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File: 1653589001035.jpg (1 MB, 3072x2045, 01-yulin-dog-meat-festival….jpg)

9bfdf926 No.3658349

We're all into fucking dogs here, so why not eat them?

Let's have a thread all about this delicacy. What do you like it, how do you prefer it, and where do you get it?

f73d6a15 No.3658351

Dogs are not cattle animals. They're bred to be pets.

87d9fd9d No.3658352

If USA doesn't have a nuclear warhead pointed at Yulin for ww3 that's about to start I'll be really disappointed

c6fedd52 No.3658353

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't torture live dogs with flamethrowers to cook them.

84605166 No.3658357

This is why I don't feel bad for them when I watch videos of Chinese factory workers getting mauled by industrial equipment

8feae9a6 No.3658361

File: 1653606296454.jpeg (48.35 KB, 487x329, 07635B67-FD47-4274-8FB9-1….jpeg)

A dog and even a cat will fight to protect the humans they love. People who eat them are sub human scum.

46dd836b No.3658363

File: 1653618653856.webm (373.89 KB, 480x880, field of flowers.webm)

92622b76 No.3658364

File: 1653626337322.png (392.07 KB, 800x533, Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 0….png)

1958 – The Year America Planned to Nuke China

This should have happened!

87d9fd9d No.3658366

File: 1653635033238.jpg (169.38 KB, 959x1280, photo_2022-05-05_16-55-31.jpg)

to be fair this isn't any worse than videos that get leaked from western farms, horrible animal torture is a pretty global human hobby

yet people care more about harmless consensual animal sex, pretty fucked up if you ask me

cc2bc527 No.3658375

Likely because living being like mammals that has mate usually develop emotional bond with their 'partner'. Unless you're a sociopath or even a psychopath.

4460746c No.3658376

Beautiful. I've never seen that one before.

More please.

87d9fd9d No.3658377

File: 1653659934866.jpg (99.5 KB, 940x1280, photo_2022-04-20_22-38-33.jpg)

it's just that one i'm afraid
dogs are so beautiful and pure i will never understand how some people want to harm them

c51c8802 No.3658378

File: 1653662889373.jpg (45.72 KB, 1024x768, Fighter_Bolt.jpg)

>to be fair this isn't any worse than videos that get leaked from western farms, horrible animal torture is a pretty global human hobby
It's far worse because in primitive shithole countries like china, animal torture is either considered normal or celebrated in "festivals".
Are you going to see an animal torture festival in a western country? As awful as things have gotten in the west, anyone who does that in the open to dogs is likely going to get badly hurt or killed themselves. People may have been destroyed enough in the west to inject their children with literal military poison now, but they'll still go crazy over doggies getting tortured.

>yet people care more about harmless consensual animal sex, pretty fucked up if you ask me

Judging by that photo and your logic, I see you're not exactly impartial. BTW, most animal sex isn't harmless or consensual - those doing the fucking are either incapable of "reading" an animal's body language or don't want to and would rather just call the situation consensual no matter what.

What people BTW? What percentage? How do you know?
Dog-humper's advocate; It's generally easier for people to virtue-signal over some things than over other, and it's easier to argue some points over some others.
When generally-weak people say "sticking dick in Fido is wrong, rah rah rah" it's easier to defend that POV than "torching dogs alive and eating them is wrong, rah rah rah" because then one could be "offending" chinese people and be considered "judgemental" and "racist", etc. Therefore it's more "difficult" for many people (generally being weak/under pressure) to argue against chinese animal torture. Have you seen the amount of (jewish) pressure and hatred being aimed at whiteys for having been born white??

6f7be447 No.3658379

They kill dogs as a way of atonment. That is why it is celebrated. They recognize they are a shitty people and take it out on dogs and cats and rats. China is brutal. They are alot of people that eat. And the whole country that kills them by the thousands and thousands. No different than any other country except they haven't mastered keeping herds of cattle that only last for a days worth out of every 8 years to feed their country. It is efficient. That is why the whaling industry is so important to them. They have large numbers that cannot be satiated. They know its bad. They have to do it. If you implement any alternative for them it would have to be in massive amounts to correct what they are doing wrong. The alternative has to be as efficient as possible.

e99c357e No.3658387

only way to stop them is to take control of the country from them and implement western values like they did with Japan aftrr Hiroshima and Nagasaki being nuked. Countries like china are completely incapable of feeling real remorse for the evils they have done and continue to do. China is like white supremacy nothing will change until you take away the freedom to commit such acts and take a hardline approach.

3e3db486 No.3658396

>yet people care more about harmless consensual animal sex, pretty fucked up if you ask me


We can rephrase that into "And you are eating animals."

6f7be447 No.3658402

No one is going to make it a hardline penalty to eat a dog if that is your culture. They will need to change their culture by force which would be immediate war-talks. "Yeah stop eating dogs or we will nuke you" Lol. That isn't going to work.

You would have to basically go work in the rice fields your entire life to save one dog.

c6fedd52 No.3658403

File: 1653683619894.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1999x1273, E2etgigXEAAkvn0.jpeg)

>China is like white supremacy nothing will change until you take away the freedom to commit such acts and take a hardline approach.
White supremacists performing what acts? Killing other ethnicities? Murder is already illegal.

3e3db486 No.3658408

>nothing will change until you take away the freedom to commit such acts

When you take away the freedom to commit such acts, you end up with a society not unlike China, because you have empowered the state to take away the freedoms of the people. The state calculates that allowing people to eat dogs, cats, rats, bats, monkeys… means there's less welfare to pay, or they simply don't care because they want particular groups of people dead anyhow and force them into desperate measures to survive.

Surprise surprise, morality and ethical conduct arises out of the people themselves, not of the state.

When you write a law that says "Be good", you have to define what "good" means for it to mean anything at all, and that in turn means being good now means "obey the law" instead of actually being good. Taking away the freedom to choose good and bad cancels your morality.

e99c357e No.3658410

I'm talking making certain acts illegal like causing undue harm to animals and people. Terrible conditions and shitty people should be curbstomped by creating a situation where people can just report these things china just doesnt care. I dont care if their culture is eating dogs or plants or the god damned moon but they need to be controlled in such a way that they cant do shit like torching a live dog before eating it if its unethical its unethical and no amount of semantics change that aspect.

c6fedd52 No.3658411

File: 1653686348443.jpeg (46.2 KB, 640x898, FTa88JhaIAEBl4j.jpeg)


While you're at it, care to address the child sweatshops that continue to provide cheap products to the West?

e99c357e No.3658412

Why I referred to the whole human and animals as a whole the entire nation of China and onda both have sweatshops like that and yes entire family is against China in that way as am I.

There's really not much to say besides they need an atomic bomb dropped on them if thats how they treat any kind of life and the people refusing to stand up as a whole pretty much is what's suffocating the entire nation people just need to wake up and take action and be consequences be damned I doubt it would be much worse than what they do on a daily basis to others.

41708eba No.3658425

File: 1653703357291.png (12.31 KB, 630x568, ass ketchup .png)

>people butchering dogs
"waah nuke china, how evil, muh partnership, blah blah blah"

>people butchering foxes


You are all fucking monumental hypocrites. Just delete the thread, it's not like any productive conversation can be had here anyway.

e99c357e No.3658428

I'm pro hunting and gathering. I believe a lol animals cannbe food but I'm also against cruelty. But also not against going toe to toe with bears wielding knives cause that's what real men do lol.

6f7be447 No.3658441

Yeah maybe try reducing the pidgeon counts first.

4465ea02 No.3658443

File: 1653738684763-0.webm (1.73 MB, 426x406, 1623433415020.webm)

File: 1653738684763-1.webm (1.49 MB, 400x230, 1629597422384.webm)

File: 1653738684763-2.webm (2.41 MB, 360x640, 1647145739659.webm)

File: 1653738684763-3.jpg (73.16 KB, 600x449, Rib-Cages.jpg)

File: 1653738684763-4.jpg (113.43 KB, 505x758, You-guess.jpg)

Let's try and first ween them off killing each other.

c51c8802 No.3658446

File: 1653746312761.jpg (401.4 KB, 1341x952, Dogmeat_buddy.jpg)

What a shithole country full of shithole people, and that's what's being rolled out across the globe now, social credit system and all.

One can find a decent and honest chinese person in ausjailia every now and again, but it's pretty rare as most of them are secretive, scheming and superficial.

5afa327c No.3658456


Well……All dead…..Goodnight and sleep tight!

5afa327c No.3658457


you have only met HongKong Chinese. not mainland ones.

c51c8802 No.3658460

Yes, I think you're correct. The Hong Kong mindset is overall very different, in a good way.

3f71aeb8 No.3658482

do they still eat humans in china too?

a5f1e2f0 No.3658496


Swing and a miss.

84605166 No.3658500

If they did they wouldn't have to worry about overpopulation

c51c8802 No.3658501

File: 1653916415259.jpg (208.95 KB, 1280x893, Dogmeat.jpg)

No, not really.
I'm not a fan of asians, but I've met some honest ones in my time who aren't already animated dead avatars, and from what I remember they were either from Hong Kong or Taiwan.
Genetically the same as the mainland ones, but generally their spirit still hasn't escaped from their bodies yet. Although I'm aware of the fact that lowlifes eat dogs in Hong Kong (and korea and vietnam) as well.

Met a couple of nice Japanese people too - they tend to like dogs and treat them like human children due to no longer knowing to inseminate their wives and procreate caused by the Bukkake phenomenon that's been rampaging its way throughout the Japanese males' psyche.

jews (and every single dark-skinned human) on the other hand… my personal experience has always been negative.

84605166 No.3658502

File: 1653917525975.jpg (45.26 KB, 560x589, 294.jpg)

>Retard who thinks he's a dog thinks he's better than anyone else

c51c8802 No.3658504

Oh, U! Still upset about me calling you a small-dicked faggot on here 12 years ago?
It's nice to know I've had such a lasting effect on people. :3

92622b76 No.3658523

File: 1653960304892.png (590.17 KB, 1304x778, chinese man eating human b….png)

09a5b3f2 No.3658525


GOOD! So long as the dinks are eating each other, BFD!

7a9b36dc No.3658553


Fake as hell, sorry to disappoint. However some sort of protein powder made from the deceased is something I think will come, when all other sources of meat has to stop due to environmental issues. And bugs. lotsa lotsa bugs. But none for the Rich or powerful, do not worry.

2e2b03ee No.3658564

File: 1654020514808.jpg (16.48 KB, 500x375, 2a80a1a327124893690d937d08….jpg)

92622b76 No.3658569

File: 1654035413820.png (508.79 KB, 470x581, Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 1….png)

2c34fab2 No.3658570


First : It (as an asexual being) is Japanese , not chinese also not cannibalism since It is still alive but mostly Ill bet it was a small portion to go around…..BAM!

84605166 No.3658571

File: 1654037918103.jpg (508.75 KB, 1100x775, 8e77a9f885a7822e62e696b744….jpg)

A crazy dude is still a dude, not a genderless whatever the fuck he calls himself.

9ca888fd No.3658576

File: 1654043072081.jpeg (53.79 KB, 540x540, FNwSGQAVEAARr1D.jpeg)


Soylent Green is made out of people!

66d51426 No.3658582

File: 1654074397843.jpg (198.02 KB, 1280x1025, 1634324561.nickitty_15-2 (….jpg)

Opposums are the cutest little night terrors

c51c8802 No.3658589

File: 1654083730521.jpg (212.98 KB, 1120x1275, Domeat_Is_ALIVE.jpg)

c51c8802 No.3658590

File: 1654085794701.jpg (396.22 KB, 1103x850, Lab_Experiment.jpg)

After watching a few of their animes and learning more about Japan, I've come to the conclusion that Japanese society is a living lab experiment on how to destroy human fertility and reproduction - subsequently in recent years successfully being rolled out across Western culture.

72244e37 No.3658597

Japan is a trigger society that is hellbent on causing impact within a subconscious underworld (to force utopia). It's basically in their religion.

c51c8802 No.3658599

According to my observations, Shinto is "merely" a strict form of brainwashing and control to the point of it becoming a general "way of life", which also happens to curb the human spirit as early as possible (something that seems to happen a lot in Asian cultures). The laudable elements of discipline it promotes take second place. Each culture of course requires/has different methods of getting controlled.
Most of your post went over my head, not sure what you mean. :/

84605166 No.3658600

How the fuck is Shinto used for control? Explain yourself.

There's no hierarchy in Shinto. The closest thing would be the emperor's family being descended from one of their ancestors banging a kitsune

72244e37 No.3658601

I just said Shintoism is the doctrine for Japanese superiority. Jesus. Their religious articles are directed at sage-temples in which they emphasize personal and spiritual attainment at the expense of the state and their family. They sacrifice themselves for 'trans-incidental-ism' so they are in a better 'financial/spiritual' position. Their values can take backseats for success and that is why they are all mostly businessmen just fyi.

72244e37 No.3658602

I'm two-hundred percent right about this. 0w0. Shintoism is based on trade-success. When the Japanese company goes bankrupt it is not liquidated it is completely erased. They do not carry on the bad spirit of the company and therefore dismantle their estate. Destroy their own in order to progress.

If you do not make Straight A's you are orphaned. You cannot bring shame to your house. If your house is on the hangar it is because it must be 'contracted' and replaced because it means it is not good for the city.

Shintoism is all about sacrificing and building net gain while having very little to show for it. Basically you have to be a breadwinner or nothing and they will force it out of you. The next issue is that they have no souls so they are constantly hurting themselves to subjagate 'reality'. But I guess you would have to be a shintoist to see that.

The gangnam shit and the rural-colony aesthetics are all a disguise to their society romanticizing itself from having become everything short of a husk-hivemind.

5e930188 No.3658606

File: 1654105335872.webm (7.18 MB, 544x960, china-exterminating-dog-w….webm)

Hey guys just leaving this here did you see these (there are a bunch of chinese people trying to expose these, some propaganda probably), there's no gore, it just hurts your brain

5e930188 No.3658607

File: 1654105703478.webm (803.22 KB, 320x556, china-exterminating-covid….webm)

If you work for the PLA can you please ask your stupid mafia cops to stop doing this, p.s. does not rook good for china

72244e37 No.3658608

filthy american dog

5e930188 No.3658610

File: 1654108397565.jpg (76.93 KB, 480x686, ww2.jpg)

I am good citizen reporting instance of abuse, please help comrade

[The first one was trash - he's not wolf warrior, he just kills the wolves like an asshole - but the second very good]

72244e37 No.3658645

The holocaust never happened mmk

c51c8802 No.3658670

File: 1654175548535.jpg (1.39 MB, 2992x2244, schwing.jpg)

I think there was a schwing and miss.

>How the fuck is Shinto used for control? Explain yourself.

Shinto in itself is a form of (self-imposed/fulfilling) control, not necessarily being used by anyone in a hierarchy, but usually can be and in fact is; because there's now a method available inside the minds of the people - a type of anchor to tug on by those who know how to manipulate Shintoism to their own advantage.

By instilling the requirement of performing earthly (Shinto) rituals into the free human mind as it starts out awareness inside the young human body, the mind as a result begins to bind the immensely powerful human spirit with earthly bullshit and limitations.
How many times is a Japanese drone required to pause their thoughts/life and bow (in some form) to any number of stupid insignificant objects (trees, rocks, buildings, shiny turds/whatever) in their life, before they die?

It's a bit like the primitive savage muslims, who are so undisciplined that the muslim women need to wear whole-body louse fumigation tents in order to prevent being openly gang-raped in the streets.
Anyway… the muslims are required to pause and pray five times a day to their pedophile caravan robber and his fake crony boss. Why? Only to control them and their dirty caveman savagery, by "reminding/returning" them to their duties to obey and submit their anuses to their homosexual sky-bosses, to "ground" and prevent them from getting too many of their own ideas.

>The closest thing would be the emperor's family being descended from one of their ancestors banging a kitsune.

That's kind of hot, actually. Schwing!

144c9a9c No.3658705

>third webm
ok, technically the guy who got stabbed was the one who physically attacked the other guy first, and since the guy recording is standing behind that guy, he's probably with his mates so he thinks he can't lose.

so… play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

174d02f9 No.3658718

File: 1654212719705.jpg (105.87 KB, 500x750, 1JqwOJ3.jpg)

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