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c4f12bba No.3667199

ba ba ba ba shear a sheep!

c4f12bba No.3667200

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b041c637 No.3667208

Sheep are fucking ugly

Goats on the other hand…

c4f12bba No.3667209

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>Lions are fucking gross, but I love cheetahs.

>Horses are fucking shit, but I love donkeys.
>Sheeps are fucking ugly but I love goats.

Gee we wonder were we heard that before?
Who are you to judge are you the same person that attacks animals.
We get it some animals are less equals than others.

da88910a No.3679247

Quick, someone post a sheep!

9a8ec088 No.3679248

File: 1669747698697.png (1.42 MB, 920x1200, Dr_Comet_sheep.png)

2d520fb6 No.3698424

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8201e827 No.3701338

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3e587f99 No.3701369

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Second thoughts?

3e587f99 No.3701370

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cdcc2be4 No.3703598

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