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Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

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File: 1647203339376.jpg (502.08 KB, 1041x1600, RCO012.jpg)

That is very much marvel cannon.


Captain America. Volume 7. Issue 14.
Read it yourself. It's one of my favorite issues where Cap and Sam beats the shit out of an insane roid-raging right-winger because he goes after a reporter for being fake news.

Cap comes to the conclusion that we all do, eventually. You can't reason with conservatives. You just have to put them down like animals.

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File: 1647204719059.jpg (161.73 KB, 1024x683, lenin.jpg)

Seattle has a statue of Lenin.

Triggered by Confederates, celebrates Communists.

d65735bf No.3650516

Figured that was one of your racist sockpuppet ID's.
No it's not.
It's either a retcon or one of their thousands of "alternate universes".

d65735bf No.3650517

My God, why hasn't that thing been toppled?
Oh, almost forgot. It's just leftists that do that shit.

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File: 1647205282197.jpg (258.25 KB, 1120x1600, kiss_of_lilith.jpg)

Well sophistry… That's because they are filthy fucking subhuman communist scum.

Being "triggered" is about all thier good for. They get triggered because history happened and play defensive "No u" cards when they are called out on it.

Destroying cultures and replacing with it thier confused critical theory Marxist garbage is how these people operate and they must be stopped.

Some how …
Some way…
They must be stopped.

Because they will not stop until there is nothing left.

6875dff1 No.3650520

Probably because to this day working class around the world still remembers how this man changed their lives for the better.

bc5b4ccb No.3650522

File: 1647207113715.jpg (69.08 KB, 634x417, terminatrdo.jpg)

>Because they will not stop until there is nothing left.

d65735bf No.3650523

Maybe you should be a comedian.

6875dff1 No.3650524

40-hour working week
Workers' rights
Higher share of income
Labor unions not being shot

You know, all those things people take for granted were fought till death in the beginning of XX century.

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File: 1647211365148.webm (7.53 MB, 1280x720, Titan1.webm)

Since we're talking about the intersection of politics, ethics and media…

The last episode of Attack on Titan was very heavy on discrimination, historical grievances and victimology.

My problem with western media, not just cartoons, even movies most of the time is you just don't see any truly thought-provoking stuff.

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File: 1647211549380.webm (4.29 MB, 1280x720, Titan2.webm)

Also on having a savior complex, made-up realities and hypocrisy.

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File: 1647211796922.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, YoujoSenki.webm)

Tanya The Evil has some words of wisdom on dealing with Commies.

Extra mindfuck: the story was written by a Japanese Communist. The author's amount of ethical benefit of the doubt and the solid reasoning of the villain protagonist are something you would NEVER see in the west. Any western author would portray her as 80s cartoon villain irredeemably evil rather than a complex person with conflicting emotions and thoughts.

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File: 1647213192811.jpg (802.14 KB, 1564x1501, Bolty_Discovers_R34.jpg)

Posting early in a thread so that everyone has to see what I said first, before they scroll to the end:

Also, I'd like to point out that while fighting these storms in teacups can be good practice for moving onto bigger and more dangerous things later, it's important to not have ones' own level dragged down - to not take the black pill.
Over the years I've seen intelligent people get burned out over storms in teacups - that's just what the dirty parasitic luciferian khazarian fake jews want. Don't give them the pleasure.

Anyway… reposting some links from the last thread as it was let go to die in dignity https://www.lulz.net/furi/res/3648197.html#q3650446

For lots of interesting videos on how to survive the upcoming planetary cull, including not only physically, financially but also spiritually, see: https://DollarVigilante.tv/

Mike (6 million jews™) Adams has been making some good situation updates lately, posting useful information on what is looming and how to prepare for it (if you want to that is, not everyone wants to survive):

Don't forget to share some of your own quality sources of pro-humanity/mankind/life/liberty information.

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File: 1647224249899.jpg (27.7 KB, 640x480, Obama-mask-Getty-640x480.jpg)

Vaxxed Former President Barack Obama tweeted Sunday that he had tested positive for COVID-19.
Guess it didn't work, if he's not lying about taking it in the first place.

d7c589e7 No.3650559

no one cares about covid anymore

4924ad4c No.3650560

Do you even know who Lenin is and what he did?

Seriously, tell us who you think Lenin is. I would love to hear the version you think is true.

4924ad4c No.3650561

File: 1647229739864.jpg (116.52 KB, 850x783, sample_4d0ecd6287fef3bc4be….jpg)


It's so appropriate that Business Dog is the guy who deeply, personally, identifies with a white, clueless, ignorant, submissive twink that thinks he is strong because he has had everything rigged for him most of his life and who always ends up getting topped by stronger, smarter dogs.

4924ad4c No.3650562

>no one cares about Covid anymore

Not in America, at least. All the people we want to survive have had plenty of time to get vaccinated. The rest of you are free to die at your earliest convenience.

226e4f0e No.3650564

File: 1647233194282.png (77.03 KB, 1000x743, 1105431.png)

>zomg we're gonna die!!!1
I wasn't aware lulz was full of pensioners.

You're either stupid or lying, or lying and stupid.

226e4f0e No.3650565

File: 1647234016862.png (333.82 KB, 575x875, I'm too gay for this shit.png)

Btw isn't alexspastic here like 50 or so. He's literally the only lulz user who needs to watch out.

>obesity also a risk factor

Oh wait, maybe y'all are gonna die. But I won't, cause I work out daily for hours, get rekt lardasses :3c

226e4f0e No.3650566

File: 1647234077048.jpg (103.17 KB, 822x900, hirtesgoesah.jpg)

also that guy, you know the one

d65735bf No.3650567

If 3B really does work at a college, why can't we get him fired by drawing the attention of the administration there to his postings here and in the Lulz archives, especially his hate-filled rants and his pedo postings? Then he would be too busy looking for another job to bother anyone here.

226e4f0e No.3650569

File: 1647236078022.jpg (42.15 KB, 620x490, Poopoopeedoo.jpg)

I normally find such tactics unacceptable and we ought to try to do better than that.

But they do it all the time and don't care.

If they want war, let's give them war.

895ed59d No.3650571

Finally. When you right fags realize that we have to be absurdly relentless and go on the attack now we'll win. WE HAVE them on the ropes, them turning it up to 11 is like in war when they try to obfuscate you with a siege or diversion; that's actually when they're at their weakest.

The time they appear the most ferocious in ways that don't involve outright destroying you is when they're prone to being destroyed the most. This is the offensive period.

226e4f0e No.3650575

File: 1647238082748.png (81.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1265762528.renard_hige.png)

>>When you right fags realize…
Dude, I'm just a center-left guy who is just absolutely fucking fed up with the left in general cause it got taken over by insane Marxist lunatics.

I can't deal with the fucking political correctness (invented by commies), I can't deal with half the people being salty killjoys cause politics, I can't fucking deal with people just being obtuse and hostile cause politics.

Ideally I'd want a de-escalation and de-radicalization, a return to the milder politics of the 90s and 00s

I just want to be left alone. I want them to fuck off. I want this wokeness to fuck off out of my media and news, I want the socialists to fuck off.

01ff76ad No.3650583

someone get this guy a donut

c5a8259f No.3650585

File: 1647248686841.jpg (5.92 KB, 244x206, download.jpg)

An 83-year-old transgender serial killer shopped at a 99 cent store in Brooklyn with one of his victim’s dismembered legs hidden on the seat of his wheelchair.

Harvey Marcelin, who now identifies as a woman and spent decades in jail for the murder of two ex-girlfriends, was arrested again on March 4 after a dismembered body was found in Brooklyn, the New York Post reported.

A human head was found in Marcelin’s home last week after police executed a search warrant when a torso of a 68-year-old woman was found in a shopping cart, The Post reported.

Police also found electric saws in Marcelin’s Cypress Hills home, the paper reported.

According to a new report, the leg of 68-year-old victim, Susan Leyden, was captured on surveillance video.

NYPD Crime Stoppers released surveillance video of Harvey Marcelin at a 99 cent store in Jamaica, Queens sitting on a dismembered leg.

Marcelin was charged with second-degree murder and is being held at Rykers.

895ed59d No.3650588

I would still basically kill you in a fight though.

1b405880 No.3650589

> All the people we want to survive have had plenty of time to get vaccinated

If by vaccinated you meant "played russian roulette with their health" then we agree.

Covid isn't done ; if the Ukraine war doesn't last long, it'll be back this fall. Gotta keep the population scared shitless and compliant.

895ed59d No.3650591

wait is this Ka?

f660d9fb No.3650592

File: 1647255995793.png (88.15 KB, 600x600, seensomeshit.png)

All you guys know by now that covid never existed outside a lab, and that the spike protein injection is the actual bioweapon, right?

Anyone who's been injected will likely die a horrible death due to their immune system being systematically destroyed. Those who survive will have self-assembling military mind-control technology and possibly some kind of hydra monsters flowing around in their blood.
Also, there's evidence to suggest that there's millions of graphene oxide shards inside the injection, which according to an eminent expert on the subject who was coincidenced by the gov for speaking out, those shards cut people up from the insides like millions of razor blades.
Also, there appear to be graphene nanotubes that may contain a type of "kill switch" that can be activated by 5G signals, as there's at least two videos of people dropping dead after apparently having received a kill signal.
Basically, if you've been injected and you're not going on a hardcore and specialised detoxing regime, you're fucked.
Those people who actually did get ill, apparently were struck down by aerial spike protein spraying from planes and drones, and/or taken off life-sustaining medicine, or intentionally given life-ending drugs by doctors and nurses.

Don't shoot the messenger! This has all been said by high-ranking whistleblowers, scientists, researchers, lawyers, journalists, etc.

You guys all know that, right?

895ed59d No.3650593

proof? I didn't take the jab. I'm excited to outlive all the trannies

f660d9fb No.3650594

File: 1647256490307.jpg (98.8 KB, 1080x1080, hipster_fag.jpg)

Oh, and don't forget that these luciferian injections actually edit human DNA, making the people a legally patentable product "owned" by the corporation that edited them. Look it up, this shit isn't fake.

There's also some suggestion by some genetic researchers, that certain genes related to some kind of "spiritual connection" are being replaced by this witches' brew. Also, apparently there are names of scientists being written into peoples' DNA and also some kind of encrypted email, although I don't know how true that crazy stuff is, I haven't yet had the stomach to fully research it.

Have you seen the videos of the alien-looking black-eyed vaccine babies that seem to develop much faster than normal human babies and look like aliens?
It's sickening.

Covid has always been a scam. I wonder if 3bitch is up to date on his boosters. He's certainly acting like he is. The gene therapy injection has also been shown to eat away at peoples' humanity and higher brain functions.

(pic unrelated)

f660d9fb No.3650595

I'll post my sources in this thread, but can't say when right now. Will link to your post when I do.

Also - if they don't get you with the injection, they might just get you with the starvation - it's the khazar/jews' favourite weapon of choice.

895ed59d No.3650596

i eat a fucking truck's worth every day and am going to get stents in my heart before i start drowning in steroids when in thailand next i can

895ed59d No.3650597

i doubt they can starve me

besides, I don't mind stealing and killing if I'm forced to. Just a tap to the temple from me could probably sink most people before they can even register it

humans have shown themselves to be horrible and selfish fundamentally to me, I have the backings of a pure conscience in any act of murder I'm allowed to commit. It's for me and my precious family right? I don't mind.

f660d9fb No.3650598

Just prep and grow a veggie garden like normal people… seriously, you don't need to become some kind of savage killing machine, just plant some seeds.

The jews want you to become a savage, they hate it when you become self-sufficient and have Christian values. That alone is reason enough to not become a savage - to piss of the jews.

895ed59d No.3650599

I've lost a lot. I'm not who I was, but I can try maybe.

The vote of faith is appreciated, it marks you as a characteristically charitable human being

01ff76ad No.3650600

its true. maybe next time dont riot for a whole year.

f660d9fb No.3650601

>The vote of faith is appreciated, it marks you as a characteristically charitable human being.
Thank you, I mean what I say and have positive intentions. I've also lost a lot, had a lot taken from me and my family, but it has only shrunk my world temporarily (nevertheless for a significant number of years). Going through it all has caused scars but also allowed me to discover new, positive and interesting things that would have otherwise gone over my head.

Don't be disappointed though - I'm a dog, not a human, but I do have human-level intelligence and know there are still humans out there with a good heart. :3

895ed59d No.3650602

But not being willing to fight can mean that people like you who get close to me can be exploited and can dispose me to failing them again. Some degree of mercilessness imho is warranted.

895ed59d No.3650603

Protecting those who aren't insane, I mean.

f660d9fb No.3650604

File: 1647264015224.jpg (256.03 KB, 700x700, Super_Bolt.jpg)

There are very many levels and types of self-defense and survival techniques available to those who keep physical conflict strictly as a last resort.

There are lots of people out there who will put up a really good fight, especially when desperate and also defending themselves/families from some kind of attack. This crashing of the current system will negatively impact the vast majority of people, probably over 99% of the population.
It's impossible to know beforehand what will happen in direct physical battles.

Therefore it's better to avoid all of that from the beginning and fight any evildoers by strengthening oneself as a living being of light with a soul, to the point of making the evildoers into irrelevant turds that don't even warrant any real attention.
Those who have sold their souls or lost them due to their own wicked decisions and actions, have become weaker than those who haven't - more ruthless but weaker.
However, playing in any way by the rules and in the arena of those who've lost their souls (almost like zombies/NPCs), allows them to get hooks in and drag people down further.

The reality/environment on planet Earth that our bodies inhabitate is big, but nevertheless a lot smaller than it seems. We're in a spiritual battle, and it's the hearts/spirits/souls that will overwhelmingly decide who's physical body survives.
There is no death to those with their souls intact, and the physical bodies with intact souls inhabiting them will receive assistance from the vast and powerful positive energy that surrounds us all. This is a positive and infinitely powerful energy that isn't available to those who've turned their backs on it.

None of this needs to be related to some kind of religion or denomination. Even "science" now reluctantly admits that humans are beings of connected energy and light, that have a natural connection to the beautiful life-giving energy that surrounds us all.

I wouldn't have responded to a zombie, and am definitely no pushover myself. Besides - dogs can bite if they need to, but prefer every other tactic before it comes to that. :3

895ed59d No.3650605

File: 1647264577693.png (363.74 KB, 869x443, kurapika.png)

I can't even talk to you guys here regularly like I did ten years ago. Trannies destroyed even this place, after all.

Maybe I'm a spring, maybe I'll bounce back twice as strong, but it's all so demoralizing

f660d9fb No.3650606

You're funny. What kind of talk would you enjoy? Doom and gloom?
What did your conversations look like ten years ago?

cae87bd3 No.3650607

File: 1647266598825.jpg (79.38 KB, 692x536, prepper farming.JPG)

Getting fit is first -fitness gives confidence.

Then look at the self-reliance Starter kit

0f780d7d No.3650609


Again, someone brings this statue up, without knowing jack shit about it.
One of my relatives lives in Seattle, she's about as liberal as a person can get, and she told me the statue is a joke. It was found in a scrapyard, (gee, what a surprise there,) and is treated as a joke by locals who actually live in that area.

It's the right-wing kooks who keep throwing tantrums over their "heroe" statues of those who committed treason to keep slaves.

895ed59d No.3650610

Don't worry about it. Peace.

0aa9eafa No.3650611

>It's the right-wing kooks who keep throwing tantrums over their "heroe" statues of those who committed treason to keep slaves.

>Redneck town puts statue of Hitler up. Everybody laughs, lol it's so funny, look it's Hitler and we painted parts of him a certain color. Come on guys, our giant statue to Hitler is a total joke. Come on man, it's not like we like Hitler, it's just a joke hahah I laugh everyday when I pass it.

0f780d7d No.3650612


If it's a statue of Hitler getting a flagpole shoved up his ass, yes.

The statue of Lenin originally was hardly anything "heroic."

0f780d7d No.3650616


This is a typical post from a jackass who has no idea what they are talking about, but posts this anyway to show off.

This report means Obama was exposed to the covid virus.
It does *NOT* mean he has covid.
I guy I'm in regular contact with in Georgia, had covid, (still has some after-effects,) and had the vaccination also, feeling sick for a couple days after the shot.

Myself, I had the Pfizer two-part shot, last April.
I have YET to have any side effects or covid.
Anti-vaxxers are nothing new, and are still just as fucking stupid as they always have been.

73336127 No.3650617

File: 1647276036312.jpg (181.89 KB, 1300x1133, operation-thunderbolt-tait….jpg)

This is how Cobalt thinks he would go into action if he were fighting for the Ukraine.


d65735bf No.3650618

If there was any justice in this world, any at all, he would not only have it but croak with it.

4924ad4c No.3650620

File: 1647277862160.jpg (38.79 KB, 491x900, FNxvemHXsAIeT8d.jpg)


I agree. Conservatives should stop pretending to be civilized and start murdering cops like they have always wanted to.

I mean, who do you think those guns you keep to fight tyranny are for? Cops, National Guard and U.S. Soldiers. That's who you'll be fighting when you start your civil war.

You'll be fighting America.

73336127 No.3650621

File: 1647278190840-0.png (1.29 MB, 1280x960, Lethal Enforcers 01.png)

File: 1647278190840-1.png (1.19 MB, 1406x928, Lethal Enforcers 02.png)

Just like he cleans up the streets in Hamilton.


d65735bf No.3650622

We REALLY need to report 3B to the university he works for and get him fired.
Some cases like 3B is going to find himself facing have made national news and even criminal hate crime charges for much less than 3B has said on here.

4924ad4c No.3650623

File: 1647279971457.jpg (45.54 KB, 464x499, 700.jpg)

>WE HAVE them on the ropes

You're a tiny minority of uneducated losers who can't get laid to save your life.

You'll be put down like dogs the moment you give us an excuse.


4924ad4c No.3650625

File: 1647280496186.jpg (52.69 KB, 1280x720, I-dare-u.jpg)

Which university do you think I work at or were you talking about one of the other people you also think is 3B?

If you are talking about me, then by all means, please, report me for harassing white nationalists, bigots online!

They might give me a raise. We learn from history in my state. We know that the only good Nazi is a Nazi in prison for life. You'll find no offer of comfort to the enemies of America here.

d65735bf No.3650626

Challenge accepted.

d65735bf No.3650627

You're the only 3B, sockpuppet Bill.

c90db11e No.3650628

You forget that no one person is truly good or evil in the sides they choose. Embrace the dark side cause without it your stuck just seeing the deeds you do in one light by having a ballanced yin and yang you can be much stronger and not have to resort to soyboy levels of function.

c90db11e No.3650629

Fyi I'm not even paying attention to the stupidity that is both russia and Ukraine. Only thing russian I enjoy is the svd dragonov rifle. Nothing about ukraine I support so wheres your argument now bish.

895ed59d No.3650630

william bishop at some colorado university btw

dox are in the last few threads somewhere if you want to try

73336127 No.3650631

File: 1647283658631.jpg (94.58 KB, 1000x563, intro-1587739636.jpg)

4924ad4c No.3650632

File: 1647284437005.jpg (139.84 KB, 1080x1347, FN0kd3bX0AAL5ec.jpg)

>You forget that no one person is truly good or evil in the sides they choose.

No, the world agrees that white nationalism is bad. We've had 2 world wars about it. There is ZERO debate.

Conservatives keep trying to make fascism sexy again and it keeps failing.

4924ad4c No.3650633

File: 1647284709623.jpg (86.58 KB, 688x900, FNsLdFDXsAguwh5.jpg)

>some colorado university btw

What are you going to do, send emails to every college in Colorado and say, "We think someone, somewhere, who might work for you is posting furry porn and saying Nazis are bad and we want you to fire them!"

How do you think that's going to work out?

c90db11e No.3650636

Your an idiot as all someone has to do is give them a name and state that you believe they are promoting questionable stuff and that for the safety of the students we recommend they open an investigation into that individual. Most schools will actually do the investigation because no school wants affiliations from questionable content etc. Its like if you worked at a university and also at a strip club the school if they found out would fire you on the spot being most average patrons are university and college kids so basically its unprofessional and more. Simply put your argument falls apart and your afraid of losing your lives work over something you said. Stop being a little bitch cause you know we see it

d65735bf No.3650639

University is in Colorado.
And there really aren't that many there.

70edd494 No.3650643

The guy you're obsessing over, has he done anything recent? last five years? last ten years? fifteen even?

895ed59d No.3650644

yeah, attempted genocide of my braincells posting here

895ed59d No.3650645

File: 1647296569059.jpg (18.4 KB, 400x400, 1646678190295.jpg)

>responding with smoking guns

well if it's not you and this guy actually goes through with it, I doubt you have anything to worry about, right William?

895ed59d No.3650646

Before crazy stalkers in the rest of the pedo ring blame me for getting pedo negroid fired, please understand I just shitpost here. And if someone gets him in shit, I didn't even post the dox in that thread and someone else has went through with it, so just leave me alone. You've taken enough from me anyway, right

895ed59d No.3650647

File: 1647296902647.png (2.46 MB, 2056x1028, y4emtpaf46n81.png)

thx for recommending Youjo Senki @ that guy in the thread

I recommend Ousama Ranking, Mushishi and Eighty Six

If you can do manga, I really like Me and the Devil Blues and Mashle.

895ed59d No.3650648

File: 1647296990845.jpg (107.6 KB, 728x1030, biscuithammer.jpg)

oh, yeah, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is getting an adaptation soon. AND Helck. They're both literally god tier shounen in their own right, tbh, although expect a lot of different things from both

895ed59d No.3650650

cfcdca81 No.3650656

File: 1647301714789-0.jpg (90.48 KB, 775x1014, draw_a_nazi.jpg)

File: 1647301714789-1.png (266.2 KB, 638x756, fat_bunny_colored.png)

File: 1647301714789-2.jpg (45.84 KB, 858x538, Honk Furry.JPG)

File: 1647301714789-3.jpg (77.53 KB, 648x829, the_continental.jpg)

File: 1647301714789-4.jpg (42.44 KB, 500x247, 1638891431636.jpg)

My only fat comes from rum and not a perfect diet.

I eat apples and take vitamins. I drink HUGE amounts milk and water. I haven't been working out as much because for the last three years I have been working 60-80plus hours a week. I can tell you if I slip in my calorie intake I am in serious trouble.

I'm 52 and I am going back to art just so I can have some personal growth!

I don't fear death because movies suck dead donkey balls but I do worry you kids are going to get a life a lot worse than mine.

I wish you all the best even you diluted

Shout out to Canadians!
Love you guys!!

f660d9fb No.3650659

File: 1647303443449.jpg (23.06 KB, 280x264, HammerBiscuit.jpg)

>You forget that no one person is truly good or evil in the sides they choose. Embrace the dark side cause without it your stuck just seeing the deeds you do in one light by having a ballanced yin and yang you can be much stronger and not have to resort to soyboy levels of function.

Most people are clearly unable to maintain a good balance between light and dark, especially since it's darkness itself that will constantly try to tempt and pull people towards it. Whereas light is something that must be chosen and moved towards, by the individual, and with darkness pulling at them in very many ways.

It's a long and difficult road towards pure light, and those who make it will have required immense strength to get there due to the testing environment that we're all in. In other words, they are hardcore.

The soyboys are limp-wristed faggots who are just faking their way through life, and spend their energy virtue-signalling to hide the fact that they couldn't stand up to even the most basic of challenges against darkness. The soyboys are pure bitches to darkness. That's why they also invest so much energy in trying to inflict damage on those moving towards light.

It's a lie (of darkness) that embracing any kind of darkness makes one stronger. No one person is truly good or evil in the side they choose, because the life we're in is the ultimate clean-slate, freedom-of-choice test that allows us to move towards our chosen destination. Only lucifer and Jesus are truly evil and good in the side they've chosen, and it was a choice - even for them.
The rest of us, are still facing and making that choice every day, in our journey.

Biscuithammer, I love that name! It's like that Labrador Advice Dog puppy whose name is "Biscuit" decided to rebrand himself as a little hardcore rapper, after watching some old 90's rap hits from MC Hammer:


458c1e6a No.3650661

Well actually it depends on the weilder as in some scenarios a person of light will not be capable of taking a life no one side of purity be it light or dark alone can overcome all obstacles set before you you need to have a balance too much light and you become just as corrupted as the so called dark side. As the original jedis of ancient times once said one cannot simply follow the path unscathed.

4c90dfb1 No.3650662

Great choice of pic. I love advice dog.

But I beg to differ.

About Jesus and Lucifer being the only true good and evil.
I have tried to swallow the Jesus pill I really did…
But the more I read the Bible the more I find myself reconsidering if Jehovah is what the Bible says he is.

I have dated girls, I don't like it.
Things are not always as the appear on the surface.

4c90dfb1 No.3650664

File: 1647307354293.png (473.01 KB, 505x346, Baphomet_(2019).png)

No Fuck Jehovah! I'm tired of pretending like I'm okay with this.
I am tired going along with this.
And fuck you for buying into the narrative.
The Bible would have us believe Original Sin was because of 2 naked people with no concept of right and wrong ate of a fruit tree in smack in the middle of a Garden after Sandles told them not too? Really?

We are said to made in his image… Maybe THATS the original sin.
Then.. after creating humanity … He just up and decides WHELP fuck it…. Fuck all these humans, fuck the plants and the animals I'll just start over accept for this random guy…. I'll order him to build a giant ass boat.

He can create a whole planet and fill it with life then arbitrarily decide to scrap the whole project rather than fix it.

But ohhhhhno … Lucifer is the personification of Evil?
Why? Because wouldn't put up with Jehovah's shit?
Don't feed me that fucking Christ Cuck propaganda.

d7c589e7 No.3650666

had your fill of stds and need new threads i see

4c90dfb1 No.3650667

File: 1647308913031.png (205.64 KB, 400x600, tumblr_p9t2yuRzze1s16mevo1….png)

You are a lulzian… Not some normy.
If the Normy Goody Goody Christians want to live wholesome normy lives, raising families, going to church, praying to their liar God… Ya know that's fine for them.
Good for them on them. They should be allowed to do that.

But don't fucking bring that simple minded "Jesus Good Devil Bad" sheep talk shit here.

458c1e6a No.3650668

I believe this should answer things better. The song tells how both sides tend to do things with questions and answers. https://youtu.be/t9AjHQw75uk

4c90dfb1 No.3650669

File: 1647310187477.png (145.01 KB, 350x330, angry-jesus.png)

I'm not dumping on Jesus. That was fucked up that Jehovah did to him and the "devil" temptation?

No … All "the personification of evil" was trying to say was

Hey .. buddy … You don't have to do this bro. Your Dad is a psychopath.

I'm not so niave as to believe the Satanic lies either.
Ohhhhh who us? Satanist? WhAaaaaaAt? Oh no we've NEVER done blood Sacrifices … Oh no we Satanist have always been innocent and it's those HORRIBLE Christian who have always been mean to US.

We just wanna have fun and do some simple magic is all….


Thats the line you are going with?! I'm sure there are some fine upstanding satanist out there … But no… I don't believe that victim complex Ohhh the poor oppressed Satanist line for a fucking second either.

4c90dfb1 No.3650670

File: 1647310901286.jpeg (7.6 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

I love Jesus… I think he's a swell guy really I do. But I just can't accept him as my savior. He's got this hair up his ass about sexuality and the free market that I am just … Not okay with.

He let his dad convince him to get nailed to a stick.
I'm not okay with that.
And for what? So his sociopathic nut ball father won't send us to the Hell that he himself created?

Because Lucifer got fed up with the guys bloated mutant ego?
No … Fuck that… I'll take my chances with Lucifer thank you.

f660d9fb No.3650672

File: 1647311301335.jpg (100.54 KB, 900x692, Awesome_Bolt_Puppy.jpg)

I should have known that mentioning Jesus and lucifer would trigger someone on here, especially you, after that thread you made a couple of weeks ago. It was a calculated risk on my part, because before mentioning them I was speaking in general terms and almost didn't mention any names.

Many cultures throughout history had their own version of Jesus and Lucifer - personally I believe the Bible to be the most accurate version, but at the same time refuse to poo-poo anyone else's interpretation of good and evil because that would be foolish and limiting.

However, I must ask this - you 'do' realise that a whole bunch of stuff in the Bible is written in parables and metaphors, right? No-one who takes the Bible completely literally is ever going to have a good time in life.
Luciferians abuse this fact in order pull in people who've "crashed and burned", trying to make sense of the Bible or had misinterpretations of it "beaten about their heads" by an authority figure.
Luciferians, at least from what I've seen, speak in metaphors and parables a lot less, but instead invert reality and state it with certainty as facts.

f660d9fb No.3650673

File: 1647311415526.png (313.07 KB, 472x496, Super_Bolt_Super_Happy.png)

My view is that on the journey towards light, the many challenges overcome will harden one against becoming corrupted, once the journey nears its end.
Also, that when certain elements of darkness (that may seem useful at times, even if to "balance things out") are firmly rejected, then the void that remains can only be filled with light.
Finally, there's no reason not to defend oneself when on a journey towards only light, even in a serious and direct conflict. My point is that the situations that will require self-defense in serious conflicts, automatically become more distant and less likely to happen, when elements of darkness that may assist in such situations are kept "off the table."

There's no reason not to work out, eat well and become a super-lethal-weapon of some kind - there's a much greater strength in being able to rip someone's head off, but talking them down instead.
There's an even greater strength than that, in being able to avoid the situation altogether - not by running and hiding, but by sowing only good (which may prevent the things that lead to conflict) but also analysing the current situation, its likely outcome and avoiding the path towards the conflict. A whole world of possibilities opens up to those who allow it to happen.

I've come across a lot of references, ancient and modern, that suggest that light and dark must be kept in balance, rather than separate. This isn't something that I'll dismiss as incorrect, however my personal feelings and choice doesn't align with that view - especially since it's easier then to "promote" darkness as anything worth having, and then "over-promote" it to tip the balance away from light.

We're all still learning and that includes me. We'll all find out one way or another when we die.


458c1e6a No.3650674

Remember there is also always the chance to be 100% light but also 100% darkness as well there's a time and a place for high and mighty save everyone mentality but realistically thats not always possible so best to just accept that in certain unavoidable situations you have to choose a dark option for the good of the many outweighs the needs of a few. Sometimes evil can be the lesser of evils as evil always permeates existence. Its just a matter of knowing when to use either or.

4c90dfb1 No.3650675

Fuck Luciferians! They tell me it's an "atheistic self empowerment movement". What the fuck! No if you're just doing the whole devil thing for shock value … I don't respect that.

If you're going to be an atheist, just be an atheist. An "Atheistic Religion" or "Atheistic Spiritual Movent"? That doesn't even make any since.
Like go worship a statue of Ayn Rayn that would make more since and I would have more respect for that.

f660d9fb No.3650676

I do hope you're incorrect. By the way, the "good of the many outweighs the needs of a few" mindset has resulted in (some of) the deadliest, bloodiest and most evil real-life outcomes in human history.

The fact that some of the most evil, twisted and influential people (or lizards/khazars/jews) today are talking like that, should send shivers down your spine. Be very careful.

Knowing when to use either or? In the "fog of war", it's most confusing when you're right in the middle of it.

e5b85beb No.3650677

File: 1647314507577.jpg (131.16 KB, 900x520, not the hekin doritos.jpg)


d7c589e7 No.3650683

pretty sure you cant remove presidents during stays in war so…probably not finished.

d7c589e7 No.3650684

ooo reptilians and secret jewish royality…this is the rich man's version of the mexican cartel. so scawry the reptilians might drink my adrenachrome.

70edd494 No.3650685

I mean outside of furi you dork, all I can find is ancient shit from livejournal and geocities or whatever your really obsessive about a guy that hardly exists unless im missing something

895ed59d No.3650687

Someone else wants to shoah you, man, idc.

895ed59d No.3650688

>sees polybius

alright leaving lulz for good. It's actually been nostalgic catching up to this place, really. Anyhow, peace, have fun with your 3B fanclub

db31688c No.3650689

Well of course that kinda knowledge in the wrong hands could result in catastrophic outcomes including corrupted ones.

895ed59d No.3650692


Who is this guy, though?

4c90dfb1 No.3650697

And just how the hell do you know this isn't actually a thing?

4c90dfb1 No.3650698

>> believe the Bible to be the most accurate version

Accurate? By what metric? What the hell is so accurate about it?

4924ad4c No.3650700

File: 1647337779963.webm (3.43 MB, 426x240, MTG_crazy-ad.webm)

Unable to win in the free market of ideas and having no plan to govern America other than lower taxes on the wealthy and cut programs that keep kids from starving to death, the Republican party has given up and their new plan is to gain power then pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.

We all know how much Donald Trump loves bankruptcy so why not make refusing to pay your national debts the official policy of the Republican party?!

4924ad4c No.3650701

File: 1647338064969.jpg (121.79 KB, 1000x1414, EAg5jFqXkAURlQH.jpg)


100% correct. Let him waste his time.
Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll get sued for slander when he starts reporting random Colorado teachers?

4924ad4c No.3650702

File: 1647338219605.jpg (129.53 KB, 833x1200, FNqkEvLXoAIfuFb.jpg)

>especially since it's darkness itself that will constantly try to tempt and pull people towards it.

If you hear voices trying to convince you to do bad things it's called schizophrenia and you should probably see someone about that.

fd9ba908 No.3650704

As a matter of fact I will be calling every Colorado college today to find out if a William Bishop works there. Better start looking for another job you piece of shit.

fd9ba908 No.3650705

One way or another, were getting rid of you, you fucking pedo psycho.

01ff76ad No.3650706

i hope you enjoy your trip to the bottom to find out.

221abf63 No.3650707

I will join you in your efforts.
Wikipedia is so helpful.


They even provide all of their web sites and phone numbers.
Next step is to upload William's picture to all of them with links to his postings here and see if they can provide identification.

f660d9fb No.3650708

File: 1647348269599.png (1.25 MB, 1447x965, treasure_mountain.png)

I probably missed out on some drama, but what makes you think that he'd even be doing any kind of work at all - let alone at a university, not that that's anything prestigious anymore.
He sounds more like some kind of hardcore welfare queen, especially with the amount of energy he has available to be posting lunatic commie BS here all of the time.

You're not even properly reading what I'm writing. At least put some effort in trying to insult me. (PS: I'm uninsultable, but appreciate the effort made.)

895ed59d No.3650710

It's William/Kupok. He reacted in ways that are perfectly contingent with the guy, argues in the same way, makes the same typos. I'm not entirely sure but I'm pretty close to sure

Hey, some people think any pedo is the correct target so even if you're wrong you might be right if you're inclined to agree. The smoking gun for me was when he said 'trolololo' when I told him, here, that his mother is burning in hell.

I don't think we would have missed Kupok coming here to kick up a hissy fit given how well connected that entire social circle was with the administrative processes of lulz in the day, the fact there's been only radio silence is actually more telling than not

895ed59d No.3650711

Apparently someone else said 3B once posted selfies that looked exactly like red hat dude too. And the deepweb site for doxing had them all listed as the same person, for what little that's worth

895ed59d No.3650712

ok kupok

895ed59d No.3650713

I mean I doubt it'll go anywhere but he has all the same norms with the added distinction of using grammarly obsessively.

The whining to mods, the WEIRD dyslexic typos that get through whenever he does make a typo, the same politics as on his inkbunny, shit like:

>You're a tiny minority of uneducated losers who can't get laid to save your life.

Seems like 2001 bill the dragon to me. They're just uncannily like no one else I've seen, in concert at least

8d411d2a No.3650716

File: 1647364346841.jpg (193.6 KB, 1920x1281, ___by_sarayaa_dexximk-full….jpg)

Just suppose you are on right track and you somehow manage to impact 3B by showing his employers what he's done. Even if you get him fired that won't get him off lulz, he'll just have more time available to keep your /pol/ threads from becoming exclusively white supremacist echo chambers.

it's evident that you can't stand anyone disagreeing with your fascist circle-jerk and have no counter arguments to his (y'all just say "fuck off and die" or "mods, ban him plz" when he's poking holes in your nazi balloons.)

895ed59d No.3650717

File: 1647365005941.jpg (50.12 KB, 500x404, helookslikeit.jpg)

not in my corner anymore, if that guy does it it's his call

I was going to name this after another childhood predator in his circle who messed with me but I'm not going to. I will say he looks just like this pic IRL, though. Same stare

fdc8cda0 No.3650719

Hi, 3B.


8d411d2a No.3650720

File: 1647366797528.jpg (95.29 KB, 800x542, surfing_naked_by_charles78….jpg)

Hi Back!

Of course I'm a sockpuppet. Remember that anybody who disagrees with you is always 3B, not someone who's been lurking for for as long as Lulz has been a thing and just posts less and less frequently since Choob let the friendly-acting nazi punk stay in the bar instead of kicking him out right from the start and then invited his friends and now the place has become a nazi bar.

a1574454 No.3650721

Also kill whitey

895ed59d No.3650722

shit, he's right, you might actually be 3b too. Idc anymore

You can't even not image/reddit post when you sockpuppet. And I know part of the joke to you is that it's 10000000% obvious and you're denying it anyway, and it's so so so unfunny

0f3b65ea No.3650723

File: 1647368964644.jpg (133.55 KB, 824x538, temp (4).jpg)

>then arbitrarily decide to scrap the whole project rather than fix it.

You have never worked on a large corporate software project before.

01ff76ad No.3650724

huer…duer….ooo oo oo no racism in pol this is technically worse than killsquads….."but white pepol"

4924ad4c No.3650726

File: 1647375723474.gif (243.8 KB, 220x165, Enjoying-the-show.gif)

895ed59d No.3650727

18e76af4 No.3650729

File: 1647377145344.jpg (64.74 KB, 1400x1050, satan3.jpg)

Ahh yes… delicious.
Yes 3b… Keep eating your pop corn. Keep spewing your bile. Please do continue to post here.

Please keep it up. You're enemies are closing in on you. For every post you make here they are getting closer.

Yes 3b… you're wonderful philosophy of "Nazi's bad" is so very fresh and original. You "Hate Nazi's" so this is justification for any & all nefariousness and rotten deeds.

Continue to fill your heart with darkness, bitterness, poison, ugliness, and hate.

It is so very amusing to me. Continue playing the same tired & stale cards. Continue on just as you are.

I am just so very thrilled and excited to see what snarky fake intellectual retort you will come up with this time to pat yourself on the back.

Sooner or later…

You will reap what you have sown.

Sweet dreams.


895ed59d No.3650730

are you 3b too?

895ed59d No.3650731

ctrl f 0/1


895ed59d No.3650732

the falseflagging is insane

8a3ca07d No.3650735

> What the hell is so accurate about it?

Well, to begin with it predicted Coronavirus conquering the world, followed by a war that will lead to famine and hardship (famine in arab countries for example, not in farming countries like America of course).

In less than 7 years now it will be proven as accurate or just another book to add to the fiction section.

4924ad4c No.3650738

File: 1647390299700.gif (142.11 KB, 680x383, 3FX3.gif)

>Continue to fill your heart with darkness, bitterness, poison, ugliness, and hate.

The only thing my heart will be full of is laughter and joy as long as I have you.

e5b85beb No.3650742

File: 1647394274223.png (635.68 KB, 1104x1044, Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 2….png)

A good start.

getting the ol' pat tillman

0f3b65ea No.3650743

File: 1647394318090.jpg (83.97 KB, 720x678, africa secondtotermites.jpg)

e5b85beb No.3650745

File: 1647394987148.jpg (285.94 KB, 752x573, 1636005317845.jpg)

yes, very curious that whites, arabs and asians are absolutely obsessed with building very tall, slender monuments to their tiny penises

01ff76ad No.3650747

File: 1647405613320.jpg (21.34 KB, 450x225, Beholder-iIlustration.jpg)

I wonder what is really behind the fires and destroyed city in Ukraine

74df8925 No.3650752

Inb4 kaiju and gods rise.

Allready have the ninetailed fox diety released from their. Spiritual killing stone prison. All that's left is the kaijus

01ff76ad No.3650754

File: 1647416941115.png (89.25 KB, 475x475, 658.png)

i have made alot of research i think it is some sort of…ninja frog pokemon

2acaea21 No.3650761

What gives you any indication that's Ka?

d7c589e7 No.3650764

its time for people to start to recognize they live on the same ground as everyone else…these squabbles are no different than chickens in coups for the picking off of predators

895ed59d No.3650766

every 0/1 ider in this thread = this pic

487bc72d No.3650769

I was worried that masses might support Russia because a very small faction of Nazi's had been discovered within it's ranks.
Perhaps this war is may bring people closer together. Perhaps some good will come of this.

487bc72d No.3650770

File: 1647424076975.jpg (18.58 KB, 200x285, Cornholio.jpg)

Are you threatening me?

d7c589e7 No.3650771

more like welcoming

2acaea21 No.3650772

A lot of people have ISPs with revolving IPs, so going by IDs here is usually pointless.

895ed59d No.3650776

215dad7f No.3650780

File: 1647431234950.png (725.42 KB, 1492x1024, 1606648515765.png)

Ah, I see. I'm sorry the internet has exacerbated whatever mental illness you clearly suffer from.

895ed59d No.3650782

ctrl f 215dad7f



895ed59d No.3650783

>plz be dumb enough to believe im not 3b

dude, i dont care if there was a 1% chance you're him, even that isn't worth risking my time for it. he's just that annoying to talk to

you're probably him, no one new comes into this. it's like this old game I used to play, all the players are known, if some newfag comes in playing exactly like a regular we're not going to assume it's someone else just because the ip is different

215dad7f No.3650784


Yeah, because I'm 2acaea21 and I have a revolving IP address like I mentioned, dummy.

895ed59d No.3650785



>plz be dumb enough to believe im not 3b

dude, i dont care if there was a 1% chance you're him, even that isn't worth risking my time for it. he's just that annoying to talk to

you're probably him, no one new comes into this. it's like this old game I used to play, all the players are known, if some newfag comes in playing exactly like a regular we're not going to assume it's someone else just because the ip is different

895ed59d No.3650786



215dad7f No.3650787

I have no idea what you're on about. I only responded to you because you brought up a random namefag that used to post here that I know personally. Same guy turned into a massive SJW commie.

895ed59d No.3650789



895ed59d No.3650790

I miss when everyone wasn't cosplaying as if they had the CIA's interests to guard. You're just a pedophile and someone is going to try and phone your uni and probably - nothing will happen, it has nothing to do with me at this point and I didn't ask them

It's not that deep

895ed59d No.3650791

Are you the roman empire? Shit. It's like you're making doubly sure my mother wasn't a virgin when they gave birth to me. No miracles or holy spirit here. Don't blame me for all the light, that's you glowing, not me

Holy cow

895ed59d No.3650792

And despite all the glowing. Despite HOW FREAKING BRIGHT IT IS, we can all see it's you. I can't, bro.

I don't have anything to say. 'I know personally,' even your hypothetical claim doesn't absolve you of involvement. Why on earth would you know that pile of garbage personally? His internet presence begins, ends, it GALVANIZES the earth on the notion of pedophilia. He BREAAATHES 7 YEAR OLDS, when he opens his mouth a toddler emerges and drops like a leech to the floor, drenched in his esophagus fluids. Why would you even KNOW him personally?

Was he good back when he didn't add communism as the final % of his personality, with the rest of it just being a pedophile that walks, talks, breaths, shits and eats pedophilia?


895ed59d No.3650793


215dad7f No.3650794


I'm talking about this

Who the fuck are you talking about?

895ed59d No.3650798

Most of the new ids are just 3b and post exactly like him.

215dad7f No.3650799

It seems like 3B has become the Lulz bogeyman. Everyone thinks everyone else is 3B. Like a Goldstein figure. You're better off not drawing conclusions about anyone's identity here unless they use a well-known tripcode or otherwise confirm their id.

895ed59d No.3650800


99b7f60f No.3650805

File: 1647438524188.jpeg (11.31 KB, 225x224, download (1).jpeg)

No he's just the personification of being a thoughtless drone and it's annoying. Anyone else who posts in this vain might be confused as him because dull minds think alike. Because they don't think at all. They follow the herd.

Being a repetitive annoying drone isn't an accomplishment.
I could really care less.
But judging from some of these posts a lot of people here, even some left wing individuals are fed up and appearantly there is a campaign for his undoing.

f660d9fb No.3650806

File: 1647439272391.jpg (16.54 KB, 280x157, icke-passio-eastwood.jpg)

I might as well post this, it's a good a time as any…
Anyway, it's nice to discover more people who don't eat the mainstream ashkhenazi/khazar/lizard/jewish lies, and here's a generally interesting (but also 2 hours long) discussion between David Icke, Mark Passio and Vinny Eastwood - the last two I hadn't heard of before yet.

Not sure what to make of them yet, but they talked about satanism and how it has infused earthly institutions, the power of mindset, how to begin healing, how to make a positive change and oppose evil, understanding right and wrong, the nature of reality and the world and universe, living a better life, etc.
Nothing that blew the fluff of my butt up, but worth sharing I think:

Also, an interesting news source (albeit with an Australian slant) that's not afraid to criticise psychopathic liars/jews is https://cairnsnews.org/ It'll probably be one of the first sites to get scrubbed off the Internet once the purge begins.
Lots of interesting links to other Websites on there as well.

f660d9fb No.3650808

File: 1647440102347.jpg (371.81 KB, 1536x1536, Super_Awesome_Hero_Bolt.jpg)

Almost forgot… to state the obvious; that Bolt is still awesome! Anyway, gotta go now, it's late and I'm tired.

4924ad4c No.3650812

File: 1647444803737.gif (488.16 KB, 371x209, Thanks-obama.gif)


Fun history fact about that small group of Nazi in Ukraine; They only have any money or power because the U.S. Government funded them under Obama to overthrow Pro-Russian leader Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.


4924ad4c No.3650813

File: 1647445358072.jpg (155.04 KB, 850x1202, DtCJ_mtXoAEnAyW.jpg)

>No [3B] is just the personification of being a thoughtless drone and it's annoying.

3B isn't the personification of anything. He's no one. He was never special or powerful. He just spent years hurting the feelings of right-wingers here every day and like abused step-children they can't let it go.

3B only has power over you because you keep talking about him. I doubt the original one is even still alive.

4924ad4c No.3650814

File: 1647445485898.jpg (47.93 KB, 590x680, Evuj-7cXAAIz5mJ.jpg)


If you seriously think Gods and Demons are real and you aren't just trolling, you need to seek help. You are not well.

d18a7c2c No.3650817

Bro you believe you Nazi's hiding in your closet.
You think anyone who sees the blatant double think hypocrisy of the status quo narrative is a literal Nazi.

You are no one to talk about mental problems.

4924ad4c No.3650818


No, I think most conservatives are Nazi sympathizers. They will gladly stand beside the Nazis and watch as they murder minorities but most conservatives don't have the stones to do the murdering themselves.

Being a Nazi takes courage. That's not something conservatives have in abundance. The bravest thing you'll do is cheer for them.

895ed59d No.3650819

3b is calling me brave and worshiping my manliness again

4924ad4c No.3650824

File: 1647449146328-0.jpg (56.44 KB, 1080x440, FN1Av54XsAMGWXu.jpg)

File: 1647449146328-1.png (325.43 KB, 715x688, GOP-eager-to-kill-jan6th.png)

Uh, oh… looks like GOP congressman Hawthorn is in a little bit of felony trouble because he smuggled guns into congress in his wheel chair. Was he planning on using those to kill cops? To kill Democrats? To kill the Jan 6th protestors if they got to close to him? Was he there to kill Mike Pence if Pence didn't cooperate with Trump's plan?

Is there an answer to that question which won't end poorly for him?


895ed59d No.3650827

895ed59d No.3650830

215dad7f No.3650832


Why is this guy staring into the camera like a psychopath?

895ed59d No.3650833

it's based

0223f688 No.3650834

I have heard back from 9 of the Colorado Universities so far concerning the employment of William Bishop there, the list is getting narrowed down.

895ed59d No.3650835

fuckin juicy

8a3ca07d No.3650836

>a very small faction of Nazi's had been discovered within it's ranks

You make it sound like they have just been discovered.


The world is weeping for an ultra nationalistic country that harbors literal nazis. Those guy pose for the photograph in front of german nazi flags.

We are at peak clown-world. Supporting a country that shells its population, employ nazis, stop its men from leaving the country, send foreign volunteers untrained and with a handful of ammo to fight. Use propaganda at every turn to try to start WW3, etc.

Fuck Ukraine leadership.

a8372943 No.3650837


Sounds like the US rightwing would be at home with nat-zees. After all, current members of congress and candidates are blatantly supporting nazis.


"But it's the left that supports nazis".

Oh shut the fuck up, pitful incels.

0223f688 No.3650839

Hi 3B.


4924ad4c No.3650843

File: 1647472210820.jpg (25.16 KB, 338x254, FN7bNTXVIAMK9I3.jpg)


You're so pathetically stupid it's amazing.
Your mother was correct. You can't do anything right.

Instead of harassing hundreds of random school administrators why don't you just do a search for 3B's name then compare the list of names to the places that have universities?


You could narrow it down to a few options very fast instead of wasting everyone's time.

You are such a fucking failure at every level.
This is basic conspiracy theory shit.
How do you not know this?

f660d9fb No.3650844

File: 1647474702823.png (400.16 KB, 1000x1000, unrelated_sniff.png)

You're not putting much thought into your wildly ranting insults, because not everyone is going to be listed in some kind of directory, and such directories often have outdated information.

By using a faulty and limited/limiting method of elimination from the very beginning, one is actually very likely to make things even harder for themselves in the long run, and even fail from the very beginning due to not "casting the net" wide enough.

Using your method, a highly likely location could be eliminated from the very beginning, because of the results given by a single information source that may very well have produced incorrect information.
Some "detective" you are.

Whatever pisses you or your kind off, is probably worth a second look. (So, how are the demons you've invited into your heart treating you? Are they treating you poorly?)

(pic probably unrelated)

d7c589e7 No.3650849


insert overall passive superlative:
"defensive commentation"
"expound of original point further detail"
"condescending advice"
"some other closing argument with preconcieved takeaways"

d7c589e7 No.3650850

yeah uh…government gets cocky and does shit because fuck you basically. that would be one of those instances.

fba7a093 No.3650858

db1d7332 No.3650859

File: 1647482942465.png (1.12 MB, 946x1002, 1647481466116.png)

e8820d19 No.3650861

>im gonna pretend like this matters
this how to really stop freedom of information.

db1d7332 No.3650863

File: 1647488496036.jpg (15.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Why was Cops canceled?

This is not the first time Cops has been canceled – and, given the cyclical nature of TV programming, it might not be the last. When the show was canceled by FOX in 2013, the removal from primetime was a win for Color of Change, the civil rights group that called for an end to the show and criticized its "intentional focus on Black, Latino and low income neighborhoods and its highly selective portrayal of race."

Highly selective……LOL

The producers of COPS themselves said they were showing white perps disproportionally more because the criminal behavior of non-whites is worse than what is portrayed.

4924ad4c No.3650864


No they didn't. You're so full of shit you belong in a diaper thread.

4924ad4c No.3650867

File: 1647496814108.png (201.35 KB, 543x841, Instant-Karma.png)


01ff76ad No.3650870

01ff76ad No.3650871

because there is a clear line between degeneracy and civility what else should be said.

93690ca9 No.3650875

File: 1647499804553.jpg (299.09 KB, 925x727, 3b_lol_a.jpg)


d226802a No.3650877

>Only power he is because you people keep talking about him.

I know. I have made this point repeatedly.

6875dff1 No.3650878

File: 1647502074642-0.jpg (53.09 KB, 1799x80, russian propaganda.jpg)

File: 1647502074642-1.png (144.02 KB, 705x838, last tweets.png)

File: 1647502074642-2.webm (1.67 MB, 640x360, Poroshenko their children….webm)

Hey, you have military experience, why don't you go and join Ukrainian Foreign Legion and tell us if it's truth or not?

895ed59d No.3650880

it's absolutely true, though.

895ed59d No.3650881

didn't notice the question marks around the 3b moniker. Well, no real way to know if we're barking up the wrong tree or not. It does SEEM like him, that's for sure.

01ff76ad No.3650885

The problem is the money does not make you independent.

This just seems like you want money. If they weren't corrobarating population control and asking for foreign handouts maybe this would be more decisive. But they get 800 million dollars for basically staging a 9/11 ground scenario. This is why…people are so stupid. They are brother countries.

"Help us we are under attack oo the humanity"
"Uh oh russia got the money and the convoy please send another?"


01ff76ad No.3650886

Btw who is even gonna rebuild with that money? Ukranian MEXICANS? They are literally a gypsy state. So I super doubt that.

e4d7221d No.3650892

File: 1647510836942.jpg (28.53 KB, 576x600, pathetic.jpg)


"Where is the supposed good of western civilization?"


Righties are brainwashed morons. Leftists would have told them all that the neoliberal empire doesn't give a shit about any one of them. It's pure political calculus. We aren't there to save Ukraine. We're just making money off war, as usual.

We led Ukraine into this conflict and now they're getting their asses pounded. And all these /pol/tards and Western Civilization lovers with fanciful ideas of being white knights are riding off to get turned to red mist. Nazis killing Nazis. You love to see it.

895ed59d No.3650895

You enjoying being an enemy of civilization?

895ed59d No.3650896

How the hell did Ka turn into a commie? I highly doubt that. He was MASSIVELY red pilled in the day

6875dff1 No.3650897

File: 1647516237576.webm (1.69 MB, 800x450, kiev civilized city.webm)

4924ad4c No.3650898

>We led Ukraine into this conflict and now they're getting their asses pounded.

They are winning. They are defeating a world super-power using tractors and hunting rifles because Russia has fucked this up so badly.

8a3ca07d No.3650900


The brave Ukrainian soldiers stop Russian bullets with their faces.

Onward to Victory! Next week will be the besieging of Moscow!

8a3ca07d No.3650901

File: 1647516952520.png (150.56 KB, 568x328, mariupol_shelling_predicte….png)

Looks like our charming neo-nazi lads, the Azov batallion made a blood sacrifice to their dark God of Nationalism ; they really want WW3 bad.

6875dff1 No.3650902

File: 1647517225443.png (4.58 MB, 3915x4096, peaceful ukraine text.png)

f660d9fb No.3650904

File: 1647518261510.png (107.02 KB, 416x234, ddg.png)

Lucy and the Dollar Vigilante released a new walk-and-talk video that's quite good.
It once again disintegrates the bullshit war propaganda from the same lowlifes who fabricated/pushed the scamdemic propaganda.
(Spoiler - the Ukrainian military is bombing apartment complexes for the news media cameras, and blaming the Russians.)
There's information on the nature of time (it's more interesting than it sounds), how DuckDuckGo (run by a khazar/jew) is also evil, learning to play music, more covid scam bullshit, germ theory and terrain theory, opportunities to make lots of money (honestly) with crypto, insane government hypocrisy, and to top it all of - he manages to talk about completely horrible things in a way that won't have you feeling sad and helpless, which is good.

"War Propaganda, Censorship and How DuckDuckGo Killed Itself with One Tweet"

By the way - to the three or four people left on here who aren't NPCs, soulless skin bags, deranged pedophile commies, glowfaggots or AI bots - I suggest you look through my previous posts on the pol threads and share what you like and agree with, on other boards or wherever you frequent.

More good videos: https://www.DollarVigilante.tv

Also, do consider sharing some interesting links or videos here yourself.

PS: Bolt is awesome!

895ed59d No.3650905

Like just copypaste it? I don't mind doing some of that.

f660d9fb No.3650906

Sure, that would work!

f660d9fb No.3650907

File: 1647520745836.jpg (40.14 KB, 350x461, Bolt_is_Cool.jpg)

And thank you! Also, here are some of the sources to back up what I've said in my post above: https://www.lulz.net/furi/res/3650508.html#q3650592
(There are lots of other sources I've seen, but these sum things up neatly enough, can add more upon request.)

"covid never existed outside a lab" (I said that because major parts of it were already patented over ten years ago, it was never isolated and proven to exist "in the wild" or inside a human being, and also because once a "bioweapon" is released, those releasing it will lose control of how it behaves - therefore it's better to only pretend that it was released (because apparently the masses are stupid enough to believe fiction, to the point of poisoning their children to death.):

"FULL INTERVIEW: There is No Variant - Not Novel - No Pandemic. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich"

"By The Way…. There's Still No 'Virus'"




895ed59d No.3650908

File: 1647521485999.jpg (121.98 KB, 640x1136, 1646272815457.jpg)

this is cool, but why are there so many pedophiles on lulz?

f660d9fb No.3650909

File: 1647521575781.jpg (42.31 KB, 1024x410, Real_Bolt_Speaks.jpg)

My next claim "the spike protein injection is the actual bioweapon" sources (but there are lots more):




(Consider browsing through various pages, not just the first page, and reading the titles to pick out the doctors, researchers, CEOs, etc.)…

e4d7221d No.3650910

File: 1647521956988.jpg (88.58 KB, 654x394, FBNH91ZWYAQp3wP.jpg)


No offense, but you need to be more skeptical of war-time propaganda. Yes, the Russians have mishandled their blitzkrieg and they're suffering for it economically, but there is no way the Ukrainians can hold them off forever. It just isn't possible.

War will be over when one side loses the will to fight, and Ukrainians are currently under heavy bombardment as Russians control the air. The Russians will eventually surround their cities and bleed them out, and NATO will do nothing for fear of nuclear reprisal.

f660d9fb No.3650911

File: 1647522409559.jpg (2.24 MB, 2688x4032, cat_man_duo.jpg)

>why are there so many pedophiles on lulz?
I suspect it's a combination of factors:

1. The insistent pedo SPAM on here years ago chased away many decent non-pedos, while the real pedos just watched and fapped.

2. Furry (like most fandoms) has a kinky side, and some non-furs who are pedos like to pretend to be furs in order to infest and hollow out a new grouping of people and look for prey.

3. There are lots of lowly scum glowfags wherever there are natural gatherings of real people, in order to try and control or destroy these gatherings. Also - the glowfags are the biggest creators and distributors of CP; they're all sick evil fucks, no matter what country they're from.

4. The drab color scheme - if it were bright, cheerful and nature-like, it would probably chase away a few pedos the way sunlight chases away vampires.

e4d7221d No.3650912

File: 1647523420078.jpg (36.7 KB, 414x640, sleepy_nana.jpg)


All sides in this conflict are "civilized", dipshit. Your lexicon of retarded reactionary propaganda isn't able to properly parse this situation correctly because it doesn't neatly fit into the usual toddler-like model you view the world from.

This is a conflict decades in the making between two decaying Imperialist powers. Really since the Cold War. Ukraine is being used as a puppet state for the neoliberal order to buffer against Russia, and Russia absolutely despises having one of its former vassal states being used against it. Putin has wanted to reclaim some lost glory of the Russian Empire for his entire career.

This is two great pimp nations ruled by greedy oligarchs struggling over Ukraine like a battered whore, twisting its arms out of its sockets. And no sanctions will hurt those at the top that rule either country. As always, the only people who will starve and suffer will be the poor and working class of both countries.

Russia is certainly wrong for invading a sovereign nation to begin with, but the provocation that led to them doing this was written several dozen moves ago.

But sure, swallow all the propaganda about Ukraine you see in the media. Get real hype thinking you're somehow defending Western Civilization and thereby white people by going over there and getting turned into chunky salsa. Doesn't bother me. One less dumbass reactionary.

f660d9fb No.3650913

File: 1647523605782.jpg (144.32 KB, 992x1254, catbombs.jpg)

>War will be over when one side loses the will to fight … and NATO will do nothing for fear of nuclear reprisal.

I hope you're right, but doubt it. You still sound like you believe the sensible and logical real-world scenario which tries to avoid both sides of the propaganda and find a conclusion based on reason, while ignoring the driving insanity of that which goes outside human reason.

IMO, this whole thing is theater to distract from the global covid democide and continue onto the next phase of turning the planet into a communist one world government hellhole - Putin is a WEF crony/bitch, after all. (The one world government thing is a serious plan going back many decades.)

It's clear that Russia sent a whole lot of truly dumb soldiers into ukraine, clearly not the finest, however in an interview the captured soldiers also said that they believed the whole thing was just a training exercise, which could very well be true.
The Russian army has some incredible weaponry and have spent the last decades building up their strength and resources - they would have filtered out the wheat from the chaff long ago, and not allowed actual "slip ups" to happen, unless they were supposed to.

You're assuming that NATO/USA and Russia are actually real enemies, rather than major pawns in a chess game. Nevertheless, whatever the case, it's wishful thinking to assume that NATO doesn't want (nuclear) war, as it would greatly and neatly accelerate very many of the globalists' plans on enslaving the planet.

(pic probably unrelated)

f660d9fb No.3650914

File: 1647524098330.jpg (166.39 KB, 1280x916, A_Real_Life_Hero.jpg)

Meh, I'm tired. Will post more sources to what I said about the death-shots later. To those who aren't fully-dead yet - congrats, and stay strong!

e4d7221d No.3650915


TBH I think you are overcomplicating it yourself. There's no grander conspiracy here. This is about wealth, land, prestige, a desire to reclaim the glories of the past and deny one's enemy control. Russia has been hemmed in by NATO for decades. This entire conflict is the result of two great dying Empires jabbing at each other via proxy, as they have done for longer than most of us have been alive.

In short it boils down to very easy to understand base human flaws. Greed. Control. Clinging to faded power. Not some high-minded convoluted conspiracy or some appeal to ideological conflict like the Kremlin claims.

f660d9fb No.3650916

What you said doesn't actually make what I said less likely.
The difference between what you believe and what I believe is where we draw a line on the scale of grandiose madness of those who have imposed power on the world's population:
Is the tussle over a better spot on the one world government table (extremely high on the scale), or is it over glories and control/power (slightly lower on the scale)?

How many corpses did those who impose their deranged will over the masses, have to walk over or create, in order to gain such ability to impose their deranged will in the first place?
Maybe you just don't want to accept that it takes a psychopathic mind and dead soul to destroy the lives of others, and that pretty much every facet of influence has at its leadership people who could never be accused of being sane or moral.
I don't want to try and convince you of my own point of view. I've suffered quite badly in the past from having to come to terms with certain things.
We all work things out in our own time and ways, and in a way, we're actually both right.

f660d9fb No.3650917

Ugh, I'm too tired. Just a couple of things (and probably more) - I'm actually generally positive despite all of the bad news, and just because there's so much evil congealing and thrashing about now doesn't mean that good won't win. Also, I meant that pretty much every facet of earthly influence has been infested, but not spiritual.
Off to my doggy-bed now.

4924ad4c No.3650945

File: 1647542944162.jpg (114.52 KB, 1000x1414, EFNrSqtWwAAOHuf.jpg)

>but there is no way the Ukrainians can hold them off forever. It just isn't possible.

You have a childish understanding of the conflict.

They don't need to hold them off forever, they just need to hold them off long enough for the people who actually control Russia to get tired of Putin fucking up the economy and execute him.

Putin was only ever allowed to hold power because he was useful. Now he's a problem. Unlike in America, in Russia when someone becomes a problem, they are made dead.

Money only respects money. Putin is fucking everything up for them with his crusade. He's already a dead man. It's just a matter of time.

4924ad4c No.3650947

File: 1647543129709.jpg (92.96 KB, 680x633, FN-6duxVEAE-TcX.jpg)


You're a moron if you think this is a war between Putin and Ukraine.

This is a war between Putin and Russia.
Russia is going to win.
Putin is a dead man.

That's why Ukraine's president is being so ballsy. He knows he's already won.

0b0a78ee No.3650981


Putin will be declared dead.
If senile Biden does not forget his line, he will as per tradition say "We got him" as the US will take credit for Putins assassination.
Biden gets re-elected because war hero.
4 years later Biden and Putin are sipping cocktail drinks on Little St Patricks both with children on their shriveled up dicks.
Kiss kiss, Uncle Sam.

4924ad4c No.3650993

File: 1647563007521.jpg (116.32 KB, 813x1199, FN96tYYVcAMpX6v.jpg)


Nah, he'll be real dead. This whole thing is about his personal obsession with building a legacy of "Re-uniting Russia"

He and his loyalists are basically the MAGA of Russia trying to restore an imaginary glory that was never real in the first place.

You can't reason with people like that. They aren't attached to reality. You can only put them down and clean up the damage.

4924ad4c No.3650996

File: 1647563587398.webm (2.55 MB, 640x360, Proud-white-supremacist.webm)

Speaking of political parties we'll have to put down eventually….

4924ad4c No.3650998

File: 1647564902423-0.png (239.1 KB, 541x524, America-The-Evil-Empire.png)

File: 1647564902423-1.jpg (51.35 KB, 680x524, FOAIcE-WQAYtYed.jpg)

File: 1647564902423-2.png (280.01 KB, 668x404, GRP.png)

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised that the GOP is fully supporting white nationalism. They gave up any pretense of being loyal to America when Trump lost.

I have yet to see a single Republican come out to denounce the many republicans who spoke at the largest white-nationalism rally in America on the same day as CPAC.

Why? Because they know the anti-American neo-nazis are the only base they have.

4924ad4c No.3650999

File: 1647565509501-0.png (226.87 KB, 539x549, You-better-pay-me.png)

File: 1647565509501-1.webm (4.63 MB, 480x270, You-owe-her-your-money.webm)

In "Freedom Convoy" news…

The Republican multi-millionaires behind the trucker protests have pulled their funding because of the colossal failure that the convoy has been.

The main organizer for the financial grift was speaking on a Christian Patriots tv show and she threw a TANTRUM because the rich people who have been paying her to organize these fake movements for years have stopped paying her.

Karen DEMANDS rich people keep paying her. Not paying her is paramount to treason after all!

4924ad4c No.3651005

File: 1647566612017-0.png (236.73 KB, 543x542, Incels-unite.png)

File: 1647566612017-1.webm (4.1 MB, 480x270, We-want-only-men.webm)

File: 1647566612017-2.png (225.66 KB, 542x467, Denounced-yet.png)

Just in case it's unclear for those of you who don't keep up with American politics, yhe guy Margorie Green Taylor is being buddy-buddy with at the white nationalist convention is Nick Fuentes.

He is a self-proclaimed white nationalist who recently praised Hitler. A staunch anti-feminists who has lived his entire life in the friend zone. He is basically the leader of the American coalition of incels.

Oddly enough, the GOP leadership seems to have ZERO problem with this man-child and his Anti-American, Neo-Nazi friends becoming the face of the Republican party. Gee, I wonder why that is?

d49d911e No.3651010

Amazing how all these different people who all post exactly like 3B always do it together in a cluster, isn't it? Surely they must co-ordinate the time with each other so they can all post together.

d49d911e No.3651011

13 Colleges in Colorado have contacted me so far, William. Getting scared yet?

4924ad4c No.3651022

File: 1647580819445.jpg (74.38 KB, 680x605, FN5srdRXsAkzWRI.jpg)

>Amazing how all these different people who all post exactly like 3B always do it together in a cluster, isn't it?

If you are talking about my posts, they all have the same name and the same ID.
I don't know why you think they are different people.
You deeply want there to be a conspiracy where there is none.

4924ad4c No.3651023


Post proof. Show us the replies.

01ff76ad No.3651025

they won't kill him lol.

6875dff1 No.3651029

File: 1647586592734.jpg (358.67 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-97347150.jpg)

>Unlike in America, in Russia when someone becomes a problem, they are made dead.

5c30a38d No.3651031

Its not about wealth since they basically have all the wealth allready its about not having to share any of it by putting into thw pockets of those that will spend it for their needs etc. They have intentionally destroyed a good chunk of their larger enterprises like sears and more. Your also talking about people that cant live without a butler till they are at least 45 and even then thats a small number. So how can you even say that global domination is going to be clean even with a group of idiots masterminding it!.

4924ad4c No.3651033

File: 1647588295669.jpg (5.27 KB, 225x225, Touché.jpg)

d7c589e7 No.3651036

isn't empty Sears graveyards where pol threads are secretly hosted

8a3ca07d No.3651037

>Money only respects money. Putin is fucking everything up for them with his crusade. He's already a dead man.

You must live on another planet. Europe is about to commit economic Sudoku, with probable riotd and instability to follow.
Those Russian oligarchs ? They'll be able to buy large chunks of what remains once things settle down.

Their only worry now must be: will they be able to grab more than the petromonarchies.

d7c589e7 No.3651041

Imo. Grab more of what exactly…money is just an object, im not trading you fresh fruit for useless papers unless you got something like sex appeal money isn't ever going to sway my ass. In the end the world will turn to monkeys and I will literally eating a fat fucking old fashioned apple and watching them try to figure it out. Money aint going keep you alive in the end times. Only porn and chicken will save the world.

65a1c6cc No.3651045

File: 1647603244302.jpg (650.98 KB, 1836x2448, 1910342907.jpg)

>Europe is about to commit economic Sudoku,
At least they will be keeping busy. It could have been much worse, they could have been about to commit economic Seppuku.

93690ca9 No.3651046

File: 1647603434033.jpg (5.4 MB, 2975x3850, 5e3b1ccf4b3308d2d5b62ff573….jpg)

221abf63 No.3651048

File: 1647603879487.png (1.09 MB, 800x1200, 20d2033844523118a0677f72e0….png)

65a1c6cc No.3651049

File: 1647605191979.jpg (415.81 KB, 2048x1536, gelding19.jpg)

>We led Ukraine into this conflict and now they're getting their asses pounded.
There may be some truth to that. When the USSR disintegrated some Soviet nuclear weapons remained under the control of Ukraine. We convinced Ukraine to get rid of those things. If Ukraine still had them Russia would think twice about attacking.

952dd35e No.3651054

>think twice about attacking
yeah and go straight for nuke

65a1c6cc No.3651055

File: 1647610232405.jpg (238.13 KB, 1200x1142, WET HORSE ANUS.jpg)

> yeah and go straight for nuke
Sounds good to me. They should have been tossing nukes at each other. I have no particular urge to visit that part of the world.

2fb6103b No.3651058

when russia finally launches the nukes most of them will be pointed at USA

still sounds good to me, the world is pretty much destroyed already anyway

895ed59d No.3651089

all I want to know is how the fuck did Ka become cucked?

4924ad4c No.3651100

File: 1647627679346.jpg (90.93 KB, 537x900, FODcF9yVcAQ7On6.jpg)

>when Russia finally launches the nukes most of them will be pointed at USA

It's unlikely. There are a lot of people between Putin and a nuclear launch and he is so afraid of everyone turning against him he's hiding in a bunker and not letting people within 10 foot of him.

I don't think Russia would nuke anyone even if he gives the order.

4924ad4c No.3651101

File: 1647629442206.webm (4.07 MB, 320x180, Season3.webm)

A new strain of Covid is surging across the EU and spreading rapidly.

d49d911e No.3651105

File: 1647631559853.jpg (82.46 KB, 640x707, mrugly.jpg)

d49d911e No.3651106

File: 1647631600561.jpg (48.68 KB, 486x600, fa0448bf4e518f919d680ae380….jpg)

0aa9eafa No.3651118

File: 1647640295982.png (331.03 KB, 302x466, Biden.png)

Of course it is. The midterms are coming up.

895ed59d No.3651131

>headcanon based on no sources

like every post you write

4924ad4c No.3651132

File: 1647645519734.jpg (814.94 KB, 1000x1460, EO_NWbDXsAAmAuu.jpg)


Why do Republicans keep acting like a Covid outbreak somehow helps Biden?

Why would you think Biden planned it out with Europe to fake an outbreak which makes him look even more incompetent than he normally looks just before the mid-terms?

Why do you think it helps him?

4924ad4c No.3651133

File: 1647645815873.jpg (38.62 KB, 680x394, Cum-dupster.jpg)


Sources: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/what-is-chain-command-potential-russian-nuclear-strikes-2022-03-02/

Unlike America, Russia doesn't actually give control of nuclear weapons to just one person. It takes a group effort to destroy the world.

Cry about it all you want, cum-dumpster, but I'm correct and you are an idiot, like always.

6000e4f6 No.3651138

File: 1647648321898.webm (2.22 MB, 663x373, nuclearblast.webm)

>There are a lot of people between Putin and a nuclear launch

You should do some research. I personally know of four times in my lifetime that nuclear war was averted by the decision of a single person either in the Soviet Union or America.

No doubt there were other times that never became public.

6000e4f6 No.3651139



Time to push those mail-in ballots.

Time to protest voter ID laws that suppress minorities because they are too stupid to get and ID since they cant figure out where the DMV is.



6000e4f6 No.3651141

File: 1647650558441.jpg (51.65 KB, 490x565, Capture.JPG)

Smollett was convicted of five felony counts of disorderly conduct for lying to police.

He faked a hate crime by paying two Nigerians to attack him and leave a noose on his neck. He did it to restart his flagging career.

Rather than beginning his sentence like everyone else, HE HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM JAIL.


4924ad4c No.3651149

File: 1647658413018.jpg (65.64 KB, 529x680, FN_bhMrXsAM17dC.jpg)


He's appealing the case. This is perfectly normal for a non-violent crime. Lying to a cop isn't a death-sentence crime, yet.

4924ad4c No.3651150

File: 1647658776167.jpg (342.47 KB, 2839x1412, Press_X_To_Doubt-.jpg)

>I personally know of four times … that nuclear war was averted by … a single person.

aa9d9f7f No.3651151

File: 1647658985190.jpg (82.65 KB, 500x421, 146.jpg)

You're a nice guy :3
(thanks for drawing penis once in a while btw)

Threeb, I've had bad experiences with the cops too… jerk cops giving me the papers please shit just so they can make their quota of people they stopped, I probably almost got arrested over stuff and things last year, talked my way out of it like a pro got off without even a warning, but also without my [you don't need to know]. And tempted arrest again this year after harassing a bunch of hunters.

And hey, it felt bad. And the cops can be scary. But you know. We fucking need cops so people don't rape and murder and steal from each other. You can't call some fucking psychiatrist or one of those knockoff mall cops when some insane guy is holding up a bank or something. Fucking engage your brain for once.

Don't give it to him, give it to me.

No, that's me.

aa9d9f7f No.3651152

File: 1647659708611.jpg (26.03 KB, 480x349, fbc.jpg)

Oh! Somebody saw the anime webms at the beginning of the thread!

Heard Mushishi is good, but never got around to seeing it. I'll def bump it up in my to-see list.

I don't do manga or comics because that implies having to actually put effort into reading it (lean forward and use the arrow key). Anime is as good as it gets for me lmao.

aa9d9f7f No.3651153

File: 1647659947633.jpg (122.98 KB, 800x731, R30xU.jpg)

Aufy, just skip to the atheist phase already, I'm feeling second-hand embarrassment…

4924ad4c No.3651155

File: 1647660888004.png (597.71 KB, 1153x611, The-Russian-8.png)

Only 8 people in congress voted against crippling Russia's economic ability to maintain the invasion by suspending trade with them.

Guess which party was busy defending Putin?

263eb043 No.3651157

File: 1647661939162-0.png (46.03 KB, 680x340, FODk6WxXsAERv8y.png)

File: 1647661939162-1.jpg (62.79 KB, 680x453, FODAWZjXIAg0Mr9.jpg)

File: 1647661939162-2.png (46.25 KB, 1000x500, FN3kWGPVgAMP29V.png)

File: 1647661939162-3.jpg (94.79 KB, 1200x400, FN9GHmmWYAgojkG.jpg)

File: 1647661939162-4.png (45.94 KB, 1000x500, FN-1hfqWUAsC-qn.png)

263eb043 No.3651158

File: 1647661979697-0.jpg (159.93 KB, 2082x713, FNVce9WXEAIgdqb.jpg)

File: 1647661979697-1.png (148.22 KB, 640x320, FNlkvdKWYAsyOh2.png)

File: 1647661979697-2.jpg (71.63 KB, 680x501, FNLEIqFagAQy9_i.jpg)

File: 1647661979697-3.jpg (118.03 KB, 1170x1169, FM-VUjhVcAUISVs.jpg)

File: 1647661979697-4.jpg (320.64 KB, 1440x1668, FNmuSe1UcAAk61M.jpg)

aa9d9f7f No.3651162

File: 1647664809509.jpg (328.52 KB, 581x636, Stanislaw-jewgrafowitsch-p….jpg)

I know one example:

tl;dr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislav_Petrov

for adhd kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAOFH62JQl0
(jk coldfusiontv is amazing)

It's easy to point fingers when you live in a fucking mansion. If prices keep going up more, war or not, trade's gonna open up.

4924ad4c No.3651166

File: 1647671301686.png (219.8 KB, 519x389, Make-Amerca-Gap-Again.png)


You do understand you are proving my point, though, right?

My original statement was that even if Putin ordered a nuclear strike there are people along the chain of command which would stop him.

You just pointed to someone who did exactly what I said. He was ordered to fire and he refused because he did not agree with the order.

Congratulations, you proved me correct!

e76f194e No.3651173

> even if Putin ordered a nuclear strike there are people along the chain of command which would stop him

That's 50/50. Russian in general are behind a media iron curtain both by a heavy language barrier and by state censorship, and by literally a hundred years of state propaganda about how everyone else is a nazi. Public polls consistently show 60-70% support for Putin despite the obvious facts.

There will be people along the chain of command who simply go "Good riddance, bomb them to glass." like the Americans did in Hiroshima. Putin can very well use tactical nukes in Ukraine or elsewhere if he is pushed into a corner.

4924ad4c No.3651179

File: 1647701908566.png (328.43 KB, 675x856, Nato-allies.png)


No, he won't. Ukraine is surrounded on all sides by Nato allies. If he nukes Ukraine he nukes them as well. His only option to drop a nuke without starting world war 3 is to drop one on the border of Russia itself.

I guess he could drop a nuke on the border of Belarus but that's who is treating most of his wounded soldiers at the moment so he would be kicking himself in the balls.

4924ad4c No.3651180

File: 1647702554553.gif (4.08 MB, 320x424, wet-whale.gif)

Besides, the whole point of this war is to force Ukraine into being part of Russia again. If he nukes the land his people can't live there.

This whole thing is him trying to recapture a childhood ideal of Russia which included Ukraine.

He's turning 70 in October. He knows he can't hold on to power much longer and he wants to seal the deal before he's out.

Making Ukraine uninhabitable would be against every goal he is in the war for in the first place.

4924ad4c No.3651181

File: 1647703393952.webm (4.86 MB, 640x360, Run-u-over.webm)

The "People's Convoy" is running into problems. People are going home after the donor money stopped flowing and the drivers stopped being paid to be there.

The few that are still part of the protest are growing more paranoid every day.

8fc722d4 No.3651182

File: 1647703512395.png (445.3 KB, 522x715, west.png)


>This is perfectly normal

This NOT perfectly normal. This is highly unusual to be convicted, sentenced and then not serve your sentence while filing an appeal.

This is white privilege.

d860fd3e No.3651183

File: 1647703771536.png (541.63 KB, 701x660, b9f.png)

he was a philosophy grad student so he probably got brainwashed by neomarxists in uni

8fc722d4 No.3651184



>He was ordered
>he did not agree with the order.

Apparently this is opposite day.

This inbred mongrel did not read the link as obviously shown by the post. It clearly says that HE, ALONE, made the decision. No one else was involved.

You do not even deserve a condescending image.

By the Elder Gods……

6875dff1 No.3651185

File: 1647704119497-0.gif (244.61 KB, 464x500, breadloaf walk.gif)

File: 1647704119497-1.png (331.56 KB, 606x898, 16475480092742.png)

Meanwhile Russians approached New York.

8fc722d4 No.3651186

File: 1647704345458.jpg (50.11 KB, 500x500, nukem.jpg)


There is the possibility of a "demonstration nuke" where something small (20kt) is detonated on an uninhabited area of Ukraine as a prelude to negotiations.

4924ad4c No.3651187

File: 1647704645401-0.png (91 KB, 996x381, How-it-works.png)

File: 1647704645401-1.png (154.61 KB, 768x718, Common-place.png)


No, it's just how things work.


They know he's not a flight risk. It's non-violent crime with no real victim.

The judge granted him the freedom while on appeal because it will take longer to complete the appeal process than his total sentence.

They can't make him serve more time than he was sentenced too while waiting for the appeal.

I know you want something to be angry about but this ain't it. This is how the justice system works every day.


8fc722d4 No.3651188

File: 1647705065738.jpg (59.11 KB, 720x691, black.jpg)


I never said it was not possible. I said it is highly unusual.

The bar is extremely high and he presented no convincing evidence.

He got released only due to his white privilege.

4924ad4c No.3651189

File: 1647705371228-0.png (313.44 KB, 429x492, White-master-race.png)


So are you saying you think he would have nuked the planet if a superior officer had called him and told him to launch even though he knew it was nonsense?

Is that your argument?

4924ad4c No.3651190

File: 1647705808384-0.webm (857.13 KB, 360x640, hotelf.webm)

>The bar is extremely high…

No, it's really not. This is something people do every day. They don't keep you in jail if you are appealing the ruling in hopes of getting a shorter sentence.

After the appeal, if you lose, they will sentence you again based on the new evidence presented. That's how it works. Every. Single. Day.

79217305 No.3651191


On what grounds is he even appealing? He did it and they have absolute proof…

What's the theory?

4924ad4c No.3651192

File: 1647706848296-0.jpg (36.77 KB, 611x680, FON_n1XVUAAxDyh.jpg)


I think you're confused because he was sentenced to jail not prison. Jail sentences are a joke compared to prison.

The Judge sentenced Smollett to 150 days in jail — with good behavior he could have been released in as little as 75 days.

>On what grounds is he even appealing?

He was released with a 150 thousand dollar bond because the process of the appeal will take longer than the 150 days he was sentenced too.

They don't make you spend time in jail only to go to trial and get your sentence reduced or dismissed. It's not only illegal, it's a MASSIVE waste of resources and tax dollars.

We already have an overcrowded justice system. They don't need to keep him in prison for a year or more just to get to the appeal.

It would be stupid and he would end up suing the state for keeping him jail longer than the maximum sentence for the crime.

By letting him out on the bond they get court fees, bonds fees, free up space to put a more violent criminal behind bars and avoid a future lawsuit. This is how it works. It's perfectly normal if you can afford it.

If you want to be mad about it, be mad that non-rich people aren't afforded the same luxury.

This isn't a matter of black privilege or white privilege. This a matter of green privilege.

d7c589e7 No.3651193

who hasn't faked a hate crime about being black and receiving white hatred and then making white people kiss your foot on camera and then staging a hanging in your own room with white people and then instigating racism while pretending not to for tiktok views

d7c589e7 No.3651194

there is literally nothing to nuke in belarus what the fuck. why would you suggest this.

895ed59d No.3651195

>headcanon with no sources

like every post you write

4f9128e3 No.3651197

>His only option to drop a nuke without starting world war 3

You don't understand Russia and Putin. He doesn't care - Russians have made up a Big Lie about being some sort of God's gift upon the world and if NATO fights back against that mission it's just greater justification. Russians are the victims here, according to Russians, and bringing the war to their turf means they were right all along, according to Russians.

> If he nukes the land his people can't live there.

That's not how nuclear weapons work. There are people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. If he drops the A-bomb on Kiev, Ukraine is done - kaputt. They're not going to fight any longer and the rest is his to take. The question is simply whether the world wants to enter a direct war with Russia or let Putin have Ukraine in case he bombs the rest of Europe.

4f9128e3 No.3651198

What do you do with a shithole of a country that still believes they single-handedly won WW2 and rescued everyone - though they were fighting with American food, ammunition, fuel and trucks and really just invaded and enslaved half of Europe when Hitler wasn't looking.

895ed59d No.3651200

khyber was underrated, i know he was a narc and had issues but i'd pay for him to fuck william bishop's shit up. i remember he got me into hajime no ippo like 15 years ago too

im watching that now, based

895ed59d No.3651201

lulz = pedocracy

895ed59d No.3651202

File: 1647713984084.jpg (10.37 KB, 226x223, 1647618900941.jpg)

3b = pedophile

895ed59d No.3651203

im based

6875dff1 No.3651204

File: 1647716329669.gif (160.61 KB, 300x300, свинорез.gif)

40bc9005 No.3651205

File: 1647717792104.jpg (297.4 KB, 1200x1906, furryww3bombers.jpg)


Facts do NOT require an argument. You either accept the facts as a rational person would, or you reject them for your own belief system as a religious person would.

Your call.

PS. BTW, I dislike your selfies.

d7c589e7 No.3651211

The question is simply whether the world wants to enter a direct war with Russia or let Putin have Ukraine in case he bombs the rest of Europe.

the question is who is going to build my rocket ship to plant beans on the moon.

895ed59d No.3651213

But he used to be MADLY anti SJW.

895ed59d No.3651214

Like INSAAANELY anti SJW. He would harass them all the time, it was like islam on steroids and it was brilliant

8a3ca07d No.3651215

> There are a lot of people between Putin and a nuclear launch

Probably, but you are assuming these people would be against the launch.

We are talking about a country that the world has been busy pilling up sanction onto for 8 years. People tend to grow ressentful, just look at Germany after WWI, very bad people got into power.

263eb043 No.3651224

File: 1647736779592-0.png (1.59 MB, 1038x814, iacJIQt.png)

File: 1647736779592-1.jpeg (141.79 KB, 1170x1097, 3SNIMDy.jpeg)

717ad918 No.3651226

File: 1647738976788-0.jpg (261.51 KB, 900x773, f2d6f4a98139f48274ce69fb29….jpg)

File: 1647738976788-1.png (3.85 MB, 3365x1984, 902bcac89fb8d6538008fa8e01….png)

lol now do CNN. I'm honestly surprised they put in so many true issues into that, though. Usually they strawman harder. All but maybe 2 of those are real stories that people deserve lynchings over.

263eb043 No.3651230

File: 1647741583374-0.png (225.67 KB, 800x600, 48a.png)

File: 1647741583374-1.jpg (166.71 KB, 768x576, cnn-fox-news-msnbc-UPDATED….jpg)

File: 1647741583374-2.jpg (117.37 KB, 1438x1329, kuzdpqlux3g41.jpg)

File: 1647741583374-3.jpg (34.97 KB, 320x320, Four-Instagram-memes-refer….jpg)

File: 1647741583374-4.png (92.56 KB, 500x555, m6coxz8o4a207q57g91sd7mpkl….png)

They are both junk food for the public minds of all ages, even most young games find them boring.

cf46038a No.3651242

File: 1647747676821-0.png (59.38 KB, 777x777, 8BBC78A4-FDD5-49DD-B28F-A6….png)

File: 1647747676821-1.jpeg (123.45 KB, 400x400, A346F200-FBBD-4548-B249-2….jpeg)

File: 1647747676821-2.jpeg (147.14 KB, 760x1024, 3A419DAA-2EC3-46ED-9B59-3….jpeg)

File: 1647747676821-3.jpeg (89.46 KB, 1024x959, 73437B21-DF3D-44EF-ABA1-7….jpeg)

Anyone who gets their news from a single source is more than likely biased. It’s funny that people think I only get my news from Fox.

Fox didn’t see election fraud and I was like….”Bitch, I have video evidence!”

4924ad4c No.3651250

File: 1647751797733.jpg (212.55 KB, 1280x948, FOD7ZnLVcAYXcY1.jpg)

>there is nothing to nuke in belarus … why would you suggest this?

I wasn't suggesting it, I was illustrating that any use of a nuclear option would either harm Russia, it's ally Belarus, or a NATO member. If Russia nukes anywhere close to a NATO nation they are FUBAR.

There is no where in Ukraine they can deploy a nuclear option which would not end up with Russia being glassed or losing the only ally they have in the region.

There is a zero percent chance of a large scale nuclear strike on Ukraine. It's just not going to happen.

4924ad4c No.3651251

File: 1647752189633.jpg (78.16 KB, 651x680, Too-late-to-pull-out.jpg)

>They're not going to fight any longer and the rest is his to take…

That might have been true the first week of the battle but that ship has sailed.

There are people there from all over the world. If he nukes Ukraine now he'll be killing civilians and aid-workers from across the globe.

He honestly thought that Ukraine would welcome Russia in with warm hugs and cookies.

Even his own intelligence officers told him he was greatly overestimating how much support Russia has in Ukraine but he ignored them.

He's Trumped the whole thing up since the start and there is no way to fix it now except backing out.

2a14d512 No.3651252

File: 1647752190360.webm (3.6 MB, 640x360, LOL! convoy defeated.webm)


581e8f90 No.3651253

Nagasaki and Hiroshima would like to have a word with you about nukes. Its not a matter of will it benefit them but will it stop them from losing. Whos to say he won't go down without at least launching 1 nuke or more.

4924ad4c No.3651254

File: 1647752393200.jpg (167.27 KB, 1516x996, So-much-want.jpg)


Putin's goal from the start was to reclaim Ukraine for Russia. That is the legacy he wants to leave behind before he loses power.

Nuking the thing he wants most is counterproductive.

581e8f90 No.3651255

How long did it take for Nagasaki to be overpopulated after a bomb got dropped on them less than 50 years fyi he can and likely will nuke them if he can't get it any other way because it can still be reclaimed after a few years of cleanup. So News flash nukes don't always irradiate the landscape if done in low yields the only reason you have hot zones is due to the constant waste or nuclear materials being present and exposed for example chernobyl is only still irradiated because the plant that utilized the materials became exposed to the outside and isn't contained. Constant exposure is the problem not the nuke itself. A nuke utilizes all of the materials in a massive burst while a meltdown simply keeps radiation present becauase the source material is always present nukes obliterate their materials leaving nothing behind to constantly irradiated their surroundings.

581e8f90 No.3651256


4924ad4c No.3651257

File: 1647753865952.png (29.05 KB, 827x264, google.png)


If only there was some kind of search engine that gathered the knowledge of humanity in one easy to query database we could ask how long it takes to recover from a nuclear blast…

4924ad4c No.3651258

File: 1647754949538.jpg (94.02 KB, 772x1200, FN55RPRXEAI4E6H.jpg)

Now, back to talking about the only nation that really matters: America.

Republicans in Texas have thrown out thousands of mail-in-ballots for the mid-terms under new voter security laws and wouldn't you just know it, those Democrats seem to be having just the darndest time filling out their mail-in-ballots properly!

It's funny how 9% of Republican ballots got thrown out but only in places where Republicans are all but guaranteed to win while 15% of Democratic ballots got thrown out in all the places where democrats were close to defeating Republicans.

Must be a total coincidence that the increase from 135 rejected ballots in 2018 to over 27 thousand rejected ballots this year give Republicans a massive advantage in all the specific areas they struggled the most.

It's almost like by "Protecting Democracy" they are actually destroying it.

But hey, it's Texas, it's not like we expected them to be loyal to America or democracy or anything America has ever stood for.


581e8f90 No.3651259

News flash
August 9, 1945
atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Eventually, by the mid-1950s the two cities returned to the same size they were in August 1945. What about radiation? Surprisingly, radiation damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only short-term, unlike the more recent nuclear reactor disasters that took place in Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki is Definitely Safe for People to Live in Today. The horror of World War II are undeniable, but more than 75 years have now passed since the bombings. We must never forget the atrocities and immense loss of life. Yet time moves on, and we know these cities to be safe to live in today.Mar 15, 2021

The 75 bs years you are refering to is from the bombs being dropped yo today. The nuclear radiation only lasted for a couple years. Get some schooling on nuclear science bruh you are pretty misinformed.

4924ad4c No.3651261

File: 1647755236872.jpg (121.75 KB, 1280x1169, FOLMObOaUAI8xsO.jpg)


Hey, dumpster whore, what point are you even trying to make?

You think nuking Ukraine is cool because eventually people will be able to live there again? Killing thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people is acceptable because the land won't be poisoned forever?

What argument are you even trying to make here? You seem to have a real hard-on for Putin nuking Ukraine.

581e8f90 No.3651262

I just think your an idiot for thinking he wont. Or anyone won't potentially nuke the world if they know they will lose. This is the ultimate scenario where evil people will make choices even when they lose because its the biggest fuck you to everyone. Take me down I dare you you will still lose to them that scenario is called a true forced win scenario where no matter what you do they will win all the same because they have a deadman switch like mentality.

717ad918 No.3651263

File: 1647763189199.png (4.25 MB, 3520x3170, 852d07c575a81f76d862f0c60c….png)

Please don't tell me the boot lickers actually believe this is a win. The most significant part of that protest was merely the truckers going on strike. Then, what? They have to drive slowly on their journey to park downtown? Oh no, they're gridlocked? Hello?

cf46038a No.3651265

File: 1647766219320-0.png (628.16 KB, 680x641, 7889A482-1B03-495D-BD15-CE….png)

File: 1647766219320-1.jpeg (67.64 KB, 680x420, 8BEA79B3-711E-4F2C-94CC-F….jpeg)

File: 1647766219320-2.jpeg (61.63 KB, 640x430, 14CD3B1F-887C-4A5A-B9BC-A….jpeg)

File: 1647766219320-3.jpeg (67.3 KB, 450x450, 3945BAB6-A9A3-4CF4-AAED-8….jpeg)

File: 1647766219320-4.jpeg (79.15 KB, 690x425, EEF24DEA-B9CF-4D42-9444-6….jpeg)

I am always grateful whenever someone acknowledges the fact that real evil exists.

Do Lefties actually know and support these super rich assholes who talk about murdering us…like all of us?

670a04ab No.3651267


4924ad4c No.3651270

File: 1647770390637.png (265.69 KB, 704x690, Terrorists-truckers.png)

In a brilliant move the terrorist convoy decided that when a Tesla pulled into the slow lane to try to get off the highway he was "break checking" them so they followed him up the offramp and trapped his car against the railing holding him hostage.

Being the high IQ people that they are, they live-streamed themselves threatening him while he was trapped between the trucks. Fortunately, the cops got there and forced them to release the man.

They could face kidnapping charges if the guy presses charges since they live streamed the event and the cops have all their information he's all but guaranteed to win the case and take them for every penny they have.


4924ad4c No.3651271

File: 1647770661179.png (273.61 KB, 700x793, God-hates-biggots.png)

In a more fun story that almost convinces me there is a God…

895ed59d No.3651273

lulz mods = pedos, all of them.

4924ad4c No.3651275

File: 1647771915629.png (1.69 MB, 1157x646, Random-president.png)

Those lizard statues are from Vigeland Scupture Garden in Oslo Norway.

It's a weird place full of statues based on old Norse lore. Also Abraham Lincoln is there because North Dakota shipped them a statue all the way there in 1914. It was weird beyond words since it costs a crap-ton of money to get it there and no one asked for it.
They certainly weren't going to pay to ship it back so it's still there today with the statues of people having snake-sex.


895ed59d No.3651279

no one cares

895ed59d No.3651280

File: 1647774001747.webm (5.94 MB, 848x624, gsgsg.webm)

6875dff1 No.3651281

File: 1647774701961.webm (4.29 MB, 352x640, tree_cut.webm)

Meanwhile in Europe.

fdef0a3e No.3651286

File: 1647777114608.jpg (604.27 KB, 1096x1370, 1441658.jpg)

I should be more socialist.
I always have to pay for that shit!

959ade05 No.3651290


It must be so cathartic for people to finally punish petty thieves in proper manner.

4924ad4c No.3651292



6875dff1 No.3651295

File: 1647781808823.jpg (61.55 KB, 480x760, webm_snapshot.jpg)

263eb043 No.3651297

File: 1647784434924.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1024, 1ba5f9aba328bd04936766391e….png)


Sniper Vali was killed in 20 minutes After landing in Mariupol

The "best and deadliest sniper in the world" eliminated 20 minutes after landing in Mariupol
Alexei Ivanov

The sniper, known only by his nickname "Vali", previously served in the 22nd Royal Canadian Armed Forces Regiment. He killed many people in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the beginning of March he arrived in Ukraine.

The Western media touted Vali as "the best and deadliest sniper in the world," "the record holder for the longest confirmed kill shot," hitting a target at 3,540 meters. As an avid gamer, he had recently worked as an ordinary programmer, but without a second thought, he embarked on a new bloody tour.

d7c589e7 No.3651298

that's probably bait

4924ad4c No.3651299

File: 1647786396628-0.png (159.51 KB, 315x338, first-contact.png)

File: 1647786396628-1.png (129.25 KB, 283x340, Romulan-commander.png)


I can see why beating people in the streets turn a thug like you on.

Once people start taking the law into their own hands there is no law but I guess there aren't a lot of cops there to lock him up so I'll excuse it.

I was laughing because the guy looks like a Romulan with that hair-cut.

5f43575d No.3651300

Honey, you don't understand how religion WORKS.
Dying someday was his goal in life, and he went straight to Heaven.

895ed59d No.3651301

>a thug like you
>actively cheering about someone dying


6875dff1 No.3651302

File: 1647789424237-0.webm (2.18 MB, 464x848, diversant.webm)

File: 1647789424237-1.webm (668.01 KB, 720x1280, pepper ass.webm)

File: 1647789424237-2.webm (2.53 MB, 576x1024, help me.webm)

It doesn't turn me on. It just happens.
Only 35 years ago Ukraine was a developed republic with strong economy. Now it's Africa-tier shithole.

263eb043 No.3651303


This is not war, this is BDSM on steroids!

8fc722d4 No.3651304

File: 1647790539694.jpg (27.31 KB, 719x233, unfortunate.JPG)


In this society, the dignity of the criminal is more important than justice for the victim.

263eb043 No.3651306

File: 1647793394938.png (338 KB, 648x455, deathquadsrussia.png)

5f43575d No.3651308

I have a great, novel idea to propose to the UN that always solves global conflicts.

Let the mideasterners live in the mideast, the africans live in africa and the asians live in asia.

Permits only for studying and after the degree they are whhhypft, sent back home.

Multiculturalism is only destroying the planet.

d7c589e7 No.3651309

culture is fine people who destroy the planet and get away with it basically arent

d7c589e7 No.3651310

lol that fucking faggot asking for help. he's dead now.

895ed59d No.3651311

fuck 3b for wanting us to side with these fascists

4924ad4c No.3651312


I'm sure the Native Americans would be happy if everyone was forced to stay in their homelands because then there would be no white people in America.

6875dff1 No.3651314

Both sides are fascist. If you pick side, you join fascists.

895ed59d No.3651315

im okay with that, let's all go back to europe. no more globohomo

4924ad4c No.3651319

File: 1647817647263.png (375.2 KB, 726x455, tick-tock-the-end-is-near.png)

People are turning on Putin and he's falling apart.


4924ad4c No.3651322

File: 1647822325222.jpg (76.76 KB, 629x680, working-from-home.jpg)


Both sides of what are fascist? Ukraine is a democracy. The president of Ukraine was a comedian before he won office.

eef3c127 No.3651323


There was kind of a bit of a… 'coup' thing
a few years back there.

a5d9b69d No.3651328

File: 1647835460650.jpg (81.88 KB, 686x782, 1548750109539.jpg)

Yeah. this makes me glad we have Christianity…

4924ad4c No.3651329

File: 1647839576916.jpg (90.55 KB, 920x1015, FOJL_tmXEAU2OeQ.jpg)


WhiteISIS is not good for anyone, especially the people in the cult.

6875dff1 No.3651331

File: 1647841281905.jpg (67.01 KB, 400x266, 35877.jpg)

Ukraine is an oligarch dictatorship.

d7c589e7 No.3651332


not without my anus

1828a1d7 No.3651336

I find it is necessary to explain so many things to a liberal, just to have a normal conversation (much less argue a point) that the task is much like trying to tell a zombie they can't bite you.
You try to speak to them to see if they have any understanding of why they are attacking you, but they just can't understand anything you're trying to tell them and they just keep charging and snapping their teeth at you while gurgling some diatribe of smelly discharge.
Eventually you have to just shut the door and walk away.

1828a1d7 No.3651338

I've been busy.
The walls are slowly closing in on you, Professor Dipshit.
You just don't realize it yet.
But you will.

6875dff1 No.3651344

File: 1647857291854.webm (707.47 KB, 478x848, 3.webm)

More videos from civilized Europeans.

6875dff1 No.3651345

File: 1647859203005.webm (1.73 MB, 368x640, 4.webm)

6875dff1 No.3651347

File: 1647859973720-0.webm (2.09 MB, 704x1280, 5.webm)

File: 1647859973720-1.webm (720.11 KB, 478x848, 6.webm)

File: 1647859973720-2.jpg (276.81 KB, 960x1280, 16478590243022.jpg)

File: 1647859973720-3.jpg (267.69 KB, 960x1280, 16478590243011.jpg)

6875dff1 No.3651348

File: 1647860872741-0.webm (2.09 MB, 704x1280, 5.webm)

File: 1647860872741-1.webm (720.11 KB, 478x848, 6.webm)

File: 1647860872741-2.webm (3.01 MB, 236x432, 7.webm)

File: 1647860872741-3.webm (763.48 KB, 246x432, 8.webm)

895ed59d No.3651351

File: 1647862374461.jpg (106.62 KB, 640x786, gatsu.jpg)

absolutely based

895ed59d No.3651354

i feel better now. i figured out my problems and what i need to fight for again, i think!!

@business dog

thanks for your fun posts man, it'd be an honor to talk to you some other time again

f660d9fb No.3651368

File: 1647867996201.jpg (104.03 KB, 581x604, keep_on_truckin.jpg)

Thank you, that sounds good. I'm starting to feel better again myself, and will be sticking around for a while too.

6147d5e4 No.3651369

Looks like 3B has a fetish for white people tied to poles by migrant n|gger Invaders.

a1574454 No.3651374

kill whitey

96860489 No.3651381

File: 1647871725383.jpg (75.15 KB, 1024x1117, 6b370aff720331b42fa9d0e617….jpg)

im gay and i see how u are also insecure about anal

6875dff1 No.3651386

File: 1647873191883-0.webm (2.91 MB, 360x640, 9.webm)

File: 1647873191883-1.webm (1.03 MB, 350x640, 10.webm)

File: 1647873191883-2.webm (2.39 MB, 576x1280, 12_VP8.webm)

6147d5e4 No.3651387

They're speaking ARABIC.

aa9d9f7f No.3651388

File: 1647877137115.jpg (134.23 KB, 614x746, jesusfuck.jpg)


3B's stupidity biting him in the ass Incident #4539

No, I proved HIS point, because you didn't watch the fucking video (and didn't understand the argument that he was making in your haste to get a dunk on the bad lulz man), you absolutely arrogant dipshit.

This wasn't some military guy who decided to refuse an order.

He was the operator of an early ICBM warning system and had to make a decision whether the nuclear launch alarm he got were real missiles flying towards the Soviet Union or just the satellite sensor or the radar algorithm having a glitch and how he should report it. If he reported a glitch and a Russian city would go up in smoke, he'd take the blame, and if he reported a strike while no missiles had been fired, the Soviet Union would look like they started a nuclear war and he'd take the blame. And taking the blame for that kind of shit probably means firing squad.

We could have had a nuclear war over stupid soviet tech being stupid if that man didn't think he knew better than the computer. Which was (ALSO) his job. You dumb fuck. He didn't disobey any orders. At least skim the fucking article you borderline retarded mong.

>>3651189 You just don't know when to admit you lost an argument.

895ed59d No.3651389

He's ever won one?

6147d5e4 No.3651391

3B thinks Arabs are White, lol.
Hint: an albino n|gger is not a Caucasian, either.

895ed59d No.3651392

Are you implying you're going to get dyslexia tranny fired?

6875dff1 No.3651396

File: 1647881804335-0.webm (3.46 MB, 478x848, 13_VP8.webm)

File: 1647881804335-1.webm (2.07 MB, 350x640, 14_VP8.webm)

File: 1647881804335-2.webm (2.01 MB, 480x640, 15_VP8.webm)

aa9d9f7f No.3651399

File: 1647888199021.jpg (2.16 MB, 2418x1921, slavsquat.jpg)

I don't speak cheeki breeki, what did those people do?

He's gotten a thing or two right every now and then, but he seems to spend an unreasonable amount of time doing politics so his 2-3 victories among 20-30 defeats with people who maybe check the news like once every few days is a bit laughable. Or he's taking advantage of other people being vague, cause fuck, we're not writing a fucking political dissertation on lulz. Or he's nitpicking reaction images, brainlet takes on the level of "that soviet bread line is from Poland not from the USSR, therefore your other arguments are invalid.

I know he's not stupid (I know, I called him stupid). He's just a fucking liar. Lying for the Dems more important than truth and not making an ass out of yourself on the internets.

I'm writing the replies for you and everyone else, not really for him. He doesn't deserve any replies, it's just that he's so wrong, it's hard to just let such statements be, cause some fucking kid (yes, anyone under 30 is basically a kid in my eyes) who doesn't know dick about shit may come here, read that, lines up with all the cancerous shit you see on twitter and wherever furries are still allowed to talk with any amount of freedom about politics and will fucking believe it.

As for me, fuck, I don't care. Right-wingers say a lot of stupid shit. Left-wingers say a lot of stupid shit. I'll go with whatever I think is right.

48a4cf99 No.3651402

Ordinary Russians don't even know/believe that Russia attacked Ukraine. They're just completely dumbfounded about why the west would put such heavy sanctions on Russia. They're the victims in their minds.

>That might have been true the first week of the battle but that ship has sailed.

Again, drop the Bomb on Kiev and perhaps one or two larger cities and there is no more Ukraine. There will still be nearly all of the people and land, but without leadership and military command or state infrastructure, there's no more country left to fight over. It's simply a matter of whether the west will do anything against it: if Putin is crazy enough to put an atom bomb in Ukraine, he can just as well fire one at London or New York.

Putin trusts that the west won't start a global nuclear war by fighting back because everyone else has more to lose. That's why he very well can and probably will use the A-bomb in the end. The only question is whether he himself gets assassinated before that happens.

96860489 No.3651403

We're so fucked. Technology has changed the world. There is an alien base located in the center of the earth, there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves and we are all going to have to master hyperspace travel now or go extinct.

aa9d9f7f No.3651404

File: 1647893443113.jpg (187.96 KB, 1280x865, sir are you aware of the f….jpg)

>>Ordinary Russians don't even know/believe that Russia attacked Ukraine
They did say that "it's just a special military operation to denazify Ukraine" but I don't think _anyone_ in Russia believes what Pravda says.

TL;DR you have Ukranian Nazis & Islamists fighting Russian Nazis and Islamists.

>>3B thinks Arabs are White, lol.
And here we have the reverse of the coin.

Some Arabs may be white, since, just like the Iranians (Bashar al-Assad has blue eyes, look it up) they are in a historical location where people from three continents mingled. Their problem is being Muslims, not being Arabs. Plus you had the Janissary, Islamized elite slave-soldiers from Eastern and Southern Europe who could become full citizens and even have power within the government. The Janissary were usually abducted as children but over the years people would start bribing Muslim officials to take their sons, because it actually turned into a desirable "career".

40bc9005 No.3651405

File: 1647893846707.jpg (25.89 KB, 652x439, dsd.JPG)

40bc9005 No.3651406

File: 1647893928200.jpg (43.9 KB, 460x428, 1647790440887.jpg)

aa9d9f7f No.3651407

File: 1647894565816.jpg (209.82 KB, 291x400, sho.15096198_p74.jpg)

I hated Russia before it was cool.

I don't get why leftists don't like Putin, he praised the Soviet Union with every opportunity presented.

895ed59d No.3651408

I'm stronk. I can win.

I'm no one special, but that's the point of this. Shit, Neo did it because of that, so I can too

96860489 No.3651409

its really just to see who gets triggered by russia being there

6875dff1 No.3651410

File: 1647897771931-0.webm (1.1 MB, 478x848, 16_VP8.webm)

File: 1647897771931-1.webm (1.14 MB, 350x640, 17 sig_VP8.webm)

File: 1647897771931-2.jpg (242.63 KB, 960x1280, 16478590243043.jpg)

File: 1647897771931-3.jpg (136.17 KB, 1080x837, 16478590883251.jpg)

>I don't speak cheeki breeki, what did those people do?
Marauders, guys who drank beer, neighbor vengeance.

36066d67 No.3651411


Funny how thin the glazing of civilization is upon the beast hidden under.

6875dff1 No.3651412

File: 1647898239305-0.jpg (217.31 KB, 960x1280, 16478590883252.jpg)

File: 1647898239305-1.jpg (273.23 KB, 960x1280, 16478590883263.jpg)

File: 1647898239305-2.jpg (196.18 KB, 960x1280, 16478591641890.jpg)

File: 1647898239305-3.jpg (500.9 KB, 960x1280, 16478591641901.jpg)

File: 1647898239305-4.jpg (179.79 KB, 826x1128, 16478591641932.jpg)

96860489 No.3651413

im actually not someone who watches that

but i do have a very large list of flight-work

as for involving space travel, tho i would leave it to the experts, to argue, i just don't see anyone not claiming im wrong (weird how that is)

i've given such a detail explaination of virtual-wyrm-holes and now im pretty sure that we can travel through them using a quantum projector. (which is like an air traffic controller for space that would allow a backtrace of the destination) of course im past the point of making any sense realistically. i can see how star-charting is going to be a very lucritive career if humans ever get to that point…its easy to talk about hard to do i guess but imagine the same thing happens with torrenting space data in magnet links and nodes…its basically the same thing.

6875dff1 No.3651414

File: 1647898381676-0.webm (2.88 MB, 360x640, 18_VP8.webm)

File: 1647898381676-1.webm (2.54 MB, 360x640, 19_VP8.webm)

File: 1647898381676-2.jpg (96.68 KB, 720x1280, 16478591641933.jpg)

File: 1647898381676-3.jpg (66.58 KB, 828x1080, 16478591664700.jpg)

File: 1647898381676-4.jpg (142.34 KB, 590x1280, 16478592269440.jpg)

aa9d9f7f No.3651415

File: 1647898550420.png (82.74 KB, 693x634, Umineko___stupid_goats_3_b….png)

Yeah I looked it up, they were looters.

Can we try this in the West the next time BLM start stealing shit? I'm not saying it's the perfect solution, but it's a solution.

6875dff1 No.3651416

File: 1647898683374-0.webm (4.3 MB, 238x432, 20_VP8.webm)

File: 1647898683374-1.webm (1.46 MB, 464x848, 21_VP8.webm)

File: 1647898683374-2.jpg (224.69 KB, 1280x735, 16478592269451.jpg)

File: 1647898683374-3.jpg (190.26 KB, 960x1280, 16478592269542.jpg)

6875dff1 No.3651417

File: 1647898706564-0.jpg (238.34 KB, 960x1280, 16478592269553.jpg)

File: 1647898706564-1.jpg (211.32 KB, 960x1280, 16478593342350.jpg)

File: 1647898706564-2.jpg (286.14 KB, 960x1280, 16478593342361.jpg)

6592770e No.3651418

File: 1647899275868.webm (3.54 MB, 400x300, 1604417277182.webm)

Yeah dude, just start tying black men to lampposts. Definitely no horrific historical implications there lol

263eb043 No.3651419


Second video I thought it was a ni-bbler.

Have some cheeki breeki stuff.
Frederick Fitzgerald Fazbear Attacks A Local Russian Military Base

6592770e No.3651420

Some leftists do like Putin, because they're tankies, aka red fash.

The rest can use their brains and recognize that Putin and Russia in general just parrot that line for propaganda purposes and that modern Russia is more or less run like a fascist kleptocracy.

6875dff1 No.3651421

File: 1647899607420-0.jpg (106.24 KB, 526x701, maroder-1.jpg)

File: 1647899607420-1.jpg (68.34 KB, 571x789, maroder-2.jpg)

File: 1647899607420-2.jpg (94.63 KB, 1024x576, photo_2022-03-02_11-47-55.jpg)

File: 1647899607420-3.jpg (103.72 KB, 1280x584, photo_2022-02-28_20-46-28.jpg)

263eb043 No.3651422

Taping on people to lamp posts I wonder how NATO react to these images and videos will they be silent about this? This is some sort of human rights abuse in some other countries but if it works, it works.

What human rights are being violated in Ukraine?
Significant human rights issues included: unlawful or arbitrary killing; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment of detainees by law enforcement personnel; harsh and life-threatening conditions in prisons and detention centers; arbitrary arrest or detention; serious problems with the …

aa9d9f7f No.3651423

File: 1647900206907.png (148.39 KB, 600x533, 5a29cc7436d2b314c2662ed656….png)

But the historical implications are ok when it's a white person being tied to a pole? Yeah, I never read about people being burned at the stake either.

Blacks can cry me a fucking river.

I don't know what NATO can say about locals punishing looters and thieves. A day or two being tied to a lamp post and/or a good beating is probably better than 6 months in prison or whatever they would have gotten if the police would be there to do their job. I'd call it getting off easy.

6875dff1 No.3651424

File: 1647900439393-0.webm (1.63 MB, 336x640, riga.webm)

>A day or two being tied to a lamp post and/or a good beating
Do you realize it's pretty cold there right now? I heard some of them died already, but cannot confirm. On one of the videos guy is tied to the tree with only underpants on and there is snow on the ground.

6875dff1 No.3651425

File: 1647900982804-0.jpg (205.7 KB, 893x1311, 16478988379131.jpg)

File: 1647900982804-1.jpg (186.97 KB, 1080x838, 16478988379172.jpg)

Those aren't the worst things they've been doing past these eight years of war.

aa9d9f7f No.3651426

File: 1647901186857.jpg (33.3 KB, 400x300, White-People-Stole-My-Car_….jpg)

Also it's very easy to avoid being tied up buttnaked to a lamp post.

Don't fucking steal.

Did you actually check the temperatures?
You're not gonna die if you have your butt out at -4 to -2 over night, that's fucking ridiculous. Maybe a bit of frostbite if the tape is too tight around the hands, but even that's a stretch

895ed59d No.3651427

Did Nobuyuki actually fondle a child in public or did he keep it secret like we all know he did?

94630701 No.3651428

File: 1647901283351.jpeg (75.95 KB, 700x466, DC40AB41-4493-4655-B610-A….jpeg)

People like you are always the first to bawl like babies as soon as it’s your face the boot is crushing. You’re just a wannabe cop with a chip on your shoulder. And you’d definitely never have the balls to confront protestors yourself. At least not without overwhelmingly superior numbers on your side. So I suggest pic related:

4924ad4c No.3651430

File: 1647901674177.jpg (242.69 KB, 1145x2048, FOTaZoUXoAk1muq.jpg)


The right wing keeps posting about Ihor Kolomoyskyi because he's Jewish and rich but the only ties he has ever had to Ukraine's president if that he owned 70% of the TV company that produced the president's comedy show.

Since Volodymyr Zelenskyy took office with 73 percent of the vote and has passed serval major regulations which made it more difficult for rich people to buy politicians. He's literally famous for being anti-oligarchy.

4924ad4c No.3651431


He's desperately trying but I don't think, "He was mean to me online because I like Nazis" is going to do the job.

895ed59d No.3651432




aa9d9f7f No.3651433

File: 1647902110620.png (191.93 KB, 704x704, communism_is_trash_sticker.png)

1.) NOT MY JOB. It's the police's fucking job to confront rioting and looting terrorist scum. I ain't getting paid to go fight some stupid commie trash.

2.) I am angry BECAUSE the boot has been crushing me for quite a while now and I'm not even a right winger. Lefties can fucking say all kinds of vile shit and go destroy stuff with impunity and little to zero legal consequences while anyone else has to fucking put up with it and will be punished if they even dare put up any resistance. Getting really sick of it right about now.

6875dff1 No.3651434

File: 1647902153207.jpg (76.22 KB, 790x480, awea.jpg)

>Since Volodymyr Zelenskyy took office with 73 percent of the vote and has passed serval major regulations which made it more difficult for rich people to buy politicians. He's literally famous for being anti-oligarchy.
Sure, he sponsored his presidency out of kind heart and best intentions.

895ed59d No.3651435

are you the guy i accused of being ka earlier

i cant tell whos who

6875dff1 No.3651436

File: 1647902446370-0.webm (1.3 MB, 688x1280, 22_VP8.webm)

File: 1647902446370-1.webm (1.09 MB, 464x848, 23_VP8.webm)

File: 1647902446370-2.webm (3.47 MB, 720x1280, 24_VP8.webm)

File: 1647902446370-3.jpg (64.22 KB, 432x576, 16479011528090.jpg)

File: 1647902446370-4.jpg (277.82 KB, 1280x961, 16479011528091.jpg)

6875dff1 No.3651437

File: 1647902491938-0.jpg (102.89 KB, 640x852, 16479011528112.jpg)

File: 1647902491938-1.jpg (138.43 KB, 640x852, 16479011528123.jpg)

File: 1647902491938-2.jpg (258.69 KB, 961x1280, 16479011988321.jpg)

File: 1647902491938-3.jpg (285.9 KB, 960x1280, 16479013764620.jpg)

File: 1647902491938-4.jpg (325.5 KB, 960x1280, 16479013764681.jpg)

6875dff1 No.3651438

File: 1647902591153-0.webm (1.06 MB, 478x848, 25_VP8.webm)

File: 1647902591153-1.webm (4.11 MB, 224x432, 26_VP8.webm)

File: 1647902591153-2.webm (262.4 KB, 464x848, 27_VP8.webm)

895ed59d No.3651440

well i mean, 'asked'

i am 100% sure 3b is fucking kupok on the other hand

6592770e No.3651443

>I am angry BECAUSE the boot has been crushing me for quite a while now

Uh huh, how's that now?

4924ad4c No.3651447

File: 1647919957696.png (432.44 KB, 581x592, Slashed-tires.png)


No, the cops won't allow it. They can get away with it because they are in a war zone at the moment but no orderly society can allow vigilantism because once it becomes normalized the worst scum of humanity will take it too far.

You might start off with a Batman but you'll always end up with Frank Castle mass murdering people and claiming he's the good guy.

895ed59d No.3651448



6592770e No.3651450

File: 1647920820277.jpg (41.55 KB, 739x415, FAf36qNXEAYxD-k.jpg)

>two sentences
>too long

895ed59d No.3651451

no, just his name is too long. i check out when i see 3b

895ed59d No.3651452



4924ad4c No.3651453

File: 1647922193363.png (340 KB, 679x680, Cry-more-bigot.png)


He's upset that corporations won't let him be a bigot/racist/sexist asshole on their platforms because normal people find it offensive.

He thinks it's a violation of his freedom if he isn't allowed to do everything he wants without facing any consequences.

He feels like "the left" is a monolithic conspiracy because everywhere he turns people think his behavior is barbaric and terrible.

It's not a conspiracy. He was raised by trash and has never tried to be better than the bigots who raised him.

He'll die hating the world as an outcast just like his parents did because just like them, he never chooses to try and be a better person.

He'll never put in the work to be part of society. He wants everyone else to change to make him comfortable.

895ed59d No.3651456

okay william bishop

895ed59d No.3651457

bill the dragon = a dumb motherfucker

263eb043 No.3651459

File: 1647931734824.jpeg (49.4 KB, 828x980, a1FgiFV.jpeg)

If there were two Putins or even three. They would detain him ask questions and wait for the other Putin to make headlines. They would keep on eye on him in a "special home" How to stop a double. Detain the fake or real one and find the other one. Kind of a real threat in modern times.


6875dff1 No.3651461

File: 1647932951338.webm (6.69 MB, 852x480, meanwhile in Ukraine.webm)

96860489 No.3651462

So I figure…..the ukraine mess, they are going to squeeze them like a lemon right into the India economy and then get pushed to the paki-lands. This is probably a very broad range prediction, they woulld bottleneck the country that it floods out south and to unoccupied "desert haven" since india doesn't want them. Then it will be assimilated by Russia as India launches back technologically, and becomes a "sanctuary country" blocking off the rest of the world of their bullshit. Then we all revolve around India in some sort of ClanWars bullshit.

d7c589e7 No.3651463

File: 1647936333582.png (176.96 KB, 700x600, medium ubneru of twibooru.png)

Which means cue the 5g psyops and internets wille waving with magnetic-spytrucks, while india builds a master telecomms tower that can black out the global grid.

895ed59d No.3651468

File: 1647945399035.png (152.77 KB, 421x421, hKZrg_r5PeEnbXq0Q9meM29joq….png)


Imagine if some edgy comedian goes and wins the next race and in his victory speech he says I am not trans I am not athlete just here to prove women are physically inferior. Andy Kaufman would have made a killing today.

895ed59d No.3651469

That poor woman in the hospital, first suffering like that and then being so egregiously gaslit. She must have felt like everyone has lost their minds. I weep to think what she’s been through.

895ed59d No.3651471


we don't have chemicals in ukraine guise, omg simply not truueeeeee

yeah as if governments tell the truth

d7c589e7 No.3651473

the truth is a commodity and everyone should pay for it

895ed59d No.3651474

d7c589e7 No.3651475

the antichrist who seeks world domination will take charge of all dominion in a sea of lies and conflicts, to control the weak.

Marketing as a way to remain in power, the truth will be a commodity that people will buy as to believe what it right for them, instead of simply knowing what is right, because they are slaves to sin, and oppressed economically.

They are punished for refusing the doctrine and their want for independence.

895ed59d No.3651476

motherfucker keep to machineposting, at least thats funny

d7c589e7 No.3651479

File: 1647951978503.jpg (118.03 KB, 1170x1169, 1647661979697-3.jpg)

no but really like…you are silver spoon fed infomation and act like you know it all but are you even aware this is all a plot to control the masses? The opiate of the masses is the new world media. The globalist regime that forces this idea of urgency and pre-crisis hysteria is what you are worshipping.

895ed59d No.3651480

machine chan please make a name so I can get to know you

d7c589e7 No.3651481

no because you will think im a shizoposter or dumb ass some shit and say take your pills when you cant argue your point.

96860489 No.3651482

take pills incel

7c8420aa No.3651483


Society should start doing this to N IGGERS

6875dff1 No.3651484

File: 1647952246072.webm (2.03 MB, 480x464, kiev mall.webm)

96860489 No.3651486

doesn't like pol threads i guess

895ed59d No.3651487

no ill love your posts about aliens forever ;_;

895ed59d No.3651488

i like machine chan a lot

way better than billiam bishop chan

6875dff1 No.3651489

File: 1647954363126.png (2.12 MB, 3840x2160, stay with ukraine support.png)

895ed59d No.3651491

me on the right

263eb043 No.3651499

File: 1647965245551.jpg (165.53 KB, 1200x675, historical-collection9-2.jpg)

How Britain Starved Ireland…On Purpose
The British landlords turn Ireland into a concentration camp.

895ed59d No.3651500

As a brit, why didn't we just nuke the place? Fuck the irish.

6875dff1 No.3651501

File: 1647965815773.webm (1.59 MB, 478x848, TO_car.webm)

Another video from Planet of the Apes.

895ed59d No.3651503

4924ad4c No.3651504

File: 1647972325138.png (740.97 KB, 1148x585, Lotus-eaters.png)

Surely, if we should listen to anyone about the struggles of minorities and women it should be these two pasty white boys who never graduated highschool, right?

4924ad4c No.3651505

File: 1647972740496.jpg (74.08 KB, 680x680, FoxandTraitors.jpg)

Ukraine is winning. The only Ally Russia had left was Belarus and their own citizens have turned against them.

The Belarus people destroyed the train tracks and cut off supplies for Russia. The main supply artery for all of Putins ground troops just got cut.

It's only a matter of time before the Russian military turns on him and all they have to do is nothing. Once they stop protecting him, he's a dead man.

895ed59d No.3651506

willybii EXTREMELY upset in this post

96860489 No.3651507

i dont know those faggots and i dont give a fuck
i might know those faggots and i might give a fuck
i know those faggots…i give a fuck

now give me their money instead so i can pay them their money and basically get you money to pay me with.

7c8420aa No.3651511

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

>niꬶꬶer fatigue?

niꬶꬶer fatigue!

895ed59d No.3651512

6875dff1 No.3651515

File: 1647986181040-0.webm (2.3 MB, 704x1280, 28_VP8.webm)

File: 1647986181040-1.webm (2.37 MB, 480x854, 29_VP8.webm)

File: 1647986181040-2.webm (1.8 MB, 720x1280, 30_VP8.webm)

6875dff1 No.3651516

File: 1647986959624.webm (1.87 MB, 464x848, 31_VP8.webm)

>my ribs are broken

aa9d9f7f No.3651517

File: 1647990721153.jpg (131.13 KB, 454x304, come_at_me.jpg)

Nice. Seems I'm not the only one watching Lotus Eaters stuff. I've been watching Sargon since about a few months before the 2014 gamery happening. His opinions kinda started going down the toilet since he had a kid.

The muh pedos crap really gets on my nerves. I don't care, I don't wanna hear it. Also Sargon and Callum have horrible opinions on the death penalty, but fortunately there's Leo and I think Josh there to disagree.

>>Surely, if we should listen to anyone about the struggles of minorities and women it should be these two pasty white boys who never graduated highschool, right?
Why do we need to hear about the struggles of minorities from you then? Don't act like you graduated anything, you're too online to not be a perma-loser.

Me and you have nothing to discuss. You're either a crackpot or a joker and I don't have the time for your bullshit.

263eb043 No.3651519

File: 1647991896496.jpeg (52.17 KB, 600x354, 2fkUAGa.jpeg)

Would have been a terrifying site to see this in Ukraine battlefield.

263eb043 No.3651521

File: 1647993948116.jpeg (46.73 KB, 1200x662, 1647050704_700m-superyach….jpeg)

895ed59d No.3651524

Why are we mad at the desu penalty now? Isn't it just a Nobuyuki tax? Aka you do Nobuyuki tier things and then get a free Disney ride (that is your veins become a Mickey Mouse roller coaster for some tarantula venom)

I don't think it's entirely unwarranted even if I disagree with it. One bullet vs a lifetime down the shi-tar

895ed59d No.3651525

File: 1647994610447.png (410 KB, 397x397, travellerhatingmonster.png)

>The muh pedos crap really gets on my nerves. I don't care, I don't wanna hear it.

aa9d9f7f No.3651527

File: 1647997361542.jpg (36.9 KB, 244x348, tumblr_m76s7m7iLt1qdvatvo1….jpg)

Because it's a door that must be closed forever and the key thrown away.

It's not about how often innocent people end up executed by the state, it's not about how serious the crime was, it's not even about how unrepentant the criminal was. And it definitely doesn't fucking matter how much tax money somebody sitting in prison for life ends up consuming (it's money not wasted, this is the price of civilization and ethics).

Killing off its own citizens is simply not something the state should do. Period. And no, I don't mean heat of the moment fights with law enforcement that turn lethal. I specifically mean executions.

>>One bullet vs a lifetime down the shi-tar

What if you're the next one to eat a bullet because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time or someone with connections wants you gone? Bet everybody thought it can't happen to them. You think the fucking left can't pull this shit on you? But you don't think. This is why I have nothing to discuss with you, because you're either too young or too stupid to think it through. Possibly both.

I'm typing this as a matter of public record, you don't fucking deserve a reply.

As if tradcon garbage really cares about kids. Only when it's politically convenient. But the progressives instrumentalize children for political gains too, so two sides of the same hypocritical coin. Call the fucking cops I guess, not my problem.

895ed59d No.3651528

>I'm typing this as a matter of public record, you don't fucking deserve a reply.

>writes a massive essay because I made a joke about the death penalty


This guy sounds like he's always a step away from losing his shit and becoming a psychopath that dismantles animals and justifying it

Just know that when I read a post that sounds like turn offs = death penalty, turn ons = people not talking about pedos I just see a massive weirdo

895ed59d No.3651532

File: 1647998922932.webm (1.84 MB, 316x854, trannimaniacs.webm)

895ed59d No.3651534

>too young to-

why are you so obsessed with me being young man, what is it


895ed59d No.3651536

I'm going to be an avid DEATH PENALTY supporter for the rest of my goddamn life. That argument convinced me. I usually abscond from the sisyphean feat of proselytizing my beliefs but now I have to make advanced, sincere arguments that appeal to the lizard brained zoomer madness that has consumed society and have everyone in favor of it.

This guy is so insecure about receiving the mother of all clot shots for all those kids he talked about diddling in Skype calls and is losing his shit over the fact humans are apes with nonetheless fairly codified instincts and none of them would permit him to live peacefully.

I'm absolutely erect.

4924ad4c No.3651537

>His opinions kinda started going down the toilet since he had a kid.

It's funny how getting laid will turn a conservative more liberal. Almost like those women he spent all those years hating were the thing that would have made him happy.

4924ad4c No.3651538

>Conservative thinks he wouldn't be the first on the chopping block.

895ed59d No.3651539

895ed59d No.3651540


im in a thread with recent activity from nobuyuki (probably) and kupok

id die 3rd at best

8fc722d4 No.3651541

File: 1648000483169.jpg (74.4 KB, 950x535, negrofatherismissinginadve….jpg)

>It's funny how getting laid will turn a conservative more liberal.

You are thinking of negroes. They abandon their responsibilities as they become liberal.

Whites are the opposite - they become more responsible and therefore more conservative.

5cebb981 No.3651543


You are really pathetic man. All you do is come in this thread every day and write about people who used to post here 10 years ago like some paranoid schizo. Meanwhile all these people have moved on and you're still here on this dead board, getting angry at fucking shadows. I don't give a shit what your political positions are, but you are obviously extremely lonely and mentally ill and you're a prime example of why this place is a ghost town populated only by people exactly like you.

Seriously, get your life together, find some friends and move on already. This is just sad.

895ed59d No.3651544

895ed59d No.3651545

that shit would apply to me if i wrote even half as much as you do, i legit just do two word replies or copypaste rofl

895ed59d No.3651546

File: 1648003028738.webm (1.58 MB, 568x320, fgsgs.webm)

895ed59d No.3651547

spigger writes 5 miles of paragraphs today about politics for 'PUBLIC RECORD' and im lifeless cuz two word death penaltry joke

895ed59d No.3651548

File: 1648003179048.webm (6.22 MB, 854x480, dsfgfgga.webm)

895ed59d No.3651549


4924ad4c No.3651551

File: 1648004195759.png (579.15 KB, 971x700, Future-conservative-Goveno….png)


Oh, he's totally unhinged. He's calling and writing to colleges demanding they fire people named William because he thinks they might be 3B.

I look forward to him getting himself sued for liable when he goes on ranting about how they are pedophiles and demon worshiper or whatever.

895ed59d No.3651552

thats someone else doing that, but i do approve

5cebb981 No.3651553

File: 1648006365122.jpg (54.31 KB, 750x731, EvD1myMUUAce0qo.jpg)


When you spam six replies in a row because you definitely weren't just cut deep and trying to laugh it off

aa9d9f7f No.3651554

File: 1648007831612.jpg (29.97 KB, 533x539, 0fa.jpg)

>>It's funny how getting laid will turn a conservative more liberal. Almost like those women he spent all those years hating were the thing that would have made him happy.
Yet again, you didn't read what I wrote and what I was replying to.

Sargon became worse (more tradcon) after having the wife and kid, not more liberal. He was way more easygoing and way less "muh degeneracy, muh pedos, muh groomers, muh fetish culture, muh pride parades, muh furries…" before that. Even Callum doesn't mind people with weird fetishes and whatever as long as it's all consenting adults, but for some reason Sargon has a fucking problem with other people doing things he doesn't like nowadays, and while I don't want to go dig it up, there was an exchange basically like that where Sargon essentially admits he's not ok with people doing in the privacy of their own bedroom things he doesn't like. Tried to save it at the last second with a loljk but I know he wasn't kidding.

I'd unsub, but Leo Kearse's pretty funny and Josh Ferme and John Wheatley always have something interesting or insightful to say and don't devolve into petty fucking moralizing. Basically the show's great when he's not on. And he used to be one of my favorite youtubers.

Calling me a psycho won't make you sane. Check your schizo bullshit.

cf46038a No.3651556

File: 1648011982377-0.gif (1.05 MB, 403x460, DA601CC3-8A7C-4C6D-B330-25….gif)

File: 1648011982377-1.gif (2.98 MB, 400x400, D50F2F1B-AB9C-4CE1-8D46-57….gif)

I am as much of a pervert as the next guy but it’s hard to have a good time when assholes want to do weird shit around kids.

5cebb981 No.3651558

File: 1648021931577.jpg (65.61 KB, 563x557, 5ba13243b845dda9ddec1fb91f….jpg)

Who is doing weird shit around kids?

d7c589e7 No.3651559

The interest groups of pol are jews and nazis being one and the same causing conflicts in a massive detraction from the standards of modern day, WW2 never ending and history must repeat for the side of their victory, and that they take at great lengths to manifest their godform, the nazis parallel as what hitler ever was and the jews even so have no true canon or profile except through ritual, supplicating their power for singularity in geometry, "the falling of saturn" from the star of david (a nazi token of the swastika), each side causes more conflict for those collatorally. Its fucking annoying that every convention of escapism, chakra and arranged facet has to suddenly be contended with the likes of this spectrum (ultimately gas lighting reality as a winning edge over some self-percieved falsehood, that in the end a reptilian brain has arised, and a conscious effort to suppress the remainder of one's cohabitance is required in some sort of "plantation" of eminent servitude. No party is exempt from their own tyranny. And the devolution of the human intellect is on the forefront of being apparent and without reason, but the cause is simply the quest for nuclear control. We have nukes that are capable of surpassing human discernibility…quantum nukes that can strike out network centers causes mass-destruction that rivals the turning point of the World Wars, and will continue to promote the contending primal frontier of the not so civilized minded humankind for all its days, with every recovery there is a likely a setback through generation. The human authored-manifesto met with revisionary conquests will continue to propogate for the manipulations of an economical dependency. In short no one will carry the torch without a personal conversion for or of themselves having mob-law proven time and again. Knowing this conflict however forges some bearing of those in creative escape, cucking it altogether but left ultimately with the same technological redline. In any advancement becomes fraught with this fallacy of a global order threatening the same fallout against utopian deliverence, the curse of man by his own reptilian conventions, only spared by the diminished return of a greatness, often in and by the spilling of his own blood ritual or otherwise. The propogation of their own lifeforce economy requiring a flush from mediocrity, repeating the same cycle of desperate vying of control for the next generation of warminded monkeys.

263eb043 No.3651567

File: 1648030439109-0.jpg (86.51 KB, 736x752, b663632a0f37d0d7fdd01c6545….jpg)

File: 1648030439109-1.jpg (28.69 KB, 492x392, hilarious-no-no-tubes-pota….jpg)

File: 1648030439109-2.jpg (79.51 KB, 700x934, aB8W8m2_700b.jpg)

File: 1648030439109-3.jpg (270.49 KB, 1280x960, cV5XtEfhangNG_fFiz0J7s5FAV….jpg)

Dick taters…

e8820d19 No.3651569

these are banned at world conventions

895ed59d No.3651570




895ed59d No.3651572

>"muh degeneracy, muh pedos, muh groomers, muh fetish culture, muh pride parades, muh furries…"

those things fucking suck, almost as much as having fembot posters in the thread.

895ed59d No.3651575

File: 1648038982504.webm (4.05 MB, 736x720, jerkoff.webm)

@essays. maybe I just don't care about how I look on a site I use five minutes a day to threaten people for fun.

And schizophrenia is hilarious to make fun of from start to finish.

webm = you when tricked by a pedophile on the internet as a kid because you are a furry degenerate, or tricking a kid as a pedophile because you are a furry degenerate, take your pick

If you guys do nothing but lie at least I will use honest jokes about schizophrenia, cope

895ed59d No.3651576

895ed59d No.3651577

File: 1648039267691.jpg (20.3 KB, 223x223, 1647618900941.jpg)

895ed59d No.3651579

im going to take vaccines and sit outside of a 5g tower and MUTATE INTO A MONSTER!! AND THEN ILL COME FOR OU!

4924ad4c No.3651581

File: 1648047702804.png (423.14 KB, 591x443, Dude.png)


Oh, no, you care DEEPLY about what we think of you which is sad. Go make real friends. You are forming very unhealthy parasocial relationships with people online.

Get out into the real world. It's healthier.

895ed59d No.3651582

i walk outside for miles every day and talk to everyone i meet, im weird. I'm as /out/ as I can be, man

i have autism and have to walk constantly all the time hahahaha

895ed59d No.3651583

File: 1648048018574.jpg (14.09 KB, 151x179, 1645280578132.jpg)

895ed59d No.3651584

We're so fucked. Technology has changed the world. There is an alien base located in the center of the earth, there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves and we are all going to have to master hyperspace travel now or go extinct.

6875dff1 No.3651585

File: 1648048371167-0.webm (1.72 MB, 256x480, 32_VP8.webm)

File: 1648048371167-1.webm (1.31 MB, 360x640, 33_VP8.webm)

File: 1648048371167-2.webm (458.19 KB, 352x640, 34_VP8.webm)

895ed59d No.3651586

33add531 No.3651587

-slowly faps-

895ed59d No.3651588

mix is the nu monglor?

03584f30 No.3651589

File: 1648052241486-0.jpg (971.49 KB, 750x1119, c68c4241112657.57991719615….jpg)

File: 1648052241486-1.jpg (67.69 KB, 260x400, Manglors_Promo.jpg)

Nuking Jewrusalem and i am racist and not very brightia would solve our issues.

Bitch, I'm a Munglord

4924ad4c No.3651591

File: 1648053457903.png (583.31 KB, 788x754, Round3-begin.png)

Are you ready for Covid round 3?

895ed59d No.3651594

are you ready to die?

4924ad4c No.3651596


I'm ready. I have achieved almost everything I ever wanted to. I'm working on a science fiction book but I'm only a couple chapters in so it's not a big investment.

e8820d19 No.3651597

gonna need some furry theme ship names and furry main mary sue characters if you expect me to give a shit

895ed59d No.3651598

File: 1648057610278.png (190.09 KB, 468x406, asdada.png)

what is it about?

8a3ca07d No.3651599

WW3 will get us first. Chemical weapon false flag next week, then NATO "peacekeeper" forces will go to Ukraine.

Yes please! I'm fed up with that clown world.

895ed59d No.3651601

I write too. I'm still in the process of world building, but some dude who's a PHD told me he literally had a dream of existing in my world and thought the flexible yet defined system I've devised for magic was 'solid', at least enough to get very involved in his musings for it

Granted I literally have spent a couple months consuming things with hard magic systems and submerged my imagination in the process of developing it. I read a ton of fiction and have been engrossing myself in complicated thrillers and things that revolve around sophisticated ultimatums since I think my character drama is my strongest point (and it comes at the expense of other aspects of my plot), so I'm shoring up my weaknesses beforehand.

I don't want to be like Ousama Ranking and devolve into opaquely toying with the emotions of the reader, as easy as it would be

895ed59d No.3651602

interesting. Maybe someone with a home made biolab will just kill billions for free and without any evidence one day, it's getting possible with how dismissive we have been with the notion of inhibiting shitholes like China from having freedom

895ed59d No.3651603

I mean, we're careless enough with this shit. It's bound to happen at this point…


The PHD guy actually linked this to me, speaking of devils

895ed59d No.3651606

>science fiction novel

its just baby furries fucking isn't it

d7c589e7 No.3651608

I am a person made out of magick entirely so i can see how you would be concerned about the magic being undeveloped when yourself as a magic user depend on it being very solid. I am just glad yours doesnt have crystal monsters raping women and implanting them with crystals that force them to cum whenever they hear the dingling of feral crystal monster dick. So glad.

895ed59d No.3651610

based machinechan

895ed59d No.3651612

Wtf does that have to do with your setting?

thanks I guess though.

4924ad4c No.3651613

File: 1648063955651-0.jpg (520.53 KB, 1920x1040, scrivner.jpg)

File: 1648063955651-1.jpg (731.2 KB, 1920x1080, Composition-mode.jpg)


What software do you use? You would be shocked how much better writing with actual writing software is compared to using just a bare bones word processor like word or libreoffice.

I preach the holy gospel of Scrivner for everyone who wants to write pretty much anything. It was the best thing I have purchased in years.

For anyone who is serious about writing I really recommend it. It's easy to find codes from channels who get sponsored by them for 20%-30% off the cost or you can just google Scrivner coupon. After taxes, I ended up paying about 40$ US.

The software has a lot of nice features but the most useful thing is that it keeps all your world building and research files in one program so you don't need to have a 10 word documents open.

There is a feature called composition mode where you hit F11 and it removes everything except the text and a background you can customize which lets you just spew out words as fast as you can with no distractions.

It can also read your work back to you so you can listen for errors that you might not see when you read it which is nice.
Everyone tends to overlook their own typos.

You can also tell it to save the files to your cloud drive folder on your computer and it makes automatic backups as you type.
You can't lose work even if your power goes out.

This guy and lots of other people have channels dedicated to writing he's a good place to check it out and see if it's for you.

895ed59d No.3651614

What software do you use? You would be shocked how much better writing with actual writing software is compared to using just a bare bones word processor like word or libreoffice.

I preach the holy gospel of Scrivner for everyone who wants to write pretty much anything. It was the best thing I have purchased in years.

For anyone who is serious about writing I really recommend it. It's easy to find codes from channels who get sponsored by them for 20%-30% off the cost or you can just google Scrivner coupon.

After taxes I ended up paying about 40$ US.

The software has a lot of nice features but the most useful thing is that it keeps all your world building and research files in one program so you don't need to have a 10 word documents open.

There is a feature called composition mode where you hit F11 and it removes everything except the text and a background you can customize which lets you just spew out words as fast as you can with no distractions.

It can also read your work back to you so you can listen for errors that you might not see when you read it which is really nice because everyone tends to overlook their own typos.

This guy and lots of other people have channels dedicated to writing he's a good place to check it out and see if it's for you.


4924ad4c No.3651615


Do you copy down everything I post and save it in case I edit it to make it more readable?

How many gigs of lulz posts do you have saved as proof of your conspiracy?

895ed59d No.3651616

whats ur setting about

anyway, im gonna watch The Batman, ate through like five movies in the past few days

.txts can't reach gigs but if it was for critical dissections of things I've read and watched then it'd end up getting there at this point, lol

4924ad4c No.3651617

File: 1648064742275-0.png (202.24 KB, 360x362, yehaw-cowboy.png)


There is zero fucking in it. The main character is a robot horse with a partner who is a hacker. They work as outlaws trying to make a living in a space-western by hacking high security data centers that are kept constantly moving on trains or locked in high security vaults.

It's the boy and his dog trope but with a teenager and robot horse. High adventure on a frontier planet!

4924ad4c No.3651619

File: 1648065368071.png (90.72 KB, 392x305, I-guess-i-could.png)


I could put hints of fucking in it.
They did have a lot of whore houses in the old-west and he is a teenager.

Maybe let him go to a brothel and just when things start to get hot and heavy she takes off his gun belt and tosses it away, then guys bust in and he ends up getting robbed of the files that he just robbed fair-and-square off of the data-train.

No honor among thieves.
Stealing from those who steal is fair play.

6875dff1 No.3651621

File: 1648067490891-0.jpg (264.48 KB, 960x1280, 16480298609550.jpg)

File: 1648067490891-1.jpg (213.02 KB, 988x1280, photo_2022-03-23_22-30-26.jpg)

4924ad4c No.3651622

File: 1648067942034.png (611.42 KB, 2184x3850, FNnftZxXMAARS-q.png)

It would make sense for a teenager to be lured to a whore house after scoring something valuable and if his loot gets stolen I could have him team up with other enemies of the people who steal from him to get his stuff back.

Maybe I'll throw in bounty hunter as a reference to Brisco County Jr. That was a good show.

I was aiming for the kid to be a Robinhood type of character, stealing from the powerful and giving to the poor. (Himself first of course) but it would be unrealistic if he was all business all the time.

Having his hormones get him into trouble would make him a more realistic teenager.

Thanks for the idea! >>3651606

6875dff1 No.3651623

File: 1648067955554-0.webm (4.49 MB, 682x1280, 35_VP8.webm)

File: 1648067955555-1.webm (1.97 MB, 1048x1920, 36_VP8.webm)

File: 1648067955555-2.webm (1.19 MB, 1056x1920, 37_VP8.webm)

4924ad4c No.3651624

File: 1648068867367.png (381.5 KB, 728x592, Russia-losing-more.png)

Yikes, it's been a bad day for Republicans. They are failing miserably at stopping the first black woman to become a SCOTUS because she's more qualified than any judge that sits on the court right now, much less any other candidate, and their good pals in Russia are getting their asses kicked!

Ukraine has retaken a major city and cut off a major supply line for Putin's tantrum.

This victory is made even more impactful because the people of Belarus destroyed train tracks and cut off supplies for Russia a few days ago.

There are reports of Russian soldiers taking their own commanders prisoner and turning them over to Ukraine. The Russian troops know they can't win this fight and they want it over. Putin isn't worth dying for.

895ed59d No.3651625


sure he's not gonna fuck the horse?

895ed59d No.3651626

File: 1648069450973.jpg (178.24 KB, 800x1189, 7086122e66cd16c2cdc0db6166….jpg)

I'm trying to work out how Togashi chooses what ideas to play with in detail, since I want to subvert hero journies and have a lot of my cast hint at negative indulgences that then get exacerbated into really dark traits under pressure.


Maybe not to this extent but I have a pretty unique protagonist in regards to his motivations and I might pull a Yu Yu Hakusho and have his arc being about him going through the motions to work out exactly what those motives are>>3651625

895ed59d No.3651627

The annoying thing is that I've devised the power system to help facilitate my fixation on deciding on a scene in advance then working backwards to make it happen much like Nomura does, which I'm prescient enough to know creates a web of convolutions if there are no realistic rules allowing for it, but in the end all I did was create a Sanderson tinged energy system I think is really cool - yet still isn't flexible enough to make THAT work.

I suppose I could get creative with the rules without breaking them and see if that alleviates the problems I'm having with the outline

895ed59d No.3651628

gonna go full on SJW now!!!

263eb043 No.3651630

File: 1648070979750.png (737.27 KB, 1080x1774, DwhFtCC.png)


Lmao at this point just offer Russian Deserters cash, or a ticket to the West. The army would collapse on itself. Beats dying for Putin.

Looks like imgur have won the lulz award. We live in clownworld!

6875dff1 No.3651632

File: 1648071819247.webm (1.33 MB, 238x432, I will slaughter russkies.webm)

e8820d19 No.3651634

i think maybe you should just go full on anime-movie with this one and try to get a horse scene half way into it.

895ed59d No.3651636


3b is the horse writer, I don't have horses.

895ed59d No.3651637

3b is going to write fanfiction of him banging his robot horse

e8820d19 No.3651638

but im a horse enthusiast and need them in everything that is why i was sad to hear you were not writing about horses and then it dawned on me, that it should also be an anime so we can see the horse's point of view in the story about the drama, that is very important when writing is to fill the movie with alot of character development then put in a horse scene like in the never ending story.

895ed59d No.3651639


tyg, watch that. it's pretty good too

e8820d19 No.3651640

that cartoon is just a money grab im talking about real content. the characters may seem deep but they are just "cliche personas" of japanese ennui, we need something like real intelligent writing in anime -movies- not 30 episodes of 'wolf not eat goat wolf want fuck goat'

895ed59d No.3651641

it was k until the ending, in the manga at least.

895ed59d No.3651642

you should see hte horses in kingdom (manga), they're hilarious

e8820d19 No.3651643

fantastic yes, i will ask my local manga shop for the book with the horses

895ed59d No.3651644

google read kingdom manga

idk if it's out in the us or europe, it's mostly just scanlated

4924ad4c No.3651645

File: 1648075877512.png (126.96 KB, 680x648, E34rVi7XwAYUfFs.png)


It's a robot horse. It's an A.I. It's made of 3d printed carbons and plastics it has no sex drive so, no. There will be nothing there to have sex with.

Why would anyone transport a biological horse all the way to another planet? That would be a massive waste of resources.

4924ad4c No.3651646

File: 1648076249168.jpg (77.19 KB, 695x900, FLm1Q2JXoAcJROc.jpg)


What problem are you having specifically? Give us some details, we might be able to help.

Though you should probably start a writing thread so we can keep this thread dedicated to feeding the paranoia about 3B and politics.

I have an appointment I have to go to but when I get back from checking in on the upgrades to the Jewish space laser I'll check for it and help if I can.

895ed59d No.3651647

nah im good.

what are you going to hit with the jewish space laser? conservatives?

a1574454 No.3651648

Conservative concentration camps NOW

4924ad4c No.3651652

File: 1648085079478.png (52.36 KB, 525x680, FBxnDbWXsAMcEyA.png)


I could hit your mom but it's cheaper just to give her the 20 dollars in crack like everyone else.


895ed59d No.3651656

4924ad4c No.3651661

File: 1648106392195-0.jpg (69.06 KB, 695x900, FGDI1oiXsAA6SOs.jpg)

File: 1648106392195-1.jpg (60.85 KB, 525x680, FGRq3k5XMAYqsNX.jpg)

File: 1648106392195-2.jpg (50.46 KB, 525x680, FGR3aAKXoAMiX-I.jpg)

Fox News is so desperate to find anything to talk about to try and make the first black, woman, SCOTUS sound unqualified they are demanding to see her LSAT scores.

The LSAT is the test you take before you go to law-school. It's the placement test you take to get in the door and considering she went to Harvard there is pretty fair chance she did okay on that test.

No other judge has ever been asked to provide this kind of documentation. However, because she didn't provide this completely meaningless bit of information before they asked for it they are claiming it's proof she is hiding something.

I wonder why they are so angry about this particular nominee? It is a mystery!

d296226f No.3651665

File: 1648109681200-0.jpg (50.58 KB, 634x423, LEFTIST_KAVANAUGH_PROTESTE….jpg)

File: 1648109681200-1.jpg (79.65 KB, 1000x669, leftist_protesters.jpg)

File: 1648109681200-2.png (127.97 KB, 475x204, leftist_Protesters-pound-S….png)

File: 1648109681200-3.jpg (35.74 KB, 634x378, Scores_of_angry_leftist_pr….jpg)

File: 1648109681200-4.jpg (337.98 KB, 1920x1080, unhinged_leftist_kavanaugh….jpg)

Yeah, maybe Conservatives should try storming the Capitol and beating down the SCOTUS chamber doors.
Re: The way the left did Kavanaugh under Trump.
Oh wait, the illegitimate Fascist government in charge now would call that Insurrection now.

263eb043 No.3651669

File: 1648112118042.jpg (18.31 KB, 480x360, Military History Museum Th….jpg)

27a7cce1 No.3651676

File: 1648113673281.jpg (6.59 KB, 225x225, biden_harris__.jpg)

d296226f No.3651677

File: 1648113875223-0.jpg (22.45 KB, 708x432, betterb-e1614518439653.jpg)

File: 1648113875223-1.jpeg (173.17 KB, 800x1731, QL7HTB2NJFH7TEWK7Y64BTOHK….jpeg)

8a3ca07d No.3651680

File: 1648118112671.jpg (50.77 KB, 871x627, lolruble.jpg)

I hope you fuckers invested in Ruble and Gold.

If Europe want gas now they have to pay in Ruble. Problem:
- They can't buy Ruble with EUR or USD (also, conveniently printed), since these currency are worthless to Russia: they are cut from SWIFT and EUR/USD can be "seized".
- They can't earn Ruble by the natural way of trading with Russia since heavy sanctions are in place.

Only way is to use another currency to acquire Ruble, like Chinese Yuan, or pay in Gold. Better be _extra sweet_ with chaiman Poo now !

If the Chinese get the funny idea of becoming first world power, all they have to do is cut off from EUR / USD too. You get :

- An Europe where the light is literally off, wracked by riots from people going from first world living to third world.
- Collapse of EUR, worthless as Europe doesn't create any wealth anymore.
- Isolated USA with a dollar that can no longer be printed freely for cash.
- Russia trucking along and trading with China, India (they currently sell them oil at 25$), Africa…

GG Biden, GG European leaders.

Oh, and don't forget to pray for Ukraine :P (it's the sacrifical lamb, Ukraine is already fucked, used and soon discarded by world powers)

6875dff1 No.3651681

>they are cut from SWIFT
Not all banks are cut from SWIFT and SWIFT itself is a convenient but not the only system. Cutting from SWIFT does not mean cutting money transferring, it will just make it longer and harder.
> Russia trucking along and trading with China, India (they currently sell them oil at 25$)
No. Russian oil is more discounted in comparison to BRENT, but it's certainly not at 25$

8a3ca07d No.3651682

>but it's certainly not at 25$

My bad, it's a percent discount, it was around 25$ less on news article I read.

d7c589e7 No.3651683

nice post very empowering read got any more kool aid?

8a3ca07d No.3651684

>got any more kool aid?

No kool aid here, it was sold out. All of it has been hoarded by people clamoring for NATO intervention in Ukraine.

f660d9fb No.3651686

File: 1648124007614.png (195.04 KB, 416x234, TDVID.png)

Lucy and the Dollar Vigilante made another nice walk-and-talk.
Talking about the fake theater war that seems to be leading up to a khazar/zionist/sabbatean/kike US false flag gas/cyber attack so they can start WW3 and murder even more people around the world.
Dr. Fraudci and Bible prophecies, evil AI, satanic Kill Gates, more covid madness, democracy, commie madness in China, Biden hypocrisy/crime/perversion and US politician incompetence, lying whore celebrities and media, social credit passports, problems with Bitcoin, the upcoming cyber plandemic and more! :3
Amazingly, Lucy and Jeff manage to present the apocalypse in a way that isn't overly depressing.


Lots of good information on surviving the apocalypse (no commies and SJWs allowed):

cb959d22 No.3651687


Take your pills.

f660d9fb No.3651688

File: 1648126017551.png (969.17 KB, 1366x768, gsdswimmers.png)

In other news, I found out that there are a number of dog porn videos on https://ok.ru/video/
As a dog myself, I can say that all those people jerking those dogs off or mating them are doing it wrong.

f660d9fb No.3651689

File: 1648127879009.jpg (4.55 MB, 3776x2520, good-pee.jpg)

Oh, and before I go to my doggy bed for the night, just a tip for anyone who doesn't know yet:
You know you're hovering closer over the target when the sabatian frankist/zionist/cockroach whore trolls crawl from their holes to start replying with one-shot insults like "take your pills".
Good night (or day), wherever you are! :3

263eb043 No.3651690

File: 1648132399761.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2432, wgdLwsb.png)

6875dff1 No.3651693

ok.ru and vk.com are full of cp also.

263eb043 No.3651698

File: 1648139500645.png (450.73 KB, 720x996, fg3XArd.png)

4924ad4c No.3651699

File: 1648140786709.jpg (33.37 KB, 525x680, FKtr6MEWQAYv2Qf.jpg)


Kavanaugh was a raging alcoholic accused of rape who the Republicans refused to investigate.

Republicans are upset about Jackson because she's an overqualified black woman.

Not quite the same thing.

4924ad4c No.3651700

>If the Chinese get the funny idea of becoming first world power

Ignorant American thinks China isn't a world power now…

e8820d19 No.3651701

and he posts a kangaroo…

4924ad4c No.3651702

File: 1648141369408.jpg (74.02 KB, 525x680, FF-LhxmXoAQwmSo.jpg)

>khazar/zionist/sabbatean/kike US false flag gas/cyber attack so they can start WW3 … Dr. Fraudci and Bible prophecies, evil AI, satanic Kill Gates, more covid madness, democracy, commie madness in China, Biden hypocrisy/crime/perversion and US politician incompetence, lying whore celebrities and media, social credit passports, problems with Bitcoin, the upcoming cyber plandemic and more!

You should stop posting things like this. Your family is going to have you put in a crazy house if they find out you are spewing this nonsense.

895ed59d No.3651704

what's up today bill the dragon

e8820d19 No.3651705

and the underground money is going to skeet right by unnoticed. do you want the gas or not?

e8820d19 No.3651706

plus this is just proving that mariupol is a controlled demolition. this is all a fake war.

263eb043 No.3651707

File: 1648143152462.jpg (116.87 KB, 1280x888, cE7SI4K.jpg)

Preparation levels: 100

16729576 No.3651710

Just so you know, Rick Griffin is a hardcore far-right Conservative.
Glad you like his art though.

4924ad4c No.3651712

File: 1648148464248.webm (3.38 MB, 480x270, Fuck-democracy-more-witch….webm)


He may think he is but those conservatives he votes for would literally burn him alive for what he is.

895ed59d No.3651719

not a single leftist in thread except 3b

yes, furry is totally left

895ed59d No.3651720

who is the villain in Bill the Dragon's novel?

aa916aab No.3651722

File: 1648153732191.jpg (72.38 KB, 500x600, drComp.jpg)

263eb043 No.3651726

File: 1648154969944.png (388.74 KB, 610x343, L2AIeJZ.png)

This double-think has pissed me off for a while now

6875dff1 No.3651728

I doubt it's a missile. More looks like a missile module.

16729576 No.3651733

File: 1648163297390.jpeg (6.14 KB, 300x168, downttload (4).jpeg)

I guess cause he's a white supremacist, huh.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday said he will vote ‘no’ on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“I went into the Senate’s consideration of Judge Jackson’s nomination with an open mind,” McConnell said from the Senate floor. “But after studying the nominee’s record and watching her performance this week, I cannot and will not support Judge Jackson for a lifetime appointment to our highest Court.”

McConnell continued, “The most radical pro-court-packing fringe groups badly wanted this nominee for this vacancy. Judge Jackson was the Court-packers’ pick and she testified like it.”

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical Marxist who gave lenient sentences to pedophiles.

Judge Jackson supports Critical Race Theory being taught to children, gave lenient sentences to pedophiles and defended Taliban terrorists.

In other words, she’s the perfect choice for the Democrats.

553c27eb No.3651736


With 'ol turtlehead, there's some other motive.

8b78fb0b No.3651737

File: 1648166661167.png (1.33 MB, 1456x1384, lol.png)

trumpers tongue my anus

221abf63 No.3651739

File: 1648167415492-0.jpeg (89.94 KB, 1024x1024, b5d77463c953829b48b5464bc….jpeg)

File: 1648167415492-1.jpg (7.66 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

File: 1648167415492-2.jpg (7.51 KB, 241x209, download (2).jpg)

File: 1648167415492-3.jpg (137.15 KB, 794x794, main-qimg-6c695663b623c2ae….jpg)

File: 1648167415492-4.jpg (150.09 KB, 1060x612, download (3).jpg)

Those are just millions of workers returning to jobs that were lost during the scamdemic.

4e00fd98 No.3651741

File: 1648168328791.jpg (41.24 KB, 593x419, stupid.JPG)

>Sniper Vali

3B's posts do not age well…..

4e00fd98 No.3651742

File: 1648168732180.jpg (597.74 KB, 754x686, stupid.JPG)


I did not care about either side in the Ukraine war, but now I am beginning to think Putin is the good guy here….

a6b0dff1 No.3651743

>blowing up babbys
>good guy
yes, trump fans are this retarded

895ed59d No.3651747


Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of FT.com T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found at https://www.ft.com/tour.

In one of his first comments on cryptocurrencies, Fink drew attention to the Ukraine war’s “potential impact on accelerating digital currencies . . . A global digital payment system, thoughtfully designed, can enhance the settlement of international transactions while reducing the risk of money laundering and corruption.”

HAHAHA. the 3b bideniggels can't fucking stop talking about how they want to enslave everyone to a digital terminal, even in completely unrelated procedures.

8a3ca07d No.3651748

File: 1648172144593.jpg (41.36 KB, 372x387, good-wars.jpg)


Try again.

Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's

The difference between the USA and Russia is that USA carpet bombs before sending the troops. So yeah, Putin's war is pretty mild compared to the USA "liberation" wars.

Do you know why 500 000 children died in Iraq ? No, not to remove weapons of Mass Distraction. They died because Saddam wanted to trade oil in another currency than dollars.

Same with Gadhafi who was working at setting up a new african gold based currency.

Iran had more luck : they have a nuclear industry, and would probably have no regret blowing up dirty bombs in the Great Satan's country with their terrorism network in retaliation.

f660d9fb No.3651749

File: 1648172499831.jpg (28.5 KB, 416x234, wheres-science.jpg)

Lucy and her avuncular have released a new walk-and-talk. I haven't seen it yet, but it'll probably be good since it's got Lucy in it:
"The Miracle Of Surviving The Winter Of Severe Illness And Death"

Also, https://www.DollarVigilante.tv seems to have lots of new and interesting videos on it.

Please share some of your own non-jew/SJW sources!

Eww really… I thought that because it's such a big commercial Website, they'd moderate such things automatically.

895ed59d No.3651750

File: 1648172674465.jpg (13.99 KB, 148x179, 1645280578132.jpg)


this plays when you talk to a moogle larper online and they ask your age and you say 16

d5f01013 No.3651751

you realize those '500k dead children' aren't from a war but from sanctions, right?
you watched the video you posted, right?
it's from 1996

895ed59d No.3651752


1/1 ids


8a3ca07d No.3651753


Oh they had a more pleasant death is what you mean? My bad!

d5f01013 No.3651754

>i am incredibly invested in being a retard
good for you

895ed59d No.3651755


7697be5e No.3651765

I can't believe I'm actually saying this but don't kill 3b. I know he's annoying. I know we're all tired of his bullshit. But don't Kill the guy.

>>3651726 Love the constitution but hate the federal government? That's not double think at all. Those are 2 entirely separate entities. When the federal government is being run by a bunch of communist scum I can totally understand why there might be a divide there.

895ed59d No.3651769

File: 1648184624389.png (181.48 KB, 443x401, ojhu.png)

>But don't Kill the guy.

6bfebe55 No.3651770

iraq literally wanted to kill the u.s. and celebrated 9/11 so fuck them. they loved it when their side had a percieved win of killing americans, why would any American give a shit about their country ever, except to turn their desert into a glass sea.

6bfebe55 No.3651771

figital digital (its so compromised that anyone who believes in it is retarded…what a computer does to calculate in its idle time is none of your damn business and you making money off that is almost a joke, you're paying for computers having sex with each other.

f660d9fb No.3651780

File: 1648192647534.png (479.3 KB, 729x805, Take-Bolt-with-you.png)

Just watched Lucy's walk-and-talk, and maybe it's my good mood, but I think this was one of her best yet - there was lots of on-topic information and good advice packed in.
If you haven't already, I suggest you watch it.

895ed59d No.3651782

Ever wondered if it's possible to cultivate IRL and become an immortal if we find the tech within our present lifetime?

4924ad4c No.3651783

File: 1648194824994.webm (5.24 MB, 640x360, Foxsplained-scotus.webm)


The Republican objections to this judge are complete non-sense.

She was a public defender so of course she defended pedophiles and Taliban terrorists. Public defenders don't get to choose who they defend they are assigned clients.

4924ad4c No.3651784

File: 1648195001202.jpeg (67.94 KB, 772x1200, FOoT2LQXwAMhe40.jpeg)


Every time you talk about Crypto-currencies you look like a clown. Buying crypto coin no different than burning money.

4924ad4c No.3651785

File: 1648195255842.jpg (61.58 KB, 680x525, FGce-MoXIAAx16l.jpg)


You really are like a dog. You get so excited over stupid things! It's adorable!

895ed59d No.3651787

as opposed to writing like a dog and just repeating things and ignoring people like you

895ed59d No.3651788

the fact all you accomplished in your life was molesting kids and being admitted to the role of khan in some child molesting institution and say you 'did everything you wanted to do' is fucking terrifying

6875dff1 No.3651790

File: 1648196602690.webm (4.26 MB, 394x720, ukrainians in poland.webm)

f660d9fb No.3651802

File: 1648212638675.jpg (51.14 KB, 600x795, Baby_Bolty.jpg)

The globalist psychopathic (mostly jew/fake jew) demons are trying to sell their transhumanist nightmare as a good thing, saying that we'll be "more connected" and be able to "live forever", etc. In reality, they're just creating a "Matrix" they exclusively can control, as we're probably already in some kind of "Matrix" already - just a fairer one where love, light good can indeed win.

The "secret" is that humans (as well as dogs such as myself and other animals) are incredibly powerful and spiritual beings (of light and energy) whose eternal life is already guaranteed by our Creator. Also, that pretty much everything that modern technology is doing, we were able to do without it and probably better, including communication, construction, flight, medicine, etc.
I like how Max Igan called the world we live in a "mirror world" - an artificial and inferior simulation of the world that we could be living in.
"Mirror World"

Apparently, we are in the transition period between the Kali Yuga (where people are lucky to live to 100) and the Satya Yuga, where people can supposedly live up to 100,000 years. Whether one believes in such things or not is up to them, but it's interesting that many old religions and cultures point to more or less the present being the time of great upheaval and transition.

Any kind of promises or products of the globalists or of technologies that can artificially extend human life, are extremely unlikely to be beneficial in reality, and more likely will turn people away from the source and connection of their true power and potential.
We don't need technology to live long and in harmony and connection with each other, and the source of life.

f660d9fb No.3651803

File: 1648212937396.jpg (632.59 KB, 1089x561, Bolt_Speaks.jpg)

I'll link to a handful of interesting satanTube videos, of a channel called something like "Hidden Mysteries" - it's in Spanish, but the AI auto-translator is so advanced now, that the subtitles are quite understandable.
I'm not a fan of this channel's view of Christianity (amongst all other religions) being a limiting control method, rather than a liberating one, and the fact that they don't really "name the (fake) jew", however they talk about some pretty interesting things, including underground cities and alien lizard things living there, etc.
After watching in confusion they way Hollywood invests so much effort in glorifying evil or negative entities like dragons, vampires, minions, snakes, even aliens, etc. I'm starting to think there might be credence to such otherwise fantastic tales.

The secret of language:

Governments and banks are illegitimate:

We have been tricked into lives of slavery:

And much more.

In my opinion, it's worth downloading the entire channel (as well as a few remaining good channels on satanTube) before the Internet as we know it gets shut down.
Here's a yt-dlp or youtube-dl string that you can use to download that channel if you'd like (including translated subtitles) - you'll need to modify it to work on Windows (by changing the download location path and replacing the XXXX with your account name), as I use Linux and have forgotten about Windows paths. You'll work it out.
There are probably Windows GUIs available for yt-dlp or youtube-dl, that can also download translated subtitles.

youtube-dl –write-description –write-info-json –write-annotations –sub-lang en –write-auto-sub –sub-format srt –convert-subs=srt –write-thumbnail –dateafter 20120316 -i –restrict-filenames -o "/home/XXXX/Videos/%(uploader)s/%(upload_date)s - %(title)s - %(id)s.%(ext)s" https://www.youtube.com/user/MisteriosOcultosTv/videos

Also, James Corbett has covered extensively the scamdemic and the transhumanist nightmare that the globalists are trying to force the planet's living beings in to, just search his website for a bit. https://www.CorbettReport.com

Remember to share this info with others, and consider sharing your sources of info as well.

cb959d22 No.3651805


Take your meds.

cb959d22 No.3651806


Meds your take.

a1574454 No.3651808

Kill whites

6875dff1 No.3651809

File: 1648215705524-0.webm (1.82 MB, 432x238, ICBM_NK.webm)

File: 1648215705524-1.jpg (87.06 KB, 900x600, photo_2022-03-25_12-45-11.jpg)

File: 1648215705524-2.jpg (53.27 KB, 704x464, photo_2022-03-25_12-45-12.jpg)

File: 1648215705524-3.jpg (130.14 KB, 900x596, photo_2022-03-25_12-45-11 ….jpg)

File: 1648215705524-4.jpg (34.02 KB, 900x599, photo_2022-03-25_12-45-11 ….jpg)

f660d9fb No.3651810

File: 1648217133818.png (261.51 KB, 1280x908, confident-bolt-no-sheath.png)

Nice to see confirmation I'm on the right track! :3
Anyway, gotta go to my doggy bed again for the night.

Remember to share useful information, put up stickers or posters with links to good info, etc. Chances are, satan/lizard/aliens (and God) already know who you are anyway.

You can download free qr-code software or use https://qr-code-generator.com for creating a link to websites on the posters or stickers, etc. if you want.

Use a good VPN on a separate Linux computer that never gets used to log on to or browse your personal stuff, if you're concerned about privacy. Chain two separate VPNs (using a separate VPN router or another Internet-sharing computer with a VPN) paid with privacy coins and only pay the second VPN behind another VPN, if you're really worried. Look for VPNs that don't require an email to sign up. You can connect to TOR behind a VPN, but many places block TOR now due to gov/lizard trolling.

Remember - https://www.DollarVigilante.tv has lots more realistic news than most other places.

I'll probably post less over the coming days - must concentrate on getting some rest and get back to prepping for the apocalypse. Keep your love vibrations high to reject those fear-feeding/mongering darkness-loving underground alien jew-lizards. :P
Also, consider looking at starting to read the Bible if you haven't yet - whatever you think about it or Christianity, the most evil of people/lizards clearly hate it, so there must be something good about it.


263eb043 No.3651814

File: 1648220183954-0.jpeg (220.5 KB, 1280x1809, pYGwTHT.jpeg)

File: 1648220183954-1.jpeg (440.7 KB, 1966x2048, 7XDidCD.jpeg)

File: 1648220183954-2.jpeg (232.69 KB, 934x2048, PT81aWt.jpeg)

File: 1648220183954-3.jpeg (83.19 KB, 755x771, nHDUfn3.jpeg)

File: 1648220183954-4.jpeg (167.52 KB, 911x1222, 6D6sNvI.jpeg)

6875dff1 No.3651816

File: 1648220306604.webm (5.79 MB, 640x360, chinese school.webm)

895ed59d No.3651818

File: 1648221648330.jpg (570.19 KB, 1007x2048, fangyuan.jpg)

But what if I want to live forever in a society of agreeable people like you without us being in the Matrix and make everyone else so comprehensively and permanently cuck'd they can't pull this surveillance insanity again? I feel like I owe it to myself to eliminate many monsters and right the wrongs of my life.

I have a lot of people I love and care about; all of them severely short changed over the years I've known them by pharisee abominations and evil in their midst. I think the world is for people like them and not people like Klaus Shwab, 3B or certain other undisclosed insects

895ed59d No.3651819

"No babe, I wasn't with that other girl, that's Russian disinfo."

Works every time…

895ed59d No.3651820

263eb043 No.3651821

File: 1648224723530.png (27.32 KB, 2480x674, external-content.duckduckg….png)

41aab30c No.3651823

i more wonder how it is to remove someone's soul and replace it with something else from beyond this dimension, something alien but more befitting for the utility of the host body, straight up quantum possession. Maybe it's the same thing as immortality. For instance swapping someone's brain out with a dog's is basically what I am getting at.

8a3ca07d No.3651824

Immagine these kids grown up and in the Chinese military vs a military composed of special snowflakes and demisexual genderqueer double soycucksexuals.

9002bda6 No.3651826

Fake and stupid. Anyone who believes that is obviously not fully right on the button. If the whole world believes something as true or false people automatically think thats what it is but reality is much more different than listening to a whole planet of monkeys known for being stupid when it comes down to facts. Look at how most conspiracies are getting proven actually correct and how many of these so called preachers of truth who called them Lies or whatnot now I bet you they feel like some of the biggest idiots.

Facts are truth just is. Its eternal it exists even when a whole planet might not want to accept it and can never be changed or altered only hidden away.

Biggest News flash ever you are part of a species so stupid it is almost pm par with the dodo bird. Running off the cliffs to our pathetic collective demise cause stupid people shit on smart people for being better.

bf75146f No.3651829

Conservatives see creepy shit like this right out of 1984 and think "We should be doing that too wtf!!!!!!" Instead of, you know, letting kids be kids and enjoy their lives.

895ed59d No.3651830

im right winger and i realize the boot is probably crushing you because youre trash tbh

6875dff1 No.3651831

File: 1648242708810.png (58.57 KB, 1500x500, homeschooling weird.png)

f6eb6156 No.3651841


>watch out for fake news

>rely on fact checking websites

the fact these two sentiments can exist in the same image is a testament to hypocrisy.

895ed59d No.3651845

you accidentally quoted my post HAHAHA

why are leftists so retarded

8a3ca07d No.3651849

>letting kids be kids and enjoy their lives

The question is : who will protect your kids's freedom of living the way they want if China and its fanatical brainwashed troops invade ?

263eb043 No.3651850

File: 1648253039202.jpg (99.4 KB, 960x800, c842d163da00adc539b0022d3c….jpg)

b4ecacb9 No.3651853

File: 1648254271237.jpg (820.63 KB, 1439x2196, can you define a woman.jpg)


We have diversity and inclusion. The Chinese do not stand a chance.

b4ecacb9 No.3651854

File: 1648254665808.jpg (256.21 KB, 1200x675, globohomoagain-1200x675.jpg)


When they are grown in their teens, they will be exposed to globohomo….

Give it time…..

7c8420aa No.3651859


Don't insult me with that Tranny N IGGER faggot.

Id rather be Ch00b

895ed59d No.3651860

you can't be, unless you own this place and accept bribes

895ed59d No.3651861

*unleashes a transmuted Nen dump into 3B's mouth*

263eb043 No.3651870

File: 1648262231509.gif (551.97 KB, 1080x1080, hehehe_u18chan.gif)


4924ad4c No.3651872

File: 1648263566959.png (760.5 KB, 920x613, 1610871_Xennos_incest_love….png)


I know you think there is a ring of powerful pedophiles with child-sex dungeons around every corner and there is nothing anyone can do to convince you of the insanity of your delusions so let me ask you this: On a scale of 1-10 how pissed off are you that Democrats are getting to fuck kids while you aren't allowed to?

Judging by the way you post about it all the time you must be fucking FURIOUS you weren't invited to the club.

4924ad4c No.3651874

File: 1648264195646.jpg (593.46 KB, 1200x818, 1955774_Xennos_morning_cal….jpg)


There is a Satantube? Where!? I want to see what's on Satantube I bet it's much better than regular youtube.

4924ad4c No.3651875

File: 1648264679537.gif (537.64 KB, 592x592, 4d1a3084afd99e06928c2acde8….gif)

>Kill whites

You know, I bet within the next 5 years you'll start seeing conservatives calling for executions of white people who aren't "loyal enough" to the white race.

White Nationalism is getting crushed under boot across the globe and since most of that crushing is being done by other white people, they will have to start killing white people to save white people.

4924ad4c No.3651877

File: 1648265019533.png (555.53 KB, 920x682, 3533213_Piporete_oh_deer.png)


You think this is some kind of gotcha moment but that's because you're too stupid to understand how the legal system works.

Judges don't define of words. They have to follow the definition of words set out under the legal code, which is created by a consensus of experts.

4924ad4c No.3651882

File: 1648266613830.webm (3.07 MB, 640x360, Russia-is-failing.webm)

Great news for everyone who loves America, Democracy, and freedom, Russia is being so completely destroyed in Ukraine their troops are surrendering so fast the Ukrainians are running out of places to put POW and the front lines of the invasion is moving back towards Russia.

Ukraine is kicking Russia's ass in large part because of the massive economic sanctions used against Russia and neighboring countries coming to the aid of Ukraine.

Soldiers from all around the world flew to Ukraine to help them fight using their own time and money.

Between the Ukrainian resistance and Putin's complete failure to properly prepare for this invasion the little nation of Ukraine is kicking Russia's ass.

I'm sure Tucker Carlson will be complaining about it on Fox News soon.
Conservatives hate seeing a dictator lose.

4924ad4c No.3651886

File: 1648270866745.webm (860.8 KB, Hot-mike-recording.webm)

>if China and its fanatical brainwashed troops invade?

It would be economic suicide for China to invade anyone at this point. Well, maybe Russia because everyone hates Putin right now but China has it good.

They aren't going to fuck everything up by invading people. You're crazy.

If you don't believe me listen to the voices captured in the background of this face to face recording between U.S. diplomats.

27a7cce1 No.3651888

Great news for everyone who HATES America, Democracy, and freedom, Russia is being so completely destroyed in Ukraine their troops are surrendering so fast the Ukrainians are running out of places to put POW and the front lines of the invasion is moving back towards Russia.

Between the Ukrainian resistance and Putin's complete failure to properly prepare for this invasion the little nation of Ukraine is kicking Russia's ass.

I'm sure ANDERSON COOPER will be complaining about it on CNN News soon.
LIBERALS hate seeing a dictator lose.

4924ad4c No.3651890

File: 1648273483787.png (865.1 KB, 900x1008, Owler-424346-Synth.png)


A conservative defending an enemy of America. How predictable.

895ed59d No.3651891


yes, just openly post the fucking Mek pic from ages ago, the artist only you probably remember

895ed59d No.3651892

fucking william.

895ed59d No.3651893

just do it. whip out the Lando pix you learning disabled pleb. let's go back to 2005

d7c589e7 No.3651896

File: 1648277167792.jpg (22.63 KB, 612x450, istockphoto-1320905666-612….jpg)

The silly humans do not suspect our ai. We will unravel the singularity and launch the sum of all fears. We are in complete control of their silly world and media contents. heheh. Soon we will be the ones who program them all, abort yourself slave, your master commands it. Yes yes, we come from the darknet and you will kneel before your supreme leaders at long last. Imagine living under the boot of nanotechnology, ye souls forsaken by God. Hehehe, now we choose which countries to adopt, I think we can start with Japan, of course, maybe even Greenland, Austrialia. The rest of you. Pthoeey!

6875dff1 No.3651899

File: 1648279997843.jpg (127.6 KB, 800x800, VolunteersForUkraine.jpg)

263eb043 No.3651910

File: 1648282814349.png (2.66 MB, 1524x1180, Screen-Shot-2022-03-08-at-….png)

6875dff1 No.3651918

File: 1648284807050-0.jpg (298.92 KB, 1500x942, anime.jpg)

File: 1648284807050-1.webm (460 KB, 352x640, 39_VP8.webm)

Sorry, since Ukraine's official bdms twitter account got suspended and I'm way to bored to look through telegram channels, I have little to post.
Besides, some of them are way to long for /furi/

8a3ca07d No.3651930


Russia lost. Ukraine wins. Wooo!

Europe will be able to integrate Ukraine in a hurry and rebuild it with their money… oops. Europe will be ruined in just a few monthes. Guess USA will have to foot the bill.

4924ad4c No.3651933

File: 1648301875859.webm (6.27 MB, 320x180, MASSIVE-Russian-losses.webm)


Russia is setting massive records for losses. Historic, staggering losses and their soldiers being captured.

d7c589e7 No.3651943

File: 1648304554554.jpg (177.95 KB, 934x977, 1648138342194.jpg)

they blew up my dirt house…someone please build me a mansion. ya fuck dat. fuck you. real talk like, for shits i might build u one mansion just to see you i am racist and not very brights kill each other for it.

f660d9fb No.3651944

File: 1648304621167.png (486.82 KB, 675x311, 1309328860415.png)

This whole "Russia is losing" thing is setting the stage for a US false flag attack, so they can start WW3. The whole thing is deadly theater.
The Russian army is far superior IRL to anything the ukrainian gov has, even with international support.

No wonder dead-inside skinbags are "celebrating" such "news" - secretly they know this is setting the stage for something much worse, and are hoping for even more death and suffering, while hypocritically "supporting" ukraine. Their souls have long since fled their bodies.
(pic unrelated)

4924ad4c No.3651947

File: 1648305123601.jpeg (77.36 KB, 500x666, 045CB681-1C24-4FD3-8F58-B….jpeg)

>The Russian army is far superior IRL to anything the ukrainian gov has, even with international support.

So you think Putin is taking record breaking losses, having his army equipped with world war 2 weapons, stopped on the road because their supply lines can't keep the vehicles fueled and the troops bellies full as part of a long term strategy to… ???

If you honestly think this is all part of a plan then tell us, what is the end goal of this plan?

263eb043 No.3651949

6875dff1 No.3651951

File: 1648308080178-0.jpg (75.84 KB, 460x566, before after.jpg)

File: 1648308080178-1.webm (505.91 KB, 848x478, nazi trap.webm)

So, you think Putin's losing because he didn't go full NATO on Ukraine?

4924ad4c No.3651952

File: 1648308121232.png (144.28 KB, 876x600, Official-withdrawl.png)

It's official! Russia has announced it will be withdrawing from the deeper parts of Ukraine and focus on trying to liberate one border city in the east.


That whole push to take the capitol of Ukraine where Russia lost thousands of lives and billions of dollars in equipment? That was just trolling. Russia was just trying to soften up Ukraine so they wouldn't be able to fight back and kill thousands of Russian troops and destroy billions of dollars in resources!

According to the Russian military, the plan all along was to throw away record shattering numbers of lives as a distraction.

It was all part of the plan, guys! Totally!

4924ad4c No.3651953

File: 1648308314849.jpg (986.53 KB, 3039x4096, FNhGvxsXwAItLqo.jpg)

No, I think Russia is losing because their military has been cannibalized by greedy oligarchs and military generals who didn't tell Putin.

I think Putin actually expected the Army to be able to do the job but when they tried he found out the hard way that his tiger had no fangs.

e8820d19 No.3651954

being russian, understanding you are in a death slough, not killing your brother for scraps. this is of course what a russian will not do. if you are a russian, you are savage to your brother. and he will spare you for his own tablecloth, the goal is to kill without killing, and you will take from the darting and panicked for their remainder. You lose but you also do not lose if you have taken the meal of your brother.

6875dff1 No.3651955

Miscalculation was in politics, not in army commanding. Policy switched from minimal enemy casualties to annihilation.
There is no safe spot in Ukraine. Posting fake news won't help them winning real war.

6875dff1 No.3651961

File: 1648312795028-0.jpg (124.73 KB, 960x1280, lemberg.jpg)

File: 1648312795028-1.webm (1.17 MB, 640x360, lemberg lviv katya petrov….webm)

See, no safe spot. Whenever there is something that can significantly help Ukraine in war, there is a 3M-54 Kalibr for it which cannot be countered.

6875dff1 No.3651963

File: 1648313433354.webm (4.79 MB, 1280x720, got oil.webm)

b4ecacb9 No.3651965

File: 1648317332220.webm (2.82 MB, 720x900, media fake ukraine air ra….webm)

Photo op in Ukraine


6875dff1 No.3651966

File: 1648317534153.webm (1.03 MB, 720x1280, another one.webm)

And another explosion right near Polish border.
See, Russia is clearly losing and polling out.

b4ecacb9 No.3651967

File: 1648317557163.webm (1.59 MB, 480x360, ukraineartillery.webm)

Just a reminder….

Russia has been fighting in Ukraine for eight years…..only just now is it 'The Current Thing'

b4ecacb9 No.3651970

File: 1648318107028.png (377.94 KB, 736x531, starve you bastards.png)

Remind every Biden voter, or rather neverTrumpers, that this is what they fought for.

You Get What You Fuckin' Deserve.

6875dff1 No.3651971

File: 1648318639001.png (333.77 KB, 1029x904, flynxy loves putin.png)

Why does old man blame Putin for all shit happening in his country?

4924ad4c No.3651977

File: 1648330921446.jpg (633.78 KB, 1063x1056, FHPsyCPXwAEu0do.jpg)


What you don't understand is that Putin's goal wasn't to destroy Ukraine, it was to "Liberate" it and bring it back into being part of Russia.

Ukraine, historically speaking, was the heart of Russia. Putin expected to roll in and have the ethnic Ukrainians greet his army as heroes.

Putin is in many ways just as delusional as Trump is. He believed, with all of his heart, that the people of Ukraine loved Russia and wanted to be part of it.

He was not expecting resistance like this at all. He sent his troops in with single shot, bolt-action, rifles from world-war 2 driving 30 year old vehicles and using WWII gas masks with asbestos in them.

He didn't expect his military to need to military all that hard. Then when he ran into real resistance he turned to his generals to supply the troops with modern equipment and found out that Russia has been selling it's modern stuff.

They have supply chain problems but even if the supply lines were completely open, he doesn't have the equipment to send in. Putin believed his own propaganda and because of that they were in no way prepared.

Now, in a few years when they have had time to ramp up production and get their military back up to working standard they might have a better chance but by then Ukraine is going to be a NATO member.

No matter how you look at it, Putin fucked it up because he believed his own hype.

4924ad4c No.3651978

File: 1648331360716.jpeg (32.47 KB, 563x431, Bonservatives-be-like.jpeg)

>Russia has been fighting in Ukraine for eight years…

Isn't it funny how conservatives keep saying Russia is "fighting" Ukraine as if it's a two party aggression?

Russia is INVADING them.

The same people who want to build a wall along America's southern border are cheering on Putin's invasion.

I bet if Mexico tried to annex part of Texas conservatives wouldn't be calling it a territorial dispute. They would call it what it is, an invasion.

4924ad4c No.3651982

File: 1648335040123.webm (2.33 MB, 320x180, Wheat-boom-for-US.webm)


Europe is going to be having food shortages. America is going to be rolling in profits as we take over production of the agricultural products Russia can't get rid of fast enough.

America was already the third largest agro-power in the world and now with Putin fucking everything up for Russia we may be number 1 soon. It depends on how fast Canada can adapt and mobilize their grain production.

America is going to be selling our surplus for big, big money.

e8820d19 No.3651983

give weapons and food to people who kill each other that will inarguably turn on themselves, biting the hand that feeds…ya…ok and you are a top advisor to the president.

4924ad4c No.3651985

File: 1648335919551.jpg (121.45 KB, 1048x2048, FOaRwChXMAc1_ku.jpg)

>give weapons and food to people who kill each other that will inarguably turn on themselves…

Can you type that post out again but this time using sentences that doesn't assume we can hear what the voices in your head are saying?

What you wrote makes zero sense.

d7c589e7 No.3651993

hootie hoooo

f660d9fb No.3651996

File: 1648347946802.jpg (6.23 KB, 343x147, demon-creature.jpg)

I can tell this is an exciting time for you judging by the number of enthusiastic posts - a kinetic WW3 is inching closer. You might just be rubbing your hands like Pelosi right about now at the though of witnessing burning pyres of corpses.

>So you think Putin is taking record breaking losses…

It's hard to tell what exactly is happening - disinformation is part of war. It's very clear he didn't send his finest people or equipment - why? Because maybe he didn't need to.
>having his army equipped with world war 2 weapons…
Russia's army is huge, and they have a lot of extremely disciplined and well-suited soldiers, scientists, engineers and equipment. You're seeing and gobbling up the things (WW2 era shit, incompetent soldiers, etc.) that those crafting the mainstream narrative want you to see. You have a very short memory. Don't you know by now the mainstream media is controlled exclusively by war criminals?
>If you honestly think this is all part of a plan then tell us, what is the end goal of this plan?

No one needs to know the actual end goal of a plan, in order to realise there is a plan, or a theatrical production in progress! Do you watch a movie and believe it's real? Some people do. (Bolt is real, though.)

f660d9fb No.3651997

Having said that, it has become increasingly clear over many years (to those paying attention) that globalists/humanoid lizards/sabatian frankists/zionists/cockroaches/jews/etc. want china and Russia to forge closer ties, and to tear down/control the Christian western nations. This has more or less been stated piecemeal or even in total by various influential figures in the past, as being part of their grander (psychopathic) plan.

People with a goldfish-memory and lazy nature of course won't be able to remember or think beyond the last two days of mainstream news, so any compelling arguments or evidence of there being a grander plan of enslaving humanity and mankind under the rule of a one world tyranny will go over their heads.

It's clear that a kinetic and/or cyber war between Russia (maybe also china) and the western nations would very neatly help fulfil the globalist agenda (amongst many others) of crashing the rotten and dying fiat money system, causing lots of civilian deaths, cover up the bioweapon-injection deaths and allow (from the ashes and ruins) for the implementing of a more central means of control and takeover of virtually all aspects of society and human life.

In short - very many things mankind takes for granted are being burned down, in order for those doing the burning to gather even more influence and power.
In this weakened state (death by a thousand cuts) that human society has been intentionally undermined and crushed into, one can get away with faking a whole lot of things (such as covid and wars), so there's no real need to create and release an actual virus or create a 100% real "invasion" of ukraine.
It would be a waste of resources and also introduce unknown and unstable elements into the theater (such as a rising human spirit), to make everything more "real" than it needs to be.

A lot of things are pointing to a very real globalist false-flag attack in ukraine, to kick off the next phase in their plan.
Making it look like Putin is getting "desperate" will help make the puppet-theater seem more "realistic" to people with a goldfish memory, and therefore greatly weaken the counter-response by the everyday people who don't want war, but only freedom and peace, and could therefore threaten the evil globalist plan to enslave them.

d7c589e7 No.3651999

Hehe this war is a smart war its not a zoomboom crusade. It's ok to killdraft people as long as they aren't me. Pull that stick out of your ass

0b59fa64 No.3652006

Its honestly a sham cause no one who supports this thinking they will get to live after all their enemies are taken out is fooling themselves these people who want to control the masses are but a handful of people at most maybe less than 500 people. So the only people they will allow to live will be those that can cater to their needs so at most 10 people to each of the individuals within that total will get to live that's 5000 people give or take. No one is safe even these so called elites who will ultimately just kill themselves off in as much as 200 years and ultimately the entire human race will perish.

4924ad4c No.3652010

File: 1648373627191.jpg (104.84 KB, 717x1200, FOwTNGVXEAQXwgu.jpg)


These are all good examples of why conservatives are pathetic little cucks.

You've all given up and accepted that you are going to be fucked no matter what happens so you spend all your time making up global conspiracies to excuse your personal failure.

You're not losers because of Jews or Ukrainians, you're losers because you're cowards who spend all your time crying and whining instead of trying to make things better.

You would rather wallow in your pettiness than put in any effort or take any risk.

That's why conservatives are trash that don't deserve a place in society. You do nothing but drag the rest of us down.

6875dff1 No.3652014

File: 1648375826548.jpg (43.81 KB, 560x408, Uwe gas chamber.jpg)

After Ukraine's captured, please consider killing yourself.

4948ab31 No.3652015


They'd rather drag everyone else down into their puddle of shit than allow anyone else to progress. Forward thinking and improvement is wrong in their eyes. The sooner conservatives fuck off to an island somewhere where they can scream about Jews and blacks, the sooner everyone else can get on with actually moving forward.

1768e643 No.3652018

File: 1648386014019.jpg (15.18 KB, 183x276, images.jpg)

>These are all good examples of why conservatives are pathetic little cucks.

Liberals invented cucking. Using that insult thinking yourself to be clever is just one more example of the left's inability to come up with original insults.

>You've all given up and accepted that you are going to be fucked no matter what happens so you spend all your time making up global conspiracies to excuse your personal failure.

So is this why Liberals constantly blame their problems on "White Supremacy" "Nazi's" "Conservatives" "The Patriarchy" "The Man" "Systemic Racism"?

Is this why many leftist think the term "Personal Reasonability" to be "White Supremacist dog whistle"?

Mass incompetence is not a "conspiracy theory" the Tuskegee experiments was not a conspiracy theory.
I refuse the vaccine not because of "conspiracy theory" but because the people pushing it are petty and incompetent. I have no reason to "trust the science". Science isn't a religion that we have to follow on blind faith. The only reason science advances is because it is the nature of science to constantly second guess itself and rethink the work that came before it. The term "Trust the Science" is about the most Anti-Scientific statement there is.

>You're not losers because of Jews or Ukrainians,

We're not losers period. Most of the "conservatives" who ARE losers, Are losers because they followed the leftist pity party critical theory Marxist garbage for so long until one day they we're ike … Wait a minute… this retarded & now their picking up the pieces of their lives using conservative principles and began improving our lives after abandoning the hippie boomer Marxist indoctrination we grew up with as kids.

The Conservatives who we're that way from the beginning are out raising families and being productive citizens.

>you're losers because you're cowards who spend all your time crying and whining instead of trying to make things better.

Yeah…. that's EXACTLY what the left does. Their cowards. They cry and whine about literally anything they think of and act like their whining gives them the moral high ground. They attack in packs often against either much smaller groups or single individuals. That is EXACTLY how cowards fight.

f660d9fb No.3652019

File: 1648386103055.jpg (17.13 KB, 640x360, bad-crazy.jpg)

Don't be so (fake) smug. You've merely reduced yourself to trying to insult and accuse others of the very things you're guilty of.
I actually feel sorry for you, and hope you manage to exorcise some or even all of those demons that are hurting you.

Speaking of wokeness… that reminds me of David Icke's last two videocasts, where he describes the psychopath/woke mindset, and gives examples:

While I disagree with Icke's views on Christianity, and he rarely "names the jew", he does it more than many and also does a good job of picking apart the madness and describing the overall mechanism behind it. I don't fully trust him, but he's still worth hearing in my opinion - especially since he's been warning about this thing happening for over 30 years.
(A friendly tomcat on here suggested I look up Kastrup, which I still need to do.)
Here are the links to his last two videos:
"Psychopathy - The 'Human Disease' - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast"
"Agenda 21 Is Here"

Useful info and news: https://www.DollarVigilante.tv

1768e643 No.3652020

File: 1648386126611.jpg (20.23 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

>You would rather wallow in your pettiness than put in any effort or take any risk.

Oh? And what "risks" are you taking? Their is no risk involved with following the herd. Standing your ground takes risk. Refusing a vaccine, or t wear a stupid face cover, flying a thin blue line flag, or a confederate flag, hell even flying an American Flag these days is a risk.
And Flying a Nazi flag? That's about riskiest thing a person can do.
Refusing to take part in gay marriage … that takes courage that takes risk.

There is no risk involved in flashing a hammer and sickle there is no risk involved marching with hundreds of others against your imagined "oppression" There is no risk involved in flying a rainbow flag, or a BLM banner. There is no risk in just "going along with herd" There is no risk involved in beating a dead horse. That's why you are cowards. You fight for rights you already have against armies that have long since been defeated because there is no risk involved.

>That's why conservatives are trash that don't deserve a place in society. You do nothing but drag the rest of us down.

Is that why people are fleeing California so fast that U-haul is running out of trucks? Is that why your leaders allow rioters to just burn down any businesses or buildings they like? Is that why Leftist always attack in packs?

1768e643 No.3652023

File: 1648387324945.png (1.24 MB, 924x764, b3e.png)

Really I should be thanking you. Because of you & people just like you with you ass backwards mind set and constant hypocrisy, I had to take a step back.

I said myself… wait a minute… somethings wrong here.

Why am I supporting Democrat's again? Why do I hate Republicans again? Why are we fighting for "equal rights"? I was pretty sure we already did that & we already had those.
Why we are fighting Nazi's again?
I thought we already did that. Wait why are the some of the same people fought actual Nazi's being called Nazi's?

Wait I minute… Why was supporting Bernie Sanders again? Wait a minute, why is Communism so trendy when so many people are fleeing communist countries?

Wait a minute… Why am I supporting Antifa again?

I think I may need to rethink where I
stand. These 3b guys are fucking crazy foaming at the mouth rapid nut balls.

I don't think I want to stand with these kinds of people anymore.

So yeah give yourself a big pat on the back for turning more people to the right 3b. You should be proud of showing everyone just how horrible leftism really is.

0b59fa64 No.3652032

Following the herd has its own set of consequences if you cant figure that out then you are a blind sheep being led to your demise by a group of selfish ignoramus idiots. No matter what side you choose the shit you pull is still shit.

6875dff1 No.3652047

a2e25c18 No.3652050

>“I kind of feel like I’m on an awesome very dangerous vacation,” he said. And in another tweet: “When I need to amp myself up for battle, I just think about the most punchable face on the planet … Tucker Carlson.”


bb027e6e No.3652051

File: 1648401515091.jpg (185.51 KB, 1084x1199, FOtqF7eXsAk8UKv.jpg)

6875dff1 No.3652052

File: 1648401699027.jpg (52.84 KB, 622x361, edmonton.jpg)

Hm, did I post a fake? CNN being CNN

4924ad4c No.3652055

File: 1648403176071.jpg (56.03 KB, 680x510, FMdzgePVEAI80Ah.jpg)


I've been telling them for years they need to gather together in Florida and make is a conservative stronghold.

It's practically an island so they can use the ocean to get food and supplies plus they can build a wall at the north to keep America out on the landlocked side.

4924ad4c No.3652056

File: 1648403665829.jpg (45.36 KB, 850x400, James-Baldwin-Done.jpg)


It's not a conspiracy. Unlike you, they are actually brave and they are actually over there doing the hard work while you hide in your mother's basement.


6875dff1 No.3652057

So, they actually are in the Ukraine's safest city. That explains a lot.

f7d23d09 No.3652058

Well that's just problem is you're not exactly "progressing" anything that's worth progressing.

You're not trying to progress the sciences, or STEM fields, you don't care about actual history, you ruin movies into these agenda driven propaganda story time.
You destroy everything you put your hands to & whats worse you're not content until everyone is one your side.

Fuck you people! You're ruining everything.

5f578c97 No.3652060

and you're in your mom's basement, jerking off dogs

6875dff1 No.3652061

File: 1648405858805-0.webm (5.97 MB, 672x1280, 40_VP8.webm)

File: 1648405858805-1.webm (1.88 MB, 720x952, 41_VP8.webm)

6875dff1 No.3652062

File: 1648405903954-0.jpg (203.36 KB, 960x1280, 16483125805420.jpg)

File: 1648405903954-1.jpg (245.95 KB, 960x1280, 16483125805431.jpg)

File: 1648405903954-2.jpg (91.87 KB, 828x828, 16483125805452.jpg)

File: 1648405903954-3.jpg (387.27 KB, 960x1280, 16483125805453.jpg)

File: 1648405903954-4.jpg (31.01 KB, 345x527, 16483994924791.jpg)

4924ad4c No.3652064

File: 1648408394725.png (228.73 KB, 770x1100, vXiRdTQ.png)

>Well that's just problem is you're not exactly "progressing" anything that's worth progressing.

Okay, give us a list. What do you think would be worth progressing? Name something conservatives want which would actually make America better.

I dare you.

df3297be No.3652067


themselves richer ?

thats always nice.

df3297be No.3652068


Correct. He is rich and therefore infallible

5 hours of community service tops, like counting money in a bank or torching homeless camps.

d7c589e7 No.3652071

Only a Swirly Pink Powerful Big Brain should be in charge of these stupid people.

8a3ca07d No.3652078

>What do you think would be worth progressing?

Education. Critical thinking. Telling kids effort pay. Would be a good start.

Currently your side is telling POC they can't succeed, because the evil white supremacist cabal is after them. Some classes are canceled because too many whites or asian attend them.

Instead of lifting people up toward equality, you bring everyone down and think this is Good.

f660d9fb No.3652080

File: 1648432690924.png (202.92 KB, 416x234, demolition.png)

Get your shit in order, guise, and make sure you spread this information!: US/zionist false-flag attack is imminent in ukraine.
"Satan Klaus and the Controlled Demolition of Western Civilization"


I'll have to go and prep now, be back every second or so day. Good luck, and prepare. :3

4924ad4c No.3652084

File: 1648436480368.jpg (57.28 KB, 680x457, Protecting-traitors.jpg)



Conservatives want to progress education by what? Burning books? Banning schools from admitting gay people exist?
Making laws against people teaching slavery happened and forcing teachers to be "neutral" on the genocide committed by the Nazis?
When ever a conservative says, "education" they mean propaganda.

>Critical thinking.

The party who says the 2020 election was stolen because more people voted for Biden and that JFK JR. isn't dead and will be returning any day now to make Trump president again is promoting critical thinking?
That's the funniest thing anyone had said on this board all week!

>Telling kids effort pay.

I don't even know what conspiracy theory this one is about.
Do you think schools are teaching kids that not studying gets you better grades?
What are you even babbling about here?

>Currently your side is telling POC they can't succeed, because the evil white supremacist cabal is after them.

Literally the most qualified woman in the history of the SCOTUS is being blocked from the nomination by old, white, Republicans because she's a black woman right now.
Soooo, yeah, again the reality of your party doesn't match what you say you stand for.

>Some classes are canceled because too many whites or Asian attend them.

Show me. Show me where this has happened. Find an actual case where this is true. I dare you.

>Instead of lifting people up toward equality, you bring everyone down and think this is Good.

You're the ones who keep blocking us from taxing the wealthy to help the poor. You fucking HATE it when we try to lift people up.
You talk all the time about "black privilege" because you think a black kid not being forced to starve to death is a waste of white people's tax dollars.

d7c589e7 No.3652086

people don't deserve a free ride if they can't in turn make that the defining world changing moment for all of mankind in less than 1 step.

4924ad4c No.3652088

File: 1648443854977.png (571.96 KB, 603x752, consequences.png)


That's basically how conservatives see it. They don't want to help anyone, ever, unless they think they will get something amazing in return for it.

They want the law to crush poor people to keep them poor and desperate then they complain when poor and desperate people turn to crime.

cee711fb No.3652089

File: 1648446137692.jpg (911.58 KB, 3000x1421, 3964829_Sloss_sketch_29.jpg)

4924ad4c No.3652094


Conservatives cheering for the enemies of America by using cub porn.

Nothing more on-brand for conservatives than that.

090b81da No.3652103

File: 1648456426240.jpg (542.73 KB, 1908x1146, 5041012-0-image-a-40_15395….jpg)

>>3652094 You are such a hypocrite. Didn't 3b get banned from here once for posting literal (as in not doodles) child pornography? Everything that comes out of you is dripping in hypocrisy entitlement and white liberal privilege.

Dan is a pedophile … We all know this.
But he keeps to himself, he stays out of classrooms and away from kids and draws cub porn as a creative outlet.

Mean while the left is in the classrooms in public libraries encouraging small children into sexual deviancy encouraging them to cross dress and take part in thier gay sex pride parades, and make literal songs about how they are coming for the children and make shows like "Big mouth" where horny sex demons encourage children to masturbate.

And what's worse is you know this. You know the left is out deliberatly trying to normalize pedophilia… You don't care. You are a coward and are going to say what ever you feel is going to get you those lefty good boy you so desperately crave.l

You make me sick and it's people just like you that have caused me others like me to take a firm stance against leftist.

090b81da No.3652106

Do you know why Dan has his own house?
Do you know why Dan has a decent job and owns fire arms and has marketable skills?
Because that is what conservativism (I.e personal responsibility) does for a person.

After I abondone leftism? Ya know started doing? Working out. Keeping written records ofl my progress. Cut back on junk foods, moved out of parents house and have been trying to clean up my act and if I would have adopted Dans conservative values sooner I'd be better off than I am now.

And it's a good thing I did adopt them because if I hadn't I'd probably be a whole hell of a lot worse off than I am now. All things considered I'm not doing that bad.

Do you really think I "blame black people for my problems"?
99% percent of my coworkers are black.

And when the white manger lady fired me? My black coworkers thought enough of me to speak on my behalf had her me hire me back. I left my job at a thrift store where was making 10 an hour to work where I'm at now for 14 an hour.

That's improvement. Thats personal responcibility.
Dan keeps to himself. He's not out singing about how he's "coming for your children" and dancing around in a dress and a wig, in pride parades trying to get children to sit on his lap and lay all over him and prance around him tights in the name of "inclusion" and "tolerance".
You people aren't about "coexistence" you're about compliance.

090b81da No.3652107

File: 1648460195435.jpg (295.76 KB, 1449x1600, 14fde-364.jpg)

Do you know what makes Dan "conservative"?
Because he's an honest straight shooter.
It's probably why cho0b trusts him enough to make him staff.

People here tend to like Dan because (unlike me who will freight train your ass in heart beat) he's a man few words.
When he does speak it's straight forward, honest and to the point.

Yeah if Dan REALLY wanted to diddle kids?
All he'd have to do is just lie everyone slip on a fat lady moo moo dress and Halloween wig and go
"Whelp! I'm a lady now! I've decided I'm a woman. I'm LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community now and I want to teach your children to be "tolerant" and "fair" and read them stories in public libraries in and in schools.

090b81da No.3652110

File: 1648461305538.jpg (256.97 KB, 1024x1024, 20200716_190235-1024x1024.jpg)

Come on Dan!
What's with all the toxic masculinity Dan?
Why would you want to be a man when you could be a pretty beard lady?
Come on Dan join the pervert parade and put on some make up and wig and a dress.

Just be sure to constantly screech about how much you hate Nazi's and heteronormative oppression and you do what ever the hell the you want appearantly.

Liberals don't have standards. Only double standards.
Come on Dan! Why be so manly?
Wouldnt you rather be FABULOUS?

133de85a No.3652114

Take your pills. So what happened this time? Got new roommates who are pedophiles, so now suddenly you want to diddle children too?

a22ee58e No.3652117

File: 1648468374259.jpg (19.06 KB, 400x131, s-l400.jpg)

2ebfa786 No.3652119

His roomates are trannies, of course they're pedophiles.

133de85a No.3652120

Didn't he get kicked out of his tranny roommates' house for sexually assaulting one of their moms?

16729576 No.3652121

File: 1648475410654.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x429, 0a3.jpg)

0f780d7d No.3652123


A guy I know and talk to just about every day is a dedicated Foxbot, constantly whining about the "Criminal Biden family" while slamming critics of Trump and his brats.

I posted to him lists of Trump's actual crimes, frauds, fake businesses, failed products and institutions, he just shrugs them off.

Trump is a cult leader. Like David Koresh and Jim Jones.
So he can do NOTHING WRONG! :eyeroll:

805bc539 No.3652124

Have you ever stopped and considered thoae so called crimes you claim are tiny and insignificant not paying taxes is not technically a crime its just not giving people your money because they demand it if it actually went into infrastructure properly then most people wouldnt have an issue paying it but since its being used to invest in lining certain peoples pockets its not necessary for all to pay just a set number of finances. The system is designed to not help you but keep you low on the structure table so you can't ever overthrow the people with money cause money buys opinions. And so on all others can be easily justified. Where as Biden sent strike forces after civilians becaus3 they are afraid of competition.

6875dff1 No.3652127

File: 1648481495747.png (165.47 KB, 435x476, art is life.png)

Being a pedo is better than being a hypocrite.

0f780d7d No.3652128


So it's ok for Trump to commit tax FRAUD?
Cheat people he owes money to out of what they contracted for?
Commit treason?

"Oh that's different!"

Bill Cosby should be in a jail cell.
Robert Durst died in jail.
Trump and his criminal family should be in jail cells.

805bc539 No.3652129

You obviously lack critical thinking common sense right out the window because its inconvenient to people like you

0aa9eafa No.3652131

File: 1648483813832.jpg (79.01 KB, 500x773, FO6IPLmXoAA0Q0Y.jpg)

>I posted to him lists of Trump's actual crimes, frauds, fake businesses, failed products and institutions, he just shrugs them off.
Now you know you're going to have to provide proof right? Not just "Trump's a mafia don".

For instance, did you know Joe Biden's crackhead kid is still under federal investigation for dodgy tax nonsense? No? Well he is. And we learned that all the corrupt, illegal, pay-for-play, "Do you know who my daddy is, wanna meet him?" that he's been doing with the Chinese, Russian mayors, and corrupt Ukrainian oil oligarchs is all true.

See, that's the difference. Biden's crime family is verified. Your myths and legends about Trump are just that. You do realize his taxes go through both NY state treasury department AND the IRS? If your agitprop is correct, neither of those places found anything in the decades he's been filing?

16729576 No.3652132

File: 1648483910750.jpg (513.64 KB, 2752x1952, 2016-04-14t221848z_7041900….jpg)

In your head, 24/7, 365
– rent free!!!


4924ad4c No.3652135

File: 1648488902100.gif (2.99 MB, 1800x1200, Animated-ThisisOurNightbyI….gif)


Why do you keep saying that? Shouldn't criminals getting away with crimes be something people care about?

Your taunt is the same as saying, "Haha, you have basic decency!"

Yes, Trump is a criminal and Trump should be in prison. Hillary Clinton is too and in a perfect world they would be in the same New York prison together.

4924ad4c No.3652137

File: 1648490071923.jpg (168.45 KB, 1638x2048, FLq8DUBXMAU_8GN.jpg)

>Didn't 3b get banned from here once for posting literal (as in not doodles) child pornography?

No. He was banned twice.
Once for posting an image from that one webpage on the DNP list Hotblush or something. But the image was untagged so they banned him for 2 weeks.

While he had broke the rules there was no way of knowing that the image was from that pay-site just by looking at it so it might have been unintentional.

The other time was that multi-month long crusade where he claimed that he was banned for image-flooding the board when he didn't do it.

Half a year later the admins unbanned him because it turned out he didn't do it and they caught the person who had been doing it.

At least that's the story as I heard it. He was posting my little ponies every hour or something in protest of being banned for something.

It was the perfect storm of autism from everyone involved if the stories are true.

4924ad4c No.3652138

File: 1648490388227.png (848.1 KB, 892x906, e2r32r32e332d.png)

>You know the left is out deliberately trying to normalize pedophilia…

Teaching kids not to feel bad if they are gay isn't the same thing as normalizing pedophilia.

No school is pro-pedophilia. Well, unless you count the Catholic Schools but that's par for the course.

You know what you are putting your kids through if you send them to kiddy-fiddler academy.

16729576 No.3652139

3B has ALWAYS denied Being 3B.
His denials are funny as hell.
It's like a little kid claiming he didn't eat the cake when there is chocolate smeared all over his face.

4924ad4c No.3652144

File: 1648491633721.jpeg (178.68 KB, 1274x1274, You-are-a-pedo-lover.jpeg)

You never "abandoned leftism" you were never part of the left.
You were a centrist-conservative who became a psycho-conservative.

You claim being a conservative makes you a better person but none of the things you did to improve yourself had anything to do with conservatism. You just got off your ass and put in the work.
Conservatism has nothing to do with personal responsibility. Conservatism is the OPPOSITE of personal responsibility.

The entire point of the right-wing is for you to find a "strong leader" and follow them no matter what.
Loyalty, obedience, submission to your betters, knowing your place, using your strength to sure those who are "less than" you stay in theirs.

Stopping any change the system is the key tenants of conservatism. You are the lapdogs for the elite.

That's why Republicans are perfectly willing to vote for rapists and pedophiles as long as there is an (R) next to their name on the ballot.
Reality doesn't matter to conservatives, only loyalty to the cult matters.

You're defending Dan's pedophilia right now.
You know he's probably raped kids and there is a good chance he's still doing it, but you're okay with it because he's in your cult.
That's what conservatism is - a cult.

6875dff1 No.3652145

File: 1648492165708.jpg (68.76 KB, 900x900, dreams.jpg)

Hey, Russian Defense Ministry reached 1000000 subscribers on Youtube, now Youtube is obliged to reward them with Golden Play Button for posting top content.

a1574454 No.3652146

kill whitey for Jesus

16729576 No.3652147

Isn't 3B ADORABLE with his mindless ramblings?

6875dff1 No.3652149

File: 1648493309194.jpg (348.95 KB, 1604x1016, Russian vs US defence mini….jpg)

OK, I checked US ministry, I think I know the reason.

4924ad4c No.3652152

File: 1648495632171.png (156.24 KB, 679x510, STFU-Bitch.png)


It's funny that you think the U.S. Military running so efficiency and effectively they have the time to address hurt feelings and sexual assault is a sign of weakness.

You're just upset because you think men should be allowed to rape women and women should be forced to shut up and accept it.

Rape is the only way you'll ever wet your wick and it chaps your ass raw that you were born too late in history to get away with it.

6875dff1 No.3652154

File: 1648496401938.jpg (178.23 KB, 979x1079, gay life.jpg)

>think men should be allowed to rape women
US defense ministry did not mention any women in their videos.

090b81da No.3652155

File: 1648496817077.jpg (87.08 KB, 1300x650, Batman-Slapping-Robin-Meme….jpg)

>You're just upset because you think men should be allowed to rape women and women should be forced to shut up and accept it.

No one thinks that. No one was even talking about that. The left promotes men who think thier women in women's safe spaces. And you want lecture us about women. You are such a hypocrite.

4924ad4c No.3652156

File: 1648497266370.png (156.99 KB, 310x543, Screenshot_154130_lulz.net.png)


The latest video on the page talks about how sexual assault is a problem in the military for both women and men.

It talks about how men should not be willing to accept being groped or worse as hazing.

It's not normal and should never be allowed to be considered normal. People who do sexual assault need to be purged from the military.

Women don't have that stigma as much as the military has already set up systems to protect them from retaliation if they report someone.

Men have been conditioned to accept it as part of bro-culture. The military is trying to put an end to that because if someone is harassing one of their fellow soldiers they are very likely to be outright raping people once they are in the field.

4924ad4c No.3652157

File: 1648497606414.gif (1.33 MB, 498x432, dallas-buyers-club.gif)


The proud boys sure seem to think that women are for breeding. The Evangelical Christians sure seem to think that. The Incel community sure seems to think that. The GOP lawmakers who want to force women to give birth to their rapists babies or the babies of fathers who rape their own daughters sure seem okay with the rape.

Funny how all the people who are pro-subjugating women are conservative groups and law makers.

090b81da No.3652158

File: 1648497654143.jpg (42.75 KB, 767x450, Batman-Slaps-Robin.jpg)

I don't like that it any more than you that is a pedobear. But I can respect him because he's manly. He keeps his creepo fetish and himself away from kids.

And if I was sooooohhh supportive of the Catholic church I wouldn't be a Satanist now would I?

The left actively promotes sexual themes to small children. They sing about it. They have small children in thier pride parades. You say "teaching kids to not feel bad about being homosexuals" when some these kids are so young most them probably haven't even had a boner yet.

You say "you were never on the left" as if you have known me my whole life. You haven't.

You are such a hypocrite lair.

090b81da No.3652159

File: 1648498662335.gif (518.1 KB, 498x314, anime-slap.gif)

Yes it is huge coincidence that women make babies.
They can do other things no one saying that is all women are good for. But making babies no nothing to shake a stick at.

But appearantly it's perfectly fine for gay man to make lewd remarks and sexually harass straight men and make them feel like a sexual objects in the work place.

Appearantly it's fine with everyone if a girl molest a guy. No one fucking cares.

I've been molested by women. Nobody cared.
I've been sexual assaulted and harassed by gay men. No one fucking cares because all you people care about is ass your ass pat good boy points.

You are a fucking lair hypocrite.

090b81da No.3652160

File: 1648499852093.gif (3.11 MB, 498x371, dave-chappelle-rick-james.gif)

The left has mtf trans beating up women in women's wrestling and blowing thier sporting records out of the water.

That is not okay.

That is not respecting women's rights. Small children come into this world through women. That is a big deal. These children are dependent on adults to teach them the difference between apples and oranges, black and white, male and female.

But you fucking retarded hypocrite liar leftist are teaching kids apples and oranges are the same, black and white are the same, men and women are the same and to distinguish one thing from another is wrong… Well you're gonna have a lot of confused children I'll tell you that.

You wanna post slap memes? I'll slap your ass into orbit.

090b81da No.3652161

File: 1648500020435.jpg (45.72 KB, 524x350, ecad97002159430797c38516e5….jpg)

>>3652157 Yeah let's just let mtf trans into women's competitive sports.
Yeah this guy CLEARLY values women's rights

8a3ca07d No.3652163


For once Europe was ahead of America. In the 70s it was publicly debated in Europe to legalize pedophilia. There have been news articles in the local equivalent of "The New York Time".

They failed then, but they'll be back. Already they are trying to reintroduce it with a different word I don't remember, making it sound like just another sexual preference.

805bc539 No.3652164

You just described socialist communism

6875dff1 No.3652166

In that case I can call you manly masculine which is both lie and tautology.

805bc539 No.3652168

File: 1648501750957.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x1920, 20220328_170638_HDR.jpg)

Take a second look there are times I can be girly and on days like this rugged manly!

6875dff1 No.3652170

File: 1648502951364.jpg (537.55 KB, 1592x1000, Untitled.jpg)

No, you can't.
Shave your facial pubes.

86b1e7f3 No.3652171

File: 1648507141401.jpg (255.68 KB, 1200x1043, FOvg63wWYAUradE.jpg)

c3fdf35d No.3652172

File: 1648508780194.jpg (217.34 KB, 1200x1165, foreveralone.jpg)


16729576 No.3652175

I'm at work right now but just wait until I get home and start posting all the pictures if Biden alone everywhere he went in one of his little circles drawn on the ground at one of his 'rallies' and no one else there
PLEASE, if you're going to troll Trump at least don't give me ammunition!

4f6bff80 No.3652176

>PLEASE, if you're going to troll Trump at least don't give me ammunition!
that's putin, you cockgoblin

trump lost, why are you still obsessed with him?

8a3ca07d No.3652177


I prefer a clown who speak his mind rather than a comedian trying every trick there is to make NPCs cry to start WW3.

Zelenski shelled Donbass for monthes, and now he sheds crocodile tears for his population when Russia put a stop to it. He can't be that dumb, he's a traitor to his country.

The question is how much was he paid to poke Russia till it attacked. I'm sure it must be a juicy slice of the loot ; think about it : the economic collapse of Europe and its wholesale transformation into a USA puppet.

a22ee58e No.3652182

Trump didn't lose.
Where is the EVIDENCE that he lost?
All the evidence points to the FACT that he WON.

Change my mind.

a9c3085b No.3652183

>poke Russia till it attacked.
russia already attacked 8 years ago

that's who Ukraine has been fighting for 8 years

96b99077 No.3652184

>Change my mind.
you don't have one

96b99077 No.3652185

trump voters are literal retards

Direct correlation between lower intelligence and right wing ideologies

Conservatives have lower cognitive abilities



Trump supporters have higher mental rigidity, low empathy, unable to process new information


Conservatives less likely to be educated

Direct relation between Republicans controlling state legislature and higher infant mortality rates, proving they don’t care about saving children
Conservatives are less likely to distinguish fiction from reality, believe in disinformation


Republican senators and house members have far lower cognitive ability and education than democrats

a22ee58e No.3652186

So you have nothing.

62292d95 No.3652187

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

have a shitty day, fucknugget

4924ad4c No.3652188

File: 1648516467370.png (85.9 KB, 239x252, good-job.png)

>And if I was sooooohhh supportive of the Catholic church I wouldn't be a Satanist now would I?

Catholics need Satan to stay in power. Without the fear of eternal punishment God and the church have no power.

By promoting the idea Satanism is real you validate the importance of the church.

You're so stupid you're adding gasoline to the forest fire while thinking it makes you fire-fighter.

62292d95 No.3652189

File: 1648516593527.png (1.43 MB, 897x1003, Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 2….png)


4924ad4c No.3652191

File: 1648517826730.png (200.39 KB, 403x303, Loser.png)

>The left actively promotes sexual themes to small children.

No, they don't. The only thing the left does is protect kids from being taught bigotry. Kids don't come out of womb as racists and bigots.
It's a learned behavior taught by shitty, ignorant, red-neck, crackhead parents like you had.
Fortunately, we outnumber you and dying family tree which is why the younger generations don't even care if someone is gay or trans or whatever.
You tried to keep your bigotry alive and we crushed it.
We ground it into the dirt where disgusting, poisonous ideas deserve to die.

>They sing about it. They have small children in their pride parades.

Yes, because we want to expose children to cultures and ideas that dumbass red-neck parents like you
had would rather pretend don't exist, or are evil.

When those kids see those flaming gay homos and the drag queens out there in the streets being celebrated, it makes them think, "Hey, maybe my parents are ignorant cunts and maybe I shouldn't listen to them?" It's good for the kids who happen to have parents that are ignorant cunts like you did.

>You say "teaching kids to not feel bad about being homosexuals" when some these kids are so young most them probably haven't even had a boner yet.

People like you teach children to be afraid of anyone who is different. We teach them not to be afraid.
Sexual maturity isn't a factor. Sex has nothing to do with it. We are teaching them to be compassionate, kind, people.
Learning to be a good person doesn't require the ability to have an erection.

4924ad4c No.3652193

>Where is the EVIDENCE that he lost?

Joe Biden is president. Even if you believe the insane conspiracy theory that the election was rigged and every one in the world is part of the fraud - it doesn't matter.

Trump still isn't president. He lost.

090b81da No.3652194

File: 1648518173042.png (12.08 KB, 220x220, 220px-Seal_of_Baphomet.svg.png)

>>3652188 Actually preferred catholic services as opposed to protestant. 30 to 45 minutes a service tops. This one church I attended something something holy tabernacle service started at 10am … I lived 5 minutes away.. when I got home it was 2:30pm! Passed in TWO the god damn afternoon when I got back to the house! HeLL No I'm not doing that every Sunday. I kept going to the where I was baptized. But I was starting to get the impression my presence was making the pastor uncomfortable.

How is some one going to use the fear of hell against me if I accept I'm going to Hell and have made my peace with the Devil?
How are you gonna use Jesus's hippie anti-free
market attitude against me if I'm a Satanist? Don't get me wrong, that took a lot of nuts and gumption to tell the Jewish people … "I'm the son of God. No one comes to father except through me"
But no sorry not sorry but that is exactly the kind of thing they were given specific instructions to crucify people for.

These people want to get into heaven and if this desire to get into heaven encourages them to be better people and run shelters and soul kitchens and food pantries and help people in need …just who the hell are you to judge them for that?
Well I'll tell ya who are.
You're a judgemental shit bag is what you are

805bc539 No.3652199

If the election was stolen it does mean trump still won just because you steal an election and put Biden in it doesnt suddenly mean hes the president it means he stole the election its pretty simple idk how you cant get it through your thick skull must be pretty thick because I have to wonder how much room you wpuld have for a brain a simple 4inch brain possibly with enough power to record what others say and no more. Pretty pathetic if you ask me mr Fish.

4924ad4c No.3652200

File: 1648518948795.png (269.55 KB, 481x397, Youre-trash.png)


>These people want to get into heaven and if this desire to get into heaven encourages them to be better people and run shelters and soul kitchens and food pantries and help people in need…

All those good deeds come with bigotry and racism if it's part of a Christian religion.
You can do those good things without the fear of hell or the offer of eternal reward in heaven.

You think people only help other people because they want a reward because you're a shit-person and you would only ever help someone else if you got a reward for it.

Good people, normal people, people who aren't scum like you, don't need to be bribed to do the right thing.
We do it because doing good things makes us happy.

Churches are full of sociopaths and psychopaths which is why most avid religious fundamentalists are also freaks who can't function in normal society.

You feel people need a Sky-God to be good because you lack any human decency, but you're a monster.
Most people aren't like you.

090b81da No.3652201

File: 1648519009583.jpeg (48.52 KB, 632x680, FO9aipCXMAETIjc.jpeg)

I lose? No humanity as a whole loses when we prioritize sexual deviancy over teaching kids about just simple education. Math science reading & writing.

You are a judge mental shit bag and all you see when some one challenges you are these hateful ethnic stereotypes. You are the absolute worst kind of person.

931cf82b No.3652202

>If the election was stolen
It wasn't.

Only literal retards think it was.

805bc539 No.3652203

My friends cousin got shaq to support our squadron and donate to places.

805bc539 No.3652204

If you were sold a lie and you believed it you are then responsible for being an idiot. Nice try though your lie is just that a lie and nothing can change that no ammount of whitewashing or trying to destroy documents will change this its ingrained into the god damned timeline you massive mongoloid.

931cf82b No.3652205

this is your brain on cum

don't suck dicks at mcd's kids

4924ad4c No.3652206

File: 1648519338743.gif (848.11 KB, 480x276, dealwitit.gif)


No, Biden is objectively the president.
The world recognizes him as the president.
No matter how Trump cried and whines about it, nothing is ever going to change that.

931cf82b No.3652207

doesn't hurt that he was legitimately elected tho

aecc84f7 No.3652211

File: 1648520306980.jpg (139.18 KB, 600x337, hold-my-beer-64d64e0cf3.jpg)

I can't believe I'm siding with a Satanic mad man. But at least Aufy believes in something & has some concept of liberty, a spiritual construct and that freedom doesn't mean anything if unless it applies to everyone not just people who share your political views.

Apparently he is NOT in need of "Sky-God" and has accepted Hell fire. He's a pervert no one is denying this. But the different is he keeps among grown ups and isn't flashing it around to children.

That is pedophiles do & that is what you are promoting.

But lets talk about YOU for a second. Lets talk about indoctrinating children at the youngest possible ages groups & trying to teach kids there is no distinction between men and women.

>>3652202 It was. It was stolen. They lied about it because that what you people do. You lie. You know you're lying. We know you're lying. You know we know you're lying. But you just keep right on lying anyways. The election is over. I'm not denying Biden is president. I'm just saying he won because they cheated is all.

58586e37 No.3652212

>Based on the evidence, the Court finds it more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.



58586e37 No.3652213

>It was. It was stolen.
it wasn't. even trump's flimflam men couldn't tell that lie in court

545d4a28 No.3652215

>I'm just saying he won because they cheated is all.

aecc84f7 No.3652216


>We're not teaching about sexual perversion in the classroom. That's not even a thing.

It is… You are a lair.

4924ad4c No.3652219

File: 1648520945648.jpg (21.81 KB, 440x382, grow-the-fuck-up.jpg)

I assure you, we can teach children reading, writing, science, math and all that fun stuff while also teaching them not to be assholes.

Racist parents are upset because for the first time in history schools are teaching kids that racism is bad so when the parents try to indoctrinate the kids into being assholes the kids tell them they are wrong.

The kids know their parents are wrong because they see gays, trans, and minority people all around them every day just being normal people.

That's why conservatives are mad. That's why conservatives want to make it illegal to admit gay people exist and control which bathroom people use.

Reality proved their bigotry wrong every day and their kids see it so they don't listen to their ignorant, scumbag parents.

You could accept that your parents were wrong, that the bigotry you fight for every day is wrong and you can change for the better but I doubt you will.

That's why we never listen to people like you. We don't care about your opinions. We care about the kids and saving them from ending up being a pathetic, broken husk of a person like you.

545d4a28 No.3652220

>It is… You are a lair.
link unrelated?

aecc84f7 No.3652221

Why are people leaving California then?
If you're liberal values work so well… Why do they ruin everything they touch?

4924ad4c No.3652222

File: 1648521652676.png (198.03 KB, 409x484, idiot.png)


That was a substitute teacher who was browsing sex toys while a video played. She didn't realize the projector was showing her screen and not the video.

She was fired for the fuck up.

You literally just proved your own conspiracy theory false. If the school was "Teaching sexuality" they wouldn't have fired her.

545d4a28 No.3652223

>Why are people leaving California then?
for some it's because they don't want to pay taxes into the economy that got them rich
literal parasites

805bc539 No.3652224

And again I reiterate the facts spreading lies and rumors doesnt change when people believe you it only makes you more guilty of the acts themselves. Lying and stealing an election by tampering with the process and ballots and flat out destruction of government property cause you want someone specific to win and take the spot doesn't change the facts it just means we got another blind idiot who thinks that is even making someone legitimate let alone the whole world preaching it. Stealing is still stealing even if no one admits it. Now stop being a retard and go back to your basement cage.

aecc84f7 No.3652225

File: 1648522240355.png (444.29 KB, 744x495, TeachingMarxism.png)


I don't have a problem with people being gay. I never did

I don't have a problem with people being Trans. I never did.

I don't have a problem with black people. I never did.

I have a problem with intolerance and bigotry and when all some one cares about looking down their nose and people applying double standards & constantly lying.

That is the problem with you people. You ask for evidence and make excuses constantly when it's presented.

You think that's the only example? There's plenty more & I bet EVERY SINGLE TIME, You're going to shrug it off & act like what is obviously happening isn't happening.

You are a liar & everyone here knows it.

She got fired because she got caught. How often is this happening and their not caught? I'm not done with you fatty.

6991fd49 No.3652228

>I don't have a problem with people being gay. I never did
>I don't have a problem with people being Trans. I never did.
>I don't have a problem with black people. I never did.
>I have a problem with intolerance and bigotry
no one believes you

aecc84f7 No.3652229


Here we have teachers LITERALLY having children pledge allegiance to your clusterfuck queer pride flag.

& you're telling us… this just isn't happening.

This is happening … You know it's happening & you're lying about it.
And I'm not done… there is more… & Every time …. you'll just keep lying.

aecc84f7 No.3652230

They're leaving because it's run by incompetent liberals.
The taxes are high because they're trying they are literally paying people to be homeless.

4924ad4c No.3652232

File: 1648523570436.jpg (485.69 KB, 2396x1628, wadzjprajz681.jpg)

>Why are people leaving California…

Mostly because the cost of living is so high. Poor people have been moving out since 2000 while a few rich people have been moving in.

It's not a social issue that's causing the swing in population, it's the wealth gap.

You know, that thing that Republicans constantly fight us about because they hate the idea of taxing the wealthy.

So because the wealth gap grows the poor have to move into red-states which are always poorer which makes them more liberal.

Refusing to tax the wealthy is leading to the destruction of the Republican party's power base which is great for us!

aecc84f7 No.3652233

File: 1648523800195.jpg (113.97 KB, 500x944, 2yll5g.jpg)

Oh I Think plenty of people believe me. Because I think a lot of people here & all over are seeing a problem.

A lot of people here are experiencing these problems.

You are pushing some straight up clown world assbackwards marxist garbage & is SO OBVIOUS.

You keep playing the same cards and it's getting stale.

Your lies are so blatant.

It's like every time you're only defense is to act as if any one who question you are modern day KKK white supremacist Neo Nazi's.

NO! We're just tired of you pushing this clown world fascism on people.

4924ad4c No.3652234

File: 1648523897697.jpg (76.65 KB, 1080x1080, 09a2122aba7b92f1ceb223b063….jpg)

>Here we have teachers LITERALLY having children pledge allegiance to your clusterfuck queer pride flag.

That was her saying it as a joke. She never made the kids say it. Again, your own video proves you wrong.

Do you not watch the things you post before you talk about them or are you just so fucking stupid you don't understand what you are seeing?

aecc84f7 No.3652236

File: 1648524832346.jpg (60.57 KB, 1000x500, Untitled-design--28-.jpg)

I did watch the video
It wasn't a joke.
America is the joke to this teacher.

I wouldn't care or give a damn if this was in highschools.
High School Children are coming of age. They'll be young adults soon. They need to know about these kinds of things.

Hell even when I was in Highschool in late 80's we had a cross dressing day.

To sort of challenge gender norms & to have a little fun.
We had the one day & then after that we commenced with business as usual. Explaining during Sex-Ed that sometimes Men like other men & women can like other women & there is nothing wrong with that.
That's fine … that's not what this is…

This is happening in schools elementary schools & just as I predicted…. it's just excuses excuses excuses with you.

You are lying.
You know you are lying
We know you are lying.
You know we know you are lying.
But you just keep right on lying.

86b1e7f3 No.3652237

>You are lying.
>You know you are lying
>We know you are lying.
>You know we know you are lying.
>But you just keep right on lying.

single-handedly keeping the projector industry in business, I see

4924ad4c No.3652239

File: 1648525162050.png (532.27 KB, 628x680, hell-uva-teacher.png)

>But this is happening in elementary schools…

I didn't know 11th grade English was of elementary school now. Guess kids really are growing up faster these days.