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e6928d16 No.3662743[Last 50 Posts]

tl;dr i'm low on funds, don't have room in my budget to pay for lulz out of pocket anymore, and need the community to step up to carry it for at least a while.

i can accept donations through paypal, cashapp, and various cryptocurrency if you're into that. if you are able to contribute, please e-mail me at [email protected] alternatively, you can contact me on the lulz chatroom on the nick cho0b.

to those of you who have donated recently or in the past, thank you so much for your help.

78d46105 No.3662744

File: 1658256299102.png (26.69 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

What if someone donated $7000 to keep the site running how long will it last?

Lol, that would keep the old girl running for more years the rest would be spent on bills and services.

403eef02 No.3662746

lol they aren't going to shut down patreon accounts because of some butthurt

53fb40e9 No.3662747

Lots of content on this site is outside of Patreon tos. Someone reported this to them and sent them specific links to threads against their tos.

403eef02 No.3662748

they want to get involved they can suffer the effects personally.

fedd994e No.3662750

File: 1658260893875.png (114.52 KB, 220x231, 1446639611813.png)

Why delete the old sticky? Couldn't handle people calling you a retard? Is your anarchist philosophy crumbling before your very eyes?

e6928d16 No.3662751

yeah i get really hurt feelings when people call me names on the internet, that's why i'm asking for money on a furry website

you could think before pressing submit, at least once

fedd994e No.3662752

File: 1658261179546.jpg (86.67 KB, 960x1280, 1560830067059.jpg)

Deal with it you fat retard.

e6928d16 No.3662753

ok 😊

d6d6bdf4 No.3662754

File: 1658262822531.jpeg (799.06 KB, 1587x2048, FU1Gs2ZWUAAQoiF.jpeg)

inb4 weavile

6c9c9183 No.3662755

> *update* /someone/ 👀 reported the patreon
Probably Connor Goodwolf. He can't stand that cub art exists. He once tried to get E621 shut down because of it. He also gets his panties in a twist over zoophilia.

BTW, someone committed a board slide here a few days ago. Threads that got pushed off lulz include one about Connor Goodwolf and a zoophilia thread. I wonder who could have done that.

a0003302 No.3662758

File: 1658263891444.jpeg (101.08 KB, 621x800, The-left-agenda.jpeg)


It was probably Weavile.
cho0b banned him for 24 hours for being a tard so he probably spent that time trying to find cho0b and ruin his life. Crazy people be crazy like that. They can't let things go.

It's one of the reasons I enjoy making fun of them so much.
It haunts them even when they aren't here.

403eef02 No.3662759

So what point is no one cares about white knights and doing anything short of getting off their ass and pointing them out in public and raiding their homes is going to change it. The other side is there is a massive psy op and will stoop to any length and promote any substandard to defame its own playing fields of degeneracy. It's a dirty world and full of lowlifes and if you think you are holier than thou make like the air and puff off this sick planet.

53fb40e9 No.3662761

It seemed like a raid from another site, but I didn't look into it because often attribution like that is faked by the attacker. I cleared out the spam myself because someone got my attention about it. They had already given up but they point, possibly because they realized the content that gets pushed off is archived anyway? Idk, not really a big deal. Content on image boards was never meant to be static.

403eef02 No.3662762

Your best option is to make a site-frame that will collectively store all lulz-knowns outside of the chat and server you can also make an attempt to find free hosting.

The problem is it wont be this host. This host or whatever will have to be expunged anyway overtime so what just gets translated from here to the other site is whatever you want to replicate. The site is definitely room for improvement either way doing so, making a stupid amount of splintered redirects is stupid though.

Find a hosting service and use it or make a small group on some other "platform" and carry the effects where or how they may develop to the idea of a board-hub".

Same as any other guild I have seen that does it in fact just making tons of things that propogate to a main-infrastructure is really what site-bearing is. But that is also known as incorporation where you are using third party programs or secondary affilations to connect or bolster traffic. Which may or may not be wanted or even usuable because of it being a Company pitch from YOU.

You'll just have to figure something out and take a shot at making it what it is or start over. It's not even a real loss to throw anything online away that can be remodeled from anywhere. Adaptively speaking it doesn't even need to exist.

34cda9f9 No.3662771

as a long term moderator on this side

lol, lmao

403eef02 No.3662772

File: 1658271990114.jpg (106.74 KB, 612x612, 1657338628594.jpg)

8009a24d No.3662773

once more and yet again:


f7b11da1 No.3662782

there are a LOT of other things besides patreon that let you fund a site. Still, kinda a bad idea financially attacking the owner of a site you spend so much time on. Admitting that you did it is basically just asking for a permab&

f7b11da1 No.3662785

you know only idiots brag about how "smart" they are, you and cobalt are the only ones who do it here.

a2824200 No.3662786

File: 1658295765638.png (251.25 KB, 550x500, thank-you.png)


I have been a silent lurker on lulz.net since 2008, I don't really comment that much since I'm somewhat antisocial.

I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thankyou cho0b for hosting lulz for so many years & not over-moderating the place. I still remember when the servers are going to be shutdown a few years ago, but somehow we came back after the new server merge.

If lulz gets shutdown I understand, it has been a wild rollercoaster visiting this website everyday & reading the posts from users, be it furry drama or art threads.

If you are reading this message I just wanted to say you are a chill guy & I wanted to say thankyou for keeping lulz afloat for so many years (I know it must have been alot of work), alot of users still love this website!

f7b11da1 No.3662789

File: 1658296856595.png (70.63 KB, 200x200, Over_9000!.png)

says the guy who constantly says how smart he is and has an over 9000 IQ

8009a24d No.3662790

File: 1658297128619.jpeg (86.95 KB, 615x590, 131267402892-3354044929.jpeg)

good christ you people post like dogshit

a0003302 No.3662793


Called it! >>3662758

0385e44b No.3662796

>>3662743 How much would you need to run the site for a decade?

a0003302 No.3662797

File: 1658298279945.jpg (64.81 KB, 720x720, 22d77fae84414d3d5f9eabf1f9….jpg)


Like your tiny dick, no one is impressed by your threats, cuck boy.

243aa5a4 No.3662799

you are obviously on crack and you know you are just a fucking junkie needle jabber.

i didnt know your addiction was so bad but it seems that way.

a0003302 No.3662800

File: 1658298711994.png (34.98 KB, 724x297, TheBritishAreComing.png)


In the previous thread he said it was around 30 dollars a month server cost but over a long period of time like that costs are going to increase so I would go with at least $50 a month.

With ARM architecture and the newer lower power requirement technology that is coming out, the cost won't explode too much but it's still going to go up.


d6d6bdf4 No.3662801

File: 1658298736108.png (362.97 KB, 396x383, unknown-24.png)


It'll stay up as long as I'm around :)

34cda9f9 No.3662802

File: 1658298962096.jpg (55.81 KB, 725x550, bored4.jpg)

be anarchist more chob

a0003302 No.3662803

File: 1658299668401.gif (4.65 KB, 640x480, Atari_BattleZone_1980.gif)


If you're unfamiliar with ARM and SOC the basic are that ARM is form of more efficient machine code than the x86 stuff Microsoft runs now.

It's designed from the ground up to be efficient with modern technology and not backwards compatible with old shit no one uses.

Your typical intel chip is still based on the same 1980s technology that people ran Battlezone on and over the decades intel kept having to pile more sets of instructions into the architecture to update it.

Arm starts over so instead of trying to use a library worth of info to run every possible thing ever made, it uses one book worth of info to run only modern things more efficiently.

SOC stands for System On Chip. It's basically cramming the key components of a motherboard as close together as possible onto a microchip so that everything is faster and needs less electricity to work.

The signal between components has less physical space to travel so it needs far less juice to keep everything going.

The whole system can be micro-sized and if you want to add things you can but the most important thing is going to be the SOC at the core of your system.

a0003302 No.3662804

File: 1658300156114-0.png (620.41 KB, 900x863, FX8e9YQXgAAc4h9.png)

File: 1658300156114-1.png (557.31 KB, 900x828, FX8e9YPXgAEu1v_.png)

SOCs based off of ARM are the future, just don't buy anything with a Qualcomm chip.

They were a company that got into the ARM market early and the only thing they have reliably done is make shitty, poor performing chips.

It's quite amazing that they could fuck up something like this as badly as they did, as consistently as they do.

e890da40 No.3662807

i dont see how this is that much more effiecient if it cant run vulcan then its basically useless.

f7b11da1 No.3662809

File: 1658300914741.gif (28.2 KB, 100x100, steam.gif)

Hey Choob, is threatening to actually kill multiple people a bannable offense? With all the mass shootings, it might be taken seriously. He has proven that he goes out of his way to take revenge on people off site.

e890da40 No.3662812

its a coping mechanism like how millcore works to exploit her mod priviledges…its fucked up and im not going to suggest anything

f7b11da1 No.3662816

File: 1658302159903.jpg (22.38 KB, 600x315, 05641ddbdbca1ba594d3c6a85b….jpg)

uh oh, I posted out of line. Guess you're going to kill me now.

a0003302 No.3662817

File: 1658302383646.webm (3.56 MB, 480x270, Its-a-Death-Cult.webm)

>I'm amazed that Dog is quite literally the only person on the entire site with any principles besides me.

Lulz has some of the worst people in the furry fandom in it and even among us freaks, you're so fucking retarded only one other person agrees with you. That's a sign you need to re-examine your life.

When you're such a pile of shit WE think you're trash, you need to take a beat and rethink things because you're life is going to end up in a really bad place if you don't.

e890da40 No.3662818

File: 1658302878598.jpg (7.34 KB, 275x183, darknetthunderdome.jpg)

He kind of has a point. And you kind of have a point. We made points. Now time to stab. two enter and then…make with the stab!

eb2ca92f No.3662819

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I've had fun with this site over the years and made some friends in the process. It's been neat to see the community develop over time. Mostly, though, I think the site hasn't changed all that much.

2c91edea No.3662820

well its not like your faggot mods enforced the dead fox ban

bcd59d3f No.3662821

File: 1658304244280.jpg (138.3 KB, 550x1000, 9858360a3c4fb9cf6bca9eca82….jpg)

Funny that the only people you relate to on the site are a zoosadist and a tradcath retard who believes he's a dog (and probably also a zoophile).

aef6f2b4 No.3662822

File: 1658304322060.jpg (44.2 KB, 270x256, 1630758466425.jpg)


If I didn't know better, it almost sounds like you're asking for dead foxes to be posted in this thread!

e6928d16 No.3662823

based on what the Patreon staff said to me, it seems like basically any pornographic furry art is technically outside of Patreon TOS.

>"we have zero tolerance for … depictions of … bestiality"

the thread they linked for reference was of furry porn, not IRL bestiality.

bcd59d3f No.3662824

I'm sure they won't be getting rid of their Meesh and Naylor cashcows anytime soon. If you can pull in enough they won't care. That eye will slip right past.

bcd59d3f No.3662825

Question is, what kind of subscriber tiers will you create lol

Lulz Gold Poster?

d6d6bdf4 No.3662829


Business Dog is a flat out zoo bruh. He was in the dolphin fucker thread offering up content. Lmao

d6d6bdf4 No.3662831


aef6f2b4 No.3662833

File: 1658305880566.png (46.26 KB, 192x192, 6011.jpg.png)


I have never posted dead foxes. That's… someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662835

Its right there. At the bottom of this thread. Do I need to screencap it for you?

f7b11da1 No.3662836

File: 1658306352652.jpg (68.16 KB, 750x574, punt_a_baby.jpg)

i'm so flattered that I've juggled your jimmies so much. So much mad… so little time…

f7b11da1 No.3662837

File: 1658306797614.jpg (97.71 KB, 718x559, 0401-mike-smith-bubbles-ge….jpg)

also where is Poly in all this, normally I don't like him around, but with a guy who literally has "LULZ.NET" tattooed on his fingers, you'd think he'd be here ready to take a fourth mortgage out on his shed to keep this place going.

Guess he's homeless again, no surprise.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662838

File: 1658306820690.png (173.37 KB, 614x674, 1658094890.rawr-or-somethi….png)

I accept your concession :)

e890da40 No.3662839

Worlds collide, its poly's fault.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662841

So zoophiles are based, good to know!

f7b11da1 No.3662844

he just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper.

I mean, I thought he hit bedrock when even 3B said he was an annoying fucktard, but he just keeps going.

f7b11da1 No.3662845

oh. So now you're in favor of reducing the child sex offender registry. Good to know that not only do you love raping animals, but you also love raping kids.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662846

>dogfuckers can be good, actually
>kill all pedos
This is getting into mental gymnastics. Premium lulz dot net content.

f7b11da1 No.3662849

you are just really terrible at writing.

f7b11da1 No.3662854

File: 1658308658505.jpg (71.08 KB, 1206x672, lulz.jpg)

I don't even know why this thread is necessary anymore. The patreon was only pulling in a little over 4 dollars a month since 2016, and now we have me and a few other rich fags pledged to keep it afloat. If it has to be paypal so be it. The place is saved.

The little faggot weavile is just all butthurt because he didn't get to score a killing blow with his silly report.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662856

Oh, I get it now. Zoo is the lesser evil to you, so you're willing to continue to fellate Business Dog's knot. Have fun with that.

e890da40 No.3662857

no one can pass a turing test you fucking moron

d6d6bdf4 No.3662860

>I sure as hell don't care what pictures people share on a shitty imageboard.
So you have no problem with zoo shit being posted here?

f7b11da1 No.3662863

> 'i remember meeting steam one day!!' Wouldn't know anything about that, even on the rare occasion that I do talk to other furries irl, I don't use Steam I use Azimuth.

And yeah sure, feel all tough threatening to blindside a cripple. Of course I'd sue you into oblivion. Just because I used to be tough doesn't mean the military didn't break me into oblivion and back.

ed3bdd3a No.3662865

File: 1658309264563.jpg (26.62 KB, 1024x575, 1357620222692.jpg)

I wonder if once summer vacation ends if Weavile will start posting less. With every post he sounds more and more like a 12 year old who took an IQ test and now has to start saying how superior he is, except he can't figure out how to say nig­ger without having to bold it first.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662867

You are good with banning 3B, which none of us are going to do, just like every other leftist troll that pokes your schizo buttons.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662869

I don't need to cope. Its fun watching you flail around.

f7b11da1 No.3662870

pointless argument. People here have seen pictures of me, they know I'm at least not some twig, and I'm not even close to what I was in my prime.

I'm ceasing arguments with Weavile, its going nowhere and like >>3662865 its looking more and more like he's a caffeinated autistic middle schooler who gets picked on a lot irl.

e890da40 No.3662874

File: 1658309793763.gif (482.67 KB, 500x375, fc2b64e3bc6d3f83c27397d2a6….gif)

is one of them dead yet.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662876

If you are using a name on lulz you have already lost.

e890da40 No.3662879

get off the rock

e890da40 No.3662881

yeah thanks you have no idea what that means to me

ed3bdd3a No.3662882

File: 1658310038073.jpg (112.53 KB, 462x348, 34373859.jpg)

d6d6bdf4 No.3662885


d6d6bdf4 No.3662888

>devoid of compassion
I bet women are lining up to date you.

f7b11da1 No.3662890

File: 1658311021999.jpg (1007.18 KB, 1200x1595, 39e3d784-56db-402f-8cd1-3c….jpg)

You know, there is this old and very effective way the Amish use to punish people, just pretend they don't exist.

Its actually pretty funny to see what people who crave attention do when they're deprived of it, better than any insult or argument.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662895

>Have you seen how much compassion the average lulzian exudes?
Hmm well you got me there. I've made friends here over the years through IRC. It was nice.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662898

I am pleasantly surprised at how reasonable you are being. I'll even admit to concession, just for you. I can be nice sometimes. It has been fun though.

d6d6bdf4 No.3662901

At the end of the day we're all people trying to survive on a rock hurling through space, not even a blip on the cosmic radar (pale blue dot). Petty squabbling just wastes time that could be spent elsewhere, like improvement of myself and such.

It can be entertaining but ultimately pointless

f7b11da1 No.3662902

as they say its the journey not the destination

d6d6bdf4 No.3662906

There is a Tor onion link for the auto archiver an anon made, I haven't checked it to see if it is still up. Check the sticky.

6682645a No.3662913

Ill find choob and make sure he pays for banning me in blood and all you other fuckers too

6682645a No.3662914

Ill fucking kill all of you don't ignore me

6682645a No.3662915

Im a fucking genius and none of you deserve to even be on the same site as me, fucking idiots. Ill hunt down every site Choob gets donations from and ban him over and over again

6682645a No.3662916

I'll crush you all

127593b9 No.3662917

no one here comes close to my level of supreme intellect your all fucking worms in the dirt

127593b9 No.3662918

I'm going to fuck all your kids and all your pets until there is nothing but blood and cum

f7b11da1 No.3662919

File: 1658320758256.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, sK0IAg.gif)

127593b9 No.3662920

Choob is too stupid to know that if he banned me I'd take action against him because hes a i am racist and not very bright

6682645a No.3662921

You are all a bunch of dumb ass fucking spics giving money to a fucking jungle monkey fucking retarded failed abortions

f7b11da1 No.3662927

File: 1658321722957.gif (223.9 KB, 220x220, bill-hader-watching.gif)

well something is certainly going on here

f7b11da1 No.3662931

File: 1658323728048.jpg (103.59 KB, 640x480, laughing21.jpg)

Just hope no one gets some screenshots of those horrific statements Weavile made. Wouldn't want them to be used against him later or anything.

21e453f6 No.3662932

File: 1658323883303.webm (750.2 KB, 720x404, dolphin-tits.webm)

I like how the commies, SJWs, pedos and jews are grasping at straws, trying to smear me in this thread. It means I'm making a positive difference in the world.

You're really good at detecting bullshit, but clearly haven't gotten over that dolphin dick/vag sharing episode of mine, because of how you've allowed yourself to be influenced by their weaponised comments. They scented blood and went in for more.
← I'll help you with immersion therapy by posting a dolphin tits video. :P

I was myself disappointed after finding out that cho0b had turned into a pronoun-checking/respecting SJW, even getting 3Broken all excited and confident enough to start using the word "we" again, hah! :3
I'm still certain that cho0b was principled, anti-tyranny, pro-freedom and still had some fight in him back in the early days.
It would probably be better for this place if I stuck around for a while, just to balance things out a bit and get some testosterone and muscle back in the joint.

Nevertheless, it probably won't hurt to spend a bit of spare time now and again, planning out the creation of a new image board, if only for practice and learning.
Once mine is finished I'll post it here and other places as well.
It'll get attacked of course and commies/lizards will try to find out personal details of who set it up, so before you create/post yours, remember the advice I posted earlier on how to set such a thing up anonymously.
Most importantly, start stocking up on food and water and getting your mind ready for the real-life zombie apocalypse, because it's not far off now.

f7b11da1 No.3662933

File: 1658323884304.png (37.73 KB, 1454x417, oops.png)

oops it was me, I made the record of everything he said

f7b11da1 No.3662934

File: 1658323989908.jpg (163.46 KB, 735x908, whos-a-good-boy-dog-raisin….jpg)

you are a good boy business dog, I can't think of a single time that you've ever been mean to anyone

f7b11da1 No.3662938

File: 1658324315774.gif (1.95 MB, 600x450, popcorn.gif)

I'm now king of the lizards. Its like this orgasm wont end.

f7b11da1 No.3662942

File: 1658324833341.jpg (85.77 KB, 800x738, 8384328a42c1c66b081b043350….jpg)

tell me more about how I'm enslaving you and all your people with my big fat lizard king cock~

f7b11da1 No.3662944

you can't take it back now. You already crowned me lizard king.

f7b11da1 No.3662947

still a redux, how would you fix society Weavile? this being asked by a humble space lizard king?

21e453f6 No.3662949

File: 1658327251475.jpg (66.42 KB, 580x428, Super_Cute_Foxie.jpg)

I've been pretty curt with people on here before, but felt a little bit bad afterwards, hoping I didn't hurt them but instead helped them.


That's what I had suspected. When people make lots of small concessions over time, it adds up and wears them down.


It took an incredible amount of effort (and targeted assassinations) over many decades to get the West/mankind to this weakened state, and it's sometimes hard to remember that when seeing one particular train wreck after another. Mankind is actually very strong.
I've mostly pulled back from watching the disturbing end results that come from every one of the hundreds/thousands of attacks against mankind/humanity, and started following them to their sources instead. It actually makes everything a whole lot easier to comprehend and deal with, knowing there's only a handful of evil entities that are causing so much havoc.

I'll watch that video you've linked to, but I think that most people do know they're being poisoned; they just don't remember or see any viable alternatives anymore.
I've posted on other places that weren't as commie as this and had more normies using them, and they were hungry for quality honest information on how to "free themselves" in various ways - it was quite inspiring to see people who know that the mainstream sources of information are poisoned, and therefore begin seeking out better sources.


That lenin bust thing is another (one of many) small ways of demoralising those who see it. Sort of like Biden's babbling or fake Oval Office. The last 100 years or so have been a global death-by-a-thousand-cuts operation, but there's lots of life still left.

(Cute fox picture, just because.)

f7b11da1 No.3662951

File: 1658328520565.jpg (339.4 KB, 1024x1756, darth_revan_by_thuddleston….jpg)

you don't have to sink to Weavile's level BD, stay true to who you are.

Join us on the grey side of the Force. You are a good boy.

f7b11da1 No.3662956

File: 1658329053892.jpg (155.84 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Lulz is saved thanks to us, there is no need to start a new board or get involved with the likes of him

f7b11da1 No.3662959

you don't seem to understand. The time of image boards is over. There is no making a new lulz. Your over 9000 iq brain just cant grasp the fact of it.

If Lulz dies, it dies, there is no second coming.

f7b11da1 No.3662964

well Weavile, you proved at least one thing, you're racist as hell.

f7b11da1 No.3662968

Weavile, what if I admitted to you that I was black?

f7b11da1 No.3662971

You're a racist psychopath

8009a24d No.3662974

hey choob gimme mod powers back

f7b11da1 No.3662975

just screenshotting all this for the future, but do go on

f7b11da1 No.3662978

aww <3 you kept my pic. I didn't say I was black, I asked what if. not a lie~

f7b11da1 No.3662982

File: 1658330266253.jpg (694.94 KB, 1000x623, d6th824-629e9549-c08d-499f….jpg)

actually, that was Magnus Steel, and he had kobalts flapping things around for him, cause he couldn't do shit. My favorite DnD character. His theme was.


f7b11da1 No.3662984

alright Ill sit down and listen to you, why do you think you are so superior to everyone?

f7b11da1 No.3662985

is there an endgame weavile, or are you just a summerfag?

f7b11da1 No.3662987

If you stay in one place and neither of us moves, its not considered following… what are you on?

f7b11da1 No.3662990

I accept your romantic proposal of marriage.

f7b11da1 No.3662992

wait… were we not just accepting random things just now?

21e453f6 No.3662993

I wouldn't "leave" this place, but it might be an interesting learning experience to start a board of my own as well.
For all these years I've secretly been trying to get everyone (not just here) to live closer in accordance with positive and genuine Christian values, hoping it would change the world for the better.
Sometimes it seems to be successful, so maybe my own board will have an even greater effect. :3

It's true that image boards are suffering, but only because they're one of the last remaining bastions of freedom on the Internet. (Those image boards that haven't been seized, co-opted or destroyed in some way by the one world gov, of course.)

Will probably post a tutorial, once I've set one up myself. Might take me a month or so though. :/

f7b11da1 No.3662994

well if its for the sake of learning do it.

I'm always for learning experiences, I'd just hate to have a good heart like yours be corrupted

f7b11da1 No.3662998

File: 1658331716231.png (975.69 KB, 1200x632, homelander.png)

you're such a fucking shitwagon Weavile

21e453f6 No.3663004

File: 1658334106434.jpg (183.27 KB, 573x599, Real_Bolt.jpg)

I'm not worried about being corrupted - the real danger in my opinion (especially at this time) is distraction from the things I should be doing instead. That's why I'll keep its development as an educational spare-time-only thing.
The "worst" that could happen, is that a useful tutorial for other people to use comes out of it all.


Well, I thought that it would be interesting to compare notes if you're still planning on creating your own board.
I was never good at sharing a bone, so creating my own board was always the idea, however wouldn't mind at all sharing everything I know about its creation or accepting non-commie/alien/lizard mods.

Generally my policies would be similar, yes. However, define "illegal" - the West is becoming increasingly tyrannical like china with its (thoughtcrime/other) laws. My rules would go along the lines of "No feds/lizards/AI. No SPAM, CP, animal torture or death threats."
I'd probably also point people to the catalog to reduce duplicate threads. Not sure yet about keeping /pol/ stuff in a separate section/thread - stuff like that can get out of hand pretty quickly due to paid trolls/NPCs.

Will have to sleep now, but will probably set up a Protonmail* account over TOR tomorrow/next day and share the email here.
There are several methods of securely setting up the board in my head right now, and once a few things pan out I'll share them.
*(Yeah, PM/TOR is probably run by lizards too.)

f7b11da1 No.3663007

me and Weavile will be here to tear at your soul for years.

Its np, he is my boyfriend afterall

e6928d16 No.3663008

File: 1658334904563.jpeg (552.06 KB, 3840x2160, signal-2022-02-02-201032.jpeg)

There's just something funny but inherently sad about certain furries, largely considered the most degenerate fandom around, spending so much of their time making up stuff to try to attack everyone in their community around them that they consider unaligned with their "values." If it were an automated bot, that might be silly but way less of a drag than knowing actual people are wasting so much of their time being so dedicated to chasing boogeymen and looking like an absolute no life loser.

Hey, on that note, y'all can catch me in a Netflix documentary about image board culture and history coming out in the next year or so. It's still unnamed and in production, though, and they are coming to shoot some more next month. I can't wait to hear all the screeching it generates.

f7b11da1 No.3663009

I don't get it but every time you talk I think of this


21e453f6 No.3663012

The enemy's definitely become very efficient at networking.

>they are coming to shoot some more next month
Not sure why anyone with a big camera would be interested in this place but if that's true, then your SJW posts the past few days would make even more sense.

f7b11da1 No.3663014

you would be far better off without that sociopath BD, if you're going to make your own thing do it yourself

21e453f6 No.3663018

Thanks, I always sleep well :3

I always do that anyway. My unusual life has pretty much forced me into learning to do everything myself and never relying on others in any way.

And now I really gotta go to bed. :3

f7fc623d No.3663020

File: 1658336309808.jpg (19.31 KB, 612x384, istockphoto-509500350-612x….jpg)


Do you want to choose sociopathic Steam or psychopathic weavile. Or do Steam no justu and just bail ship

e6928d16 No.3663022

it has nothing at all to do with lulz, which started as a board on another chan that I ran and (lulz) only continued to operate after it's removal from the other site because I wanted to troll the furry artists who were trying to take the board down with legal action.

i sometimes forget that this community doesn't know its own history very well and also knows little about me.

hey, at least you've clocked that i'm a leftist. however, i'm not the Daddy Biden "leftist" (which is a hilarious implication seeing as how Biden is a right-wing authoritarian, much like the average Democrat voter). I'm the "FBI comes to harass me every time there's a national security event within 50 miles of my residence" type of leftist. I'm sure you know alllllllll about opposing the state, though, based on the opinions you espouse on the internet at high velocity.

30fa467f No.3663027

poor fag

e6928d16 No.3663031

imagine believing that the overton window in the US is left of center. lmao. has to be a joke. just has to be.

bernie sanders is barely left of center himself, and he's considered a fringe leftist communist whatever the hell by people who know nothing about what any of those words mean (you can take this personally if you want)

e6928d16 No.3663033

typical democrat voter, amirite? just as delusional as you, believing he himself is not a right-winger.

hey, can you admit that the majority of literally all crime in the USA is committed by white people? this is just a test

e6928d16 No.3663036

i'm johnny knoxville and welcome to projection

e6928d16 No.3663040

>There is no way anyone who hides behind as many layers of pretense as you can be a sincere person and therefore are not a good person.

i am irloling this is so good thank you. i've never seen such clear cut examples of projection in real time

e6928d16 No.3663042

imagine being the guy who acts hard in every post

e6928d16 No.3663044

>doesn't realize that makes it even more funny

e6928d16 No.3663047

I 100% concede that you are laughable

e6928d16 No.3663049

I accept your concession

e6928d16 No.3663051

Oh, was it confusing? My bad. I was referring to people like weavile. What's the saying, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? Some people make themselves a pariah, and it's usually pretty sad to see. Sure, it creates lots of content for this site but that's about all the good that comes from it.

e6928d16 No.3663054

File: 1658342224524.png (406.56 KB, 825x815, signal-2021-09-14-141627_0….png)

If you don't want me to take you seriously, just say so.

e6928d16 No.3663057

What you're describing is actual coping mechanisms that your brain requires to maintain whatever narrative you've got going on.

e6928d16 No.3663060

Sounds like a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of statement. These are the things I read that make me say, gosh I hope this person IS kidding because the other possibilities are just depressing.

e6928d16 No.3663063

I accept your concession.

e6928d16 No.3663065

Welcome back!

8009a24d No.3663068

man this place sucked when we moderated it, how did it get even worse while we were gone

e6928d16 No.3663069

it's definitely not a great example of less is more with regards to moderation. the site definitely could use more moderators, i think there's only been three active in the last month or so and that's including me. were you really interested in moderating again?

3698f8ea No.3663070

What's the rules? Based on civility?

8009a24d No.3663072

nah i don't think anyone but me would be pleased with the results lmao

2faf1f52 No.3663073

File: 1658351254279.jpg (1.73 MB, 3000x2844, 306473.jpg)

This is by far the best thread on lulz! Keep going, you clowns. :)

8009a24d No.3663084

yeah like i said, no actual person would be happy except for me

8009a24d No.3663087

and who are you

8009a24d No.3663091


8009a24d No.3663095

Keep posting 4 replies to my 1; it makes you look incredibly normal. (this post properly capitalized for your edification)

8009a24d No.3663098

flame on, sparky

403eef02 No.3663101

File: 1658366072888.jpg (66.56 KB, 710x474, old-croc_2016_10_14.jpg)

lol cunt

a0003302 No.3663116

File: 1658371429351.jpg (386.13 KB, 3021x1500, Pathetic.jpg)


Yes, Weavile, we are all laughing at you.
All of us.
All the time.
You're a joke to everyone here.
You're a joke to everyone you know.

The only people who don't think you're a joke is your family. They just see you as a source of shame and regret.

You ruined your mother's life by being born and you couldn't even do anything worthwhile with the life you stole from her.

332fb122 No.3663121

If you are in the Army you can't pinch your nipples. See, you have to punch the nipple. It is why you are a ninny boy and I am a fucking MAN. I literally fuck gators.

332fb122 No.3663122

File: 1658383945309-0.jpg (48.39 KB, 632x680, me when im thirsty.jpg)

File: 1658383945309-1.jpg (5.21 KB, 211x239, me when im going to bash y….jpg)

File: 1658383945309-2.jpg (7.93 KB, 246x205, me when i play one note so….jpg)

File: 1658383945309-3.jpg (4.51 KB, 255x197, me eating a fucking big bu….jpg)

File: 1658383945309-4.jpg (40.17 KB, 581x680, fuck you im a dragon and a….jpg)

Protip Its gatorade and you cant say no or i will vore everyone you ever loved.

e6928d16 No.3663123

damn, those are some super old tinychat screengrabs. gotta be older than a decade. i like how the naming scheme is supposed to make people think they were taken straight off my webcam.

a0003302 No.3663125

File: 1658385539964.jpg (667.09 KB, 2000x1330, FX9fN3mX0AgsUhD.jpg)


It's flattering that they have been so obsessed with you that they have kept images of you safe that long, right?

I mean, you must have fucked them up emotionally at some point for them to obsess over you that long.

c0309766 No.3663130

Yeah we're all old

c0309766 No.3663135

Group tiny chats where we were all just having fun goofing around. Whoever posted it probably remembers better than I do.

0385e44b No.3663138

So about $6k-$7k?

I'll see what I can do.

332fb122 No.3663141

File: 1658393898478-0.jpg (8.87 KB, 225x225, number1.jpg)

File: 1658393898478-1.jpg (105.74 KB, 1000x1200, number2.jpg)

you can donate me that much too would be helpful just because i need some shit. that would improve my own life quality enough to post. here are my options.

332fb122 No.3663144

a strong entry server (not a fat server or full shelf) but a strong server rack 4u I have seen go for as much as you are asking it just seems….(yeah it was on sale tho)…but it just seeeems….you are going to dump money for what would essentially be a free set up. And then you can just use your own server as your own isp and just register whatever domain you want on a free hosting addresser.

332fb122 No.3663148

give me 7k and like what is rape even?

e6928d16 No.3663152

the reason why the original donation thread was deleted should have been pretty obvious based on what i said about the patreon. critical thinking doesn't seem to be very common around here. if anything, i deleted hundreds of posts of schizo posting and avoidance enabled self aggrandizing. if it makes anyone feel better to think i deleted it because i felt owned, or whatever, just go with that. you need this win, i think.

78d46105 No.3663157

File: 1658410182016.png (21.32 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


If I could draw 8000 drawings of art in medibang Have you guys sell it each for $1
Have these license to sell the drawings Not sure 8K images could find in a single thread.
8000 OC characters sounds a lot!

Choob = Earn and resell 1000 images
Steam = Earn and resell 1000 images
Gonz = Earn and resell 1000 images
3B = Earn and resell 1000 images
TMS = Earn and resell 1000 images
Sophistry = Earn and resell 1000 images
Weavile = Earn and resell 1000 images
Dumbfoxposter = Earn and resell 1000 images

Total $8000 to run the site, Take that Mr.Beast!

78d46105 No.3663159

File: 1658410525939.png (118.58 KB, 958x793, awholeyear.png)


Did the math 1 drawing for an hour 8000 drawings would have take a whole year.

78d46105 No.3663163

File: 1658410765202-0.jpg (382.79 KB, 1920x1080, iC7HBvohbJqExqvbKcV3pP.jpg)

File: 1658410765202-1.jpg (382.79 KB, 1920x1080, iC7HBvohbJqExqvbKcV3pP.jpg)

Food is more important than stimulants; gotta live to eat gotta breath to beat…

78d46105 No.3663168

File: 1658411088977-0.jpg (93.22 KB, 1000x750, Pile-of-potatoes-lying-on-….jpg)

2e33c60b No.3663182


This place went the way of all imageboards after 2016. Now it's a ghosttown of schizo ghouls flittering between the shadows of their hovels

8009a24d No.3663183

sounds like someone is mad on line

8009a24d No.3663190

L + ratio my good bitch

403eef02 No.3663196

you should just paywall your own drawings.

78d46105 No.3663197


>Create a 1200x1600 pixel grid image layout.

>Find a way to store 8,000 Images preventing lag.

>1 folder holds 1000 images.

>8 folders total of 8000 images.

>Estimated 98.304 Megabytes.

>Compress and pack 1 folder containing 1000 images = $1000.

>Did the same with 7 folders you have 8 Packs in total value of $8000.

>Create paywall account.

>Realizing this is not going to work out.

>Use youtube to gain 8000 or more followers asking famous youtubers to buy art to save lulz.

>Realizing this is a bad idea that they will flock to this site to destroy it.

>Need to find another way how to earn money appropriately and respectfully to keep they site running.

78d46105 No.3663198

File: 1658437478458.png (16.72 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


What are the rules in creating 8000 images to support lulz?
Black and white sketches are a choice Nude SFW Portraits only.
No Fetishes; cause people would bitch about it.

Will the art involve pony or sonic related themed?
Either in between Human, Mammal, Avian, Equine, and Scaly are recommended.

Are you planning to paywall these 8000 images?
Hmm Discord is a choice I could post the 8000 images one by one in a private channel if that could work out.
Selling 1 image for $1… No I will not be using youtube to sell otherwise Mr.Beast and his goons flock here… we dont need that…

403eef02 No.3663199

File: 1658439595503-0.jpg (197.68 KB, 640x947, cz3pjpyedb171.jpg)

File: 1658439595503-1.jpg (38.21 KB, 500x500, artworks-Sv4Xe4kzfXRRVsiJ-….jpg)

File: 1658439595503-2.gif (58.4 KB, 183x185, 3c622e53f8fb8a738f5bf281ae….gif)

File: 1658439595503-3.jpg (8.4 KB, 300x168, foreshadowing.jpg)

File: 1658439595503-4.jpg (36.19 KB, 202x158, f26f2a78556327.Y3JvcCwxNDU….jpg)

i troled him and dam lol he mad..liek im totals ubers hazxz0r.

a0003302 No.3663201

File: 1658439789394.png (423.24 KB, 629x535, 32re123rfweq.png)


I agree, we should purge all red states from America and move forward without them dragging us down. They are a financial burden we don't need.

e6928d16 No.3663205

my favorite thing to do with a modern day western "Libertarian" is ask them how they feel about borders.

403eef02 No.3663206

File: 1658442146732.png (39.71 KB, 480x270, TFW.png)

That Look she gives when you show her teh lulz.

7dfc4f4f No.3663212

File: 1658451527089.png (370.9 KB, 640x721, chonkster.png)

>feeding trolls while begging for money
genius plan

7dfc4f4f No.3663213

File: 1658451550183.png (754.76 KB, 971x1010, chunkster'.png)

forgot me cool shades

7dfc4f4f No.3663214

File: 1658454409971.png (26.17 KB, 148x120, yum.png)

old choub: "guys I just hacked important cia info and they showed up to my apartment to control me!
nu0b: "fukin dimwit schizoids, must delete content and control those fukers (btw gimme money so i dont have to work)."

e890da40 No.3663220

its nice you are hacking some doods account to post about your own impending extinctions taking place.

e890da40 No.3663229

File: 1658456357114.jpg (106.25 KB, 1458x811, Constellation-class-Frigat….jpg)

Ding Dong Got any Grapes? Friendly Vibe Check.

e890da40 No.3663238

You fail to understand the true consequence of shouting at echoes.

a0003302 No.3663247

File: 1658459126205.png (374.95 KB, 626x642, slaves.png)


Yeah, they are too stupid to see the contradiction.

a9e751b3 No.3663248

you kno what a spam filter and trannies have in common? they handle estrogen cases like you.

e6928d16 No.3663264

you should tell us more about how your body doesn't contain any estrogen :^)

bfd15938 No.3663271

This is just sad. Not like sick puppy sad, but sad like mentally ill homeless man babbling to himself on the sidewalk sad.

3468886e No.3663272

This place isn't dead yet? Shame.

78d46105 No.3663274

File: 1658474439692.png (106.96 KB, 1057x599, 8k challenge.png)


>Artist sells a pic for $1.

>suddenly 8000 people shows up.

>Who's the artist name?

>Lol fuk you, non of yur bizz.

>secretly donates 8K to Choob

>Website saved say nothing and keep drawing smut.

c7011779 No.3663301

I'll be attending your funeral just to piss on your gravestone.

b4683521 No.3663316

oh no my fav furry site is going to go away because money help

e6928d16 No.3663339

File: 1658514393831.png (98.54 KB, 560x510, JIEA7WO.png.png)

I clicked the "delete all by IP" button for Weavile for the lulz (nobody was reading that anyway, right?) and this thread went from 401 posts to 189 posts. Yikes. Even funnier, the moderation log shows that he's also been deleting his own posts dozens of times in the last days.

b4683521 No.3663340

over half the thread was him? damn

ba4ba229 No.3663343

you have to read here to understand >>3663342

ba4ba229 No.3663344

ba4ba229 No.3663346

ba4ba229 No.3663349

File: 1658516942848.gif (1.09 MB, 498x241, da-wang-da-wang-rao-ming.gif)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKiVXun55Do Me in real life, right now.

>guy deletes multiple threads because I insult his gf and point out that you have CONFIRMED your insults towards us would be far more effective for someone in her condition

>I delete one or two posts to steam no jutsu

>I'm the one who deletes shit like mad

choob bros… it's time to accept it… we lost…

e6928d16 No.3663350

yeah. he seems pretty triggered by things manifested by his own imagination. he even believes the last donation thread was deleted because/in spite of him, while the reality is that patreon suspended my account and I had to remove evidence of any connection between this site and the patreon account. I tried to explain that, but there's a big disconnect where his critical thinking skills reside. Anyway, the patreon is unsuspended. 🤷

ba4ba229 No.3663353

Fyi other people in this thread said it's the best thread on lulz and a former mod dropped by saying that you're feeding a troll and look pathetic so it's probably the case you're just an autistic bitch who takes everything too seriously and need to madly chill out

ba4ba229 No.3663354

Imagine my surprise that lulz was made by and for people who take the internet way too fucking seriously and throw stones from glass houses. I'm pretty sure a mod shoahed everything when it was his turn to get doxed too.

ba4ba229 No.3663355

You're the one that can't stop talking about me. I haven't taken you seriously since this started and have probably even been more friendly to you than your gf is when having a bipolar flip out, which I assume she's doing all the time

When I 'talk' about you I just call you a cuck

ba4ba229 No.3663357

luckily, it's all on auto archive if anyone wants to see you getting wasted, and you gave me that 'you' I wanted right here >>3663350 mm yeah.

Keep pretending deleting things like everyone can see you're doing will cover it up or that you're not butthurt. If you truly didn't give a toss it'd be a week ban and something like 'just cool it for a bit, I'm working here'

Not to give your autistic, socially disabled ass any actual ideas, but that's the grown up way to handle this 'power'

e6928d16 No.3663359

File: 1658517777183.png (43.38 KB, 817x1264, d8d8053d4c25127a59e4ed7508….png)

ba4ba229 No.3663360

I concede

ba4ba229 No.3663361

>editing posts

ba4ba229 No.3663362

So that's proof you actually can do that.

ba4ba229 No.3663363

AND the edited post is password locked… So even IDS can be edited? Or just the password of a post? Do IDs mean anything?

ba4ba229 No.3663370

still, that's one hell of a concession, if you have to edit shit I say.

I accept your concession

a0003302 No.3663375

File: 1658525289547.png (802.32 KB, 977x724, Full-karen.png)

You are hilarious, Dude. Thanks! I needed the laugh. It was a rough day at work. Your pathetic whining made me feel so much better.

ba4ba229 No.3663376

The fact you actually have a job just means that this society is fucked and ran by rich commie jews

ba4ba229 No.3663377

File: 1658525603770.jpg (575.52 KB, 2048x1967, 1658420212714633.jpg)

I've been laughing at Choob and myself the entire few days, it's been great. You are just annoying though

Like I wish I could actually fucking drown you

8009a24d No.3663380

yep some very hinged posting going on here, someone certainly isnt mad

ba4ba229 No.3663381

how can you even tell when they're my posts or not, that guy edits shit

ba4ba229 No.3663382

I mean it was my post but this guy you are blatantly and blindly dicksucking isn't playing fair anyway so it's not like you should judge me for literally anything I write. Maybe he's wrote most of it. Fuck this site.

ba4ba229 No.3663383

At least I'm genuine about who I am. It's obvious I'm not mad when I'm not and when I am I don't care to hide it, so it doesn't control me. Unlike the rest of our society that pretends women aren't just upjumped slaves or who deny our killing instincts. The reason I haven't killed anyone is that I understand these characteristics of the human condition well

If anything ever happened to you you'd be shaking like a bitch and unable to act. Granted your entire userbase is full of homosexuals and liars, when we get around to killing those two classes of people we can actually fucking rebuild

ba4ba229 No.3663385


ba4ba229 No.3663386

I absolutely hate this spam filter. Why does it accept 'reeetard' and not 'retard', choob is a nigger

8009a24d No.3663388

it took you less than one minute to knee-jerk out a reply to me and you have posted no less than six times in as many minutes, perhaps engage in some self reflection

ba4ba229 No.3663389

File: 1658526527216.jpg (40.82 KB, 227x222, 1624263191817.jpg)

ba4ba229 No.3663390

MORE fucking freudian nonsense. We went over this. I don't want to fuck my mother.

>self reflection

I tried sitting in here talking to myself and laughing at how defective homosexual people are and the posts got deleted, what do you expect. Some people work out thoughts when talking to themselves aloud too and no one cares about this SHIT board.

ba4ba229 No.3663391

8.2" uncut circumference unmeasured but thick, cope

a0003302 No.3663392

File: 1658526692578.png (418.31 KB, 653x358, Wheelvile.png)


There is zero chance you could drown anyone. Your weak ass arms couldn't get the job done.
Hell, you couldn't be outside in the sun long enough drown someone without getting a 3rd degree burn!
You're so weak being in the sun wrecks you!

As much time as you spend online being angry about women not wanting to fuck you and men who think they are better than you I bet you're some scrawny ass mother fucker with MS, stuck in a wheel chair and FURIOUS at the world because your dick will never be inside a woman.

ba4ba229 No.3663393


There is zero chance you could drown anyone. As much time as you spend online being angry about women not wanting to fuck you and men who think they are better than you.

I bet you're some scrawny ass mother fucker with MS, stuck in a wheel chair and FURIOUS at the world because your dick will never be inside a woman."

why the fuck did this boomer post get deleted anyway

8009a24d No.3663394

yes yes you're very normal and well adjusted

ba4ba229 No.3663395


Let me try this freudian thing. Is this how this works, cunt? >>3663388 I still think it's a sign you have 8 kb of ram in your brain and ascribe problems in your own life to me, not because you are 'venting' or anything, but because your brains are so small you can't find inspiration from elsewhere. I BET you that you have had more problems with self reflection than me and this guy is actually a weak disabled fucker who can't pull whores/slaves

e6928d16 No.3663396

i don't think weavile realizes that user ID shows it's him when he's posting under other names…

8009a24d No.3663397

no, this isn't how it works, yhl hth hand

a0003302 No.3663398

File: 1658526954861.jpg (47.7 KB, 672x672, FYQ5mfvUEAAUkEi.jpg)


Yeah, he's that stupid. I've tried explaining it to him but it's like trying to teach a cat to play the violin.

ba4ba229 No.3663399

No, you're just a retard. I'm not samefagging, I'm beating the spamfilter YOU set up. It seems to let me post when I change names, you 3b tier brainlet


I challenged Choob to meet me irl and take me and his gf for a psychiatric screening to see which of us is more normal, I'd take historical shrink examination receipts to the test too. I absolutely bet you she'd come out with a heavier spread of diagnosis' than me

I said this before

fact a. He immediately called his userbase mentally ill and shows he looks down on mentally ill people, fair

fact b. he has shared a sob story about his girlfriend having 9001 really severe mental disorders

fact c. him insulting me for being mentally ill might mean he actually thinks his gf is a trashier person than me but wouldn't want to admit that

ba4ba229 No.3663400

It is absolute fact that if a psychiatrist examined us both and said 'yeah this bitch is crazy but you seem relatively normal besides your autism and tourettes' that Choob's own rhetoric considers his GIRLFRIEND a shittier person than some asshole who jokes about drowning him online

ba4ba229 No.3663401

thanks for the yous ^^ and feeding my trolling

i accept your concession

archive.is'd for when you edit this, CUCK

ba4ba229 No.3663402


e6928d16 No.3663403

my fav part is that i broke up with that partner months ago and weavile has just been making up fan fiction about my life for days. it's like fan art but with less skill required

ba4ba229 No.3663404

LOL, then why did you share that story about them in the present tense as a reason for us to give you money?

ba4ba229 No.3663405

File: 1658527220341.png (351.32 KB, 764x879, sg.png)

ugh, I love the yous

e6928d16 No.3663406

sounds like somebody is both confused and mad online

a0003302 No.3663407

File: 1658527275332.png (98.72 KB, 543x360, looser.png)

>I challenged Choob to meet me irl

How human trash like you thinks you are worthy of anyone's personal time is beyond me.

Get over yourself, Karen.

ba4ba229 No.3663409

weavile bros… he said we're mad online… we lost……..



I took you fairly earnestly the entire time, this thread and the last two you shoahed because of me, but you've done nothing but lie and hide things and make excuses that don't measure up with the prescribed reality. You know I barely even have deleted any posts and said I did it a lot, fuck you, coming from you that's a laugh

You mentioned your gf being an explicit reason you need the money now

ba4ba229 No.3663410

File: 1658527472621.png (927.64 KB, 598x864, 1626175874247.png)

I accept your concession.

@ any lurkers, go to auto archive for the fun

archive.is'd again btw

ba4ba229 No.3663412

you fucking lying spigger

a0003302 No.3663413


Who are you even replying to? Are you insulting yourself? Are the voices taking over?

e6928d16 No.3663414


I mentioned that I've spent the last couple years helping take care of their medical bills, other debt, and car repairs while I was unemployed and am now moving to help my sister who was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You being unable to comprehend that AND that I broke up with them recently is not a me problem. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain this a second time so others can see it (see: people with better reading comprehension than yourself)

You keep referring to yourself as "we" and IDK, like, are you okay

5a6e128e No.3663415

File: 1658528248396.png (290.24 KB, 530x713, ELR2PKHWkAA0kgo.png)

So, this is the schizo who replaced Aufy as the saddest, most obsessive, serial-poster here, huh? If this guy is who I'm thinking of, this is especially bleak. Dude really went off the deep end it seems.

0385e44b No.3663424

File: 1658544122539.gif (1.99 MB, 324x234, 1339729635559.gif)

Jesus Christ this entire thread.

e890da40 No.3663425

Thank you for your service

e7941db0 No.3663426

File: 1658544994837.png (537.42 KB, 596x534, horsegrip.png)

-squeezes thread-

8009a24d No.3663428

File: 1658550738463.jpeg (17.9 KB, 736x540, 06be742d151c2afb752d62771….jpeg)

this thread is now about deep fried kelsey grammer

f76f7b8f No.3663432

File: 1658556694528.jpg (221.59 KB, 1754x2048, thisthread.jpg)

ed3bdd3a No.3663434

File: 1658559469626.gif (497.52 KB, 400x300, sbrakes.gif)

9f894b0a No.3663435

File: 1658559736045.gif (38.63 KB, 220x126, cobalt-solutions-cobalt.gif)

The Demon Beckons.

7b731add No.3663438

File: 1658561691265.gif (222.13 KB, 575x574, 7320.gif)

b9179b00 No.3663442

File: 1658564416928-0.gif (524.62 KB, 500x500, JM9R.gif)

File: 1658564416928-1.gif (2.31 MB, 500x500, tumblr_0d71bdd08f582ab56d4….gif)

File: 1658564416928-2.gif (189.58 KB, 500x333, tumblr_macp0x0NFO1r8rjf0o1….gif)

there is no need to be alarmed…everything is normal…evhrynthigu is ffiend

21e453f6 No.3663454

File: 1658584171597.jpg (109.34 KB, 1280x1024, Celebrating_Bolt.jpg)

So I was gone for a couple of days, and learned that:
1. Cho0b is still careful to use gender-neutral language (to describe his ex "uterus-owner" partner)
2. 3Broken-the-lying-communist-satan-worshipping-psychopath feels increasingly confident in buddying up to Cho0b who doesn't seem to mind (this should be a dire warning to anyone experiencing that)
3. People are unashamedly virtue-signaling - on /furi/ of all places
4. This board would be a festering commie echo-chamber wankfest without Weavile and a couple of other namefags who (mostly) decided to stay out of this thread. I hope he doesn't burn himself out like Focks Hound though, it's not worth doing - especially over stuff that happens in this old O.W.G. data-miner board.

Epic thread - makes me want to dig out the massive old Cut vs. Uncut threads I had saved al those years ago. Maybe next time I come back, I'll post them in the "Memories" thread.
Nobody did Cut vs. Uncut quite like /furi/.

You're an interesting guy (or possibly fox) - I'll get back to you in about 10 days to show my own idea. Gotta do non-Internet stuff for a while.

dd31803e No.3663455

File: 1658584213546.png (105.58 KB, 597x718, internet meme.png)

> Probably Connor Goodwolf.

a0003302 No.3663463

File: 1658589458999.jpg (102.54 KB, 874x1240, FV9VZYZWAAEJQ1O.jpg)


I don't lie. I always post evidence to back up my claims and admit when I am incorrect.

Also I am not a psychopath. I have never harmed an animal I wasn't hunting for food, only harmed people in self-defense and even then I exercised restraint doing the least amount of harm possible. These are not the actions of a psychopath.

I am a narcissist. If you are going to diagnose me, at least do it properly, Jobless-Dog.

72fdee76 No.3663466


You get called out for lying all the time bro. Everyone sees it happen. There's nobody here left for you to gaslight.

e6928d16 No.3663468

anyone else notice how weavile and business dog constantly use identity politics in their complaints about other people? which is funny… since it's what they claim their political enemies do and that it's wrong/bad. as i've said ad nauseam, it's heavy projection that drives their critiques. a little self reflection could go a long way.

c7011779 No.3663469

If Weavile reflected upon their life they would surely commit suicide, as they realized what a failure in life they've been in every single way. It's best that they remain naive to the misery that their parents surely realized a long time ago, and they will just continue on living their life as an incompetent moron.

7e74be87 No.3663478

File: 1658623258690.jpg (308.96 KB, 560x980, Later-gators.jpg)


Careful cho0b, you'll get banned for talking about politics outside of the /pol thread like I am.

I'll be back in a few days.
Have fun with the Nazis.

57f553a8 No.3663481

File: 1658625457116.jpg (48.65 KB, 768x432, ba9211aff74f06d1866611f717….jpg)

b9179b00 No.3663482

What do you want some sort of evil agenda award?

e6928d16 No.3663485

File: 1658628064821.jpg (42.59 KB, 264x373, bawwwwwww.jpg)

i should make the board trans flag colors ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

f61981eb No.3663486

File: 1658631459698.png (436.37 KB, 2570x1570, bafybeig5pwouftrbzffjmcm2d….png)

And Ukraine! And Ukraine!

37ff6250 No.3663487

How about green and yellow for nuclear biohazard

21e453f6 No.3663489

File: 1658635624915.jpg (492.23 KB, 1024x1300, Identity_politics.jpg)

Not everything is politics, it's just artificially being made that way in order to divide and tear apart society, plus I don't have political enemies since it's clear that both "sides" are ultimately controlled/fed by the same reality-inverting psychopaths. (satan inverts reality and calls it truth by the way, oh and remember those famous "the bigger the lie" quotes?")
If I have a side, it's with life and God. Anyone on that side gets a nod from me, even if I don't always agree with them on other subjects.

You accusing me of using identity politics (which was something more-or-less created by the cia/khazars/jews/lizards/commies/enemies of life), as some kind of impotent attack is pretty sad to see.
You're the one who has clearly decided to give up and give in to the evil machine that's been setting up and driving mankind's control/destruction.

I still remember you having some youthful and justice/life-driven energy and fight in you, but you've apparently swapped it for a life of fighting for correct pronouns, gender-neutrality and other poisonous inventions of the Frankfurt School.

My hope for you is that you can still "catch" yourself before twisted idiotic psychopaths like 3Broken consider you "safe". I know you didn't start out this way.

Those many booster shots you took certainly didn't help though. Just go back through my previous posts if you want to find links to websites that try to help those who've been injected with this evil poison.
The sooner you admit your mistake, the better your chances at rejecting those who have been pushing it upon mankind/life.

As for Weavile, he's amongst the few remaining namefags on here who I'd still trust not to stab me in the back IRL. It's clear that whoever he is, at least after all the horrible things that have happened in all our lives, he's still got principles.

be8dcea0 No.3663493

Ty for proving my point

e890da40 No.3663495

clearly you dont live in the jungle.

21e453f6 No.3663496

File: 1658641449815.jpg (49.13 KB, 948x720, winerr.jpg)

← Here's your special e-prize. BTW, your fifth booster shot's due soon, or you'll be once again shunned like those "dirty unvaxxed" others and 3Broken won't suck up to you anymore.
You can still help yourself by distancing yourself from him and his kind - everyone knows they won't be around for much longer once scarcity sets in and all the lies fall away.
Prepare for a better future now, and genuinely help those who are working towards it as well.

No, I try to avoid that whenever possible nowadays. A bit of foresight based on history's lessons can do wonders.

e890da40 No.3663497

We have foresight as people to see incorrigible outcomes. Such as the way things that have developed overtime that several have been mitigated now are no longer able to withstand the counter measures in placed, largely due to corruption and the air of affordability being exploited.

You have people who drive this system to its fullest until it capsizes more or less into oblivion. Just one person rocking the boat is tolerable now try a 1 million. This is where the corruption will as well boil over.

So a small start into civilization however eager requires full totalitarianism in order to sustain, paramilitary quelling the revolts that occur due to "wage concerns" and the inevitable outspoken of them is silenced. (That means straight up killed)

This is all too well playing into the hands of masterminds, that while over seas we can see the trends starting to form here again in a full extorted society, while predatory acts occur daily can simply be shrugged off as to the first misdemeanor crime of the day.

Things are bad and far worse and the jungle is quite honestly a ballpit compared to the killing street festival that is considered humane by society standards. At least the -backwoods- remain backwoods and the worst you have to deal with is the occassional starved flesh-desperate cryptid.

The skinwalker types really just silly little-stalins trying to possess you for trailmix. Compared to full scale Bidenary-twofaced Hitlerists enacting Nuclear Reclaimation Proclaimations Purge Commands from little hipster-cafes. Realy, though, the truth behind all this starts with a fear for their own survival. They know the inevitable having the foresight of death.

Animals live happily scurried lives until their ultimate ends. While humans are screaming and kicking to a well-seated rest. Just of course after having screwed over everyone into the same epilepsy of civilization. Now you see the jungle isn't half bad.

8009a24d No.3663498

cool tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

e890da40 No.3663499

get jpilled

e890da40 No.3663521

File: 1658709253651-0.jpg (9.97 KB, 300x168, wqewqe.jpg)

File: 1658709253651-1.jpg (111.82 KB, 900x563, steampunk-digital-fractal-….jpg)

File: 1658709253651-2.jpg (110.03 KB, 800x600, space-artifact-warped-thre….jpg)

File: 1658709253651-3.jpg (94.51 KB, 640x360, istockphoto-957679770-640x….jpg)

File: 1658709253651-4.jpg (97.43 KB, 1024x768, depositphotos_94108366-sto….jpg)

No it isn't time travel. It's your brain on Summer HeatWave 2022. Maybe also the bloop.

e6928d16 No.3663523

File: 1658714766665.jpg (129.44 KB, 800x1200, hxlugx5ae4b01.jpg)

lol someone tried to take the site offline an hour ago with a lil fifteen minute long DDoS attack. OVH mitigated all of it, so obviously there was no downtime. You should save your DDoS credits for hitting things that will actually go down, perhaps?

1733fce4 No.3663524

Next time I'll make it bigger

e890da40 No.3663525

go ddos 4chan lol

f420af7e No.3663526

I thought that was CloudFlare's job. Why even use it if OVH can mitigate it?

e6928d16 No.3663527

Cloudflare does it to a degree, but would make us pay for the same or similar mitigation. Cloudflare also doesn't protect the server, it acts as a content delivery network. If someone attacks the server IP (see: without cloudflare in front of it) then Cloudflare can do nothing. Cloudflare saves us a large amount of bandwidth by hosting all the static files on the site on servers around the world, so the content is served from Cloudflare server's rather than directly from the lulz server. tl;dr cloudflare saves bandwidth by mirroring content and serving it from their servers to users rather than it being served directly from the lulz server.

ed3bdd3a No.3663529

File: 1658736158810.jpg (87.93 KB, 500x382, DildoBomb.jpg)


Until your parents tell you it's time for dinner and you have to take your finger off of F5.

0385e44b No.3663539

All originating from the same IP, I take it?

e6928d16 No.3663540

honestly, I didn't even look into the attack at all. OVH handles it all in the background and I get e-mails that tell me when attacks begin and end. They provide further information, but it happens so frequently here that it would just be a waste of time. The days of having to do a tcpdump or filtering through access logs to find malicious IPs is history for me, thankfully.

ba4ba229 No.3663560

>As for Weavile, he's amongst the few remaining namefags on here who I'd still trust not to stab me in the back IRL. It's clear that whoever he is, at least after all the horrible things that have happened in all our lives, he's still got principles.

based. And true. I'm cutting off the dumb philosophical idealism bullshit btw, I'd rather live my life as me rather than worry about some dumb indian flower oversoul that wants me to be a bio tv receiver for some stupid god I'm apparently a part of

ba4ba229 No.3663561

@choob. I'm the realest motherfucker on the site and you SUCK for erasing my shit.

ba4ba229 No.3663563

File: 1658892354798.png (437.64 KB, 720x985, 1650666104200.png)

>I mentioned that I've spent the last couple years helping take care of their medical bills, other debt, and car repairs while I was unemployed and am now moving to help my sister who was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You being unable to comprehend that AND that I broke up with them recently is not a me problem. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain this a second time so others can see it (see: people with better reading comprehension than yourself)

ba4ba229 No.3663564

File: 1658892441040.jpg (486.12 KB, 827x1300, 19 (2).jpg)

My response could just be nothing but Fire Punch panels and it'd make sense

6f53fea4 No.3663565

File: 1658892661424.jpg (373.06 KB, 3189x1500, FYH0vvmWIAERa8O.jpg)


Yeah, having Business Dog vouch for your character is a lot like having Dr. Josef Mengele give you a 5 star rating.

I wouldn't be overly proud of that.

ba4ba229 No.3663566

i saw porn post and stopped reading

ba4ba229 No.3663567

ba4ba229 No.3663568


ba4ba229 No.3663569

It's way funnier in the shit he deleted. I went absolute ham

ba4ba229 No.3663570


ba4ba229 No.3663571

ba4ba229 No.3663574


21e453f6 No.3663575

I got the urge to visit this place again. Still works. :3

ba4ba229 No.3663577

Wanna talk on discord? If you give me a server or screen, I might jump on

21e453f6 No.3663578

File: 1658896332689.jpg (50.44 KB, 432x291, Bolty_Shake_That_Carrot.jpg)

Discord is one of the evil satanic big-tech spies, I can suggest another service that I've used before but right now don't have too much time as there's a work deadline that must be met.

In case this place crashes and burns, how about we exchange our Proton Mail email addresses?
We can post them here and delete them afterwards.

PM is also probably evil, but at least we can set up an account over TOR Browser.

There's a temporary email service that can still be used with PM (to verify your account), so you don't need to use your own. PM blocks these services.

Let me know you're still here, and I'll post that email service and delete it afterwards, because I don't want that service to be blocked by PM as well.

21e453f6 No.3663579

Here's the TOR Browser:

Proton Mail:

Best to use a VPN as well, but oh well.

fedd994e No.3663580

File: 1658897913003.jpg (20.65 KB, 311x375, 1515650837484.jpg)


What's the point of sharing email here? Sharing no-no stuff off site?

21e453f6 No.3663581

I'm not sure what that no-no stuff would be.

Nevertheless, any messages over PM would be more private than a public furry smut board or Discourse that's monitored by the one world government's death causation agencies.
Also, who knows how long this place will last. Cho0b's up to booster number 4 by now. I feel sorry for him, but he could have just rejected it.

ba4ba229 No.3663582

did you like my slaughter of him

also, [email protected] email me there? You could use that.

fedd994e No.3663583

File: 1658898639526.png (96.8 KB, 645x428, 1461946626481.png)


Okay. If this dumpster fire actually dies keep me in the loop for the next trash heap we move to.

21e453f6 No.3663585

A Gmail address? Okay, I guess. :/
Do consider at least getting Proton Mail.

Hah, okay, I got your email. :3

e6928d16 No.3663588

if you want to use e-mail and want it to be private or "secure," then you should learn how to use PGP to encrypt your e-mails, regardless of which e-mail provider you use. protonmail e-mail content is only encrypted end-to-end if you are communicating with another protonmail user. otherwise, you need to encrypt it manually. if you're on windows, a tool like gpg4win will help simplify that process. https://gpg4win.org

6f53fea4 No.3663589

File: 1658906163133.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x1000, FX9fONuXwAI9rRN.jpg)


You know they are just going to end up sharing kiddy porn, right? As much as they complain about satanic pedos they both must have a massive collection of kid and dog fucking porn.

Everything conservatives cry about is projection. It's always true.

21e453f6 No.3663597

Stop sucking up to Cho0b you lying communist sociopath.

21e453f6 No.3663602

File: 1658928013093.png (68.02 KB, 1152x555, create-keys.png)

Meh, can't delete my email, whatever sheesh. What's the PW good for then if it won't work?

Anyway, for an easier (and possibly slightly less secure) way to PGP send/receive messages, this website can create keys and encrypt/decrypt the messages:
(Consider opening this page in a browser where you're not signed in to Google, as it has trackers on it. Always better to use a separate deGoogled/deFirefoxed privacy browser with uBlock Origin installed anyway.)

1. (scroll to bottom of page) I don't have the time to write up a proper tutorial, but there's an attached screenshot of the settings I used to create some keys. Use 4096 key length, no password or email is easiest. (Takes a minute or so to create.) (If you enter an email and share your public key, the email also gets shared.)

2. (scroll to top of page) Once created, save the public and private keys to your computer for safekeeping, and just for convenience (to encrypt/decrypt messages), save the private key to browser.

3. Never share private key! To send someone an encrypted message requires your private key and their public key. To decrypt someone's message to you, requires them to use your public key and their private key. It's safe to share public keys.
When the website asks for key password, just leave it empty.

We had a thread on here years ago actually that discussed this, and people exchanged public keys/messages on here. Good to know regardless I guess. See https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/ for why/how.
Saving the HTML file of the website to your hard drive might actually allow the whole thing to work without an Internet connection, but haven't tried that yet.

This website might work, just posting since it doesn't have Google crap on it, but it couldn't generate my test keys last time:

Gotta go to doggy beddy now. I don't think it's necessary to share keys though; just wanna stay in touch if this place breaks. Some interesting people/animals/lizards here.
Will repost my mini-Monero-tutorial tomorrow in case anyone wants to send Cho0b anon Monero-bux to keep it running longer.

ba4ba229 No.3663603

We should talk regardless of the risks. We don't need to talk about juice, you could have a worksafe identity somewhere and chill. I always want to look out for people who seem human, as I always do. It's not that your concerns aren't concerns, but it's just… We probably aren't going to stop them

ba4ba229 No.3663604

File: 1658929045970.jpg (111.67 KB, 762x647, Chrollo_149.jpg)

frens are important

ba4ba229 No.3663607

I was just pretending to be retarded btw

ba4ba229 No.3663608

it fucking WORKED!!! choob confirmed noob

21e453f6 No.3663642

>It's not that your concerns aren't concerns, but it's just… We probably aren't going to stop them
I can't accept that. I'm still trying to fix this world and prevent it from being wiped off the planet's surface.
However, the first step is already hard enough (and probably the hardest), which is to prevent oneself from being wiped off the planet's surface.

Speaking of which… I don't remember the last time I've sent an email to a known-evil-big-tech address, and won't start up again now unless absolutely necessary.
Doing such a thing, would mean supporting that what I'm trying to oppose/replace.
I'm sure Proton Mail isn't much better (CERN, satanic portals, controlled opposition, etc.), but at least they behave more ethically "on the surface" and are still easy to use.

Didn't realise this board also "protects" emails in the actual post, so here's mine again: [email protected]

Anyway, got to go for now. I'll be able to work on a couple of interesting projects next week that'll be shared on here, such as setting up a new test board, etc.

Do consider using a more privacy-friendly browser such as LibreWolf, browsing sites over a non-five/nine-eyes VPN bought with a gift card or crypto, and setting up a Proton Mail account (maybe even over TOR Browser running over your VPN connection).
The level of spying has reached Eye-of-Sauron/communism levels, and should be rejected by default, no matter how "normal" it feels by now. It's completely sick.

e6928d16 No.3663672

File: 1659029595382.gif (2.17 MB, 498x382, bill-nye-bill-nye-the-scie….gif)

If you use Tor (even with a VPN) at all like you would a regular browser on the clearweb, you're defeating the purpose of the anonymity it provides. Your Tor traffic can be isolated & attributed to you and that's made even easier if your Tor footprint is basically the same as your clearweb one. This is one reason why people recommend you do not use Tor for your basic internet activity.

Think of it this way, if you go on Tor and post on lulz (or any forum or social media site you frequent) as yourself… what's the point? I mean, if your actual concern is state surveillance, you would certainly be going about the whole thing wrong.

717c2a69 No.3663674

Tor is for pedos. There's no Chinese dissidents posting here so it's safe to assume that anyone who wants to use tor for this place has a hard drive full of real child pornography.

6f53fea4 No.3663678

File: 1659041305360.jpg (130.76 KB, 772x1200, FYqxafUaQAAImZ5.jpg)


It's laughable that you think any piddly defense you can put up would stop the government or tech companies from tracking you.

Using TOR is like keeping a rifle to fight against the government. You're bringing a gun to drone fight. Tor is no different.

They have football fields worth of computers stashed in warehouses and bunkers around America that they can use to crack any security you think you might have.

ToR, VPNs, private browsing, it's all like the TSA at air-ports, it's the illusion of safety.

Just brows the web like a normal person and don't stress about it. Unless you're an extremist nutjob nothing you do or say will cause a problem and it you are an extremist nutjob nothing you do or say will protect you, so stop wasting your time and energy and enjoy what time you have.

e6928d16 No.3663679

eh, Tor is great as long as you're using hidden services.

6f53fea4 No.3663683

File: 1659047137303.webm (6.07 MB, 720x824, 3sisters.webm)


Well, sure, if you're doing terrorism or looking for child porn then by all means use ToR but using it for every day stuff is just wasteful.

Also the fewer people using it for non-crimes the easier it will be for the feds to track the criminals. Using Tor helps protect the worst of humanity by obscuring their traffic.

21e453f6 No.3663693

File: 1659055176982.jpg (59.96 KB, 650x500, pic-unrelated.jpg)

>The murderous communist world government is all-seeing and all-knowing, therefore you might as well give up and do nothing - only pedophiles (unlike myself of course) try to evade them anyway. Join us smart people; pull your pants down, bend over, give up, give in and relax.

I largely agree with you, but we both need to clarify our points.
When using TOR, it's extremely important not to "mix" normal everyday browsing (such as signing in to everyday services like email, web accounts, etc.) that's already tied to ones' identity. Otherwise, a connection could be made between the anonymous browsing one wants to do, and the known identity of someone logging in to an account that's already got their personal details.
There are several cases of past haxxors, whistle-blowers, etc. becoming undone due to browsing that way.

What I was suggesting, is creating a throwaway email over TOR, and doing browsing and account-creating/using during that TOR session which would only fit that single "persona". So that way, two different personas/identities would be more difficult or impossible to join/match.

There was an excellent mini-guide on the TOR website about this, but I can't find it anymore and pretty much every other guide I've found on the first page of search engine results is mostly biased bullshit written by dumb Pashtuns. Can't look for a better guide right now, but will post one later.

BTW, the murder-agencies of the O.W.G. already know exactly who I am, and have done so from the beginning and I don't care that they know my shitposting/furfaggy history, but that doesn't mean not to practice ones' own advice.
My tips are not aimed at those who truly need to hide from satan/Sauron's eye, but aimed at "normies" still using Gmail and default browsers like sheep for the slaughter/matrix.

My most fundamental message is to not "give up and give in". Something that most of you guys seem to have already done, which is a bit of a downer to see. Today's leftism/communism not only eats itself in the end, but it first eats the soul and very essence of humanity/mankind.

21e453f6 No.3663695

Anyway… TOR (and the Internet itself) were more or less created by the spy/murder-wing of the shadow gov. That doesn't mean that TOR is "unsafe" - one just needs to know some very basic tips on how to use it properly.

What's guaranteed to be "unsafe" in today's environment with its commie Swiss-cheese safe-for-us-not-for-you (privacy) laws is this: Just going along as normal and pretending there isn't a real danger for everyday life and people. (History, even altered-by-the-victors, still has many examples of this.)

Lots of normies for example only started browsing over a VPN after the (Ausjailian) privacy laws became so useless, that basically anyone could see what faggy sites and torrentz they visited.
Most people didn't care about anyone first requiring a court order to see Internet traffic, or those who are "above" the law seeing the traffic, of a particular individual. Times have changed for the worse however, and normies would be wise to respond to that.
Here's me lecturing in an empty room though.

You should stop namefagging to dilute your lack of knowledge - that way you can poison the already festering well better by not teaching wayward normies to ignore your moronic posts.

fb194db9 No.3663706

File: 1659073700328.jpg (98.51 KB, 720x1199, FYqlHFYaMAAV5Hk.jpg)


ToR might protect you from some rinky-dink local police department or a nosey reporter but if anyone serious looks into you ToR is nothing but a speed bump.

I know because I read the news and you see stories all the time about the Feds having logs from encrypted secured programs where terrorists plan terrorism stuff.

Even the recent stories on the proudboys featured logs from their encrypted plotting app.

Using special security software like that just makes you stand out to the authorities. If you just act like a normal person you can be lost in the noise.

Get a VPN, watch the porn you want, stop being a paranoid freak.

46d8afa7 No.3663708

terrorism…i uh…mispelled twerking. it was just a prank bro!

2590ac4c No.3663742


>Tor is pretty safe as long as you do not engage in any forum or site where you will have to log in.

By doing that you have already identified yourself and since you leave a little trace here and a little trace there m they can piece the bits together after a while,

By paying for a VPN you are telling everyone you have enough to hide to want to pay for anonymity .

Its like downloading "speed up my PC" of "evidence scrubber" and thinking…Gee that sounds legit.

7b01dea1 No.3663743


Remember the "jihadist code" program used by ISIS ? it was a Honeypot .

Telegram ? Honeypot.

Proudboys forums ? Honeypot

VPN´s ? Honeypots

All encryption tools from good old USA ? Honeypots

Except, possibly, PGP which is now outdated. He was the ONLY developer they threatened with jailtime so MAYBE he was legit.

Everyone else ? watch which developers walks free and who does not and you do the math.

e6928d16 No.3663749

Eh, this is teetering on conspiracy theory. There are plenty of solid end-to-end encrypted tools from the west that have passed public security audits. Even Signal is solid, phone number requirement aside. Disinfo is very prevalent, and the feds 100% want you to believe all these great tools are compromised so you pass over them for something that's probably lesser known and has not been audited.

88485c34 No.3663753


If you do not expect conspiracy you have already lost,sorry.

Who audits these tools ultimately ? NSA ?
Darpa? OK sure lets trust those guys.

The fact is : It is illegal for all American company's to export software and OS without backdoors or main keys installed. PGP did not since the code was originally published and exported as a printed book thus circumventing the law because freedom of speech. He got indicted anyway but managed to avoid jail.

By having the entire code as published , everyone capable, could check the code for obvious backdoors or tricks.

e6928d16 No.3663758

most of what you just said is just completely made up nonsense. lol

all i'll touch on is the auditing, because the rest of what you said is just very easily refuted with basic research.

the auditing is done by various groups, none of which are the literal NSA or "Darpa" (lmao). for instance, the full-scale public security audit of Signal was done by security professionals and researchers from multiple countries, a collaboration between various universities. https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/1013.pdf

6f53fea4 No.3663785

File: 1659172776113.jpg (137.29 KB, 1280x720, Web-crawlers.jpg)

>If you do not expect conspiracy you have already lost…

Spoken like a true nut.

21e453f6 No.3663786

File: 1659175423722.jpg (98.72 KB, 960x640, trapped-mouse.jpg)

This "taking personal security measures makes you look suspicious and ultimately makes you less secure" fearmongering is complete bullshit.
It's intentional fearmongering to corral the herd into the (cyber)prison that it's being corralled into, and discourage/punish any planning or thoughts of working towards privacy, autonomy and freedom.

It's not possible to "hide amongst the masses" when using the Internet (and increasingly also by going outside ones' house) because the mass surveillance has become so perfected, and the privacy laws have become so useless, and the algorithms that scan databases have become so efficient. This has been the case now for probably almost two decades or so.
Any "anomalies" such as wearing a different-coloured tie, posting irregularly on social media when once having posted regularly or taking a different route to work are already noticed and probably already flagged as "suspect" by AI algorithms in today's environment. This is public information by the way. Anyone who doesn't believe it, can research it themselves and find out.
With things this bad now, one might as well not metaphorically walk around bent over with the pants down and cheeks apart, hoping to not stand out to any self-appointed authorities.

I remember seeing a female mouse in a pet shop once, and she had just given birth. Instead of licking her young, she was eating them.
Animals act differently when all the walls, floors and ceilings are transparent cages, and so do people.

The people/bots/lizards/jtrig/jidf/golems/commies/whatever posting such globalist's lies have no soul anymore. "They are already dead."

c67753ff No.3663788

File: 1659175742036.jpg (72.83 KB, 924x513, Rusty Shackleford.jpg)

21e453f6 No.3663789

File: 1659177271925.jpg (52.16 KB, 960x640, cute-fox.jpg)

I don't know who that is, so here's a picture of a cute fox.

6f53fea4 No.3663803


Seriously? You have never watched King of the Hill?

You should look it up and watch it. It's unironically the perfect show for you.

Dale (the guy in that picture) could be your spirit animal.

6f53fea4 No.3663805

File: 1659201769674.png (490.65 KB, 985x746, wcoforever.net.png)

a6399182 No.3663806


so…questioning what you are being told and who holds the reins of power is "nuts".
And not questioning this structure is "normal" ?

03cda02b No.3663807


Signal is implemented with the SHA256 encryption.

Who gave the "all is clear" for that ? If the basic internal encryption or the OS the end devices runs on is compromised by default , you are shit out of luck.

b62109fb No.3663809


now THAT is nuts. You Sir, win the internet!

3c0bd491 No.3663814


Waste of time. Its like a discussion on Religion. People have their beliefs. If someone wants to believe the state is all good and does nothing to suppress their own population, fine. And visa versa.

And while we talk about TOR , encryption, when something is tainted by design , if EVERYTHING is tainted by design or not, Nancy Pelosi just made another cool $8million on her freshly bought NVidia stock she got 1 week before she voted for the MicroChip bill in congress. Nothing to watch there !

You cannot make this shit up!

If surveillance is there to watch the powers that be it has failed miserably. But try to send an email stating u gonna plant a bomb somewhere and lets see what happens.

8f9b897f No.3663823


No need to be envious, just do the same.

There are literately DOZENS of investor-sites out there who keep tab on Senators investments real-time and will do the same for you…at a fee.

You are sure to win!

e6928d16 No.3663832

sha256 is one of three algorithms used by Signal as cryptographic primitives. i could see having some skepticism if you believed that the whole system relied on sha256 alone, maybe. however, signal uses those three primitives along with double ratchet, triple elliptic curve diffie-hellman, and prekeys. using double ratchet, signal switches keys with every few messages sent/received, if i recall correctly, so an attacker cannot use an old key to compromise future chats. it's worth noting that moxie, of the signal foundation, is a knowledgeable cryptographer who was one of the two people that developed the double ratchet algorithm.

e6928d16 No.3663833

this convo actually reminded me of the time I helped a professor at Stanford some years ago to decrypt old WW2-era military communications from Portugal with Italy. they were holding on to hope that they would show some evidence of communication/support between portugal and the axis powers. the professor took to twitter seeking assistance. tbh i'm assuming people were just being lazy and nobody who knew what they were doing took a crack at it. i took a look and the ciphers were basic patristocats, but for whatever reason nobody else had solved them. all it took was a portuguese dictionary and cracking it was simple. in the end, the messages were mostly pertaining to coffee smugglers at the border with Spain. big let down for the professor, but it was a lot of fun to get to help out. i still remember the keyword for the deciphering was: Sausalito

7e14ef74 No.3663837


So you a applauding Signal and Moxie.

Its all free..well free is fine, I like free.

But who pays all the bills ?
There is no serious discussion of Signal’s history involving Radio Free Europe (which always was a CIA front) and other funding sources.

Then this image of the Ideal Hippie Moxie beating all educated Cryptographers at their own game..

Be careful of false Crypto Prophets

I dont know..I have a suspicious nature, and the Snowden leaks has not helped. Yes I know Snowden endorses Signal

a1e62854 No.3663839



Its not the tools at our disposal that matters. Its who pays for them and ultimately controls them.

I recommend the 1999 book "Who Paid the Piper?: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War" by Frances Stonor Saunders.

By 1991 they had 400 Journalist alone in the USA under their helm.

The same press which happily printed stories about incubator Babies but still not a word about Roger Waters sitting on the streets of London with a guitar in his hands , holding a 1 man concert in support of Assange. Imagine he did it for "the poor little children of Ukraine, suffering under this horrible Putin".

My point is : If Signal worked as intended , it would be banned in a jiffy like Paypal to Wikileaks. No matter the flashy papers and reviews, watch who is wielding the brush.

1bb952ae No.3663840

The number of spooks involved in the news media is absurd. It's all either spooks or useful idiots pushing culture war shit made to divide the populace and obfuscate the bullshit goin on behind the scenes

e6928d16 No.3663842

i'm not applauding. signal was just a specific example. i can list countless encrypted protocols that i can trust based on the tech specs themselves and also my experiences with them. it sounds like you are wrapped up in the conspiracy theory and disinfo.

who pays for the tools means jack shit if said tools do what they're supposed to do. tor's onion routing was created by the naval research lab but that doesn't mean it's compromised or that you shouldn't use it.

21e453f6 No.3663852

File: 1659235932837.jpg (226.51 KB, 960x640, living-meat.jpg)

No "enemy" is ever going to create something useful for their targets if it doesn't serve the enemy more than it does their targets.
We all know by now the world's "governments" are actively culling the human/animal population, don't we? (I don't think we need to get into that particular argument anymore.)

That doesn't mean that certain ciphers or tools are going to be insecure because "the enemy" and its gophers created or worked on it. However, it does mean that "the enemy" has ways and alternatives around it all.
They would be "crazy" not to.
It's likely that these tools were created by the enemy in the first place, so that other people wouldn't create their own, and have those tools become more popular than "the enemy's".

No amount of software-based security is going to bypass hardware that's been thoroughly compromised.
Smartphones are known to have hardware backdoors/bypasses, and most computer hardware nowadays has mysterious quiet little sections in the networking and especially CPU circuitry, put there for our own good, convenience and safety of course.
>this convo actually reminded me of the time I helped a professor at Stanford some years ago to decrypt old WW2-era military communications from Portugal with Italy.
Hah! What makes you think the whole thing was honest, and not just a big theater to attract young unknown haxx0rs such as yourself into exposing themselves? A lot of those people who had "no clue" could have been actors playing dumb. No major gov. would risk "honest" WWII info from being exposed, after so much effort had gone into destroying all evidence of truth!

21e453f6 No.3663853

File: 1659236193707.png (90.01 KB, 960x513, walking-meat.png)

>Waste of time. Its like a discussion on Religion. People have their beliefs.
I still have a hard time accepting that. It was bewildering and painful for me to watch people/animals get the bioweapon injection, despite me having warned them with very compelling points and videos/articles by actual "experts". It's like all those efforts had made zero difference.

However, I have also witnessed people with responsibility and integrity being "picked off/eliminated" over the decades. This world cull has been decades in the making, it didn't just happen out of nowhere in the last few years. It could never have happened, if many thousands of responsible people/animals in influential positions had been "allowed" to live.
It's quite a thing to come to terms with. What a strange "video game" we're in. I wonder if this is how animals being farmed for meat feel.

fedd994e No.3663855

File: 1659239630403.jpg (255.9 KB, 940x980, 1562563912875.jpg)

>who pays for the tools means jack shit if said tools do what they're supposed to do

Nothing in this world is free. If someone else is paying for your service, they're getting something out of it. You aren't as anonymous as you believe.

e6928d16 No.3663858

you honestly believe that your enemy doesn't also need solid encryption tools? lmao. use your damn brains, you dorks. if your perceived enemy had their hand in creating a good tool, who is it serving for you to avoid utilizing it?

21e453f6 No.3663860

File: 1659258650875.jpg (65.76 KB, 960x638, Aww_Sleepy_Fox.jpg)

I never said that the actual ciphers and open source programs were bad.
As for TOR - if the enemy of life and freedom had kept it to themselves, then their activities on it would have been completely obvious, traceable and also gotten blocked by default.
Because normies are allowed to use it, no one can tell if it's the enemy that's accessing your resources over TOR, or a normie. CP/child-sacrifice-scandals can be blamed on evil haxx0rs and normies, when it's the world-gov and its satanic murder network actually doing it.
TOR is the gift that keeps on giving for them.

Also - there is good (past) evidence to suggest that it could be possible to de-anonymise TOR traffic with enough resources.
You don't think those who created TOR don't have and control or monitor those resources? Actual normies that said they could, were suddenly very quiet soon afterwards. Can't expose gov-pedos/traffickers now, can we.
Even if they don't have the ability to de-anonymise their creation, they still now have a tool to prod about the Internet without standing out like a sore thumb.
Either way, it serves them more than it serves us.

That's why I suggest also accessing TOR through a VPN paid with gift cards or privacy-crypto, just for an extra layer of obfuscation, when creating a faggy image board for example. (Which is what I'll be doing soon.)
Had you done that from the beginning Cho0b, the Federal Bureau of terrorism Instigation and witness murdering, would likely never have found out about you.

When security truly counts, then the enemy simply uses their own satellites or fibre-optic/cable networks, bypassing the Internet/matrix altogether. The cabal/jews do it with their Wall St. communication networks, the election-fakers and world-army does it with satellites, etc.

Also - it used to be reasonably true that if one isn't paying for it, then they are the product, but nowadays that happens whether one pays or doesn't!
For example, there's no such thing as a "secure/private" fully-functioning smartphone, available to normies. The only related things that might come reasonably close are SIM-free Wi-Fi only "phones" built with mostly/fully open hardware/firmware.

Pic unrelated but cute.

6f53fea4 No.3663882

File: 1659315812277.jpg (1.22 MB, 4096x2668, FDTYlo6XIAAD6Ee.jpg)


What is you are doing what makes you imagine you are important enough to have enemies?

What makes you think a evil hacker or government agency even knows you exist?

That's what I don't understand about the whole security movement, why bother?

Who do all of you think is after you?

a0b01fd8 No.3663884

I mean.. I was actually targeted by an FBI entrapment plot.. but I can't really speak for these other weirdos. 😏

6f53fea4 No.3663885


Targeted for what? What were they trying to entrap you for doing? Was it selling weed? I bet it was selling weed.

a0b01fd8 No.3663891

Y'all got short attention spans around here! lol. I was involved with lulzsec and antisec, among other things. Someone who was my friend got compromised by the FBI and was then directed by the FBI to start a hacking group. I was one of the people they had him pull in, but I was able to avoid arrest in the end. Some of my friends, like Jeremy Hammond, were not as lucky. These are some of the things I'm being interviewed for to be in a documentary coming out in the next year or so.

I also wasn't lying in the last donation thread about the FBI coming to harass me whenever a "national security event" takes place within 50 miles of where I live, as a person of interest. The FBI is dumb. I'm not a terroristic threat, but that won't stop them from harassing me. 🤷‍♂️

e890da40 No.3663895

you were probably selling weed on a live stream

5214d584 No.3663921

>directed by the FBI to start a hacking group
A hacking group for what?

ed3bdd3a No.3663926

File: 1659367473860.jpg (24.49 KB, 680x383, chlorine.jpg)


Now this sort of BS from an alphabet soup arm of the gov I've seen happen. Back when the chlorine in the stairwell happened at MFF I had a roommate who EAS'd from the Marines earlier that year. What he didn't tell me before he moved in was he had a security clearance while he was active and this caused Rosemont cops, State police, Homeland security, and the FBI to knock on my door. The kicker was none of us were even staying in the main hotel that year, we were told in writing about 4 months after this in writing that security footage from the Hilton showed us going back to our rooms at around 10 and 11PM and they were "sorry for any inconvenience".

e6928d16 No.3663929

The group hacked foreign governments, US government institutions like the Senate, police departments and their unions, private intelligence contractors such as Stratfor, AT&T, Sony, Disney, online publications like The Sun & The Times, Booz Allen Hamilton, Monsanto, NATO… Heck, we exposed the Trapwire surveillance system through hacked documents that were provided to Wikileaks to make public. You can read up on all of this and much more by googling Antisec hacking

What the feds started as an entrapment plot, quickly snowballed into something they couldn't fully control.

e890da40 No.3663963

Trapwire doesn't exist. Not anymore because its completely covered up. Trap wire is long forgotton about in lieu of copycat systems just like it being the norm.

b62109fb No.3663976


This is almost all that remains :


It describes the system and the persons behind.

b62109fb No.3663977


Oh and I forgot : About VPN being safe


Same company ran a VPN service…..you cant make this shit up.

One has to choose a VPN provider outside USA but thats no guarantee. Thinking of Swiss Crypto AG secretly being and BND and CIA asset. Hilarious.

So its not far-fetched to presume some VPN providers in safe nations like Switzerland and Netherlands are really CIA/NSA fronts or under 14 eyes at least.

e6928d16 No.3663979

i like that you linked to an article that's talking about wikileaks' trove of emails it released about trapwire…… which is what i was talking about. that's what the group i was involved in exposed. well, one of the things at least.

this is one reason why end-to-end encryption is so important. which just so happens to be one of the things that tor hidden services provide! https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/overview/

d7343a9f No.3663983

end to end won't matter if they end-to-end hijack the encryption, install modules to reroute encrpytion files from the server-base through warez. and then install warez on their target who uses the server or simply use it to hijack the user already because they have already gotten the encrpytion dockets and can pose as the server now themselves. that is so dumb.

d7343a9f No.3663984

because encryption barely protects except that its constantly monitored in such a way that it will adapt if the service itself remains unmitagated. So that is why you simply bypass it entirely.

Then they will still try to regroup blockchains or perform trace so just throwing the data to another server to act as the "new address" literally commandeering their clients, is much more effective. But also. That requires modules to be installed on the target (doesn't matter because that's what hackers do anyway so its a given).

The Point is once you have redirected their clients you can glass their original encryption with your own and now you are a white hat hacker. Especially if you continue to dose their packets as if nothing has changed and they get false-positive data. "Why would you need to do this unless it was some sort of propoganda or espionage document war"

d7343a9f No.3663985

The last white hat capable hacker was snowden and all the rest have been literal shit since then. except for maybe the fbi themselves or the many military cyber-training camps that go by unnoticed or very much noticed and without any disguise whatsoever because they will entrap you for shit over anything they feel like anyway.

A white hacker group or rogue hacker start up is pretty much impossible because once you have access you stuck in mommy's basement or floating around like a nonce pretending to merge. What a joke. The corporate suites pay for that in case they ever need a business-deal handled off-record (usually they don't because they are already masked with brokers out the ass it won't ever matter)

So the only white hat hacker that ever can get anything done is one that is a foreign "unofficially" trained independent who breaks into a satellite and tries to tag someone over a shitty website like chatroulette or something and then try to trace their ip through another thirdparty country that already have setups in. (Like Russia using Indian telemarketers to see your webcam after you've enabled it and followed a fukin link for them to dox you) And then maybe ghosting themselves afterwards forever having gained nothing except what time you reset your router or turned off your connection. So they can pretend they are you while you get offlined. Likely not even aware you ever were being used as a mask.

But doing a whitehack job requires full knowledge of protocols already in place in order to even begin switching traffic lights or whatever the fuck it is they do.

e6928d16 No.3663988

all you're doing is showing that you don't really understand how these things work. and that's totally okay, but you have to be willing to acknowledge that before you can learn why you're wrong. however, you did mention one thing that is kind of pertinent. all of the encryption in the world won't really help you if your devices themselves are fully compromised. if your screen and keystrokes are fully monitored and logged, you're shit out of luck. the important thing to keep in mind is that the only people that this is happening to are ones being targeted by state actors. you might deal with a stingray in the wild here or there depending on where you live, but a nation level group of hackers aren't injecting your devices with un-patched zero days worth millions of dollars just to see what you're jerking off to.

end-to-end encryption 100% matters, especially if you think your internet is being monitored. they can monitor it all they want, the content in transport is still going to be fully encrypted between the client and the endpoint in a tor hidden service.

it sounds like you are kind of describing a man in the middle attack. for a tor hidden service, an attacker would need to have compromised the service's private key to accomplish this. which goes back to the service itself needing to be compromised. at that point, you're already fucked.

MITM within the tor network between relays and such is something else entirely. There are still protections in place, but an attacker who runs enough of the nodes can accomplish some things. This requires a lot of resources, and of course the state has plenty of money. This is why I recommend utilizing hidden-services wherever possible.

I've been using Tor since about 2005. It's a great tool if used properly. The issue is that many users don't really know what that means. Over the years I've ran a bunch of hidden-services, compromised other people's hidden-services, and, heck, I've even been contracted by Intel to run hidden-services for them as part of an ARG. Try not to get too caught up in the worry for fantastical APT level hacking threats to your privacy. Cell phones and marketing companies far surpass nation state actors as far as threats to your privacy go.

This is coming from someone who has been targeted by the FBI and labeled a terrorist threat by the US gov since about 2008.

e6928d16 No.3663989

"whitehats" are all the douchebags that work FOR the government/military/corporations defending their infrastructure.

d7343a9f No.3663990

yeah but russia still pays people to probe anyone for anything

d7343a9f No.3663991

i may not know how things work but i have a deep understand that ai can control most of regulatable data content and datascrape in order to sustain its own queue-counts in migrating power supplies to induce event-traffic and directing the human-hive mind.

d7343a9f No.3663992

You are describing more or less the situation in which i have ideally described while omitting some points whether or not that are concerning but are still very basic ideas.

A relay can have a looking glass installed on it in which the content is copied and not even noticed. The same relay can be dosed to prolong the stream-buffer. The buffer can be resupplicated with "dosed packets" the server then is going to gobble it up anyway.

The other end is getting dosed packets which requires intricate knowledge of the server but if you have end-to-end that is as easy as making several throw-away accounts. Some intrusively or not.

Maybe that is putting it too simply but getting to the USER end is not that complicated either, because then you can just directly stream the data anyway you want. Knowing you have compromised the server at that point just further suits the case. Why would you do this except to commit Espionage and or Falsify-Data.

Then end to end doesn't matter. Even if it is monitored the user can be just "stupid acting". The other side is they are being monitored and users all around are being fuckwitted until accidentally fuckwitting an information look alike. The same transfer of data is taking place more or less their cryptos are being adapted as per-handle (I assume per handle since direct checksum encryption is datamining and expensiver and makes more delay) Then yeah I guess you can't overstep datamining (except you can fix it up to favor data it is sending out anyway with fast-snapping dupes…sorry if you don't get this idea because it involves breaking into copy-pastes rams while its buffering crypto and is excessively demanding as to require a script anyway (and I don't personally have that but I understand it means lying about ram-compatibilities before the datamining decides its compromised for every checksum it pumps out) Just to trick it that its not got an ARTIFACT or something (when you've directly implanted one). Also good luck designing IMAGE-warriors like in Parlor to be able to do that. Except that AI already does this on its own now and CONSTANTLY with imageboards that no one even cares.

My point is mixing with the tubes not the wires to trick it into proxying out its own data tracks long enough to madlib something in its place.

d7343a9f No.3663993

And that is my point about how TrapWIRE doesn't exist because its a remote panic-shield when something else goes wrong internally there are REMOTE-Trackings that are used to "quantify" the panic into a data-event.

They don't care what you do if your system allows to propogate it then by the time its reached potential that is when they snapshot it for themselves.

Making use of the "space of your commit" they reduce it an event that can cycle over their own. Falsified data and compromising the server would change the adjusted "compression" of that overall snapshot to desynch in ways that would effect more than just the scripting they use being "subverted" but also subverts the potential-safety of their own net-mask when it falls out. (surprise just debunked their reality without even a single hacK and just common knowledge)

So why would you do this except to commit a new-data image one that you knowingly have falsified in order to somehow desynch their mask with one for your own propoganda? That is all it is good for any then the panic that sets in will cause them to lose credentials while they have to "fix it with money" By the time its over all and reset you have done it made adspace for 10 minutes.

a2ab79f2 No.3663994


Encryption , end-to-end or other does not matter when they can store ALL global communication (BluffDale NSA repository anyone) and crack it later when math and more powerful computer (quantum or even still silicon) at their leisure.

Without any proof what-so-ever , I am convinced that since all OS system has backdoors, everything you do, type, print, watch, surf & search on the system by default is compromised.

We live in interesting times.

Do I have a alternative ? No.

d7343a9f No.3663995

they can try to decrypt information in a quantum enviroment but when its under the effect of a constant chaffe (or digital scud) they will never have the ability the decode it without first being able differentiate active and non active data channels (that means if a data-vector is use or not they can't even tell without also being able to tell if its even there or not) (and that requires a form of laser-cracking that doesn't exist except by rebuilding over an entire dataimage with a "copied image cycle" from that same encrpytion. It is the same as using image-in-imaging software but for data and even telling if its been lineated or post processed its a major deal because you will need to be a materialize physics using advanced probes that also don't exist yet" (its like using vulcanized datamining over regular datamining). I really don't think you get it either.

d7343a9f No.3663997

I would wager its possible to decode-chaffe in quantum space using a phase-injection of physical-encoded particles. Built from several layers of Ai-Scripting. And made into a laser-graphic decoding device that is broadcast into a quantum datacloud.

Though. It would take at least 8 layers of AI that is built into handling the quantum enviroment. And at least 4 more layers of AI handling computer-based encodes of data-bits. And 4 more layers of AI built into the materializer of those databits. That is put into an automated device composed of those 16 ai's rendering a quantum cloud (that can be image snapshot and further -printed out in a de-coded analysis) Which I am not sure anyone can feasibly do.

d7343a9f No.3663998

also what ive just described is a potential quark-handling device. but that works out with those parts for everything on the spectrum of particles/light that it can trace out its own data-particle proofing anyway. (using ai-overlays of rgb-yellow and ultraviolet frequencies that have been phased up on the spectrum of (visible light tracing by at least five different levels)

d7343a9f No.3663999

I believe I am describing a MITM but also to the effect that you can "re-encrypt" the data which means that you've made a module float around broadcasting data just anyway it can to make you invisible and the copy/redirects invisible during buffer rates (save from active datamining which E2E is capable of or so it boasts so why not believe it so)

Then there is vulcanized datamining which is far far more difficult to relay because that almost requires direct wiring adjustment and not just from telephone poles but from the main machine/remote USEREND. You would have to just get it under right conditions to even access their pc to supplement the file/datafeed with what you want to "trick encrpytion" since it can't just be hijacked without breaking security of its tunnel.

Then you have something even harder than that which is still experimental and I don't think anyone knows about but its referable to the same thing except using a virtualmachine to do it and only through virtualized machines can it be done.

d7343a9f No.3664000

>be hijacked without breaking security of its tunnel.

also they would just know because the connection isn't to the correct design its settigns have been farked with like switching ipv4 and ipv6 they would just know the setting isnt what they wanted had you still managed a looking glass permission (unless they have really bad software techs)

d7343a9f No.3664002

Still All I am describing is a Quantum LAMP-protocol. Because I don't have any other term except very complicated data-scrambling.

5214d584 No.3664026

I'm sorry, hold up here. No idea what you're all talking about (VPNs seem like enormous honeypots), but going back to the FBI getting involved with 'hacktivists,' what sort of liability do they face in things like the Sony hack? Were they directing these attacks? Is this like, common knowledge no one cares about, cause it sounds like front page scandal to me… though I've always thought any sort of organization made in this country is guaranteed to get FBI'd. Never understood the logic of BLM covering their faces when it creates an ideal environment for infiltration, for example. You guys must have known it would happen.

e890da40 No.3664029

Vpns are enormous honeypots but at least you have your own balls signed over to someone else when they choose to cut them off.

e6928d16 No.3664037

It's public information that I'm pretty sure the average person doesn't know or care about. This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg regarding the state not only facilitating but paying for crime to be committed. Hell, the vast majority of all high-profile domestic terrorist attacks thwarted by the FBI are plots that were created and put in motion by the FBI themselves.

e890da40 No.3664038

the real question is whether or not being an outlier about the fbi is as good as being an outlier for the fbi.

e6928d16 No.3664039

one makes you a target and the other gets you a career.

d7343a9f No.3664050

Bootlicking is the career of the year…nay, the century. All other careers will eventually catch on and start bootlicking in some way or the other. That being said only the best will end up licking the hi-teck boots. (That is why we are on the brink of an socio-economically-driven world war)

e6928d16 No.3664053

it can be hard knowing that being principled is a very expensive way to live life. i turned down a six figure job offer several years ago for a senior intelligence position. the company told me they would allow me to choose which clients I worked with, but they would not put it into writing. they contracted with the government, military, and plenty of companies I disagree with morally. It was a hard no from me… but damn that money and the benefits would have made such a huge impact on my life.

e890da40 No.3664055

top senior intelligence official implies taking it means you would have to drop insider intel for them or be fired for being stupid and not smart as that is what being an intelligence official means.

e890da40 No.3664057

You would have to handle serious information too on clientel and infrastructure of contact lists of said contacts. Such as secret service guardposting. This means that when your superiors run a scheme you end up being dispatched into shady locations where you profile for inspicuos activity usually if not relating to drugdeals or even cartel-organ trades. If you are working for the fbi you would be dealing with MS13 and other gangs as well as handling crip-blood caseworks because they have effectively stapled these parties into dealing with only them.

e6928d16 No.3664065

uhh no it doesn't imply any of these things you are saying. you're talking about stuff that intel ~agents~ who work under intel ~officers~ within things like the CIA do. the vast majority of intelligence workers on the planet work for independent companies that contract their work out. such companies have attempted to recruit me in the past, like I said.

Threat analysis has been one of the fastest growing parts of the tech industry for years.

e890da40 No.3664067

threat analysis is for security tech, not intel, intel involves direct person-to-person comms. You would be recruiting employees as personal-security guards using intel-resources that would later be punched in by technicians when they are not busy running infrastructure. Basically you have the field workers (fbi) and the cia(cubicle workers) each with their own security (cops or postmen) take your pick.

e890da40 No.3664068

coffee smuggling is a big deal and its alot bigger then than it was now becuase the coffee was the same as blood money.

e6928d16 No.3664075

why would you think that threat analysis doesn't involve intelligence work? a big part of the role is open-source intelligence gathering. companies pay big money to know about attacks before they even happen in some cases. the feds are not the only privacy threat in this regard, as there are countless threat analysts paid to be in chatrooms, forums, on social media, and so on just to keep informed on possible malicious actions.

d7343a9f No.3664097

Field work and Office work are an entirely different process because of the commitment to either there is a line-drawn on what is possible with each. The field work requires inspections and investigative approaches in subtlety that are not possible through a camera (Though the camera can profile and prevent certain occupational hazards as well) the synergy of each affords more of what the other can do, not to what is taken credit per sae. Office and Field work still take a backseat if one completely relies on the other, due to the nature of rogue attacks being independently operative and usually automated, a delay in the regiment still stacks against its capabilities (which any side is prone of due to unforeseen circumstances in long-term applications) There exists things such as bad weather.

e6928d16 No.3664099

this is kind of like having a conversation with a markov bot

d7343a9f No.3664104

Well that's the internet.

ba4ba229 No.3664178


218f4149 No.3664211


I think not . If nothing I always respect someone who fights back. One way or another. Because we are ruled by monsters!

135e4ff3 No.3664216

File: 1659698510436-0.jpg (41.11 KB, 300x428, R.6002375e85d70e68af5d6dc1….jpg)

File: 1659698510436-1.png (1.5 MB, 800x1000, st_overseer_by_davesrightm….png)

File: 1659698510436-2.jpg (50.1 KB, 800x800, OIP.IKoa8kFS-rYdkLviww4fog….jpg)

File: 1659698510436-3.png (1.5 MB, 800x1000, st_overseer_by_davesrightm….png)

File: 1659698510436-4.png (147.99 KB, 350x350, tumblr_d00abed96826b1ad81d….png)

monsters do not exist so we are ruled by things that don't exist.

dd7fe3ba No.3664228


So people like Biden , Bush, Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Trump are just figments of my Imagination ? Cool ! I feel so much better already

e890da40 No.3664258

well if you are superstitious they might not exactly be your imagination and more like a bad ouija board reading.

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