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File: 1656438015518.jpg (86.25 KB, 600x600, 0840588131167[1].jpg)

096cb6e8 No.3660885

Why aren't furries all over this?

04b98751 No.3660890

thernt all wolves ykno

2e2f74ca No.3660895

File: 1656441881403.jpg (107.76 KB, 999x800, star_wolf_by_ffxazq_ddc3ov….jpg)

power/death metal isn't everyone's thing, I've got a pretty good work out playlist as is. This doesn't seem all that inspiring.

Just because you put "wolf" on your record doesn't make it furry.

Is this considered "viking metal?" In any case its some sort of metal, and its not great.

d81f0a35 No.3660917

Powerwolf is just meat and potatoes power metal. Viking metal is barely even a genre, it's essentially the commonly utilized folk/black metal mix (also sometimes known as "pagan metal" and a million other names) but we wuz vikangz n shiet.

ae3aa1d0 No.3660927

2e2f74ca No.3660986

Norwegians and their based metal, get with the times brah, the age of longships is long over bro.

2e2f74ca No.3660987

File: 1656477655113.jpg (127.16 KB, 1200x675, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

you know, some where out there there is a Swedish death metal love song about me, I dated a guy when I was like 16 who was 27, and he was part of a death metal band. His band members hated the idea but they did it.

Just wish I would have saved it.

2e2f74ca No.3660988

sorry Finnish, he was very adamant on their history of punching Russians.

2e2f74ca No.3660989

File: 1656478063374.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, kali.jpg)

Yeah I like my kali sticks just fine, but apparently the finns have this super special stick they like to hit people with.

2e2f74ca No.3660990

or maybe its a knife, idk, the finns are so weird

ddc0728f No.3660998

How is a 16 year old in West Virginia or whatever hick place dating a gay Finnish 27 year old?

2e2f74ca No.3661000

early 00's yahoo message boards.

95df08b6 No.3661013

File: 1656501715781.jpg (632.37 KB, 2560x1600, xpt5VKe-video-games-wallpa….jpg)

ddc0728f No.3661022

So just internet "dating", not real dating?

2e2f74ca No.3661025

pretty much just a bunch of typefucking and listening to depressing Finn stories.

2e2f74ca No.3661026

I've actually never really been on real dates except for fancy, and unell if you consider trying to force unell to stop talking about dog dicks in walmart and applebees a date.

2e2f74ca No.3661027

I was even banned from just about every school dance back in middle/high school. I was almost always on in school suspension for one reason or another.

2e2f74ca No.3661032

File: 1656523520124.jpg (42.37 KB, 800x526, 149cf1cb6ef54e296ed97775de….jpg)

Really most of my mischief just came as a side effect of being a kid, and bored. I was able to type at 160wpm fore my first class, and we were required to take a typing class each semester, I finished all of them within the first 3 days. Thats a lot of time on a kid's hands.

Then Programming, we only had one class for that, Pascal, which I learned when I was 6, so that class was done in a week.

Then social studies, I know more about shit than people give me credit for, so after the whole "no child left behind" thing where you were graded based on how well did on the final when you first started class, and then took it again when you were done… well its kinda hard when you aced the final the first time through. Same with english, and most my science classes, other than biology.

I had a lot of time to do stupid things like replacing the sprites for the entire school's "icy tower" game with the programing teacher's face, or replacing my pic in the school yearbook's image library with dickbutt (which also appeared every time you went for lunch) or constantly hiding the start menu and just putting a screen shot of the desktop as the wallpaper.

I've always been a bored troll.

2e2f74ca No.3661035

I also auto corrected a few common words, much like i am racist and not very bright on this board.

ddc0728f No.3661036

File: 1656524877291.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae….jpg)

>6 year old computer wiz
>Living in rural bumfuck nowhere taking computer programming classes in kindergarten

2e2f74ca No.3661038

hey getting raped by guys with a 90's home computer at least some upsides.

Most pedos can't help but at least kinda fulfill the father role, one of my rapists just happened to be a computer wiz… really not all that unsurprising now that I think on it…

2e2f74ca No.3661039

it might not have been 6, but its somewhere between 5-8 where I started learning pascal, and how to get around in DOS. Those memories are kinda fuzzy.

04b98751 No.3661043

>dickbutt yearbook
proof or didnt happen

2e2f74ca No.3661047

File: 1656530270782.gif (4.92 MB, 1065x599, 1464470668.kazzypoof_otter….gif)

how the f am I going to get proof of something I did in high school?

2e2f74ca No.3661048

File: 1656530479899.png (52.55 KB, 1200x628, Temporary-Dickbutt-TattooF….png)

it was pretty point blank, they worked on mac computers for ages, then switched to windows computers. The security systems don't match, so it was easy to get into the yearbook files and change a few things, its not that far of a stretch to say that… because dickbutt was a thing back then, my teenage self would pull some shenanigans.

2e2f74ca No.3661050

File: 1656530960854-0.gif (4.96 MB, 590x787, 1464471273.kazzypoof_sprea….gif)

also here are the other otters, cause you are all insatiable and will ask for it sooner or later

2e2f74ca No.3661051

File: 1656531027750-0.gif (4.98 MB, 949x712, 1464470348.kazzypoof_otter….gif)

some are higher than lulz permits to submit

04b98751 No.3661052

why were you in high school 10 years ago

2e2f74ca No.3661053

14 years ago, but because I was an American. I was also in college.

04b98751 No.3661054

so every just somehow knew about dickbutt 14 years ago…ok dood

ddc0728f No.3661055

2e2f74ca No.3661056

File: 1656531252619-0.jpg (94.05 KB, 960x540, Goatse-2.jpg)

yeah, I was a 4channer. Sue me

04b98751 No.3661057

so you must have known about it on day 1 and had done all that in the pace of a few hours to be the most popular high schooler ahead of all the memes wow you live in a fantasy.

2e2f74ca No.3661058

File: 1656531449122-0.jpg (69.15 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I was more like the least popular high school kid, I only had friends because an extrovert adopted me.

04b98751 No.3661059

O pls you were posting on lulz too 14 years ago like a nob.

2e2f74ca No.3661060

So? I was here earlier than that, I was pre wtfur days.

2e2f74ca No.3661061

I was like 12 when I started posting.

2e2f74ca No.3661062

I figure some of my hardest critics actually saw me grow up.

04b98751 No.3661064

That's super fuckin NITO u must have crawled up from a special ed room where they just forget about all the porn and shit you would download from their high school networks. And your dad hit you a bunch so that's why you would hang out in the pc lab after school. So you knew all the web sites. Wowie zowie dood. What an enriching life you've lived out on lulz. They should make you a mod or something since that's all you do.

2e2f74ca No.3661065

File: 1656532315790-0.jpg (15.9 KB, 500x348, ce174bf83df6280a63f8fe45c1….jpg)

I actually crawled up out of some advanced ed classes.

Not at all bragging most of us advanced kids ended up in jail, on drugs, or breast feeding tons of babies.

I mean, I didn't turn out any better, I've got PTSD for days and no one goes into drug psychology after already having an engineering degree without being a little fucked up.

2e2f74ca No.3661067

File: 1656532452705-0.jpg (8 KB, 236x267, d5ca8d5ed963981c8e8ebeb240….jpg)

I just think that people are better worked on than machines, society is broken and I must fix it.

04b98751 No.3661068

That's real noble of you to save the world after the dirty you worked it into. So there's also more for people to get shit on with when little another techwonder suddenly thinks he is their only hope. Amazin. Fuck the forced media bullshit we get enough of it from tv we need it from a literal -powermonkey- who wants to play with psychiatry now. That and we're so fuckin broken and shit.

2e2f74ca No.3661070

for some reason, I take that as being slightly ironic and generally disingenuous.

04b98751 No.3661071

That's right you're the one spoonfeeding everyone else pointers and showing us all your certified for it too, well I guess there's no stopping you from sticking it to every single offhanded take you can put a stamp on. Can't wait. Can't wait for the garden variety Advanced-Campus memes to hit off.

2e2f74ca No.3661073

File: 1656534818477.gif (7.34 MB, 514x640, 43ede4fdeb9714b797afc7f578….gif)

it wont happen, back in the military and I was a bay cheif, then a dorm cheif, people kept saying I would get tired of it eventually. I did not.

I give little nuggets of advice here and there, but there never actually wrong. Why would you have any hate against them?

2e2f74ca No.3661074

File: 1656535257391.png (356.16 KB, 1055x720, bb1f248b3155c915f7cddab7f7….png)

I mean end of the day, I'm a super successful investment guy, it just makes sense to follow my lead, its not like I have anything to gain from screwing you over.

I'm already set in life, I'm chill… You all should take my advice when I give it.

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