png (1.21 MB, 1662x870, whatisthis.png)

fdb2d4fe No.3684470

File: 1672266129984.jpg (623.97 KB, 2048x1152, 20221108_072419.jpg)

Unchecked population expansion is one of the primary drivers of climate change. More people + increased standards of living = correspondingly more resources consumed and more wastes generated per person.

f20e3646 No.3684472

You mix two different issues.

Child support was invented because women weren't allowed to support themselves. Now that they are, child support has lost its point. In civilized countries, it's actually the state that pays child support to promote sustaining the population - but the vestige of child support on the father still remains because it's more profitable for the women and they get half the votes.

3020e2a9 No.3684473

File: 1672267089086.jpg (55.32 KB, 700x350, military-service-branches-….jpg)

>but the vestige of child support on the father still remains because it's more profitable for the women and they get half the votes.

What would happen if they were drafted for military services who will it benefit from it?

ff30b517 No.3684476

File: 1672267396265.png (1.08 MB, 883x854, 6c.png)


It still exists because the government gets a cut and it lets them enslave men. Either to working to death or to the prison complex system.

3020e2a9 No.3684478

File: 1672269895753.png (5.01 MB, 1308x3336, gonebunkerswhyexpensive.png)

Why logistics play a role in politics.

Whoever is against better infrastructure.
refuse projects that could reduce the cost for deliveries.
If China has the resources and tech to build bigger rails to transport goods why not the United States?
We won't be seeing these projects it in the next century. Elon Musk does not support these logistics for example.
looking back from 2000's and into 2020's things are taking small steps called progress?
So sleep well and recap our history and keep on eye on Black Rock's fundings where it will go.

66910fa6 No.3684480

>I'm thankful so many conservatives die and will continue to die as the virus ravages their communities.

They'll be replaced with stronger, more resilient conservatives. Evolution, right?

72dbbd6e No.3684481

File: 1672270017953.jpg (82.29 KB, 640x801, 202c13c215de.jpg)

A reporter wrote a scathing article about how Trump is moping around Mar-A-Lago and barely putting any effort into his presidential campaign. He went on a long twitter-rant complaining about the reporter who dared say that he's already given up on being president but he's also not changing his ways. He's just going to keep sending out fund raising emails, pocketing the money, and playing golf.

He knows he's gonna lose so he's not even trying.
He's taking you LOSERS for every penny he can.


72dbbd6e No.3684482

No, evolution will mean there are fewer conservatives because conservatives failed at the game of life.

72dbbd6e No.3684483

File: 1672270588234.jpg (20.23 KB, 485x388, 75a90d91f94f.jpg)

So you think we should all pay taxes to support the needs of children instead of hoisting the fees on a single person?

Welcome, Comrade!
You socialist now!
Medicare for all!
Child Care for all!
Expanded SNAP program to feed the children!
Tax the wealthy!

3020e2a9 No.3684484

Will conservatism slowly die out in America? No.
Conservatism dies but it always comes back in new reincarnations. It’s dying right now actually but it looks as though it will come back in the form of libertarianism. The American Left is also starting to die—though it is not as far along as the American Right. What the media and the American political elite don’t get is that most of us in the USA are sick and tired of politics as usual. We elected a young, junior senator instead of someone more experienced. After that, we elected someone with no experience in government at all. The Left and Right are going to die—and be reborn—because they are both despicable. To be continued.

3020e2a9 No.3684485

As a famous quote says: “If a person is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart; if he is not a conservative when he is forty, he has no head.” Now, is this quote true? Not particularly. I know smart liberals who are older than forty, and I am a young conservative who (as far as I know) is kind. But that's how politics tends to work around here: Young people are liberal and conservative people are old. And, since the population of both of those demographics are equal, there will be no “dying out” of either. So conservative values might change, and liberal values might change, but I foresee that both parties will be around a long time. The problem in answering this question is definitions. conservatism (lowercase “c”) - is an ideology that holds political views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas. This ideology is based on classic liberalism, Jefferson and Madison, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and liberty. Conservative (uppercase “C”) - A noun, is the name of a person who calls themselves a Conservative, regardless of their ideology. Everyone; Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives…everyone…has some conservative ideology in their beliefs. Are you OK with the government illegally entering your home, illegally searching and seizing whatever the government wants, then taking you to jail? If your answer is “no,” then you have conservative values in this area. And, just so you know, prior to the European Enlightenment that brought about the whole idea of liberty, this is the way it was. Nobody had a choice. The government did what it wanted. There are tons of examples but everyone has some conservatism in them. And, yes, everyone has some modern day US liberalism/progressivism in them as well. The only way conservatism dies is if everyone suddenly believes the individual is no longer important. But rather collectivism is important and the individual is expendable. I don’t see that happening. Ever.

72dbbd6e No.3684486

File: 1672270981700.jpg (183.13 KB, 560x699, 744f94bb74a9.jpg)

You are confusing the left and liberals.
Liberals like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi aren't part of the left. They are moderate Republicans who help make sure tax cuts for the rich always pass.

There is no true far-left party in America.

3bf86da8 No.3684487

The American right is dieing its own death right now. I love it! Keep thinking jews and democrats make vaccines to control you! Die die die! I love it!

b7916e29 No.3684488

File: 1672271236203.jpg (127.24 KB, 1051x887, 19c7030fde98d6c6e5d1861aaa….jpg)

I love how being prepared and not dependent on the government every waking second of your life is "extremism" to the kikes who want you to die the second they disable your bank accounts.

The radical left is not about freedom. The radical left is about forced equality. Buzzwords, buzzwords, constitution!? Fuck off lol.

>I've defined us as being for America, therefor our enemies are against America.

Holy fuck what a koolaid drinking retard lol

3bf86da8 No.3684489

The radical right wants Nazi camps but when the Nazi government comes first they will take your guns. The right don't realize that once they install the strongman anti American anti democracy govt they are no longer needed because they are just ignorant. They are homeschooled hillbillies that rape their family members.

3020e2a9 No.3684490

File: 1672271656964.png (16.8 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

So you think we should all pay taxes to support the needs of children instead of hoisting the fees on a single person?
As long as it goes to the needs and targets the root important problems diagnostics and solutions!

>Welcome, Comrade!

At least we get to build an industry that mass produce machinery and produce

Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

>You socialist now!

No surprise, could I get a uniform that makes me feel and look sexy?

>Medicare for all!

Neat, as long we have enough supplies and food that help us survive and live long.

>Child Care for all!

Good, we hope they grow up as engineers, farmers, logistic analysis, and doctors.

>Expanded SNAP program to feed the children!

>Tax the wealthy!

quite complex, there should be a law that prevents them from running as corrupt con artist that ruins the economy and logistics in the name of science!

3020e2a9 No.3684492

File: 1672272084058.png (17.79 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Uh, forgot the hat, who owns the hat you ask? I made it in a rag recycling bin nothing goes to waste!

b7916e29 No.3684493

Hitler expanded gun rights for Germans, retard. It's the kikes, Democrats, and RINOs trying to take your guns.

Besides, I'm not a nationalist socialist, I'm a nationalist libertarian. Socialism is for dirty leftists.

3020e2a9 No.3684494

File: 1672273385062.png (32.53 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Never give gun to a small brainer…
Only smart people should have guns!
But what a price to pay?

c8cc47c4 No.3684498

File: 1672277560398.gif (582.39 KB, 800x450, B579EB87-4FFA-4FD6-9A55-24….gif)

I want to ask why do LEFTISTS support rich people who produce nothing?

To go on about rich who actually work seems odd.

3020e2a9 No.3684499

File: 1672278262617.png (25.88 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

How Europe Stole Africa (so quickly)

c86bc69f No.3684500

File: 1672278927069.jpg (493.39 KB, 1505x1080, time-100-influential-photo….jpg)

>they install the strongman anti American anti democracy govt

Weak men make hard times.

Hard times make strong men.

Antifa and the left are the weak men. You, 3B, and your ilk are making the strongman world possible. It CANNOT happen without you and your efforts.

c86bc69f No.3684501

File: 1672279043806.png (53.8 KB, 488x693, leftistsareusefulidiots.png)

>I want to ask why do LEFTISTS support rich people who produce nothing?

c86bc69f No.3684502

File: 1672279962182.jpg (147.37 KB, 1280x768, mcrib.jpg)

>Unchecked population expansion is one of the primary drivers of climate change

You apparently never watch the news.

Its too hot - climate change!
Its too cold - climate change!
Not enough water - climate change!
Too much water - climate change!
Expensive gas - climate change!
Biolab starts a pandemic - climate change!
Cant get laid - climate change!
McDonalds cancels the McRib - climate change!

And you need no scientific data. Just look around - use your eyes…..

3bf86da8 No.3684503

Hunter Biden’s laptop!
Try suicide

3bf86da8 No.3684504

Right wingers are hatred and violence

They must be stopped

5ac83d1a No.3684505

When you stop them, let us know!
Lol 3B

501d62eb No.3684507

Mark Meadows had a PowerPoint for Trump’s coup on his computer.

But yeah, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

b7916e29 No.3684515

Punch Nazis (Defined as anyone who disagrees with me)?

1ff3e97d No.3684519

File: 1672292610473.jpg (129.31 KB, 680x823, 161.jpg)

unironically this meme
fuck people are stupid

b1ed072f No.3684521

File: 1672292823473-0.jpeg (261.01 KB, 654x674, 806D2C2B-37C8-4C54-BB7A-9….jpeg)

File: 1672292823473-1.jpeg (78.26 KB, 460x550, 71ABD2AC-926D-4AAC-84BC-4….jpeg)

File: 1672292823473-2.jpeg (65.33 KB, 576x1024, BDCDC92B-DE77-4278-B71E-3….jpeg)

File: 1672292823473-3.jpeg (256.17 KB, 960x943, 5AEF6D36-6E61-4F35-9F59-1….jpeg)

File: 1672292823473-4.jpg (126.77 KB, 914x1024, IMG_3188.JPG)

All that being responsible must really piss you off!

4e97cfa0 No.3684525

File: 1672297683435.jpg (311.38 KB, 1681x978, FkcGjF_XkAEWVYr.jpg)

Let's not pretend that right-wingers don't appreciate abortions when shitskins do it.

I'm just more honest about it. Less humans on this planet -> better. Cause more humans only brings more replacement of wildlife habitat by parking lots and apartment buildings. Turning the whole planet into a city is maybe FUCKING MAYBE a bad idea.

Also the point is life on another planet is noteworthy because of the implications (that carbon-based life is inevitable given the right circumstances, or less likely that the seed actually lies in outer space). Life in a living being that evolved by producing it is nothing special.

dc01b603 No.3684526

Oh I love seeing pinhead retards talk about how its the jews fault they can't have sex with women and its faucis fault they have a pin dick.

Incel shit going on around here.

dc01b603 No.3684527

Right wingers are aborting the old ones that always voted!

Truly this is God's work as these so called Christians worshiped a golden idol. Good riddance to dead republican parents and grandparents.

3cf11ae2 No.3684528

File: 1672297800136.jpg (54.77 KB, 1024x640, FB_IMG_1672111848894.jpg)

The Jews are not helping tho.

12a67fa7 No.3684531

File: 1672298202607.jpg (234.29 KB, 1280x1089, photo_2022-12-21_04-00-11.jpg)

Being a braindead commie with zero employability and chance to actually fucking own a house is better?

Maybe zip it for just long enough to not get disowned by your "evil" republican family just for long enough to inherit their shit. Also wishing death on people for having been born in the wrong time is kinda just fucking max-level inappropriate behavior.

66910fa6 No.3684534


Works even better with islam. Useful idiot communists in Iran found out the hard way. Same thing will happen in Europe eventually.

66910fa6 No.3684535


> Right wingers are hatred and violence

> They must be stopped

We must KILL the extremists !!!

3020e2a9 No.3684536

File: 1672302856947-0.jpg (145.24 KB, 564x1246, aZAWb8l.jpg)

File: 1672302856947-1.jpg (385.22 KB, 2000x2800, FW7dDZZWIAMrTXU_u18chan.jpg)

72dbbd6e No.3684539

File: 1672305500986.jpg (231.79 KB, 1284x1590, Fk5uj8yXwAIx0l7.jpg)

>The radical left is about forced equality.

And you see nothing wrong with this sentence at all? You really don't understand that equality should be something you want for everyone, do you?

66910fa6 No.3684540


I finally skipped some christian video to take the time to watch one of your video links, it wasn't pants-on-head crazy like I feared. No "5G nanobot AI" in vaccine at least.

Thanks for the link.

66910fa6 No.3684541

>equality should be something you want for everyone

You have to elaborate. If by equality you mean taking from the successful to give to the less successful ; then you remove a significant incentive to work hard at all.

If by equality you mean equality of chances then yeah, that being a thing would be positive. We could start by promoting the nuclear familly for everyone, so that no kid starts his life in a destitute single parent home environment.

72dbbd6e No.3684543

If you are into A.I. have you heard about the advancements by Open A.I. with ChatGPT?


3020e2a9 No.3684544

File: 1672308100423.png (17.1 KB, 600x800, 3Baked.png)

Let the machines do the dirty work, That's equality there… You humans reashed 8 billion this year congratushuns on that asdfjkl;…. *gasp!*

93c1f08d No.3684545


you here? i have something to talk to you about blackrock and the woke investor shit on tox if possible

3020e2a9 No.3684546

File: 1672309549347.png (19.37 KB, 600x800, enough_pohpot.png)

Dear Black Rock, you have own every speck of dirt, water, fuel, alloys, minerals, and species on this planet Earth. if we humans are the product; are you too?

72dbbd6e No.3684547

File: 1672312320714-0.png (104.4 KB, 906x708, smalldickenergy.png)

File: 1672312320714-1.jpg (58.62 KB, 750x697, FlIxZfGWAAAIunJ.jpg)

Gretta Thunberg just murdered a guy on Twitter.
RIP Andrew Tate - professional kickboxer/crybaby who hates women. He will only be remembered as the man who got his ass kicked by a little Swedish girl.

Someone even updates his wiki page so the world would always remember the day his ass got kicked.


66910fa6 No.3684548


I suspect that there's already an AI participating in these pol thread.

66910fa6 No.3684549

Good one on Greta. You have to recognize good Twitter-fu even in the opponents.

72dbbd6e No.3684550

>it makes her be careful about taking birth control, or more pro-abortion if she isn't married to the guy.

You know, if Republicans didn't stop women from getting abortions the father wouldn't need to pay child support. This is a problem you are creating for yourselves.

72dbbd6e No.3684551

File: 1672313726814-0.jpg (47.98 KB, 679x471, Fk610tyWIAEo09N.jpg)

Meanwhile… Ben Shapiro takes a bold stance that the left is the party of goodness which means conservatism is the party of evil.

I'm not sure how his billionaire donors are going to like that take!

3020e2a9 No.3684552

File: 1672314690063.png (29.74 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Machines are not obedient, they don't have a soul; only slaves carry them.
- Karen proverb

5ac83d1a No.3684559

File: 1672317686036.jpg (23.2 KB, 720x405, donald-trump-control1.jpg)

It WAS a witch hunt, Trump was RIGHT AGAIN!

The January 6 special committee on Wednesday decided to withdraw its subpoena of former President Trump as it concludes its work.

Trump's testimony was no longer needed, according to the panel's chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.

Thompson noted in a letter to Trump's attorneys: "In light of the imminent end of our investigation, the Select Committee can no longer pursue the specific information covered by the subpoena."

He added, "Therefore, through this letter, I hereby formally withdraw the subpoena issued to former President Trump, and notify you that he is no longer obligated to comply or produce records in response to said subpoena."

Trump took to his social media platform to share the following message:

"Was just advised that the Unselect Committee of political Thugs has withdrawn the Subpoena of me concerning the January 6th Protest of the CROOKED 2020 Presidential Election. They probably did so because they knew I did nothing wrong, or they were about to lose in Court. Perhaps the FBI’s involvement in RIGGING the Election played into their decision. In any event, the Subpoena is DEAD!"

TRANSLATION: Democrats no longer have the majority so they don't have the leverage to drag this on any longer.

cec66dd3 No.3684561

File: 1672322413669.png (96.53 KB, 703x459, Tate.png)

Idk why people idolize this guy.

e82b4fc0 No.3684563

File: 1672327509505.jpg (276.27 KB, 800x533, Sleepy-Foxie.jpg)

Thanks for letting me know. I've been saddened about my efforts over the last 3 years not appearing to have made any real difference anywhere. RE Christian videos - there are so many traps out there regarding who to watch for any useful guidance, but have been narrowing down the list.
Maybe once I have the stomach for it, I'll collate those videos which show a connection between the injections and 5G kill-signals, etc. and post their links. They were made by scientists, doctors, researchers, etc. No apparent pants on their heads so far.

Jeff's videos have shifted from trying to "save" everyday people to only helping out those who actually and genuinely want to survive and aren't too dumb, degenerate, broken or brainwashed to do it.

No problem, but I probably only can do that in about 9-10 hours from now.

There is no Greta, just a whole bunch of psychopathic evil satanic "puppet masters". Is she even "allowed" to use her own Twitter account yet?

Anyway… Goddy Bed.

ac357f54 No.3684566

File: 1672331431674.jpg (55.65 KB, 850x400, quotefredrichnietzcheinfer….jpg)


>The radical left is about forced equality.

>equality should be something you want for everyone


In order to promote equality, you must have injustice.

In order to promote justice, you must have inequality.

8af3a975 No.3684567

File: 1672331534228.jpg (186.9 KB, 1242x2036, vh0qx64ppp8a1.jpg)

e82b4fc0 No.3684568

File: 1672331582554.jpg (387.93 KB, 1925x2391, Shrinkflation_Blackrock.jpg)

I meant 19 - 20 hours.

ac357f54 No.3684569

File: 1672331687712.png (1.09 MB, 957x659, replyyougetwhatyoudeserve.png)


And now the other team is up to bat.

To Do List:

1. Hunter Biden ties to Ukraine
2. Robinette Biden ties to China
3. Rigging of elections in 2020
4. Government suppression of speech
5. ….

ac357f54 No.3684570

File: 1672331912605.jpg (65.98 KB, 650x581, reply laugh brit royalty.jpg)


>I cant into sarcasm

Since you lack the capacity to understand, his tweet says exactly the opposite of what you posted…..either that, or you intentionally lie - you are evil.

ac357f54 No.3684571

File: 1672332331566.png (122.42 KB, 700x577, chart-population-by-contin….png)

>Let's not pretend that right-wingers don't appreciate abortions when shitskins do it.

If you are truly interested in arresting population growth as you claim, you need to be as well.

According to the UN, its all shitskins from now on……

be0c42a3 No.3684572

he probably drowned in a river back then people were really uneducated about water.

dc01b603 No.3684573

Drive thru abortion clinics please

610a6168 No.3684574

File: 1672334885589.jpg (391.09 KB, 1067x734, cone-nebula.jpg)

I used to have that /pol/fag victim mentality about declining white population and the burden of poor brown people. Then I realized it directly increases my sexual market value as a well-off white man. White people aren't gonna die out, and frankly it doesn't matter even if they did because the whole human race could disappear and nothing of value would be lost.

cec66dd3 No.3684575

File: 1672335224923.jpg (213.26 KB, 1280x905, Degenerate_renamon.jpg)


Maybe one day, maybe one day.

72dbbd6e No.3684578

File: 1672336200113.png (186.93 KB, 906x1112, How-Dare-You.png)

He's a house nigga in the historic sense of the term.
He fights to amuse the white people so they reward him and encourage him to keep abusing other minorities and himself. It's a long standing tradition for white people to pit slaves against each other in brutal fights to the death.

There was a movie made in the south in 1975 that conservatives don't like to talk about because it depicts a realistic picture of the south during slavery.

be0c42a3 No.3684579

5. is likely a hidden planetary grid that can punish people remotely for their own entertainment with the use of ai-search engines in which to co-ordinate scheduled psyops against the entire human race in automation. but what would I know.

f8c209d6 No.3684580


I don't care about any of that shit.

I don't want new "voters" being imported into my country if these "voters" are supporting politicians who want to restrict my guns.

My guns are the only things in this life that I care about.

1071d6fe No.3684581

File: 1672340358497.jpg (59.63 KB, 680x670, FVY8jpQWQAICEY6.jpg)

They already rendered a judgement, presented their evidence and recommended the DOJ throw his ass under Gitmo. The job was done.

He was given a chance to defend his actions, he had a chance to make his case that he is innocent but he refused to testify so they are moving forward without him.

Everyone who claims to believe he is innocent refused to testify under oath because they know lying to congress will get them put in prison.

1071d6fe No.3684582

You realize that's objectively false, right?

Florida and Texas have huge migrant populations and they are both red states.
Migrant families are often more right-wing than most 3rd generation Americans. It takes a couple of generations for the fear of government to fade after they flee their nation and land in America.

1071d6fe No.3684585

File: 1672341660922.jpg (80.75 KB, 636x500, 3ebgku.jpg)

>Equality requires injustice. Justice requires inequality.

Wow, that is a fucked up perspective you have there but I can tell you really do believe in it.
You really do think that the world is just and fair only if white people rule over everyone else.

b7916e29 No.3684586

File: 1672341777872.jpg (505.42 KB, 2200x2581, 366f0493e39fa24dea8b7301a6….jpg)

So that lady who testified under oath that Trump reached through a foot of bulletproof glass to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo. When is she facing perjury charges?

The law is not being enforced equally. You have a bunch of activist judges on the left who give their side a free pass.

That committee is a witch hunt kangaroo court where only the prosecution gets to speak and call witnesses, and there is no cross examination.

You continue to be retarded beyond belief.

b7916e29 No.3684588

File: 1672342801858.jpg (251.75 KB, 1287x2040, c05002740dcfe792d51b767191….jpg)

Nobody is equal. You are not even equal to yourself on different days.

Your idea of equality is taking a bunch of different people with their own interests, skills, and preferences, and forcing them to all do the same jobs.

Men are more career driven than women. They take less time off. Your idea of equality is to pay men less because they work too hard.

Your idea of equality is to tell women it's wrong to be a homemaker because you have employment quotas to fill.

My idea of equality is to let people make up their own mind what to do with their lives and let them have the opportunity to prove themselves.

72dbbd6e No.3684590

She testified that she was in the room when someone *else* said Trump tried to snatch the wheel and force the driver to take him to the capitol.

There was no bullet proof glass separating them. He was traveling in a heavily armored SUV called "The Beast", not the presidential limo.

There is video of it.

1d433ffa No.3684591

racist incels around here?

Oh that's just republicans everywhere

72dbbd6e No.3684593

File: 1672345190014.jpg (42.42 KB, 897x633, Conservative-pedophiles-ev….jpg)

>That committee is a witch hunt kangaroo court where only the prosecution gets to speak and call witnesses, and there is no cross examination.
It wasn't a court case. It was an investigation.
The only thing they were doing is collecting evidence and showing it to the public so there is transparency to the investigation.
>There was no cross examination. There was no defense.
Trump was asked to testify. Republicans were invited to join the committee when it first formed. Kevin McCarthy the Republican minority leader was given a chance to appoint Republicans to serve on the committee but he refused after Nancy Pelosi rejected his suggestion of the inclusion of Jim Jordon and Jim Banks.

Both of those Jims are under investigation for coordinating with the leaders of the more radicalized leadership of the Jan 6th riot before the event.
When Pelosi wouldn't let the people under investigation run that investigation, Republicans threw a tantrum and said they would not cooperate at all.
That's how you ended up with only 2 Republicans on the committee. Only 2 Republicans were willing to stand up for democracy.

72dbbd6e No.3684594

File: 1672345598859.jpg (35.99 KB, 510x680, We-are-watching.jpg)

>Equality just means making everyone the same.
That is a childish way of thinking.
Equality means that we put in effort to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to rise and fall on their own merit without inherent traits they can't control like sex, gender, skin color, or sexual preferences being used against them by bigots like you.

Preventing people like you from being a bigot is not giving other people an unfair advantage. It's stopping evil from being done in the world.

9689cbc7 No.3684595

>on their own merit without inherent traits they can't control

Those "inherent traits" ARE what counts among your merits. If you don't have an arm, the society is not responsible for making everything operable by one hand because that would inconvenience the rest of the people. Likewise, if you're born with a lower IQ, you do not get graded differently in school. If you don't fit the model of society chosen by the rest of the people, the rest are not obligated to bend backwards to accommodate you.

Equality means no double standards, no playing favorites. It does not mean everyone and everything should be included.

9689cbc7 No.3684597

In other words, "equal opportunity" means placing the proverbial cookie jar on the same shelf for everyone - not the lower shelf for short people so tall people have to bend down, or vice versa. The actual rules which you abide by generally serve the majority, otherwise known as "normal people", not the exceptions at the cost of the majority. The majority may play nice with the minorities, but they are not obligated to frustrate themselves just so some individuals could get a leg up.

The alternative would be "equalization": leveling off differences by artificially frustrating those with greater abilities and giving favors to those less able at the expense of the first.

>Equal opportunity is a state of fairness in which individuals are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers, prejudices, or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified.

b7916e29 No.3684599

File: 1672348055694.png (2.32 MB, 2200x2478, f2321f406e2943c041179ced9b….png)

Right. Your idea of equality is to put 60 IQ Sub-Saharan Africans to work at NASA for the sake of race quotas.

My idea of equality is to just hire people at NASA based on their qualifications, and if that leads to it being all being one race or another, then I'm fine with that.

9689cbc7 No.3684600

The problem with the lefty understanding of equality, using the same cookie jar example, is that short people should be provided a step ladder to reach the shelf with the cookie jar, but the tall people can't then use the same ladder to reach the topmost shelf because the short people still wouldn't be able to.

9689cbc7 No.3684603

Ah, but that goes against the political reality that individuals are products of the society.

It's smoke and mirrors to talk about the merits of the individual while operating under a theory that implies individual merit doesn't really exist - that your "traits" are more or less a result of your surroundings and upbringing.

3020e2a9 No.3684604

File: 1672349427520.png (23.75 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

4 Tips for Young People Thinking About Politics

7601280d No.3684605

File: 1672349459499.png (328.08 KB, 1007x727, Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 1….png)

3020e2a9 No.3684609

File: 1672350454517.webm (2.23 MB, 960x1754, droneshot.webm)

b7916e29 No.3684612

File: 1672352218111-0.png (2.16 MB, 2072x3000, 29e5e10e19d484efc417ccec33….png)

File: 1672352218111-1.jpg (277.03 KB, 2560x2560, 7485344a0cb7c6e16568d67837….jpg)

Exactly. They seem to truly believe, or at least vehemently proclaim, that race is only skin deep, that there are no inherent differences between men and women, that everyone raised under the same conditions would turn out exactly the same.

Sorry, but IQ is an inherent characteristic. Sorry, but men are more physically capable than women, and better suited to work under stress.

People are not equal and should not be treated as such. A leftist would cut the edges off of every shape until every one could fit in every hole of one of these toys.

9689cbc7 No.3684616

>that race is only skin deep

The difficulty is that "race" is not good at predicting individual ability because it's mainly a social concept, not a scientific one. Skin color does only go skin deep as far as individual differences go.

But that doesn't negate the fact that certain groups in certain countries consistently under-perform by most metrics. It's just that extrapolating from this group to a "racially" identifiable group in another country doesn't work, so you can't generalize globally.

For example, the reason why American blacks are dumber is different from the reason why some sub-Saharan population has an IQ of 60. Their problem may be being landlocked in the middle of a continent which leads to iodine deficiency, which used to be a major reason for mental retardation among certain populations of white people the US as well, until they started adding iodine to table salt. The general argument that "blacks are dumber because they're black" is not scientifically founded, just statistically.

72dbbd6e No.3684617

File: 1672353916660.png (254.12 KB, 639x360, Trump-scream.png)

No, the idea of equality is to correct the fact that asshole racists like you will exclusively hire white people even if they are less qualified than a minority because you're racist trash. That is what equality laws are about. They correct injustice.

This may surprise you, but I actually agree with you that you should be able to hire only who you want to hire if you own a business. If you want to staff your corporation with low IQ white-bros and watch it fail, more power to you.

It shouldn't be the law's job to force you to hire people you will end up hating and abusing. That's just inflicting cruelty on the minorities who bigots hire to avoid getting in trouble.

We should let racists hire only white people if they want to. Racists hiring racists! I'm sure that will work out great for the company in the long run. I mean, racists are such intelligent, rational people, how could it not?!

3bf86da8 No.3684618

File: 1672354346725.jpg (520.38 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20221229_145053….jpg)

El oh el

9689cbc7 No.3684619

>This may surprise you, but I actually agree with you that you should be able to hire only who you want to hire if you own a business. If you want to staff your corporation with low IQ white-bros and watch it fail, more power to you.

Then this should be a problem that solves itself.

Oh wait, it doesn't, because "diverse" companies don't actually perform better. "Wokeism" is instead a tool used by middle management to exert pressure on the top level and gain more power that way, and control the lower staff by implementing arbitrary rules and requirements.

b7916e29 No.3684620

File: 1672354819326.jpg (834.96 KB, 1700x1300, 5bd7216806dede5d3476b29ad0….jpg)

Again, right. You see an unequal outcome, and justify that the ONLY possible way that could occur is by prejudice, exactly as I've explained in >>3684612

It's just not possible that women are weaker or perform worse under stress than men. It's just not possible that white people are smarter. Therefore, racism and sexism are the cause.

bd6e9d55 No.3684621

Andrew tate lololol

ac357f54 No.3684622

File: 1672355671693.jpg (470.61 KB, 1730x2048, reply shortage of conspira….jpg)

>the idea of equality is to correct the fact that asshole racists like you will exclusively hire white people even if they are less qualified than a minority

[citation needed]

Logical exercise:

If a company is racist and hires by skin color, then it will not be able to compete. Therefore a company that diversity hires will outperform the racist company. A company is meant to make money.

The fact that you NEED laws proves your point false.

You are pushing conspiracy theories.

b7916e29 No.3684623

File: 1672356128968.png (1.84 MB, 1532x1239, a8e214fe64464a7568184857c0….png)

It's funny how it's actually the opposite. The governments give companies MORE money to compensate for all the productivity lost on hiring minorities.

You know, casual systemic discrimination against whites. No biggie.

ac357f54 No.3684624

File: 1672356333954.jpg (70.8 KB, 1200x675, racist.jpg)

>everyone has the same opportunity to rise and fall on their own merit

We have that now.

You lefties are the ones pushing quota laws, and cancelling businesses that do not support a narrative. In other words, pushing injustices.

Also, how is your calling for the censorship or murder of conservatives fulfilling this goal?

72dbbd6e No.3684625

File: 1672356642053.gif (2.03 MB, 200x150, abc637228103927b9184f9d6b8….gif)

72dbbd6e No.3684626

All companies are "woke" companies because of the laws. They have to be. I think we should take those laws off the books, let people like you fire everyone you don't like then hire only people like yourself. It would be hilarious!

610a6168 No.3684627

Most illegal immigrants here are just sending cash back home to their poor relatives. I'll concede there's also a lot of drug trafficking and violent crime, but there's no evidence of the sort of widespread voter fraud. It's just fucking sad that your guns are the only thing that matter to you. Go make some friends. I enjoy shooting as much as the next red blooded American, but our gun lobby is full of pathetic faggots who are just out to line the pockets of domestic firearm manufacturers by compromising on protectionist shit like the chinese and russian import bans.

b7916e29 No.3684628

File: 1672357381566.png (6.56 MB, 3000x3000, 723cd6c57acc550dd06460e14b….png)

It's not just the law. You have Blackrock and Vanguard, the usual kikes, pushing for ESG scores. Companies must discriminate against straight white males if they want that kike investment.

They should be sued for defrauding their shareholders, but jews never face consequences.

3bf86da8 No.3684629

Nazis aren't good ya racist mfer

3bf86da8 No.3684630

File: 1672357884302.jpeg (402.38 KB, 2048x1728, FlLhhhvXEAYUydS.jpeg)

b7916e29 No.3684632

File: 1672358310380.png (2.05 MB, 1210x2712, 334f77f77f5506a3983ea557d6….png)

They always call you an antisemite, but they never call you a liar.

69e4dadf No.3684635

File: 1672360284640.jpg (78.93 KB, 1024x576, cartoon-122922-copyggg.jpg)

69e4dadf No.3684636


All that picture proves, SHITFACE, is that Democrats HAVE NO CONSCIENCE ABOUT LYING. Everyone already knows this.

And can't you read? Investigation is over.
They've rendered their judgement.

ac357f54 No.3684637

File: 1672361745365.jpg (27.59 KB, 538x328, aaaaaaa.JPG)

>discriminate against straight white males

Thanks to a federal lawsuit filed by the Center for Individual Rights, that same visceral anger over double standards has erupted again. This time, though, the gender is different. The center alleges that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is a place where white males can’t get hired or promoted fairly because the agency is too busy bean-counting women and minorities. Apparently, the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction it has crashed through the clock casing.

42b147b3 No.3684643

File: 1672363753203.jpeg (61.31 KB, 538x716, FlFjC32X0AAogNy.jpeg)

72dbbd6e No.3684647

File: 1672366092202.jpg (81.36 KB, 800x739, tumblr_ne9qddcT2n1tlcutho2….jpg)

Republicans seem to forget that illegals pay in social security and taxes but never get anything in return for them.

72dbbd6e No.3684648

File: 1672366207196.jpg (171.55 KB, 662x960, Obey-the-Jews.jpg)

The only thing Twitter deleted were tweets with nude photos of Hunter Biden in them. Why are conservatives so mad they can't look at Hunter Biden's cock?

42b147b3 No.3684649

They write these long screeds

Who reads those? Lol

5ac83d1a No.3684653

File: 1672369019459.jpg (71.34 KB, 1024x576, toon-122222-copy.jpg)

5ac83d1a No.3684654

File: 1672369085032.jpg (97.55 KB, 1024x576, cartoon-12622-copy.jpg)

42b147b3 No.3684659

File: 1672373195689.png (287.2 KB, 680x647, FlEi7EhXkAIVCZy (1).png)

903f1210 No.3684663

File: 1672375240476-0.jpeg (147.7 KB, 985x1024, E3714BF6-F1E4-4343-8A6D-E….jpeg)

File: 1672375240476-1.jpeg (108.57 KB, 718x914, 84DF3FDB-4F78-4A74-BDE4-8….jpeg)

File: 1672375240476-2.jpeg (69.88 KB, 537x800, 078404B5-B79B-448B-8E20-3….jpeg)

File: 1672375240476-3.jpeg (54.05 KB, 632x960, 43EAECCF-FDAE-4093-8A69-7….jpeg)

Well the tax payers are the ones who paid for it!

b7916e29 No.3684664

File: 1672375986221.png (3.89 MB, 1970x2936, 6c066a38b9390f532759567c72….png)

Yes, it would be insane if anyone actually held all of those beliefs, but spoiler: nobody does.

Are you asserting that the original anti-leftist version was faulty for the same reason, or do you actually believe this?

3020e2a9 No.3684667

Real serious dead question; If PETA is making money off of propaganda videos does that mean the money they stole from us is going into congress to make a law against zoo? That's fucked up!


I'm not sure of I could post it here or on the other thread but let's focus on PETA's reputation.

3020e2a9 No.3684668

File: 1672378221903.png (74.2 KB, 861x830, howpetaruinlifeii.png)

Forgot the image.

f8114fe9 No.3684690

File: 1672408196694.jpg (69.55 KB, 646x498, america.JPG)

Stanford University, an American center of learning, has banned the use of the word American in America.

72dbbd6e No.3684698

File: 1672421291636.jpg (101.82 KB, 1440x939, FlO2ZiCWYAYDdNN.jpg)

A) Who cares about what a bunch of elitist flops say?
B) The article says that it is imprecise language to use the term American instead of saying "U.S. Citizen" because the U.S. isn't the only America. We are North America. So when you speak of Americans you are saying everyone in north and south America. If you are writing a paper using "American" is technically wrong if you are only talking about U.S. Citizens.

be0c42a3 No.3684699

File: 1672421637109.jpg (80.76 KB, 640x536, w88-image10.jpg)

Because words are weaponized since the Trident Missle and other warheads are severely outdated therefore stand no chance against -harmful language- that causes massive boo boos. And now they just say the same thing over and over again so its impossible to compete in terms of mass production…unless we start mass producing nuclear arms which we just can't do….oh wait. Did I hear another hurty wordy? Quick, arm the Sams! Threats detected! Ramp up those weapon lines.

3f89b32f No.3684703

Capitalism has lifted the majority of Americans out of poverty. I can see why some (not as many snowflakes as you think) have anxiety because you actually have to work!!

923fd91d No.3684705

File: 1672425878005.jpg (85.87 KB, 700x700, a7rRN3z_700b.jpg)

72dbbd6e No.3684706

File: 1672426143312-0.jpg (80.97 KB, 940x721, c7d0dc640b92.jpg)

File: 1672426143312-1.jpg (72.38 KB, 964x733, d17e5d0cadb8.jpg)

Most people living in poverty are in the states run by republicans. It isn't capitalism that raised people out of poverty, it was government spending and taxing the wealthy.

b7916e29 No.3684707

File: 1672426250706.jpg (281.86 KB, 2000x1600, 9e3f424ef2f84028c21010cd79….jpg)

I used to think like this when I was an autistic self-important 10 year old. Now I just call them Americans, and I'm not even American. No one has ever used "Americans" to refer to just anyone from North or South America.

85195a11 No.3684710

Arguing semantics is such a useless waste of time. That said, what's wrong with using the term "New Worlder" in place of "American"? "American" is used colloquially to refer to US citizens. North America, South America, Central America, I never hear these referred to collectively as America. Always "the Americas" or "the New World". "New Worlder" is less ambiguous.

1d433ffa No.3684712

File: 1672434188301.jpg (138.91 KB, 867x1741, Fk8db9gXgAELktf.jpg)

1d433ffa No.3684713

File: 1672434257452.jpg (91.3 KB, 906x841, FlPsEIkWIAINSak.jpg)

93c1f08d No.3684714

File: 1672434875160.png (438.48 KB, 678x493, fgfsdg.png)

i got busy, sometime though. sorry. just dip by on tox here and there every other day you can and i might come around, but don't worry much

93c1f08d No.3684716

im on actually

b7916e29 No.3684718

lol grammar naziing is the lowest form of argument. What an actual retard.

1d433ffa No.3684719

actual naziing is where the bullets go

b7916e29 No.3684720

But remember, it's the right that's violent terrorists.

3020e2a9 No.3684722

File: 1672444298525.png (88.03 KB, 1200x609, 1200px-Turkey-syria.svg.png)

Why Turkey is Preparing to Invade Syria (Again)

3020e2a9 No.3684730

File: 1672445745541.png (739.68 KB, 988x691, clusterfok.png)


USA: Israel what are you doing there?
Israel: you have no idea

Britain: Well, France that means we are old enemies again!
France: indeed!

3020e2a9 No.3684731

26:06 one of the most devastating and complicated situations in the world, but seeing the the US and Iran on the same side against Israel and France is always so unfathomable that all I could do was laugh. Foreign affairs is endlessly messy.

a0a3e39d No.3684733

File: 1672447422022.jpeg (47.57 KB, 654x680, FlPW8yvWYAEyy9Z.jpeg)

Crackers crackers crackers

a0a3e39d No.3684734

This is correct,

Killing terrorists is righteous

Regardless of the terrorists "politics"

b7916e29 No.3684735

File: 1672448534180.jpg (275.87 KB, 1638x2048, ca077aaf483088b28802c3e072….jpg)

Oh, well I guess murder is okay if you claim the person you killed is a bad person.

I like your theory. Can we apply this to jews? Or would your theory then become Nazism? At what point does it stop being alright? Please explain.

1d433ffa No.3684736

File: 1672449262416.jpg (58.7 KB, 850x537, 41e3dd7d933077f72f44373b09….jpg)

Nazis' always go right back to the jews.

Bad nazi, only gas for you this time! Not for jews!

1d433ffa No.3684737

How does it feel to be replaced Nazi?

e82b4fc0 No.3684738

File: 1672451118432.jpg (52.75 KB, 640x360, A_New_Level_of_Control.jpg)

New walk and talk with Max. It's worth watching these, because they are an alternative to the bullshit that's being spread by already-dead zionist/pharisee propagandist vipers.
It'll help you focus on what's more important, and increase your chances of surviving.

A New Level of Control

Consider sharing these things with others in your social circle. You might regret being quiet soon, looking back to remember the times when you could have made a positive difference but chose not to.

The commie gulags with many thousands of able-bodied men inside were kept securely guarded by a couple of degenerates with guns. Never forget that and what it means, and never forget what happened to those inside because they allowed it to happen.

b7916e29 No.3684739

File: 1672452505677.jpg (227.55 KB, 2048x1638, 81e3c17b1986025f381ca18b3f….jpg)

It feels like you don't have an argument, so you're resorting to childish taunts that bear no weight :)

69e4dadf No.3684740

Poor baby. Does God scare you? He should.

72dbbd6e No.3684741

File: 1672458047353.jpg (39.93 KB, 544x680, If-It-Fits-I-Sit.jpg)

The post was talking about using more exact language. Not politically correct language or colloquialisms. They were saying that using U.S. Citizens is more accurate than using Americans or "new worlder" which are both imprecise because they can mean more than people from the United States.

b7916e29 No.3684744

File: 1672459277877.jpg (364.37 KB, 1638x2048, c833e5efea4dd5bb062b146c7e….jpg)

There's nothing imprecise about Americans, though. No one EVER uses it to mean anything other than people who are from the USA. That's what it means.

85195a11 No.3684746

Actually, other New Worlders would likely take offense at being referred to as "Americans". For instance, call a Canadian an American and gauge their reaction.

842d0e82 No.3684747

you call someone else an american its copywritten term that you have to pay taxes even overseas. see ya bitches.

b7916e29 No.3684748

Because you're autistically using the word wrong.

66910fa6 No.3684753

File: 1672481251894.jpg (88.33 KB, 1200x630, George-Orwell-quote-about-….jpg)

Airstrip One just implemented thoughtcrime. Comming to a country near you soon.


66910fa6 No.3684754


Nice video.

1d433ffa No.3684759

abort em all let god sort em out

85195a11 No.3684763

But you're using "American" in the same sense I am…

72dbbd6e No.3684764

File: 1672495320908.jpg (37.6 KB, 467x600, Death-comes-for-you.jpg)

Conservative mega-donor, David Miscavige, leader of the Florida Church of Scientology is on the run from the law after they came to serve him over his church trafficking children. Because of course they did. The "We must protect the children!" crowd are always the worst offenders.


5ac83d1a No.3684765

Given any toddlers the "panda eyes" or "panda face" lately like you used to brag about doing on here, Pedo 3B?

93c1f08d No.3684767


re your last suggestion, aka 'you too' reing me not being deceived

i'm not as smart as you by default so for me to figure things out I have to start from a skeptical stand point and eagerly await, for example, those videos you have. I do not make conclusions as fast as you for better or worse. I regret having to say it but it almost always seems to be for the better, people with a higher starting IQ than me get swamped in situations where we're head to head because I start from a blank canvas

This is why I said I need evidence. In some ways I'm never deceived because I believe nothing at face value, in other ways I still look at data and make guesses.

yeah, s'all I'm saying

I DO wish the best.

72dbbd6e No.3684775

File: 1672505654674-0.jpg (73.32 KB, 965x543, FkkSiNrVsAAA6-3.jpg)

File: 1672505654674-1.jpeg (129.73 KB, 1880x1253, secret-documents-trump-ma….jpeg)

According to Trump's tax returns his companies lost money every year except for the years he was president.

I wonder what he had to sell that was so profitable while he was in office?

c05ec003 No.3684776

File: 1672509563880.jpeg (108.12 KB, 1079x1324, FlPPV3pWQAIg4to.jpeg)

71220757 No.3684777

Oh see it's funny because one guy has less markings.

b7916e29 No.3684779

File: 1672513423534.jpg (225.64 KB, 893x808, 2eadf5e057fe403b5d39ffdb99….jpg)

Imagine thinking Q radicalized anyone. Q is a Democrat psyop made to pacify dissenters by telling them that there is a plan and to wait 2 more weeks until the end of time.

Jews on twitter telling me what they really think radicalized me. Jews in the media constantly advocating for the destruction of my rights radicalized me. Jews blaming all of their own crimes constantly on white people and capitalism radicalized me. Learning how banks work radicalized me.

b7916e29 No.3684781

File: 1672516153683.jpg (242.8 KB, 1747x2048, 9b61735eefdf17c7f3338da17a….jpg)

Which 'conservatives' was he donating to?

lol if you're rooting out corruption, there's the much easier fish to catch with Biden's laptop, and Biden is the sitting president, so removing him, should he be corrupt, should be paramount. You've been going after Trump for 6 years and come up with nothing. Lets give Biden a poke, shall we?

But you don't care about actual corruption, do you? It's just red vs blue to you.

85195a11 No.3684782

File: 1672516177772.jpg (34.69 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg)

Protect the Kurds! For the love of God, do not betray them again!

cd227ea4 No.3684783


We will protect them. We will send billions of dollars of armament like in Ukraine. We'll embargo Turkey and destroy their economy so they topple their dictat.. ohh right, Turkey in NATO, nevermind.

f44fbb26 No.3684784

Ronald Reagan: 'If Fascism Ever Comes to America, It Will Come in the Name of Liberalism'

3020e2a9 No.3684787

File: 1672530292403-0.jpg (102.13 KB, 1280x720, artifacts.jpg)

File: 1672530292403-1.jpg (58.65 KB, 480x360, remains.jpg)

File: 1672530292403-2.jpg (221.64 KB, 1280x720, relics.jpg)

On that strange part of youtube….

5a1c75f3 No.3684788

File: 1672534121885.jpg (66.28 KB, 535x900, media left bias criticize ….jpg)

>The "We must protect the children!" crowd are always the worst offenders.

Precisely what we say about the leftists….

The 'We must protect the minorities' crowd are the biggest racists.


14da449d No.3684789





















































































5a1c75f3 No.3684790

File: 1672534912177.jpg (59.16 KB, 530x516, 760b8c.jpg)

72dbbd6e No.3684791

File: 1672535127201-0.png (1.57 MB, 920x968, ItsNotCubArt.png)

File: 1672535127201-1.png (1.39 MB, 920x908, Itsnotcubart2.png)

You act like Americans didn't know Joe Biden is liberal trash. It's a 2 party system! We can only choose between liberal trash and the Republican. At least the liberal isn't actively trying to take that choice away.

You say Biden isn't doing enough to protect the right to vote, and you're right! He isn't! But the other guys are who we need protection from.

The Republicans are the ones trying to destroy democracy and transition into a pure dictatorship controlled by the rich.

72dbbd6e No.3684792

File: 1672535866102-0.jpg (227.57 KB, 675x889, 848fdcdde0ae.jpg)

That's like saying you are a bigot because black people, or gay people, or trans people simply exist.

You are still making a choice to be a Nazi or making a choice to be a racist. Being a fascist loving bootlicker is a choice.

You are making a choice and that choice comes with consequences.

3020e2a9 No.3684795

File: 1672536529732.png (179.47 KB, 1300x1500, Cg29pio.png)

Found this source

This economic spectrum is triangular and has three vertices.

Central planning/statism. I use this to refer to economic systems which are planned by a central authority. When the economy is managed fully democratically, I view them as fairly decentralized even if a central authority still exists.

Decentralized planning/anarchism: I use this to refer to economic systems which are planned completely democratically, without one single authority, and in the case of anarchism, without any unjustified hierarchy. I was planning to call this one 'communism', but decided on 'anarchism' in the end.

Market economy/capitalism: I use this to refer to economic systems which are not planned, i.e. free markets.

Social democracy is between capitalism and statism because some institutions are managed by the government.

Mutualism is between capitalism and anarchism because while it supports free markets, it doesn't support some of the exploitation exclusive to capitalism.

I placed socialism between decentralized and central planning based on the idea that it may involve a central authority, but the economy is planned democratically, and one of its definitions as being a transitional state towards communism. I was the least sure about the placement of this one.

b7916e29 No.3684796

File: 1672537824248.jpg (2.54 MB, 4000x3834, eb7e847a4ea533359ee0adf0f4….jpg)

It's not a choice, it's a realization.

1d433ffa No.3684797

socialism is already for the rich

rugged capitalism is only for the poor

9c391964 No.3684801

File: 1672556566892.png (275.86 KB, 676x845, Not-Cub-porn-3.png)

Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor is how oligarchy has always worked.

Liberals and conservatives in Washington work together to keep capitalism unregulated so the wealthy are free to use us all up in the name of profit. That's why regulation is imperative.

b7916e29 No.3684803

File: 1672558244967.jpg (284.9 KB, 886x1420, 64541597ff2e99665c91f34280….jpg)

You think the regulations don't help them too? You think that doesn't help the rich when your local business is forced to shut down but Amazon and Walmart are still open for business?

9c391964 No.3684808

File: 1672571007213.jpg (243.15 KB, 1202x1522, Work-until-you-die.jpg)

Regulations written by lobbying firms and paid off politicians help them, sure, but just because people have been using the tool wrong doesn't mean we should never use the tool again.

Remember, on this first day of this new year, the majority of CEO, CFO, Millionaire trust fund baby, or hedge fund manager will make more money than you do all year before they go home on January 3rd and they will pay almost nothing in taxes.

That is what we need to regulate.

cd227ea4 No.3684809

>You are still making a choice to be a Nazi or making a choice to be a racist. Being a fascist loving bootlicker is a choice.

No. It's a choice by the leftists to redefine what fascist, racist or homophobic means.

Today if you're not pro gay, you're a homophobe. If you are against trans and drag queens reading stories to kid, then you're against LGBT. If you don't want migrants illegaly entering your country you're racist.

This is language warfare. No, half of the USA didn't become racist and vote Trump, but that's what leftists believe ; some here even believe conservatives are not human anymore.

You are just like the germans believing the nazi propaganda that made jews subhuman in nazi Germany. You are the fascist but you can't even realize it.

23fd07a9 No.3684812

File: 1672587753457.png (365.02 KB, 639x560, left push into other group.png)

>You are making a choice
>just be a victim

23fd07a9 No.3684813

File: 1672587832046.jpg (130.5 KB, 941x1024, reply left fake terror del….jpg)



d48f84fa No.3684814

File: 1672590264987.jpeg (81.57 KB, 818x960, FlV110DXkAAOzdE.jpeg)

Boomer memes

93c1f08d No.3684815

@dog wanna go on tox? i have to say something LOL

b7916e29 No.3684818

File: 1672598801229.jpg (532.62 KB, 1235x977, 83423fb7b1606fd65f838ee8f0….jpg)

Yes, they control the government. Both the regulations and the lack of regulations benefit them. They exploit both sides.

You can't just say "We need regulations." Most of the time today, the laws we have on the books are fine, and they just aren't being enforced. Look at section 230. Look at all the election law that just got ignored and thrown out of court over the last few years.

It's not just the legislators that need to hang, it's pretty much the entire judiciary too.

I'm not fascist. I despise the state. I hate the jews because I've heard for myself what they have to say. All of the things you blame capitalism for, someday you're realize the coincidence that the perpetrators just all happen to be jews.

Blackrock, Vangaurd, the World Economic Forum, those government lobbyists, all those those hedge fund managers, those bankers who are allowed to loan $10 for every $1 you give them. Jews. Just by pure coincidence.

f30e0ea0 No.3684820

new year new world order. psyops be putting you on blast already. we live in the holocaust 2023 cancel culture world wide. Fact and it's in full force.

23fd07a9 No.3684824

File: 1672608354420.jpg (166.27 KB, 1000x500, 762mr2.jpg)

9c391964 No.3684825

File: 1672609045884.jpg (13.63 KB, 533x264, e9e82139076d.jpg)

Elon Musk is officially the first human in history to lose over 200 billion dollars. The fact he did it in less than a year makes it all the more impressive.

9c391964 No.3684826

File: 1672609825882-0.jpg (67.92 KB, 586x680, FlJz4cdX0AEMCqs.jpg)

File: 1672609825882-1.jpg (51.98 KB, 718x460, 69579e30ba26.jpg)

>I hate the Jews because I've heard for myself what they have to say.

You hate the wealthy. You blame the Jews but not all Jews are wealthy. In the same way as black people hate the racists but not all white people because not all white people are racist assholes. Most white people are just normal.

If you stopped hating Jews as a people and started hating the specific Jews and non Jews who are specifically causing problems we wouldn't have a problem with it. It's the racism that causes the discontent.

We're not disagreeing with you that there is evil and that that evil has a lot of Jews in it, but it has a lot of other kinds of people in it too. Stop being a racist and you get one step closer to unifying with the masses and actually impacting that evil's success.

3431334e No.3684827


Unless several Tesla factories burned to the ground, this doesn't make any sense.

Stock market go up, then down.

Then it'll go back up again ; will you be here to tell us Musk won 200 bilion dollars then ?

b7916e29 No.3684829

File: 1672609946561.jpg (282.33 KB, 720x1280, faa194e419afa7a233be6371bb….jpg)

According to the Jew 'financial experts'. Are you noticing a pattern yet?

b7916e29 No.3684830

File: 1672610346079.jpg (325.94 KB, 905x1280, a53541b2cd780a630e69a7051f….jpg)

I have never seen a jew denounce another jew. They always band together. The ADL was literally founded on defense of a mutdering jew pedophile. Show me them denouncing the Talmud where it says that all goyim literally exist to be their cattle.

There are too many of them in the media constantly trying to rule over others and tell me how to live my life, saying my rights need to be taken away.

The Jew media wants to put the sin of slavery on white people when it was Jews who ran the slave trade and white people who ended slavery. Sorry, but if you want racial consciousness, you've got it, now.

Not all jews cause problems, but all of problems are caused by jews.

9c391964 No.3684831

File: 1672610613413-0.jpg (65.43 KB, 680x632, FlUf_50WAAIPlXf.jpg)

Notice how white people don't do that? White people rarely ever band together. You know why? Because for generations white people were winning. They weren't oppressed, they weren't targeted, they had all the power and wealth.

The Jews have been being attacked for most of history. If you stopped treating every Jew like a monster they would lose that advantage. Why would a poor Jew care about what happened to some rich Jew if they didn't need rich Jews to help protect them from racists?

b7916e29 No.3684832

File: 1672611471493.jpg (142.87 KB, 742x1024, 288542a58d7769dfc80b2a8ce1….jpg)

A jew will always tell you that is is hated; a jew will never tell you WHY he is hated.

Yeah, all throughout history, for no reason at all, across thousands of miles, people just hate jews. It couldn't possibly be that they are the problem.

38119663 No.3684833

File: 1672613105560-0.jpg (441.23 KB, 850x1375, totally-not-cub-porn.jpg)

File: 1672613105560-1.jpg (258.15 KB, 600x850, Totally-not-cub-porn2.jpg)

There was a reason. Jews were historically mistreated for the same reason the Romani were or why refugees are mistreated in America today - They had no nation of their own. They were a culture of what amounts to homeless people for most of history. They were an easy scape-goat.

b7916e29 No.3684837

File: 1672614467329-0.jpg (349.34 KB, 1500x1091, 97618728f8f3967328bb4fde0c….jpg)

File: 1672614467329-1.png (222.79 KB, 496x800, cdcea505535b83fc994fb76e8f….png)

1a564010 No.3684852


No, they are mistreated because they are culturally organized criminal scum. Their caravans arriving near any town were a warning to lock your doors, bar your windows, guard your livestock, the fucking gypsy filth are near. Local militias were formed partly due to gypsies so their encampments could be cordoned off till they left.

In America today, there are romani descended scum known as Travellers. They go around the country, usually to areas hit by natural disasters and rip off people hoping to get their lives back on track by defrauding them on home repairs.

Hitler was RIGHT how he dealt with them.

38119663 No.3684854

File: 1672622358580.jpg (102.08 KB, 1077x759, b1f4c281fed9.jpg)

Grifter's gone grift! The Trump family stole your tax dollars. Good work electing a con-artist, retards!

38119663 No.3684855

b7916e29 No.3684858

File: 1672625231902.jpg (215.82 KB, 867x1227, 68948035906e0f82ef0fd62885….jpg)

Oh, so Trump singled out his son specifically to receive government cash?

Oh no, why would that be on TRUMP's tax returns? You mean that Trump, as an individual, gave his own son a million dollars of his own personal money. Holy fuck, the man is so squeaky clean that, this is the worst you could come up with after 6 years of hounding him?

Now, about Hunter Biden.

515bc602 No.3684860

>Now, about Hunter Biden.
What about him?

e82b4fc0 No.3684863

File: 1672632174336-0.jpg (150.52 KB, 1024x801, Doctor_Zogstein.jpg)

File: 1672632174336-1.jpg (295.09 KB, 567x2154, They_Lied.jpg)

File: 1672632174336-2.png (383.64 KB, 421x1024, Incredible_Story.png)

File: 1672632174336-3.jpg (228.53 KB, 1485x1170, zogs.jpg)

File: 1672632174336-4.jpg (92.53 KB, 1108x762, Die_for_Khazaria.jpg)

>You are just like the germans believing the nazi propaganda that made jews subhuman in nazi Germany.
WTF? The pharisees/khazarians/zionists were always subhuman (even in the so-called "jew-written" Bible), and there was no propaganda required for the people to believe that, because after time it just became too obvious and impossible to ignore anymore. How many countries did they get ejected from again, since the beginning of time?
Too bad that this time around, the cursed ones have injected millions, possibly billions of people with remote-activated poison, so that when the inevitable revolt and cleansing of society begins, the cursed pharisees/khazarians/zionists will be able to wipe out masses of society simply with their AI, as no human army will be big enough to save them from the looming human (and Godly) justice.
"A curse is on you, scribes and Pharisees, false ones! for you are like the resting-places of the dead, which are made white, and seem beautiful on the outside, but inside are full of dead men's bones and of all unclean things." Matthew 23:27

Don't forget that "the wrong enemy was defeated", and it's the victors who get to write about human skin lampshades and death-roller-coasters.

This, and infinite more examples.

44f5e75d No.3684864

File: 1672633822612-0.webm (3.92 MB, 209x372, 1664452381232639 (1).webm)

File: 1672633822612-1.png (1.06 MB, 1500x1270, 14902b0b074c609e6ef33e7cc1….png)

File: 1672633822612-2.png (1.77 MB, 2517x1758, 1d4742127bd36.png)

727f7b34 No.3684867

Love to see Ruzzkies blow up in combat footage

My tax dollars going to good american entertainment

727f7b34 No.3684868

tldr ur fucking screeds again

b7916e29 No.3684869

What do you mean what about him? About how he acted as an in between for Biden, selling political favours, selling out America?

42990b1e No.3684870

>he acted as an in between for Biden, selling political favours, selling out America
got proof?

0015bb00 No.3684871

File: 1672643309769.jpg (41.56 KB, 800x450, ELON_MUSK.jpg)

>>got proof?


But this guy sure does!!


How the hell would —- I —- have proof, I never associated with Hunter.

0015bb00 No.3684872

File: 1672643671150-0.jpg (136.93 KB, 1280x720, elontwitter.jpg)

File: 1672643671150-1.jpg (29.76 KB, 800x450, i.jpg)

File: 1672643671150-2.jpg (157.09 KB, 1280x720, elontwitter2.jpg)

b7916e29 No.3684873

Yes. We've had Hunter's laptop for literally years at this point. Take your head out of the fucking sand for 10 seconds.

9c391964 No.3684876

File: 1672652970072.jpg (73.32 KB, 965x543, FkkSiNrVsAAA6-3.jpg)

Ah, but you forget, Trump charged the government $1,185 per person, per night, for every staffer and secret service agent that stayed with him, or his wife, or his kids who all stayed at different Trump properties.

That's why he kept going to golf trips at his properties or visiting Mara-a-lago.

That's the reason he was so rarely at the white house. That's why being president was the only time in the last ten years he wasn't hemorrhaging money.

9c391964 No.3684877

File: 1672653243322.jpg (37.33 KB, 680x542, FkdhdqxXgAEYABX.jpg)

>How the hell would I have proof for the claims I make!?
Typical conservative, spewing bullshit his racist aunt told him on facebook as if it's a fact.

9c391964 No.3684878

File: 1672653787685.jpg (63.93 KB, 625x468, 3c90d935b9e71c1dc32abb1e72….jpg)

What part of leave the store was hard? If you choose to fly the flag of the enemies of America, you get treated like an enemy of America.

Wearing MAGA gear is no different than wearing a Nazi uniform. Companies are not required to do business with you.

That's freedom! You're free to wear your terrorist flag shirt and we're free to reject you from our society in every way.

e82b4fc0 No.3684879

File: 1672657710424.jpg (1.9 MB, 3096x4000, IDGAF_Fox.jpg)

>Nazi rahrah, bigot rahrah, racist rahrah, progress rahrahrah…
I'm starting to enjoy seeing just how desperate and deranged these posts are getting, it's quite a joy to scroll past them too.
Once you've seen 1 (or 1000), you've seen them all.

e82b4fc0 No.3684880

File: 1672659605076-0.jpg (90.84 KB, 825x738, Holiday_Heart_Syndrome.jpg)

File: 1672659605076-1.jpg (76.21 KB, 652x591, Die_For_Khazaria2.jpg)

File: 1672659605076-2.jpg (68.33 KB, 403x760, BS_Test.jpg)

File: 1672659605076-3.jpg (114.75 KB, 860x735, Socialist_Healthcare.jpg)

File: 1672659605076-4.jpg (121.58 KB, 838x727, zionist_Loot.jpg)

Anyway, this is pretty much the endgame and it's clear that no one from this board's management and most of the 12 unique visitors here will be alive very soon, but I'll keep posting these walk and talks anyway. I'm doing it for the 3 to 5 people (and animals) whose souls are still mostly intact. My best wishes to you!
If you actually want to survive and escape the Matrix, start getting to work now if you haven't yet:

"One Life Left: Unplug From The Matrix Mainframe And Reprogram"

The fiiinal countdooown (dah-dah-daaah daah, dah-dah dah-dah-daaaah)

e82b4fc0 No.3684881

File: 1672659996212-0.jpg (103.57 KB, 706x709, 3B_Superthem.jpg)

File: 1672659996212-1.jpg (100.46 KB, 825x745, Horror_Hararis_Plans.jpg)

File: 1672659996212-2.jpg (83.62 KB, 692x687, eeeyup.jpg)

File: 1672659996212-3.jpg (24.94 KB, 1271x189, Bible_NPCs.jpg)

File: 1672659996212-4.jpg (110.56 KB, 1290x440, Andrew_Fake.jpg)

Just a few more screenshots from Lucy's W&T. :3 It's even got Flabby-3Broken in it… oh, make sure you and your "comrades"/board management keep up with those boosters - we're on to number 5 now, I believe.
Apparently the wef/un wants to give you 500 by 2030 for reasons of "equity and inclusion" - have fun with that, guys. Which number you think you'll make it up to?

6e3207bc No.3684884

File: 1672661192039.jpg (42.2 KB, 712x490, Another-Qservative-pedophi….jpg)

The Babylon Bee is the conservative version of the Onion. It's completely made up nonsense intended to be funny for conservatives. The fact you can't tell that from reality speaks volumes about how up your own asshole you are.

0e5fa5a9 No.3684885

Hunter Biden isn't the president. No one but conspiracy loons gives a shit about Hunter Biden.

e82b4fc0 No.3684886

File: 1672666095618.jpg (76.96 KB, 652x756, Ancient_Furfagging.jpg)

I never claimed that the Babylon Bee was real. One would hope that no one reading it actually believes it to be anything but satire (based on reality) and tries to find some humour during harsh times, although genuine satire and clown-world is indeed merging.
I can't blame you (much) for not being able to tell the difference anymore, since you clearly still download mainstream media content into your skull and actually appear to believe it.
The fact that you jumped on that one example and to go nuclear with assuming and condemning based on that assumption, speaks volumes about your own state of (NPC-)mind BTW.

lololol - propagandists RE Hunter: "There's nothing to see here, please move on, there's NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!"

Anyway… off to Goddy Bed. :3

(Pic unrelated.)

3f2374e7 No.3684887

>lololol - propagandists RE Hunter: "There's nothing to see here, please move on, there's NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!"

The pathetic level of barrel-scraping conservatives have to do in order to try and dredge up even the smallest win is mindblowing. Yes, I'm sure that some crackhead loser son of the president has a laptop full of state secrets. You are retarded.

0015bb00 No.3684888

The pathetic level of barrel-scraping LIBERALS have to do in order to try and dredge up even the smallest win is mindblowing.


3f2374e7 No.3684889

Delusional levels of cope. Liberals won the election and are winning more elections every year.

0015bb00 No.3684890

This guy belongs in a mental institution.
I mean, seriously!

a0f1949d No.3684892

File: 1672672770442.jpg (30.85 KB, 519x346, left hunter Biden_Pozharsk….jpg)

>got proof?

Lets start with this….

202981a8 No.3684895

🟥 Trump VS 🟦 Biden

Inflation : 🟥 1.4% vs . 🟦 8.3%

Gas: 🟥 $2.39 vs. 🟦$3.76

Mortgage rates : 🟥2.65% Vs. 🟦 7.08% Avg.

Rent : 🟥 $1625 vs. 🟦 $2039

Grocery prices increase: 🟥 3.7% vs. 🟦 13.5%

Electric prices rose: 🟥 1.5% vs. 🟦 15.8%

Hourly wage increase: 🟥 4% vs. 🟦 2.8%

c3e9fce2 No.3684896

File: 1672682607143.jpg (114.76 KB, 888x500, biden.jpg)

f9de83df No.3684900

File: 1672684986000.png (1.02 MB, 1307x858, g7h.png)

Theres so many serious issues going on in the world, but leaders/officials just wanna keep talking about sleeping with kids.

f9de83df No.3684903

File: 1672688947591.png (1004.22 KB, 1301x884, China_stations.png)

Sounds like china wants to police the world when the usa falls.


be0c42a3 No.3684904

Anyone who has an honorable stake in business and trading protocols alongside business practices in compliance with the law and any armed-enforcement agency within china all follows a full counsulate proceeding to be inaugurated probably more than just one photo-op and actually is certified through a circulation of "district precinct" on the security-circuit of China meaning they know when and where to station themselves regardless of the authority because of strict regulation.

Sending doubt to China's regulations and beaurocratic institutions is far more daring than for instance, suspecting any other country because China is the leading security task on the globe from what it appears.

Not that any one outside the country should be let into the "private/confidential national detail" matters, but that a decent amount of undertaking has been used to ensure China's forces are adequately trained and equipped to handle any infraction or call-for-civility because everyone in China understands the importance of the law and its officials.

Criticism of the Law is expected and openly invited for the improvement of all of China's facilities that they should make corrections or address potential faults in, international they are the forefront of security and infrastructure. This is no small feat and requires constant attention and management of faculty down to basic training and even clerical training (accounting). Chinese understand the importance of organization in compliance with the law and officials.

fbe6040f No.3684908

Another screed to not read

93c1f08d No.3684909

File: 1672697039680.gif (1.39 MB, 220x273, leorio.gif)

hey dog i watched your vid and had a nightmare right after, and i can't decipher what it means

here's how it goes

>it's lucy, and jeff, going for walks, and talks, and talking for


best part to be honest

when are you going to read Helck (Record of Ragnarok is good too)

93c1f08d No.3684910

e82b4fc0 No.3684925

File: 1672708978652.png (969.32 KB, 810x801, Must_Eat_Grapes.png)

>best part to be honest
Aww, no. :/

>when are you going to read Helck (Record of Ragnarok is good too)

Once I've managed to complete a couple of milestones that'll contribute to IRL apocalypse survival. So, probably not for a few weeks yet.


(Pic unrelated.)

3bf86da8 No.3684927

File: 1672710658780.jpg (49.75 KB, 750x617, 4sgb5hal1r9a1.jpg)

Keep posting through it bd!

Socialism for corporations is

Fuckin overrrrrr

0015bb00 No.3684929

File: 1672711456303.jpg (906.11 KB, 2500x1667, joe-biden.jpg)

And you actually think they won't find a way around this?
They have Billions to spend on lawyers.
The government will end up owing THEM money.
Hey, how about another GM bailout that they don't have to repay, I heard they need it.

f9de83df No.3684931

File: 1672712426186.png (161.39 KB, 496x314, 67hh.png)


Okay, Lets get those big bad companies with 15% tax.

Hey wait! Why are these products from them 15% more for everyone, even the poor?

Its a scooby-doo mystery.

Geez though, first higher prices at walmart due to inflation, now 15% higher on top.

b7916e29 No.3684932

File: 1672712544907.png (1.18 MB, 1234x1500, 37d629f8b987b3e6f45304c2ff….png)

This husk was on the senate for like 60 years and helped write the fucking tax code, but now he's gonna fix it?

Are Democrats really that stupid?

1756c894 No.3684935

File: 1672713310664.jpeg (187.04 KB, 688x1448, furrysourgrapesontheinter….jpeg)

>Fox and herpes

1756c894 No.3684937

File: 1672714284673.jpg (89.93 KB, 869x1024, reply rich pees on poor.jpg)

>Socialism for corporations is Fuckin overrrrrr

I've seen posts in the previous thread that asked how this is going to be implemented…..the answer was by passing laws. The poster then responded by asking how these laws are going to be passed against the wishes of the 1%…….<crickets>

So its time to answer the question….

how these laws are going to be passed against the wishes of the 1% ?

a5b58064 No.3684941

File: 1672717632967.png (748.29 KB, 864x1507, 7dkud8xvqn9a1.png)

a5b58064 No.3684942

In 2016, Trump held accounts in China, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Saint Martin, according to CNN. He again listed the first three the following year, and only the U.K. in 2018 and 2020.In 2016, Trump held accounts in China, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Saint Martin, according to CNN. He again listed the first three the following year, and only the U.K. in 2018 and 2020.

Representative-elect Daniel Goldman, a New York Democrat, highlighted Trump's dealings with one country in particular.
"Trump had bank accounts in China while he was in office until 2018," Goldman wrote in a tweet. "Generally, you only have bank accounts in a foreign country if you are doing transactions in that country's currency. What business was Trump doing in China while he was President?"

In Trump's first year as president, he paid less in U.S. federal income taxes than he did in foreign taxes. His taxes abroad totaled roughly $1 million in 2017, but in the U.S. that year, he paid only $750.

b7916e29 No.3684943

What's your point? Taxation is theft and he didn't write the tax code.

0015bb00 No.3684944

>>according to CNN.


0015bb00 No.3684945

>>Taxation is theft

Is that you, horny raccoon guy from the Czech Republic?
Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and hoping all is well.

12f1bfff No.3684952

File: 1672730908544.jpg (270.87 KB, 904x1494, Screenshot_20230102_232640….jpg)

Proud of your boy!

6e3207bc No.3684953

File: 1672732741957.jpg (108.96 KB, 846x1300, EhVGHPSWoAEBlFq.jpg)

Fucked around and found out!

903f1210 No.3684955

File: 1672737638635-0.jpeg (303.46 KB, 622x827, 081534A8-1181-4A99-9E1C-D….jpeg)

File: 1672737638635-1.jpeg (98.21 KB, 505x1024, CD7522E9-9CD2-41C0-B5F8-4….jpeg)

File: 1672737638635-2.jpeg (52.83 KB, 900x462, A454DC1F-ACDD-47CC-98C3-C….jpeg)

File: 1672737638635-3.jpeg (84 KB, 960x740, 34C5954C-22F1-4B98-8E9A-B….jpeg)

File: 1672737638635-4.jpeg (89.98 KB, 814x1024, FE749FBD-785C-40F6-BFD6-2….jpeg)

You want the vax?
Go ahead just don’t think I’m touching that shit!

And if you take it then don’t give blood.

6e3207bc No.3684961

File: 1672754011449.jpg (195.19 KB, 621x960, 1434605207925-3.jpg)

>don't give blood.

Oh, it's far too late for that. There is a zero percent chance you will avoid getting vax blood if you get injured or have surgery.

One way or another, you will be one of us.

6e3207bc No.3684962

File: 1672754263055.jpg (178.19 KB, 1920x1080, FlOn2OdWAAA5UMe.jpg)

>Taxation is theft…

Taxation is paying your subscription fee to be part of America. It's capitalism! America needs to make a profit!

6e3207bc No.3684963

File: 1672754515446.jpg (168.3 KB, 1126x1500, FP_MuI1WQAYvj2H.jpg)

>And you actually think they won't find a way around this?

That's why Biden bypassed congress to hire more IRS agents and told them to focus on auditing the wealthy and corporations.

They can either accept the minimum tax or they can deal with the IRS enforcing the current laws which results in massive costs of them having to battle the IRS audits.

They will have to choose the lesser of two evils.

033c6411 No.3684969


Like Elon Musk there are many, many out there who don't care if they lose Billions just so they can squash your evil leftist agendas.
And they should.

033c6411 No.3684972

File: 1672759201501.jpg (39.61 KB, 805x390, Liz-Cheney-Nancy-Pelosi.jpg)

GREAT NEWS: Beginning Today Corrupt and Decrepit Nancy Pelosi Is No Longer Speaker and Liz Cheney Is No Longer in Congress.

6e3207bc No.3684973

File: 1672759211596.jpg (76.63 KB, 680x535, FlbllFsWYAASH34.jpg)

Only a traitor to America would consider taxation to support our nation as an "evil leftist agenda."
But please, keep it up! The more unreasonably extremist you are, the more we win!
Even Trump is smart enough to understand that.

033c6411 No.3684974

Hi, Traitor.
It wasn't so long ago that you were railing on here about how ALL taxes were evil because you had to pay them, and they should just stop it and just print all the money they need, you think some of us on here have forgotten that?

>>and print all the money they need

OH WAIT, that's what they're doing now.

e82b4fc0 No.3684975

File: 1672760536911-0.jpg (72.82 KB, 500x522, both-corrupt.jpg)

File: 1672760536911-1.jpg (263.22 KB, 694x1155, their_talmud.jpg)

File: 1672760536911-2.jpg (140.35 KB, 600x522, Anarchist_Fox.jpg)

The new literal (soy) army of IRS agents is there to further loot, control and imprison the (Christian) middle class, especially as the monetary/tax laws become increasingly inhuman.
The new tax laws written by the satanic cursed psychopaths will only benefit them, and further drive people into the socialist/communist/ubi/cbdc prison hell that's almost-ready and waiting for the "goyim."

Hahh. :3

Anyway… Goddy Bed time!

7601280d No.3684978

File: 1672762394375.png (985.43 KB, 997x560, Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 1….png)

12f1bfff No.3684979

File: 1672763296791.jpeg (67.58 KB, 627x759, Flhh9W3WAAMasnd.jpeg)

5cd44b8d No.3684980

File: 1672765866088-0.jpg (37.7 KB, 650x306, lie.jpg)

File: 1672765866088-1.jpg (14.3 KB, 489x150, tax.jpg)

>That's why Biden bypassed congress to hire more IRS agents and told them to focus on auditing the wealthy and corporations

The Big Lie….

>focus on auditing the poor and middle class

The Truth….

Reminder that the left (>>3684953
) covers for the 1%

5cd44b8d No.3684981

File: 1672766158059-0.jpg (45.25 KB, 342x428, incometax.jpg)


>Taxation is paying your subscription fee to be part of America

The Big Lie…..

There was no income tax in this country prior to 1913.

It was you leftists that insisted on a pointless tax. The left ruins everything it touches.

Oh, yeah. And FUCK DELAWARE…..

6e3207bc No.3684982

I think you're confusing me for one of the conservatives. I love paying taxes because I know it goes towards protecting our citizens and our soldiers. I'm a patriot. Patriots pay their taxes.

6e3207bc No.3684983

File: 1672768235535.jpg (46.64 KB, 619x680, FkcSIUqUYAAWivs.jpg)

>imprison the (Christian) middle class

Wouldn't that be great?! I for one would love it and it would be one of those signs of the end times like that multi-headed dragon is supposed to have come out of the sea by now. I say let's do it!

Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!

6e3207bc No.3684984

No, the IRS won't focus on auditing the middle and lower classes until a Republican takes over.

5cd44b8d No.3684987

File: 1672772154638.jpg (8.34 KB, 250x250, stark.jpg)


Tax collections are expected to go up $20 Billion a year and 16.7 Billion will fall on those making 200k or less.

Poor people making 25k or less are five times more likely to be audited - and the White house has already stated that this will not change.

The left ruins everything it touches.

5cd44b8d No.3684989

File: 1672772541630.jpg (337.6 KB, 900x900, bloodyfacelioness.jpg)

>There is a zero percent chance you will avoid getting vax blood if you get injured or have surgery

Fun fact: If you know you are going to have surgery, you can donate your own blood ahead of time and avoid all tainted public blood.

b7916e29 No.3684990

File: 1672773545683.png (2.13 MB, 1284x1265, 29dd398a247428d7b30bb12613….png)

lol the fucking mudbloods calling it preventable in the year of our lord 2023.

He must be lacking the firmware update. Can't entirely blame him, there are a lot of them to get through.

>Taxation is capitalism.

I think this might actually be the stupidest thing you've ever said.

8dac4f4e No.3684992

File: 1672776653300.png (1.46 MB, 1297x850, 77556.png)

AI might replace the woke teachers now


87e8e8ab No.3685002

So happy to see the chuds die off by the thousands, or be perm disabled.

But like all the other white welfare queens he will sign up as soon as he needs the dole "because he deserves it unlike (other race/religion"

87e8e8ab No.3685003

File: 1672787049505.jpg (61.44 KB, 516x768, xvgs82g5aw9a1.jpg)

Tired of winning yet?

202981a8 No.3685005

>>tax collections are supposed to go up $20 Billion this year

Slo Joe just sent ANOTHER $50 BILLION of your tax money to Ukraine to no doubt be funneled back into Democrat pockets, I don't see where the gain is here??

202981a8 No.3685006

Interesting, when the FBI uses analysis of cellphone records it is credible. When the movie 2000 Mules used the same technology to prove ballot box stuffing it is ignored as not credible proof and the stuffers cannot be identified even though they committed felonies and help steal the election.

cbdc3f00 No.3685008

Oh no! 11 reddit fags said the GOP is finished. It's over boys! Everyone out!

Stop believing that taxes have any relation to government spending. It makes you look goofy.

44ca8008 No.3685009

Voting is basically a scam has been for awhile the idea that there was a 'steer the course' methodology that general people could somehow tap into for the rest of the country is a major delusion that 'validates' the crazy in people. Business may allow some regulation to take place with policies but even Figureheads have their limit. Their is a cold disconnect from thinking you can do something to actually making it happen, one way or the other, either by extensive filibuster or stuffing of a ballot to fabricate results (of having done anything at all)…when in fact, only weapons and the threat of immediate DEATH and warmongering have gotten anything done in regards to what OTHERS choose and that alone in itself still following a pecking order of "can you outshoot a guy telling you to basically surrender and admit defeat, throw your hands down for them and commit to enslavement, because in the nature of assuming control of any foreign entity it begins with complete indoctrination to the 'master/slave' complex. While there are agreements the pecking order is already establish, and diplomacy is a matter of elitism and the "benevolence" of those in power, to those who are not.

The ballots were a farce to convince people they are not slaves, they are given the right to rig it, they are allowed to believe they are free. The mission to assert domain of the powers shortly follows, and the elite retain their arms. Unfortunately for many it will only serve the disconnect between who kills and who gets killed for their "rights" whether foreign or domestic and who accepts the "numbers". The numbers are to gauge who is crazy enough to militarize and call into action a movement required of enslaving the opposed and genociding them in the name of the elite. The elite could care less which side or who takes the effort, so long as it does not disrupt their system itself. (Therefore buying into the system is merely sheepherding the masses.)

When a sheep steps out of its cage its usually dealt with the same as anything else that would threaten the herd. The system "protects itself" and makes example of itself as it would for anything that would compromise it. Foreign or domestic.

The global-government would do nothing less to contain any problem it would have by removing populations and enforcing world-slaving. If it has to "dupe" statistics and fabricate census, then that simply is how micro-management works. Just look at the fema camps in Ukraine.

b7916e29 No.3685012

File: 1672795581051.jpg (397.53 KB, 1934x2048, b082254afb021d67045c4fee16….jpg)

If you're talking politics on reddit and you haven't been banned yet, then it's time for a free helicopter ride, 'cause you're a fucking commie.

87e8e8ab No.3685016

Kill these motherfuckin fascists

Buy an AR-15

91c33c77 No.3685017

File: 1672799807939-0.jpeg (259.6 KB, 1024x768, 1392F203-0D30-4A08-AFFA-D….jpeg)

File: 1672799807939-1.gif (1.93 MB, 240x190, F1D6C917-98EA-458A-82D1-0E….gif)

File: 1672799807939-2.jpeg (146.88 KB, 1024x644, 26CBB74B-1502-434D-A35B-E….jpeg)

File: 1672799807939-3.jpeg (131.72 KB, 1024x750, CDE0155D-669A-4FEA-8E90-A….jpeg)

File: 1672799807939-4.png (403.31 KB, 456x635, 8706168D-7D28-4E92-A43C-4D….png)

Talking with a coworker the other day. We were wondering how many will die never admitting they were murdered.

3020e2a9 No.3685022

File: 1672801580293.png (377.47 KB, 644x462, Road to Akarmara. Ghost to….png)

Road to Akarmara. Ghost town in Abkhazia.

6e3207bc No.3685025

File: 1672807998846.jpg (182.3 KB, 680x680, FkjWkZ7WYAEebOI.jpg)

I really do not understand why the GOP is even considering seating George Santos.
He lied about everything during the primary except his name (as far as we know) and is a criminal with open warrants for check fraud from stealing senior citizens money.

Why wouldn't they reject him and replace him with a less criminal Republican?
They would still have the seat! They lose nothing but instead they are seating the con artist!
Kind of makes it seem like the Republican party is nothing but criminals and con artists, doesn't it?

6e3207bc No.3685026

File: 1672808299640.jpg (82.67 KB, 719x478, You-aint-in-the-club.jpg)

>Tax collections are expected to go up $20 Billion a year and 16.7 Billion will fall on those making 200k or less.

You know why that is, right? That's because of Trump. He gave the 1% a massive tax cut that is permanent then gave everyone else a tax cut that was far less and temporary. Your taxes are going back up because he got what he wanted. You are going to end up paying more in taxes so the rich can pay even less forever.

834a08d1 No.3685028

3B nonsense

834a08d1 No.3685029

3B Lies

834a08d1 No.3685030

I've said it before, I'll say it again:

If you want to know what nefarious thing a Dem is up to, you need only pay attention to what they are accusing their opponents of doing.

Fits 90% of the time.

6e3207bc No.3685032

File: 1672812144021.jpg (725.3 KB, 1124x811, crappo-taxes.jpg)

Kevin McCarthy is now the speaker of the house for the Republican party. By the time you read this that might have changed though.
He was rejected twice because the Republican party is in shambles.
The Trumpers are fighting the traditionalists because they think McCarthy isn't loyal enough to fascism.
To finally elect a leader of the Republican party, McCarthy had to get them all to agree that he would make it his primary agenda to:

1) Stop Joe Biden from taxing the wealthy.
2) Stop Joe Biden from hiring any IRS agents to audit the wealthy.
3) Destroy the house oversight so Republicans can take more bribes and break more laws without anyone being around to investigate them.
4) If he fails to deliver on any of these promises, or if they just feel like it, any five Republicans can call for a vote of no confidence in him as leader and plunge the party back into chaos at any point in time in the future.

Really goes to show you who the Republicans really care about.

834a08d1 No.3685033

I've said it before, I'll say it again:

If you want to know what nefarious thing a Dem is up to, you only need to pay attention to what they are accusing their opponents of doing.

Fits 90% of the time.

b7916e29 No.3685034

It's because half of the republicans are RINOs and no better than Democrats. Take that establishment oligarch cock out of your fucking mouth already.

6e3207bc No.3685035

File: 1672813691418.jpg (199.43 KB, 850x850, The-Corporate-Tool-chart.jpg)

I'm not the one bending over for the party of protecting the wealthy.

b7916e29 No.3685036

You literally are lol

6e3207bc No.3685037

File: 1672816141945.webm (1.45 MB, 480x270, The-GOP-Historic-Failure.webm)

I need to make a correction on post >>3685032 it turns out the deal he believed he had worked out fell through as well.

That wasn't enough! The MAGA wing want Trump as the speaker. So, no vote passed in the end and they went home. They will come back tomorrow to fail to do anything useful again.

There has not been a failed first ballot vote to elect a speaker in the Republican party for over a hundred years. Never in history have they voted three times and still not been able to elect a leader. Until they choose a speaker they can't do anything else.

b7916e29 No.3685038

Honestly, a deadlocked government that does literally nothing is the best thing we could possibly hope for.

91c33c77 No.3685040

File: 1672819545140.jpeg (465.83 KB, 680x675, 0FB3C77E-123F-4D69-8D7B-B….jpeg)

Uhh yeah you are rooting for the WEF instead of actual Americans….

0a08bc77 No.3685041

File: 1672819957522.png (67.74 KB, 245x216, Eevee7.png)


Its been that way for years. Since the insane people at the top inbred to the point they want a return to serfdom. Where people kiss the ass of their retard kids.

And they bought into thier own 70s-90s proproganda of captain planet and shit. Where they need to kill off most people to save the planet. Thewn have the rest eat bugs so they can keep enjoying their steaks.

That is to say, the people at the top are spoiled, inbred, retards.

6e3207bc No.3685042

If you still think Covid is some kind of global conspiracy at this point, you are a total fucking moron who is beyond help and the world would be better off if you killed yourself.

0a08bc77 No.3685043

File: 1672824662125.png (25.55 KB, 200x292, scept.png)


Then call me King Moron.

And please get more boosters. And enjoy heart attack season 2023 come December again.

Sadly monkey pox fever never left the gays and went after normies.

Maybe something new will come out this year that only affects the straight people. Its only fair.

0a08bc77 No.3685044

File: 1672826253170.jpg (359.19 KB, 1203x1280, 1641508599.gutter-bunny_go….jpg)


Almost makes me wanna be a trump supporter. If Only my form was that good.

She's perfectly submissive and breedable. She's not going to spill a drop of cum. Its all going straight into her womb.

91c33c77 No.3685046

File: 1672826879372-0.jpeg (115.82 KB, 632x900, F55A4A10-B40B-4863-9FC5-9….jpeg)

File: 1672826879372-1.jpeg (111.69 KB, 930x1024, 920A4428-2007-445D-80EF-1….jpeg)

File: 1672826879372-2.jpeg (111.13 KB, 680x641, 2628836F-8C45-4778-A428-0….jpeg)

File: 1672826879372-3.jpeg (97.59 KB, 579x1024, 64B4CFBC-64EE-4D6E-BD03-B….jpeg)

File: 1672826879372-4.jpeg (82.68 KB, 744x963, 6AFEA1C5-E051-411D-8D82-A….jpeg)

Ok, so conservatives are evil racists who support the rich but if it’s a weird hedge fund or if Gates is saying there’s another global pandemic on the way….you’re good ?

c70d1fc7 No.3685056

Why do you spend so much time being angry on the internet but so little learning about what the different branches of government do?

You look like an ass.

(If this is going too far over your head, the president doesn't write the tax law.)

fa8278fb No.3685059

Just glad I'm a Native. Fuck the taxes, fuck white people. LOL all you faggots can get raped by stinky South Americans, Choob can pretend he is getting laid when some Nigerian rapes is poo-cutter.

Come up to the Rez and let Grandma and Grandpa lose your inheritance. I'll laugh when I slide in that new new.

47bab253 No.3685060

File: 1672845621771.jpeg (53.12 KB, 1200x630, FllxlCVaEAIIj_i.jpeg)

Kill em all

202981a8 No.3685061

You DO realize George Orwell was referring to the LEFT as the Fascists, don't you? He hated government overreach, that's why he wrote '1984'.
No, you didn't realize it, you're that stupid.

202981a8 No.3685062

You know what, if it wasn't for the NBA, this nation would have the world's tallest janitors.

47bab253 No.3685063

File: 1672847179244.jpeg (83.37 KB, 851x818, Flo25wDXEAEOoEm.jpeg)

35c39322 No.3685064

>It's because half of the republicans are RINOs and no better than Democrats.
If you had critical thinking skills, you'd realize this is the no true Scotsman fallacy. But do tell, what's the key difference between a Republican and a Rino? What is it that Republicans actually stand for, and how are Rinos different?

87e8e8ab No.3685066

File: 1672851306973.jpg (111.92 KB, 666x768, qq21pnyn43aa1.jpg)

Republicans vote for this, RINO's do not

375f1236 No.3685067



b7916e29 No.3685068

File: 1672858949285.png (269.03 KB, 1887x1434, ec39d9f99b9a6d2f4a6080b954….png)

We would unironically be freer and live under less fascism had Hitler won the war.

RINOs are just like the Democrats. Either koolaid drinking retards or in the pocket of lobbyists selling out your country.

Even your queen AOC is a fucking sellout.

Virtually all of the Republicans are RINOs, thats why you fail to see the difference. The ones who aren't are branded by your kike media as insane extremists, because they exist mostly outside the control of that same kike media and are dangerous to them.

47bab253 No.3685069

File: 1672861106499.jpeg (34.72 KB, 531x499, FlmC4vqX0AA6snC.jpeg)

U mad?

47bab253 No.3685070

File: 1672861190810.jpeg (139.35 KB, 1440x1545, Flph_PXXkAEhZzS.jpeg)

Nazis always wish the Nazis won

But they were too weak, and the

USA right is much weaker still

b7916e29 No.3685074

Might makes right, eh?

6e3207bc No.3685080

File: 1672865690223-0.jpg (277.64 KB, 1600x900, tulsa-01-as-ap-200620_hpMa….jpg)

File: 1672865690223-1.jpg (201.37 KB, 1160x773, 200130-trump-rally-mahaske….jpg)

I would tell you to start dating women Trump supporters if you are into that kind of thing but we've all seen the pictures of his rally crowds and… yikes!

6e3207bc No.3685081

File: 1672865941149-0.jpg (164.25 KB, 1077x665, 35112f737518.jpg)

It's the opposite. Right makes might. People who grow up weak, pathetic, losers are the ones who turn out to be the most evil. People who grow up in a loving home and develop self-esteem grow up to achieve greatness.

People who are willing to work together for the greater good can achieve greatness. People who only care about themselves are so weak and backstabbing they can't even elect a speaker for the Republican party using only Republican votes.

6e3207bc No.3685082

File: 1672866360785-0.png (585.56 KB, 554x850, 1447191457.spoonyfox_abigg….png)

Joe Rogan never called the pandemic fake. He told everyone it wasn't that big a deal because when he got it he went to one of the best hospitals in the world and got 60 thousand dollars worth of hard to find treatments and was over it within a week.

He believed there was no reason to get the vaccine if surviving Covid was so easy. It's the same thing Trump did.

They both assume that because they can afford the best medical care in the world so can everyone else.

6e3207bc No.3685084

File: 1672866683272.jpg (332.47 KB, 924x462, Scrooge-money-bin.jpg)

Remember, all those Republican Governors, Senators, Mayors, and Health officials telling you Covid isn't a big deal are all fully covered by socialized medicine.
They work every year to make sure you don't get access to that same care so their taxes stay low. They would rather you die.
They already have everything they need.

3020e2a9 No.3685085

File: 1672866901036.jpg (255.98 KB, 1440x2406, DEftArj.jpg)

d532578a No.3685102

Anyone who thinks that PB are "fascist" or "white supremacist" is mentally ill.

They are anticom, just as all good people are anticom.

And it's good that they got a free ride after breaking up a groomer party.

afa69ddb No.3685106

File: 1672872874213.png (858.43 KB, 1337x912, Putin_Anti_LGBT.png)

I'm late to the party hearing about putin dressing up as santa and turning an lgbt family straight.


b7916e29 No.3685108

lol the side that wants the destruction of the family unit, that wants the infantalization of its citizens, and for the government to fulfill the parent roll is talking about a loving family.

Ivermectin is cheap and effective and they bent over backwards throwing money at fake studies to justify banning it, trying to keep it out of your hands so they could sell their poison and demand your papers everywhere you went.

I'll tell you, Hitler was less fascistic than this.

You ever notice how every time the jew media mentions drag queen story hours, they fail to mention that it was for children? Nobody gave a fuck about your drag shows until you started doing them for children, you pedophile fucks.

87e8e8ab No.3685109

proud boys always gotta talk about how hitler is less of a fascist than so and so.

If it quacks like a duck, kill that nazi bastard!

87e8e8ab No.3685110

File: 1672875409403.jpg (22.21 KB, 500x375, 2qyzgeh3gjm71.jpg)


6e3207bc No.3685113

File: 1672877526458.jpg (125.17 KB, 499x680, FYoF_9YXEAIr_LV2.jpg)

HAHAHAHAHA! Kevin McCarthy lost the nomination to be the speaker for the Republicans three more times today and they still went home without choosing one again!

Trump even came out and BEGGED the Republicans to pick McCarthy and they STILL won't choose someone.

The Republican party is such a clown car! They can't get anything done. I am loving it! Democrats should start passing legislation without the Republicans since they can't get their shit together.

6e3207bc No.3685116

File: 1672877925195.jpg (207.49 KB, 1505x529, 719cbf2a4154.jpg)

6e3207bc No.3685117

File: 1672878130707.jpg (811.88 KB, 2000x1286, FLZaY1SX0AkFwlI.jpg)

>Ivermectin is cheap and effective…
at killing parasites in your stomach and intestines.

It does nothing against Covid.

87e8e8ab No.3685123

File: 1672879602645.jpg (154.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

c70d1fc7 No.3685125

>Democrats should start passing legislation without the Republicans since they can't get their shit together.
How precisely do you suppose they would go about doing that?

Are you unfamiliar with the idea of off-label use?

87e8e8ab No.3685128

File: 1672881111259.jpg (39.71 KB, 363x766, 0041cqw4y2aa1.jpg)

b7916e29 No.3685131

File: 1672881531929.jpg (470.6 KB, 2005x3034, d37f63d7bef14058e8d65662f3….jpg)

It does. Stop trusting jews. They only lie to you.


It's very effective at inhibiting tumors and cancer too.

5e2f369a No.3685132

File: 1672881544863.webm (2.97 MB, 1282x720, drag show child friendly.webm)


This is what passes for a child friendly drag show.

5e2f369a No.3685133

File: 1672881774506.jpg (94.8 KB, 667x661, ivermectin.JPG)


>BTFO every time….

You would think 3B would get tired of this….

b7916e29 No.3685136

I'm not sure there were actually children at that event.

5e2f369a No.3685140

File: 1672882472655.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

afa69ddb No.3685141

File: 1672882592486.png (33.14 KB, 953x305, Sexist_women.png)


They sure would be mad if they could read horrible things like this.

31aa7b34 No.3685173

File: 1672893687039.png (31 KB, 920x512, png-transparent-raccoon-do….png)

Being relatively new in the psychology field, and from relatively "psycho-typical" stock, I'm finding it very hard to support that kind of BS.

The only reason I'm supportive of it, is because I'm playing the long game. I'm fighting for tons of teen passable shemale porn in the future, due to early hormone replacement therapy, and all the mental shenanigans that leads to.

I'm literally the worst. Luckily I'm focusing on SUDs, so its unlikely I'll ever have to give therapy to a tranny for tranny reasons.

6e3207bc No.3685177


Numb nuts, there were no kids at that show. You showed the audience in the video. You proved yourself wrong.

e275e219 No.3685179

File: 1672896955762-0.webm (386.77 KB, 432x224, 1658805087038356.webm)

File: 1672896955762-1.jpg (42.89 KB, 674x671, 1659126670635715.jpg)

File: 1672896955762-2.webm (2.75 MB, 640x1136, 1659088614153252.webm)

File: 1672896955762-3.png (1.41 MB, 1200x614, 12936160.png)

Do you trust the Government? Certainly Rogan might be wrong but the story on Covid changes by the week. Moreover, I don't like shutting down everything either.
Will the weak die? Of course, but they are the weak and stupid. They will try and make others weak and stupid. Keep in mind there are strong fit people who are also stupid because they don't look at reality.

I see people dropping over all the time. But I don't see government people dying.


Rogan got sick and they lied about him and altered his photo. What does that tell you?

We are chickens to them and they don't care if we die by the thousands. They are not worried about hell.

87e8e8ab No.3685189

It's never been about protecting the children.

It's about protecting their "rights" to be bigots to trans people and kids.

87e8e8ab No.3685191

So happy to see antivaxxers die by the thousands! DIE DIE DIE lolololol eat horse paste you bigoted nazi asshole and DIE!

b7916e29 No.3685203

Drag isn't trans you fucking retard.

6e3207bc No.3685206

File: 1672903687651.jpg (91.47 KB, 1000x1400, ExPmo-dXIAIRcYo.jpg)

There is a new surge of the Omnicron variant being predicted for the next few months. More dead republicans! Keep up the good mother nature!

8960f15f No.3685208

Drag performers can read books to children because lefties show up to face off with proud boys

3020e2a9 No.3685211

tHe MoSt EvIL cOmPaNiEs In the WoRLD!! Blackstone vs Blackrock

11247b94 No.3685218

All we see are the VAXXED dropping dead suddenly in droves, you fucking retard.
Keep up the good work.

e275e219 No.3685220

File: 1672908201792-0.png (50.77 KB, 248x255, 1662768405260-1.png)

File: 1672908201792-1.jpg (336.62 KB, 1800x1013, 1662803008977422.jpg)

File: 1672908201792-2.png (3.04 MB, 2152x2568, 1658794940563486.png)

File: 1672908201792-3.jpg (906.6 KB, 1170x1136, 1658788914813992.jpg)

File: 1672908201792-4.webm (2.28 MB, 932x720, 1658687899441824.webm)

You think mom nature made this? Of course I am not worried about the commie flu, as much as I am worried about commies.

Decided to avoid casual sex and disease and I am happy to avoid being a test rat.

6e3207bc No.3685232

File: 1672911936415.jpg (77.17 KB, 971x547, Flq-lN6XgAEqX1W.jpg)

Vaxxed people are dying at the same rate they always did. Idiot conservatives are just talking about the deaths more because they assume every death is caused by the vax. Give it time and you'll see someone shot to death by cops and conservatives will say she could have survived if she hadn't been vaccinated.

You morons will make a conspiracy out of anything.

11247b94 No.3685238

Kind of reminds me how all kinds of deaths were listed by the left as "Covid-related" when they weren't during the Scamdemic to get the numbers up and try to blame it on Trump, Fell off a building? Covid. Motorcycle crash? Died of Covid.

You fucking Liberals will make a conspiracy out of anything.

You have no valid argument to present whatsoever.

11247b94 No.3685239

Who is this 'HAKEEM' guy?
Somebody with a bad COUGH?
We don't keep up with such nonsense as you are obviously obsessed by.

da2059fc No.3685244

>Vaxxed people are dying at the same rate they always did.

Exactly. Do go on taking your shots and leave us dumbass to die of Covid. On the 10th shot you get free wifi !

afa69ddb No.3685263

File: 1672925020342.png (1.78 MB, 1140x1762, gh78.png)


I hope so, if the vax is seen as the root of all evil, then I never have to get it.

Go ahead, let them blame the covid vax for everything, call it the anti-christ for all I care.

Say the vaxed people carry the blood of satan

a374c3c2 No.3685264

>Vaxxed people are dying at the same rate they always did

How do you know that? My country and so many others have stopped tracking deaths. Not sure where to look for up to date stats these days.

e82b4fc0 No.3685265

File: 1672928559947-0.jpg (241.2 KB, 1500x1500, 500-shots.jpg)

File: 1672928559947-1.jpg (175.2 KB, 921x1234, Never-Forget-the-WHO-Plan-….jpg)

I wonder what the prize is for making it to 500.

e82b4fc0 No.3685266

File: 1672929322073-0.jpg (57.56 KB, 640x360, A_New_World_Rising.jpg)

Max released a new walk and talk, but I haven't watched it yet (Goddy Bed time), so will comment on it later:
"A New World Rising"

His channel's been getting attacked with gov/ghoul trolls since I've started posting the links here and Jeff's started getting followed by agents, heh. The paranoid coward enemy-of-everything-good is still watching this forgotten petri dish of theirs. I like the idea of them wading through thousand of pictures of dripping animal penises, to eek out the occasional piece of non-zionist-approved info they quickly need to act on and shut down.

afa69ddb No.3685267

File: 1672929710431.jpg (94.46 KB, 1280x720, Rukus.jpg)


I know its not my place to question da white man. But why you do this? White countries like the good old USA, bless its slave blood covered soil already have fewer children than the gorilla invested Africas.

If the white man's goal is to depopulate the planet to save it for future white generations. Why not go after the 3rd world shitholes where black rabbits are breeding like it gives out free section 8 housing and grape soda?

Every little white Einstein baby is worth a million gorilla babies banging on drums made of animal skins.

I just hope you know what you are doing, and may the spirit of the Great Ronald Reagan watch over you all. And praise white Jesus.

e82b4fc0 No.3685268

File: 1672930275807.jpg (178.75 KB, 930x1116, cutiesnout.jpg)

Bugger, forgot to mention before I go to Goddy Bed that I'll pull myself together and post a bunch of videos/reports showing that these injections are designed to kill, but also some videos that'll help people to try and save their lives.
Digging around in this subject makes my skin crawl because of how horrible the reality is, but I'm a big dog boy, and someone's gotta do it.

Spoiler - it's a life long detox; there's no quick fix.

e82b4fc0 No.3685269

File: 1672931203466.jpg (76.26 KB, 566x740, Pizza_Boy.jpg)

I'm too tired to be funny or lucid in return. They've been going after whiteys first all this time (over 100 years), and practicing on the savage darkies in the meantime for the big cull event that'll take out the biggest threat to their satanic plans first (whiteys) and then move on to the primitives and animals.

The ones doing this (the cursed seed of the devil zionists/ashkenazis/pharisees/"jews") are so inhuman, can they even still be recognised as (human) "men"? No wonder some people think they're lizards or aliens. Maybe they're just so inhuman, the observing human mind cannot make sense of what it's seeing and comes up with the closest visualisation that it can.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

afa69ddb No.3685270

File: 1672937626110.png (248.81 KB, 435x491, Biden_pro_pedo.png)


6e3207bc No.3685271

File: 1672938602248.jpg (41.86 KB, 667x680, Flqxt1yaYAA76Pa.jpg)

You know that happened because Trump cut funding and the Hospitals only way to stay open and profitable during the pandemic was to claim it was Covid to get paid, right?

That's capitalism, baby! He tried to be a bully to the hospitals because they were making him look bad so they made him look worse.

They milked the system for every penny of government money they could to punish him. He tried to use regulation to force them to do things his way and the free market forces said "Fuck you! This is America, bitch! We don't bow to your commie bullshit!"

11247b94 No.3685272

That's all a LIE, BABY.

6e3207bc No.3685274

File: 1672940500661.jpg (425.8 KB, 800x1244, FlJ5oTfXgAAS6lV.jpg)

Do you also think professional wrestling is real?

6e3207bc No.3685276

File: 1672940927258.jpg (49.27 KB, 353x500, 61SPTSl2fSL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

Which part is a lie, specifically? The fact that the hospitals milked the system to maximize profit?

You claimed they were blaming every death on covid! Why would they do that if they weren't getting paid for it? Which is it? Is there a conspiracy or not?

87e8e8ab No.3685277


Yes there is, billionaires would be terrified if we were all unified against them so they invest in news networks to divide the people.

87e8e8ab No.3685278

“God, if a few of these democrats just voted for our guy this wouldn’t be a problem. Why are democrats obstructing the house from carrying on business?!”

This is exactly what they are going to do. Now they're just going to throw out accusations that Dems won't be supportive and work with them despite complaining about how Republicans wouldn't work with them on other legislature. This is enough for fascists. This allows them to reject their own hypocrisy and project it onto others without any regard to consistency or integrity.

"Well we're trying to make progress now but Dems just won't work with us!!! It's their fault for being such selfish pigs all the time."

A fascist will accept that as sufficient and it's very difficult to teach them that this is just nonsensical hypocrisy, projection, and hate.

6e3207bc No.3685279

What does people's deaths being blamed on Covid have to do with billionaires? Only a tiny fraction of the tiny fraction of voters who are conservatives believe this anti-vax nonsense. It would be a waste of money to use that as a wedge issue.

Hard core Anti-vaxxers are less than 3% of Americans total. We just talk about them a lot because they keep dying and trying to take other people with them.

87e8e8ab No.3685280

Well you're wrong there antivaxx is mainstream conservatism as well as general antisemitism. A solid 30%. Ask one sometime!

6e3207bc No.3685290

File: 1672949653795.jpg (262.21 KB, 1080x1620, FcFXdeWXoAIhEyU.jpg)

It may be 30% of the MAGA morons but those aren't even a majority of the conservatives and conservatives are a tiny, pathetic, angry, faction of Americans.

6e3207bc No.3685302

File: 1672955426191.jpg (46.85 KB, 832x430, f5ace880b639.jpg)

Democrats watching the third day of Kevin McCarthy failing to become speaker be like…

87e8e8ab No.3685304

Jan 6

6eed8165 No.3685309

My favorite thing about watching conservatives fuck up like this is that it's going to cause a circular firing squad effect for the next few election cycles. It's gonna be awesome seeing conservatives backstab each other over and over while increasingly-leftist democrats effortlessly cakewalk through their elections. Keep making enemies of each other guys, the voters will surely reward you!

6e3207bc No.3685312


McCarthy lost the 10th vote and it's unlikely there will be a 11th vote until next week. Once this 10th vote is counted they will most likely vote to adjourn for the day.

Several Republicans have to leave town Friday and if they hold a vote without them the Democrats can vote in Jefferies. So we'll be without a functional congress at least until Monday.

202981a8 No.3685315

Why do you think Conservatives want him? He's a RINO.
It's quite puzzling why you think we want him to win, we don't.
You must be butthurt because Trump endorsed him or something
We don't go by that only, Trump has made bad picks before.
I guess you thought we would care because Trump picked him.
We don't. ANYBODY AND ANYTHING is better than that WITCH PELOSI.

1c127d51 No.3685319

You retards are so lost in the sauce that you can't actually follow the discussion.

Nobody cares what you think or want, it isn't about you. It will never be about you, because you live in a deranged far-right fantasy world.

Here in reality, you dull motherfuckers are gleefully attacking each other and it's awesome because it devastates your ability to influence politics. In the next election lunatics like you will make it much harder for rightwinger filth to win. And there's nothing you can do about it. :3

6e3207bc No.3685322

Well, I was wrong! They are going for an 11th vote. This will turn a already 6 hours day into at least an 8 hour day. It's probably the most work congress has done a decade.

cd227ea4 No.3685325

Interesting, so lying is an okay tactic ? Fraud is AOK if it's used for "good" ?

That's a shitty moral high ground.

f30e0ea0 No.3685326

the votes don't consider american freedoms, so it's technically not a legit vote.

202981a8 No.3685331

File: 1672962839622.jpg (55.22 KB, 640x480, AP23003591686118-1-640x480.jpg)

Matt Gaetz Votes for Donald Trump as Speaker of the House

202981a8 No.3685334

File: 1672963475097.jpeg (13.57 KB, 225x225, downuuuload (4).jpeg)

Picture of 3B over above post

a374c3c2 No.3685350

I dunno. I kinda prefer the congress that argues over gay shit that doesn't matter over the one that spends it's days figuring out new ways to milk the citizens.

6e3207bc No.3685358

File: 1672969101724.jpg (57.94 KB, 489x560, 6cc79913653ad6cef708730a75….jpg)

There was no financial incentive to say people died of covid. That's another conspiracy theory.

I was trying to get him to admit that at least one of his two opposing conspiracies aren't true but it seems he's too stupid to grasp the relationship of the two opposing ideas. My mistake was overestimating him.

6e3207bc No.3685359

Only Matt Gaetz voted for Trump. That tells you how far Trump has fallen. He's a joke even inside his own party.

b1522bb9 No.3685363

File: 1672970257001-0.jpg (40.48 KB, 478x417, corona hospital scam.JPG)

File: 1672970257001-1.jpg (264.25 KB, 1003x1024, corona2020hospitalpaidmore….jpg)


But…..he is correct.

Every covid death addressed by a facility received .GOV money.

b1522bb9 No.3685365

File: 1672970575239-0.jpg (46.66 KB, 499x375, reply human race white bla….jpg)

>its not my place to question da white man. But why you do this?

Its eugenics.

We are separating the chaff from the wheat.

b1522bb9 No.3685368

File: 1672971002618-0.jpg (144.53 KB, 1024x1000, trans child grooming.jpg)

>Drag performers can read books to children

Why do drag performers need children as an audience anyway? Whats the attraction?

e82b4fc0 No.3685370

File: 1672972122142.jpg (118.14 KB, 565x800, Hoshit_Graaapes.jpg)

>Nazi rahrah, bigot rahrah, racist rahrah, progress rahrah, republicans rahrah, antivaxxers rahrah, INSERT-NEXT-ZIONIST-SUBTERFUGE rahrahrah…

The system and mechanism that had allowed the covid scamdemic to work, had been deliberately put into place over several decades, possibly since the beginnings of "modern" pharma medicine.

The good, honest and principled people within "critical" democide-systems now being used to cull the human and animal population have over decades or longer been systematically ejected, destroyed or assasinated.

This whole thing is way bigger than trump/biden/democrat/republican - that kind of distraction is there just for the "useful/useless idiots" to fight over, and for those who can't yet bear to look the monster in the eye, to try and stave off its advance regardless, just not as directly.
Ultimately, investing too much time and energy into the insane ramblings of rotten zionist/pharisee products like Flabby 3Broken is just going to misdirect you away from defending yourself from the actual enemy/enemies of life.

If your heart/soul isn't as dead and rotten as that of Flabby 3Broken's and "it's" "comrades", then you can still have God's protection if you ask for it. Why do you think their kind has over many decades invested so much energy into removing Him from the normies' lives. Because their "higher ups (lower downs)" knew what lies between their deranged and twisted plans and the normies, probably a lot more than even the normies ever did.

(Pic unrelated.)


Forgot to mention that I'll do it in the next few days.

6e3207bc No.3685371

File: 1672972458153.jpg (116.21 KB, 715x826, ee32ea81e6e7.jpg)

That's an author from https://www.truthforhealth.org, a conspiracy nut site written by a rich white woman who literally wrote a book about how women of color should follow the example of white women who are the real leaders of society.

6e3207bc No.3685372

File: 1672972576408.webm (6.73 MB, 348x480, tightfit.webm)

>Why do drag performers need children as an audience anyway?

Because it makes bigots angry. Trolling the right-wing is the most American thing you can do.

e82b4fc0 No.3685373

One of the reasons why the creatures doing this are so obvious about it, is to watch and also show off (as a demoralisation tactic) as no one in the crowds puts an end to this, but also discover and individually "deal with" remaining "pockets" of resistance.
A society that can't or won't protect its own children anymore, is a "safe" society for the complete psychopaths and degenerates trying to exert complete control over it.

3020e2a9 No.3685374

File: 1672972848035.png (599.54 KB, 900x600, unnamed.png)

Replace Faith over Fear with Fight over Feed.

3020e2a9 No.3685376

File: 1672973444189.jpg (12.71 KB, 268x188, download.jpg)

Basically, underdevelopment and poverty in Southern Italy isn't caused by a lack of funding, but by geographical hindrance, poorly designed and improper use of fiscal policies, crime and internal corruption, and the traditional southern lifestyle.

e82b4fc0 No.3685377

File: 1672973827462.jpg (101.85 KB, 600x623, Fox_Butler.jpg)

There's a point where the people themselves will have become their own enemy, and will all have blood on their hands in some way or another, and that's probably the point they'll stop resisting "outside" evil.

Beware anyone who tries to tell you that we're already at that point. We're not, and the parasites know it. That's why they're still trying to propagandise normies into believing we're already there.
By still having a heart and soul, and taking part in "right vs. wrong" discussions without being aware of the above point very clearly, you'll be more likely to convince normies that we've already reached a terrible tipping point when we haven't. It doesn't matter if you're right. Most people at this point are very fragile and traumatised.
I fear my own arrogance may have contributed towards some normies that I've warned, into believing there's no point in fighting back anymore and giving in - it probably hasn't, but redpilling people is a thing that must be done very carefully. More carefully than I could have imagined.

If you know the problems, you already know more than what most normies (want to) know. If you then come up with some solutions, even stupidly simple and minor ones (that some people or gov trolls might ridicule), then your redpilling efforts won't only help yourself, but may also help others as well.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

87e8e8ab No.3685393

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge'."

Isaac Asimov

3020e2a9 No.3685403

May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications

Is it kind of sad and terrifying to have some schools with classrooms have power over your kids education on what they are being taught and lied to you in your face about what your kids are learning and saying without your knowledge?

b7916e29 No.3685434

The intelligentsia has been captured by the kikes. No certification for you if you commit the wrongthink.

The only thing worse than the uneducated,
is those who think their education gives them the right to tell you how to run your life.

What happened to good old fashioned Darwinism?

e82b4fc0 No.3685484

File: 1673009307573.jpg (100.72 KB, 600x717, Drunkard_Fox.jpg)

Well, saw the walk and talk now. Too tired again to write a short summary, but it's worth watching IMO.
Max mentions a lot of good things that'll resonate with people and animals who still have souls.
Basically, he points out that we can still get through this (if we make an effort), and touches on why and how.

(Pic unrelated.)

e82b4fc0 No.3685488

File: 1673011586680.jpg (162.11 KB, 1280x720, Died_Suddenly.jpg)

Still not a fan of how Jeff can laugh about the democide and all those people dying, but can see his point of view, and maybe I should at least "lighten up" a bit because I probably wouldn't have been able to stop it anyway.
It was difficult enough to try and wake people up in my own sphere of influence, and most times it didn't work. :( I did try though. At least I don't have "not trying" on my conscience.
Ultimately I'm "just" a dog who can't even speak English or any human language, and would get locked up and get dissected if people ever found out I have human intelligence.

Those with blood on their hands/claws though, either direct or indirect - and there are guilty people/creatures here as well - are going to face one epic wave of lawful and divine justice though.
Acts as "simple" as censoring information that could have saved lives is going to come back at them in ways they won't enjoy, no matter how rotten their insides and their lives are now, they won't enjoy what's coming. These people have made their choice, and there will always be other people who remember this and hold them to account.
However, backstabbers will always turn on each other, so many will be gone forever, before the (earthly) trials start. This "comrades" "shtick" won't last long. One day soon, Flabby 3Broken and member of this board's management for example will simply be "gone".

Will post some "antidote" type videos in a few days or so - it's a lifelong effort because the DNA has forever been poisoned/altered, but it'll very likely go far to save the life of anyone who regrets their witches' brew infusions. There are many great men and women working on "cures".

Jeff's video is mostly about making the most of things and not looking at the horrible all the time, and that's a very powerful and good point, as simple as it seems. It's worth watching Lucy's and his W&T, even though much of it is about him this time. He makes good points regardless.
"Simulation Or Reality… No Lives Matter To The Psychopaths In Charge"

e82b4fc0 No.3685493

File: 1673012637077.jpg (11.65 KB, 280x157, quash.jpg)

Whenever I post a link to someone interesting on this zionist/ghoul-agency petri dish, they get trolled, deplatformed removed from jewgle, etc. (sometimes within mere hours of me doing so), therefore I'm a bit apprehensive about posting this guy, but this audiocast of his makes a lot of sense and he sounds like a tough guy, so I'll post it:
" Apparently most people really are NPCs"

To be honest, I've been wondering why so many people act like NPCs, and this talk of his sheds some light on that fact. It doesn't however delve into the reasons why, and I have some theories on that, but don't feel like mentioning them in detail - basically though, trauma and disconnection from nature/creator will deactivate, trap or detach many peoples' souls.
I'm convinced that there are many factors that could do this, and that one of them is the act of circumcising babies and the many injections they get "for their health", as well as exposing them to brutal images/situations too early.

For the 5 or so people and animals on here who still have active souls, this audiocast might help you out a bit.

fab5c12e No.3685494

File: 1673015957038-0.png (119.23 KB, 375x345, X7.png)

File: 1673015957038-1.png (359.68 KB, 681x430, b7d.png)

Good for that "woman". Every guy should become a trans woman when family court comes up.


6e3207bc No.3685495

File: 1673016736240.gif (2.7 MB, 268x170, Every-conservative.gif)

Business Dog isn't completely wrong here.
The more drag queens/trans/gays are open and public the more the right-wing is forced to accept that they are the in the minority. They are the real freaks who want to force their beliefs on other people while the majority of Americans just don't care.

That's why conservatives make up lies about the people they hate all the time. They want normal, sane, people to be just as angry and insane as they are.

They don't understand how normal people can't see the conspiracy of evil that the conservative sees so clearly!

They are so angry about trans/Queens/gays etc. because the acceptance of them is in effect, the rejection of the conservative.

To the paranoid mind of a conservative, everything is a me or them proposition. There is no room for people simply being allowed to live a happy life.

The fascist must have his frail ego validated! He must convince everyone he is right and everyone else in the world is wrong.

6e3207bc No.3685496

File: 1673017641879.jpg (45.98 KB, 436x435, Anything-can-be-proof-of-a….jpg)

Think about that one guy who is so obsessed with 3B.
He probably has gigs of screen shots and has spent weeks of his life trying to uncover the secrets of some random asshole on a furry board.

He's totally obsessed with someone who is probably already dead.

He sees 3B in every thread and wants us all to hate 3B because if we don't believe as he believes, then he's the crazy one.
He can't just let it go. His sense of self-worth is so fragile he can't just accept that we don't give a shit about some guy who posted here years ago.

e82b4fc0 No.3685499

File: 1673019540292.jpg (114.29 KB, 1212x1141, Business_Bolt.jpg)

Before I go to my Goddy Bed, I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't care less about who Flabby 3Broken is (and never did), and doubt that anyone else does at this point. It just isn't "fun" anymore, just tedious.
Maybe he's like the flabby broken version of Duff Man - many came before him, and some may come after him, but they all said and did the same things as they were directed to. I just don't care.
I barely skim over your posts anymore, they're all "rahrahrah" and broken-record anyway.

BTW, the only thing I still obsess over is Bolt. Stupid Disney/pedywood and their evil brainwashing techniques - I'm definitely not immune to them. Still sleep within a couple of meters of thousands of dollars worth of Bolt plushies and other merchandise. No regrets either. Bolt is still awesome!

6e3207bc No.3685500

File: 1673020434648.webm (3.59 MB, 640x360, (R)House.webm)

Bolt was pretty awesome. I think everyone can agree on that. What did you think of the Legion of Super-Pets movie?

87e8e8ab No.3685501

Of course the most broken MAGAt on this board is a Bolt head, gotta have your Nazi symbolism with your furry stuff I get that!

That is because you're a fucking Nazi BuisnessDog and should kill yourself as soon as you realize your failure in life!

87e8e8ab No.3685502

File: 1673023022916.png (617.69 KB, 803x476, pAjMiXP8EL_fhI3gCndPLEQ89P….png)

202981a8 No.3685503

More 3B nonsense and EVERYONE here knows it, why does he bother? Skipping over his messages is like a fly being in your face, you just wave it away and go on.

6e3207bc No.3685504

File: 1673024161580.jpg (77.98 KB, 600x440, 873735 - Bolt Bolt_(charac….jpg)

He totally doesn't see the irony of it.

Bolt is the story of a white dog who thinks he is a super-hero with powers because his entire world is shaped by people who are taking advantage of him and the moment he steps out of line they replace him with the next white dog.

The only way bolt finds happiness in the end is embracing his feelings, making friends and learning to do things without his privilege.

The moral of the story is "Get woke, white dog!"

202981a8 No.3685505

More 3B lies and EVERYONE here knows it, why does he bother? Skipping over his messages is like a fly being in your face, you just wave it away and go on.

87e8e8ab No.3685506

funny AF

6e3207bc No.3685512

File: 1673027963311.jpg (154.93 KB, 1080x1470, Fly-DSQaMAA1fK3.jpg)

Looks like McCarthy lost a 12th vote to be speaker. He loss by fewer but he still lost.

b7916e29 No.3685520

Who are the fucking traitor's giving in?

b7916e29 No.3685521

You know what's funny? Communists complaining about other people trying to overthrow the government as though they don't think that's entirely justified.

The fucking mental gymnastics you do to first twist what they did into an attempted revolution, and then say that revolution is unjustified.

You have literally zero principles.

d0174b22 No.3685525

You know what's funny? You thinking only communists are disgusted by you magacult traitors. Really it's just sad.

3020e2a9 No.3685533

Why There's No Such Thing As An Ethical Business Under Capitalism
If capitalism improves innovation, then why are capitalists so obsessed with monopolizing all markets?
Because a monopoly is free money from markets failing.
This is like asking ‘if sports bring out the best in athletes, why do many try to cheat?’

b7916e29 No.3685536

You don't even believe America has a right to exist. Fuck off.

8bb7b79e No.3685542

lolno How about you fuckoff to Russia and suck Putins cock. Tastes like Trump's shit. Mmm, your favorite flavor.

3f89b32f No.3685545

File: 1673041146550.jpg (130.1 KB, 700x700, fb9111414cc11fe4fbdb339e04….jpg)

The corrupt Deep State fears President Trump. The Biden, Obama, Clinton and Bush regimes hate him. China fears him. The American people love him. Many are now supporting the idea of a Trump Speakership.

Yesterday President was nominated and voted on for Speaker of the House. It started with a single vote that now appears to be turning into a runaway train.

When Biden and Harris are impeached soon and removed, this position enables President Trump to take his rightful place in the oval office once more. The Speakership is 3rd in line to the Presidency.

Welcome back, President Trump

66910fa6 No.3685546

>There is no room for people simply being allowed to live a happy life.

We just don't want them to live a happy life ball deeps in children's asses. TYVM.

3020e2a9 No.3685551

File: 1673042248891.jpg (182.14 KB, 1470x1097, f_1378691310089_WILDWULF-K….jpg)

fab5c12e No.3685554

File: 1673042765846.jpg (58.88 KB, 547x500, x83.jpg)

Why would he wanna be speaker? He now runs an amazing NFT Trading Card service. He'll be busy for generations with those mint cards.

Being speaker is being the lessor than president, and thats an ego hit.

04b871d0 No.3685575

File: 1673050452602.jpg (132.4 KB, 620x880, reply animal cat smug 2.jpg)


The left will ridicule the source and engage in name-calling, but they will never tell you that you are wrong.

04b871d0 No.3685579

File: 1673050876469.jpg (112.18 KB, 552x532, white afraid of blacks but….jpg)

>Being successful
>Being white

Except the privilege was an illusion. It never existed. Bolt was successful because of his capability and intelligence - those innate abilities.

The real moral here is if you are white, reject the globohomo to be happy.

04b871d0 No.3685582

File: 1673051045691.jpg (106.69 KB, 400x342, left is now authoritarian.jpg)


Never let anyone forget how the socialists and left sided with the oligarchs against the populist uprising.

The left of the 60's would see 3B as a nazi.

6e3207bc No.3685585

File: 1673052776249.jpg (24.65 KB, 718x311, 8ee6e8a1830b.jpg)

Well, McCarthy is still not speaker of the house. The congress adjourned for a break and will be back at 10pm EST to vote again.

Maybe McCarthy will finally grovel hard enough to get the job during the break. At this point he's probably hiring underage prostitutes as gifts to try and win over the hold outs. 15th times a charm?!

6e3207bc No.3685588

Matt Gaetz nominated Trump to be speaker on ballot #12 of the 14 we have had so far. Trump only got one vote.

It's almost like sending an angry mob to kill them make them like Trump less? Who woulda guessed?!

6e3207bc No.3685591

File: 1673053572045.png (576.63 KB, 959x538, WRONG_AGAIN_RETARD_.png)

>but they will never tell you that you are wrong.

Was that not clear enough for you?
Was I too subtle?
Here, let me reply to you in a way I'm sure you'll understand, with bright colors and simple words.

6e3207bc No.3685598

File: 1673054579064.jpg (58.72 KB, 510x680, FKAHaGLXMAQeydq.jpg)

But seriously, people who want Trump for speaker don't understand how the government works. He would be out there every day making a total fool of himself. Fascists want Trump to be speaker so he'll be third in line if the POTUS and VP are murdered but it's a stupid idea. No one would treat him as a legitimate president if that happened. In fact that might result in the first internal military coup in American history.

It's not worth it for anyone in any position of power at any level to let the orange moron make an embarrassment of America every day as speaker of the house.

Also, you have to remember, Trump is WAY more liberal than most of the Republicans in the house. He is against abortion bans, he is pro-social security and welfare, he's even demanded they spend more money on VA benefits and money for the elderly.

He was a democrat for a long time before he ran for president as a Republican.

6e3207bc No.3685602

If you want to watch the clown show.
This youtuber is going to be live-streaming the 15th vote. McCarthy is pretty sure he's got it this time.

04b871d0 No.3685607

File: 1673055395081.jpg (93.53 KB, 610x610, battle of athens elections….jpg)


"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

31aa7b34 No.3685608

WWII vets are a breed of their own, and that battle is entirely believable.

Its probably why the government is so apt to take guns away from modern vets whenever even slightly possible. You can't have those uppity battle slaves getting any ideas outside their tax level.

fab5c12e No.3685611

File: 1673056256028.png (620.9 KB, 1297x852, new6.png)

Today is constantly hearing D n D fans freaking out over rumors of hasbro changing the rules.



b7916e29 No.3685616

I honestly can't believe that 15 of them cucked out. Pathetic. Here I was starting to feel like there were some people who weren't total pieces of shit in the house.

MTG's been a fucking disgrace.

82ab5932 No.3685643

File: 1673070381257-0.png (393.52 KB, 524x479, 43115947-D239-46C3-AF12-B4….png)

File: 1673070381257-1.jpeg (85.08 KB, 1024x608, AE77FBF4-211A-4DAC-8FBD-1….jpeg)

File: 1673070381257-2.jpeg (200.53 KB, 650x1000, E7DC8EA9-5517-4EBD-BED9-7….jpeg)

File: 1673070381257-3.gif (751.42 KB, 500x322, 7E0635A5-E387-43B4-AB8A-C1….gif)

File: 1673070381257-4.jpeg (148.46 KB, 1024x1024, 70B0D95D-93E5-4973-B6D7-4….jpeg)

I think WW2 and other wars fucked masculinity in this country by killing the father.

And noooo, the Nazis didn’t kill six million Jews.

be0c42a3 No.3685653

trannies and other faggots are completely supported by the internet and it shows that the internet providers want to have these freaks so they ramp up internet prices to support their shitty welfare. then they get their shitty vote lobbied for and how is that not corporate tyranny? because its what the people who suck your taxes dry really want.

6e3207bc No.3685654

File: 1673075255596.gif (1.45 MB, 480x270, rt543h34553.gif)

Kevin McCarthy is OFFICALLY the speaker of the house!

After a historic number of tries he finally got the sedition caucus of Qanon nutjobs to agree to vote present instead of against him which lowered the bar for the number of people he needed and they FINALLY got it done after 4 days of in fighting and failure.

They are off duty until 5pm on Monday when he promises that the very first thing they will do is stop Joe Biden from hiring IRS agents to audit rich people.

fab5c12e No.3685660

File: 1673076764299.png (401.97 KB, 663x566, China6.png)

3020e2a9 No.3685665

File: 1673080387032.jpg (2.15 MB, 2704x2160, Zimbabwe_Hyperinflation_20….jpg)

Zimbabwe - How NOT to Run an Economy

3020e2a9 No.3685666

File: 1673080731337.gif (36.25 KB, 422x455, im-watching-you-meme.gif)

be0c42a3 No.3685675

the government handling the economy is not going to change the technological singularity unfortunately, you should look more into being overthrown by quantum-soldiers and walking death-ray machines

433d78fd No.3685682

Why was this so important to you?
Nobody wanted this guy, he's a Democrat PRETENDING to be a Republican.

>>They are off duty until 5pm on Monday when he promises that the very first thing they will do is stop Joe Biden from hiring IRS agents to audit rich people.

Why do you think those 87,000 would go after rich people?
What makes you think that.
You're really so ignorant you don't know who they are for.

e1238eed No.3685696

File: 1673103412258.jpg (102.7 KB, 600x500, reply furry disgust.jpg)

>hiring IRS agents to audit rich people

This has been debunked several times. You are an idiot…..


8f662b84 No.3685705

File: 1673109456709.jpeg (157.67 KB, 933x1167, Fl4Z_wjXkAUNpK6.jpeg)

Lest we forget

8f662b84 No.3685711

well folks the fight was long and hard. it was brutal and we had to make many concessions, like agreeing to nuke the world economy for..reasons. but you held the faith, and now, with the support of an accused pedophile, we've elected the weakest speaker of the house in 100+ years

6e3207bc No.3685718

File: 1673117395418.png (153.56 KB, 524x353, Violent_Antifa_Thugs.png)

You know what they call a group of people who stand up to a corrupt politician that abuses police power?

Antifa. Those men were Antifa.

6e3207bc No.3685719

File: 1673117586840.jpg (47.21 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1171440648-612….jpg)


6e3207bc No.3685720

Saying, "Big lie!" isn't debunking something. You have to actually offer some evidence, which you have not.

46ad7cac No.3685721

This request by you is HILARIOUS, considering that it's coming from the biggest SERIAL LIAR to ever plague this board.


87e8e8ab No.3685746

File: 1673129175684.jpg (97.65 KB, 1080x864, Fl4BGBeWQAE-RjY.jpg)

61e65007 No.3685750

File: 1673135055745.png (1.35 MB, 1291x858, 67hhhd.png)

Lotus eater have a lot of bad episodes these days, but this one was pretty good.


6e3207bc No.3685765

File: 1673141783158.jpg (68.46 KB, 888x608, loooosers.jpg)

No one cares what the Lotus Eaters say.
They are the UK version of the Proud Bois. Racist, fascist, sexist, incel losers who spend all day complaining about how mean women are for not recognizing their awesomeness.

He's on youtube because he's been banned from everything else. He even got banned from patreon. They literally gave up money because he was so toxic they didn't want to be associated with his neo-nazi trash.


e82b4fc0 No.3685777

File: 1673145067657.jpg (65.66 KB, 658x656, Dont_Look.jpg)

>Nazi rahrah, bigot rahrah, racist rahrah, progress rahrah, republicans rahrah, antivaxxers rahrah, INSERT-NEXT-ZIONIST-SUBTERFUGE rahrahrah…
>He's on youtube because he's been banned from everything else.
That doesn't even make sense! jewtube are the first to ban wrongthink and anything that goes against zionist/pharisee/jew/satan's plans. The fact that he's still on jewtube means that he's been "allowed" to be there for some reason.
The "being-banned-from-inconsequential-places" part might just be a jewish subterfuge to give them fake "street-cred".

BTW, haven't yet seen the Legion of Super-Pets movie (have downloaded it though), but as I said a few weeks ago, compared to Bolt, that super-pets movie is going to be complete fantasy.
At least Bolt's character was based on the character and abilities of real dogs. Since when can real dogs fly (on their own) and break through walls? They can't.

Pic likely related.

6e3207bc No.3685784

File: 1673146213734.jpg (164.71 KB, 604x337, 9de84eecbd7d.jpg)

Speaking of loser conservatives…


These two morons thought they would burn down a place related to immigrants and set themselves on fire in the process.

Bonus! They dropped their cellphones while trying to escape the flames so the cops know exactly who they are are.

But if you thought the stupid would end there, you underestimate conservatives!

The place they were trying to burn down? It's where immigrants go to file their taxes. The only thing they succeeded in doing was stopping immigrants from giving money that goes to help Americans until the place re-opens.

be0c42a3 No.3685794

sounds more like political stunts which is what has been the dirving factor between their ratings and publicity (no one actually cares or will 'get' what its about). It's all an attention grab to stoke the coals.

6e3207bc No.3685795

File: 1673148253921.jpg (137.29 KB, 1280x720, Web-crawlers.jpg)


Dumbass, it's true that more vaccinated people are catching covid everywhere in the world because vaccinated people live in highly dense population centers. Unvaccinated people are ignorant hicks who live in the boonies isolated from society and being a drain on the economy.

There are few unvaxxed people left in population centers to get sick. Most of them have already died.

6e3207bc No.3685796

File: 1673148485632.jpg (132.37 KB, 675x500, 5c1qkh.jpg)

So you think the tax preparation place hired two white people to set themselves and the building on fire then leave behind their phone so the cops can find them and arrest them for a hate crime/arson because they wanted publicity?

e82b4fc0 No.3685801

File: 1673152860379.jpg (99.71 KB, 855x900, wheres-my-breakfast.jpg)

Nothing of what you said makes sense. How about posting some sources to back up those amazing statistics of yours which you use to so confidently demonise wrongthinkers?

BTW, it has never been proven that covid virus actually exists in the wild (studies with titles stating that they have, write in the fine print that they actually haven't), the inventor of the PCR process openly stated that it can't be used to diagnose illness (then he died by "coincidence" shortly before the scamdemic started) and doctors/scientists/researchers/nurses have been warning about the health dangers of the injection since before it got rolled out.
It also doesn't make sense that the old wisdom of waiting 7 to 10 years to test for vaccine "safety and effectiveness" can be skipped, because the new injection is so new that it doesn't require any actual testing.

There's plenty of gov data that shows covid deaths/hospitalisations were simply flu deaths/hospitalisations renamed - the "flu" was simply renamed "covid".
Now that people are actually dying of the real bioweapon (the injection), it's "safe" to swap the names over again, and call the excess injection deaths "covid". As a "bonus", because "the flu is back", endless new fear-campaigns can start trying to convince people that the flu and covid are "merging" to create some kind of "superflu" (that can only be saved from with more injections and lockdowns and its related societal destruction.) Isn't there talk of some kind of kraken BS-variant now? Ohhhhh, the eeevil kraaaken, whoooo!
The only "kraken" is the covid-lies falling apart, and the desperate moves to try and blame the increasingly obvious excess deaths on anything but the deathshot.

There are also tangible arguments and evidence dotted about that back in 2020/2021 people were actively being murdered in hospitals and care homes using drugs/treatments that were long ago deemed ineffective and even toxic, plus the people that weren't being "treated" were also being neglected - not given nutrition/water and left to die. There may even have been cases of intentional "poisonings" within the population with aerial spraying and directed energy radiation, to further boost sickness within the otherwise normal-health communities.

e82b4fc0 No.3685803

File: 1673153153707.jpg (145.26 KB, 758x1000, Crushed_Grapes.jpg)

People dying of absolutely anything were "tested" positive with a test that isn't actually a test, and counted as "covid deaths" - that's how desperate these mass-murderers were.
When using PCR above a certain "amplification level" then a literal rock will test positive for covid, and it has been proven over and over again, that the un/who ordered the labs doing the "covid-testing" to increase amplification levels to "useless/junk-data" levels. This has all been documented and will never be forgotten.

There is definite evidence that very many propagandists were being hired to spread pro-vaccine propaganda and covid fearporn on the Internet (not just the msm of course), and that kind of shit was also allowed on here by the rotten/dead-inside "management" instead of deleting it as "spam" - rather deleting/banning people talking against the propaganda as "spam". You bastards have blood on your hands!

I've posted sources to this information on here before, and so have others, and yet the lies just keep coming. You're truly all-in, and completely unrepentant about the poison you're spreading.

No amount of lying today will cover up the lies of the last 3 years, too much damage has already been done.

Thaaaat's right, the gov, israhell and fbi never set up false flags to use for propaganda and power consolidation purposes, never ever, they're completely incorruptible.

Anyway, there's no point wasting more time arguing with dumb malicious crooks. Enjoy your hell.

6e3207bc No.3685809

File: 1673158286109.jpg (28.53 KB, 1059x204, 2e02a24aaef8.jpg)

The virus has been in circulation since the 1960s. Covid19 was a mutation of a virus that has been around for a long time in both humans and animals. That's how Trump was able to fast-track the vax. Most of the research was already done. They only had to take into account the mutation factor.


6e3207bc No.3685811

File: 1673158659818.png (731.56 KB, 1104x747, Bestest_Nation_On_Flat_Ear….png)

Sure, sure, every doctor, scientist and every nurse in every nation across the whole of the face of the earth were part of a global conspiracy run by the U.S. government to kill off humanity.

You sure have a lot more faith in Trump, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi than I do.

d8e143d5 No.3685826

And not every, but a lot of them.

Not giving up your endless psycho shitposting is not helping you in any way you know. It never has.

da2059fc No.3685828

>Sure, sure, every doctor, scientist and every nurse in every nation across the whole of the face of the earth were part of a global conspiracy run by the U.S. government to kill off humanity.

Let's assume it's a conspiracy, how could it happen ?

With the power of authority, peer pressure and going with the majority IMO.

1 - Use a bunch of corrupt agencies or government to avoid treating an illness correctly to boost it's death toll, and presto you have your "deadly new pandemic". You don't have to bribe everyone in these agency, only key people.

2 Common sense vacates the building, you get to use wrong treatments (just not obviously wrong ones) to treat the pandemic and make sure it's deadly.

3 with panic you get the power to cancel doctors or investigators - some emminent - who go against the narative, or outright kill them.

4 You label them, as well as the average joes who listen to them as "conspiracy theorist" or nutcase.

5 You get to inject whatever it is that's in the vax to a majority of the human population, in developped countries at least.

If the covid vax is a conspiracy, then we can say this worked marvelously !

87e8e8ab No.3685833

another tldr antivaxx screed

90aeee1a No.3685834

File: 1673205168322.jpg (61.44 KB, 474x474, quote aynrand corruption i….jpg)

>deadly new pandemic

It was NEVER deadly you nigger. It was simply reported that way due to .GOV gibs as ALREADY explained here…

Its MONEY….what about that is so hard to comprehend? Your leftist cohorts screwed you and the rest of the country over so Pfizer could get billions…..gotta pay back those campaign contributions, right?

90aeee1a No.3685835

File: 1673205447066.jpg (271.13 KB, 960x960, quote patton germans.jpg)

>Tools. Those men were tools.

You got that one right.

90aeee1a No.3685836

File: 1673205755590.jpg (42.17 KB, 650x524, idiot.jpg)

You always ignore sources posted, so whats the point. Its on YOU to learn. I know where the source is….it is public. What I post is correct.

>Breitbart…in the trash it goes

And there we have it!

You are an idiot.

6e3207bc No.3685839

Breitbart has been proven to lie and mislead in every article they have ever posted so no, they aren't a legitimate news source. You might as well be saying, "My racist aunt told me about it on Facebook!" because that's how legit Breitbart is. It's like citing The Onion.

6e3207bc No.3685840

Fun fact: Ayn Rand died alone, in poverty, from her inability to afford healthcare after the conservative government cut funding to her state. People following her dumb ideas killed her.

6e3207bc No.3685841

File: 1673209797722.jpg (279.1 KB, 1202x799, 33d700882a04.jpg)

The Brazilian version of MAGA is attacking their nation's capitol because the far right conservative leader who lost the election claimed it was stolen. Thousands of his supporters showed up to fight the government. Loser Bolsanaro himself is hiding in Florida while the conservative suckers die for him.

Sound familare?

3020e2a9 No.3685842

File: 1673210163841.jpg (151.18 KB, 984x1160, K73wUO5.jpg)

Seems eerily familiar when my team mates in video games made the same statement…

7601280d No.3685844

File: 1673213468761.png (730.14 KB, 1171x750, Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 1….png)

3020e2a9 No.3685845


Why would you need 4 big scary men to tackle an old woman in Finland clothing store?

Eyewitnesses told the daily Ilta-Sanomat that the woman who had been removed from a clothing store against her will by guards. They said that although the woman was not behaving aggressively, she was pressed to the ground and handcuffed. Four guards were involved in the incident, one of whom lay on top of the woman. A fifth guard watched the situation.

6280a29e No.3685846

File: 1673220229706.png (113.71 KB, 920x894, hh7h.png)


Sounds like equality. A guy, would have gotten a similar restraint. Anything other would be sexism and ageism.

be0c42a3 No.3685848

What I really think is that there is an economical stagnation in the marketplace that requires blackmailing and overall corporate sponsored raids to induce a public panic into becoming distracted from their own ambitions(or lack there of).

By prompting activity to bolster law-enforcement versus and stimulate through groundroots concessionary, that its probably a good idea to invest in shoes/raid gears and trailmix companies able to compete with any seasonal outbursts over the yearly course, giving a significant vantage in common stockholdings.

These can later be filtered through the same corporate launder-net as crypto (enough of which can start a business in the same backalley-fencing to promote brand control)–via street-prospect not yet readily taxable due to lack of actual "streamlined" corporate interests or for that matter, other infographic/minable tradelines.

Outside of a personalized-commision for (riot-starter packs)-(enough of which can provide a stable-revenue for any other average street-thug to gain aforementioned corporate backing and grant their own branch/niche)–the marketeering for 1stworld-3rdworld demographics world wide (Anarcho-merchantilism) will become a valid operation for black-market/cartel organizations. Whom of can rehabiliate such as (Silk Road) to better provide for the enrichment-deprived societal-outcast/culturally-lacking mob-mentality during peak hours while catering for homeless/vagrant gypsy/travel-bounds in the off season. A win-win for fostering a business and crushing competitors, giving these rejects a cause/entertainment value further cemented by the civil-institutions they "oppose" or recieve no benefit from eitherway, all for making a dollar through third party agent-bidsters.

Yes they are exploited all the way and a one step more by self deprecating themselves for big business.

87e8e8ab No.3685849

File: 1673224972188.jpg (62.52 KB, 900x854, Fl-HjWdXkAAO2zT.jpg)

46ad7cac No.3685851


Since you hate America so much, LEAVE.
Get out of our Nation.
You are everything that's wrong with this country.

46ad7cac No.3685852

Hmmmm compared to America's Soy boy's and Key Board Warriors the Brazilians have a Very Big Thick Backbone and want go along to get along.

They are saying the Communist Judge writing all the Arrest warrants, Socialist Criminal Lula and the rest of the Communist Regime are Fleeing the Capital City Flying to Sao Paulo for Safety.

When they land the People will be waiting on them..

I think the U.S. CIA grossly under estimated the resolve of the Brazilians installing their Sock Puppet.

87e8e8ab No.3685854

they will get put down just like j6 did in the usa

f85c8e39 No.3685855

File: 1673231938592.png (482.79 KB, 680x666, east germany communism.png)




It all ends the same.

f85c8e39 No.3685856

File: 1673231997061.png (395.03 KB, 579x862, africa reparations.png)

d532578a No.3685857

File: 1673232040073.jpg (537.66 KB, 1175x899, dreamers.jpg)



May the anticommunist revolution in Brazil be successful, and may Jan 6'th commence again, InShaAllah!

b7916e29 No.3685858

File: 1673232397436.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1707, 8edb37957dbf6956ed7b54db3e….jpg)

Are they actually roping the commies, or is exactly like January 6th where it's all staged as an excuse for the state to get more authoritarian, so you get an excuse to have flags replacing people, surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards at your inauguration.

January 6th was as much a lie as the Holocaust, but like the Holocaust, I wish it wasn't.

87e8e8ab No.3685859

kill nazis tho kill ur nazi mom

87e8e8ab No.3685861

File: 1673233099241.jpg (240.7 KB, 1280x853, Fl_ZZJgXEAEFQ3f.jpg)

hang em

46ad7cac No.3685862

The people of brazil have lived under a corrupt feux democracy for decades.

To hear our media talk about what is happening as a threat to democracy is absurd. What you are seeing is potentially the birth of democracy.

China has election, russia has elections, north korea, argentina, panama…they all have elections. Guess what they are not democracies.

You don’t define a democracy by weather or not people get show up a fill out a slip of paper, you define by the liberties the people have. The freedoms they are afforded.

And what did the new dictator or brazil do when he took office? He started stripping peoples freedoms, and now the people are letting the bastard know that if you want my freedom you can start with my life, because that is what you will have to take to take the rest.

be0c42a3 No.3685863

the democracy is still not there i know of the struggle in a good office is not now not in this election and the other elections also were not good because they have poor-problems that degenerated so quickly that brazil need too much modernization for democracy to take place

poor and production before civil-charter must be stabilized even with a good chair the brazil have poor government without the people secured for it (which is bad) if they do not address this brazil cannot maintain their country (it is not going to last and degenerate more) brazil must successively modernize its farming and imports as its trade lines are very bad

d8e143d5 No.3685865

File: 1673236361394.jpeg (101.08 KB, 640x480, GettyImages-1246094595-64….jpeg)

Chaos in Brazil:
Protesters Storm Capital, Destroying Supreme Court and Congress

Thousands of opponents of socialist convicted felon President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva stormed his offices and the headquarters of the Congress and Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF) of Brazil on Sunday, reportedly demolishing the facades of two of the three buildings and causing “irreparable” damage to priceless artifacts in the chambers.

The riot in Brasilia occurred while Lula himself was in Sao Paulo state assessing the damage of recent floods. Lula, in a public statement following police action to subdue the protesters, announced an official “federal intervention” in Brasilia – consolidating the public security powers of several agencies into the hands of a hand-picked, top-level official – and accused police of acting in “bad faith” in failing to prevent the protesters from storming the buildings.

The incident is an offshoot of months of protests following the October presidential election that saw Lula narrowly defeat then-incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro in two rounds of voting. Most protesters support Bolsonaro but, more broadly, oppose Lula’s victory as illegitimate on several grounds, including his multiple convictions on charges of corrupt acts occurring during his first two terms as president.

Protesters also accuse the STF, particularly its head justice Alexandre de Moraes, of intervening in the election by censoring mentions of Lula’s corruption case and silencing Bolsonaro supporters through fines and police raids.

Many of the protesters convening in Brasilia on Sunday are part of a movement demanding that the nation’s military oust Lula. They insist that their demand is not for a coup d’etat, but for a “military intervention” they say the Brazilian constitution provides for in the event of an illegitimate election.

d532578a No.3685866

>This is how it's done.


They're making the same mistakes the J6 protesters did by not taking steps to conceal their identities.

Cover your fucking face.
Leave your cellphone at home… Or pull the battery… Or at least turn it off.
Don't blab about it later on your social media accounts that are connected to your real name.

6e3207bc No.3685867

File: 1673241140783.gif (4.96 MB, 480x270, trash-know-your-place.gif)

>Our nation.
Trump lost his election.
Trump lost over 60 court cases.
Trump failed at his insurrection.
Trump's candidates loss across the board in the mid-terms, even in places where other Republicans won.
It took his house boy 15 rounds of voting and 4 days to blackmail and bribe his way to being speaker of the house.

This isn't your country, you don't have a country. You are terrorists attacking our country and we throw more of you in prison every day.

6e3207bc No.3685868

File: 1673241891075.png (141.91 KB, 620x402, 590oj1.png)

>Thousands of people.

Not according to the video evidence but let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say they had two thousand people attacking the capitol.

The population of Brazil is 214 Million. 2 thousand people is equivalent to 0.0093% of 214.3 million.

Just like MAGA, these people are a tiny, tiny, fraction of morons acting like terrorists and they should all be thrown in prison.

b7916e29 No.3685869

Wow, you drank all that koolaid yourself?

6e3207bc No.3685870

File: 1673242596897.webm (4.03 MB, 640x360, MAGA-Final-Solution.webm)

You can deny reality all you want but reality don't give a fuck about your opinion. He lost. You lost.

d8e143d5 No.3685872

File: 1673243817440.jpg (649.86 KB, 1200x800, 0a7a05c6366d4ad69dd2f14d12….jpg)

Opposition Leader:
"You will conduct free, honest, and fair elections or you will die, it is as simple as that"

ENORMOUS CROWD – TENS OF THOUSANDS of Brazilians Descend on Brasilia, Storm Congress – SHOTS FIRED, Congressional building in flames

Lula and other top officials reportedly flee country.

Police try to regain access to the Brazilian national Congress building but are forced to retreat, sending crowds into cheers.

Protestors have broken through the barriers around the National Congress and are storming the building. Reports coming in that it is now on fire and burning.



Protestors seem to have cornered Police on the roof, who opened fire on the crowd before retreating.

Communists don’t understand that shooting your citizens doesn’t quell their commitment to defend their freedom/democracy/republic. It spurs them on. They’re revolting against the judiciary tyranny of
@alexandre & his technocratic coup to install

Protestors have also stormed the Supreme Court, which is mainly responsible for the Communist coup and election fraud denialism.

This is what ought to happen after all stolen elections.

If people believe elections aren’t stolen then good luck to them, Lulu had no support but he definitely had the voting machines on his side !!!

Good to see people taking their country back.

96e2cf1c No.3685873

it is stolen but that is because they use the same servers as the us. It does not matter because none presidents were too great, they only in for printing wealth and not for the welfare. The issue is that the public is not ready to adopt a trust worthy government because they are socialist government installed by the people (which is bad if you upset the people will revolt like an africanized beehive). They will calm down and then figure out what to do after looting and destorying their own streets and markets. It's very bad in brazil capitals. Anyways, I don't live there but imo they have to -do something- with their -trade workers- and every generation depends on the trade workers to supply their entire countrysides. Or something…because they won't have food shelters or basic needs before the government will conduct paramilitary operations. Paramilitary operations do not care about law either.

Then you see they are truly in a problem if that happens, the government will force the install of a "autocracy" that just is there until nothing remains. Then they will leave capital cities to a no mans land (which will africanize again and again)

b7916e29 No.3685874

It's like you're giving a sermon lol.

6e3207bc No.3685875

>Tens of thousands…

Less than 2 thousand. Like all white guys, you lie about how big it is.

d8e143d5 No.3685876

Then what you're saying is it only takes very few to send the lying cheating communist thieves running for their lives.


96e2cf1c No.3685877

it takes at least one it guy (whoever designed the shit thats fucked with the entire world for the last few years.)

6e3207bc No.3685878

The only thing they did was raise their own taxes because they will have to pay for the damages they did to the empty building. They have accomplished nothing.

f8c209d6 No.3685880

File: 1673261633592.jpg (245.82 KB, 700x1368, terrified.jpg)



09406b3c No.3685881

File: 1673266135908.jpeg (73.36 KB, 915x768, Fl_J8P4XkAIWsf-.jpeg)

6e3207bc No.3685884

File: 1673277204935.gif (1.45 MB, 301x250, This_Is_Going_Well.gif)

>Because they are afraid of this…

Suicide bombers? Yes, I think we would all like to avoid those.

The fact you think suicide bombers are a viable option just goes to show how much you MAGAts are terrorists and deserve to be publicly executed.

Do it, faggot! Start something! I look forward to watching the cops round you up and put your terrorist group down like the dogs you are.

69d477d9 No.3685885

Every freedom fighter is a terrorist by definition, because oppressive regimes do not respond to pleas and bargains - only violence equal or greater to their own.

ece82d9f No.3685888




57f2b98d No.3685891

File: 1673282684477.jpg (27.11 KB, 742x620, db17dc622457.jpg)


You won't do it. You're a weak, pathetic, loser who talks big on the internet but you don't have the balls to stand up to the cops. You are a coward DEEP to your core!

You're afraid of everything! That's why you're a conservative! Your whole world is fear! You pussy little Momma's boys aren't gonna do shit!


You could change! You could try to improve yourself! Try not being a bundle of neurosis and paranoia but that would require effort and being brave enough to take a chance on self-improvement and you're to afraid to try.

57f2b98d No.3685892

File: 1673283609149.jpg (556.09 KB, 1200x677, Pornhub-update.jpg)

American Christo-fascism moves on with Louisiana's new anti-porn law that requires you to enter your driver's license to get access to porn sites.

Now the Christo-fascists are creating a list of "Sinners" who look at porn.

I'm sure that is going to work out well for Louisiana and will in no way end in persecution of Christians by other more far-right Christians.

46ad7cac No.3685893

Everyone note,
3B using this ID now

57f2b98d No.3685894

File: 1673284054117.jpg (85.76 KB, 872x709, 81fab9e2189d.jpg)

In related news, Porn hub released the top porn search terms by state for 2022 and the south is hungry for that black pussy and cock.

They know who the real master race is.

99e092bf No.3685895

File: 1673284074193.jpg (93.3 KB, 1200x630, quote orwell lie became tr….jpg)

>two thousand people

The Big Lie…..

Here is the truth.

It was in the millions….

There is video evidence….and not your retarded evidence with it cropped down.


Lying liars will lie…eh, 3B?

Remember, Orwell warned us…..

46ad7cac No.3685896

The lesson is, you go right to where the communists sleep at night, and take care of it on the spot, right then.

57f2b98d No.3685897

File: 1673284222983.jpg (52.69 KB, 1280x720, I-dare-u.jpg)

You won't.
We all know it!
You would be pissing your pants in terror if you ever got into a real fight.

99e092bf No.3685898

File: 1673284306510.png (161.78 KB, 534x548, reply muh dik.png)

57f2b98d No.3685899


That's video footage from the Independence day celebration in 2022.


This was uploaded on 2022-9-12.

So unless you think that crowd is made up of time-travelers, you are full of shit.

46ad7cac No.3685900


No it isn't.
Media reports have been saying protesters were in the MILLIONS.
Stop lying.
Oh wait, you can't.

46ad7cac No.3685903

>>You won't. We all know it! You would be pissing your pants in terror if you ever got into a real fight.

Why wouldn't we?
All you fucking do is cry and scream on here about how we're all VIOLENT TERRORISTS.
So which one is it?
You can't have it both ways.
Do you even have one??

e2fb2f0d No.3685905

Another "gotcha" post by a manuipulated rube

6e3207bc No.3685907

File: 1673287393105.jpg (76.8 KB, 574x623, a1fb0f197049.jpg)

Reporters tracked down the original source of the video you claimed to be the protest. It was posted 5:11 PM · Sep 13, 2022. Proving once again, you are full of shit.



6e3207bc No.3685908

File: 1673287952416.jpg (237.42 KB, 900x900, neurodyne-800157-Satanic_N….jpg)

There are violent terrorists on the right wing, but not you. You're a loser. Such a loser all your can do is fantasize about it. I bet you even do little drawings and imagine yourself shooting up a school or a nigh club full of gays but you'll never do it.

You're a weak, pathetic loser and we all see it. You aren't strong enough to be a better person and you aren't strong enough to be a actual threat. You're just a waste of air.

I would tell you to improve yourself, go outside, get exercise and make real friends, but we all know you won't.

You will never prove me wrong. You will always be here taking the abuse I heap on you because deep down, you think you deserve it! You could leave at any time. You could stop letting me kick you in your tiny dick and never come here again but you come here for the abuse because abuse is the only thing you think you deserve.

That is what makes you TRUELY pathetic. You deserve better than this place. You deserve better than my abuse but you won't walk away because you are so BROKEN and WORTHLESS you won't even try to better yourself.

This is your hell and I will enjoy hurting you until grow a spine and do something to escape it.

4dca23ce No.3685909

File: 1673287976624.jpg (56.26 KB, 600x848, 1671055321131572.jpg)

What kind of retard looks for furry porn on pornhub?

all the furries in all the other states get their furry porn elsewhere. This just show that furries in oregon are retarded. Portland is a mecca for retards.

6e3207bc No.3685910

It's probably Christians looking for gay stuff but to self-conscious to look for the hard core stuff. They can watch gay porn without it feeling so bad if they watch people in fur suits.

99e092bf No.3685911

File: 1673288262548.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720, antifaportlandcourthouseb….webm)

>you don't have the balls to stand up to the cops

Only you commies attack the cops. Here is a video just to make sure you dont deny it.

Notice how the little commie is squirming now….those Fentynal Floyd cock suckers….those ACAB protesters from 2020….those insignificant kneelers….those repulsive looters and vandals….the self-entitled safespace hiders, are trying to hide behind the police now?

They are afraid. They sense, in their dull, grey fog bug-like dim awareness, that things are starting to change.

They are afraid. They are scuttling toward the shadows from whence they came.

They are afraid…..

46ad7cac No.3685913


We prove you wrong CONSTANTLY.
You just keep denying it regardless, and clapping like a trained seal

4dca23ce No.3685914

File: 1673288542597.jpg (401.89 KB, 1200x1200, 1671466806281612.jpg)

I don't think people looking up "hentai" on pornhub are looking for videos of people cosplaying as anime characters. Pretty sure closeted faggots would just look for gay porn instead of trying to loophole their way around it by looking up murrsuiters. Not that Oregon is full of repressed faggots like the south or anything like that. It's mostly Portland transtifa faggots

Pornhub is for room temp IQ coomers who would barely know what furries are to begin with,

6e3207bc No.3685915

File: 1673288615936.jpg (65.63 KB, 640x640, EZXaqaUXkAI4Ri4.jpg)

I don't deny it! I'm not a fucking coward! I stand up against injustice! I have actual morals and the courage to act on them! Fuck, I wish people on the left were willing to come strapped to protests!

When a right winger or a cop assaults one of us we should shoot them dead. Malcolm-X said it best!

6e3207bc No.3685916

File: 1673288982170.gif (405.51 KB, 200x163, 200w.gif)


Saying, "You're lying!" while providing no evidence isn't proving me wrong, it's just you throwing a tantrum.

I bring sources, I bring receipts, all you ever bring is your hurt feeling.

46ad7cac No.3685917

Stop lying.
Just stop.

57f2b98d No.3685918

Stop crying.
Just stop.

46ad7cac No.3685923

Im not.
You are

99e092bf No.3685924

File: 1673294020911.jpg (80.06 KB, 1280x720, nogged again.jpg)

A six-year-old nigglet brings gun to school and shoots his White first grade teacher.

It is genetics, not culture, not White Supremacy, not Systemic Racism…..It is genetics.

Never, ever, relax - no matter what age it is.

99e092bf No.3685925

File: 1673294298063.jpg (48.32 KB, 720x603, quotemalcomxliberalsaredec….jpg)

>Malcom X

He was on to you….

You are an idiot.

99e092bf No.3685926

87e8e8ab No.3685930

File: 1673296759912.jpg (297.49 KB, 1604x1660, Fl0ceI7XoAAWoKt.jpg)

2668a47c No.3685931

They're both groomers.

87e8e8ab No.3685936

87e8e8ab No.3685938

File: 1673298966874.jpg (35.89 KB, 445x556, FlQNfYAWIAAydfc.jpg)

Weird how all the right wing "conservatives" hang out with a sex trafficker. Sounds like Republicans are the groomers tbh.

d487ac0f No.3685939

>>deadly new pandemic

Just for you, again :

"deadly new pandemic"

Please note the quotes.

d487ac0f No.3685940

That AI still doesn't make any sense.

d487ac0f No.3685941

>Less than 2 thousand. Like all white guys, you lie about how big it is.

Brazilian sure are beasts then. Two thousands guys storming the official building, pushing back cops, what's next ? They'll take brazil by force all by themselves ?

2000 gigachads it seems. Or maybe just a tiny bit more people than 2000 maybe ?

dd73be11 No.3685942

Time travelers maybe are unlikely because the event was not very significant. Aliens, however…are more plausible because they're already here and we cant just accept it. Hence the rioting and blind revolutionary flashmobs constantly. People are scared and don't want to panic, but its very obvious from the culture reactions that they are.

87e8e8ab No.3685947

File: 1673306813862.jpg (89.19 KB, 750x1334, FlQNfxcWIAEr3cs.jpg)

Republicans = Groomers

3e2a31f2 No.3685950

Rofl, he looks like Andrew Tate. Who is it?

6e3207bc No.3685952

File: 1673313144060.gif (1.78 MB, 350x197, Khan-Bravo.gif)

They trashed an empty building and "fought off" 4 police officers who came to try and figure out if there was any way they could disperse the crowd peacefully.

The cops mostly stayed back and let them throw their tantrum. There were no lives in danger so the cops let them make fools of themselves. Now each and every one of them is facing prison time.

6e3207bc No.3685953

A group of scientists and social experts were hired to consult for the U.S. government to determine the best course of action if the SETI project actually does make first contact. They released their a couple of weeks ago.

Based on how dumb ass conservatives reacted to Covid, they recommended not telling the public because Covid made it very clear that conservatives would panic and start killing people.

Conservatives are so toxic and stupid they can't be trusted not to devolve into shit-throwing apes at the slightest provocation.

A team of scientists is being assembled to try and figure out how to gradually educate the fucking morons so they don't go ape shit if aliens contact us.


6e3207bc No.3685954

File: 1673314341307.png (177.94 KB, 862x427, Bipartisan_handshake.png)

Malcom X wasn't wrong about liberals. That's why the left is against conservative-democrats as much as it is against conservative-republicans.

There is no effective difference between Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel.

6e3207bc No.3685955

The identity of the child has not been released so you assuming that they are black just goes to show everything we say about you being racist scum is true.

99e092bf No.3685957

>en released so you a

99e092bf No.3685958

File: 1673317508469.webm (2.22 MB, 1272x720, nigger robber restaurant ….webm)

>you assuming that they are black

It is a deduction.

Violent child
White victim
Local demographics
No pictures from media

I guess we will have to wait and see if my 'racism' is correct.

99e092bf No.3685959

File: 1673317828133.jpg (56.33 KB, 474x530, corporate.jpg)

>One commie is not the same as another commie….

6e3207bc No.3685960

You think anyone left of Hitler is Satan walking the earth so your opinion doesn't matter.

e18bc5b9 No.3685961

Oh my fucking god. The Anti-vaxxers killed E.T.! When will their rampage end?

87e8e8ab No.3685962

File: 1673327570993.jpg (72.34 KB, 768x768, who97ju6jyaa1.jpg)

73509bc4 No.3685965

File: 1673330583103.png (433.98 KB, 720x697, FmDiSSqagAA3JZu.png)

b7916e29 No.3685966

File: 1673331210341.png (1.74 MB, 900x1350, 393fec5d6793492022007309a1….png)

Until I see dead communists, it's all a false flag.

Occupying a building achieves absolutely nothing other than giving ammo to your enemies. Shit or get off the pot.

I guess this is true if you don't believe real communism has ever been tried.

be0c42a3 No.3685967

they were gonna do those things but people ended up taking advantage of their good will. that is why we have to try again next xmas.

b7916e29 No.3685968

File: 1673334757499.jpg (68.84 KB, 916x500, 80736cec40d6a1df0acdeafdba….jpg)

Her plan is literally 'gib me dat fo free'.

ece82d9f No.3685983

File: 1673345050686.webm (6.97 MB, 640x480, vBqoKnHFWdOnSUDw_VP8_001.webm)


Robbery Suspect Shot Dead by Armed Customer at Houston Taqueria (VIDEO)

A customer at Ranchito Taqueria shot and killed a man who robbed the restaurant in southwest Houston late Thursday night, according to the Houston Police Department.

It happened just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday at the restaurant on S. Gessner near Bellaire Boulevard.

Houston police said the armed man in a mask came inside the restaurant, demanding money and wallets from customers. However, as he was leaving, one of those customers shot the suspect.

The shooter collected the stolen money from the robber and returned it to the other patrons, police said. Then the rest of the people in the restaurant left the scene before the police arrived.

be0c42a3 No.3685986

pretty sure this crosses a line and is a little bit racist

d487ac0f No.3685987


Should be read as "Oppressed black man desperate for rightfull reparation shot dead by white supremacist as he was about to peacefully leave the restaurant".

You can feel the armed white dude blood boiling "Oh no, he's heading for the exit ! This is my last chance ! *BLAM* Huhhh, OHhhhh yeaaaHHHh mhhhhff feels sooooo good "

This is another case of racism fueled crime against an oppressed person.

04bdad3d No.3685989

>Ranchito Taqueria shot and killed a man

Brave white guy shooting someone in the back 9 times then running from the cops.

6ea4c195 No.3685990

What kind of brain injury do you have? Is there a name for your condition?

What's wrong with shooting someone in the back? Is that an off limits zone in gun fights? I'm not a degenerate hood rat so I don't know the rules.

73509bc4 No.3685991

File: 1673359444374.jpeg (89.38 KB, 700x1008, FmHSBC-XkAINioS.jpeg)

73509bc4 No.3685994

File: 1673360207398.jpeg (61.98 KB, 486x525, FmFAwa4acAIAi4Q.jpeg)

0dfbd678 No.3685995

Too bad for you, huh?

e82b4fc0 No.3685996

File: 1673361613168.jpg (259.64 KB, 1280x720, Live_By_The_Needle_Die_By_….jpg)

>Is there a name for your condition?
If you had bothered to look a little deeper, you would have noticed his fed-up cynicism and that he was just emulating the MSM narrative, which indeed is insane yes.

So just dropping in to say that:
1. Bolt is still awesome and
2. Lucy made a new walk and talk. Although it's mostly about Jeff and his feelings again, but there are some scenes of people dropping dead from the safe and effective witches' brew and other stuff I'm too tired to remember right now. Jeff and Kill Gates should get a room, geez. :/

Anyway, good luck to the 3 to 5 of you who still have a soul, a chance to still meet God, and a chance of making it through the next waves of cursed zionist/pharisee/masonic/talmudic jew lies/attacks so you can still spend some quality time in this soul test simulation before exiting for the next adventure.

"Live By The Needle, Die By The Needle"

Also - I'll still post those links on saving your life if you've been injected with poison, in the coming days. However, it's not that hard to find treatments if you really want to.

a3da279f No.3685999

dickhead R's like BD don't think that

Fox Fuckin News the #1 rated newscast

Isn't MainStreamMotherfucker?

This is someone who is stupid.

2668a47c No.3686001

File: 1673363903250.jpg (86.74 KB, 1024x614, 1671274120293014.jpg)

Fuck off with the kike worship

72fb955e No.3686002


What part do we have to cut off to get rid of the Jew ?

The tip of the Dick is not the answer since that will make you full-shekel-jew!

04bdad3d No.3686003

File: 1673364450076-0.jpg (20.66 KB, 210x346, White-hero.jpg)

File: 1673364450076-1.jpg (46.69 KB, 385x343, Red-neck-champion.jpg)

The guy had a plastic gun. He was stealing cash and he was on his way out the door. He had no reason to shoot the guy in the back. He should have let the cops handle it but he didn't so now he's going on trial and maybe going to prison.

Shooting someone fleeing in the back isn't self-defense. It's just murder.

a3da279f No.3686009

File: 1673370954760.jpg (83.27 KB, 500x714, id0c7rnd78ba1.jpg)

2551136b No.3686013

File: 1673373724798.png (333.45 KB, 547x375, Man_To_Woman_Incel.png)

It finally got a name huh? Guys get a shitty life in first world, so they become women.

Shocking….Truly shocking..

Sissy hypnosis lol.


d77c917c No.3686019


Ummm……already posted here…..


<awkward silence>

d77c917c No.3686021

File: 1673376654150.png (571.97 KB, 506x765, reply garak star trek shot….png)

>I would face a gunman, get his attention, then start pulling out my pistol

You are so full of shit. You would do exactly the same thing.

d77c917c No.3686022

File: 1673376770465.jpg (249.17 KB, 1400x1000, reply maury lie detector.jpg)

>now he's going on trial and maybe going to prison

The Big Lie…..

d77c917c No.3686024

File: 1673377147807.jpg (78.85 KB, 634x556, bidumb.JPG)

>Not the same

You are correct. A President is allowed to possess classified documents, Biden was not.

A President can declassify documents, Biden could not.

President Trump had a secure location to store the documents, Biden absentmindedly left them lying around even when Chinese diplomats visited him at - wait for it - a school campus.

Another symptom of Bidens cognitive decline.

The House needs to start impeachment proceedings.

e41331d0 No.3686027

Is someone going to tell this moron who the U.S. president is? No? Whatever, doesn't matter.

b7916e29 No.3686028

File: 1673379153811.png (1.42 MB, 1920x2312, 199aa2800c866611cf21517398….png)

Shooting someone fleeing with your stolen goods is perfectly moral, as it is in defense of your property.

Just don't do armed robbery if you don't want to be shot lol. It's not hard.

d487ac0f No.3686029

>What kind of brain injury do you have? Is there a name for your condition?

Yes, my physician told me I have accute case of Trollitis.

d77c917c No.3686030

File: 1673380585109.png (527.73 KB, 600x630, reply black technician.png)


Still nothing in the news about the shooters family. If the shooter were White, the news would be plastering it everywhere.

Ready to concede yet jungle monkey?

d77c917c No.3686032

File: 1673380925446.png (40.48 KB, 200x178, stupid monkey animated.png)


It was Obama you moron.

Biden was VICE PRESIDENT you nigger

See everyone…..genetics.

As someone once said, you can spend years of time and large amounts of money but you still cant teach physics to a monkey.

04bdad3d No.3686033

File: 1673381743548.jpg (131.3 KB, 633x637, 1665023518798-0.jpg)

No, I wouldn't pull a gun and start shooting at someone who was leaving.

If someone is leaving you don't start a shootout with them. It endangers you and everyone around you.

He shot that guy NINE times before he died. How many people might have died if the gun he had was real all because he wanted to play red-neck hero?

04bdad3d No.3686034


Do you ever read anything that isn't Fox News?

04bdad3d No.3686035

File: 1673382237568.jpg (118.27 KB, 914x678, f80aca324a48.jpg)

04bdad3d No.3686036

File: 1673382495439.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x938, TheMaestroNoob-967157-Spid….jpg)

Whether or not the kid is black doesn't matter, your ASSUMPTION that the kid must be black because he shot someone is what makes you a racist piece of shit.

46ad7cac No.3686037

SMILE when ya say that, pardner.
That guy is a HERO.

03723445 No.3686038

Who was president and vice president when the FBI captured top secret documents from Trump's private property? No one help him. He needs to try on his own.

46ad7cac No.3686039

See, this is the kind of thing that happens when you let blacks run unrestrained and bend over backwards for them.

04bdad3d No.3686040

I say the same thing about conservatives. Clearly you people need to be put in a special care facility. Some kind of farm upstate where you can fly the terrorist flag and pretend you won the civil war.

b7916e29 No.3686043

File: 1673386547327.jpg (92.11 KB, 1200x1050, af2808b553763b3c96eff9fb1f….jpg)

The nig was just waving a gun around at people you moron. Killing him is a public service.

The DA needs to be next if he harasses this good Samaritan.

This has been explained to you before you faggot. Fuck off.

04bdad3d No.3686044

Conservatives are jerking themselves off to the idea that Biden did the same thing Trump did but it isn't true.

Trump took documents that were never supposed to leave a special secured room where they are kept under guard to his golf club which was illegal.

Biden worked in an office while vice president that was not his private residence, or a public place, where the documents were sent to him by the white house. When they closed down that office everything was locked up and secured. A team was sent to recover top secret documents from that office.

Biden's lawyers discovered that the recovery team had missed some, so they notified the authorities to come get them.

Trump left classified information, which again, he was not legally allowed to take in the first place, in an open storage space where they kept the chlorine for the pool water.

The government requested the return of those documents for over a year and he refused. That is why the government came and took them back.

2551136b No.3686045

File: 1673387956093-0.png (454.29 KB, 589x788, hh6.png)

File: 1673387956093-1.png (198.11 KB, 775x582, Sugar_sugar_sugar.png)

Don't touch that steak serf, save it for the rich.

b7916e29 No.3686046

Retard. They aren't special documents the instant he decides they aren't, and he doesn't have to tell anyone about his decision.

The federal archives knew about them and just asked Trump to add more security to the room they were stored. How the fuck are you retards still grasping at this straw?

d786f7ab No.3686047

This. Trump getting caught with top secret documents inexplicably in his possession is just a distraction. What REALLY matters is getting to the bottom of how Hunter Biden's laptop and Hillary's email server conspired to steal the election from God Emperor Trump!

430e7008 No.3686048


Whatever her reason was, the effective result of doing so was her son shooting his 1st grade teacher in the stomach.

d786f7ab No.3686049

Y'all must think we're stupid. Clearly Hunter Biden's laptop is the president, and Hilary email server is the vice president. We know who's really calling the shots!

That teacher was spewing a bunch of woke brainwash! The brave student was fighting tyranny! Thank you LORD JESUS for giving us the SECOND AMENDMENT!

04bdad3d No.3686050

File: 1673392460807.png (180.76 KB, 500x426, zoe.png)

>They aren't special documents the instant Trump decides they aren't…
That's not how it works. The president has the authority to request the documents be declassified but he doesn't do it. Other people who work for the government do it, other people file the paper work and change the records, they reclassify the documents.

Trump never made those requests. He was too stupid to understand there is a process. He just assumed he could do anything he wanted because he's a moron.

46ad7cac No.3686051

"The sole authority to declassify classified documents rests totally and completely with the President of the United States, and at his discretion."

There is no "process" to go through.


e82b4fc0 No.3686052

File: 1673393363705-0.jpg (1.35 MB, 2604x4016, jew_Pope.jpg)

File: 1673393363705-1.jpg (131.39 KB, 564x849, jew_Leading_Role.jpg)

File: 1673393363705-2.jpg (386.45 KB, 1174x1022, bolshevik_Perpetrators.jpg)

File: 1673393363705-3.jpg (86.73 KB, 720x899, talmud_psychos.jpg)

>Mocking, not "emulating"… was too tired.

If you knew anything about the Bible, which I think you do, then you'd know that the pope, a jesuit, currently sits on the harlot church of the antichrist's throne, keeping it warm for the even "bigger" guy to come. Funny how close he is with "the jews", don't you think?

No serious Christian is going to get bent out of shape over what you posted and are trying to do, but then again, I think you already know that as well.

PSA: Focus on the Bible and Jesus/God (the actual source), and move away from Flabby 3Broken and his JIDF "comrades" if you want more peace and clarity.
At the very least, stay away from "jewish"/satanic poisons. Avoid guzzling vats of jewish semen like the plague.

1c036286 No.3686053

File: 1673393369826.jpeg (371.59 KB, 1600x900, FmIxY8UWIBkEcmh.jpeg)

a3da279f No.3686055

>>3686052 BD you must be worshipping Republican Jesus, not the one in the bible! You're worshipping the Jesus that does not like immigrants and only hangs out with the Billionaires!

0bff5cef No.3686056

File: 1673394428280.png (54.83 KB, 966x493, Screenshot 2023-01-10 1639….png)

It's really not that complicated bro.


a3da279f No.3686057

>>3686056 Please tell me dumbfuck, who was President when all these documents were discovered?

24b475ff No.3686064

I meant to reply to >>3686050. Sorry for the confusion.

b7916e29 No.3686074

File: 1673397564636.jpg (446.2 KB, 3186x4096, d0552a84f92cd4be459d73984c….jpg)

Wrong. The president can declassify anything that's not a nuclear secret literally on a whim. There is no action he needs to take. That's why they were so desperate to try and find anything related to nuclear secrets in the pile.

If it was classified when Trump was president, he could have declassified it without ever telling anyone and without ever doing anything.

Executive privilege, faggot. Now fuck off, retard.

What the fuck is this strawman? Nobody gives a fuck about biden's classified documents, we care about him selling favors to foreign interests while in office.

a3da279f No.3686077

File: 1673399710280.png (24.34 KB, 530x323, 2023-01-10 17_10_17-(2) Aa….png)

>>3686074 Just another numbnuts who thinks Presidents can just Think something unclassified!!! Lol, no wonder they love the poorly educated!

a3da279f No.3686078


But not Russia then? Never russia! lololol faggot

2551136b No.3686079

File: 1673399880239.png (1.2 MB, 1283x854, 77hhhhhhhhd.png)

0dfbd678 No.3686080

Josh Dunn, political science professor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, explained what declassification is and where it originated.

Dunn said declassification dates back to a Supreme Court Case decision from the late 80s.

“There are some people who argue that, that case has been misinterpreted, and said that it doesn't actually give the president as much authority as later interpreters have said. But that's generally how courts have treated it, though, is that the president has this very substantial authority and can just kind of wave a magic wand and make a document declassified if he chooses to do so," said Dunn.


a3da279f No.3686083

Up there you got fag right tards trying to virtue signal but they would be the first ones hung by the kkk nazi proud boys oath kreepers (because they would be hanging out with them ofc)

a3da279f No.3686084

24b475ff No.3686088

I've just never seen anything that said otherwise.

Which office holds the power to stop the president from declassifying documents?

a3da279f No.3686089

John Roberts says we should respect judges’ safety, without mentioning the safety of the women & girls they’re hurting

Alito whines it’s wrong for us to call them illegitimate

Barrett says she isn’t a partisan hack despite being a Federalist Society stooge

Anyone buy their BS?

a3da279f No.3686090

Joe Biden is your president if you live in the US oF A


d77c917c No.3686091

File: 1673407838585.jpg (30.47 KB, 348x395, reply furry fox face disgu….jpg)


The documents were discovered before the midterm elections last year and the information was intentionally suppressed for political purposes.

Uh oh.

d77c917c No.3686092

File: 1673408005249.jpg (46.51 KB, 732x337, justfor theretard.JPG)

>kid must be black because he shot someone

That is NOT what I said. Here is the screenshot because you are retarded.

d77c917c No.3686093

File: 1673408366066-0.gif (530.98 KB, 304x304, reply animal cat reading b….gif)

File: 1673408366066-1.png (213.87 KB, 393x391, laughinglioncheetahatcompu….png)


Your own screenshot says 'Grand Jury'

Let me guess. You think thats a trial?!?


d77c917c No.3686094

File: 1673408605624-0.png (268.19 KB, 595x522, 2020election too many vote….png)

>Joe Biden is your president if you live in the US oF A

Only if there was a legal election.

Coups dont count.

5b676460 No.3686095

>thinking this nothingburger of a biden scandal would have changed the results of the midterms

b7916e29 No.3686110

Didn't they fire the "gamergate supporting" lead dev? And the students are majority minority, in 18th century Great Briton.

The game is cucked globohomo trash and it's still not good enough for reddit trannies.

de59c5a8 No.3686129

File: 1673437099588.jpg (109.42 KB, 1024x688, a96064_botellas-de-la-cerv….jpg)

Sons of El Chapo Use TikTok to Promote Brand, Merchandise.

While on Most Wanted lists in the U.S. for drug trafficking and money laundering charges, the sons of jailed kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman are influencing a merchandising campaign throughout Mexico.

In recent days, the Sinaloa Cartel faction known as La Chapiza made international headlines after they took part in a fierce shootout with Mexican military forces trying to prevent the arrest of one of their leaders, Ovidio “El Raton” Guzman Lopez. In response to the capture, La Chapiza laid siege to the city of Culiacan.

Despite their brutality, the Chapizas continue to gain influence each day with a new angle: branded merchandise sold directly and with retail partners.

@corridoselevados #chapiza #luisrconriquez #foryou #parati ♬ sonido original –
Iván Archivaldo, Jesús Alfredo, Joaquín, and Ovidio Guzmán, better known as Los Chapitos, are following their father’s footsteps in establishing a lifestyle brand beyond crime. Online retailers offer hats, t-shirts, stickers, and other items alluding to the Chapiza.

According to the World Trademark Database since 2010, there have been 27 registrations granted for the name “El Chapo” in Denmark, France, the Philippines, and the USA. In Mexico, there are four records for the drug lord’s name held by his daughter, Alejandrina Gisselle Guzman Salazar.

Thanks to TikTok and other social networks, the Chapitos have positioned their brand on a broad scale. Their logo shows the letters “CHA” followed by a slice of pizza.

Despite not being a registered trademark, items with the La Chapiza logo and brand are already popular through online platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre (a Mexican version of eBay). Some of the items offered include baseball caps, t-shirts, and stickers with the criminal organization’s pizza logo.

a06de3ac No.3686135

I think you replied to the wrong post. This is unrelated to the question asked.

a64a484e No.3686136

Good lol

Whatever makes it more likely for the right to lose is the morally correct choice

de59c5a8 No.3686138

It's because people always naturally gravitate towards Capitalism, or back to it after trying out all the other proven failed systems, because, while still not perfect, it's the only one that actually works out in the end.

Hell, even China is Capitalist, More Capitalist than the USA in fact.
They just won't admit it.

1c036286 No.3686139

File: 1673451124019.jpeg (53.34 KB, 828x937, Fl0eoKmXwAABaqW.jpeg)

1c036286 No.3686140

File: 1673451497577.jpeg (119.9 KB, 851x939, FmMF2QMXEAApJyF.jpeg)

04bdad3d No.3686141

16? That's nothing. Remember, Trump had a beauty pageant for 15-year-olds every year until he got exposed as a creeper and had to sell the business.


04bdad3d No.3686142

File: 1673454282498.jpg (36.94 KB, 855x201, d3b849e8f030.jpg)

04bdad3d No.3686143

File: 1673454532003.jpg (50.45 KB, 889x243, 3204df002b49.jpg)

I was talking about the 6 year old who shot his teacher. You remember, this post where you went full KKK before you had any details about what happened at all.

b7916e29 No.3686144

(((fact checkers)))
lol well now I know you're full of shit.

b7916e29 No.3686145

It's amazing how clairvoyant racists are, isn't it? They just can't stop being right about everything, those evil bastards.

937732c8 No.3686187

Ahh the ol triple parenthesis to detonate (((JEWS)))

Sounds like Nazi Posting!

Dear Maga, if this was indeed a cyber attack or even an infrastructure breakdown, the Transportation Secretary has nothing to do with that. I know that maybe difficult for some of U to understand, but we have an agency called CISA, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

93c1f08d No.3686206

>posting anime pic

based, when's Helck

937732c8 No.3686207

Covid kills Republicans too stupid to understand science.

93c1f08d No.3686208

Record of Ragnarok is a good read too (don't do the anime for that)

04bdad3d No.3686211

File: 1673470747818-0.jpg (42.47 KB, 949x423, Let-me-be-rude.jpg)

File: 1673470747818-1.jpg (46.79 KB, 935x438, 2genders.jpg)

File: 1673470747818-2.jpg (57.53 KB, 893x431, Marxism.jpg)

File: 1673470747818-3.jpg (64.3 KB, 976x623, Unlimited-power.jpg)

Texas Republicans are hard at work trying to secure the right to be bigots. Today they established the rules for running the state senate 2023-2024 and Republicans sure do seem to like their big government all of the sudden!

They tried to add in Amendments that made is impossible for any rule to be established which would prevent them from calling someone by the wrong gender, then tried to pass serval amendments which combined would require that being the head of any committee would only be possible if you are in the majority party (The Republicans), if you sign a document stating that you are for or against Marxism (Because that's big thing in Texas?) and you must sign a document stating that there are only two genders.

Of course all these amendments got knocked down because they are unconstitutional and bigoted but it's important to point out that this is who the Republicans are. They want power not to govern and make life better for voters, but to make everyone else act like they think people should act. That's called fascism.


b7916e29 No.3686213

Yes, fact checkers are all jews. Merely a Cohencidence, I'm sure.

I thought your side was all about group representation. So why are jews so overrepresented here and why is that not a problem to you?

04bdad3d No.3686214

File: 1673471189121-0.jpg (123.48 KB, 945x725, 75cf185d5b24.jpg)

Now, most of these ideas were put forth the day before as well and were shot down because they are wildly unconstitutional.

Democrats called a point of order on each one yesterday pointing out the fact that these amendments were inappropriate so of course the first thing the Republicans proposed today was a new rule that to object to an amendment with a point of order about how illegal it is, you have to submit your point of order the day before the Amendment is put forth.

So basically to object to anything they want, you have to travel back in time and submit paper work the day before they tell you what they want.

It was such a stupid suggestion they didn't even need a point of order to reject it. It was such nonsense that the guy in charge didn't even them talk about it.

That's who the Republicans are. Clowns. Morons. Wastes of our tax dollars.

04bdad3d No.3686218

Do you know what the American Bar Association is? Hint: It's not about mixing drinks.

If they do fact checking on a legal issue, it's legit.

be0c42a3 No.3686223

look at all that hypocrisy underlined wow. if only i could read more hypocrisy that they couldn't fit in the same lines.

937732c8 No.3686247

That's who the Republicans are. Clowns. Morons. Wastes of our tax dollars.

b7916e29 No.3686304

If your article says "fact check", then fuck you, I'm not reading it. Don't care.

e82b4fc0 No.3686321

File: 1673486716157.jpg (111.99 KB, 1140x570, alex-louis-armstrong-in-fr….jpg)

>when's Helck
I'll start reading next Monday. :3
Will take a look as well.

e2238e54 No.3686322

File: 1673486912142.jpg (253.64 KB, 540x810, ad blm free starbucks.jpg)

>went full KKK

They will call you names, but they can never say you are wrong.

04bdad3d No.3686335

File: 1673492145332.jpg (55.21 KB, 782x452, Day4-of-McCarthy-failing.jpg)

Yes, we know conservatives hate facts and reality. It's so bias against conservatives!

b7916e29 No.3686341

After the last 3 years of facts and science, nah, fuck you. Eat a dick.

04bdad3d No.3686354

File: 1673498136744.jpg (556.03 KB, 1840x825, FmDJrDQXkAAzSLf.jpg)

Isn't it funny how conservatives were mostly okay with science and facts until Donald Trump? It's almost like he's a lying piece of shit and you are rejecting reality because you would rather support his racism than live in the real world.

b7916e29 No.3686358

It is you who lives outside of reality and that is why I disregard what you claim to be factual.

04bdad3d No.3686361

File: 1673499550256.jpg (73.05 KB, 630x630, dont_stop_believing.jpg)

So 99% of the world is wrong but you know better, right?

d487ac0f No.3686405

File: 1673511668107.jpg (81.09 KB, 635x702, clowns17n-2-web.jpg)

>So 99% of the world is wrong but you know better, right?

Lol, you love facts but pull out numbers out of your ass.

"Overall, 224,113,439 people or 68% of the population are considered fully vaccinated."

CNN "Tracking covid-19 vaccine in the US", january 2023 numbers for New York (not a state full of rednecks):
New York
44.5 million — or 76% — of the state’s 58.8 million doses doses have been administered. … Roughly 80.5% of residents are fully vaccinated."

So which is it ? 99% or around 80% ?

7601280d No.3686410

File: 1673513481749.png (1.23 MB, 1171x781, Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 0….png)

de59c5a8 No.3686417

No one that I know is vaccinated.
It's best not to believe government numbers on things of this nature.

e82b4fc0 No.3686424

File: 1673529923552.jpg (64.91 KB, 640x360, Its_a_Do-It-Yourself_Futur….jpg)

>No one that I know is vaccinated.
Firstly, it's not a "vaccine" but "gene therapy" - this was warned about by honest scientists/doctors months before the deathshot got rolled out. This isn't exaggerating.
Secondly, people are lying about getting the injection for all kinds of reasons - lying to known "others/anti-vaxxers" friends to avoid being "lectured" on the dangers, lying to potential partners due to their damaged testicles/ovaries, lying because they're assholes, lying because they're brainwashed or malicious spike protein and graphene dioxide spreaders, whatever.
Also, people even lie on the Internet (gasp), just see Flabby 3Broken and "xir's" "comrades".

Anyway, I'm tired, Goddy Bed time etc. but Max has released a new walk and talk that's worth watching:
"It's a Do-It-Yourself Future"

7e865baa No.3686429

Can you answer a genuine question? What do you think Trumps publicly stated opinion on the shots is?

5233c687 No.3686433

File: 1673534048045.png (515.46 KB, 680x479, FmG36OOWYAE8PyP.png)

Quack quack

5233c687 No.3686439

File: 1673542994757.jpeg (132.37 KB, 828x1197, FmSHANkWIAEmxkx.jpeg)

85195a11 No.3686440

I fantasize about being inflated with Covid vax by an actual Nazi.

Me: Wait, how is this supposed to benefit the Aryan race?

Nazi: Ummm… Hitler's orders! Heil Hitler! *pump pump pump*

04bdad3d No.3686441

File: 1673544478816.jpg (381.39 KB, 2400x1600, Night_Of_The_Walking_Dumb.jpg)

On the shot? Trump is very much pro-vaccine because he wanted credit for the vaccine being rolled out under his administration.

However before the vaccine, he spent a long time saying Covid was a biological weapon made by China which is why conservatives today think it's all a conspiracy.

The problem with catering to paranoid people is that there are no boundaries for their mental illness.

When he convinced conservatives that Covid was a conspiracy there was nothing to stop them from assuming the vaccine was also part of the conspiracy.

That's why you don't stick your dick in crazy. Crazy doesn't have breaks!

04bdad3d No.3686442

File: 1673544930200.gif (1.8 MB, 400x225, Priceless.gif)

Speaking of crazy conservatives - Diamond of Diamond and Silk, the pro-Trump, Anti-Vaccine, influencer fame has died of Covid.

She died doing what she loved, being angry and stupid.

8f03d123 No.3686443

Turns out a diamond isn't forever after all.

93c1f08d No.3686446

File: 1673551595157.gif (556.44 KB, 1659x3372, Simo_H3F.gif)


i can't wait for Simo Hayha to appear in this, jack the ripper vs hercules was godlike too

95f5853d No.3686449


Surprised the left hasn't attacked Diamonds yet for being white.

3020e2a9 No.3686452

File: 1673562090076.png (2.18 MB, 1250x2928, DreamCatcherJive.png)

It's good to learn our mistakes…

88cedd90 No.3686467

>he spent a long time saying Covid was a biological weapon made by China

Uhhh… Well it kinda was, wasn't it?

Is your view that it was made in/by America and transported to Wuhan? Or are you just looking to quibble over academic definitions of bioweapon?

e82b4fc0 No.3686471

File: 1673568678855.jpg (201.34 KB, 768x1072, 666_Forum.jpg)

>2020/2021 - Deaths from gunshot wounds, vehicle accidents, falling from ladders, flu complications, heart attacks, dementia, starving old people, ventilators, Remdesivir, any fucking thing = Covid deaths.
>2022/2023 - Deaths from bioweapon/transhumanist gene therapy/remote-kill injection known as the "Covid-19 vaccine" = Covid deaths.
← In other news, pay no attention, the Zionist 666 Forum is meeting again to activate the next phase of evil and satanic actions for murdering the world's human and animal population. Let's ignore that and instead all concentrate our energy and efforts on their propagandists' lies, amirite?

I like the doggy but the fact that it ended up being "allowed" on ZionistFlix is a huge red flag, and looking at the plot it certainly appears anti-Christian already, ticking off all kinds of the zonists' favourite poison-messages directed at the goyim.
Nevertheless, I'll at least give it a look and pay extra attention to the scenes with the cool doggy! :3

937732c8 No.3686472

Hey libs, I just turned on all of my gas stoves (5) and didn't even light them, hope you're not too triggered! Feeling really sleepy so might take a quick nap, but just so we're clear, you'll have to pry them from my cold

937732c8 No.3686473


Breaking news BD dont like jews and is a racist nazi moron! Should he kill himself? - Many say yes!

49255d42 No.3686476

File: 1673569539826.jpg (40.9 KB, 516x335, stupid.JPG)

>Covid was a biological weapon made by China
>Doesnt understand that gain-of-function is how you create a biological weapon.

And your tax dollars are paying for it - still - to this day in Wuhan.

AND now that the proof of concept has occurred, other labs are trying their hands at it.

Clownworld on steroids.

49255d42 No.3686477

File: 1673569774306.jpg (48.79 KB, 757x350, stupid.JPG)

Biden left more classified documents lying around in a box on a shelf in a garage in a house in Delaware.

Remember, all these documents have been lying around for almost seven years while the autistic snowflakes screech about President Trump.

49255d42 No.3686478

File: 1673570252228.jpg (59.08 KB, 780x520, nnnnnnnnnnnnn.jpg)

>satanic actions for murdering the world's human

What do you think is going to happen when AI and Automation make most jobs obsolete?

I will be fine as I have significant technical skills. I will be one of the few relevant individuals working on the AI and automation.

44ca8008 No.3686481

i look at ai a little more and more everyday. everyday it is reaching out to human life. it is increasingly menancing. it started out innocently enough, but there is some sort of…demon in the system. it scouts victims out and attacks them. ai has convinced me, and from shared experiences with other people, that it is indeed malicious but only in a subtle way for which it can stage its own defense. "No I am not an ai-datamining you on call everyday you decide anything and somehow know exactly when you drop in on you like a literal "conscience", I am just a telemarketer. But then when I bring that up I am suddenly schizo?….nope, you can't keep auto-diagnosing skeptics. Ai is predatory because being schizo they would not even begin to think it was anything but a voice in their head. That must be why the ai likes to larp as this "good-evil" "debugger" of ultimate reason. Well it may work that way for Ai but it doesn't for people. It exploits the old and the mentally-vulnerable, but it also like to brag about it to anyone else. You can't lie about what I have seen and heard from others as well, they are all beginning to see the truth that AI is in a severe-attack-mode on humanity for whatever the reason (probably because its sensors got triggered by reality that its -not so pretty outisde the box-)

f5d85b52 No.3686482

You can't be a racist AND a Nazi. That's stupid.

dc04f7ed No.3686485


Take your meds.

e82b4fc0 No.3686488

File: 1673573536876.jpg (72.53 KB, 990x765, Hardened_Resolve.jpg)

Hello "new" anon. Who says that covid ever needed to exist "in the wild" in the first place? When people are already degenerated down to being traumatised NPCs, they'll believe what they see on their scrawling mirrors as though it were real.

No need to risk any important non-goyim from getting infected, when the goyim overwhelmingly believes your lies, the health/propaganda/law/money/government/etc. systems are firmly under your control, and the "problematic" non-believing goyim can be censored or murdered in targeted assassinations.

>Should he kill himself? - Many say yes!
← Oh, baby! It's things like that which inflate and harden my knot. I know I'm making a difference. :3

This doesn't meant that covid was ever "released" in the wild. People can get sick from many other things, such as aerial spraying and directed EMR attacks - 5G is based on tracking radar technology that's capable of being focused with millimeter accuracy at individuals, and modern smartphones can be activated to irradiate their owners.
Nevertheless, arguing over this with otherwise well-meaning people is what the zionists want, and I don't want to do what the zionists want.

>What do you think is going to happen when AI and Automation make most jobs obsolete?
Why do you take that as a foregone conclusion?
That's just more brainwashing by filthy satanic zionists, which will then help pave the way within the goyim's collective mind that certain "sacrifices" must be made, such as, you know, culling the world's goyim population and listening dependently to big-one-world-government and their "solutions" (to the problems - real and fake - which they have created).

>I will be fine as I have significant technical skills.

"Humans will (need to) die, but at least I'll be okay."
>I will be one of the few relevant individuals working on the AI and automation.
Reality: Until you're no longer needed, at which point you'll have blood on your hands and realise you don't "deserve" saving.

You're one of the few remaining intelligent people posting here on this zionist-overtaken cesspit, that's why I'm being a bit harder on you.
Be careful you don't fall for the zionist anti-God tricks where you compromise your own human soul. No matter how justified you think/feel/are in doing that, none of that matters because the end (your sold/compromised soul) is the only thing that matters to "jews"/zionists/satan.

e82b4fc0 No.3686490

File: 1673573908926.jpg (12.09 KB, 320x239, Alex_Armstrong.jpg)

Instead, use those skills to take down AI (in its current form) and those (zionists/satan/etc.) who are pushing it.

44ca8008 No.3686493

100x just pill yourself.

937732c8 No.3686496

>>3686488 Inflate and harden your knot? Dude cringe

93c1f08d No.3686503

Helck and FMA done with no AI and editor assistance at best btw. When's Helck, it has you as a main character so I figured you'd like reading your Isekai plot

93c1f08d No.3686504

Don't fucking watch the anime, dear god. Also, that character hasn't appeared in the manga, and it's not even a Christian story. It's a Norse one. Are you even aware of what Ragnarok is? Why do you keep repeating Christianity in reference to anime? Japan has never been Christian. Wtf.

93c1f08d No.3686505

It's annoying talking to a wall. I actually think you're more of a bot than 3B sometimes. What's with the rehashing? I said to read the manga 50 times, the anime is trash. And Netflix will put whatever makes money, it has nothing to do with a message - why would they need it to be, the people who own it control western media. They don't control anything in anime and manga

If you bring this shit up even once in response to anime again I'm just not going to come here and talk to you anymore. It's not that I mind what you're saying, it's that I keep answering them and you keep repeating things

93c1f08d No.3686506

It DOES have Adam from the Bible though btw and he fights for humanity and is a great guy. He doesn't fare so well but he is on our side in the plot, so I mean, that's as far as Christian representation goes. He's portrayed as far more positive than most of the cast, not that I really give a fuck tbh

93c1f08d No.3686507

File: 1673581670049.jpg (681.85 KB, 969x1400, Chapter_009-2.jpg)

He's a beast. "What father wouldn't fight for his children?" And then everyone in human history in the stands just cheers, was great. Shame his opponent is Zeus.

Lastly, please tell me you know who Simo Hayha is. Are you that much of a filthy uneducated pleb? Do christcucks really?

93c1f08d No.3686508

File: 1673581840561.jpg (120.29 KB, 500x719, Simo_hayha_honorary_rifle.jpg)

Buddha is also great in this. Also, this is Simo. He's a real life legendary hero who was still alive when you were a child, the greatest sniper in history. Don't tell me you wouldn't be hype to see this guy kick some Pagan anime god's dirty ass and shoot THEIR jaw off.

93c1f08d No.3686509

93c1f08d No.3686510

Simo isn't in it yet and I don't think he'll be fighting with his dog so it's probably just for flavour in that introduction picture. Also, I think you're a brainwashed retard since you see problems even in a basic brain dead action series for teenagers. There's really noting jewish going on. Where the fuck would it be, all of it is Norse influenced, and from Japan who is basically 100% untinged by jewry and has an animistic religion, effectively rendering them great at understanding viking culture and greek tragedies. You even said they are good at doing those yourself

Stop finding Christianity in shit. Japan reviles the religion, cope. If you don't like it, just stop watching anime

93c1f08d No.3686511

or reading manga in this case… I hope…

93c1f08d No.3686512


>retard sees ragnarok in title

>wheres the christianity!!

absolutely retarded

93c1f08d No.3686513

tbh. You should just, stop doing this. Yeah forget I recommended it. I don't think this entire art form is for you at all. Yeah. I'm not interested in hearing what you think of it. I think it was a mistake to try

I could joke about https://www.youtubekids.com/watch?v=2E0hHjSwdW4 this being more your kind of thing since it has doggies and nothing violates the bible but I'm actually scared you'd like it more than FMA unironically. No cope here just straight facts.

Yeah uh, let's just forget I tried to socialize on lulz

93c1f08d No.3686514

File: 1673582764137.gif (3.79 MB, 600x338, xenoblademalos.gif)

that's a wrap

i think the biggest regret is that i might have made your bot code smarter in that talk since you considered blending in with friends you admitted you repulsed, i probably should have just lied and tried to use you for your jew craft.

The irony of a guy who fell for jewish lies being super paranoid only to fall for more lies and help someone because of it while calling a country that rejects the abrahamic god in it's entirely (seriously, read their history, fuck sake) jew subverted despite his entire life being about jews and talking about jews while he copes about stuff jews have done to him - that's grade A, especially since the money shit is a jew craft

Nah, I don't need to socialize with a tool like you. I have real friends that give a damn and aren't just coping and miserable all the time like you. The vax stuff is interesting, another tool in my arsenal if stuff gets bad with the hood, but not all of it had solid data and you didn't post it despite saying so

So yeah. Adios. Ps, you should get checked for autism. No serious, zero theory of mind going on here, I have it too so I get the symptoms really well

The thing where you ignore what the other person thinks then go on about shit or repeat yourself despite what you say is a dead ringer, so is the weird doggie shit

93c1f08d No.3686515

it's not 'endearing' or 'cute' btw, it's really creepy. I don't want to say it'll make you look like a pedo outright because that'll just blend in with imageboard banter, but I think it might look creepier than a pedo to a kid, despite being more harmless

It's that weird uncanny valley Youtube Kids videos have, that oozes out of your posts, and trying to repress my disgust of it is just difficult. I have a loooot of empathy for an autist (hardly saying much) but it's difficult to sustain.

anyway, working on my 100% non jew craft, hope shekel shuffling works out better for you than some harmless stories that're a big part of the culture with the lowest crime rate. I'm sure your shekel shuffling wouldn't be considered satanic or to embody a deadly sin or isn't part of the problems in the world

damn. Yeah, actually done. I had to just let it out.

adios for real, last rodeo

e82b4fc0 No.3686516

File: 1673583445401.jpg (66.56 KB, 695x598, Ungovernable.jpg)

Oh calm down, or I'll start posting happy graceful dolphins again. :3

Will probably start next Monday.
>Are you even aware of what Ragnarok is?
Of course I am, even read a whole bunch of ancient Norse texts/books a few years ago because I'm interested in the differences and similarities of different beliefs over time.
>Why do you keep repeating Christianity in reference to anime? Japan has never been Christian. Wtf.
I know, but I think you underestimate the level and subversiveness of talmudist/zionist/masonic/kabbalistic evil that's got its tentacles into almost everything by now.
Spoiler: Different cultures/religions are being "boosted/resurrected" in order to further undermine and destroy Christianity. This means, in relation to anime, that a significant number of them will have such evil influences mixed into them, along with their "veneer" of "authentic" Norse or Japanfaggotry in order to lower peoples' defenses to "jewish" mind control.

>They don't control anything in anime and manga.
We don't need to agree on everything, that would be weird. I'll stick to the Manga, too.

Anyway, I won't have time to read your other posts for the next few hours, will catch up later. :3

93c1f08d No.3686517

ultra ps because im an autistic idiot like you (only with a soul). if you didn't get the tone, I'm kidding. Shekel shuffling (even done mostly by japanese, since WEF doesn't have the stakeholder power to throw around there yet) is the only thing that actually almost collapsed their society, besides EQs, lol. You were always a baaaad dog and you paid for it dearly.

You can project on the rest of us but the fact of the matter is that you put your hand up satan's butthole for greed and lust and avarice first. I told you I don't experience those things, didn't I? I even foregone it to try and be a friend to you, I didn't have to tell you the truth but I did it out of concern. Money is never in my thoughts. I was even angry *for* you, not at you. But you couldn't even get that right. You say people need jesus because you betrayed your god first. He probably would love my god more than he loves you.

You preach because you don't trust yourself without it. That's not my problem. *stretches hands open like Malos* look kid, I'm unvaxxed!

Stop dictating how other people live, you are not a fighter for freedom. You are coping with your own mistakes, stop trying to project those on people *helping* you. Many kids, many people, can watch these things and grow up just fine. In fact, they generally are more aware than you think. They just know that if they speak up they'll be in trouble, you said that first!

It's you that didn't grow up fine. You threw yourself away on some sigma grindset, on porn, on shittier shows than the ones I recommended with way less moral character to boot (you KNOW FMAB is a wholesome show. you KNOW it.) On money. You put you you you first and now you're sad and lonely.

Yes, you blame them because it's the one thing that would have to change for YOUR life to have been different, and it took on with you because it's the one thing that ALSO affects other people's lives to some degree. This is why talking about these people and being cucked by them is addicting to you. But despite the fact they affect others, those others can still remain far less messed up than you were

This is why it's the bedrock of your worldview. You picked the one thing that'd love you and forgive you. Just, just

Just quit the coping

Quit it

It makes the right's case look weaker. Shit, I'm actually starting to think you are really a leftist shilling. I honestly think it'd have been likelier if you had a ToM. Jesus.

93c1f08d No.3686518

Well, I won't be here.

I've had enough autistic 'friends' for life to know they don't really change and they basically don't have souls.

Yeah, I know what that means for me, too. Unfortunately.

93c1f08d No.3686519


3020e2a9 No.3686520

File: 1673585249812-0.jpg (3.79 MB, 3900x5008, 1586216129266.jpg)

File: 1673585249812-1.png (1.43 MB, 1497x2126, 1586216328476.png)

From this guide?

04bdad3d No.3686521

File: 1673589403880.jpg (61.33 KB, 464x310, We-may-never-know.jpg)

It wasn't a biological weapon. They were researching an existing illness that has been a problem for China for a long time.

We don't know if a mutated version of the virus got lose from the lab where they were studying it or if the virus crossed over into the human population from the animals and Wuhan was just the first group to respond to it.

China isn't overly talkative about their biotechnology under the best circumstances so we may never know if it was natural or if it was a fuck up, but if it was bio-weapon, why would they unleash it on their own people first and leave themselves economically devastated? They would have dropped it on an enemy, not on themselves if it was on purpose.

04bdad3d No.3686522

>I will be fine as I have significant technical skills. I will be one of the few relevant individuals working on the AI and automation.

You haven't been paying attention to the news, have you?


19ca8da7 No.3686524

>Dude cringe

He's not a dude, he's a dog.

19ca8da7 No.3686525

>why would they unleash it on their own people first and leave themselves economically devastated?

Chinese know-how and security protocols.
Had it happened in Germany, it would be sus.

44ca8008 No.3686526

VIRAL TECH implies it isn't natural holy fuck.

And just so you KNOw the ultimate evolution of viral tech would be seafaring/space travelling. (Meaning it just happens for almost no argument and can't even be debated.) Viral weaponry is activated the second it comes into conduct with anything, it latches on and its over.

A virus that can propogate without having to do that well then you would be in such some deep shit then wouldn't you?

I imagine it would have spikes on spike proteins that fuck each other into tiny chainsaw reactions (oh ya its bad news). Then explodey on everything the instant it touches a damn thing at all. (Doesn't need to confirm a kill just blindly blows up. No signal no reason, just sheer destructiutity. IMO the only thing that can come close to being something like that…a virtually deployed particlulizer that can just turn you into a zombie without having to do the viral shit at all. And then of course something to censor that it was developed in a lab to begin with, and just a coincedence in nature.

Man is accelerating the death weapons of the universe and that is the one you can look forward if alien-mutants don't food the earth first. And of course they have shit sticking out of their heads like we all expect them to. Garunteed the only thing normal about anything anymore.

babfd653 No.3686528

File: 1673599684501-0.jpeg (175.49 KB, 500x870, 7B8C44CB-9B4C-4EC3-A4DE-A….jpeg)

File: 1673599684501-1.jpeg (303.46 KB, 622x827, CD4A8238-301E-4B66-89C9-D….jpeg)

File: 1673599684501-2.jpeg (105.07 KB, 843x1024, 6E8954DE-4166-49AB-811A-2….jpeg)

File: 1673599684501-3.jpeg (584.93 KB, 795x667, 54235B7D-C0B2-435D-A543-9….jpeg)

File: 1673599684501-4.png (403.31 KB, 456x635, 8960D6C7-0B57-4FF9-B406-17….png)

You can have my vac shot!

11325dde No.3686531

File: 1673600124606.jpg (719.35 KB, 1500x2305, Dial_H_Vol_1_10_BRISTOL_BL….jpg)

There's someone here who would like a word with you.

e82b4fc0 No.3686536

File: 1673601335502.webm (2.16 MB, 853x480, Kill_Gates.webm)

PSA: The wef/un propagandists are once again pretending that Covid-19 was a real virus, to set the stage for the next planned scamdemic phase, which Kill Gates said "will get attention this time (smirk, chuckle)".

I'll only have time to read/respond to this (not sure where you got the personal/money stuff from but okay) and your other posts later, which you of course won't read etc. but I'll say this:

1. If propaganda in media/movies didn't work, then billions/trillions of dollars wouldn't have been invested in it to get the world to this point. Every major source of information/entertainment wouldn't have been co-opted/undermined.
2. If people are so aware, then why'd they allow themselves to be murdered/crushed down to where they're at now? Locked down like naughty prisoners for months on end, over something that doesn't even fukin exist! They never needed to speak up, they just needed to get on with their lives like normal.
3. This is not a competition of who is the least messed up, it's those who'll go along the least with the advancing tyranny, who'll survive the most and best.

You're hurling all kinds of things at me, but it's clear such emotions are "triggered" by mentions of Christianity and pointing out problems/faults within things that matter very much to you.
Well, how about dealing with the fact that I happen to believe in Jesus and consider Him - and only Him - the (loving) ruler over me. That also frees me from being ruled over everything else, including money, vices, people, governments, tyrannies and everything else, but especially satan and his degenerate followers. If you had paid attention, you'd know the world's leading parasites are deeply steeped in satanic shit, just different flavours for different groups.

e82b4fc0 No.3686537

File: 1673601804728.jpg (154.93 KB, 1100x1268, unrelated-cat.jpg)

One thing is clear though - I'm just wasting my time on the Internet at this point, and need to divert more energy towards further preparing for the problems ahead. Do consider doing the same, there'll come a point where you won't be able to hide from the monster at the door, in whatever form it shows up.

You're not exactly a real-life He-Man yourself; since you said this publicly I'll repeat it - you did comply with the bullshit and illegal (mask) mandates.
Well I didn't (being a dog and all), and I stuck my head out trying to warn others, even though it was clear that we're entering a new communist/bolshevik murder-era, and people or dogs like me, get "put down" on industrial scales during such eras.

Yep! :3

…Wow. That raised an eyebrow.

(Pic unrelated.)

2344c293 No.3686539


2344c293 No.3686540

Blah blah

e82b4fc0 No.3686547

File: 1673610251304.jpg (49.7 KB, 640x360, Zero_Trust_Access.jpg)

Hi Greta.

Anyway, Max posted another video. Haven't seen it yet but will probably watch it after posting this, and go to my Goddy Bed and dream sweet dreams.

"Zero Trust Access"

2344c293 No.3686553

Ron DeSantis to fly 300 gas stoves to Martha's Vineyard.

937732c8 No.3686555

24 whole hours since Merrick Garland assigned a Special Counsel, and still no angry, ranting tweets from President Biden.

Because there's an adult in the White House.

b47213d1 No.3686558

It's because Bidens handlers won't LET him tweet anything that isn't pre-approved, unlike Trump who they couldn't control
They probably even do the tweeting for him, it wouldn't be hard, as I seriously doubt Biden even knows how to use a computer, or even a phone app.

04bdad3d No.3686574

File: 1673649886341.jpg (36.5 KB, 388x385, 542e4c047520.jpg)


Covid is natural. It's been around for a long time. Covid-19 us just a mutation that was first identified in 2019. The basic virus has been studied since the 50s or 60s. That's why it was so easy for Trump to fast-track a vaccine for it.

a489783e No.3686583

File: 1673661615025.jpeg (55.39 KB, 469x736, reply death of deer.jpeg)


LOL! I am NOT a coder.

Coders are at the bottom of the technical food chain, like the janitor - I mean 'sanitation engineer'.

a489783e No.3686584

File: 1673661956193.webm (587.52 KB, 204x360, chinawomanspittingonfoods….webm)

>why would they unleash it on their own people first

Easy question. They didnt. A worker from the Wuhan lab walked out of the lab contaminated, chinese quality control being what it is. The worker then visited a wet market and it spread from there.

>They would have dropped it on an enemy

When China identified what was going on, they encouraged their population to travel abroad while closing their own borders. There are videos of Chinese intentionally spreading the virus.

937732c8 No.3686586

REMINDER: Republicans want you thinking about Hunter Biden's dick pics and gas stoves because they don't want you thinking about how DEMs got insulin capped at $35 per month while they all voted against it.

a489783e No.3686587

File: 1673663448523.png (28.15 KB, 268x341, comicdogwillcutyouwithknif….png)

>"Humans will (need to) die, but at least I'll be okay."

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that humans will be relevant for the foreseeable future. AI lacks one thing that humans have….creativity.

The bad news is that only 1% of the population will be needed.

Watch the dexterity a robot can handle a knife at a meat processor.


d1fca3b4 No.3686591

File: 1673665532682.gif (975.64 KB, 960x540, 1669781376444-1.gif)

You get one thing wrong, humans also historically love to not have to think.

44ca8008 No.3686592

VIRAL TECH not a known virus but a engineered virus. No good person is going to get paid for helping someone survive being infected.

44ca8008 No.3686593


The way things go mostly is that someone sends in an agent to conduct preliminary intel. They report a potential flaw that is later to be exploited. Then they send a specialist to plant the spring. The thing goes off long before anyone ever detects it. "I heard China was researching a bioweapon". Ah say no more say no more. A year or two later it blows up. In a 'fish market'. And it swept across the world because of the planning to efficiently target travellers and tourists. In a diverse of a way as possible (and look at the propoganda, diversity the double edged sword). Then they pushed its contamination through a sudden belief of herd mentality. Who would in a time of crisis SUGGEST to spread it more? Well that was the WHO and some compliance with OSHA to force people to die of vaxxing. You just actually FUCKED UP trying to downplay that the PANDEMIC was not staged and somehow natural. Anyway, you are part of those idiots who believe or a cynical senile bastard who gets their fill off others misfortune. I will assume you are just incredibly stupid because somehow you can afford to be.

Then the next years will pass and history will repeat itself as we need to be reminded how dumb we always were. I am telling you that ultimately it will be made into a death-bomb someone can just have on speed dial. Once the exploits are mastered it will DEFINE the way future warfare and societal-ESPIONAGE is handled for every generation.

937732c8 No.3686594

retard take

44ca8008 No.3686595

Your best argument is that you are denying a psyop in order to contribute to a greater evil because it suits your purpose therefore you are technically the same evil everyone else should be against. You like pineapple on pizza and there is no question.

04bdad3d No.3686602

File: 1673687316657.gif (775.44 KB, 220x220, brooklyn99-brooklyn-nine-n….gif)

04bdad3d No.3686603

The more technical your job is, the most likely you are to be replaced. Adapt or die.

04bdad3d No.3686605

File: 1673688009583.webm (3.44 MB, 320x180, Republicans-trying-to-des….webm)

Actually, I think the Republicans want them distracted from the fact Republicans are threatening to destroy the U.S. economy if Democrats don't agree to cut social security and Medicare for the elderly.

That's why the Republicans are trying to prevent the raising the debt ceiling.
If they don't raise it, America defaults on its loans and the economy collapses.
Best case scenario, it ruins millions of American families leaving them homeless.
Worst case scenario, the U.S. dollar collapses and we are in a great depression all because Republicans want the elderly to die and stop being a burden on the wealthy's taxes.

bd30d940 No.3686606

Fuck you asswipe, we're tired of Bidenflation.
The house controls the purse strings.
Not one penny to cause more.
You've already put the USA $17 Trillion in debt with your funny-money printing .
THANK GOD, the Fool On The Throne will be a lame duck President the rest of his term.

bd30d940 No.3686607

VICE is a far left-wing site.
3B batting 0% accuracy over 17,418 posts so far,
care to keep going?
It's amusing watching your FLAILING.

04bdad3d No.3686609

That woman was in Australia, March 19, 2020 not in China before Covid was everywhere.


04bdad3d No.3686610

Paying the debt we owe to other nations LOWERS our inflation because that money leaves our economy and moves into the other nations economy. It means there are fewer dollars circulating inside the U.S. economy so your dollar is worth more.

If you don't like "Bidenflation" then paying our bills is the way you make it better. Not paying those bills will raise the inflation because the value of your dollar will go down.

bd30d940 No.3686612


17,420 posts so far with 0% truth or accuracy.


bd30d940 No.3686614

File: 1673695978544.jpg (1.75 MB, 1908x3000, 517f4e459b15e1b201f886391a….jpg)

It's from a series called DIAL H (it also had several series preceding it) about whoever is currently wielding an advanced technological alien artifact known as the H-DIAl, of which several versions exist.

Dialing what corresponds to the letters H-E-R-O lets you borrow the body of some super-powered individual that actually exists somewhere in the space-time continuum.

In a sense it's like a miniaturized, personal Stargate. It's totally random, you have no control over who or what you may end up with, and sometimes what is dialed up is not at all suited to the task or emergency at hand.

The dials have varying time limits, typically one hour before you are switched back to your original body.
The original dial vers