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File: 1671992369043.png (650.32 KB, 1171x794, SMELLY SMASH BROS.png)

fc82cf11 No.3684157

Don't be a Smelly Smash Brother like Cyraxx or Aufy. Take a bath or shower everyday.

1ca14f41 No.3684158

File: 1671993818220.png (685.34 KB, 611x924, 992.png)

Been too cold last night/this morning. I even slept in a coat with my jacket on, with 4 bedspreads and a space heater by my head, while I was wearing a knit cap.

Even 80 degrees is cold, vs the lovely fires of hell.

742e4a0f No.3684215

Remember folks… Complaining about cub porn and lolicon makes you smelly.

6facff7e No.3684236

File: 1672019643939.jpg (38.2 KB, 613x617, 1234533344174.jpg)

Yeah okay, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

143ac261 No.3684866

Smashfags still seethe over Lucario and Incineroar, so not my problem.

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