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File: 1652714830346.jpg (87.69 KB, 600x532, 1652569072368277183.jpg)

ea81732c No.3657411

What's happening in reality during furry cons? Is it really all about getting wasted and having sex and orgies?

I was never on a con despite the rather old age (almost 40 yo) as I never had time/financial resources and I live in a very remote part of the country. I don't have any friends anyway, I interact with furries online by selling them art and commissions. Anyway, it will be probably super awkward showing alone at the sex-fueled furry con while also being a pretty stereotypical nerdy 40 yo virgin (yes, I am a virgin still, similar to Andy Stitzer).

816741df No.3657415

its what you think it is.

89d9c62a No.3657420

in my experience, its letting your soul die as you watch other people have fun, with them dancing to music that isn't even playing.

Its just people in fursuits dancing for no reason and enjoying it.

It causes me physical pain and confusion.

89d9c62a No.3657443


Theres always this place you could go. Its made for the most degenerate fuckups of society.

50830f9a No.3657454

Same feels, you aren't alone. I think I'd honestly just cringe the entire time unless I could hide in a fursuit. Feel bad to be in the fandom yet never participated in its central get together, yet only find reasons not to go.

112b7d0b No.3657470

Yes, it's an excuse for a bunch of degenerate fags to get together, drink to excess, do various drugs and fuck each other bareback. There is also the occasional fag hag with a nerdy boyfriend there to sleep around. You're actually not missing anything worth having.

940354a5 No.3657471

Don't forget the "petting zoo" parties and STDs

112b7d0b No.3657472

Oh yeah, plus the inebriated unsupervised teenagers who totally just turned 18.

27971fe0 No.3657487

Tell me more about those women. Do they are so promiscuous? I wish I could have furry gf but welp, being an older nerdy virgin is a huge red flag even for landwhales

e6942a11 No.3657488

File: 1652769874958.png (677.98 KB, 678x944, 260260p502871.png)

Well first of all, pretty much almost EVERYONE at a con looks like a nerdy 40yo virgin, or worse. It's the last bastion of the classic unwashed fat neckbeard in society. But the good part is that they're less self-conscious about it, since so many of them look like (and in fact are) misshapen autists, so it actually helps these people attain self-acceptance and crack the malignant shell of insecurity that they've been residing in since who knows when. Human looks matter much less when you know that the ugliest smelliest fuck at the con can always put on a beautiful suit and make those superficial qualities vanish if only for a limited time. But you don't need a suit of your own to reap the rewards of this arrangement either.

I can only speak for european cons (From what I could see, american cons are much more degenerate on average), but you are unlikely to come across lewdness unless you actively seek it out. Either way, don't expect to get laid as a hetero even if you try, gays on the other hand… Room orgies do supposedly happen on occasion, but 90% of any given con will be spent with you observing, hugging and petting random strangers in suits, and going to workshops and presentations (if you're new) or spending time with your con buddies (if you're old). It's a good place to network at, to the point where it's almost like an autistic version of a freemason lodge.

e6942a11 No.3657489

Like just check out the videos of past cons really
Those phenotypes that you see in the audiences, yeah you'll be passing by them and interacting with them every day. I never got laid at a con and I think going there with merely that intention is stupid (though you won't be alone in that notion), but a connection I've made at a con got me laid later. Do with this information what you must.

c8ab3063 No.3657498

They are selectively promiscuous within the gaggle of friends they have, yeah. If you're not already in with one of them you aren't going to be having straight sex at a con.

7960b457 No.3657499

Just rent a whore

89d9c62a No.3657508

File: 1652801831948.jpg (64.02 KB, 1280x720, 3g6msn (1).jpg)

I went to a couple of cons back when I was younger, mainly cause I wanted to finally meet other gay people. I did, and I regretted it.

I kinda figured real gay people would be like real people, but just gay. Instead I got a bunch of middle aged psychopaths, and one old guy who went on a 45 minute screaming rampage because I put too much cream cheese on my bagel during the continental buffet. IMO bagels are just a carier for cheese, anyone who says differently needs to be sent to the gulag.

It was a less than enriching experience.

47f07a81 No.3657509

A bagel is just a stale bread plate

As a fellow gay, I also hate faggots, people who define their personalities around their being gay, and the "gay community"

89d9c62a No.3657510

File: 1652802971385.jpg (253.2 KB, 960x768, pac_t7BrTiuC17zwWG3_0zTQci….jpg)

faggots are the worst. Just once in my life I'd like to be friends with a guy who just happened to like other guys.

47f07a81 No.3657513

File: 1652803917800.jpg (286.16 KB, 1978x2048, 9d0385d2fb258d80bf16b31be2….jpg)

Same, but I don't have any friends at all.

June getter worse and worse every year.

89d9c62a No.3657515

File: 1652804501580.jpg (83.58 KB, 799x715, b9d707e8657ace5b7e281e9404….jpg)

neither do I, it sucks being old and lonely and getting older and lonelier with each second. Time sucks.

50830f9a No.3657517

I mean, it gets kind of boring/lonely just interacting with people online, if at all. Also a feeling that 'important business' is happening and you aren't part of it. You know, totally normal reasons that people set up and attend conventions in the first place. But that's in conflict with what the cons actually are which is if you aren't gay, in a clique or fursuiting it sounds like a totally horrible experience. So you really want to go, but then again you really don't want to.
I'm guessing this is why drugs are such an 'integral part' to most con reports…

47f07a81 No.3657518

File: 1652805665154.png (291.35 KB, 1280x720, 4a9147d51d272c2405a0812a83….png)

Growing up in the middle of nowhere with a horrible family didn't help with making friends or being a homo.

I've pretty much just written off all human interaction as a loss at this point.

89d9c62a No.3657523

File: 1652812952413.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x533, group-gay-male-friends-enj….jpg)

I want to have a bbq with all you incel gaytards

9a875a6c No.3657524

File: 1652813431802.png (143.41 KB, 413x380, 1477553323139.png)


You of all people are the last to call anyone else a faggot.

89d9c62a No.3657525

you are not invited to the incel gay bbq.

91d2d335 No.3657534

tried not being a faggot?

47f07a81 No.3657535

Too gay to put up with bitches and their bullshit. The only reason most men tolerate women in any capacity is because they want to fuck them. Pussy ain't ever worth the cunt it's attached to.

91d2d335 No.3657537

you could just give up on sex, that way you dont have to deal with women while simultaneously not being a faggot. but if you need to fuck that badly, i guess you'll just have to disappoint your parents.

a9d8bf94 No.3657538

File: 1652818606752.jpg (58.11 KB, 634x379, article-2283784-183FAB6900….jpg)

>he lives for his parents' approval

91d2d335 No.3657540

i dont, but thats a nice cope fag.

47f07a81 No.3657541

Why kind of retard lives their life around seeking parental approval?

9a875a6c No.3657543

File: 1652820231422.png (36.11 KB, 352x395, 1592576002541.png)


>Fuck you mom and dad, your genetic line ends with me!

47f07a81 No.3657545

If you knew my parents you'd be glad these genes aren't getting passed down

a9d8bf94 No.3657547

This but unironically

2d9f37cc No.3657552

File: 1652823939882.png (1009.87 KB, 717x859, Possum_fuck_you.png)

>implying anyone here is going to have kids

7db95581 No.3663421

File: 1658536058674.jpg (79.86 KB, 1070x737, ajAtv3f.jpg)

Anyone who's not depressed, at least some of the time, isn't paying enough attention to the world around them.
Kind of? But depressed people often score higher on tests related to empathy, so maybe it's not all a bad sign. Teamwork is the answer. If they're assessing the situation correctly (and I don't know that we can say that yet), they also tend to seek genuine human connections. I know I’d feel better if I didn’t care about the continued existence of humanity. Agreed. I don't ever want to be a sociopath, but I imagine it would be much less stressful. I attribute that to smart people predicting the obvious train wreck that's going to happen. Unable to do anything about it nor nobody caring.

666b139c No.3663531


As stupid as is sound and as difficult it is to live after :

Do not watch or read the news.

It helps.

6f884cd8 No.3663532


Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it. The rest are doomed to watch everyone else repeat it.

e1c1febd No.3663533

>Unable to do anything about it nor nobody caring.

Unless you have a plan….

84e2e8d0 No.3663534

Those who learn history are doomed to think history repeats itself, and make bad predictions.

Thanks to Karl Popper, we know that
1) Your view of history is necessarily incomplete because you can't lift individual events out of context, and you don't have the full context.
2) History is not a repeatable experiment, so no scientific laws can be derived of it.
3) People who rely on historical trends have no ability to predict when the trends end, so they end up being wrong every time.

e1c1febd No.3663538

File: 1658781578930.jpg (77.43 KB, 612x460, 6nvv0x.jpg)

>Pussy ain't ever worth the cunt it's attached to.

54c28b3a No.3663547

Thats what rape is for!

69d9121c No.3669326

File: 1665195524327.jpg (73.47 KB, 1140x641, 418c0ab2-2280-4e5e-a6ac-e7….jpg)

>Yes, it's an excuse for a bunch of degenerate fags to get together, drink to excess, do various drugs and fuck each other bareback.
that sounds perfect tho to me. only thing better i can think of would be burning man, electric forest or any of the good music festivals

7db95581 No.3669542

e70f5277 No.3669547

maybe kill yourself

d5c728cb No.3669551

My experience with furry con in Europe:

- You go there with furry friends you made on the interwebs.
- You chat and have a good time if your friends are not the psychotic kind.
- You go to SIG presentation about stuff you'll never actually do like drawing, writting, anatomy, etc.
- A few shows. Funny auction if Kage is invited. etc.

There are room party where people apparently try getting the maximum amount of alcohol in their blood. Never went to any.
Supposedly lots of sex going on, but don't expect finding it there ; people organise such parties beforehand.

Finding hot hetero furry girls who want to sleep with you are probably as probable as an airplane crashing onto the con.

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