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We almost lost our hosting over this once before.
Please take it elsewhere.
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6574417f No.3650699

I lol'd

ab5ab3f3 No.3650715

File: 1647361666591.jpg (70.7 KB, 1280x1022, 1641335405343.jpg)

god I miss dog pussy, living with a bitch was the happiest years of my life

a3ab8b8c No.3650736

It wouldn't have been the happiest years of the dog's life.
Unnatural sexual stimulation in female dogs whacks their hormonal cycle out of kilter, injures their pencil-thin vagina that isn't designed for withstanding friction and introduces foreign matter and bacteria that it isn't designed to clean itself from.

The result is a huge increase in the chance of the dog becoming sick with pyometra, which is one of the most painful things to get sick from, it's horrible.

fc40c304 No.3650748

File: 1647406271094.jpg (119.93 KB, 800x600, 8e1b6b0a7c8cc5dd1626695a08….jpg)

I agree with Business Dog 100℅. The correct method is anal sex with dogs. Business Dog knows all about that, of course.

a3ab8b8c No.3650768

File: 1647423445491.jpg (86.48 KB, 1073x848, Clever_Beauty.jpg)

Anything to do with a dogs butthole is going to compromise its sense of security and well-being.
A dominant male dog will hump a submissive male dog to assert power and dominance - not in the butt, but close to it, and go through the motions as though he were humping a female.
This is degrading to any intelligent male animal, when on the receiving end.

Not sure if you're implying that I have personal experience with anal sex, which isn't the case, or if you're referring to a big discussion I had on here around ten years or so ago, about how people (including women) who accept or enjoy anal sex are in some form traumatised or damaged and likely require psychological help to heal themselves - something I still believe 100%.

You're trying to be 3dgy and all, but nothing about anal sex is positive, and it isn't any kind of better alternative in regards to screwing dogs. In fact, it damages or breaks a male dog's spirit and may still trigger pyometra in females nonetheless.
In either case, they'll know something uncomfortable and unusual is going on.

441bef07 No.3651027

File: 1647584765861.png (180.43 KB, 574x582, 04x83omck5v21.png)


How about I bump it instead?

441bef07 No.3651034

File: 1647588461173.jpg (115.26 KB, 1280x852, 04jj4Mw.jpg)


*dabs on u*

52022bf9 No.3651144

File: 1647655754955-0.png (1 MB, 1196x883, Screenshot_2022-03-18 2021….png)

File: 1647655754955-1.png (1.02 MB, 1159x609, Screenshot_2022-03-18 2021….png)

So you want me to stop posting?
Let's make a deal.


Get this site kicked off its domain name host (try animal abuse). If it doesn't work, try anything you can, including hacking, doxing, spamming, threats, cp, get your mates to help, get kiwifucks to help, I don't care, get it off dns, keep it off dns. If they change the name, do it again. They teach this savagery as "fun" things to do to together with their kids. It's sick.

For as long as that site stays down, you will not hear ONE PEEP about IRL foxes from me. Feral art allowed. Vague updates about people to check inboxes also allowed. Anyone important has my email, I will BCC everyone when something comes out.

That's the deal. Don't ask for anything else, I'm not interested.

(ps: to fox butt guy, sorry my email is a bit late, didn't get to make the pics, not even gonna check today, I'll have more time Saturday evening, I'll write to everybody I swear)

52022bf9 No.3651145

File: 1647656413412-0.png (140.61 KB, 1135x811, Screenshot_2022-03-18 Cutt….png)

Also in case anyone needs a fucking reminder why those animals are trapped.

And often they're beaten to death to not damage the fur, which is sold. There you go.

Btw my ID changed cause proxy died, it's still me.

441bef07 No.3651167

File: 1647672748773.jpg (712.56 KB, 1920x1280, IMG_0263.JPG)


Your content is the only thing in recent years on this shitty site remotely interesting, if only for the amount of butthurt it causes and the subsequent discussion generated.

a3ab8b8c No.3651172

File: 1647687340149.png (1.54 MB, 1296x796, picrelated.png)

I like foxies… it's sad they get brutally poisoned in my area, one can sometimes hear their screams.

One male fox managed to jump over my barbed-wire 240cm high fence a few times and bit the heads off my egg-laying birds, so I wasn't too thrilled about that however. They were kept in a separate fenced area, protected with another barbed wire fence, but he jumped over that as well.

Nevertheless, he was unusually intelligent, so have to give credit too where it counts:

To scare him off, I set up bright flashing lights inside the fenced area - instead of getting scared, he picked the lights up, carried them away from the path that he would walk and lie them down, facing away from the path.

Then, I set up a couple of smartphones playing loud 80's rock music. He picked them up and turned them around, speaker facing down. (Foxes have very sticky, thick saliva it seems - it took a while to clean the screens.)

He also would pick up some tools I had lying around, then jump up on tall things and lay the tools down. (Fox logic, I dunno. Maybe he can't stand tools laying on the moist ground and potentially rusting I suppose.)

For some reason, the prick decided to chew through my Internet LAN cable connecting my property's buildings. (There's a Firefox joke there somewhere.) I also had a live mains power cable lying around nearby, which he never touched.

I know it was a he, because I saw a flash of his nuts as he jumped over my fence, as I went barking after him to chase him off. He had staked out my large backyard so incredibly well, that I never really managed to see him.

Once he killed a rooster in broad daylight behind my back, as I was sniffing him out in my backyard (my rooster made a short warning sound and went silent, so became suspicious and checked). I never saw the fox or heard him kill the rooster, who was alive as I started my search (only saw the fox's nuts again).

I set up a fox trap with a chicken drumstick attached to the trigger, and apparently he must have convinced his stupid feral cat sidekick to the grab the bait and test the trap, instead of him.

To be honest, I hope he found a nice sexy vixen and yiffed her brains out, before getting poisoned or shot, which is almost certainly the case.

(Pic related.)

There's something sexy about blonde women who know how to handle a wolf. Makes me think they could handle my knotty feral canine meat as well.

9cbd0153 No.3651174

I have a suggestion, instead of killing wild foxes build them a large cage where they can catch mice if you have an old chicken that is crippled feed it to the fox if it's a male fox build another cage for it if it's a female fox build a artificial den for her to lay some pups, hire some genetic specialists to have a domestic fox sperm to breed out tame foxes to catch mice.

a3ab8b8c No.3651175

File: 1647693509404.png (3.23 MB, 2193x2027, foxfoxfoxfox.png)

Nice post. :3 If only we lived in such a world.

The area here actually does have field mouse problems, because all the farmers kill every feral dog, fox and cat on sight, and then complain about field mouse problems.

We also get a ton of brown snakes (second-most deadly snake venom) who get fat on field mice and bite the local pet dogs.

I have to be careful not to get mistaken for a feral dog by the farmers or walk past snakes, as the bastards here shoot or bite without warning.

9f0629d5 No.3651199

3eba4890 No.3651208

File: 1647720457227.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1010, dc3wwp9-77b6d999-aebc-4b57….png)

For some reason I keep hearing the words "DEAD FOXES" shouted out in my head to the tune of the "GHOSTBUSTERS" theme. Why is that?
I ain't afraid of see-thru vixens!

d1df201b No.3651324

why don't you just report it to the webhost or to the state of georgia



Want to Report Abuse?

Email us at: abuse (at) performive.com . Abuse and Spam reports are tracked from submission to completion when reported to this email.

441bef07 No.3651330

Because in the eyes of the law the simple act of trapping is not considered animal abuse, similar to forcing livestock to sit in cramped cages and force feeding them growth hormones their entire lives until their bones break under their own weight before they have their throat slit.

fe98f62c No.3651654

File: 1648088505721.webm (2.86 MB, 616x480, fox_inside.webm)

delete this thread

52022bf9 No.3652585

File: 1648736197691.png (36.21 KB, 900x869, 1297077338.ricket_hhq_893.png)

I'd give it a try but >>3651330 is right. This cruelty is sadly not illegal in that state.

We need some extrajudicial action here.

Did you even read my proposal >>3651144 >>3651145 or are you using an auto-spammer and not even reading the thread?

Something new's coming.

We don't need to put foxes anywhere. They have been existing on this planet for 12 million years without ruining it and managing their territories and resources just fine. Wonder if humans can say the same about themselves.

It's not the foxes that are the vermin.

52022bf9 No.3652588

Link test.


>>3649025 >>3649054

>>3649056 >>3649058 >>3649196

52022bf9 No.3652589

This seems to be a problem
>>3648993 >>3649002 >>3649005 >>3649021 >>3649023 >>3649025 >>3649040 >>3649054

52022bf9 No.3652590

File: 1648736748031.png (338.02 KB, 708x628, bfc2793f52f57c0d7d847ae789….png)

Choob get off your bong and fix this janky board code.

59264245 No.3652592

Why the fuck is this sicko shitbag feedin the fox screws?

5579d131 No.3652597

File: 1648749604818-0.png (530.13 KB, 720x1507, bafybeicygyg4arwrurbkp3jz3….png)

File: 1648749604818-1.png (729.94 KB, 1836x2465, bafybeiffhw7en5ppgegc4oajv….png)

File: 1648749604818-2.png (1.72 MB, 2336x2336, bafybeigcbpddm7n7xauhcri2i….png)

File: 1648749604818-3.png (372.5 KB, 850x873, bafybeihxy2tdgmk2fqtknsgni….png)

I'll leave these here.

9446f8d2 No.3652918

e91d9b93 No.3653018

>proposed to stop posting foxes or the site could go down
>does it anyways
>"Did you read MY proposal???"
you're a fucking retard

dd2ab91a No.3655007

Is it too late to get on the email list?

ba2a8d1a No.3655116

File: 1651056819634.jpg (114.01 KB, 688x509, e6e73778a0fe491793a552b191….jpg)

You can give me your protonmail or ask in private someone who already has my contact info.

I do have some WIPs. I even have one done endoscope video on anonfiles, but I'll spread the link during the next days. It's an exclusive for some, for now.

By the way, I have to warn you in advance. No talking positively about hunting, no trapping, no abuse, no zoosadist stuff, strictly dead roadkill, living foxes need to be helped and protected. Hope that's very clear.

fad14de5 No.3655160

yee i understand. my email is [email protected]

i made the email as a throwaway but ended up using it more, hence the silly name

f62b1b65 No.3655215

File: 1651127049467.webm (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, fox_anatomy.webm)

delete this thread

40f5331e No.3655222

File: 1651134409509.jpg (228.13 KB, 1280x800, winfox__dsc73631111.gif.jpg)

497ddea4 No.3655224

these are probbly not furries and posers

11286fe5 No.3655226

File: 1651137136647.png (1.01 MB, 1200x630, realistic-doll-faces-polym….png)



That is one hyper realistic fox doll just like this one. Who made the fox doll?

e15bab32 No.3655239

>Who made the fox doll?
Mother Nature and Grim Reaper.

c5a33fba No.3655271

File: 1651179282990.jpg (79.41 KB, 324x557, 067.jpg)

For someone who hates my stuff so much you sure do download a lot of it.

Did the foxy make your peepee go doiiing and now you hate me so you don't have to hate yourself?

Every furry under 25 is a poser. Simple as.

Oh hey, I've seen this before.

>>Who made the fox doll?

Somebody who wasn't paying attention to the road.

c5a33fba No.3655272

File: 1651180004115.png (708.25 KB, 1860x1820, lulz_high_quality_webm_gui….png)

Also let me help you with WEBM conversion, so you don't have to use that stupid online 4chan converter anymore, since lulz actually supports vp9 and proper audio.


c5a33fba No.3655275

File: 1651181198954.jpg (115.18 KB, 776x448, article-2531236-1A58028A00….jpg)

webm examples:


11286fe5 No.3655316

File: 1651199354013.jpg (28.07 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-147461191-612x….jpg)

>Travel back in time with a person from the future.
>Show them this dead fox.
>Wow, cool a realistic looking fox silicone doll!
>Sniffs the fox doll.
>Take me back to the future, the past sucks!

c5a33fba No.3655322

File: 1651201981321.jpg (198.25 KB, 1000x699, 1328076562.malameux_beefyo….jpg)

Actually they don't smell like anything.

If they're not washed, they smell pleasantly of fox musk. And lately I'm only freezing them repeatedly to preserve the foxy smell.

And if they are gutted, they smell a bit meaty. A hot bath then will also give off a bit of a soup smell, but it's a good idea to stitch them up before cause the fur will get oily if you don't.

Repeated freezing really does a weird thing on how they degrade, making the process going in reverse (skin -> inside, rather than digestive system -> muscles -> skin) with the skin going bad first and the meat staying good. The fur starts slipping way before it starts to stink though, so if that happens anywhere, immediate action needs to be taken. A small patch may be fixable. If you wash the whole thing and no further areas fall off, you got lucky. Just dry it properly and it'll stay good. Applying alcohol every once in a while to mouth, nose, dick, balls, underbelly and butt area are a good idea (thinner skin = more moisture from underneath, moisture -> slipping fur).

Fur can also fall off if you accidentally wash it with burning hot water. Basically if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot for a fox.

The more you know.

066ddaf0 No.3655365

kill yourself

c5a33fba No.3655370

File: 1651237544753.jpg (213.07 KB, 1280x915, 82b8a274238f852e3107610fb2….jpg)

You just gave me an extra reason to stay alive.

Also I still don't get why you're mad.

If I don't leave my house, the dump truck gets the fox and nobody wins. If I leave my house and bring it home, I win, some people who are interested in anatomy win, maybe some pervs win too, but you get butthurt.

Do you lack a hobby that bad? Or did you want the fox for yourself and are too lazy to go find your own and now you're assmad that I have them and you don't.

Cause this is a furry board. Come on. If you had a fox right now and were alone, I know and you know and everybody here knows you'd look under the tail, don't even lie. And I know you've seen the videos so you know they're clean and nice and fluffy. You'd do more than just look. Maybe grope that groin when nobody's watching, yeah, get a good feel there, the fox won't complain. Maybe smell those paws. Mmmmm. Maybe look into the maw a bit. That can't hurt. Maybe pet its head a bit. You know you'd do it. You 'know you'd do it.

967155c6 No.3659256


17e647ff No.3660050


e82c7335 No.3661001


Just FYI whoever you got that from is full of shit. The fox is dead. The anus is completely discolored due to loss of blood and the vulva has lost its muscle elasticity. The tail is also completely rigid.

e82c7335 No.3661002

File: 1656487414536.jpg (117.67 KB, 960x720, 47489.jpg)


Who the fuck is this dumbass? You do not even own a dog nor have you ever been withing 20 feet of one and just quote bullshit you glean off wikipedia with absolutely zero experience.

"their pencil-thin vagina that isn't designed for withstanding friction "

Where the fuck do you even invent this bullshit from?


A dog's hormonal cycle is not affected by anything other than nature. And Pyrometria is a bacterial infection that is always genetic. It is also not painful and does not cause sickness. So stop projecting.

7bbc88bb No.3661012

You sound like a professional dog fucker

a3ab8b8c No.3661016

File: 1656505526117.jpg (94.51 KB, 686x498, pyometra-surgery-in-dogs.jpg)

I like the likes of you even less than those delusional brainwashed marxist/communist turds who warp and overpower their feeble minds to assert idiotic conflicting inverted propaganda that's downloaded into them by globalist satanic pedophiles.

You know why? Because they have the dubious "honour" of at the very least being useful idiots/parasites, but 3661012 was right - you're not even that; you're just warping reality to suit your dogfucking, so that you can continue without any apparent downsides that would dampen your selfish cheap enjoyment.

You were the one who invented that BS - it's completely inverted, everything is wrong. That video you posted proves nothing.
Since you're such an expert, you'd know that when an average or even large size male dog humps, his penis is still about as wide as a lipstick is.
Only when his "knot" has expanded, therefore stopping any movement/humping, does the penis expand along with it.
What I was talking about was the constant human-intercourse style of friction from something wider than a lipstick - a human male's dick. Also - a human's dick also has a much "rougher" surface, even with lube.

(Not that I'd accuse you of being girthier than a lipstick or lasting more than 30 seconds before stopping, like a dog would.)

A dog's hormonal cycle can be affected by emotional upset and abnormal sexual stimulation.

Genetics can increase or decrease the chances of an animal getting pyometra, but it's always bacteria that get out of control for some reason or another (such as ramming them into the vagina with a scrapy human dick) and then cause a dangerous infection.

Pyometra causes death in every case, if untreated! That's a 100% mortality rate - guaranteed death, get it?!

"It is also not painful and does not cause sickness"? Anyone who's ever had any kind of infection that required antibiotics will know better. Ever had an infected tooth? Pyometra is that x100 to x1000, and bad enough to cause death.

a3ab8b8c No.3661017

File: 1656505609831.jpg (13.7 KB, 600x318, Metaverse_Bolt.jpg)

BTW: Did you know that you probably won't be alive for much longer? There's a global human/animal cull actively going on. Perhaps you should shift about your priorities a bit and get yourself right with God while you still have a chance.

We can laugh together about your old dogfucking ways and days when this war is won, and you've managed to straighten out your life just in time and come through the trials just around the corner that will decimate those whose hearts and souls are no longer intact.

2cf3f16c No.3661642


"get yourself right with God while you still have a chance."


fbb5e9e9 No.3663689


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