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File: 1670800197537.jpeg (261.72 KB, 1797x2048, Fi2RZsKWQAA8RQ3.jpeg)

2dd9b0d7 No.3681481

We need Steam now more than ever.

2dd9b0d7 No.3681488

File: 1670801229752.jpeg (426.32 KB, 1323x1472, FjPXvZPXEA4Uz9r.jpeg)

Steam, I summon thee. Do not fail us now.

eadbcc74 No.3681494

File: 1670803779854.jpg (341.51 KB, 1280x720, Steam-940.jpg)

you can just download it?

eadbcc74 No.3682514

File: 1671050588396-0.png (1.78 MB, 1200x913, 9d1be09cf5de123ef1050ac855….png)

File: 1671050588396-1.jpg (189.35 KB, 809x1280, 9ff4782a346849db8c92d96674….jpg)

File: 1671050588396-2.jpg (158.46 KB, 1078x1176, 719e689ef40cd8cf9c8ddc7693….jpg)

File: 1671050588396-3.png (1.15 MB, 1000x742, ea6aaad18ee6ef42ea5ac07a72….png)

File: 1671050588396-4.png (1.91 MB, 1052x1200, fe5dad737580cc2d36635c7514….png)

ac800568 No.3682518

File: 1671052033067.jpg (81.41 KB, 793x487, luna_gamer.jpg)

Maybe one of the times aufy got a ban it was steam pretending to be him. Shrug. It wouldn't be out of character for steam.

eadbcc74 No.3682557

File: 1671066467209-0.jpg (490.31 KB, 2256x2638, D-1dUrYXoAAHqkh_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671066467209-1.jpg (214.59 KB, 2590x2051, EBaog7wVAAAkWMn_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671066467209-2.jpg (537.59 KB, 2400x4096, IMG_20191030_165026_u18cha….jpg)

File: 1671066467209-3.jpg (573.16 KB, 3008x4096, IMG_20191030_165254_u18cha….jpg)

File: 1671066467209-4.jpg (91.53 KB, 1107x1708, IMG_20191030_165805_u18cha….jpg)

a0bc5662 No.3682558

File: 1671066626038.png (210.59 KB, 826x1059, 1420401475950.png)

That did happen once when Aufy was already banned for his first lunatic spam attack.

eadbcc74 No.3683070

File: 1671407258303-0.jpg (1.22 MB, 4810x3508, lop129_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671407258303-1.jpg (1.22 MB, 4810x3508, lop130_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671407258303-2.jpg (1.24 MB, 4810x3508, lop131_u18chan.jpg)

eadbcc74 No.3683071

File: 1671407800660-0.jpg (121.27 KB, 1240x1557, 1670773100169549_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671407800660-1.jpg (3.81 MB, 3541x5016, 1670784850714826_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1671407800660-2.jpg (2.18 MB, 3541x5016, ShanetN_u18chan.jpg)

eadbcc74 No.3683216

File: 1671442793102-0.jpg (208.1 KB, 1200x893, 3b00ecd22d5d471923fe339f43….jpg)

File: 1671442793102-1.jpg (238 KB, 1200x893, 1307314958.wolfy-nail_junk….jpg)

File: 1671442793102-2.jpg (246.92 KB, 1200x893, cdeb59c3bbd8d8fd73725ccdea….jpg)

d82ec330 No.3683960

File: 1671830479564.jpg (6.1 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I am busy doing important irl Steam things. I haven't really been dropping in on lulz too often, and I probably wont be until late january, if not early feburary

Also yeah I had a lengthy ban for making aufy lose his shit.

a1954971 No.3683978

Aufy is still bat shit crazy.

c2ea93a8 No.3684083

File: 1671914599801.png (192.97 KB, 616x500, LinuxCar.png)

Steam, are you still in the Discord?

Can you 1. unblock me 2. fucking please try to not get banned for 2 seconds

014b2b7e No.3684130

File: 1671968909119.png (73.09 KB, 300x256, 510.png)

I'm permabanned from all the lulz discords. I'm a bad boi~

I don't even have discord installed on any of my computers anymore anyway.

c2ea93a8 No.3684139

File: 1671981243477.jpg (80.17 KB, 640x640, this_asshole.jpg)

You on Telegram then? Same username. Without the number.

014b2b7e No.3684141

File: 1671982758780.jpg (6.92 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

i went ahead and reinstalled discord. username Steam#1892

c2ea93a8 No.3684144

File: 1671985733491.jpg (64.29 KB, 894x894, sexual experience do dogs ….jpg)

Sent you a thingy.

85ccdc11 No.3700233

File: 1682196848030.jpeg (401.72 KB, 2048x2048, Fty0Sc7aUAI-H-X.jpeg)

Haven't seen Steam around lately… Did his liver finally an hero?

c3d32818 No.3700234

Skaven are literally the only good thing Games Workshop has ever created.

d5c0af3e No.3700260

File: 1682241148722.jpg (48.72 KB, 500x284, 729adf2fb846d88df83cde505b….jpg)

Strangeside dealt with Steam.
We won't be hearing from Steam anymore.

d1ad4244 No.3701364

File: 1683189988002-0.jpg (412.23 KB, 2061x2515, 1665847260.yaldabroth_test….jpg)

File: 1683189988002-1.jpg (342.97 KB, 2040x2296, 1665498320.yaldabroth_mae_….jpg)

File: 1683189988002-2.jpg (3 MB, 4352x3536, PyramidPoseBottomlessfin_u….jpg)

File: 1683189988002-3.jpg (2.83 MB, 4352x3536, PyramidPoseNudefxfin_u18ch….jpg)

d1ad4244 No.3701366

File: 1683191755675-0.png (257.22 KB, 468x468, 00266-908893041.png)

File: 1683191755675-1.png (249.4 KB, 351x468, 03230_copy-Remacri-4xUTL_s.png)

File: 1683191755675-2.png (184.95 KB, 468x468, f13-4.png)

File: 1683191755675-3.png (180.2 KB, 468x468, f13-5.png)

File: 1683191755675-4.png (453.3 KB, 676x676, f13-20.png)

d1ad4244 No.3701367

File: 1683191873945-0.png (231.3 KB, 362x468, 00114-460800389.png)

File: 1683191873945-1.png (245.58 KB, 362x468, 00115-1490340432.png)

File: 1683191873945-2.png (330.14 KB, 468x468, 00174-822619796.png)

File: 1683191873945-3.png (162.04 KB, 312x468, 100582.png)

File: 1683191873945-4.png (202.65 KB, 311x468, 319245192914973385_2.png)

d1ad4244 No.3701368

File: 1683192025144-0.png (260.63 KB, 416x468, 00010-1134148494.png)

File: 1683192025144-1.png (352.98 KB, 553x468, 00122-4199735539.png)

File: 1683192025144-2.png (333.77 KB, 553x468, 00123-872674983.png)

File: 1683192025144-3.png (245.32 KB, 351x468, 03061_copy-Remacri-UTL_s.png)

File: 1683192025144-4.png (119.12 KB, 312x468, asdf.png)

d1ad4244 No.3701371

File: 1683192756990-0.jpg (101.29 KB, 850x850, 6c6bc5f18004897bd19adb8486….jpg)

File: 1683192756990-1.png (244.31 KB, 368x468, 00210-1429054925.png)

File: 1683192756990-2.png (402.61 KB, 468x468, 02724-1378872348-None-2023….png)

File: 1683192756990-3.png (319.87 KB, 401x468, image.png)

File: 1683192756990-4.png (407.79 KB, 494x468, OIG-55.png)

Remember primitive firearms replace bows it is the same for tradition artist to embrace ai artists.

d1ad4244 No.3701372

File: 1683193110733-0.png (367.68 KB, 468x468, 00001-3115229745.png)

File: 1683193110733-1.png (115.92 KB, 219x467, 1ad9d86c-4875-460e-a2b2-94….png)

File: 1683193110733-2.png (142.41 KB, 219x467, 4dd93c2c-4445-4544-afca-8c….png)

File: 1683193110733-3.png (132.79 KB, 219x467, 0640cc6b-9c59-4af6-a767-21….png)

File: 1683193110733-4.png (370.09 KB, 538x468, merged_canvas.e3172d9c.png)

d1ad4244 No.3701375

File: 1683194363318-0.png (287.65 KB, 396x468, 0cb314e655a9e2d64b2e8abda7….png)

File: 1683194363318-1.png (256.14 KB, 396x468, 0dd35df3e3faf0b483ed5308d6….png)

File: 1683194363318-2.png (205.47 KB, 468x468, 00012.png)

File: 1683194363318-3.png (267.59 KB, 468x468, f13-21.png)

File: 1683194363318-4.png (336.24 KB, 468x468, SPOILER_03183-623063519-No….png)

d1ad4244 No.3701377

File: 1683196077842.png (6.96 KB, 800x600, Untitled_error.png)

*Deep breath*

7187f1a8 No.3701428

File: 1683252268251.jpg (107.47 KB, 850x978, f3c18e06d1897e5b61aeafb570….jpg)

Its official Steam is ded.

5490b124 No.3701431

File: 1683253530422.jpg (107.13 KB, 850x1133, Steam.jpg)

Steam is an unforgiving force of nature. He's alive somewhere doing SOMETHING.


76dd0d16 No.3701469

File: 1683311782952.jpg (47.57 KB, 640x466, 11d0a7eca921ee7b2bf11d6db6….jpg)

why are you all so obsessed with some alcoholic hacker who's biggest contribution to humanity is masturbating?

9b6eb959 No.3701474

>no free time

People who use that argument are fucking idiots.

I've been using Linux for 24 YEARS now.

It works, it works out of the box on any new machine I install it on, and unlike windows, it OBEYS me. It does what I tell it to do, when I tell it to do..

I hate disobedient software.

9aa71015 No.3701477

File: 1683315076983.jpg (16.08 KB, 225x225, steam.jpg)

I'm alive, and doing well.

I've been using a redhat linux system server farm from my basement.

I'd be willing to let Choob use some of my server space, I've got around 1500TB storage, and decent transfer speeds.

I got caught up in the VR world and just chilling being a raccoon boss.


I'm kinda a cult leader now.

b0804c74 No.3701485

File: 1683317364669.png (209.28 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_93f108a21d8f3b5ca5e….png)


I'm actually making a decent paycheck. I've been working off some college loans doing VR counseling for autists who have trouble actually sitting down in a room. I basically just listen to asspies complaining about life for a few hours a day and tell them that they're good special bois.

b0804c74 No.3701487

File: 1683317870090.jpg (17.26 KB, 400x400, aSxvz8Ju_400x400.jpg)

Its a pretty nice gig, I just kinda sit around waiting for a new client, an actual MD reviews what I say, I get college credit, and money for telling people what they want to hear. I get clinic face time, and go on my way.

Then I fuck otter bois in a VR chatrroom and make them wear chastity cages for me.

b0804c74 No.3701488

File: 1683317961457.gif (4.15 MB, 570x640, junko-enoshima-danganronpa.gif)

really its the same thing that I've always done on lulz, but I get paid for it.

d15df5f2 No.3701492

File: 1683318694286.jpg (13.58 KB, 300x168, Untitled.jpg)

We don't want your kind here.

2dd9b0d7 No.3701501


Why do people keep saying Steam is permabanned? He's not.

839896a6 No.3701507

File: 1683322249826.png (16.46 KB, 804x304, banned_for3v4.png)

839896a6 No.3701510

File: 1683322457045.webm (1.81 MB, 720x720, 1601104294587.webm)

Hate to tell you this, but either you are wrong, or there is a rogue mod.

uwu <3

5af8edac No.3701511

File: 1683322497975.webm (617.56 KB, 888x500, party_at_steam's_house.webm)

This post >>3701492 is Gonz banning Steam forever because he just admitted to abusing vulnerable teenagers.

Also, I'm back all of a sudden! WHAT IF I'M STEAM??? ==HOOOOOOOOO==

839896a6 No.3701512

File: 1683322972509.png (942.87 KB, 1043x1080, 1623192783.mercurial64_sph….png)

how so? I said an actual medical professional reviews what I say. I never said I actively want to psychologically hurt anyone.

I just tell people what they want to hear.

Psychologically speaking, just being nice to someone is all most people want to hear.

Most of the people I talk to aren't even teenagers, they're guys well into middle age that just need positive confirmations.

2dd9b0d7 No.3701513


There is zero evidence of this in the mod log.

5af8edac No.3701514

File: 1683323287413.webm (792.93 KB, 1280x720, steam_smells_liquor,_disr….webm)

I'll admit I was completely guessing.


839896a6 No.3701515

File: 1683323339465.jpg (82.68 KB, 850x1003, 545c469402a7be8e5744643e10….jpg)

as an intern, I'm not allowed to talk to problematic people.

I could give you a session right now, and tell you what a good boy you, your parents underestimate you, ask you a few things about how smart you are, embellish them and get a chuck of change for it.

839896a6 No.3701516

I'd even get some good boy points if I hooked you up with some local grants or got you on welfare~

839896a6 No.3701521

File: 1683324185403.png (32.4 KB, 591x275, 1633628392939.png)

I'm actually not even a true psychologist atm, I'm what you'd call a peer counselor.

I'm basically just some guy people pay to talk to online about how much they drink and give some head pats.

Its like actually having a shrink, but your insurance will cover it.

5af8edac No.3701523

Yes, and that would be fine if you didn't simultaneously use words and frankly insulting language towards your own clients. It only demonstrates a lack of regard for patient wellbeing, and it is predictable that people would take offense to that kind of attitude operating in the healthcare sector. Don't get me wrong, I'm not personally concerning myself with it; what am I gonna do anyway? But I can remember off the top of my head that this isn't the first time others have remarked about your attitude towards those who are submissive before you. It is not a surprise that somebody tried to permaban you.

5af8edac No.3701524

>they're guys well into middle age
My bad, I was presumptuous.
Calling them "bois" did throw me off tho.

d99a8d68 No.3701527

File: 1683327532719.jpg (147.16 KB, 590x940, 6a2bccfd380034fee46c60643f….jpg)

I'm a shitbird myself, and I call them as I see them.

I say "bois" because to be honest, it doesnt matter if you're 14 or 54, all the complaints sound about the same.

Everyone hates their dads, everyone thinks their siblings were treated better than they were, all the bois want to be better than their brothers, and all the girls want to be the prettiest sister, and at their hearts it doesn't matter if you're a zoomer or a boomer, everyone is just as insecure as anyone else.

Given some "problematic" cases, but like I said, those are out of my pay-grade.

bois will be bois no matter how old they are.

d99a8d68 No.3701530

File: 1683328077947.jpg (9 KB, 286x176, shun.jpg)

Speaking of brotherly hate, and generally universal desire to have all the loves from a mom, even if she's a bitch.

I got my mom a set of Shun knives. An 8' chef, a santoku, and a utility. Mainly cause my brother is a bitch, and I want him to know how much of a bitch he is. Fuck my brother, fuck my dad, fuck my mom, I'm the best rich boi.

d99a8d68 No.3701531

File: 1683328437274.jpg (3.23 KB, 225x225, shunnn.jpg)

Every time she uses those fancy ass knives, it will be a reminder of my best boi-ness.

d99a8d68 No.3701546

File: 1683333743140.gif (1.86 MB, 449x449, a91373807c2e945e2e23147490….gif)

Best boi

d99a8d68 No.3701547

File: 1683336035564.jpg (364.73 KB, 600x900, 69661643_p0_master1200.jpg)

skunk gurl~

d99a8d68 No.3701548

File: 1683337918077.jpg (423.43 KB, 1200x1158, 1683208970102.jpg)

d99a8d68 No.3701549

File: 1683338023602.png (1.7 MB, 1950x2793, 1677876540649.png)

<3 best woof <3

d99a8d68 No.3701551

File: 1683338516003.png (142.46 KB, 500x500, 9696dd9b88b05c604227620ca6….png)


b0804c74 No.3701558

File: 1683343870718.jpg (51.29 KB, 640x534, 8f9da9ce9e0e1f89c5215fde25….jpg)


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