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Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

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File: 1668389094732.png (459.53 KB, 788x443, star-wolf-a-fox-in-space.png)

also i start off this new thread by suggesting that border crossers should get free social security checks without needing to pay into the system to make up for all the undocumented work hours done on migrant farms.

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also gyros should be available at arby's year round.

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Y'all are going to die ! The muslims are coming for you !1!

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File: 1668391523758.jpg (17.42 KB, 236x399, 72bd3618fc673762c335aac95f….jpg)

and to vaccinate your kids.

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Star Fox is a Hebbie?

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File: 1668408957099.jpeg (97.34 KB, 965x940, FhclsLIXgAEcKlN.jpeg)

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Only if child rape is progressive…oh wait it is!

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File: 1668410762440.jpg (71.67 KB, 722x601, c69b0efe0b98.jpg)

I still can't get over the fact that the guy who claimed he was all about democratizing Twitter and ensuring free speech is making it a policy that everyone who doesn't pay him 8 dollars will be shadow-banned by default.

It took him less than a month to go back on every single promise he made.
I thought Trump was the biggest loser in history but Elon is quickly overtaking him in the loser Olympics.

1b7d32a2 No.3675799

File: 1668411557689.gif (1.16 MB, 498x498, evil-evil-laugh.gif)

Don't worry, your kids are already being vaccinated. Everyone is. It's in the water.
Why do you think big pharma is talking about charging for the shot soon? The government already dumped the existing vaccine into the water supply.

Now they have to create "Updates and boosters" to recoup the losses from all that vax that Biden made them produce.

Like it or not, you're all part of the 5G Network now. While you morons were worried about us hacking the voting machines, we hacked the voters.

27acba1d No.3675800

>child rape

It's not rape when those 3 year old sluts are teasing you relentlesly.

27acba1d No.3675801


If sending email cost a bit of money, spam would never have been an issue. I see that 8$ thing as the same thing.

Elon wants a Twitter that's the "source of truth" or something, bots everywhere doesn't help. What he does looks coherent with that goal.

On the other hand he might be a bad guy, forcing the majority of users to verify and thus give their IRL identity. That would be a great tool to install a chinese-like social credit system later.

1b7d32a2 No.3675803

File: 1668416970370.jpg (52.21 KB, 500x679, FhfLPgeXwAE00Se.jpg)

If it was a fee per-tweet I can see your point but it's not. Lunatics will pay $8 so they can go on the platform, spread bigotry and yell the n-word unrestrained.

We know this is true because it's already happening which is why advertisers are running from Twitter like it's the burning Hindenburg. Elon is not only taking down Twitter, he's destroying the stock value of all of his companies and that stock was what he was counting on to pay his massive debts.

He's fucked. It's too late for him. The question isn't if he is going to lose a fortune, the question is how much of his fortune is he going to lose. I'm hoping for all of it.

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File: 1668425066354.jpg (95.12 KB, 1460x821, thumbnail_elon-musk-twitte….jpg)

Insiders are stunned after Twitter eliminated 4,400 of its 5,500 contractors with no notice, both in the US and abroad, according to Platformer.

The contractors are not being notified. They are just losing access to Slack and email.

One contractor learned he lost his access to the Slack channel and Twitter email by reading the Platformer reporter’s tweets.

company sources tell me that yesterday Twitter eliminated ~4,400 of its ~5,500 contract employees, with cuts expected to have significant impact to content moderation and the core infrastructure services that keep the site up and running.” Platformer reporter Casey Newton said.

Elon Musk immediately fired Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal and head of Trust & Safety Legal Vijaya Gadde when he took over Twitter last month, as well as half of Twitter's 7,500 employees, whom Musk said were "a large part of Twitter's problem."

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File: 1668427478863-1.png (91.11 KB, 1136x640, 6575CA71-CCDF-4D6D-BA79-4C….png)

File: 1668427478863-2.jpeg (234.97 KB, 720x992, 1D891CD5-00EB-4DA4-84C2-3….jpeg)

File: 1668427478863-3.jpeg (144.36 KB, 1024x1022, 9727980D-C3E7-4EDE-9DB6-F….jpeg)

File: 1668427478863-4.jpeg (68.32 KB, 765x960, B865F3AC-F20D-4A47-930E-2….jpeg)

Ok so what the graph shows is more people went and voted a red treasurer than a senate seat….bullshit!

78bfcb7f No.3675810


By asking Kyrie to jump through so many hoops, they screwed up big time.

The jews should storm the ADL and fire that Greenblatt dude, he is creating hatred toward the jews and fueling an enormous Streisand effect benefiting conspiracy theories.

af90a605 No.3675827

>he is creating hatred toward the jews


1b7d32a2 No.3675846

File: 1668451905754.jpg (70.09 KB, 650x680, FhfQPbmWAAUIT-d.jpg)

A lot of states had normal, boring Republicans win while the election denying Trump-lovers got dumped in the trash where they belong. Even hard core republicans don't want Trumpism.

3be2a1d2 No.3675848

How can you be so retarded as to think that the establishment Democrats are opposed to the establishment Republicans. They're both on the same side, you mouth breather.

The MAGA candidates are the only ones worth rigging the elections against.

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File: 1668463926782-0.jpg (74.19 KB, 800x800, 0adee6343bfad.jpg)

File: 1668463926782-1.webm (3.95 MB, 400x400, 1667000533228302.webm)

File: 1668463926782-2.jpg (89.24 KB, 659x551, 1659118644609749.jpg)

File: 1668463926782-3.webm (1.96 MB, 320x240, 1667332498034953.webm)

Seriously, Rep and Dems both have children in Ukranian energy?

All these assholes serve outside powers, and he sees Dem as being fringe.

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5602beff No.3675866

According to Kanye and kyrie is some shit you say right before something way ignorant

af90a605 No.3675879

File: 1668473571174.jpg (9.44 KB, 236x177, laughinglion.jpg)

>Democrats do things for the betterment of the country instead of their own selfish interests.
>I'll just keep supporting globohomo - it will all work out somehow, I am sure.

af90a605 No.3675880

File: 1668473658218.jpg (32.63 KB, 544x307, crimea.JPG)

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File: 1668474339572.jpg (506.37 KB, 773x1000, Anthro_Bolt.jpg)

Flabby 3Broken's a cowardly communist pedophile who's in bed with Cho0b, pedo-mod and co. - all of whom actively support the globalist/khazarian/zionist's plans to murder the world's human and animal population down to 500 million injected human/machine hybrid AI-controlled hybrid slaves.
They're lying, sick, degenerate anti-human fucks who are so dead inside, they want to see everything that has any life and freedom remaining to be destroyed even more than they already are on the inside.
Oh, and Weavile may potentially be a paint huffer.

b9fd21f3 No.3675893

says someone who wants to fuck gods, gods are there to be put out of their misery

b9fd21f3 No.3675895

"life and freedom", aka a world with zero conflict or hardship or the freedom to hurt anyone huh. Yeah sounds about right for this generation.

You'll probably get it when we're all in pods eating goyslop because retards like you aren't willing to fight, lmao

b9fd21f3 No.3675896

when are you going to post more animal porn and claim that you don't abuse them

b9fd21f3 No.3675899

N­­­­­­­I­­­­­­­G­­­­­G­E­­R i just said i knew confirmed pedo jannies from years ago. I could source those claims from witnesses too, and I guess I'm glad you believe them face value, but 3b isn't in bed with them so much as hideously stupid on a board with no rules.

3b is more right wing on some issues than even me apparently, he isn't even the typical commie leftist, he even admitted he's right on a lot of issues and advocates for right wing genocide and the death penalty. He just does it through a commie lens with is even more appalling

b9fd21f3 No.3675900

and u think it's weird I don't want to live with people like that as a neighbour or be nice to them. No I'd fucking shoot 3B if I could, cope

b9fd21f3 No.3675904

File: 1668476410571.gif (854.79 KB, 800x584, download.gif)

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File: 1668478143335-0.webm (2.33 MB, 366x552, 1667599363682893.webm)

File: 1668478143336-1.png (3.74 MB, 2413x3043, wOWWY (9).png)

Maybe that's why these people are Leftists Globalists cock suckers, it's because they're pedos.

b9fd21f3 No.3675918

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File: 1668480494365.jpg (134.17 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b27342db7049e5….jpg)

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File: 1668482245421.jpg (139.39 KB, 898x1200, Not_A_Phin_Vag.jpg)

>and u think it's weird I don't want to live with people like that as a neighbour or be nice to them.
Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Also - there's more than one way to "fight", especially in a war that's also spiritual.
Do you mean "fight" like the NPC monkeys in iran who tried to take down the government over the hijab-death lie, so that a WEF/khazar-creature can take power there?
That woman they tried to tear the country apart over died because she was injected with the bioweapon/vaccine - the same that's been injected into millions/billions of other normies. It's perverse, that the lie worked so well.

Any kind of major social unrest/protest/civil war will allow the parasites to move in and take over. Did you not notice how much "legal" and mind power the parasites were able to grab from the western normies after every false-flag shooting/event?
Even a single (fake) death ("I can't breathe") can be abused to destabilise a country, if certain conditions allow it.
When (not if) the normie/NPC/mass-media starts to intentionally show that the injections are murdering children, western normies are going to start tearing the local governments apart, making way for the one world dictatorship to take power.

This is a fight for the soul and the heart, and that's where the war is raging and must be fought, because evil will win if energy/attention is invested elsewhere (divide and conquer), but evil will lose if that's where we focus on winning.

← Have a soothing picture of a dolphin gracefully swimming through the sea, free of all worries and fears.

BTW there's only one God, although Amaterasu in wolf-form… oh my, it took me a long while to stop having impure thoughts. It's not so lurid though, because I'm a real dog and that's not so far from being a wolf. Wolfdogs are real, after all.

b9fd21f3 No.3675933


EW, i dont want to look at animal cunt, kill yourself

24b6d4c4 No.3675934

Joke's on you - that's a male dolphin, so it's okay to look.

b9fd21f3 No.3675942


de5790a2 No.3675947

>Joke's on you - that's a male dolphin

How can you even tell?

9e9e2130 No.3675948

No nipples?

de5790a2 No.3675950

File: 1668485620304.jpg (62.91 KB, 680x453, FhfKrAsXgAENnsF.jpg)


Homos have been around since the beginning of time in the majority of species. They haven't killed off the human race. I think you're worried about the wrong thing.

15d37266 No.3675968

File: 1668496893030.jpg (82.33 KB, 680x453, HONK.jpg)


42793802 No.3675973

File: 1668497897946.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 3232muhajid_wojakal.png)

>no Fox news.
Notice how they now admit that censorship of dissenting press is part of the agenda…

This is called a false analogy. These two things have no relation to eachother, but the comparison tricks the minds of normies.

Also, Automatic transmissions were a mistake. Most of the world considers Americans lazy cunts for driving such rubbish cars.

78bfcb7f No.3675975

>Joke's on you - that's a male dolphin, so it's okay to look.

You don't even know, the dolphin might be trans or non binary !

4ab59d0c No.3675980

File: 1668499107339.jpg (65.56 KB, 1280x720, screaming-Leftist-woman.jpg)

This was a very smart move eliminating these contractors before they even knew it.
That's how you prevent sabotage.
Elon knows exactly what he's doing and why. Any advance notice gives them time to wreak havoc on the system.
They all got what they had coming to them anyway. The Untouchable Masters of the Universe have been touched / fired!
A take over of Facebook should be next.

Many companies will "walk you out of the building" to prevent such a happening with workers who had previous access to sensitive data and systems. With outside contractors this is the only way to do the same thing.

I can imagine the mess over 4,000 spoiled brats like these people would make out of Twitter if they had not been locked out first.

it was smart of him to not give them notice. They'd have self-destructed right there and done untold damage to twitter.
And he knows what type of persons he's dealing with.

I have been places where they shut your accounts and escort you out of the building for that very reason. When sensitive data, like code are involved, you have to move fast and apologize later.

So, it was never "algorithms" at all that were censoring conservative viewpoints. Just leftist idealogues obeying partisan government hacks to censor opposing viewpoints.

He cut off the head of the dragon who was sabotaging the truth. No sympathy for those louts who were paid to censure the truth. He didn't give them time to retaliate.

15d37266 No.3675981

File: 1668499279203.jpg (74.13 KB, 1202x828, covid0044.jpg)

A bunch of retarded schizos started making retarded claims about the "vaccine" having magnets and bluetooth devices in it.

So now when someone points out the the "vaccine" is causing blood clots, heart inflammation, and strokes; they get grouped in with the schizos making retarded claims about magnets and bluetooth devices.

Very convenient…

13aa24e5 No.3675983

File: 1668499758378.jpg (126.69 KB, 965x940, DuRrrrrrrrr.jpg)


78bfcb7f No.3675989


Better have this than supressing magnets, bluetooth, blood clots and heart inflammation.

ebcf7499 No.3676012

File: 1668514482016-0.webm (2.28 MB, 932x720, 1658687899441824.webm)

File: 1668514482016-1.jpg (138.49 KB, 637x632, 1668261509830152.jpg)

File: 1668514482016-2.jpg (1.3 MB, 2078x1930, 1663684409998380.jpg)

Gave that shit to children….

b9fd21f3 No.3676013

b9fd21f3 No.3676014

@business dog


how is this depressing again

b9fd21f3 No.3676015


seriously dog just hover over the names for all of the anime that's released over the past day or two and look at the posters for them, barring one or two it's nothing but bright fucking colors and magical girls

b9fd21f3 No.3676016

the only one that's depressing on there is berserk and maybe one other, that's like 2/10

b9fd21f3 No.3676017

*out of like 20 actually

b9fd21f3 No.3676018

File: 1668517502192.jpg (51.21 KB, 225x310, 124357.jpg)

yeah, real fucking depressing, you fraud

b9fd21f3 No.3676019

dog = pedozoophile

every zoophile = as bad as a pedo

b9fd21f3 No.3676020

nigga i literally watch the shit just for basic bitch happy adventure shounen and comedies since nothing happy is on anywhere else in the fucking world

b9fd21f3 No.3676021

it's even worse when you select for my personal favourites


how is this depressing again

b9fd21f3 No.3676022

if the japanese aren't free of kikes, it is functionally impossible to be, LOL

b9fd21f3 No.3676023

tv tokyo aired this to show all of their OPs for all of their shows, thats the biggest network there


i skipped aroudn trying to find something depressing, i failed like 20 times (though i did get d gray man op 1, which can be a bit of a depressing schizo kino story, but it has a positive message and is a biblical tribute. I find the mc's kind hearted nature despite all the shit he goes through inspiring and I think in the end it'll have a happy ending, unlike victorian/gothic fantasies WE do)

I stopped after that because it gave me bad 90s 3d Donkey/Diddy Kong dancing to what I presume is one of the very seldom localizations on the list, and I figured that if that doesn't convince people anime is like the most upbeat medium among all others (especially games and film which have tons of grimdark shit) idk what will

b9fd21f3 No.3676024

the game/film equivalents of shit like d gray man would be shit like bloodborne or stephen cringe novel adaptations

d gray man is way more ethically grounded and has a ton of touching character drama, and ultimately good prevails in it

b9fd21f3 No.3676025

idk how the fuck anyone looks at anime and thinks it's depressing

what, because in the west people like that shit? nigga it took 20 years for One Piece to pick up here, it's a great series but over there it destroyed Naruto and Bleach which ran in it's magazine. Those were a lot more depressing (at their worst, generally they're still upbeat and aimed at kids)

b9fd21f3 No.3676026

i have a hard time recommending anyone shit because most of it's too happy and westerners like steam are retards who can only understand cool man with bloody red eyes makes meme illusions with his mind in shittiest magic system in fiction

yes they're allowed to do grotesque stories sometimes too because jews can't tell them to stop making thrillers about the holocaust being a good thing, like they did in Attack in Titan (that isn't me being a schizophrenic retard like you, that's actually the explicit plot. People with the same background and naming conventions as the jews get mowed into ketchup because they kept trying to oppress the world as comeuppance for WW2. They even made the german characters wear armbands and treated them as slaves explicitly because of the titanworld's equivalent of the holocaust. I almost wish I was joking because it made AoT's story into a meme)

b9fd21f3 No.3676027


anti tranny joke ^^^^ everyone on twitter got extremely mad about this

advertisers don't take you down for making these jests but on the western version of manga plus, a lot of authors have gotten shoahed for making jokes like this, because jews

If jews owned them there, why would they be allowed to make 10000000000 happy shows about trannies being gross, and the 1 show about killing jews that makes you lie to me that all anime is depressing (because ur insane and can't do maths)

b9fd21f3 No.3676028

it's because ur deluded. if all fiction isn't about tea parties it's subverted by kikes to u, even though 100% of every other medium going back 100s of years in other cultures is just cringe molestation and murder and 90% of anime is LITERAL tea parties with girls

anything to justify ur warped mentality

nigga have u read books, i read a fuck ton, western fiction even going back to our fables is fucking morbid by comparison

'depressing animes' LOL

b9fd21f3 No.3676029

i swear im going to open the next konosuba ep and it's going to have kazuma having a literal happy tea party with the girls

b9fd21f3 No.3676030

to add to this, everyone on /pol/ fucking loves that shit, nothing but memes of eren all day for years when it was ending. no the main character is literally hitler and destroys the world and it's framed as a good thing because the kikes have subverted too much

how tf is that allowed to be one of their most popular exports if the kikes subverted them

b9fd21f3 No.3676031

it's important cause u argued so vehemently japanese people make depressing animes cause subverted by kikes, so what else are you wrong about besides everything

life there is sort of 'depressing' because nature is working as intended and not everyone is meant to succeed in a meritocratic society free of all this fake help, when you start making society happy by some kike 'human rights' metric you get trannies and jews immediately and require Hitler to help out like in Weimar

if you limited the happiness metric to people with an IQ of over 110 (the people that matter, aka not you) it's probably paradize

b9fd21f3 No.3676032

people like steam, 3b and you are MEANT to commit suicide in a functional society, you are not meant to 'see the light' or 'get along with us'

b9fd21f3 No.3676033

advertisers dont pull u for talking ur mind…

ESG is basically nonexistent outside of the handful of few super corpo game companies like capcom and se, hopefully that fucking doesn't get worse, because I don't want a kike subverted japan

thats basically it

wherever larry fink doesn't touch is mostly safe

b9fd21f3 No.3676034

what ur pointing to is that they have a culture that's naturally kind of cold. it was in the days of yukio mishima and is now. they are just not genetically impulsive like us, and that's fine

their goal isn't to be white

they don't have a sexual revolution and never will, if ur a girl over there u know ur place

b9fd21f3 No.3676035

they havent dealt with 100s of years of propaganda like us. they aren't the target

they were never the target

b9fd21f3 No.3676036

1b7d32a2 No.3676038

File: 1668522686811.jpg (40.34 KB, 719x312, 232a0e1d332a.jpg)

Looks like the Washington elite are done with Elon Musk letting people create fake accounts imitating politicians and corporations. Several large corporations have lost billions in stock value because no one can tell who the real company is.

When one Democratic Senator complained about being impersonated, Musk replied with a snark-tweet to own the lib. It was only later Musk found out that the Senator was a key player on the Senate Commerce committee. Whooopsie!

But don't worry! Elon does have a plan to save twitter. He's diverting most of his advertising budget from Space-X and Tesla to pay for Twitter ads! So he's going to pay his bills for one company by gutting the budget of other companies! What could possibly go wrong?!

1b7d32a2 No.3676039

File: 1668522958802.jpg (47.69 KB, 714x468, 68e1e2537b00.jpg)

I'm 99% sure that congress is about to subpoena Elon Musk to throw down with him.

A senator doesn't reach out to a Washington Post reporter and ask them to do a story about how easy it is to set up a fake account unless they are planning on bringing down the hammer.


b28b25c6 No.3676040

File: 1668523498530.png (1.1 MB, 900x1200, 40eeba64604414961c3274468a….png)

My goodness its hard to even know who you mean. I just see your posts.

2f78e7fa No.3676041

File: 1668523554746.jpeg (415.22 KB, 981x2032, Web capture_15-11-2022_94….jpeg)

2450bc41 No.3676042

File: 1668523804848.jpg (601.45 KB, 1354x970, FbDd3f2UcAItMk5.jpg)

You're surprised that a conservative is a traitor who wants to kill Americans?

b28b25c6 No.3676043

File: 1668524118901.png (219.64 KB, 1139x725, Confused.png)


Who hurt this guy so much?


Getting a face tattoo is one of the worst choices a person can make.

2450bc41 No.3676044

File: 1668524771382.jpg (339.99 KB, 486x865, BigBlackJoy.jpg)

How powerless and afraid you must be that your only hope is for your enemies to kill themselves because you know you can't possibly win unless they do.

24b6d4c4 No.3676045

File: 1668526399504.png (1.49 MB, 2632x2948, Succeeded.png)

>How can you even tell?
The females have two little slits near the big one for their nipples, and another somewhat separate one for their dung funnel. I'd post detailed pictures for science, but can't find them ATM.

Weavile, your schizo posts are better than 90% of what's on here.
As for the Japanese animes being depressing, clearly we have different definitions of the word. You look at the glossy, cheery and loud surface and take it as the whole of the story, whereas I look beneath and see the fakery and props behind it - sort of like witnessing a suicidal clown putting on a hyper-happy show.

Despite all the cheery glitz, the Japanese birth rate has been low for decades, and as the "mainstream" western media delights in reporting, it's still disastrously low.
Anime and birth rates might seem like a strange comparison and there are many other factors (workloads, education, culture, etc.), but the entertainment/media industry sadly still has a huge influence on normies, and all this "cheerful fakery" and "dark/aggressive reality" dichotomy won't nurture a wholesome and natural environment that encourages making and raising babbies.

The "globalists/lizards" have "penetrated" most of the biggest and powerful Japanese corporations and levels of government - it's not information that's hard to find. Whenever there seems to be some kind of major resistance put up by Japan, something terrible somehow happens to it… out of "coincidence" - the occasional assassination, freak tsunami, etc.

Anyway, I'm very tired and must go to my doggy-bed. :3

0b9fbbd5 No.3676046

Well it's called the Statue of Liberty, NOT the statue of invasion. That poem "The New Colossus" was actually auctioned off as a fund raiser to pay for the pedestal. The French gave us the statue and said WE, America needed to pay for the pedestal and the land for the location where the statue would be placed, Several state were competing to raise the money and have it placed in their state. NY won, The plaque every liberal keeps quoting wasn't put there for like 25 or 27 years after the statue was all done. This myth of what the statue actually represents has been skewed to make people think it's all a part of it. It's only connection is Ellis Island, a stones throw for the statue, where LEGAL immigrants went through their process to enter the country. So it's just another liberal myth. The statue was given to America to celebrate 100 years of freedom. But it was to late the Act of 1871 was our first bankruptcy and our sovereignty was already lost under the finance of the out standing loan. Guess who gave us the loan ? The French, it was then bought out by the British.

0b9fbbd5 No.3676047

Years ago,
I had a psychology professor who was a practicing psychiatrist. He said there were few generalizations but one significant one. Everyone feeds their ego, some people do it by constructive means, accomplishing things. Other people try to elevate their self worth by destructive means, destroying others and their accomplishments. The left is the latter. These people want to destroy everything of value. The left in this country is obsessed with destroying everything as well. Trump accomplished so much with so much resistance. So they turned to trying to destroy him personally. Then when Biden took office he destroyed the gains by reversing all policy even though we all suffered.

b28b25c6 No.3676048

File: 1668531122707.png (1.77 MB, 1092x1280, efd4a08733d0710898e1045a9c….png)


Some people pick to weaken their ego. Because if they don't it can dominate them. And make them unsufferable to others.

b9fd21f3 No.3676049

You're retarded. Did you know Spike's entire plot is about what NOT to do? It literally addresses the concerns in that thread they bring up. The whole idea behind Spike is that pretending to be a movie hero and going after what's cool or trying to absolve your past in a flashy way is a bad idea, did you know that?

Seriously, answer that

b9fd21f3 No.3676050

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyI635o2pmk listen to this song, does this sound like a guy who's happy? It does a really good job of showing that the day to day life and getting on with your neighbours is actually a better thing to do with your time than getting into dangerous situations or going after a loved one you lost in the past, or avenging people.

All the episodes in the show except a few are slice of life and are pretty strong approximations of the day to day american life in poverty, actually, but they find a way to scrape by and have a lot of fun times. What gets Spike killed is Spike being captivated and enraptured by the love of his life still being alive and going back to be a 'cool dude' and fight the bad guys to get her back

It makes for a fantastic watch and I highly recommend it, as Shinichi is just a great director and understands realistic human portrayal well down to the movement of the characters. Protip, when watching episode 1, look at the parallel between what the two lover drug dealers escaping their cartel do and how Spike reflects on what they do and say, and how he looks dazed looking out into space in the last shot of the episode - many miss this, but it's him remembering the past, and realizing he's still captivated by memories of Julia

You must understand Cowboy Bebop is a GREAT lesson, IF you take the narrative at face value. You are not meant to be Spike, his flaws make him suffer, and it exhibits this fantastically

b9fd21f3 No.3676051

Also, pretending it's unrealistic to have strong action heroes in our media is insane since even ancient literature had a ton of them. Beowulf…? The dudes in the Iliad? Achilles? Don't answer this. DO not, without answering this >>3676050 and watching Cowboy Bebop

Because it deconstructs this concept fantastically and that /pol/ thread is so far off of what the subject matter constitutes it's unreal. This is from YOUR perspective but it's the best way to explain it: Spike is a broken motherfucker who didn't take your advice, he's actually not too far from me in this particular way, you might assume.

It's a fun watch. The action is great but it's actually pretty rare, most of the episodes are them just hanging out and comedy, until his past just keeps ringing in his head and he refuses to let it go

b9fd21f3 No.3676053

As for other protagonists that don't befit these conventions, Allen Walker in D Gray Man is a really good example of one. He is literally a nerdy quiet INFP that just really loves and cares about everyone and it gets him into so much pain, but he struggles through it because he wants the world to be a better place. It doesn't feed you a lie about how this hard work will mystically fix everything but he's one of the characters I've identified with so heavily because he's had to struggle through the same schizo kino mess that I have, and he does come out of it over time

His whole goal in life is pretty much to save the twisted souls of people who are made into devils, sympathizing greatly with the victims of those who have been warped


Pretty cute character, always been a favourite of mine

b28b25c6 No.3676054

File: 1668532997730.jpg (227.26 KB, 1174x2048, c9d9050859930755a646893e33….jpg)

Jet Black was the real sad one imo, not spike. Poor guy, Wife/gf left him because he was too perfect and not a bad boy.

b9fd21f3 No.3676056


Holy shit, someone here is human. Been seeing so many Dog posts I'm used to fucking retards.

The entire cast is pretty much just a bunch of real people, yeah. Spike is basically like an ex cartel member, Jet Black is a middle aged dude with a solid background going through a midlife crisis. There's Faye and Ed, autistic in their own ways

b9fd21f3 No.3676057

seriously who the fuck wants to be Spike, lol. I'd absolutely want to have the strength and kindness Allen has, though

b9fd21f3 No.3676058

I just don't see this programming in anime. I told you to go watch Ousama Ranking, man. It literally talks about racism being based in a whole episode. You cannot give these people a false sense of reality because every anime functions on wildly different moral compasses. A lot of isekai justify mass murdering people, and YES it's portrayed as a very happy and moral thing to do complete with the appropriate contextualization. Then there's shit like Vinland Saga where the protagonist refuses to kill anyone after a certain point where he emotionally transforms himself


This is the most happiest and friendship heavy isekai out there and it justifies the mc being a mass murdering nutcase, while having him as an androgynous every day gamer. No serious, your post said 'it would reflect the life of normal americans', Rimuru is LITERALLY a 38 year old gamer salary man from japan trapped in a loli body. The environment is weird but he absolutely just wants to sit around playing games and is even kind of lazy and an underachiever

You can't program people when every fucking protagonist and moral compass is different from series to series, so it does not apply to japan

b9fd21f3 No.3676059

>your schizo posts…

fuck off

serious, I'm just not gonna post here anymore. You are a complete asshole and flanderize everything I say and demean me like I don't have any opinions of my own in the first place while tossing out insane shit like jews control tsunamis. I've destroyed your points and gave you several starting points to source my research back to me and you just don't respond to any of it and keep going on about jew tsunamis

This place is dead and a cancer upon the mind, retards like you and Steam are so far into your own delusions I can't even troll you. At least Choob was an actual human, fuckin commie or not, he would ACTUALLY RESPECT what I said and respond rather than just say he respects it like you do while proceeding to ignore 99% of it and then disrespect it

You are a fucking waste of time and I promise no one anywhere is even listening to you

b9fd21f3 No.3676060

if I don't like your next reply I swear this site is coming off of my history and it will never be in a fucking URL bar within a million miles of me, you animal exploiter

b9fd21f3 No.3676061

File: 1668533923970.png (189.73 KB, 269x960, autism.png)

nvm i dont fucking care

this place is fucking aids see all of you for good

@steam you will die alone and whenever you feel like it really sucks, just imagine me laughing at you

b9fd21f3 No.3676062

clarifying this post does not apply anymore. Retards like Business Dog and Bernardo Kastrup's niggoids are exactly why anyone over 40 should just be shot and killed at this point. I'm fed up of seeing old autistic retard gammons who have no sense of reality, anyone with a single wrinkle should get the rope, their delusional mind will think it's a jew tsunami when dying

15d37266 No.3676063

File: 1668534983866.jpg (120.55 KB, 729x900, some_costs_too_high.jpg)

a66c4c3e No.3676064

File: 1668535336464.jpg (93.58 KB, 468x702, 129031147927.jpg)

Eight years of Obama and the black community got this.

6990dc10 No.3676067

File: 1668535495911.jpg (22.44 KB, 474x223, quotegeorgeorwellfreespeec….jpg)

>no Fox news.

Good catch.

The most sure way to hurt your enemy is to show him the truth.

Odin guide Tucker Carlson.

6990dc10 No.3676069

File: 1668535642741.png (381.53 KB, 625x500, Negro Its such a good idea….png)


What liberals say - "We want to help you"

What liberals mean …….

6990dc10 No.3676081

Poland is wishing for those mean tweets today.

28cc7bdb No.3676082

File: 1668543667150.png (1.33 MB, 511x680, 380-3809178_oh-god-why-mem….png)

Pentagon Press Sec. responds to reports of Russian missiles hitting inside Poland

28cc7bdb No.3676084

File: 1668544501747.jpg (12.56 KB, 320x262, burning-bridge.jpg)

Russian rockets landing in Poland is ‘significant’ moment of war

28cc7bdb No.3676085

File: 1668545712026.jpg (13.37 KB, 480x480, Dick-tater.jpg)

Workers of Esfahan Steel Company join the nation wide strike to get rid of the Islamic Republic. The Bazaars all over the country also joined in today.

28cc7bdb No.3676087

File: 1668547390279.png (329.13 KB, 773x800, touchgodsannoiting.png)


I'm causing division. and I've been duly warned. don't touch god's anointed people.
what if they like it when I touch them?

28cc7bdb No.3676094

File: 1668557444374.webm (4.43 MB, 960x1706, Iran, tonight. Cant get m….webm)

28cc7bdb No.3676095

File: 1668558049242-0.jpg (275.14 KB, 1284x2038, J32ABTW.jpg)

File: 1668558049242-1.jpg (70.33 KB, 600x600, FQbiA77.jpg)

File: 1668558049242-2.jpg (54.45 KB, 720x752, 2gBtwNo.jpg)

ce994434 No.3676096

File: 1668559229308.jpg (74.2 KB, 630x423, polititical.jpg)

True power corrupts. The most elite are infact the biggest monsters on the planet. Save for the desperate, because they are one and the same, one lives the life of attainment while the other lives in sacrifice. Everything that is wrong with utopian idealism is that even in the most trivial advent it can be wiped away. And the noble effort to be a hero is the same as playing with fire as it is over-ruling the land with an ironfist or a twisted-traitorous hand. That's pretty normal shit to everyone by now. And its a vicious cycle.

Every cast off frivolous treasure is actually just the allure of a wasteful cesspit and recovering any loss is only to wallow in misery. Let it all go. It's nothing.

And if it were so precious to be had by all, and your quest for paradise is a must, then take the advice of these fools and let bygones be, watch them slay themselves, nothing can be said beyond knowledge of the circle of death. Awareness in handling death is the lesson. And it is a massive task.

All lies and deceit are band aids. All stagings of tragedy a comedy. Because the token instrumentally is that the dead will dance and be absolute. The -magical- endeavor to control any living thing is theatrics, because the groaning reveling underneath is all an audience.

But choose to be still or be quick to harm's way. It is -inevitable- that also we are mirror to this world. Handling death as it was the next life is key, and infact, it looks closer to be fact than ever.

I -personally- know the cosmos aligns, and it counters the flow of time. And the ultimate darkness is also the seed of life. And harnessing of that is why there is such a ritual in secret elects. I'll admit there is nothing more injustified than that in competition, but also, it's as quite simple as a flip of a coin. The monochrome safeholds versus the delights of the prism is the sigma hero's plight. The jester will also confuse and accuse, a bystander to the clown world.

24b6d4c4 No.3676101

File: 1668567325052-0.jpg (27.77 KB, 640x422, Honest_Hardworking_Jews.jpg)

File: 1668567325052-1.jpg (78.55 KB, 714x520, Wisdom.jpg)

File: 1668567325052-2.jpg (287.82 KB, 911x1803, Approval_Vamp.jpg)

File: 1668567325052-3.jpg (128.23 KB, 894x894, avoiding_reality_no_good.jpg)

File: 1668567325052-4.png (95.5 KB, 878x459, heroes.png)

>insane shit like jews control tsunamis.
You live in a (((dream))) world and accuse me what you're doing yourself.
Don't shoot the messenger, schizo-poster - yes, it truly is insane, but it's also tangible. Have some 3-seconds-in-a-search-engine-results and inform yourself before going on a violent mental rampage:
"And during World War II, the U.S. military devised a way to create a "tsunami bomb," reports the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. The tsunami bomb, developed in cooperation with authorities in New Zealand, was designed to inundate an enemy city under a 33-foot (10-meter) tsunami wave."
There are many more links, but you get the idea. This was back in the 1940's!

>Kastrup's niggoids

>At least Choob was an actual human, fuckin commie or not, he would ACTUALLY RESPECT what I said and respond rather than just say he respects it like you do while proceeding to ignore 99% of it and then disrespect it
I listened to over two hours of that kastrup-kikе's psycho-drivel because you kept suggesting it, and I came to the conclusion that he's a fraud.
Whenever I posted a longer-than-one-sentence reply to your goldfish-brain or suggested that you watch a video that I linked to, you just brushed it off and now are accusing me of not replying thoughtfully to your rampant tirades. Instead, you're getting ((("offended"))) at the words I use to address you with and go on to side with a commie backstabber who not only censors vital information that goes against the satanic murderous evil nwo/owg agenda but (if I recall correctly) even suggested people get the poison military bioweapon-shot. Why?? Because Cho0b(-and-co. sellouts) panders to your preferred pronouns, WTF! …Flip-flopper. Toughen the fuck up!

You posted literally hundreds of hours of anime, expecting me to watch and understand it, yet whenever I respond to your tirades with something that'll take 5 minutes to 90 minutes tops, you reply with "not reading that" or "not watching that video".
How about stringing together a workable response yourself? I can't sit through hundreds of hours of anime just to try and understand why your Japanese fantasy-land is real and beautiful.

24b6d4c4 No.3676102

File: 1668567623715-0.jpg (99.11 KB, 1024x824, end.jpg)

I watched the entire Wolf's Rain series because you were basing your life philosophy on it, and realized that it's just a massive kikе's black-pill designed to neuter any hopeful thoughts within people to raise a strong, big and healthy family.

While you were busy posting brutal and degenerate animal gore on here 15 years ago, I was busy trying to educate the actual dogfuckers on here about how unnatural sexual stimulation sharply increases the likelihood of dangerous and painful pyometra.
You know I'm right about things that you don't like, and you'd rather lie/backstab your way out of a serious discussion than make any real effort.

Well done for avoiding the deathshot, if that's true, but you haven't come as far in the last 15 years as you'd like to think.

"Russian" rockets. (Cue Dr. Evil: "Riiiiiiiight.")

…Anyway, I'll probably just repost my many deleted-by-commie-censors posts on here and get on with IRL things. This place once had real life in it but is now just a commie/khazar/zionist/lizard/owg-energy-and-time-vampire.

b9fd21f3 No.3676107

I didn't watch Wolf's Rain or base my philosophy on it at all, wtf

b9fd21f3 No.3676108

I didn't post here 15 years ago either. You fucking retard.

b9fd21f3 No.3676110

I'm just not posting here at all by any stretch ever again. Btw, in a functional society like japan, people like you don't start families. Same in pre kike america. You can't even take an insult on the internet without losing your shit and never could, LOL, I remember that 10 years ago. You know, when I actually posted here.

Autistic retards like you would have been sent to camps in Hitler's society too

b9fd21f3 No.3676111

If you ever want to kill yourself just take my vote and do it.

This “terrorist” BS is why I voted left wing for as long as I did. 20 years ago, the neocons tried to pull this whole “you’re not a Patriot if you don’t support the Patriot Act” nonsense. Us moderates/anti-establishment types tried to warn people of how the Patriot Act would be used against US citizens and right wing NPCs would say “you just have to follow the law… you have nothing to hide if you’re a good person.”

And now here we are. I’m so annoyed that the right wing NPCs supported this nonsense and now we all have to pay for it. And only NOW they’re realizing how bad the FBI and CIA are. /facepalm. It really just makes you want to scream out of frustration.

And they want to paint people who were left wing as the NPCs when they were all used by the government to take away our Constitutional rights. Each side is happy as long as big government pushes their agenda.

Only a few years ago, right wingers considered Edward Snowden a traitor for leaking that the government was doing this! They just really had way too much trust in daddy government. I find it ironic that they now ridicule the left for being pro big government when they were like this only a few years ago prior to the Trump admin.

The silver lining in this is that finally more people are waking up. Stupidly, the left are becoming pro-establishment right when we need them to not be. Ugh…

Send help. We are surrounded by NPCs who think politics is an outlet for autistic schizo drivel like Dog everywhere.

b9fd21f3 No.3676113

>spends life in business, posts animal porn, (porn = the jewish art form, unlike anime)

>it's a place with like 3 people, literally 3 people

>full of khazars

the fact there is 3 literal fucking people doesn't support what you're stating about it now and certainly didn't when you were under another autistic lying delusion that anyone was listening to you here

"your posts are better than 90% of what's here!"

you going to swallow too? You post so much FUCKING PORN with a jewish name I'm not surprised you fucking want my cock down your throat, you fucking flip flopping sycophant

b9fd21f3 No.3676115

yeah every tsunami that hit japan (you're retarded actually, all the big disasters have been earthquakes there for decades, afaik) is done by jews with their jew machine

holy shit, just kill yourself

b9fd21f3 No.3676117

File: 1668569393819.jpg (52.65 KB, 668x668, a50.jpg)

hitler really was fucking right about people on the spectrum

b9fd21f3 No.3676119

You have been on the fucking paint so long that you forgot what actual people like me thought about you, all around you, all the time in the 90s or 80s since you seem like that much of a gammon. Before the kike subversion got so big everything was a hugbox, people like you were NOT tolerated

You needed a reminder of what free speech would lead to in terms of your personal evaluation in society so here it is. You and 3b (yes, YOU dog, and 3b) did NOT get any better at this or anything, you were born failures, you did not grow at all. Society just got softer, finances became easy to bullshit due to jewry (it's why you did so well at 'business', in a society where talent and art skill matter like Japan you'd be dead on the streets or have to launder cash from banking outside, idk)

You do NOT have a place in the fucking white race and if you remember what everyone said about you up until maybe 2010 when it became illegal to say anything bad, you'll know what you really are. You will remember

b9fd21f3 No.3676120

And here is your concession. The hilarious part. You come here to play god despite your tiny ego that can't take a bit of internet roughhousing and hold legit grudges over it by your own admission. You try with a small group of racists, on a dead and decayed board, so you'll be remembered.

Then bam, you get me. Dude even I can't stand you. You want me to believe there's a place for you in a non subverted society? Get over yourself. Where would you be without stocks to shift or disability funding, nowhere

I'm done. I fucking hate gammon, it's a shit meat. Go be old and die like you already are

b9fd21f3 No.3676121

this is my formal resignation from politics because it is a shitty pursuit and we're all done for anyway, I'm with brainanon that I need to move north and escape this bullshit and let the rest of the world set on fire automatically in 90 years

what a shit society this is, at least it'll be easy for me to win at my own games, if the rest of humans are such cowardly failures

b9fd21f3 No.3676122


rip lulz

b9fd21f3 No.3676123


1b29dcea No.3676127


you'll come back. you always do

4ab59d0c No.3676128

File: 1668574966387.jpg (66.43 KB, 680x383, FhpBJR2XEAAv5BR.jpg)

Bye-bye Pelosi!

The Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives.

The GOP finally hit the magic number: 218 seats in the US House.

a66c4c3e No.3676129

File: 1668575155901-0.webm (3.93 MB, 876x468, 1668464910892476.webm)

File: 1668575155901-1.png (3.26 MB, 1733x2600, vbmgh18chanqq.png)

From now on any Jewish person preaching about white racism I label as a racist themselves.

Fuck the propagandists…

b9fd21f3 No.3676130

yeah? i will NOT post without this name, at least, I'll remember it. So if you don't see it, do not assume it's me or say crazy shit like 'u were here 15 years ago' like dog did


we'll see won't we

0b9fbbd5 No.3676131

3B always reminds me of the rat in Charlotte's Web, pushing a rotten egg around in a barn.

b9fd21f3 No.3676133

b28b25c6 No.3676134

File: 1668576742728.jpg (363.98 KB, 971x1280, 1636674660.gutter-bunny_al….jpg)

I've never seen any place on 4chan as insane/crazy as /pol. And that was like 10 years ago, I can't imagine how much more nuts it is now.

Politics can drive people bonkers.

b28b25c6 No.3676135

File: 1668577393744.png (1.54 MB, 1289x798, Not_real.png)


Sometimes I wish the usa was a Monarchy. Not because I think they are good, but because then I and the rest of the common people can stop caring about politics.

42793802 No.3676136

File: 1668579259245.jpg (61.24 KB, 459x500, real_natsoc.jpg)

>4chan /pol/
Oh, you poor sheltered furry.

4chan/pol/ is fully subverted and full of mindless busywork and distraction threads.

8chan/pol/ was crazy, but is gone now.

8moe was an attempt at a replacement, it's on OK place.

Balkanchan/cob/ is the crazy place now.

Frenschan is the busy, happening place now.

Neinchan, and NEUchan were full of actual t*rrorism related materials, and only accessible via Tor.

42793802 No.3676137

File: 1668579371172.png (136.74 KB, 1100x800, in_this_house_sign_b.png)

28cc7bdb No.3676138

File: 1668581574485.jpg (111.85 KB, 1170x1836, JLrru6C.jpg)

1b7d32a2 No.3676143

File: 1668584584049.jpg (84.5 KB, 639x434, buuuurn.jpg)

HAHAHAHA! During Trump's big announcement that he is running for president, Fox News cut away and started talking about Biden.

1b7d32a2 No.3676144


Where do you see that? Everything online says they are still 1 short.

1b7d32a2 No.3676145

File: 1668586391017.jpg (104.76 KB, 555x842, f13f71142af6.jpg)

Honestly, you better hope they don't take the house. The republicans have promised that if they do they'll spend the next two years investigating Hunter Biden's sex life and financial records, cutting taxes for the wealthy and firing IRS agents so the wealthy don't even have to pay the taxes they owe.

Considering how the majority of welfare queens are in red states when the Republicans try to cut social security, how do you think that's going to go over for who ever they pick to run for president in 2024?

Them not winning the house is the best thing that could have happened for the Republicans but now they have to actually do something and nothing on their agenda is popular with voters.

1b7d32a2 No.3676146

File: 1668587527852.jpg (505.3 KB, 922x1200, personalami-908330-Aella.jpg)

I didn't watch it but I saw clips from Trump's announcement and holy crap is he off his rocker. I see why Fox News tuned him out. He's talking about how he built the wall and it's a great wall and we should do what China does setting up special courts to try and execute drug dealers and users within 24 hours.

I'm sure that's going to go over really well with his crack-head base.

4ab59d0c No.3676148

File: 1668588222033.jpg (102.46 KB, 1334x891, trump-files-B.jpg)

President Donald J. Trump filed FEC paperwork to run for President of the United States in 2024 on Tuesday.

President Trump made his announcement live on Tuesday night from his home at Mar-a-Lago.

Following tonight’s announcement, the toxic fake news media that ran conspiracy after conspiracy against this man his first time in office, responded as expected.

The New York Times was vicious as ever.

Only to be outdone by the taxpayer-funded leftists at NPR.

The fake news experts at WaPo was similarly outraged.

And Olivia Rubin at ABC News pretended there was a stampede to the door.
Far-left network MSNBC did not carry former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement speech live.
Trump spoke at 9 p.m. on November 15 from Mar-a-Lago.

Fox News aired most of the speech, but also cut away for analysis from Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Pete Hegseth, Leo Terrell, and others.

“CNN also carried Trump’s remarks live but cut away after about 20 minutes to offer analysis from a political panel and fact-checks of the various claims Trump made during his speech on issues ranging from energy to the results of the midterm elections,” The Hill reports.

On their website, MSNBC ran with the headline, “Trump’s secret 2024 weapon? He’s ready to burn it all down.”

The opinion piece, disguised as news, stated, “Trump is already fomenting a bitter civil war in the Senate GOP caucus and may demand a Red Wedding in the House GOP caucus as well.

Thank you, President Trump for making us all aware how evil and dishonest the mainstream media is in our country today!

b28b25c6 No.3676149

File: 1668588515684.jpg (211.63 KB, 919x1280, Femboi_gutter-bunny_kelly_….jpg)


Some say power corrupts. Others say that power enables someone's true personality without fear of repercussions to appear.

So its not the power, or the money itself, but that the person was always bad. They just may have pretended or acted nice out of fear.

Theres people that can handle power and/or money without going crazy.

28cc7bdb No.3676154

File: 1668596152590.png (114.8 KB, 640x640, falsealarm.png)


Poland missile strike update:
Looks like it was an accident, a Ukrainian anti-air S300 missile failed as they fired on incoming Russian missiles aimed at civilian infrastructure.

28cc7bdb No.3676155

File: 1668596857974.png (375.91 KB, 1170x780, KzHJ6I6.png)

Taiwan prepares air-raid shelters as China tensions grow

78bfcb7f No.3676157

>Theres people that can handle power and/or money without going crazy.

And they never make it to a position of power because of all the competition from
the sociopaths.

78bfcb7f No.3676158


S300 is Russian. Putin used his special backdoor codes to misfire them on purpose to attack that village.

83b5e49e No.3676159

File: 1668599554300.jpg (49.76 KB, 1024x742, 499b8075236a194c5b4bbd6de6….jpg)


Many of them probably don't even want positions of power. Because theres nothing in them that tells them to dominate others and/or power trip.

Like some people want to be mods, and some people absolutely do not want to be mods. And if you see the latter as a mod its because they were forced into it.

1b7d32a2 No.3676164

Ukraine was aware its missile defenses were pretty out-of-date which is why Sweden decided to give them military aid worth $287USD million.

Its the biggest package of defense material to date which includes a new air defense system. Hopefully once its installed this will be less of a problem.

ce994434 No.3676165

not my problem, incur a war casualty because of the insistent nature to force a conflict and make me pay taxes, no thanks. No sympathy.

ce994434 No.3676166

What I would expect more from any president is that i should be able to eat cereal and watch cartoons everyday.

I deserve to live basically a fairy taile wonderland with no kebabs. Full drone-food service and full travel pass to disneyland whenever I want with carepackage delivery everyday.

I deserve a hot teacher where I take breaks whenever I want and home tutor with big tits and sexual administration everyday that is my maid.

I think we all agree I need free healthcare and a choice between hamburger or pizza for tendies everyday. Mcdonalds gives me two kinds of toys everytime.

Better foreign relation with me as diplomatically immune and I can say the n-word constantly.

ce994434 No.3676167

and then there are people who cant handle responsibility or be trusted behind any sort of button, mad world situation.

4ab59d0c No.3676168

File: 1668612511308.jpg (376.99 KB, 2560x1450, Brasilia-Republic-Day-scal….jpg)

America, This is how it’s done: Over 3 million Brazilians filled the streets on Republic Day yesterday, Nov. 15, to protest the stolen elections. The party of President Jair Bolsonaro presented its report and announced it will apply to have the election annulled since the results could not be validated.

Since the massive fraud during the runoff election on October 30th in Brazil, millions of Brazilians have been protesting on the streets every day against electoral fraud by Communist convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Mainstream media such as O Globo refuse to report on what may be the largest protests the world has ever seen, fueling even more rage and disappointment among the Brazilian people.

“I’m no expert on the history of protests, but I think these may be the biggest protests the world has ever seen,” Brazil expert Fernando Teles told German website Free World. “People are very angry. That isn’t really like the Brazilians at all, who are usually pretty laid back.”

Demonstrators complained that at least 100 of the electronic ballot boxes did not contain a single vote for Bolsonaro. 5 million votes were discarded. Allegedly, Lula won 50.9% of the vote and Bolsonaro 49.1%.

Only a party involved in the election can contest the result, Teles said. “The electoral court will probably refuse,” says Fernando Teles. “Then the sitting President can order a military court to decide. Then it will be a battle between the judicial system and the executive branch. The military will probably have to take to the streets. Under the Law and Order Act (GLO), the President can order the army to restore peace.”

“The funny thing is, although they say they won the majority in the election, there are no protests by Lula supporters,” Teles said. “Where are they?

4ab59d0c No.3676169

File: 1668612958622.jpg (127.07 KB, 700x395, csm_wahlchaos_berlin_scree….jpg)

Elections in the German capital of Berlin were so fraudulent they will have to be repeated, the Berlin State Supreme Court ruled today.

YouTube had threatened to censor any claims of election irregularities and now looks a lot like Fake News.

“The elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and the district assemblies are declared invalid in the entire electoral area,” the President of the Berlin Constitutional Court, Ludgera Selting, ruled today.

The reason are the massive irregularites in the 2021 election. New elections will be held in Spring of 2023.

Ahead of the German elections on Sept. 26, 2021, YouTube had announced they were banning any content that doubts the elections.

Citizens had to wait in line for hours at polling stations. Ballot papers were missing in many polling stations and there were not enough ballot boxes. Many voters were only able to vote after the official closing time of 6 p.m. Some polling places seem to have “guesstimated” the tallies or had exactly the same percentages for the parties in a whole string of locations.


ce994434 No.3676170

its amazing that people need a machine to tell them who they want for president.

ad8e2476 No.3676172

File: 1668621626889.webm (2.72 MB, 720x540, diversity is our strength.webm)

>What I would expect [from the establishment]

And this is what they delivered…..


ad8e2476 No.3676173

File: 1668621989105.jpg (124.06 KB, 640x926, 6oyuqbg1a6u51.jpg)

>the common people can stop caring about politics.

You can ignore politics, but that does not mean politics will ignore you.

24ff555a No.3676180


The shop has insurance, it's not a big deal ! These fine people should have smashed the windows too on the way out, that would give business to the glazier.

28cc7bdb No.3676199

That state is that in? It looks soo weak to protect itself!

1b7d32a2 No.3676226

File: 1668639048509.jpg (50.51 KB, 472x313, af67171fa1e7.jpg)

3 million protesters sounds like a lot of people until you realize that the population of Brazil is 214 million.

Like most right-wing movements, the Bolsonaro radicals are a tiny fraction of the tiny fraction of the population that are conservatives.

1b7d32a2 No.3676229

File: 1668639654062.jpg (37.63 KB, 600x439, seems-legit.jpg)

That's really cool how the security camera in that footage knows to zoom in on the people about to loot the shop with no clerk attending it when they walk up to the door and the way they parked exactly in the right spot in the middle of the road for the high definition cameras in the parking lot to get a clear image of their license plate is very cinematic!

05186e6b No.3676252

Nice deflection 3B, but not everyone is able to or inclined to get out and protest. 1 million ACTUAL protesters in the USA would mean about 100 Million sympathisers, but for various reasons like having to work, afraid they might get arrested, etc., even 1% of actual protesters is a huge number of what they represent.

But oh, wait, isn't this the SAME argument you used when explaining why Trump has thousands of people at every rally he has while Biden is lucky to have maybe 10? Well bless my soul while looking back through the archives, I believe it is.

1b7d32a2 No.3676257

File: 1668644507946.webm (7.92 MB, 238x134, Cool-vampires.webm)

By that logic Bernie Sanders is the most popular man in America. He had much larger crowds than Trump.

But let's not talk about Trump. He's the past. The future is black Republicans like Hershel Walker! He's here to restore everyone's faith and the future of the Republican party depends on him!

05186e6b No.3676268

We have no problem with people like Walker, why do you think we do?
Are you a racist or something?

b942a4c1 No.3676269


You've never heard of digital zoom?

24b6d4c4 No.3676271

File: 1668646207955.jpg (229.96 KB, 1280x869, 1236f6de075b2e2f590b4db436….jpg)

In Ausjailia, the independent parties were simply left off the ballot papers, when people rang the electoral commission to complain they were told to just vote for one of the major parties, the major parties promised to give each other the votes in order to "fortify" the democratic election, a commie chinese-loving globalist puppet/marshmallow was voted in and… nothing. No big uproar, just business as usual.

There was going to be a protest that went to parliament house, but the owg army used unlawful radiation weapons against the population to fry peoples' brains.
No outcry over that either.
The Ausjailians are even more cucked than the Germanians, who've actively been the target of a global "jewish" zionist/khazarian extermination and hatred for over 100 years.

>You don't even know, the dolphin might be trans or non binary !
Hahh! You're right - simply assuming equals assault, I'd better carefully and respectfully ask "them" first. :3

Weavile - I don't have the energy to respond to your rant right now, will do it later.

(Pic unrelated.)

b942a4c1 No.3676272

File: 1668646446426.png (12.28 KB, 956x64, Capture2.PNG)

24b6d4c4 No.3676273

Steam, did you delete your thread or was it a jew?
Do you have a safe place for your doggy, just in case?

24b6d4c4 No.3676274

I've noticed that, but didn't know it was that bad.
We've had a big push over here in the recent years to get people sent to their local doctor, for basically anything that would otherwise be mistaken for "waking up to what's going on and reacting with revulsion".
For their own good, of course, because the government (and the neighbours and friends who are being taught to watch out for "signs of waking up") care about them.

24b6d4c4 No.3676276

It's not just due to the fake-covid massacre - there was a lot of groundwork being laid beforehand, to "train" the normie population into sending kids to the doctor for brain-altering meds if they start "lashing out" at the "structure" in place around them, and also to watch out for any early signs of "abuse towards girls" which must also be dealt with and possibly reported to the authorities and doctors, because if not they'll certainly grow into violent "women bashers" - the Ausjailian gov propaganda actually showed that happening in dramatisations.

05186e6b No.3676277

File: 1668647225311.jpg (4.52 MB, 2592x3888, newtrumphead.jpg)

President Trump was on fire during his presidential announcement speech at Mar-a-Lago.

One of the highlights of his speech was when he stated, “We will dismantle the deep state and restore government by the people.”

The 45th President would follow up his statement by adding “To further drain the swamp, I will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on members of congress, it is time.”

1b7d32a2 No.3676278

These are great ideas that he also promised in 2015 and didn't do during the 4 years he was president.

28cc7bdb No.3676279

File: 1668649468051.png (229.63 KB, 614x612, jWEOj9E.png)

Companies trying to hide the shrinkflation

1b7d32a2 No.3676292

File: 1668653846393.jpg (122.56 KB, 1232x788, 7d54d7142ad3.jpg)

Personally, I can't wait for Trump to be the nominee. He is doing so much damage to the Republican party they might be crippled for a generation or two!

Republicans are counting on the fact that the older people get the more conservative they become but that's a myth. If they nominate Trump again it will be a decade of Democratic rule.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4ftaEkkjiE <- No one is coming to save Trumpsim.

3ab822af No.3676295

File: 1668654392379-0.jpeg (163.45 KB, 1024x953, 06A20B4B-3990-4352-88FC-B….jpeg)

File: 1668654392379-1.jpeg (166.21 KB, 1024x871, C429CE12-1A71-47F8-9FAB-E….jpeg)

File: 1668654392379-2.png (319.03 KB, 952x739, 6D7BAE16-921A-4ED7-9BAD-30….png)

File: 1668654392379-3.jpg (119.24 KB, 877x1024, IMG_2869.JPG)

File: 1668654392379-4.jpeg (109.96 KB, 1021x1017, 35783645-F252-4E56-926B-C….jpeg)

Is that what the communist told you?

3ab822af No.3676304

File: 1668657752305-0.png (493.4 KB, 652x551, 2FA70664-8F08-44AF-A4CB-D9….png)

File: 1668657752305-1.jpeg (81 KB, 340x442, CABB9849-CD98-461C-9536-7….jpeg)

File: 1668657752305-2.jpeg (129.4 KB, 1024x855, B9031F9A-58F1-4CCD-9333-4….jpeg)


15d37266 No.3676307

File: 1668658240809.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 15597muhajid_wojakal.png)

Personally I hope the shitlibs come up with an indictment so Trump is out of the race and the Republicans have a martyr with which to rally the entire base behind whatever candidate they choose.

3ab822af No.3676312

File: 1668659057397-0.jpeg (58.72 KB, 672x372, 18969022-2AB9-423E-BAA3-8….jpeg)

File: 1668659057397-1.jpeg (145.54 KB, 821x1024, BBD12466-1BDD-47D5-B0B8-8….jpeg)

File: 1668659057397-2.jpeg (145.4 KB, 556x927, 87344F5F-3A88-481A-B50C-7….jpeg)

File: 1668659057397-3.jpeg (89.77 KB, 553x974, B3A149ED-8056-4F14-B24A-6….jpeg)

Republicans really don’t need a sacrifice. The left is pure cancer and most are destined to destroy themselves.

1b7d32a2 No.3676322

That would be a horrible mistake on the part of the Democrats so I am sure Joe Biden will probably try his hardest to do it.

Republicans took the House in the midterms though so I don't think the Dems can snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory as easily this time.

1b7d32a2 No.3676327

File: 1668663530734.png (585.56 KB, 554x850, 1447191457.spoonyfox_abigg….png)

Let's talk about those images you posted.
First, the Nazi hired other right-wing thugs to hold Africa for them because innovations in production of U.S. tanks were kicking their ass. That image is no different than a white racist lunching with a black employee. It doesn't prove the Nazis weren't racists. It just proves they were weak and desperate because America was kicking their ass.

John Fetterman had a stroke, came back to fight against his doctor's orders, could barely speak, and still kicked Trump's favorite fake doctor out of congress in the mid-terms.

That kid in the third image? She's never going to be accepted as white the moment her peers find out she has a black parent.
That's how whiteness works. It isn't a race, it is a lack of race.
Even one drop of non-white race ruins it forever according to the made up rules of racism.

That last image, you make fun of her for starving to death alone, in poverty, yet fail to see that her death proves she was right. The social structure of her nation failed her completely and it isn't an accident.
Conservatives are always looking for ways to force women to marry men. Making sure that elderly women are dependent on their husbands and children to take care of them is one of those levers of control.
Your meme proves her correct, idiot.

3ab822af No.3676335

File: 1668666741966-0.jpeg (88.06 KB, 828x796, B5C358E2-CB71-41AF-B706-F….jpeg)

File: 1668666741966-1.jpeg (135.13 KB, 1024x855, C31CD72E-A63E-4F81-BFA8-2….jpeg)

File: 1668666741966-2.jpeg (103.99 KB, 683x1024, 0F0BCDBC-F328-4F5C-B2C3-8….jpeg)

File: 1668666741966-3.jpeg (115.64 KB, 878x1024, F23AE6AE-9810-4937-851F-1….jpeg)

File: 1668666741966-4.jpeg (67.29 KB, 720x694, 3255AEDD-3225-4D08-B2CD-A….jpeg)

3ab822af No.3676336

File: 1668668380874-0.jpeg (75.92 KB, 500x455, C337741C-28E4-43DA-89C0-F….jpeg)

File: 1668668380874-1.jpeg (84.41 KB, 531x600, B53A111A-A8BB-4317-82F0-5….jpeg)

File: 1668668380874-2.jpeg (151.18 KB, 907x1024, ACB635BE-F330-4635-A975-F….jpeg)

File: 1668668380874-3.png (559.08 KB, 829x810, 8CCE620C-D6CF-43E3-A047-2A….png)

File: 1668668380874-4.jpeg (97.11 KB, 1024x727, 77ADABBF-6C6E-49BF-802A-1….jpeg)

4ab59d0c No.3676337

>>By that logic Bernie Sanders is the most popular man in America. He had much larger crowds than Trump.

In what universe did this happen?
Bernie had bigger crowds than Biden by a long ways, that's for sure, but where Bernie drew 1,000 to 2,000 at a rally Trump was drawing 10,000 to 20,000 or more.
Today nobody talks about Bernie, not even the ones who voted for him. He is all but forgotten, and he will never be president.

3ab822af No.3676338

File: 1668669701143-0.jpeg (102.98 KB, 500x557, 01EAF946-E389-4151-9324-E….jpeg)

File: 1668669701143-1.jpeg (127.17 KB, 898x1227, A422CBF8-05C9-402C-B85D-A….jpeg)

File: 1668669701143-2.png (3.7 MB, 2544x1080, 258A5FC6-F2E9-494C-BEC6-0A….png)

File: 1668669701143-3.jpeg (76.8 KB, 640x822, 75644791-62D0-4452-BDFA-A….jpeg)

File: 1668669701143-4.jpg (79.78 KB, 512x1024, IMG_2868.JPG)

I would take Bernie over Biden!

The Democrats won’t.

3ab822af No.3676394

File: 1668683467770-0.jpeg (237.95 KB, 1024x1008, 4377A330-F73B-41A1-915D-E….jpeg)

File: 1668683467770-1.jpeg (131.81 KB, 905x1024, 92CCCC4D-F2A5-4C59-BE29-3….jpeg)

File: 1668683467770-2.jpeg (102.04 KB, 830x1024, A6990A81-27B5-4786-BB0A-F….jpeg)

File: 1668683467770-3.gif (3.98 MB, 600x631, 1AFD1738-354D-4176-BFE0-BC….gif)

You made me do this!!

1b7d32a2 No.3676399

File: 1668684688770.webm (3.51 MB, 640x360, MAGAnificint-5.webm)

Get used to black men fucking the girl of your dreams because America is the future and MAGA is done. People are tired of your shit.

1b7d32a2 No.3676400

File: 1668685520433.jpg (30.18 KB, 800x400, 800x400.jpg)

Herschel Walker is upset that some of his voters will be blocked from being able to vote for him in person for the Dec 6th run off. The Democrats are targeting minority voters that are traditionally conservative and making it unsafe for them to come vote in public!

The polling locations will close at 7pm
However the sun will not go down until 5:30PM leaving vampire less than 2 hours to vote for Walker!

3ab822af No.3676401

File: 1668686668280-0.jpeg (98.56 KB, 1000x1000, B7F5B8BE-DB1E-4E1F-B75D-7….jpeg)

File: 1668686668280-1.jpeg (84.39 KB, 1024x576, 3F156BD8-3C81-4D13-A6E3-0….jpeg)

File: 1668686668280-2.jpeg (162.97 KB, 834x1024, 5D09DDA3-23EB-4B46-A91A-9….jpeg)

File: 1668686668280-3.jpeg (161.26 KB, 768x1024, BA562825-3B1D-4FCA-97BC-2….jpeg)

Unlike leftists I don’t hate masculinity and the family unit. That man is obviously disciplined and I hope he fucks her silly and they have lots of strong children!

Children that are not raised to be degenerate, disease spreading freaks!

1b7d32a2 No.3676402

Oh, don't worry, they'll grow up as leftists not Republicans.

1b7d32a2 No.3676403

Thanks for admitting that conservatives want big government to force rape and pregnancy on women.

2b1626ef No.3676404

File: 1668689271399-0.webm (1.03 MB, 512x256, 1667615198510175.webm)

File: 1668689271399-1.webm (3.8 MB, 1280x720, 1661727613662944.webm)

File: 1668689271399-2.jpg (714.61 KB, 1463x1170, 1667813002261397.jpg)

File: 1668689271399-3.jpg (271.17 KB, 962x1443, 1667802269017956.jpg)

These will.

1b7d32a2 No.3676405

File: 1668689481011-0.png (457.33 KB, 640x480, Fhr1CSaaMAASjg9.png)

File: 1668689481011-1.jpg (114.04 KB, 819x900, Pay-you-to-quit-email.jpg)

In more Elon Musk being a huge loser news…

He sent an email to all of his employees (Globally) saying they had to click a link and agree to work extra hard for him or take three months paid as a severance package. Considering the shit show that Musk has turned twitter into I would jump on that deal in a heart beat!

The email was leaked of course and Musk confirmed it was real but said that it was all part of his seeeeecret plan to find out who would leak the email. He put a series of invisible spaces in the email to identify who each of the employees were when they leaked the email to the media!

Because, you know, when someone posts a .jpg of what an email says on CNN you can totally mouse over the image and highlight extra invisible spaces, right?

1b7d32a2 No.3676407

File: 1668690231238-0.jpg (59.03 KB, 718x437, 5c9f9b652d12.jpg)

It gets better! Because he's a moron and doesn't understand that laws in California doesn't apply to everywhere else just because your headquarters is in California he's breaking laws in several states/countries with his childish ultimatum. He's probably going to get sued for millions.

4ab59d0c No.3676408

3B is so broken he has to have someone hold his hand while he's sitting on the shitter.

4ab59d0c No.3676409

Elon Musk has the right attitude, work for me on my terms or walk.

509fdf3f No.3676411

Hey, 3B. What the fuck bro. When is Trump going to jail? You told me he sold nuclear secrets to foreign governments. You promised he would be locked up by now!

What's the hold up?

b71b54c1 No.3676412

File: 1668694290877.png (1.68 MB, 1484x985, nnnnnnnnnnnn.png)

>Low performers will click Yes.

Until they get fired for low performance.

>Poor professional prospects will click Yes.

Until they get experience to have good prospects

You know, like how ANY OTHER JOB WORKS!

By the Elder Gods….

b71b54c1 No.3676413

File: 1668694453801.jpg (45.87 KB, 637x455, joke biden.JPG)

"The most popular president in history…"


e4f53615 No.3676414

File: 1668694642072.png (1.39 MB, 1200x813, Bonding.png)

So is the future of canada to kill the poor?


b71b54c1 No.3676415

File: 1668694733449-0.png (316.36 KB, 720x812, ifthereweresuchathingasasu….png)

File: 1668694733449-1.jpg (81.3 KB, 1024x989, reply animal cat laughing.jpg)

>Get used to black men fucking the girl of your dreams

When you get so upset that you might have to settle for one of your own race…..

e4f53615 No.3676416

File: 1668694862446.jpg (87.09 KB, 900x620, deviantart-Astralfell-8156….jpg)


LUL, canada could become the suicide tourism capital.

b71b54c1 No.3676417

File: 1668695136727.jpg (396.98 KB, 1080x719, primeministerofcanadaburni….jpg)

4ab59d0c No.3676427

It’s as simple as this. If you advocate for paper ballots, voter ID, same day results and one Election Day, you’re for free and fair elections. If you stand with the “we need computers to do this, mail-in ballots and a ‘voting season’” then you stand for fraud, period.

28cc7bdb No.3676432

File: 1668702759188.webm (2.12 MB, 960x720, intercepter.webm)

05186e6b No.3676451

File: 1668710257400.jpeg (7.82 KB, 300x168, dowynload (4).jpeg)

Nancy Pelosi Gives Up Leadership After Republicans Take House Majority.

Third in line to the presidency, she will never be president.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday arrived to Capitol Hill to announce her plans for her future in the Democrat caucus moving forward after the Republicans took the House Majority.

“Now we must move boldly into the future,” Pelosi said. “The hour has come for a new generation,” Pelosi said.

“With great confidence in our caucus, I will not seek re-election to Democratic leadership in the next Congress,” she said.

a3321c1c No.3676452


So, how do you expect all these paper ballots to be ajudicated, healed, and counted in same day if not with the help of computers?

Say voting ends at 9pm on voting day. You are then advocating that somehow we're going to handcount all votes, even in extremely populous disticts in three hours tops? How many people do think this is going to require and who's going to be paying them?

Secondly, a large percentage of the ballots that can't be counted same day come from mail-in ballots which by law must be POSTMARKED not ARRIVED on the required day, just like your heating or electric bill. Because you can't guarantee that the USPS will deliver the ballots on any specific day, you have to go by the postmark. So do you wish to do away with these type of ballots, and if so, what do you have against the military voting? Do you think active serving members of the military should be prohibited from voting?

What exactly is your game here and who are you actually trying to stop voting from? Minorities? Military members?

05186e6b No.3676453

File: 1668710622581.jpg (91.53 KB, 1280x720, maxreggsdefault (1).jpg)

Here we go…

House Republicans announced on Thursday that they will investigate serial liar and crook Joe Biden.

Rep. Jame Comer (Oversight Committee Ranking Member): We’re releasing a report today that details what we’ve uncovered. We’re also sending letters to Biden Administration officials and Biden family associates renewing our request for voluntary production of documents relevant to this investigation. This is an investigation of Joe Biden. And why he lied to the American people about knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes.

Republicans took control of the US House in the midterm elections.

e4f53615 No.3676454

File: 1668713188346.png (809.29 KB, 1265x712, DK_563.png)


Surely this time a president will get impeached. Then surely the senate will impeach them.

Then surely, kamala harris will do a better job doing what the same party wants.


e4f53615 No.3676455

File: 1668713736805.jpg (129.49 KB, 850x1288, f5f72fbb23e2a9839edf007191….jpg)

I remember when biden first got in the conspiracy people were constantly saying biden was harris's puppet and one day he'll be found too senile.

And everything was getting prepared for kamala to be the first female president.

So I wouldn't find it a shocker if he does get replaced by her.

a5ba281c No.3676456



42793802 No.3676460

File: 1668715390143.jpg (88.27 KB, 1119x673, register_all_democrats.jpg)

They'll be leftists between the ages of 15 to 22, then most of them will grow up. This is why the shitlibs want to lower the voting age to 16. (also because it paves the way for the age of majority to be lowered to 16, and a large majority of older democrats are childfuckers)

13aa24e5 No.3676461

File: 1668716398662.jpg (143.33 KB, 795x650, saner.jpg)

He's the same person who spent the first half of 2016 claiming that Bernie was going to be president.

And the second half of 2016 saying that Trump could never win.

And has been defecating all over this site in general since around 2008.

d2b49799 No.3676462

File: 1668716584750.jpg (89.53 KB, 680x536, LIBTARDS ARE PEDOS.jpg)

Children can consent.

de654155 No.3676465

File: 1668722006741-0.gif (187.72 KB, 400x165, a163cd17-ad25-4313-b6a7-97….gif)

File: 1668722006741-1.jpg (47.96 KB, 636x382, 43842873-0-image-a-29_1622….jpg)

b71b54c1 No.3676472

File: 1668724581876.jpg (100.73 KB, 583x735, 1668710554056201.jpg)

Daily reminder:

Diversity is our strength.

Illegal immigrants are good for the country.

ee6edc46 No.3676477

Oh boy another conservative screaming about childfucking while you have no problem whatsoever with the catholic church choosing supreme court justices.

At what point will you realize that half of your propaganda is doublethink designed to make you look the other way when your own people perpetrate the evil you're supposedly protesting?

ee6edc46 No.3676479

Trump's kids were all over China making deals when he was in. No one in this country is going to give a fuck about Hunter other than the time these investigations are going to waste, just like the last ones when the republicans were in before. When they turn in a giant nothingburger that just reminds people of their own blacksheep/drug addict relatives they'll be laughed out of office just like last time.

509fdf3f No.3676490

Proof read your work bro. Are you trying to give me brain damage?

24b6d4c4 No.3676495

File: 1668731428912.jpg (15.81 KB, 320x180, 6milliondicksinmymouth.jpg)

We had all of that in Ausjailia - the gov/cabal simply left the biggest independent parties off the ballot papers. Easy-peasy, no need to change numbers in the computers, just make it impossible for the competition to be elected by the goyim in the first place.

520cebfe No.3676504

File: 1668736313225-0.jpeg (86.73 KB, 759x515, CEFAB6D2-B5EB-49FE-A2A0-D….jpeg)

File: 1668736313225-1.gif (1.95 MB, 368x400, F98C5C64-9A1C-4E30-9640-71….gif)

File: 1668736313225-2.png (271.42 KB, 785x491, C86C530D-CB55-4EBA-9A91-E7….png)

Do you have pics?
Didn’t think so….

b71b54c1 No.3676515

File: 1668739906825.jpg (96.54 KB, 500x500, Ukraine russia collusion.jpg)

fe84d66c No.3676529

Pathetic attempt at disinformation by a pedophile.

78951373 No.3676537

File: 1668745163379-0.jpeg (76.76 KB, 1024x538, 110CB355-AF51-471F-BC83-E….jpeg)

File: 1668745163379-1.jpeg (99.26 KB, 750x589, E45347B7-F6A7-47B5-BBF4-2….jpeg)

File: 1668745163379-2.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1024x764, 7E750281-B796-4008-9432-5….jpeg)

File: 1668745163379-3.jpeg (134.09 KB, 927x1024, 1D038DBD-629B-4EC0-91D1-1….jpeg)

File: 1668745163379-4.png (459.24 KB, 512x768, C4C26B22-141E-4C4F-8467-DE….png)

Is he giving porno to children? Keep in mind I don’t appreciate what that guy did a decade ago. But since you are so against child sexual abuse maybe you could have a talk with your team!

48c108a6 No.3676539

File: 1668747031443-0.jpg (66.53 KB, 793x768, photo_2022-11-17_21-22-03.jpg)

File: 1668747031443-1.jpg (168.71 KB, 600x1280, photo_2022-11-17_17-48-11.jpg)

78951373 No.3676555

File: 1668751954845-0.jpeg (83.77 KB, 1024x768, 22C08124-C41C-4BC9-9625-2….jpeg)

File: 1668751954845-1.jpeg (112.69 KB, 720x563, D09BAFD5-6CD2-4B16-86C9-9….jpeg)

File: 1668751954845-2.jpeg (97.62 KB, 1024x776, 63DF85B3-68B0-464A-ABCA-9….jpeg)

File: 1668751954845-3.jpeg (135.73 KB, 1024x683, B0D8F31A-A541-4757-8CB0-A….jpeg)

File: 1668751954845-4.jpeg (83.41 KB, 780x1024, 0F37E01C-2F73-4C5D-BD7B-3….jpeg)

Gee thanks wonder when Hollywood will make a movie about Jewish involvement in the slave industry!

1b7d32a2 No.3676566

100% bullshit. If that were true the south would be a predominantly Jewish culture. If the Jews ruled the slave industry, where did they disappear to after slavery ended?

Your bigotry is disproven by our own eyes.

1b7d32a2 No.3676568

File: 1668756400730.jpg (67.22 KB, 680x558, Fhue4BnWQAQXjEK.jpg)

That's a very good question! It's not like there is a lack of evidence. They might be trying to untangle just how much damage he actually did or they might have been waiting till after the mid-terms.

Perhaps they wanted to see if he would be smart enough not to run for president and let Republicans have a chance but no, he's so stupid he's running.

Now the Republicans and the Democrats have plenty of motivation to throw his ass in prison. He's a political liability for the right-wing and the Democrats want to end his terrorism cult.

1b7d32a2 No.3676570

File: 1668756734286.jpg (88.71 KB, 711x540, d8ce37d910ef.jpg)

What if the DoJ was waiting to take Trump in so that the last thing Nancy Pelosi does in office is throwing his ass in lockup?

78951373 No.3676573

File: 1668757308269-0.png (366.02 KB, 569x706, 06FC8CBA-503A-48B6-950B-06….png)

File: 1668757308269-1.jpg (211.03 KB, 696x860, IMG_2884.JPG)

File: 1668757308269-2.jpeg (274.95 KB, 790x791, A4B5E63F-8D17-4472-BC68-F….jpeg)

File: 1668757308269-3.png (285.71 KB, 600x338, 7422B173-94C1-40F5-BEC9-52….png)

File: 1668757308269-4.png (431.58 KB, 1083x750, IMG_3184.PNG)

So let me see. George Seros is the biggest contributor to the Democrats and now our borders are wide open.

But Orange Man bad….

Does Seros dick taste that good?

71fab6ab No.3676575

Any day now. :P Just like his impeachment, I should have saved every post claiming Trump was going to be in jail in a matter of days.

71fab6ab No.3676578

> So, how do you expect all these paper ballots to be ajudicated, healed, and counted in same day if not with the help of computers?

One or two counting team composed of people from both parties per ballot box.
They are done in one hour. Then you give the local results to the onlookers and send them to the a central location where they get added.
The central location can't cheat because the numbers are publically known in each location, all it takes for anyone to check is making the addition themselves.

It works and has worked for hundred of years. You get the result at midnight or so the same day.

As for the mail in ballot, they should come from oversea only. And you count them the usual way of course. Fraud could happen for this but the numbers are probably too small to matter.

If you're poor, disabled, can't go out, etc. You have a town hall employee come to your place and make you and a friend of yours sign paperwork to give your voting right to that friend for this election.

a3321c1c No.3676581


>If you're poor, disabled, can't go out, etc. You have a town hall employee come to your place and make you and a friend of yours sign paperwork to give your voting right to that friend for this election.

What if you have no friends?

1b7d32a2 No.3676587

File: 1668761097390.jpg (89.45 KB, 680x680, FhoQke0XEAMaDbf.jpg)

Conservatives are so mad that all the smart, Harvard educated people are funding and supporting the Democrats.
Only the stupid back conservatism.

de654155 No.3676588

File: 1668761162038-0.png (85.45 KB, 500x341, thumb.png)

File: 1668761162038-1.jpg (2.37 MB, 2500x1667, 180804-qanon-2-al-1515.jpg)

>giving porno to children?

More like making it out of one.

Weeding out liberals is a lot more easier than weeding out conservatives because they kept wearing that fake mask of "doing the right thing" while committing those crimes behind the conservative's back.

>I don’t appreciate what that guy did

Of course you do. If you really pissed at those type of people, you'd be beat the crap out of them considering the solid proof. But yet you rather storming the capitol over your beloved QUEER-ANON of making a gossip of Democrats while never even bother to touch that bad apple in your group.

1b7d32a2 No.3676589

Also, Republicans are trying to make that illegal too. They don't want anyone voting who might vote against them.

ce994434 No.3676599

It's -all- a conspiracy. Sources: Trust Me Bro. "I do know how it works."

78951373 No.3676600

File: 1668763576422-0.png (421.32 KB, 967x784, 959006D3-7684-4E2C-83D4-FC….png)

File: 1668763576422-1.png (371.38 KB, 536x622, C0162E34-FF7E-4228-86BE-90….png)

File: 1668763576422-2.jpeg (149.4 KB, 500x682, C21D77EE-B65E-4BBC-A842-6….jpeg)

File: 1668763576422-3.jpeg (216.91 KB, 831x1024, 5C62B3DF-A617-47BB-8DB3-6….jpeg)

File: 1668763576422-4.jpeg (110.75 KB, 840x1024, FAF09E29-0792-4E9D-84A0-2….jpeg)

It’s rather easy to see how well things are working for some people!

78951373 No.3676602

File: 1668763917163-0.jpeg (85.21 KB, 732x1024, BFD43EA0-A8BE-4A34-8ED5-3….jpeg)

File: 1668763917163-1.jpeg (108.04 KB, 595x645, 2A83DA1E-BB92-4ADF-A3EB-5….jpeg)

So people were supposed to know this guy’s criminal record on sight?

49224d03 No.3676607

File: 1668764697336.jpg (35.86 KB, 381x425, 65033f380a92.jpg)

As expected, hundreds of employees quit the day Elon sent out that email and hundreds more quit the next day by not clicking the link before 5pm. All total twitter lost over a thousand employees in one day including the head of security who controlled access to the twitter HQ.

In a brilliant move of paranoia, Musk asked the man to cancel all security badge access before he left then the next morning no one could get into the building. Brilliant!

de654155 No.3676609

You have the time to check for queer-anon dozen pages of gossip but can't event spent a few minus to check one of your members social numbers records?

49224d03 No.3676610

They didn't take down the video because your meme is a total lie.

It's right here, retard:


ce994434 No.3676615

File: 1668766523948.jpg (672.54 KB, 1200x1200, chulhu-death-may-die-horro….jpg)

So Far We Have:
1. People 2. Storms 3.The Kraken
Its all about the Eye

The All Seeing Eye is all about Tax Fraud. Who detects garnished wages and evasion is the true enemy of the Elite, who controls the spice. The Cartels and Silk Road and what is the new currency;adaptive biometric id's to correct a dead-gene pool in order to resuscitate trade-values. In SHORT who wears the 2nd Skin and commands all this from their master-room. Masquerading as none other than their own corporate entity in control of all shadow-fronts. The SHELL of the kraken and the brand or mark being "Q-anon" to even Q-anon. The AI industry and who backs them. Run by the same people who run Darpa. Your own Government after all. "Not even a shocker" But the myriad of dots connecting and central to it all is the Banking System for brokering War Commissions through "fake bonds" to fuel international conflict and sow dissonance world wide (NWO), it is easier to see than ever with a World-Grid Satellite System. And The machines that operate (The Defense System) direct to WarLab's AI as their Wizard of OZ they counsult, a digital Molech. Filtering back to secret elect groups (Skull and Bones) we can see their evolution has taken place, The New Intermediatory Committee of the Global Exchange seated by digital contenders and mascots alike.

ce994434 No.3676616

File: 1668766581687-0.jpg (11.28 KB, 235x252, 2ea9a7274b772f76c72f06cf3f….jpg)

File: 1668766581687-1.png (755.05 KB, 600x849, e69bb856b27c4124235fbcf8a8….png)

File: 1668766581687-2.png (1.25 MB, 755x1058, 6xgww6fihs641.png)

File: 1668766581687-3.jpg (124.11 KB, 730x1095, a1562fb87b6515152e473791a6….jpg)

File: 1668766581687-4.png (561.7 KB, 564x945, fcbfc71ff0ed0c6831b54b10ed….png)

For example in the charter for (Predestined Autocracy) under their future-profiles. Bill Gates and other subsidaries in Amazon, Ebay, (paypal and others) all interconnected into their big-think hive mind. That plays to their God-Head (digitally) and transcripts reality by encodes. Then transferred information to World and Region Leaders (Sultans and Foreign Royalties) from a trickle down of the superior-PC-masterRace. (Collectively) Made from only the Executive Profiles and a rotating power-lead of Official Department Crowd-Sourcing (Internal Focus Groups of World Leaders and CEO's) Disguising themselves as head-directors in the public (Their Second Skin). A crystal-kernalized Circuit-Render of Molech made of Mankind's Greatest Specimen's, (Hydra):a Reptilian Multi-Venture Corporation funded by WorldTech&Pharm "The Ferrari of Computing" and Lockdown-Kings and Part-Time SumaritanLIARS of the Skull and Bones Bohemian Grove Enthusiast and Snuff-Provision (Death Dealers) and Stock-Investors for Alien-Intelligence -the- REAL Men in Black Beaurocracy and Hollywood Control Freaks Tripolist-Marxist Victimizers (Neo-Nazi Cultist and Athiest Empiricist) Serpent-Chosen Morganist(medusa)(Death-Sorceror) Maleficient-Disney-Zombie James Webb telescopic(ghost of James Webb)/Tony Stark-impersonator master manipulator George Soros.

78951373 No.3676617

File: 1668766649682-0.jpeg (103.69 KB, 667x1024, 2D7C98B8-53A0-46F5-A530-E….jpeg)

File: 1668766649682-1.jpeg (99.09 KB, 1024x576, F26A501F-6F71-4B45-9245-8….jpeg)

File: 1668766649682-2.jpeg (116.52 KB, 639x1024, DC88189D-35AE-4994-B891-C….jpeg)

File: 1668766649682-3.png (172.23 KB, 487x386, A19F9755-95E5-42E0-A885-CC….png)

File: 1668766649682-4.jpeg (109.37 KB, 1024x538, F1D8A0D9-EA0A-4B11-B5A8-F….jpeg)

Yeah, totally not true!

What’s it like to worship something other than God?

f2f6536e No.3676624


I’m a systems administrator. If I could make more money than I make now, I’d jump at the opportunity to work at Twitter 2.0. The key word being WORK. People who expect to be paid high salaries to make cappuccinos, play around, and do anything but work just amaze me. That’s not the real world. Businesses make money or they go out of business. Musk is only doing what should have been done from the start. If they’re crying because they actually have to earn their pay now, then maybe they should just go ahead and quit. Twitter will be better without them!

c624fd53 No.3676627

File: 1668769370717.webm (3.87 MB, 240x180, 1668464483977724.webm)


1b7d32a2 No.3676637

>Why the red shoes?

Through out history wealthy and powerful men have worn red shoes as a sign of their power. It's a tradition that was made famous by King Louis XIV who wore red high-heel shoes.

1b7d32a2 No.3676640

File: 1668773373692.jpg (105.52 KB, 698x1350, NFL-is-Ssssuuper-Gay.jpg)

The chorus was making fun of people like you and how you think the gayest things in the world are somehow manly. You have national sports dedicated to looking at men's asses in tight pants as they bend over in a line.

This is the actual video which you probably never watched otherwise you wouldn't be spreading news about a video that is mocking you.

b9fd21f3 No.3676641

What do you think of the fact that most of them are sexual offenders, 3B?

1b7d32a2 No.3676642

I think it's not true like most of the nonsense you post.

1b7d32a2 No.3676643

File: 1668774363502.jpg (49.95 KB, 633x624, Fh0_RutXgAAdC3a.jpg)

I'm sure there are more sex offenders in the Republican congress than there are in the gay chorus.

6f77975d No.3676644

File: 1668782677487.jpg (67.18 KB, 640x480, Donald-Trump-2024-announce….jpg)

Ratings: At Least 12.5 Million Watched Trump 2024 Announcement Live.

PALM BEACH, Florida — At least 12.5 million Americans watched some or all of former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement speech live on Tuesday night, television and digital ratings reveal.

Fox News and CNN, both of which carried parts of the speech live, saw massive ratings spikes during the Trump announcement, per Mediaite.

Fox News surged to more than 5.16 million viewers during the Trump announcement—929,000 in the key 25-54 age key demographic—and CNN soared to 2.43 million viewers, including 656,000 in the key demographic. Newsmax, which carried Trump’s announcement live, also saw a surge in viewers up to 1.13 million total viewers, of which 195,000 were in the key demographic.

Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), which carried the speech digitally across a number of platforms, announced, too, that it hit more than 3.8 million viewers for the speech.

That means that between Fox News, CNN, Newsmax, and RSBN, at least 12.5 million Americans watched at least part of Trump’s announcement live, an astoundingly high number for the rollout of a presidential campaign.

ebcf7499 No.3676645

File: 1668790076022-0.png (148.22 KB, 640x320, 1647661979697-1.png)

File: 1668790076022-1.webm (3.48 MB, 608x1080, 1668464258570507.webm)

File: 1668790076022-2.png (46.03 KB, 680x340, 1647661939162-0.png)

File: 1668790076022-3.jpeg (537.26 KB, 750x970, 1663567525160-1.jpeg)

Possibly. However, they don't get support if they decide to give porno to children.
They have to remain in hiding because the Jew media will happily offer them as a sacrifice.

Remember don't say "The-Jews"

3be2a1d2 No.3676647

The funny thing is that jews are the epitome of fascism. They have a religious and cultural imperative to control everyone else, because to a jew, a goy is subhuman, like an animal requiring domestication.

There is no live and let live with as long as jews still draw breath. Libertarianism is antisemitism.

04679e04 No.3676649

File: 1668798470244-0.jpg (58.51 KB, 512x512, 1668009138097947.jpg)

File: 1668798470244-1.jpg (182.15 KB, 1200x1244, 1659112151584.jpg)

File: 1668798470244-2.webm (1.68 MB, 238x360, 1667811275295049.webm)


But it's Republicans…


1b7d32a2 No.3676656

File: 1668803469813-0.jpg (287.2 KB, 1155x893, EmHCd3KXYAA4spe.jpg)

File: 1668803469813-1.jpg (233.46 KB, 893x1155, EmHCd3yW0AElcb9.jpg)

Gay and trans people existing is not evil. No one cares. You are only bothered by it because you're an old, bigoted, moron.

You are the past.
We are the future.
We've already won.
You're just too stupid to know you should lay down and die.

1b7d32a2 No.3676667

File: 1668804974488.webm (1.23 MB, 240x134, Fools-prisoner.webm)

Source? Because even Fox News tuned him out about half way through the speech. The security team actually trapped people inside the event because too many people were trying to leave.

04679e04 No.3676668

File: 1668805310919-0.jpg (465.55 KB, 1200x1400, 1664118513418.jpg)

File: 1668805310919-1.webm (2.89 MB, 818x840, 1667811455441772.webm)

File: 1668805310919-2.webm (2.13 MB, 320x568, 1667820684363140.webm)

So why did they ban "GaysAgainstGroomers?"

1b7d32a2 No.3676670

File: 1668805701894.jpg (46.04 KB, 548x680, E5vGHnDXoAAQUXm.jpg)

Who are "they" and where do you think people are being banned from? You'll need to be more specific.
The rest of us can't hear the many voices in side your head.

1b7d32a2 No.3676672

File: 1668807365015.webm (756.41 KB, 230x280, Freedom.webm)

In fun Twitter news, it seems Elon has scared off so much of his staff that his company has less than 300 employees left. Get your Mastadon account now because the flood of people leaving Twitter is crazy!

ee6edc46 No.3676676

Guessing you already have a bunch if you can't understand plain fucking english.
OR you know ESL

pathetic attempt to ignore the fact that the catholic religion is full of gay dudes and altar boy fuckers. Also gotta love their 'schools' in foreign nations, maybe look a few up and see what sort of headlines pop up.

f87304b6 No.3676682

More bullshit from the democrat pedophile.

04679e04 No.3676684

File: 1668809544164.webm (3.92 MB, 640x360, 1668464417355244.webm)

3be2a1d2 No.3676697

300 people sounds like way more than it needs lol. How many people do you think it takes to run Twitter? The lazy commies jumping ship is a blessing.

Although, Mastadon is neat. I'm all for decentralized open source things. I'd use it before I ever made a twitter account.

1b7d32a2 No.3676700

A) You're posting a literal Nazi to try and prove your point.
B) Most people didn't "Turn on the jews" especially the smart people. It was people like you, the morons, the gullible, stupid, idiots who fell for the propaganda.

It's the same reason you want to do violence against trans kids today, because you're a evil, hateful, cunt who will follow anyone that gives you permission to do the violence you want so desperately to do.

1b7d32a2 No.3676702

File: 1668812266072.jpg (55.25 KB, 1080x556, Fh11lUbXwAA708R.jpg)

Counter-social and Mastadon are having to shut down servers because people are fleeing twitter by the millions. Elon Musk has managed to wreck his 44 million dollar investment in less than a month because he doesn't want to be "woke".

3be2a1d2 No.3676709

No one wants to do violence against trans kids, unless you count the sexual assault from the progressives. We want to protect kids from being groomed into that abuse.

We want to protect those children from you.

f04a6e0a No.3676711

File: 1668814135543-0.jpeg (225.98 KB, 765x1024, E087E8BB-DCB9-4E72-B644-F….jpeg)

File: 1668814135543-1.gif (191.51 KB, 232x198, 2AAFF25D-393A-4D3C-A229-27….gif)

File: 1668814135543-2.png (395.89 KB, 766x1126, AF1E5C95-54BE-4BF1-A516-D2….png)

File: 1668814135543-3.jpeg (116.66 KB, 1024x991, 93E201E9-3940-4B9E-A125-3….jpeg)

File: 1668814135543-4.png (46.28 KB, 490x332, ADD5D669-6FA6-4753-BA70-09….png)

Actually it’s a rabbi you idiot!
Not all Jews are backstabbing ethnic assholes.

2287a0fd No.3676712

>It's the same reason you want to do violence against trans kids today, because you're a evil, hateful, cunt who will follow anyone that gives you permission to do the violence you want so desperately to do.

Just tell yourself that if that makes the world easier to understand for you. It's fine. We love hatred. We love murder. We love violence.

I guess that makes us BLM 'peaceful' protesters. Or antifa.

2287a0fd No.3676713


Jokes on you, this increases free speech as Musk wanted. I wonder how the wokes will react when they realise Mastodon as a whole doesn't ban who they don't like either. They did cut Gab off the network, but this is probably infeasible if thousands of servers are present in their network.

11ec23cf No.3676714

File: 1668817213159.jpg (435.74 KB, 2500x1250, Elon-Musk-2.jpg)

Oh I'm afraid that Twitter is quite operational even without the free lunch brigade.
Adult day care is now closed.

Musk has the same problem Trump did, he needs to completely clean house and start with a clean work force free of slackers and liberal children.

On Thursday, hundreds of employees quit after Elon Musk’s email requesting them to work long hours at high intensity and achieve exceptional outcomes. Musk, who set a 5:00 p.m. deadline through a Google form, was surprised that hundreds of people did not accept his ultimatum.
This was not a “surprise.” This is how you clean house without having to pay out severance. Set impossible tasks with miserable hours until the people you want gone take a hint.

Good! The wokers purging themselves, genius!
how much severance money did he just save !!! - brilliant as always Elon Musk.

Elon draining the swamp.
Hope they are current on their flipping burgers skillset.
I'm hoping they learn to coal mine. Oh, the irony!

It’s almost as if Musk came in and upset their little virtual world where ‘work’ was fun and non-productive.
That's EXACTLY what happened and now we're seeing their little hissy fits like the spoiled brats they are.

That's awesome. Saves Musk the PR nightmare of laying them off. Good luck finding work with Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. laying off tens of thousands. Oh, but we're not in a recession. LOL

d5a56616 No.3676716

I don't really feel like there is anything beneficial in catering to a group of drop-outs who think they can code but hey be my guest if you want to respect that kind of thing. Also I don't care about generating revenue on a site that strictly data mines for personal information in the first place. So there is your normie answer.

24b6d4c4 No.3676719

File: 1668820770276.jpg (40.07 KB, 659x672, 87025d4b49e44b6ec811575628….jpg)

It's good whenever woke scum gets put in its place, but be very careful about who/what you support!

The woke scum was going to be put in its place soon anyway - not by Musk, but by everyday people uniting under a shared cause.
Musk is a globalist puppet! Instead of "we the people (and dogs)", the globalists are now robbing "us" of the uniting energy that would have empowered the goyim population, by themselves pretending to be the "heroes."

Now, instead of the normies uniting to take out the trash, they're cheering on and giving all of their hope and energy to a globalist puppet.
Think about it - this useless-idiot woke madness was always going to be unsustainable, by design!
It was always going to crash down - either the normies were going to pull it down and get their energy back, or the globalists who started it all were going to crash it, and get even more energy from the normies as a "reward and thank you."

It's all a sickening, perverted, evil, twisted, zionist plan/theatre.

Don't be so naive - have you forgotten that the globalists/zionists/satan of synagogue have literally injected the world's human/animal population with a witches' brew that contains self-assembling nanotechnology possibly including router-type technology, which appears to also function as a remote-controlled kill switch?
Have you forgotten this?
Musk was all-in on that plan, too. Never forget the infinite anti-life crimes during the past few years, and who the true enemies-of-life are. Support yourself instead - this evil world of the anti-life monsters cannot survive without the humanity it feeds on.

When you give your support, even in the form of being glad, you are stealing that energy/support away from yourself! This is all by design, and the puppets with any sense of soul/life/independence inside are dancing to this evil tune instead of standing on their own.

Stop being so pathetic.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

Having said that - I'm giving my support/energy to an anti-life place that would also collapse without humanity, so… don't do what I'm doing?

e5d473cb No.3676720

File: 1668821085548.jpg (47.56 KB, 700x467, happy-german-shepherd-pupp….jpg)

I'm kinda woke, but only due to my classes and being exposed to various facts.

Some things I beloved are undeniably false, I'm still not modern day democrat or some screeching equivalent of a Hillary fanatic, I'm going to vote Trump again.

Still some things I took for truth were proven false, and I am less red then I used to be.

I find the most deplorable thing a person can do is deny truth. So regardless of how against my beliefs it may be, I wont deny a solid truth that stands against me.

8c9727be No.3676721

File: 1668821161388.jpg (100.21 KB, 754x754, Nobel Prize.jpg)


Reminder that Germany expelled Jews, and did not kill them.

The problem was that no one wanted to take them in, including the US.

As a result, they ended up in concentration camps where they starved as a result of Allied bombing raids.

e5d473cb No.3676722

File: 1668821339112.jpg (1.82 MB, 1503x2048, P1040124_edited-1.JPG)

like here in Ohio children got denied TARP benefits for children's clothing allowance. That is not acceptable.

Right or wrong the democrats support social welfare far more than republicans.

Some of both parties are in conflict with me, but still I'm on the fence on a lot of things.

1b7d32a2 No.3676723

Twitter is running because he is pulling people from his other companies to cover the critical services. How long do you think it will be before Tesla and Space-x start to crumble as well? Not long.

8c9727be No.3676725

File: 1668821914621.jpg (106.05 KB, 750x660, lotrderadicalizedorc.jpg)


Lets see if these lazy parasites will ever find employment again….how do you write on your resume 'I supported diversity while eating free food and playing ping pong for seven years'

24b6d4c4 No.3676727

File: 1668822023740.jpg (395.9 KB, 1024x1024, Jesus_and_Jews.jpg)

An evil, twisted, pre-planned action to prevent an empowering revolution, that's all this is - losing a few billion dollars is worth it, especially since money means nothing to these monsters anyway - they can just print more.
Money only means something to the normies - debt slavery; slavery never ended, it was just extended to every normie instead.

Once you've diverted more energy to yourself, and built yourself up, you can start extending it out towards family, friends, those weaker than you, local communities, etc.

This is what the zionists/synagogue of satan/globalists truly fear - that's why they've put a kill-switch inside hundreds of millions of people, as an insurance policy.

By the way, this whole thing with kanye is exactly the same - it's theater designed to prevent normies from finding out the truths about "jews" and instead whip up a normie-frenzy of "antisemitism" in order to justify the next phase of their infinite crimes against Jesus, Christianity and life itself.
Don't forget that humans, animals and plants are carbon-based life forms. "War on carbon" - don't you get it??

None of these parasites are your friends, whoever/whatever they are, they want you dead and to suffer as much as possible in the meantime. They even say so openly and "admit it" - you just need to listen, they're telling you openly! None of this is "new" or "hidden" knowledge.

Even "hating" them (whoever/whatever they are), gives away your energy to them. The worst thing that you can do, to inflict as much "damage" as possible, is to separate yourself from them and their poisonous "produce" and to grow and thrive without them.

24b6d4c4 No.3676739

File: 1668823692236.jpg (54.8 KB, 432x473, Kill_Jesus.jpg)

Anyway, must take my own advice. I promised to re-post the many censored posts of mine on here and then save my energy for more positive things.

BTW - Weavile freaked out when I started mentioning Jesus because he equates religion/Christianity/Jesus with "the jews", and to be fair, this deception is sadly being successfully inflicted upon very many people.
Especially targeted are the younger generations, as they're just starting to wake up to all of the evil/criminality being inflicted upon the world - better have them bashing/rejecting Jesus because of the obvious "it's the jews/Jesus was jewish" psyop that only profits in one way or another the very creatures who killed Him in the first place.

Friendly reminder, that Jesus himself was repulsed by those who call themselves jews today. Bloodlines were important 2000 years ago, and they're important today.

Just remember that "hating" "them" (the pharisees), only profits them - they are crumb-snatchers who will turn any energy given to them or taken by them, whether it's positive energy or negative energy, into something that profits only themselves.
Give the devil a finger and he'll take the whole arm.

I used to run my mouth off about "the jews" on here, until realising that it was only "profiting" the zionists/pharisees/ghouls, and was even contacted to check whether I was "part of the club".
This whole "it's the jews" thing is just another disabling psyop to get upset over, and it's better to get over it sooner rather than later. Especially now with this kanye phase of their plan being activated; save your energy and reinvest it where it matters more - yourself and those who you can positively assist.

The trouble is that both (most/all political) parties have long since been undermined.
The real power lies in a united understanding that this is actually humanity/mankind VS. evil/anti-life and not one political party versus another.

b9fd21f3 No.3676754

>>3676739 i get it but literally no one is here reading or appreciating this shit or joining this cult you're selling dianetics for.

'i used to run my mouth about' dude you just wrote two paragraphs talking about them, you're more obsessed with them than hitler was with them

b9fd21f3 No.3676755

I say the opposite is true. If we banded together like the left and set fire to every business BlackRock has a foot in, we could inflict billions of damage overnight and might honestly just turn the culture war around. They would have far less money in terms of liquid assets to throw around and wouldn't be able to control everyone from the shadows…

…hold that thought… I think I just found a winning strategy, brb activizing

b9fd21f3 No.3676756


if I manage that what do I call it, WLM?

24b6d4c4 No.3676766

File: 1668828860027.jpg (85.21 KB, 700x874, phariseezionistlizard-dege….jpg)

>If we banded together like the left and set fire to every business BlackRock has a foot in, we could…
That's what the rioting niggеrs did in south africa a few months ago, and then they wondered why they were going hungry.

Money (their money) to these monsters is just a tool, what would truly damage them, is if normies started using Monero and avoiding the chinese cbdc mark-of-the-beast digital slave "currency" that's now being rolled out across the rest of the planet.

a214dac5 No.3676769

File: 1668830408500-0.png (3.82 MB, 2560x1440, h6u7ze1vb9671.png)

File: 1668830408500-1.jpg (8.69 KB, 267x189, fwefwe.jpg)

File: 1668830408500-2.jpg (7.68 KB, 267x189, werger.jpg)

File: 1668830408500-3.jpg (6.72 KB, 267x189, wergwg.jpg)

File: 1668830408500-4.jpg (10.84 KB, 267x189, et54hhter.jpg)

Yes, just complacenty relax into the molded cast that will inevitably become your casket. That is what you are -supposed- to do, at least that is what they will tell you.

Look at how comfortable you are right now and how not in danger you are at all. I guess only the smart ones know when it is time to panic. Soon.

The world grid is already completely James-Bonded. So to speak, we will have loic system operating in terms I can only tell you are a universally profound science. They will not know how to describe it, but the loics will create a plasma beam that drops a dark-shadow over its target and engulfs it into a nuclear black hole. Inside they are incinerated like being pulled into a tunnel of white light. It's simply a matter of when and where it happens. Soon. Yes it would appear that is the final psyche of this holy grail of knowledge, to purge all the faults in the world with a pure silver ray of all consuming death. Quite nifty.

It splits all the particles into a cloud of excited energies, they dethread and reform at the surface like lightning, focusing in on a single point until a quantum plasma is formed, and then kablamo…its like a blackhole tunnel in akira harmonics. It's pretty cool. Ngl. Pics Unrelated.

24b6d4c4 No.3676770

File: 1668831088058.jpg (102.18 KB, 700x700, Sweet_Godly_Justice.jpg)

Taking "money" from someone who can simply conjure up more is foolish, and merely thinking on the terms set out by the conjurer himself.

Pointing out to normies the uncontrollable alternatives to the beast/prison system that's being set up by the same old many-tentacled monster, and inspiring them to use those alternatives, is what's going to inflict severe damage to this monster.

Causing damage to infrastructure or other nig/degenerate tactics will only scare off the normies and have them adopt the beast-system more readily, for their own "safety" and "convenience".

Leave the smiting to God - atrophying the monster's tentacles and grip on humanity/mankind/life however is our job.

a9018eab No.3676771

File: 1668832029362.jpg (173.63 KB, 935x1280, 1587198318.gutter-bunny_fl….jpg)


That looks like a nice movie

b9fd21f3 No.3676772

>Anyway, must take my own advice. I promised to re-post the many censored posts of mine on here and then save my energy for more positive things.

this is a tacit admission of dishonesty btw, it's you making it clear that recognition is more important than results to you. Not that anyone is fucking reading it anyway, but still

b9fd21f3 No.3676773

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhROyD9HbLE dog is like a cultist version of aoi todo, and aoi todo is him in a world of sorcery

aka incredibly arrogant and unbearable

b9fd21f3 No.3676774

but if dog had empathy he'd probably be capable of making the same reassuring speeches

b9fd21f3 No.3676775

yo dk do you read any of dog's posts and if so wdy think

a9018eab No.3676776

File: 1668836296674.jpg (35.66 KB, 640x426, How-to-Get-Candy-Out-of-a-….jpg)


Shrug, I barely think about anything, besides the game I'm playing.

b9fd21f3 No.3676777

do you think anyone reads them

a9018eab No.3676778

File: 1668837450236.jpg (389.07 KB, 1160x1280, 1641508492.gutter-bunny_ly….jpg)


Some people probably do.

11ec23cf No.3676780

File: 1668839379060.jpg (5.64 KB, 300x168, dobbbwnload.jpg)

I love Donald Trump because he pisses off all the stupid people I don't like.

b9fd21f3 No.3676782


can someone who reads dog's posts confirm?

1b7d32a2 No.3676783

File: 1668841880880.jpg (88.45 KB, 721x656, 47945d47b9b8.jpg)

Of course you will let your nation burn to the ground as long as it owns the libs, right? Because you're a "Patriot" right?

If you want people to stop calling you racists, bigots and Nazis, maybe you should stop acting like it?

1b7d32a2 No.3676784

Reading them doesn't help because most of them are made up of words placed in such an order that only a deranged mind could steeped deep in conspiracy culture could understand them.

That's one of the reasons conservatives are losing so badly. They are so far up their own ass they think "Hunter Biden secret laptop files!" is something that normal people know or give a single shit about.

b9fd21f3 No.3676785


so no one seems to read them

b9fd21f3 No.3676786

still waiting to see an exception

24b6d4c4 No.3676787

File: 1668843291940.jpg (76.77 KB, 680x680, God_Will_Smite.jpg)

>this is a tacit admission of dishonesty btw, it's you making it clear that recognition is more important than results to you.

Not sure how you've reached that conclusion. I want to re-post my censored posts, because if you had read any of them yourself, then you would have seen my warnings about the evil that's rolling out across the planet, but also what positive things to do about it.
You sound like you just want to go full-out antifa on everything, so maybe that's why you ignored them.

The biggest reason for me to spend effort posting is to get positive results within my limited sphere of influence. If I'm talking into an empty cave, then there's no reason for me to continue.
However, I do want my contributions here to stay, rather than just remain censored, as I begin to "move on" from here.
It still pisses me off that such a large amount of people ended up bending over or even contributing to the crimes and tyranny, when they were tested.

Anyway… I'll post some links to a couple of interesting videos for you and some other humans and animals here to watch.

PS: To whoever posted all that Wolf's Rain stuff - I didn't mean to mix you up with Weavile. I thought because of him going super saiyan when I "offended" "his" Japan and anime, that he was also the one who posted it earlier and now put so much great importance into it as he was listing all of the super-good animes to disprove my offensiveness… or something like that :/

3be2a1d2 No.3676788

White progressives are the only people on the planet with an outgroup bias. Everyone else is racist. The sooner white people realize that this is nothing to be ashamed of and that their altruism is simply being taken advantage of, the better.

1b7d32a2 No.3676791

File: 1668850388466.png (1.06 MB, 1287x1273, 2b04190c32a9fe61.png)

You think everyone is racist because you are a racist just like murderers think everyone else is just one bad day away from being a murderer you think everyone is secretly a racist they just won't admit it.

White people aren't special or superior or gifted. They are just people like everyone else. Deal with it.
If you want to be special then put effort into improving yourself instead of crying like a bitch about how unfair your life is.

1b7d32a2 No.3676792

File: 1668851225428.jpg (75.48 KB, 729x538, Fh2EpF_WYAAuYA9.jpg)

The two biggest losers in America, Trump and Kerry Lake met at Mar-A-Lago with several billionaire republican donors causing speculation that she will be Trump's VP on a double-loser ticket in 2024.

b9fd21f3 No.3676793

> To whoever posted all that Wolf's Rain stuff - I didn't mean to mix you up with Weavile.

that person isn't here, and apparently posted a ton of animal gore according to you, so you shouldn't apologize to them. Take your meds.

b9fd21f3 No.3676794

yo I humbly agree. Niggas suck ass. But would you also agree Business Dog's post suck almost (only almost.) as much and that no one is reading them? I sure am not.

Just asking for a survey

b9fd21f3 No.3676796

>PS: To whoever posted all that Wolf's Rain stuff - I didn't mean to mix you up with Weavile. I thought because of him going super saiyan when I "offended" "his" Japan and anime, that he was also the one who posted it earlier and now put so much great importance into it as he was listing all of the super-good animes to disprove my offensiveness… or something like that :/

You said anime is depressing and I disproven that by showing 99% of the millions of series out there are on every other part of the gradient besides 'grim dark'. Don't lie. The sports genre is just one of them for example and the only two 'edgy' sports series I can think of are One Outs and Blue Lock and even those are still kind of tame. It's like this for every genre. A couple gore fests, then every other genre you'd see across history from most authors

I like fiction outside of japan a lot too. Mother of Learning is nice, if you want something written by a Croatian and not tinged by the trappings of excess capitalism or jewry. It was done by an accountant in a place that learned it's lesson about communism and for fun too

If you're just full of bullshit and not talking TO anyone but yourself and tying to spread a cult and force your views on anyone, and think every tsunami that's hit japan (they are almost never as egregiously disruptive as the earthquakes, mind you) is done by jews with a jew machine and keep talking about your cloud kike, be my guest. But don't knock me for liking fiction just as much as you!

b9fd21f3 No.3676798

I meant every word I said about pre peak jew society not tolerating people like you too btw. The things you might miss before spiritual entrapment reached a critical enough mass to stop us from EVEN criticizing each other over 'cringe' or using the word 'faggot', is that being free entails a good degree of gusto and mental platitude that by every measure you've shown yourself to not have. You DO hold grudges over petty things or at least did, so it's a part of your nature that can't be so easily culled if going by other people is a guide. Free people will have their own opinions and fight you when they're free to do so and unless you're an absolute robot like 3B and want to retreat further into your sick little world like he has and pretend anyone who disagrees is a nazi/khazar (depends on which of you), it's going to be hard and you'll have to be humble and accept the difficulty.

If you are after slaves and not companions, on the other hand, that's what a cult is.

b9fd21f3 No.3676799

That's why I'm leaving this place btw. Not because there's just a few people here, but because there aren't any people here. Just flesh bots. That's the worst thing the 'NWO' (really just BlackRock.) as you call them has done, it's made sociopaths who care about their personal ideological wars/internet clout, who are able to demonize any interpersonal criticism out of existence by virtue of only weighing the pros and cons of an opinion, NOT how they feel about it personally


check this thread for an example, guy just devolves into saying 'lol' when another person felt hurt by the fact this dude is bullying a cripple

the 'dude' though is in it for e-clout and followers and e-bux, so he doesn't care

b9fd21f3 No.3676800

you're a joke. I had to like wage a war across 4 threads and make funnier schizo posts (that you liked just like you say you like these ones, lol) than /pol/'s ever done just to summon Ka. That was a while ago before I just sat down to keep telling objective cold hard facts to your face like I am now and always usually do, but it took that long. I tried summoning others and they didn't appear, on a board where people like me were the subject to be laughed at in the day

You think your fellow confirmed animal abuser Wolf's Rain-San is going to be here to read it? Nigga you have got to have something wrong with your brown

b9fd21f3 No.3676801


lol brown

id use that as a joke, might pick up in the hood, but I won't for obvious reasons

24b6d4c4 No.3676803

File: 1668854210995.jpg (486.91 KB, 2048x1535, swish.jpg)

Huh? I thought you were the one who used to post animal gore on here… whatever.
I should really stop reading/posting here after midnight.

You're exaggerating what I said to try and prove your point, which won't help anyone.
I'll look at more animes out of curiosity, starting with what you posted, because all I've ever come across and then rejected (including Japanese movies) was degenerate or violent or twisted shit. All of it was just horrible.

I'd go anywhere but here for slaves or companions, haha!

>pretend anyone who disagrees is a nazi/khazar

That doesn't sound like me at all - show proof; don't just rant but show screencaps or links.

Most people don't seem to realise just how big a problem fake-people/bots are on the Internet (just ask cho0b or any experienced board/forum owner).
There are hundreds of thousands to millions of people, and (probably) millions of bots tasked with spreading disinformation on the Internet. It's sad that there are normies who will believe they're talking with a real personality, rather than just an evil/degenerate/AI influence.

Ultimately, what's the difference between a hired disinformation/tyranny shill, and someone who believes the disinformation/tyranny to the point of spreading it themselves? They both cause damage, and the dummy/NPC who actually buys into the bullshit, will often cause far more real-world damage than the propagandist they got it from.

BTW - if you could suggest a small/manageable list of animes, shows or movies that you feel would interest me - especially if they have dogs, wolves or foxes in them - then I'll make a real effort to look at and review them.
You posted a lot to prove a point, but I'd prefer a personalised suggestion.

b9fd21f3 No.3676804

I'm just a dork for this shit honestly but I could do that. You're asking for furshit and that's also tough, but I think Brand New Animal and Odd Taxi might not be bad places to start for those particular proclivities. I'll think on some more, too

b9fd21f3 No.3676805

Beastars, too!

b9fd21f3 No.3676806

I'm more into martial arts and high fantasy so I like stuff like Baki by the Beastar's author's dad, lol. Both him and his daughter write a lot of crazy shit. They're a loving mangaka family and tribute each other a lot. But I think her brand of eccentric will interest you more since it's not as violent and is more of a character drama

b9fd21f3 No.3676807

I also really really like Ranking of Kings but it's not furshit. It's just such a wholesome story, though. I cried at the part where the entire court of the Bosse Kingdom stood besides Bojji even after seeing what the big man himself could do, they didn't even think it'd be the stomp it'd be when Bojji won. Kage is my goddamn spirit animal, and Desha to a lesser degree rofl

b9fd21f3 No.3676808

24b6d4c4 No.3676809

File: 1668855502291.jpg (19.55 KB, 300x100, image_board_expert.jpg)

There's no such thing as e-bux or clout on an image board, at least that I know of.

As far as I can tell, you flew into this 5 week rage because I criticised Japanese media and warned you about your "friend" who is actually just a government criminal. Any other reasons probably just went over my brown. :P

>there aren't any people here. Just flesh bots.

I suspect that most of the people and animals still using this board have long-ago chosen their paths, and have chosen to go down the path that'll end up with them getting erased from history. The rest probably just want some distraction every now and again.
I hoped that by posting some things that stopped getting posted here long ago, that I could help reawaken some of their spirits.

b9fd21f3 No.3676810

it gets pretty dark early on though. For a more balanced experience, shit, I think Mob Psycho 100 is really good (start from the first season)

FMA Brotherhood is the obligatory starting anime for most people so if you want to put one at the top of the non furry list that should be up there

If you use a guide to skip filler episodes and immediately (IMMEDIATELY.) move to One Pace as soon as Enies Lobby starts, then One Piece is the obligatory cheerful saccharine battle manga and basically is japanese Tom & Jerry (not furshit besides a few characters) with a continuous story and almost Tolkienian world building. No one dies in it until half way through and it's the saddest death, I won't spoil that though

b9fd21f3 No.3676811

>your "friend" who is actually just a government criminal

nigga, how the fuck would you know that

24b6d4c4 No.3676812

File: 1668855702914.jpg (51.52 KB, 740x415, royal_dog.jpg)

Okay, I'll start looking into those, and am looking forward to some more suggestions once you've thought about it.

b9fd21f3 No.3676813

File: 1668855711071.jpg (146.97 KB, 900x450, Im not a furry but one pie….jpg)

pic rel: i mean One Piece does have furry fan service. I used to have a Chopper plush 15 years ago of his pre time skip design, that's how long the story is and how continuous the world building has gotten

b9fd21f3 No.3676814


ugh, this just reminds me of 2004, I want to go back bros.


OP is super anti khazar btw. Although it's funny, it had a subtle anti racism narrative it'd explore rarely until very recently and people suspect just looking at how the west has went is what made him end a recent arc about that anticlimatically, lol. I'm not kidding

"a-ackshually, let's keep Wano's borders closed tbhfam"

the entire story is about jewish disinformation ruling the planet and anyone who stands up to it being considered a pirate and hunted

b9fd21f3 No.3676815

As much as I love fighting I'm a sentimental person like most normal human beings so just don't ask weirdoes like Steam or Wolf's Rain-san whoever that is for recs. You'll just get cringy mindless fighting manga adaptations like Naruto for 13 year olds, at least I gave you a *slightly* more niched set of recommendations

b9fd21f3 No.3676816

if u do watch ousama ranking holy shit wait for when they literally call out the jews, it's a thing of beauty

24b6d4c4 No.3676817

File: 1668857198031.jpg (98.13 KB, 720x718, A_Fine_Read.jpg)

>nigga, how the fuck would you know that
I'm literally a dog, trying to improve the whole world by posting on a degenerate furry image board (for two decades).
You don't get to be me, without having learned a thing or two about pure evil.
When I post suggestions or warnings about things, it's because I see its roots in what I'm warning about and don't want others to get hurt as well.

Okay, thank you. I've had Naruto recommended a couple of times but couldn't get my head around it, and just ignored it then.

11ec23cf No.3676818

File: 1668857509146.jpg (513.64 KB, 2752x1952, 2016-04-14t221848z_7041900….jpg)

Stupid person that Trump pisses off CONFIRMED.

ce994434 No.3676819

Everytime they spend your tax dollars on a flight to commit some sordid backwater psyop. Like right now. Exclusively. What it represents is the pinnacle of the sleep nesting in every habitual freedom boaster that when it is time to blow the whistle, anyone so capable of is silenced or somehow conveiniantly distracted. That is what is taking place right now. They don't want you to know exactly what manuevers they are pulling. Maritime exemption that it may be, they are fuckin on you.

11ec23cf No.3676821

3B keeps saying that whites will be replaced and people of color are somehow better than whites, when people of color commit by far most of the racism and violent crime, percentage-wise.

I like telling people like 3B and young white wokesters that you won't like it when the whip hand turns brown.

1b7d32a2 No.3676822

File: 1668861507336-0.jpg (89.06 KB, 1080x483, Deliscious-Satan-cakes.jpg)

File: 1668861507336-1.jpg (48.01 KB, 489x479, b95bfc97402f.jpg)

>spiritual entrapment

You've gone completely off the deep in, Bro. Get some help. Find a licensed therapist to help you deprogram. You're taking this shit WAY too seriously.

1b7d32a2 No.3676826

File: 1668864730621.jpg (141.08 KB, 1276x752, Fh64CbmaMAACxpq.jpg)

White people aren't being replaced, they have been replaced.

11ec23cf No.3676829

> Bring millions of culturally/racially incompatible people into your once cohesive country
> Crime rate soars, ghettos form, original inhabitants pushed out of whole areas
>"Hmm this isn't working out so well"
> Communist gatekeepers: “WHY ARE YOU CREATING DIVISIONS IN OUR NEW UTOPIA, RACIST?" This isn’t who we are.

America was NEVER meant to be some Communist Multi-Racial Utopia to turn us into a global proletariat.

The Founders made it clear that they saw America as being for Whites.

These were no empty words.

The first immigration act passed by the Founders declared that Only Free Whites could be citizens. America was literally founded by White men for the explicit posterity of Whites.

Founding Father and First Chief Justice John Jay wrote:

“Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people. A people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.". SAME ancestry. SAME religion.
 White Christians.

For centuries racially-based immigration laws were in place to preserve a European majority. It was only in 1965 that the gates opened to the Third World - an act of domestic treason.

It shows how America has been subverted from within that the establishment promotes open borders and diversity, while trashing the founding stock of America - Whites.

It's Commies who want to turn America into a multiracial Communist 'utopia It's Communists who promote 'anti racism' to get us to go along with the Great Replacement.

This propaganda is promoted online as well by Communist gatekeepers.

Here is an interesting article on the Founders' views on race - plus an article on the true background to the 1965 bill which opened the borders:

https://archive. ph/D4ZuA#selection-991.513-997.3

theoccidentalobserver. net/2013/05/29/ted-kennedy-did-not-pass-the-immigration-act-of-1965/

1b7d32a2 No.3676837

File: 1668869445596.jpg (38.54 KB, 695x533, e248e1fab51e.jpg)

>America was meant only for whites…

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

- The Declaration of Independence.

The 3/5ths compromise was put into the constitution to appease southern slave owners who were powerful financial influences, not because the founding fathers wanted it.
Read a history book, cuck-boy.

24b6d4c4 No.3676840

File: 1668872277198.jpg (507.51 KB, 1174x1022, Not_on_the_MSM.jpg)

Here are a couple of links to videos I wanted to post earlier. It's important to be aware that while people are reacting to the "allowed" things to react over, the global prison that's being built is getting fortified.

Part of the global prison is the mark-of-the-beast digital currency being rolled out across the globe. There are many, many videos explaining it, but these two do a good enough job, as well as explaining some solutions:

Digital Dollars (CBDC). Brace Yourself! It's Coming!

Digital Currency No Longer Theory! + Q&A

Ignore this at your own (and others') peril.

11ec23cf No.3676841

File: 1668873612757.jpg (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, minneapolis-2.jpg)

"All men". Exactly.
Negros weren't considered human at that time.
They have yet to prove us wrong.

b9fd21f3 No.3676844

no, all i want to know is what you think of FMA Brotherhood

b9fd21f3 No.3676845


i hope it has subs for the opening songs because i view their lyrics as pivotal narrative supplementation

b9fd21f3 No.3676846

1b7d32a2 No.3676847

I'm not going to click your links but if you are worried about digital currency taking over, we've had that for a decade. It's called a debit-card, ya fucking moron.

The thing you are worried about already happened and the world didn't end.

b9fd21f3 No.3676848

hasn't it been more like 20 years

2873bc10 No.3676850

File: 1668878062900-0.png (1.39 MB, 1095x785, Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at ….png)

File: 1668878062900-1.jpg (38.57 KB, 606x426, photo_2022-11-19_08-20-09.jpg)

File: 1668878062900-2.jpg (36.86 KB, 576x1024, photo_2022-11-19_08-18-34.jpg)

1b7d32a2 No.3676851

File: 1668878455921.jpg (77.21 KB, 640x680, FhzYNmVVUAA0Wpf.jpg)

OMG! That woman couldn't save a company drowning in billions of dollars in debt in less than 2 months? What a failure she must be!

11ec23cf No.3676852

Your "1b7d32a2" ID is getting worn out, 3B.

Time for another new proxy sockpuppet.

2873bc10 No.3676854

>>3676851 MarAprJune Actually 3-4 months before she had to abort. #AverageWesternWoman.

1b7d32a2 No.3676857

March 25th to June 16th.

6+30+31+16=83 days to fix decades of bad management? You have unreasonable expectations.

3be2a1d2 No.3676865

I was the most altruistic little faggot as a child, and I learned early that there were many people who would simply take advantage of it and who didn't care about me in the slightest. I'm thankful to have learned not to be generous with those who would take it for granted.

I think this way because I have observed their behavior for myself.

384314aa No.3676878

Lefties always accuse the right of being a certain way, but they lack evidence to support the claim.

Which is why January 6th is so important to them; it’s the one rare example that they can weaponize, and the left still has to widely exaggerate their claims.

25d9acab No.3676879

File: 1668899424853-0.png (1.43 MB, 1333x513, black vs white rivers.png)

File: 1668899424853-1.jpg (65.87 KB, 504x687, black white academic stand….jpg)

File: 1668899424853-2.jpg (38.75 KB, 752x308, black white baby preferenc….jpg)

File: 1668899424853-3.jpg (238.68 KB, 900x637, reply white man burden 100….jpg)

File: 1668899424853-4.jpg (1.14 MB, 1242x1576, whitedestiny.jpg)

>White people aren't special or superior or gifted

History says otherwise….
All other cultures say otherwise….

If not for Whites, other races would never know civilization - except maybe Japan.

Everyone wants to live with Whites, in White countries, in White cities and go to White schools and even look like Whites. Non-whites seek out White partners any chance they get.

You see jealousy and envy of Whites EVERYWHERE.

See also >>3676415

25d9acab No.3676881

File: 1668899984131-0.jpg (87.59 KB, 850x400, quotejessejacksonwalkingdo….jpg)

File: 1668899984131-1.jpg (208.51 KB, 978x1024, quotelovecraftsuperiorrace….jpg)

File: 1668899984131-2.jpg (1.05 MB, 1170x2040, black inferior.jpg)

File: 1668899984131-3.jpg (43.62 KB, 517x296, quoteabrahamlincolnnegrosa….jpg)

File: 1668899984131-4.jpg (114.05 KB, 1104x644, quotealbertschweitzerafric….jpg)

24b6d4c4 No.3676885

File: 1668904997667.jpg (75.95 KB, 803x1280, Shut_It_Down.jpg)

I'll download it and post here, or make a new anime review thread with several reviews.

>It's called a debit-card, ya fucking moron.
If you had clicked those links, you'd have known that was already addressed in those videos, and that they're discussing the next phase of digital currency, which is going to get unbearable - but hey, you seem to live in a world of headlines.
Just watch them, although since you do everything the gov tells you to, whatever's lingering around the corner might not even bother you.

Stopping this nightmare could still be as easy as only using cash, not supporting card-only businesses and letting them know you've taken your business elsewhere because of that.

1b7d32a2 No.3676888

File: 1668905644399.jpeg (492.16 KB, 1049x1800, 23de52a87d413aca48e28ebf3….jpeg)

>I'm thankful to have learned not to be generous with those who would take it for granted.

People were an asshole to you so you decided to be an asshole to everyone else? Really shows your innate quality of character.

1b7d32a2 No.3676889

File: 1668906132897.png (1.09 MB, 738x1400, 92f55fb4560b7990dea2c177a4….png)

You spend a lot of time trying to convince other people white-people are better than everyone else is. Why is that?
Why do you feel so weak, worthless, and powerless that your only value as a person is your whiteness?

Did you do something you think is unforgivable?

25d9acab No.3676890

File: 1668906829467.jpg (180.13 KB, 1024x1006, black looter san fran sunb….jpg)

>You spend a lot of time trying to convince other people

You were convinced…

Facts will do that.

1b7d32a2 No.3676893

File: 1668907280865.jpeg (118.66 KB, 1000x696, cdf80b0047ad20048a3011610….jpeg)

Sooner or later, a digital one-world currency is inevitable and it's sooner than you think. Capitalism demands monopoly.

In the end, the only choice a civilization has it total capitalism with the chaos and instability that it brings or socialism with everything owned by the government and the profits/losses shared by every citizen equally. That's what the Federation of Planets in Star Trek was.

If you want to see an example of capitalism, look at the Cyberpunk series on Netflix where corporations rule the world.

1b7d32a2 No.3676895

File: 1668908165491.jpg (289.77 KB, 850x1020, sample_bcf7b2f3d1d9d787610….jpg)

Again, you think people secretly think like you do but it's just not true. That's why Trump and all his candidates lost. That's why he'll keep losing.

He suffers the same self-delusion as you and like you, he will go to his grave denying reality.

15d37266 No.3676904

File: 1668912437492.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 29066muhajid_wojakal.png)

>total capitalism with the chaos and instability that it brings or socialism with everything owned by the government

Both of those are hell-on-earth dystopias. Capitalism and socialism/communism are equally harmful to the human species, and the human spirit. Both are mere systems of capital, which place economics above all else.

Luckily, we also have the possibility of Total Islamic Victory. Or the possibility of true Fascism, which is both anticapitalist and anticommunist by its very nature.

baeb086a No.3676906

File: 1668913517194.jpg (2.25 MB, 3521x2145, Hockey Night In Canada.jpg)

2f78e7fa No.3676907

File: 1668913728326.png (625.98 KB, 767x393, Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 2….png)

1b7d32a2 No.3676910

File: 1668916145596.jpg (51.94 KB, 591x385, ee1a3b226a82.jpg)

You stopped reading after "Everything owned by the government" because you are so brainwashed you can't conceive of a government which isn't the embodiment of evil on earth.

Let me put it to you in capitalist terms that you can comprehend - Imagine America as a singular corporation where every citizen is a share holder while non-citizens don't get shares. Wouldn't you like a world where illegals have no reason to come to America because even if they work, they can't get paid? Isn't a world free of illegal aliens one of your conservative dreams?

Citizens would be free to pursue whatever career they wanted and suffer no fear of losing their job because they would have the guaranteed income of their national share to fall back on. It would also encourage people to go into STEM fields because the more prosperous America is as a whole, the more money their shares pay out every quarter.

The socialism you are so afraid of is just capitalism that doesn't allow all the money to stagnate at the top.
It instead keeps the money flowing from the bottom up so that the nation will always be growing stronger.
The only people who are hurt by the rest of us having a better, joyous, safer, life are the ultra-rich.
Why do you think wealthy people on both the left and the right spend billions of dollars a year to convince you that socialism is so bad?

13aa24e5 No.3676912

File: 1668923056009.jpg (31.43 KB, 500x259, only_good_thing_the_gommie….jpg)

I Don't care about any of that.

I just want to own any and every type of gun that I want with absolutely no restrictions or conditions, and to be left alone.

Nothing else in this life matters to me.

b9fd21f3 No.3676914

I'm excited to see the schizo comparisons between Father's Homunculi and the jews, I'm here for it

42793802 No.3676915

File: 1668927357874.webm (313.02 KB, 320x180, pol_nasheed.webm)

Trump's Twitter account has returned, Masha'Allah!


b9fd21f3 No.3676916

b9fd21f3 No.3676917

let's get it on now. 10 9 8 7 6…

1b7d32a2 No.3676922

Replacing capitalism with socialism would do nothing to take away your guns. Look at Sweeden, they have more gun users per capita than almost any nation but almost no gun crime because they have less poverty and desperation.

Most people don't do crime because it seems like a great career choice.
They do it because in a capitalist society where the game is rigged for the rich, breaking the rules of the game is the only way to get ahead.

1b7d32a2 No.3676923

Awesome! Now his tweets are available to the public so when he is arrested everyone can see the evidence.

384314aa No.3676924

File: 1668937964058.jpg (63.84 KB, 661x377, ddjtom7-9e9b1e8a-3bf5-457e….jpg)

Don't bother trying to explain logic, facts, or reason to 3B, it doesn't work, you're wasting your time.
He just rails on anyway, ignoring the above, and will actually claim something is different than what it actually is even when confronted with the irrefutable truth.
He's been doing it here since 2008. The imbecile is truly broken.
How's it feel 3B to be on the losing side, on the wrong side of history, putting yourself voluntarily under the boot of the SUPERIOR white race?
You must truly be garbage to want to defend the violent stupid mud races. What low self-esteem you must have. Either that or you think other races are the Earth's retarded children that whites should be obligated to provide for and take care of forever.
Why do you hate every race but whites so much, to think that badly of the lesser races?

384314aa No.3676925

File: 1668938922980.jpg (131.19 KB, 749x499, 6nrsmo.jpg)

Going on 7 years now…
"And saying, "But, but, we've got him for sure, THIS time!!" that whole 7 years.

1b7d32a2 No.3676926

File: 1668938959129.jpg (420.69 KB, 850x1388, sample_63eebac6ccbf5e2ff21….jpg)

This will be Trump's 3rd loss at running for president, assuming his heart doesn't give out from all the McDonalds he stuffs his fat face with.

384314aa No.3676928

File: 1668939235331.jpg (11.7 KB, 275x183, ddddownload.jpg)

This will be the THIRD TIME Trump has won the election.
However when he does, liberals will claim he is ineligible to be President because he's already won twice.
They are that fucking retarded, and will admit to their own fraud simply to try to keep him out of office.

384314aa No.3676929

File: 1668939726030.jpg (152.06 KB, 1169x1192, IMG_0110-1b.jpg)

Elon Musk conducted an online poll and asked “the people” if Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated.

24 hours later the people voted to have Trump reinstated.

More than 15 million people participated in the Twitter poll.

51.8% voted yes and 48.2% voted no (probably mostly bots voted no).

“The people have spoken.” Elon said. “Trump will be reinstated.”

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” Musk added, which means "the voice of the people is the voice of God"

Trump’s Twitter account was up and running shortly after Elon Musk agreed to reinstate.

On January 8, 2021, Twitter banned the Leader of the Free World and President of the United States over false claims of inciting violence on January 6.

Of course, it was later proven that President Trump did not incite a riot and instead told his supporters to “peacefully” protest at the US Capitol on January 6.

Trump’s account is back! Stay tuned!

b9fd21f3 No.3676930

@dog, ep 1 of brotherhood is filler btw, since they had a previous adaptation of the material that went off into it's own story. I think you can skip ep 1, but it's up to you

The english dub on the release I gave you is great and keeps jp to eng subs for the songs, and the voice actor for Edwrd Elric is a lovely guy called Vic Mignogna! You might r emember him as a jewish target at some point

78ef4a7c No.3676931

>Lets see if these lazy parasites will ever find employment again…

Easy. "Hiring me will increase your ESG rating and funding"

1b7d32a2 No.3676932

File: 1668941064012.png (117.43 KB, 498x235, Values-not-hobbies.png)

I know. I voted yes. If Twitter allows the leaders of ISIS to be on Twitter then they should allow the leaders of White-ISIS to be on twitter.

Realistically, unless Elon is willing to lose everything, it won't last long.

Capitalism will demand Trump be silenced once again because advertisers are going to run away like Trump's legal teams, but ethically, he should be allowed to speak which is why a lot of left leaning people voted to let him back on.

b9fd21f3 No.3676933

u can definitely watch ep 1 tho, it's not like it's bad, even if non canon. it explains things

1b7d32a2 No.3676934

Besides, giving Trump a chance to say stupid shit in public instead of having his insanity contained on Truth Social means people will be reminded every day why they need to vote against Republicans in 2024. The more he talks the less popular he is.

78ef4a7c No.3676935

I read them. And they ring true.

But I still don't believe the vaccine assembles into 5G routers in your blood. If they had that kind of technology they wouldn't need to jab, just put it in the food.

b9fd21f3 No.3676936

also @dog

don't make assumptions about the story and keep watching it so long as it's interesting, treat the characters like actual humans who are capable of assessing their mistakes and growing. That might be hard coming from kiked media but you have to do it for things to make sense. If the mcs do anything you disagree with that doesn't mean they will stay that way forever, for example

I don't want to spoil anything though

78ef4a7c No.3676937

> when he is arrested everyone can see the evidence

I hope you have your guns ready, because if Trump gets arrested that might be the start of the civil war (which is wanted by the elite to further divide the People).

78ef4a7c No.3676938

Elon shouldn't have made a poll. Twitter is not a democracy. Either Trump is in violation of some Twitter rule or he is not, it's not for the people to choose.

27d0824a No.3676939

Publicity stunt.
Trump has already said he wouldn't be going back to Twitter even if his account was re-instated.

Elon's stunt DID cause millions of Conservatives that had left Twitter after Trump's ban to flood back in tho, so there's that, and could cause Trump to change his mind.

78ef4a7c No.3676940

>Capitalism will demand Trump be silenced once again because advertisers are going to run away like Trump's legal teams

Realistically, Twitter serves 140 character messages over the web plus a few pictures, sometimes a video… I bet there is massive room for improvement and cost reduction in the platform that will compensate for the loss of revenu from woke companies.

b9fd21f3 No.3676941

the rallying pokemon cry of the kike advocate: ADVERTISERS! ADVERTISERS! ADVERTISERS!


it's a riot

87b38b6f No.3676944

File: 1668948227220-0.jpeg (85.93 KB, 660x1024, E319C81B-BDC6-4324-9D5B-2….jpeg)

File: 1668948227220-1.png (205.05 KB, 471x349, ACB618F1-6B6B-495B-8C78-8C….png)

File: 1668948227220-2.jpeg (63.81 KB, 489x740, 0BF1C1A9-1A78-4EF1-9047-8….jpeg)

File: 1668948227220-3.jpeg (96.37 KB, 473x1024, 4FE615DD-E0B3-42D5-A8B1-5….jpeg)

File: 1668948227220-4.jpeg (105.91 KB, 828x820, 7730C6F3-0994-456C-B2C9-2….jpeg)

1b7d32a2 No.3676946

>there might be a civil war.

Bring it. It'll be the shortest civil war in history.

1b7d32a2 No.3676947

File: 1668949497809.jpg (47.14 KB, 719x386, 251492615d0f.jpg)

Trump is heavily financially invested in Truth Social so coming back to twitter would cost him a lot of money in the long run. That being said, he's a fucking moron and you can always count on him to self-sabotage. He's never run a business he didn't bankrupt.

1b7d32a2 No.3676948

File: 1668949846181.jpg (254.22 KB, 850x1279, sample_4b611c09ff65b7b19d5….jpg)

Realistically, if Elon could cut the staff down to one guy he would still be fucked. He's paying a Billion dollars a year in just interest on the loans he took out to buy Twitter.

Twitter didn't make even a quarter of that every year at it's peak, much less now that everyone is leaving it.

He's royally screwed himself.

b9fd21f3 No.3676949

More people are using it now than ever, though, the users spiked up

10a81e48 No.3676950

File: 1668950060922.jpg (158.55 KB, 791x1024, 1668946894402824m.jpg)

>drag show got shot up

Nothing of value was lost.

I'm gay so I'm allowed to say that

1b7d32a2 No.3676951

That's what Elon said but there is no evidence of it and no one other than Elon can seem to find any evidence it's true.
The network traffic certainly isn't proving that out.

1b7d32a2 No.3676953

File: 1668950400166.jpg (293.66 KB, 850x1279, sample_9d14846279f0d535afa….jpg)

This is the difference between normal people and conservatives - if some crazy libtard went down south and shot up a square dance we would be demanding the shooter be put in prison.
You on the other hand, just want more people to die.
You're a monster.

10a81e48 No.3676954

File: 1668950834488-0.png (582.8 KB, 1029x621, 511fea61-b44d-4b55-b467-93….png)

File: 1668950834488-1.png (1012.39 KB, 842x753, 2f726389-cdcb-479d-bae4-11….png)

The kinds of faggots that are into drag are the worst kinds of subhuman faggots and are almost universally pedophiles.

It's like how anyone into futafaggotry is universally an autistic pedophile, no exceptions.

24b6d4c4 No.3676957

File: 1668953452028.jpg (137.45 KB, 640x608, Soul_Vax.jpg)

>But I still don't believe the vaccine assembles into 5G routers in your blood. If they had that kind of technology they wouldn't need to jab, just put it in the food.
I'll give you a more lucid response to that later, as it's very late over here, but basically: The tyranny of the last 3 years was required on many fronts to lower peoples' standards and get them more dependent on big-gov. The more dependent (and afraid), the less they'll care about what's on the ingredients label (of anything), for example.
Having said that - it has been more-or-less openly discussed for over a year now by these ghouls, that they're putting the "vaccines" into the food (by genetically modifying it to produce "vaccines"), and millions of milk/meat cows are already being injected with this poison, which will get passed on to the human-goyim. This meddling with the food alone would not have been possible, before the population had been (literally/psychologically) beaten into submission, let alone all of the other crazy/evil things being rolled out.

The whole self-assembling nanotechnology thing is too weird, evil and creepy for me to address tonight, but a lot of scientists and researchers have been pointing to it being real. The hired trolls really do seem to make an effort to squash this particular point.
Will post sources later. This, what is happening today, has been discussed/planned/set up for at least 100 years. What an exciting time to be alive!

I've seen the intro songs video, and must say that it's going to be a real challenge for me not to jump to conclusions based on your description, and what I've seen and read so far.
Therefore, I'll take a few days to watch and digest the first four or five episodes, before commenting further.

b9fd21f3 No.3676958

Just don't have a one dimesional mentality about Edward Elric's personality. He isn't the same person at the start as he is at the end of the story and accepts he's just a small human who's been given everything so far. I might as well spoil a little there so you watch. Episode 4 is where he begins to reflect on the issues with his craft. He does continue studying Alchemy after the series conclusion, but without spoiling much more, it isn't for his own 'sake' or 'use'

b9fd21f3 No.3676959

father = the jews btw

b9fd21f3 No.3676960

I recommended it because it's the most blatantly pro christian anime out there. No, serious. You have to digest the entire plot and it's message for that to hold true, but the entire series was written by an Ainu farmer woman with protestant work ethic. I think you'll enjoy the values of family and pursuing the truth and changing yourself as it progresses, but you have to let it work itself out. This is going to be hard if you've been brought up in kike society where they explicitly don't allow you to deal with difficult things and use them in self expression

b9fd21f3 No.3676964

the first hurdle is that you have to understand the MC is not being portrayed favourably just because he has views and he might be doing cool things sometimes. See him as a person you can make your own mind up about and empathize with. Does this make it easier to understand?

FMA was hard for me to figure out at age 14-15 when I first really delved into it, and it took till Brotherhood materialized for me to even follow an adaptation of it to it's conclusion. There are a lot of moving parts to it's worldbuilding and I went to peruse the first few eps again after recommending it to you. Now I have worries you'll have trouble wrapping around it since you said you had that problem with Naruto and FMA is actually sophisticated, rather than just cluttered, so you can't even just hamfist through with a lower IQ

I promise the mcs are cool people who don't tolerate being told to do evil things in the end! But that might have revealed too much. If you don't find the drama and mood and adventure elements of the series interesting enough though then the other series I've linked to are a lot less heavy in most places

The problem is that this is a medium about character drama so you're going to see characters put in difficult situations and have their views challenged and change over time

b9fd21f3 No.3676965

the best way I can try to make the problems up to you is:

edward is a standin for the people you say you've learned not to hate for being lied to and acting poorly for it, aka someone brainwashed about shit

the people who are in charge of the country are the jews

you aren't going to have a favourable impression of him if you don't really empathize with characters by nature in just four episodes because at that point he's still drinking the khazar aid

b9fd21f3 No.3676966

tl;dr, don't be like the left, not all shows are ideological. But in fact, I do think FMAB's ending is so sweet and uplifting that it's almost in my feel good spot

I think it's also that it's so cohesively written. Every character has a purpose and no one is a saint, but over time their guilt challenges them to act and return the favour to people who've manipulated them into doing evil things

If you haven't noticed, the guy in the first ep doing the ice magic terrorism was right, so if you agreed with him that's actually the point. The heroes just haven't yet reckoned with the truth

b9fd21f3 No.3676967

I won't spoil any more. You can just watch the other stuff if FMA is ever too confusing and all the hermetic imagery makes you uncomfortable. Really though, he absolutely does get punished for his blasphemy, as you might have already seen

b9fd21f3 No.3676969

u shouldn't post rudolf steiner tho, lol, that's literally kastrup's fuckin inspiration and the same school of philosophy he's in

b9fd21f3 No.3676970

Greed = me btw. You have to imagine everything Greed says on screen as shit I'm saying, that's the stipulation. He's a total bro, although hot headed. He betrays the other jews

b9fd21f3 No.3676971

I said I won't spoil more but damn this show is good at making you cry too, manly tears for Greed

4ab59d0c No.3676972

And you know what that makes you, 3B?
A fucking LIAR.
Many consider a liar the biggest monster of all.
Too bad for you.

b9fd21f3 No.3676973

anyway have fun with the recs either way, or just freak out like a soccer mom, idk

b9fd21f3 No.3676976

5 eps not 4 btw, I think the 5th does a really good job of illustrating Edward's guilt

b9fd21f3 No.3676977

stop after that if u dont like it

24b6d4c4 No.3676978

File: 1668956547312.jpg (76.12 KB, 850x446, Self_Reflection_Wisdom.jpg)

I'm not really the freaking out type. Last time I checked, my IQ was high 130's low 140's BTW and EQ was 130's as well, not that it ever mattered much to me as the goodness of the heart/spirit/soul (and a score of at least 95) was always more important in my assessment of people.
Will explain my POV on Naruto later as well.

I appreciate the effort re the animes, perhaps it's good to challenge myself in such ways again - haven't done it in a long time.

24b6d4c4 No.3676979

File: 1668956766143.jpg (197.33 KB, 861x1517, Literary_Hero.jpg)

Okay, happy to watch five before deciding further.

b9fd21f3 No.3676980

one sec, lemme reply

b9fd21f3 No.3676981


no I mean, I literally have this one in here because of it's quality, in retrospect I forgot how much tragedy and suffering the characters go through before adding it to your recs.

FMA doesn't take a huge IQ to get but between Brotherhood rushing the canon and adding that first episode, and the first FMA having it's own non canon second half despite building up slower - and better - at the start, it can seem like schizo posting sometimes. Arakawa is fantastic at drama but the pacing can be a little eclectic. I don't know. But it's universally heralded as one of the best anime and it's not all about fights despite having a great magic system and great fights too, and the characters have very good hearts and feel guilt and grieve for mistakes they make, which along with the western european setting and family values made me think you'd take to it

I could be wrong if just seeing alchemical imagery and dealing with Edward's arrogance is enough to put you off

4ab59d0c No.3676982

3B claims Trump made racist tweets but he can't come up with a single actual one, isn't that strange.

Never elect a racist white guy they say, which Trump never was. But the Dems went with the proven loser racist Biden, from whom plenty of racist comments by him exist.

Then, Biden ruined the economy into chaos, killed energy that duped the left into clapping like seals.

I believe in policy. Not a man. Actions speak volumes. All conservatives regard the Republic more important than a Party, the Constitution as the blueprint for America and Liberty worth defending.

I’ve been to your liberal cities. It ain’t good. We know Trump was never a saint. He isn’t. But his policies are. I’ll be a dodo bird. Happy to have another title from retards with ignorance as a blindfold.

b9fd21f3 No.3676983

The ending is absolutely as christian as LOTR though. 100%. I actually preferred the first anime's non canon ending for being a little more interesting because I like greek tragedies but FMAB's conclusion, if you could get to it, absolutely would satisfy you. The sacrifice he makes and the understanding he's just one small human among many, and the way it uses equivalent exchange as a recurring thematic to both describe the magic as well as underpin character incentives like that

But really it's up to you

a8c9c840 No.3676984

File: 1668957124555.png (721.97 KB, 624x459, babbitt.png)


Lying piece of shit. You were dancing with glee when Ashly Babbitt was shot by a capitol police nigger.

b9fd21f3 No.3676985

The broad strokes are pretty similar to the story I've been writing. Jews control world and build a false narrative and eventually are overthrown, the difference in my plot is that the mc starts on the outside and gets put into a position he can't back down from because he's seeking revenge for a dead friend, so it sort of works in reverse where Edward is in a jew favourable position and has yet to see they're a problem, but my dude sees they're a problem but cannot back out of fighting them or play it peacefully like you advise people to do.

So I think I'll rewatch it with or without you just for study on how to write my own character development better, but I do hope you like some of recs/or that if you manage it

b9fd21f3 No.3676986

i just call every shadowy organization that deceitfully controls the world with false ideological narratives jewish now

a8c9c840 No.3676987

File: 1668957535331.jpg (132.57 KB, 907x625, hackable.jpg)


Early life:

Yuval Noah Harari was born and raised in Kiryat Ata, Israel, one of three children born to Shlomo and Pnina Harari. His family was a secular Jewish family with roots in Lebanon and Eastern Europe. His father was a state-employed armaments engineer and his mother was an office administrator.

b9fd21f3 No.3676988

pariston hill from hunter x hunter? jewish. root from naruto? jewish. I don't like naruto but that company was pretty damn jew

i find it hilarious how often blatantly jewish behaviour is used for antagonists in anime. the one time it's done explicitly like in aot with the armbands and the hebrew names, they're jewing so hard that only the little island you're on doesn't know about the fact they rule the world and you're living in a sort of simulation made from jewry.

one piece is literally about jews hiding information about wars and body counts too

b9fd21f3 No.3676989

>>3676979 basically https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9mEBhKkzhM if you have time for a single clip watch this and try to tell me these guys aren't jews. Not even an 'insult' or 'likeness', that's jewish behavior

24b6d4c4 No.3676990

File: 1668957822879.jpg (224.16 KB, 1858x882, Whod_Want_That.jpg)

>I could be wrong if just seeing alchemical imagery and dealing with Edward's arrogance is enough to put you off.
Yes, from what little I've seen of that already, my first urge was to dismiss the entire series.

Okay, we'll see how I go. :3 Too tired to make lucid posts now. Thanks again for the recs.

Hmm. I'll post more on that later as well. :P

b9fd21f3 No.3676991

File: 1668957983191.jpg (144.92 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nmogdnrB2I1sykigqo9….jpg)

There's nothing to post, I'm right. They are in every anime as villains

b9fd21f3 No.3676993

That one was surprisingly nuanced and did see the error of his ways after he died as a spirit, though, but the subtitles for him are accurate

There are simply too many anime to recommend for me to astutely give you a vertical slice of recs that I won't promise wouldn't be entirely different if you asked me the same question again another day, so it slipped my mind, but that one's Magi if you want to see it

I'm pretty sure one of the voice actors for it WAS a Lulzian regular, but that guy is massively kiked so I don't really care. Part of why I don't watch Eng dubs without Vic Mignogna tbh

b9fd21f3 No.3676994

>Yes, from what little I've seen of that already, my first urge was to dismiss the entire series.

i get the confusion but ur iq can't be that high at least *emotionally,* if u think the series is endorsing his stupidity. He's extremely wrong about most things and that's the driving force of the plot at first, lol

but it's fine

take ur time ig

thanks for trying, too, even if you wind up not liking it

b9fd21f3 No.3676995

wait was 3B here

oh man

b9fd21f3 No.3676996


I don't get why it's so popular in japan to keep making the jews the bad guys but it's great. It keeps happening. It's not like it's literally EVERY series (none in Death Note or Tensura for example) but in almost every series… Yeah

Maybe they are just that salty over WW2

b9fd21f3 No.3676997

I'm pretty sure Freeza from Dragonball was literally Toriyama's impression of landlords and property owners who he thought were evil and that's pretty close to jewish, although not the exact same thing.

b9fd21f3 No.3676998

I guess it just makes for good bad guy inspiration? They have religious qualities, which adds to the mysticism, they control the world in secret, they enforce values through subtle propaganda and make people commit atrocities, etc. If your goal is to sell a story then it just makes sense you'd use ideas like that since they're interesting

b9fd21f3 No.3676999

this is from the 2003 version, so it isn't in the brotherhood ost, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwzAEwzUI8k if I don't come back here for a while because I'm impatient like that, I might as well link this. It's a lovely bit of music

bratja = brother btw

b9fd21f3 No.3677000

>The original was a little bit less about the journey, and more a character study of Ed & Al during said journey. The focus was kinda how they developed as character to the events happening around them. Brotherhood went back to being about an adventure with an ensemble cast of supporting characters that eventually culminated in saving the country and probably the world. Bratja is a personal song, and really has no place in that sort of grand narrative.

this comment on that vid sums it up tbh, man, i hope the 2009 series' rushed beginning doesn't kill your interest. any rate, peace

b9fd21f3 No.3677001

Forgive me, little brother
I am so sorry before you.
It's forbidden to try to return
One taken by the earth.

The one who knows the law of existence
Could help me to find the answer.
I was very mistaken
There's no cure for death.

Dear Mom, sweet Mom!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
Unfortunately were in vain.

I tempted you
With the wonderful hope
Of returning our home.
My brother, it's all my fault.

Don't cry, don't be sad, big brother.
You're not the only guilty one.
There's only one road before us,
We will purge our sins completely.

I cannot blame you,
I am not hurt at all.
Well, we sinned
By wanting to be stronger than everyone else.

Dear Mom, sweet Mom!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
Unfortunately were in vain.

I was tempted
With the wonderful hope
Of returning our home.
I'm guilty for all of it.

But what should we do, how should we be?
How to fix everything, to forget?
It's forbidden to try to return
One taken by the earth.

b9fd21f3 No.3677002

based lyrics

ce994434 No.3677003

sounds liek danzig wannabe shit

b9fd21f3 No.3677004

idfk wtf that is.

They nice lyrics though.

b9fd21f3 No.3677005

How are you measuring the traffic? He's got actual technical experts now so the payload might just seem like less

b9fd21f3 No.3677006

@dog look up kickvic btw, if you're watching fmab in english. poor fucking guy

b9fd21f3 No.3677008

oh, yea, watching ep 5, that is the place you should stop if you don't like it. Because it's when you first get to see Edward really confronted over his shortcomings and forced to change

b9fd21f3 No.3677009

watch his expression when he's told he can't use alchemy anymore when his arm gets rekt, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677010

ur going to like Scar

he actually is a cool character

b9fd21f3 No.3677011

b4 u assume he isn't an alchemist btw, his arm has a unique reason

anyway im out


u r fuckin rtetarded

b9fd21f3 No.3677012

(as in, he isn't an alchemist, at all)

b9fd21f3 No.3677013

writing is fucking hard, but I have all the t time in the world. Some regional champ in the game I play got mad at me for not being world class despite spending so much time around the game, but I'm really just there while I think of ideas for my worldbuilding and overall plot

b9fd21f3 No.3677014

should i just camp here since it's no loss to me and 3b doesn't get to post? lol, i might

1b7d32a2 No.3677020

File: 1668967620504.jpg (93.46 KB, 1000x1000, Karma-happens.jpg)

> You were dancing with glee when Ashly Babbitt was shot by a capitol police…

She deserved it. She was part of a treasonous mob attacking people.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

b9fd21f3 No.3677023



if you don't wanna dl anymore maybe try ep 1 of this, idk. It made me think maybe you're a bit interpersonally stunted because you assume the worst immediately without understanding people's circumstances, like when Alibaba in this episode says he wants a lot of money and it can get you all the women and food you want, there's a subtle undertone when he talks that makes it clear he actually needs it for selfless purposes (he talks about buying a country, which comes back because his home country is in really really bad shape) but I could imagine that'd be lost on you

I'm guessing you're on the spectrum with an IQ that big and a personality like yours, probably why talking to you does my head in a little. I can respect it though. Despite anime being loved by a lot of aspies it might just not be the sort of medium you want if you want simple morally fulfilling messages, the characters tend to be flawed and have to overcome that to succeed for example (BIG spoiler so stop reading if you do plan to watch past ep 5 of FMA, but if not: I'll just say Ed finds god in his own way at the end and accepts his body being the way it is as punishment, and trades in his alchemy skills at the gate so he can bring his brother back since he roped him into it)

The characters are meant to grow and get punished when they do wrong (because a bad decision is dangerous inherently), it's what makes them dynamic and interesting

*as in, he decides he should stop playing god and that he's willing to trade his alchemical ability if it means he can get his brother's body back. He keeps his own body how it is. He still studies alchemy, but it's mostly to prevent tragedies like Nina in the future and to help other alchemists in his country. He himself quits it

if ur not into drama, action or mystery anime just doesn't work more or less since it basically fills those niches in their culture

b9fd21f3 No.3677024

ur on the spectrum 2, it makes u really irritating

b9fd21f3 No.3677025


u dont have to like it but this is the exact answer to what u said u disliked about western khazarified culture in ur 4chan thread jpg, where it said it's unrealistic to have action hero protagonists

u cant ask for more relatable down to earth people and not expect to have a dumb atheist protagonist have to deal with a bunch of dumb sins in their equivalent of spiderman or w/e since that's actually pretty relatable

yes, this is that niche, fma or one piece to them are like batman or spiderman to us. it's why he's just a normal likeable dude who makes a lot of mistakes and isn't the sole savior of the world and has to be part of something bigger to overthrow the jews

there are excepts like goku or naruto but generally you'll just have a normal protagonist with human issues who makes severe mistakes, you're going to see that even in the furry recs I gave you

b9fd21f3 No.3677026

at least Dog tries to have empathy with people, y do u not have any

i bet u've never cried in ur life for anyone

1b7d32a2 No.3677027

He pretends to have empathy with people who support his political agenda while being a hateful Qunt to everyone else.

That's not empathy.
Empathy isn't self-serving.

b9fd21f3 No.3677028

sure, but id rather have you pretend too if it means you not being the way you are

b9fd21f3 No.3677029

like holy shit, ur a bottomless void without any feelings on a biological level

b9fd21f3 No.3677030

@dog last last thing, like


this is also worth watching if you want to know why I think it's such a good series and what others see in it too

ce994434 No.3677031

why don't you change your name to weavile = weaboo or some shit.

b9fd21f3 No.3677032

4mins35seconds into that ^^^^

that guy took the right lesson from it, hopefully you get this too

b9fd21f3 No.3677033

hi 3b, how are you today

10a81e48 No.3677034

File: 1668970218427.jpg (139.76 KB, 723x1024, 1668962642054604m.jpg)

Drag fags grooming kids deserve to die too

b9fd21f3 No.3677039

i love deltarune

b9fd21f3 No.3677040

rude buster is based

1b7d32a2 No.3677047

As much as you obsess over grooming kids I'm starting to wonder if you're mad no one molested you when you were a kid.

It's not the tranny's fault no one wanted to touch you. No one likes a fatty, not even pedophiles.

b9fd21f3 No.3677057

sounds like ur just mad abotu that urself

b9fd21f3 No.3677058

im at ep 7 again, ed is already suspecting his own government, so if u continue u don't have to wait long

b9fd21f3 No.3677059

ep 8 is fuckin epic too tbh

73127a4e No.3677074

File: 1668983753788.gif (173.88 KB, 500x250, giphy.gif)

This is the difference between normal people and liberals- if some crazy conservative went to D.C. and shot up the capitol building we would be demanding the shooter be put in prison.
You on the other hand, just want more people to die.
You're a monster.

b9fd21f3 No.3677082

@dog One last thing I will say is that if that is actually your IQ then I'm astonished at the incredulity of the metric as a whole since you're really bad at finding 'bullseye' solutions to things and understanding new ideas well, which is a hallmark of fluid intellect.

I'm almost certain from your posts that if we both learned Chess at the same time starting from zero (I don't play) I would very quickly accommodate the right training habits and understand exactly what to look for on the board quicker than you, whereas I think you'd probably get caught up in opening theory or get frustrated or make a ton of assumptions that lead to ill conceived outcomes

As someone who used to play at an international level at a couple of titles I'm pretty good at deducing someone's strategic ability and don't tend to be wrong very often about it, and I'm fairly sure your practical intelligence is lower than mine by dividends at the *least.* You make too many assumptions and generalize for me to think otherwise, tbh, and the way you handle privacy is second fiddle to choob's admittedly eldritch understanding of the practices. He's been in all sorts of really big time hacker groups and some have been on the news, mind you, but a big thing about espionage is that it's always about calculated risks and you don't take any risks at all. You complain in the wrong places and cling to the wrong ideas and talk to the wrong audiences, a lot.

None of it shows a tactical mind. I might be wrong but if not, then it just goes to show the IQ test can be cheated by aspies with a low emotional quota

As for why I'm doing this, I've basically fulfilled my win condition in life already and have a lot of time to burn rn while I wait, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677084

I mean, Jewnstein had a tremendous IQ and his emotional quota was probably low too. He had a lot of strained relationships, made a ton of bad decisions he died choking on regret for, etc. Most of his life was hell, frankly

IQ is just a vague predictor of the factor that truly matters, but that factor can exist in almost anyone. Rarer in nogs, but you could probably approximate it as something as 'drive' or 'gaming/planning skill'. Probably why despite nogs being horrendous at most things, they do really well once they start understanding how to appropriate and overturn circumstances like this, since their emotions are off the hook and it leads to a state of flow really easily

I cling to my hatred mostly because I don't want to end up as someone who doesn't want much, since that's when that skill tends to deteriorate and it's necessary for my survival in a lot of situations. People like you and Einstein don't seem like you want much for example which is why you shitpost on a board like this and seem so lifeless and unable to understand the wants and emotions of even fictional characters, or sympathize with tragedy, lol

Aspergers sucks huh

b9fd21f3 No.3677088

Jews are really fucking good at that skill on average too. It's part of why I want to kill one whenever I see them. When you hone that instinct, you understand it's a competition if someone has it. Why? Well, it's a matter of course.

Not that I do literally kill them, but it's cute to me you think I lack the self control to not do it, or that I'll get caught if I have/will killed/kill someone, lol.

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.” - Musashi Miyamoto

b9fd21f3 No.3677089

If I wanted to kill Steam all I'd have to do is get him drunk on a yacht somewhere and toss him overboard in international waters or something, for example. Who the fuck is going to look for that thing

Not that I'd bother with it, but I mean holy shit, it's not hard

b9fd21f3 No.3677092

yo 3b

b9fd21f3 No.3677093

wanna go on a yacht ride

b9fd21f3 No.3677097

if undertale has taught me anything, it's that killing everyone and everything and getting a sick duel with your final opponent means Megalovania plays, and that's cool enough for me

24b6d4c4 No.3677111

File: 1668998776330.jpg (72.89 KB, 573x525, backstabbers.jpg)

If more people would have allowed themselves to properly understand the simple Scorpion and the Frog fable, then they wouldn't have walked into their doom so blindly.

>He pretends to have empathy with people who support his political agenda while being a hateful Qunt to everyone else. That's not empathy. Empathy isn't self-serving.
>"She deserved it. Etc."
I have no "political" agenda, because that's a cage set up by satan's lowly puppets to fight inside. No disrespect to conservative/down-to-earth types, they are the ones I'd trust not to stab my back, but when they choose to enter this arena with their friends/kin, it will wither them down and destroy them by design.
A "hateful Qunt"? Haha, that's just my open revulsion at those who are hypocrites or actively serve satan's will. Hating would be giving my energy away. Revulsion is not consuming that which is toxic, vomiting is expelling that which is toxic, flushing the toilet is disposing that which is toxic.

24b6d4c4 No.3677113

File: 1668999275729.jpg (160.13 KB, 501x1024, Jeewstein.jpg)

I skipped the spoiler, because I'm pretty curious at this point.

>u dont have to like it but this is the exact answer to what u said u disliked about western khazarified culture in ur 4chan thread jpg, where it said it's unrealistic to have action hero protagonists
Good catch, you're right.
(Such words can easily "trigger" me:) That's subjective, and can turn into a problem very quickly for all kinds of reasons. Body-bag Clinton was relatable to a lot of people for example, and so were and still are all kinds of psychopathic tyrants and their (in)human-resources throughout history.
Maybe watching FMA will only help me understand you more than me "reconnecting" with a truer sense/understanding of humanity/society as a whole.
Nevertheless, will watch and see, because:

>>3677082 etc…
What you're describing is me running on energy-saving mode, after decades of my entire family tree getting fractured and destroyed. Everyone is either dead, dying, missing or has "bent over" or retreated.
As for my IQ/EQ - "the last time I checked" was around 14 years ago. Admittedly, I've actively stunted it to better deal with everything. My posts back then were a lot sharper, yes.
You probably wouldn't want to fathom just how true it is when I say that I'm a bred (business) dog. #Notjewish though. :3
If we make it to 2025, just before then (because access to the Internet will likely be fully "compartmentalised"), I'll probably start up a video chat, and we'll all see what I look like, and all have a good time. :3

My firm decision never to actively or out of neglect hurt someone else, and stay on God's side, goes back as far as my memories allow.
I have made mistakes of course, but never from a side of darkness/malice/destructive-selfishness.
Therefore, when I see those who have hurt others from such a place but then "regretted it" (without first/afterwards trying to repay for their damage caused) and then go on to receive any kind of adulation/praise for that; it easily looks to me like the metaphorical "viciously beaten dogs" returning with praise/tucked-tailwags to their abusive but "regretting" master, while mostly ignoring those who actually cared for them the whole time. Most people may not like someone thinking that way.
One of the most repulsive things to me is "ex" pimps, drug dealers, murderers being presented by some fake-"christian" groups as being a positive example, because they "found God".

24b6d4c4 No.3677114

File: 1668999491795.jpg (159.48 KB, 1024x683, Busy_BRB.jpg)

Those who have actively decided to spread the lies which have now sealed the horrendous fate of hundreds of millions or even billions of people, or deleted/censored any real attempts at informing them, deserve no ounce of earthly forgiveness IMO - only those truly too stupid to have known better should be spared earthly trials and their harsh sentences.
That's why I'm so repulsed by this board's management, and most other places too - I understand the tests are hard, but failing such tests has terrible consequences.

You say you're using hate for your own good, but for me it's too close to what "the enemy" toys with. I refuse to use the enemy's tactics/state, and always have done so to the best of my knowledge. One can still slay a dragon, as an act of love (for others and virtue).
But hey, there are lots of different paths to a single and virtuous goal.

Will go through your posts and recs with more detail in the future, you've been quite accurate in a number of key points.

Anyway… will be back in 10 hours or so.

1b7d32a2 No.3677118

File: 1669006197341.jpg (47.48 KB, 716x482, 3b782a763acb.jpg)

Hundreds of crazy conservatives DID go to the capitol building and try to kill people.

Conservatives call them patriots.
Once again, reality proves you wrong.
Conservatives fucking LOVE terrorism.
They get horny for the next mass shooting or attempt to murder someone they don't approve of.

If you had any balls you'd be out there doing it yourself right now but you're a coward like most cry-baby conservatives.

42793802 No.3677124

File: 1669008375530.jpg (343.65 KB, 1289x899, they_only_care_about_thems….jpg)

Look up the concept of "Reprisals" in the international rules/laws of war.

January 6th was a justified reprisal for the riots of 2020.

It was absolutely justified.

1b7d32a2 No.3677125

File: 1669014168329.jpg (50.34 KB, 999x247, Terrorists-again-and-again.jpg)

The Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooter is reportedly the grandson of MAGA Republican representative Randy Voepel, who supported the January 6 insurrection and compared it to the Revolutionary War.


1b7d32a2 No.3677126

One thing had nothing to do with the other. You didn't try to kill Antifa. You tried to capitol police officers and stop the certification of an election you didn't like the outcome of.

You threw a tantrum and you got spanked for it. You'll get worse next time.

b9fd21f3 No.3677128

FMA has nothing to do with my world view, amigo. I recommended it for your entertainment. It's far from a favourite of mine. It is good, though. I personally don't like many of the protagonists besides Greed

So you are enjoying the show so far?

b9fd21f3 No.3677129

I just don't want to communicate with or be part of the west past a certain point. English sounds like a bunch of angry snakes hissing and it's always about jewish shit, hating jews or parroting their propaganda, etc. You do know Rudolf Steiner is like inspiration number 1 for Kastrup right? They say the same shit yet here you are parroting more jewish deconstruction nonsense from the school of idealism

I just want to live in peace, honestly. I like to fight but that's just a fun activity. I've never hurt anyone I haven't had to, and I'd rather not bother. Being in the west forces you to, whatever lies you tell me, so I'm going to leave it

b9fd21f3 No.3677130

Creativity is such a big part of life in asia that japan was like the only place to react to AI art as if it was horrifying and want it banned, whereas all the westerners here are happy with it. I personally like to create stories, I do not want them written automatically

b9fd21f3 No.3677131

If you want a hero with more struggles reflective of my situation, remember actual writing without khazar influence tends to be honest rather than peddling degenerate shit as good, so you won't get a happy story out of protagonists like that. Thorfinn from Vinland Saga maybe but that story is insanely dark despite being a great european historical epic and I think his fate is actually brighter than mine in the end

There's Arya or Hound from GoT but I'm not really as cool as the latter and that's a western story so it reads like someone forcing unnatural messages about peace where they don't belong. In reality ASOIAF/GoT would have ended through Dany conquering everything ages ago without GRRM's fake anti war agenda that makes him take ages writing to make it fit in and maybe then Arya would have suffered less

If you're cool with gothic fantasy there's D Gray Man, the protagonist is like a slightly shyer version of me and I think his worldview is similar to mine. The difference is that he allows his suffering to make him into a kinder and stronger person whereas I'm a coward and run away

You're assuming agendas when the japanese don't write like that, lol. Do you want to know how they write characters? They make a big profile sheet complete with a character's past, likes, dislikes, dreams, ideals, etc, then just let the character get on with it. They don't push a message

I recommend One Piece if you make sure to use a filler guide and skip non canon episodes if you want something a lot happier and adventurous and upbeat. My relationship with that is less distant and antiquated than FMA so I'm actually not going to jebait you with a greek tragedy that's over your head this time I think. It's comical too.

The characters in that do not guide my actions but I will say the few times I've been brave enough to live my life like Luffy I've had a really really fun time. He's realistic with his flaws but not achievable for most and that's kind of fine

b9fd21f3 No.3677132

if anything the only thing I'm tired of in storytelling is seeing the jews be the villain every time, god do yamato damashi hate them. They might not talk about them but every time it's a shadowy ethnically homogenous organization that wants to push subtle propaganda on everyone

But that's the thing, if I gave you unrealistic superhero characters like Bolt (the ideal that this works out all the time irl) ur gonna feel ur view is validated, if I give u a messy and real dude u'll assume it's satanic or demoralizing. There's no winning since you're literally insane like 3B

I mean Greek culture existed, have you read the Iliad, it had a lot of tragedy and drama there too. You can't really have any type of show or theater/novel without making drama because it's not a videogame, you don't have first hand agency. The fun comes from seeing characters being put in hard situations and overcoming them

Like when you read OP you're going to think "wait Luffy is kind of a super hero" then when it shows other people have taken his road and failed but the difference is that Luffy gets up again you'll be like "wait this is demoralizing because they failed" then when Luffy actually does fail too like 10 years of content into the story and you see him despair for a moment and showing he could have been like any of the others who gave up, you'll be like "this is depressing and contributing to their low birth rates"

I'm talking to you about it because this is everyone on the right/left in the west. At least I'm schizo posting. The rest of you are insaaaane

b9fd21f3 No.3677133

tl;dr I don't live my life based on fiction, it's just fuckin entertainment.

you can learn some things from characters but not much. Maybe when they're flawed like Edward is and still keep fighting to mend their mistakes and things work out alright - with caveats - that's a good message, since it tells you not to give up making things right even if you've sinned

But I mean

It's not real at the end of the day, and nor is the bible…

42793802 No.3677134

File: 1669017910349.jpg (47.98 KB, 850x400, victory_or_death.jpg)

Antifa is the paramilitary wing of the democrat party.

"We" walked right past the dog, and slapped it's master across the face.

b9fd21f3 No.3677135

Whites have more geniuses on average but the average is lower and that actually accounts for more of our troubles than you think. Too much diversity of behaviour, temperament and genetics leads to a stagnation in the amount of things you can express creatively and how safe your society actually will be

more bs. I wish you actually did that. The left is lying you actually caused any real damage and now in your final cope, you're pretending you did and going along with it too. Ridiculous. Ashley Babbitt should have shot AOC, then I'd mourn her

If it wasn't for the jewdustrial revolution China would have been fine in the long term too

b9fd21f3 No.3677136

muh insurrection

more like both sides are concern trolling to the point we go full on shaman and act like dog and try to work out the fractals beneath reality because that's a better use of the time we have than actually finding a solution to it

none of this shit means anything and you know it

b9fd21f3 No.3677137

I guess the culture war really is over tbh. I think the signal for me was hearing brainanon's take on the world overheating and going to shit at the end of the century, anywhere south of italy.

Everyone made it about ethnicity from the beginning when really even the most racist countries wouldn't be stupid enough to make that their creed when addressing things. No one fought. Everyone had their own safety, their own bank, their own tomorrow at heart. That's all Dog is thinking of when he says don't fight

Well guess what, it's too late for fighting to work now either, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677138

do u remember metokur, any of you fuckin remember his internet aristocrat days. He said this shit too in his last address to Gamergate

b9fd21f3 No.3677139

'all you had to do was keep attacking until they made a stupid mistake, but nooo, you had to play it clean'

the right = people trying to play fair with blatant murderers

b9fd21f3 No.3677140

I think Sophistry-san posted a pic of a vending machine in the countryside undisturbed and fully functional in the dead of night, and mentioned how this would NEVER fly in the US

b9fd21f3 No.3677141

@dog that's the kind of society I want to live in and I will do it


b9fd21f3 No.3677143

they didn't throw a tantrum. Trump is an opportunist leading a cult and told his cultists to come hang out at the capitol building. The reason it didn't result in tens of people dead and millions in damage is that it actually wasn't a riot or insurrection, though Trump did dogwhistle that he wanted one… Or is just so fucking stupid he didn't realize it'd be taken that way

idc which

The right cannot even throw tantrums. Look at Dog here, he's saying I'm accurate about shit when I don't think he's accurate about anything and I'm being an absolute tyrant to him. I actually kind of hate myself for it, holy shit.

The right aren't going to lose because they couldn't just put you against a wall and shoot you en masse, it's because they are terrified little pussies

Why else would a brain damaged girlbrain like you get off of beating on them? There's no one else lower than you so you get your fix here

b9fd21f3 No.3677145

@dog if i go for good enjoy the furshit shows and some good ole action if you can get past fma's bullshit or take to one piece. idk man. I feel bad for trolling you. But I think I am resigning from politics for good now. I did want your anime review thread but you're going to watch slow aren't you, and we're probably both busy

try to head brainanon's warnings when he comes in here with the research and don't get caught up in shit, granted you are so goddamn paranoid and if you had that IQ back then I don't see you letting a fucking fly through the window so I guess you'll live

fuck, i might try to leave more recs sometime.

b9fd21f3 No.3677146

And by sometime probably now since I'm not gonna use this dirt board after a point soon

for furshit:

Odd Taxi
Brand New Animal

I think you'll like BNA but I'm not going to pretend Trigger ISN'T the single khazar influenced anime studio (if only because they are huge westaboos and copy everything from cartooning techniques to some of our fucked up ideas about gender, but it mostly is absent from BNA)

Ginga Densetsu Weed is mid but it seems like something you'd like due to dogworld and it isn't really bad or anything, I don't know if the anime adapts the manga well so you might want to research that

A big thing is that this medium is fetishistic, you'll get something for everyone and at least a handful of shows.

Arashi no Yoru Ni? I think is a famous folk tale there that got adapted into a furshit film

The first three I rec'd here are the best written though

One Piece has a lot of furshit later on

there are just too many series to rec. idk where to start. i guess many would recommend a classic like Legend of the Galactic Heroes for being so politically relevant today but even then the writer isn't god so you're still going to get awkward takes

Spice & Wolf if you like economics. Made in Abyss if you want a horror series if it was written by Dan

Did you want MY favourites? fuck, you'd have to go into manga territory for some (read right to left), like Kingdom or Kinnikuman. Some have less appalling animes, like Kengan Ashura and How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift. You'll be tragically disappointed by how simple my mind is

If you want comedy and funny hijinks?

Overly Cautious Hero
Mahoujin Guruguru (the recent one is best)
Isekai Ojisan (if you're not a gamer a lot of jokes will go over your head)

if you want generic hero saves world with sword there's Dragon Quest Dai which recently finished airing a new adaptation

if you want something most people really love that I've grown to think is rather mid, there's Hunter X Hunter

And yeah do check out Mob Psycho 100, I think that one's really wholesome since it's about a really powerful kid who tries to not use his powers and wants to improve his physical fitness and meet friends instead, while still being dragged into a world of psychic battles despite that. It's a very cute character drama


see here

b9fd21f3 No.3677147

that's probably a good clip to illustrate how wholesome the series is. They seem like such brutes but they care about physically wimpy little Kageyama a lot

b9fd21f3 No.3677148

anyway this right wing shit is over

holy fuck

we had so many chances since it started in 2014 too

b9fd21f3 No.3677149

"He's a gentleman who dislikes violence, do not involve him in this" them referring to Kageyama who beat the blonde dude with his psychic powers, lol. Those meatheads are the best

b9fd21f3 No.3677150

anyway, stay alive you mutt. That's not easy with monsters like me around so watch your back. Peace

b9fd21f3 No.3677151

b9fd21f3 No.3677152

b9fd21f3 No.3677153

yeah actually i highly recommend this vid, and the show too

27d0824a No.3677154

File: 1669021476420.jpg (93.15 KB, 800x987, trump-jan-6.jpg)


It’s kind of hard to lead an “insurrection” when you are telling everyone to “remain peaceful,” and to “support Capitol Police,” and to “stay peaceful.”

Two days ago Elon Musk reinstated President Trump’s Twitter account.

And since his account was taken down on January 8, 2021, his tweets from that week were the last messages he posted on Twitter before the left silenced him.

And look at what popped up!

President Trump called for protesters to remain peaceful and to stay peaceful.

Trump even asked the protesters to “support Capitol police” after they fired gas cannisters, rubber bullets, and mace at the crowds without warning.

The Biden regime is currently running a special counsel on Trump for leading an insurrection. All of the evidence they have is manipulated, incomplete, or outright lies.

With Republicans in control of the house again and Trump extremely likely to take office again in 2024, let’s pray the real perpetrators are someday caught and punished for planning and instigating the attacks on January 6th.
It's no secret who they are,

b9fd21f3 No.3677155

we all knew this, none of them cared anyway

ddba866e No.3677156

File: 1669022353329.jpg (15.45 KB, 460x457, food for thought.jpg)

1b7d32a2 No.3677157

File: 1669025626257.png (171.46 KB, 892x430, Coldplay__.png)

>I just want to live in peace while getting to be a dick to everyone I want and cheering hate crimes! Why won't the woke mob just let me be a Nazi supporter without making it such a big deal?!

1b7d32a2 No.3677158

Telling your rioters to be lawfully and calmly break into the capital and stop the election so you can stay in power is still an insurrection.

These things aren't graded by how polite they are being when they are breaking the law, just that they are breaking the law.

b9fd21f3 No.3677159

It isn't a big deal, most of it's a fucking joke. Idk. Sometimes outrageous shit is funny to say, I'm from a culture of dark humour

b9fd21f3 No.3677160

I have threatened to rape a 6 ft guy ten years my elder because it was funny to me and he wouldn't shut up and kept going on and on and on and everyone else was getting annoyed. It's mostly just joking. So yeah, I should get to cheer on hate crimes because they're words and mean jackshit and everyone knew that in 2001

b9fd21f3 No.3677161

You do know hate crimes don't exist in the US legislature, right…

ce994434 No.3677162

pretty sure you reek of 3b but with a anime-otaku stench

28cc7bdb No.3677163

File: 1669029975700.png (495.56 KB, 1665x817, clubshootouthatecrime.png)

SF drag queen and activist decries hate that fueled LBGTQ nightclub shooting in Colorado

"All ages drag show"? Welp, you play with fire….

b9fd21f3 No.3677164

File: 1669030554451.jpg (202.35 KB, 1200x800, 9797a2d2ea8b79dd4588aa2664….jpg)

b9fd21f3 No.3677166

besides, the N­­­­­­­I­­­­­­­G­­­­­G­E­­R asked for anime recs, did you want me to recommend him The Shining or Dune?

b9fd21f3 No.3677169

i reek of murder and schizophrenia tbh


1b7d32a2 No.3677170

File: 1669031045599.jpg (33.44 KB, 719x329, 3930ce4478bc.jpg)

>It's not a big deal, it was just a joke, I don't REALLY support Nazis and hate crimes.

Then you can stop, right?
You can choose to stop any time you want. But you don't, do you? Until you do, we'll keep calling you on on it.

You could end your suffering at any time. All you have to do is stop being an asshole.

1b7d32a2 No.3677171

Weavile is like a pizza cutter, all edge and no point.

b9fd21f3 No.3677172

>Then you can stop, right?

Why should I?

b9fd21f3 No.3677173

>stop joking around while not hurting anyone or else we'll oppress you

or I can go to some part of the world that doesn't have wealthy elites that enable your idiocy while, as brain anon pointed out, you all burn to death south of italy towards the end of the century

b9fd21f3 No.3677174

your wealthy elites aren't going to renew or preserve shit because their real goal is to use it as a stepping stone towards your serfdom, lol. Just because they can and say they will do it and understand how, does not mean they will.

b9fd21f3 No.3677175

File: 1669031753580.jpg (136.88 KB, 600x600, detroit.jpg)

They can sound just like you and say they know it's the right thing to do and give off all of the right reasons, and still just not do it. A fundamental fact of life you forgot in your perjury of jokes, that people often don't mean what they say for a lot of reasons. While you play scrabble with people's lives on the line, they'll make you eat cake, or they would a century ago. This time you'll just have bugs, the cake is theirs

b9fd21f3 No.3677176

So you're saying I do my job and understand my purpose? The point of a pc is that it doesn't have a point, that's why it can cut.

I heartily agree, my job is to destroy cheese pizza

1b7d32a2 No.3677178

>Why should I (stop being an asshole)

Because you're obviously unhappy. You are picking fights with strangers according to your own words. You would be happier and safer if you stopped being a dick and learned to get along with people instead of trying to make everyone your enemy.

1b7d32a2 No.3677179

In addition to you being happier, it would make you family, friends, and everyone who is forced to be around you happier.

Assuming you haven't already driven everyone who ever tried to care for you away.

b9fd21f3 No.3677180

I have more of those than you do because I have more foundational talent than you. You don't have to believe me and I don't care if you don't

b9fd21f3 No.3677181

I'm here as a victory lap and bc I don't care. My win condition = fulfilled, it took about eight years but I'm basically there. Have you achieved a single dream you have? And why not? Unless it's a really pathetic one, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677182

ur sitting here fighting shadows on the wall, u dont even know what kind of person i actually am since im just trolling here. I could be commie as shit for all you know

b9fd21f3 No.3677183

safer = for cucks

b9fd21f3 No.3677184

you're like steam, you don't know what the fuck a man is and you haven't been in a real fight. Yeah yeah, make things easier and safer, pick the right opponents. Absolutely worthless

b9fd21f3 No.3677185

"I'm so disappointed, so very disappointed. Sadly, your sword exhibits only fear. When you counter, it's because you fear being killed. When you attack, you fear killing. And when you protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks is sensless fright, and that's not good. What you don't need in battle is fear. Nothing will come of it. When you counter, you don't let them cut you. When you protect someone, you don't let them die. And when you attack, you kill."

b9fd21f3 No.3677187

I would be happier in a place where people like you don't exist or are oppressed into irrelevance, and that's easy enough.

28cc7bdb No.3677188

File: 1669033372544-0.jpg (143.8 KB, 828x1652, dQqIahw.jpg)

File: 1669033372544-1.jpg (156.37 KB, 828x1327, OzHQoah.jpg)

File: 1669033372544-2.jpg (113.97 KB, 828x1367, Blj1Zgw.jpg)

File: 1669033372544-3.jpg (143.84 KB, 828x950, 122UT5C.jpg)

File: 1669033372544-4.jpg (126.11 KB, 828x1087, w0MUBWb.jpg)

Something Needs To Change

b9fd21f3 No.3677189

File: 1669033399828.gif (1.09 MB, 498x498, cheers-wink.gif)

the only thing people like you or trannies could have gotten me is the chance to slowly put you out of your misery with as much suffering as possible entailed, and that's not happening because west right wing = cucks like dog who don't fight

i want nothing else out of you. not your advice, not your companionship, not your arguments. ergo i leave

b9fd21f3 No.3677190

i agree he is blindly pro gun, because if he had his eyes he'd hit his fucking targets

b9fd21f3 No.3677191

1b7d32a2 No.3677192

File: 1669033700890.jpg (272.37 KB, 1059x1500, 94de4ed29a728bbf6173265841….jpg)

>Have you achieved a single dream?

Several of them. But we're not talking about me, we're talking about you. I know you are flawed and broken, basically human trash but I'm curious why you are so weak, and pathetic that you can't man up and be an adult? Why are you so afraid to get help and become a better person? Why don't you think you deserve to be happy? Why don't you deserve to be loved? Why do you keep punishing yourself?

I think you could be a decent person if you tried. You seem fairly intelligent when you're not having a psychotic episode.

Some therapy, some nice anti-depressants, I think you could be a much happier person, if you had the balls to try, but you don't and you never will, will you?

b9fd21f3 No.3677193

>you seem fairly intelligent

thx, you don't seem bright at all though

b9fd21f3 No.3677194

god, what is it with people on this site just saying they're dumber than me and expecting me to take their advice

b9fd21f3 No.3677195


b9fd21f3 No.3677196


You can't say I'm weak and then say I'm decently intelligent. Intelligence is agency is power in this world. Just because your IQ is so low - or in Dog's case he's just not creative enough - you can't dismantle possibilities and rearrange them into social or fighting strategy, this does not mean that the brain is not the strongest weapon a human has. By far. Objectively. End of story, hands down

b9fd21f3 No.3677197

There's legit a BJJ coach who got to brown belt level with no athletic background just examining things with video study and trying them and thinking outside of the box. You need a certain amount of brain to do things like that, but boy have I shown I have it

The brain IS power, a weakling like you should note the next time you go for something and you get totally blindsided by someone way ahead of you

b9fd21f3 No.3677198

>torturing myself

no i love schizoposting

b9fd21f3 No.3677200

like i say im just trolling and u give me a text awll taking me seriously its great lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677201

also shows how shit ur character is too, you actually believe I'm serious here with all my threats and take nazi jokes serious, and yet despite that you think only intelligence is between me and being a 'decent person' iyo lol

what, I hope you don't think you have any real friends or family if that's the standard you apply to them, they must all just be monsters dressed up as sheep

1b7d32a2 No.3677202

File: 1669034608283.jpg (335.06 KB, 930x458, d4c7400180d6.jpg)

You're also quite the prolific typist.
That's was a lot to write and post in three separate posts in under 31 seconds.

Clearly you could be a valuable member of society if you'd just let go of your childish ways and get the help you need.

I guess you would rather be a loser on your own terms than actually try and accomplish anything that might result in failure.

b9fd21f3 No.3677203

again >>3677201

if you truly think this bullshit about me and want me to reform, you are an even bigger piece of trash than I thought. Your family will literally be the sort of people to eat each other's flesh when the equator starts burninating

1b7d32a2 No.3677204

You have a lot of potential and you are wasting it. That makes you weak and what's worse, it proves right every thing every shitty person has ever said about you. All because you're too afraid to get the help you need from a professional.


b9fd21f3 No.3677205

I guess the brain damage you have means you'll just settle for whoever you can get though, huh? lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677207

who r u mein bratjha

1b7d32a2 No.3677208

If you don't want me in your life there is an easy way to make that happen. Stop coming here. You're the one who is lining up for the abuse every day.

b9fd21f3 No.3677209

>guy literally wants to kill you
>you're too retarded to realize he's joking, and so retarded you think that means he should get professional help
>you want this person who you think is absolutely evil to get on with you

is this the neggroid acceptance gene in work? i bet i could rape a family member of yours and you'll be like I WAS THE ONE TO BLAME THO OMG SORRY

b9fd21f3 No.3677210

yes, let's just dumpster and kill the motherfucker

b9fd21f3 No.3677211

yo 3b if ur so willing to let bygones be bygones and rehabilitate me so to speak, then doesn't that count as a tacit admission that I should be allowed to joke about niggs and get away with it? Since it clearly isn't enough to actually impact your opinion of me apparently

1b7d32a2 No.3677212

No, you couldn't rape anyone in my family. We would all kick your flabby white ass up and down the street. That's why you need guns. You're too weak to win a honest fight.

b9fd21f3 No.3677213

you literally ignored the entire post LOL, what, because I'M RIGHT?

b9fd21f3 No.3677214

i take off my robe and wizardsd hst

1b7d32a2 No.3677215

File: 1669035262086.jpg (40.77 KB, 724x352, f4a9562b1dc8.jpg)

Rehabilitation is like salvation under the blood of Christ, if you don't stop being an asshole, it doesn't count and you still catch hell.

You would have to stop being an asshole and we all know you can't do that. Look at how mad you are right now.

I mean, you are fucking FURIOUS putting out a post every few seconds. You are such a fragile little snowflake! It's adorable!

b9fd21f3 No.3677216

ur so fucking retarded i bet i could actually kill you by smothering you with this gut you keep talking about, just get into top control and hug your guts out and watch as your 12 IQ can't figure out a counter

b9fd21f3 No.3677217

you'd be so flat and there'd be nothing but murmurs and on halloween ur family wouldnt do shit to help cause they'd assume it's just a ghost because of all the white balloon smothering and the sound

b9fd21f3 No.3677218

the worst part is that im probably talented enough to do that pretty well at this point, unless you're mad in shape and like 6 ft and even then you suck so much i could probably pull it off. like literally gay furfag snu snu death. u wouldnt even notice the difference tbh until ur dead

b9fd21f3 No.3677219

ur brain has no fucking oxygen in it anyway

1b7d32a2 No.3677220

File: 1669035462530.jpeg (101.62 KB, 1200x632, 1_wSFGoK4fBCe9MaZn5Kw1nQ.jpeg)

Look, I don't body shame but I'm not into fat guys with small dicks.

Oh, wait, I guess I was wrong, I do body shame!

b9fd21f3 No.3677221

8.5" last i measured, do you want me to kill you by smothering you with dick instead?

b9fd21f3 No.3677222

HAHAHA he thinks im a fragile snowlfake ompare to him LOL

b9fd21f3 No.3677223


b9fd21f3 No.3677225

i wouldnt even rape you

24b6d4c4 No.3677227

File: 1669045539267.jpg (754.94 KB, 2048x1366, Meaning.jpg)

I've only watched the first two episodes so far, and enjoyed them. To be honest, it surprised me just how much effort I put into assuming the worst, huh. Interesting.
BTW I'm my own worst tyrant these days, you can't even tickle me.
Also, there are definitely relatable characters, and I can see the structures of your synopsis in place and unfolding.

So far I want to watch the whole series, but will make it to episode five before deciding and critiquing.
Will go through them fairly quickly and start leaving reviews, too.
Been working on my own story for a few years, maybe it'll be good inspiration. Spoiler: The main characters are all cute dogs. :3

b9fd21f3 No.3677228


ugh, this is fucking hype. 3b btfo, steinerism/kastrupism btfo, jews btfo

b9fd21f3 No.3677229

writing is cool, by all means keep at it

id say what mine is about but i have a fanbase although it's young, i aint doxing myself

my problem is that the world structure is very fleshed out, so like - 1/2

b9fd21f3 No.3677231

File: 1669046875349.png (586.2 KB, 932x752, muvluvisayama.png)

2/2 - i have hell writing non character moments. i wanted a story with a 'cold' structure, not a warm one, but I'm too warm as a person so I'm only really astute at developing my cast rather than giving real form to my world. That isn't to say the world isn't full of wonder or cool, but I wanted something very very clinical

FMA strikes a really natural balance, Arakawa is like the japanese JK Rowling. Girls that know how to write write like that. My balance a thing I can do but as I said, I wanted something deeper

I guess I'll keep working at it

b9fd21f3 No.3677232

pic related, it's aot's author having my problem too

fe2a08b1 No.3677237

File: 1669048093667.jpg (45.55 KB, 640x480, elon-musk-twitter-7-getty-….jpg)

According to a recent report, Twitter owner Elon Musk is considering laying off even more of Twitter’s workforce, this time focusing on the company’s sales and partnerships division.

Bloomberg reports that employees in the sales and partnership division of Twitter may be terminated as soon as early this week, according to people familiar with the matter.

However, according to sources, more employees in technical roles than expected opted to leave, compared to those in sales, partnerships, and similar positions. On Friday, Musk asked leaders in these divisions to agree to fire more employees.

Robin Wheeler, who oversaw marketing and sales, refused to do so, as did Maggie Suniewick who ran partnerships. Both were fired as a result of their refusal to lay off more employees.

b9fd21f3 No.3677240



3b btfo

24b6d4c4 No.3677241

Well, might as well admit this: I've created my story's universe and characters back in my teenage years, as a way to express myself and deal with realising that there are some very real and serious IRL problems that'll need dealing with. Nothing spectacular so far, as that's what teenagers often do.
It's just that the story I created back then, was pretty much exactly what you said earlier regarding your recs, for example: "it's why he's just a normal likeable dude who makes a lot of mistakes and isn't the sole savior of the world and has to be part of something bigger to overthrow the xxx". (In my case, it was the "cronies/crooks", as I simply didn't know much about "jews" back then.)

The "problem" was that because I had based large portions of the characters on real life experiences and people/animals, I had begun to grow very fond of them (despite putting some of them through hell in the story, even killing some off).
When actual real-life turned out far worse than even in the realistic and relatable way like in my story, I started losing confidence to continue or complete it. In a way, only that was when part of myself started atrophying.
I've added to the story every now and again, but my additions never felt as genuine as the original beginnings. I've read some of my old scribbles, and was dumbstruck by how "deep" and rational I was still back then.
That's why I've become so "hostile" towards many stories like it now. Amongst other things, they're a ghastly reminder of my own failures, (despite also having had victories.)

24b6d4c4 No.3677242

File: 1669050869024.jpg (210.95 KB, 758x767, Big_Thinker.jpg)

My main character saw the warmth and beauty in his world that's actually beautiful, but with a seamy underbelly/controllers/tyrants, however he only saw what he wanted to - and was able to deal with - seeing, therefore living a type of unreal half-life, out of sync with tangible matter/action and passing it by.

Whenever I had trouble imagining the world, I imagined it through the eyes/mind of my main character, and was then able to flesh out certain sides/extremes of this world - that what he was seeing/noticing, that what he was feeling, and that what he was not seeing/noticing as a result of his (schismed) feelings. I created the world's coldness as the final step, by imagining the very things that he was not seeing/noticing, because his mind wouldn't let him see/notice them.

Extremely tired now, and will make more sense later. Perhaps, I'm finally ready to continue in earnest now. :3

(Pic probably unrelated.)

b9fd21f3 No.3677244

>Whenever I had trouble imagining the world, I imagined it through the eyes/mind of my main character, and was then able to flesh out certain sides/extremes of this world - that what he was seeing/noticing, that what he was feeling, and that what he was not seeing/noticing as a result of his (schismed) feelings. I created the world's coldness as the final step, by imagining the very things that he was not seeing/noticing, because his mind wouldn't let him see/notice them.

that's pretty good as a premise

mos tpeople do honestly have self inserts for mcs even if they don't want to admit they do, lol, even Guts is a self insert of Miura imho

b9fd21f3 No.3677249

this is like the most intelligent thing you've written. your problem clearly isn't brain power but rather that you're purposefully training yourself the wrong way, lol

you were more skeptical back in the day I imagine

b9fd21f3 No.3677251

tbh i can see why it happened like that though, im fed up of stupid people too

u still considering doing ur imageboard btw???

20757b3d No.3677252

File: 1669055116628.jpg (41.37 KB, 635x409, can i bulls.JPG)


>Calling everyone else a Nazi while acting like a Nazi and supporting others acting like Nazis…

You have no grasp of the concept of irony, do you?

20757b3d No.3677254

File: 1669055392150.jpg (25.55 KB, 474x355, th-1098524810.jpg)

>The left does not kill children….

…blocks your path….

20757b3d No.3677255


This poster is telling lies…..

b9fd21f3 No.3677256

ur quote fucked up, what post was that

b9fd21f3 No.3677261

we should tox again sometime soon about stuff since we're on more even terms nowadays

1b7d32a2 No.3677279

File: 1669064208440.jpg (72.94 KB, 1029x644, bad-quarter.jpg)

Yeah, he's doing a wonderful job of destroying the company which is why people are fleeing Twitter for other platforms.

He's also destroying his other companies which isn't good because the stock in those companies was how he planned on paying the billion dollars a year in interest.

Tesla is on track to lose 25% of it's stock value since Elon took over Twitter at the end of October.

1b7d32a2 No.3677281

People who vote democrat sometimes do bad things but they don't do bad things because they are Democrats. There aren't people running around shooting up schools in the name of ending climate change or getting universal healthcare.

Conservatives DO shoot up schools and try to bomb children's hospitals because they are part of the right-wing bigot cult.

20757b3d No.3677284


Apparently, it was deleted.

20757b3d No.3677285

File: 1669066732115.jpg (38.64 KB, 400x458, 1669062361190946.jpg)

Alright, blacks….its time for ALL of you to apologize…..NOW!

1b7d32a2 No.3677287

File: 1669067754858.jpg (60.5 KB, 573x574, 071805101bee.jpg)


1b7d32a2 No.3677290

File: 1669068016893.jpg (63.45 KB, 663x674, 029a0f4e4f3c.jpg)

Watching the two biggest LOSERS in modern America rip each other apart is so much fun! Can't wait to see Elon working to get Trump destroyed in the Republican primary! Maybe he'll run himself?! Wouldn't that make for great TV?

fe2a08b1 No.3677292

Xuxhxudu kvicifid ududjx

fe2a08b1 No.3677293

Igkfkfkf JD up itkckfkch

fe2a08b1 No.3677294

Elon was born in South Africa, making him ineligible.
However, being born in Africa didn't stop the Kenyan.

1b7d32a2 No.3677295

File: 1669068686244-0.jpg (16.41 KB, 718x230, d46e387b8712.jpg)

File: 1669068686245-1.jpg (22.01 KB, 717x323, a557b314ca77.jpg)

HAHAHAHA! Twitter is burning and the corporate brands are having fun with it.

20757b3d No.3677297

File: 1669069346699-0.jpg (135.02 KB, 845x1024, black reparations to white….jpg)

File: 1669069346699-1.png (94.36 KB, 789x909, quote scott adams twitter ….png)

File: 1669069346699-2.jpg (291.05 KB, 1000x649, negro white reparations.jpg)

File: 1669069346699-3.jpg (103.78 KB, 1080x909, blackowesreparations.jpg)

File: 1669069346699-4.png (60.97 KB, 1024x341, youcanttakecreditforyouran….png)


Time to start paying reparations, blacks….without Whites, you would still be in Africa squatting in mud eating your neighbors.

1b7d32a2 No.3677298

He can't get the job but there is nothing stopping him from running against Trump to make him mad. He can even win more votes in the Republican Primary than Trump to own him forever. It would be epic trolling.

1b7d32a2 No.3677301

File: 1669069842484-0.jpg (137.45 KB, 1280x720, FO4rjFPWYAAS5J6.jpg)

The only people talking about reparations for slavery are racists like you. Let it go.

This is like the "War on Christmas" you keep acting like it's happening but you're never going to make it a thing.

b9fd21f3 No.3677303

1b7d32a2 No.3677305

File: 1669073689466-0.jpg (211.43 KB, 2048x1365, 21nat-colorado-hero.jpg)

File: 1669073689466-1.jpg (145.17 KB, 822x751, 03e1cf5ea346.jpg)

The guy who beat the shit out of the MAGAt that shot up ClubQ gave an interview and he is every bit the hero you would expect of someone who stopped a mass shooting. Retired soldier, father, and patriot.

Unlike the Republican who murdered 5 Americans.

1b7d32a2 No.3677306

File: 1669073943601-0.jpg (59.34 KB, 792x382, 15d23da7ee4c.jpg)

Hopefully the MAGAt will go to prison and someone inside will be able to deprogram him.

feffb111 No.3677308

>Tesla is on track to lose 25% of it's stock value since Elon took over Twitter at the end of October.

I don't know if you noticed, but the stock market is a blood bath currently, has been for most of the year. I think it may account for a tiny little bit of Tesla going down maybe ?

0d2e274c No.3677310

jhgifgyibj lklguikyh ljkghk yifvh

20757b3d No.3677314

File: 1669082328728.gif (1.49 MB, 720x540, reply laughing ZORAK.gif)

>Retired soldier, father, and patriot…
>Degenerate that takes his wife and daughter to watch a drag show…

20757b3d No.3677315

File: 1669082432859.png (286.85 KB, 859x1004, 1669062172018072.png)

>racists like you

"Racism exists because people live next to blacks. Racism is learned by exposure. Every time someone tried to rob someone it was a black, every time someone tried to jump someone it was a black, every time so9meone tried to sell drugs it was a black. Blacks are violent and dangerous and have no shame or empathy. They are best avoided at all costs." - Anonymous

28cc7bdb No.3677318

File: 1669085395799.png (453.81 KB, 800x600, whermiesonmeth.png)

WW2 German Super Soldiers High on Meth

24b6d4c4 No.3677320

File: 1669086444121.jpg (1.19 MB, 2250x3000, Big_Club_Puppets.jpg)

Yes, and building worlds more or less only through the eyes and minds of my characters (treating the eye/mind as separate components), helped me fill in the gaps of the world - something that I didn't know much about anyway, as a teen.

Eeyup, but instead of skepticism, I think it was more of a "perceptiveness" about people (which most non-NPC young people and animals actually have naturally, but end up getting crushed during growing up) that I later started stunting because I didn't want to keep learning horrible things.

Earning more money needs to be my main focus (#Notjewish) right now, because I still haven't stocked up and prepared enough to survive the prison system that's almost complete here in Ausjailia. (Your country has its own problems too.) It's very tempting nonetheless though.
Will make time for a real chat this weekend if you're interested.

Tesla stock, along with Musk is mostly fake, and artificially propped up.
Had it started sinking on its own, it would have very broadly damaged the illusion the fake-elite were building about their power. At least now, there's an "excuse" to point to and the goyim to fight over, which isolates the other fake-elites in "the club" from the same lack of confidence, and helps save face on the electric-car lie that's being forced upon the population, and starting to get shaky.

54f3ac98 No.3677328

File: 1669101667068.jpg (114.38 KB, 1164x1141, ExiUYVmWgAIBAzz.jpg)

Pic is you mocking a 2x Bronze Star veteran who single-handedly beat the ass of a 300 lbs incel like yourself wielding an automatic rifle and a pistol. Dude also has a family, while you sit on a furry child porn board jerking off over your wasted life.

ce994434 No.3677330

It doesn't matter. Everything is a close knit circle of operatives who practically organize this kind of shit just like Sandy Hook. You can't convince me otherwise after this kind of bullshit just seems so casual and not at all a publicity stunt just like every fabricated piece of media on circuit television because no one is a paid actor if the ratings say so.

"Let's organize this bullshit and dupe the public" and you can't say that's their exact motto where news won't fall into their hands they -need- this and desperately plot for it. They did it.

b9fd21f3 No.3677331

>Yes, and building worlds more or less only through the eyes and minds of my characters (treating the eye/mind as separate components), helped me fill in the gaps of the world - something that I didn't know much about anyway, as a teen.

i fucking love the magic system in my setting btw. it's so cool. it's like stands but with one really unique addition that changes everything

every time i got worried the narrative would cause me to get cancelled or i struggled to proceed, I just thought, 'damn, why haven't any other stories did this with their system yet'

i think alchemy in fma is almost as good and definitely the best magic has been implemented in a shounen narrative but it isn't as versatile and intriguing as what I've came up with imo

b9fd21f3 No.3677332

didnt hear about clubq until today


sorry for proving 3b 'right' but im just happy about that, in this climate? yeah, im so glad some of those religious groomers got capped AHAHAHAAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHA

OOOOHhh this feels good

ce994434 No.3677333

stfu mermaid man ass faggot

b9fd21f3 No.3677334

im so happy

b9fd21f3 No.3677335

i just wish it wasn't a post gun society so he could have used like, a sword, and megalovania would play

b9fd21f3 No.3677336

more people need swordfights to the death tbh

2fa61b54 No.3677340

Standard psychotic loser conservatives, cheering on a mass shooter. Daily reminder all conservatives are now insane psychos like this who need to be on lists.

b9fd21f3 No.3677342

sure whatever


70e53126 No.3677351

Liberal filth must be stomped out wherever it goes.
It is a mental illness and a cancer on the world.

b9fd21f3 No.3677352

why are you false flagging, i want to agree with you so hard

5ea63ba0 No.3677355

>>3677351 see its that "There can be only one" attitude that's the cancer.
And it's why I've turned on liberalism. Because before there was a mutual understanding that we need respect others even if we disagree with them. But now … Liberals have become these foaming as the mouth lunatics drunk on power.

Who are every bit if not worse than the monsters they claim to exist fighting.

94c961f2 No.3677356

File: 1669126233353-0.gif (1.99 MB, 298x280, 1650567833757-0.gif)

File: 1669126233353-1.webm (2.93 MB, 617x480, 1661555463356106.webm)

Speaking as a older furry. I detest the idea of children being at a fur con. This guy is a major creep for taking his family to a drag show. Yeah, I am one of those old school perverts that doesn't like children being involved in adult activities.

103d54ed No.3677357

Kill conservatives at church.

7622daf7 No.3677358

File: 1669127049444.png (129.8 KB, 431x204, 9b171b5168a5c88a.png)

You were never a liberal. You grew up a racist asshole and you'll die a racist asshole. You think you used to be a liberal because society used to be more oppressive so your racist and bigoted views were never challenged for fear of death.

Society has moved left and you refuse to change so you think you are a moving right. You're just an idiot fossil who belongs in the ground with the rest.

b9fd21f3 No.3677362

hi 3b how are you today

24b6d4c4 No.3677370

File: 1669131552728.jpg (104.22 KB, 960x679, Beware_of_Dog.jpg)

So, I've gone past ep 5 and watched 6 too. Will watch whole series now, the show's creators really know how to keep someone curious. Thanks for the persistent efforts, I needed something else (that's good/quality) to focus on for a while.

Forgot about that Nina Tucker thing, my mind clearly repressed it. :( I might never have started watching had I remembered.
So far every "positive" religious reference was either fake/corrupt or consumed with rage and vengeance, so it'll be interesting where that leads.
That eating-monster looks like Sean Piche/Fagoneer, BTW.
I was going to ask you about how a "fake" stone could create anything, but that was answered later. That poor doctor looks like he's in real trouble.
One thing I don't understand is how a teenage girl and a shrunken granny go from standing in a room with a crushed boy who's missing an arm and leg, and then "magically" in the next scene, it's like they're alien-level-tech engineers/surgeons. Maybe I missed something? That'll probably get answered too, I suppose?

As for that Naruto thing - as far as I can remember I've been "against" involving children in any kind of peril as well as instilling in them a desire to "grow up" as though it were a disease that must be conquered. One of the things that always pissed me off about Japanese anime/manga/games is that they always seem to pound that thought into children - the parents never seem to be there, or very far off in the background. There definitely is an agenda there!

24b6d4c4 No.3677371

File: 1669131736530.jpg (90.4 KB, 540x720, Cool_Husky.jpg)

What I couldn't get my head around after first seeing it way back when was the terrible peril such young kids were exposed to so early on, so therefore erased the whole thing from my mind. That's also one of the reasons why I stated that such media is a factor in low adult birth rates, but will save that rant for later.
This increasing "peril/violence" towards kids trend is also something that pisses me off about western kids' media… I could go on for a long time about that subject.

BTW, this climate-alarm is a terrible scam. I've posted several links to videos proving absolutely that the govs have been controlling the weather for at least 50 years, and using them as weapons of war. Parts of Ausjailia are being absolutely destroyed with intentional flooding right now, and a few years earlier, chemicals/metals were sprayed from jets to increase the intensity of the bushfires. This truly is a global war against human and animal life.
Things are starting to get worse over here again, they're gearing up for round 2.
Too tired now, will post some links explaining things re Ausjailia, tyranny, etc.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

9fd42ced No.3677374

File: 1669132050515.jpg (103.38 KB, 602x555, FiLTV0wXEAMs2HQ.jpg)

9fd42ced No.3677376

Gays don't want to have anything to do with kids.

That is why they are gay. Family members and fellow

church members are far more likely to buttfuck your child!

24b6d4c4 No.3677382

Just give up already you pajeet troll moron. Try not to mix up the eating hand with the wiping hand - it causes tummy bugs.

Funny thing, I only just realised how violent my own story is, and yet have been ranting on about violence in other stories, huh. One of the young characters literally watches on helplessly as a family member is clubbed to death, causing his mind to fracture. Perhaps I'd better go back and change that part.
Back then I had no idea about "tropes" either. Lots of work to do still.

Maybe one day we can review each others' stories when they're ready enough. Mine's still scribbled on decades old notebooks and paper scraps, so it'll take a while on my end. Damn this apocalypse messing up my schedule.

fe2a08b1 No.3677397

Trump's second term, relentlessly punking the fake "president" Biden shitshow is going superbly… His third term will be phenomenal.

b9fd21f3 No.3677398

No, religion is a definitive good in FMA, not that it has to be. Scar is a good guy. He has absolutely just reasons for doing what he's doing and it was never his fault for being put in this position

As for kids fighting, that's just the shounen genre. In Naruto it's actually portrayed as a bad thing that the series actually fixed towards the end, but Naruto is written atrociously. Kids dream of having super powers so it just works, there's no agenda. At least, not a jewish one. That's just their culture, don't be a leftist and assume that everything that isn't perfect is just on a staircase dialectic that leads to us all getting along and anything between you and achieving that is a sign of some nefarious corruption.

It is true that japan's ruling class are old and have a specific vision of japan, but they absolutely are in control of their destiny.

As for kids in shounen, it has nothing to do with that. They usually aren't as young as they are in Naruto, unless you're Gohan and have insane DNA and the earth will literally die if you don't fight.

b9fd21f3 No.3677399

Imo the only problem in japan is that if you split up from someone and steal a passport you can abduct a kid even oversees to from japan and the authorities won't take your side, especially if the foreigner is the one who got robbed. But you've seen how the left is. If you fixed that issue, who knows what sort of 'rights' or 'social amendments' would be demanded?

It's a highly individualistic, cultural and religious society that leaves people alone. It's just not your religion so you won't understand it.

As for 'creators', no, all of these are from a comic that's each written AND drawn by one person. Arakawa is the only creator in the story you're reading. She's an ainu farmer who was taught values of hard work and the idea of equivalent exchange growing up, and she puts that into her writing, I wonder if that elucidates you as to why she writes this way

Each creator is in 100% control of the plot, although if they don't sell magazines they get cancelled. There are no real restrictions, although sex might have to get censored.

Kishimoto is the author of Naruto and he's a hack who can't write, but he did grow up next to a military base and had a really angry father so that might be why. Naruto is cool how it is, but the fact all ninja of all ages get put into peril especially kids is something Naruto himself lives through the story to fix

It wasn't a bad story at all although it was animated terribly in the adaptation. It just turned to shit very early on, you're best not watching it

b9fd21f3 No.3677400

And as a kid, I absolutely did want to fight so having kids able to fight in anime/manga enthralled me. I'm sure my own child would feel the same way. I think it's just nature, you're meant to train your child to at least be able to handle themselves, which is part of why stories in Greek mythology and things like DBZ resonate so hard. Get your kid ready to hunt and fight. It's cool

Babying kids is a western phenomenon and purely khazar/christkike influenced, and even then over 100 years ago you were an adult with a mastered trade by 15 in a lot of cases. You were more likely to get mobbed for ABANDONING your underaged girlfriend, lol, not that I agree with that

Kids are pretty smart

b9fd21f3 No.3677401

at any rate, almost every shounen has the protag at at least 17 years old, like Luffy. And his entire personality is him acting like a total baby and retard and he was based on Goku too, AND his birthday was children's day in japan.

So I mean, this is in your head. Ichigo is 15 but he's Spiderman. He doesn't want to fight and the other grim reapers tell him not to do it as he's a human and has no stake in this, but he pushes through for his friends and grows up

Naruto is the only one where the kids are exposed to horrific danger and that's because it's a war economy world with feudal conflict and that's the problem Naruto grows up to end once and for all. Boruto, his son, is fucking spoiled

b9fd21f3 No.3677402

As for Gon and Killua, lol, no comment. I think that world is intentionally pre enlightenment values. The cast of Hunter X Hunter are kind of sociopaths. I wouldn't want to talk to an adult Gon with a perfect upbringing either

It's made clear that their world is a dangerous, screwed up place for everyone and no one has anyone's best interests in mind, barring people with their friends. Killua's a wonderful person, it's amazing he put up with Gon long enough for Gon to learn that lesson

Killua was tortured by his family and made into an assassin and somehow turned out loving and wished to help Gon, who had a great upbringing, not turn into a psychotic fool with way more talent than maturity as they both aged from 12 to 15 over the course of a few years together wandering the world. It's a great story, but it's not meant to tell you how to live life and anyone with a brain - kids have brains!! - will know that watching it

Gon lost his powers in the end, which is great. He should never have been taught Nen

b9fd21f3 No.3677403

File: 1669140865577.jpg (182.01 KB, 640x905, j288gvdktns31.jpg)

forgot pic

b9fd21f3 No.3677404

you have been brain fucked by jews so much you are looking for agendas in everything, it's like an abuse victim with stockholm or flash backs almost. I can sympathize.

It's just not here though. The books are made to grab your attention and sell, and the best way to do that is to not have an agenda and make characters realistic

So when you give a kid superpowers like Gon and put him in realistic situations, it'll go as horribly as you think it would. They even try to pick up exceptions like Asta or Satoshi and sometimes they work because it makes sense they would, but most kids in that situation would be like Gon and so the writing just leads there as a matter of course

Do you know Dragonball? Remember Gohan? He was made to fight, and look how he turned out. He didn't even want to fight in the end! He gave up and went studying, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677405

fe2a08b1 No.3677406

Gays and NiggGays and Nyggers and other mentally handicapped people like 3B need to blame their affliction on someone…. Christians and God are closest at hand….

b9fd21f3 No.3677407

Being forced to grow up and hunt and survive at age 12 would absolutely have changed my life for the better btw. I can only speak for myself but I know it would have, I even grew up a lot whenever tragedy did find me. Kids are not meant to be in an extended adolescence, you end up living with your parents for life

b9fd21f3 No.3677408

I would've been one of the exceptions like Asta or something if given powers and made to train a lot

b9fd21f3 No.3677409

btw, this is gon >>3675224


911c9fcf No.3677410

File: 1669141740093.jpg (70.54 KB, 700x483, news.jpg)


His mom was a reason for how gohan turned out. She was usually cool if everyone died so long as he didn't fight.

b9fd21f3 No.3677411

File: 1669141827726.jpg (77.75 KB, 800x751, HD-wallpaper-sacrifice-ani….jpg)

The unrealistic takes are fine. Kids read them and just want to escape and see a kid like them be a hero, but if you want,
you can watch HxH if you want to see the realistic and nihilistic take on how it would end IRL if you gave the wrong kid powers. It basically agrees with your take, although it takes 150 episodes to show it and builds up to it with hints about his nature throughout


pretty much

I don't think he had the nature to fight, he wasn't like many other protags or even Gon

b9fd21f3 No.3677412

im just glad gon is out of the story for being an annoying abusive prick to his friends, he shoahed his powers

b9fd21f3 No.3677413

File: 1669141988264.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 1658122078990893.jpg)

dog needs to get to where he is deprogrammed from the trauma enough to see that this is how real storytelling works and there's no 'agenda' when you remove the khazar advertisers, characters will inform EACH OTHER about their next choice, the author is only an overseer to make sure the action and mystery flows well

b9fd21f3 No.3677414

File: 1669142101242.jpg (90.01 KB, 1024x622, sdada.jpg)

>all portrayals of religion in it have been bad

dog how are you even watching that with your views and not agreeing with me that scar is right, granted not every viewer will and that's important, but holy shit they pointed out that war several times.

he didn't even target Al, just state alchemists

how are you assuming that 'god' at the start wasn't right either, edward fucked around and found out

use ur head smh

911c9fcf No.3677415

File: 1669142200388.jpg (301.22 KB, 1280x1775, Burgerkiss_0920.jpg)


I think Android 17 filled the gohan role. Both only fight to protect what they care about. Both are thinker types. Both are slim guys.

But gohan is a clown and 17 is stoic

b9fd21f3 No.3677416

im Greed btw

wait till u see me in the show

b9fd21f3 No.3677417

Android 17 is a beast

b9fd21f3 No.3677418

my mc is pretty young at the start but that's kind of necessary. besides Zelda influence I just kind of need him to make a really bad life decision due to inexperience so I can put a person with a really good heart in the role of a villainous character

adults tend to reflect too easily so it'd make no sense if he just decided to go on this journey for an instant and then kept training for years after he made the mistake, but a kid can repeatedly chase a stupid choice while being methodically intelligent

plus I want him to grow up as the story goes and give the reader a sense of nostalgia as they follow his arc, so it's necessary

911c9fcf No.3677419

File: 1669143306738.png (1.36 MB, 1400x700, The_great_fail.png)

Gohan always found new ways to be cringe. That made people not really like him.

b9fd21f3 No.3677420

frieza bukkake'd him with lasers

911c9fcf No.3677421

File: 1669143576015.png (882.82 KB, 1140x570, Long_hair_was_better.png)

He could have been cool with his edgy wife as a fighting duo.

But instead of her making him more edge/macho, he made her go all short hair and happy.

b9fd21f3 No.3677426

lol, we joked that her brain was in her hair because she just magicalyl changed after she cut it

911c9fcf No.3677427

File: 1669147659972.png (1.11 MB, 1083x570, 55456.png)


Her cutting her hair was probably when she realized her dad was full of shit. That she no longer lived under his shadow that she could never outshine.

She could fly and everything that her dad could never do.

If you have a parent you never think you'll live up too it can be a huge weight on a person.

And she might have found inner peace, no longer with anything to live up too.

She might have also thought that if anything went down and her dad wasn't there or was too old, the fate of the world would rest on her shoulders as his daughter. But once knowing the Z fighters she knew there were tons of people so powerful she could never match them to save the world for her. So she could give up being the world savior and be a housewife.

Or maybe it was the ass whooping she got in the ring, that made her decide to go back to the kitchen and make sandwiches.

b9fd21f3 No.3677428

>Or maybe it was the ass whooping she got in the ring, that made her decide to go back to the kitchen and make sandwiches.

that was hilarious

b9fd21f3 No.3677429

is that ai art? ill fucking kill you

b9fd21f3 No.3677430

>That eating-monster looks like Sean Piche/Fagoneer, BTW.


this was great btw

b9fd21f3 No.3677431

>One thing I don't understand is how a teenage girl and a shrunken granny go from standing in a room with a crushed boy who's missing an arm and leg, and then "magically" in the next scene, it's like they're alien-level-tech engineers/surgeons. Maybe I missed something? That'll probably get answered too, I suppose?

their whole family are automail engineers

b9fd21f3 No.3677432

it doesn't help that brotherhood just added the non canon ep 1 to establish this plot is different than the 2003 one and 2-64 are cannon, but the first 10 eps are fucking rushed as hell. the 2003 series had it's own timeline and was mostly non canon due to the manga not being finished

the first 14 eps of the 2003 ver give you a lot of the explaining and emotional connection you're hoping for in ed and al's motives and might make them seem a lot less abrasive, me linking the song 'bratja' from that version was my way of trying to convey that mood

still, brotherhood IS a standalone product, might as well finish it up

b9fd21f3 No.3677433

that version is really dark though


and it's the version i had a hard time digesting as the plot just becomes schizo posting very early on

1b7d32a2 No.3677434

File: 1669149948558.jpg (18.19 KB, 716x147, dc3e6f7aee19.jpg)

41364f47 No.3677435

File: 1669150730529.jpg (92.84 KB, 1200x800, Wakanda.jpg)

Wakanda in all its glory….


94c961f2 No.3677438

File: 1669151662268-0.webm (1.77 MB, 720x404, 1659990403597149.webm)

File: 1669151662268-1.png (1.47 MB, 808x1566, 1662976614573471.png)

Fucking retards don't want to see how Pelosi's money is made…

b9fd21f3 No.3677449

@dog elon is fucking disgusting, nto allowing alex jones back because he sympathizes with dead kids, when he kills kids himself lol

ccbc0316 No.3677485

abort white children

24b6d4c4 No.3677489

File: 1669170688297.jpg (55.95 KB, 720x720, Spiderdog_Spiderdog.jpg)

>Scar is a good guy.
Just because someone's consumed with rage and vengeance, doesn't mean they're bad. :3
>It's just not your religion so you won't understand it.
I've been learning about other religions/ways of life as well since about a year before the scamdemic started, because things were getting too weird/Book-of-Revelations. Have read books on Shinto and Bushido (as well as Norse mythology), I don't have a closed off mind and want/need to learn.
>You have been brain fucked by jews so much…
You're not wrong there, the list is almost endless. I've developed an allergy, due to constant toxin exposure from every angle. That's why I've stopped watching movies/TV almost 15 years ago now, but am still suffering from its influence. Bolt and another two movies (that turned out to be pure poison) were the only exceptions.

>how are you even watching that with your views and not agreeing with me that scar is right
Yeah I know, I saw it - allergic reaction, but can see past that. In western media, "jews" like to build up Christian-type characters and have them become either divisive, insane and toxic/repulsive or a (((corrupting))) protagonist/hero.

4ab59d0c No.3677490

There was a great photo montage I saw a few years ago.

First frame: a block print from the Middle Ages of people in agony, the caption: "We are dying of the Plague!"

Second frame: an industrial revolution picture of child factory workers: "We are working fourteen hours a day!"

Third frame: a picture of soldiers in the trenches of WW1: "We are dying by the thousands from disease and gas!"

Fourth frame: today's college students hugging and crying: "We've been triggered!"


24b6d4c4 No.3677491

File: 1669170938263.jpg (78.97 KB, 576x720, I_Know_Whats_Up.jpg)

Your story sounds like it would be a challenge for me to read through, but I can put my initial emotional rejections of such characters aside and give them a chance.
Zelda was absolutely overflowing with masonic/zionist/kabbalist imagery, and IMO a type of "positive" introduction/influence into the subject. Not a fan of such things anywhere. (Will bite my lips re FMA until I've finished the series.)
What's your take on all those references in Zelda? There was a discussion about it on another chan that went into excruciating detail a while ago, so can maybe dig that up again.
Japan isn't as free from masonic influence as you'd like to think though, but I'm still no expert… just my allergies playing up so far.
These masonic "traps" exist everywhere, especially of course inside various Christian denominations/churches. satan copies/imitates everything that is good (which God made) and corrupts it (due to/for all kinds of reasons).

>lol, we joked that her brain was in her hair because she just magicalyl changed after she cut it
It might just be humbug, but supposedly there's secret gov research which suggests that body hair enhances the mind and body's connection to spiritual world/energy around us. Therefore cutting hair shorter would reduce that "spiritual antenna" connection.
There are many historical examples going back to antiquity that suggest natural long hair is a sign of power and health, and short hair = slavery.
It's even in the Bible, heh:
https://biblehub.com/judges/16-17.htm :P

Okay, will stick with Brotherhood for now and move on to some furrier recs after that. :3

19d8298c No.3677493

>>3676769 6.72 KB, 267x189


19d8298c No.3677494

f(x)phobia=If (u) fear (us), (we) kill (u)

5ea63ba0 No.3677501

File: 1669176619567.jpg (69.03 KB, 1000x650, Things-to-Do-When-Bored.jpg)

>>3677358 yeah that's something else liberals do. They accuse other people of doing things that they themselves are guilty of and in this case it's prejudice. They preach endlessly about not being prejudice and then do sizing up a person and based on these preconceived ridiculous cartoonish stereotypes.

Ohhhhhn wow…. noooess The screeching liberal weasel thinks I'm a racist. What ever shall I do.

28cc7bdb No.3677502

File: 1669176652494.png (964.47 KB, 986x772, tuvOKVZ.png)

The intersection of Musk and terrorism

ce994434 No.3677507

Bothers you why?

What should bother you is the financial reprecussions once China invades and causes Big Tech To Collapse. The digital singularity is hanging in the balance. Gender diversity is an extreme but marginalized convention that the same can correalate. It's weird how people who identify as robo-sexual are not complaining openly due to bedroom versus business being once again a different subject matter. No one cares about tyrading anyone's sexual orientation that will ever make a difference, but when big tech falls the last leg you have to stand on in the gender conquest (robo-sexuality) will be swept out from underneath it all. Making use of a website and trying to converge it to the prospect of trannydom is completely an act of human-machine rape, but I digress, the obeseletion of all infrastructure both logistically and digitally will -compound- into a miniature doomsday. (I am sorry if this is above your IQ-cap) Robots will be the great seperator of every gender, down to the millions being descript as a mathematical quandery that was once realized conditionally pro-setlyized (Cue the doomsday of Sexuality).

The timeline will continue onward without those identifying as what ever they are because it has no need of the tagline. There is no 'imperative' that will not be measured and consequentially discarded in place of the better version. The better version currently being: a remote isolated node capable of automining itself (in another sense, a mastubatory element in robotics) No contact, completely sterile transmission of information and data only possible within a confined space or enviroment (retro-to)/(hither-to) non-organic accompliances in a closed system. (Vacuum technology aka the final frontier of technology) This is why it is so important to understand a dumb shit "intersection" to a real "phenomenon" of delicate but universal truths. (You can pretend but in the end you are either the candidate for or no match of the next generation.) Regardless of its identities.

ce994434 No.3677508


You can see the trend is like human favoritism, but a mechcanical archtyping of a SuperalativeState whether in quantum arrangement or otherwise. The collapse being a remodification of the same convention you are in know, with context strictly to the automations, preset, or reserve inline-frames. It is way nothing can predict the future, persae.

You can philosophize the future however, and from that obfuscate it with degeneration by example. Although the ultimatum will preside that whatever results, breakthrough or retroactive it may be, IS the terms of an even more adaptive evolution in science/technology. There is no winning or losing the argument in virtualization, only progressive nearing of a resolution in a broad range spectrum of broken-conventions. Or…some miracle in which absolutely nothing changes despite all factors.

The last entanglement of all reality is not going to hinge itself on gender-dynamics unless robosexuality is factored in every niche and corner, even philosophically. Everything must be dissected and expounded upon as the same as everything else. To the degree that it all becomes a likely cycle or portable instance, in which the unfiltered raw infosec of the universal is transmit (and by that way spiked in normalized frames of the last). It is a twist of fate that anything however follows this rule. Therefore vacuum physics is the only answer for anything. And automining the data of an isolated unobservable context is nothing short of genuis. Sextech can then be desexualized this way, and the gender role serves ultimately no purpose.

87b38b6f No.3677510

File: 1669182351512-0.gif (462.23 KB, 1024x1024, 42C7629F-6877-4B30-8DC9-92….gif)

File: 1669182351512-1.png (582.8 KB, 1029x621, F599AC84-2C09-46FD-9A69-1C….png)

File: 1669182351512-2.jpeg (156.35 KB, 1024x839, A366F2D0-AC2D-4819-A32C-F….jpeg)

File: 1669182351512-3.png (351.42 KB, 542x603, B334D50A-EC53-403F-AC5E-C8….png)

File: 1669182351512-4.png (790.37 KB, 549x632, 10C5FA8B-F8D4-4AB7-9A6B-3F….png)

Oh noes, we must show support for rampant degeneracy!

Fuck this weekend idiot father who takes his family into this evil shit. I am so sick of seeing degenerate parents putting their children in the hands of sexual freaks!

ce994434 No.3677511

File: 1669184871640.png (1.01 MB, 911x897, welcome to the future.png)

Further to this effect of neutral/null-set reality is the conditions of a sub-strata in vacuum physics via mastery of lightrays. Only technically speaking that there is a singular source of light for any kind of light (energy or frequency/vibration/resonance etc)…in nature light is a byproduct of heat that travels through convection/conduction. Or by electricity the heat becomes incandescent. I digress.

In virtual reality a simulation being composed of data to "either project or signal pixels within a closed arena. That being further simulated by virtual space. Virtual space being a vector in quantum space for example. Where quantum space relies on the dispersion of dark matter in some arrangement of energy.

So light will invariable be represented on several platforms, that a holograph, or a photon, in its most simplest form for explaining here. Several types being in quantum arrangement as well, condition to a vector that is counter to space or the dimensions in which that light takes place. So a ghost image or render of light in a simulation is "temporal to reality itself. But by record can be described in many ways, for a virtual machine.

The light-array therefore condenses itself in a form of data, that can be used in a machine projection. And generated based on the exact render of data. Or fabricated however by a digital command either directly or with computational encoding. That prefaces the represented symbiosis of antimatter and physical matter. A symbiosis not possible without vacuum physics. Positronic Symbiosis that can harmonize both types of matter and any sub-atomic form of matter to be used in a vector counter to projecting.

ce994434 No.3677512

File: 1669185308199.png (107.97 KB, 256x256, polished.png)


That by attaining this harmonic form can then be scripted and used to formulate "universal glitches" of spontaneous creation and backtracking. Used to alter light trajector and other forms of atomic-process to manipulate the future, in such a way a full spontaneous creation can occur, that would nullify the condition of any gender ever serving any purpose (which is a bastard way of saying "magic powers")

Used either constructively or destructively or some hybrid of the two (deconstructively). Can infact allow for an undertaking of a comparitive reality from simulation or reality thusly to a simulation. Forms a bridge of either converting. But specifically forms out of the positronic symbiosis of antimatter/polarized atoms by said vector. (Reorientating itself as necessary under a compensated-rebalanced light array) that it takes superalative form of. Assumably it would "fill the gaps" of what is demanded based on the energy invested via light-tapping. Use of particles to substitute in place of matter via photons/holographs/darkmatter/unobservedRegularmatter that the virtual space would "render". So basically it would elimate the need of a biological exchange or otherwise to incur a copy…period. And it would look sometihng like this I would imagine.

4ab59d0c No.3677513

The consequences of introducing black stone age humans to the modern world. You get a primitive sub-culture within a civilized society. No rules, poor impulse control, no value for life, tribalism, government dependence, aggression, savagery.

America doesn't have a race problem, it has a problem race.

1b7d32a2 No.3677514

File: 1669187454825.png (362.2 KB, 556x559, FiH3Q3CXoAcNVkx.png)

Advertisers are abandoning Twitter like it's a sinking ship and I love seeing it! Twitter is working on 2/3rds it's staff, most of the people there are on work-visa and they are looking for other jobs to jump to. They have to have a job to stay in America so they can't just quit without having a next step. Once they find a new job he'll be down to a 5th or less of his original staff.

His other companies are flailing as he steals key engineers and programmers from them to fill in the gaps. By the start of next year Elon may lose it all and I am THERE for it.

b9fd21f3 No.3677515

>I'm still no expert…

I am, and it's free from those influences. They just don't care. They referenced Islam in that world too. Jews being shitty doesn't mean they don't have really cool imagery for a fantasy world, Xenogears and Saga used a lot of hebrew imagery too and it's fine.

There's no grand 'narrative' when people aren't in control

Zelda is just a story of a boy saving the world from a powerful unseen force that's controlling it from the shadows, it's a tale as old as time

b9fd21f3 No.3677516

I'm just fed up of people pushing a narrative. I can provide solid proof that jews have no sway there and more or less have, and actually am an expert on it. You say you're not an expert on it and still lecture me. Crazy.

If I leave (probable.) I hope you enjoy the fun though, might get your mind off of it

>Yeah I know, I saw it - allergic reaction, but can see past that. In western media, "jews" like to build up Christian-type characters and have them become either divisive, insane and toxic/repulsive or a (((corrupting))) protagonist/hero.

Even in the really depressing 2003 version he died a heroes death. He has a far better fate in Brotherhood that I won't spoil. I will say he has it better than Ed for the entire story though

He has incredibly understandable reasons and the story sympathizes incredibly well with his entire route, and he absolutely is the most important piece in the last act. You'll like how he wins his last battle, without revealing too much

b9fd21f3 No.3677517

He's consumed with those feelings for perfectly understandable reasons. And he isn't even out of control despite it. I mean, the story acknowledges this, the state alchemists pay way more gravely in general than he does in the whole plot. Of the two biggest evil bosses in the series he actually fights and defeats one while Ed is off fighting the other, and it's the most absolutely hypest shit

Just binge the story, you won't regret it

b9fd21f3 No.3677518

i cant really say anything without spoiling and that's a problem, this is a really straightforward albeit exquisitely well crafted storyline

1b7d32a2 No.3677519

File: 1669189380871-0.jpeg (50.77 KB, 520x520, anna-1.jpeg)

File: 1669189380871-1.png (335.72 KB, 520x520, Gen.png)


Your source for your those trans-hate articles (Which are probably bullshit) is a site called Reduxx.info.

The site claims to be about feminism but only ever produces anti-trans propaganda.

It was founded, and is run by Anna Slatz, heiress to the 13th most wealthy family in Canada. She once wrote for the Post Millennial under a different name but was kicked out of the site for lying too much.

Mind you, The Post Millennial still posts articles from Andy Ngo and Desh Desuza so you have to be pretty fucking horrible to get kicked off of a site that hard core right wing.

Once she was ejected for being a liar she started her own webpage with her co-founder and editor Genevieve Gluck, another child of rich white people who has nothing better to do with her life than complain about how trans women are the ultimate expression of male privilege! Being a trans-woman means that men have the right to own all women and even become women if they choose to… somehow.

It's all crazy nonsense from entitled, white, rich, Karens and you are a moron for listening to anything they say.

b9fd21f3 No.3677520

I'm still in the planning phase but I can't really share my work even on tox because that'd just change the t into a d. But if you want to read something similar to what I plan to write with a similar level of detail in it's magical system, Mother of Learning by Nobody103 is a close at hand inspiration of mine

That's about a guy stuck in a timeloop who uses what's basically pseudo eternal youth to keep learning more and more while communicating with telepathic giant spiders that try to help and get things out of him

My guy isn't meant to be a good guy, lol. Though he's so sweet in day to day interactions you might think so. He's a lot more laid back and silly than me. I just thought it'd be fun to have the villain be a protagonist.

I absolutely do just rip off the WEF for the antagonists. The parallels won't even be subtle and I'm gonna have to get ready to get Rushdie'd for it

b9fd21f3 No.3677527



here, read from right to left for the panels, think of it as a friend showing you what he's reading right now in a book he gives you a peak of. It's a manga about a guy from another manga who died fighting a revived Musashi in a sword fight to the death being reincarnated and having hijinks in an isekai

Basically, I'm saying there's a ton of variety and you should enjoy it while it lasts because ESG IS trying to get it's claws sunk into japan. They have people like Ken Akamatsu who went from mangaka to governor and want to stop it, but it's inevitable as capitalism increases. We've had very few properties influenced so far and it's only been starting with big internationally popular games but you won't have this variety forever, so I'll have to give you a big back log of things

Just remember you'll see all views. In one story racism is bad, in another it's based. In one story you might have a pedophile author showing kids in horrific situations like in Made in Abyss with great lore and using it just for the atmosphere and adventure, in another you'll have a story about a guy who is morally incorruptible and does everything he can to save others without killing them like in Vinland Saga. The idea is that anyone with a pen and paper can just write things down and publish anonymously over there so you get EVERYTHING more or less. It's down to what that individual thinks or what weapons they have to make you feel

I'm glad for the fact pedo shit can be drawn in japan, at least, because it can be used to make you feel horrific guilt and sympathy in storytelling. Unlike Stephen King who just puts random CP in for fun and because he's a creep. Emergence was a porn doujin that made me LESS degenerate, and I think that was the message, by showing how bad it can get and using the arousal it incites in you to make you feel horrible (shows a teen with a really nice body that gets into drugs and gets sold around and in the end dies on an overdose, it's a tragedy, but it's there to caution you AWAY. And it worked on me.)

The important thing to know is that each author has 100% creative control over what he or she writes in this, which is why everything is so fascinating and even the most morbid things have a 'balance' to them

b9fd21f3 No.3677528

It's getting an anime soon but I don't know if it'll be animated well or horribly, so if you want to read a favorite manga of mine, I recommend Helck. I think you'd see yourself in the hero of that story, he's actually a lot like you describe yourself to be. He's a legendary hero disillusioned with how everything is and doesn't think he can save anyone. He goes to spend time with the demon race because he hates humans after seeing how they treat each other, but he is then convinced by the princess he hangs out with to face his feelings and realize he DOES want to save humans and in the end he manages it with a bit of help.

It's a cute story, I think you'd like it, and it has great comedy

Here's an mv some french students did as a fan creation for it:


b9fd21f3 No.3677529


short read for a manga too, only a 100 chapters

honestly i double dare you motherfucker, give it a try, lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677530

Honestly the only common agenda anime pushes, like one that's shared across works, is the amount of time jews seem to be a villain and I think that's a coincidence. Just a really funny one.

b9fd21f3 No.3677531

I think it's just a really easy trope to work with, secret group of wealthy people controlling things. I had that in an early draft of something way before I was racist. When you give them religious or cultlike traits too it just works even better

Even western webtoons, the few good ones (it's harder to write in the west for obvious reasons) like UnOrdinary that are trying to be woke end up having basically the jews as a villain. Again.

It gets ridiculous like in AoT when I thought I was safe from seeing jews as the final boss they just revealed my heroes were in the matrix and jews still controlled everything and even put armbands on the germans because they're salty over their own shoahing

i can't

it's the most unkiked thing ever, it'll be sad in ten years or so if BlackRock doesn't sink into the ocean and it starts getting kiked

b9fd21f3 No.3677532

if u wanted something that's the closest to the story i want to write (still miles and miles apart of difference though) there's this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhGTc6p8sg0

but you'll hate it for the same reasons when the protagonist has to start genociding things, although my dude isn't quite that severe. It's not for you. But I listed a lot of shit that is, I think

better than talking to 3b anyway right

b9fd21f3 No.3677533

u should try one piece actually, as well as helck. that's a very happy series

1b7d32a2 No.3677537

File: 1669200375602.jpg (67.14 KB, 554x1199, FiPX_6JWQAAR-kM.jpg)

Another mass shooting in America. This time at a Walmart in Virginia. 4 confirmed dead, 10 wounded. Looks like the night manager brought a gun to work and snapped. Just another day in America!

b9fd21f3 No.3677540

based, were any trannies shot this time too?

b9fd21f3 No.3677541

the ethnicity of the shooter isn't being displayed

i think i know why

feffb111 No.3677543

File: 1669204208497.jpg (109.3 KB, 900x542, mortal-kombat-2.jpg)

Trans vs gays, fight !

The gay club killer was insane, what a surprise. But not the "I will smite the homosexuals in the name of Jesus !" kind of insane. Oops !

"In new court filing, public defenders for the suspect in the mass shooting at a Colorado gay club that left 5 people dead say that their client is non-binary and that "they use they/them pronouns." The lawyers refer to their client as Mx. Anderson Aldrich."

1dbde0c5 No.3677544

I'm the only one ever wanting to use Mx as a title. What's it mean?

1dbde0c5 No.3677545

File: 1669205264239.png (261.56 KB, 546x346, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at ….png)

Well then.

"What does Mx stand for?
Image result for mx
Mx. is a gender neutral title. Use it in place of Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss when you don't know the gender of the person you're addressing. You can also use the honorific Mx. for people who identify as nonbinary, genderfluid, and gender non-conforming."

1dbde0c5 No.3677547

Ironic when I get called a transphobic. My name is Mix, retard.

90804c0b No.3677548

File: 1669207306811-0.webm (1.55 MB, 256x480, 1658803010864705.webm)

File: 1669207306811-1.webm (1.65 MB, 406x720, 1658780245857009.webm)

File: 1669207306811-2.jpg (86.96 KB, 1080x737, 1663525762116331.jpg)

Anti-Trans Propaganda?

Wait, are you telling me this is a real dick?

4ab59d0c No.3677552



7bda5b78 No.3677553

File: 1669212348329.jpg (1.26 MB, 1600x1032, 4bbbfe56deb81a3c1c8f6f2db6….jpg)

His lawyer is using the "It couldn't have been a hate crime because he himself was part of the community" defense but it's not going to work because everyone the shooter knows describes him as a homophobic, transphobic, bigot and there is zero evidence he was NB before he was facing prison time.

His layer will have to present evidence to prove his point if he wants to use that as a legal defense and I doubt there is anything showing he was even hinting at being NB before the shooting.

a214dac5 No.3677554

File: 1669212429450.jpg (203.44 KB, 512x512, thegate.jpg)

If you haven't had a stroke or anuerysm yet, there is also this detail regarding end-game portal physics:

Through a complex configuration energy pathways can be shared im simultaneity. This effects a ruling class as well digitally that explains singularity in operation. The flux of a particle is retroactive and indeterminate of its state (quasi-fluid) but that in symbiosis of other matter (can correalate a shared state or dependency on "other particles"). The flux being perpetually bound to a surrounding condition in quasi-fluid. "I.E. Retroactive" and makes for a vast amount of energy (which is circumvented through the quantum barrier/field) in light-travel. Shortly is "ghost matter" or an ossified state of matter from entropy (theoretical observation). However things like d-wave can probably clear this up using teleportation and remote tethering to "automine" non-existant artifacts (using a remainder of orthagonal calculations, it can deduce "portal space" which is an extreme amount of untapped energy). This potentiates a quotient (likely voxel or a real bitcoin which causes a universal glitch upon its "analysis or active render" to allow for spontaneity). Further programming of cloud particles in a quasi fluid to resume a specified or encoded normalized object (from a quantum artfact) would complete the printing process.

Using the mining process as a simulation or 'vulcan gateway' can "transfix a simulation" into access or passage (in compatible render state)-assuming encoded frequency/flux pathways are sustained. (Basically decryption).

I still feel like there is something missing, but maybe that is the macro-micro complex taking place that there is probably some lost paralell dimension or something not worth really pointing out.

7bda5b78 No.3677555

The shooter killed himself at the scene. How would I be posting if I was the shooter? Idiot.

e5d473cb No.3677559

really bad aim?

24b6d4c4 No.3677560

File: 1669215379903.jpg (204.21 KB, 960x640, Bookwormdog.jpg)

>Just binge the story, you won't regret it
Yes, I'll watch all episodes, the show's been quite an adventure so far.
>You say you're not an expert on it and still lecture me. Crazy.
I honestly don't see anything that was said as a lecture, guess I'm crazy then! :P
To me it's simply having and explaining different points of views. Though I have gotten the occasional "thank you for sharing that with me" responses in the past. :3
>I am (an expert), and it's free from those influences. They just don't care.
>Zelda (etc.) is just a story of (nothing subversive)…
This "single author" concept almost seems too good to be true. It's been a very different experience over here. I sure hope you're right.
Thanks again for the effort, will keep adding thoughts on the animes and mangas on here too - almost anything's better than 3B/"comrades" NPC headline dumps.

a214dac5 No.3677563

File: 1669216882173.png (512.78 KB, 1024x1024, ElfCommunist.png)


The allegory of Zelda is that there is some hero to deal with a grandoise supremacy involving the fate of the world. That somehow there is an evil looming outside a sheltered existence being under the cover of the benefits it gives.

The lost woods is the chosen homeland of this hero for whatever reason likely a backstory. There have been other fronts of his arriving, such as clocktown. Or arriving on a beach. Or living in the sky.

The plot suggests that a safehold is under siege and eventually takes the work or uncovering of the sole-travelling hero, for which would never have occured to him otherwise. Very cryptic.

The universe of Zelda does not really follow logic in that sense, just a quest that is staked against an unknown menance. Often left to the imaginations or worldly nightmare that it is, personified as wizards or monsters. The hero must prove the good of the land against it, working with tribes people and other groups, he discovers a perogative in 'saving the world' for its 'inhabitants', therefore he becomes reknown through time.

Then as to his efforts are in competition with the sovereignty that has imposed upon his homelands, they are often met with destructive forces requiring a greater use of "magic" or "heroism", that he might defeat the interests against his. In short, Zelda is a tale of heroism versus villiany but there is no difference in the end, that he comes across Dark Link, a visage of himself and what he stands against.

a214dac5 No.3677564

File: 1669217070017.png (999.63 KB, 1024x1024, space wizard.png)


These polarities are one and the same, calling to the game logics that there is some divined method in handling them for the sake of their own progression. Thusly it was ascertained or personified that some virtue was involved, and attempted to impart on the hero. The visions of that comparable to a legend, the zelda lore makes a reach in exampling this through the use of a faerie race. And that a great fairy basically who can grant any wish just doesn't care and lets it all happen, or for the sake of plot is 'imprisoned' by an imposed Rival Wizard, so that must be the last boss.

The Last boss is a depiction of most of the elements in the game that have suceeded in a penultimate status thereof, and is the hero's true nemesis.

There are ways of explaining this away that the real evil is usually corruption or or some sort of 'not so goodliness' Unvirtue.

But we know at that point there was never a difference between anything and the hero was cursed from the start. His ability to resist the dark forces themselves is the message.

Though a sword and shield or some manner of "convulating" these as tools or devices into mechanics for dungeoneering are also a means to an end just as any unworldly magic was throughout his journey. This creates a relationship with the world in a savant sense, utilizing power and the will to impose it yourself upon the cunning of the enviroment. Sort of a personal gift that makes the hero who he is to begin with, and why there is a chance the Zelda Universe might not be far from the truth.

The clutches of which are the driving factor in the game, being represented as an unladen princess or other trophy to the character's inherently forbidden cause. That was contrived usually by heresay at all.

fe2a08b1 No.3677566

When it comes to crime, there are only 3 types of people:

1. the wolves: the criminals who see others as their prey

2. the sheep: the prey whose only defense is to run, hide, or beg

3. the sheep dogs: who protect the sheep from the wolves but who are still feared by the sheep because of their sharp teeth, greater strength, and higher intellect.

Currently in the USA, the sheep are seeking to defang/disarm the sheep dogs because of their illogical fear of their own protectors. At the same time, these sheep protect the wolves and even give them sanctuary and aid in the misguided belief that the wolves might then become their friends and stop acting according to their nature.

But there will always be wolves; and the easier sheep make it for the wolves, the more wolves there will be.

b9fd21f3 No.3677567

Mushoku Tensei is literally about a cancelled pedophile fighting game expert living in another world and using his experience and learning to not be a degenerate while valuing his new family. It's an extremely fetishistic one author medium and very few authors show their face, understandably. That author, Rifujin no Maganote, doesn't show his face either

It even started on a fiction site for fans, like a lot of adaptations these days do. Ousama Ranking was on mangahack, a site with 10,000 other fan created mangas, and just got picked up for being interesting

So there's your irrefutable proof.

b9fd21f3 No.3677568

I mean it's just advertising differences. WSJ tried launching an app for westerners to upload their own manga and half of them got taken down overnight due to khazar advertisers, I'm sure you can see a difference there. The jp versions of that site and the ones I mentioned don't care. Advertisers is how ESG strangles your creativity.

They sure as hell wouldn't allow a protagonist like that and certainly wouldn't care for the generic pro celibacy and family message it turns into as he develops.

I have to list the schizo shows to show you they just don't give a shit.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPEwsFuApjM greatest opening song of all time btw



anti tranny jokes are virulent in this medium so if you like those you'll have fun ^^

b9fd21f3 No.3677569

Sanji in One Piece literally does his training in the 2 year break while the others are training by running away from trannies who want to molest him and force HRT into him. I'm not joking


I love it, lo

b9fd21f3 No.3677570

@dog if my story goes how it's turning out I'm going to get fucking killed and taken down from the site I use for it btw. I'm kind of planning work arounds. It's really hard to write in the west, that's why I'm envious. You have no idea the suffering this entails

b9fd21f3 No.3677571

in a sense ur not writing solo if u get published, cause you'll just get your series cancelled if you suck, but you can use any tool to interest people

it's a cutthroat industry

fe2a08b1 No.3677572

Why are you having long conversations about this off-topic stuff in a /POL/ thread?

b9fd21f3 No.3677574

dog said it best, it's better than 3b

7bda5b78 No.3677577

File: 1669230225317.jpeg (262.95 KB, 1166x1600, 1f860e2bf4281fc2b85d59c0d….jpeg)

They are scared because SCOTUS just told the IRS to release 6 years of Trump's taxes to congress.

He has spent 4 years jumping through every legal loophole to stop the authorities from looking at his taxes trying to stop the House from investigating him and now he is out of tricks.

We do know from his previous taxes that other agencies already got as part of the New York investigation into his many, many, crimes, he is so bad at running any business, he lost so much money that he paid zero taxes 11 out of 18 years. He bankrupted so many companies, failed so hard, that he made negative income 11 out of 18 years up until 2019.

Those taxes for 2020 and onward we haven't seen yet but the cops can use them now. There is nothing to stop them. The question now isn't if he committed financial crimes as president, it's how many.

b9fd21f3 No.3677578


no one cares about america

b9fd21f3 No.3677579

File: 1669230430633.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x853, 1657262197031.jpg)


b9fd21f3 No.3677580

no one cares about your christkike hasbeen country ruled by nigg3rtrannies, commies and sociopathic zealots. the average IQ there is 5 EXCLUDING the blacks, basically 0 with them

go choke on a cactus

b9fd21f3 No.3677581

'please stop talkign anime and pay attention to small cut dick pedo land'


b9fd21f3 No.3677583

it's all so tiresome

769829e9 No.3677594

File: 1669236937176.jpg (35.65 KB, 500x318, tumblr_2a787bb797d51114ac7….jpg)


Sanji is a white knight simp. That disrespects women by refusing to fight them.

If he turns out to be gay, it would be hilarious.

He ain't my most hated character in one piece, that would be Rebecca. But he can sure be annoying at times.

b9fd21f3 No.3677595

i wish post time one piece was still one piece

769829e9 No.3677596

File: 1669237220131.jpg (156.17 KB, 1280x720, no.1_simp.jpg)


Even searching this image this list put him no.1 simp


If sanji was real you know he'd be a democratic feminist. On twitter all the time defending malady.

b9fd21f3 No.3677597

Sanji is really well written tbh. The whole point of his character is to show how difficult and rewarding life is if you live by a strict code that defies all reason. He's absolutely chivalrous and I think he would find much stock with traditionalist republicanism tbh. Just because you don't like him, doesn't mean he isn't written fantastically

Post ts OP sucks ass in general though

b9fd21f3 No.3677606

96ed03f4 No.3677610

Because if you haven't noticed by now, the board is mostly a small handful of reclusive internet schizos. Most of them are in their 30s or older, yet they watch shows made for teeagers, and most of them are also internet Nazis and incels. Arrested development, surprise surprise.

fe2a08b1 No.3677628

I hate to break it to you 3B, but the leftist IRS has ALWAYS had Trump's tax returns, for EVERY year including last, and they have put them under intense scrutiny, and they have found absolutely NOTHING. This is just a way to waste more taxpayer dollars.
"but…but… we'll get him for sure, THIS time!!"

b9fd21f3 No.3677631

b9fd21f3 No.3677640

3b plz

d3c11602 No.3677643

I know what a nazi is. Wtf is an 'internet nazi'?

b9fd21f3 No.3677647

a tranny

d3c11602 No.3677648

I don't think becoming a eunuch is Nazi behavior lol

b9fd21f3 No.3677649

it seems to lead to nazi behaviour in 200% of fucking cases for some reason though

fac28a89 No.3677655

File: 1669251302296.jpg (91.28 KB, 372x500, st_anthony_mengomadandthem….jpg)

>everyone is a nazi
>everyone is an incel
>everyone is schizo
>I am the only normal person

b9fd21f3 No.3677656

trannies btfo

b9fd21f3 No.3677657

@dog my power system is the absolute fucking best btw. i've said that before but damn im glad i spent years on it

28cc7bdb No.3677658

File: 1669253387748.png (1.06 MB, 1109x2258, hans_feeling_hiel.png)

Aryanne: Hey, Hans how are you feeling?
Hans: Feeling hiel!
Aryanne: T_T

d3c11602 No.3677664

Glad I don't have anything to do with that tranny shit. All the Nazis I know are pretty chill.

28cc7bdb No.3677680

File: 1669261731945-0.jpg (37.34 KB, 403x509, Die_Glocke.jpg)

File: 1669261731945-1.png (8.13 KB, 275x183, images.png)

File: 1669261731945-2.jpg (14.88 KB, 318x159, download.jpg)

File: 1669261731945-3.jpg (211.1 KB, 1400x521, 1_oOJIPodXDrdZjuEtp3T8Jg.jpg)

File: 1669261731945-4.jpg (14.99 KB, 245x206, images.jpg)

The bell and the stellorator had some connections…

fe527b65 No.3677694

Kill a white Nazis mom, then their children

fe527b65 No.3677695

Killing Nazis is American excellence

24b6d4c4 No.3677696

File: 1669268283621.jpg (714.15 KB, 1166x1656, 24-n.jpg)

I've read through the manga pages on those two web pages you've linked to and watched the YT vids. A guy sitting shirtless in a bar to better show off his mega-muscles, is more likely to pick a fight with a guy who demonstratively eats live demonic killer-chickens for dinner, hah. :3 Also - I wonder how a human managed to get to 99 power level. This is all going on my list of things to help me "wind down" in the evenings.
Haven't "wound down" in the last 3 years or so, and it's almost made me a physically ill wreck.

One day I'll manage to work out how your mind works.

>Wolves, Sheep, Sheepdogs.
I'm literally the Sheepdog. :/
If only this analogy didn't work so well for mankind and weren't (to an extent) in the Holy Bible… Historically up to today there are stupid people who would torture and kill innocent 4-legged wolves, to make themselves feel better about not being able to stand up to the 2-legged kind. So limp and pathetic. :(

24b6d4c4 No.3677697

File: 1669268490890.jpg (199.4 KB, 960x640, Probably_Unrelated.jpg)

>So there's your irrefutable proof.
…I'll keep my doggy-lips sealed until I've watched the whole FMAB series and some more of your examples. Until then, some slobber might come out every now and again, but just a bit. This whole Zelda thing is very unusual for example - especially how far it goes back and the connections of those involved, its constant "resurrections" over the years and readily-deployed pockets of reputation management that always seem to pop up whenever it gets mentioned, the forced references and "nods" from other stories (and "game journalists/authors") even when they're unrelated to what's being discussed, the list goes on. Very suspect.
Japan's surrender was pretty much unconditional, and freemasonry did seem to really expand afterwards (according to an interesting article I've still got a copy of somewhere). Germany's media/education system changed completely after it got crushed - specifically to instil the newly adopted (((American democracy))) as the shining light of modern thinking/acting, and at the same time erasing the foundations that led to Germany's independent strength, unity and pride (as being old-fashioned, archaic or simply non-existent) - coupled with the depressing constant-problems-without-solutions TV shows/movies and forced-upon guilt… the methods are different because the people/cultures are different, but there are overlaps, especially in desired outcome.
But okay… still far from an expert here. I'll lick that slobber from my chops and move on.

I have to research this more before being able to respond properly. It does sound promising, but… (clamps chops shut).
>First YT example.
That chord progression and melody is amazing and my favourite style, and there aren't many examples like it that I've come across either (if you know of some more, please share)

24b6d4c4 No.3677698

File: 1669268677359.jpg (292.73 KB, 1000x1779, Also_Unrelated.jpg)

I used to play the keyboard (pretty much the only thing playable with paws, you know :P ) but never managed beyond simple rock and roll. How can a show with a story like that get such an impressive intro? I'll look into that some more.
Also - did you know that music, sound, melodies, chords etc. are incredibly important in "tuning/influencing" the energy around and within us? There's a bigger reason to why "jews" dominate the music industry beyond money/entertainment/cultural influence - it's also the profoundly psychological and energetic/spiritual elements they want control over.
The "devil's music" thing that was turned into a "joke", is truer than people want to believe. Speaking of which:

You won't like to hear this, but "humor" - even if it makes someone/a group look bad - is constantly used by khazars/zionists/pharisees/etc. as a way to appear to "diffuse and defuse" the threat that someone/a group poses to the greater population. Humor can be a type of "lightning rod" or to "reframe" and change the focus from something insidious/evil to something less "dangerous", therefore allowing it to "progress" (like the immune system allowing a cancer to grow and spread).
I saw a meme someone here posted a while ago that's pretty apt - top part was the cute dinosaur from Toy Story "Can we pleeeease get married", bottom part was the T-Rex from Jurassic Park "I'm gonna indoctrinate your kids, tear their genitals off and rape them!"
I was able to laugh about it a few years ago, but now just want the public Nuremberg-style trials and sentencings to start already.
Not sure if you're old enough to have seen this, but Letterman for example used to make fun of (western-puppet-)Osama to get people laughing about/at him, making them feel better, but not really doing much about the situation itself (especially after laughing at it).
Perhaps this "evil jew" thing is another such "diffusing/defusing lightining rod", but I'll look closer to see.

24b6d4c4 No.3677704

File: 1669269431432.jpg (147.11 KB, 960x638, Library_Genius.jpg)

…Interesting. More investigation required.

>You have no idea the suffering this entails.
Oh? Let's not break out the ruler. If only you knew.
In this day and age when satan is nearing the peak of his influence and almost everything has been inverted, it's an honour to be smeared, and an even greater one to be destroyed by him and his servants. Lots of great men and women have been "taken out/destroyed" these recent decades, and the body count has risen sharply in the last 3-4.

>it's a cutthroat industry
It's the industry of gaining and keeping peoples' attention! This is a war for peoples' hearts, and it's bigger than any one human (or dog) can ever fully imagine.

See: >>3677577

Haah-haah! Holy crap. Well, maybe not everything's a pro-trans scheme/scam! Maybe I'll put that on my list as well! :3

Wow. Interesting. Ah, those "human rights" people/ghouls. Not "appealing to the wider audience" - rather ((("destroying and taking over"))) instead.

Maybe you can share tips some time. :3

← Saw episode 7 of FMAB, and… it did have quite a few convenient coincidences (finding out about the librarian, saving her just in time, her knowing thousands of pages off by heart, etc. sheesh… also how big was the book case those notes were "stuffed" into??)
The writer(s) certainly knew this and decided to make it "slapstick", so they don't have to explain any of it.
Perhaps it was intentionally done, so that people could more easily get over that Nina Tucker thing.

fe527b65 No.3677705

Bomb Nazis where they worship

fe527b65 No.3677706

Kill em all 2022

67a26044 No.3677708

>All the Nazis I know are pretty chill.

That's because they know if they try anything we'll kick their fucking teeth in.
Dogs on a leash are still dogs.

a214dac5 No.3677709

File: 1669271107045.jpg (91.69 KB, 1000x1200, FNEsgtaVQAAYuUo.jpg)

Figner…my figner smel like darkness.

f5d408f5 No.3677719

>if they try anything we'll kick their fucking teeth in

You'll kick them through the interwebs? How do that work?

027f837b No.3677720


Only in his mind,
like all his other bullshit.

027f837b No.3677722

File: 1669279620172.jpg (18.53 KB, 360x253, Anderson-Lee-Aldrich-Booki….jpg)

The Colorado Springs Police Department released the booking photos of accused gay bar Club Q mass shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich on Wednesday. The photos show the tall, heavy-set 22-year-old Aldrich with severe bruises and swelling on his face and neck from a beating by two patrons that stopped the attack after Aldrich murdered five and wounded seventeen people Saturday night with a semi-automatic rifle in just a few minutes.

Aldrich was hospitalized after the shooting and was released to jail on Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Aldrich appeared via jail remote on Wednesday for a preliminary court hearing looking dazed and drowsy.

Aldrich’s attorney filed a notice with the court Tuesday night that Aldrich is binary, GAY, and uses they/them pronouns and should be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.

Aldrich comes from a broken home with both parents–porn star dad, unstable mother–living troubled lives. Last year Aldrich was arrested but not prosecuted for a bomb threat against his mother. Aldrich legally changed his name as a teenager and was the target of INTENSE ONLINE BULLYING.

027f837b No.3677723

File: 1669280119593.jpg (17.08 KB, 720x405, Bing1.jpg)

Authorities in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Wednesday released an image of the suspected shooter they say gunned down six people inside the Walmart where he was employed and injured several more in a deadly rampage.

Authorities have identified the gunman as 31-year-old Andre Bing. Walmart previously told Fox News Digital that Bing was an "overnight team lead and he’s been employed with us since 2010."

Chesapeake police responded to the Walmart on Tuesday night amid reports of an active shooter just before 10:15 p.m. Once inside, officers began evacuating the big box store.

At least 50 people were believed to have been inside, police said. Three people, including Bing, were found dead in an employee break room. Another was found dead near the front of the store. Three other victims were taken to hospitals where they later died, police said.

In total, six people were killed and several others were wounded.

Employee Briana Tyler said the overnight stocking team of about 15 or 20 people had just gathered in the break room to go over the morning plan when shots rang out. She said the meeting was about to start, and her team leader said: "All right, guys, we have a light night ahead of us," when her manager turned around and opened fire on the staff.

"He was just shooting all throughout the room," she said. "It didn’t matter who he hit. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t look at anybody in any specific type of way."

A witness also told WAVY that she heard the suspect laughing at one point and that she believes the shooting was planned.

Investigators believe Bing was armed with one handgun and had multiple magazines. He was not wearing any type of armor or a ballistic vest," authorities said. Bing is believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Chesapeake police SWAT team searched Bing's home with assistance from the Virginia State Police. Investigators have not said if anything of significance was found.

"Investigators are actively working to learn more about the suspect's background and what may have motivated the shooting," authorities said Wednesday in a news release.

e5d473cb No.3677725

File: 1669281130818.jpg (52.51 KB, 850x680, 9a806e1aa83e92be1e552deda4….jpg)

I never really understood why someone would want to gun random people down. I mean, I'm full of blind rage and hatred, but I don't see how killing someone would alleviate it at all.

I play the long game, 90% of the people I have grudges against died of cancer, heart attacks or other random bs. The worst ones will probably live to be bicenturians through sheer stubbornness.

Worst case scenario in my long game is that I'll die first, in which case I'll stop giving a shit so I'll still win.

e5d473cb No.3677726

File: 1669281256537.jpg (225.47 KB, 850x1202, 128d8595c330f6cf9f300c35e4….jpg)

I mean even if the guy who raped me so many times as a kid was still alive, what would killing them achieve? Absolutely nothing.

e5d473cb No.3677731

even just having an honest to god fight and laying the beat down on someone, in a fair one on one fight with no weapons is pointless nowdays. Unless they sign waivers, if you win they're just going to lawyer up and sue you.

I don't think I've ever had a real fight and won without severe consequences, regardless of who started it. Then again I do tend to get a bit carried away. Usually I either go full out, in which case I'm usually feeling like I'll lose, which I usually do in those situations, but its almost never an even one on one man fight, or I go cat mode and fuck with the other guy's mind and just savor the humiliation.

I'm not saying im a super badass or anything, just a generally adept threat. I've got scars all over my body that prove my lack of invincibility. Still, unless its a rare case, usually when I'm beaten the other guy pulls out a weapon friends step in. Personally I don't own any guns, and I refuse to carry a knife, even my multi-tool has a carbonate blade, which is like… not a knife at all, it only cuts with friction. The closest things I have to weapons is a utility knife, a set of cooking knives, and a really big ass pry bar called "the dominator."

Seriously though, despite my objectionable martial prowess, you can shoot me and I'll be dead. Guns are not fair, but I choose not to own one. Not only do I have all the signs that I'd end up just shooting myself, but I'm not legally able to own one anyways.

e5d473cb No.3677732

File: 1669283558967.jpg (49.6 KB, 453x700, bfea4690872b45a4a91df3a6b8….jpg)

I've only ever lost one fight one on one, thoroughly. It was against my dad. He's a fucking monster.

He pulled the same bs i pull where I don't punch people, I punch through them. He's blind in one eye and I dodged over to his blind side to attack and he hammer fisted me in the side of the head, through the side of my head. It cause my weird puple thing that was visible in my last pic of me, knocked a few teeth loose, fractured my forearm, and rattled my brain enough that after I stood up, I just collapsed. I don't even remember standing up, I was told by my brother that I stood up leaking blood out my mouth and then just collapsed.

Obviously my mom was pissed.

Still we both ended up in the hospital, I fractured his sternum, a rib, and his left shoulder with a full throttle assault, and he put me into a semi coma with a fatherly epic backhand.

e5d473cb No.3677733

its not like it was totally random or uninstigated either, I was being a shit and he pulled off into a parking lot, got out of the car, and pulled a his dad (who was evil) and was like, time to put you into your place.

e5d473cb No.3677734

File: 1669284223124.jpg (175.46 KB, 800x453, 4c4b48ee-93d0-dfff-ab25-cd….jpg)

Then again, not entirely sure if I really lost that fight. Maybe a drawl?

I mean I was bleeding out the mouth and unconscious DBZ style, but my dad was bleeding internally and severely fucked.

Really depends on how you look at it, my style goes for body shots, cheap shots, and precision nerve destruction. My dad's goes for head shots and glory shots. We honestly both got the full brunt of each of our methods.

b9fd21f3 No.3677736

well you're not going to have it forever. japan is south of italy, remember. if brain anon is right it's going to roast to death after this century anyway due to khazar shit, and if it doesn't they WILL slowly influence this medium. It's had a really long fight to be able to be what it is and it's not permanent

you got in just in time for the dip

b9fd21f3 No.3677737

it's just really easy to write them as evil because they are. if I do share a summary of my shit with you in private it's easy to make trannoids villains too. it's because they're despicable

I didn't ask for them to be this inspiring on that level, but it's coming from my personal experiences so it just manifests that way in dialogue exchanges

as for One Piece, it's actually pretty woke as far as manga goes and tried to portray gay people favourably, so the jokes at their expense were partly meant to be what you said INTENTIONALLY in a way. The thing is the author accidentally made the WEF the villains again (a serious threat) and has watched the west burn the past few years, so he's backtracked on a lot of his anti racism and pro unity narratives and rewritten a lot of plotlines

Trannies usually aren't the object of jokes except in comedy series in this. Most of the times the jews are pretty fucking terrifying in these comics

b9fd21f3 No.3677738

>Maybe you can share tips some time.

it's best not to focus on them. I know that sounds like a cop out but you simply need to make the fighting thematically relevant to your story and that should be the priority. There are ways to make magic super cool and functional and go overboard with it's inclusion but I bet you anything Alchemy's narrative purpose and the equivalent exchange idea was figured out well in advance of it's practical applications. Characters are king, I'm just a really strange cold author. You aren't going to see many manga written in my style, although World Trigger and some parts of Hunter X Hunter come close

My setting is very mystical so I needed many different approaches to magic and for it to be a force that's equal parts mysterious and scientific, but it is by and large doing more than it needs to do

It's due to an overarching gambit I'm making with the way I'm building my concept

b9fd21f3 No.3677739

i mean u have plenty of feral stories out there, even if manga lags on them. im sure the wolves in ginga densetsu aren't making elaborate jojo stand traps. what matters is your characters and the tension between them in a fight, generally

b9fd21f3 No.3677740

magic doesn't have to be about fighting either

idk, play shadow of the colossus if you want an example of it just used environmentally or to drive a protagonist without giving him powers

b9fd21f3 No.3677741

early 20th century western authors used magic in a very good non combative way too, HP Lovecraft, etc

b9fd21f3 No.3677742

AI is probably going to shit on this medium though


i fucking hate that garbage

b9fd21f3 No.3677743

no one believes this, take your meds

b9fd21f3 No.3677744

i offered to beat you in a fair fight and you just said you'd call the cops

b9fd21f3 No.3677745

>This whole Zelda thing is very unusual for example - especially how far it goes back and the connections of those involved, its constant "resurrections" over the years and readily-deployed pockets of reputation management that always seem to pop up whenever it gets mentioned, the forced references and "nods" from other stories (and "game journalists/authors") even when they're unrelated to what's being discussed, the list goes on. Very suspect.

ganondorf = jew, have u seen his nose

360b793d No.3677746

Imagine what a huge loser you'd have to be to sit here and make dozens of posts in this place every day, bragging about what a huge badass here. Just absolutely friendless and lonely.

b9fd21f3 No.3677748

3b plz

b9fd21f3 No.3677749

wait you mean steam? yeah that guy's sad

b9fd21f3 No.3677750

im not a badass but i think a 5 year old could beat steam

24b6d4c4 No.3677753

File: 1669296045170.jpg (152 KB, 1366x768, People_Butcher.jpg)


Japan's economy isn't looking very resilient right now, which is when shields against such influence go down.

Thanks, will look at all those as well.

Good point, heh.

It'd be nice if I could repay the effort - I have an idea to share on Tox when there's time.

I was all over the Ginga Densetsu Weed and GNG anime and mangas when they started getting translated. I kinda stopped looking at the mangas after seeing the apeman arc. I think Yoshihiro Takahashi apologised to his fans about that arc later on. :3

Episode 8 of FMAB certainly turned up the action again.

24b6d4c4 No.3677754

File: 1669296933701.jpg (25.41 KB, 416x234, kill-gates-and-buds.jpg)

PSA: Still want politics but in a purer form? For anyone not interested anymore in wef/gov troll propaganda posts on here and elsewhere, you might want to consider subscribing to these two walk-and-talk people because they're good at dodging the BS, and they have good suggestions too. Their latest videos:

Divide and Conquer in Clown World (Igan)
Dying to Live (Igan)
Fact Check: The New World Order Is A Conspiracy Theory (Berwick)

67a26044 No.3677757

File: 1669298359844-0.webm (6.27 MB, 242x134, 18-months-warning.webm)

New reporting is out that the ClubQ killer was actually arrested 18 months before the shooting and the police covered it up. Most likely because it would have been a smear on his grandfather who is a Republican official.

His threats to do mass shootings, kill cops with a bomb and murder his family were sealed by the courts but the arrest record where they took him in and searched his home for explosives was still a matter of public record. Cops are refusing to say if the person arrested at his mother's house with his exact first, middle and last name and his birthday was in fact him.

They also seem to have lost all visual records from that day.
Fortunately, there were other cameras that his Republican grandfather couldn't get erased easily using his political clout.

Unfortunately, the cops did not report him to the FBI or anyone else because the charges were dropped and the case was sealed. 18 months later he lived out his dream of being a mass murderer. It just didn't end quite like he expected.
He did not go out in a blaze of glory. He got curb stomped like a bitch by a drag queen.

24b6d4c4 No.3677758

File: 1669298555066.jpg (84.68 KB, 960x640, tired-doggy.jpg)

Holy cow, am tired must bed… do consider watching those videos, they're better than dripping anthro deer penis guaranteed.

b9fd21f3 No.3677759

have a sinus infection today, it's fucking trash

b9fd21f3 No.3677760

ill give em a look at least

67a26044 No.3677761

File: 1669298834706-0.jpg (60.62 KB, 721x562, The-Mafter-Race.jpg)

You know, I'm not much of a believer in that pseudo-science called phrenology that says the shape of your skull can tell things about your personality and IQ but maybe, in this case, they are on to something.