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>be furry
>be straight
>I tried to socialize with local furries from my town, sent invitations, the first one blocked me instantly, the second one was friendly but after some time he blocked me too

I'm not smelly, ugly, creepy, I'm trying to be polite, friendly and civil. I don't know what I did wrong, I am autistic?

In general, my attempts to socialize in the furry fandom went poor, you have to be part a closed elitist cliques where the parties and sex happens. It just sucks pretty much, it's so much over for me that even furries have rejected me.

beac2560 No.3656064

File: 1651950801135.jpg (60.8 KB, 322x300, 1249884612.sankam_page20te….jpg)

Socialization =/= sex.

Focus on making friends first. Maybe they can sense that your true motive is to get invited to "the parties" where "sex happens" and are subconsciously creeped out.

I don't understand why you would even want to have sex with strangers at a party.

f2b66f97 No.3656066

File: 1651951852043.jpg (61.2 KB, 901x1280, IMG_20220128_154817_443.jpg)

When you say "sent invitations", what kind are you talking about? If you mean to your house/apartment, thats a nono when you're first meeting someone. For most people, that sets off alarm bells. Do something small in public like meet at a coffee shop or grab lunch.

89cfd310 No.3656067

By invitations I meant simply hi and greeting messages per furaffinity and telegram/barq. Yes, I just want to have a pack for friends to talk, eventually for drinking/parties/meetings, the smaller ones as I am rather not the social butterfly person. I don't care much about casual sex, it creeps me out in fact, I am virgin anyway xD I wish I could met furry gf but thats rather impossible as women in the fandom are pretty scarce and usually taken/lesbian/not interested.

870a7376 No.3656069

> I wish I could met furry gf but thats rather impossible as women in the fandom are pretty scarce and usually trannies


Can't help you on the the making friends thing because I'm a misanthropic asshole with no friends of my own.

6ef190a6 No.3656070


I'm about to give you some really really awesome advice.

Don't make friends with mentally ill people.

2a897dc9 No.3656072

Had a similar thing happen to me when I moved into new town about ten years ago that actually had a few furs living there too. Met two of them on one occasion and was given a nice tour around the new town I'd moved to, spent the day with them and had lunch out, I felt at the time things were going okay and we all seemed to be getting on just fine, I was even told at one point that they'd come round and knock at my place occasionally when the larger group of them were going out, sounded good to me. Not sure what I had said or done, but after this initial meeting that seemed to go well I never heard from them again nor did they answer some of the messages I sent, until I got bored of being ignored and gave up, also strange as one of the furs I met lived on the same street I'd moved into. No idea what it was that somehow excluded me from them but to be fair it was probably a blessing.

7f2ba5ef No.3656074

lol I gave up on furries long ago and made friends with musicians instead and they are all still mentally ill.

9ab58075 No.3656076

>trying to solicalize
Lol, everyone look at this loser.

8a08fcd3 No.3656083

File: 1651969284225.jpg (65.99 KB, 618x618, furry.jpg)

Everyone is repelled by furries, even other furries.

06632ef2 No.3656104

Have you been putting yourself out there online as a furry?
It helps when you have well developed fursona.
Some furries may feel that if you can't answer basic questions about your fursona that you may not take being furry seriously.

The pic you posted is already giving me normee vibes.

92a841a0 No.3656105

Huh at 40 plus I was boning the batshit 20 something year old submissive fur chicks in pdx area…. Nothing more needed than a viable personality and a fat dick.

9fff2ba3 No.3656115

Got similar issues but I'm autistic and despite masking up the aura of weirdness/autism is still present and people ignore me.
Therefore I'm a literal 30 yo virgin/wizard and I'll die alone friendless. That's a pretty shitty fate but I can't force people to love and desire me as I am ultimately flawed.

152ede41 No.3656215


This thread is blowing my mind.
Furries that are incels within the furry community?!
I know that every generation gets to the point of being baffled by the generations that proceed them, but WTF…
I guess this is what happens if you spend your early childhood with your face glued to a screen 100% of the time?
You develop no understanding of social interaction with your own species. No critical thinking skills, not even the ground work for simple problem solving in the real world…
A tiny part of me has pity for you, but the rest of me is happy so many of you are turning out like this.
Looks like population control is going to take care of itself.
Nature always finds a way, doesn't she.

c11ce08b No.3656236


> may not take being furry seriously.


6ad9bbb9 No.3656417

If you are autistic, you will be an incel everywhere

2acb014a No.3656443

nature is only exterminating the white race, the world is still going to collapse from all the pajeets

291817b1 No.3656451

The pajeets will die of some feces borne I'll ess before they reach critical mass.

The good thing is that they can be weaponized to cull the herds of Muslims in the meantime

f4f29f07 No.3656496


"I'm not smelly, ugly, creepy.."

Thats your problem! It takes at least 2 of these to fit in

"I'm trying to be polite, friendly and civil"

You are doing everything wrong!

4d1856c1 No.3656509

Maybe it's because you're a creep OP.

daa3d208 No.3656530

Cons are for meeting new people, not private meets.
Do you even have a sona or anything? Do you even have something actually furry to talk about? Or are you just the "Hi how are you" guy with zero personality?
Yes it's definitely mindblowing that even in the current year, furry isn't just about gay sex.
I've been actively in the community for like 2 years and I haven't gotten close to being laid even once, not that I particularily want to after seeing all those lumpy nerds and balding trannies anyway…

291817b1 No.3656537

Literally any gay dude could get laid in a day with Grindr as long as they aren't some Quasimodo looking mongoloid or some shit.

Limiting yourself to other furries is just fucking stupid.

daa3d208 No.3656539

I'm not gay though, I'm a zoo

769594a5 No.3656550

File: 1652401697611.png (71.54 KB, 360x360, FOXHOUND_Logo.png)

Good luck finding a furry zoo that actually trains their dog worth a damn.

4cdb6f25 No.3656575

I found a furry nonzoo who keeps horses and that works out just fine ;)

2acb014a No.3656583

File: 1652445937700.jpg (99.6 KB, 1080x675, 1652423524757.jpg)

my dog refuses to eat his food unless he gets a blowjob first
i think he's training me

7adb23db No.3656617

File: 1652478080809.png (146.75 KB, 640x480, 0-0528049_big_p0.png)

OP, basically >>3656064 is right.

First you make friends. Then they want to date you.

And dating should be more like "hey, let's hang out and so some vidya or skateboarding or watch a movie or let's look at memes together or I dunno whatever common interests you have. Maybe doesn't work with girls cause they expect fucking flowers and fancy restaurant dinners but whatever little bisexuality is left in me doesn't have time for that shit.

Generally, for gay relationships (my only experience) you only need to be nice and polite (if your partner isn't super desperate for sex) and it'll work out and if it doesn't work out sexually, at least you have one more friend.

Well, you clearly did something wrong, or your username like is something like DestroyCapitalism666 or RaceWarNow1488 or has a penis in the user profile pic (LOOKING AT YOU ZOOVILLE).

>>women in the fandom are pretty scarce and usually trannies
Yeah but you'd bone Fancy.

2ee42734 No.3656618

>Yeah but you'd bone Fancy

I know better than to stick my dick in crazy

7adb23db No.3656619

File: 1652478625689.png (359.14 KB, 864x475, rarity79_ocd.png)

Now, I'm in absolute zero measure to complain about people's tastes in animals (there's somewhere a thread about that or something), but come on. Horses have the IQ of a dead cat. Still better than Tesla's "self-driving" cars, I suppose.

7adb23db No.3656621

File: 1652478973189.jpg (500.89 KB, 2048x1536, 5bjHL.jpeg.jpg)

Fancy isn't that crazy afaik. A couple of people have met her IRL and she's just your regular gal, minus the penis.

But that's a bonus in my book. I don't trust human vaginas. I can't afford child support if I get screwed over.

2ee42734 No.3656623

ALL trannies are completely batshit, no exceptions.

7adb23db No.3656629

File: 1652479658249.png (394.35 KB, 500x726, 5f132573059151d7654c7bb8f0….png)

Nah. People aren't 100% this or 100% that, you'll always have exceptions.

In fact, anyone who was trans before SJWs and tumblr pronoun shit started being a thing was kinda okayish. I got along with Fancy very well. I was enemies with Arche at some point cause she got butthurt over me and Forya arguing (I actually got along with her later when she stopped whining about feminism, that was around the time she dropped off the board), but then we started getting along later so I don't know.

2ee42734 No.3656634

File: 1652481022943.png (588 KB, 1795x1381, I_am_a_real_woman.png)

Being a tranny is a symptom of severe mental illness, so yes all trannies are batshit crazy in the same way that all schizophrenics are schizophrenic.

7adb23db No.3656635

File: 1652481249413.jpg (15.13 KB, 184x184, goesdownSMOOTH.jpg)

Being this insistent about people doing with their own bodies what you don't approve of is probably also a sign of mental illness.

Get a hobby (goes without saying one that doesn't involve yelling at people over the internet)

2ee42734 No.3656641

File: 1652482056806.jpg (161.94 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20220323-191744….jpg)

I wouldn't have a problem with them mutilating themselves before their inevitable suicide if they didn't push their crazy bullshit onto kids and demand the government enforceme their delusions. Trannies can't keep their crazy to themselves.

7adb23db No.3656676

File: 1652485998438.png (1.19 MB, 1600x900, Let_me_show_you_my_Pokebal….png)

There's no "they". The activists do that. Cause when gay rights were kinda already addressed and over, these organizations needed an issue to rally behind so they can still exist and get money.

Two problems: people could already transition (so they made it about stupid shit like pronouns and bathrooms) and it's a minority so tiny it's basically statistically insignificant so they're brainwashing effeminate gays into being trans to pad out the numbers, the younger the better, cause people my age who aren't gender-confused (anymore) will go like "nah, I'm pretty fucking sure I don't need to change my gender". No wonder people kill themselves.

And then there's you, who got half the story and knows a quarter of the facts.

Also jesus fuck, don't get bottom surgery ever.

2ee42734 No.3656682

File: 1652487496231.png (1.98 MB, 1180x2852, ITSALLSOTIRING.png)

You're forgetting that all the gay rights organizations got highjacked by trannies and pharmaceutical companies


If these "LGBT" activists actually gave a fuck about anyone other than trannies they talk more about how it's literally punishable by death to be gay in certain parts of the world instead of trying to have the government enforce pronouns and pay for meds and cosmetic surgery

459bf686 No.3656686

File: 1652488828348-0.jpeg (134.46 KB, 819x1024, 60D33647-7B59-4F74-B1C0-4….jpeg)

File: 1652488828348-1.png (741.5 KB, 657x623, 33E7146D-9B70-444B-9664-DA….png)

File: 1652488828348-2.png (402.11 KB, 606x447, 0796BEE4-0F2A-4608-995F-3F….png)

File: 1652488828348-3.jpeg (144.96 KB, 800x450, 8C6887BA-C977-434E-98B7-5….jpeg)

Ask if you really need these people. Furries are often Nazis trying to bring tyranny to a high school chess club.
I used to try and play Warhammer 40k but they were as bad as furries!

Why do you need your friends to be furry? Just work on yourself and be aware that a lot of people have serious social issues! Having a few friends is great but you don’t need to fit in with crazy people!

Good luck!

2ee42734 No.3656691


The only thing more autistic than 40kfags are 40kfags that are also bronies

459bf686 No.3656697

File: 1652493928997-0.jpeg (828.94 KB, 2000x2395, 1EDEB4F2-E3A1-4D12-A561-0….jpeg)

File: 1652493928997-1.gif (705.13 KB, 411x362, 5B5AB39C-1BA0-4B49-8527-4B….gif)

Omg, I spent over a thousand dollars on a Chaos army just to discover these people are not worth hanging out with….

I still like like Warhammer tho, and ponies!

7adb23db No.3656699

File: 1652494487538.png (7.9 KB, 378x387, tmi.png)

>>Furries are often Nazis trying to bring tyranny to a high school chess club.
oh nooo the evil nazi furries are taking over *forgets line* uh…
chess, with their nazi furry stuff, what will I ever do?!

I don't fucking know, if a couple of furries talking shit is enough to get you out of your hobby, maybe that hobby wasn't meant for you.


That's pretty fucking autistic.

>$1000 on plastic figurines
A cocaine habit would have been cheaper probably.

6c0408ce No.3656781

File: 1652500943219.png (792.89 KB, 640x853, 9FF6D246-9EB5-464B-8FE1-0C….png)

Yeah, you seem like a person to talk to….

7adb23db No.3656813

File: 1652529852874.jpg (23.65 KB, 400x300, tumblr_ly0o03aRME1qb5gkjo1….jpg)

I don't really do shit-tests cause that's an insufferable thing to do, but I consider a healthy amount of offensiveness and lack of political correctness to be just the right kind of filter for the kind of people I want to interact with.

Most left-wingers fuck off when I tell them that I want to genocide Muslims (eye for an eye, I'm a gay atheist) and most right-wingers fuck off when I tell them that I'm a zoophile. What's left are the people worth trying to talk to.

If you can get past the initial bump, it's a smooth ride tho. I'm friendly and loyal. Private shit stays private and time allowing, I'm willing to listen to anything just to brighten a friend's day.

7adb23db No.3656814

File: 1652530359356.jpg (20.32 KB, 500x500, 1b2c5c37355a15a6f80459651f….jpg)

ps: ditching your friends cause muh politics is an even shittier thing to do, some of the people I'm criticizing here are the type

2ee42734 No.3656816

99% of people want absolutely nothing to do with a self admitted dog molester

1eb48e41 No.3656827

File: 1652546105343.jpg (102.4 KB, 2048x1207, Canva-Young-man-hugs-a-hor….jpg)

>Horses have the IQ of a dead cat.
Basing your attraction on your love subject's IQ is a low IQ take in itself. IQ has nothing to do with how well they fuck or how much they love you.
And horses are quite adept at social intelligence since a very early age (when all you could do is googoogaga), certainly more than cats and dogs in my experience. Guess how I can tell you haven't interacted with a real horse, ponygger.

7dc9aac7 No.3656828

File: 1652546439351.jpg (597.21 KB, 2448x2448, 924a37ed2db183edcc731b596c….jpg)


I don't fuck my dog, and he's intelligent in some ways, but his iq is super low compared to humans.

Still, I love him and he's my best friend in the world. You don't need a high IQ to love

look at those downsey fucks who just love anything that comes there way and are confused by any kind of aggression

1eb48e41 No.3656829

>but his iq is super low compared to humans.
Measuring IQ in animals as some objective basis for animal intelligence by itself is a concept so dumb that I'm at a loss of words. Same thing with the mirror test. It astounds me that there are respected people in academia that are incapable of grasping how different any given animal species' urwelt is from ours. And popscifags will just gobble it all up instead of calling it out for being the astrology bullshit it is. Look man, maybe your dog can't solve a quadratic equation on command, but he can sniff you out from a mile away. Isn't that also a function of intelligence?

1eb48e41 No.3656831

Like consider that this is a mediocre approximation what horses see like which also doesn't emphasize their substandard depth perception. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_ijitbhT7w
It is (presumably) optimized for spotting predators within a wide FOV without having to turn one's head around all the time. It's substandard for focusing at a single object in sight. Now is it an appropriate subject to test solving a set of visual problems on?

7dc9aac7 No.3656833

File: 1652547320661.jpg (73.8 KB, 444x394, happybirthday.jpg)

im not saying that animals aren't way more intelligent than humans in some ways and that IQ is baseless when dealing with them.

I was just stating that on human terms, my dog is an idiot, but I still love him, and im pretty sure he loves me. As friends/packmates.

1eb48e41 No.3656834

>on human terms, my dog is an idiot
Is he really though? If somebody dropped both of you independently into a jungle to fend for themselves, whose chances would be better?

7dc9aac7 No.3656836

me, since i was trained for that sort of thing in the military. Dogs don't belong in the jungle, and neither do modern humans.

double me since he'd be the one to attack something threatening me.

7dc9aac7 No.3656839

File: 1652548156858.jpg (39.72 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-613792902-612x….jpg)

I don't trust myself with a gun, I'd probably get drunk and off myself, so I use my GSD as a gun.

He wont take down targets on a range, but he'd fight to the death if someone tried to hurt his human.

Also he's somewhat more intimidating than a 1911, no matter how much i love those guns. Plus as an added bonus, it would be really hard to use him to kill myself.

7dc9aac7 No.3656840

File: 1652548493118.jpg (81.89 KB, 800x665, german-shepherd-police-dog.jpg)

I don't think ill ever find myself in a jungle. Still when it comes to humans ask any military dog trainer, or k9 police officer. There is something really deep down in people that fear angry dogs way more than guns.

You wave a taser at a drunk guy and they'll call you out, you break out a police dog and the guy goes still as a statue.

2ee42734 No.3656841

Horses aren't just retarded. They're also ugly, smell like shit, and are two pump chumps.

Horse fuckers are either size queens or the male equivalent of the crazy horse girl everyone knew in school

7dc9aac7 No.3656842

File: 1652548670542.png (943.44 KB, 680x851, post-27192-0-84434400-1418….png)

horses only stink when their owners are negegent, same with dogs. They're also pretty intelligent.

You can let a horse follow a trail and it'll just follow along with out your input, you let a car try to follow a trail, and well. Tesla gets sued.

1eb48e41 No.3656847

File: 1652550004706.jpg (180.85 KB, 968x518, 1578442919103.jpg)

Well maybe you're an outlier. But you still have to admire how much the dog could do for himself without any training.
I'm generally into mares, so I can't speak much of the appeal of stallions except that their donut could feel very nice.
Not liking horse smell is the definition of a you problem.

7dc9aac7 No.3656850

File: 1652550291282.jpg (93.95 KB, 850x809, 196131699b819dd532ebf0db4d….jpg)

1eb48e41 No.3656852

File: 1652550550621.jpg (365.62 KB, 1920x1080, 1626476434783.jpg)

Gotta admit that one thing that was a bit displeasing about my horse encounters is how firm their butt is. With humans I'm into soft jiggly BBWs. A horse butt is 90% stiff muscle. Still lovely, but in a different way that I'm used to.
I'm not sure what animal would fit my tastes better in this regard though. A nice thicc sow perhaps would be very lovely…

7dc9aac7 No.3656854

File: 1652550714177.jpg (134.88 KB, 850x928, 50af4f1deeb2b4248b3dd05770….jpg)

I'm not supporting your bestiality at all, i think its disgusting. I'm just supporting the idea that animals can love and do form relationships with humans.

I support zoophiles that far, and then I draw the line. I am not your alley. Just a Devil's Advocate.

7dc9aac7 No.3656856

File: 1652551119904.jpg (118.14 KB, 850x1145, 0b350d2171f31e42b5769ca540….jpg)

I do like ferals, but almost universally in animated form, and I'm not condemning you for loving horses, cause that would mean I condone killing off the animals of zoophiles and not letting zoophiles do their thing.

I just think its gross, but as long as you keep it to yourself and the animal doesn't seem like its abused, I'm ok with it, disgusted, but ok.

1eb48e41 No.3656857

File: 1652551248463.gif (3.37 MB, 347x281, 1584885522275.gif)

I don't care about your disgust as long as you're sensible about it otherwise. As long as you're not lobbying for further criminalization of zoophilia based on hypocritical arguments for animal welfare, and you stand against making me jobless and friendless (and animal-less) just because of my fundamentally victimless sexual preferences, then that's as much support as I'll ever need from you.

From the 3 horses I've done anything sexual with, 1 was completely indifferent and 2 loved it to the point of reciprocation. You have to take my word for it, but I have enough understanding of horse body language and behavior to be able to recognize when a horse is having a good time. My intentions are benevolent and I want both of us to have a good time.

7dc9aac7 No.3656860

File: 1652551495563.jpg (90.51 KB, 598x800, fcbcf6b1c84f42e0360996bf36….jpg)

by no means, continue, the jails are full and profiting as it is. No need to fill them up more.

I find moral sentencing pretty deplorable, so if you want to fuck your horse, fuck your horse. Just don't hurt it, not like your tiny human dick could, but were humans, so we find ways.

don't find ways.

1eb48e41 No.3656861

File: 1652551849065.jpg (402.42 KB, 2560x1440, 1578466490826.jpg)

Not only I don't want to willingly hurt a horse, I don't understand why anybody would try. There are millions of people who would do so on a daily basis and then call me an animal rapist in the same breath. I guess the most concise way to call them is hylics, since calling them idiots might be too emotional. I remember going to riding classes and being stressed out when ordered to use a whip. Ultimately I carefully used it, recognizing that it takes more force to make a horse feel pain compared to a human (and that voicing my displeasure openly would put my masquerade into danger), but still.

1eb48e41 No.3656862

And while I don't intend to persuade you into becoming a zoo or anything, what do you find gross about it?

7dc9aac7 No.3656863

File: 1652552204074.jpg (70.52 KB, 800x800, d45b4d8ec3cfa3c385d0350179….jpg)

thats what I'm saying, spurs, spiked bits, rape harnesses, those are all imo abuse.

Far from a mare winking at you in your direction, and you following along with it.

*this is an edit I made a long time ago*

7dc9aac7 No.3656864

its just that whenever I gat an animal to be my pet, they kinda become my surrogate kids.

I start looking at them like my children rather than animals, and fucking them just seems wrong.

1eb48e41 No.3656865

>Far from a mare winking at you in your direction, and you following along with it.
Man, even more than that. I put a knuckle inside a mare out of heat and within 5 seconds she was wet all over, winking and pinning me against a wall with her butt. There was no doubt what was going on. A strong case could be made that the rational "intellect" that humans pride themselves upon actually inhibits sexual impulses and bonding emotions rather than vice versa.

7dc9aac7 No.3656866

like with my gsd, i've been sick so I havent been able to take him to the park. So I got him a few toys and treats to keep him busy.

Thats a loving thing to do, but I do it as a kind of parent than as a sexual partner.

7dc9aac7 No.3656867

File: 1652552663949.jpg (131.05 KB, 850x648, f83490d7c039629c484658c831….jpg)

not going to lie, thats kinda hot

1eb48e41 No.3656868

File: 1652552767186.jpg (133.2 KB, 640x427, 1595528973709.jpg)

Well I can understand that, but consider that in my case, the horses aren't my pets, so…
I'm helping the owner around the house free of charge by day and sneakily fooling around with horses by night. By the time I started doing it, I knew the horses for a grand total of 3 days. And while I feel a little scummy doing it behind the owner's back like that, the horses fucking love it, so no hard feelings there.

7dc9aac7 No.3656869

File: 1652553035650.jpg (121.9 KB, 850x640, 15f35b2b0ba58abff75000e653….jpg)

not I seriously get it. Its not the same as dogs.

I feel like you're wanting my approval for things, and you have that, a disgusted approval.

Still disgust is right up my alley as a fetish, so… maybe tell us some stories about your equine escapades?

7dc9aac7 No.3656870

also pics, and for the love of god, wipe her asshole off first.

the biggest thing that ruins irl horse pics is a shitty butthole

7dc9aac7 No.3656871

give her a nice clean wipe and I'd gladly fap to your horse girlfriend

1eb48e41 No.3656872

Well I don't have much to talk about thus far, it's still a very recent thing. I'm going back next week though, so idk, wish me luck maybe? A stallion was watching me and a mare one time and got a boner, so I tried jerking him off, but he was completely indifferent and went soft with his dick in my hand. Like not even any expressed distress on his part, just a horse equivalent of a shrug emoji. So I left him be there and then.

7dc9aac7 No.3656873

kinda sad when you cant even get a guy hard jerking him, but that just tells you to leave him alone. he's not interested

117dba1e No.3656874

Did you give them nicknames?

1eb48e41 No.3656876

File: 1652553932289.png (267.51 KB, 507x358, 1609825032286.png)

Well if there's one practical thing to remember about horseshit and dirty donuts, it's that although horseshit is a constant presence in horse facilities and you're have to develop some tolerance for it if you're ever gonna do anything with horses, it's not even remotely as nasty as e.g. human shit or dogshit. It's actually fairly easy to ignore unless it's like very fresh, since so much of it is fiber.
Well yeah, it was just a curious attempt to see if he'll follow through. You kind of have to make direct advances like that with animals to get anywhere. It might feel kinda rapey if you're still accustomed to the human way of doing these things - but remember and respect that the animal can let you know that it doesn't like something. Getting kicked by a horse does happen.
I know their names. Though I haven't determined yet whether they recognize their names if it's me calling them as opposed to their owner.

7dc9aac7 No.3656883

not going to lie, i've tried a couple of times to get my dog to get hard, and he didn't respond.

I didn't try after that.

Most zoophiles have to use things like viagra to get them started.

7dc9aac7 No.3656884

they probably just respond to your voice.

My mom gets so upset cause shes a dog trainer, and her dog is in agility classes, and my dog wont respond to her at all.

I trained my dog to respond mostly to non-verbal hand signs, or german commands. So she'll just be yelling sit and waving her hands around, and here I am not saying a word and just making a head gesture and my dog bows down.

Its funny when I'm at the dog park, and half the people are chasing around their dogs trying to go home and I'm just like "Cain" and he's right at the gate. Sometimes I have to say it a few times, but i try not to leave if he's having too much fun and I don't have anywhere to be.

7dc9aac7 No.3656885

File: 1652555511333.jpg (165.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

its doubly funny when my mom demands that i teach him proper commands, and he just does what I want with no words.

I trained him so well that it pisses everyone else off.

1eb48e41 No.3656886

File: 1652555616901.jpg (404.61 KB, 1396x797, pig-teats.jpg)

The best explanation that I can think of for what happened is that what was arousing to the stallion were the mare's juices, and when the smell went away, so did his boner. And my presence was completely irrelevant. I suspect that at least some cases of gayness in humans could be explained by some thus far unknown genetic defect that makes men react to male pheromones like a woman would, and I guess with animals it could be the same. We do share some pheromones with animals, notably androstenone in humans and pigs, which is one more reason why I'd love to try experimenting with a sow. AFAICT no zoo paid attention to and took advantage of this curious coincidence before. Imagine getting a sow begging for your dick just by a whiff of your manly sweat.

7dc9aac7 No.3656889

File: 1652555878783.jpg (72.07 KB, 850x918, 9cb721d850ed18151c36dacb51….jpg)

its possible, i find male arm pit smell incredibly attractive, but barely even notice female pit smell. It might be a pheromone thing

1eb48e41 No.3656890

Do you think you've been exposed to any noticeable amount of male fragrance prior to you realizing your gayness though? I assume that you've discovered it via porn. (where pheromones obviously don't apply)

7dc9aac7 No.3656891

I was raped as a kid by older men, so maybe.

Just saying I went camping back in the scouts and really loved the smell of other guys. Then I went camping for a few days with my last girlfriend (years ago) and even though she was going all natural, I barely even registered it.

7dc9aac7 No.3656892

I avoided the showers and the sauna in the military, cause I was afraid I'd pop a boner.

7dc9aac7 No.3656894

and around the girls in the military, as sweaty as they'd get, the idea never even crossed my mind

1eb48e41 No.3656895

You know what else is frustrating about the whole public condemnation of zoophilia being a thing? That you can't even bring up the subject in the context of scientific hypotheses. Such as the whole pheromone thing. Like I have a book about the up-to-date theories of how common animals were historically tamed, and nobody even contemplates that human pheromones could've played a role. It would be so cool if this turned out to be a viable topic for study.

Poltards love to say that gayness spreads by rape, would you personally ascribe any relevance to that for the general gay populace?
I have trouble pissing while others are around for a similar reason, though I wasn't raped or anything.

7dc9aac7 No.3656896

I really couldn't tell you if i like guys because I was raped.

I can tell you that I have a bloodlust hatred for the guys that did it to me though.

7dc9aac7 No.3656897

File: 1652556922385.png (775.79 KB, 1000x1000, 1dcea1dcf8ed493c1fb42753c2….png)

I didn't orgasm from being raped, and I didn't orgasm until I was around 19 years old. I equated all sex with rage, so I could never get off.

Although, my first orgasm was from gay furry porn

7dc9aac7 No.3656898

then again the guys that raped me weren't even gay, they all had wives.

7dc9aac7 No.3656899

one of the sickest things they did to me was shove a sponge up one of their daughter's pussies, then shove it into my ass and have another guy eat me out. It happened pretty regularly

1eb48e41 No.3656900

File: 1652557307145.jpg (864.07 KB, 4137x4855, 1615158012589.jpg)

That does suck. I guess it's impossible to make any assertions one way or another in your case then.

Getting a wife to have alibi against your gayness in public eyes isn't, or at least wasn't, all that uncommon

7dc9aac7 No.3656901

considering my rape happened from 94' to 96', yeah back then having a wife an an alibi was pretty common. Worst part is by the time i was an adult and ready to go full lawyer on them all, it was past the point that I could, and all but one was dead, and he was old and living in a home.

7dc9aac7 No.3656902

i did get tied down and fucked by a chow chow dog back when I was almost 6

Its weird that I didn't develop into a zoophile.

1eb48e41 No.3656903

>all but one was dead, and he was old and living in a home.
I imagine you still could've sued a fortune from the living one, if you wouldn't get fucked by the US jurisdiction yourself.
More weird that you turned out quite collected and reasonable despite all that shit honestly.

7dc9aac7 No.3656904

I consider myself a survivor of unreasonable odds. My self-esteem never recovered though. I have the self-image of a toilet bug…

a very intelligent and angry toilet bug.

1eb48e41 No.3656905

File: 1652558508228.png (2.91 MB, 2800x1575, 1616906615746.png)

Well if you've had army training, you're probably more physically capable than 95% of the fandom alone, so…

7dc9aac7 No.3656907

capable. Not physically capable.

I got blewed up and am missing my spleen, half my colon, part of my small intestine, my right wrist is fucked, and my right leg is held together with enough metal to consider me an android. I pooped into a bag attached to my stomach for almost 2 years.

its actually kinda hard to live alone and do all the adulting stuff I do while having to withstand all the pain all the above constantly causes me. I'm allergic to opiods, so I can't even get pain killers.

And its not like that stuff just gets cut out and put in, end of day. I've got all sorts of horrible scarring internally from it, that I just have to ignore.

Its all an "invisible" disability too, so unless i pull down my pants and pull up my shirt, everyone just thinks im being a pussy when I don't want to do certain things. Then when I do lift up my shirt they get disgusted and look at me weird.

7dc9aac7 No.3656908

File: 1652559136898.png (440.73 KB, 900x900, 1606801066.melthecannibal_….png)

that said, i basically internalized the pain and became a masochist. I just took it all in and mentally converted it to sexual pain and not just regular pain.

Its basically the only reason I'm alive, and why I'm probably the horniest person on lulz.

7f2ba5ef No.3656909

Dude I think you're way narrowing down the people who have no interest in talking to you about these things.

1eb48e41 No.3656911

File: 1652559707736.jpg (3.78 MB, 3233x2154, 1584581101025.jpg)

I sorta work with people like you for a living, so I get what you mean, and if anybody thinks anything pussyish about it even after you explain what's going on then they're just being an asshole.
I've always been displeased with BDSM personally, I guess it stems from me doubling down on the notion that animal sex isn't all harm and torture and me being able to see the parallels with captivity and all that. Naturally doing anything actually BDSM related with animals is a terrible idea (though there *are* horses out there that seem to seek out electric fence jolts, so… who knows?). Plus I never saw the appeal of latex and gimps and all that shit to begin with either. But hey, if it works for you.

7dc9aac7 No.3656917

well its not like I'm a normal masochist, with me pain is just my reality, if i let up on my mental shenanigans at all, I writhe in it and wish for death. So I have two choices, turn it into a twisted sexual pain, or tolerate it forever as pure normal pain.

I sometimes want other people to feel my pain, and thats a problem, cause it usually relates to the humans I like.

For animals I have no such desire to cause pain. My dog is basically the only thing outside of alcohol that makes me feel anything positive in the world, just cause he's so energetic and happy about anything that we do together.

When it comes to humans, I see happy go lucky smiles, and I hate it. I see hope and I want to crush it, because I'm alone. And I want people to feel what I feel.

1eb48e41 No.3656919

What about expanding the amount of living organisms you tend for? Ever considered houseplants for example?

7dc9aac7 No.3656920

I have an herb garden.

7dc9aac7 No.3656925

File: 1652563297640.jpg (60.63 KB, 1080x1080, Loona.(Helluva.Boss).full.….jpg)

yeah I do, I have military training and years of martial arts.

I'm not exactly put together as well other other people, but I could pump out about 5 minutes of adrenaline to kick your ass.

Plus I don't play fair, I have an attack dog after all.

7adb23db No.3656926

File: 1652564491364.jpg (54.12 KB, 503x386, Tack N Tails - Ahhhh Shit ….jpg)

I reveal my power level gradually. Also there's a certain level of back and forth. I accept people's crazy fetishes, they usually accept mine.

I only ever had one person that I at any point considered a friend block me over zoo shit. We got to know each other over them bitching at me for being a zoophile in the first place, which is fucking peak irony. But I sorta kinda ended up helping that person with unrelated stuff, and they kinda forgot (I think) why they contacted me in the first place, and only broke off the relationship many months later when they brought it up again, and as usual, my opinion the topic stayed relatively consistent. That person also was a crazy commie gender person, and as you might have guessed I don't have a very high opinion of their lot, especially as a former altfurry but hey, as long as you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, regardless who you are.

Over 300 confirmed kills.

7adb23db No.3656927

File: 1652564817066.png (139.5 KB, 470x268, HUXmB4LK1st5zRppJ4C1bY8tHH….png)

Intelligence in an animal is a bit of a turn-on for me though. Should be for anyone, in people too.

Nah, I've been around horses, I live in the countryside.

It was a figure of speech, not a literal IQ test sheet shoved in front of a horse, obviously.

But I think an experiment could be set up where the animal (or a human) needs to push buttons, levers, move objects etc to achieve a result (get the yummy treats etc) and how long it takes can be quantified by comparing it against human results of established IQ tests (the average Ethnic European would be a 100) and therefore find out the animal IQ.

7dc9aac7 No.3656932

File: 1652565184391.jpg (84.32 KB, 1280x720, why_srsly.jpg)

why are you trying this hard? Its not like you're ever going to actually meet me for a fight, neither of us has anything to gain.

what I do have is an invite to horse fucker to my discord. https://discord.gg/dpjefu6r

7dc9aac7 No.3656935

File: 1652565314457.jpg (111.4 KB, 750x750, still_not_army.jpg)

not army

7dc9aac7 No.3656942

File: 1652565479102.jpg (94.72 KB, 850x952, 5a9e5507e08941782751447c33….jpg)

is weavile drunk right now? lmao

7dc9aac7 No.3656945

File: 1652565596877.jpg (115.01 KB, 850x826, 76d11c650bbaa788fc2f94f2b5….jpg)

weavile is so drunk right now

7dc9aac7 No.3656947

File: 1652565791348.jpg (78.1 KB, 850x850, 3169b69e49dbabda18d80639bb….jpg)


7dc9aac7 No.3656949

File: 1652565936025.jpg (54.54 KB, 850x850, superior_weavile.jpg)

no this is where I declare myself victor and the superior.

7dc9aac7 No.3656950

File: 1652566047392.jpg (166.2 KB, 850x1511, 90a0011c93025d2fa57c82a7ac….jpg)

… of what ever the fuck this was

7adb23db No.3656951

File: 1652566085239.png (115.14 KB, 386x256, angry-nerd.png)

Judging from your post history, you couldn't beat your way out of a paper bag.

Everybody talks shit online but when it goes down IRL they shit their pants.

I had someone pull a knife on me last month, and ended up running away and calling the cops. I got punched, pulled out a coupling wrench out of my bag, they pulled out a knife, so I ran, simple as. And y'all gonna be armchair self-defense experts and go like why didn't you knock it out of his hand, yeah, I'm a complete coward with the hand-eye coordination of a toddler, I know my limits. And don't act like you could do better.

(also to the 3Bs of the world, guess the skin tone of the person who attacked me, I don't need the internet to become racist, everyday life does a better job)

7adb23db No.3656954

File: 1652566347414.gif (4.13 MB, 332x250, nunchuck-guy-nunchuck.gif)

You're a pussy who doesn't lift and can't beat people.

Short and to the point enough?

7dc9aac7 No.3656959

File: 1652566615331.png (1.25 MB, 1172x1488, Machoke.png)

how much do you lift brah?

7adb23db No.3656963

File: 1652566724292.png (94.22 KB, 192x187, 1298629613072..png)

Yeah no, you got nothing.
Also don't bring up reddit to me, I don't use it.


Yeah but you COULD at least give the impression of being halfway able to beat someone up if you had a very fit body.

Also jesus fuck keep it together, you're literally quadruple-posting. This isn't Telegram.

7dc9aac7 No.3656964

File: 1652566737341.gif (940.29 KB, 498x231, rr.gif)

is this what I'm like when I'm drunk. This is hilarious.

7dc9aac7 No.3656966

not going to lie ive never seen another drunk person other than myself.

7dc9aac7 No.3656968

File: 1652566936551.gif (672.76 KB, 498x218, rocket-raccoon-gif-15.gif)

im going to run out of raccoon gifs soon

7dc9aac7 No.3656970

no actually, if someone pulls a knife or gun on me, i back the fuck away

7dc9aac7 No.3656973

im a raccoon furry you half-wit

7dc9aac7 No.3656976

File: 1652567196229.jpg (4.77 MB, 7680x4320, wp1945501.jpg)

no just for some reason you're imagining me being a super hero

7adb23db No.3656977

File: 1652567216679.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, 1364592573659.png)

>>I'm saying he is full of hot air and brags about wing chun shit
This is why you need to post less and lurk more. OF COURSE he brags. It's Steam Story Time. Where facts don't matter and nearly everything is made up.


>thus-and-such fought this other guy
Sorry, I don't watch adults pretending to beat eachother up for money and ratings.

>>because I'm a shorty you would just use it as an excuse

Dude, if you HAD a good physical condition, you'd post body. A large pec is a large pec regardless if you're 5" or 6".

7dc9aac7 No.3656980


I posted my face, why not open up your camera and post yours :P

What are you… a pusssssy?

7dc9aac7 No.3656982

so show us your face~

7dc9aac7 No.3656984

coward, like you could win in a fight against me…

7dc9aac7 No.3656987

File: 1652567589645.jpg (3.37 MB, 3296x2472, 20210731_182602.jpg)

I bet you're some pussy ass bitch who can't even play an instrument

7adb23db No.3656990

File: 1652567791128.jpg (57.87 KB, 478x269, hqdefault (2).jpg)

The fact that you even care about his bragging shows how new you are. It's Steam, of course he brags. Just laugh and move on.

(I like you Steam, but seriously, I wouldn't believe you even if you told me you had a normal uneventful day)


My skinny dyel ass is in one of the past lulzpics thread, I'm sure there's a handful of people here who have it. As long as my face isn't on it, I don't see the problem.


And he ran away. Lmao.

7dc9aac7 No.3656992

File: 1652567896255.jpg (135.44 KB, 850x1006, 658d9d2e8159e7b2f03e22c460….jpg)

you can't even play a single thing, or know a single fight move amirite?

7dc9aac7 No.3656993

no instruments to fight me with at all, not musical or combative

7adb23db No.3656994

File: 1652568013179.gif (82.63 KB, 1021x774, 6b7.gif)


7dc9aac7 No.3656995

we can't fight in person, but i'd glady take to you a battle of the bands

7dc9aac7 No.3656996

unless you're such an incel peice of shit that you have no talent to show whatsover.

7dc9aac7 No.3656999

what? you chicken? you scared to fight my musical talent?

7dc9aac7 No.3657000

File: 1652568355271.jpg (85.59 KB, 850x1133, b4bd19b63a3b4ddb0b4478e5da….jpg)

or just embarrassed that you're such a pussy little wimp?

7dc9aac7 No.3657002

no one has clicked it, you're welcome to join

7dc9aac7 No.3657004

youll sober up by tommorrow, and regret ever challenging me.

It really hurt your reputation.

7adb23db No.3657006

File: 1652568680299.gif (212.26 KB, 580x558, fbb.gif)

I think you have my email, feel free to drop in any time, whatever's on your mind, I'm willing to talk.

Technically I'm not fucking animals
Technically. ;3

7dc9aac7 No.3657008

File: 1652568769515.bmp (2.32 MB, 1200x675, stole_your_heart.bmp)

I may have broken weavile. I try not to use my ancientfag powers for anything but good, he he had it coming.

7dc9aac7 No.3657012

unlike asshats like dan, i can't just press a button and get shit done, I need to actually dominate people instead of just being a little bitch up in a high castle.

7adb23db No.3657016

File: 1652569513781.gif (573.07 KB, 478x386, a43.gif)

Yeah but it's actually worse if I just leave them there to rot and have things crawling on them. Are you not sensitive to that too? Isn't that more gross?

With me they get a bath, lots of fur brushing and a nice and cool place to relax. Good deal if you ask me. Shampoo and electricity aren't for free.

7dc9aac7 No.3657018

exactly what defense do you have left?

are you going to fight me

be more creative than me

out wit me?

I'm confused now

7dc9aac7 No.3657019

we've settled that you're kinda a weak bitch

we've settled that you never even bothered learning to play an interment

and well… bitch. don't make any of us laugh too hard.

7dc9aac7 No.3657021

File: 1652569902760.png (440.04 KB, 600x342, Sephiroth_meme_base.png)

7adb23db No.3657022

File: 1652569909459.jpg (20.58 KB, 221x304, 5610edd435e9be2064cf487c2c….jpg)

Yeah, how many wild animals have you buried?

Plus foxes dig long-ass dens, they could just bury their own if they wanted to.


Lmao, is this guy for real? xDDD

7adb23db No.3657024

File: 1652570609805.jpg (26.91 KB, 400x300, wbcchurchsign.jpg)

Nah, you got nothing. Digging a hole has zero doxing potential.

I technically at least do something by using badgers and deer to feed foxes in remote-ish places so they don't have to venture near the town and get themselves in trouble.

>>And yeah. We do it for a reason.

I suppose stupidity is a reason.

>>There's a fairly physically contingent meaning behind prayer

Drop the philosobabble, talking to your fucking imaginary friend means jack shit.

7dc9aac7 No.3657025

shhh, your chode is showing

7dc9aac7 No.3657027

File: 1652570754266.png (1.57 MB, 2000x3000, 1602173081.vivash_comparin….png)

your tiny penis is showing so hard, just abandon ship now

7adb23db No.3657034

File: 1652573484917.jpg (66.72 KB, 500x499, 0b4.jpg)

Dude, you can't be bothered to read a 5 sentence post I wrote but expect me to watch a 2hr livestream about some philosobabble woo and bullshit.

Tying yourself into a pretzel to "prove" some unprovable nonsense is kinda lame tbh.

that ain't me

7adb23db No.3657041

File: 1652580244637.jpg (43.69 KB, 550x541, 10417655_793545207336929_5….jpg)

He's talking complete woo. "Mind stuff" that inhabits the body and that isn't available for empirical research but trust us, we know it's there™

How do you even expect me to believe this crap?

Which part of you are your brain processes do you not get. And your brain processes are electric and chemical impulses, as in perfectly physical. There doesn't need to be anything extra, it's working as it should with what it has. That's not devaluing personal experience, that's just stating the facts. There is ZERO ANYTHING indicating otherwise, other than people's delusions.

You don't like it cause you think your magical backup copy of the brain that's inside "souls" can somehow leave the body after death and you can live on in some form after death. Well, you can't. Sorry, but you just can't.

If you want to outlive your natural lifespan, the solution has to be technological, not fucking let's put our hands together and chant some stupid words to a fictional being.

7adb23db No.3657043

File: 1652580569687.jpg (50.14 KB, 610x690, tothebroniessjwsandantifur….jpg)

And I only asked you to write to me cause you seem lonely and angry, maybe if I listen to your worries you can stop being so angry and caustic. Something's clearly on your mind and you don't look like you're having a great time right now. Cause if you did, you'd just get on with doing whatever you like doing instead of bitching at Steam for being Steam.

cf22a2cd No.3657098

All "greater mind" explanations of the universe are just pushing the problem back further instead of giving any answers. You're explaining the complexity of existence by the existence of something more complex.

Like, if the world is sitting on the shell of a turtle, then what does the turtle stand on? Well, it's turtles all the way down.

7dc9aac7 No.3657104

File: 1652615043841.jpg (168.94 KB, 850x1202, 5f73805131e328eee653265dba….jpg)

I guess its not a crime to wake up drunk.

Still, you're a joke now.

7dc9aac7 No.3657106

File: 1652615455313.png (267.18 KB, 626x841, af919717e14da9eaff5f1d71c5….png)

you do realize that you sound exactly like cobalt blaze right now?

7dc9aac7 No.3657110

File: 1652615655383.gif (2.02 MB, 976x644, 9d7c5c47fa09d136f82daf1f5f….gif)

your only saving grace is that you use the enter key and a few punctuations.

7dc9aac7 No.3657113

File: 1652615827971.jpg (134.88 KB, 850x1204, 9061732e2b968899c09b9f8c03….jpg)

sue me, i accidently a "you're" instead of a "your"

my inner grammar nazi can't allow that.

Just be happy i'm providing you with weavile pics

7dc9aac7 No.3657116

File: 1652615955622.jpg (88.23 KB, 850x1203, 05d3665647052b273e70c83f94….jpg)

its not dishonest, its called corrections. its why books have multiple editions.

7dc9aac7 No.3657118

File: 1652616084236.jpg (141.31 KB, 850x1063, d2f72a00b25598fe8b1312cc9e….jpg)

you seriously need to either fuck me already, or move on

7dc9aac7 No.3657119

File: 1652616425526.jpg (123.94 KB, 850x1088, 6f9221d2198c38221dd2cf6469….jpg)

a pathetic limp dick like you is just the new boyfriend I need, someone to put a cage on and make beg

7dc9aac7 No.3657121

File: 1652618418298.jpg (92.61 KB, 850x1202, 337d776ca8c1225a1b6d12a0fb….jpg)

I'd prefer being a faggot compared to a *pokes you nose* limp dicked NEET sissy~

7adb23db No.3657214

File: 1652645507874.jpg (222.43 KB, 1273x717, Soul_Eater_Face.jpg)

>>I have quite a lot of friends but I don't really want to talk to them again right now
Hardcore cope

>>Stop fucking a dog and maybe I'll consider it.

Depends on what a "dog" is…
Also no, If you want me to stop, you need to explain to me how it's harmful. (and no I don't do actual regular bestiality, have never done and have no real interest in doing, so probably you're barking up the wrong tree entirely here)

>>You need to stop being abrasive and absurd

I'd be nicer if you were nicer. I mean if you are going to be a massive dick, I don't see why I can't respond in kind, and from my other posts you can probably tell I'm generally nice until someone says something stupid or someone picks a fight with me.

>>they read like the stuff I write about killing trannies in Thailand but at least that's funny to me

Is it funny? I don't really see the joke since you seem to have a genuine stick up your ass over trans people. Not all are crazy sjws or posers, how fucking hard is that idea to understand?

7dc9aac7 No.3657229

File: 1652647268139.jpg (135.34 KB, 850x1038, d77577987ad546a3dd3f23559c….jpg)

mare guy sticks to his guns, I like that. Most "zoophiles" fuck anything that has 4 legs, at least you have standards.

1eb48e41 No.3657280

File: 1652659226950.jpg (94.68 KB, 573x800, neigh20.jpg)

Mare guy here, you've got it completely backwards. Most genuine zoos I know usually focus on a few species, while I'm not so picky. While generally I'm most focused on horses and pigs, there are few species that I wouldn't at least try to screw for curiosity/experience's sake, given an opportunity that'd be safe and satisfactory for both of us that is. Aside from the obvious experience of plain and untarnished animalistic bonding it provides, I love the immense potential for novel experience that zoophilia offers - so much uncharted territory, a whole new universe of sensuality almost untouched by civilized man.

I've had a wild and certainly unfeasible dream of writing a zoophilia compendium, for which I would get myself to "taste" as many sexually viable animal species as possible and document accounts of those encounters side by side with each other, complete with up-to-date scientific info and notable tips and tricks and all that. Like a zoophilic Kama Sutra. And of course, in the classic Kama Sutra fashion, also a lot of philosophy, moral guidance and general do's and don't to keep the experiences safe, humane and in accordance with the common good. I imagine a large part of it would serve also as a compendium of all the zoo info you find scattered across the net on forums and whatnot. But of course, I also have to consider that sex doesn't exist in a vacuum (unless you're fucking the vacuum), and sex being majorly a bonding experience for two individual souls would certainly restrict me from fulfilling the project even if I had the money and courage otherwise.

7dc9aac7 No.3657283

why would you want to fuck a sow? I mean I can see why a girl would want to fuck a boar. I've watched the "boar to the core" videos, but it doesn't seem like a human could satisfy a sow for anything more than his own pleasure

1eb48e41 No.3657285

I would want ask the same thing about a boar honestly, since they're pencil dick incarnate… although they do have certain novelties like huge cumloads and the "cumplug". I don't see what's hard to get about sows, it's not like they're too loose or anything. Their pussy appears to be like something halfway between a canine and a mare, both visually and in terms of size.

2d32b847 No.3657287

File: 1652664050229.jpg (38.48 KB, 468x620, Sandy Cheeks in her Underw….jpg)

> i want to call you the n word and i can't, who do I talk to about this?
That depends. How much money do you have?

09d1e396 No.3657321


I thought ni­ggers were free these days.

4455d198 No.3657324

File: 1652670097691.jpg (338.81 KB, 704x1000, elf.jpg)

It's simple, see this post: >>3654635

223818c1 No.3657357

tell him its aliens

117dba1e No.3666506

File: 1663287758718.jpg (44.11 KB, 736x656, 277d9450a8b6f9be4bb4707047….jpg)

There's no way I'm riding her. have Dutch sent you with her?

ccacecd9 No.3666527

So whatever happened to Weavile anyway. Did some moderator get fed up and click the ban-plus-delete-all-posts button?

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