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Thank you very much to those who have been donating through Patreon, paypal, and cashapp. It's helped a lot. Today I received an email for a $100 donation from someone trying to donate through paypal, but they sent it to the wrong address. My paypal is [email protected], NOT [email protected] If you were the one who sent this donation, cancel it and send it to the other email! Thanks <3

0cd226b6 No.3676177

File: 1668630321154.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 4881muhajid_wojakal.png)


Also, imagine giving money to a commie, ever.


0cd226b6 No.3676178

File: 1668630740922.jpg (83.53 KB, 395x432, transdoge.jpg)

Also, imagine giving money to a site that is hostile to Tor users.

Nope. Biggest Nope.

Every site should also have an .onion address. It should simply be the default practice.

a1f7fa41 No.3676240

File: 1668641741418.jpg (157.51 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221116-173348….jpg)

The fuck is this?

bdea395c No.3676255

Ahh, "safety" - isn't is comforting to see how big tech, big gov, big pharma, big military and big-everything is looking after us, because they care for us so much.

6c38ce14 No.3676275

File: 1668646869652.jpg (20.1 KB, 568x122, 981terry_freer_than_you.jpg)

What email provider are you using, and what country?

That's some crazy shit.

27ba8485 No.3676281

there's no 'n' in the email address. you have to remove it. that's probably why

e5f7a662 No.3676395

im curious

is he right, or why dont u have tor

a52d3ca2 No.3676410

This is why you should choose names that can be read.

8f86e7df No.3676577

File: 1668758821512.jpg (166.77 KB, 1000x614, geesetee.jpg)

400 posts and 2000 image replies omitted. Achievement unlocked.

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File: 1668801413889.png (354.99 KB, 1134x201, Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 1….png)

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File: 1668821928590.jpg (67.9 KB, 820x427, 23-236462_picture-smug-ani….jpg)

Not even I have ever approached that level.

6f51206c No.3676730

Hi! I tried to access your site lulz.net while using Tor Browser and discovered that you don't allow Tor users to access your site. I urge you to reconsider this decision; Tor is used by people all over the world to protect their privacy and fight censorship. By blocking Tor users, you are likely blocking people in repressive countries who want to use a free internet, journalists and researchers who want to protect themselves from discovery, whistleblowers, activists, and ordinary people who want to opt out of invasive third party tracking. Please take a strong stance in favor of digital privacy and internet freedom, and allow Tor users access to lulz.net. Thank you.

7c138f63 No.3676736

I lost contact with my Eurasian boyfriend because of those restrictions.

Lulz mainly imposes them because otherwise we get flooded with cp ads. Its unfortunate, but a necessary evil.

7c138f63 No.3676740

File: 1668823729335.jpg (249.64 KB, 859x1280, 1633698609.juiceps_vaska3_….jpg)

Its a cruel way to break up, but its not the first time or even the first or fifth time I had to to break up with someone because of some legal bs.

Thank you being gay.

bdea395c No.3676749

File: 1668825573406.jpg (44.59 KB, 432x291, Boltypuppy_Shake_That_Carr….jpg)

What a strange thing to say on a site that no one visits.

>Lulz mainly imposes them because otherwise we get flooded with cp ads. Its unfortunate, but a necessary evil.
Other boards allow TOR, and they have moderators who remove that shit. It's not "necessary". Lulz has moderators who remove content critical of the nwo's plans/actions. I can understand the reasons for this and the soul-damaging effort it takes to run an image board, and know that cp spam is part of the way "they" operate, but it's not "necessary" to block TOR.

It makes things "easier" on a board with fewer resources to "bend over", but then again that's what image boards were supposed to not do, and there was a time this place had way more resources and fight in it.

bdea395c No.3676752

We're in a deadly war, and with so many boards getting false-flagged and the owners getting vanned, I can't "blame" admins too strongly BTW for avoiding the front line. Not being honest or open about that fact however is what disappoints me.

8f86e7df No.3676768

File: 1668829874775.jpg (12.03 KB, 612x344, istockphoto-1164894321-612….jpg)

The experiment proof to be a success and a failure. The archive won't save a massive thread.

23912395 No.3676779

i'm posting this from tor right now

e5f7a662 No.3676781

then why doesn't it work when i or he tries?

6de2fc0f No.3676789

bad luck maybe? last post was made from tor on my first try. about to try posting again from another tor node. let's see.

27ba8485 No.3676790

<3 thank you so much to whoever donated. love you

e5f7a662 No.3676802

most people just use the tor bundle, posting on it is disabled for most users. control ur fuckin mods

e9faf390 No.3676853

File: 1668880565477.jpg (50.25 KB, 913x913, IMG_20221108_134736_091.jpg)

Hey cho0b, I remember there being a Tor DNS blocklist of IPs. I talk to a guy from Eastern Europe, he can't even post because of it. Might be time to remove it.

27ba8485 No.3676860

that's what i'm using ya dingus.

i'm able to post through tor browser on the first attempt over and over again on lulz.

anyway, if y'all are worried about this sort of thing.. perhaps you should learn how to actually properly collect and utilize proxies? look up proxybroker.

3bc67484 No.3676864

You are either using a nonstandard version of tor browser, such as an obsolete or beta test one, or you are operating tor in an insecure manner by enabling JavaScript so as not to trigger your security service.

Try upgrading to the latest non-beta tor browser and set its security properly. Only then will you see what we experience.

d23aae22 No.3676872

File: 1668893151987.png (215.53 KB, 817x1720, Screenshot 2022-11-19 1522….png)

Cuz mods are so out of control.

27ba8485 No.3676886

File: 1668905010147.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x726, FFPjgMNWQAU4C4Q.jpg)

wrong. up to date tor browser. default noscript and security settings. womp womp

27ba8485 No.3676887

btw i could definitely add a tor hidden service for this site but there's no way we could allow actual posting from it. i've ran many hidden services before. there's not enough moderation abilities to manage handle hidden service posting. browsing, yes.

6c38ce14 No.3676891

File: 1668906917452.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 32684muhajid_wojakal.png)

This site has been getting flooded with CP ads since ~2008, and Cho0b didn't block Tor back then.

He blocked it specifically because a legitimate user of this site who connected though Tor posted something that truly challenged his worldview: a copy of "Industrial Society and its Future"

Cho0b allows anyone to post here. Paedos, 3b, nazis, antifa, etc. But the moment someone comes along and posts something that truly shatters his worldview, he bans them, and the entire network they post from.

Cognitive dissonance is a helluva drug.

6c38ce14 No.3676892

File: 1668907224549.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 29108muhajid_wojakal.png)

See my previous post.

And even 8chan allowed torposting. (albeit, torposters were only allowed to post text, no images)

There's less CP spam on the Tor-only chans than gets posted here, lol.

27ba8485 No.3676898

this isn't a place you want to use on a tor hidden service. it's a place you want to shit on using a tor hidden service. i wasn't born yesterday. it would cost you zero dollars to start your own tor hidden service furry imageboard. get at it

0cd226b6 No.3676899

File: 1668910675181.jpg (175.63 KB, 1000x500, stonetoss_harmless.jpg)

I just don't want feds seeing my IP. I'm paranoid and I have real reason to be.

I have no desire to come in here and defecate on the floor; That's 3B's job, and he does it for free every single day.

I enjoy being able to participate in the discussion here without DNSBL getting in my way, please keep DNSBL off this site.

And for what it's worth, I do really appreciate you participating in this conversation.

As for hosting yet another chan on Tor. I already host 4 sites on Tor (two static pages, a forum, and a wiki) and the niche for imageboards is already filled by others. I do have a local install of Vichan to play with, but I am not adding it to my public services at this time.

94e80591 No.3676902

You are a fucking liar.

6c38ce14 No.3676905

File: 1668912928998.jpg (16.14 KB, 387x270, cho0b_is_lying_to_us_all.jpg)

I come bearing proof that Cho0b is lying to us all when he claims that Tor exit node posting works here.

d23aae22 No.3676908

I don't know how much trouble it would be, but having a whitelist back would be nice.

23e15eb2 No.3676918

File: 1668929064098.jpg (34.44 KB, 1024x600, tor browser at lulz.jpg)

Additional evidence cho0b lies.

e5f7a662 No.3676942

he doesn't get that the quality of posting was just so much higher when tor was allowed, how would we shit on it. Has he READ nu-lulz?

e5f7a662 No.3676943

Then why lie we can use it on tor browser first before consneeding we have to go elsewhere?

bdea395c No.3676974

File: 1668955203880.jpg (283.09 KB, 925x1032, agentcat.jpg)

That list proves nothing, as it could be actions taken over the span of a day, or a month, and the "reasons" could be made up.
Also, those with mod/janny powers here have repeatedly and since the beginning deleted valid posts, left cp shit up for hours and failed to protect the board from hired troll disinfo/demoralisation posts or even slow/intense attacks.
"Furry" moderators aren't exactly known around the world for their honesty and integrity either.

e5f7a662 No.3677018


wasn't lying about my experiences with the mods and them being pedos in the past btw, just throwing that out there, even if we end up not seeing eye to eye.

I became a state alchemist for the vine please don't murder me for ishvalla

20dd333b No.3677035

File: 1668970353021.png (937.24 KB, 988x658, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 1….png)

b7c490f3 No.3677036

>failed to protect the board from hired troll disinfo/demoralisation posts or even slow/intense attacks.
>bitches about censorship
>advocates for censorship

e5f7a662 No.3677037

is this 3b, just checking

6c38ce14 No.3677038

File: 1668971613258.jpg (66.5 KB, 895x896, ted_yote.jpg)

>Site allows cub threads.
>Site develops an extensive paedo infestation.
>Admins appoint actual paedos to moderator positions.
>Site gets spammed with actual CP almost daily as a result.
>Site bans Tor exit nodes because one user posted the Unab*mber's Manifesto "Industrial Society and its Future"

>"But if we allow Tor, we'll get spammed with CP"

The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race…


6181f237 No.3677052

this will be my third time posting to this thread from tor browser. first try. let's see if it goes through

6181f237 No.3677053

lmfao. and it worked again. hahahahahhah. okay, i'm just going to ignore y'all from this point on. you're just incompetent or trolling. probably both. huehueh

e5f7a662 No.3677054

Says the person typing like a troll. You see all these ips? You don't get this many diff ips in all the other threads combined, man

It clearly just has an exception for you

e5f7a662 No.3677055

i get this error too.

e5f7a662 No.3677056

i typed to u as 'steam sucks' before btw, and im not lying or trolling or making it up. tor browser doesn't work for people besides you on this board, for some reason

ddf1da27 No.3677100

File: 1668988791305.webm (301.8 KB, 480x360, cho0b fucking with you.webm)

You know, cho0b is just fucking with you all. He has no intention of allowing Tor to work here.

e5f7a662 No.3677101

internet discussion is so facetious nowadays you kind of have to play stupid to illustrate a point

i dont like it either

40513b72 No.3677112

File: 1668998932560.png (62.23 KB, 766x658, cho0b_lies.png)

Just tried to Torpost from publicly known exit nodes again. Got an error that is was blocked by torexit . dan . me . uk

Am still able to Torpost through other means (which a typical Tor user does not have access to) which I will not discuss here.

And here's why I don't expect that to change:

Cho0b is believed to be a federal informant. This information is publicly available and has been passed around on Doxbin, WikiDox, DoxYouWiki, and /baph/ since around 2015.

Blocking Torposting is not about being able to moderate the site, as Cho0b barely censors anything here to begin with. We are surprisingly free on this site. Suspiciously so, given Cho0b's political leanings.

Blocking Tor is all about being able to log IP addresses of potential "extremists" to turn over to his fed handlers.

bdea395c No.3677115

File: 1669002669964.jpg (95.18 KB, 455x507, Hmm.jpg)

That's close to what I've suspected since probably 2014 or so, but have never really cared, or bothered to find out more about him. It's one of the reasons why I've saved every post I made on here and elsewhere, for over 20 years. If someone claims otherwise, I can go back on actual saves/screenshots.
The amount/layers of frauds, traps and traitors on the Internet is staggering. It's one of the reasons why it was created in the first place - to find out those with intact souls and morality, as they are "threats" to "satan's" plans but also juicy morsels to harvest when the time is right. "Their" paranoia is so delicious to witness.

Calling cho0b an "informant" is probably giving him too much "cred" though. I think he just doesn't care and "bent over to take it", a long time ago.
This board was on life support when I came back, it's irrelevant. Don't waste too much energy on someone like cho0b or this place, it's not worth it. Leave it be… (must take own advice).
Save your energy for the kinds of boards that keep getting shoa'd.

BTW - TOR was also made by the "enemy-of-life" (not that this makes it automatically unsafe) and pretty much every place on the Internet (especially clearnet) with testosterone/balls remaining is fully monitored (at least on the metadata level). Not sure why you're so upset about TOR not working.

Having said that - yes, this place is definitely actively monitored! I've posted good links to websites that weren't yet censored by jewgle, and within about 3 hours they were delisted, haha.

b858a34f No.3677119

Have you considered that it isn't cho0b who is blocking Tor but Cloudflare or some other service that is key to the page?

A lot of services don't want terrorists posting through their internet tubes and thanks to the far-right nutjobs Tor is only known for it's child porn and as a tool for trying to overthrow your government.

It might be something he has no control over.

b858a34f No.3677121

File: 1669007227044.jpg (81.8 KB, 480x300, capitalism.jpg)

For only 8 dollars a month you to can be a verified TOR user!

6c38ce14 No.3677122

File: 1669007824959.jpg (43.54 KB, 696x264, jimjones.jpg)

This site is using the blocklist from torexit . dan . me . uk
It is a configuration issue with this site, nothing else.

Your attempt at associating the far right with CP is noted, and is notably false. Fun fact: this site has more CP spam than any of the non-CP-related chans on Tor. It's almost as if being friendly to cubfags and having paedo moderators on this site effectively invited them in.

There's nothing keeping Cho0b from creating a Tor address and pointing it at the server backend, except for his fed handlers, of course.

Never trust an informant.

6c38ce14 No.3677123

File: 1669008088363.jpg (216.3 KB, 938x962, lovecraft_was_based.jpg)

>TOR was also made by the "enemy-of-life"
Tor was made by the US navy, my negro. And it's not the only "dark web" out there.

>Not sure why you're so upset about TOR not working.

Because I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT reveal my IP address, and subsequently real my identity, to the feds who monitor this site, and the other sites I frequent.

e5f7a662 No.3677168

it is true that the west is actually the one with social credit

6be7ae40 No.3677226

They already know who you are and everything you do

5f74858a No.3677274

File: 1669062542882.jpg (17.24 KB, 320x180, cartoon-112122-copy.jpg)

b858a34f No.3677286

File: 1669067268206.jpg (97.21 KB, 522x798, 6b5197c6a152.jpg)


Okay, you and I need to have a chat about internet security. You see, you are under the assumption that there are people with computers who are monitoring everything everyone on this page does looking at every post and judging it but there just aren't.

That's not how mass surveillance works. The amount of computing power it would take to read every post on every page, of every site on the internet would require more electricity than the world can produce. Even distributed across a nation, it would involve millions of agents, be impossible to hide and MAGNIFICENTLY expensive.

Imagine a third of the U.S. Military budget but being used just to monitor web pages in case someone says something naughty. Congress is never going to approve that in the budget.

That's not how it works. They target areas where trouble makers frequent. 4chan, ToR, Truth Social, and discord servers that match a certain descriptions.

They do sample random pages and have the computers check for certain words like bombs and explosives and technical terms for things used in making them and they monitor the sales of items which could be used in the production of terrorist weaponry but for the most part, most traffic on the internet just isn't that interesting so they ignore it.

You using ToR to hide you IP is far more likely to get you noticed by the feds than just getting a VPN like a normal person. Using ToR makes you a target not just for the feds looking for terrorists but the FBI looking for pedophiles.

Just be normal.
Get a VPN and be one of the faceless masses that the feds never look twice at.

1740f250 No.3677304

its the same as using a router to outsource tracking that if all internet traffic is managed by a routing system that reports said feeds and address use into a log with timestamps it can be singled out that in any image frame of the internet of any time can be traced. It's really not that hard at all and can fit be done with just a microcard whereas in dialup times they did not have the advancements required but would have still been about the size of a floppy disk to program. The amount of data may seem staggering now but here we can also chart that in the time frames actual SmartPathing already shows open/closed routes that are either in use or indirectly in use at the time of any network access.

Therefore a spiderbot can just be given commands to comb through the data and signal whether or not any matches take place. you have a digital fingerprint. It knows and shows all once you are sus you are basically forced through a watch list anyway. No Escape.

bdea395c No.3677317

That's more or less what a glowie would say, hah.

0cd226b6 No.3677319

File: 1669086144469.jpg (120.23 KB, 1024x633, be.jpg)

Spoken like a true VPN shill.

1. All VPN providers keep logs.
2. All VPN providers share data with feds.
3. All VPN providers lie about 1 and 2.
4. Most VPN providers are owned by a a small number of Israeli and Chinese companies.

Also, I'm a Tor hosting provider, so "just don't use Tor" doesn't really work for me to begin with.

b858a34f No.3677324

File: 1669089310032.jpg (514.42 KB, 1047x4096, FiHqX9bWAAAloPL.jpg)

>1. All VPN providers keep logs.
>2. All VPN providers share data with feds.

Exactly! So… unless you are a criminal, terrorist or a pedophile, if they choose to look at you, which is highly unlikely if you aren't being an asshole, they will have ample records of you not doing anything illegal.

So, are you a terrorist, criminal, or Pedo? If not, why are you hiding so hard?

40513b72 No.3677327

File: 1669098609955.jpg (91.24 KB, 500x492, civilpost_we_learned_to_da….jpg)

My government would probably use the label "political extremist"

I value my privacy/anonymity, I'm paranoid, and it's none of their fucking business.

ce9e7731 No.3677337

File: 1669107248019.png (158.18 KB, 413x380, 1474591827057.png)


>the soul-damaging effort it takes to run an image board

If you think choob has put in more than 5 minutes of work into this board the past 5 years I've got a bridge to sell you.

ffb17992 No.3677339

File: 1669111889130.png (110.05 KB, 1140x539, png.png)

> So, are you a terrorist, criminal, or Pedo? If not, why are you hiding so hard?

bdea395c No.3677343

File: 1669114139423.jpg (69.92 KB, 768x431, Whoops.jpg)

>1. All VPN providers keep logs.
>2. All VPN providers share data with feds.
>3. All VPN providers lie about 1 and 2.
>4. Most VPN providers are owned by a a small number of Israeli and Chinese companies.
Probably most popular mainstream providers, yes.
>5. All people who make 100% absolute claims without any evidence to back it up suck multiple dicks at once, and so do I.

VPNs aren't supposed to be used for the purpose of full anonymity anyway, because that wouldn't work for all kinds of reasons.
They do however keep the ISP logs (which are the first thing to get accessed by low-level gov NPCs such as police/councils/NGOs, or get sold and saved forever) free from any details about which websites you visit.
There's a war raging against (honest) VPNs because they're slowing down the global ID/gov system (communist chinese social credit system etc.) that's now being implemented at all cost.

Most sane people would trust someone like goebbels over a "jew", or "jew"-run businesses and governments at this point. You make a weak point with that image. Find a better example.

e5f7a662 No.3677344

since i just shitpost and dont mean shit it's funny to imagine they'll waste tons of money trying to dig me up only to find nothing

e5f7a662 No.3677345

what vpns do you use? im probably gonna stick with nord but give me suggestions

bdea395c No.3677347

Yeah. :/ It's just that part of me still feels for him, and I generally try to give credit where it's due.
It's the based boards that keep getting taken out by governments, and their owners locked up in rape cages, which are the real challenges.
This place would almost run itself, if it weren't for the effort put into censoring vital life saving information which the satanic un/wef don't want known around the world.

bdea395c No.3677350

File: 1669115903139.jpg (674.39 KB, 2048x1536, Best_Show_on_TV.jpg)

It would, but nowadays it's an automated process, done by algorithms. The old days of frantically searching through gigabytes of logs collated from various sources are in the past.

This page does a good job of explaining my views and suggestions, although personally I'm not the biggest fan of Proton:

(Pic probably unrelated.)

e5f7a662 No.3677353

i have some ideas for duping them i might talk about with you over tox, they're mid but im a tricksterrr !!!

2504c671 No.3677379

File: 1669133355774.jpg (16.73 KB, 345x400, Dale.jpg)

ITT: People with mundane lives use VPNs to hide from the gubment

bdea395c No.3677384

Then they'd be doing it wrong.

VPNs take back some of the privacy that was eroded when ISPs started throwing peoples' connection/browsing logs around like confetti - there's no good excuse for such behaviour.
That's their top advantage, along with reducing automated hacking-attacks on vulnerable computers and securing Wi-Fi.

09ecb5c7 No.3677582

It's wild how you can never seem to go even a single month without telling us how much you love Nazis.

e5f7a662 No.3677591

3b plz

ce9e7731 No.3677599

File: 1669238479130.png (204.24 KB, 498x593, We_Are_All_Nazis_Here.png)

7c138f63 No.3677800

File: 1669311600408.png (304.87 KB, 474x786, main-qimg-812927ad3da2cc08….png)

you have to hand it to the nazis, they had badass uniforms. Whenever I was in my Air Force blues, I felt like a 1950's ice cream truck driver.

Our hats were so fucking stupid.

7c138f63 No.3677802

worst part about the hats is that they were so fucking sloppy. I got this hard plastic insert to make it more perky, and I got a reprimanded for illegally altering a uniform.

Like no one ever alters their uniform for aesthetic reasons.

I even had those hard plastic cuffs to make the bottoms of your uniform have that extra swagger. My dad called them "n11gg3r cuffs" and always got my uniform drycleaned, heavy starch. Apparently thats illegal because it makes you visible to UV detection. Its one of the main reasons I was kicked out.

It would have been nice to have been told that before my 10k hours of discharge videos.

e5f7a662 No.3677814

im smol and cute

1740f250 No.3677823

i guess u should have steamed dem. heheheh. pion.

7c138f63 No.3678266

meh, my go bag was still all standard. Its not like people walk around in the US with UV goggles sniping guys on military bases.

1740f250 No.3678268

Ya but what about ghosts? There's alot of them in the military.

7c138f63 No.3678275

File: 1669488984376.jpg (6.72 KB, 259x194, orbz.jpg)

Yep I got a full honorable 100% disability medical discharge because ghosts.

Its honestly about as believable as what actually happened.

a05c3438 No.3678286

What actually happened is Steam was in a gay bar playing a drunken game of anal fisting and he ruptured his rectum. Then out of Gay Shame, he waited until he developed life threatening peritonitis before going to the clinic. The resulting emergency surgery left him unfit for duty.

7c138f63 No.3678291

File: 1669492436847.png (2.08 MB, 2000x1932, 1649811108.melangetic_sass….png)

you seem to be under the influence that I'm not able to perfectly take anal fisting.

There was a small incident with me fucking a guy in Boise, but after my supervisor filed it, he realized that DADT was repealed so I can be as gay as I wanted behind closed doors.

7c138f63 No.3678292

File: 1669492636091.jpg (173.72 KB, 1000x1200, jack-harkness-coat-1.jpg)

Its not like I flaunted it, I was in plain clothes and got tailed by someone from my squadron who suspected I was doing something weird.

He caught us kissing at a hookah bar and then followed us until I went into his apartment holding hands. He then shared the juicy gossip with everyone.

7c138f63 No.3678293

File: 1669492933841.png (867.4 KB, 1492x2222, 1598391093.acstlu_femphurs….png)

My supervisor really hated me. I'm pretty sure that once he found out I was gay he started thinking of me as a girl or something.

He accidentally told me that he loved me after a cellphone call. He obviously didn't love me, but he probably put me in the headspace of his shit daughter or something.

e5f7a662 No.3678309

steam = khyber 2

c46e483d No.3678698

Aufy is fucked in the head.

58bee715 No.3678784

You're not even remotely close to a hacker, and spamming the board with your """air raid""" butthurt does nothing but make you look like a little crybaby bitch.

Do something already. Oh wait! You can't. Shut the fuck up.

58bee715 No.3678790

Blah blah blah just kill the site already you dumb redneck dog turd.

58bee715 No.3678793

File: 1669617365633.jpeg (96.76 KB, 832x700, FekOVY2X0AMG_tR.jpeg)

Poly vs. cho0b

58bee715 No.3678795

>I actually like cho0b
Then don't threaten his site? The fuck is your major malfunction?

0cd226b6 No.3678797

But it's still Cho0b's fault.

He allows the cub shit to fester. This makes them think they are in "good company". This makes their content start leaking into other threads. Which in the end leads to the real thing getting spammed here because the spammers think/know their usual customers are here.

6c38ce14 No.3678803


He doesn't ban the cub shit.

He doesn't ban the users who post it regularly.

It's absolutely his fault that they feel welcomed here.

0931570c No.3678806

> Which in the end leads to the real thing getting spammed here because the spammers think/know their usual customers are here.
We have nothing other than your totally
unsubstantiated claim that lulz gets more CP spam than similar image boards. Why should we believe you?

0931570c No.3678807

In fact, lulz gets far less of it than the old pawsru.org did.

0931570c No.3678809

> If ya can't keep your baby porn of my threads…
They are only doing it to troll you. Trolling is a long standing tradition here. Get the fuck over it.

591b6535 No.3678816

File: 1669623071633.gif (5.19 MB, 640x640, touch-grass-touch.gif)


6c38ce14 No.3678825

>unsubstantiated claim
I am a TOR USER.

I frequent the Tor chans.

Of the long list of chan sites that exist on Tor, only two of them get more CP spam than this place; 3ch and Catchan

I cannot "substantiate" my claim because:
A: I don't want to go to either of those two chans I listed, because of what they host.
B: I'm certainly not going to go there, save a link, and then come back here and post a link to that shit.

0931570c No.3678827

So in other words it is total bullshit. I suspected you were making things up out of your own imagination. Nice to know I was right.

0931570c No.3678831

> Of the long list of chan sites that exist on Tor, only two of them get more CP spam than this place
Lulz.net is not a tor forum. Tor forums have a very small audience compared to clear net forums. Spammers concentrate their efforts where they think most people will see it.

Your attempt to compare lulz to a tor board shows how stupid you are.

9b026732 No.3678841

File: 1669630925979.jpg (64.59 KB, 500x510, 1gtiu0.jpg)

>I am pissed the fuck off!

6542fa5e No.3678892

Hey, if it gets rid of 3B we're all for it.

e5f7a662 No.3678902



THE INTREPID is awesome

e5d6e897 No.3679020

File: 1669663345505.jpg (90.78 KB, 900x888, deviantart-Marenlicious-89….jpg)

There goes aufy spamming threads.

7c138f63 No.3679026

File: 1669663629822.gif (34.65 KB, 700x700, bd7827827e211ee1773d6cc97b….gif)

are you really surprised? Its been a second since he's sperged this bad, but its entertaining.

2504c671 No.3679029

File: 1669663770782.jpg (114.64 KB, 828x1141, FYTEIKfXgAMfkJd.jpg)


Just wait for the purge, in the end it should be threads worth keeping left over.

e5d6e897 No.3679054

File: 1669664997808.png (630.74 KB, 1159x1159, Demon.png)


Sometimes being nice just doesn't work and people really do need to be beat.

It would have done a world of good for chris chan probably.

41c4d1c0 No.3679056

Lol it took me all of 5 seconds to contact cho0b to instantly delete the flood.

And nothing of value was lost.

e5d6e897 No.3679057

File: 1669665859361.jpg (96.69 KB, 654x900, derpibooru-2768480.jpg)

Its just funny to me to freak out over drawings. And say I'm a satanist thats going to hell.

Well hell, if it exists is going to be full of real pedos. And there might be demon children too that rape people.

Your going to unimaginable suffering, but you can't handle the mildest of trolling? Like 4 images per 150+ or something.

And you worship a demon?

Come on man…

f292e050 No.3679058

I didn't notice if moderators were trying to fix it but a range ban option for mod use would be a good thing, IMO.

aa89420f No.3679228

File: 1669744274498.png (813.35 KB, 2048x1651, tumblr_0b26d85a9e72629919c….png)

Poly, or whoever is trying to flood lulz again doesn't seem to be having a very good time with it.

faa6c046 No.3679295

Range ban when?

8f86e7df No.3679349

File: 1669753251908.png (278.11 KB, 923x885, wheat.png)

>searches in logs.
>finds these.
>confused and save the old threads.
>ask self why?

faa6c046 No.3679353

Polybius acts like he's been on meth for a week. Is that what he is about? Is he nothing but a lowlife doper?

That explains why he got fired from his job.

aa89420f No.3679354

File: 1669754031109.png (1 MB, 3873x3026, 2910687.png)


He's ticked off because people sometimes posted a few cub images in his threads.

faa6c046 No.3679355

This is wonderful news! Now that we have his number, we can send him over the edge anytime we want.

Great times are ahead, LOL.

c9fc375b No.3679369

File: 1669757796388.jpg (23.76 KB, 260x280, no-thank-you-text-vector-2….jpg)

He isn't the only one. Cub/loli makes a lot of people uncomfortable and a lot of places it's banned all together. Asking to keep it to it's own threads isn't asking too much.
We're required to keep pol to a single thread. Why do they get to spam their cartoon child porn anywhere and everywhere?

c9fc375b No.3679373

It srikes me as odd how you're making fun of a guy for not wanting drawings of toddlers being fucked shoved in his face.

Most people don't. Usually not being a pedophile isn't exactly what you would make fun of some one for.

e5f7a662 No.3679375

this, dan is an insane creepy nigg3r

aa89420f No.3679392

File: 1669760302811.jpg (281.78 KB, 1280x1775, xxxx.jpg)


If you throw a temper tantrum as an adult man. People are going to laugh at you. Specially a 30-40yo+ one.

And now more people know what triggers you. And are likely to post it to upset you.

7c138f63 No.3679394

true, I'm already amped to trigger him in the future.

Not sure why he wasn't banned for his tantrum though, I've been banned for far less.

992ff9e0 No.3679396

ac06cd2e No.3679406

> and a lot of places it's banned all together
And a lot of places MLP bullshit is banned altogether. For that matter, some places don't tolerate anything furry.

8f86e7df No.3679407

File: 1669764625906.gif (465.91 KB, 500x500, 6170b4ddaa8b88621a2d1c3c_S….gif)


e5f7a662 No.3679411

no, im schizo god

7c138f63 No.3679413

File: 1669766155428.jpg (397.55 KB, 920x1104, 2488695_unrealplace_2018_0….jpg)

ac06cd2e No.3679419

You sound just like Polybius-The-Loon.

8f86e7df No.3679444

File: 1669767933206.png (16.54 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This is beginning to become seriously annoying, guys.

aa89420f No.3679446

File: 1669768036794.jpg (213.99 KB, 2288x1621, 2779674.jpg)

I might would have had sympathy, but once someone said they were going to get the site removed. That went out the window.

8f86e7df No.3679447

File: 1669768311059.png (17.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Poly please, what ever you are doing. you are doing more damage to the archivists.

7c138f63 No.3679519

File: 1669786192705.gif (5.84 MB, 896x500, star-fox-wolf-odonnell-cut….gif)


you, as you well know. You can hide your IP, but your threats and their follow up actuation is an entirely different story.

You're deflection is cute, but no one is being fooled.

7c138f63 No.3679520

File: 1669786599363.gif (68.56 KB, 512x512, 6Lhuk.gif)

Whether you knew it or not Poly, but there for a good while I was trying to be your friend.

At this point, I'm your enemy.

You really should not have done that.

7c138f63 No.3679521

File: 1669786982127.jpg (9.97 KB, 209x241, images.jpg)

An apology would put you back on thin Ice, but we both know that you're incapable of owning up and being a man about anything.

7c138f63 No.3679522

File: 1669787290124.jpg (87.53 KB, 930x1200, 759c2f49a8f1a443ed53d24d8f….jpg)

an apology to the community not to me, I can be hard to deal with myself as I've been told.

07ad4224 No.3679538


>I have a legal obligation to do.

No you don't.

7c138f63 No.3679551

File: 1669793902818.png (69.96 KB, 640x376, wulf.png)

I don't know how to even respond to this level of ignorance…

7c138f63 No.3679554

File: 1669794031800.jpg (18.08 KB, 256x400, 116917026-256-k680225.jpg)

hate to tell you kid, but you don't even know what those components do, leave the smart stuff to the grown ups.

07ad4224 No.3679557

File: 1669794373828.jpg (818.91 KB, 1200x3052, 25922.jpg)

7c138f63 No.3679572

File: 1669796578381.png (291.61 KB, 615x761, 5jubdriu10j51.png)

no you don't look like someone who can actually feel remorse.

you're more cold hearted and unsympathetic than me or dk, and now everyone knows it.

7c138f63 No.3679573

File: 1669796778644.png (1.67 MB, 2779x2780, 067846d80b06064553f6769ca4….png)

and i don't mean all the rage against cub posts, I mean all the pages you got deleted and the trouble you caused.

8f86e7df No.3679599

File: 1669802493906.png (28.32 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Cleaning up, there's no soap someone kicks it far from reach, grabbed the person who kicked the soap, yes see these hands I touched my asshole with these hands.

8f86e7df No.3679602

File: 1669803295719.png (20.53 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

5cc8a875 No.3679603

>We just put this behind us.
How about you die in a fire.

8f86e7df No.3679604

File: 1669803725991-0.png (449.76 KB, 800x447, Elektrownia_Jądrowa_w_Spri….png)

File: 1669803725991-1.jpg (69.59 KB, 720x497, 9a28e4ca00ca0c9b21296291de….jpg)

Dear Betty Springfield, aka type 3 salt reactor nuclear power plant, you are the heart that keeps the people of Springfield warm during cold winter months shine the light the keeps the monsters out of our dreams you have thousands of men keeping you as Homer J. Simpsons massage the radioactive rods on your back "ohh you like that girl yes you do!

ec0300f9 No.3679612

LOL. A moderator is deleting all of Aufy's threads to avoid setting off Aufy if someone posts cub into it.

07ad4224 No.3679632

File: 1669827479554.png (89.51 KB, 701x493, You_May_all_suck_it_he_say….png)


You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

07ad4224 No.3679649


How can anyone know with an image that small.

af36c577 No.3679652



7c138f63 No.3679658

another aufy meltdown. He's been acting up lately.

7c138f63 No.3679749

File: 1669873474348.jpg (18.34 KB, 622x350, galand__the_truth____nanat….jpg)

Just going to say, I don't know if you knew that I've been using you DK, but you really helped me do a number on Aufy. I thank you for your service.

you've made a few people's day.

7c138f63 No.3679752

File: 1669873876844.jpg (100.31 KB, 850x794, 4f61483b33c99817d284ebde24….jpg)

still friendships are both way so I'm here if you ever need some dark manipulation, assuming they deserve it.

44909858 No.3679753

File: 1669873995972.png (323.95 KB, 696x1025, 102153__safe_artist-colon-….png)


It was Aufy's own choice to have a tantrum. I tried to talk him out of doing it.

7c138f63 No.3679757

I did too, didn't work out too well. I hope it keeps going in that fashion.

44909858 No.3679758

File: 1669874849945.jpg (1.42 MB, 3840x2500, Cookie.jpg)


Trying to help people, hoping it fails makes no sense. Unless your a sinister person.

b89119ea No.3679759

[Steam uses super psychology powers to drive Aufy stark raving bonkers]
Well done! Keep up the good work.

7c138f63 No.3679760

File: 1669875646713.bmp (648.54 KB, 645x343, sds-galand-1080918.bmp)

of course, it is my duty

44909858 No.3679761

File: 1669875947089.png (401.9 KB, 662x680, 889967.png)

Funny, I remember them yelling Dan's name all the time. Not steam's.

7c138f63 No.3679762

have fun!

7c138f63 No.3679763

:3 maybe you could make me less sinister?

44909858 No.3679764

File: 1669876705060.jpg (97.28 KB, 1113x1135, Velvet_Lopunny.jpg)


Nah. We already tried that song and dance.

7c138f63 No.3679765

File: 1669877118999.png (862.53 KB, 879x1124, wGCprK37tjIY84ftiKXm8siGVQ….png)

we can hug as long as you want

44909858 No.3679766

File: 1669877573963.png (1.04 MB, 1280x533, 77785666.png)

b89119ea No.3679767

> yelling Dan's name
Yeah, that was unsettling since most of the cub pics were actually posted by other people. I hope he is not still obsessed with Dan. Dan didn't cause this.

44909858 No.3679770

File: 1669880018352.jpg (64.96 KB, 813x955, D8I8UHJW4AIYDgS.jpg)

I just honestly expect better from someone thats been on lulz for ten years. Like I haven't been in the troll scene in a long time. But even I remember that getting triggered is pointless.

We all got shit we don't like, but if you go on and on about it. People give you more of it. Either people they want to fuck with you. Or because they want to desensitize you to it so you stop bitch'n.

7c138f63 No.3679773

File: 1669882183155.jpg (321.16 KB, 1448x2048, 1665574262_2-prelesti-pro-….jpg)

I'll make sure that I keep punching him into the ground. It'll be a fun game of whack a mole.

7c138f63 No.3679774

File: 1669882472495.jpg (103.51 KB, 850x792, 5472da1f03a5133031e2880d77….jpg)

well until he apologizes. To everyone.

44909858 No.3679775

File: 1669883123499.png (213.09 KB, 1200x900, 614625__safe_artist-colon-….png)


What makes you think he'll get unbanned?

7c138f63 No.3679776

oh he wont, but he will say sorry.

b89119ea No.3679777

Sheesh. Even 3B always gets unbanned.

7c138f63 No.3679778

well actually he might, but that really depends on his behavior.

44909858 No.3679779

File: 1669883381747.gif (1.29 MB, 500x280, 6Owq.gif)


I dunno, I never got unbanned. I don't think anyway.

44909858 No.3679781

File: 1669883473860.png (423.53 KB, 1194x780, 1760561__safe_artist-colon….png)

I'm super duper, duper scary. So me getting unbanned would be unthinkable.

7c138f63 No.3679783

File: 1669883522996.png (1.17 MB, 1125x2000, 1600875113.melangetic_femb….png)

he only has a week's ban. If he can last that long, he's cool.

I doubt it though.

b89119ea No.3679785

All of his ban evasion antics must be adding to his time out, I would hope.

7c138f63 No.3679786

File: 1669883813662.jpg (282.21 KB, 873x1200, 99005903_p0_master1200.jpg)

oh definitely, it starts out at 3 days, it grows exponentially from there.

44909858 No.3679787

File: 1669883872674.png (599.81 KB, 593x895, Dancer_lopunny.png)

I don't even think I still have the computer that got banned. That was so many years ago.

I already could use an upgrade for this one. I can't run a game I wanna run, that is Icarus.

44909858 No.3679792

File: 1669884993647.jpg (113.39 KB, 900x808, deviantart-MythPony-813548….jpg)


He's really scared the art will turn him into a pedo. I remember him saying he works or can be around kids.

So perhaps its best not too.

7c138f63 No.3679796

im going to sleep now, just so you know

7778e122 No.3679879

What is this place?

7778e122 No.3679880

If I had kids around me I wouldn't want to have to look at lolicon either.

ab348ee5 No.3679904

File: 1669931855267.jpg (44.46 KB, 612x459, asdf.jpg)

0de2c8a6 No.3679928

File: 1669936711223.png (1.02 MB, 1024x713, NightworkbyYakovlevvad1470….png)

Wasn't posting here twice today and your posts disappearing enough?

5af7f8bd No.3679955

>Dan didn't cause this
Pretty sure he did

715de920 No.3680063

File: 1670002004001.png (133.01 KB, 1899x903, Another_Aufy_tantrum.png)

Aufy's having another tantrum.

Days since last tantrum is still zero.

aca2ebbf No.3680082

Calm down Aufy.
Surely there must be some peaceful resolve to all this.

37075e1f No.3680092

I'm game.

26ef5146 No.3680096

File: 1670014199479.jpg (103.81 KB, 850x721, 41c6224ff4ca6436f24a64da67….jpg)

Aufy knows who he's up against. He won't back down, it's pointless.

3ff6717c No.3680141

Aufy is just fucked up in the head.

715de920 No.3680167

File: 1670040487303.jpg (76.69 KB, 574x900, twitter-magnaluna11-130273….jpg)


Pedophilia is such a boring subject. Hopefully Aufy stops being obsessed with it soon.

d6fa9e1f No.3680193

File: 1670050745815.webm (7.4 MB, 480x320, Average-furry.webm)

It will never happen. Aufy is projecting. I have zero doubt he's already molested at least one kid.

He should just stick to molesting dogs like a normal fur-freak.

f2343610 No.3680244

I don't think he is. He strikes as someone who put up with the cub/lolicon here until the people who post it made a problem of it by shoving it in his face.

070f6682 No.3680246

Come to think of it, they kind of shove it in all our faces.
This kind of attitude breeds intolerance. Why be tolerant of something if they're just going to make a problem of it. I don't want it in my threads either.

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