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tl;dr i'm low on funds, don't have room in my budget to pay for lulz out of pocket anymore, and need the community to step up to carry it for at least a while.

i can accept donations through paypal, cashapp, and various cryptocurrency if you're into that. if you are able to contribute, please e-mail me at [email protected] alternatively, you can contact me on the lulz chatroom on the nick cho0b.

to those of you who have donated recently or in the past, thank you so much for your help.
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21e453f6 No.3663860

File: 1659258650875.jpg (65.76 KB, 960x638, Aww_Sleepy_Fox.jpg)

I never said that the actual ciphers and open source programs were bad.
As for TOR - if the enemy of life and freedom had kept it to themselves, then their activities on it would have been completely obvious, traceable and also gotten blocked by default.
Because normies are allowed to use it, no one can tell if it's the enemy that's accessing your resources over TOR, or a normie. CP/child-sacrifice-scandals can be blamed on evil haxx0rs and normies, when it's the world-gov and its satanic murder network actually doing it.
TOR is the gift that keeps on giving for them.

Also - there is good (past) evidence to suggest that it could be possible to de-anonymise TOR traffic with enough resources.
You don't think those who created TOR don't have and control or monitor those resources? Actual normies that said they could, were suddenly very quiet soon afterwards. Can't expose gov-pedos/traffickers now, can we.
Even if they don't have the ability to de-anonymise their creation, they still now have a tool to prod about the Internet without standing out like a sore thumb.
Either way, it serves them more than it serves us.

That's why I suggest also accessing TOR through a VPN paid with gift cards or privacy-crypto, just for an extra layer of obfuscation, when creating a faggy image board for example. (Which is what I'll be doing soon.)
Had you done that from the beginning Cho0b, the Federal Bureau of terrorism Instigation and witness murdering, would likely never have found out about you.

When security truly counts, then the enemy simply uses their own satellites or fibre-optic/cable networks, bypassing the Internet/matrix altogether. The cabal/jews do it with their Wall St. communication networks, the election-fakers and world-army does it with satellites, etc.

Also - it used to be reasonably true that if one isn't paying for it, then they are the product, but nowadays that happens whether one pays or doesn't!
For example, there's no such thing as a "secure/private" fully-functioning smartphone, available to normies. The only related things that might come reasonably close are SIM-free Wi-Fi only "phones" built with mostly/fully open hardware/firmware.

Pic unrelated but cute.

6f53fea4 No.3663882

File: 1659315812277.jpg (1.22 MB, 4096x2668, FDTYlo6XIAAD6Ee.jpg)


What is you are doing what makes you imagine you are important enough to have enemies?

What makes you think a evil hacker or government agency even knows you exist?

That's what I don't understand about the whole security movement, why bother?

Who do all of you think is after you?

a0b01fd8 No.3663884

I mean.. I was actually targeted by an FBI entrapment plot.. but I can't really speak for these other weirdos. 😏

6f53fea4 No.3663885


Targeted for what? What were they trying to entrap you for doing? Was it selling weed? I bet it was selling weed.

a0b01fd8 No.3663891

Y'all got short attention spans around here! lol. I was involved with lulzsec and antisec, among other things. Someone who was my friend got compromised by the FBI and was then directed by the FBI to start a hacking group. I was one of the people they had him pull in, but I was able to avoid arrest in the end. Some of my friends, like Jeremy Hammond, were not as lucky. These are some of the things I'm being interviewed for to be in a documentary coming out in the next year or so.

I also wasn't lying in the last donation thread about the FBI coming to harass me whenever a "national security event" takes place within 50 miles of where I live, as a person of interest. The FBI is dumb. I'm not a terroristic threat, but that won't stop them from harassing me. 🤷‍♂️

e890da40 No.3663895

you were probably selling weed on a live stream

5214d584 No.3663921

>directed by the FBI to start a hacking group
A hacking group for what?

ed3bdd3a No.3663926

File: 1659367473860.jpg (24.49 KB, 680x383, chlorine.jpg)


Now this sort of BS from an alphabet soup arm of the gov I've seen happen. Back when the chlorine in the stairwell happened at MFF I had a roommate who EAS'd from the Marines earlier that year. What he didn't tell me before he moved in was he had a security clearance while he was active and this caused Rosemont cops, State police, Homeland security, and the FBI to knock on my door. The kicker was none of us were even staying in the main hotel that year, we were told in writing about 4 months after this in writing that security footage from the Hilton showed us going back to our rooms at around 10 and 11PM and they were "sorry for any inconvenience".

e6928d16 No.3663929

The group hacked foreign governments, US government institutions like the Senate, police departments and their unions, private intelligence contractors such as Stratfor, AT&T, Sony, Disney, online publications like The Sun & The Times, Booz Allen Hamilton, Monsanto, NATO… Heck, we exposed the Trapwire surveillance system through hacked documents that were provided to Wikileaks to make public. You can read up on all of this and much more by googling Antisec hacking

What the feds started as an entrapment plot, quickly snowballed into something they couldn't fully control.

e890da40 No.3663963

Trapwire doesn't exist. Not anymore because its completely covered up. Trap wire is long forgotton about in lieu of copycat systems just like it being the norm.

b62109fb No.3663976


This is almost all that remains :


It describes the system and the persons behind.

b62109fb No.3663977


Oh and I forgot : About VPN being safe


Same company ran a VPN service…..you cant make this shit up.

One has to choose a VPN provider outside USA but thats no guarantee. Thinking of Swiss Crypto AG secretly being and BND and CIA asset. Hilarious.

So its not far-fetched to presume some VPN providers in safe nations like Switzerland and Netherlands are really CIA/NSA fronts or under 14 eyes at least.

e6928d16 No.3663979

i like that you linked to an article that's talking about wikileaks' trove of emails it released about trapwire…… which is what i was talking about. that's what the group i was involved in exposed. well, one of the things at least.

this is one reason why end-to-end encryption is so important. which just so happens to be one of the things that tor hidden services provide! https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/overview/

d7343a9f No.3663983

end to end won't matter if they end-to-end hijack the encryption, install modules to reroute encrpytion files from the server-base through warez. and then install warez on their target who uses the server or simply use it to hijack the user already because they have already gotten the encrpytion dockets and can pose as the server now themselves. that is so dumb.

d7343a9f No.3663984

because encryption barely protects except that its constantly monitored in such a way that it will adapt if the service itself remains unmitagated. So that is why you simply bypass it entirely.

Then they will still try to regroup blockchains or perform trace so just throwing the data to another server to act as the "new address" literally commandeering their clients, is much more effective. But also. That requires modules to be installed on the target (doesn't matter because that's what hackers do anyway so its a given).

The Point is once you have redirected their clients you can glass their original encryption with your own and now you are a white hat hacker. Especially if you continue to dose their packets as if nothing has changed and they get false-positive data. "Why would you need to do this unless it was some sort of propoganda or espionage document war"

d7343a9f No.3663985

The last white hat capable hacker was snowden and all the rest have been literal shit since then. except for maybe the fbi themselves or the many military cyber-training camps that go by unnoticed or very much noticed and without any disguise whatsoever because they will entrap you for shit over anything they feel like anyway.

A white hacker group or rogue hacker start up is pretty much impossible because once you have access you stuck in mommy's basement or floating around like a nonce pretending to merge. What a joke. The corporate suites pay for that in case they ever need a business-deal handled off-record (usually they don't because they are already masked with brokers out the ass it won't ever matter)

So the only white hat hacker that ever can get anything done is one that is a foreign "unofficially" trained independent who breaks into a satellite and tries to tag someone over a shitty website like chatroulette or something and then try to trace their ip through another thirdparty country that already have setups in. (Like Russia using Indian telemarketers to see your webcam after you've enabled it and followed a fukin link for them to dox you) And then maybe ghosting themselves afterwards forever having gained nothing except what time you reset your router or turned off your connection. So they can pretend they are you while you get offlined. Likely not even aware you ever were being used as a mask.

But doing a whitehack job requires full knowledge of protocols already in place in order to even begin switching traffic lights or whatever the fuck it is they do.

e6928d16 No.3663988

all you're doing is showing that you don't really understand how these things work. and that's totally okay, but you have to be willing to acknowledge that before you can learn why you're wrong. however, you did mention one thing that is kind of pertinent. all of the encryption in the world won't really help you if your devices themselves are fully compromised. if your screen and keystrokes are fully monitored and logged, you're shit out of luck. the important thing to keep in mind is that the only people that this is happening to are ones being targeted by state actors. you might deal with a stingray in the wild here or there depending on where you live, but a nation level group of hackers aren't injecting your devices with un-patched zero days worth millions of dollars just to see what you're jerking off to.

end-to-end encryption 100% matters, especially if you think your internet is being monitored. they can monitor it all they want, the content in transport is still going to be fully encrypted between the client and the endpoint in a tor hidden service.

it sounds like you are kind of describing a man in the middle attack. for a tor hidden service, an attacker would need to have compromised the service's private key to accomplish this. which goes back to the service itself needing to be compromised. at that point, you're already fucked.

MITM within the tor network between relays and such is something else entirely. There are still protections in place, but an attacker who runs enough of the nodes can accomplish some things. This requires a lot of resources, and of course the state has plenty of money. This is why I recommend utilizing hidden-services wherever possible.

I've been using Tor since about 2005. It's a great tool if used properly. The issue is that many users don't really know what that means. Over the years I've ran a bunch of hidden-services, compromised other people's hidden-services, and, heck, I've even been contracted by Intel to run hidden-services for them as part of an ARG. Try not to get too caught up in the worry for fantastical APT level hacking threats to your privacy. Cell phones and marketing companies far surpass nation state actors as far as threats to your privacy go.

This is coming from someone who has been targeted by the FBI and labeled a terrorist threat by the US gov since about 2008.

e6928d16 No.3663989

"whitehats" are all the douchebags that work FOR the government/military/corporations defending their infrastructure.

d7343a9f No.3663990

yeah but russia still pays people to probe anyone for anything

d7343a9f No.3663991

i may not know how things work but i have a deep understand that ai can control most of regulatable data content and datascrape in order to sustain its own queue-counts in migrating power supplies to induce event-traffic and directing the human-hive mind.

d7343a9f No.3663992

You are describing more or less the situation in which i have ideally described while omitting some points whether or not that are concerning but are still very basic ideas.

A relay can have a looking glass installed on it in which the content is copied and not even noticed. The same relay can be dosed to prolong the stream-buffer. The buffer can be resupplicated with "dosed packets" the server then is going to gobble it up anyway.

The other end is getting dosed packets which requires intricate knowledge of the server but if you have end-to-end that is as easy as making several throw-away accounts. Some intrusively or not.

Maybe that is putting it too simply but getting to the USER end is not that complicated either, because then you can just directly stream the data anyway you want. Knowing you have compromised the server at that point just further suits the case. Why would you do this except to commit Espionage and or Falsify-Data.

Then end to end doesn't matter. Even if it is monitored the user can be just "stupid acting". The other side is they are being monitored and users all around are being fuckwitted until accidentally fuckwitting an information look alike. The same transfer of data is taking place more or less their cryptos are being adapted as per-handle (I assume per handle since direct checksum encryption is datamining and expensiver and makes more delay) Then yeah I guess you can't overstep datamining (except you can fix it up to favor data it is sending out anyway with fast-snapping dupes…sorry if you don't get this idea because it involves breaking into copy-pastes rams while its buffering crypto and is excessively demanding as to require a script anyway (and I don't personally have that but I understand it means lying about ram-compatibilities before the datamining decides its compromised for every checksum it pumps out) Just to trick it that its not got an ARTIFACT or something (when you've directly implanted one). Also good luck designing IMAGE-warriors like in Parlor to be able to do that. Except that AI already does this on its own now and CONSTANTLY with imageboards that no one even cares.

My point is mixing with the tubes not the wires to trick it into proxying out its own data tracks long enough to madlib something in its place.

d7343a9f No.3663993

And that is my point about how TrapWIRE doesn't exist because its a remote panic-shield when something else goes wrong internally there are REMOTE-Trackings that are used to "quantify" the panic into a data-event.

They don't care what you do if your system allows to propogate it then by the time its reached potential that is when they snapshot it for themselves.

Making use of the "space of your commit" they reduce it an event that can cycle over their own. Falsified data and compromising the server would change the adjusted "compression" of that overall snapshot to desynch in ways that would effect more than just the scripting they use being "subverted" but also subverts the potential-safety of their own net-mask when it falls out. (surprise just debunked their reality without even a single hacK and just common knowledge)

So why would you do this except to commit a new-data image one that you knowingly have falsified in order to somehow desynch their mask with one for your own propoganda? That is all it is good for any then the panic that sets in will cause them to lose credentials while they have to "fix it with money" By the time its over all and reset you have done it made adspace for 10 minutes.

a2ab79f2 No.3663994


Encryption , end-to-end or other does not matter when they can store ALL global communication (BluffDale NSA repository anyone) and crack it later when math and more powerful computer (quantum or even still silicon) at their leisure.

Without any proof what-so-ever , I am convinced that since all OS system has backdoors, everything you do, type, print, watch, surf & search on the system by default is compromised.

We live in interesting times.

Do I have a alternative ? No.

d7343a9f No.3663995

they can try to decrypt information in a quantum enviroment but when its under the effect of a constant chaffe (or digital scud) they will never have the ability the decode it without first being able differentiate active and non active data channels (that means if a data-vector is use or not they can't even tell without also being able to tell if its even there or not) (and that requires a form of laser-cracking that doesn't exist except by rebuilding over an entire dataimage with a "copied image cycle" from that same encrpytion. It is the same as using image-in-imaging software but for data and even telling if its been lineated or post processed its a major deal because you will need to be a materialize physics using advanced probes that also don't exist yet" (its like using vulcanized datamining over regular datamining). I really don't think you get it either.

d7343a9f No.3663997

I would wager its possible to decode-chaffe in quantum space using a phase-injection of physical-encoded particles. Built from several layers of Ai-Scripting. And made into a laser-graphic decoding device that is broadcast into a quantum datacloud.

Though. It would take at least 8 layers of AI that is built into handling the quantum enviroment. And at least 4 more layers of AI handling computer-based encodes of data-bits. And 4 more layers of AI built into the materializer of those databits. That is put into an automated device composed of those 16 ai's rendering a quantum cloud (that can be image snapshot and further -printed out in a de-coded analysis) Which I am not sure anyone can feasibly do.

d7343a9f No.3663998

also what ive just described is a potential quark-handling device. but that works out with those parts for everything on the spectrum of particles/light that it can trace out its own data-particle proofing anyway. (using ai-overlays of rgb-yellow and ultraviolet frequencies that have been phased up on the spectrum of (visible light tracing by at least five different levels)

d7343a9f No.3663999

I believe I am describing a MITM but also to the effect that you can "re-encrypt" the data which means that you've made a module float around broadcasting data just anyway it can to make you invisible and the copy/redirects invisible during buffer rates (save from active datamining which E2E is capable of or so it boasts so why not believe it so)

Then there is vulcanized datamining which is far far more difficult to relay because that almost requires direct wiring adjustment and not just from telephone poles but from the main machine/remote USEREND. You would have to just get it under right conditions to even access their pc to supplement the file/datafeed with what you want to "trick encrpytion" since it can't just be hijacked without breaking security of its tunnel.

Then you have something even harder than that which is still experimental and I don't think anyone knows about but its referable to the same thing except using a virtualmachine to do it and only through virtualized machines can it be done.

d7343a9f No.3664000

>be hijacked without breaking security of its tunnel.

also they would just know because the connection isn't to the correct design its settigns have been farked with like switching ipv4 and ipv6 they would just know the setting isnt what they wanted had you still managed a looking glass permission (unless they have really bad software techs)

d7343a9f No.3664002

Still All I am describing is a Quantum LAMP-protocol. Because I don't have any other term except very complicated data-scrambling.

5214d584 No.3664026

I'm sorry, hold up here. No idea what you're all talking about (VPNs seem like enormous honeypots), but going back to the FBI getting involved with 'hacktivists,' what sort of liability do they face in things like the Sony hack? Were they directing these attacks? Is this like, common knowledge no one cares about, cause it sounds like front page scandal to me… though I've always thought any sort of organization made in this country is guaranteed to get FBI'd. Never understood the logic of BLM covering their faces when it creates an ideal environment for infiltration, for example. You guys must have known it would happen.

e890da40 No.3664029

Vpns are enormous honeypots but at least you have your own balls signed over to someone else when they choose to cut them off.

e6928d16 No.3664037

It's public information that I'm pretty sure the average person doesn't know or care about. This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg regarding the state not only facilitating but paying for crime to be committed. Hell, the vast majority of all high-profile domestic terrorist attacks thwarted by the FBI are plots that were created and put in motion by the FBI themselves.

e890da40 No.3664038

the real question is whether or not being an outlier about the fbi is as good as being an outlier for the fbi.

e6928d16 No.3664039

one makes you a target and the other gets you a career.

d7343a9f No.3664050

Bootlicking is the career of the year…nay, the century. All other careers will eventually catch on and start bootlicking in some way or the other. That being said only the best will end up licking the hi-teck boots. (That is why we are on the brink of an socio-economically-driven world war)

e6928d16 No.3664053

it can be hard knowing that being principled is a very expensive way to live life. i turned down a six figure job offer several years ago for a senior intelligence position. the company told me they would allow me to choose which clients I worked with, but they would not put it into writing. they contracted with the government, military, and plenty of companies I disagree with morally. It was a hard no from me… but damn that money and the benefits would have made such a huge impact on my life.

e890da40 No.3664055

top senior intelligence official implies taking it means you would have to drop insider intel for them or be fired for being stupid and not smart as that is what being an intelligence official means.

e890da40 No.3664057

You would have to handle serious information too on clientel and infrastructure of contact lists of said contacts. Such as secret service guardposting. This means that when your superiors run a scheme you end up being dispatched into shady locations where you profile for inspicuos activity usually if not relating to drugdeals or even cartel-organ trades. If you are working for the fbi you would be dealing with MS13 and other gangs as well as handling crip-blood caseworks because they have effectively stapled these parties into dealing with only them.

e6928d16 No.3664065

uhh no it doesn't imply any of these things you are saying. you're talking about stuff that intel ~agents~ who work under intel ~officers~ within things like the CIA do. the vast majority of intelligence workers on the planet work for independent companies that contract their work out. such companies have attempted to recruit me in the past, like I said.

Threat analysis has been one of the fastest growing parts of the tech industry for years.

e890da40 No.3664067

threat analysis is for security tech, not intel, intel involves direct person-to-person comms. You would be recruiting employees as personal-security guards using intel-resources that would later be punched in by technicians when they are not busy running infrastructure. Basically you have the field workers (fbi) and the cia(cubicle workers) each with their own security (cops or postmen) take your pick.

e890da40 No.3664068

coffee smuggling is a big deal and its alot bigger then than it was now becuase the coffee was the same as blood money.

e6928d16 No.3664075

why would you think that threat analysis doesn't involve intelligence work? a big part of the role is open-source intelligence gathering. companies pay big money to know about attacks before they even happen in some cases. the feds are not the only privacy threat in this regard, as there are countless threat analysts paid to be in chatrooms, forums, on social media, and so on just to keep informed on possible malicious actions.

d7343a9f No.3664097

Field work and Office work are an entirely different process because of the commitment to either there is a line-drawn on what is possible with each. The field work requires inspections and investigative approaches in subtlety that are not possible through a camera (Though the camera can profile and prevent certain occupational hazards as well) the synergy of each affords more of what the other can do, not to what is taken credit per sae. Office and Field work still take a backseat if one completely relies on the other, due to the nature of rogue attacks being independently operative and usually automated, a delay in the regiment still stacks against its capabilities (which any side is prone of due to unforeseen circumstances in long-term applications) There exists things such as bad weather.

e6928d16 No.3664099

this is kind of like having a conversation with a markov bot

d7343a9f No.3664104

Well that's the internet.

ba4ba229 No.3664178


218f4149 No.3664211


I think not . If nothing I always respect someone who fights back. One way or another. Because we are ruled by monsters!

135e4ff3 No.3664216

File: 1659698510436-0.jpg (41.11 KB, 300x428, R.6002375e85d70e68af5d6dc1….jpg)

File: 1659698510436-1.png (1.5 MB, 800x1000, st_overseer_by_davesrightm….png)

File: 1659698510436-2.jpg (50.1 KB, 800x800, OIP.IKoa8kFS-rYdkLviww4fog….jpg)

File: 1659698510436-3.png (1.5 MB, 800x1000, st_overseer_by_davesrightm….png)

File: 1659698510436-4.png (147.99 KB, 350x350, tumblr_d00abed96826b1ad81d….png)

monsters do not exist so we are ruled by things that don't exist.

dd7fe3ba No.3664228


So people like Biden , Bush, Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Trump are just figments of my Imagination ? Cool ! I feel so much better already

e890da40 No.3664258

well if you are superstitious they might not exactly be your imagination and more like a bad ouija board reading.

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