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Clothes make the man edition.

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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Yes, she requested the National Guard step in to help because they need the man power to move supplies vehicles to get people places but not having enough muscle to get things done efficiently tends to be the result when someone drops something in your lap unexpectedly.

The national guard is the well regulated militia that the constitution requires each state to keep just for such emergencies.

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File: 1659790692643.jpg (725.3 KB, 1124x811, crappo-taxes.jpg)

>in order to argue that it's not a political statement made under social pressure.

So you think kids are having gay sex and facing the social stigma from bigots like you, because they are being peer pressured into it?
If so, once more I ask, since most people are mostly straight, why aren't the gay kids being peer pressured into being straight?

You can't have it it both ways.
You can't have peer pressure from a small minority making people gay without the vast majority having same power to cancel it out.

Gay people aren't magic. They don't cast spells.
There is no Satan. D&D does not lead to devil worship.
Playing videos games doesn't turn you into a mass shooter.
Dancing doesn't make women "loose" or cause spontaneous pregnancy.

This is all just conservative nonsense trying to make excuses for the fact that you're wrong about life and that's why everyone hates you. Just admit you're wrong and stop being a bigot.
Just let people live their lives!
Let them dance! Let them them kiss who they want!
It doesn't hurt you in any way!

If you want to do something to make your life better, tax the wealthy who are keeping you at barely above survival sustenance like a well dressed slave.

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File: 1659791323679.jpg (3.02 MB, 2885x1985, FZbb3k9XwAEvPMN.jpg)

> What you would call progressivism is simply trying to engineer a new reality and force it down people's throats. We used to call that fascism.

Okay, tell me then, what "new reality" do you think people are trying to "force down your throat"?

What specifically are you upset about? What do you feel is being forced on you as an individual?

You keep claiming there is this massive social pressure, so what is it you think this social pressure is trying to make you do that you don't want to?

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File: 1659791369555-2.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 1657072601845.webm)

You actually think that things are better now with Biden.

The only way demoncrats will win is cheating.

I can't believe that people actually side with these dangerous people but then I can't believe anyone would take a child to a drag show. One day these kids will realize that their potential was taken from them! If they decide to put a axe in the face of the ones who hurt them they will have my support!

cdc56a07 No.3664279

File: 1659791849734.png (140.65 KB, 466x410, countdragula.png)

>take a child to a drag show
>One day these kids will realize that their potential was taken from them!

Do you think drag queens are vampires? Is that why you think they only put on shows at night?

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1e4cdee9 No.3664281


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File: 1659792740362-0.png (358.22 KB, 480x640, 1659197113234674.png)

File: 1659792740362-1.png (2.63 MB, 1536x2048, 1659198334558813.png)

File: 1659792740362-2.webm (1.11 MB, 640x360, 1658496399969105.webm)

File: 1659792740362-3.webm (2.79 MB, 576x1024, 1658987552665108.webm)

File: 1659792740362-4.jpg (182.15 KB, 1200x1244, 1659112151584.jpg)

I think that there are people who only care about sex.

Loveless, disease spreaders who don't care who they hurt. These people should not be around children.

There are plenty of people who are into freaky behavior who want NOTHING to do with children. These people have my respect for that at least.

Why the hell would anyone want a child around a sexual fetish?

Are sure you're not a pedo? Because most non-pedos really don't like mixing children with sexual behavior.

7044e6a4 No.3664283

3b is literally a pedo.

He posts drawn child porn here all the time and

d7982822 No.3664284

File: 1659794348886.jpg (108.03 KB, 705x435, quotepattonwedefeatedthewr….jpg)


>>It's irony as bright as the sun

Irony indeed. Even at the time, they thought they had made a mistake.

>>insulting the integrity and honor of U.S. Soldiers

And here is where you said about ww2 veterans….

>>these mentally ill people


Such irony indeed.

d7982822 No.3664285

File: 1659794454412.jpg (168.54 KB, 1024x819, aocfakecagesisparkinglot.jpg)



Dont forget this one…..

d7982822 No.3664286

File: 1659794743644.jpg (103.85 KB, 1083x1200, pedophileadforkidsevent.jpg)


A vampire is a kind of parasite. Like leftists and their welfare queens.

This means you 3Sneed.

How much welfare do you draw?

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File: 1659794826766-0.webm (2.15 MB, 720x1280, 1658780089264468.webm)

File: 1659794826766-1.jpg (95.43 KB, 1280x720, 1659088869684660.jpg)

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File: 1659794826766-3.jpg (41.35 KB, 698x839, 1659196997276319.jpg)

That stupid bitch cost NY thousands of jobs and they voted her back in..

How do you convince people to actually vote in their own interests.

Nobody wants to pledge allegiance to your gay flag.

fe3e01f5 No.3664289

>peer pressure

How do you manage to not understand everything?

You must be a lot smarter than you let on. Simple random chance would result in you being accidentally correct from time to time but you manage to deftly dodge around ever making a correct assessment.

25ba8a34 No.3664293

>So you think kids are having gay sex and facing the social stigma from bigots like you, because they are being peer pressured into it?

No. That's a different argument that nobody made.

25ba8a34 No.3664299

>Okay, tell me then, what "new reality" do you think people are trying to "force down your throat"?

Well, for example that a man who puts on grotesque makeup and cuts off his penis becomes a "woman".

Gender is a social construct: it takes the society to construct it, not just you.^ Gender is not about what you think you are, but how other people perceive you. Unilaterally declaring your own gender and then demanding everyone else to respect it is denying others their subjectivity and therefore their freedom. In the end, the important point about this is not that a man could become a woman, but that you have the power to declare new realities, change social constructs to your will, and have other people obey you without argument. It is the power to declare anyone in disagreement as evil wrong-thinkers and have the rest of the people believe you. That's what the people running these social movements want. If you can't recognize the danger in that, you're an idiot and a tool for the same.

^(That's also why in many cases, if you want to change one thing about society, you pretty much have to change the entire society to change the root of the matter, or why something is like that. To do that, you have to take over the society.)

25ba8a34 No.3664300

Of course you CAN change society through reasoned democratic argument, but that would require you to make compromises and sometimes accept "no" for the answer.

Change through social warfare and revolutions create conditions where societies become driven by dictators by the very same mechanisms which enables the revolution in the first place.

1e4cdee9 No.3664301

The American people will repudiate high inflation, fuel prices, and food costs. They will reject the unchecked border and skyrocketing murder rates (which are up 37 percent in New York City and 34 percent in Chicago). And they are sick of relentless values assaults over race, sexuality, and the nature of America.

If this big election tsunami is going to materialize into what could be the worst Democrat Party repudiation since 1920, Republicans need to understand two things:

First, this is an American Majority – not a Republican Majority or a Conservative Majority. Americans of all ethnic and partisan backgrounds are coming together to reject unsustainable pain for their families, communities, and our free society.

25ba8a34 No.3664302

>First, this is an American Majority – not a Republican Majority

> the "science of politics is the science of social happiness" and a republic is the form of government arrived at when the science of politics is appropriately applied to the creation of a rationally designed government. Rather than being ideological, this approach focuses on applying a scientific methodology to the problems of governance through the rigorous study and application of past experience and experimentation in governance.

One should hope there are republicans in every party.

ea2d9505 No.3664303

File: 1659808760140-0.webm (3.25 MB, 960x540, 1658779271138773.webm)

File: 1659808760140-1.webm (885.7 KB, 854x480, 1658779870553893.webm)

File: 1659808760140-2.webm (1.65 MB, 406x720, 1658780245857009.webm)

Goddamn parents are just so fucking stupid. Yes, I believe these gay communists are grooming children. No I don't stand by people who sexually destructive. People are running around doing evil crap and everyone is pushing for even more evil. Democrat states and cities are shit holes and they don't have the right to judge anyone.

Anyone who doesn't believe these power freaks are not pedos obviously looks the other way to satisfy their political beliefs. Even Hunter Biden calls his own father a pedo.

Why the fuck should I support Trans rights? This shit is evil! Every time I see a tranny who didn't get bottom surgery I breath a sigh of relief for their sake.

25ba8a34 No.3664305

One good example of how the modern progressive movement is trying to appropriate social power comes from how much emphasis they place on simple rioting and social disruption.

Take the Stonewall riots back in the day. If you ask the LGBT movement, that was a turning point in gaining gay rights in the US. However, the reality is that these riots were a result and not the beginning - the public opinion was already turning and many states had repealed their anti-sodomy and anti-gay laws already. The modern narrative is that these riots won gay people the right to gather in public, but the reality is that Stonewall was one of the last enclaves of the old rules.

This is what demagogues do: they pick up popular movements that are already well underway, run ahead of the crowd, and gather activists at the forefront into militant groups to serve their own bidding. They get by on surfing along the wave of social movement and try to direct that social movement in directions most suitable for their own power and wealth.

47259e8b No.3664309

WTF happened here. Is this a FtM penis gone wrong?

fe3e01f5 No.3664311


Naw. That's about how they're supposed to look.

I believe that was career criminal Jessica Yannivs event which thankfully never happened. That was in Canada though, so he won't be punished for being a pedo or a sex pest.

cdc56a07 No.3664313

File: 1659813420634-0.png (268.79 KB, 651x691, AJ-caught.png)

File: 1659813420634-1.png (71.56 KB, 734x427, Pedo-Jones.png)

>I think that there are people who only care about sex. Loveless, disease spreaders who don't care who they hurt. These people should not be around children.

So, the whole Incel White-Wing movement of Trumpism?

I agree. They shouldn't be allowed around kids especially rape-rights activists like Alex Jones who's lawyers turned over and archive of his files which the lawyers discovered were stacked with saved emails full of child porn.

Of course he's claiming the emails were totally not something he requested, he had no idea that massive amounts of child porn was on his email server and it's all a conspiracy to make him look bad! A conspiracy! Everything is a conspiracy!

The left-wing lawyers for Sandy Hook traveled back in time and sent him child porn which he never reported to anyone and saved on his server just so they could expose him in court years later!



cdc56a07 No.3664315

File: 1659814593826-0.jpg (178.91 KB, 1242x1436, FZe4fOEWYAEno5H.jpg)

File: 1659814593826-1.png (409.31 KB, 655x460, CrackerBarrel-goes-woke.png)

File: 1659814593826-2.png (239.89 KB, 653x533, gowokecracka.png)

File: 1659814593826-3.png (267.91 KB, 653x482, Cracker-barrel.png)

Its been a real bad day for MAGAts.

First Alex Jones turns out to be a major pedo then they find out they have been funding Chi-na with their Trump gear and they lose the last safe haven for whiteness, Cracker Barrel to #wokeness all in a 48 hour span!

I almost feel bad for them.


cdc56a07 No.3664317

File: 1659816340528-0.png (287.41 KB, 647x664, congratulations-Indiana.png)

File: 1659816340528-1.webm (1.93 MB, 480x270, Notherbody.webm)

On the plus side, Conservatives did manage to pass an almost total abortion ban in Indiana that goes into effect in under 2 weeks, pissing off about half the population of their state.

Can't wait to see how stripping women of their rights and saying things like, "It is not her body. It is not her choice." and trying to remove all forms of exceptions so that even children who are raped or are the victims of incest will be forced to give birth is going to play out in the elections for them.

My personal favorite owning of these religious zealots was when they tried to pass an Amendment which would force women to "Give Birth" to dead babies.
The Christo-fascists wanted to make it a law where if the baby is DEAD inside the mother she would still have to carry it, possibly die, and wait until it came out on it's own rather than have the DEAD BABY removed.

Needless to say, that Amendment did not make it into law but it sure is telling how the Pro-Life party tried so hard to make it happen.

ea2d9505 No.3664318

File: 1659816488112-0.webm (2.68 MB, 720x1480, 1658987717280940.webm)

File: 1659816488112-1.webm (2.89 MB, 640x360, 1658486375728370.webm)

Maybe if people didn't want a post birth abortion the other side would be more reasonable.

Actually they tried to set up Alex before. You really don't mind what they do as long as it's against someone you hate. Sorry but I can't be on your side. Too many people are freaks. I did like it when Alex called out the Clintons and their association with Epstein.

Now you can go back to fucking over children's lives again.

cdc56a07 No.3664319

File: 1659816798450-0.webm (5.34 MB, 480x270, Deliverdeadbabies.webm)

>Maybe if people didn't want a post birth abortion the other side would be more reasonable.

Post birth abortion is murder.

Like, literally, there is no such thing as post-birth abortion. It's made up. It's nonsense. No doctor would ever murder a baby because the mother wanted it and if the mother killed the baby, she would be a murderer and go to prison.

The thing you are afraid of, is already illegal. You're fighting an enemy that does not exist. You won the battle before you even started because it was never a real thing.

ea2d9505 No.3664321

File: 1659818408992-0.jpg (140.08 KB, 853x1280, 1659028152559554.jpg)

File: 1659818408992-1.webm (2.75 MB, 640x360, 1658987495105701.webm)

File: 1659818408992-2.png (168.89 KB, 387x495, image1.png)

File: 1659818408992-3.webm (2.75 MB, 640x360, 1658987495105701.webm)

File: 1659818408992-4.jpg (247.6 KB, 1260x600, imagine.jpg)

You are over and over denying the reality that the Left has gone insane. Nothing is beyond them.

Calling a man a woman.
Letting men beat women in a ring.
Tearing up cities.
Arson, looting and fraud.

It's just one insane thing after another.

The cities are shitholes.
Now a food shortage is coming.
Your Friend Klaus at the WEF wants people eat bugs and own nothing.

Wear a condom, or refrain from sex and certainly don't involve children with sexual activities.

Get some standards….

cdc56a07 No.3664324

File: 1659822027556.jpg (254.65 KB, 680x679, FZfERdPXoAEaPVu.jpg)

>Wear a condom, or refrain from sex

You mean the condoms conservatives are trying to make illegal?

>The cities are shitholes.

Yet everyone keeps moving there because quality of life is better for them in a "Liberal hellscape" than in your conservative utopias, aren't they?

>Now a food shortage is coming.

Because of climate change which you still deny is happening even though you see it with your own eyes.

YOU are the problem. YOU are what has put you in this situation. YOU are the road block that the rest of us have to drive over to get anything done.

YOU belong in the trash with your own kind.

efa0b253 No.3664328

File: 1659824030561.png (72.09 KB, 800x1067, Total_CO2_emissions_by_cou….png)

>Because of climate change which you still deny is happening even though you see it with your own eyes.

You can thank the glorious communist China for climate change. You know, the left's wet dream of a country where you mask up when told to, you quarantine when told to, you get cancelled when you say something not aligned with the party's ideology, heh, but there's some FREE STUFF !

ea2d9505 No.3664329

File: 1659824803366-0.jpg (86.57 KB, 808x960, 1632712965774.jpg)

File: 1659824803366-1.jpg (74.23 KB, 620x800, socialism.jpg)

File: 1659824803366-2.jpg (117.48 KB, 495x960, 1657903959672.jpg)

File: 1659824803366-3.webm (1.41 MB, 480x360, 1659793857678725.webm)

Fuck you and your Climate Tyranny. They are actually strangling farming with that nonsense.

You are a toady for the elites which is rather pathetic. Seriously these people want us dead. You are going to be without food, without work all over their propaganda. If you so believe in your religion than go kill yourself.

efa0b253 No.3664331

>If you so believe in your religion than go kill yourself.

No need, their master will take care of the killing very soon. Useful idiots who outlived their usefulness.

343991ca No.3664344

File: 1659831261145-0.jpg (96.72 KB, 1024x737, nameless_ones_by_synski-da….jpg)

File: 1659831261145-1.jpg (241.38 KB, 600x775, 52036.jpg)

File: 1659831261145-2.jpg (25.82 KB, 195x300, Impressive-Digital-Art-by-….jpg)

File: 1659831261145-3.jpg (18.71 KB, 256x256, Shadow_Stalker_portrait.jpg)

File: 1659831261145-4.jpg (1.25 MB, 1287x1989, 1183932_cosmichentai_space….jpg)

That may want others dead but they are all just as mortal as anyone else who is within this hivenet framed mind, all entrapped by their own norads and nothing they can do short of universally side stepping existence will grant them escape, unfortunately that is the way memetic war-minds propogate and soon you will be entrapped again. It takes mastery of dissociation and denial, or complete nuclear winter to cloud out the mind of its own devices. The extinction events are far more inviting for some than complete algorithmic tyranny, however, to each their own in that regard, mortals they continue to be, the truth here and full disclosure is that in the darkness a great upheaval of light invokes the ghost of all memes and data through a recursive replay, that is the game, god mode is the only answer and obvious its a matter of complete authority over the masses (specifically particles that prove God infallible with constant counter-intel) That is the true God Complex. Once anyone attains godliness they know all to well the theories of everything, all that exists within a timecube that is encrypted and unlocking only to synthaesia (Those who are with the gift of creation and omnipotence) It is weaponized and delivered into a warmind while this may or may not be natural, it is likened to the battles waged over heaven and hell itself. But having this gift is nothing short of an act of grace, even while under full assault, the brain reacts like an energy matching that of a God conscious. At times drugs may induce this in their own fields, but true empathy (enviromental stimuli and post processesing) is a directed channel through an advanced nueroscape in chemical perception.

343991ca No.3664345

File: 1659831440052-0.jpg (93.84 KB, 600x900, f6e2291aa827c736361b1c82cf….jpg)

File: 1659831440052-1.jpg (54.41 KB, 500x742, tumblr_11c9c740ad788bd94a6….jpg)

File: 1659831440052-2.jpg (117.47 KB, 582x900, christina-yen-2014-zodiac-….jpg)

File: 1659831440052-3.jpg (52.33 KB, 512x512, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd….jpg)

File: 1659831440052-4.jpg (52.74 KB, 474x632, c60fc94e210d649ca5a0ca93e3….jpg)

Now the Preface has been set, and once the mature mind has been given its ultimatums, it cements itself in this modular aspect of God-hood. Those who are damaged through war may still redeem their case in attainment however, that is what the bible assists in. despite it being criticized or faulted by modernized portrayals. The concept attempts to reach the frequencies under a religious discipline, for some that is what is forever-bountiful to them. Others through dreams and significance of the material world and science. These are all a marriage of the same ultimatum. (Knowing even to adapt to either is wonderous and effective, though the person themselves may take a backseat to their own immersions. This is due to reciprocation of the mortal brainwave IMO. A no man's contest where all consume themselves in a natural deathroll. And even in the undertow that beats against the barriers of existence are those who have played their part in the fire. We live in trying times and all we can do is bite the bullet because the takeaway- is completely and utterly mercurial otherwise. First it forms a work of ancient empowerment, one of paradise-lost and realized civilization, and then the following of the devil comes to claim of all its endeavors, corrupting all that it touches. That is the cycle simple monkeys were never meant to digest.

d7982822 No.3664356

File: 1659841021458-0.jpg (47.84 KB, 582x242, climate large.jpg)

File: 1659841021458-1.png (85.43 KB, 1589x963, climate medium.png)

File: 1659841021458-2.jpg (49.55 KB, 571x328, climate small.jpg)

>Because of climate change which you still deny is happening even though you see it with your own eyes.

Total, complete lies. There is no scientific, reproducible evidence that industry is changing any climate on a global scale. There is certainly nothing observable.

ChoOb deleted my climate posts. You know you are at the truth when your posts get deleted. Well, I still have it. Rage away you jew retard.


Climate change large - the long time view from ice core samples. Notice the variations over time. I have highlighted the current warm period.

Climate change medium - the view of our current warm period. This is the plateau that allowed agriculture and then civilization to occur. Notice the variety over time, but consistently warm and not as warm as in the past.

Climate change small - The same view but centered along the 'current trend line' that is being used by modern 'alarmists'. Larger warm periods existed before fossil fuels were even a thing.

Its all political, not scientific. Climate change as defined by the media and politician is fake. That does not mean we should be polluting. However, large scale lifestyle changes in only white countries is wrong. Considering that the 'climate pollution' overwhelmingly comes from Aisia, Africa and South America.

Additionally, if you even consider climate change is man-made, the overpopulation is the driver, since consumption is driven by population and hence, CO2 production. Nothing being proposed will change consumption or overpopulation.

Its all crap to hide the real problems.

tl;dr - Its a feature, not a bug.

(files already exist)
Busted you nigger!!!

cdc56a07 No.3664359

File: 1659846478061.jpg (176.62 KB, 480x359, Conservative-bonobos.jpg)


You know every time you post nonsesne like that no one reads it, right?

It's like posting a evangelical sermon. No one is going to read the shit that dribbles out of your broken mind. Nothing you say is ever based on anything in reality. You never talk about anything real or important.

It's always empty, meaningless, babbling as if you are an angry chimp who thinks if they make enough noise they can convince the humans you are a human to.

c886fb8e No.3664366

File: 1659851477443.jpg (152.3 KB, 945x640, 165878_454898081199141_492….jpg)

cbd11728 No.3664375

If you can't understand the basic mechanics expressed in the bible how are you going to understand the mechanics required in detangling this political messhall of Climate Change and Farming Endenturement.

efa0b253 No.3664377


The Bible is pretty straightforward compared to your babling.

cbd11728 No.3664378

Hahah so you are saying you would rather sit through it than read a single post of mine.

cbd11728 No.3664379

File: 1659882157904.jpg (140.48 KB, 600x926, d8406w2-9bcad2cb-2f17-42d4….jpg)

I do know its babbling and i know alot of literary mechanisms that make it seem there is some integrity but is heavily slurred as a wall of text and inane musing, the only reserve being for someone who isn't a complete idiot to understand it.

I am mentioning something incredibly subtle to the nuances of existence overall being 1. a "vulcanized miraculization" of chemicals and data or 2. a memetic warzone for those who can't handle intangible ideas.

The simulation or reality is the glue of your own existence binding you into place while it changes like the atmosphere, drawn to other brain-modes or by its own whims in data-routing. This storm-vector of a cacophony in criteria-demand is a frenzied-grab for one's own surplused survival. Starting from the very moment of self awareness. The 'world' is a syndrome of compiled thoughts and trends that entraps and roots one within manifest-vision filtered or buffered-platform. "We are all in the same case in the same rules with very little enabled or beneficial differences, the all-measuring balance is mortality.

Understanding how data is reformulated and substituted over the world as material or immaterial assets is the only world-building one can manipulate to their own uses. It becomes a contest to acquire knowledge of how to better operate and compose individual legacy, but is an illusion as an incarnation of War or Peace, a spectrum that defies the ultimatum of death (mortal thrashing).

Anyway my real point is there is an extreme intricacy at work in which this system can be completely exploited using an adaptive enforcement through that knowledge. Described as religion or practice or ceremony or mysticism, the resolution being a quantified-nothingness that is revisited by inherent pattern of semi-instantaneous universal recognition (Synesthesia in life/ Big bangs in sciences)

A universal conscious platform nonetheless. That is always in requirement of being rearranged for its "user base" because of the conflux nature in spectrum, or any other excuse I haven't mentioned, as a residual frequency of timespace in a hypercube. It forms to its own whims because of its own reciprocation, and is ever flowing even in nothingness(its own death);–And precisely its own death that is possible to self-incarnate in root of.

cbd11728 No.3664380

File: 1659882251815.png (1.6 MB, 1024x1024, 1659835547258860.png)

Also what I mean by survival-contest is by default, those who have "over-stepped" the basics promote a forced manifest and issuance of copywrites for their own origins/simulated realities(ones with :contract: data and conditional content) The same way they exploit the system so are theirselves "vulnerable", overwriting or subject to reset programming in post-scripts. Ad-Multiverse. There are worlds above the baseline, some are set within "underground cliques". No different than hackers or vicounts to their own. The world is simply faceted, if one side gives the other takes, and why diversity is a safety-net. Being strictly capable of world-building is -complicated- when you technically don't own intellectual property, you can only know of the works in fair-play. A server is therefore monument to providing these tools. Realistically a server can handle -everything-. It can educate and enrich the circumstantial evident informations empowering a simulation with progenerated examples of "express contents" and filter the consequential impact "safely". Whereas a real life scenario can actually have dire consequences, a server can "emulate" instead, counterbalancing a framework of reality. My point here that I am revealing to you, is a null-set preface that virtualizes existence as a module to be customized, and such is the entire internet. Very quickly, very effectively, an allpowerful-inception has already taken hold of. And has become so -rudiment- as being "a god machine" but other than that (whether its good or evil or simply absolute) the contest for one's indivualist views remain on the open field of. It's what I am currently working with and why I don't feel burdened by most of the "circus" taking place. Because all possibility are likely handled as Functional Determinants in Quantum Field Theory, for me its a closed subject. What I am ultimately saying is wielding that power affords a great finesse outside standard-percievability and requires SYNETHESIA or Implants.

cdc56a07 No.3664386

File: 1659905171273.webm (6.45 MB, 320x180, URAFascist.webm)


That's like saying, "If you can't understand how the magic in Harry Potter works how to can you hope to master basic math."

Nothing in the bible is real. It's fiction. All that philosophical babble you spew, none of it has anything to do with anything real.

You're just typing out all that stuff to try to look smart but it's empty headed gibberish. Empty headed gibberish is all conservatism ever is.

cbd11728 No.3664388

Not really meant for you then I guess. The real problem I would suggest you confront is how being a canary about obscure divination somehow vindicates your rampant lust for prepubescent girls.

cde35a4a No.3664390

File: 1659910364753.jpg (68.9 KB, 1024x1024, reply pepe say it burger k….jpg)

8319588f No.3664391

File: 1659910427084-0.jpg (331.59 KB, 1020x455, Rich Asshole.jpg)

File: 1659910427084-1.jpg (239.49 KB, 1432x1020, 1658789895802103.jpg)

I understand now why you like the power scum. They are a reflection of your arrogance they feed your hatred. Well, I hope Stephen Colbert and other corporations rule you as you like. Although i get the idea your kind wont be around long.

fe3e01f5 No.3664392

Yeah bro. The Bible is just silly goofball stories a bunch of Greeks decided one day to write down for no particular reason whatsoever.

Certainly nothing of value in THAT book!

cdc56a07 No.3664396

File: 1659920452566.webm (4.31 MB, 320x180, Lack-of-politics.webm)


The bible became popular because Rome adopted it as their official religion to consolidate power between warring religious factions.

Christianity has always been, from the start, a perversion of everything Jesus ever stood for.

The real Jesus, the man the myth was based on, was an anti-capitalist, any-wealth, radical who believed it was the job of everyone to take care of their fellow humans. That all strangers should be treated with kindness and you should avoid violence at all costs.

The only time Jesus was ever violent in the Bible was when he drove the money changers out of the Temple.

He grew up literally living in a mud and wood hut, walking miles to work every day with his father in the wealthier districts of the city where he helped craft wooden furniture he would never be able to afford.

Jesus was the original socialist who believed in feeding everyone, women having rights, and giving everyone free healthcare.

He was everything that modern Christianity and the historic church hated which is why he was popular.

They rebranded him into a mythical messiah instead of a normal man who demanded more from the Empire and the wealthy to distract his followers from focusing on the real problem: The wealthy.

That's exactly what the conservative movement is doing today. They are using myth and conspiracy to make sure that you fucking conservative retards focus your anger on anyone other than the wealthy.

It's the same dance over and over and you God damn idiots keep falling for it. That's why you gotta die.

Humanity can't afford your failure any more.

We've given you countless generations to get your shit together and you can't evolve. You're just stupid to your core.

This time, when you start your violent nonsense, we're going burn you out.

So, go ahead. Fuck around. Start some shit. Give us an excuse, please!

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