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ec109638 No.3656464

Does anyone know who these people are? I'm trying to find people who have Alfred Alfer Mixtapes and I believe this suiter and girl with the glasses have them.

e20f6feb No.3656475

Didn't Emily Youcis become an unironic Nazi or some shit?
Isn't that why she got fired from this job?

ec109638 No.3656556

File: 1652402861441.gif (181.51 KB, 500x363, Dictator Head Spin.gif)

Yeah she's a full on white nat now, but the mixtapes have become something of lost media at this point. I'm looking to see if anyone who has either of them would be willing to sell them.

eeb4b615 No.3656590

So I gather it's about a sexually traumatized dog?

b404b097 No.3656595

A sexually traumatized dog that becomes a an unironic Nazi

This is a pretty good summary but doesn't go into her recent Nazi shenanigans

39bc1900 No.3656607

File: 1652473188239.jpg (55.12 KB, 417x457, ca87a2a34ec637b5c95c2bad7c….jpg)

Direct link to flash animations featured in the stream where?

Also geez, who fuckin cares if she's a nazi, she's not gonna invade Poland any time soon.

b404b097 No.3656610

I wouldn't care if she didn't stop animating because of it.

39bc1900 No.3656615

File: 1652476460285.jpg (48.84 KB, 300x182, Hello_Nazi_by_NormalBoy.jpg)

Yeah well people get sometimes bummed out by current events and whatever other issues they happen to care about. You gotta give them time to get over it.

Also yelling at her doesn't help.

9024b174 No.3656657

Aw wtf : (
I remember seeing flashes of this dancing dog on /flash/ and thinking it was intensely cute.
I guess I missed the transformation.
Did anyone notable from 10 years ago not become a trannie/nazi/transnazi?

abf19859 No.3656681

File: 1652487479807.jpg (196.1 KB, 989x1280, 1651292433.coypowers_foxy_….jpg)

Google "I can't believe it's not hyena butter" and you can figure out the rest. These are weirdos that get sewn into their suits for 24 hours or more. I can't remove name of the fetish but you go do your own research.

8657f2c7 No.3656689

File: 1652489465453.gif (2 MB, 520x378, Alfred Excited Short.gif)


Holy crap dude thank you so much! This is very obscure I'm surprised you recognized them.
Here's to hoping they actually reply to my twitter dm.

6054e4ca No.3656692

>>These are weirdos that get sewn into their suits for 24 hours or more.

They have a stink fetish?

eeb4b615 No.3656802

File: 1652505787799.png (3.77 KB, 50x50, d2dd2w8-3fffd2f5-b66d-45cd….png)

Oh that? Yeah I'm not triggered by squiggles or the fact that history happened. I can watch Hogan's Hero's without going into a complete panic attack meltdown.
You see there little one, there was once a time when people determined rather or not some one was a fascist based on thier actions and how they treat people rather than thier own personal beliefs.

I've seen this before. I think it was Patachu who showed it to me. So her being a Nazi doesn't phase me. But yeah, maybe you should punch her and that you will make you feel better.

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