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Remember the McPizza?

8b28f168 No.3680963

I sort of remember the Arch Deluxe. During the rollout they were giving out 'get a free arch deluxe' coupons with pretty much every order so I'm guessing most of the sandwiches sold during the first month were given away.

Then the next month they're like "Arch Deluxe is the number #1 selling burger!" … of course it was.. they were giving most of them away!

Then you had all these billboards with kids with smirking gross faces "A burger that's not for kids". McD's was saying 'fuck you kids!'

Other than that I thought it was a pretty good burger.

fbe5208a No.3680976

File: 1670484232666.jpg (51.06 KB, 602x452, McDLT.jpg)

Then there was the heavily promoted


With it's special double carton that "keeps the hot side hot, and the cool side cool".

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File: 1670638796048.jpg (104.13 KB, 1024x793, past america mcdonalds men….jpg)

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File: 1670651286709.jpg (23.71 KB, 423x237, Whammy_Burger.jpg)

Whammy Burger!

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File: 1670668879400.jpg (84.64 KB, 940x560, burger.jpg)

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File: 1674240764267.png (312.91 KB, 611x430, burger-tounge.png)

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File: 1674247042890.png (943.24 KB, 644x823, Mother Ronald.png)

492d2066 No.3687328


And past America Burger prices.

What are they today ? Say a Big Mac :

$0.65 then , now $5.53

The good thing is, when a Bigmac cost $25 dollars and there has been no raise in minimum wages because "good pay for blue-collar workers is communism" , the obesity and diabetes crisis will be solved.

69c0afa8 No.3687329

File: 1674249018448-0.jpg (38.28 KB, 540x540, its_just_a_salad_ahem_burg….jpg)

File: 1674249018448-1.jpg (49.12 KB, 620x412, bacon-burger-and-a-diet-co….jpg)

> the obesity and diabetes crisis will be solved

f62490e5 No.3687334

are you kidding? a bigmac meal is almost 19 dollars now, and I'm in the fucking rust belt.

7be18508 No.3687350

File: 1674257340228.jpg (130.74 KB, 1100x691, photo-The-smallest-burger-….jpg)

> a bigmac meal is almost 19 dollars now
Skip the big Mac, you just need to buy smaller burgers then.

1b33c54c No.3687543

File: 1674335451477.jpg (101.67 KB, 735x794, violently American.jpg)

4926cf53 No.3687545


Hmm..A big mac alone is listed as $5.38 on the official McDonald site :


a bigmac meal is set at $9.32

dunno if they allow for variations between the states..

bee273ca No.3687547

Are you saying steam exaggerated? That doesn't sound like the steam I know.

c714b7ee No.3687558

This sounds correct. I'm north of the border but bear with me.
$19 USD in CAD is $25.42 and they have never cost that much here. I used to get DOUBLE Big-Mac combos with a milkshake for $17-18 CAD.

>a bigmac meal is set at $9.32
$9.32 USD in CAD is $12.47, which is about what a combo with a standard soft-drink costs here. If you change the soft-drink to a milkshake, add double beef, it will easily cost $17-18.

I think it's moot though since the point is that it's normal to feel ripped off by McDonald's nowadays. I stopped buying dinners there altogether once I realized that the food does not satiate my hunger one bit; I'd devour the whole meal and immediately feel like ordering another because I'd still be hungry.

f62490e5 No.3687559

I quit "buying" there when they changed their beef recipe or something. All the receipts came with a free quarter pounder meal, and I just kept getting free quarter pounders and receipts for free quarter pounders.

Then things changed. At first I thought it was just me, but then it turned out everyone had the same reaction.

You had one job mcdonalds, and you done and fucked it up.

f62490e5 No.3687560

plus I rage quit when I worked at a mcdonalds, they wanted me to work extra hous but clock out. I didn't, I just stayed on. Then they magically found exactly how much they'd have to pay for me to work missing from my cash register.

I was given the option of signing a paper saying I stole the money, or quitting. I left.

I was like 16. Which sucked because I was living on my own back then and I only had so much plasma to sell.

cddce86d No.3687562

They went up in price and had several falling out with marketing for "dipshits" in which their ad campaigns couldn't target exclusive retards. (Much of mcdonald's workforce is poorly trained and retarded.) because their management is retarded. When a zoomer tries to boss me around either he will have an excellent and respectable curly-do haircut or I will be pounding his Bussy because I will straight knock his pussy ass on the ground and pogger his face into the pavement…but like yeah I can see how mcdonalds and zoomer's will be relying on each other soon. The price though is twice as much as what it used to be and the recipie has turned to utter garbage and does not satisfy. Retarded marketing is mainly the problem, if they lower the prices their sales will sky rocket (they just don't care about their customer base or their actual workfroce either). Mcdonald's is not the only restaurant chain that does this in fact almost all restaurant chains are boycotted now save for american institutes that serve breakfast at midnite like Denny's and Wafflehouse, (because truckers).

59a16195 No.3687631

File: 1674415670311-0.jpg (80.64 KB, 491x324, anus-beef-missplelling.jpg)

File: 1674415670311-1.png (272.09 KB, 645x541, anus burger.png)

100% Anus Beef

e5b89564 No.3687654

File: 1674434294822.png (1.38 MB, 815x1019, McCobalt's.png)

4a3cd409 No.3688793

File: 1675319416959.jpg (38.44 KB, 500x333, funny-puns-funny-sayings.jpg)

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File: 1675651298008.jpg (52.19 KB, 640x861, 4ac07255add8f.jpg)

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File: 1677518086695.jpg (1.15 MB, 1800x3000, 1541179946.foggythemellowm….jpg)

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File: 1680276350818.jpg (610.25 KB, 1615x2281, Happy Meal mayhem.jpg)

A normal burger run with kids.

3625614e No.3701276

File: 1683103583512.jpg (38.12 KB, 450x548, burger-king-hilarious-im-1….jpg)

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