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>be furry
>be straight
>I tried to socialize with local furries from my town, sent invitations, the first one blocked me instantly, the second one was friendly but after some time he blocked me too

I'm not smelly, ugly, creepy, I'm trying to be polite, friendly and civil. I don't know what I did wrong, I am autistic?

In general, my attempts to socialize in the furry fandom went poor, you have to be part a closed elitist cliques where the parties and sex happens. It just sucks pretty much, it's so much over for me that even furries have rejected me.
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26ae9b37 No.3657023

I picked a- nah, not doxing myself. Maybe I'll want to share that story elsewhere.

And yeah. We do it for a reason. There's a fairly physically contingent meaning behind prayer

7adb23db No.3657024

File: 1652570609805.jpg (26.91 KB, 400x300, wbcchurchsign.jpg)

Nah, you got nothing. Digging a hole has zero doxing potential.

I technically at least do something by using badgers and deer to feed foxes in remote-ish places so they don't have to venture near the town and get themselves in trouble.

>>And yeah. We do it for a reason.

I suppose stupidity is a reason.

>>There's a fairly physically contingent meaning behind prayer

Drop the philosobabble, talking to your fucking imaginary friend means jack shit.

7dc9aac7 No.3657025

shhh, your chode is showing

26ae9b37 No.3657026

7dc9aac7 No.3657027

File: 1652570754266.png (1.57 MB, 2000x3000, 1602173081.vivash_comparin….png)

your tiny penis is showing so hard, just abandon ship now

26ae9b37 No.3657028


7adb23db No.3657034

File: 1652573484917.jpg (66.72 KB, 500x499, 0b4.jpg)

Dude, you can't be bothered to read a 5 sentence post I wrote but expect me to watch a 2hr livestream about some philosobabble woo and bullshit.

Tying yourself into a pretzel to "prove" some unprovable nonsense is kinda lame tbh.

that ain't me

26ae9b37 No.3657036

The concept is incredibly simple

I think you're too dumb to be constantly asking me to be your friend like you do in every thread.

7adb23db No.3657041

File: 1652580244637.jpg (43.69 KB, 550x541, 10417655_793545207336929_5….jpg)

He's talking complete woo. "Mind stuff" that inhabits the body and that isn't available for empirical research but trust us, we know it's there™

How do you even expect me to believe this crap?

Which part of you are your brain processes do you not get. And your brain processes are electric and chemical impulses, as in perfectly physical. There doesn't need to be anything extra, it's working as it should with what it has. That's not devaluing personal experience, that's just stating the facts. There is ZERO ANYTHING indicating otherwise, other than people's delusions.

You don't like it cause you think your magical backup copy of the brain that's inside "souls" can somehow leave the body after death and you can live on in some form after death. Well, you can't. Sorry, but you just can't.

If you want to outlive your natural lifespan, the solution has to be technological, not fucking let's put our hands together and chant some stupid words to a fictional being.

7adb23db No.3657043

File: 1652580569687.jpg (50.14 KB, 610x690, tothebroniessjwsandantifur….jpg)

And I only asked you to write to me cause you seem lonely and angry, maybe if I listen to your worries you can stop being so angry and caustic. Something's clearly on your mind and you don't look like you're having a great time right now. Cause if you did, you'd just get on with doing whatever you like doing instead of bitching at Steam for being Steam.

26ae9b37 No.3657094

I have quite a lot of friends but I don't really want to talk to them again right now. And I don't want to talk to insane retard faggots like you, sorry. ;_; Stop fucking a dog and maybe I'll consider it.

You need to stop being abrasive and absurd, I can hardly even parse these posts, they read like the stuff I write about killing trannies in Thailand but at least that's funny to me

26ae9b37 No.3657095

>mind stuff

if I explain this, you better at least listen.

Okay, so our private experience has no quantifiable materialistic basis. Our bodies evolved in some state to channel the essence of experience as it allows for self reflection and to adapt, but this thing is an aside to anything we can measure. It's like gravity. It is demonstrable but does not have an observable force.

Dualism makes no sense. There is nothing we are finding in our observations of the brain which would explain subjectivity. It just 'is', it is a real thing. It is the one thing science doesn't require a basis to prove along with gravity because it just is an observable phenomenon.

Monism is probably the most intelligent assumption, that there is a greater mind besides our own that mimics the material properties of the world as we know it. But that doesn't mean it is 'matter' in an epistemological sense, it has the same fundamental basis as 'mind', it just isn't part of ours and following the rules of our private experience

It's complicated to explain and I'm still a nub at it too but basically we are 'god experiencing itself through a jpg' effectively. This is not any evidence for a soul, quite the contrary actually.

26ae9b37 No.3657097

or idk, you can trivialize what i believe as 'omg he thinks he can use nen powers!!', be my guest

cf22a2cd No.3657098

All "greater mind" explanations of the universe are just pushing the problem back further instead of giving any answers. You're explaining the complexity of existence by the existence of something more complex.

Like, if the world is sitting on the shell of a turtle, then what does the turtle stand on? Well, it's turtles all the way down.

26ae9b37 No.3657101


Materialism can explain everything else happening in the universe but can't reduce basic experience to it even though that's literally all we empirically KNOW isn't a Descartes devil

26ae9b37 No.3657102

It's not that complicated. 'Mind' doesn't mean the same thing you think it does, it just stems from propagating the same apparatus we interact with from the moment we can self identify, but in practice it behaves a lot like matter. There are signs of it not being airtight and behaving like our conception of matter should, to the point we make absurd Descartes demon assumptions about how our observations of it scale based on when we are looking deep or not.

26ae9b37 No.3657103

I should clarify: that is, we've started to assume we're in a hologram or simulation based on observable physical noise, etc.

7dc9aac7 No.3657104

File: 1652615043841.jpg (168.94 KB, 850x1202, 5f73805131e328eee653265dba….jpg)

I guess its not a crime to wake up drunk.

Still, you're a joke now.

26ae9b37 No.3657105

This doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get psychic powers or have a fun afterlife or anything, it just means that consciousness is fundamental. The property of it, is fundamental, not the phenomenological activation of it in our brain that's intrinsic to human experience. It is because this consciousness exists that our cells have evolve in such a way to channel and use it to allow us to 'be'

I do not know if this consciousness has any intrinsic traits. It's optimistic to assume that because we channel more of it than other creatures, we become less absurd and instinctive, but I'm nowhere near the level of understanding needed to anthropomorphize the concept. At that point you are getting into truly religious territory like people on the metakastrup board do and I think it's running ahead of the foundations this model needs to scrupulous lay first (at least in my brain and in that of others, if not the people posting about mind at large)

7dc9aac7 No.3657106

File: 1652615455313.png (267.18 KB, 626x841, af919717e14da9eaff5f1d71c5….png)

you do realize that you sound exactly like cobalt blaze right now?

26ae9b37 No.3657107

nice pic.

At any rate, I'll leave that I'm also definitely not saying it doesn't have intrinsic traits. Learning to understand what we are and what mechanisms are behind our self awareness isn't trivial, but I'm saying I personally find it hard to say if I know it has any distinct traits.

It is really hard to discuss it with even other practitioners because they haven't developed an agreed on framework to transmit their findings, with Kastrup being an exception, so we all end up talking past each other which feels counterproductive to the idea of waking more people up from materialism.

26ae9b37 No.3657108

He can't conjugate half of the sentences I've wrote so I doubt it. You're a bigger joke than him, anyway, although you both look like someone reached inside an uterus to put out a blunt

7dc9aac7 No.3657110

File: 1652615655383.gif (2.02 MB, 976x644, 9d7c5c47fa09d136f82daf1f5f….gif)

your only saving grace is that you use the enter key and a few punctuations.

26ae9b37 No.3657111

File: 1652615714718.png (123.9 KB, 719x648, steamcantdothateither.png)

I'm saying that he can't even achieve that feat let alone understand the beginnings of these elucidations, (and nor can you, pic is proof), so I mean.

26ae9b37 No.3657112

Why do you keep redditing man. How about you just type one congruent post and let the errors sit, you narcissistic retard

7dc9aac7 No.3657113

File: 1652615827971.jpg (134.88 KB, 850x1204, 9061732e2b968899c09b9f8c03….jpg)

sue me, i accidently a "you're" instead of a "your"

my inner grammar nazi can't allow that.

Just be happy i'm providing you with weavile pics

26ae9b37 No.3657114

I put no effort into my posts and let my shit sit here all the time, why can't you do it for tiny ass receipt sized posts I'm already replying to, god

26ae9b37 No.3657115

your instead of you're is just brain damage, erasing your post instead of letting viewers know is patently dishonest. They might have to read two posts to know you are a flipper baby instead of one, so cut it out

7dc9aac7 No.3657116

File: 1652615955622.jpg (88.23 KB, 850x1203, 05d3665647052b273e70c83f94….jpg)

its not dishonest, its called corrections. its why books have multiple editions.

26ae9b37 No.3657117

I have never read a book that makes that mistake after thousands of pages, you make it after one line because you're a flipper baby. I don't care about your stupid typo, just stop redditing.

7dc9aac7 No.3657118

File: 1652616084236.jpg (141.31 KB, 850x1063, d2f72a00b25598fe8b1312cc9e….jpg)

you seriously need to either fuck me already, or move on

7dc9aac7 No.3657119

File: 1652616425526.jpg (123.94 KB, 850x1088, 6f9221d2198c38221dd2cf6469….jpg)

a pathetic limp dick like you is just the new boyfriend I need, someone to put a cage on and make beg

26ae9b37 No.3657120


7dc9aac7 No.3657121

File: 1652618418298.jpg (92.61 KB, 850x1202, 337d776ca8c1225a1b6d12a0fb….jpg)

I'd prefer being a faggot compared to a *pokes you nose* limp dicked NEET sissy~

26ae9b37 No.3657137


7adb23db No.3657214

File: 1652645507874.jpg (222.43 KB, 1273x717, Soul_Eater_Face.jpg)

>>I have quite a lot of friends but I don't really want to talk to them again right now
Hardcore cope

>>Stop fucking a dog and maybe I'll consider it.

Depends on what a "dog" is…
Also no, If you want me to stop, you need to explain to me how it's harmful. (and no I don't do actual regular bestiality, have never done and have no real interest in doing, so probably you're barking up the wrong tree entirely here)

>>You need to stop being abrasive and absurd

I'd be nicer if you were nicer. I mean if you are going to be a massive dick, I don't see why I can't respond in kind, and from my other posts you can probably tell I'm generally nice until someone says something stupid or someone picks a fight with me.

>>they read like the stuff I write about killing trannies in Thailand but at least that's funny to me

Is it funny? I don't really see the joke since you seem to have a genuine stick up your ass over trans people. Not all are crazy sjws or posers, how fucking hard is that idea to understand?

7dc9aac7 No.3657229

File: 1652647268139.jpg (135.34 KB, 850x1038, d77577987ad546a3dd3f23559c….jpg)

mare guy sticks to his guns, I like that. Most "zoophiles" fuck anything that has 4 legs, at least you have standards.

26ae9b37 No.3657275

i want to call you the n word and i can't, who do I talk to about this?

26ae9b37 No.3657276

I can't tell you're nice. You seem legitimately unhinged and from me that shouldn't be flattering

26ae9b37 No.3657278

ill at least say this, I'm not refusing you because you're crazy and I do think I could withstand talking to you. It's a principle thing. I'm stubborn over some values I have, so if you want to talk you'll have to swear on god you don't fuck dead animal corpses anymore.

I am sorry.

26ae9b37 No.3657279

my friend doesn't want me posting even dms here so I won't but I told them that msg out of context and they assumed there must be something insanely fucked up about you to require this kind of message

1eb48e41 No.3657280

File: 1652659226950.jpg (94.68 KB, 573x800, neigh20.jpg)

Mare guy here, you've got it completely backwards. Most genuine zoos I know usually focus on a few species, while I'm not so picky. While generally I'm most focused on horses and pigs, there are few species that I wouldn't at least try to screw for curiosity/experience's sake, given an opportunity that'd be safe and satisfactory for both of us that is. Aside from the obvious experience of plain and untarnished animalistic bonding it provides, I love the immense potential for novel experience that zoophilia offers - so much uncharted territory, a whole new universe of sensuality almost untouched by civilized man.

I've had a wild and certainly unfeasible dream of writing a zoophilia compendium, for which I would get myself to "taste" as many sexually viable animal species as possible and document accounts of those encounters side by side with each other, complete with up-to-date scientific info and notable tips and tricks and all that. Like a zoophilic Kama Sutra. And of course, in the classic Kama Sutra fashion, also a lot of philosophy, moral guidance and general do's and don't to keep the experiences safe, humane and in accordance with the common good. I imagine a large part of it would serve also as a compendium of all the zoo info you find scattered across the net on forums and whatnot. But of course, I also have to consider that sex doesn't exist in a vacuum (unless you're fucking the vacuum), and sex being majorly a bonding experience for two individual souls would certainly restrict me from fulfilling the project even if I had the money and courage otherwise.

7dc9aac7 No.3657283

why would you want to fuck a sow? I mean I can see why a girl would want to fuck a boar. I've watched the "boar to the core" videos, but it doesn't seem like a human could satisfy a sow for anything more than his own pleasure

1eb48e41 No.3657285

I would want ask the same thing about a boar honestly, since they're pencil dick incarnate… although they do have certain novelties like huge cumloads and the "cumplug". I don't see what's hard to get about sows, it's not like they're too loose or anything. Their pussy appears to be like something halfway between a canine and a mare, both visually and in terms of size.

2d32b847 No.3657287

File: 1652664050229.jpg (38.48 KB, 468x620, Sandy Cheeks in her Underw….jpg)

> i want to call you the n word and i can't, who do I talk to about this?
That depends. How much money do you have?

26ae9b37 No.3657320

cool story choob

09d1e396 No.3657321


I thought ni­ggers were free these days.

4455d198 No.3657324

File: 1652670097691.jpg (338.81 KB, 704x1000, elf.jpg)

It's simple, see this post: >>3654635

223818c1 No.3657357

tell him its aliens

26ae9b37 No.3657431

it always is

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