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85df312d No.3662003

This species is apparently not rare in its native habitat, yet few westerners have ever heard of it. It is not a type of raccoon, but a member of the CIVET family. I found a text that said the males "have a penis unique in the animal kingdom" yet I have been able to find exactly ZERO pictures of it, AND exactly zero furry art. now WTF would that be? Maybe someone here can help out??
Also post other species here that most people don't even know about!! Or more MUSANGS, whatever!!

1f43a93d No.3662007

File: 1657744636300.png (837.93 KB, 1200x1200, c2c173917ce163a8cb60f26a1e….png)

Fossas are related to civets. Is it like a fossa cock?

579441b8 No.3662009

I've been trying to find out also, but if the text said "penis unique in the animal kingdom" that would imply it was something different YET and even more weird, since if it looked like a Fossa cock it wouldn't be "unique". I can't even imagine, maybe it has a stack of square knots or something, lol

579441b8 No.3662011

There is apparently a huge amount of genetic variation in Musangs, while looking for them I found solid black ones, striped ones, spotted ones, even giant-sized ones! I am not sure if these are just variations within the species or actual Musang sub-species.

00c63868 No.3662023

are they fast breeders like rabbits if so it would have been easier to have a mass selective breeding for body size and shape. :)

5bddca11 No.3662040

Musang is kind of the regional name for them. Like leopard/jaguar are basically the same animal.

As someone who has spent time overseas living among the unclean masses, I can assure you their junk is pretty unremarkable from what I've seen. Long and tapered, but nothing pokey, expandy, or interesting. And quickly googling from the slang I remembered, there's plenty of videos where you can catch a glimpse on Youtube. Just search "musang kawin".

You're welcome.

00c63868 No.3673861

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e76a951b No.3673879

File: 1667818133365.jpg (22.26 KB, 400x240, 1667606133326.jpg)

What the fuck is THIS thing?
The hell what species is THIS?
Does anyone know??

00c63868 No.3673881

File: 1667818869857-0.jpg (42.6 KB, 640x589, ECVKULMX4AAc1yo.jpg)

File: 1667818869857-1.jpg (47.2 KB, 640x480, Bathynomus_giganteus.jpg)

00c63868 No.3673882

File: 1667818998993-0.jpg (163.48 KB, 478x700, 64170_bathynomus-giganteus.jpg)

File: 1667818998993-1.jpg (163.46 KB, 768x1024, 969104893_0c5c546408_b.jpg)

File: 1667818998993-2.jpg (143.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Aww, look at it.

b7f1090c No.3673912

File: 1667830462394.jpg (172.19 KB, 1920x1078, rtx.jpg)

c341227c No.3673946


Thats a sea louse. Its a deep-sea bottom scavenger. The buzzards and coyotes of the ocean. They clean up carcasses that make it past the sharks, mostly whales and other deep sea organisms.

7fb613ed No.3673950

The Tongue Eating Isopod

Is a very unique one.

2c457fd0 No.3673954


Its a "River-Cock-snapper". Better not go skin-dipping!

a6e0d85d No.3673958

File: 1667851882267.gif (1.79 MB, 400x224, tumblr_mv1ej4vfd11sfniq5o2….gif)

It's a prop from the movie Pacific Rim.
It's not a real creature.


c341227c No.3674174


Yes, it is a real organism. Google "Giant Sea Louse" and see what comes back. FFS, not everything you're not familiar with is fantasy.

97071494 No.3674617

File: 1668062908199-0.jpg (447.33 KB, 1200x800, 9b3902eeef09d8899b48d56e08….jpg)

File: 1668062908199-1.jpg (41.88 KB, 600x400, 3740ca3a38de78884fd8c34335….jpg)

They remind me of an oversized woodlouse.

a6e0d85d No.3674622

File: 1668069124891.jpg (75.71 KB, 900x600, tumblr_mr33rssKLm1s2jfn0o1….jpg)

No, it's not, idiot. It's a prop from the movie. You can even buy one if you have the money.

https://youtu.be/jwZKwzb8K9c <- It's detailed here.

c341227c No.3674632


Evidence is linked via google proving they are real animals. As such, you're now obviously trolling. If you're serious, then you are the king and queen of all idiots. The props are based off a real organism living in the oceans.

a6e0d85d No.3674635

File: 1668088210018.jpg (31.03 KB, 555x644, Everything.jpg)

Yes, the props are based off of a real organism but they are props.
The question wasn't "What does this look like?" it was "What the fuck is THIS thing?"
The thing in question is a prop, not a living organism.
You are wrong. I am correct.
Suck my big black dick.

a6e0d85d No.3674636

If you still need even more proof, here is a behind the scenes video made by the people in the process of building the animatronics.


You can not be any more wrong than you are.

2e62bee8 No.3674642

File: 1668095864484.jpeg (36.72 KB, 636x353, Fes81q9WIAUMrA-.jpeg)

No thanks.

6a7e46fa No.3674976


Well , guess everyone can consider downgrading ?

5a5e357e No.3674978


By that logic , that man will be an imitation of the book-cover. Not the other way around.

Also, bring a powerful magnifying glass or we cannot find your pink minuscule Jewish circumcised cock.

c341227c No.3675809


Cut him some slack. He's self-admitted he's just a dumb nig-ger. He's going to go through his failed and miserable existence as fodder for the prisons or as a menial laborer in a deadend job in service to a society that hates him and would be better off if he and his entire kind perished. He was born useless and will die equally so. In the end they will be forgotten like all the ones that came before him.

2c4d0b90 No.3675939

File: 1668484058208.jpg (27.98 KB, 277x356, HAPPY COON.jpg)

The nigger is correct. You lost the argument. The thing in question is a fantasy creature vaguely inspired by a real marine animal. It is not the animal and it is not even an accurate reproduction. For one thing, the movie prop has wicked looking pincers that no real animal has.

> By that logic , that man will be an imitation of the book-cover. Not the other way around.

By YOUR logic, Godzilla is not a suit worn by actors but actually is a theropod dinosaur, since the fantasy creature was vaguely inspired by dinosaurs.

> Also, bring a powerful magnifying glass or we cannot find your pink minuscule Jewish circumcised cock.

So not only are you confused between fantasy movie creatures and real ones, but you also confuse niggers and kikes.

When you lose an argument you really crash and burn, don't you.

6108887c No.3675951

File: 1668486003545.jpg (107.92 KB, 1012x673, Melting-snowflake.jpg)

People like him can't accept being wrong.
They are way too fragile.

c74e0ab6 No.3676089


tiny tiny jewish penis indeed.

Also the Herpes the old Rabbi was carrying when he savagely bit of you little fleshy nip has gone infecting your brain.

Those Godzilla images you see are just hallucinations from the brain fever. sorry….

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