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File: 1669535562532.jpg (312.92 KB, 663x654, slaves.jpg)


Religious faith isn't about getting what you want. There is no religion that promises you wealth and power for long because they know they can't deliver on that for more than the elite at the top of the pyramid scheme. It's always a scam to get as many suckers as they can before the rubes wise up.

Religion, all religion, is about suckers learning to be happy with having nothing so the wealthy can have more. You are supposed to suffer for the church, not be rewarded.

They aren't even hiding it any more. There is a movement in America called the "Prosperity Gospel" where they tell you to give everything you can to the church and God will make you wealthy in return.

They get suckers to give their last dime to the church then when they die or kill themselves they claim it was God rewarding them in the afterlife. It's the ultimate grift!


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File: 1669535824537.jpg (69.75 KB, 984x812, mylittlepony_pinkamena_sex….jpg)


If a devil/god/goddess wants my devotion, they gotta grant one of my wishes first.

84ad79f5 No.3678495

What makes you think a God or Demon would want your devotion if they were real. It would be like you really caring about the opinion ants have of you.

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File: 1669538052910.jpg (47.7 KB, 822x648, pancake.jpg)


Do I really lose much either way? Since until a wish is granted I'm not doing much.

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File: 1669538691319.jpg (78.89 KB, 440x701, truth.jpg)


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File: 1669555873061.jpg (957.29 KB, 2606x3165, Trans-legos-instructions.jpg)

Republicans have started the "War on Christmas!" already but it's okay, this year, we're prepared.

We've already been sneaking our trans-propaganda into your kid's toys all year.

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File: 1669555924299.jpg (816.62 KB, 3024x4032, a4rxy4tr062a1.jpg)

Your Christmas belongs to us now!
Taste the rainbow, mother fuckers!

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>Conservatism and neo-liberalism both depends on suckers like you who will believe anything you are told without questioning.

There are probably people like that but a lot of others had God himself convince them with signs or miracles.

You could spend your days on Youtube watching testimonies, though that would do you no good whatsoever because you'd discard it all with an easy "these people are psychotic".

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File: 1669560278163-0.jpg (55.08 KB, 723x543, tumblr_7bd4aa9e6e04eb141ef….jpg)

File: 1669560278163-1.jpg (42.97 KB, 500x331, main-qimg-d0896fc0a671580d….jpg)

Protestors urge China's President Xi to resign over Covid restrictions - BBC News

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File: 1669562642147.jpg (61.93 KB, 800x800, sale-off-banner-design-tem….jpg)

Nobody buys that shit.
You will see them trying to give it away after the holidays, just like happened last year.
Apparently companies nowdays don't care if they lose money or even go out of business (like 'Bed Bath and Beyond') just so they can saw they were 'WOKE.'
No, they're actually asleep.

97a7c75c No.3678571


Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

97a7c75c No.3678574

>Religious faith isn't about getting what you want.


It is supposed to provide resistance to cultural contamination….to provide a common basis for society.

Christianitys fatal flaw is its attempt at universality. It assumes everyone is equal and of course that is nonsense. Whites and niggers are not even close to being equal. Whites are human and only humans can know salvation.

d0edce6f No.3678578

I always felt like white society would have dwarfed what it's became in it's entirety, legacy and all, if we stuck with Odin and kept with those teachings. But unfortunately we have a sandi am racist and not very bright religion now and that's that

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File: 1669564629490.jpg (274.89 KB, 1280x814, modernvikings.jpg)


I agree with you….but you must eliminate liberalism. That is the poison that destroys civilizations. NO society, without exception, survives liberalism and multi-culturalism.

Ironically, the liberalism today that is weakening our society paves the way for Islam to take over. When that happens, the liberals will be crushed completely and they are helping to make it happen. Conservatives will fit in just fine.

d0edce6f No.3678584

Japanese liberalism is fine, but I guess that isn't really liberalism, huh.

617b5210 No.3678613

Yeah maybe last year before they brought out the 'pacifiers'. Governemnt-Paid public helpers actually being paramilitary.

That is why you are only hearing about it now, but if it's true at all and they forgot their place they will be assigned new living conditions. China doesn't need permission to reality check its people. (Tough shit but there is no democracy in China. Zilch). It will be sold as another 'youth in revolt' college "project" (See Tianemen) but we all know it was a bloody-moshpit. That's how government suppressions work.

They use Kill Squads to contain revolutionaries over there, as long as you aren't a foreigner you don't get "gulaged" because of international relations.

This might as well be last year because the intel is already obviously "spit shined" for easy digest. But, China will say it's domestic issues are it's own business, and simply trade-war anyone who threatens their Economic Prospect of Public-Enslavement. And why should anyone care if they like their plastic toys and cheap packaging.

Forcing democracy will come with a price that Economically speaking, will do more harm than good, but for individual rights that might still improve the quality of life for some. (once again the Elites will vote against it)

So whichever side you want to pick industrially or visa the human struggle. You will find there are not so easy consequences for any outcome. Except for the maybe a few college students to end up using activism as form of "attention seeking" at the expense of their own country.

So this is the stage we are actually dealing with. Unfortunately it involves in China's case a pressing need to Enforce Gag Order's through Martial Presence. (Such as was in Tianemen 40 or so years ago)

This no doubt makes the psyops tingle with glee on Xmas.

d0edce6f No.3678614

@dog what about fmab, how u @ it

bd9dc4ff No.3678615

File: 1669574349478.png (461.13 KB, 1200x1200, pooh-blood-and-honey.png)

Protesters in Shanghai demand President Xi resign over China's Covid lockdowns

bd9dc4ff No.3678616

File: 1669574689842.gif (452.91 KB, 2017x1039, pyramid-gif-1.gif)

Real question; Why do we still need modern slavery despite technological advancements? What are we running out of? Are there any logistics why modern slaves make things cheap products around the world? Are influencers slaves to other top influencers? Is What does Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin, Iran women Protesting, Winnie the pooh of Chine-uh had any connections of the crisis we are facing?

97a7c75c No.3678621

File: 1669576200360.jpg (61.52 KB, 768x432, machines-11-3495031553.jpg)

>Why do we still need modern slavery

Its all about cost of production.

Capitalism uses wage slavery.

Communism uses forced labor.

Whether it be human slavery or automation, the lowest cost will win out.

Human slavery is where you are now.

When automation wins out, the economy is unnecessary and collapses into a dystopian nightmare.

When AI takes over decision-making, humanity is unnecessary.


a1caa1a5 No.3678623

Hey, I'll happily pay my Jizya if they drive out the Jews. That'd be a hell of a lot more than my current government does for me and they're taking 50%+ of my income.

If my culture is going to die at least let it fall to a better system.

>Why do we still need modern slavery
We don't. The elites do. It's not about the money, it's about the power. Elites don't care about money, it's imaginary anyway. Look at Ye. His money didn't help him one bit.

If you want to know more about the current crisis just read Klaus Schwabs books he wrote about it. It's not secret. They aren't trying to hide. They just rely on people being too lazy to read.

b92188f8 No.3678627

Capitalism doesn't 'use' anything. Capitalism is nothing more than the right to own and trade property.

All of the worst aspects of 'capitalism' that the worst people are always exploiting that the commies are always ranting about? That's the kikes. That's always been the kikes.

And then the commies ironically want to put in place measures against 'capitalism' that give those same kikes even more power over the system. Funny how that works out for them.

617b5210 No.3678648

File: 1669582945731-0.jpg (7.26 KB, 271x186, uavchina.jpg)

File: 1669582945731-1.jpg (56.98 KB, 600x337, Tank-with-drones1.jpg)

File: 1669582945731-2.png (88.51 KB, 404x316, 82f4dd93752103.Y3JvcCwxMjM….png)

File: 1669582945731-3.jpg (60.6 KB, 750x422, TurkishAutodrone.jpg)

File: 1669582945731-4.jpg (11.19 KB, 284x223, sci-fi-military-drone-vehi….jpg)

Something you need to understand that underneath all the public stunt and media hauling there are proto-type weaponry being released behind those cameras. As of 2022 there are automated drone and tank regiments that conduct military exercises and survelliance which have been establishing trade-control points and otherwise Civilian chokeholds, while it may be top secret to some people it is growing more obvious that infact we will just be demonstrating these forces once the media campaigns run dry. (That is a solid fact and a very fast approaching reality in which they are deployed for the purpose of media/military convention). I.E. Public Propoganda and General Thought Policing coupled with 5g relays the Drone Army and "Swarm Patrol" as I like to call it will likely be the "on demand security enforcement that is a hire or contract agency to be used in containing "protests" in China and America as well as other 3rd world and 1st world countries abroad. It is infact -a paradigm shift- from the standard tank/truck outfit people are used to.

These models by the way are edgy and decked with next-generation aesthetics including. Ion/Micro Wave Canons (but why stop there and add Fusion Engines?)

…Well…we don't want vigilantes running around with a beat-all hijacked secret technology. (It's no secret though…there ARE tanks and Rifle's built for this very purpose) Survival on the field means staying off grid for long periods of time. That means harnessing quantum resources and data tracking using fusion-technology to do this (This means mobial nuclear devices) The least of which are garunteed to be secured with an entire drone fleet (weaponized) as well as on board turrets (lethal) with a vast array of nvg and other stealth technologies. But they will call this experimental.

617b5210 No.3678654

File: 1669583476666-0.jpg (247.42 KB, 1200x675, StrkeZoneSignal-AntiDrone.jpg)

File: 1669583476666-1.jpg (8.09 KB, 240x210, rheinmetall Defense (anti ….jpg)

File: 1669583476666-2.jpg (9.29 KB, 259x194, ups drone trucks.jpg)

File: 1669583476666-3.jpg (5.16 KB, 275x183, 5gDeathTower.jpg)

File: 1669583476666-4.jpg (62.87 KB, 602x376, SuperBowl-Security.jpg)

Adding to post:
*Because it largely is used for staking special operations and espionage. Which is why the Ukraine-Russian war will inevitably die off making way for other spectacular demonstrations of Drone-Fleet versus Ground Force (Anti-Drone) Defense Systems between 1st world countries being Pretty much China (and India though there are peace agreements to not involve them at the moment…probably ever) So the "why can't we be friends' reel should be on autoplay by now and playing pretty loudly through the soon battle-border between these Great LandMasses (Literally Communist/Socialist Conventions) under the guise of a -naturalized- or neighborhood alliance (Non Violent Trade Agreement) So as long as the Economy holds out we don't resort to playing with these killer-machines.

That is the sad Reality the way the WOKE-Movement has demanded nothing but a Dark-Angel-Sitcom Scenario to play out and soon will effect our lives like A Terminator Franchise/Matrix Post-Apocalypse. Or MadMax for MOST of Us.

Some things to research here are Kratos(A literal Joke in Drone Design). And Other Next Generation Military Vehicles not limited to ICBM (nuclear doomsday missiles) As to make International Concerns or at least Garner a year's worth of Media Attention for Ratings in 2023.

Where to Go from here?
With the recent space launches there is not much to discuss other than international-trade in order to see these launch projects through to their later years. So the economy is going to be a prime-selection of Media-Spotlighting. We will be seeing scare-tactics either way but expect the weather to be particularly invested in stock values being outright toyed with and working people losing their so called 'futures'.

214bbb01 No.3678661

File: 1669587788359.jpg (19.36 KB, 506x378, i_redpill_cats.jpg)

The government doesn't want you to know this, but the ducks in the park are FREE. You can just take them home!


84ad79f5 No.3678666

>It is supposed to provide resistance to cultural contamination…

So you think the purpose of religion is to stop non-white people because they aren't part of the culture that Jesus, a middle-eastern Jew born 2000 years ago, intended for America to have?

84ad79f5 No.3678667

File: 1669589515412.jpg (74.68 KB, 680x348, SuperHitler.jpg)

Why do you conflate liberalism with multi-culturalism?
Liberalism is a financially based political structure not a culturally based one.

Liberalism is the flip side of conservatism.
They both use culture war issues to distract you from the fact they are fucking us all over for the benefit of the rich.

That's what you retards never seem to grasp. They are all on the same team.
The left that the liberals demonize are the only people actually fighting for you.

The wealthy want us attacking each other so we don't come after them and you MORONS keep falling for it.

fbbe617c No.3678675

File: 1669591196159.jpg (84.45 KB, 495x500, maggots.jpg)

b92188f8 No.3678676

Replace "rich" and "wealthy" with "jews", and let me know when the far left is willing to actually address that problem, and not simply another puppet of them.

2c21d104 No.3678677

File: 1669591939264.jpg (153.12 KB, 719x760, pro_gun.jpg)

I see you've received your weekly talking points for this week from your political pundits. Same talking points as all the shills on 4chan this week: Muh-"Class war, not culture war!"

I absolutely do not care about:
the economy
"class war"
that some people have more money than me.

I do care about:
Keeping my guns.
Being able to own any and every type of gun, with no restrictions.
Being able to carry a concealed firearm at all times.
Being able to use that firearm in defense of myself AND MY PERSONAL PROPERTY.

Both "liberals" and "the left" are the greatest threats to these things I do care about.

2c21d104 No.3678684

File: 1669592839648.jpg (185.89 KB, 724x899, the_enemy_of_my_enemy.jpg)

>The left that the liberals demonize are the only people actually fighting for you.

"The people who want to flood my nation with feral africans, are actively threatening me with physical violence, and are actively engaging in physical violence against me, are the only people fighting for me. They are my greatest ally."
–no one
–America, after the USS Liberty incident

Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound right now?

97a7c75c No.3678691

File: 1669593731345.jpg (175.41 KB, 1660x934, JST6RGY4N5HRHEYHZXPDZG7CL4.jpg)

>The wealthy want us attacking each other
>The left the liberals demonize are the only people actually fighting for you
>The left support multi-culturalism
>Multi-culturalism is what makes us attack each other
>Why are you not supporting the left

By the Elder Gods……

97a7c75c No.3678695

File: 1669594753895.jpg (123.38 KB, 1024x721, quote juliusevola capitali….jpg)

>Capitalism is nothing more than the right to own

Correct. And what you own is your labor.

When there is a surplus of population, the Capitalist model of wage slavery is most efficient as it drives the cost of labor low by bidding against each other at respective skill levels. Slaves are also self-maintaining.

When there is a deficit of population, the Communist model of forced labor is most efficient as the cost of labor is too high to allow bidding and still make production efficient. Slave costs are kept low by economy of scale.

If you are skilled or capable, Capitalism is best for you.

If you are unskilled or useless, then Communism is best for you.

97a7c75c No.3678696

File: 1669595228274.jpg (923.55 KB, 1591x3502, nationalismvsmulticultural….jpg)


Listen here Satan, your invention of Multiculturalism and its results are self-evident.

Homogenous societies do better with respect to the peoples quality of life.

Multiculturalism makes societies easier to govern as it make resistance to the rulers difficult when no one trusts or has anything in common.

97a7c75c No.3678697

File: 1669595637214.webm (2.92 MB, 360x246, france destroyed by multi….webm)

For those of you too young to understand what Multiculturalism does, here is a small video of Paris over 40 years. It transforms from a homogenous, nationalist society to a diverse, multicultural society.

Many such examples available to view.

1c1925fb No.3678700

File: 1669596838380.jpg (436.35 KB, 963x1200, 102183116_p0_master1200.jpg)

I had to correct my mom earlier on being willing to accept modern "multicuturalism" and learn from other cultures. There is a completely different outcome of learning from other cultures and accepting people based on their skin color point blank.

Problem is, no one wants to actually critique, and learn from what they gather. Most people want to take the easy route and just claim some moral high ground.

9182b6c5 No.3678703

I thought that was a scat pic at first

1c1925fb No.3678706

File: 1669597243886.jpg (391.61 KB, 736x1200, 96947593_p0_master1200.jpg)

Not super far off.

bd9dc4ff No.3678719

File: 1669598829031-0.jpg (130 KB, 793x909, prism-redeadexport.jpg)

File: 1669598829031-1.png (963.66 KB, 1220x686, zelda___redeads_by_cfowler….png)

File: 1669598829031-2.jpg (48.58 KB, 886x443, Ocarina-of-Time-ReDead-886….jpg)

Yo, why did you cut off the rest of his head? By the way pic hardcore related.

1c1925fb No.3678720

its a pixiv pic, they always usually cut off half the head or make the naughty bits covered in white lines. Nothing I can do about it.

4043f19a No.3678722

File: 1669599584329.jpg (57.36 KB, 1200x627, 2-444.jpg)

Jamil Hubbard, 30, has been found guilty of running over and murdering a stranger for “being white.”
In 2018, Hubbard ran over 56-year-old emergency medical technician Jerry Wolkowitz in a New Jersey parking lot, because of the color of his skin.

On Friday, Hubbard was convicted of first-degree Murder, first-degree Bias Intimidation, second-degree Eluding, third-degree Theft from the Person, third-degree Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, and third-degree Motor Vehicle Theft.

The Office of the Monmouth County Prosecutor said in a press release, “At approximately 7:15 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, May 1, 2018, members of the Freehold Township Police Department and other first responders rushed to the Chesterfield Apartments on Harding Road on a report of a physical altercation involving a person struck by a vehicle. At that location they found Wolkowitz in the apartment complex’s parking lot, having sustained severe injuries to his head, abdomen, and back. Wolkowitz was subsequently rushed to Jersey Shore University Medical Center for emergency treatment.”
“Missing from the parking lot was Wolkowitz’s vehicle, a Kia Forte, which Hubbard was later found to have stolen,” the press release continued. “Hubbard then led police on a pursuit, refusing to obey commands to pull over, until it was terminated due to high speeds and out of concern for public safety. Minutes later, the Kia was found abandoned on Bordentown Avenue in Sayreville, and Hubbard was arrested by members of the Sayreville Police Department without incident at his home in the nearby Winding Wood Apartments.”

The prosecutor’s office said that Hubbard told investigators that he spotted Wolkowitz walking nearby and “decided to try to kill him because he was white,” initially attacking him from behind with punches and kicks before stealing his wallet and car keys. He also told investigators he dragged the victim into the parking lot and ran him over.

“Mr. Wolkowitz was an innocent victim, minding his own business and on his way home from work, when his life was snuffed out over something as trivial as the color of his skin. Such a monstrous act necessitates that justice be served, and we sincerely thank the jury in this case for carefully weighing the evidence and reaching the appropriate conclusion.”

Sentencing in the case has been scheduled for March 31, 2023. Hubbard is facing up to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

1c44ada4 No.3678732

File: 1669601810700.jpg (121.91 KB, 976x783, a84.jpg)


"Pride parades are a celebration of people who have no future" -lotus eaters

lul, harsh

2c21d104 No.3678734

File: 1669602121960.jpg (296.35 KB, 1284x843, be_the_right_that_the_left….jpg)

Gun ownership is the highest human right, from which all other rights are descendant.

Everyone and their grandmother should be manufacturing mountains upon mountains of homemade firearms.


71728537 No.3678738

File: 1669603594597.jpg (87.99 KB, 960x640, Swanky.jpg)

PSA: Never forget the enemies-of-life who've been actively murdering the world's human and animal population the last 2 years. You've received an especially good lesson on who the dangerous liars and psychopaths are for the last 3 years, and how they operate.
Instead of taking part in the lies and battles they set up for you to waste time and energy on, build yourselves up and become stronger and more independent, so they'll have less influence and power over you.
Developing a healthy aversion or allergy to "jew"/zionist/khazar/pharisee poisons will make the road to becoming your best easier.

71728537 No.3678739

File: 1669603692001.png (142.75 KB, 509x720, Ready_for_Adventure.png)

Binged episode 13-19 of FMAB - ep 13 sure kicked things off; how the writers managed to keep so many new revelations still tied into the plot without becoming too chaotic to understand was impressive. Not sure how Greed will return from being melted into liquid stone soup and then sipped down like fine Port, but we'll see. Greed isn't exactly the most loyal and selfless of friends either but hey, there's still time. :P Too bad the dog chimera got sliced into two pieces, I kinda related to him. :3

I'm surprised that Sheska didn't tell Captain Focker about what had just happened a few seconds earlier, but I guess she's timid and generally overwhelmed by the weirdness of it all. Looks like Edward's a bit taller now, too.
(Didn't expect Mignogna to have been born in the 60's, he genuinely sounded like a teenage boy.)
Looking forward to more. :3

74d80e51 No.3678743

Jews will replace you

74d80e51 No.3678744

Blacks will replace you

b92188f8 No.3678758

lol retard. Maybe you should learn how the jews operate before you try trolling on their behalf.

811235dc No.3678760

lol retard. Maybe you should learn how Blacks operate before you try trolling on their behalf.

811235dc No.3678761

Mexicans will replace Blacks.
Oh wait, it's already happened.
Mexicans are the Major Minority now.

71728537 No.3678767

File: 1669612566465.jpg (53.73 KB, 640x360, CDR-max.jpg)

Good interview on Critical Disclosure Radio with Max:
Lots of good advice, as well as some names dropped of other interesting liberty-minded people.

2c21d104 No.3678769

File: 1669612714673.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 147muhajid_wojakal.png)


And no matter who replaces who,
Islam will soon dominate the world.

4b7bec30 No.3678777

Kill a Christian for Christmas!

2c21d104 No.3678798

Come back and say that after you spend a few years living under the boot of the aggressive, oppressive, degenerate left. You'll be begging Muslims to come save you, and you'll convert when they do.

84ad79f5 No.3678804

File: 1669620734712.png (156.87 KB, 1180x718, noapyno9bp0a1.png)

Spoken like a lunatic with too much money who has never had to worry about anything in his life because his parents gave him everything he ever wanted.

Do you still live with your parents? I bet you do.

84ad79f5 No.3678819

File: 1669623312168-0.jpg (47.96 KB, 719x235, 686036c5efbd.jpg)

File: 1669623312168-1.jpg (147.05 KB, 717x326, 3baf28180221.jpg)

File: 1669623312168-2.jpg (252.93 KB, 723x637, 006970922a1e.jpg)

File: 1669623312168-3.jpg (279.98 KB, 723x574, 16a0ce411419.jpg)

>The people who want to flood my nation with <made-up racist nonsense>

Every liberal president in your life time has deported more illegals than the Republicans before and after them.

Rich conservatives keep telling you we have open borders with immigrants flooding in unchecked but the reality is Biden is stronger on border protection than Trump ever was.

That's why Republicans keep saying stupid shit like "Joe Biden is letting in drugs at the border!" using as proof of this conspiracy that he has set records almost every month for seizing drugs and arresting illegals in records amounts which of course means that the drugs and illegals aren't actually making it into America.

The border crisis you think is happening is propaganda. The proof you think you see is because you are too fucking stupid to think for yourself.

84ad79f5 No.3678821

I'm glad you found an imaginary friend that makes you happy. Good for you!

84ad79f5 No.3678822

File: 1669624347247-0.jpg (72.63 KB, 719x653, 9d8d00503399.jpg)

File: 1669624347247-1.jpg (49.69 KB, 808x303, ad5a0c5e6f97.jpg)

Remember that campaign manager Trump pardoned for helping a Russian business man illegally donate money to Trump's election campaign?

Well, the feds couldn't arrest him on that charge because Trump protected his crime-pal but once Trump was out of office they charged him with the six OTHER times he illegally funneled money from Russia to Trump and now he's going to prison unless he turns over some juicy information to help the feds put away someone higher up the corrupt food chain.

I wonder who he will turn on first?

84ad79f5 No.3678823

File: 1669624653824-0.jpg (78.36 KB, 680x426, Very-sorry-results.jpg)

He's a murderer who went to prison for the murder. Why are you mad? This is the system working. If you don't want people doing hate crimes then stop spreading hate and bigotry.

29984ddc No.3678824

>And no matter who replaces who,
Islam will soon dominate the world.

Islam leads to shitholisation, it will never dominate the world.

It looks like it is making progress because it's funded heavilly in Europe: governments import new muslims every year and give them money to breed, literally. But sometime white money will run out.

84ad79f5 No.3678828

File: 1669628728492.jpg (63.01 KB, 401x556, Focusing_On_the_Wrong_Thin….jpg)

All religion is dying off. Christianity is shrinking rapidly and Islam is only growing because they are breeding like rabbits.

Islam isn't even going to catch up to Christianity until around 2050 and that takes into account the fact that Christianity is shrinking at a continuous rate until 2050.

Islam is in no way a real threat. It never was. It was always about money and oil.

84ad79f5 No.3678829

d0edce6f No.3678843

File: 1669631387687.jpg (220.91 KB, 728x1061, 40eb344fe7580a8411edd071b9….jpg)

religion is based

71728537 No.3678921

File: 1669645047969.png (136.29 KB, 720x720, funky_time.png)

Saw episodes 20-23 just now. Greed and Scar seem to be the most "intense" characters by far.
This is quite a show!
Pretty tired now, bed etc.

d0edce6f No.3678923

They change a lot.

d0edce6f No.3678925

hohenheim is a chad, wait till u see his arc

d0edce6f No.3678928

the jews went after mignogna IRL and that was bullshit

71728537 No.3678931

File: 1669646059104.jpg (130.65 KB, 720x720, cool_dog.jpg)

Will look into that.

I just accidentally deleted a longer reply due to sleepiness. :/
Anyway, I thought Hohenheim was the evil guy who drank Greed, but didn't want to check to prevent spoilers.

d0edce6f No.3678933

They have the same appearance for a very significant reason you aren't going to know for a while.

d0edce6f No.3678934

opening 2 is so fucking cool, I always felt the imagery of a rainy cloudy day being described through the lyrics and visuals alike was enticing

71728537 No.3678943

File: 1669647559155.jpg (81.03 KB, 960x640, sleepy_dog.jpg)

I agree, have noticed that as well. Been trying to bury my feelings for a long time about things, and this show is bringing them up which isn't easy, but it's a good thing.
The Japanese indeed are good with invoking feelings.

811235dc No.3678945

Just so everyone knows, the ID that 3B is currently using to post his hate-filled lies is now ID:84ad79f5

Aufy, as you already know, 3B has always been the one who posts most of the pedo porn on here, so please focus your efforts on him as well.

d0edce6f No.3678948

It's pretty easy for it to do that because it's about a bunch of zogbots who've had enough and got fed up with their masters going awol. I recommended it because it's a basic story and has a heroic arc unlike it's imo also stellar 2003 version which had a different second half and ending that was more gritty and realistic, but at any rate brotherhood/the manga is basically western society disillusionment simulator.

d0edce6f No.3678949

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nXVBDVUWVU not a recommendation but it's the same studio (Bones. They incidentally also did the first series!), and they're absolutely fantastic at creating action sequences, as evidenced also in that clip. Skimming through my collection of episodes I almost forgot how fantastic the direction was in FMAB, from the oil painted backgrounds to the kinetic bombast of the martial arts scenes and the many different angles they're willing to draw from

947c1969 No.3678950

File: 1669648835578.jpg (239.94 KB, 1080x1080, reply trump was better.jpg)


>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

2022 ←- You are here.
>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>I wonder who he will turn on first?

>Trump re-elected

>Democrats go to prison for abuse of power

d0edce6f No.3678952

I used to like japanese music a lot. It feels like one of the first things that's starting to get kiked over there but for the most part they just started developing bad taste of their own volition. I like how the lyrics feed into a sort of ambiguity and creative license that the reader/listener can use to relate to better, it's the nature of their language

d0edce6f No.3678953

File: 1669649120314.jpg (831.48 KB, 1920x1080, [Reaktor] Fullmetal Alchem….jpg)


alphonse reading 3B or pedoyuki or dan posts

d0edce6f No.3678955

Scar was fuckin right btw

84ad79f5 No.3678999

File: 1669662349545.jpg (569 KB, 700x759, 6jb541gsp7nadsi177xxpid3.jpg)

Don't stop belieeeevin'!
Hold on to that feeEEeeeliiin'!

For a second time a council of judges (All Republicans, 2 appointed by Trump himself) has denied Trump's request for a special master to examine the top secret documents that Trump stole and kept at his club in Mar-a-lago.

His lawyers have been DESPERATLY trying to convince the courts that Trump should be able to appoint someone who can say what will be and what will not be allowed as evidence of his crime. Of course that's not how it works, and now he's out of appeals!

No more delaying tactics!
No more legal tricks!
Time to pay the piper.

19ecdace No.3679006


If that guy uses his dick as a compass needle then he shall forever disappear in the wild.

84ad79f5 No.3679007

File: 1669662660375.jpg (116.59 KB, 1219x1260, 4bhvsmju9q1a1.jpg)

Speaking of paying the piper! A second judge has ruled against Alex Jones bringing his debt to the Sandyhook families he targeted for harassment up to 1.4 Billion dollars and there are still several cases in court! I expect they will resolve much more quickly now that the first two cases have went against Jones.

It'll be fun to see who goes broke first, Trump, Musk or Alex Jones.

84ad79f5 No.3679010

I honest to God did not know that white people's dicks could do that. Side effect of inbreeding maybe?

3e32e73d No.3679053

Your cult believes in unproven 1,000 genders and loves baby sacrifice. You are responsible for more deaths than your "scary" guns. Why are you a party of violence and hate???

15c3258a No.3679059

File: 1669666678895.png (490.46 KB, 1022x868, vtptubb84o131.png)

30f064b2 No.3679062

File: 1669667967090.jpg (81.25 KB, 720x601, dumbass.JPG)


And these are just the ones that they know about and caught.

Now tell me about the 'got-aways'? The estimate is that it is the same amount as the caught ones.

By the Elder Gods, may Cthulhu not have mercy on your soul.

181d9631 No.3679069

illegal guns used to kill other people
illegal abortions risk killing the person getting them

Even if you (stupidly) equivocate in a "killing is killing" way the potential for harm is drastically reduced for abortions. Keep abortions legal and the people getting them almost never die.

Keep guns legal or ban them and reich-tards and incels will still go on murder sprees. It will just be harder for them if guns are harder to get.

84ad79f5 No.3679073


You're quoting a report about Biden from the House GOP? That's like asking Satan about nuns.

84ad79f5 No.3679074

File: 1669671192421.jpg (78.95 KB, 948x416, 3eaf3953fec1.jpg)

And it takes me literal seconds to find proof your Republicans are a lying sack of shit.

"The lower numbers were partly the result of enforcement changes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic that have allowed U.S. agents to rapidly expel unlawful border crossers under the Title 42 public health code, a procedure that does not count as a formal deportation."


84ad79f5 No.3679077

File: 1669671897668.jpg (67.58 KB, 680x615, FihFnM2XEAE8Yz2.jpg)

Once again, more proof that Biden is stronger on the border and illegal immigrants than Trump or any other Republican ever was. When Covid hit, he used Title 42 to skip due process and kick people back to Mexico while focusing on hunting down criminal illegals inside the U.S.

You wish Republicans could get away with being as hard on illegals as Biden did in 2021 but they didn't. Hell even Trump, at the height of the pandemic wasn't smart enough to invoke Title 42. He was too stupid to even be an effective bigot and now the Republicans are trying to act like Biden is weak on the border?

You know him being brutal at the border makes him less popular with his base, right?
You are helping Biden's popularity by lying about what he did there.


d0edce6f No.3679078

guns kill trannies, abortions kill children

the priorities are clear, mang

811235dc No.3679085

Why do you lie?
It's exactly the opposite of what you claim!!

811235dc No.3679086

AUFY, remember how the board was almost lost before, someone reported something as mundane as DEAD FOXES to the ISP hosting provider, and i'm not even sure something like that is technically illegal!
The even WORSE stuff that is posted here constantly (mostly by 3B) is obviously NOT being reported to them. Hate speech, pedo porn, you name it.

My man you have a job to do! Should be kind of easy, just keep complaining to them relentlessly. Every single day.

To find out who the ISP is, just Google something like "ISP of Lulz.net"

The sweetest part is that it gets rid of 3B.

27f72d21 No.3679091

fc1b8aeb No.3679093

Don't go to MFF

d0edce6f No.3679096

that pic looks AI made, you should seriously get that off of your computer

3e156127 No.3679097

AUFY you might want to try that search in Yandex.com you will get better results. Leftist Google blocks too much shit.
You could also try a search like "Find web site hosting provider" which then brings up services that let you type the name of the site in.
If you need more help let me know.

30f064b2 No.3679099

File: 1669684768490.jpg (87.93 KB, 529x712, reply owlwith bat.jpg)

>Title 42

Isnt that something President Trump implemented?

Do I have to school you some?

30f064b2 No.3679101

File: 1669685524386.jpg (43 KB, 475x356, reply buster bunny interne….jpg)


And it takes me literal seconds to find proof 3B is a lying sack of shit.

3B calls these GOP sources

>ICE report
>DHS report

3B calls this fake news from those reports

>Biden 2021 deportations : 59011
'>Trump 2020 deportations : 185884

And then the bold faced, shit in mouth lie with no embarrassment….

>Biden is stronger on the border and illegal immigrants than Trump or any other Republican ever was

By the Elder Gods, may Cthulhu hide your soul in his anus….

What the FUCK is WRONG with you?!!?!??!

71728537 No.3679102

File: 1669686080476.png (194.33 KB, 405x365, Gentledoge.png)

>AI shit.
That's unfortunate because it's cute - I found the original "artist's" gallery and it's full of this fake crap.

It's not going to be easy to put a lid on this AI thing, especially with this new emerging wave of lazy no-talents who are going to jump on this and try to invest every ounce of energy into creating something fake rather than investing that energy into themselves to create something real.
Without that human energy these fools are investing into it, this AI thing could never work.

There are so many battles/distractions out there now to choose from.

27f72d21 No.3679104

File: 1669686701578.jpg (92.66 KB, 512x640, SquareBlend_20221024450281….jpg)

What's so unfortunate about it? I'm glad A.I cana draw now. We should be happy for our machines.

d0edce6f No.3679105

you're a retard

d0edce6f No.3679106

i got some fucking lecture from a zoomer about how anime destroys animators and it's a severe health hazard because they live in an era where everything is done for them with clean drinking water and rich parents and don't appreciate hard work

d0edce6f No.3679107

why do you think im making my shit now, human made is gonna die tomorrow

461d4fcd No.3679108

File: 1669687036995.jpg (40.85 KB, 458x601, 1669685817753056.jpg)

LOL that retarded nignog Kanye chimped out of a Tim Pool interview along with his buttbuddy grifters Spic Fuentes and Milo

I can't believe anyone takes him seriously. Then again you have to be retarded to buy his ugly ass shoes in the first place

d0edce6f No.3679109

d0edce6f No.3679111

it's not just ai, it's theft, straight up

d0edce6f No.3679112

do u wanna talk on tox tonight real quick or nah

71728537 No.3679113

File: 1669688328709-0.jpg (43.85 KB, 363x493, Best_Friends.jpg)

File: 1669688328709-1.png (66.36 KB, 1117x598, Nightmarehost.png)

Lulz's host isn't a "secret" BTW. This site's using (((CloudFlare))) like a bitch so the host is hidden that way, but the MX records still point to a host.
cho0b actually mentioned his host a few times now, so you just need to check through old threads, etc. (I think it was one of the donation threads, possibly the dead fox thread and I think there was a "I'm being DDoS'ed but lololol" thread.) Personally I couldn't care less so eh, don't even remember if it's the same host that the MX records point to.
The usual procedure is to whine to (((ClotFlare))) regarding an abuse case, and they'll pass the host information on to you.

Having said that - I don't think any of the shit currently on here's illegal under US law, and the actual CP gets removed after a few hours of getting fawned over by our favourite mod. Therefore, any complaints/whining won't have much of a foundation.

If you really want this place to burn down forever and cho0b to get vanned, make sure you post lots of honest and real information regarding the full out unrestricted war that's currently being waged against all human/animal life, and what to do about it.
The old 8chan and 16chan.xyz were onto these bastards and got shoah'd for it. This place however is (((safe))) from that happening.

Sure, I'll very likely have time in 10 to 12 hours from now.

71728537 No.3679114

Those people will all be dead very soon, and by their own stupidity. (It's in the Bible, too.) I didn't want this to happen, but it was probably inevitable.

Ways to fight back do exist, but the AI-gravy-train is being sponsored with endless supplies of money/resources, because it's a vital tool of war against humanity/mankind:

d0edce6f No.3679115

What ways to fight back should we even use?

d0edce6f No.3679117

>dead soon

wish i was the one doing it ala Ainz ool Gown or Rimuru but I guess this will do. I hope you are right, we cannot heal while the trannoids are around

84ad79f5 No.3679120

File: 1669693943282.jpg (47.54 KB, 750x600, dumbass.jpg)

I didn't call them fake news. I said they left out information from the accurate report.

During Covid Biden suspended the normal process of deportation and REPLACED IT with Title 42.

Title 42 allows border enforcement to turn away migrants and even refuge seekers because of the pandemic.

He turned away over a million people trying to flee to America during 2021 without due process, without letting them file any paper-work, without anything.

That is why the number of people who went through the legal process of deportation is so low. They weren't using it at the border. Title 42 effectively closed the border.

The GOP are LYING to you when they act as if he was just letting everyone in and not deporting people. Joe Biden turned away more people at the boarder in 2021 than Trump did in all 4 years. His voters were pissed about it because he was turning away asylum seekers which is normally illegal under non-pandemic, international law.

By lying about what he did, you are helping him. You are covering up the truth that when push came to shove, he left people to die of Covid rather than let them in to America to get treatment.

84ad79f5 No.3679122

File: 1669694993749.jpg (58.74 KB, 510x680, just-stop.jpg)

Yes, In 2020, the Trump administration retooled a public health statute that was intended to prevent ships from docking at American ports if there was a rick they could carry a plague.

They claimed (without any legal precedence) that the same rule would allow them to shut down the border and stop everyone from coming in until the pandemic was over.

This was not what the law was intended for and it violated international law but Trump did it anyway and when Biden took over, he just kept doing it which pissed off his voters.

Remember Kamala Harris' big "Don't come to America." speech in Mexico that pissed off the left?
That was Title 42 in action.

Biden could have restored the normal rules, we have a vaccine, we had plenty of masks, he could have taken our normal amount of asylum seekers but he choose to side with the white nationalists because he is one at his core.

He grew up during the final days of segregation and he wasn't on the side of the people trying to end it.

By pretending he is pro-immigrant you are helping him, you fucking moron!
You are so blindly angry that you are helping him cover up his bigotry.

84ad79f5 No.3679123

File: 1669695505079.webm (3.57 MB, 320x180, Useful-idiots.webm)

The question you should be asking yourself is, "Why are the House GOP trying to make Biden look good to his minority voters instead of attacking him?"

I bet it's because the elites in the GOP are scared Trump or Desantis is going to win the 2024 Republican primary and they don't want either of those people in power destabilizing the economy and undermining the Republic. They would rather have Dementia Joe for 4 more years than have Trump because the elites in the GOP fucking HATE their voters.

If they could get away with turning you all into corporate slaves wearing bomb-collars they would do it in a heartbeat and so would half the democrats and you MORONS are lapping it up like dogs!

84ad79f5 No.3679128

File: 1669696244865.jpg (153.05 KB, 836x754, 0439af7d71f5.jpg)

If you idiots paid any attention to the news that wasn't fed to you by right-wing propagandists you would know that right-now, today, at the border there are over a thousand people trapped between Mexico's border and America's border with both nations refusing to let them in.

They are being forced to sleep in the dirt with their children trying not to freeze to death at night or die of thirst because Biden won't let them in.

You should be attacking him on this, but you're not because you're such suckers you believe he's opened the borders and being a hero for the oppressed.

Mexico is literally leaving those people to die and Biden is just watching it happen without letting any one do anything about it.


3e156127 No.3679131

3B's new ID is


Report him and his hate speech and terrorist threats to the HOSTING PROVIDER of Lulz.net

d0edce6f No.3679186

@dog, im on tox, around the time u said

d0edce6f No.3679187

>biden the white nationalist


i wish

71728537 No.3679188

File: 1669724998632.jpg (228.72 KB, 1280x779, ca54c0a83f53f536b229969f34….jpg)

>What ways to fight back should we even use?
It doesn't need to be complicated or take long, will post some ideas tomorrow, including a simple letter to write to places that allow such images.

Okay, me too.

71728537 No.3679191

File: 1669734266112.png (746.12 KB, 956x1042, 962de16487bac585308c7faf60….png)

Bugger, missed you. Next time then.

d0edce6f No.3679192

im here

d0edce6f No.3679193

still there and waitin for your internet to hold up again

169ece12 No.3679194

File: 1669736170387.jpeg (179.85 KB, 1284x1265, FiuRxdZWAAQatlg.jpeg)

d0edce6f No.3679195


d0edce6f No.3679196

sent a really important message before ur net/u went, OML, lol, at least read the last one

d0edce6f No.3679197

dog i summon ye

still a very import last message, u have my permission to die after watests/ palpatine

4f232c43 No.3679199

File: 1669742098771-0.jpg (205.6 KB, 1000x670, 1661261133713.jpg)

File: 1669742098771-1.webm (3.81 MB, 960x540, 1669627319065635.webm)

Let's listen to the Left.

d0edce6f No.3679200

also dog

Yeah. I left one last message for when you wake up.

@dog YA. I'll leave Tox on so just pick it up whenever.

uh might require clearing up

do u think anyone here thinks we're bfs or something LOL

d0edce6f No.3679201


>Flood detected on a whitelisted tripcode

even more hilarious

fuck you toob

d0edce6f No.3679202

d0edce6f No.3679204

the msg is after 'will do' btw

a3f37ba9 No.3679206

File: 1669743105039.png (258.47 KB, 839x1134, 2659821.png)

a3f37ba9 No.3679218

File: 1669743679277.png (1020.93 KB, 721x1108, byRamiras1533681327017.png)


17yo boy hung himself is his own school after being false accused. Because he knew the system would fail him.

4f232c43 No.3679234

File: 1669746720861.jpg (127.84 KB, 756x1200, lolli.jpg)

People need to clamp down on 17 year olds going too far.

You are practically a adult time to grow up.

a3f37ba9 No.3679395

File: 1669761910987.jpg (138.23 KB, 900x1280, 1484456263.thezackrabbit_y….jpg)

7f8feb4a No.3679410

File: 1669765214500.jpeg (115.78 KB, 1066x1311, Fiu6wxbXEAArl1x.jpeg)

146d43d6 No.3679454

File: 1669771545270.jpg (80.87 KB, 717x755, 16d1b2d943cd.jpg)

Mitch McConnel is tired of Trump's LOSER ways so he spoke out against him and his white nationalist friends.


146d43d6 No.3679455

You don't commit suicide over a rape accusation unless you did it.

146d43d6 No.3679458

"Classically liberal" is just rebranded white nationalism in a suit and tie instead of a hood and robes so yes, I'm sure Musk who inherited apartheid blood money is very happy to call himself a "Classic Liberal"

America is putting him in his place just like we do all you scum. You are not welcome in our nation and America is our nation. Not yours.

30b98c02 No.3679461

File: 1669772341808.jpg (64.47 KB, 538x482, laughviking.jpg)


>turned away over a million people
>>Biden 2021 deportations : 59011

By the Elder Gods…..you do not even try to live in reality.

146d43d6 No.3679464

Read the thread, moron. Biden stopped using the deportation system and used the Title 42 method which doesn't count as deportation and is probably illegal under international law now but you're too simple to understand that I guess.

30b98c02 No.3679467

File: 1669772763357-0.jpg (82.65 KB, 625x518, jjjjjjjjj.JPG)

File: 1669772763357-1.png (217.57 KB, 480x344, faggot.png)



No, you dont have to do it…..there is no consequence for a fake accusation.

146d43d6 No.3679479

Jesus traveled with 12 men everywhere he went. I'm pretty sure he was at least bi.

146d43d6 No.3679482

You're correct, there is no consequence for a FAKE accusation. So why did he kill himself unless he did it?
Why did the accusation make him that upsets if it wasn't true?

146d43d6 No.3679489

File: 1669775409838.jpg (115.19 KB, 625x518, 16697727-0.jpg)

Also you might want to base your data on a major nation and from a site that doesn't feature headlines like, "BLM and Feminazis Unite, Railroad White Policeman!" and "Vote counting corrupted in USA, infiltrated by dishonest leftist activists!"

They seem like they are just teeny bit bias.

146d43d6 No.3679502

File: 1669777715385.jpg (48.28 KB, 640x629, FiRILjwXwAQnZXt.jpg)

Another day, another conservative pedophile!
You would think conservatives would start screening for this kind of thing at some point but no, you just keep on inviting the worst scum into your fold.


146d43d6 No.3679506

File: 1669779141371.jpg (61.57 KB, 1094x396, FirnzRPVIAAtNMj.jpg)

In other news, Trump once again bragged about purposefully taking top secret documents. I guess he wants to see how many times he can confess to his crime before they charge him?

bd9dc4ff No.3679507

File: 1669780023266.webm (6.2 MB, 426x240, A Brief Disagreement-240p.webm)

3e32e73d No.3679513

3B now using ID


Ignore all posts, do not reply.

617b5210 No.3679515

It can draw but they won't release it for public consumption without said public having the entire database on subscription service.

So there's the problem. According to the guides I can readily use them and while I have been trying to I have only got it to spoof other images under its own brushsets and not actually generate them. I'm stumped to be honest.

You want to know how much bs that it is? A company problem could just release the scripts and auto-installers to handle this but they don't care. They want you to break your brain on mountains of program descrapancy checks to get it to work.

Currently I am running a VM to do this but like a dumbass I cant elevate the permissions to see if it even works. Then there is hardware problems that aren't compliant to the original setup. I would have to reboot my machine and start from scratch, which I basically have done.

Then Installing a Free-Ware Operating system to even load. A program that runs on some repository of folders that have to be force-fed on installs (VMWARE snapshots suck ass too once they are up) Mainly because Windows complicates things with Adminster Settings (its a huge road block FOR REGULAR USERS).

Now that you get past that to see if you can load an operating system for Linux/Ubuntu ETC. You have todownload the source files and the repository systems for other ease of access. So that you can emulate the onboard Virtualization that is to take place with your GPU (being run with VMWARE or not, it will still need to have "access rights to virualization on your own BIOS).

So once you figure out how to do even that you finally need to install the licenses and compatibilities for the thing to even run on the "Machine" which by the time you do that you are either 3 layers deep into using OperatingSystems/VirtualMachines and Modules+ThirdParty for it to be loaded just at all.

If you even get it to load you have to make sure all the settings are correct and the smallest detail like a version issue with any other Video Card that its not intended for turns it to a flat line pile of TrashCode. And it sucks ass you end up having to build everything just to prune it down to nothing.

I have gone through 400gigs of trial and error just right now gotta say I am not amused.

617b5210 No.3679518

its not even that special of a thing to comprehend. with the amount of reinstalling I went through its like building a plasma ball. to do all the ai work for you.

1c1925fb No.3679529

now you know my pain.

146d43d6 No.3679541

File: 1669791313631.jpg (13.05 KB, 236x350, EVq5CFCU0AAi3IF.jpg)

In dumbass Republican news, officials in a deeply Republican county in Arizona are refusing to certify the election results of the mid-terms. If they don't do it by Friday all the votes in that county will be tossed out which will result in the Democrats flipping both a congressional House seat and a state School Chief from red to blue.

470aa640 No.3679590

>You don't commit suicide over a rape accusation unless you did it.

Lol. It's a 17 years olds we are talking about. Their reputation on facebook and Tiktok or whatever youngs use is EVERYTHING to them.

You don't commit suicide over a false accusation when you're a 40+ non nonsense, rugged, cynical motherfucker, not a youngster.

3e32e73d No.3679605

3B is now using ID


Ignore all posts, do not reply.

d0edce6f No.3679618


i wanted to give you a banger friend

fec4061b No.3679620

File: 1669818074722.jpg (55.97 KB, 510x680, Capitol-Police-Heroes.jpg)

Oath Keeper Founder Stewart Rhodes GUILTY of seditious conspiracy.
Kelly Meggs ALSO found GUILTY of seditious conspiracy.
All 5 Oath Keepers found GUILTY of obstructing an official proceeding.
All 5 have been found GUILTY of aiding and abetting.

These are the first successful seditious conspiracy charges in over 25 years.
They fucked around!
They found out!


d0edce6f No.3679625

@dog still on tox btw

d0edce6f No.3679626

hop on and tell me ur fmab stries and we can have a laugh

fec4061b No.3679627

File: 1669824134909.jpg (50.88 KB, 965x609, 28ac3d43b4b8.jpg)

A Marine reservist who thought it would be fun to "Make Politicians Afraid Again" is now enjoying a time out in jail for his part in Jan 6th.

It probably would have been harder to identify him if he wasn't wearing a hoody with his Marine unit's logo on it.


85256189 No.3679628

File: 1669826496383.jpg (23.29 KB, 615x275, jjjjjjj.JPG)

No. You read it wrong. There is no consequence to the ACCUSER for a fake accusation.

As such, you can make fake accusations of anyone, at any time. The accused has his life destroyed even if not convicted.

They are not even charged with filing a false police report.

To add insult to injury, the accusers get anonymity but the accused gets published.

85256189 No.3679630

File: 1669827079483.jpg (86.13 KB, 1000x500, 3wncff-2636659573.jpg)

>I will attack the source
>I can never call it false

How quickly everyone forgets the MeToo movement of false rape accusations.

85256189 No.3679631

File: 1669827447347.png (534.75 KB, 412x500, Untitled.png)

Never forget.

Falsely accused Trump is falsely accused

Obviously guilty Biden is obviously guilty

b9c897af No.3679634

File: 1669831141701.jpg (126.55 KB, 1200x1100, Fi1EvtiWAA4LOQJ.jpg)

fec4061b No.3679635

If the alternative wasn't retard Hitler no one would have voted for Dementia Joe.

He only won because the alternative was worse.

85256189 No.3679636

File: 1669832211289.jpg (65.41 KB, 488x600, 2020election win vs steal.jpg)


>Le Ebil Nazis…….RREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

>Everyone I dont like is Hitler….

fec4061b No.3679655

Retard, it was Trump who put up the fencing and the guards around the white house because he was scared of BLM protestors. He hid in the underground bunker below the white house for days.


b9c897af No.3679656

Republicans lose because

Republicans are losers

3e32e73d No.3679659

3B is hopping between proxy ID's now.

But I think everyone on here can still recognize him instantly anyway by the lying or inaccurate horse shit he always posts.

85256189 No.3679661

File: 1669839560535-0.jpg (50.24 KB, 727x384, fence.JPG)

File: 1669839560535-1.jpg (31.59 KB, 653x336, fence2.JPG)

File: 1669839560535-2.png (487.42 KB, 1121x617, concrete wall white house.png)


>it was Trump


fec4061b No.3679662

File: 1669841024780.jpg (48.66 KB, 611x680, Apple-pwns-Musk.jpg)

>Mysterious wall!

They are repairing one of the walls so they set up a temporary barricade while the other gate is wide open to be updated. It's a mystery you could have solved with a simple google search.

fec4061b No.3679674

File: 1669843065885.jpg (127.65 KB, 488x657, d79eb19c1cfc.jpg)

Conservative talking-head Matt Walsh went on Joe Rogan's show and claimed a million pre-pubescents girls got double mastectomies as part of gender affirming care.

Of course he was WILDLY exaggerating the numbers and Joe Rogan's staff called him out on it.
They were smart enough to catch him in his lie about the number of people getting their breasts removed.
However they were not smart enough to think, "Wait, how are pre-pubescents girls getting their breasts removed if they haven't hit puberty to develop those breasts in the first place?"

Pro-tip: They aren't. Those numbers they verified are for people 17 and over because doctors don't do the operation before then unless it's a life threatening situation like rare cases of cancer.


845b6487 No.3679677

File: 1669843736640.jpg (60.23 KB, 786x894, 788888888.jpg)

Someone made a funny point. After ukraine war is over theres going to be tons of women in sexual need and not many young men due to conscription/war there, probably.

If you want a harem it might be your chance, lulzians.

fec4061b No.3679678

If conservatives lose hard enough in 2024 they might give up on America and move to Russia to start a new America.

1c1925fb No.3679685

File: 1669845361444.png (3.57 MB, 1810x1539, 1575069719.daftpatriot_nid….png)

The only one's losing out are fags like me looking to date slightly above average military age men.

I guess I'm not helping out with the female population either.

845b6487 No.3679686

File: 1669846423915.png (1.57 MB, 1200x675, jim3.png)

Which does lulz prefer? Jim before they were political in their videos or once they became woke?

1c1925fb No.3679687

go woke, go broke. Is that even a question?

845b6487 No.3679688

File: 1669846542139.png (544.44 KB, 1589x698, Jim_Sterling.png)

85256189 No.3679689

File: 1669847574209.jpg (68.6 KB, 640x602, 3B mental gymnastic progre….jpg)

>3B spreading mis-information

The leftist cries out in pain as he strikes you….

0ff4b33b No.3679704

File: 1669856818429-0.jpeg (133.68 KB, 1024x922, D75366E9-35CF-4B10-9768-1….jpeg)

File: 1669856818429-1.jpeg (148.47 KB, 1011x1024, 6A7571E7-2308-4147-872A-B….jpeg)

Plz…we know who your masters are and we know what they want!

b9c897af No.3679754

haha google proud boy snitch for more

461d4fcd No.3679793

The feds and their assets are balls deep in all political groups. They're responsible for 99% of anything political that happens in the streets and need to keep inventing plots and groups to keep their budget and push their agenda.

Real people are too busy to attend "demonstrations" or occupy wall street or risk losing their job because they got arrested at a protest and couldn't clock in on time the next day. These assclowns will label you a domestic terrorist for attending a PTA meeting

fb8c45c0 No.3679821

File: 1669896541190-0.jpg (69.66 KB, 648x669, 169574dda5f7.jpg)

File: 1669896541190-1.jpg (73.17 KB, 720x661, e1e2d1526866.jpg)

File: 1669896541190-2.jpg (84.39 KB, 721x597, 40b93ca97a6b.jpg)

The (G)roup (O)f (P)edophiles just keeps making news!
Conservatives getting arrested and convicted of being pedos left and right all across America!
It's almost like under Trump the cops weren't allowed to do their jobs but now that Republicans are out of power they can!

I wonder why Trump would have been protecting Republican pedophiles?
It is a mystery!

fb8c45c0 No.3679822

File: 1669897322742-0.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Live-cam.jpg)


Google it, bitch! I did. Took a few seconds!


They are opening up the outer wall so a construction crew can get to the fountain and do maintenance on it. It happens every few years. They put up barricades so people can't just drive a car bomb past the cleaning crew and into the White House doors.

If you don't believe me, look for yourself. There is a live cam of the white house you can check at any time here:


You see a conspiracy where there is only normal life because you're a fucking moron whose IQ is lower than a bag of dog shit.

fb8c45c0 No.3679828

File: 1669898552336-0.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, Livecam2.png)

File: 1669898552336-1.png (1013.62 KB, 474x546, Livecam2WTF.png)

But if you want to develop a conspiracy, here's a fun one you can start with…

WTF is that thing hovering in the air above the building on the right side of the White House?

It's just hanging there in the air unmoving.

71728537 No.3679835

File: 1669907519282.jpg (160.69 KB, 1280x1022, unrelated.jpg)

Finished episode 32 now. There's certainly some pretty horrific scenery in this series, and there are eerie parallels with what at least appears to be unfolding now IRL. Is this evil predictive programming or a warning? Will wait until later before thinking more about that.
This is certainly a "westernised" anime though - the Elric brothers aren't exactly Asian in appearance, more like blonde Scandinavians. To an extent also a lot of other characters look very whitey.
BTW - there's no way in hell that "the entire series was written by an Ainu farmer woman". I'll look into that more later. If a single woman/anyone can write such a complicated story, then holy crap what talent - I don't believe it just yet.
The series is really quite something though.

Anyway - posting this link as a PSA:
Igan's latest walk and talk, I suggest the 3-5 remaining (mostly) intact souls here also watch his previous one in his gallery.
Awaken the World

It's better than reading 3B's deranged drivel, guaranteed - he's basically just a commie-headline reading brain in a jar with an attached skeletal arm that can still type on a keyboard at this point.
Off to Goddy Bed. :3

fb8c45c0 No.3679837

File: 1669910286609.jpg (355.69 KB, 1810x905, Satanic-panic-2.jpg)

Speaking of empty headed conservative drivel…

Have you heard about the new Satanic Panic?! Satan is everywhere including in kid's clothing ads.

See if you can pick out the satanic symbol that has the MAGA chuds demanding congress somehow shut down a foreign corporation that posted this ad for their products.

fb8c45c0 No.3679842

File: 1669912984348.jpg (88.23 KB, 1161x606, bb474d228b2c.jpg)

I learned something fun today. The oath keeper who was recently convicted of sedition wears that patch over his eye because he is so stupid he shot himself in the face.

cdee65a8 No.3679850

File: 1669917602590.png (1.29 MB, 1377x892, corps.png)

Nintendo shut down a smash tourney right before thanksgiving.


cdee65a8 No.3679861

File: 1669921402163.jpg (151.96 KB, 1091x1200, Goatz.jpg)

Sometimes its fun hearing politics of other countries, such as Britain given how bad things are in american.


3441c537 No.3679874

It's a quaddrone. Were you expecting a UAP? Well then that's what it is.~

617b5210 No.3679875

actually im pretty much over it by now. The whole issue has led me to develop a counter-intuitive disposition to anything released from anyone. There are stitch marks and tons of "filler" programming that just isn't necessary to shear mathematic-query. Here is something to consider that the ai is so advanced but doesn't even use virtual tokens except through "fakes and spoofs'. I guess it will just remain too alien for people to actually comprehend. BUT AI-generators are probably meant for mass production efforts in weapons and other lab-works. "Basically for medicines or even genetic experiments" due to an easy compiling of "miniscule' components. An Ai printer can basically prove a protein manifold possible and even capture "cryptid" activity/background resonance. It has fun-potential, but installing it for some ends up being its own Doom plotline.

I am a little feemed but I will likely work something out like a trade-net to simulate the results for me in hi-tech commercialism. Something I will just commission japan to since they do everything first anyway or so is the rumor. When they selling out form adaptive zero-suits I won't need AI-companionship or "as that's what it really is"…a personalized memetic slotRoller. And I can just 'be' the union of man and machine to begin with.

617b5210 No.3679876

ftfy "when they start selling form-fitting zerosuits." I am lazy just edit my post.

b25a2de8 No.3679881

File: 1669928115268-0.jpg (68.34 KB, 717x647, 73320137b3cf.jpg)

File: 1669928115268-1.jpg (56.22 KB, 913x513, Fi6Lbs5WYAIX4Y0.jpg)

Ye appeared on Alex Jone's "show" and said Hitler had some good ideas. Everyone has positive qualities, especially Hitler! If you are confused about the picture, it's because Ye has started wearing a hood and gloves to hide his black skin.

b25a2de8 No.3679882

When your video starts off with the host saying, "I must confess I know nothing about <The subject of the video>" but the video is still 37 minutes long anyway, that video is probably 100% bullshit.

cdee65a8 No.3679883

File: 1669928324243.png (947.37 KB, 1200x800, Etika.png)


I heard Ye talk on tim pool the other day and it just reminded me so much of etika and his keemstar interview.

Specially how Ye is like god's vessel or something.

d0edce6f No.3679897

>BTW - there's no way in hell that "the entire series was written by an Ainu farmer woman". I'll look into that more later. If a single woman/anyone can write such a complicated story, then holy crap what talent - I don't believe it just yet.

It was written by a woman, yes. She's like the jp JK Rowling. Brotherhood isn't even the only time this happened. She had her whole life to plan this and ten years to write it, why the shock?

2003 FMA had a totally different plot and ending and that was done by an animation study that wrote it in a year.

The Ishval were inspired by the way the Ainu were treated in japan, too

d0edce6f No.3679898

just go on tox @dog lol

d0edce6f No.3679899

ill explain the manga industry and how editors influence the way things are wrote

d0edce6f No.3679901

i left some information about it

cdee65a8 No.3679932

File: 1669937799646.jpg (15.79 KB, 480x368, 97i6rhk5jt081.jpg)

Imagine kidnapping and deprogramming your kid because her college changed her.


b25a2de8 No.3679937

Annabella Rockwell, the student in question, is the heiress to a multi-million dollar pharma company that she would have been cut off from if she didn't let herself be "deprogramed" by her bigot parents. She's taking them and all you conservative suckers for all you are worth.

I applaud her grift! Taking money out of the hands of the stupid makes America safer.

617b5210 No.3679941

File: 1669940449912.jpg (45.59 KB, 900x508, f1419c1f0b69c24fdb18e93932….jpg)

omg dood fma and fukin story line and shit lol fml up.

Evagnelion is better anime. No but Akira.

35c54c99 No.3679944

File: 1669941196540.jpg (59.89 KB, 680x412, demoralized left npc.jpg)

>repairing one of the walls
> a construction crew can get to the fountain and do maintenance on it
>I googled both of these and they are both true

I dont know which is more pathetic - that you cant get your story straight or you believe anything the Biden Regime tells you.

Everyone…..this is how you can tell when a person is demoralized. Reality no longer applies.

35c54c99 No.3679946

File: 1669941298159.jpg (150.88 KB, 1124x1392, demoralization.jpg)




The child may genuinely be damaged.

a1caa1a5 No.3679953

>Specially how Ye is like god's vessel or something.

I suppose if you've never had a spiritual experience what he says would be pretty confusing.

You're misunderstanding. He wasn't saying he was unfamiliar with Powell's work, but his backstory.
Sargoy has been sperging about him for years

cdee65a8 No.3679958

File: 1669943534490.jpg (100.51 KB, 1280x858, large.jpg)


Its really not. If you believe in an all powerful god, then you believe god can do anything. And if you think theres only one thing that you and you alone can do, that not even god can do.

You are irrational and have delusions of grandeur.

Because if you really believe god is all powerful, than you needing to do anything at all makes no sense. Because god can take care of things whether you do anything or not.

cdee65a8 No.3679962

File: 1669944944727.png (721 KB, 614x900, 6674444.png)

It is quite easy for someone to create an accidental tulpa. Which believes it is a god and tells you what you want to hear.

Which can be one reason people who do horrific things think it was what god wanted and they are holy warriors.

You see one method of tulpa creation is frequent talking to no one, but believing someone is there and listening/expecting them to answer back or listening for an answer.

Which is very similar to praying. And if one prays a lot, they can create a false god tulpa.

So when I see people driven by strong ego and speak awful things. I really doubt its true enlightenment.

b25a2de8 No.3679967

Yes, people can do both things at one time. The maintenance crew can clean and repair many broken things. They are not limited to only one thing.

b25a2de8 No.3679971

File: 1669947996458.webm (4.62 MB, 314x314, The-biggest-lie.webm)

People want to believe and the people who want power know that. It's why religion, all religion, usually ends up evil in the end.

617b5210 No.3679974

Being a tulpa a god does not one make. Unless it happens that it is. Then the bigger the fish is a problem for much a tulpa.

b25a2de8 No.3679975

I'm sure he was damaged, at the divorce hearing where that image was taken. If you're going to lie about a meme you might want to make it a meme that hasn't been passed around the internet for years.

617b5210 No.3679976

He be slipping a little but it may just be a publicity stunt.

This is what happens when accidentally you goon yourself.

b25a2de8 No.3679977

File: 1669951062306.jpg (151.78 KB, 690x845, Daddy_u18chan.jpg)


Ye isn't slipping, he's running as fast as he can to crazy town in hopes of running for president against Trump.

Crazy town seems to be the new norm for Republicans. Hershel Walker has dissociate identity disorder with over a dozen personalities which is why he switches from a bumbling idiot to a homicidal idiot and seems to not know about children he spawned. His other personality didn't tell him about the one night stand.

71728537 No.3679988

File: 1669953440498.png (947.09 KB, 2087x1037, Yelling_at_uhhhwhat.png)

Internet dropped out, left a reply.

BTW guys - are you actively preparing for and working against the upcoming zionist/"jew"/khazarian/pharisee/lizard/satan/ engineered food shortages, CBDC-beast-system currency, escalations in the fake wars, etc. or are you "happy enough" winning Internet arguments against communist (prion-diseased) brains-in-a-jar? It can be good practice, but it also saps your energy, and not in a good way.

bd9dc4ff No.3679992

File: 1669954939241-0.png (160.83 KB, 1583x701, 2sLbSeq - Imgur.png)

File: 1669954939241-1.png (148.16 KB, 1581x702, 9uHs0I8.png)

File: 1669954939241-2.png (163.06 KB, 1583x701, 9zSjiKR - Imgur.png)

File: 1669954939241-3.png (164.65 KB, 1912x823, a615896df4f27518874ee1de18….png)

File: 1669954939241-4.png (155.97 KB, 1583x701, Gtetz51 - Imgur.png)

bd9dc4ff No.3679993

File: 1669955003585-0.png (160.87 KB, 1583x701, pol.png)

File: 1669955003585-1.png (163.1 KB, 1583x701, pol2.png)

File: 1669955003585-2.png (156 KB, 1583x701, pol3.png)

File: 1669955003585-3.png (126.33 KB, 1584x732, skHeBFl - Imgur.png)

File: 1669955003585-4.png (484.91 KB, 1434x1049, political_simulator.png)

What changed?

bd9dc4ff No.3679997

File: 1669960047333-0.png (254.93 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_6329.png)

File: 1669960047333-1.png (276.19 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_6330.png)

here's my optimal world (as close as I could get anyway), some of the values are made up; the rest are pulled from actual and fictional countries:

bd9dc4ff No.3679998

the people you've harmed get to decide your punishment, hence a lot of boxes left blank in that area
absolutely free housing, education, and healthcare. substantial wage floors, unemployment and poverty funds, and a small basic income (like a quarter of the average wage, which should be $40,000-60,000) the insane taxation is a mockery of what San Francisco actually has, and it works.

71728537 No.3679999

File: 1669961641527.jpg (93.92 KB, 640x360, Igan_Deacon.jpg)

Good radio interview with Max, discussing current events, how to handle sheeple, how to move forward, etc.

It's even on jewTube if you like:

634bd7ed No.3680005

no one is born republican or liberal. just fyi. politics isn't real.

bd9dc4ff No.3680021

How Qatar built stadiums with forced labor

bd9dc4ff No.3680022

Why the U.S.A Is Collapsing: The Coming Economic Crisis

a5851550 No.3680045


So are you ready to tax the wealthy and use the money to help people or do you just want to bitch about how unfair life is while doing nothing about it? Taxing the wealthy is the only solution that will actually solve the problem. Anything else just adds to our national debt with no way of paying it back.

36100f72 No.3680068

File: 1670004841677.jpg (68.25 KB, 600x950, ww2ww3bombers.jpg)


Well, I dont have anything better to do while I wait for WW3 to start.

9c761a8b No.3680077

File: 1670009772320.jpg (109.26 KB, 800x1100, Fi6qRZSXgAARzZh.jpg)

Why not go outside and shoot some hoops? No reason to stay inside all day!

a123eaf8 No.3680080

>Taxing the wealthy is the only solution that will actually solve the problem.

Taxing the wealthy more solves nothing, because taxes are just the cost of doing business that can be passed down to the consumers through prices. In other words, you'd be taxing the poor indirectly.

The problem is not solved by arbitrary government regulation like tax policies, because relying on the state to "fix" the economy requires that the state becomes too powerful for its own good: it becomes prime target for crony capitalism by the rich and powerful. Every attempt at fixing things by expanding government influence in economics has the opposite effect because it gets captured by the same rich people it's trying to regulate, and the regulations start to work against the public interest.

a123eaf8 No.3680081

What actually works is:

a) Government hands off of property and business. Flat tax with welfare. Tax progression, subsidies, corporate favoritism/cronyism - all gone - stop messing around and micromanaging the economy. Equal opportunity and level playing field: simple and sane rules that apply the same to everyone.

b) Stronger foreign policy against tax havens, predatory business practices by outside actors and countries that try to wage trade war.

The point and purpose of the government is to act as the representative of the people - not to limit or control the people according to some elitist rule. The economy within the country shall do what it wants to do for the happiness of its people, and the nation as represented by the government should keep its borders and international relations to make that happen.

9c761a8b No.3680090

File: 1670013061163.webm (4.32 MB, 320x480, Whats-a-fascism-bro2.webm)

Adin Ross, a typical Florida conservative grew up living in his parents multi-million dollar house and spending his time making live streams about playing a NBA video games until one day he made the mistake of admitting he was Jewish. He started getting targeted by online harassment every day.

Then the harassment became death threats when he dared to have a black friend play on a multi-player steam with him. When the MAGAt that was threatening him on Discord demanded he never let another black person on his stream Adin told them to fuck off.

Now he's been driven off of twitch because conservative terrorists keep calling the cops and reporting that he is being held at gun point. The cops have "Swatted" his house several times.

Somehow, through all this, the Floridiot still was willing to vote for Trump until he finally changed his mind. That moment he flipped to a democrat was captured on live-stream and it was hilarious but it did prove me wrong. Even the most stupid people can learn, eventually, if they suffer enough.

9c761a8b No.3680091

Flat taxes are a scam idea cooked up by the wealthy. They want morons like you to be demanding every tax to be based on a fixed percentage of income because most truly wealthy people don't have jobs. They make their money off of investing which doesn't follow the same laws.

The Flat Tax system would shift almost all the tax burden onto the middle class and leave the wealthy paying even less than they do now.

9c761a8b No.3680093

File: 1670013777119.png (156.79 KB, 526x579, FiwvrB8UoAAlzjD.png)

>because taxes are just the cost of doing business that can be passed down to the consumers through prices.

You know what can stop that? Legislation.
Also, think about what you are saying. You claim the prices would go up so people would have to pay more but they would also have more money to spend because the poor would be getting assistance using that tax money.

So in the end, even if your theory is correct, it's still better than what we have now because more people will have jobs, more things will be created and sold. The economy will be stronger and market competition will be stronger. Money flowing is what makes a nation work.

Money stagnating at the top is what makes a nation collapse. Read any history book and you will see wealth inequality is one of the required ingredients to the end of an empire.

36100f72 No.3680099

File: 1670017423687.jpg (32.11 KB, 629x625, 1669828835867001.jpg)

>Go play niggerball

No thanks

b3fb2838 No.3680100

File: 1670017723603.png (221.88 KB, 1195x517, As_White_as_they_come.png)

36100f72 No.3680102

File: 1670017860287.png (750.74 KB, 1404x1012, socialism in action.png)

>>because taxes are just the cost of doing business that can be passed down to the consumers through prices.
>>You know what can stop that? Legislation

>>I will stop companies from passing along increased costs.

>>A company can no longer make a profit
>>Companies go bankrupt


Every fucking time…..

By the Elder Gods…..

36100f72 No.3680103

File: 1670018021600.jpg (175.51 KB, 1011x745, nope nope nope.JPG)

>Yet another White invention stolen….

Your point?

b3fb2838 No.3680104

File: 1670018215217.jpg (26 KB, 800x420, Cookie_monster_on_phone_dr….jpg)

Who would have thought the salvation army would get in so much trouble with lgbt? And barely paying its workers.


36100f72 No.3680105

File: 1670018215990.jpg (59.73 KB, 543x567, hahahaha.JPG)

>The proles are not working hard enough
>Pass law to keep proles at their labors
>Fuck unions
>Fuck strikes. I have railroad stocks

>Leftists: We did it for the workers!!!!

Here comes the Socialism. You are going to get it good and hard.

bd9dc4ff No.3680108

What's With all the British Chaos Recently?

bd9dc4ff No.3680109

File: 1670020543236.png (26.62 KB, 250x149, Flag_of_the_United_States_….png)

Just borrow the loans from a bank and use it as tax returns. You just gotta understand the loop holes this country works.

bd9dc4ff No.3680110

If you want to create political instability in poor counties hire some thugs in the region to do the dirty work by having them kill each other for the land and kill those thugs and those other thugs until they sell the land that they use to live on.

9c761a8b No.3680111

If companies make 800% profit instead of 900% profit they aren't going to go broke.

9c761a8b No.3680113

File: 1670022673493.png (900.91 KB, 1052x720, Kenya-Wests-Manager.png)

In other news, Elon Musk banned Ye for 24 hours for his overt Nazi behavior.

9c761a8b No.3680114

The bill didn't force the workers to work, it forced the corporation to accept a watered down version of the Union's demands but those workers can still strike and cost America billions of dollars a day because Biden wasn't strong enough against those corporations.

36100f72 No.3680120

File: 1670024587920.png (17.74 KB, 398x288, stupid is as stupid does.png)

>The bill didn't force the workers to work
>those workers can still strike

As per >>3679944 the demoralized person is disconnected from reality.

>companies make 900% profit

I rest my case

ace9a233 No.3680157

File: 1670037365791-0.jpeg (53.69 KB, 667x960, 08D31228-9EE7-4947-80C6-E….jpeg)

File: 1670037365791-1.jpeg (106.91 KB, 642x412, 4C459F36-54E9-4BB6-B5BB-1….jpeg)

File: 1670037365791-2.png (541.34 KB, 576x704, 45BB2332-5133-4CC9-9E98-41….png)

File: 1670037365791-3.jpeg (140.63 KB, 652x1024, 5D120D48-E2F2-4537-8D99-B….jpeg)

File: 1670037365791-4.jpeg (117.42 KB, 1024x779, 710D5096-FC4C-4980-A13D-9….jpeg)

Communists don’t have a right to complain about Nazis.

23b543b4 No.3680180

File: 1670045833023.jpg (67.76 KB, 680x567, Fhmyh9cWAAEnmAW.jpg)

Okay, I know thinking is hard for you, but tell me, oh brilliant master of MSpaint, how do you think Joe Biden is going to go about forcing union workers to work if they don't want to?

You know their job is driving a train, right? Like, how do you think Joe Biden is going to not only force them to show up to work, but force them to drive the train properly?

Do you realize how big these trains are? Do you not understand how many cities these workers could totally shut down by stopping a train in the middle of them creating a wall the traffic on the streets can't pass?

What's to stop the workers from just parking them in the middle of a city and taking cab home?

How do you propose this conspiracy you imagine where Biden is going to force the workers to work is going to play out? What magic power do you think he has?

23b543b4 No.3680183

File: 1670046473698.jpg (75.81 KB, 680x482, FiU0YlSXgAIuieY.jpg)


When push comes to shove, the only power the government has is to detain you, hurt you physically, or take your stuff.

None of those three options are going to go over well.
Especially that first one. It costs America billions of dollars a day while those trains are not moving.
Locking up the people who keep the supply lines moving isn't actually solving the problem.

Now, I imagine Dementia Joe could order the U.S. Military to replace the workers and do their jobs in key areas.
At that point we're just nationalizing the rail system.
The corpos aren't going to want to give up control of their profits to Grandpa-gropes-a-lot and the pentagon paper pushers.

bd9dc4ff No.3680184

File: 1670047956290.jpg (204.58 KB, 700x738, tetchie hates tony blair t….jpg)

In his maiden speech in the House of Commons on 6 July 1983, Blair stated, "I am a socialist not through reading a textbook that has caught my intellectual fancy, nor through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that, at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral …

bd9dc4ff No.3680185

File: 1670048056870.jpg (91.7 KB, 928x628, main_928px.jpg)

To be honest, It looks like a corona virus.

23b543b4 No.3680188

File: 1670049819210.jpg (122.49 KB, 689x887, 4098996296c5.jpg)

No one cares if he is.
Stop shitting your pants auspi.

4a9d458f No.3680220

File: 1670070044867.png (329.93 KB, 2572x1256, FjA2s0gXEAE7vAr.png)

The #TwitterFiles have been released by Elon Musk revealing a long series of emails and messages between conservatives, the New York Post, and the Biden campaign team about Hunter Biden's laptop.

Twitter had a long standing policy to not print or spread information from hacked systems or share personal information which was stolen from the user, which you know, is a good policy because doing it can get you sued.

Because of that policy when the Hunter Biden laptop story came out, Twitter along with everyone else silenced it to protect their asses legally.

Elon, being the BRILLIANT man he is, has decided that them not leaving themselves open to legal liability by publishing Hunter's private info on Twitter was a mistake and he has reversed the hacking policy!

Now all information hacked from people's computer's can be shared freely and I'm sure that won't come back to haunt conservatives at all!

One surprising thing I found in the email chain was that Ro Khanna, the Democrat was on Twitter's ass telling them they should stop censoring the story.

I bet Biden is gonna be maaaaaad about that!

4a9d458f No.3680228

File: 1670073430428.jpg (86.42 KB, 735x536, Fi9RKA6WQAEdx6Y.jpg)


3e32e73d No.3680247

File: 1670083049803.jpg (72.34 KB, 640x480, GettyImages-1297460867-640….jpg)

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. James Comer (R-KY) reacted to disclosures on Twitter’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by vowing that when he assumes the chairmanship of the Oversight Committee, every Twitter employee who was involved in the handling of the story will be in front of the committee. We’re going to have every single person at Twitter that was involved in this in front of the House Oversight Committee as soon as possible.”

We knew that the Democratic National Committee was communicating with Twitter. We knew the Biden campaign was communicating with Twitter. That’s why, in April of this year, we, on the House Oversight Committee, requested that Twitter preserve all documents and correspondence between Twitter executives and the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign with respect to the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

4a9d458f No.3680248

File: 1670083123256.jpg (19.72 KB, 354x455, Empty-eyes.jpg)

In "Fuck around and find out" news, one of Trump's MAGA chuds has been arrested for threatening media fact checkers and the FBI.


4a9d458f No.3680249

File: 1670083278943.jpg (30.51 KB, 717x192, a9d1348927b3.jpg)

What are they going to do charge them with the crime of doing their job according to the policies of the company?

Twitter is a private company. Congress can't do shit to them. We're not a communist nation.

a00d4642 No.3680250

File: 1670084573949.jpeg (65.72 KB, 527x680, Fi5vCQkagAIm7Mu.jpeg)

Chuds can't help themselves

b0cee4b3 No.3680253

First time I heard of "Just stop Oil"


e41d2bee No.3680263

File: 1670089425405.jpg (41.99 KB, 630x320, atc.JPG)

>how do you think Joe Biden is going to go about forcing union workers to work if they don't want to?

If you had payed attention in middle school American History instead of masturbating to tranny porn, you would have learned the answer already - silly commie prole.

e41d2bee No.3680264

File: 1670089939350.jpg (58.8 KB, 666x500, facebook.JPG)

>doing their job according to the policies of the company

That is a lie.

Censorship by proxy at the behest of the government is a violation of the 1st amendment.

If you had payed attention in high school American Government instead of masturbating to necro porn, you would have learned the answer already - silly fascist prole.

b92188f8 No.3680284

It wasn't hacked. The crackhead left it at a repair shop and it became property of the repair shop after not being claimed for years.

d0edce6f No.3680288


tox tho

399ef625 No.3680289


Does it matter if it WAS hacked ? (it wasnt but rool with me here)

Even if Putin stood on CNN right now and told the world he personally ordered FSB to hack and leak the entire content of Hunter bidens laptop would that change somehow content and implications of massive corruption to be ….OK?

I think it much much worse that almost 60 present and previous Intelligence officers, directors and generals assured the world and the American population that the story was false. All while they certainly knew it was a lie.

That is corruption , lies and devious Anti-democracy at the highest level

And this is the real issue since nobody mention this PR campaign anymore.

The system wanted Biden. No matter the cost and screw all moral conduct "rules based order", justice and fairness which they so proudly and frequent claim to have and uphold.

08ff4ebe No.3680291

>how do you think Joe Biden is going to go about forcing union workers to work if they don't want to?
The same way the state forces every citizen to labor for it. Taxes.

But also…

634bd7ed No.3680302

Brilliant!. Indeed. Quite So.

Ready the hounds Consworth. It is time for yet another arm twister of 'he can't do that' unless its for the government. Bully day.

Let us not forgot that our GDP is staked in laundering overseas whilst they focus on silly words and inheritnet picture. I do hope those incesto-chaps will be ok.

634bd7ed No.3680303

we all kno pronounds are just 'cusswords'

634bd7ed No.3680304

pretty sure black mermaids are some form of craigslist escort syndrome

634bd7ed No.3680305

and the holidays are 'jews'.

634bd7ed No.3680306

and litter boxes are probably corona or some other reach. not as funny as just saying nig gers and fags tho.

4b58abb4 No.3680338

File: 1670114882488.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x480, JamesWoodsbiden-640x480.jpg)

James Woods Vows to Expose the ‘Corrupt, Vile Vermin’ at the DNC over Twitter Censorship: Joe Biden, ‘I Am Not Afraid of You. And I’m Coming for You’

In an explosive interview, two-time Academy Award-nominated actor James Woods described the Democratic National Committee as a bunch of “rats” and “corrupt, vile vermin” and vowed to sue the DNC after evidence contained in Elon Musk’s Twitter files showed that the DNC pressured Twitter to violate the actor’s civil liberties by censoring his speech.

Woods expressed outrage over the act of censorship as well as the left’s attempt to ruin his five decade-spanning Hollywood career for being an outspoken conservative.

“I’ve been a target of these people for six years,” the actor said. “They have destroyed my career. They have destroyed my livelihood. They’ve destroyed my faith in a country that my family has defended in the military since the Revolutionary War.”

Woods described the First Amendment as the most sacred right for Americans.

“The government of the United States conspired to take my free speech and throw it in the gutter,” he said.

“And there’s something they should fear more than anything they have ever imagined in their wildest dreams, the most dangerous man to these corrupt vile, vermin is an American who is not afraid of them. And Joe Biden, and all those rats who work with you at the DNC, to close down my speech — I am not afraid of you. And I am coming for you.”

Woods praised Musk, saying the new Twitter owner “very possibly has saved America.” The actor repeated the sentiment in a subsequent tweet Friday.

2beb76a5 No.3680347

It's all there, the childlike innocence, the breathless hyperbole, the "explosive" beginning droning out through the ridiculous final assertion like a long, long, wet fart.

141db14d No.3680348


So what you are saying is : Nothing shall happen ?

DNC will carry on..the BIG man in the little oval room shall have his 30….million shekels and Hunter can continue to masturbate on his nieces feet ?

d0edce6f No.3680352

where tf is dog, the rest of u suck ass

88b23040 No.3680355

This is Saturday. (((Business Dog))) is observing his kike Sabbath.

829aa271 No.3680363

So you think Biden is going to fire the people who run the trains that supply America with everything we need to live including food?

Well, that would be a choice. I don't see even someone as brain damaged as him doing it.

829aa271 No.3680364

File: 1670122901384.jpg (107.96 KB, 966x682, FjEfBIdUUAAKjA1.jpg)

Having lost every court case, used up every legal means of achieving power, and in direct danger of going to prison for the rest of his life because of his treasonous actions in stealing classified documents Trump has given up on pretending he is anything other than a fascist and called on his followers to abandon America and force the government to put him into power.

Are you ready to die for Trump?
Grab your guns and find out!
It's that time! Time to clean the gene pool!

829aa271 No.3680367

File: 1670123911979.jpg (323.18 KB, 2048x1536, FjFuLYuXgAIECCp.jpg)

>Woods expressed outrage over the act of censorship

People used the internet archives to find out what the tweets were that Biden had requested to be deleted. One of them couldn't be found but the rest were of Hunter Biden naked or having sex.

Facebook deleted them because posting porn of someone without their consent is illegal under the revenge porn laws in many nations. Twitter didn't want to be fined or sued for not taking down the leaked porn.

Once again, conservatives see conspiracy where there is only capitalism.

b0cee4b3 No.3680369

File: 1670124012927.png (584.43 KB, 800x711, Bax_color.png)

"You don't care about helping the poor, you just hate the rich."


634bd7ed No.3680377

imagine getting paid to delete nudes all day tho

b0cee4b3 No.3680378


You'd also probably be seeing cp, beheadings, cutting, war crimes, etc too. If you saw all the unfiltered stuff first.

829aa271 No.3680382

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of that stuff gets flagged and someone has to look at the most horrible stuff to delete it. I bet that stuff is just piling up right now because Musk fired everyone.

829aa271 No.3680398

File: 1670130013035.jpg (74.63 KB, 680x508, FjCC3P3VUAAuZ4p.jpg)

Damn! Trump just keeps confessing to stealing those top secret documents. It's like he wants to go to prison!

829aa271 No.3680401

File: 1670132284503.jpg (69.32 KB, 938x265, 8f25795c39ee.jpg)

In other sick conservative news…

Phil Godlewski, a famous Qanon leader with hundreds of thousands of followers that he suckered into buying silver in a pyramid scheme, sued a news paper for defamation which lead to lawyers investigating him and oooops, wouldn't you know it, he's a convicted pedo!

829aa271 No.3680402

4ef5eacc No.3680410

Kill conservative pedos

d405f0bf No.3680435

>It's like he wants to go to prison!

He can't go to prison at this point and he knows it ; America would go into a civil war.

4b58abb4 No.3680437

>>People used the internet archives to find out what the tweets were that Biden had requested to be deleted. One of them couldn't be found but the rest were of Hunter Biden naked or having sex.

>>Facebook deleted them because posting porn of someone without their consent is illegal under the revenge porn laws in many nations. Twitter didn't want to be fined or sued for not taking down the leaked porn.

Criminals can't sue you for exposing their illegal criminal acts.
That would be like 3B trying to sue you from jail after getting busted because you exposed his CP postings.
(And something like CP is the ONE thing where you couldn't re-post the images yourself without getting in trouble for it ALSO).

So no, Twitter just wanted to be leftist assholes.

4b58abb4 No.3680438


3B why do you switch from your current sockpuppet ID of ID:829aa271 to post that shit?

You're not fooling a single person here.

829aa271 No.3680500

>America would go into a civil war.

Bring it. We need to purge the stupid from our population. Having MAGAts attack the police would be a win-win for America. We could get rid of the old racist white cops and the old racist white conservative all at the same time. Purge, Baby, purge!

829aa271 No.3680501

File: 1670173605018-0.jpg (76.89 KB, 607x900, FjG0ZkMXkAAztbh.jpg)

File: 1670173605018-1.jpg (41.52 KB, 556x680, FjGxJ4GWYAEAe4W.jpg)

File: 1670173605018-2.jpg (102.32 KB, 878x900, FjG4f4tWIAEsXBD.jpg)

Speaking of MAGA terrorists…

Moore County North Carolina is without power. 40,000 people had no heat or electricity, last night because a facebook group of Christofascists decided to shoot up 4 electrical substations to black out the city because they were having an all ages Christmas drag show in town.

But don't worry, the Self-acclaimed, anti-mask, anti-vax, Proud Boy who is sheriff there leapt into action and politely asked the organizer of the group if she was a terrorist then gave up when she didn't immediately confess.

Hopefully the FBI will try a little harder.

ef3f18d3 No.3680504

File: 1670178839179.png (357.25 KB, 600x401, 2020riots.png)

>MAGA terrorists

3e32e73d No.3680511

Hopefully they will go after you a little harder.

617b5210 No.3680587

It's completely staged indoctrination for the remainder in public (the youth) of a power-tripping authoritarian systems (cops and shit) to CONTROL THE MASSES WITH PROPOGANDA AND FEAR. Pretty normie shit. They know their power is slipping, they resort to causing fear for paid protection. It matters next to nothing in the long run except watching a civilization fall prey to a petty government time and time again. History.

617b5210 No.3680588

Pulling the power/blaming powerloss on others.
Because of politics.
Jew Cult Much?

Also muh gold-stocks that you have to care about, matters first and foremost even above your own family health and safety.

82673479 No.3680619


The Constitution has been changed twenty-seven times since 1787. It's not the problem–the fact that the three branches of our government don't follow it is the problem.

The Legislative and Executive have delegated much of their responsibilities to bureaucrats who've trampled on our rights for over a hundred years.

Nevermind overreaches by the Judicial branch since 1787 that have torn the fabric of our Republic numerous times. If each branch followed the Constitution we'd be a much better country.

82673479 No.3680621


Trump haters are always going to jump to the worst possible over exaggerated reaction. Its intellectual dishonesty because of their political bias.

Trump wasn't saying to throw out the constitution. Dont be so purposely dense. He is saying there has never been a situation like this before and our laws, rules, and constitution do not provide a mechanism for relief.

The supreme Court won't touch it, the fbi/doj only goes after select issues or ignores the election crimes and interference altogether… so there is no process that can make this right in the framework provided.

9c761a8b No.3680627

File: 1670243935728.jpg (97.29 KB, 875x515, 9baf03c34659.jpg)

Yep, MAGA terrorists.

They had been protesting outside the drag show with guns, threatening people for bringing kids so the show made it 18+ but that wasn't good enough to satisfy the barbarians so they knocked out the power for the whole fucking city. It'll be days before power is restored.

Schools are closed. Businesses are afraid to open. There is a curfew after dark until 5am. Police are asking people to stay off the roads because there are no lights or traffic controls and the sewers are expected to back up soon because the water treatment plant and pump station is without power.


9c761a8b No.3680629

File: 1670244145851.jpg (59.05 KB, 723x753, 65c0fc2850a0.jpg)

>our laws, rules, and constitution do not provide a mechanism for relief.

Yes, it does, he tried them all and lost them all.
Over 60 court cases - All lost because he has zero evidence.

He's lost the 2020 election so many times no one can count them all by now.

82673479 No.3680630

2020 Election was stolen.

82673479 No.3680631

And if it wasn't, too bad they didn't go after you.

71728537 No.3680632

File: 1670247081198.jpg (528.9 KB, 1050x1480, Slobbermutt_Santa.jpg)

Well, watched episode 49 of FMAB now. Glad I started watching anime again, because even though it's clearly made to attract western audiences, it's still unique enough not to smell like today's common western mainstream shit.
There's some pretty diabolical stuff in it, and generally aimed at younger people too. Then again, I used to watch lots of pretty brutal movies when I was young as well and turned out all right, woof woof! :3

The last anime series I watched was Wolf's Rain a few months ago and wasn't particularly happy with it for all kinds of reasons, and before that over 10 years earlier was Ginga Densetsu Weed and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin as they were being translated and released.
Anyone remember Kimberleigh Ann Keister? She had infiltrated the Ginga fandom and pretended to be a 13 year old girl for some reason, hahah. I don't think anyone ever realised.

Anyway, I'll review it once having seen all episodes.

(Pic unrelated.)

82673479 No.3680633

File: 1670248722324.jpg (183.88 KB, 1280x1280, UaBIhbtQx68.jpg)

3e32e73d No.3680634

Wow… Does anyone here know if there exist any FURSUIT heads that are capable of making facial expressions like are on those t-shirts? If not, how would one be made? How would it be done? What would they be made of to allow that, and how would someone wearing one activate the expressions?
Thanks, I'm really interested in this!!

71728537 No.3680635

File: 1670250962812.png (1.53 MB, 1050x1480, 47f85416f3c6a2cf0eb6d1c6d6….png)

Are you serious? Well, okay… look at animal animatronics videos on kiketube to get started, and go from there:
It's definitely possible. No satanic transhumanism required. Just a lot of hard work and a dash of advanced furfaggotry. :3

71728537 No.3680637

File: 1670253499570.jpg (29.51 KB, 300x295, Black_Hayate.jpg)

Up to episode 52 now, cliffhanger after cliffhanger… this series is addictive. Besides the Elric brothers and Alex Armstrong, I must say that probably my favourite character is Black Hayate. He's a good boy like me. :3
Anyway, off to Goddy Bed. :P

3e32e73d No.3680639

Thanks, that is a wonderful resource, and even though that was 4 years ago what they have done is amazing. I wonder if the technology has advanced even more since then? I would love to see the controlling headset be made small enough to fit inside a fursuit head, unless the head itself is too full of electronics to wear., I know, the head could be way oversized to accommodate it but that kind of destroys the illusion.

This kind of reminds me of the INDIEGOGO fundraiser a few years back where some people were developing technology you wear that controlled the facial movements of a red panda character on screen named Fluffo something like that, but this stuff is light years ahead!

The cost would be another thing, it would probably be more than the average poor fursuiter could ever afford.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it!

07b8a1e0 No.3680640

File: 1670256514985.jpg (30.79 KB, 500x500, 71.jpg)

I wonder if this stuff is true.


07b8a1e0 No.3680642

File: 1670257650104.jpg (42.13 KB, 576x480, 345.jpg)

Imagine being an illegal child in china https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrBU5Adacjw

13 million is quite a lot of people.

f82f6dd3 No.3680644

File: 1670258506242.jpeg (88.25 KB, 1125x838, FjOdOyAakAAdYLf.jpeg)

d0edce6f No.3680650

it's just better to give young teens an actual outlet for philosophy and action and heroic stories without giving them all the degen jew movies you watched as a kid. It's not mindless violence like Hollywood, it has imagination and expression. And besides, it's just fiction anyway

0a4b79d2 No.3680654


Won't happen

Best kill yourself now.

cddff8e0 No.3680657

File: 1670263267876-0.png (472.11 KB, 750x539, 254535.png)

File: 1670263267876-1.png (413.21 KB, 750x533, 254537.png)

File: 1670263267876-2.png (331.45 KB, 750x533, 253351.png)

cddff8e0 No.3680658

File: 1670263610297.jpg (31.54 KB, 291x250, quoteniggerburnitdown.jpg)

>MAGA terrorists

4ef5eacc No.3680662

10bb028e No.3680664

The irony of selling identity politics and victimhood to the minorities is when the majority starts to believe in the argument, and discovers their identity and claim to victimhood in the opposite direction.

210 million Christians in the US…

3050ed77 No.3680667

File: 1670272660037.jpg (56.67 KB, 540x680, FiwzcRxX0AEAfYe.jpg)

Every major news outlet and social media site is owned by a conservative but they still feel like the media is too liberal because they STRIVE on the delusion that they are somehow wealthy, powerful, and in control of the nation, yet also a scruffy group of oppressed underdogs.

cddff8e0 No.3680668

File: 1670272875645.jpg (24.65 KB, 500x288, soros-quote-3553433609.jpg)

>MAGA terrorists

b92188f8 No.3680670

Every major news outlet is owned by Jews.

3050ed77 No.3680674

Jesus was a Jew. That doesn't stop conservatives from sucking his spiritual dick.

Lots of conservatives are Jews.
Stop being a bigot.

3050ed77 No.3680675

b92188f8 No.3680677

There is a Jew behind every one of your problems.

07b8a1e0 No.3680678

File: 1670279253055.jpg (66.83 KB, 1000x500, Canada3.jpg)

bd9dc4ff No.3680696

File: 1670285719609.png (463.62 KB, 992x792, uewUrBR.png)

3441c537 No.3680697

Thanks for the enlightenment while yourself are so clearly manipulated by dipshitism. It's almost shakespearian really.

d0edce6f No.3680699

also yoki hitting pride with the car around where you are was absolutely based, I forgot that

5ce43dde No.3680703

File: 1670292681614.jpg (36.38 KB, 640x480, ap-michael-altaffer-640x48….jpg)

Michael Avenatti, the disgraced lawyer who became a media darling after targeting former President Donald Trump, was sentenced on Monday to 14 years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from his clients and trying to obstruct the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from collecting millions in unpaid payroll taxes.

Avenatti’s sentencing comes after he pleaded guilty to four counts of wire fraud and one count of trying to obstruct the administration of the federal tax code in June. Avenatti faced a statutory maximum of 83 years in prison in this case.

United States Attorney Martin Estrada said in a statement after the sentencing:

Michael Avenatti was a corrupt lawyer who claimed he was fighting for the little guy. In fact, he only cared about his own selfish interests. He stole millions of dollars from his clients – all to finance his extravagant lifestyle that included a private jet and race cars. As a result of his illegal acts, he has lost his right to practice law in California, and now he will serve a richly deserved prison sentence.

One of Avenatti’s victims was a man who received a $4 million settlement from Los Angeles County after being paralyzed from injuries he sustained in law enforcement’s custody, prosecutors alleged in the 36-count indictment.

Avenatti used the funds to finance his coffee business and personal expenses instead of giving his client the settlement. He ended up paying his client “advances” of no more than $1,900 at a time.

Avenatti also received a $3 million settlement for another client of his but used most of the settlement funds to purchase a private jet. Avenatti then lied to his client and said the settlement would be paid out in monthly installments.

Avenatti also owed the IRS more than $3 million in payroll taxes from his coffee business but tried to interfere with the IRS’s collection effort.

Avenatti is already serving a five-year prison sentence for stealing nearly $300,000 in book proceeds from his former client, Stormy Daniels, and attempting to extort $25 million from Nike.

bd9dc4ff No.3680704

File: 1670293234501.jpg (240.03 KB, 947x2048, wLk6RBC.jpg)

b92188f8 No.3680705

The people who wrote the constitution would have publicly hanged the people responsible for all this election fraud already.

c7142b14 No.3680707

File: 1670296087128.jpg (72.71 KB, 766x432, George-Soros-Captions-For-….jpg)

>MAGA terrorists

2872dc55 No.3680710

File: 1670298308366.jpg (64.5 KB, 590x370, Hayate_Happy_End.jpg)

You're welcome. I suppose a wide-angle camera installed inside the "head/snout" and pointed towards the face, and basic "facial movement" software would then track the facial movements, without requiring contact sensors. I'm sure there's simple facial tracking software out there - might even run on a miniature computer.

>Get the "fact checks" from the cia and believe them, whenever you come across something unsettling.
That's what all those people who are currently dying of "safe and effective™" deathshots have done.

It's difficult for the subconscious brain, especially when young, to separate stories from reality. Nevertheless I agree that there are very clear differences between jewish degeneracy/violence stories and this one.
This story is more like the fables of antiquity, which help build a moral framework and glimmers of hope that only get strengthened within the chaos, rather than alienate and misguide potential future heroes within the audience, like today's jew-stories desperately try to do.

Even flaky characters like Yoki can be heroes… and not end up dead for it. :3

20b8db35 No.3680712

File: 1670300139260-0.jpeg (73.61 KB, 792x1024, 91F4BE90-0455-4BC0-A4C1-5….jpeg)

File: 1670300139260-1.jpeg (101.65 KB, 1024x1001, B80998BE-3847-4D7B-99F2-8….jpeg)

File: 1670300139260-2.png (468.72 KB, 852x480, 0F895332-74DA-4F89-BA14-3F….png)

It really isn’t just Trump you want to jail, right?

d0edce6f No.3680724

im on tox btw and also

d0edce6f No.3680725

they cut out yoki's introduciton chapter in brotherhood, lol, he actually did some bad things before joining. but i figure you got the idea that he's not a great guy and developed as the series went on, it's cool

d0edce6f No.3680726

but yeah i left msgs

bd9dc4ff No.3680727

File: 1670311493860-0.png (241.59 KB, 1280x1280, japan_countryball_informat….png)

File: 1670311493860-1.png (10.67 KB, 217x232, download.png)

What Happens to Garbage in Japan

Will the United States catch up and adopt with Japan infrastructure or will it just remain and stagnate into a self-interest oligarchy bureaucratic divided corrupted racial social justice reality filled with incarnations and debt.

Either way it's bleak future ahead.

bd9dc4ff No.3680728

Inside an Armed Bank Raid in Lebanon

bd9dc4ff No.3680729

File: 1670313221652.jpg (68.13 KB, 826x1055, iOHnHfG.jpg)

634bd7ed No.3680730

who gives a fuck about nike.

c3e7e082 No.3680732

It won't end up like this in the US. They can print all the funny money that's needed.

bd9dc4ff No.3680733

File: 1670318586711.jpg (104.32 KB, 1100x415, military-pollution_infogra….jpg)


yup, inflating other foreign nation's country and mixing it with the USD want to know where their USD goes? it goes back into their own home country. In a nutshell you offer the foreign child with a 1$ price bottle of water jack up the price to 2$ and repeat your are rich while their foreign currency is inflated to 2000 African dollars. that's how we roll baby.

bd9dc4ff No.3680735

File: 1670321813240.png (157.69 KB, 894x682, dchrhue-8be4da24-7f43-49d9….png)

Satellite images suggest Russia is preparing for massive airstrikes | DW News

Holy shit, Val Putty, Forgot the number one rule in warfare, never show your true strength and preparations in front in an open field.

3441c537 No.3680736

I don't think the targets are civilians. So…i don't think you can really rope my emotions into that shit. Nice try gold cult.

bd9dc4ff No.3680738

File: 1670324524854.jpg (102.11 KB, 1440x600, growing-bacteria-11.jpg)

Is Putin a puppet? Interview with Mikhail Khodorkovsky - BBC Newsnight

Val putty is just a puppet of corporate interest a fine specimen man in a nation called Russia the petri-dish state trapped it as KBG falls or reforms into nothingness it will be replaced something worse. Iran may declare war on Israel in 10 years or 20 more. Jacking up the oil prices there combined with inflation, and human rights abuse, corruption is a recipe for a civil war.

bd9dc4ff No.3680739

File: 1670324698328.jpg (117.34 KB, 640x853, Black-rock-hq.jpg)


>gold cult

ooga booga ooga, war is old as time.
Black Rock is the beast.

bd9dc4ff No.3680751

File: 1670336239211.webm (2.07 MB, 720x1280, This is THE BIGGEST Probl….webm)

c3e7e082 No.3680761

>Holy shit, Val Putty, Forgot the number one rule in warfare, never show your true strength and preparations in front in an open field.

It's not like he could hide this, probably 90% of NATO spy satelite are looking at Russia.

d0edce6f No.3680762

left a reply

also kanye is based

c73386ed No.3680767

File: 1670350788849.jpg (24.91 KB, 474x284, waters sports.jpg)

>>MAGA terrorists

c73386ed No.3680770

File: 1670351511647.jpg (16.45 KB, 560x315, corrupt.jpg)


To extend the metaphor, these problem employees are giving customers extra benefits that the company does not authorize and must pay for……just certain customers and just enough customers that the company is getting five star reviews.

Consequently, the company thinks those problem employees are doing a great job but must raise prices on the remaining customers to pay for everything.

The problem is the customers, not the company and not the employees. Stop buying their products.

tl;dr - if there is a problem with government, ITS YOUR FAULT FOR ELECTING THEM. IF YOU DONT VOTE, YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH AN ENABLER.

f47e478b No.3680772

She is correct

MAGA is a cancer on America

3e32e73d No.3680774

Hi 3B.
No, Liberalism is the cancer.
MAGA is the cure. MAGA is the knife that's surgically cutting it out.
Be sure not to bleed to death.

c73386ed No.3680776

File: 1670358492231.jpg (62.35 KB, 451x666, white you are evil propaga….jpg)


>MAGA is a cancer on America

def10558 No.3680777

File: 1670358977772.webm (3.17 MB, 480x270, HARD-Dis.webm)

Capitol police were given rewards for their bravery on Jan 6th. They and their families were invited to come up on stage to shake hands with the congressional leadership.

They shook hands with Pelosi and Schumer but walked past the Republicans. They wouldn't even accept the medals from them. They just left them standing there looking stupid.

def10558 No.3680778

File: 1670359083215.webm (2.28 MB, 480x270, BigR.webm)

After wards they spoke to the press to make it clear why they did it. They are Republicans and they despise the way McConnel has let Trump ruin the Republican party.

def10558 No.3680779

You act as if calling conservatives evil is what turns them evil but if you weren't doing evil, actively encouraging evil, actively CHEERING for the party of dictatorship, racism and bigotry, we wouldn't be calling you evil in the first place.

Don't blame people calling you out for the evil that was already inside your heart. It's no different than a man with anger issues saying his wife made him hit her. She didn't make him hit her, he's just an asshole. You're just an asshole.

Evolve or face the consequences.

def10558 No.3680780

File: 1670359965674.jpg (95.56 KB, 547x680, FjD42s3WQAA2yNx.jpg)

>There is a Jew behind every one of your problems.

Ok, so you think the Jews are the source of all evil, that the Jews control the banks and the media and have all the money which is why the middle class is dying and the vast majority of Americans are living at or below the poverty line.

What are you going to do about it? Tax the wealthy? Regulate banks and corporations? Create a robust social safety net to raise up the poor and middle class to take back America from the wealthy?

No? Then what's your plan to stop the "Jews" you think are the source of all our problems?

You have a plan…. right?

d0edce6f No.3680781

>What are you going to do about it? Tax the wealthy? Regulate banks and corporations? Create a robust social safety net to raise up the poor and middle class to take back America from the wealthy?

They would just stop all of that and would be the ones in control of the process, what we should do is slaughter them

c73386ed No.3680782

File: 1670362144733.jpg (76.92 KB, 608x485, iran.JPG)


You have just said the quiet part out loud again. You have confirmed what everyone already understands as politicized agencies of the government that are supposed to be non-political.

Dept of Justice
Capitol Police
Election Commission


Shooting unarmed protestors…..where have I heard that before…..seems recent. Oh yes…you behave like Iran Gov.

c73386ed No.3680783

File: 1670362445482-0.png (703.19 KB, 1374x734, Black not ok to be white.png)

File: 1670362445482-1.png (419.42 KB, 640x816, EU rejects white city as t….png)

File: 1670362445482-2.jpg (562.83 KB, 1079x1480, splc white minority countd….jpg)

File: 1670362445482-3.jpg (47.67 KB, 450x450, negros want whites dead.jpg)

>calling people evil….

c73386ed No.3680784

File: 1670363011539-0.jpg (61.75 KB, 590x882, egyptianswereblackenslaved….jpg)


It sounds like you are agreeing with the poster.

Your reply is confusing….

b92188f8 No.3680785

Literally yes.

All that needs to be done for now is to keep naming the Jew. They've gotten by by blaming all of the evil they've done has been white people and 'capitalists', and using their massive media influence to simply repeat the lie until enough people believe it.

They've been expelled from like 200 countries for a reason, and sooner or later people will learn that simply expelling them isn't enough.

People are waking up to their lies.

def10558 No.3680790

Kill all the billionaires or just the Jews?
What about the multi-millionaires?
What, in your opinion, is the cut off point where they aren't part of the Jew-conspiracy to control global finance?

def10558 No.3680791

The cops didn't shoot anyone.
That was the secret service and only because she tried to crawl in through an opening in a barricade they warned her not to while pointing a gun at her and telling her they will shoot her.

She played stupid games, she won stupid prizes.

def10558 No.3680793


No one said whites invented slavery. History is replete with slavery. White Americans are famous for it because they went to war with their own country to keep their slaves after the rest of the nation decided slavery was illegal.

If the south had said, "Yeah, you're right, this is cruel and it should end." then phased out slavery it wouldn't have been as big a deal. It would have still been a stain on America's history but it wouldn't have ended so badly for the south.

Instead conservatives went full terrorist, broke off from America, made their own nation and started killing Americans so the rich could keep their slaves.

Conservatives always look for an excuse to kill people because conservatives are animals that need to be put down for the good of the species.

bd9dc4ff No.3680794

File: 1670370332968.png (927.41 KB, 1506x842, JW_hates_lgbt.png)

JWs Rewrite Bible To Justify Their HATE For LGBT People | Jehovah's Witnesses' Caleb And Sophia

This is why the United States have continued school shootings in the news it never ends.

fa73a541 No.3680795

>No one said whites invented slavery.
Ignorant niggers do all the time. Niggers often act as if slavery was ONLY a nigger issue and only whites were to blame.

fa73a541 No.3680796

That is because niggers are by far the most racist ethnic group in America. Their racist prejudice against all whites is always on display.

d0edce6f No.3680797

can kill all the ones with a positive opinion on other wealthy elites who are jewish for one, basically no excuse for that

d0edce6f No.3680798

nah, just get rid of the jewish ones. you'd be surprised

c73386ed No.3680799

File: 1670372895829.gif (169.45 KB, 500x375, laughinghomer.gif)

>Kill all the
>billionaires or Jews
>Pick one and only one

c73386ed No.3680800

File: 1670373088827.gif (1.86 MB, 220x330, reply disgust clown.gif)


You've already been schooled on this bullshit. The sign of intelligence is the ability to learn.

You do not learn. Guess what that means?

e04c82d1 No.3680811

maga is liberalism, but i think its a step in the right direction and will condition america for real change. maybe i would support trump if his presidency lived up to his campaign promises

bd9dc4ff No.3680814

File: 1670383463309.jpg (280 KB, 843x867, E4uMrOw.jpg)

Carl Sagan, 1996.

7f8feb4a No.3680815

File: 1670383718305.jpeg (108.53 KB, 1334x750, FjWESHXUUAAxz22.jpeg)

Maga is cancer and needs chemo

e04c82d1 No.3680816

manufacturing is really important. sad to see the american jobs go. it might not look like it, but the manufacturing industry is our most important industry because productive innovations in manufacturing fuel our growth in other sectors/the economy in general "For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy—the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector."

service economies are pretty cucked, especially in third world shithole countries. india saw a huge increase in gdp with the growth of their service industry, but the real wage growth in india is actually declining at the same time.

b92188f8 No.3680817

There was another armed cop literally 3 feet behind her just chilling in the 'insurrectionist mob.' He didn't seem to think any of them were a threat. It was cold blooded murder.

Whites ended slavery. Jews ran the global slave trade.

bd9dc4ff No.3680825

File: 1670401095304.jpg (190.69 KB, 1080x1215, B9qitY4.jpg)

bd9dc4ff No.3680827

File: 1670403228214.png (10.15 KB, 800x354, Screen-Shot-2022-05-12-at-….png)

10-20 years or less abdications and reforms probably would take more years to rebuild.

13200931 No.3680828

File: 1670403970992-0.png (543.25 KB, 647x782, 1046D607-AE4B-4A7B-9E19-D6….png)

File: 1670403970992-1.jpeg (277.08 KB, 800x766, CCFCC6FA-3E7A-46B1-B99D-A….jpeg)

File: 1670403970992-2.jpeg (86.13 KB, 640x360, F72E029E-12E8-498F-BFFA-D….jpeg)

File: 1670403970992-3.jpeg (153.05 KB, 489x466, 7F904174-2B9E-4FB6-A8E3-E….jpeg)

File: 1670403970992-4.png (701.93 KB, 826x569, EDE8629E-CE2D-48B0-93C8-69….png)

Well not really…..

def10558 No.3680830

File: 1670406481452.jpg (49.5 KB, 592x398, 4440a695128e.jpg)

Sure, sure, you totally have your finger on the pulse of black culture and know exactly what they are thinking.

def10558 No.3680831

File: 1670406822495.jpg (86.75 KB, 845x417, ed6e6b6f37b9.jpg)

>There was another armed cop literally 3 feet behind her just chilling in the 'insurrectionist mob.'

They interviewed one of those cops pressed up against the wall by the mob after the fact.


def10558 No.3680832

File: 1670407092650.jpg (163.7 KB, 932x844, FjVN0shX0Ak4WDe.jpg)

How do you think Trump failed to keep his promises? Not enough public executions of his political enemies? Didn't throw Hillary in prison for life because she ran against him? Didn't make all religions illegal except Christianity? Didn't bring back slavery and murder all the Jews?

What was far-enough right for you to be happy with Trump?

def10558 No.3680833

File: 1670407461667.jpg (55.81 KB, 577x680, FjOwQOdWYAM7AZS.jpg)

>Whites ended slavery.

Northern whites ended slavery after conservative whites fought a war to keep it.

You don't get credit for stopping something your people went to war trying to protect and still defend as justified to this day.

13200931 No.3680836

File: 1670409350052-0.jpeg (131.09 KB, 721x1024, 87070941-A52D-4A42-8476-1….jpeg)

File: 1670409350052-1.jpeg (76.16 KB, 568x571, FDC28ACD-32BF-4E5B-ADFD-5….jpeg)

File: 1670409350052-2.jpeg (118.53 KB, 800x1024, 6F873DC1-04C6-48F5-9402-E….jpeg)

Northern Whites were liberals?

6d11ddbd No.3680848

File: 1670415764392.webm (3.93 MB, 700x1280, 1669802095554331.webm)

To the idiots trying to attach a lot of pedo crap to the LGBT people…

b2515340 No.3680849

File: 1670416169162.jpg (300.26 KB, 612x796, Cutie4.jpg)


I don't think I picked my favorite color until high school. Least not set it in stone until then.

dd1e7262 No.3680854

Well she's not wrong. Hell they can't even keep drawings of it to themselves without acting like their being oppressed.

It's kinda hard not associate pedophile with lgbt after the kind of stunts they pull.

c3e7e082 No.3680856

>Northern whites ended slavery after conservative whites fought a war to keep it.

No, whites ended slavery. Stop looking at the USA and you'll learn that Europe and the British stopped slavery at its source in Africa.
Europe also invaded north Africa and collonised because they where fed up with arab slaver raids on its coasts.

"Colonisation is a crime !" Yeah, right. We deshitholized their countries, and removed the thugs there, that's what happened.

1f18f36d No.3680859


I suppose lgbt people want to indoctrinate kids into being gay/trans. Like how religions want to indoctrinate kids into believing into sky genies and things.

When both should stop preying on children's easy to manipulate minds.

1f18f36d No.3680860

File: 1670420619782.png (1.3 MB, 1353x946, Furry_waifu.png)

Degeneracy is pretty mainstream now though. I see this video today.


dd1e7262 No.3680861

>>3680859 only that
one centered around being a decent person
And the other is centered around buttsex

1f18f36d No.3680863

File: 1670422463776.png (1.24 MB, 1277x1596, 9998856.png)


You can teach morality without religion. And religion can be full of questionable or hateful beliefs.

And the child may not even want the religion thats being forced upon them. And spend their life trying to undue to forced indoctrination.

Also some religions can teach someone to be anything but a decent person.

00166fe1 No.3680868

File: 1670423535647.jpeg (260.96 KB, 1283x828, 0A263D97-A321-49D6-9F73-1….jpeg)

Reminder that the current champions of the anti-jewish far right christian nationalist white identity movement are a mentally ill black hiphop artist who defends pedo corporations, a scrawny latino faggot who has never felt the touch of a woman, and a bitter closet-case pretending not to be a faggot who openly wants to stab the right in the back and does it all the time

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

dd1e7262 No.3680870

Why wouldn't a parent pass on their religious traditions to their children?
Why shouldn't they?
You're not having kids. What difference does it make to you?

1f18f36d No.3680872

File: 1670424495779.jpg (53.91 KB, 837x954, 4bfa3da5516d73d88a22c0e368….jpg)


One can still pass them on when the child is a rational adult.

dd1e7262 No.3680873

Ohhh so parents shouldn't be allowed to talk to their children about their religious traditions until thier adults but we can go ahead and get them gender replacement therapy as soon as they're able to talk.
Yeah that makes sense.

1f18f36d No.3680874

File: 1670424899772.jpg (379.29 KB, 2789x3984, 2550328.jpg)


I never said I was for that.

1f18f36d No.3680876

File: 1670426392539.jpg (44.85 KB, 564x705, 672222.jpg)

I used to try to talk people out of becoming trans. Until I got tired of all their friends/people attacking me for it.

So I stopped giving a shit. Like there was this guy I liked, and I tried to get to know him, and he was like I wanna become a girl and I tried to talk him out of it because I thought he was hot as a guy. And I didn't want to think about him ruining his ability to have kids one day.

And people just rushed to attack me, call me insensitive, etc.

And thats just how it be. I told him I thought it was a poor life choice and it was forever. But he still wanted to be a girl, so I left him to it.

55dba167 No.3680879

Nobody cares about your maga tears

Good for them for being trans while dating a bigot

1f18f36d No.3680881

File: 1670430625472.png (130.48 KB, 800x626, 896667.png)


I ain't on any political party.

I don't think the technology is here yet for real gender change.

It doesn't even seem like were at the point of lab growing the parts. They're tearing skin and things off people to make pseudo-sex organs.

fb8c45c0 No.3680882

File: 1670430857487.jpg (96.01 KB, 937x607, c179e2e5835b.jpg)

>The British brought civilization to Africa.

You have never read a single history book, have you? The British engaged in slavery, a lot of slavery.

They started taking and selling slaves in 1618 and didn't stop until 1806. It was 188 years. They stopped doing the business of slave trade around 50 years before America did so don't act like they were some great force for good.

They were monsters fighting in defense of capitalism and slave labor up until they had no choice but to stop.


fb8c45c0 No.3680883

It wasn't until 1833 that Britain abolished the slave trade within the territories they controlled inside Africa. It took them almost 30 years to actually implement the laws they had made to outlaw slavery because they didn't want to give up that profit.

1f18f36d No.3680884

File: 1670431667329.png (330.5 KB, 1000x974, 1415467635.ashblueflames_y….png)

Plus the suicide rates are so high. How can you encourage someone into such danger? And they won't be able to have kids either.

And you know they'll be giving themselves a difficult life. And they may even change their mind.

Like a young boy can think turning into a girl will be forever love and attention. Not seeing how ignored older women can be.

And the chance even post surgery they still can't pass visually as the opposite gender.

Like the guy I was talking about it seemed like he wanted to be trans because his dream was to have a lesbian relationship. And he might have thought that as a guy he didn't have a chance to get a gf.

Its all so risky. Where being a feminine guy caries almost no risk.

fb8c45c0 No.3680885

File: 1670431920793.jpg (21.08 KB, 250x353, 71857483299e95a77d71dec58e….jpg)


You think LGBTQ people simply existing around children is somehow corrupting those children. That's why people think you're a bigot. You think the very existence of people not like you is somehow evil and dangerous.

Normal people, sane people, don't think like that. That's why you keep getting, "Canceled" and shamed. That's why people in your life are embarrassed to be associated with you.

You have a problem. Something in your brain is broken and you need to see a shrink to get it fixed or you'll always be an outcast.

1f18f36d No.3680887


I forgot the word "some". Not all.

79985555 No.3680888

Dishonest lying liberal lies again. They're not simply "existing" around children. Many of them are deliberatly being sexually perverted around them.

A lot of the lgbt community see it and are calling it out.

fb8c45c0 No.3680890

File: 1670432459103.jpg (374.41 KB, 1026x613, FcJ9yUKXwAUVYuN.jpg)

Yeah, as much as DK is a far-right wackadoo, he's not wrong about this.

Trying to turn your dick into a vag or get a fake dick just is a bad idea right now. The problem is, because we're a capitalist society, if desperate fools aren't willing to take those sub-par sex organs and learn to live with them no one will develop a better process.

There needs to be money to be made. Otherwise our capitalist system will never allow the science to progress just for the sake of making people's lives better.

That would be *gasp* socialism!!

fb8c45c0 No.3680891

File: 1670432919564.jpg (20.9 KB, 412x330, Kill-em-all-Jack.jpg)

Some of them push the envelope and you're correct that when they do, the LGBTQ community calls them out on it but 99% of the time, they aren't and conservatives make no distinction between the normal and the most extreme.

Just like they think all black people are lazy, all Hispanics are drug mules, and all Asians are good at math, they think all gay men are pedophiles and all drag queens are grooming kids.

Conservatives are too stupid to see the world in any term more complex than either pure good or pure evil. That's why they are dangerous and need to be put down.

They can't safely function in a normal society. It's long past time we accepted this fact and acted accordingly.

fb8c45c0 No.3680893

Oh, fun fact I had forgotten to mention, the "White British Empire" you are so proud of was the first nation in history to create concentration camps and let their political prisoners starve to death while raping the mothers and children held prisoner.

Hitler did it on a larger scale but Britain did it first.

1f18f36d No.3680894

File: 1670433394195.jpg (291.31 KB, 1448x2048, 2427765.jpg)

Idk why your calling me far right. When I think the right are people paralized by "muh morals" so that even when they have power they don't do shit.

Some of them seem like they were raised on the disney fairy tale of "If you punished the bad guy, that makes you just as bad as they are" trope

I'm not either side.

55dba167 No.3680896

Maga loses because

Maga is losers

1f18f36d No.3680897

File: 1670434479912.jpg (217.98 KB, 1613x1731, DPjaefTVoAEg6Pk.jpg)

One of the main reasons to be pro-right atm is that they might re-open the pipeline that biden closed. Which could mean cheaper gas.

But other than that, I can't think of much they'd do.

Neither party can fix the debt. Because if all welfare got cut people would riot.

3e32e73d No.3680898

File: 1670434666692.png (128.48 KB, 334x400, s-l400.png)

fb8c45c0 No.3680899

File: 1670434817411.png (37.18 KB, 640x342, Pussy_White_Boys.png)


You don't get to decide what you are. Your actions and words dictate what you are.

Your actions and words show the world you are not on the left side so by default, you're on the right-side.

You're either pro-equality or you're not and you most defiantly, are not.

fb8c45c0 No.3680900

File: 1670434922741.jpg (130.74 KB, 720x820, abb1007500d7.jpg)

It's gonna be hard to run a campaign from prison with no money.

1f18f36d No.3680901

File: 1670434988846.jpg (25.13 KB, 400x400, F5.jpg)


I sure as fuck do get to decide what side I'm on. Just like I can pick my religion or pronouns.

1f18f36d No.3680904

File: 1670435600883.png (360.92 KB, 1280x874, byncmaresblogmarkedasnsfwo….png)


I would be amazed if trump was even allowed to run. I even hear republicans want to throw him under the bus.

Neither party wants to risk him winning.

1f18f36d No.3680908

File: 1670436809253.png (146.69 KB, 394x768, Old_goat.png)

I'd be surprised if a republican wins a single president election in the next 10 years.

With all the free and fair elections, with mail in ballots.

But its the republicans own fault for being useless. I look forward to whoever replaces biden being the most popular president in history by votes, just like he was.

I can't imagine biden running again, he's so old and his mental faculties are so poor, even if he's just reading off things.

Its almost elder abuse to put that much stress on someone in his age and health. He got his name in the history books. Another 4 years would be so bad for him I'd imagine.

71728537 No.3680916

File: 1670440010916.png (284.71 KB, 656x800, c2452a3124c7a269ae17a6078e….png)

Kanye is a globalist puppet, along with some other puppets hung out for people to invest their hopes and energy into - only to have it all destroyed by humiliation and other means.

PSA: It's a psychological trick to get a puppet to say some good things for once - getting peoples' hopes up - , uniting them, then to have that puppet start acting crazy or immoral. Therefore - painting every genuine person with the crazy-fail brush.

It's a dirty old trick.

PSAAAA: do yourself a favour and invest that hope and energy into yourselves first/instead.

(Pic unrelated.)

b92188f8 No.3680918

So when the other cop shot her in the face point blank, was that pouring kerosene on the fire?

Fuck off, retard.

fb8c45c0 No.3680919

File: 1670442779971.jpg (244.69 KB, 490x781, pcpgyx5izq1a1.jpg)

You can say you are a good person all you want, but when you do evil, you are evil.

As for your religion, no one gives a shit if you want to play pretend with the other adult-children as long as you keep it in your own playgroup and don't try to force it on others.

Also, if you decide to start dressing and acting like a girl then we'll call you a girl. You DO get to choose but your choice must be backed up by actions. If you say you are a girl but run around dressed like a man with a beard, most people aren't going to respect your choice because, once again, it's your ACTIONS that dictate how society sees you.

That's why the Trans-bathroom issue is so stupid for Republicans. What do you morons imagine is going to happen if you win that contest?

2beb235f No.3680920

>You think LGBTQ people simply existing around children is somehow corrupting those children.

Yeah. The same way homeschooling with fundamentalist Christian values does. You take an extreme minority and make it seem normal to children, and you get children with twisted sensibilities, priorities and values.

Oh wait, you don't believe it does in one case, but absolutely in the other.

1f18f36d No.3680921

File: 1670443471134.jpg (73.96 KB, 603x900, Deer_Stuff.jpg)


Evil is subjective, and some don't even believe it exists.

And if evil does exist, doing a single evil action does not make a person evil forever usually. Which you can see by the legal system, which usually forgives most crimes after a payment in time or money.

If I got to california, pay 17 dollars or so to get my official legal gender changed. People, if the law of their state says so, must call me by my correct gender.

fb8c45c0 No.3680922

Again, the cops in the hallways didn't shoot her. There was an officer stationed inside the room on the other side of the barricade she was trying to breach.

The guy who shot her was working with the service inside the main chamber.

He shot her because she was crawling through an opening the MAGA terrorists had made in a barricade the secret service had made against the doors to the congressional hall.

Congress was trapped inside the chamber because the capitol police had not established a secure escape rout at that time.

There is video of it. We know what happened. She ignored all the warnings from both the cops and the other protestors, and got herself killed because she was in a cult.

I'm sure Trump jerks his tiny mushroom dick to the memory of her dying for him frequently.


fb8c45c0 No.3680923

File: 1670444021470.jpg (41.94 KB, 640x556, FY9LcroWIAAlu6d.jpg)


Being trans or gay is not a radical or extreme idea. It has been common through out all of history and is common through out all of nature. That's what you don't understand. You're in a bubble where you think it's a big deal but it really isn't to anyone who isn't in that bubble with you.

Believing a flying Jewish zombie wants you to murder people is, however, a extreme ideology.

b92188f8 No.3680924

At no point was the mob actually violent. They didn't even bring weapons. The only violence came from the cops. I thought your side was anti-cop, how come now it's okay for them to shoot unarmed civilians?

There was more public outcry for people literally holding guns and reaching for knives who have been shot by cops.

The fucking pedophile enablers are the greatest threat to gay rights today. People are going to look at them and lump us all together.

I just want to be able to marry my boyfriend. All you pedophiles need to go in the fucking woodchipper.

fb8c45c0 No.3680925

>If I go to California, pay 17 dollars to get my official legal gender changed. People must call me by my correct gender.

Yes, because your ACTIONS of getting your gender changed legally legitimizes your claim but if you're just some conservative asshole running around claiming to be a woman and walking into girl's bathrooms to be a creep and make jokes about it, no one is going to respect it.

It's ACTIONS that determine how society sees you, not what you say.

Do you get it yet or do I need to break out the crayons for you?

1f18f36d No.3680926

File: 1670444837504.jpg (212.74 KB, 1273x1280, Sounds_pointless_and_I_lik….jpg)


Why would I care about going into girls bathrooms? I'm after boyfriends not girls.

b92188f8 No.3680927

>If the state says you're female, then you're female.
God, you are a literal fascist.

fb8c45c0 No.3680929

File: 1670446177894.png (108.48 KB, 869x497, missing_the_point.png)


I can't tell if you are just really stupid or if you are really stupid and trying hard not to understand a simple idea.

632f83ad No.3680934

File: 1670452152485.jpg (147.65 KB, 1200x787, 099ee8197753.jpg)

Victoria 3 is an advanced economic simulator in which players can run their own nations and compete for world power. They ran into one tiny problem.

Conservatives are mad that communism is the most effective way to win the game. If you distribute the wealth made from the economy to the working class and lift up the poor the nation just keeps growing and growing and no other method comes close to competing with it.

The simulation seems to indicate that if we stopped letting the rich get so insanely rich and forced them to actually pay taxes and a living wage, a nation would be virtually unstoppable economically.

But don't worry! Conservatives are responding by creating mods to implement white ethno-states that bring racism into the game. I guess they think it's not an accurate simulation unless there is a group of terrorists trying to destroy your nation from within in the name of racism?


1f18f36d No.3680935

File: 1670452938894.jpg (93.75 KB, 800x1150, 7f3.jpg)

Nice, christian religion is on the decline in Britain and atheism is on the rise.


632f83ad No.3680938

File: 1670455512352.jpg (158.49 KB, 710x1000, FjFDV_PUAAA4ac_.jpg)

Almost all religion is in decline.

Islam is the fastest growing religion but that's only true because for the first time in hundreds of years Christianity is actually losing more people than it's gaining.

I think Islam is on track to match the numbers of the shrinking Christian base some time around 2050.

People have seen what Religion does to the world and they have had enough.

cc5a604d No.3680939


Tell us exactly where the british empire touched you, you seem to have a lot of ressentment. I just stated a fact, they ended slavery, along with the other european colonial powers.
I don't care that they ate dolphins and ponies for breakfast, it's another subject.

cc5a604d No.3680940

> If you say you are a girl but run around dressed like a man with a beard, most people aren't going to respect your choice because, once again, it's your ACTIONS that dictate how society sees you.

I'm sorry to inform you that you are a reactionary.
FYI, you can be a girl and dress like a man, you can look like a man and not be one too, it's called being non-binary. You better educate yourself before your woke peers find out you slipped and cancel you.

1f18f36d No.3680941

File: 1670457495103.png (3.19 MB, 1909x2000, 159198.png)


I think its so very funny how the lotus eaters started out so rational, logical, so pro-debate, so anti-logical fallacies years back.

And lately I see them going "Devil worshipers! Its the Devil worshipers!" And they quote the bible and other stuff like it matters.

Right wing people can veer too hard on religion or tradition and end up in a very irrational place.

As if all these things are happening because people worship the devil, thats silly.

a3c14446 No.3680942

File: 1670458392455-0.png (1.05 MB, 1034x930, black slavery misattribute….png)

File: 1670458392455-1.jpg (649.49 KB, 861x849, black slavery africa dahom….jpg)


Slavery never ended.

It simply changed form.

634bd7ed No.3680943

the poor class was also forced not to play the race card i bet.

a3c14446 No.3680944

File: 1670458509488-0.jpg (60.3 KB, 720x743, waters sports 2.jpg)

>MAGA terrorists

bd9dc4ff No.3680946

File: 1670459187086-0.jpg (1.32 MB, 4656x2218, 3CHriHb.jpg)

File: 1670459187086-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 4656x2218, ND4ZPa5.jpg)

File: 1670459187086-2.jpg (1.3 MB, 4656x2218, Jbmkebq.jpg)

b92188f8 No.3680947

And Jews are still the largest perpetrators of it.

It's just funny how all of the crimes of whites and capitalism that the communists are always complaining about were actually Jews the whole time.

Also funny how it's Jews pushing this warped communist ideology that blames everyone other than themselves.

bd9dc4ff No.3680948

File: 1670459452644-0.jpg (199.76 KB, 1077x1776, nPKAucX.jpg)

Foreigners are getting the bigger clearer picture on how United States work

Police refused to protect drag show from threats then high-fived Proud Boys who showed up to protest

real question, are United States cops racist on poor Jews and respect rich Jews?

b92188f8 No.3680953

Did this drag show happen to be at a library for children? Nobody gives a fuck about drag shows until you start involving children.

What fucking kike neglected to mention that part?

33197db0 No.3680954

What threats?

e813b363 No.3680956

File: 1670464721889.jpg (98.14 KB, 1080x718, Meanwhile-in-Florida.jpg)

They were protesting a children's story hour, not a drag show. They are protesting children being read books which, when you think about it, makes sense. They don't want those children growing up being smarter than they are and that's not a high bar to clear.

e813b363 No.3680957

They ended the slavery they profited off of for 188 years. You don't get a cookie for that.

e813b363 No.3680958

Being non-binary isn't the same as claiming you are a girl but in no way acting like a girl. You think you're being smart but in your ignorance, you're just showing how stupid you are.

1f18f36d No.3680962

File: 1670474087214.png (102.72 KB, 837x749, canceled.png)

"Restaurant refuses service to Christian group, citing staff ‘dignity’"

Been a while since I heard of one of these. Wonder when christians in america will be the minority.

e04c82d1 No.3680966

islam is the fastest growing religion because of high birth rates. its 2.9 kids per women (2015 stat) but in the 90s it was 4.3. literally every society has had high birth rates until they modernized and women were educated. studies in muslim-majority countries show that women with longer schooling averaged less children. i expect the birth rate to decrease to typical levels, especially among immigrants in well-educated western countries after two or three generations.

demographers call this stage three of the demographic transition model where women have less time to raise children because of work, people have access to family planning, and urban living makes raising children to be more costly. thus causing a decline in birth rates. developing countries will eventually reach this stage and stop the exponential growth.

also keep in mind that ~75% of muslim converts leave islam anyways, so i dont attribute islam's growth to the religion being more persuasive. islam will inevitably decline like all religion

e04c82d1 No.3680967

actually, im probably wrong on the 75% stat because a quick google search only brings up stormfront and exmuslim websites. "What little information is available suggests that there is no substantial net gain or loss in the number of Muslims through conversion globally; the number of people who become Muslims through conversion seems to be roughly equal to the number of Muslims who leave the faith."

heres a good read on muslim population projections + causes for stagnation:

16ffd4fe No.3680969

Christians rape children

Church people are dumbfucks

16ffd4fe No.3680971

File: 1670480361969.jpeg (365.49 KB, 1080x1080, FjWG1xNX0AEFizy.jpeg)

9f504bcc No.3680973

Glad to see you're such a big supporter of Christian ministers like the Reverend Warnock.

bd9dc4ff No.3680974

ANIMAL FARM Clip - "Rising Up" (1954) George Orwell

Donkey = Democracy
Pigs = Oligarchs

10b069b1 No.3680978

Glad to see MAGA fuckin lose

lose lose and keep on losing

"Why won't anyone fuck me" the incel cries

3e19847f No.3680981

We don't know, 3B,
why won't anyone fuck you?

3e19847f No.3680982

Lawsuit in the millions.
They're already in contact with Nick Sandmann for advice.
I guess some restaraunts make so much money they like to throw it all away.

3e19847f No.3680985

File: 1670498347020.jpg (51.25 KB, 800x700, Screenshot (15).jpg)

e813b363 No.3680986

File: 1670498693197.webm (447.28 KB, 640x360, PunchaNazi.webm)

Meanwhile in Germany…

25 people have been arrested in connection to a nation wide plot to attack the government and destroy the nation from within through assassination and terrorism. The government believes this terrorist cell formed because of Qanon conspiracy theories.
Let's hope America starts doing the same.

Every day cops don't punch a Nazi is a day they aren't living up to their full potential!


e813b363 No.3680987

File: 1670499032095.jpeg (24.98 KB, 640x800, pNGFiJo.jpeg)


The fact you think them being Christian is why they got canceled and not them being racist, bigot, conservatives is exactly why all Christians across America are being shamed and derided.

Christianity use to stand for kindness and compassion in America but now they have let themselves be ties so inexorably to right-wing conservative insanity everyone hates them as much as they hate the modern-Nazis in the Republican party.

3e19847f No.3680988


3e19847f No.3680989


e813b363 No.3680991

File: 1670500324762.jpg (47.66 KB, 591x355, Have-some-crumbs.jpg)

Your analogy is correct, but incomplete.
The donkey and the animal rebels are the middle and lower class.

The pigs are the oligarchs.

The dogs that protect the pigs, those are conservatives like Mitch McConnel, Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. They get fat and wealthy while the rest of us die.

The problem in America is that 30% of the animal rebels have been convinced by the pigs that if they just keep attacking the rest of us a better life will trickle down from on high. It never works, it has never worked, and it will never work. Conservative ideas are meant to fail but morons keep believing in them.

Conservatives stand in the way of a real uprising ever happening which is why we need to get rid of them first.
First we purge the traitors, then we take down capitalism.

You can either be on the left with the workers or you can be on the right with the oligarchs but you can't be on the right and not be with the oligarchs.
There is no middle-ground. Being with the oligarch-pigs is the whole point of conservatism.

e813b363 No.3680994

File: 1670503116899.jpg (111.3 KB, 643x703, eb4d22a9bc71.jpg)

Hey, look at that, another conservative who was trying to get everyone to focus on the "Don't say gay" bill is caught stealing American tax dollars and putting it in his own pocket just in time to prove my point.

3e19847f No.3680996

klljkg cgjhcgh vghjcgjh hkhk llj;;

3e19847f No.3680997

pouinfgcf xcfghfh cffh n hgjhgjgh khv

3e19847f No.3680998

and the lying SHIT-AND-RUN posts by 3B just keep on coming.

3e19847f No.3680999

Why aren't you in jail yet?

e813b363 No.3681004

File: 1670515233387.jpg (124.15 KB, 1310x874, Dark-Brandon-gets-shit-don….jpg)

While conservatives were busy crying in their beer about Walker losing in Georgia, Dark Brandon has secured the release of U.S. athlete Brittney Griner who was being held by Russia as a political prisoner.

He exchanged a convicted arms dealer who the Russians want to execute. No Republicans had the balls to even suggest that.

e813b363 No.3681005

In fun Trump news, two more top secret documents have been found hidden by Trump in a off-site storage locker that Trump's own lawyers had searched. They turned the documents over to the FBI.

Even his own people are working against him. Can't wait till he's in prison and can't use his phone any more to vomit his brain cancer into the internet.

e813b363 No.3681006

File: 1670515814910.jpg (95.75 KB, 680x680, Great-day-for-freedom.jpg)

71728537 No.3681007

File: 1670517766231.jpg (55.61 KB, 700x257, CenturiesOfInbreeding.jpg)

Wow. There's no way these smug penguin lunatics aren't doing it on purpose at this point, just to rub it in peoples' faces.

71728537 No.3681010

File: 1670518744864.jpg (49.98 KB, 640x360, Your_New_Smart_Prison.jpg)

The latest walk and talk by Max was really good, and covers a whole bunch of news and subjects, including that old Kanye thing, more people and animals spinning in circles before dying, the latest developments in Ausjailia, UK, lots of thought on how to still prevent total collapse, etc.
Worth watching even if you've already seen a couple before:

"Your New Smart Prison"

PSA: The muppet formerly known as 3B (now just cowardly-anon-behind-17-rotating-proxies) is a prion-diseased brain-in-a-jar that feverishly gets its headlines from known gov-disinfo rags, posts them on a furry/pedo smut board at least 10 years past its prime, and feels special doing it.

71728537 No.3681013

File: 1670519551634.jpg (65.27 KB, 685x480, Crazy_Dog_Owner.jpg)

Oh, I'm very tired so forgot to add this:
Just finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood… it's quite a massive and impressive work of art, but it certainly doesn't have much to do with (pro-)Christianity, haha. Nevertheless, the series does present good examples and values (to the extent such a show can do so). Have mixed feelings but am glad I watched it, it was worth the time.

Anyway, tired… may write about it more here later some day (or not meh), but for now - off to Goddy Bed! :3

16ffd4fe No.3681015

File: 1670519917473.jpeg (148.69 KB, 922x2048, FjbiRp7XEAAnrqh.jpeg)

Hello groomers

3e32e73d No.3681023

Hello, 3B

How's your grooming going?

e813b363 No.3681031

Don't call him 3B! I'm 3B's true heir. There can only be one!

e813b363 No.3681038

File: 1670536400043.jpg (36.51 KB, 591x442, ab290a34ba38.jpg)

The MAGA tears are gonna flow free for the next few days. They can no longer pass laws to invalidate gay marriage.

They can make it illegal to hold the ceremony in the red states but if someone is married under the auspice of another state they have to treat it as legal.

Get ready for a lot of blue states to pass laws that allow people to get married over video conference.

Fortunately for gay couples, it's already legal to both apply for a license and be wed over the internet through the state of Utah and Illinois.

I'm sure more blue states will follow suit.

b92188f8 No.3681039

Literally nobody cares.

86d3d011 No.3681040

86d3d011 No.3681041

>They ended the slavery they profited off of for 188 years. You don't get a cookie for that.

Yes you do get a cookie. It's called changing for the better and it's laudable.

Remove Europe from history and even today, muslims slavers would still travel to sub-sahara africa to buy black slaves and neuter them. Given a chance they would do it again, just look at Lybia's treatment of migrants, ISIS making sex slaves of nonbelievers, etc.

33197db0 No.3681047

>muslims slavers would still travel to sub-sahara africa to buy black slaves
Luckily we live in the woke timeline where Arabs only use Asian slaves. Wokesters HATE Asians.

Who gives a shit? Just because the government says you're married doesn't mean you are. Gay marriage is just as legitimate as eunuchs calling themselves women

fb1cf87c No.3681049

File: 1670544517646.png (2.33 MB, 3000x3000, Male_883.png)


If the government says you are married, then you are.

Thats how it works.

0d571d2c No.3681053

File: 1670547256856.png (890.65 KB, 931x523, victor.png)

The left is truly unhinged.

The Biden Regime traded the 'Merchant of Death', an arms dealer responsible for tens of thousands of deaths including Americans, for a mentally ill nigger that has posted hate-filled messages against America. They had the opportunity to opt for a veteran marine that was imprisoned for four years but declined to do so because of skin color.

Make no mistake, the left cares for nothing else but checkboxes and rainbow flags - not for you, not for children and not for the country.

0d571d2c No.3681054

File: 1670547481526.jpg (37.14 KB, 564x376, reply trump smell liar dis….jpg)

>Even his own people are working against him.

>President Donald Trump arranged for a firm to search

bd9dc4ff No.3681057

File: 1670548695102.jpg (299.65 KB, 1078x2558, DL1OEwL.jpg)

0d571d2c No.3681058

File: 1670548705696.png (254.8 KB, 1000x667, zootopia absolutely disgus….png)


We need to add more departments to this list.

A parent went to her childs elementary school and found pornographic imagery on the walls. She went online and complained to the school administration. The military was monitoring social media and called the police to flag 'threatening concerns'.

The FBI has threatened parents at school board meetings.

Now the US military promotes grooming of young children.

The parent felt intimidated and threatened sufficiently to remove the post. The US military is politicized taking the position that opposing grooming children to be a threat to the community.

>What is Posse Comitatus Act?
''>What is the oath to defend the constitution'?'

e813b363 No.3681060

File: 1670550031148.jpg (70.58 KB, 680x592, FjdvTgTX0AMW4l9.jpg)

>a veteran marine

So they had a choice between a soldier or a civilian and they chose to save the civilian? Isn't that what the soldier would have wanted? Isn't the whole point of being a soldier to put yourself in danger so that the civilians don't have to be?

Seems like you are looking desperately for something to be mad about because you know your party has betrayed America and everything it ever stood for.

e813b363 No.3681061

File: 1670550450367.jpg (185.92 KB, 882x819, Bee_A_Patriot_MAGA.jpg)

Trump's lawyers called for a search because Trump's lawyers don't want to go to prison for the traitor.

They are covering their own ass and if that means throwing Trump under the bus, well then, ka-thunk ka-thunk!

bd9dc4ff No.3681062

File: 1670550490622-0.jpg (179.33 KB, 1242x910, bszCCuB.jpg)

File: 1670550490622-1.png (139.26 KB, 768x978, rNRdamm.png)

File: 1670550490622-2.jpg (81.28 KB, 773x251, aRetjs5.jpg)

Interesting geography…

e813b363 No.3681063

> elementary school and found pornographic imagery on the walls.

And you don't have a link to any sources or images of these pornographic posters I bet, right? We're just supposed to take your word that teachers are hanging up posters of naked people in the halls of a school?

0d571d2c No.3681065

File: 1670553283649.png (471.13 KB, 550x720, 1641834122878.png)

>Trump's lawyers called for a search
>I never bothered to read my own source
>I am counting on no one else to read it either
>Keep posting bullshit

Your own source calls you a liar you turbo-nigger

0d571d2c No.3681066

File: 1670553491474.jpg (139.9 KB, 640x724, africa that did not suffer….jpg)

>you don't have a link to any sources

YOU dont even READ your OWN sources before posting bullshit. >>3681065

Why would I bother with links you will never read on MY posts?


bd9dc4ff No.3681070

File: 1670557824040.jpg (15.68 KB, 236x419, d433c713b94b02fd53ee895f52….jpg)

it's too dangerous to "help" these countries.

e813b363 No.3681072

File: 1670558342735.jpg (106.39 KB, 907x142, 7b715930b532.jpg)

It's right there in the FIRST PARAGRAPH of the story. You clearly didn't read a thing.

5dffde94 No.3681073

File: 1670559058191-0.webm (3.78 MB, 640x360, 1657072520115.webm)

File: 1670559058192-1.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 1657072601845.webm)

File: 1670559058192-2.jpg (271.17 KB, 962x1443, 1667802269017956.jpg)


Cute meme.
Here is a supportive parent, notice how he supports his son's hand on his crotch?

07a0cc1d No.3681075

3441c537 No.3681076

If only they could transmute their mother using ai technology.

b92188f8 No.3681077

There were more white slaves in history than there were slaves owned by whites. When's our reparations.

Even not counting reparations for white slaves, you took your reparations and then some in the form of stolen bikes, so lets have some reparations for that.

Or maybe we should have some reparations for the trillions of dollars it cost the British Empire to end slavery? You're welcome for that by the way.

d0edce6f No.3681081

kuchiyose no dog summon jutsu

business dog

i summon ye


e813b363 No.3681085

File: 1670583533065.jpg (91.57 KB, 729x900, Destroy-the-constitution.jpg)

Man, conservatives are losing their shit because Biden let a white man rot in a Russian prison since 2018.

You know, because Biden was the president in 2018, right? Idiots and traitors, every one of them.

e813b363 No.3681087

File: 1670584053580.gif (1.04 MB, 320x180, Footloose.gif)

Those are videos of a college age twerking contest held at a liberal college.
I know people having fun bothers you and the idea of women enjoying themselves it horrifying, but people are going to keep having fun.

There is nothing you can do to stop it.
Dancing always wins. Just ask Kevin Bacon!

bbf83c7a No.3681103

You're young. All your whore friends haven't grown up into bitter old used up whores yet. It's not as fun as it sounds.

Trust me. There really is a reason adults tell kids they shouldn't engage in that kind of degenerate shit.

e813b363 No.3681104


I'd rather look back on my life and regret a few bad moment scattered between many good moment than look back on a life empty of anything good at all because I was too scared to roll the dice.

71728537 No.3681105

File: 1670597608758.png (504.38 KB, 344x373, 45d1cccf8eeae3a38560ad0514….png)

Hello 3Broken. There's nothing good about your example, and no one wants to marry a slut or simp, and sluts or simps make terrible parents. That's one of the reasons why the UN/WEF are so invested in trying to erase traditional strong parenting roles - so that they are the ones who can replace the role of the weak and dependent parents.

There is nothing good or fun about any of those things.
(Pic unrelated, although it is Slobbermutt's mother protecting him from degeneracy, so that he can grow up strong and healthy.)

7a92ba93 No.3681116

Degeneracy is the Republican party

Full of self righteous pedophiles

d0edce6f No.3681127

i replied, get back there lmao

072f0ef7 No.3681133

File: 1670617718144.jpg (236.97 KB, 1153x1600, Telsa-CEO-Elon-Musk-2014.jpg)

ELON: The Twitter releases are a revelation in that they show, in a very powerful fashion, the FBI and “Justice” illegally colluding, proving conclusively, in one more very powerful way, that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged & Stolen. What everyone is REALLY waiting to see, however, is the Twitter information and thought process leading up to the time of the so-called “Election,” and ultimately the “Deplatforming” of the President of the United States. Big moment in history. Thank you.

9ff9e088 No.3681138

Kari Lake: lost
Lee Zeldin: lost
Leora Levy: lost
Mehmet Oz: lost
Don Bolduc: lost
Tudor Dixon: lost
Adam Laxalt: lost
Kim Crockett: lost
Darren Bailey: lost
Mark Finchem: lost
Blake Masters: lost
Doug Mastriano: lost
Kristina Karamo: lost
Herschel Walker: lost

24f1dcf5 No.3681146

Sometimes I look at right wing threads to remind myself that the world would be a better place if every conservative got shot :)

Literally just the dregs of humanity every time, Earth would be a paradise if conservatives went into a mass grave

bd9dc4ff No.3681147

File: 1670625124042-0.png (3.28 MB, 2480x3507, 6c8b9b5d6f418f1671da84ab5e….png)

File: 1670625124042-1.jpg (44.96 KB, 400x400, 2b1dd81f71bc69147ee247ec56….jpg)

File: 1670625124042-2.png (2.79 MB, 3161x3838, d9d80be1c5171f640d909f0d55….png)

File: 1670625124042-3.png (481.2 KB, 1395x1741, 03e687e41b35169c59d4b8f815….png)

File: 1670625124042-4.jpg (114.98 KB, 1395x1741, a33ba527fda9340bc281200b28….jpg)

No, ants have no ideology- they’re insects. They follow their instinctive evolutionary patterns.

We can certainly learn things from animals but trying to superimpose human political and economic ideas into animal communities is rank anthropomorphism and just confuses the issue.

072f0ef7 No.3681148

And the other 277 candidates that Trump endorsed, WON.

But you don't mention that, do you?

072f0ef7 No.3681149

Enjoy your hell on earth, we're gaining power.

Please report 3B to the Lulz.net SERVICE PROVIDER for hate speech and making terrorist threats.

24f1dcf5 No.3681150

It's going to be really funny watching you retards fracture the republican party because you're too mentally deficient to realize that your loser candidates can't win :)

24f1dcf5 No.3681153

It's also really funny seeing conservatives sob about platforms being "unfair" to them as if it's a bad thing to be biased against the right

You can instantly make any platform better just by filtering out conservatives just for expressing a conservative opinion, literally nothing is lost when you get rid of the worst people on Earth lmao

9c4033fd No.3681154

Musk is gonna end either dead or a governor.

24f1dcf5 No.3681155

He's going to stay rich and retarded because meritocracy is fake

072f0ef7 No.3681156

Why would we do that, we control most of them now.

If you don't like it, go start your own social media platform.

24f1dcf5 No.3681157

All the social media sites you infiltrated are now failing because conservatives are too retarded to run something that complicated lmao

b45f8eb8 No.3681160

Conservatives can't operate anything

more complicated than a AR-15

072f0ef7 No.3681161


Don't know how you can say that with a straight face when it's been widely reported, even on the MSM, that leftist Zuckerberg's FACEBOOK has lost over $70 BILLION dollars and it's stock has dropped over 75% just in the last six months.

072f0ef7 No.3681162

Kind of sounds like FACEBOOK is about ripe for the picking now by Elon.

24f1dcf5 No.3681171

Boomerbook is the original failed rightwinger-appeasing social media flop lmao

Twitter was doing fine when they worked to appease the left and now they're anti-left and everyone is fucking leaving :)

24f1dcf5 No.3681174

They definitely know how to shoot up power stations and cause massive black-outs. Sucks the gramma has to go to bed in the freezing cold but that's a small price to pay for delusional conservative psychopaths to temporarily quiet the voices in their heads

cf432229 No.3681179

File: 1670632024888.jpg (65.24 KB, 610x759, 3bdRQWV2Jz3VLKJc.jpg)


Welp, there goes over half the users old Twitter claimed they had and were charging advertisers for.
Turns out they were all BOTS spreading leftist propaganda, or inactive accounts that hadn't been used in years but that Twitter was still counting as active users.
Elon Musk will be removing 1.5 billions users from Twitter in the coming weeks as well as adding a new feature, he said in a series of overnight tweets.

Early Friday morning, Musk tweeted that he would delete 1.5 billion accounts to free up usernames for current users. He also said he would add a feature that would allow Twitter users to see the number of people that read or interact with their tweets.

"Tweets will show view count in a few weeks, just like videos do. Twitter is much more alive than people think," Musk said.

The changes come as Musk is moving the company away from a tool regulating the speech of its users — for political convenience or otherwise — and toward a free exchange of ideas.

They also come as Musk has unveiled a trove of internal documents showing how Twitter executives influenced the platform, suspended users and reduced an account or post’s reach to other users.

The files allegedly show Twitter’s ever-persistent content moderation was decided on "at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role."

0e7a55b0 No.3681182

File: 1670633443999.jpg (97.04 KB, 630x657, quoteyuribexmenov demorali….jpg)


That's correct.

*Lawyers for President Trump*

That means President Trump ordered it.

No lawyer would EVER violate the bar requirements for their duty to the client.

The bar license is everything to a practicing a lawyer.


Therein lies the difference between a thinking, educated person and a demoralized NPC.

0e7a55b0 No.3681184

File: 1670633704293.png (935.22 KB, 1900x1538, reply truth is hate speech.png)

e813b363 No.3681203

File: 1670640142894.jpg (83.8 KB, 680x578, Fjg1IYIXoAACpUz.jpg)

>if every conservative got shot :)

That's messy and rewards gun manufacturers. It's better to hang them in the public square. You can use hemp rope to trigger them just that little bit more before they swing.

Watching their leaders die in the noose will teach the others to know their place.

e813b363 No.3681206

Most leftists and even centrists left Facebook long ago. Nothing remains but old, conservative losers telling each other the lizard people are controlling the weather with Jewish space lasers and angry 25-35 year old white males. Incel conservatives in that age range make up 15% of the facebook user base in 2021.

24f1dcf5 No.3681207

Have a handful of fent and calm down cracker :)

e813b363 No.3681208

File: 1670641204118.gif (2.08 MB, 268x160, tumblr_otpzu3QSb61sna39no1….gif)

Again, you failed to read the article. The courts ORDERED the lawyers to hire a third party to search Trump's properties because no one trusts him.

They had the choice to refuse and accept the consequences but they chose to save themselves rather than Trump.

a49f6f76 No.3681213

File: 1670643391431-0.jpeg (82.63 KB, 480x562, 8895D871-A417-4FDC-A65B-0….jpeg)

File: 1670643391431-1.png (421.32 KB, 967x784, DFDB205F-F98B-480F-8D67-F3….png)

File: 1670643391431-2.jpeg (88.06 KB, 828x796, 72DF02D1-3D9E-4F7F-AA04-B….jpeg)

File: 1670643391431-3.jpeg (123.72 KB, 978x1024, 1F5910A1-6D76-4229-8C3B-D….jpeg)

Did they mention the Jews?

a49f6f76 No.3681246

File: 1670658656374-0.jpeg (148.25 KB, 1024x993, 7EED3896-1846-4C9B-87C8-6….jpeg)

File: 1670658656374-1.png (438.85 KB, 679x471, AFFE32D3-8D12-453C-BD70-2A….png)

File: 1670658656374-2.jpeg (121.78 KB, 1024x640, C34BF017-5AF0-412B-A7FD-7….jpeg)

File: 1670658656374-3.jpeg (62.27 KB, 471x1024, F6B799F5-46F6-4465-948B-A….jpeg)

File: 1670658656374-4.jpeg (105.69 KB, 1024x644, 538596B3-2303-4BDB-BEE1-C….jpeg)

Maybe all this evil shit is happening because Hunter may be compromised….

c2d38f4c No.3681249

File: 1670660781546.jpg (136.61 KB, 1280x720, Elon_Furry.jpg)

Today, although he has purchased a fursuit, Elon Musk took to Twitter to deny he was a furry. Minutes later, he added to the mystery by clarifying that he might identify as "fur-curious."

Here are six other things Musk could be dealing with.

Running SpaceX, Tesla, and several other prominent future-facing companies.

Focusing on SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Preparing for a court battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is working to hold him in contempt for Tweeting.

Getting Teslas to "full self-driving" by the end of 2020, as promised a month ago.

The constant strain of being held to account by the cruel and capricious media industry who hold him to the impossibly high standard that could only be fairly applied to someone capable of changing the universe's technological paradigms .

Reaching the Moon, in his own words, "as fast as possible."

219602bb No.3681255

File: 1670665636209.jpg (83.34 KB, 750x758, business news.jpg)

e813b363 No.3681284

File: 1670700388570.jpg (56.79 KB, 716x731, 7e321e76ef86.jpg)


In other news, Kari Lake the MAGAt conservative Karen who was trying really hard to convince Trump to let her be his VP has lost her state again.
First she lost the election then the recount, and now a Republican judge threw out her non-sense lawsuit claiming voter fraud.

She really is the Lady-Trump! Sore loser till the bitter end.

072f0ef7 No.3681286

You sure are deceiving, 3B, why not tell the whole story?

072f0ef7 No.3681287

I will tell you why.
Because if you don't LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL as naturally as breathing, you're not a Liberal.

f7275305 No.3681288

File: 1670704492215.jpg (62.28 KB, 586x250, ny-gas-prices.jpg)

072f0ef7 No.3681289

When was that picture taken, 2019?
Cause there ain't no place I know of selling gas that cheap right now.
I remember when Trump was still in office in 2020, I took pictures of gas pumps where I filled up for .99 CENTS.

f7275305 No.3681290

File: 1670704886998.png (94.79 KB, 680x550, npc.png)


Again - a flat out lie.

NO court can order a lawyer to betray client-attorney privilege. They did it VOLUNTARILY.

The article says as much.

By the Elder Gods, Cthulhu save us from this….

f7275305 No.3681299

File: 1670711951485.jpg (26.2 KB, 250x230, 1670287601098603s.jpg)

f7275305 No.3681300

File: 1670712205328-0.jpg (37.8 KB, 625x320, waters sports 3.JPG)

File: 1670712205328-1.webm (2.25 MB, 1280x720, nigger home depot.webm)

Why are niggers like this?

No matter their station in life, theft is second nature.

bd9dc4ff No.3681301

File: 1670713345706.jpg (31.91 KB, 960x360, 0x0.jpg)

a979bf0c No.3681302

Nigger culture IS criminal culture. They are one and the same.

6c81fda5 No.3681321


So? It's not a any sort of role other than Journo and basic bitch medic support. However it makes sure to make every situation about its inability to have a vague. Lol

9e894a23 No.3681405

If Elon Musk has a fursuit then it is HUGE news that weight in favor of my theory of him being the antichrist.

John, who wrote the book of revelation, just saw him in a good fursuit and logically described him as "The beast".

It all makes sense. Guys, never use a Dogecoin wallet, it'll be the mark of the beast for sure.

067d475b No.3681406

File: 1670760194912.jpg (65.78 KB, 800x600, Does-Elon-Musk-come-out-in….jpg)

I'm pretty sure that the "Beast" mentioned in Revelations wasn't going to look like a Husky sled dog, lol.

And Elon didn't create DOGECOIN, he just promotes it from time to time and then the price rises. Whether he will promote the new upstart SHIBA INU coin as well remains to be seen.

Many have said that Elon Musk is the closest thing this world has to a real-life TONY STARK, and should be treasured. There have actually been a lot of articles written about this. 3B hates him of course because he's not a flaming liberal.

067d475b No.3681407

File: 1670760954217.jpg (123.57 KB, 1200x565, musk-ironman-cabecera-1200….jpg)

Back in the days when Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark was alive (RIP!), whizzing around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did you ever think that he reminded you of someone?

Well, if Iron Man's combo of bravado, tech ingenuity, and sheer eccentricity had you seeing shades of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, then you were right on the money.
Officially: In a new interview with New York Magazine, Iron Man writer Mark Fergus got to talking about the formation of the MCU's first superhero. According to Fergus, Iron Man's creative team tried to conjure up the image of a modern-day Howard Hughes, but as he admits, "I think people don’t know who the hell that is."

So, seeing as this brainstorm happened in the early 2000s, who do you think came to mind? Fergus says, "Elon’s name was definitely in the conversation as the guy who grabbed the torch."

[Musk], Trump, and maybe a little Steve Jobs. Trump was fun before he became president — he was actually kind of a goofy celebrity. Steve Jobs was always serious and angry; he never quite had that gift of the bullshit, the working the crowd that Musk has a real natural talent for. Musk took the brilliance of Jobs with the showmanship of Trump. He was the only one who had the fun factor and the celebrity vibe and actual business substance.

I’m not sure we talked about too many other people; there are not many people like that around. It’s dangerous to be a celebrity businessman. One scandal and it’s billions of dollars. People want their CEOs to shut up and be good, quiet figures who aren’t in the paper dating celebrities. Because shit can happen.

There you go. Tony Stark: man, superhero, Elon Musk variant. I guess that explains Musk's cameo appearance in Iron Man 2, doesn't it? Did you see him?

71728537 No.3681408

File: 1670762308365.jpg (803.81 KB, 1024x1280, c4c212583595590ed913f66993….jpg)

Are you being paid to shill for that musk puppet? Normally, you make some pretty good comments.
Musk's a globalist/jew puppet who's fully in support of the UN/WEF/sаtan's nightmare plans to inject, chip and control the entire human/animal population.
The sаtanic/pedo/child-sacrificing kаbbalistic creatures pulling Musk's strings are going to turn Twitter into X.com, which will be a Westernised copy of the ccp's WeChat/mark-of-the-beаst/social-credit system.
He's an untalented fraud and technocrаt, amongst other things.

How many NPCs/drones actually still believe in him, and the mainstream media BS? All of this while millions of people around them are dying prematurely from the injected bioweаpons and other reasons, or simply "disappearing". Clown world doesn't begin to explain it.

What's wrong with becoming your own hero, why do you need a complete fraud like Musk to cling on to? "Many have said"? Well, that might as well include you then as well.

(Pic unrelated.)

e813b363 No.3681412

Yes, moron, travel all but died during the crippling pandemic that Trump did nothing to stop. Because there was less demand, the price for oil dropped and you know what Trump did when that happened?

He made a deal with Saudi oil companies to shut down part of our oil production if they would shut down theirs that way both America and Saudi could artificially inflate the cost of oil by limiting the supply.

When they refused to shut down their oil production and put millions of people out of work, he threatened to pull out American troops and let their enemies enact genocide on their people.

He literally worked with an enemy of America to make sure you paid more at the gas pump because he is personally heavily invested in oil.


067d475b No.3681414

Now tell us about Biden being hellbent on shutting down U.S. oil production so we would be dependent on ENEMIES OF AMERICA for our oil

Tell us about Biden going to Saudi Arabia and getting down on his knees and BEGGING these enemies of America to increase oil production for us, which they refused.

Tell us about how Biden drained the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve and sold it overseas, the reserve which was for emergency use only in time of War, and which Trump filled up at a negative cost.

Shall I go on?

e813b363 No.3681420


The Department of Justice asked the court to hold Trump's legal team in contempt because they have been stalling in turning over the documents which were required by the court. The judge negotiated with the lawyers to keep them personally out of jail but that means they are just cooperating harder against Trump.


71728537 No.3681427

File: 1670772871956.jpg (154.35 KB, 1280x631, bed8b90b3f09114cd771669253….jpg)

Hasn't anyone ever noticed 3Broken and his/xirs/them's comrade's sources?
(((vox, reuters, the guardian, washington post, nbc, apnews, rolling stone, newsweek, cbs, lgbtqnation))) ☭ 🇮🇱 ✡
Why are you even bothering arguing with "it" at this point? You're just helping train the anti-human AI that's been deployed by satan and his cursed kabbalist/jew servants.
Saging this sticky.

(Pic unrelated.)

244945e3 No.3681431

File: 1670775168800.jpg (31.86 KB, 680x711, npc.jpg)


Still pushing those lies. The article says none of those things. Fuck reading comprehension….amirite?

Cliff notes:

Politicized Dept of Justice (PDJ): We want sworn statements from the Presidents lawyers that all documents have been returned

President Trumps Lawyers (PTL): We cant do that. We personally never did any searches.

PDJ: Judge, we want contempt charges due to non-compliance

Judge: You are joking. Thats not how things work.

PTL: We have always been cooperating.

Judge to PTL: Your voluntary actions have been noted.

Judge to PDJ: You will cooperate with PTL until such time they refuse.

PTL: We will hire an independent search team to find whatever might still be out there.

Search Team: We found one more.

PDJ: See? Non-compliance. Contempt charges now!!!

Judge: Shut up PDJ.

PDJ to media: We struggle to find justice against Orange Man Bad…

And this is where we are. Your second article supports this narrative. Its right there.

By the Elder Gods…..

bd9dc4ff No.3681432

File: 1670775420528-0.jpg (52.22 KB, 720x719, 6iI5KFT.jpg)

File: 1670775420528-1.jpg (125.61 KB, 1125x1197, 5NpK0ud.jpg)

244945e3 No.3681434

File: 1670775660278.jpg (422.92 KB, 3840x2160, truth.jpg)

>Why are you even bothering arguing with "it" at this point?

It is not about THEM and the left and never has been. I do it to learn what arguments to refute and which is just hysterical conspiracy theories. Its an exercise in making sure what I assert is right and correct.

If my ideas cannot stand the furnace of debate and argument (you know, free speech) then the finished product is impure and needs to be discarded. I want only a pure essence of ideas.

The truth endures regardless. The trick is to refine the truth from the slag.

244945e3 No.3681435

File: 1670776204734.jpg (244.93 KB, 1125x1197, 1670775420528-1.jpg)


So why aren't the poor people hiring the workers and buying the factories?

Concentrations of wealth are essential to creating jobs and products, innovation and increasing the quality of life.

244945e3 No.3681436

File: 1670776455400-0.jpg (176.32 KB, 800x800, thief.jpg)

File: 1670776455400-1.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, negroentitlement stealing….webm)

File: 1670776455400-2.webm (1.24 MB, 854x466, negrostealsfromchurch.webm)

File: 1670776455400-3.webm (3 MB, 500x890, black stealing meat from ….webm)


Its not about any system. Regardless of any environment, blacks steal.


bd9dc4ff No.3681443

File: 1670779393804-0.jpg (98.31 KB, 797x528, bar-chart-1.jpg)

File: 1670779393804-1.jpg (169.21 KB, 1200x627, em-summer-02-16.jpg)

File: 1670779393804-2.png (88.34 KB, 800x600, male_homicide_victims_over….png)

Soon more and more plebs will wake up and research the phycology of these low life "chocolate" people we will give them a bit "special treatment" cities are contained and closed down just like China. Zoning is the answer!

1ef8e68d No.3681445

Whites steal more than any race

They just get away with it more than any race

1ef8e68d No.3681446

White Christians are the problem

What is the solution?

9e894a23 No.3681455


The solution is coming very soon and you will bend your knees before him.

47146235 No.3681456

You should probably adopt a series of common moral grounds in how to treat others as individuals such as yourself would want to be treated, or…to the means of that end reach the goal in which it effectively reaches conclusion. There is no 'solution' that isn't by formula, depending on how that formula is exercised should be the main concern. And then we have other tried and true methods in which wisdom can prevail or at least tune itself in someway with product in mind.

A long work ahead of you if you have not done this. You will begin to see trivial things as being trivial and meaning in other things surrounding a single message. All in all, you will always face the trial and tribulations of attainment.

Stick to the proverbial course, chances are it has some proven merit but also don't just take anyone's word for it. That would be falling for propoganda.

b92188f8 No.3681457

Yes, (((whites))).

White Christians are only ever a problem is you're a kike bent on subverting the goys.

244945e3 No.3681513

File: 1670808196275.webm (1.87 MB, 800x720, black vs bear in store.webm)

>Series of screenshots…

Bitch, please….

244945e3 No.3681515

File: 1670808282832.webm (1.34 MB, 460x306, animal bear fixes cone.webm)


d485a7ae No.3681606

File: 1670831742135-0.jpeg (39.28 KB, 500x629, CE029DD7-CACB-4628-843C-5….jpeg)

File: 1670831742135-1.jpeg (89.17 KB, 710x1024, ECBC660A-5BEB-4562-BD18-1….jpeg)

File: 1670831742135-2.jpeg (92.85 KB, 558x680, E2F551B0-7D94-45D7-962C-A….jpeg)

File: 1670831742135-3.jpeg (80.98 KB, 400x391, EE1CDB17-B5C1-48E3-B8C0-D….jpeg)

Please do go on….

d485a7ae No.3681699

File: 1670837401276-0.png (99.44 KB, 594x627, 50042CBD-9E3B-46F6-913E-D5….png)

File: 1670837401276-1.png (739.3 KB, 800x824, 0B315DA3-B302-4676-8521-47….png)

A little info for the people who support giving kids ass toys…

475d496d No.3681724


They said we live on a prisonplanet.

I say we all live in a global Asylum run by the sickest of its patients!

d485a7ae No.3681935

File: 1670846302476-0.png (151.76 KB, 500x522, 01FDD027-FE5E-4819-B3E6-4B….png)

File: 1670846302476-1.jpeg (97.89 KB, 400x577, E0C9565D-BBC6-46D1-95F0-6….jpeg)

File: 1670846302476-2.jpeg (457.97 KB, 1920x2146, A971BD7B-8CC1-4526-A8B2-7….jpeg)

Personally I think the guy was put there to steal shit.

33abcfa9 No.3681981

Is someone whose ideology is nearly indistinguishable from Naziism, once the cosmetic veneer is peeled back, really a Democrat?

Democrats are inveterate racists who look first and foremost at a person's race to determine that his or her value or utility. Democrats unhesitatingly redefine some human beings as subhuman in order to justify exterminating them on the same or greater scale than the Holocaust. Democrats believe in an all-powerful police State at the expense of individual freedom and rights. Etc., etc.

5781ed1e No.3681984

File: 1670862648413.jpeg (79.95 KB, 574x693, FjyPsW4WYAEad9Q.jpeg)

5781ed1e No.3681985

Love me some cheap gas

Hell yeah Brandon

47146235 No.3682021

Nice pic whatever that is. I want to address some subject matters that should be given public attention. There are conspiracists and there is a political agenda, there are bottom feeders and information-skeptics who white knight themselves into their tiny crusades, claiming…they represent virtue signaling or what have you. But they are all people with ulterior motives.

The very prevalance of a direct message and its genuine sources are questionable. There is a goal to subvert the masses and play advocate to this complex of mind control and propaganda. It is -a regimist mindset- to rule over another person's belief and very psychological structure. With pills and punishment and many things of that measure to keep their independence supressed and their choices bottlenecked.

That is where you are. In this world where you will be questioned for speaking the truth and furthermore spreading wokeness and awareness is a deathwish. And that -will never change-.

Moving forward of this very inter-woven SPIDERWEB of a million lies, by all due patholigical SOCIOPATHS, we can see the truth IS out there, and that while you will likely be caught against the GLOBAL-PLOT to control your THOUGHTS, it can speak for itself. That the massive attempts to GENOCIDE and CHOKEHOLD the general populace by TURNING THEM AGAINST THEMSELVES is all that can really be effective in preventing the human civilization from reaching technological maturity.

47146235 No.3682022

The path to the future is blockaded by ads and consumerism and materialism. And a weaponized decentralization of virtues and religious principles (for the wisdom of the humans that can withstand the death-march of societal tyranny) as it is a last-beacon of hope for many who have any chance left.

That is the same dose of REGIMIST PROPAGANDA that you must recognize, even in good company, there are indirect goals that will lead to CORRUPTION and BANKRUPTCY of the moral spirit in mankind. Yielding to degenerative and criminal acts you can see in your very streets. That is the fall from grace, into the grave, as it were.

You may speak against it and attempt to cover it up all the same, but all in all we are bystanders of a greater means to an end, because those in control ARE CORRUPT to the CORE of destroying their own FOLLOWINGS even in memorium of its very Value, that they will claim is for the good and best interests of all. WHEN IT ONLY SERVES THEM (because of an all self-important cause in MAN, his communion is only to trancede in this Earth) at the EXPENSE OF THE WORLD.

Alrighty. And all that is because someone likes pedo porn and can't exactly admit it that they will hide in judaism or some shit and employ vast armies of damage control to protect their reputation (because they are so famous).

b92188f8 No.3682025

File: 1670871927027.jpg (54.52 KB, 720x542, 775b428451bd5b9ff50576dac8….jpg)

>We titled our bill "The Fix Everything Bill" and the Republicans still voted against it! Clearly they want everything broken!

efdb2f51 No.3682026

File: 1670871983548.jpg (31.38 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg)

16c91a19 No.3682032

The only reason you would call such a terrorist organization "Antifa" is because they are engaging in Orwellian DoubleSpeak to make people think they are the opposite of what they actually are. Words are cheap, their deeds speak volumes as to what they really are.

17798153 No.3682034

File: 1670877670884.jpg (19.14 KB, 399x384, reply pepe gun.jpg)

Ok. Who took my Polybius sticker?!?

bd9dc4ff No.3682045

File: 1670881667224-0.png (452.05 KB, 802x835, 1D85cki.png)

File: 1670881667224-1.png (858.85 KB, 1080x926, 3sOewNG.png)

File: 1670881667224-2.png (557.17 KB, 1080x1525, 0xtsBft.png)

File: 1670881667224-3.png (100.28 KB, 797x675, Q7SmeZF.png)

bd9dc4ff No.3682051

File: 1670883614479-0.jpg (103.56 KB, 720x1404, 0.jpg)

File: 1670883614479-1.jpg (112.7 KB, 720x1404, 1.jpg)

File: 1670883614479-2.jpg (123.51 KB, 720x1404, 2.jpg)

File: 1670883614479-3.jpg (106.13 KB, 720x1187, 3.jpg)

16 Signs you were raised by a highly critical parent.

bd9dc4ff No.3682053

File: 1670883762192-0.jpg (51.87 KB, 720x582, 4.jpg)

File: 1670883762192-1.jpg (86.7 KB, 720x1030, 5.jpg)

File: 1670883762192-2.jpg (133.33 KB, 720x1404, 6.jpg)

File: 1670883762192-3.jpg (125.6 KB, 720x1404, 7.jpg)

know yourself know the enemy?

bd9dc4ff No.3682055

e813b363 No.3682062

File: 1670886866720.jpg (53.21 KB, 542x379, b4f31b8c54ba.jpg)

Remember that U.S. Soldier that the right-wing is mad Biden couldn't trade the Merchant of Death for and still get the civilian who Russia was holding as a political prisoner because she had a vape pen?

Well, it seems Trump had the chance to make the same trade when he was president freeing that U.S. soldier in exchange to Russia but he wouldn't do it because he didn't think it was a good deal and would have made him look weak.


e813b363 No.3682068

File: 1670887398125.jpg (110.14 KB, 822x567, 0ab07e80f889.jpg)

>Now tell us about Biden being hellbent on shutting down U.S. oil production…

Biden has ramped up oil faster than Trump ever did because he is having to clean up the mess Trump created. He's released more of our oil reserve than even Obama did and is creating new refineries across America right now exactly because we shouldn't be dependent on other nations.

The things you accuse Biden of doing is exactly what Trump did and what Biden is fixing today.


e813b363 No.3682069

File: 1670887845735.jpg (89.99 KB, 828x1219, Fjin99sXgAMCSCf.jpg)

>the truth IS out there, and that while you will likely be caught against the GLOBAL-PLOT to control your THOUGHTS…

It's not a global organized conspiracy to "control your THOUGHTS!"

It's just capitalism. The thing you are describing is capitalism working as intended. Nothing will change as long as capitalism stays unregulated. Morons like you will fight that regulation to your grave because you're too stupid to see that fighting government power is helping the very same corporations that have their boot on your throat.

e813b363 No.3682070

I'm sorry, you want to talk about which groups are doing violence? You really wanna compare? I don't think you do because conservatives are getting arrested for or doing terrorism, mass murders, school shootings, and plots to kill officials practically every day now.

For everyone one leftist who does violence there are 20 conservatives doing it.

Hopefully that's going to change with the next generation though. Younger people will hopefully be more willing to put you animals down on the spot. I know they are buying way more guns than ever before.

3bf47ddb No.3682073


You will be long dead and turned to dust before that ever happens.

3bf47ddb No.3682074

>>For everyone one conservative who does violence there are 20 leftists doing it.


3bf47ddb No.3682075

>>For everyone one leftist who does violence there are 20 conservatives doing it.
>>Younger people will hopefully be more willing to put you animals down on the spot.

Tries to make everyone believe leftists have low violence then talks about slaughtering conservatives in the next sentence.


What is this thing i'm replying to anyway, some kind of primitive BOT?
It must be, it seems pre-programmed and unable to learn.

89c7e8da No.3682085

File: 1670891520441.jpg (73.74 KB, 1024x542, fBI-4.jpg)


And what he suggests should be done is the correct action to take.

89c7e8da No.3682086

File: 1670891543846.jpg (98.58 KB, 1024x1196, 6v5zqbdqgbl21.jpg)

64953290 No.3682091

File: 1670892734219-0.jpeg (64.28 KB, 527x743, 1663579545971-4.jpeg)

File: 1670892734219-1.jpg (64.57 KB, 557x601, 1662152550280.jpg)

File: 1670892734219-2.jpg (279.87 KB, 1717x2560, 81sGpAxf6xL.jpg)

He shut down the Keystone pipeline you stupid asshole.

Biden is owned by China.

China the biggest polluter on the planet.

e813b363 No.3682093

Centrists are just conservatives without the balls to admit it. Including Biden.


e813b363 No.3682097

File: 1670894103962.jpg (128.21 KB, 780x712, 4bbea63f5b2d.jpg)


No he didn't, dumbass. The Keystone pipeline is still operating today. In fact, it's LEAKING today. It's all over the news, google it!


What Biden shut down was an extension (that's why it was called XL) which would have cut across a major waterway that provides drinking water to hundreds of thousands of Americans on land the company didn't even own.

The oil pipeline is owned by a Canadian corporation which sends the most dirty, hard to process oil in the world (Tar Sands oil) to us so that we can remove the crap and dump it into our landfills, so the oil can then be shipped overseas to be sold.

The Keystone pipeline is a disaster for America, we are literally doing the work Canada won't do because it's too toxic to the workers and the environment to be legal under their own laws.


e813b363 No.3682098

File: 1670894598937.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x576, MalcolmX-was-right.jpg)


I don't shy away from violence.

The left needs to learn that you can't be reasonable with people who have abandoned reason - you can only put them in the ground.

e813b363 No.3682102

File: 1670896475589.jpg (114.66 KB, 1812x714, Fjin99sXgAMSCf.jpg)

Republican Mark Meadows was plotting with 34 Republican congress people to overturn the election and if that failed they wanted Trump to invoke "Marshall Law" to prevent the vote from being certified and making Biden the president.

Every one of them should go to prison.


17798153 No.3682104

File: 1670897237022.jpg (88.41 KB, 680x412, demoralized left npc.jpg)


>What is this thing i'm replying to anyway, some kind of primitive BOT?
>It must be, it seems pre-programmed and unable to learn.

leftists are simply demoralized…..

89c7e8da No.3682105

File: 1670897302977.jpg (44.03 KB, 1024x576, GettyImages-1232817889.jpg)

You've heard a lot about this guy lately, CEO of FTX, used the funds of thousands of investors as his own personal piggy bank and funneled tens of Billions of it to the Biden regime. He also laundered more tens of Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that were sent to Ukraine through his exchange and funneled that back ALSO to the corrupt, illegitimate Biden Crime Organization.

NOW it will all come out, he is being extradited to the USA where he will accept a plea bargain and TELL ALL on the Bidens to avoid spending life in prison, —OR— he will mysteriously commit "suicide" at some point while in U.S. custody before he can talk, take your pick!

Sam Bankman-Fried, disgraced founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX was arrested in the Bahamas Monday, authorities said.

Bahamian authorities said Bankman-Fried’s arrest came after the United States filed charges against him and was likely to request extradition.

"The Bahamas and the United States in holding accountable all individuals associated with FTX who may have betrayed the public trust and broken the law," Prime Minister Philip Davis said in a statement.

"While the United States is pursuing criminal charges against SBF individually, The Bahamas will continue its own regulatory and criminal investigations into the collapse of FTX, with the continued cooperation of its law enforcement and regulatory partners in the United States and elsewhere."

"At such time as a formal request for extradition is made, The Bahamas intends to process it promptly, pursuant to Bahamian law and its treaty obligations with the United States," said the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs in a statement.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York confirmed Bankman-Fried's arrest based on a sealed indictment from the court.

"We expect to move to unseal the indictment in the morning and will have more to say at that time," U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement provided to Fox News.

17798153 No.3682106

File: 1670897337869.jpg (131.1 KB, 990x511, voting_fraud.jpg)

64953290 No.3682120

File: 1670901273580.webm (3.81 MB, 960x540, 1669627319065635.webm)

What a coincidence that there is a leak. Such a boon towards anti-oil people.

64953290 No.3682130

File: 1670903236768-0.png (471.13 KB, 550x720, 1670553283649.png)

File: 1670903236768-1.webm (3.71 MB, 500x280, 1665100718142909.webm)

bd9dc4ff No.3682133

>Biden is owned by China
>Trump is owned by Russia
>GDP Debt is owned by Israel
>Oil and gas is owned by Saudi Arabia
Both China and Russia owned parts of North American influence and shares?

64953290 No.3682144

File: 1670905139307-0.png (352.98 KB, 675x648, 1172496.png)

File: 1670905139307-1.webm (1.86 MB, 960x640, 1657995993103.webm)

SO what evidence is there of Russian collusion?

The Steele Dossier?

bd9dc4ff No.3682145

File: 1670905725249.jpg (26.02 KB, 400x355, turducken.jpg)


efdb2f51 No.3682179

Trumps Russia connections go way back to the 80s. Only Trumptards or Qtards can't see that Trump would sell our darkest secrets to Putin for another sham loan.

bd9dc4ff No.3682185

File: 1670918618260.jpg (18.35 KB, 467x360, 360_F_419840319_2mBMV77C61….jpg)


In summation:
Russia- mass conscription
China- Extreme lockdowns
Iran- Over the top fashion police

47146235 No.3682204

nah he will throw a pity party and say he did it because of cancer or something. It's not the investor's fault that the investor's they invested in invested in another investor's bid for oil by sabotaging the election that somehow was actually what the original investment was in the first place. crypto currency is build on oil and not really just oil but gas…because vaporware. Like damn…how can they be so blaise about their money going to what it was obviously going to? that's like complaining about your happy meal. Oh wait, you are all idiots who don't know how to spend money except when you feel like the money you gave is still somehow yours? Wowie…that's like being mad about the toy selection you get in the happy meal not being the girl's edition. Wowee, what a bunch of BABIES. Oh and now their made they didnt get the exact toy they wanted and some else did. Woweee. Like…just go buy the oil yourself. UH OH…its crude oil and unprocessed natural gas…wowee uh oh. Looks like you actually saved money by throwing it into crypto…but you thought crypto was green money?? WOWEEE…..wowie zowie maui kapowee…looks like you REALLY DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT MONEY. Jee wizzzzzzzz.

47146235 No.3682206

nah, if he cared about his childhood he would cease child labor in his home country.

43a92ad4 No.3682217


Good boy, still thinking just like you're told to

We state the facts, not conspiracy, conjecture, unfounded accusations, speculation, guessing, hunch, without proof, facts, wishful thinking etc.

Need I go on? Liberals always shoot off their collective mouths without any of the above. Just a Parrott quoting what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and the other liberal stations telling you liberals how to think and what to say. It's sad none of you can think for yourself..

Now go watch CNN and clap like a trained seal.

43a92ad4 No.3682218

Why would he care about nasty dumb nyggers in Africa?

Why would anyone?

He probably got the hell out of there as fast as he could, you don't see him living there now, do you?

47146235 No.3682221

not everyone in africa is an unfortunate gene-fragment forced to commit crime in order to live, anyways. The point is he supports and employs child labor while playing up the good guy greg / scumbag steve syndome. Using and parading with free speech as his super-shield. It's straight up a batman plot but anyway…the whole situation of humanity really comes down to what you said about not giving a shit.

So I guess he might have a reason to or not, I personally don't care as long as I can use the new video cards and mother boards that are publically released for my vicarious not giving a shit thereof as well. But at least I say shit about it.

5a80a734 No.3682283

Kill a white

Sawww right

5a80a734 No.3682284

Punch a Nazi

Dick their wife

16c91a19 No.3682285

The Twitter Files released this past week reveal the FBI was messing with our democracy.

A constitutional republic, not a democracy. The ideal of a democracy is universal equality. The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. A democracy always degenerates into a dictatorship, which promises government guaranteed equality and security, but it delivers nothing but poverty and serfdom for the people it robs and rules. America was founded as a constitutional republic, to safeguard the liberties of the people against the tyrannies of democracy, or of one man dictatorship.

In this century, great strides have been made, toward the goal of subverting our constitutional republic into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is the subversion of language. By calling America a democracy until people thoughtlessly accept and use the term. The totalitarians have obscured the real meaning of our principles of government.

A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner.
A constitutional republic is the owner of the lamb coming out to defend his property by shooting both wolves dead, and saving his lamb….

6ef47fb9 No.3682286

File: 1670955019972.jpg (60.58 KB, 500x661, 6674.jpg)


Its more like.. The 2 wolves each get 1 representative and the lamb gets two representatives.

And the representatives fight it out forever since its a tie. So they have a job forever on the wolves and sheep's dime.

While the wolves and sheep try to bribe the other sides representatives to change position.

efdb2f51 No.3682289

Dickhead fascists don't want democracy but they forget that once their rulers are in power and are no longer checked by the people, then they just starve the population and build mansions far away from population centers.

Another truth is that Russia basically owns every Republican who ever associated with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. lol America indeed

efdb2f51 No.3682291

Anti-american conservatives want one lion to rule so they can start gassing the jews, gays and blacks like they have always wanted.

Problem is once they get their Trump installed as king, their Trump quits giving a fuck about them and just runs scams to increase their wealth.

Same as it ever was

b2ce89d8 No.3682295

Oh right right. I forgot. It's actually conservatives who riot in the streets for months at a time.

d0edce6f No.3682301

its why we clal people like u and 3B npcs cause u just repeat presets and thats what npcs do in a game

bd9dc4ff No.3682324

File: 1670973944512.png (871.04 KB, 1187x774, a grave threat crisis.png)

should this be a grave concerned?

6ef47fb9 No.3682328

File: 1670978718197.png (1.48 MB, 1251x781, c65.png)

63e9b59a No.3682337

File: 1670980012033-0.jpg (170.28 KB, 1079x1221, black lower math requireme….jpg)

File: 1670980012033-1.png (71.28 KB, 883x875, black electricity is racis….png)

File: 1670980012033-2.png (146.83 KB, 680x358, africa isreal thinks black….png)

Electricity and math are racist.

e813b363 No.3682349

File: 1670984191608.jpg (43.42 KB, 605x572, cd40eb3c0b7a.jpg)


Financial investigations of the Bidens: Failed.
Accusations of corruption with Russia: Failed.
Accusations of corruption with China: Failed.
Accusation of pedophilia: Failed.
Accusation of rape: Failed.
Accusations of rigging the election: Failed.

I'm sure you'll get him this time!

e813b363 No.3682351

File: 1670984703379.jpg (59.55 KB, 789x574, FjkvaX-WAAA9u_r.jpg)


Once again, twitter refusing to show the public pictures of Hunter Biden naked is not interfering with the election. The nude images are the only thing they took down.

Why are you so horny for nude pics of Hunter Biden?

e813b363 No.3682352

File: 1670985009888.png (346.57 KB, 784x477, 14r57nq5s45a1.png)

The teacher is right. Algebra is useless to 80% of America. Having it be a requirement is just an added expense and extra hurtle that students have hated for generations.

e813b363 No.3682353

File: 1670985506808.jpg (50.33 KB, 722x365, f0d5d9b57ca4.jpg)

Do those Lotuseater guys wash their face with bleach to make themselves look that extra white or have they just never, ever, seen the sunlight?

7f8feb4a No.3682357

Killing Republicans

Saves children

bd9dc4ff No.3682389

File: 1670997800433.png (12.26 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

bd9dc4ff No.3682409

File: 1671005225436.png (1.11 MB, 2500x1584, America27s-direct-technocr….png)

Let's Try: Democracy 4! – My Favorite Government Simulator!

73b54d67 No.3682425

File: 1671013271021.jpg (86.29 KB, 960x960, I-want-you-to-suck-a-dick.jpg)

Fun history fact for the holidays: Future confederate terrorist Jefferson David went to West Point for his officer training in the U.S. army years before he would betray America to protect the "State's rights" to own and rape people. At that school he was such a raging alcoholic he and his future confederate friends got all forms of alcohol banned.

The next Christmas, he and his future confederate friends decided to sneak booze onto the base and get blitzed out of their minds.
Late into the night they partied until one of their superior officers was awakened by the noise and came to investigate.
The drunkards were dismissed and Jefferson Davis was confined to his cot where he slept off his drunken stupor.

Some of his fellow future confederates however, decided that they had had enough of the fascist military rules that stopped them from getting wasted and drunk on eggnog they set about to the task of killing their superior officers!
Gun shots where exchanged but guns didn't work all that well back then and the men were very drunk so the only thing the morons killed was a door frame.
The target of the assassin ordered a sober guard to fetch one of the more popular comandantes, Major Worth to talk some sense into the drunken lunatics.

However, being idiots, the future traitors to America immediately convinced each other of a conspiracy theory that the order was meant to bring Major Worth and the artillery unit he commanded to shell the school and kill them all.
They fortified the barracks, gathered weapons, ammo and prepared for war against American soldiers.
When no army came they started throwing rocks through all the windows and smashing everything in their barracks from the banisters on the stairs to the cookpots.
They just went fucking ape-shit and broke all the things because they were so offended that the regular army soldiers were being sent to kill them!
They were the elite! The leadership of the army! They would run this nation one day! How DARE the commoners tell them what to do?!

6am, rolled around several hours later and Major Worth arrived to find them hung over or still blacked out.
Several were found in a room "out of uniform" together under a blanket. One man was famously so embarrassed by the state he was found in he tried to hide his identity by covering his face with a hat and make a run for it. Needless to say, running naked while hung over with a hat covering your face did not work for very long.

73b54d67 No.3682426


A good 3rd of the officer training class had participated in the drunken gay orgy/attempted murder of a superior officer but losing a 3rd of the class would have been a major embarrassment to the school's reputation so they only court marshalled the 20 worst offenders.

Future terrorist leader Jefferson Davis was not one of those 20 because he had slept through the orgy and destruction or property portions of the evening after getting himself so white-girl wasted even the gunfire never woke him up.

So this year, celebrate your proud confederate heritage by getting drunk on real eggnog and getting fucked in the ass by a U.S. soldier! It's tradition!

8267777f No.3682458

Those are just more of 3B's incoherent ramblings, you can spot them 50 miles away, and after the first two or three words.

Best to just ignore them like everyone else does.

79c16aea No.3682465

File: 1671027232676.jpg (273.05 KB, 925x727, Kupoku Natsu.jpg)

593fddd9 No.3682474

Kill more Republicans

Make America great

4f9aaec3 No.3682484

File: 1671036337164.jpg (48.12 KB, 600x400, replydeadniggerstorage.jpg)

>Fighting Blight in Baltimore

46e9f47c No.3682486

File: 1671039217149.png (1.19 MB, 934x982, Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 1….png)


64ef3c2c No.3682489

Killing whites?

Sawww right!

eae7c368 No.3682517

File: 1671052028837.jpg (115.95 KB, 1280x720, reply people who annoy you.jpg)

>Blight in Baltimore
>Black areas
>Can't make the obvious connection

Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle….

73b54d67 No.3682524

So corporations owned by white people shut down major industries to move overseas for cheap labor. White people swooped in and bought up all the land when people couldn't afford their house payments and raised the rent.

White bank owners shut down financial services to the area while while white politicians cut funding to city services because they no longer had a financial investment without the industry there and somehow it's black people's fault the city is falling apart?

46e9f47c No.3682529

File: 1671053543460.png (286.02 KB, 796x796, Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 1….png)

>Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle….

16c91a19 No.3682532

File: 1671059324569.jpg (171.57 KB, 1123x765, Trump-Superhero.jpg)

President Trump made a major announcement this afternoon.

He shared the following at Truth Social:

AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!

Since he already announced that he will be running for President again in 2024 some weeks ago, we have no idea what President Trump is referring to at this time. We’ll keep you posted.

8701bbfe No.3682540

If you believe the ignorant jackasses spewing Qanon garbage, he'll be releasing the evidence that will cause all liberals in the country to be locked up without trial before their executions. 'cause due process and all that doesn't exist… etc…

e813b363 No.3682553

File: 1671065004201.jpg (38.96 KB, 592x331, d209906a6b33.jpg)


I look forward to the Trump cult trying desperately to make whatever nonsense he says tomorrow mean something instead of being the nothing burger everything Trump ever says is.

bd9dc4ff No.3682562

File: 1671069416238.jpg (35.69 KB, 640x480, religionaflaw.jpg)

Subject: Social Anthropology
Is Religion a Flawed Play Style for Humans? (feat. TierZoo)

bd9dc4ff No.3682563

File: 1671070694425-0.png (422.59 KB, 1024x904, apostasy.png)

File: 1671070694425-1.jpg (145.16 KB, 780x508, AI-GettyImages-128-780x508….jpg)

File: 1671070694425-2.jpg (59.43 KB, 1200x675, mindar_robot_color_GettyIm….jpg)

File: 1671070694425-3.jpg (88.98 KB, 512x512, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

Class: Astro-Anthropology
Are there other civilizations beyond our galaxy that are more extremist as humans on earth? How will it change humanity's political system?

e813b363 No.3682564

File: 1671071228205.jpg (54 KB, 470x679, FcdsBTJWIAE4cDs.jpg)

Religion and the occult are what people turn to when they are too stupid and afraid to face reality for what it is. A cold, uncaring, merciless machine that owes you nothing and doesn't give a shit if you live or die.

Weak, pathetic people who can't face life on its own terms and win.

e3c6e9c3 No.3682569

File: 1671074038366.jpg (35.08 KB, 800x420, 260j8x.jpg)



a1caa1a5 No.3682574


Sorry I'm not a miserable cunt like you… I guess? Is that what I'm supposed to say?

8dd74630 No.3682579

File: 1671083897119-0.png (351.42 KB, 542x603, 5A9D8534-7DA1-4031-8B04-D5….png)

File: 1671083897119-1.jpeg (82.08 KB, 640x512, C17CDD0B-C78A-4219-A83E-E….jpeg)

File: 1671083897119-2.jpeg (140.63 KB, 652x1024, 71B9256B-D38A-4EE5-9B13-A….jpeg)

File: 1671083897119-3.jpeg (347.26 KB, 828x1015, 41C4A531-2A3A-4D29-B623-E….jpeg)

Worshipping a God may seem silly but people who worship the state are obscene. I have seen what the Leftists have in replacement of God and I am not impressed.

64ef3c2c No.3682583

Nail christianz to the cross!

Fuckin' loser chud ass bigots!

e3c6e9c3 No.3682586


We would rather nail you to one.
It would be doing a good deed for the entire world.

8dd74630 No.3682601

File: 1671090374109-0.gif (3.8 MB, 350x221, DBB98B00-B74A-4151-904D-ED….gif)

File: 1671090374109-1.png (582.8 KB, 1029x621, A5C81A56-AE65-405D-B846-34….png)

File: 1671090374109-2.jpeg (119.15 KB, 502x797, 618A7B75-8687-4A1C-836B-0….jpeg)

File: 1671090374109-3.jpeg (163.45 KB, 1024x953, A127E4CB-C17F-4F08-955D-B….jpeg)

File: 1671090374109-4.jpeg (122.39 KB, 982x981, CA52EF5B-8E80-4AF0-A440-E….jpeg)

Ahh a world without Christians….

e3c6e9c3 No.3682609

Preferential treatment for grades

Preferential treatment for scholarships

Preferential treatment for college

Preferential treatment for jobs

Preferential treatment for promotion

Preferential treatment for awards

Preferential treatment for home loans

Preferential treatment for hurricane funds

Preferential treatment for maternity care

Being a black person in this country is the easiest thing in history! Why do you consistently fail? How much more favoritism do you need to at least NOT commit crimes???

8dd74630 No.3682612

File: 1671096787213-0.jpeg (80.98 KB, 400x391, 36FEB480-D2CD-4B5E-BB3C-0….jpeg)

File: 1671096787213-1.jpeg (151.78 KB, 1024x875, AF819FAC-3B18-4DB8-B973-B….jpeg)

File: 1671096787213-2.jpeg (120.38 KB, 724x1024, C9ECBD9E-1FBC-4565-9302-8….jpeg)

File: 1671096787213-3.png (237.83 KB, 522x1076, CBFFE1F7-B46D-4A38-91E5-24….png)

File: 1671096787213-4.png (3.7 MB, 2544x1080, 1F832105-C504-4D25-8A02-D4….png)

No job opportunities in Black communities…. I just wish they would vote in their own interests.

But WEEEEEE! They sure do get a lot of handouts!

bbcc9f6d No.3682642

File: 1671104605358.webm (502.73 KB, 404x360, Focus-on-your-own-life.webm)


Conservatives are always mad about people who identify as men getting pregnant. It rarely happens and once technology improves to the point physical sex changes will be viable it won't happen any more.

Why are you so upset about it? Just do you own thing and let them do theirs.

bbcc9f6d No.3682644

Catholic priests have been raping kids across the globe for thousands of years and continue to do so today but all you care about is a pedophile from 2009 because he was the accountant for a gay rights group?

You don't care about the children. You just want an excuse to be a bigot. Don't even pretend you care about the children.

bbcc9f6d No.3682645

File: 1671105361037.jpg (75.23 KB, 504x680, Fj9DIxBUoAAUb6T.jpg)

>No job opportunities in Black communities … But WEEEEEE! They sure do get a lot of handouts!

Wait, so you think people who can live contently without needing to work a job that takes them away from their families should be out there fighting for the right to spend half their life making someone else more money?

I feel like you haven't really thought that idea through.

9dbcf485 No.3682646

File: 1671105437675.jpg (334.45 KB, 1500x1500, 2a201231ac2db7c12c749093d1….jpg)

>…give in to thier to most basic of instincts.
You spell "their" the same way as that nigger hating pedo Aufy does. Are you a pedo too?

bbcc9f6d No.3682647

File: 1671106100900.jpg (94.48 KB, 447x246, Fj8oTS5XEAAXmqG.jpg)

If Trump calls for a civil war to put him back into power, or having Florida leave the union or something, would you be willing to pick up your guns and go fight for Trump? Do you think he's a strong enough leader?

93408f52 No.3682665

File: 1671110408508.webm (1.44 MB, 800x450, 1667588006262739.webm)

look I work and I don't buy what I can't afford.

People who chose to live on handouts can suck animal dick at the zoo for all I care.

bbcc9f6d No.3682668

If your God is powerful, why is he letting so much suffering happen in the world?

He is either imaginary, pathetically weak, or evil. Which is it?

cf4d6408 No.3682672

File: 1671113722082.jpg (441.1 KB, 1200x822, black university failure r….jpg)

>Preferential treatment for scholarships
>Preferential treatment for college

Despite this, it does no good at all. Just money down the toilet.

>math be raciss n sheit

And then the goalpost of failure gets moved…

cf4d6408 No.3682673

File: 1671113937099.webm (2.7 MB, 480x480, negro clothes shopping.webm)

>so you think people who can live contently without needing to work a job that takes them away from their families

>Fuck civilization. Lets be hunter/gathers again

When you understand this mindset, you begin to understand why blacks behave like they do.

cf4d6408 No.3682674

File: 1671114210120.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, negroshoppingatwalmart.webm)


Moses bringing the plague of locusts down upon the Egyptians…..

ca25f1e7 No.3682676

File: 1671115680205.png (998.12 KB, 1287x854, 9z.png)

So now theres neopronouns and using them to refer to oneself in 3rd person so the pronoun is said as much as possible?


1da9a546 No.3682678


Someone must have put up a crudely drawn sign stating : "Free Watermelons" in front of the store.

ca25f1e7 No.3682679

File: 1671119018458.png (133.53 KB, 343x297, poll.png)

Imagine being one of those people that became a radical eco-terrorist only to find out you were tricked by marketing propaganda


cf4d6408 No.3682680



Something deleted >>3682661.

It was a religious post.

ca25f1e7 No.3682681


Probably was aufy roleplaying as jesus. As all the posts by them got deleted.

bd9dc4ff No.3682696

File: 1671135396676.jpg (27 KB, 418x291, 3205328942_14c118a321.jpg)


> googled, is florida a shithole?

> see orange man


Because it is. A shithole. It is the armpit of America. Lived here 35 years. People are angry, money-grubbing narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths here to make their nut at the expense of anyone and everyone else. Consideration for the future, the environment, education, and the arts has been whored-out for the benefit of big business ( agriculture and tourism.) It just gets more awful every year.

93408f52 No.3682700

File: 1671140150533.webm (3.98 MB, 600x338, 1662314195558340.webm)

The evil that you are talking about is us.
Are you suggesting God should kill us?

7f8feb4a No.3682703

File: 1671142467401.jpeg (54.54 KB, 640x641, Fj_kWVxXwAIPAem.jpeg)

7f8feb4a No.3682704

Who you do believe does the killing christtard?

c8425e79 No.3682705

>Are you suggesting God should kill us?

If you think about it, God is killing us anyways.

c8425e79 No.3682706

>Fuck civilization. Lets be hunter/gathers again
>>When you understand this mindset, you begin to understand why blacks behave like they do.

When you have done nothing to achieve your present technological and economic position, you can't see any internal social means to sustain it either. It is only rational for individuals to seek solutions which they can sustain by their own effort and merits, which in the case of blacks in the modern society would be along the lines of street crime and drug dealing. Everything else depends on the charity of white men.

bbcc9f6d No.3682708

File: 1671149352446-0.jpg (109.86 KB, 870x830, 8c20af8e0010.jpg)

File: 1671149352446-1.webm (6.55 MB, 242x136, big-announcement.webm)

Conservatives were all hopeful that Trump was going to pull off some kind of Christmas miracle and prove the election was stolen or that Biden is somehow not the real president because he promised a HUGE announcement would happen on the 15th…

It turns out that HUGE announcement was that he wants you to buy $99 NFT images of him to help him not be bankrupt.

He knows he's going to lose so he's skipping the campaign and just scamming you guy directly. This isn't money going to his campaign this just goes directly into his pocket. He's taking you suckers for every penny you have before he loses.

What's more interesting about this is that I think this means he is planning on dropping out of the race before the primaries. He can't STAND to lose so I bet he'll fake a heart attack or something before the Republican primary starts and the votes show just how deeply unpopular he is with 2/3rds of his own party.


0118016f No.3682710

>once technology improves to the point physical sex changes will be viable.

I am amazed how out of touch with reality this is.

We'll be screening for it in the womb and aborting them long before we ever develop the kind of technology required to fix them.

bbcc9f6d No.3682711

File: 1671149717030-0.jpg (76.76 KB, 720x601, 6235b9265d05.jpg)

So you think being gay or trans is a inherently biological trait that can be filtered out? What about stupidity? Do you think there is hope for the future children of Florida?

ca25f1e7 No.3682713

File: 1671150059218.png (187.71 KB, 929x223, invester_call.png)

ca25f1e7 No.3682715

File: 1671151229985.png (110.94 KB, 617x687, x8.png)


You know its going to be interesting to see what happens. whenever one of these becomes reality. Because what often ruins woke societies is declining birth rates.

But with artificial wombs, it gets around women not wanting to have kids. Hell its gets around needing women at all, since men are better workers who usually put in more hours and need fewer vacations.

So why not make the whole male population gay? While women get phased out.

Atm its being marketed as a plus to women who've become infertile. Which is the smart ploy, until its everywhere.

48040163 No.3682717

File: 1671151390988.jpg (60.82 KB, 1284x704, B78C92B9-F9D0-489E-B196-C2….jpg)

President Trump made a major announcement today about his plan to liberate the American people and restore the First Amendment rights that were stolen by “a sinister group of deep state bureaucrats, Silicon Valley tyrants, left-wing activists, and depraved corporate news media.”

President Trump announced yesterday that he was coming out with a major announcement today.

President Trump made another absolutely huge announcement promising, “When I am president, this whole rotten system of censorship and information control will be ripped out of the system at large.”
“The censorship cartel must be dismantled and destroyed, and it must happen immediately,” declared the President.

Strong free speech platform for 2024 just announced by Trump:

-Banning the Federal Government from policing lawful domestic speech.
-Firing any Federal Bureaucrat who has directly or indirectly engaged in censorship.
-Barring federal funds for universities that censor speech.

President Trump also announced penalties for violations of “federal civil rights law, campaign finance laws, federal election law, securities law, and antitrust laws, the Hatch Act, and a host of other potential criminal, civil, regulatory, and constitutional offenses.”

The Trump Administration will crack down on nonprofits, universities, tech tyrants, deep state bureaucrats, and deep state elected officials who engage in this unconstitutional censorship and election interference.

“To assist in these efforts, I am urging House Republicans to immediately send preservation letters, and we have to do this right now, to the Biden administration, the Biden campaign, and every Silicon Valley Tech giant, ordering them not to destroy evidence of censorship,” said President Trump.

President Trump also called on Congress to pass a digital Bill of Rights and require government officials to have a court order before taking down online content. This will bar them from their current ability to send requests to government agencies and social media websites to remove content.

Our voices have been stolen from us. President Trump said, “The fight for free speech is a matter of Victory or death for America and for the survival of Western civilization itself.”

This is President Trump’s most important announcement since he announced his 2024 run.

ca25f1e7 No.3682718

File: 1671151473507.png (923.77 KB, 2504x3224, 1489095924.suelix_4.png)


Plus if the whole population is male and gay. Then the government controls reproduction/population numbers. And governments love control.

You can't go all girl, because you'll lose to societies that go all men. Specially if they engineer out males instinct to protect women.

bbcc9f6d No.3682721

File: 1671151636277.jpg (155.51 KB, 850x1015, sample-dc17a3018d82765916f….jpg)

I'll give Trump credit for one thing. He knows how to milk you losers for every single cent he can get.

If you buy one of these NFTs and then later regret it and resell it, he gets 10% of the new sale. Then if they resell it, he gets 10% of that to. Every time it's sold he gets a cut of the price, forever.

He's getting your money on both ends of the deal.

bbcc9f6d No.3682722

File: 1671152049647.png (843.98 KB, 478x441, hitler_approves.png)

>The Trump Administration will crack down on nonprofits, universities, tech tyrants, deep state bureaucrats, and deep state elected officials who engage in this unconstitutional censorship and election interference.

So anyone who ever says anything bad about Trump or refuses to say bad things about the people Trump doesn't like.

Gee… where have we seen this exact thing before?

bd9dc4ff No.3682723

File: 1671152459272.png (111.09 KB, 720x516, meritocracy sucks.png)

0118016f No.3682724

The tranny cult says it's biological.

I know that's not true, but sometimes it's useful to adopt the frame of your opponent.

Also yes, IQ is highly heritable. Around 0.8 if I remember correctly. Florida is definitely fucked. They shut down the planned parenthood eugenics centers and nobody has the balls to address the issue.

bd9dc4ff No.3682725

File: 1671152837333-0.png (401.44 KB, 760x736, YDpAswb.png)

File: 1671152837333-1.jpg (878.45 KB, 857x1103, 88blZ6U.jpg)

Someone stole a hat.

5f2fa6b0 No.3682726

File: 1671152840210.jpg (45.58 KB, 680x680, reply black blame white pe….jpg)

>Its Florida
>therefore every nigger gets a chimp-out pass

Its genetic. Thanks.

By the Elder Gods….

48040163 No.3682728

File: 1671153194364.jpg (1.39 MB, 2270x1515, 20160728horizontal-convent….jpg)

>>Gee… where have we seen this exact thing before?

From this guy here.

bd9dc4ff No.3682729


We need more videos like this so that we could create a collection. Is there a site that has these videos?

>You best be thinking of us as gorillas cause' we acting like gorillas.

- a woman of Detroit riots of 1980

bbcc9f6d No.3682731

File: 1671153368798-0.jpg (523 KB, 2048x1534, FkCZnRfVIAANdNJ.jpg)

File: 1671153368798-1.jpg (224.07 KB, 1426x893, 5c4e55876db4.jpg)


HAHAHAHAHA! If you read the terms of service for the contest Trump is running the address which he gives for you to enter the contest or send payment to is 1143 E Union St, Newark NJ.

So people looked that up on google maps.
It's a used car lot that's been abandoned for almost 10 years.

SEEMS LEGIT! Please send your money there! Buy your $99 .gif image today!

5f2fa6b0 No.3682732

File: 1671153483072.jpg (20.19 KB, 640x360, reply its all so tiresome.jpg)


>you can't see any internal social means to sustain it

But they were shown. The colonials taught them how to do everything necessary to sustain the society at the level of the colonizers.

When the colonials left, it all fell apart. There is no excuse.

They could not develop a civilization. They could not maintain one when HANDED to them.


bbcc9f6d No.3682733

The only thing he ever did was request Twitter take down nude photos of his son (Which are illegal under revenge porn laws)

Why are you so upset you don't get to see Hunter Biden's dick?

5f2fa6b0 No.3682734

File: 1671153643767.png (645.55 KB, 1000x1446, tirenecklaceblacks.png)


Additionally, American blacks do not need to sustain anything to live in civilization. They only need to NOT COMMIT CRIMES and contribute instead.

5f2fa6b0 No.3682735

>Is there a site that has these videos?

I am not aware of one. I find them as I wander the wilds of the internet.

bbcc9f6d No.3682736

Why should they? Cops are killing them in the streets. Banks won't give them access to loans to buy a house even if they have the exact same qualifications as a white man or better. They are rejected from schools in favor of white people who are less qualified and get fewer jobs if they use a "black sounding" name.

America is doing the black man no favors. It never has so what do black people owe you? Nothing. You're a collective of assholes. They don't owe you shit.

71728537 No.3682737

File: 1671154375286.jpg (100.32 KB, 1366x768, Next_Plandemic.jpg)

Just dropping in to point out that the same ghouls who faked the covid scamdemic, have now completed their practice run for the next one, which according to Kill Gates will really get peoples' attention.

Try not to be distracted by the gov-disinfo-shills' left/right and other bullshit.

I agree, but it's easy to become overly distracted because the lies and bullshit are endless, unless those creating/spreading those lies are brought to justice.

48040163 No.3682738


They're not killing them fast enough in our opinion.

48040163 No.3682740

File: 1671155378803.jpg (155.85 KB, 1149x1426, FbnA5apaQAEqLXt.jpg)


When Biden tried to get Congress to pass laws making it a Federal Crime to question the election results or criticize him.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

8dd74630 No.3682745

File: 1671156606556-0.jpeg (134.47 KB, 1024x740, 8F6187A8-3FFB-456D-9622-E….jpeg)

File: 1671156606556-1.jpeg (164.34 KB, 678x960, 5EF47156-9958-4B60-AF22-1….jpeg)

File: 1671156606556-2.jpg (68.11 KB, 709x1024, IMG_2810.JPG)

File: 1671156606556-3.png (47.82 KB, 525x406, CF251477-9D84-4025-A784-5F….png)

He has dementia.

Could you please stop voting for people who have brain damage?

5f2fa6b0 No.3682747

File: 1671158002989.jpg (157.12 KB, 1000x758, letsgotoamericatobeopprese….jpg)


Every point you tried to make is exactly the opposite of reality.

If negros dont like it in America, there are people willing to pay their way back to Africa. For some reason, there are no takers.

Rather, they are risking their lives trying to GET here.

Stoopid monkey…..

d0edce6f No.3682750

kill the msgs btw or i behead a dog

jk but pls do

dcf9f819 No.3682759

File: 1671169346021.png (224.49 KB, 521x361, 7752.png)


"This is escalating things because it'll likely be nato troops operating these defense systems on the battlefield."

71728537 No.3682761

File: 1671172103454.jpg (1.11 MB, 1347x904, Dolphins.jpg)

That was probably the most random video I had ever seen… what were you saying about Japanese anime/games not contributing to Japan's low birth rates? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I remember downloading "Balto.mp3" from eMule or some earlier file sharing program back in the late 90's or early 2000's, thinking it was part of the Balto soundtrack, but it was from Xenogears - that was a great song BTW, heh.

Anyway, I've been pretty exhausted the past few days and been avoiding anything Internet/news/whatever related. I don't see anything "wrong" about those messages, but sure, will do.
Also - stop threatening to kill dogs, or I post dripping wet dolphin vags and dicks.

d0edce6f No.3682763

File: 1671173767900.jpg (72.41 KB, 640x594, 8f081de27ea64e5f76ee01d823….jpg)


xeno series is godlike and Rex impregnates three chicks, it's over for you

d0edce6f No.3682764

the meme vid was done by an american, that's why it reeks of low birth rates

d0edce6f No.3682765

d0edce6f No.3682766

the east is fine without the west, u can go be woke and talk about your troon on a cross in the US of Asexuality

same composer as Gears the whole way through btw, going on 20 years

d0edce6f No.3682767

no, 25

d0edce6f No.3682768

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=512pcIZOjm0 me on my new journey, with a new battle theme. gonna climb up the world tree with my homies again, bros

d0edce6f No.3682769

id link me fucking up international level players on my profession but that'd dox me, but damn am i skilled now. i bet in a few years and some roids I could beat Steam and Unell and Dog in a fight 3 v 1, i am fucking fast m8

d0edce6f No.3682770

ill come back to unpoz u one day since you were a bro, i wont even want your financial help. i will bully you if you even offer or give it to some faggot again, it should be for u man

d0edce6f No.3682771

choob is fucking weird man


i spoke to him and he started talking about giving me meds, i think he has westoid syndrome too

d0edce6f No.3682773

idk if that really is kupok man, is it?

d0edce6f No.3682774

d0edce6f No.3682775

File: 1671174761254.png (650.58 KB, 986x656, 1670470968002925.png)

d0edce6f No.3682776

File: 1671174784506.jpg (89.9 KB, 758x504, 1670479510565849.jpg)

anime ye

d0edce6f No.3682777

File: 1671174807925.png (705 KB, 590x792, 1670481017665328.png)


d0edce6f No.3682778

ai fucking sucks tho, tbh, but that is a funny meme

d0edce6f No.3682779

@dog thansk for being real

d0edce6f No.3682781


d4c72a79 No.3682787

File: 1671182714537.jpg (213.67 KB, 1200x900, 06539e14a494de0ca5770d4e7e….jpg)

I only speak English.
What language was that?

48040163 No.3682794

File: 1671184696591.jpg (244.08 KB, 4096x2912, yDFUn3UO_PI.jpg)


President Trump: If we don’t have free speech, then we just don’t have a free country. It’s as simple as that. If this most fundamental right is allowed to perish, then the rest of our rights and liberties will topple. Just like dominoes, one by one, they’ll go down. That’s why today I’m announcing my plan to shatter the left-wing censorship regime and to reclaim the right to free speech for all Americans. And reclaim is a very important word in this case because they’ve taken it away. In recent weeks. bombshell reports have confirmed that a sinister group of deep state bureaucrats, Silicon Valley tyrants, left-wing activists, and depraved corporate news media have been conspiring to manipulate and silence the American people.

They have collaborated to suppress vital information on everything from elections to public health. The censorship cartel must be dismantled and destroyed, and it must happen immediately.

And here’s my plan. First, within hours of my inauguration, I will sign an executive order banning any federal department or agency from colluding with any organization, business, or person to censor, limit, categorize, or impede the lawful speech of American citizens. I will then ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as mis- or disinformation. And I will begin the process of identifying and firing every federal bureaucrat who has engaged in domestic censorship, directly or indirectly, whether they are the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health, Human Services, the FBI, the DOJ, no matter who they are.

Second, I will order the Department of Justice to investigate all parties involved in the new online censorship regime, which is absolutely destructive and terrible, and to aggressively prosecute any and all crimes identified. These include possible violations of federal civil rights law, campaign finance laws, federal election law, securities law, and antitrust laws, the Hatch Act, and a host of other potential criminal, civil, regulatory, and constitutional offenses.

bbcc9f6d No.3682796

File: 1671184761577.jpg (116.49 KB, 1422x475, 98872f745e42.jpg)

>Congress to pass laws making it a Federal Crime to question the election results or criticize him.

None of that is true. This is the bill. It protects the rights of all Americans to vote and attempts to limit corruption.

That's why Republicans HATE it. They want to be able to take more bribes!


bbcc9f6d No.3682799

File: 1671185244746.jpg (70.66 KB, 637x639, 13ef0a7e4b76.jpg)


So Trump wants communism?
That's what it is when the government takes over an industry and forces everyone to work for the nation, right?

You understand that to get what he wants where no one is allowed to criticize him, or censor him or any of his followers, to guarantee control over social media, all social media would need to be owned by the government, right?

The complete government take over of all social media is the only way to make his dream of a criticism free world come true.

bbcc9f6d No.3682800

Why should they be the ones forced to leave? Their ancestors didn't invade America. Their ancestors didn't slaughter the native Americans. Black people were bought here by force! It's whites who need to go the fuck back to the EU.

48040163 No.3682803


And they should be taken back by force.
And you can go with them.
Those people are trouble no matter what country they live in.

48040163 No.3682805

>>So Trump wants communism?

Stop twisting what he says to fit your liberal communist agenda, asswipe.

48040163 No.3682806

That isn't the bill. Try again.

bbcc9f6d No.3682809

Then which bill are you talking about? Is it the imaginary one?

bbcc9f6d No.3682810

File: 1671187100884-0.jpg (77.96 KB, 1080x819, FkExE4hacAAYvcc.jpg)

File: 1671187100884-1.jpg (43.48 KB, 1080x326, FkExFAhagAACR_B.jpg)

File: 1671187100884-2.jpg (17.97 KB, 723x254, cf20287db565.jpg)

Poor Elon! He banned a twitter account that was posting an automated tweet when ever his private jet landed somewhere because he thinks knowing he is in a specific nation or state is somehow the same as posting his private information. The funny thing is that the account had been running for years because people wanted to know where he was going to hope to get a jump on stock values by extrapolating clues as to what he was up to.

He's grown so paranoid and delusional he thinks everyone is out to kill him. When he faced backlash for his stupidity he put up a poll to see what the users of Twitter thought. It didn't go like he wanted so he took it down and the second poll is going even worse for him.

bbcc9f6d No.3682811

File: 1671187339882-0.jpg (52.52 KB, 492x1280, c3b2f5a5de14688c307acdd217….jpg)

Let's see how the "champion of free speech" handles it when the people disagree with him censoring someone.

bd9dc4ff No.3682816

File: 1671190481136.jpg (185.61 KB, 1080x1762, ty4RVHE.jpg)

48040163 No.3682817

File: 1671190536433.jpg (24.3 KB, 633x445, Elon-Musk-5.jpg)

Most Americans support the efforts of Elon Musk to make Twitter more transparent, according to a new poll.

This news comes in sharp contrast to members of the liberal media who have spent days sneering at Musk’s release of details in how Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden story.

Average Americans think this is a good thing, unlike our hypocritical and biased media.

A majority of Americans “support Elon Musk’s ongoing efforts to change Twitter to a more free and transparent platform,” a December Trafalgar Group poll shows.

Out of 1,085 likely general election voters polled between Nov. 30 and Dec. 3, a majority — 52.3 percent — say they support Musk’s Twitter endeavors, 31.3 percent say they do not, and 16. 3 percent are unsure. The margin of error is ±2.9 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

When the “not sure” option is removed, 62.6 percent say they support Musk’s ongoing effort, while 37.4 percent say they do not.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are much less supportive of free speech and transparency on the social media platform than Republicans. Nearly 60 percent of Democrats polled (59.3 percent) say they do not support Musk’s efforts, and 23.5 percent say they are not sure. A little over 17 percent support Musk.

Republicans overwhelmingly support the change in Twitter, 84.8 percent saying they support Musk’s transparency efforts compared to just 5 percent who do not.

Musk deserves credit for the good work he’s doing.

48040163 No.3682819

File: 1671190910758.jpg (34.72 KB, 1140x912, Devon_Brown.jpg)

PHILADELPHIA – United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams announced that Devron Brown, 50, formerly of Philadelphia, PA, was sentenced to six years and six months in prison, five years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $939,350 restitution by United States District Court Judge Chad F. Kenney for his involvement in a scheme to unlawfully obtain and misuse loan proceeds offered through the federal Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”).

In December 2021, the defendant pleaded guilty to eleven felony counts: two counts of bank fraud and attempted bank fraud, and nine counts of money laundering in connection with fraudulently obtaining approximately $937,500 in PPP loan proceeds by making false representations regarding his alleged construction business, Just Us Construction, Inc. Brown made multiple false characterizations about the business, including the number of employees, the wages paid to them, the payroll taxes paid on those wages, and the intended use of the PPP loan proceeds. Brown then used those PPP loan proceeds for personal and unauthorized purchases, including a new residential property in Florida, a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle, a luxury automobile, and diamond jewelry. The defendant also caused a second fraudulent PPP loan application to be submitted for approximately the same amount in early 2021, but that application was denied.

“Paycheck Protection Program funds are intended to help American small-businesses continue paying their employees, even if revenues have dropped dramatically due to the pandemic,” said U.S. Attorney Williams. “Thieves who attempt to take these funds are taking advantage of others’ misfortune – ripping them off while also ripping off all taxpayers who fund the program. Here, the defendant fraudulently obtained nearly $1 million in funds that could have helped struggling businesses and individuals, and instead spent the money on indulgences for himself.”

“Cars, diamond rings, a house — Devron Brown must’ve thought he hit the jackpot when he got that PPP money,” said Jacqueline Maguire, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division. “We’re talking about a program created to keep businesses and employees afloat amid a pandemic battering our economy. The FBI simply won’t stand for opportunists thinking they can defraud the federal government, live large, and get away with it. We will continue to aggressively pursue anyone foolish enough to do so.”

bd9dc4ff No.3682820

File: 1671191040060.jpg (201.99 KB, 1774x1549, mqdYLw0.jpg)

3274da63 No.3682822

File: 1671198698436.jpg (63.7 KB, 1242x1132, bathroom for men woman and….jpg)


Elon Musk was once considered some amazing tech-savvy hero of humanity leading the way to space commercialization and electric vehicles and solar power and transportation systems of tomorrow…

But once he bought Twitter he's really exposed himself as being yet another rich self-aggrandizing hypocritical turbo faggot.

bbcc9f6d No.3682824

File: 1671201238313.png (38.43 KB, 420x294, 1341315908892_7233642.png)

It's because of the jet thing. He is so paranoid he doesn't want people knowing you can track his private jet. You can even pull up its history where he made several trips to Epstien's pedo island.

He is 100% convinced that if people know when he is flying the radical left Antifa will send jets to shoot him down.

bbcc9f6d No.3682825


The guy who ran the account that tracked his jet which started the whole conversation did an interview and he started off willing to shut down the twitter account in return for an intern position at Twitter because he is a fan of Musk and in the IT line of work but Elon said no.

Elon literally turned down free labor and the guy couldn't figure out why then he realized how nucking futs Elon is and changed his offer to a new Tesla or 50, thousand dollars.

That's when Elon banned him.

bbcc9f6d No.3682826

Most of the Republicans and Democrats in congress did the same exact thing. Funny how only the black man gets in trouble for it.

bbcc9f6d No.3682827

File: 1671202261676.jpeg (137.44 KB, 1024x678, ae8b0758c6efa11b.jpeg)

Elon is so butthurt he has banned people from linking Mastadon account links so they can't tell people they are leaving twitter.

bbcc9f6d No.3682828

Of course Republicans support Elon's take over. He's a childish, egotistical, paranoid, racist, maniac.

He's 2024 presidential material all the way! Make America Racist Again! Vote Elon Musk!

48040163 No.3682829

File: 1671204759224.jpg (123.77 KB, 1024x1024, FjPGenVUYAEENmfBB.jpg)

33f782c0 No.3682830

File: 1671205281016.jpg (31.22 KB, 640x360, i.jpg)

>>You can even pull up its history where he made several trips to Epstien's pedo island.

And that little island with a private residence has a long landing strip for his huge jet to taxi in and land? Funny I don't see it in the photos of the island.
Your lies are on the level of a 1st grader, saying he didn't eat the cake when it's all over your mouth.

Why didn't you just say he drove a Tesla to the island, it would be just as believable.

33f782c0 No.3682831

>>Funny how only the black man gets in trouble for it.

You just posted a story earlier of some whites getting in trouble for it.



b8359ecd No.3682832

File: 1671205551665-0.jpg (300.4 KB, 861x849, black slavery africa dahom….jpg)

File: 1671205551665-1.png (1.05 MB, 1034x930, black slavery misattribute….png)

>Terrified to return to Africa
>Bashes Whites that delivered them from Africa

You cant have it both ways. Either fuck off back to Africa or kiss Whites feet.

No one is keeping you here. There is the door and don't let it hit your distended ass on your way out.

b8359ecd No.3682833

File: 1671205796796-0.jpg (1.98 MB, 1600x1814, past america once upon a t….jpg)

File: 1671205796796-1.jpg (126.32 KB, 1200x600, past america (2).jpg)

File: 1671205796796-2.jpg (66.25 KB, 500x449, past america children on p….jpg)

File: 1671205796796-3.jpg (167.25 KB, 800x517, past america train trip.jpg)

File: 1671205796796-4.png (621.47 KB, 640x776, americapast1969airlinemeal.png)

>Make America Racist Again!

Lets see what 'Racist' America was like…

b8359ecd No.3682834

File: 1671206002105-0.jpg (11.07 KB, 389x46, continue.JPG)

File: 1671206002105-1.jpg (88.29 KB, 680x412, demoralized left npc.jpg)

>he has banned people from linking Mastadon account links

You understand that the image and your text do not match right?

This is what a demoralized person is like….

dcf9f819 No.3682835

File: 1671209559514.png (611.32 KB, 1297x859, x6.png)

47267d58 No.3682837

File: 1671217266216.jpg (303.99 KB, 1300x2144, 1670725868517745.jpg)

bbcc9f6d No.3682842

File: 1671224473341.jpg (53.69 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-619531868-612x….jpg)

MAGA supporters are mad this morning after finding out that when you buy one of Trump's $99 NTF trading cards your choice of which card you get is RANDOM. They opened their emails to find they own multiple copies of the same trash and had no option to choose a different one. Of course they can sell it to someone else, but when they do, Trump takes 10% of that sale as well.

He's just fucking you morons over every way he can!

bbcc9f6d No.3682843

Try it. Enjoy your account being suspended for a week.

55e68c20 No.3682844

File: 1671224892700-0.webm (3.11 MB, 318x180, 1665669156239-1.webm)

File: 1671224892700-1.jpg (1.3 MB, 2078x1930, 1663684409998380.jpg)

File: 1671224892700-2.jpg (234.63 KB, 861x1756, 1671199853372573.jpg)

File: 1671224892700-3.jpg (988.58 KB, 1439x2376, 1671194522592880.jpg)

File: 1671224892700-4.png (551.97 KB, 900x1104, 1481671939104.png)

ab540657 No.3682846


Religion is what people turn to when God bitchslaps them into waking up to the realization that they are trash. You're still due for your bitchslap, I hope it'll come soon so that you may live forever.

bbcc9f6d No.3682847

File: 1671225938354.jpg (102.13 KB, 751x584, d64f1a054fe7.jpg)

Notice how he only posts the headlines but no links or details? That's on purpose because the facts of the case don't support his paranoid delusions.

Jack Last did die of a ruptured blood vessel in his brain from a blood clot which is something that can happen. However what the headline leaves out is that the hospital he was being treated at gave him blood thinners and sent him home instead of treating the clot and fixing the problem.

It wasn't the covid shot that killed him. It was hospital negligence. They didn't have anyone on staff who could use the equipment to do the brain scan they needed to safely do the operation to save his life.

His family is suing the hospital for wrongful death because Jack did die of a perfectly easily treated condition that should have been taken care of, if the hospital was properly staffed.

They just sent him home and hoped for the best so that they could preserve their reputation.


ab540657 No.3682848

>If your God is powerful, why is he letting so much suffering happen in the world?

Because God is not a tyrant and lets us do what we want. And what we want is disobey him, the commandment comes to mind. Wouldn't the world be great if people didn't:
- kill others.
- steal.
- cheat on their spouse.
- lie.

No corruption (can't lie), no stealing taxpayer money, no crime obviously, the list is long. Add to this Jesus's love others as yourself and there would be no dire poverty too, people would give to other to help.

Tl;dr there's suffering in the world because people disobey God.

bbcc9f6d No.3682849


If I was to believe in a religion again it wouldn't be a Christian one. All of those crazy middle-eastern cults are fucking insane.

bbcc9f6d No.3682851

File: 1671226437722.jpg (76.42 KB, 718x676, b2a262a32a5e.jpg)

You act like religion is why concepts like, "Don't murder each other" exist in the world.

People didn't need religion to tell them that murder, theft and cheating on your wife ends poorly for you.

You give your God credit for things he never did because he isn't real and can't do jack shit. He can't even protect you from pronouns.

ab540657 No.3682853

> being gay or trans is a inherently biological trait that can be filtered out?

It's obviously biological, they are born that way, right, right ?

And since it's biological it will be filtered out, parents will want to avoid having a child who'll become miserable trying to be what he/she is not.

bbcc9f6d No.3682856

File: 1671227097347.jpg (78.79 KB, 749x797, Take-the-hint.jpg)

I'm glad you agree we should start genetically engineering our children! Especially since we know that conservatism is a direct result of defects in brain structure which leaves the brain over-sensitive to fear and stress!

We can genetically engineer those traits out and America can move forward without any conservatives ever being born again!

73645e35 No.3682860

>So you think being gay or trans is a inherently biological trait that can be filtered out? What about stupidity?

Yes, and yes.

80% of your IQ is explained by inheritance already, the rest by your exposure to culture and information. Environmental factors such as exposure to lead are waning by now, revealing the true extent of how much biology influences individual performance.

Of course, the worst human beings are victims of circumstances, such as iodine deficiency in diets which literally makes people retarded, but that does not apply for people living in western societies where such things are added to foods by default.

ab540657 No.3682861

>conservatism is a direct result of defects in brain structure which leaves the brain over-sensitive to fear and stress!

Coming from the "micro agression" side, that's rich !

73645e35 No.3682862

>being gay or trans is a inherently biological trait that can be filtered out?

If it wasn't, then "conversion therapy" would work, wouldn't it?

It doesn't. Psychological or coercive attempts to turn gay people straight are a resounding failure on all accounts, which points to the fact that homosexuality and trans-sexuality is a biological fault in the brain and not something you can fix by giving the person different information - much like how schizophrenia is not a problem of what the person thinks but how their brains actually produces thought.

A person with a gender dysphoria will generally not be happy about transitioning to the "other gender", because their major malfunction is in the thought process that makes them feel "wrong" regardless, much like how an anorexic person feels they are too fat even though their ribs are showing. It is a distortion in information processing, or a fault in how their brains work, which can be remedied to some extent but the true humane solution would be to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

73645e35 No.3682865

>there's suffering in the world because people disobey God.

Suffering is a subjective point of view that comes from not accepting what is, in contrast to what should be.

Accepting what is, no suffering takes place. Even though one may feel things should be different, and they may work towards that goal, the acceptance of the present moment at any moment creates no suffering. This is completely independent of any God or obedience of such.

73645e35 No.3682870

Or in other words, things like pain or disappointment exist, but suffering of them is a choice that the individual makes. Non-suffering is completely within reach.

Though of course, a person who is just born into this world doesn't know any better and can't distinguish between suffering and the choice to not suffer. This is basically called ignorance, and you can't expect any random person to just "get it" automatically, so people continue to suffer because they don't know they don't have to. The task of the person who is compassionate then is to show them that they do not have to suffer.

d0edce6f No.3682872

>he was in on epstein's shit

well now i dont like him

d0edce6f No.3682873

try it, I'm on board. You won't like the results but so long as you try to get rid of those traits, I will, lol

48040163 No.3682874

He wasn't.
His own children are the most treasured thing in the world to him.

It's just another one of 3B's vile lies which he can provide ZERO proof for.

48040163 No.3682875

Naw, we'd much rather engineer a virus like corona that targets anyone with 10% or more of black genetics in them and which has a 98% kill rate.

We're working on it, and blacks will die like flies. They will be unable to save themselves.
They haven't the smarts.
They haven't the scientists.

d4fc10e8 No.3682876

Fine, the whites will leave. We get to kill every nig find in Europe once we get there though, right?

Are those terms acceptalble?

bd9dc4ff No.3682878

File: 1671236317203.png (124.38 KB, 884x811, recycling plastic is expen….png)

recycling plastic is expensive also a scam.

Researched online plastic lose their integrity when recycled plus it is more expensive.

You can only recycle cardboard paper, metals, glass.
Plastic is best to be burn as fuel there is no other way.

d0edce6f No.3682879



f68f3f3e No.3682880

File: 1671237731384.jpg (74.25 KB, 1284x1133, 09E7C701-E51E-48ED-97C4-AC….jpg)

A judge in Maricopa County has ordered that Kari Lake’s petition to inspect ballots in the county from the 2022 mid-term election be granted.

The Lake campaign will have to designate a ballot inspector and provide the court with contact information for them by Friday at 12pm. The inspection would begin on December 20, 2022 at 8am.

The Lake Campaign has asked to review:

1) Fifty randomly selected “ballot-on-demand” (BOD) printed ballots cast on ElectionDay from six vote centers in Maricopa County chosen by her representative
2) Fifty randomly selected early ballots cast in the 2022 general election from six separateMaricopa County batches chosen by her representative
3) Fifty randomly selected early ballot envelopes for early ballots cast in Maricopa Countyin the 2022 general election
4) Fifty randomly selected BOD printed ballots that were marked spoiled on Election Dayfrom six separate Maricopa County vote centers chosen by her representative.

ed56364f No.3682887