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what a fun time we have

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Sexy clown girl thread.

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File: 1663620321476.jpg (2.12 MB, 3264x2448, 20220916_052512.jpg)

Oh and by the way.
I'm the reason your Aufy is a Satanist.

87a2c2cf No.3666800

File: 1663627751644.png (756.65 KB, 548x699, NSFW Thanks I hate breastf….png)

>Oh and by the way.
I'm the reason your Aufy is a Satanist.

1a75bf44 No.3666820

What if I told you Satan works for God? Basically God's garbageman. There is no escape from God, even in the deepest crevice of Hell.

401a8228 No.3666821


I'm no Bible scholar by any means, but I remember something about Hell being eternal seperation from God.

1a75bf44 No.3666832

The damned are still within God's reach; they just can't feel his presence. Jesus himself descended into Hell. As in the forge crooked steal is scorched and hammered into shape, verily wicked souls are reformed in Hellfire.

378ad0fd No.3666856

File: 1663658021978.jpg (752.45 KB, 1311x3264, 20220914_032014.jpg)

>>3666800 yeah? And look how happy they both are.

>>3666820 look here lad, we just don't recognize Jehovah as God. Ya know we try to be supportive of Christians but sorry not sorry but their God how ever loving he claims and for all the good Christians do in the world … he's a self righteous ego maniac control freak.
It took a lot of convincing to get ol poly to drop that silly old cross and nothing you say is going to get him to pick it back up again.

>>3666832 Well then if we're deserving of hell let's just go there then. Why plead before Toga Santa or his bleedy boy? Just go to Hell work off your debts, serve ya time, get forged and be a stronger spirit for it.

We're not groveling for his "forgiveness" because Hell is "scary" and appearantly his exclusively little club its less scary.
You dont actually believe a God who's first 5 commandments are about how we should kiss his bumbum. Ohhh yeah killing and adultery and stealing stuff gets bottomed right off. No engraven images? We're not allowed to build statues now? Idolatry? Bugger does that even mean?

378ad0fd No.3666872

File: 1663695327665.jpg (1.37 MB, 3264x2448, 20220920_065642.jpg)

87a2c2cf No.3666918

File: 1663729134029.png (394.57 KB, 598x612, Screenshot _ Twitter.png)

1a75bf44 No.3666922

File: 1663732720852.gif (439.75 KB, 480x270, Qp45SP1P3PbbO.gif)

>Just go to Hell work off your debts, serve ya time, get forged and be a stronger spirit for it.

87a2c2cf No.3666923

File: 1663732896007.png (782.53 KB, 536x822, Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 2….png)

adfaf053 No.3666974

OMG I know that.
I just feel likes it's better to arrive there by choice than as a reject form heaven.
And if I chose to go there, it only makes sense to go ahead now and foster a relationship with some of the spirits that reside there.

c5fd503e No.3667004

You could just kill yourself because you're a disgusting trans who can't even support their own self, and are a burden to society

87a2c2cf No.3667009

File: 1663792613298.png (848.72 KB, 524x761, Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 1….png)

Poly & Steam'sBig Gay Italian Wedding coming soon to a forum board near you.

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