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Its that time again.

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

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i am racist and not very bright

6ebe188e No.3642642

File: 1642550394829.jpg (25.96 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

absolute i am racist and not very bright

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File: 1642550490581.jpg (25.92 KB, 281x277, 1642341710000.jpg)

This is racist and not very bright.

9f268433 No.3642645

File: 1642550596726.png (4.88 MB, 1800x1200, free-meek-mill-rolling-sto….png)

i am a racist and not very bright, but then I went to college, got my doctorates in theoretical physics, and then popped a cap in that bitch ass dean to prove them honky ass racist pussies all wrong.

514b2540 No.3642646

File: 1642550659433.jpg (211.12 KB, 660x660, 1642314882080.jpg)

No, this is patrick.

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File: 1642550894150.png (1.36 MB, 946x1321, Peck_blackface.png)

Theme for the /pol/ threads from now on

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Take it easy pol. Ho's before bro's.

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File: 1642551228456.png (176.41 KB, 500x522, 1642481019653.png)

And now a word from New Kroatia.

fd044304 No.3642651

I believe women are slaves, aliens are a present threat as per the pentagon documents, teen pussy vagina gives you ridiculous powers and homosexuality is a disease.

d3bbb788 No.3642657

So, you live in Florida?

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File: 1642554918459.webm (1.33 MB, 480x272, ffgsg.webm)

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File: 1642555732704.jpg (65.27 KB, 640x480, homer.jpg)

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File: 1642555858215.webm (2.8 MB, 405x720, raidroad car looting.webm)

On the subject of railroad car looting, I found an actual video.

You can see all the doctors, lawyers and engineers at work before they head to church on a Sunday morning.

3349fdea No.3642663

File: 1642555969924.webm (2.65 MB, 640x800, negro family culture.webm)


P.S. Fuck your 'flood detected' shit.

9f268433 No.3642667

I had to pause a few times to see if his necklace said "money gang" or "monkey gang." I'm sure those kids will grow up to be upstanding young engineers and scientists. I mean, they're all almost ready for preschool and none of them have gang tattoos or piercings (that you can see) yet. Thats a good start!

Plus that loving dad has 3 kids! How many does your incell ass have?

4694c0ef No.3642669

File: 1642557255647-0.jpg (258.59 KB, 2048x1212, 2c7c8076990f63aecf999a3229….jpg)

File: 1642557255647-1.jpg (108.67 KB, 1339x1681, a56f878f23a5d0acc632d39471….jpg)

The Dems still have the better mascot

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File: 1642558565627-0.jpg (169.63 KB, 2048x1025, 8a4c4f46162fe450fe093272f1….jpg)

File: 1642558565627-1.jpg (147.43 KB, 2048x1077, f5d91dd2498978adb06ecc32a1….jpg)

you have to at least post the best ones. All those college kids who thought the democrats were going to let them go of their wasted tuitions…. hahaha.

4c33078d No.3642673

File: 1642561447092-0.png (241.38 KB, 472x320, 5D27EE84-1F5A-4ED8-A658-64….png)

File: 1642561447092-1.jpeg (342.09 KB, 677x677, B981EB4B-DC9C-4B46-83EA-1….jpeg)

File: 1642561447092-2.jpeg (97.66 KB, 661x1024, 234B7291-4332-406C-B0B5-C….jpeg)

I love this guy’s work!

Definitely should use him for pol threads!

d3bbb788 No.3642677

File: 1642562724200.png (536.24 KB, 598x638, Fuck_Your_Rules.png)


Whitey be mad he didn't get invited to the party. You pussy conservatives talk about being rebels and how you stand up to the government and the powerful but then you see real rebellion and you shit your pants because it upsets the status-quo.

Face it, you losers would never be this brave. The best you can do it cry on 4chan.

fd044304 No.3642679

File: 1642562779779.png (533.84 KB, 445x575, Hiro_Mashima_in_2018.png)

All non white / homo posters in this thread on SUICIDE watch and we barely started.

Absolutely mindbroken

fd044304 No.3642680

File: 1642563020582.jpg (28.38 KB, 375x366, hhhd.jpg)

All gay people do is scream about how everyone is their enemy and try to dox and destroy them because they don't get humour. Why the fuck do we tolerate you again? rofl

efa7e976 No.3642681

Latest QAnon meme: John F Kennedy was disguised as Donald Trump at the Arizona "rally."

I'm not making this up.


4c33078d No.3642682

File: 1642563196322.jpeg (32.13 KB, 227x222, 3244AD21-51DA-4035-AE32-2….jpeg)

I understand that Leftists are so fucking evil that you are begging for the Right to save you.

The answer is no.

fd044304 No.3642683


52eb8e76 No.3642684

File: 1642563352252.png (335.7 KB, 496x500, Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 2….png)

fd044304 No.3642685

File: 1642563663994.png (283.25 KB, 600x741, hissmile.png)

if you're serious i might start doing lengthy rants on philosophical idealism and talking about all of this stuff, how trannies are worse than pedophiles, etc. I think it'd be popular tbh

d3bbb788 No.3642688

File: 1642567202222.jpg (31.28 KB, 460x460, Unvaccinated_Men.jpg)

Scientists have confirmed that Covid-Dick is a real thing and they are seeking therapies to deal with the fact that some unvaccinated men who survive covid are never able to get an erection again.

Fortunately, it's only effecting a small percent of male survivors.

4c33078d No.3642691

File: 1642572042356.gif (2.98 MB, 600x370, 86499F7B-E4EF-4B7E-936C-97….gif)

When you worry about stone and meaningless shit over people.

fd044304 No.3642692

im watching one piece, and im hard

2aefc26d No.3642693

> railroad car looting,

"railroad *reparation*" please. All of these people suffer greatly from their slavery past and the systemic racism.

2aefc26d No.3642694

>you losers would never be this brave

You're right. I'd be terrified as I approach the container's lock. "Will my bolt cutter be enough?" "What if I hurt my wrist?" "Maybe there's nothing in that container, and all the other freedom fighter will laugh at me." "Will the cops release me before diner time if I get caught?"

Such is the life of the train robb err train liberator. I don't have the nerves for this, these people are Heroes!

2aefc26d No.3642695

> Covid-Dick

better this than Vaccine-Heart.

d3bbb788 No.3642696

File: 1642581265804.jpg (241.03 KB, 1242x1961, FJbUCNxWUAU4g0V.jpg)

Just when you think conservatives couldn't possibly find another dumb way to kill themselves…

76a9a9e0 No.3642697

That's a cure for sissies. Real men inhale hydrazine to treat Covid.

a17f9605 No.3642698

no one cares, 3b

fd044304 No.3642699

the cure is one piece and steroids

7344b9b2 No.3642701

File: 1642597428860-0.jpg (81.23 KB, 938x528, Never ending.jpg)

File: 1642597428860-1.webm (2.52 MB, 426x234, 1626408302601.webm)

Those televisions isn't reparation. It's their children's future.

8070485a No.3642702

File: 1642598114279.jpg (169.42 KB, 900x1200, Cult.jpg)

>one guy on Twitter

fd044304 No.3642705

i am racist and not very bright

0b8dc12e No.3642707

File: 1642626470203.png (120.01 KB, 690x810, e8048a68f4cbf21872f543db09….png)

What is this 'than' talk? You speak as the the clotshot prevents anything. You might get one without the science juice and you might get both with it.

a4b340dd No.3642719


Drop air brakes and hit that notch to four, watch all the N IGGERS buck right off.

a4b340dd No.3642720


Holyshit, underneath a N IGGERS shit skin is a white skull, must've stole that shit too from the white man.

d3bbb788 No.3642721

File: 1642657804979.jpg (227.69 KB, 1400x787, 3142388 - Sword_Art_Online.jpg)

Oklahoma has so many people suffering with Covid that they don't have enough teachers to keep schools open so the anti-vax, anti-mask, Republican governor is now replacing teachers with fully armed cops because that's going to work out well.

I don't see how locking a man with rage issues and a gun in a building with a hundred 6th graders could possibly end poorly!

f84718f8 No.3642725

no one cares, 3b

0b8dc12e No.3642732

File: 1642668361299.jpg (146.32 KB, 800x1280, c9ca6b5d039bd6051ef55ab681….jpg)

lol based.

76a9a9e0 No.3642733

>a man with rage issues

Why do you assume the cop will be black?

dda8b943 No.3642743


Maybe an Irish Cop would be an offensive stereotype?

8070485a No.3642748

>they don't have enough teachers to keep schools open
Why not? Are the lazy teachers whining about going in to do their jobs despite being vaccinated 3x? Vaccine will prevent you from catching COVID 100% per Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci. What are they scared of?

Did they at least voice their concerns at home and not on a beach in Aruba like the NYC teachers union?

9f268433 No.3642751

Teachers should still get paid until we have 100% vaccination approval to protect their safety. They signed on to teach, not get sick. If you have even a single anti-vaxxer in you district you should not have to go to work. Its not their fault they want to send their biohazard kids to school

6924ec92 No.3642753

File: 1642706150242-0.jpeg (47.11 KB, 503x540, E6F39B9E-0D8B-49F3-8578-0….jpeg)

File: 1642706150242-1.jpeg (102.79 KB, 1024x871, 9FB9E120-A260-4E35-908F-0….jpeg)

File: 1642706150242-2.jpeg (80.4 KB, 602x500, 2D2F57D3-967A-457C-8D26-7….jpeg)

File: 1642706150242-3.jpeg (97.81 KB, 498x1024, 50C50498-E158-47CB-9B51-C….jpeg)

File: 1642706150242-4.jpeg (72.32 KB, 698x900, 70142B05-A41C-48E4-AEE0-6….jpeg)

2aefc26d No.3642756


Vaxed also transmit the covid. When 90% are vaxed, the majority of covid transmission is done by the vaxed, because there are so many of them.
They transmit only half as much ? That's still 90 * 0.5 = 45 vs 10% * 1 = 10.

If you are pro-science and catching covid is unacceptable then you wouldn't ask for 100% vaccination, you'd ask for mandatory daily Covid tests before entering schools.

52eb8e76 No.3642759

File: 1642711216136.jpg (33.06 KB, 395x311, 04-011.jpg)

0b8dc12e No.3642766

File: 1642714430868.png (1.41 MB, 1250x1750, 8f9e8cd60c838ca19956103acf….png)

If they want to live in a plastic bubble for the rest of their lives like an aids patient, then let them, but it's not our responsibility to accommodate their insanity.

Personally, I don't think we should let insane people teach our kids and should replace all those who think like that.

9f268433 No.3642773

Its just common sense, until all Covid and Flu viruses are eliminated, people just need to stay quarantined. Kids are safer at home than out in the open anyway. Besides, with the government substity checks, its not like people need to go out unless completely necessary.

07df4244 No.3642790


Cops all have anger issues to one degree or another. Beating their wives is a cops second favorite thing.

02b43761 No.3642797

File: 1642729822559.jpg (80.07 KB, 480x720, niggernazi.jpg)

>N IGGERS shit skin
>white skull

It goes to show that deep down inside every nigger is a little good…it just needs to show through.

02b43761 No.3642799

File: 1642730211221.jpg (28.47 KB, 667x224, Capture.JPG)

The socialist president Biden has given his friend Putin a green light to start WW3.

Everyone miss Trump yet?

52eb8e76 No.3642808

File: 1642733636629.png (302.87 KB, 681x383, black man shakes hands wit….png)

They just be infiltratin'.

6924ec92 No.3642809

File: 1642736330492-0.jpeg (67.49 KB, 554x347, 2A5EC9FA-D694-4006-8712-1….jpeg)

File: 1642736330492-1.jpeg (59.63 KB, 632x415, 64D74AAC-D5F3-4744-95BB-D….jpeg)

File: 1642736330492-2.jpeg (71.29 KB, 660x461, B5DC204C-481B-4C8B-A2B2-2….jpeg)

File: 1642736330492-3.jpeg (36.79 KB, 600x319, 6608B1EB-6E31-417B-89A7-7….jpeg)

File: 1642736330492-4.jpeg (136.78 KB, 806x1024, 9A2E0D01-AFBD-438E-8F33-E….jpeg)

Nazis were not so racist…

0b8dc12e No.3642818

File: 1642739823469.png (1.2 MB, 1049x1280, 28d394b531b87df2e915211abe….png)

We KNOW that Biden is owned by Russia and China. They both have laptops worth of blackmail on him.

If Russia and China are going to act, they are going to act before Biden is neutered in the midterms, while they still have their man at the top.

07df4244 No.3642820

File: 1642741341717.jpg (15.23 KB, 480x310, FJW3CvjXEAsjbJ0.jpg)

The telegraph is a far-right, pro-corporate, pro-elite, shit-rag that runs anti-mask/vaccine stories every issue and actively eggs on confrontation between America and Russia for ratings.

I can see why an anti-American traitor like you is a frequent reader, Sophistry.

07df4244 No.3642822

File: 1642741615081.jpeg (116.75 KB, 928x1200, c7b34b500ddd740391c21cf5e….jpeg)


Nazis recruited black people when they invaded Africa where all the black people lived. They had no choice.

In January 1941, Adolf Hitler established the Afrika Korps for the explicit purpose of helping his Italian Axis partner maintain territorial gains in North Africa.

They didn't do it out of a lack of racism, they did it out a lack of manpower.

07df4244 No.3642825

File: 1642742659709.jpg (54.89 KB, 503x680, FJkxHeiVUAMl2Rx.jpg)


There is a really interesting story about how America's military industry was so small and our equipment supply was so weak our soldiers were training with wooden guns and fake mortar launchers when we first agreed to join the war.

Our previous method of creating tanks and military vehicles were not up to the task so the government brought in the automotive industry's top designers and mass productions specialists. They redesigned weapon production from the ground up.

Soon we were mass producing weapons and tanks at a speed no one had ever imagined possible and the technology was far more advanced than what the Nazi's could muster. They were still using fucking HORSES.

We also invented better tank building technology like using more powerful forms of welding to assemble our tanks instead of rivets.

Tanks with rivet armor could be more easily damaged and when they got hit the rivets became deadly projectiles killing the people inside the tanks.

Simply by removing rivets we cut the cost, the weight, the manufacturing time and improved the safety. We also invented better tread technologies and longer range cannons which allowed our allies to dominate the African battle front.

We also innovated shipping vehicles. By streaming lining the production and assembly process we made it so that the parts could be manufactured in America then shipped over-seas to be assembled and put into the field.

This meant that each of our ships could carry 3-5 times as many vehicles across the ocean to be deployed by the U.S. and it's allies.

The Nazis were defeated because we had better engineers and politicians who weren't anti-science and anti-intelligence.

How do you think we'll fair against Putin if a dumb-as-bricks, Republican is in office when the next war starts?

6924ec92 No.3642826

File: 1642743540562-0.jpeg (160.74 KB, 1024x1024, 5C05ABD6-E261-4CA7-BBD0-1….jpeg)

File: 1642743540562-1.jpeg (162.85 KB, 1024x742, 8C704797-BF6E-4FD9-96E4-4….jpeg)

File: 1642743540562-2.jpeg (136.14 KB, 1024x745, 6425C9A4-1819-4CDB-90EA-B….jpeg)

File: 1642743540562-3.jpeg (40.37 KB, 500x323, A8C00F83-FF92-41A0-88A4-3….jpeg)

Not exactly hate in those pics…

But here is hate.

7d496e53 No.3642831

File: 1642746368121.jpg (576 KB, 2100x3300, download.jpg)

And now we are so strong that our Democrat fake president can afford to leave $85 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH of our latest military gear and tech and weapons and fighter jets in Afghanistan for the Taliban to use against us and to conquer that country with, suddenly elevating them from nothing to the 14th strongest military in the world, and not even miss all that gear or flinch.
Yep, we've come a long way.

7d496e53 No.3642832

>> ID: 07df4244
Another OBVIOUS shit-and-run string of posts from 3B, that's his M.O.
Nothing you say, 3B, has any validity, truth, or meaning, and nobody here believes you when they can see with their own eyes that everything you say is the opposite of what it actually is.
Yet you still try. It's laughable.

6924ec92 No.3642838

File: 1642748478467-0.jpeg (93.58 KB, 1024x719, C0F1AF20-08AE-4335-A2F3-5….jpeg)

File: 1642748478467-1.jpeg (152.21 KB, 1016x1024, E827FF63-757F-41AF-B8A7-E….jpeg)

Also a few ice cream machines….

6ebe188e No.3642839

File: 1642748946091.jpg (172.28 KB, 736x1024, 1642711200009.jpg)

I am a ebonically challenged person and not very creative, but Reading Pol Constantly (#RPCinMySleep) is more fun than microwaving my own fleshlight and then fucking it, and I love sadism.

6924ec92 No.3642844

File: 1642756190820-0.jpeg (159.56 KB, 938x621, 2A2F0D4D-5113-4222-93B8-B….jpeg)

File: 1642756190820-1.jpeg (82.66 KB, 1024x935, B9BBB0DD-778D-47BA-917E-2….jpeg)

Can’t stop Muslims slimy pedos from rapping children but they still censor speech while dressed like “Five nights at Freddy’s.”

07df4244 No.3642848

File: 1642761645500.webm (1.24 MB, 360x200, As_Americans.webm)

Mitch McConnel letting it slip that he thinks of black people as three-fifths an American.

2aefc26d No.3642850

File: 1642766465525.jpg (58.64 KB, 744x495, featureafghanistan.jpg)

Bad comparison on the kid picture.

Afghanis are known to use male teens as sex slaves.

But to their credit, Talibans put a stop to it last time they took control, hopefully this time too.

11e12c75 No.3642852

File: 1642767343683.png (589.42 KB, 792x1220, FvkQ0Erpc8NxLAmOtlsDjRdDlY….png)

It's funny how fast people are to fight each other at the commands of their masters, unable to discern what sides even really exist.

"Kill them all for Uncle Bigshot! He'll absolve you! We PROMISE!" -Side A
"More jails, more imprisonments, more work, less pay, fuck the environment." -Side B

7d496e53 No.3642855

File: 1642774342012.jpg (109.62 KB, 800x800, The_Mind_blowing_facts.jpg)

Get the fuck off the INTERNET.
YOU have no moral ground to stand on WHATSOEVER.

0d0573bf No.3642859

File: 1642778914916.jpg (136.56 KB, 1280x720, Situation_Update_Jan_19th_….jpg)

Mike Adams still focuses a lot on democrats versus republicans stuff and appears to believe the 6 million™ hoax, but this audiocast of his is still pretty interesting in my opinion: https://www.brighteon.com/de919ccc-7ebd-4ba5-9151-f939ced572aa

Things like simultaneous invention and transmission of thought and images between people (and animals) are indeed real.

209f5627 No.3642861

File: 1642778962573.jpg (41.56 KB, 400x578, apofeoz.jpg)

c5ebc307 No.3642866

A shitty political cartoon doesn't mean something is true.

209f5627 No.3642867

Neither shitty political image from some fag.

0b8dc12e No.3642872

File: 1642787538563.png (1.12 MB, 1926x1781, d35083b8352f583312979531ce….png)

Well, are African-American's Americans or are they African-American?

Are they one, or are they a splice? Lately they've been using a capital B in Black, signifying that it's a nationality. You can be black and American, but can you be Black and American?

Choose your allegiance carefully.

Mitch is a bitch, though. He desperately needs to be replaced.

"Capitalism" is just an individual's right to own property and to trade it as he or she sees fit. All of the 'deaths' under capitalism are fictional deaths you claim you could avoid if we just gave all control to a socialist. Yet every time we give control to a socialist, he ends up killing everyone.

6f68fe5b No.3642878

File: 1642806501836-0.jpg (75.24 KB, 750x749, 1628929745721.jpg)

File: 1642806501836-1.webm (2.03 MB, 640x472, 1641484573871.webm)

Democrat voters who don't hold their elected officials responsible now want to give total control….

Please show me these people you want to give total control over.

d3bbb788 No.3642879

File: 1642806684651.png (1.6 MB, 928x1200, f2e6d8da217d115ed7a0a4fc44….png)

They are just Americans. It's only because of racist assholes that we even need to have the term African-Americans. It's the right that keeps the distinction alive by holding on to racist ideals and policies.

Fortunately, natural selection is taking care of conservatism for us.

0b8dc12e No.3642880

File: 1642807244776.jpg (570.88 KB, 1400x1213, 06bacac0d0eda8e53473a8978b….jpg)

The left literally believe in Black nationalism. Bitch, don't talk to me about segregation.

I'd also like to reiterate that 'capitalism' is one doing what one wishes with what one has earned. Socialism is someone else taking something they have not earned and deciding that they know better what to do with it.

Socialism is theft. 'Capitalism' is a slur invented by a socialist to rename the right to private property.

7e64a6a2 No.3642895

File: 1642814966053.png (738.26 KB, 806x758, external-content.duckduckg….png)


>Attacks an image cap

>Doesnt know that it is based on a live press conference
>Video is freely available

7e64a6a2 No.3642896

File: 1642815063003.jpg (34.88 KB, 700x394, kkkkkkk.jpg)


Nazi Germany was 20 years ahead in technology

7e64a6a2 No.3642897

File: 1642815291243.jpg (74.08 KB, 1280x720, china.jpg)

>They signed on to [insert task here], not get sick.


7e64a6a2 No.3642899

File: 1642815680042.png (163.94 KB, 806x268, Untitled.png)


>Well, are African-American's Americans or are they African-American?

The correct terms are Negro or Coloreds

7e64a6a2 No.3642900

File: 1642815867535.jpg (28.96 KB, 637x358, yyyy.jpg)


>Posts cartoon critical of capitalism over socialism

>Punchline actually affirms capitalism is more prosperous than socialism

c4031e82 No.3642910

What's go…? God damn it people why we still on this crap its a God damn dead horse.

d3bbb788 No.3642925

File: 1642834203353.webm (1.88 MB, 320x180, ubt.webm)

Look closer, my dude.

That isn't a huge pile of money with a dollar sign at the top, it's a huge pile of skulls from the people capitalism killed.

6a0337a4 No.3642926

Except it didn't.

0b8dc12e No.3642927

File: 1642835881629.jpg (554.9 KB, 800x1000, 11add670847d9f614382be0f02….jpg)

>but-but my comic drew skulls!

I gave an actual critique and this is what you focus on.

6a0337a4 No.3642929

To paraphrase Mark Twain, 'There are three kinds of liars: liars, damned liars, and liars like 3B who take to it naturally…like breathing.'

4c719460 No.3642930

File: 1642838504260.jpg (463.63 KB, 633x950, 247deeae4a39b35b643109061b….jpg)

I graduated from college 3 years ago, but still owe tens of thousands in debt, I've lost 2 jobs during this pandemic, and rent for most places is almost what I pay in student loans a month so I can't afford to move out on my own. I would love to be a more active member of the U.S. economy if I could afford to do so without so much substantial student loan debt. Even if I only had 10% of my student loans forgiven that's still roughly 8 grand I don't have to worry about having to try to pay on time every month anymore.

The most disgusting thing I learned during securities licensing was that we have entire federal agencies dedicated to buying up mortgages and loans, then selling them off similar to bonds. So some rich person is likely making money off of us paying our debts, but not too slowly or too quickly though.

I love how in some countries like Denmark college is not only free, but students get paid. Crazy idea, right? It's almost like education should be encouraged and students should be supported. It's almost like college should be for people with ambitions and skills, not just for rich people. But I digress…

d3bbb788 No.3642932

File: 1642842798829.jpg (100.85 KB, 850x1100, sample_287466f7670990d79c7….jpg)

>I gave an actual critique and this is what you focus on.

So you posted with a different ID using Sophistry's name then logged in with an anon account on a different computer to defend your post?

I guess you have to pretend to be your own supporter when you are a racist, bigot, dirt-bag, hated by everyone you meet, huh?

d3bbb788 No.3642933

File: 1642843199657.png (94.87 KB, 279x209, Nancy-Pelosi-OBEY-ME.png)


Shut up and find two more jobs!
Your "opinions" aren't making the rich, richer so they are a waste of time.

Get to back work, slave.

a6b99c6d No.3642935

And this is why I decided to take from the government rather than let them take from me. You want to live free from the governments greedy hands you gotta live off their handouts and live for yourself as if the whole world owes you which of course it does. Any other thought processes is bad think and should be eradicated

7ec392fe No.3642944


Imagine being so retarded you think anything not Neoliberal or Ultra-Right is communism.

Try learning more than two political theories.

a972ee9e No.3642950

File: 1642867455065.jpg (43.81 KB, 761x252, repost.JPG)

>huge pile of skulls

Yes it is…..but that doesn't change the point. Even the socialists acknowledge that capitalism is more prosperous.

The cartoonist played himself.

a972ee9e No.3642951

File: 1642868168308.jpg (22.74 KB, 474x224, external-content.ducsdafkd….jpg)

>The most disgusting thing I learned

Corruption of politicians is draining the country of its vitality.


It is not the system. It is the kind of people occupying congress. Until people stop voting for corruption, nothing will change.

As a side note, 3B keeps calling the Jan 6 2020 protests as an attempt at insurrection. By inference, his opposition makes him a supporter of the corrupt racist system.

Lets give him a hand folks! He plays himself every day.

a6b99c6d No.3642952

If hes playing himself don't that mean were only validating his posts by reacting to them like most have. I mean letting the dude post and just end up playing himself is punishment enough.

0b8dc12e No.3642953

File: 1642869431314.jpg (103.59 KB, 1000x1047, ed835f6b4e70fd1d7e561eced9….jpg)


Bitch you even responded to the other half of one.

2aefc26d No.3642955

You know what's the problem is ?

Student loans. Colleges sucks all the money they can out of their student regardless of actual schooling costs because the students can pay.

And the students can pay because they get loans, because it's a real good deal for the banks : those loans can't be wipped by a bankruptcy. You become an indentured slave basically.

The solution: less government intervention.
Don't protect student loans, make them erasable like the others : Banks will issue less of them because it becomes risky ; there's a real change Timmy won't repay his debt.

Colleges need money so they'll lower costs or they'll end up with a dozen well-off students only. Cheaper college means loans are not as big and more student can get them cause risk is lowered.

Voila, you lowered the cost of getting a college degree and reduced the number of years you'll spend as a slave. All thanks to less government fiddling.

8070485a No.3642960

Higher ed is a leftwing racket. You have to pay to play. Name one time where someone on the left voluntarily went "You know, we don't need that to cost so much".

d3bbb788 No.3642965

File: 1642887876079.jpg (198.73 KB, 850x656, sample_a2344b8c654f01c8fde….jpg)


Most student loans are done through the government. That's why Biden can just forgive them with a pen stroke if he wants to.

Also, your plan is stupid because colleges can't just make themselves cheaper. That's not how capitalism works. What are they going to do tell the teachers and staff they are just going to have to work for 5% of what they used to make?

Are they going to cut out any class that requires expensive equipment? No more medical programs, computer programing, film, game design, truck driving, police training, nothing that costs a lot of money?

Then what? We end up with a shortage of desperately needed front line jobs that rich assholes who can afford the schools that could host those programs would never take.

Typical anti-regulation conservative - too stupid to think past the next 5 minutes.

d5de4158 No.3642967

>That's not how capitalism works.

It's hasn't been capitalism so far.

>What are they going to do tell the teachers and staff they are just going to have to work for 5% of what they used to make?

The staff salary is not the major expense in colleges. They're bleeding money everywhere simply because they have money. This is exactly where the term "thousand dollar hammer" applies - anything the government spends on universities is wasted on subcontractors charging fantastical prices on everything and anything. A million dollars on a computer lab nobody uses with Apple computers and hundred seat licenses for every major software corporation that charges $500 per year per seat - well, you gotta have the latest and greatest!

d5de4158 No.3642968

How capitalism works in the absence of government, if software company A wants students to learn their software environment, they give the software away for free for education purposes so people can actually learn it. Otherwise they're shit out of luck since nobody comes out of school with the required skills to buy their shit. Same thing for other specialized equipment: if the industry wants something out of the educational system, they pay for it. That's how it's supposed to be: demand drives supply.

With government involvement, the state throws money at the education system and tells them how to spend it, so they buy shit from the industry according to who's best buddies with the state. It has nothing to do with what the industry actually needs in terms of education and training.

d3bbb788 No.3642970

File: 1642890947627.png (4.25 MB, 928x1200, bf2d38e8cd352eb50f2ac0ce34….png)

>With government involvement, the state throws money at the education system and tells them how to spend it … who's best buddies with the state.

I worked for a college for 4 years and I assure you, that is not how it works. Our computer lab was given money and told to spend it before the end of the year on whatever we needed because what ever we didn't spend in time we had to give back.

There was no restrictions at all on what we could buy as long as it was reasonably related to our program.

The school literally bought a barn on property connected to the school grounds to start an animal husbandry program and no one gave a fuck.

d5de4158 No.3642973

And who decides what it is that you "need"?

Did you choose an Autodesk license instead of FreeCAD for example? Yes, you spent all the money on all that it could buy, because it was "necessary" rather than what was expedient for education.

0b8dc12e No.3642974

File: 1642891666508.jpg (111.44 KB, 1288x976, 41662ac1b027b6c8cc5f3c5523….jpg)

There is no one way 'capitalism works'. It works by an individual using resources and exchanging them freely as best they see fit.

I know you're a socialist who wants to see everything as some centrally controlled top-down system, but that's not how it works. 'Capitalism' is the absence of such a system. It's why you try to blame it for every death you see, because under your system and in your mind, you can use other people's resources to create your perfect utopia where that doesn't happen, and it's everyone else's fault for every death.

And again, every time a socialist is given such control, they end up murdering millions more people because they have no fucking clue how to actually manage anything because they never earned it to begin with or just embezzle it all.

2dca2ec0 No.3642977

File: 1642892078506.png (1 MB, 1920x1055, SpIrItXa (1c).png)

You are never going to win a argument with horse pussy….

9f268433 No.3642978

File: 1642892699336.jpg (199.04 KB, 1124x1500, 1615222422906-1.jpg)

well, unless you're trying to argue that people should post more horse pussies.

aea5d317 No.3642999

File: 1642904443708.png (395.38 KB, 500x667, 1489303380178.png)

d3bbb788 No.3643064

File: 1642912179826.png (3.34 MB, 729x1200, 3b5e420919f797d8d80b99f0f0….png)

>And who decides what it is that you "need"?

The free market, baby! We bought software licenses and taught people the skills most likely to get someone a job!

You act like schools have some sinister agenda to spend money for no reason but to waste it.

If you're not producing people who can join the work force after taking your program your program will be cut out.

Results are what matters. Jobs filled after graduation is what gets you more funding. If you're not producing winners you get axed.

0b8dc12e No.3643088

File: 1642914708187.jpg (130.33 KB, 933x1200, 783f3516da201400447af79437….jpg)

Not really. Colleges are under no obligation to give their students the skills they need to get a proper job. They'll take as much and give as little as the market allows them, and the 'market' - thanks to government interference - gives stupid kids the chance to go into massive debt in order to learn something as stupid and useless as Gender studies.

If you went to a bank and said, 'Hey I need some money to learn how to be an engineer. I'll be able to pay it off with all the money I make being an engineer.' and the same with some kid going into gender studies or liberal arts, which do you think the bank would expect to see a return on? Which loan do you think the bank would give?

Thanks to government interference, we have kids spending money that will take them the rest of their lives to repay, to learn useless skills, if they can even qualify as skills.

d3bbb788 No.3643122

File: 1642917426019.webm (4.09 MB, 360x640, Patriot_Front_Training.webm)

The conservative, white-nationalist group Patriot Front posted training videos encouraging their members to go out into the woods and practice frisking each other to be ready for getting arrested. Of course Twitter found it…

d3bbb788 No.3643128

>Colleges are under no obligation to give their students the skills they need to get a proper job.

If they like getting government grants they are. If you can't prove your programs are working to provide employees for jobs you get no money.

d3bbb788 No.3643138

File: 1642918192988.png (4.02 MB, 2560x1440, b38318cc83a1d160bd66a3c305….png)

>same with some kid going into gender studies or liberal arts, which do you think the bank would expect to see a return on?

You're regurgitating Fox News talking points as if they have basis in reality.

If those programs weren't turning out students who could get jobs why would they be in such high demand?

Conservatives are such hypocrites. You claim you love the free market but you ignore the results of the free market when they don't fit your agenda.

209f5627 No.3643162

File: 1642921236039.jpeg (88.61 KB, 456x302, poverty and inequality.jpeg)

>Even the socialists acknowledge that capitalism is more prosperous
Yes, capitalism itself, but the colonies it relies on.

209f5627 No.3643163

>All of the 'deaths' under capitalism are fictional deaths
Tell is to everyone who died in trenches of WW1

6ebe188e No.3643167

File: 1642925728723.jpg (7.18 KB, 240x240, 1634023205798.jpg)

As a war expert you probably don't have to be such a cynic to score all that pyusse.

ed6005c8 No.3643178

>>Tell is to everyone who died in trenches of WW1

So those deaths were caused by COMMUNISM.
And most of us living would willingly fight you to the death again today to stop you.
Stop killing people because of COMMUNISM.

6f910dac No.3643180

File: 1642933739282.jpg (264.81 KB, 1000x546, seyorrol_the_clock_keeps_t….jpg)

>>who died in trenches of WW1
>"capitalism did that"

Have. you. ever. cracked open a history book?

WW1 was a war by and for imperial power. The empires fought to maintain it. And various peoples fought to break off and make their own nation states.

As the other guy said, capitalism is merely the ability to own property and the fruit of your labor, trade it and to own the profits.

Yes, companies are complicated and when people work together it can be hard to figure out what anyone's fair share of the total profit is, we can debate that, sure, and state regulation here is generally a good idea, and how much or how little is yet again open for debate, but I think EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SANE PERSON needs to agree that we're gonna fucking have capitalism.

WW1 was kinda almost over when the commies took over, and only in the East, because the West had very firm institutions and revolutions would simply not happen. The saner part of socialists toned down the utopian garbage and turned into Social Democrats. The less saner part took Antonio Gramsci's "War of Position" strategy. Undermine the West's institutions and culture by framing communist arguments in socially accepted left wing language. That's been going on for over half a century.

d5de4158 No.3643184

Communism took over in Russia because it was still an agrarian feudal shithole that was a hundred years left behind in social development. The same thing happened in Cambodia, China, Vietnam… etc. because a communist revolution can only happen in a society which is highly stratified between the peasants and the elite. You need a load of unwashed masses who can barely even read to agitate. If fact, it's paramount that they don't have access to any other information than what the communist propaganda officers tell them.

In western societies there was a sizeable middle class already who would not take part in any such revolutions, because they were already "the bourgeoisie" that the communists were attacking. That's why the communist rhetoric transformed into social democrats and ultimately the national socialists. National socialism was easier to sell, because it put the enemy and the target of class warfare outside of the middle class, but all in all it's the same idea of class warfare in action.

209f5627 No.3643197

>WW1 was a war by and for imperial power.
No, it was a war of imperialistic powers seeking expansion in expense of own population. Have ever tried not only READING, but also THINKING?
WW1 was the turning point in history when public opinion became gunpowder barrel of capitalism which led to the first socialist state to emerge.
That was the time socialists divided to communists and social-democrat bootlickers.
And the first socialist state emerging led to capitalists giving workers some rights and better working conditions. Guess what, now when USSR does not exist, they are just taking back and the world is on a brink of war again for the very same reason with very same public opinion shifting away from capitalism.

d3bbb788 No.3643204

File: 1642952985127.jpg (28.36 KB, 634x357, Fuck_Capitalism.jpg)

>Capitalism is more prosperous…

If your idea of prosperity is the wealthy having everything while the majority have nothing then yes, capitalism is very good at that.

If you mean a prosperous nation with a stable economy that doesn't crash every few years, then unregulated capitalism is shit.

b6f5c7a9 No.3643206

File: 1642953959996.jpg (84.42 KB, 489x983, genderstudies.jpg)

>3B sock puppet IP

You can tell from the idiotic post.


>Jobs filled after graduation is what gets you more funding

Gender studies, Ethnic studies and Diversity studies, Packaging Science, Nautical Archeology are just some of the idiotic degrees you can get. They are offered because idiots take them, not that they are useful - usually a woman or a socialist.

Believe it or not, a store will sell you something called a 'white elephant' - a useless product, because you will buy it. It is not useful. You will lose money owning it. They still sell it.

By the Elder Gods…..may Cthulu have mercy on your soul.

d3bbb788 No.3643211

File: 1642957476082.png (452.14 KB, 869x680, QAnon Star Who Said Only ‘….png)


6a0337a4 No.3643212

File: 1642957999751.jpg (48.68 KB, 640x480, israel-coronavirus-getty-6….jpg)

But it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated folks, honest, or perhaps it's those pesky Russians or right-wing conspiracy theorists, either way don't believe your lying eyes you anti-vax extremists.

Israel is now the number one country in the world for new coronavirus infections per capita, with a daily rate of 0.6 percent of the population testing positive.

Israel has seen lead the world in many pandemic-related aspects. It was the first country to close its borders when the outbreak began in March 2020. A year later, it became the first country to aggressively inoculate its population with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

It became the first country to introduce a booster shot as well as the first to introduce a fourth job of the vaccine to over 60s and at-risk populations. It’s now expected to be the first country to begin administering booster shots to children over the age of five.

Israel also adopted the world’s most aggressive approach to stop Omicron. Despite this, numbers have soared so high that the Health Ministry’s dashboard crashed, with the ministry stopping the count altogether.

The number of seriously ill patients rose to 732 over the weekend. 68 Israelis died from coronavirus in the past week, bringing the death toll to 8,393.
Keep in mind that Israel has a much smaller population than the USA.

d3bbb788 No.3643214

File: 1642958838085.png (55.54 KB, 456x770, Isreal_Population_Heatmap.png)

Isreal is six times smaller than New York City with over 9 million people tightly packed into a few population centers.

It's only 14% larger than New Jersey alone.

They always have problems with every kind of virus that goes around because everyone is so tightly packed together.

d3bbb788 No.3643215

File: 1642959146991.png (719.34 KB, 764x671, Aaron Rodgers’ career over.png)

Aaron Rodgers, the football player who refused to get vaccinated, lied about it and chose to skip practices once he was exposed rather than take the vaccine just played one of the worst games of his life and fucked over his entire team.

Because he spent all his time being an angry, white, man yelling at twitter instead of doing his job, his career is over.

Love to see it!

6a0337a4 No.3643216

So what you're saying is that the vaccines DON'T WORK, because if 98% of Israel's population has gotten vaxxed as many as four times over, NOBODY SHOULD BE GETTING SICK NOW, if it actually WORKED. regardless of population density.

It's because it's NOT A VACCINE, you idiot.

3e5ea232 No.3643218

File: 1642961153758.png (182.08 KB, 536x584, 2020coronathenandnow.png)


>Corona killing jews

Very anti-semetic virus

d3bbb788 No.3643222

File: 1642972232659.jpg (341.23 KB, 2048x1954, E8pE_TBWEAA9pWY.jpg)

>You're saying the vaccine doesn't work…

The vaccine works fine. It just doesn't work like you think it should because you're a moron who can only think in absolutes.

You think it must be 100% effective to be worth doing because your brain function is proportional to the ratio your tiny, white, dick is to your body mass.

05dc01b0 No.3643224

It's not effective AT ALL, and proven HARMFUL.
Israel has no less cases than they would have if they had not vaxxed at all.
They will, however, start having millions of unexplained deaths within 3 to 5 years.
Don't worry, all part of the plan!

275824d6 No.3643225

whose plan? the nazis?

546caafc No.3643226

Being in denial is the same as ignorance. And is very harmful to people and society if left to spread misonformation. You think right now we have the statistics but we don't they just started coming in for short term now we await long term effects and we know it's going to be bad because it was highly pushed and in some places the fear caused tyrant behaviours and showed us the true colors of people for what they are.

2aefc26d No.3643229

>Don't worry, all part of the plan!

No, no, no. The plan is that Israel is getting the good jab, the one that does nothing. Then all the goys and arab will die en masse from the razor sharp graphene and cell-piercing spike proteins.

Then next step after that is the Messiah's return and enslavement of surviving non-jews.

d3bbb788 No.3643230

File: 1642974847467.jpg (83.5 KB, 621x785, Run_Boy_Run.Jpg)

>Israel has no less cases than they would have if they had not vaxxed at all.

A) Not true.
B) They have far fewer DEATHS than they would have if they didn't vaccinate.

Getting covid while vaccinated doesn't kill you.

Getting covid while unvaccinated can kill you.

That's the difference, retard.

d3bbb788 No.3643231

File: 1642975182264.jpg (270.47 KB, 2048x1124, Wizard_Conspiracy.jpg)


Why does everything always come back to being a Jew conspiracy with you conservatards?

If they were half as powerful as you imagine them to be you'd all be homeless and starving for daring to speak against the Illuminati.

Can't you come up with something more interesting? What if Harry Potter was actually a plot to normalize Wizards in preparation for a Wizard take over?

Wouldn't that be more fun than your boring, old, anti-Jew non-sense?

546caafc No.3643232

Except we know for a fact the unvaxed is a small enough number that for is death by this so called virus is rare compared to that of those who got the jab. If the world was made up of 100 people only 10 would have been unvaxed this is the ratio of people on the planet no less 1 in 50 people are likely unvaxed and the majority of us are still here so where are these so called deaths. And obituaries.

546caafc No.3643233

Makes more sense if aliens

d3bbb788 No.3643234

File: 1642975382142.png (185.28 KB, 1307x459, 14 times.png)


You've got your facts a little backwards there, bud.

546caafc No.3643236

So because you believe misinformation doesnt mean you are even repeating the facts cause truth be told we dont have the facts no one does.

d3bbb788 No.3643239

File: 1642976183686.jpg (79.66 KB, 664x900, MAGA_Burning_Carhartt_Clot….jpg)


Just because you don't want it to be true, doesn't mean it isn't true.

The mountains of dead bodies made up of unvaccinated morons don't give a shit about your opinion. They are still dead.

878e11fe No.3643247

Sorry, but YOU have those statistics backwards.
The government and MSM are lying to you.
Over 400,000 dead from being vaxed so far in the USA alone. look up INDEPENDENT news sources. Any you want of your choice. just not Government or MSM.

Just because you don't want it to be true, doesn't mean it isn't true.

The mountains of dead bodies made up of VACCINATED morons don't give a shit about your opinion. They are still dead

9f268433 No.3643252

I don't trust independent media as far as I can throw them, if they aren't approved by the government and FDA, they aren't worth looking at.

Try again next time anti-vaxxer!

d3bbb788 No.3643253

>look up INDEPENDENT news sources.

Any news source other than any expert, professor, hospital, researcher, doctor, or world recognized health organization that disagrees with your conspiracy theory, you mean.

Again, just because you don't want it to be true doesn't make it a lie.

d3bbb788 No.3643254

File: 1642986263115.jpg (199.57 KB, 1127x1104, boycott_stupidity.jpg)

Hahahaha! This one has to be the best so far! Moron white-nationalist burning his Carhartt hat while wearing a Carhartt hoodie because he's so stupid he thinks that when you boycott a company it means you burn the stuff you already bought and then go buy more…

cd787052 No.3643264

Thank God, only 3 to 5 more years and we will finally be rid of 3B forever, BECAUSE IT'S LIKELY HE TOOK THE VAX.

cd787052 No.3643267

N|gger rapes white woman,
Found 7 in the news just TODAY.
Do you really want to go there?
Because I will start posting them and Max this thread out FAST.
That's besides the hundreds of other felonies they committed that I find so far TODAY.
You ignorant, communist, racist son of a bitch.

fd044304 No.3643273


they actually do ban over butthurt here, apparently, so yeah. 'free speech' site, you were right

30d2ef24 No.3643288

File: 1642993471629.jpg (64.92 KB, 875x481, 1642941788866.jpg)

Wait for it….

fd044304 No.3643294

should i get a lot of money and just live in russia away from the globohomo

efa7e976 No.3643296


What the fuck is a "globohomo?"

fd044304 No.3643297

d3bbb788 No.3643299


Funny how it always seems to work out that the only free speech conservatives seem to care about is the freedom to say racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted shit.

d3bbb788 No.3643300

>N|gger rapes white woman,
>I will start posting them and Max this thread out FAST.

Do you have videos or just pictures? The videos might be kinda hot.

d3bbb788 No.3643301

File: 1643001298807.webm (5.99 MB, 288x216, Boycott_List.webm)

Oh, and if you are one of the moron conservatives "Boycotting" companies that have vaccine mandates someone on Twitter was nice enough to compile a list for you of which companies you need to avoid doing business with.

8125831f No.3643320

File: 1643010240893.png (115.06 KB, 396x382, donot.png)

Hey dickhead, are people not allowed anymore to voice their displeasure cause they're treated as second class citizens? And merely for not injecting useless (for certain people) substances into their bodies? Having your life systematically destroyed by denying access to employment and services doesn't really leave one with a free fucking choice, now does it.

And for fucking what? It's not the black plague, it's just a bad case of the sniffles, that's what the world is currently tyrannizing everybody over. But your ilk secretly enjoys this dictatorial society. If you had been born a decade earlier in Germany, I bet you'd have goosestepped along with all the other tyrant-loving fanatics.

And boycotts don't have to be all or nothing, it's enough if a significant amount of companies can see a trend of losing money for going along with this banana republic bullshit.

Fucking eat my entire ass, you clown.

fd044304 No.3643321

you kinda need that freedom on an imageboard about calling people out and saying whatever, there's nothing else like that in furry

I think the internet should not be equated with the real world

d3bbb788 No.3643323

File: 1643015319773.jpg (73.64 KB, 1080x829, 2946ec9b0ff7643af6bb88b3ef….jpg)

Hey dickhead, are people not allowed anymore to voice their displeasure when morons like you help spread a plague?

No one is forcing you to take the vaccine. You have lots of choices! If your job requires a vaccine then find another job! If your local coffee shop requires masks, then don't go to it! Go through a drive through and get a McCofee.

No one is forcing anything on you.
Stop whining you pathetic little cuck!

546caafc No.3643324

There is no plague I've been going out in public without a mask for the whole time this has been going on and I haven't even gotten sick once. Obviously none of what you are told is the truth cause we all know that when the real truths get out the ones spreading the lies are totally fucked. And will likely be more than sued into oblivion including a lot of corporations grocery stores etc. Sometimes crying wolf is not something that you should ever do because it won't just cause you to be killed but all that effort in your life becomes wasted because all the money accrued and property will be seized and given to those that you so call hate. So please keep telling us your real opinion cause once we have enough of a foot hold here you won't getva moment of freedom
And then you wont a gave freedom because you just decided its worthless just so your hated people can have a laugh is no excuse its just wishful thinking.

9c444bab No.3643325


As a gay man who grew up during the 80's and 90's I was bombarded with rhetoric about choices and consequences. That gay people deserved to die of aids because being gay was a choice and choices have consequences. That gays shouldn't be allowed to marry because being gay is a choice, thus it's not discriminatory to prevent them from having the same rights to access to insurance, and legal protections as straight married couples.

Everywhere I go, conservatives still talk about personal responsibility, and that there are no real second-class citizens. That black people deserve to be shot to death for petty crimes, because committing a crime is a choice, and choices have consequences.

But as soon as conservatives become slightly inconvenienced by a literal choice that they made to not get vaccinated, they throw a hissy fit and claim that they deserve equal protection under the law, despite their ilk having spent literally half a century trying to fight against or roll back any laws that give people equal protection under the law.

Conservatism - Not even once.

546caafc No.3643326

>>No one is forcing

You have that backwards. Not every country is currently forcing but they are trting and eventually they will exasperate all people into making a different choice by drowning their freedoms as if those are able to be denied. Me I'd rather take my products of purchase money free if they refuse service since refusal of payment is the same as saying just take it in the laws eyes and osnt stealing so legally you can't be shot at in places where having a gun and defending is legal same with if a person tries to violate my rights in any way I will hold them hostage as a means of showing them that they fucked up big time in trying to deny access to important shit meaning don't do anything stupid and you have nothing to worry about. This is reality if you dont like it then don't go spouting useless shit as if we have to keep your pathetic ads alive.

878e11fe No.3643328

3B's posts, in a nutshell:

Is it any wonder everyone on here is sick of his trolling ass.

d3bbb788 No.3643329

File: 1643017619382.jpg (144.31 KB, 1000x1000, 535ea42d6f2d9c56b4856c73db….jpg)


You can tell Cobalt Blaze is at the end of his rope when his posts become strings of unreadable non-sense. He knows he has lost. He knows he is done. He only has his tiny dick and his impotent rage.

546caafc No.3643331

trying to laugh it off. Eh well again we will see who is right eventually and by then I expect an apology. Refusal.will be unwise cause I will remember and so too will everyone else and well hold it over your head even if we have to send it to your employer to let it sink in in how there are consequences for simply voicing an opinion if its deemed harmful.

So nows your chance to change your tune. dont talk shit if you don't know the facts. And thr facts are the gov has a history of concealing facts and pushing propaganda to justify the fews choices and beliefs

also when I read and respond im not a lazy little shit who's afraid of trying to understand what the person said to be able to respond that's called being polite and responsible when it comes to seeing another perspective.

So seriously go and rethink your attitude.

878e11fe No.3643335

Post more ugly birds, thx.

2aefc26d No.3643370

>Why does everything always come back to being a Jew conspiracy with you conservatards?

This was a joke. I'm not anti jews at all ; I'm anti satanists (not the friendly LaVey ones).

And what's happening in the world is the work of satanists: taking flu times 5 as an excuse to go full authoritarian on the sheeps. Maybe culling them and saving their rich asses from global warming, etc.

Now hyperinflation is on the menu, logistics collapse and civil war could follow as dessert, mass famines and voila, you've got your 500 million humans sustainable earth.

546caafc No.3643374

Cept when people think that way its just makes us think hey maybe they are just too lazy and don't want to put in the actual effort. The rich are mostly useless people anyways so what does it matter if they die off. The hoarded money can just go back to the people. And yes no ammount of money can make you a useful person and its this mentality that they are pushing on us by brainwashing making us assume the easy life is permanent. Truth is we could use a little less of these fools pushing shit only to benefit themselves while passing the illusion that capitalism is a paid market not a free market devaluing things over time at a great loss to many but the elite. With this in mind the truth is not that hard to figure out.
We have the means to be sustainable at the population levels right now and more because with more comes more this is how multiplication works the issue then just comes back to and how their claim to limited sustainability is valid which they only think they can do simply because the masses is mostly limited in mental capacity and easily persuaded to agree if it means their life's can be made easier which is why we even have governments to begin with the people can't govern themselves without destroying themselves and eventually dying off. The human race is doomed to fail itself if people in power continue to abuse it. So can you explain this shit?

67c891f7 No.3643392


The Rich can pay for all kinds of PMC´s to protect their asses and shoot your poor one. Thats the issue here.
There is a reason PMC business has absolutely boomed the later years.

Also , their big and comfy bunkers deep up in the New Zealand mountains and I can assure you (knowing an old dude who digged gold there for years) it´s so insane hard to access/travel most places inland there, that there are large areas and places in the hills no man has ever been. Everything is by helicopter and the expense is so massive only very very rich people can foot the bill for any endeavor deep into the mountains.

Trust me : Only massive taxes on wealth will fix this.
And if that is communism, so be it.

cd787052 No.3643400

You…. actually believe that the money the rich have would go back to the PEOPLE? Don't you KNOW where it would actually go? Or that the money would be worth anything if the scenario you envision would come to pass?
Please see: Cuba, Venezeula, Zimbabwe, etc. etc.
And do some research. Most rich people, like Donald Trump, although he is a Billionaire, have very little CASH. They have it INVESTED in things like properties, stocks, businesses, and things that help the economy. That's HOW they got rich!!
The world isn't what you THINK it is, and ponies don't fly through the air.

546caafc No.3643402

Not just taxes change the law to refuse to let them exit the country till they have paid in full and then banish them and their affiliates. Honestly these issues will cause wars anyways so its probably better to nip it in the bud and just accept the war part because nothings going to change until this happens

546caafc No.3643404

We do understand though thats what your not getting. Sure cash is a physical aspect of money but what does it mean to have money there's personal income and business income which has nothing to do with personal and that means these people do have money its just been converted into digital form in one shape or another by being in a registry as long as the banks stay intact the money stays around just gets transferred. And. Yes we know that banks dont also hold onto All the cash in a vault that keeps accumulating it gets cycled transferred so all savings are technically digital and sitting in limbo. Its not as if we havent figured this out.

1c4e61ee No.3643426

File: 1643050472911.jpg (70.98 KB, 836x523, nprr.JPG)



>Hit List

And NPR still thinks it is not a propaganda machine….

Anyway, negroes are butthurt that their privilege might be checked by the Supreme Court…

2aefc26d No.3643427

Let's brainstorm that tax the ultra rich thing. Furipol is full of intelligent people.

Let's take Musk / Tesla as an example.
- Year 1: Musk invests 1 billion in a new car make named Tesla. The state asks for 30% of 1 billion in tax. Musk pays 333 million with his money.

First problem: if he invested all of his wealth in Tesla, the money's not there to pay the tax. Guess the state goes and grabs computers, car prototypes, etc and sinks the company. GG, WP.

- Year 2: Tesla enters the stock market, valued 2 billions, wow! The state asks for 30% of the difference between 666 million and 2 billions, Musk sells a bunch of shared to pay the 444 million tax, great, he still have 890 million in shares.

- Year 3: Tesla tanks, their electric motor research takes longer than planned. Tesla is now worth 500 million.

What do ? Does the state give back some money to Musk ? If they don't, and Tesla goes back to 2 billion the next year, do they ask 30% again?

You don't need a megabrain to understand that if you tax every stock market move up, you end up sucking out all of the money. If the stock goes up, down, up, down half a dozen times, the initial investor ends up with only a vanishingly small amount of money, far less than they invested.

Nobody will create "Tesla", "Apple", "Activision" or "SpaceX" under these conditions. You end up with no innovation and mass unemployment. The state will then probably have to create all these companies, with the terribad efficiency we all know.

The result: you live in USSR and end up waiting in line to buy toilet paper at the store.

546caafc No.3643428

This is called debt bruh you don't take the money right away but give the person a term to pay it and if they don't have insurance cover the basic minimum in losses. There's a reason why insurrance is a thing too. Were not just limited to simply give and take.

546caafc No.3643429

Also as I I said before no rich person is going to invest 90% of their total money they own into a project without some sort of safety net so the reality is that these are people that will still have money even after investing and will not lose their total yearly incomes just because of one business project tanking. You have to be a really retarded investor to do as you claim they are doing. And I dont care honestly if these fuckers did do just that if they wanna run a corporation they have to pay their dues there is no free lunch.

266c6499 No.3643434

cd787052 No.3643435

The Nuremberg Trials came after a world war. Right now the 'Nazi Germany' I think is CDC, FDA, the criminal Media-congressional complex who are the ruling class & our military continues to obey them. They need to understand these criminals aren't going to give up without a war in which they're slaughtered at the end.

efa7e976 No.3643441


Sure thing, let's go back to the "good old days," before those mean ol' nasty CDC and FDA were created.
When half to 3/4 of people in a family died of disease before they were 4 years old.
When Babies who were teething were given "soothing syrup" that had heroin in it, or for older kids "tooth drops" that were full of cocaine.
When a person could buy laudanum over the counter, opium dissolved in alcohol.
Trump's goon squads, led by the disgraced Rudy Giuliani decided our votes didn't count, they were going to fake a bunch of electoral votes in 7 states to put the crook-in-chief back in power and now, assholes like "Can't be trusted by anyone" Newt Gingrich is saying those *HE* doesn't like should be thrown in jail for actually practicing, as opposed to just yapping about "law and order."

1c4e61ee No.3643442

File: 1643058330276.jpg (291.38 KB, 1284x1481, replyanimalcatchilling.jpg)

>if he invested all of his wealth in Tesla, the money's not there to pay the tax

Nor money for R&D to make the neat gadgets that the socialists then use to complain about taxing the rich.

Taxes, currently, are assessed when the stock is sold. Until then, it is not income to be taxed. Dividends from the stock are income. Taxable.

Billable tax advice: That will be 500 dollars please.

546caafc No.3643443

You obviously don't know what is a good president and what isnt look at yourself in the mirror now look at Biden now look back at yourself you are 2 peas in the same damn dumb pod nothing you say has any value let alone truth to it its just some angry retarded person screaming cause their chosen one didnt win its like the idiots who scream and start riots over a damn athlete not winning a game

efa7e976 No.3643445

File: 1643059903995.png (149.23 KB, 640x609, 7KXn41y.png)


That's one heckuva word salad there, illiterate boob.

Trump is corrupt, uncaring, a liar and counts on morons like yourself.

I don't "start riots," or even get near them.

I'm an old coot who still remembers the corruption of Nixon and Newt.

The hysteria against the Clintons.

The abject stupidity of the anti-Obama assholes.

And the total failure of the Teabaggers (the original name they had for themselves,) and the Trump losers.

0a938eda No.3643448

Cept he's been trying to be a good pres nonetheless he has been fighting against corruption taken not a single cent for his job as pres the first president so far to have done this he's still fighting against corruption. Not to say he's very bright but even so he's done better and more than most others.

efa7e976 No.3643449


Who has? Trump?

You really are as stupid as people here say you are.

cd787052 No.3643450

Then tell us what part of anything he just said that was not true. Trump donated all 4 years of his $400-k per year salary to charity. Yet Biden, who has many Billions more than Trump, will not. Neither would Obama. WHY?

d3bbb788 No.3643451

>actually believe that the money the rich have would go back to the PEOPLE?

If we taxed them but morons like you are anti-tax under any circumstance so you protect the rich from the ONE tool we have to take back what they steal.

d3bbb788 No.3643452

>Tesla's stock tanks … Does the state give back some money to Musk?

Why would they? She would they pay him for his failure?

d3bbb788 No.3643453

File: 1643062575243.png (226.85 KB, 586x316, vrwgbhwghr4.png)

>You don't need a megabrain to understand that if you tax every stock market move up, you end up sucking out all of the money. If the stock goes up, down, up, down half a dozen times, the initial investor ends up with only a vanishingly small amount of money, far less than they invested.




cd787052 No.3643454

It's not gambling when they tax every transaction, it means the dice are loaded against you. Moron. You'd be a fool then to even play.

efa7e976 No.3643455


Trump like everything else he says, lied.

No charities have any records of Trump donating his salary.

546caafc No.3643456

So you are saying he didnt act altruistic with his pres earnings. And do you have proof of this claim? Sadly you don't and you are blowing smoke.

546caafc No.3643457

The only way to play is to take everything they offer and give nothing back. Something I do also my work was tax free and I got to keep every penny all 60k worth of pennies that was earned in a single year. I could also have earned much much more probably around 120k in a single year alone with salvage and resale. But then again I was really good at the job and had a sixth sense for salvage and was able to jump on things before most even knew about it.

efa7e976 No.3643458

File: 1643065624919.png (1.38 MB, 1213x1294, cracky_lissa_raccoon__-_co….png)


Just take your Trump worship and shove it up your ass.

Not a single charity said they got a dime from Trump, in fact the only charity he had any connection to was the "Trump Foundation," that was closed down and Trump was fined a million $$$ for self-dealing.
That is, he and his brats spent charity money on themselves, including sports memorabilia and other luxuries like a painting of Donald.

Look it up, stupid.

And don't post bullshit from Faux "news," OAN or Newsmax.

546caafc No.3643459

Just because you don't wanna believe a news source or something someone said doesnt make it untrue thats like saying to a random person that everything they say is a lie just because you dont trust the source it also makes you an idiot because you would rather not give the source the benefit of the doubt
Even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

efa7e976 No.3643460


You really are illiterate, that word salad made zero sense whatsoever.

No wonder you fawn all over Trump.

546caafc No.3643461

I honestlt don't care about trump as much as you think I'm for the truth not a who. I coukd care less whos in power as long as they can properly do their job and so far trump has done a pretty good good job

Not liking someone isnt a valid excuse for the way you belittle these people
stop thinking like a selfish bitter old man that has only interests in things because it targets people they dont like your personal issues fuck up the world and the system even further as much as we all hate some of these politicians we the people hate people like you more for simply being this stupid and arrogant.

2aefc26d No.3643464


Let's use an example closer to the average Joe.

You buy an old decrepit house to live in for 100K. You spend your weekend repainting it, fixing the roof and floor, renovate the shit out of it. It's now worth 150K.

The taxman comes and ask for 15K, which is 30% of the 50K increase in the house market value.

The year after, bam. Huge hailstorm, the roof tiles are busted, windows, etc. You don't have an insurance (that's the risk you mentionned). Broken House goes back to 100K market value.

One year later, some more hard work pays, you fixed the roof, repaired the windows, you made your house Great Again, it's back to 150K.

Here comes the taxman. "Hey, nice work ! Now hand me 15K".

Rinse, repeat. Ad nauseam. This is effectively a tax on wealth creation. As a result it will *stop* *wealth* *creation*.

People would still improve their house of course, because they benefit from a more pleasant place to live in ; but much less so as it'd be fucking expensive.
An investor on the other hand would just lose money, their would be no benefit, like throwing money into a fire.

efa7e976 No.3643466


Get back to me when you sober up from your latest meth binge.

546caafc No.3643469

See now as I said only an idiot would use bad or outdated claims to justify their choices. Just because you want to assume doesnt make you correct it just makes you the assumer look stupid for not doing any fact checking. And the fact here is I've been sober ever since 2019 so News flash your outdated assumption is still you making a fool out of yourself.

If you have something worth while ill admit it but right now I'm not seeing it in just seeing an idiot being an idiot of idiocies sake.

514b2540 No.3643471

File: 1643073389457.png (1.4 MB, 715x800, 1634848812682.png)

Pathologically a clock might be right or wrong depending on how it is set, there is probably some reason that marginally it is sound or not, the clock being wrong might just be the glue holding it all together, A broken vase is less or more functioning than a regular vase. Does it hold water? The ELECTION was Rigged, por que would someone deny this because BLM was meant to for BLUE LIVES and coincidentally the news is fake too, the fakeness is a sign of a broken machine. The system is very very Broken and does Not Work, because is the pot and kettle not both black? It is certainly true there is 'reasoning' for the way things are, because it is the way of ORDER to Seperate itself from Chaos. The facts and opinions are very obviously that a functioning clock can tell better than and most often of the circumstances.

The broken clock is basically fucked into accepting what insight it may have, that it may or may not be right, while the working clock is quite able to profile the directive of its pictorial venues, 2 times versus an observable equity of any approach. Even able to discern what to make of itself if not also for the handicapped. The broken man is like a clock. Walking down the street powered by his own inanity, blaming those in the elective over the established universal laws. He is called crazy because there is no better descript. He is completely and forever indescript.

And the man will say all lines are carved through time the same, and we are doomed.

546caafc No.3643475

Broken or not society is about evolving and improvement without that were no better than the people of the middle ages
Its like those people who act like a device that's deemed truly obsolete is in anyways currently useful in the very department that has deemed it useless basically that device is broken and the new one is not and yet these very people who refuse to upgrade because they don't want to see the ones holding us back. So racists and old people who want things to a way they grew up with sacrificing improvements and hindering progress cause they refuse to grow further or they assume its too complicated. The world systems need to be redone in this sense and any thought process made public should be questioned and scrutinized as well cause progressive mentality is how we a species grow and evolve anything less than that is called hindering and should be met with fines for trying to change the world into something that isnt progressing anyone or even the species. Dangerous thought should have real consequences and be finable being that its something that causes corruption and harm to many but also giving you the freedom to make the choice you are allowed opinions but those opinions are not allowed to be made public as personal opinion is just that personal but by showing the world the thought process you begin to corrupt people into hurting humanity for the sake of being selfish and arrogant. This will also solve a lot of social issues if people understood what they had the right to say and by saying dangerous speak you know that it will have real consequences that money can even go back into the social system to help people understand the more peaceful side

1c4e61ee No.3643498

File: 1643080831008.jpg (31.95 KB, 640x569, reply you are not doing it….jpg)


Trump, on a quarterly basis, kept $1 of his salary and donated the rest to various charities. He kept $1 due to a law that requires the President to be compensated for his work.

Two other presidents also did this exact same thing.

Conclusion: You are the idiot here.

c4d297e6 No.3643504

6ebe188e No.3643536

File: 1643089704874.jpg (48.21 KB, 594x600, 1633581668387.jpg)

The world System has been redone over and over again. It started back with human sacrifices and child raping. It to this day is politically correct to kill the bad guys. So when you are out of bad guys I guess you are going to look pretty silly cutting off your own dicks.

Societally speaking you are going to go after the Lowest Class Denominations to feel less guilty of being a murdering 'glory seeking' witch hunter. Being the witch that you have to be at this point, it would take an extreme gymnastics to say you are the only good willed person when faced with people who haven't killed…haven't had to kill. But I guess mafia connections can emulate the family value. I for one hate the emergent necessary function of equal exchange. Covering Up Actual Fucked up shit is what and how government thrives though, it feels like Colonial Progress but is actually no different than Mayans and Sumerians. And more than likely the Elder Races are involved in the meddlings of blood rites and suidical pacts, power brings the dark oaths from private to public. It is inevitable.

So the first step to any diplomacy is 'wording' the power into a meme kids enjoy. More Blood for the Blood God "warhammer type shit" to basically play off the morbid fact everyone was born a carnal killer. And a savage society is the most primitive but most powerful. The higher forms of life are a gift, the luxuries of life are reserved for those who can escape the cruel reality of a permanent purge state.

Putting these two polar opposites together is what civilization has been experimenting with. And it will lead to its unwitting instant demise IMO.

4c719460 No.3643546

File: 1643094172844.png (640.79 KB, 1079x1729, KuRZhco.png)

There was supposed to be a PPP czar to oversee payouts but Trump shit canned that idea

d3bbb788 No.3643553

File: 1643099623568.jpg (49.23 KB, 693x540, 272332106_1135073797033210….jpg)

>This is effectively a tax on wealth creation. As a result it will *stop* *wealth* *creation*.

So your problem with taxation is that you think if people are taxed for 30% of the profit they will just not bother doing it?

So you think people will say fuck the 70% of the profit, I would rather make nothing than make less than 100%?

c4d297e6 No.3643559

File: 1643107379127.jpg (117.97 KB, 1000x564, D_W_WASHBURN.jpg)

"I've Been Rich,
And I've Been Poor.
Rich Is Better."

-D.W. Washburn

0d0573bf No.3643564

File: 1643121017968.jpg (29.04 KB, 416x234, wake-just-one.jpg)

The Dollar Vigilante always does interesting walk-and-talks, although Lucy is clearly the brains of the operation.

This was an interesting W&T, because it was different to his usual ones where he talks about current events and laughs at morons, vaxidiots and commies; instead talking about spirituality and the need to wake up personally first, before one can help others.


0d0573bf No.3643565

File: 1643121153061.jpg (20.33 KB, 416x234, just-do-it.jpg)

His second-last W&T, where he points out once again, the huge list of super-fit top athletes dropping like flies due to the vax… I mean "climate change", LOLOLOL.

0d0573bf No.3643566

File: 1643121385187.jpeg (23.29 KB, 416x234, baaahd-medicine.jpeg)

His most recent W&T where he spends time laughing about the sheeple who still to this day believe all of this globalist one world gov nwo bullshit lies propaganda.

I still feel pity for them (especially their awake or young family members), but apparently their souls have already left their bodies; explanation in the video.

fd044304 No.3643567

File: 1643121453477.gif (3.31 MB, 640x426, killua2.gif)


holy shit, this is incredibly depressing

fd044304 No.3643568

"Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

And that's a good thing!"

This is the actual world economic forum saying this. And you all thought I was schizoposting. Maybe the school shooter shenanigans and death threats and man in wall shit was me playing around, but this 3B cunt needs to wake up to reality. These are THE people in charge of money saying this

fd044304 No.3643569

File: 1643121827503.png (746.44 KB, 1024x512, 3404416db9e4e1965932c857fa….png)


They announce it's the 'global agenda' too. Conspiracy WHAT now? More like a plan of action they are enacting openly, holy fuck

fd044304 No.3643570

File: 1643121985048.jpg (61.76 KB, 640x825, hhrtu.jpg)

>Funny how some things seem never seem to lose their excitement: walking, biking, cooking, drawing and growing plants.

yeah, if this takeover happens I hope someone will start some other kinds of excitement too. fuck you

0d0573bf No.3643571

File: 1643122931517.jpg (119.38 KB, 850x480, twilight-zone.jpg)

Max Igan's an Australian who had to escape the prisoner island known as Australia, due to him almost getting suicided. He does good videos, especially focusing on the nightmare matrix that the globalist psychos want to force everyone into, even to the point of putting nanotech self-assembling routers into the injections.

fd044304 No.3643572

File: 1643123131109.jpg (235.23 KB, 800x1129, youmustcope.jpg)

im just gonna go live in thailand and japan, i am done with the schwabening

I don't care about much besides martial arts and manga anyway, so I'm good. I'm disgusted no one put up a fight besides guys like us and him though. I'm not afraid of dying or anything, but I can't be assed to do it for a lost cause anymore

0d0573bf No.3643573

File: 1643123424076.jpg (377.44 KB, 1818x899, dollar-vig.jpg)

>>Forgot to add description of this video; Max spends a lot of time talking about how we should show compassion to the sheeple, and why. I must say that he does make some good points.

By the way, when looking at the Dollar Vig's tube site, make sure to enable "sensitive content". I have no idea why half of the stuff on there is supposed to be "sensitive" as it's all very informative, but I suppose some people are easily triggered by stuff that opposes their brainwashing.


fd044304 No.3643574

No, no, I always use tor browser for bitchute too. Or else literally 99% of the videos get murdernated for wrongspeak

0d0573bf No.3643576

>I can't be assed to do it for a lost cause anymore

That's the kind of thinking that makes globalists all moist and excited.
For that reason alone, it's best to avoid falling into such a depressed state. The psychopaths feed off such things. (David Icke talks about that a lot; it's in many ways a spiritual war.)

PS: It's not a lost cause. The fact that there are pro-commie/vax/gov trolls on here (and everywhere it's popular), and the propaganda news media is still screaming lies 24/7, is one of many proofs that the good guys are still in this battle.

0d0573bf No.3643577

Anyway, have to go now. Back later. :3

fd044304 No.3643578

They've radicalized a lot of us to the point I don't know if I trust our society to pick up the pieces and put them back into a composition that isn't inherently communistic-fascist in it's own way. In making hate into the only currency by which a lot of their opposition even 'can' interact through or unify under, it's been difficult for more sophisticated philosophies to develop and that makes me fret for what leadership even could await our victory

It's not too different from Weimar back in the day, or so I hear

8070485a No.3643579

File: 1643129464303.jpg (98.43 KB, 1227x1280, 98702.jpg)

Wait until you realize that "Build Back Better" is a UN/World Bank thing. That was Biden's campaign slogan - a foreign initiative.

efa7e976 No.3643580

File: 1643131110952.png (2.95 MB, 1400x2000, doncoon_vermu-grisswimsuit….png)


Just as I figured.

Trump wasn't getting all those pats on the back and "Attaboys" he wanted, so he never followed through.

Trump is a liar, and simply can *NOT* be trusted. By anyone.


8070485a No.3643583

Daily reminder that Hunter Biden is still under federal investigation for shady tax dealings with foreign powers and corporations.

cd787052 No.3643584

Daily Reminder to please spay and neuter your Liberals.

078816df No.3643586

Hunter didn't do an insurrection or a traitor thing he just likes to party. Republicans are terrorist traitors and must be stopped by every means.

cd787052 No.3643587

File: 1643135432532-0.jpeg (756.28 KB, 1838x2775, redhanded-hc-c.jpeg)

File: 1643135432532-1.jpg (82.07 KB, 640x480, hunter-biden-joe-biden-ye-….jpg)

A Chinese global energy company linked to a Chinese intelligence operation sent close to $6 million to Hunter Biden in 2017, according to the explosive new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by Peter Schweizer.

The firm, which is now-defunct, was led by Ye Jianming, a wealthy and connected Chinese businessman who was chairman and majority owner of the global energy company, CEFC China Energy.

3e5ea232 No.3643588

File: 1643135448231.jpg (83.77 KB, 588x474, Capture.JPG)


(((The Media))) is a liar, and simply can *NOT* be trusted. By anyone.


By the Elder Gods…..

2aefc26d No.3643589

Daily reminder that Trump is president and Biden is a paid actor.

3e5ea232 No.3643590

File: 1643135808116.jpg (62.92 KB, 810x891, bidencorruption.jpg)


3B: Republicans, using their First Amendment Rights to protest, is traitorous….

Also 3B: Generational Crime Families engaging in corruption with hostile foreign powers are A-OK.

a4b340dd No.3643591

3B on suicide watch, lol

fd044304 No.3643592

the pedohomosexual lobby at the forefront of furry really needs to go, the rest of society may have normalized females being important outside of slavery and trannies needing human rights, that doesn't mean we should follow

fd044304 No.3643593

Christianity led to this and unironically the only thing that will fix it is them and every tranny in society being thrown off of a cliff.

cd787052 No.3643594

Your "logic" escapes us.

fd044304 No.3643595

It's charitability and philosophy led us to forsake a lot of our national heritage and just see everyone as a servant under god. How on earth are we meant to have our own culture if we forfeit it to god, like Egypt did to allah? It's bad.

I'm just fed up of pretending these values mean anything or can produce any decent people, in this era at least. It's all so, so, so bad

efa7e976 No.3643596


I thought after being so badly discredited for his "Clinton Cash" book, Schweitzer would have crawled back under a rock.

Schweitzer has *NO* credibility whatsoever, and counts on stupid suckers like you to read his bullshit books.

efa7e976 No.3643597


Daily reminder that you're so full of shit your eyes are brown.

efa7e976 No.3643598


Your obsessions with pedophiles and trannies is well noted.

6ebe188e No.3643601

Who gives a shit about a shitty company in China that some American thinks he owns.

47c74803 No.3643605

File: 1643157371595.jpg (61.12 KB, 675x789, EuWbh7bVcAw7o9u.jpg)

If you own any 2 of the following you should have at least a 40% tax rate to pay for someone to follow you and stop you from murdering everyone.
1. A truck
2. A dog over 30lbs
3. A projectile weapon (looking at you crossbow fags)
4. a metallic knife
5. Any history of donating to Trump or other Neo Nazi organizations

It's common sense to make them pay for their own needed surveillance.

6ebe188e No.3643606

If you also own a foreskin…

546caafc No.3643608

This is how Australia functions only by having disarmed its people same with the UK minus the farmers and farmers wives. By making defensive weapons a crime or something that means you should be watched for being a risk in someone's eyes is in itself a crime for the sake of someone else feel safe robbing others knowing they can't defend themselves. Honestly the stupidest thing ive heard all of this thread. You obviously don't know what should be done simply because you fear a person may shoot you with a less than 1% odds of actually being targeted.

8125831f No.3643609

File: 1643158694911.png (85.31 KB, 298x296, ket.png)

>>a metallic knife
This was written by someone privileged enough to order food every day and never have to cook.

Also then I'll just buy a ceramic knife.

>>A truck

Let's see you beg when you need to move to another apartment. Haul it yourself, asshole.

>>A projectile weapon

As long as you don't kill animals with it, I see no problem, and even then, if it's strictly for food I am willing to forgive it under limited circumstances (good aim and caliber high enough to not cause suffering). But no, everybody needs to own a gun. Including you dipshits. Be a responsible law-abiding citizen and do the training and hit the range as often as you can, otherwise we end up with anti-gun morons like Alec Baldwin accidentally headshotting people when they finally get their hands on a gun.

>>A dog over 30lbs

Cat asshole detected. Fuck you and fuck your 30 cats.

Also if you think Trump is a neo-nazi after 4 years of basically nothing happening then you have officially put on the clown face. Honk honk.


By medical necessity, it should mean "rotting and about to fall off" not "the doctor didn't like how tight it was".

8125831f No.3643610

File: 1643159221504.png (987.09 KB, 1198x854, aaAAAA.png)

In a place with tight gun laws, only the cops and the criminals have guns, and the average citizen is fucked. And/or people just stab each other to death. And if you ban knives (lmao, imagine having to get a knife permit) people will just start using bats and poles and chair legs to club each other to death.

Maybe the guns were better. If I had to choose between being shot to death and being mangled and beaten to death with a crowbar, just give me the bullet.

47c74803 No.3643611

Cats actually serve a purpose, people only have big dogs to hurt or intimidate other people.

Imo you should need a license to own a dog over 30lbs just like you need a license to own a gun.

546caafc No.3643612

>>3643611 no you should need a license to speak out because obviously you lack the understanding of peoples rights a gun is a right to own anf use if under necessary circumstances so no we shouldnt need a license we should be controlled only enough to the point we follow proper use protocols so the right to own a gun. Should be met with the requirement of what >>3643609 just said. If you don't hit the range often enough or register a gun then yes you serve a risk to the people but to outright license people for it is stupid and arrogant. Minimal laws should exist and very specific ones at that to buy a gun it must be entered into a registry and of who owns it etc but outside of that they shouldn't have to have any other paperwork so yes you should only have to use your ID and home address. And be required to visit a range at least once a week minimum if you cant make the time for this then you shouldnt try owning a gun.

3e5ea232 No.3643613

File: 1643161356094.png (1.18 MB, 1008x704, ukmanarrestedpotatopeeler.png)


You need to add 'potato peeler' to your list.

40551641 No.3643615

File: 1643161717479-0.gif (3.83 MB, 304x171, B54807FD-39EF-4491-AF66-4B….gif)

File: 1643161717479-1.jpeg (68.87 KB, 720x960, BCB9C4ED-4714-4785-BEAB-6….jpeg)

File: 1643161717479-2.jpeg (96.21 KB, 932x960, A3CC3E14-9BA3-41D0-8336-8….jpeg)

Are you that much of a pussy? I literally don’t qualify for your tax rule but you sound like a giant pussy.

3e5ea232 No.3643617

File: 1643161861510.jpg (194.57 KB, 1280x720, replyleftrevolutionsponsor….jpg)

>Who gives a shit about a shitty company in China that some American thinks he owns.

3B confirmed for a 1% bootlicker.

Seriously, if your 'socialist revolution against the bourgeois' has corporate sponsors, you need to seriously rethink what you are doing.

3e5ea232 No.3643618

File: 1643162189074.png (25.45 KB, 597x441, blackhomiciderateus.png)


Hands that have never met blacks before typed this.

8125831f No.3643620

File: 1643163840041.png (379.98 KB, 900x790, ffc771a355eae2a6bd5467a265….png)

>>Cats actually serve a purpose
Yeah naw, house cats barely bother with mice anymore if you spoil them with food, and if you don't, they'll run off to someone else. Cats only hang around as long as they can extract resources out of you. They don't do any house work and expect shit for free. Just like women :^)

>>people only have big dogs to hurt or intimidate other people.

Okay, not the reason I was expecting. I was thinking that you don't want people to have big dogs cause they can have sex with them.

But spoken like a true commie burglar arsonist. You deserve a toothy greeting on your butt when you trespass on my property.

Intimidating commie shits is a very good use of a dog. I'll teach mine to bite anything with a hammer and sickle, commie power fist (also takes care of feminists and BLM race warriors) or the race&trans woke bastardization of the gay flag. You're welcome.

8242efcd No.3643621

If you still think they aren't trying to force people go back take a damn look at what they are doing and rethink your persepective! by denying civil services to people whobare legally entitled to it as taxpayers being denied these services is a violation of basic rights and is clawsified as making things dire to force peoples hands out of exasperation and tiredness of no one doing their fucking jobs in the real world not this figment made up crap people are following right now not doing you job will get you fired mot doimg it and violating peoples rights will result in that as well but with the added bonus of either jail time for those people or worse things like death because some wont stand for it.

fd044304 No.3643622

im not obsessed with pedophiles and trannies, the furry community is

8125831f No.3643624

File: 1643165150797.jpg (49.03 KB, 581x775, if-someday-we-all-go-to-pr….jpg)

This graph also proves that racism (and even poverty!!!) didn't cause this.

Native Americans have some of the poorest communities in the country and suffered _worse_ historical discrimination (because even slavery is less bad than being essentially marked for extermination, well, war is always a two-way street, it's more complicated, but it gets the gist of the point across) AND YET they have the lowest crime levels after whites. You can't explain that with racism or discrimination.

It's clear that CULTURE (and maybe genes) are more important than historical circumstances and poverty.

Also East Asians beating us again because of course they do.

The Pacific Islanders are a bit of a curveball, they're also pretty poor, but seem to have very good family culture (I never ment one that wasn't a nice person tbh) and it keeps them out of trouble.

The blacks could definitely take a page out of their book if they actually cared about improving their community, this isn't whitey's problem. Hell, even we could learn a thing or two. Anyway, black people have an attitude problem wherever they go, places colonized, places never colonized, at home, abroad, it's a pattern and they're the only ones who can fix it.

469440e8 No.3643626

>>3643624 "You can't explain that with racism or discrimination."

Reservations are segregated communities for retards.

My best friend was a native who was lobotomized for 40 years cuz the jews hated the free spiritualism and drugs they had, wanting to cash in as always.

469440e8 No.3643627

File: 1643165870475-0.png (78.6 KB, 590x865, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at ….png)

File: 1643165870475-1.png (20.61 KB, 575x110, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at ….png)

>>3643624 "If i am racist and not very brights claim to be the original Jews, the natives, the Egyptians, the Celts, the Vikings and built America.. how'd they lose it all?"

This question nearly got me killed this past weekend. Note the "white oppresionist" in the pic. Yeah, they are the issues. Just mix in Jew for i am racist and not very bright and you'll see some Mikey shit.

And no, no one here at the homeless shelter gave a shit about the serial killer in the room. They gave a shit that I called him a i am racist and not very bright and called the FBI.

469440e8 No.3643628

>>3643627 I see cho0b is a BLM supporter

fd044304 No.3643629

This site was always a honeypot. They legitimately had an FA admin as a mod here. It was there to help find 'undesirables' and the main haul was always meant to be the users, it was a set up

8125831f No.3643630

File: 1643167387767.jpg (136.33 KB, 1000x600, chateau-de-guedelon.jpg)

Reservations could be nice if they would be funded and maintained properly, and have easy access to modern infrastructure.

I see them the same way I see European Medieval Reconstructionist Projects, people essentially attempting to reverse-engineer the lives, experiences and technology of our ancestors by trying to do things with the same limitations that people had at the time. Sure you can walk in with a pneumatic crane, but it's more fun to build one just the way your ancestors did and try to use it that way.

Castle Guédelon, was made from scratch this way by volunteers:

It's a living piece of history.

Reservations should be treated the same way, as a living piece of history, a place where people can go an connect with their ancestry, not a place where you're stuck. Honestly the living conditions in some places of the Navajo nation are basically thirld world-like, and people are not happy to be there, not to mention it's in buttfuck nowhere and essential things like fresh water are a problem.

It's just their inferiority complex talking. They have the oldest civilizations and yet left basically nothing of value behind, because they were for the most part complacent enough to not move past mud huts. Also that nose.

Choob shouldn't really be hanging out with these people, cause he used to actually do good activism back in the day, but his anarchist friends turned woke and he's going along with it. I hate it, but at least he's not censoring us, unlike Fagoneer.

8242efcd No.3643631

My people were the first to settle in north America before collumbus. So technically I'm of the belief in owed some land just because of my bloodlines. Technically just my last name entitles me to some property out in iceland? Though with the shit going on right now I wouldnt set foot there till they stop with the vaccine enforcements.

fd044304 No.3643632

> he used to actually do good activism back in the day,

it was a honeypot. The mods here were meant to just get rid of cp and illegal stuff, they were always abusing their power and using the mod panel to samefag a billion replies in the day. It was containment so the same people wouldn't rise up, just like when a scientific proposition is made you can't tell me it matters too much if how I explain it is how it functions

lulz biggest victims were it's own userbase, we probably should have made our own place

FA ADMIN AS A MOD, people, come on

fd044304 No.3643633

lulz was literally the first place to use the youtube susan strategy of allowing your opposition to the point you're so deeply rooted in their necessities that slowly taking them away is an act they don't fight back against

8125831f No.3643634

File: 1643169226396.jpg (63.02 KB, 1200x1187, photo_2022-01-02_21-11-02.jpg)

Are you talking Leif Eriksson and Thorfinn Karlsefni?

You get bonus points for getting there first.
But you lose points for Leif abandoning the gods of his ancestors and becoming a christcuck. He was trying to spread that middle eastern trash to Greenland when he accidentally landed in America.

Speaking of, Vinland Saga Season II is coming, but no date yet.

fd044304 No.3643635

Just wish that series didn't turn into tranny worshiping and whypipo hate. The manga did.

fd044304 No.3643636

Rishin from Kingdom is like Thorfinn if he wasn't a total cuck

469440e8 No.3643637

>>3643630 " at least he's not censoring us"

Yes he is.

You can't say n I g g e r here

"i am racist and not very bright"

ya kike

fd044304 No.3643639


I can't find it but there's one part where Shin sees people raping and pillaging like Thorfinn did and instead of sulking off he risked his life telling them that there's no excuse and that pigs like that always use 'reality, reality' as a reason it's ok to do shit like that, but he will never stand as a witness to it.

He isn't a pacifist commie cuck who avoids fighting, he relishes it and knows that unifying his country is the only way towards peace. I love that mc. I wish Thorfinn had balls, I swear Makoto said he wanted the manga to be about a hero like in Hokuto no Ken but that hasn't and never seems like it will happen…

6ebe188e No.3643640

File: 1643170618511.jpg (49.18 KB, 290x290, friendliestduck.jpg)


The only mod privilege that matters is money and where to sign. I have no quanderies with who gives me money, dawg. It could be a fuckin bad time but at least I am not poor LOL. Being POOR fucking SUCKS, if I could host a server and use it to make money I would let everyone post WHATEVER they wawnted, if they really wanted to post cp it would be handled by the Cheapest mother of fuckers to make sure my server stays Online and I keep getting money. The red line is something mods should handle if they don't then I can blame them. Lol.

Don't go on someone's booru and ruin it. You won't even piss them off because the mods will feel entitled to keep you off it. IF I WAS A MOD knowing that I am not. I will make the board members suffer for wawnt of what they really come to see. They have to bleed for it. I am their one true life giver and they should recognize, but it should be about the money first.

On one hand being praised with the power to bestow unto the craven beggers or choosing the provoking temptation to withold it from them without reason or consequence and being unendingly loathed, is entertainment for a lifetime.

fd044304 No.3643641

File: 1643170733953.jpg (206.32 KB, 840x1200, 6.jpg)


here it is


If that is you, you bark awfully loud, even for a dog. I'm not going to bother replying to you, trash like you is beneath me

fd044304 No.3643642

Stupid negroid lover can't even resist replying to some bum online and thinks that this site that is ran exactly like a group of emotional people's honeypot will suddenly look less like one for him doing it

8242efcd No.3643643

Its quite possible I come from a branch bloodline of ragnar. I come from a beserker bloodline so there's not too many branch clans so its a possibility not a guarentee so can't say. My entire bloodline has lived in obscurity so I can't 100% tell you much.

fd044304 No.3643644

VS is a doctored up historical like Kingdom is but if he was even remotely as cucked as the manga one then try not to be a christcuck like your ancestors

8125831f No.3643645

File: 1643171240084.jpg (55.44 KB, 1280x853, photo_2022-01-06_01-19-01.jpg)

>>they were always abusing their power and using the mod panel to samefag a billion replies in the day
Some anon mods abused their power, but it only happened a few times, and none of the mods that I know were involved, and I know most of them.

Happened to me too a couple of times, so I get it, but when you have enough people managing it, you will get the occasional stupid mod action.

>>It was containment so the same people wouldn't rise up

Rise up for what? It's a fucking furry porn board, or a troll board repurposed for furry porn. At any rate there's furry porn. We don't need much rising up to be done.

>>we probably should have made our own place

No matter who you put in charge, there will be issues.

That's honestly the problem with the Discord servers, anyone thinks they can do it better and "improve lulz" if they add just a few more rules.

And you will not find more freedom on any other furry-run site. Maybe cause Ch00b isn't a furry and he doesn't really care about our little territorial skirmishes here.

I had at some point taken ownership of the original 8chan backup in case the main board went offline and my idea was that if it ever came to it, to basically give mod rights to the same old staff and not lift a finger myself, because if every mod stuck to his duties and left the other shit alone, there's nothing really that could be done better. If it's outright illegal, remove it. If it becomes a long-term perpetual annoyance, contain it. That's all.

Yes I can. Niggеr, niggеr, niggеr, niggеr. But I have my n-word pass ;3

No but on a more serious note, there were always a ton of stupid wordfilters, at one point saying pony was banned.

From what countries did your family come overseas?

fd044304 No.3643646

no, I didn't read it since I don't speak dog, but it apparently was english and he just admitted the mods get their privileges by paying for it:


so yeah. Case closed. It's not a 'troll board,' it's a honeypot for baiting and catching and profiting off of trolls. There is no idea behind it and that's cool, whatever, but I was right

fd044304 No.3643647

Unironically Cobalt would be better in charge. He doesn't rice out and double down when people troll and dox or make fun of him, as understandable as it'd be (I'm not someone like that anyway) and he just sits there firing dumb stuff back. That's the worst it gets.

8242efcd No.3643648

I'm anti religion for the most part and follow my very own cult like faith. Doesnt worship a god per say just the methods of which immortality can be accomplished. Science is my god.

8242efcd No.3643649

I can't say. All I know is I come from old viking blood and that I have the dominant genes out of the entire family. Still working on discovering all the details will be able to discuss more on that if I could sadly obscurity makes that difficult. Though rest of my family has kinda fallen from the original bloodlines and kinda betrayed the original faith of my peoples.

fd044304 No.3643650

You have to make your own will and pass it on now, since those gods represented a heraldic passage that is now removed from the mouths of your forebearers. And jesus can't pass much on; you're part of his kingdom and can spread his word, but in doing so you forfeit your own inherited will to give your kids

Unfortunately, that's just the world we're in, people who yearn for inherited will that don't have it

8242efcd No.3643651

Well I did learn aincient Egyptian written language in a week and am good at learning different tongues so if I really wanted to figure out the true parts of the past I probably would be able to reclaim all that but its more or less depending on the artifacts studied and what remains. Even studying the aincient burial cairns would shed a lot of light.
Also i Do believe in Valhalla and ragnarok and know exactly how to get there but other than these details and aincient Runes theres not much I can do about the full reclamation

8125831f No.3643652

File: 1643172279932.jpg (90.44 KB, 1280x733, photo_2022-01-16_17-48-50.jpg)

>>Science is my god
Ugh man that's a bit cringe.

I mean I'm as atheist as it gets, but science is just a method for knowing things, if you worship it, you are essentially proclaiming it as infallible, which it's not, it's self-correcting.

For fuck's sake we're being fucked with cause Covid and climate change because of "muh science" and people thinking that just cause some dude in a lab coat said it, it has to be true, never mind that half the time when presented with a new problem, people just don't know what the fuck they're doing.

>>and he just admitted the mods get their privileges by paying for it
X to doubt. Name me one mod who paid to be a mod. Maybe there was one and I haven't heard about it, but that's not really how you get to be a mod. You get to be a mod by not being insane and being active in the IRC.

Also paying is absurd. Maybe you can get away with deleting a few posts here and there, but you won't be able to do that shit for too long. Plus he should pay me for moderating his site.

fd044304 No.3643653

If that's the admin he said it. I'm just guessing you have a mod frie- oh… You are a mod, no conflict of interests there.


Man, this place is dirt

fd044304 No.3643654

That's sarcasm btw

8125831f No.3643655

File: 1643172470781.jpg (107.1 KB, 876x1280, photo_2022-01-20_07-57-31.jpg)

Give it a chance, man. Stop being so negative.

What do you even want out of this place, honestly?

fd044304 No.3643656

Remove the filter, remove any rules besides no illegal shit. We don't have Bui or Accelerator spamming the place and I doubt there's enough of an imageboard draw in the entire fandom to facilitate the level of slidethread psy op to need rules, so you don't need rules.

I've seen tons of corruption on this site, not bothering to talk about it, but if there was none why not just limit what mods can do to literally just killing cp and shit? It's not that hard. It's the only way to ensure things work well, even the admin just said that was good

But I'm just being baited now, fuck you, I don't care

8242efcd No.3643657

It was just a figure of speech meaning I worship only the methods of immortality and study them. And yes some of them do exist and can be explained but not one besides afterlife and history and people remembering you forever are currently more or less achieveable. And I'm also not alone in my beliefs so there's an upside if I wanted to spread these facts and words I could ask for help financing such a study.

fd044304 No.3643659

File: 1643172721812.webm (1.97 MB, 480x270, heyey.webm)

Why does this retard get to say the n word and I don't? And why can't I stop laughing that I just make short one sentence posts about this site being a honeypot and you all just jump in with a. proof it is, with literal money honey, b. massive paragraphs of snopes 'FACT CHECKED!!' shit

I feel embarrassed I even typed >>3643656 this much, wtf is wrong with me. Fuck me and fuck you all

d3bbb788 No.3643660

File: 1643173038899.png (47.89 KB, 727x480, bye-bye-OAN.png)

OAN the Neo-Nazi news network is being dropped by Dish Network now that their contract is expiring.
Once the change takes effect OAN will lose half of its viewer base in a day and is not expected to survive as a corporation.

Into the trash you go!


fd044304 No.3643664

File: 1643173573836.jpg (22.24 KB, 640x480, download (1).jpg)

Oh wait, I know why you don't. Could it be that the owner just dropped in saying 'yeah I agree with those principles, but I prefer MONEY!', I see.

In some alternate universe ch00b is actually a competent ponzi scheme artist due to white genes and runs an indian business about scam calling people, instead of baiting in harmless shitposters and the genuinely mentally ill alike to have their fun and then sometimes lives ruined in the name of a honeypot that survives off of modbux

I'm just hoping this ends with his penis exposed for his employers to see one day, lmao, that would be the best ending to the lulz saga. The karma was going that way anyway but that'd have been an especially beautiful conclusion, since he actually has a distinct hand in the cookie jar and facilitates mods bending the rules on very sensitive subject matter so the participants are in a rigged game

Even fights to the death and wars should have rules, if you let the people competing in the arena you house bend them for money you are just trash, LOL

I don't drink soy but a lot of people do and have an hero'd themselves over very similar shit to what lulz had going on often before, if you are going to let people have free speech over what are such condemning tribulations to most regular people (there are very good reasons for this, I concede) you should have the integrity to do it impartially

I'm dropping this subject, I just found this paragraph and decided to give it to you in case you dropped it. You write a lot of those when I bring up 'honeypot.' I thought I was a scumbag but you guys really take the cake, hahaha. And you're the ones entertained? That's a laugh


How the fuck was that a neo nazi network

d3bbb788 No.3643667

File: 1643173881937.jpg (10.69 KB, 383x480, PTSD_Trauma.jpg)


3B is probably already dead.
He was in his 50's back in 2018 but he's clearly still brain-fucking you from beyond the grave.

469440e8 No.3643668

File: 1643174427474.jpg (58.29 KB, 587x588, photo_2022-01-25_16-50-59.jpg)

Lowtax killed himself after some chink stole his money and kid.

fd044304 No.3643669

File: 1643174464667.jpg (66.44 KB, 577x559, 1604853870080.jpg)

this was a riot. I must go now, my people need me.

I'll be seeing you.


d3bbb788 No.3643670

File: 1643174480467.gif (6.82 MB, 384x384, Happy_Dance.gif)


DirectTV launched OAN as a competator for Fox. When AT&T purchased DirectTV OAN had to sue AT&T to get them to allow DirectTV to continue broadcasting them.

AT&T wanted to drop them way back in 2017 but the courts said they have to finish out the contract that directTV had started with. That contract is over so now OAN is fuuuuuucked.

In 2020, an OAN accountant testified that 90% of OAN's revenue came from a contract with AT&T owned platforms such as DirecTV and they are all going away.

8125831f No.3643671

File: 1643174722058.jpg (59.57 KB, 1280x1035, photo_2022-01-07_09-17-49.jpg)

I agree with you on the wordfilter, it shouldn't be a thing.

On paper there are no rules other than no CP (obviously), no Bernal (otherwise Ch00b can go to court again), no threadspamming (it destroys content) but anything else goes.

I honestly don't mind political posts being quarantined to one thread. It was getting out of control. Half the board would be some guy posting about some thing and 10 people raging about it, then somebody else would post another thread, it would just push actual content off the board. I'm sure you can understand that having the whole conversation here is at least making the board more usable. If it were up to me, I'd set up a separate political board, because keep politics out of my furry crap please, but the majority of users don't want to split the board. If anything, notice that separate boards that we used to have have been rolled into this one. I still think a /pol/ board would be a good idea, but that's not up to me.

And 99.9% of the times, you won't get mod action outside of it. But if you have been on the site for long enough, there will be times when some mod decides to yeet your stuff for stupid reasons, that's just inevitable. Happened to me too, it's frustrating, but it's a rare occurrence.

No, I hear you, but I think you have some unreasonable expectations. We can't have "no rules at all". You do need some basic shit, and when a user is becoming a problem for the entire board, it's not unreasonable to maybe have some mod action. And I don't really see the "psyops", dude you can still have an opinion, nobody is going to stop you. I mean has anyone stopped you here? No. You can say whatever you want. And there's a billion ways to get around the wordfilter. And I don't just mean using letter substitution, I mean using euphemisms and metaphors too. Just get creative. I mean if this filter is bad in your opinion, then the Twitter and Youtube AI filters have got to be an absolute nightmare, cause even I have trouble getting past them.

>>You write a lot of those when I bring up 'honeypot.' I thought I was a scumbag but you guys really take the cake, hahaha.
Dude, nobody is spying on you on a board full of dog dick. If you're that concerned, just use a proxy or a vpn.

fd044304 No.3643672

im out, i saw a paragraph of bs and didn't respond

fd044304 No.3643673

>use a proxy, caught that at least.

ToR is banned. If you guys gave a shit about people being able to use that, it wouldn't be

8125831f No.3643674

File: 1643175974321.jpg (38.76 KB, 850x944, photo_2022-01-06_02-05-25.jpg)

Since you're not a bad guy I'll let you in on a little secret. SOCKS proxies come and go faster than dnsbl can index them.

In exchange, please be less paranoid. Take care.

fd044304 No.3643676

This isn't meant to be about being chummy or sharing things or whatever, I just want consistent rules and for this to stop being a bribe pot when it isn't about dog dicks like you lied it was, this was a doxing site that at least warrants the integrity of fair play for all parties involved and not this funny bail system. If I don't get the ability to N word or post where I want, calling me a 'good guy' isn't going to fulfill my objective

Idk shit about networking, I am resignedly godawful for the moment with technology so I don't know about SOCKS or whatever. Probably basic bitch proxies? I'd rather just use ToR.

What mod even were you back in the day? You're a new one?

fd044304 No.3643677

Must be new. You can at least behave personable, the three I knew of personally didn't have any business outside of a mental asylum let alone moderating subject matter as heavy handed as this site got.

I'll apologize in advance and hindsight for my rudeness. Shame it's not under sunnier circumstances, you seem nice too, but I can't gaf about that in context I'm afraid

8242efcd No.3643678

Funny thing is I used to moderate a forum with at least a few thousand users with no problems because of my lax stance on rules and making the place fair to all not just a few only to be chased out because I expressed an issue with something someone was doing such as spreading rumors and me flupping out about it I got removed from that volunteer position because the community became scared I would do something about it when I only wish to have the issue looked into and stopped and the user spreading it banned for it but I had no intent to do the ban or suspension myself I tried to distance myself while challenging the issue head on cause as much as I am guiltless I still dont tolerate B.S. only had to suspend one person. Ever in my time of 3 years moderating OF. And that was due to threats being made against another and I had gathered evidence by getting permission to access the profile being attacked to copy the message and keep a screencap in case authorities needed to be alerted but even then I gave that person chances by discussion before I suspended them. And they tried going over my head and getting Dan skunk to remove me over rightfully suspending them and Dan didnt even question me after that till people started hugbox complaining acting as if I'm the bad guy for not taking action if I didnt believe it was a necessary action to take. Which usually it never was. So truth be told id make a great mod here but I'm not that active and my laptop is out of commission atm to run everything needs a new install and can't transfer my shit over so I'm stuck having to not apply.

fd044304 No.3643679

Well if I ever did an imageboard and you promised to just leave people alone if they're talking shit, (assuming it's a non hug boxy one) I'd certainly imagine you to have the constitution needed. You didn't seem like you cared about those weird kiwifarm posts about you or anything

8242efcd No.3643680

Well I do care but not as much and about what people think. I'm just out for facts not someones assumptions and only hugboxers go to Kiwifarms and I'm not about hugboxing my way through life. But I will fight for myself even my image if I have to.

fd044304 No.3643681


Well it's the most important thing for a moderator of a place like this to have, a sense of detachment and relinquish for what's going on. It's not an easy trait to come by, admittedly

8125831f No.3643682

File: 1643177452261.jpg (88.59 KB, 1280x1091, photo_2021-12-30_18-14-35.jpg)

Yes, inconsistent moderation is a problem, I too have complained on several occasions about not knowing if things can or can't be posted and Ch00b just likes to kick the can down the road and not give a clear answer. But it also means that you can get a mod to undo some actions if you think you have a good enough case and it is within the limits of the board software.

Doxing is not very nice, and you should probably not do it in public. If you think someone is doing something objectively harmful and illegal, it's best to present that info to the relevant authorities and talk to them on how to proceed, they may even have access to information that you don't, instead of just posting it on the internet. Lulz isn't your personal army anyway.

If enabling a SOCKS proxy is too much, buy a vpn subscription, I guess. Tor is nice, but in case it doesn't work, maybe you should read up on internet security and networking principles. Probably the best way to learn about it is to set up your own server (xampp etc) and try to run a version of this board's software and try accessing it from another local computer and see how it behaves. You have time. Tinkering with computers is more productive than whatever you're doing now.

Mods are supposed to stay anonymous. You won't get an answer to that question.

8242efcd No.3643683

Well most of my shit is just words even if I'm flipping out but to ban and censor that's just not me is rather a person be free to think but leave my position out of things and just be verbal about it. Blocking is another thing I dont like blocking people but in most extreme cases I will just to be able to ignore them but that hasn't happened for years now. As far as outside this place is concerned I mean. Here ill just speak up. If I have an issue I think is bannable ill take it up with another so I dont have to hugbox my way out of the issue. I would rather walk away and distance myself while speaking My mind about it.

8242efcd No.3643684

If I'm repeating myself let me know its not on purpose.

fd044304 No.3643686

File: 1643178048352.gif (1.05 MB, 500x281, fjfj.gif)

that's why everyone knows half of you guys, huh.

You didn't even listen to the shit I said. This place was MEANT for that stuff. If it changed, I bet it was because I remember one shitty mod got harassed over his own dox after years of allowing it on lulz and changed the rules, huh? Idc. None of this makes sense or was congruent with lulz' supposed mission statement to be a thorn in Dragoneer's side, not with a literal FA administrator who I've caught doing really shady things before onboard

If I ever have my time governing a place, just know that it's not going to be as shitty as this turned out. The sad thing is that I miss half of the namefags. They got scared off by all the literal doxing but I think more than that by how unevenly it was handled and how the power was tilted in favour of mods. There were clear instances of samefag avalanches permitted by them too

327a9d1f No.3643687

File: 1643178146829.png (573.17 KB, 524x526, 1588736552907.png)

que is el su voy macabre y no soy por involuntiva!

8242efcd No.3643688

Just look at the censorship going global I believe this is what has changed peoples choices on modding because its much worse now than it was 4 years ago.

fd044304 No.3643689

File: 1643178188750.gif (2.52 MB, 264x240, sgsgssdg.gif)

can't even believe I'm listening to this clown, I bet it's the pedomod too

fd044304 No.3643690

p much, yeah.

1f8ee1e9 No.3643691

File: 1643178342881.jpg (42.49 KB, 554x506, Rape_cd.jpg)

the fuq you just said honkie

fd044304 No.3643692

>we're sooo anonymous u can't know

hahaha. AHAHAHA. I'm really glad I won't ever be this pretentious. Our services get paid around the clock, sometimes enough to afford multiple mansions and can't stop the flu getting in and you think I'm going to respect 'mods are SUPPOSED TO…' when you aren't even being paid for it. When Choob admitted you're probably (or at least other mods are) paying him, right in front of us


I think we're in peak clown world man. Please, someone wake me up and tell me this is a horrible nightmare

fd044304 No.3643693

File: 1643178495660.png (517.47 KB, 1000x563, sfgs.png)

It's the cops, folks. They got rules, procedures, for this extremely serious abandoned honeypot with 2 users at peak hours that was only used in the heyday as a honeypot for furry trolls. They aren't being paid in this world of people being paid billions to fuck up their job, but they sure will do their job right, even though I know three mod identites already



5da08726 No.3643694

File: 1643178566849.jpg (76.64 KB, 500x586, 1573900208121.jpg)

im just fucking with ya but good luck figuring out my posting habits.

Here is a hint. I will just rip off 4chan and then find some other meme or interest I have and hope its chic enough to post. I can't post half the stuff you would expect from me. I don't have the energy nor the excuses.

8242efcd No.3643695

Would it scare you to say that people have change for the worse and when I came back I'm one of the few who changed for the better? ;P

fd044304 No.3643696

Wait a sec I got a call-

Nothing isn't scary anymore. Yo, wait, dude, wtf is this post >>3643694 ? Can you help me figure it out? I'm impressed because this is a circus, you live here, you're the biggest clown I knew and yet somehow I'm unsurprised you're not top dog given how much better these guys are at your job

Wtf is this

fd044304 No.3643697

Cobalt hold me. Suddenly you and Steam seem like the least schizophrenic and pretentious people here and that is terrifying. Hahaha. Oh my god

8242efcd No.3643698

I don't hold people I get held by people. Shows me who the trusty ones are. <(·\./·)>

fd044304 No.3643699

HAHA. This guy thinks he's important enough for me to dox and keeps missing the point of everything I say, I'm just saying your rules and 'stipulations' are a joke. Dude I just said the place - I JUST SAID HAHA, it's a honeypot. And then you and ch00b beam down like a bunch of fucking aliens right, and start writing a novel about how it's not a honeypot, and then admit that you have mods that're actually paying. I don't even think 4chan has that hahaha, no, no they might, oh god

I don't even know why you'd admit that or why you are trying to be friendly with me and say I'm a nice guy just because I called it a honeypot, but thanks? If you're doing that to make me less likely to talk about it you might want to not admit outright mods are bribing your sysop. This is the best thread of my life.

5da08726 No.3643700

stfu mix

8242efcd No.3643701

If they are paying they are paying for the site to be up and kept up and the ability to have a little extra favor in getting mod position. If I could afford to I'd do the same and show my support but not a lot

fd044304 No.3643702

No it's fair. Just, I'd be more likely to just throw a little sugar at the mods - not much - just as a sign of goodwill and not take much. The ad money would be cool. I just find it hypocritical given the prospective position from years back and I don't like the idea of gambling with people's lives, especially if they just turn out to be shitposters, considering how dox heavy this place was

There was a huge conflict of interests with that admin mod ADMITTING once he rigs the site so that 'bad people' get off of it, which means that even if Chub didn't want it to be that way, it turned that way almost immediately and was consolidated as an FA admin's stronghold by an admin with cookies in the jar of both sites. And given what sort of places I've SEEN him in, not telling, it makes sense why he'd want power

8242efcd No.3643703

I've been hiding my FA account from the FA staff for years now because I know this all to well. He'll I even doxed myself here once on purpose even though I was moving to another address 2 days later it was actually a planned moment when I was trying to get these people to make mistakes so I could out them for the frauds they were and what happened was nothing outside of them getting the photo of the front door wrong. So I dont expect high level competence from most that were part of that.

But yet FA staff still don't know my banevading account and the people who took part in the trying to get a photo of the door with address on it still can't find me not that if give them much of a chance. Lol

fd044304 No.3643705

>FA staff still don't know my banevading account and the people who took part in the trying to get a photo of the door with address on it still can't find me not that if give them much of a chance.

the official tm FA imageboard are just kind of sad pricks like that. They dislike it when it happens to them, though, somehow?

8125831f No.3643707

File: 1643180509999.jpg (94.39 KB, 1280x1093, photo_2022-01-06_00-08-12.jpg)

No, I read your post very carefully, I'm offering you my opinion. Doxing is not a very nice thing to do. It's not off limits, but it's not nice.

This isn't about that mod being doxed, because people have been doxed before and after that. Also put yourself in his shoes. Imagine you were a bit of a whiny drama llama as a teen, cause let's face it, we all said stupid shit as a teen. And now you changed and moved past that and ideally you'd want that stuff to just stay in the past where it belongs. And someone decides he's gonna dig all of that up because of a personal grudge, add the house address on top and plaster it everywhere and fuck with you for nothing, cause he's actually a nice guy. Seriously. What would you do? That mod hasn't even made any controversial decisions that I'm aware of. Or at least nothing that any sane person would complain about, I think some posts got caught in the crossfire of some spam getting removed and some SJW lost their shit over it and decided to ruin his life, I think.

>>lulz' supposed mission statement to be a thorn in Dragoneer's side

It's not our mission statement. Dragoneer just does stupid things and we laugh and he gets angry, that's all

>>not with a literal FA administrator who I've caught doing really shady things before onboard

Yet again, who are you talking about and what did he do?

>>They got scared off by all the literal doxing

No, they got scared off by the CP spam, the reason why we're still blacklisted on google.

Nobody cares about samefagging. Opinions don't become more valid just because more people hold them.

I'm not the pedomod. He wouldn't bother with people like you, but I'm convinced that I could awake you from whatever paranoid fever dream you're having right now if I just ask the right questions and make you think.

I am a zoophile though, not gonna deny that.

8125831f No.3643709

File: 1643180663989.png (242.03 KB, 400x400, 1439328796808.png)

Please don't do this.

fd044304 No.3643711

there, ditched and dandy. Pic gone and all. I have a phone that shifts ips all the time btw, I don't care about bans or proxies.

I know others do, though.

8242efcd No.3643712

Ha yeah and if you really wanted to fuck around you could always just allows yourself to be banned only to cycle more ip's by using web proxies which there are or were millions back in the day when I was using them to fuck with freehaven and his tranny sister to the point they started making real threats even though the worst I said I'd do to them was show up on their doorstep oitside of that I never said id do anything besides stand on the doorstep all creepy like lol I mean true trolling requires you get out there and troll physically rather than just online. Its more fun. Unlimited access and nothing they do can stop you now Im a ban on sight there though thats not to say they would know who I am if I choose a different name n shit the curse of imageboards

fd044304 No.3643714


tl;dr my stance then is; if u want to go nodox be my guest. If it's consistent, I'll bat for that. I'll kill some of my posts here and we can keep this on topic. I don't agree with you or your shit but you've been fair, I would feel like a jerk pushing it. I can respect someone who puts a friend first, whoever they are, so it's over.




Still not eating the bugs btw. What the fuck is this new shit?

8125831f No.3643715

File: 1643181808384.jpg (60.89 KB, 720x540, I_dunno_anymore.jpg)

Thank you.

For the record I didn't approve with some of his Discord shenanigans, where he came off a bit megalomaniacal tbh. So it's not like he can do no wrong ever. But in general, I'd say as a lulz mod, specifically the moderator actions he did take on the board, his track record is better than average. You're not gonna find a mod without a flaw. You, me , them, we're all flawed living beings, not perfect machines.

I think dox should be technically allowed, as in, no moderator action, but I will disapprove and think less of you as a person if you do it and I hope every user disapproves, because doxing is not nice.

I don't like the vegan crap either. Ethically speaking, vegans have a point, animal murder is wrong. But humans also need meat to stay healthy and happy and not need vitamin supplements and aminoacid dosing, so yeah… gotta eat meat. No choice. The least one can do though is make sure the animals don't suffer while they live (caging is vile for most species) and don't suffer when they are killed.

fd044304 No.3643716

I'll at least say I AM fed up of censorship, even if this isn't the place to avoid it anymore. I would like a place that's entirely open and free and maybe one day I'll create one. I heavily regret not stepping in to save fullchan in the day, that place was wicked when it got off hot from gamergate. Ahh… When this all began, tbh, the entire right wing push back

8242efcd No.3643717

I'm all for protein but I will never eat the bugs id start eating reptiles if I have to always wanted to try rattlesnake and gator meat. Tried shark once though not a fave but worst case I can also always eat frog legs since apparently they taste like chicken and are abundant and easy to catch. Honestly I'm prepared to forage and eat wild foods if I have to because I do have a large spacious 12 person tent with the ability to insulate. And not suffer the elements so I'm well off for my survival preparedness. Honestly the insects are not worth anyones time sincr there's some diseases that are very easily gotten through ingesting bugs.

c2e1fb35 No.3643719

File: 1643182199216.png (79.72 KB, 856x960, TheyEatTheBugsForYou.png)

Tactile survival would make good use of protein based bugs but as for raw protein its gotta be actual meat. Like sausage capable meat product. If you had to eat one type of thing though it would definitely be easier to just say convert pigeonholds into the new chicken stands. That is where TYSON really should take their business is TYSON'S PIGEON MEAT you should be able to buy it in sacks at the store.

fd044304 No.3643720

They can print pig hearts and organs that work for humans and brag about it, yet no chicken? Hahaha

8242efcd No.3643721

Well I am a pro fisherman when I go fishing I not only know where the fish are but know how to make some ultimate bait. There was this one occasion where I went fishing and just showed up in the afternoon to catch one or 2 and while these other guys were there all day trying to catch just 1 I managed to drop my line in for barely 1 second before I got my bite of a 15lb rock bass and left with a immediate meal. I made fishermen with years more than me under their belt get jealous of my skills lol though for me its in my genes vikings were a culture that thrived off of fishing and hunting mostly fishing but often with a side of boar and deer.

2aefc26d No.3643722

>Sure you can walk in with a pneumatic crane, but it's more fun to build one just the way your ancestors did and try to use it that way

Our ancestors built pneumatic cranes ? Wow.

8242efcd No.3643723

Come on man be smart use facts when you troll that even included intent with reading comprehension lol. We both know he was talking about restoration of ancient technology not the pneumatic crane itself. I mean even I got that and dont think that post is worthy to troll.

8125831f No.3643724

File: 1643183145312.jpg (19.19 KB, 277x221, Every time Mister Twister ….jpg)

>>eat frog legs
I think your barbarian phenotype Nordic master race genes got polluted with le DNA du Français, oui, oui!

I get what you're saying, and I am not happy with some stuff myself, but I still think sticking around on lulz is kindas worth it. It's about as free as you can get on the clearnet, save for a handful of stupid wordfilters. Yeah, I was part of gamergate back in the day, didn't like the woke crap, never did.


I'm surprised I have this much faith left in humanity after they treat me like dirt for being different and mercilessly kill off my favorite animals. But I have this thing in me. I'm the kind of hopelessly optimistic guy who pushes the "mercy" button even to his own detriment, the kind of guy who likes a villain redemption arc, I can't help it. I may be broken in some regards, but helping other living beings makes me feel like my life isn't entirely pointless. Humans too, of course.

2aefc26d No.3643726

Sorry but not sorry. The pol thread's hate level must be maintained somehow.

We can't be all friendly and cuddly with each others here.

fd044304 No.3643727

I somehow tend to make everyone into friends or friendly with each other at least. It's actually quite grating, although I guess it's boring if I'm by myself

8242efcd No.3643728

Sure but that wasn't political it was just plain stupid. Its always why the trollong here grates on my nerves cause the quality of it has seriously gone downhill using stupidity doesnt make you a smart troll just a very sad one.

I was more or less advising here. Turn up the quality without making yourself look stupid in the process and it will be less boring.

8125831f No.3643729

File: 1643184222906.png (772.89 KB, 777x1100, ___why_not__by_drvogelkasp….png)

Likewise, I'm glad you could relax a bit.

You know, when it all gets too much, you can just talk to people. Some heremight not listen, but some here might listen and engage and try to help you. And maybe even just saying it will improve your well-being. It's ok to vent. I do it too when things just get too much to handle.

You're not a bad guy as I said, I can kinda read people. You just seem to have a lot of baggage that you need to process. But that's ok, there's time.

Don't even bother, that's reading comprehension 101.

8242efcd No.3643731

Speaking of pol shit does anyone else get off to the scent of desperation of others. Specially when you back them into a corner. I sure as hell do that scent invigorates and confirms my choice to corner said person or people!

8125831f No.3643732

File: 1643185136913.png (60.6 KB, 500x360, tumblr_lg9s6lw1Po1qe9nq7o1….png)

I need to make a new Discord, so email for now. I should probably stay anon-ish.

But you can talk to me at any time. I sometimes don't answer for days, but eventually I will.

8125831f No.3643734

File: 1643186343496.jpg (107.62 KB, 1280x853, photo_2022-01-16_17-50-05.jpg)

Sent you a thingy, you can delete the address.

fd044304 No.3643735

if anything knew it I wouldn't post it. I'll get back to you in a while.

8125831f No.3643736

File: 1643186728864.jpg (60.87 KB, 850x738, photo_2021-12-20_02-59-20.jpg)

Take your time. I have to go afk too, soon.

Also, feel free to ask me anything you want, I won't mind even if you think it's a stupid question.

4c719460 No.3643739

File: 1643190856062.jpg (93.51 KB, 540x960, the-donald-venezuela.jpg)

Inflation in Venezuela is so bad right now, people are throwing away cash likes it’s garbage. As of last week, $1 USD is 463,000 Bolívars

d3bbb788 No.3643750

File: 1643192931507.jpg (32 KB, 680x494, FJ--TEKWUAQK5Wn.jpg)

>Would it scare you to say that people have change for the worse…

The world always hated conservatism. The only difference is you have proudly stood up and said, "I support everything that society stands against!" and you are getting smacked down for it.

You should have stayed in hiding. You let Trump convince you that you are normal society but the truth is, you're the villains that society defines itself against.

fd044304 No.3643751

Trump was ridiculously popular. >_>; How does society define Trump as a villain, the media more or less did it because it generated cash flow and Trump let them for free publicity

He isn't any worse than Biden or anyone else at the upper echelons of politics, wtf

fd044304 No.3643752

File: 1643193368737.jpg (1.3 MB, 1809x1800, trump.jpg)

i cant write to save my life rn so ill just drop this

0d0573bf No.3643754

File: 1643193840416.jpg (506.37 KB, 773x1000, Bolt_Still_Awesome.jpg)

>They've radicalized a lot of us to the point I don't know if I trust our society to pick up the pieces and put them back into a composition that isn't inherently communistic-fascist in it's own way. In making hate into the only currency by which a lot of their opposition even 'can' interact through or unify under, it's been difficult for more sophisticated philosophies to develop and that makes me fret for what leadership even could await our victory.

I suspect that only a reasonably small portion of people, even now, have been brainwashed to the point of no longer knowing how to do genuine good.

When the corrupted system falls apart, people will have a lifetime of education on how they were deceived, and who deceived them.
Even if all that people ever learned were lies, at least most people will realise that those WERE in fact lies.
Therefore they'll know what NOT to do, which can be even more important than knowing what to do.

0d0573bf No.3643755

File: 1643193891032.jpg (118.59 KB, 850x480, false-flag-incoming.jpg)

That's why I think there's so much effort being put into mass AI-run mind-control technologies by the evil psychopaths running the world governments, corporations and armies.
Even when entire (puppet) governments fall, there are still tens of thousands of 5G satellites in low orbit around the planet, which will be able to interface with the nanotechnology brain-interface shit that's being injected into millions of people around the world each day. If evil influence were to disappear, people would work things out on their own just fine.

Still, we're here now, quite possibly in a magnificently realistic simulation, facing the fight of our lives and for our souls. What an exciting thing to fight for.
Giving up would mean hitting "reset" and having to learn to do it all over again. Quite frankly, I'm quite happy being an adult dog, and don't want to learn to have to walk again or to not mess the carpet.

Max Igan's latest walk-and-talk was very interesting, going into mind-control technologies that can attack individuals based on their DNA profile. I assume that also includes dogs.
We need to put our technology and TVs away for a moment and realise that participating in all these democrat VS republican, bumfuker VS straight, black VS white and all other kinds of intentionally induced division and storms-in-teacups are a form of admitting defeat.
It may be okay for a while as a form of blowing off steam, practice and learning for future and bigger battles, but can really destroy someone if they get too deeply involved. I still remember Focks Hound on here burning himself out over all of the jewish lies and all other forms of corruption easily found almost everywhere one looks.

The more one looks at what they're trying to get away from, the more they move towards it, until it consumes them.

Anyway… here's Max's latest W&T video. Now that the steam is running out of the covid death injections program, there's a chance of various false flag attacks being set off. These psychopaths won't give up until they've faced justice:

fd044304 No.3643758

Are we even sure they'll fucking learn though, we've been conditioned to judge others and survey their lives constantly. I don't know man. It feels like we might go full on nazi germany just to prevent the jewish shit happening, which itself functioned a lot like the jewish fascism we have now

I don't know if I trust people won't fight fire with fire this time too

0d0573bf No.3643759

File: 1643194350903.jpg (68.22 KB, 850x480, still-no-virus.jpg)

Speaking of which… There's no one left on here who still believes the virus exists in the wild, right? Posting anyway, because it'll make me feel better.

fd044304 No.3643760

philosophical idealism is nice and I do see Icke as a gateway to that type of higher perception, with Kastrup being the actual pill, but that only really applies when a society is willing to actually see the best in humans. We used to live in tribes and interpret signs from the stars and omens, and that formed the basis of the religions that unified us, which is why most people are so spiritually deprived they make these rituals about cancelling and destroying lives for not being woke enough. Saturating lost urges

It's so fucked, and sorry, I don't know if I believe we can come out of it if most people WANT a world like that

fd044304 No.3643761

It would take an enjoyment of this kind of schizo bonding and silliness and an appreciation for the rites and rituals of others, like we had in the mid 2000s, for the world to return to equilibrium. As it is right now, their replacement for that instinct is woke absurdity and they seem to love persecuting others

d3bbb788 No.3643762

File: 1643195073146.webm (4.08 MB, 320x180, Fkn_Furries.webm)

Just how dumb are conservatives you ask…??

0d0573bf No.3643763

File: 1643195089831.png (1.64 MB, 1400x922, the-dog-face.png)

>I don't know if I trust people won't fight fire with fire this time too.

So far, pretty much every nasty clash in the streets was caused either by provocateurs/false flag shit, or globalist-funded degenerates rioting over the apparent death of some drug-fueled criminal.

The globalists and whatever the hell is behind all of this, wants blood in the streets, but so far, every single time it (this evil force and its puppets) had to be the ones to instigate it.
Remember the Jan 6 "insurrection", of busloads of people being let in and guided by the police for nice photo-ops?

The vast majority of everyday people, even the brainwashed ones, just want peace.

fd044304 No.3643764

This sounds lame but given the Pentagon releasing videos at least substantiating the possibility, I hope it isn't aliens forcing us to be the same so we can be docile and experimented on.

There's the problem that they make it so we can only communicate in hateful venues which ends up with us inadvertently lumped with neo nazis, fascists, etc, people who're as highly ideological as they are but on the opposite end of the spectrum. That is a problem, although not a currently and immediately apparent one, that I don't want to put us back where we were

How many communist states overthrow their leaders 'quickly?' North Korea stands, USSR lasted forever, etc

d3bbb788 No.3643765

File: 1643195392590.jpg (122.52 KB, 828x786, FJ_C-3uVEAIWsIL.jpg)


You can cry false flag and crisis actor all you want, we know conservatives are monsters and every day we are putting more and more of you behind bars.

You better walk that thin line because we are tired of your shit.

fd044304 No.3643766

It feels like every direction leads to a nightmare commie state with either Hitler or Stalin 2 at the helm and it's enough to make me just wanna go to Thailand and Japan forever, live in a harmonious society, man. I'm so demoralized…

d3bbb788 No.3643767

File: 1643195474561.gif (1.45 MB, 400x266, Conservapult.gif)

>I'm so demoralized…

Good. Racists should feel bad.
That means America is working.

0d0573bf No.3643768

File: 1643195481712.jpg (332.05 KB, 1162x1280, happy-Bolt.jpg)

You seem to believe that most people are going to hang on to the brainwashing and pettiness of the past, when things get worse than they are now, but I believe that most people will get a wake-up call, and return to an inbuilt godliness that they have (been) moved away from for most of their lives.

d3bbb788 No.3643769

>The worse things get the more obedient people will become.

I guess you've never read a history book.

fd044304 No.3643772

Dude wtf is your problem, rofl. Why are you so obsessed with killing or putting people who want to live their lives peacefully in jail, left needs a chill pill and coming from me that's a lot

d3bbb788 No.3643773

File: 1643196146187.gif (852.5 KB, 600x338, 3df80f0ea0f8ed0764c3e53344….gif)

>it was a colourblind society

When you say "Colorblind society" what you actually mean is, "When people were too afraid to talk about racism"

That time is passed and it's not coming back. You can thank the NRA for that. Everyone in America has guns now.

The KKK and white nationalists groups only real power was fear but now everyone is equally dangerous.

You start your cross burning shit in America today and people will put your ass down and the best part is they know they can get away with it now thanks to Rittenhouse!

You show up with your white hoods, confederate flags or MAGA hats and they just have to say they were afraid for their lives.

fd044304 No.3643775

Or just let people have their own countries and heraldic groups without introducing too much adversity and genetic admixture into the fabric of their societies. If you want other races to do well and be happy, bringing them to a place that's alien to them on the premise that they can have an 'easier' life is not going to do much other than teach them a toxic reliance that'll bite them in the ass, you need to help them do better in their own respective cultures and countries and then gradually potentially reach out

Blacks are a complicated issue and I'm cool with them given their history here, as awkward as it gets sometimes, but why add so many immigrants of fighting age from dangerous cultures into europe?

fd044304 No.3643776

Thanks a lot for giving me some hopium that it can get better without people having to straddle the lines of radicalization like I did. Maybe there really is a better way

0d0573bf No.3643777

File: 1643196581362.png (238.67 KB, 948x861, awesome_confident_Bolt.png)

Good points. The West isn't full-on communist just yet though. Also, nothing lasts "forever" - especially tyrannies! Also, the West has had plenty of education in regards to what tyrannies do, especially in the last two years. Also, they have a distant memory of what genuine peace, curiosity and independence can feel like.

Now that the wheels are falling off the covid scam, lots of people are going to get redpilled and not repeat past mistakes, but also work towards in a positive way, building things up again.
A lot of people probably won't make it, but you don't know them, they don't know you, and you're not responsible for them.

I can understand the desire to "run away" or "escape", but there's no substitute for improving and strengthening your own life first.

d3bbb788 No.3643779

File: 1643196946051.jpg (27.34 KB, 750x379, FJ6XVjnaIAE8rG4.jpg)

>Or just let people have their own countries and heraldic groups without introducing too much adversity and genetic admixture into the fabric of their societies.

If you want your own nation move to Florida and start one. Oh, wait, you can't even do that any more can you?

You waited to long! Even Florida and Texas are becoming liberal! Florida passed a $15 an hour minimum wage!

You're losing ground everywhere.


fd044304 No.3643783

and what I meant by my last post is that I never will trust you mean anything you say, you got that? You could literally cure cancer with a brain scan of your memory projected into my cranium to 100% verify your role in doing so and I'd assume it's a lie by default. Everything you actually say translates to 'I like cannibalizing people socially and bullying them and I love to hate other groups of people', it's just fake.

There is nothing inside of any of you progressive tards. You're hollow

fd044304 No.3643785

File: 1643198813942.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x400, aR1yD_p5_400x400.jpg)

yo. Please respond, dumbass. I didn't even realize you were talking to us since you're learning disabled by your own admission (I remember everything I read, cope) and so now I'd feel bad just leaving you by the wayside.

fd044304 No.3643786

File: 1643199989506.jpg (79.33 KB, 973x572, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

fd044304 No.3643787

I'm just gonna leave some martial arts advice I left and capped when talking to Slowbalt since it was offtopic there and like thirty posts. God I'm bored. I'm going to go make a salad for lunch or, whatever

fuck you 3b


0d0573bf No.3643788

File: 1643200718436.png (147.36 KB, 600x600, awesome_confident_Hero_Bol….png)

>Even when I return to normal, I'm never trusting a leftist again.
That's fair enough I suppose, I don't like them in their current state either. The leftism of the 60's was a whole lot more wholesome and humane, now it's completely upside-down, anti-human and insane… Which of course was by design.
All kinds of crazies and degenerates were grandfathered in, to weaken and pervert a movement that came very close to toppling the evil tyrants back in the 60's.

It sounds like you were dealing with some genuinely destructive people. Such people can only be assisted by a trained, quality, honest and incorruptible specialist. (Very rare, I know.)

When the tyrants trying to enslave the human population invent labels and the people then take them on, those labels will be pitted against each other and also have their meanings morphed and changed over time.
What I'm trying to say is; the theater of labels is designed to destroy anyone who gets involved in them.

0d0573bf No.3643789

Meh, have to go now. Back later. :3

fd044304 No.3643790


>When the tyrants trying to enslave the human population invent labels and the people then take them on, those labels will be pitted against each other and also have their meanings morphed and changed over time.

seems legit.

Peace, btw, thanks sincerely for the talk.

07c8c167 No.3643791

Leftism in the 60's was every bit as evil. It was violent, deceitful, and constantly gaslighting Soviet aggression and communist mass murdering around the globe while trying to proselytize socialism by pretending to be victims themselves.

fd044304 No.3643793

he might have meant liberalism

also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkOVe9a9PYA

fd044304 No.3643796

File: 1643209081050.jpg (219.43 KB, 640x1049, therightwing.jpg)

so who will be the next commander of our right wing?

3070e018 No.3643824

File: 1643222131712.jpg (54.82 KB, 490x427, 1509308816611.jpg)

When pol thread party foulers skip the nip and go full apetit overnite.

fd044304 No.3643826

File: 1643222536150.jpg (132.19 KB, 850x599, 9yu.jpg)

i had fun

fd044304 No.3643831

File: 1643223226258.jpg (138.14 KB, 660x495, jjf.jpg)

I'm trying my best not to kill anyone, but it's difficult with this 5g tower near my town. I think it's doing something to me since so many of my family members are showing as wifi spots after they took the vax. It's sending me into these murderous fits.

306d1b00 No.3643834

File: 1643223642625.jpg (325.7 KB, 771x945, c46c8a2d0e8f0cda0168ae56d5….jpg)

>Trump was ridiculously popular.
LOL alternative facts.

fd044304 No.3643835

oh god your one pic sure as fuck DEBOOONKED US huh

306d1b00 No.3643836

File: 1643224313980.jpg (875.39 KB, 1764x1996, 7683_horse_anus_closeup.jpg)

Your spell checker is busted.

fd044304 No.3643838

Looks like someone was eating chinese. Was it enjoyable?

fd044304 No.3643849

306d1b00 No.3643852

File: 1643226462417.jpg (128.54 KB, 1932x2580, anus wet with saliva.jpg)

I don't like Chinese. It gives me a headache.

> There's no one left on here who still believes the virus exists in the wild, right?
Was that ever a hypothesis held by experts? They were thinking it started out as an animal disease and mutated as it passed from species to species, possibly in a Chinese "wet" market. In which case, it would never be found "in the wild."

2aefc26d No.3643865


"However, what’s responsible for the alarming spike in fatalities in this age group isn’t clear."

Geee.. What could cause such a dramatic increase in death >_>

It's climate warming of course. These insurance companies didn't get the memo ?

d3bbb788 No.3643868

File: 1643230560263.gif (321.49 KB, 500x281, How_It_Ends.gif)

>There is nothing inside of any of you progressive tards. You're hollow

These "Hollow" people sure are kicking your ass. You don't want to think progressives are real people because we out number you 10 to 1.

The moment you truly accept the fact that we are the normal and you are the freaks, you know you're just going to kill yourself!

You would rather die than live in an America where you can't be a pathetic, racist, bigoted, conspiracy nut without someone calling you on your bullshit.

8242efcd No.3643869

I'm just against China right now. If you support the country I believe you are trash because in the 80s shit that was durable was actually killed off when automation had begun as well as mass production. China killed america before capitalism was even fully achieved and is a slave to it. Infiltrated and destroyed you from within. And the western part of civilization is just a ploy it doesnt exist. It hasn't since then it was those things which pushed up production and forced a market into a decline

d054e59d No.3643871

>We out number you

Is a shitty reason to feel superior. I walked away from progressivism when I found out what horrible people so many of them actually are and your posts just goes to prove it.

41837d11 No.3643873

>>3643871 More like they kicked you out when they realized what a pitiful, idiotic loser you are. The left doesn't welcome incel bigots with tiny dicks.

41837d11 No.3643875

Who the fuck is the "snowflakes"? Why the fuck are you rightwing retards getting so outraged that M & M's are "not sexy"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CidwsDu6tCg

Conservatism has become some retarded that satirical sites like The Onion no longer have to make stuff up about you guys. You've broken the stupid meter. Congrats.

Nothing on the left will ever be as stupid as this.


d3bbb788 No.3643876

File: 1643234200928.jpg (58.97 KB, 485x680, FJ_4995X0AAyYAk.jpg)


You were never a progressive. You were always a racist. Being a quiet racist who doesn't call people N* doesn't make you not a racist.

You're just more open about it now than you used to be. You haven't changed, you're just more honest about it.

Trump convinced you that racism was secretly the normal of society and that the media and the elites were lying about how secretly racist, sexist, and bigoted America really was.

He showed you a leader who could be an open racist and get away with it and you, being a fucking moron, thought you could get away with it too.

Surprise! You can't! You're not that rich nor the president.

8070485a No.3643877

What exactly does "diversity" and "woke" have to do with chocolate candy?

866aa4ae No.3643878

Name ONE racist thing Trump ever said. Post a link to an audio or video clip of it.
I'm standing by with a couple of dozen of Biden being outright raw racist, even using the N word multiple times.
Don't keep me waiting.

469440e8 No.3643879

Trotsky convinced you that racism was the norm and that nationalism was bad fufu. but you're the type to just let NATO take over and not give a fuck because the 10th anniversary of "another black criminal dead" was on the news.



469440e8 No.3643880

File: 1643240170902.png (78.6 KB, 590x865, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at ….png)

469440e8 No.3643881

Dude, stop being so antisemeticphobic.

866aa4ae No.3643882

Still waiting.
Where is it??

30d2ef24 No.3643886

File: 1643248408892.jpg (30.99 KB, 600x563, fukken_saved.jpg)


I knew all of this, but the info organization is excellent.


30d2ef24 No.3643889

File: 1643249344151.jpg (159.06 KB, 1280x720, soviet.jpg)

fd044304 No.3643918

I don't think this place is for you, it might be a bit above your head. Have you ever heard of Kiwifarms? It might be a little more to your liking. It's like reddit for cool people, like you

40551641 No.3643941

File: 1643276952793.jpeg (214.86 KB, 948x1024, F1873F79-087C-4AD7-9BD3-7….jpeg)

4c719460 No.3643942

File: 1643277541670-0.png (383.94 KB, 500x500, s-l500.png)

File: 1643277541670-1.jpg (28.2 KB, 301x448, unnamed.jpg)

File: 1643277541670-2.jpg (74.67 KB, 612x612, 07c9376a-33d4-42b2-8f0c-9e….jpg)

I like to play their cards.

3c3e34cc No.3643944

File: 1643284354015.jpg (377.51 KB, 1000x735, FEQyAjDVgAMLd7h.jpg)

I've been thinking, not getting the vaccine may be a good form of suicide if everything that's been said is true. I would just have to decline being put in a hospital. Then I can be laughed at by vaxxers for dying from covid. I mean, what's one less loser in the world?

40551641 No.3643945

File: 1643284756902.png (924.85 KB, 768x768, 6218B035-37FE-4AC5-98B6-9B….png)

Speaking as a loser myself….
Don’t give the fuckers the satisfaction!

76a9a9e0 No.3643948


That depends… which do you prefer ?
- no jab and suffocating to death ?
- jab and dying in handful of seconds from heart failure or brain clot ?

I think we can all agree that the jab death is far less painful.

0d0573bf No.3643949

File: 1643290891930.jpg (66.13 KB, 850x480, history-repeating.jpg)

>he might have meant liberalism
Good heavens, yes, you're right! I almost feel dirty now.

Forgot to post some more video links yesterday, so I'll do it now:
This video is pretty interesting, since it compares the covid scamdemic, to what I honestly thought as recently as two years ago was actually a genuine flu outbreak.
"Wear a mask or go to jail", "mask you family cat" - 100 years ago. Apparently the world also had lots of dumb karens even 100 years ago, and not just today.

0d0573bf No.3643950

File: 1643291275007.jpg (73.91 KB, 960x540, Dr_Madej_transhumanism_inj….jpg)

A video of Dr. Madej, shedding some more light on this toxic infusion of gene altering tech and various other insane-scientist inventions… for your "helth" of course, and better breathing abilities.

0d0573bf No.3643951

File: 1643291940668.jpg (173.09 KB, 810x574, smooth-Bolt.jpg)

I'll post some better news tomorrow, have to leave again soon.

Just wanted to say that as comprehensive as this challenge is, it can still be mastered, starting from building fortitude within and then radiating outwards in an increasingly certain, visible and positive way.

I know it's difficult, but it's worth the fight.

fd044304 No.3643952

File: 1643292254804.jpg (76.43 KB, 668x352, main-qimg-d07d440f110016bc….jpg)

we'll see

fd044304 No.3643953

we need to never let this commie shit happen again.

0d0573bf No.3643955

File: 1643293541990.gif (494.59 KB, 500x250, Bolty-stalks-mr-carrot.gif)

It becomes stronger by paying attention to it. Commie shit is built on illusions and lies, and spending energy on it, rather than on the positive contrary, is breathing life and legitimacy into bullshit.

It's easier said than done, but I'm more certain than ever in my life, that focusing on and building something real and tangible, starting from within, will naturally lead to the collapse of the things that are fake.

Really must go now, but will be back earlier tomorrow. Cya. :3

efa7e976 No.3643957


Every week now, I see news reports of people who were screaming "Scam! Fake news! Covid hoax! No vaccinations!"

These are people in contention for Darwin's law.

In the 2 years since the covid virus first appeared, I've been following MEDICAL advice, not hysterics from podcast blatherers, lies from already-vaccinated Faux "news" demagogues, Jesus is Lord freaks, or pander to the kooks politicians.

Guess what? I never had covid.

And I laugh at these assholes like Joe Rogan, Jim Bakker, Tucker Carlson or Rand Paul.

e77b47aa No.3643958

File: 1643297791224.jpg (213.06 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20220127-073502….jpg)

d3bbb788 No.3643959

I have met one actual white-nationalist in the last 10 years and he's in prison now for dealing heroin.

Hard core racists are very rare. That's why Patriot Front has to ship people around America stuffed in U-Haul box-trucks to put on their little marches.

They are one of the biggest white nationalist gangs in America and they have less than a thousand members.

d3bbb788 No.3643960

>I've been thinking, not getting the vaccine may be a good form of suicide

Except that you aren't only killing yourself. You are hurting other people. Even if you manage not to spread it to someone else, your family is probably going to make you go to the hospital and that's one less bed for people who need it.

There are lots of ways to kill yourself that are much more effective. Hell, you want to die? Go punch a politician in the face on national TV and don't stop until the cops kill you. There are lots of politicians who deserve it.

Don't go out like a bitch, go out like a hero.

fd044304 No.3643961

>encouraging people to go full christchurch

idk man

if you represent 'most people' and what they want, I think maybe civilization should just burn

efa7e976 No.3643962


I used to know one really hard-core white supremacist.
My Dad.

He died back in 2010.

He wasn't the "Join the Klan" -type, he was the "Keep them out of *OUR* neighborhood" types.

In fact he moved 3 times due to blacks, Hispanics, or Asians moving in even blocks away from his house.

He was really a total asshole.

e77b47aa No.3643963

File: 1643300923087.jpeg (117.35 KB, 1079x1070, FKHZqSuUUAQcF04.jpeg)

fd044304 No.3643964

3070e018 No.3643965

In America people just go full Westboro.

bd60a5f7 No.3643967

File: 1643301853349-0.jpg (84.91 KB, 796x456, 22Patriot-Front22.jpg)

File: 1643301853349-1.jpg (236.41 KB, 1080x2280, Patriot-Front-Bao-Feng-pho….jpg)

File: 1643301853349-2.jpg (878.19 KB, 2081x2560, Kenneth-Gary-Zrallack-scal….jpg)

Many Ignored Crimes Committed by Members of the Patriot Front Provide More Evidence It is a Government Sponsored Group.

The US government-sponsored Patriot Front has committed numerous crimes but is given a pass. This is more evidence that this group is backed by the US government.

Yesterday we provided evidence for the Patriot Front group being a government-sponsored domestic terrorist group. We even identified a couple of individuals in the group.

Today we have evidence that the group is committing crimes but the government is giving them a pass. This is more evidence that the group is connected to the US government.

One item that connects the group to the US government is related to the equipment that they use to communicate with. The group is using Bao Feng devices which are used with 2-way radios. The fine for using these devices without a license is not cheap (approximately $20k). The Patriot Front uses these devices. The fact that the members of the Patriot Front have not been arrested for using the devices tells us that the group only uses them on FRS frequencies or 2-way or they use them for GMRS and HAM and the US government is involved.

2 A second item that indicates the Patriot Front is a government-sponsored group is that the group, after finishing their first notable protest in D.C., gathered in UHaul trucks and drove away with members in the back. This is illegal and very suspicious that they did not get pulled over.

3 A third reason is that the group members were able to drive away after covering their license plates after their get-together in Chicago. There had to be numerous law enforcement officers in the area and the fact none of these ‘Patriots’ were pulled over with tape covering their plates is very suspicious.

5 A fifth reason that the group is connected to the government is based on the fact that we’ve identified individuals in the group who are confirmed government informants. Kenneth Zrallack Jr is a government informant with the group. This usually happens when the individual gets in trouble with the law and the government works out a deal to give them less time and in return, they help the government by infiltrating these groups.

fd044304 No.3643968


3070e018 No.3643969


fd044304 No.3643970



c28df8e4 No.3643973

Trust your eyes NOT Democrat Lies when it comes time to vote!

efa7e976 No.3643974


Wrong, asshole.

8070485a No.3643975

File: 1643309891183.jpg (55.03 KB, 491x507, PF1.jpg)

>2 A second item that indicates the Patriot Front is a government-sponsored group is that the group, after finishing their first notable protest in D.C., gathered in UHaul trucks and drove away with members in the back. This is illegal and very suspicious that they did not get pulled over.
Correct. The cops even did traffic control and kept people away as PF illegally loaded into back of UHaul trucks (see picture).

So not only did this scary fascist group magically show up to DC, post Jan 6, driving a fleet of UHauls, not a single person thought that out of the ordinary.

When they showed up in Chicago, the police once again assisted them, moving them to the front of the parade, doing crowd control as they piled into cars with taped up license plates, and allowed to drive off. No top notch journalist following them.

9c444bab No.3643977

I love how fascists and racists try to gaslight people constantly by saying "There are no real fascists or racists, those are all government agents posing as fascists and racists" and then proceed to post nothing but fascist and racist shit for an entire thread.

8070485a No.3643984

File: 1643317738988.jpg (56.35 KB, 482x512, PF2.jpg)

Nice deflection, but we already have plenty of evidence of leftwing people pretending to be "right wing racists".

Remember the DNC workers from Terry's campaign in Virginia showing up to a Youngkin rally dressed as tiki torch carrying white supremacists, including a black man?

Yeah, now those people are in DC, and you're telling me that a fascist group can just drive all around DC in a dozen UHaul trucks, getting help by the police, carrying riot shields only the police can get, getting protection from the police, and nobody knows who they are?

Next thing you'll tell me that Biden actually is presidential material.

6ebe188e No.3643985

File: 1643317806326.jpg (22.29 KB, 400x312, RAPEOFANERA.jpg)

It is a sort of super visorial issuance. That members of your team propogate economical disuasion for your benefit, while making yourself abstinent and vette the publicity, you are doing the service for those in affiliate. Hence why major party plays always involved a CEO telling his "accountants" to use company logistics instead of "the other guys". If someone suggests a thing and then refutes it later, chances are it is because the contract already has exercised its stipulations for the latter. The working man is actually always down, the white collars are always in a deadline. The quota of a big business is cutthroat and victimizes the common consumer, so that living hand to mouth is all anyone ever can do. You are oppressed by facists and racists but they are more like caste suites standing in line for their own payday. Usually the sarificial lamb of morality, is paying the ultimate price for your counter opinions. But I have a feeling you aren't very woke.

d3bbb788 No.3643986

File: 1643317986908-0.png (980.69 KB, 1044x492, marching-practice-face-rev….png)

File: 1643317986908-1.png (300.21 KB, 2344x1375, NW81.18.21.PNG)

File: 1643317986908-2.png (186.37 KB, 1530x645, NW810.28.21s.PNG)

>Patriot Front is the FBI!

Yeah, no. Independent investigators have exposed over 4 gigs of video, photos, logs and recordings that prove Patriot Front is nothing but a bunch of loser cowards with a few chapters scattered across America all pretending to be real soldiers but too chicken shit to join the real Army.


d3bbb788 No.3643987

File: 1643318950419-0.png (34.22 KB, 440x551, Patriot Front Leaks Reveal….png)


One thing I did not expect is that the leaked records of the questionnaires they have members fill out to apply to join shows even among Patriot Front they want socialism.

They want socialism only for white people, but they still want socialism.

c28df8e4 No.3643988

File: 1643319041298.jpg (53.52 KB, 1010x1010, the-white-house-washington….jpg)

Conservatives outnumber your kind 10 to 1, 3B. You're just a small but very LOUD and SHOUTY minority to make it seem like you are more numerous than you are. We've been very patient, letting all of you expose yourselves, and the walls are now closing in on you and your ilk.

c28df8e4 No.3643989

File: 1643319909592-0.jpg (590.24 KB, 1569x1568, il_fullxfull.3070364316_2j….jpg)

d3bbb788 No.3643991

File: 1643320256009.png (544.52 KB, 824x578, Maus A Survivor's Tale TPB….png)


Reality says otherwise.

If conservatives outnumbered normal people, conservatives wouldn't be DESPERATELY banning books and trying to censor what people are allowed to say or teach about history.

Recently an all-republican Tennessee school board voted to the teaching of the Holocaust and removed a book called Maus: A Survivor's Tale from the school library because it taught kids about what the Nazis did using mice and cats instead of humans.

But don't worry, it's still freely available online!
I'm sure the teenagers will have no problem finding it in spite of the reich-wing's attempts to cancel it.


b393bb4d No.3643994

File: 1643323581584.jpg (145.38 KB, 1024x768, butt_shot2.jpg)

>It's like reddit for cool people, like you
You forgot to end that sentence with a period.

>Daily reminder that Trump is president and Biden is a paid actor.
Trumpy Bear is back. Does everyone have their Trumpy Bear yet?

bd60a5f7 No.3643997

File: 1643325479942.jpg (76.52 KB, 640x512, 8401074580_11d051b245_z.jpg)

bd60a5f7 No.3643998

File: 1643325524292.jpg (58.06 KB, 500x398, 1ninetymilescybVB1tegncco1….jpg)

1645b151 No.3643999

Black Female Supreme Court Nominee

3070e018 No.3644001



30d2ef24 No.3644002

File: 1643333184473.jpg (213.37 KB, 1024x782, tyrone.jpg)

>Diversity hire

The left simply cannot stop being racists. Selecting candidates based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.

First, the Vice President, now Supreme Court justice.

It will not end well.

1645b151 No.3644003

"left is racist blah blah"
posts a racism

30d2ef24 No.3644004

File: 1643333638027.jpg (33.29 KB, 712x712, quotewarrenbuffetclasswar.jpg)


Look carefully at this post. The poster is an idiot. It still thinks that it is left vs right, conservative vs liberal. This brainwashed tool does not get it.

It is 1% vs 99%.

All of you do not understand how close we are to a full totalitarian society. They track whites as a minority for a reason.

0b8dc12e No.3644009

File: 1643335816671.png (865.33 KB, 1374x1895, 48454d39d5d72b7e0d8873a583….png)

What's racist about it?

469440e8 No.3644010

File: 1643336386700.png (1.11 MB, 743x920, Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at ….png)


fd044304 No.3644014



This place is barren as tits and then you jump in four posts in succession all talking like 3b and quoting each other, after hundreds and thousands of hours of radio silence


efa7e976 No.3644017


Except I only wrote the 3rd post you listed.

Someone else or someones else wrote the other 3.

And I'm not gay.

What else can you fuck up?

3070e018 No.3644019

What if you are gay and are schizo but don't know you are.

2aefc26d No.3644027

>because it taught kids about what the Nazis did

Your interpretation. The school said they removed the book because it contained nudity, profanity and violence.

Maus is not the only material out there teaching people about the Holocaust, the Holocaust will do just fine.

d3bbb788 No.3644033

File: 1643359897593.jpg (236.03 KB, 780x1135, FKETrGOXsAIE60c.jpg)

>The school said they removed the book because it contained nudity, profanity and violence.

The nudity they are worried about is pictured here.

The profanity in the book was one of the characters saying, "God damn"

The violence was Nazis killing people in a book about the holocaust.

There is no reason to ban this book unless you are a Nazi sympathizer who is made uncomfortable by the fact that it shows exactly what your political ideology leads to.

c52c5640 No.3644035

File: 1643360114334.png (453.35 KB, 876x1210, c46bd27e0828f09371d356be55….png)

I've been meaning to read Maus for a while now. It's pretty fucked that a bunch of Tennessee hillbillies banned it in their schools.


d3bbb788 No.3644038

>I've been meaning to read Maus for a while now.

No time like the present:


c52c5640 No.3644040

Thanks. I already knew about that site from Dan, but thanks anyway.

d3bbb788 No.3644041

File: 1643360953998.png (93.63 KB, 696x719, Don’t Say Gay Bill.png)

Speaking of conservatives main-lining Nazi policies - Florida Republicans must have thought banning books wasn't Nazi enough so now they are pushing a law that makes it illegal to even acknowledge that LGBTQ people exist in schools.

This new law literally making it so that even saying the word gay in a school can get the school sued and shut down by right-wing Karens.
Even if their kid doesn't go to that school. If they even suspect the school isn't being anti-gay they can sue the school system.

Making a legal path for every grifter in the state to sue every school for a cash reward? How could that possibly end poorly?!


fd044304 No.3644042

>Speaking of
no one is speaking to you, you're mentally ill. take a hike

d3bbb788 No.3644045

File: 1643362893129.gif (80.58 KB, 480x266, olaugh.gif)


Just because you don't want to hear it doesn't make it untrue.

You're in the party of Nazis!
You're in the party of Nazis!
You're in the party of Nazis!


Come on, bitch! Start something so your LOSER side can get your balls crushed in a war for the THIRD time!

fd044304 No.3644046

nigga you don't even know where I live

fd044304 No.3644051

File: 1643366136375.jpg (581.7 KB, 1600x1171, eatit.jpg)


trannies are invincible? The left can't lose? Bs. That's what they say. What a joke, there's no such thing

d3bbb788 No.3644052

File: 1643367433937.jpg (49.78 KB, 660x371, JR-15-Rifle-Size-660x371.jpg)


I don't need to know where you live.
When your rebellion against America starts the cops will put you down for me.

I'm just hoping you morons start your shit soon so we can water the tree of liberty with your blood.

Of course, you're all doing a bang up job of killing each other so we might not have to do anything!

Between your refusal to take the Covid vax and giving your 8 year old kids child-sized fully functional AR-15s the genocide of white culture is going to be a self-inflicted wound.

fd044304 No.3644053

I don't plan to go anywhere near America. HAHAHA

d3bbb788 No.3644058


If you're not an American then WTF are you on here talking about American politics for? Go take care of your own house and leave us to clean the conservative scum our of ours.

fd044304 No.3644060

no one reads anything you say man

fd044304 No.3644073


>reading something an american says

this is peak retarded, but

>reading something from an american who admits they did remedial classes and who thinks trannies are women

no, no god no, no one is doing that, least of all me

0d0573bf No.3644078

File: 1643379288186.jpg (24.63 KB, 416x234, nocebo-effect.jpg)

Can't stay today, but I'll just post this video link of Jeff Berwick's latest W&T.
To anyone with a conscience who looks at pol threads and gets frustrated or bored; Jeff's videos will help reset the mood.

11658ba1 No.3644079

Good. Florida Man DeSantis did nothing wrong, at all. Troon/gender identity bullshit has absolutely no place inside of a legitimate and credible school or curriculum.

Cope, sneed and dilate pedo

97f5a69d No.3644080

File: 1643380933999.jpg (26.32 KB, 800x254, roz5.jpg)

>Lefties invent PC and cancel culture
>"Oh noes, the right wing is banning words! How evil!"

efa7e976 No.3644082

File: 1643385502309.jpg (4.99 MB, 7000x4667, willow.jpg)

Any minute now some right-wing pundit or politician is going to make an absolute ass of themselves being critical of the Bidens getting a White House cat.

3070e018 No.3644085

File: 1643388999162.jpg (134.27 KB, 1354x712, 1513006832640.jpg)

So many consumers are already geared toward loving their own possessions before all else, why not admit an ai-overlord that decides the fate of the over-all world, it would unite basement theorists across every platform. An AI-PC-Mother for the human race would probably be the last saving throw before complete collapse and thorough destitution of all of Civilzation.

(That or some mastermind that orchestrates a mass following to do the will of a grand design, christ-figure esque utopian world builder that will basically offer salvation in the form of interplanetary colonization aka a benevolent alien-breed that reseeds mankind with the genes necessary to prevent its own weaponization against itself. A round table of universal templar, but I would consider that maybe a little too over-qualified. If everyone had their own personalized anime maybe that would stop them from siding with hate groups and other fresh enriching hells that are vapidly more to avail. Just throwing it out there.)

8b4c61db No.3644102

8b4c61db No.3644103

File: 1643392947941.jpg (119.62 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20220128-095915….jpg)

c28df8e4 No.3644111

Thanks for posting another article about how he lies, the fact is it's the worst it's been in the last 39 years.
But don't believe your own lying eyes when you see those empty store shelves and high gas prices and inflation skyrocketing and the massive unemployment going on, believe what Dear fake Leader tells you.

256a1745 No.3644120

Most sheeple will empty grocery store shelves but then variety stores have an abundance of these items so always check other small stores cause everyone like a popular choice will flock to the bigger stores.

327a9d1f No.3644122


efa7e976 No.3644123


I live in a northern state, and none of the stores I've been to for months have empty shelves.

Faux "news" is so desperate to show "empty shelves," they ran a with photo of empty shelves in Japan, not far from where that nuclear reactor melted down after an earthquake and tsunami.

This is the state of the Republican part now, conspiracy theories, lies, hysterical panic, and childish insults.

4298aa40 No.3644135

File: 1643403232540.gif (857.74 KB, 480x270, trump-you-are-fake-news-gi….gif)

We don’t expect the Leftist Mainstream Media, Democrats, or you, to stop telling lies or implying things that are lies are the truth. It's what you do and what you are. We just want them and you to know, that we all see right through your lies and their ‘fake news’ garbage reporting and that’s why you and they are failing and not respected at all by good Americans. You MUST be desperate, when you even lie about not lying. CNN has lost over 90% of their viewers just this past summer, and the other leftist MSM are not far behind.

efa7e976 No.3644142


"Leftist media" = Anything critical of Trump or his cronies.
Rush Limbaugh (thankfully now dead) is pretty much to blame for this bullshit, never mind that most news services are now owned and run by CORPORATIONS. Not imaginary "leftists."

During the Trump years, I noticed that bastard never would say "fake news" about those that actually did put out fake news, like "One America News," or Fox, or Newsmax.
You see, they were willing to kiss that fat ass and get better ratings.
But ratings mean nothing when it comes to accuracy and truth, The National Enquirer sells far more than US News and World Report does.

Me, I get my news off the Internet mostly, and ABC's nightly newscast.
I avoid cable news unless there is a big ongoing story, like a natural disaster or shooting spree or whatnot.

256a1745 No.3644147

Naw man for once I've witnessed a lot of the shortage but like always it does bounce back within a week or so so devoid of items only for days at a time

d3bbb788 No.3644148

File: 1643407391631.jpg (86.77 KB, 608x680, Delusions_Of_Patriotism.jpg)


Int he latest dumbass conservative news, the right-wing is demanding that the White House release transcripts of Biden talking with the president of Ukraine regarding Russia invading.

Why? Why would they demand that the president release classified information about how we are helping a political ally defend against Russia in the days before Russia is expected to invade and would DESPERATELY like to know what they are about to face?

Because conservatives would rather see Russia win. They are Anti-American traitors to the core of their being.

d3bbb788 No.3644149

File: 1643407724133.png (16.84 KB, 454x270, Cable News Primetime.png)

>CNN has lost over 90% of their viewers just this past summer, and the other leftist MSM are not far behind.


514b2540 No.3644150

uhh…ukraine last time i checked isn't america so no one should really care and technically we don't have to because of zimbowski or whatever the fuck can handle it. fuck it.

8070485a No.3644151

File: 1643408036008.jpg (86.96 KB, 535x800, 1643316329475.jpg)

Trump had no issues releasing calls to the Ukrainians, so why doesn't Biden? Sounds like he's hiding something. Maybe working out a quid pro quo for Hunter and his Ukrainian companies.

I mean, that's the only reason he won't release it.

d3bbb788 No.3644152

File: 1643408779360.jpg (91.97 KB, 675x900, Charisma_Check.jpg)

>ukraine … isn't america so no one should really care

1) When you type America, capitalize that shit. Don't be disrespectful.

2) It isn't actually about Ukraine. Russia is demanding that Nato pull out of a large chunk of Europe and let Russia "retake" land that was once part of Russia before it was split off by the Soviet Union.

If America and Nato back down it will be like giving Russia an open invitation to take control of large swaths of the continent. Also the whole point of Nato is to use united forced to defend smaller nations who can't defend themselves.

Russia would roflstomp Ukraine causing massive death and destruction. If we just gives in and lets that happens other nations will lose faith in Nato and America.

For there to be peace Putin has to be put in his place. Of course, I wouldn't put it past Joe Biden to fail at even the most basic job of not making us look like fools on the world stage. He's pretty clueless.

Trump never released the calls. They got leaked because his own staff hated him and thought he was a fucking idiot. Even after they were leaked he was such a moron he called them "Perfect calls" and openly admitted they were real even though he was caught trying to use the presidency to his political advantage against Biden.

If Pelosi wasn't such a spineless coward she could have had his ass thrown in gitmo.

6a0337a4 No.3644154

You're just posting made-up stats by a leftist site to "prove" a lie.
What's the point?
No one believes it.
CNN is down to 500,000 viewers from 5 Million.
500,000 is NOTHING.

6a0337a4 No.3644155

3B again.

327a9d1f No.3644161

File: 1643411371496.jpeg (92.01 KB, 1200x630, TypicalEarthlingInfestati….jpeg)


The Moon and The Sun have no preclusions for the dirt dwellers. For this reason I will accidentally snuff the light of threads as I please. My lowercase is a sovereign omen of what looms.

fd044304 No.3644162

>The Moon and The Sun

is that some chrollo shit? 3b going to get bombed

327a9d1f No.3644163

its the first pokemon meme i found on google you poltard.

4298aa40 No.3644169

The democrat is a diseased feral animal. The obsession and lust of the democrat is for death … death any way it can get it. Mass murder, pandemic death, shootings, rioting, execution of LEOs are celebrated by the democrat. But there is a special fondness and hunger in the democrat for the torture, mutilation and murder of young babies. These are very sick and evil creatures.

80d9f702 No.3644171


Also spending money on decrepit infrastructure . Why thats pure communism! Whats next ? Free Healthcare `?? I am deeply offended!

The only true way to spend money is the republican way : Wunderwaffen , taxcuts for the wealthy and wars. Also Israel but that goes without saying.


9408b704 No.3644173



Why these wonderful "China BTFO" planes keeps dropping out of the air…They must not be expensive enough!! They should pay the double for each, that will fix it! Also ban free school diners


256a1745 No.3644186

Free healthcare is a societal benefit even if socialist in nature its one of those infrastructure things that just works. Just not well enough cause the rich don't want to pay those acting as if we should be thankful that they even exist and are creating products that we use and get entertained with. I mean entitlement is a terrible thing when abused by those with power but harmless when its coming from the poor. The poor have suffered this crap since the dawn of royal governments so its time we get people to realize that our entitlement is different and justified.

2aefc26d No.3644197


Up until 5th grade. So these kids are not even in puberty yet.

This is a crime against humanity, clearly. Little timmy *needs* to be told it's AOK to stick his flacid cocklet into his classmate Kevin's butt.

2aefc26d No.3644198


Ah, got the same thing here. Our economy skyrocketed to +7% GNP in 2021 the gov said ; thanks to their policies of course.

What they conveniently ommit is the -7.9% during 2020 due to the cold'emic.

fd044304 No.3644201

3b is gonna get bombed.

fd044304 No.3644202

aishite shimaaaaata zenbu zenbu

0d0573bf No.3644221

File: 1643464289411.jpg (181.86 KB, 650x433, unrelated.jpg)

>An AI-PC-Mother for the human race would probably be the last saving throw before complete collapse and thorough destitution of all of Civilzation.

The same psychopaths who are trying to engineer the "complete collapse and thorough destitution of all of Civilzation" are also engineering the AI made to control us. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm sure there are plenty of "saving a life with a bullet through the head" types of "jokes" out there.
(picture unrelated)

fd044304 No.3644222

all this anti nature shit needs to go. I'm cool with current tech, but severe restrictions need to be put on AI

b9ee90cf No.3644223

File: 1643465413797.jpg (227.8 KB, 2048x1448, political statement.jpg)

> Little timmy *needs* to be told it's AOK to stick his flacid cocklet into his classmate Kevin's butt.

fd044304 No.3644224

im going to start trolling relentlessly here again sometime soon, get hype

3b is just that fucking boring, i have to pretend to be a pedophile to steal his thunder

3e5ea232 No.3644229

File: 1643470669566.png (919.49 KB, 1753x882, 1642937561123.png)


Its not just AI…..

Its also conditioning…..

3e5ea232 No.3644230

File: 1643471000697.jpg (87.58 KB, 706x224, queer2.jpg)


Its also conditioning…..

b9ee90cf No.3644231

File: 1643473749804.jpg (214.49 KB, 529x900, Faggot_Boy_San_Francisco_P….jpg)

Look, it's working!

d3bbb788 No.3644236

File: 1643477454565.jpg (87.91 KB, 506x585, FKPdCGOWQAE0FCj.jpg)

Conservative hero Robert LaMay, the cop who signed off his last shift after refusing to get vaccinated by saying "Gov. Inslee can kiss my ass!" over the radio, has died of covid.

6a0337a4 No.3644237


d3bbb788 No.3644239

File: 1643481573796.jpg (41.36 KB, 680x510, FKPnpeQVQAI9PmT.jpg)

Sure thing, bud.

d3bbb788 No.3644240

File: 1643482060232.webm (2.91 MB, 480x848, Ocean_Of_Off_duty.webm)

Remember when the left said, "Hey, maybe we're spending too much money on the police force instead of agencies that actually help people instead of shooting them?" and conservatives said, "We're not over spending on cops! Don't be stupid!"

Well, maybe it's time to reconsider that when 1 cop dies and the funeral procession shuts down Manhattan because there are so many off-duty cops nothing else happen.

d3bbb788 No.3644241

File: 1643482123397-0.jpg (134.46 KB, 552x680, FKSEjG-UYAYg96Y.jpg)

File: 1643482123397-1.png (2.2 MB, 1378x919, sideview.png)

File: 1643482123397-2.png (2.4 MB, 1378x919, sideviews2.png)

File: 1643482123397-3.png (2.46 MB, 1378x919, streetview.png)

d3bbb788 No.3644242

File: 1643482201856-0.jpg (64.57 KB, 458x570, FKSCUELVEAAcRVe.jpg)

Just for reference… this is how much of your tax money is being spent on cops in just the larger cities alone.

9f268433 No.3644245

File: 1643482981712.jpg (32.27 KB, 480x360, thug-life.jpg)

Well, I'm not happy about those numbers, but if you contain the cesspits, it prevents their filth from spreading into surrounding areas.

You can't really just let the cities burn themselves out with crime, because that causes competition amongst criminals. Then some will get the idea that it would be easier and more profitable to just venture out into suburbs, towns, and the country to steal cars, rob houses, and sell their drugs.

This was maybe 10-15 years ago, but my area has a fairly low grand-tier crime rate, its usually just a bunch of stupid shit. Then suddenly we had a bunch of people just show up a few nights in a row and stole a shit load of really expensive vehicals people just had parking on the street. $50k trucks, expensive sports cars, ect. Not many people around here have garages.

Police had no idea how to even fallow up on it because it just never happens here, and with how many automobiles were taken all at once, it was obviously some group from out of town, and nothing ever came from the investigation.

Worst, most people don't have straight up "theft" insurance on their cars. We really aren't prepared in anyway to deal with a sudden invasion of negros.

d3bbb788 No.3644246

>Then some will get the idea that it would be easier and more profitable to just venture out into suburbs, towns, and the country…

You don't think that having a cop every 20 feet is going to do the same thing?

8070485a No.3644247

Of course not. I want less cops out here. I want to shoot a thief for looking at my car the wrong way. That's why I'm all for defunding and completely getting rid of the police. Local lefty house getting too out of control? They aren't going to call the police, so why not just exterminate them? Or are they going to run to the evil, racist police to hide behind?

d3bbb788 No.3644248

File: 1643487329100.jpg (90.52 KB, 699x720, 10417798_780626775302363_2….jpg)


Hey, I agree. We outnumber conservatives 10 to 1. If the cops didn't stop us we could gun them down and take out the whole movement in less than 10 years.

Anyone who wears a MAGA hat gets a hole in the head! It would be a great!

d3bbb788 No.3644249

Conservatives always think that they would win in a real fight but every time a fight breaks out between the left and the right, the right always loses.

Conservatism is a terrible philosophy for actually running anything but especially a war.

6a0337a4 No.3644250

File: 1643487830632.jpg (26.71 KB, 480x288, Emmanuel-Uduaghan_3B.jpg)

6a0337a4 No.3644251

File: 1643487859858.jpg (243.66 KB, 720x917, 1554677458120.jpg)

fd044304 No.3644252

File: 1643488484426.jpg (380.79 KB, 1280x720, gdfgd.jpg)

3b is just that fucking boring

327a9d1f No.3644253

Never tell timmy to play with his willy that shit will backfire like Pizza Gate and 9/11. He can be as confused as a little field sheep at the end a drunken frat line, as long as those dots never connect the church is safe and his impure thoughts aren't gay.
Go Team.

13a92a10 No.3644254

File: 1643489976133.jpg (53.73 KB, 500x619, 799ad72569cbc1cc2ae516b145….jpg)

Well its either that or getting but probed into believing you are living the dream. The least that would happen is maybe an ai would install a backdoor in your brain.

4c719460 No.3644269

File: 1643501006553.png (1.06 MB, 1311x859, second thoughtz.png)

I have not enough find anymore channel that cover the topics on poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, racism, education system, law, economy, social security, immigration, healthcare, regional instability, blighted provinces, taxes money going to churches, military industrial complex. Title should be called "The List of demise"

6ebe188e No.3644271

mmm radio silence.

c2e1fb35 No.3644272

File: 1643502458749.jpg (56.34 KB, 552x716, 7c84d746cb1d566e76ab1d6432….jpg)

br-bruh like.. re-ru-rude-de.. s-si-le-nc-e is-is vio-len-ce-ce.

cb84fd6f No.3644275

File: 1643504125797.png (835.69 KB, 1200x674, external-content.duckduckg….png)


Only because we allow it to.

fd044304 No.3644276

there is no racism in america, just people being given what they wanted. Before, that was equality, now, it's to be thrown into the bottom of the sea


radio silence is right, just silence when you talk shit

4c719460 No.3644279

File: 1643504838602.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, Radio_Silence.png)

fd044304 No.3644280

i don't speak 3bese, so I don't know wtf you're on about

d3bbb788 No.3644288

File: 1643510605310.jpg (414.13 KB, 800x1244, FJy4RJFXEAQKwj3.jpg)


I found a spoiler free review of the book on Youtube.


It sounds like the kind of book only rich, white, trash, teenagers who have never suffered a day in their life would read. Looking over the thumbnails of the people who are saying how great it is, they all seem to have a personal horde of hardback, special edition books and collectables which probably cost enough to feed a family of 5 for a year.

Entitled, rich, brats complaining about how even though they have everything they have ever wanted no one understands the real person they are.

9f268433 No.3644289

File: 1643512336003.jpg (157.56 KB, 598x609, stupid-rich-kids-these-day….jpg)

>enough to feed a family of 5 for a year

I'm all for book collecting, I myself have an arguable library of pretty expensive books. Still. I was in those "advanced placement" classes back in public school, and just about all of them were in there because their parents had connections, not necessarily because they were all that smart or accomplished. Most were really well off and of those they were all complaining about everything, and getting pissed that other people weren't pissed about what they were pissed about.

Getting to the point, one of the most aggravating moments I had in those classes was this project where we had to do something (i forget the exact nature of the project) and write a report on whatever. This one girl wrote her report on how surprised she was that you can actually wear clothes for more than just one season before trashing them, and that just one pair of her designer pants could feed "those less fortunate" for the better part of a year, so she decided to start donating her old clothes instead of just throwing them away.

She missed the point so hard. Still she probably got married to someone even richer and now just stares off into space and occasionally wonders why poor people don't just go to a heath spa in the tropics if they're so stressed out about all the COVID stuff.

8070485a No.3644292

Still waiting.

How long are we supposed to wait?

9f268433 No.3644293

File: 1643513492577.jpg (964.1 KB, 3000x4000, 4d895c1906bed15b52127881f1….jpg)

Kinda funny thing since I'm on that memory train.

A good majority of the kids in my graduating classes "advanced placement" course, including the valedictorian went completely insane within a few years of graduation. Turns out when you have every aspect of your life controlled by your parents, and then get free reigns in college, you tend to have no fucking idea what to do and go completely off the rails.

Absolutely forbidden to attend sex ed and not allowed to date: turn into a total slut

Given everything you want without question: no money management, constantly broke within a day of getting paid

Blinded to things like drugs and generally bad people: drug addiction, rape, and being taken advantage of.

You get the idea.

Apparently it doesn't matter if you memorized how to spell every word in the dictionary and read every classic book that public american education can provide, if you don't have at least basic life skills well… you fail at life. Not to mention those pretty skinny nerd girls who went to university with an unlimited meal plan and bypassed the freshman 15 all together and just instantly turned into stretch marked land whales. Most are now on welfare with tons of kids or on welfare trying to figure out how to pay so many child support checks. The lucky ones are working for their parents' companies or got married off as trophy wives.

9f268433 No.3644294

it really is a testimate to how poorly prepared for life you are when a woman ends up paying child support for 3 kids to 3 different men for their own children.

d3bbb788 No.3644295

File: 1643513852691.jpg (42.78 KB, 437x680, FKRzg0vXIAMTX6n.jpg)

Students at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business were asked by a professor to guess what the average American citizen makes in a year.

The students answered between $300,000 and $800,000. That's how out of touch they are.

9f268433 No.3644296

File: 1643514599576.webm (753.93 KB, 1280x720, e7fd8bf60035494a649bf0d31….webm)

I'm not at all shocked, and that makes me sad.

f8af583f No.3644299

What was your most expensive book. Ill tell you about mine if you tell me about yours.

Mine was a 1st edition leatherbound pocket edition of treasure island worth 16k in fair condition mine needed about 100$ worth in repair to the covers which had been falling off since I had aquired it for $5 at a sale. Had to really study it because it had no offical date printed on it. Even with repairs it would have been worth at least 5k to 10k range which is still 10000percent more than I paid for it.

9f268433 No.3644302

File: 1643515701288.gif (417.43 KB, 480x270, one_book_that_doesnt_belon….gif)

I don't have anything like that, my most expensive book is honestly probably a first edition release of Fallout Equestria I got in a preorder. I've also got all the hard back first edition Wheel of Time books, hb first edition Song of Ice and Fire books, and hb first edition War of Light and Shadow books.

Now my oldest books are a few things in Anglo Saxon, I've got a very limited understanding of the language, but other than the titles which make me think they're documentaries on wars, I'm afraid to even open them. I got those in an estate sale and they're pretty much just for looks. They have the whole wood and leather binding and gold trim. No idea how much they're worth, probably not much.

I don't usually fixate on the cost of the books, as much as just so they look uniform on my shelves. I really hate having just one book in a series that doesn't have a binding or is from a different release from the rest. Its not quite full blown OCD, but it does bother the hell out of me

9f268433 No.3644304

File: 1643515976106.jpg (20.52 KB, 817x427, anime-characters-died-mult….jpg)

I'm also not going to lie about having so much manga that it fills two of my cases.

Which as a book collector kinda takes away from your image.

f8af583f No.3644305

I just thought I'd make a few dolllars off a old book and thought I'd invest in restoration as well if I find something. I believe could be a diamond in the rough turns out I was beyond right I hit the motherfucking jackpot but lost the book in a move I did have it wrapped up to keep it preserved at least though. I was looking at the don Quixote set that was available though sadly was way out of my spending range but being like you say estate sales are great for bargain shopping for some items and such.

f8af583f No.3644306

For my manga collection sadly I just had most of Naruto handfuls of others sold the lot to pawn shop for a few hundred.

9f268433 No.3644310

File: 1643516489142-0.png (1.34 MB, 1140x1140, il_1140xN.3379976463_ae5k.png)

File: 1643516489142-1.png (2.98 MB, 1224x1476, 20220121_002413(2).png)

estate sales are something I usually visit when I'm bored. Most people don't know what they're actually selling, and most people don't know what they're buying. I've found some pretty neat things in them.

I don't really consider these "books" exactly, but I have to say my most expensive and expansive collection is DnD books. I've got basically the complete 3-3.5 line up. Plus all of Salvador's and Lance's books. I used to be a hard core lvl 99 dungeon master.

9f268433 No.3644312

File: 1643516782300-0.jpg (63.58 KB, 474x593, kagome_my_penis_is_behavin….jpg)

my manga collection is so extensive and embarrassing that I don't even want to talk about it. I lived a walk away from a half priced book store back in college and spent way more than I should have on things like the complete naruto and inuyasha collections just to paint the picture. It didn't stop there.

9f268433 No.3644314

File: 1643517328209.jpg (288.83 KB, 1599x1200, cooks_illustrated.jpg)

Also not technically books, but I've got every "Cook's Illustrated" yearly release from 1990 to present. I like their style. I've got their supplement books too.

f8af583f No.3644315

So apparently neo is alive and well the matrix is covid neo is its name. Lol fucking he'll is this shit.

f8af583f No.3644316

Well think of it like this hardcover vs softcover readers digest has a distinct function hard is the book version and the soft is the magazine version so which is that in this.

9f268433 No.3644317

File: 1643517760458.jpg (51.08 KB, 1200x628, one-piece-sanji-cookbook-1….jpg)

I usually just by the hardback yearly edition because its not like a recipe is going to suddenly be invalid, or the research behind it is going to be super out of date. I prefer just to buy the books and forgo the magazine entirely.

I make it my new year goal to cook at least one version of everything in the last year's collection.

f8af583f No.3644318

Oh ok. I got ya. So basically a collective cook book.

9f268433 No.3644320

File: 1643518953205.png (665.7 KB, 1130x658, Capture30.PNG)

on a massive scale. I never saw the reason to go before 1990, cause thats when I was born, I figure if I master every recipe that they've published since I was born, thats kind of an accomplishment. Which I have achieved.

Still at this point is would be a very, very, heavy collective cook book. Then again what you retain from your books is far more valuable than how expensive your collections, and how numerous your library. There is a term for that… I think its…tsundoku? Buying books but never reading them. Which I think is a bloody crime punishable by local librarians hitting you with to-be-discarded books unto death.

f8af583f No.3644321

Lol i was the one in my school back in elementary that was about to raise the most money during a readathon and I was one of those kids that didnt limit themselves to simple books either I was one of those advanced reading types that even exceeded my classes advanced classes lol and I'm talking raising anywhere between $1 to 10 per book so it was all sponsored reading and I raised little over $15,000. So you can imagine how I'd feel if even one book went unread the collectable versions were there for their prestige but I always got a spare copy for reading if I enjoy it enough. Used to have multiple editions of both harry potter and the silverwing set even lord of the rings. Bit of a LoTR nerd one of the biggest.

f8af583f No.3644323

She probably gave you a concussion which kinda caused the brain to bounce around and autocorrect itself for bad wiring me when I did do class I either did ok just to get it over with or did really well. Reading and absorbing information was more my thing though. I still went outside and interacted with others. Wasn't the unpopular kid by a long shot kids either steered clear of me or when we did interact no one ever tried to bully me byt we got along all the same no real enemies till I became an young adult. If you could believe it. My life was that of a beyond average persons. I grew up not realizing people were intimidated by me despite my having been skinny as fuck for a kid and small so its surprising when I found out the why people shy away from me early on. Ive always been vocal and blunt with a do not care if it hurts others feelings kinda guy and sometimes it got me into trouble.

fd044304 No.3644324

same, but the best shit is untranslated so I just read online. Don't underestimate my manga recommendations btw. Never read the Putin Isekai manga? It's awesome

fd044304 No.3644327

File: 1643530268259.jpg (975.36 KB, 1200x1723, Rideon king ch1_95f728_698….jpg)

2aefc26d No.3644331

File: 1643548865368.jpg (392.13 KB, 2000x1333, blm-jail-reform-group-lux-….jpg)

Good news everyone! The issues ailling black people in the USA have been resolved and an era of equality just started.


BLM leaders have faced an excess of available funds
- now that BLM doesn't have a point - and they donated millions to some canadian Art and Activism charity.

059f7c09 No.3644337

File: 1643553763367.jpg (686.24 KB, 1932x2580, 4900_artist-colon-horsedan….jpg)

> Worst, most people don't have straight up "theft" insurance on their cars.
That's good news! Since they saved the expense of theft insurance that means they have more money available for a down payment on a replacement car.

Or did they simply squander it on cocaine?

69bf6da0 No.3644340

File: 1643555669526.png (36.67 KB, 2000x1187, Depreciation_car.svg_.png)

The cost of a full car insurance is about $800 per year over the basic rate. If you expect your car to be stolen every 5 years, you break even if your car was worth more than $10,000 when you bought it. If your car is stolen every 10 years, it has to be worth more than $45,000 when you got it to get your money back.

You don't buy a $10,000 car in a neighborhood where you are guaranteed to get your car stolen every five years, nor do you buy a $45k car in a neighborhood where it gets stolen once in ten years. The insurance company always wins.

6a0337a4 No.3644342

File: 1643557967869.jpg (112.96 KB, 800x600, c0065949-800px-wm.jpg)

Change of subject—several sites have whistleblower morticians and funeral directors reporting they are finding long wormlike structures blocking veins and arteries in 80% of their deceased clients. No joke. A Dr. Ruby at Stew Peters and also now Infowars and others reporting alarming stuff. Seems to be attributed to the clot shot, causing red blood cells, over time, to stack up like coins into long fibrous strands.

9f268433 No.3644346

That just proves the vaccine works, you can't get the virus if you're dead.

5ca1ac8b No.3644347


FANTASTIC! Why did I not think of that!
Now THAT thinking is what they call Statesman-craft!

f8af583f No.3644350

I think thats because its a form of clotting. So clotshot has now been proven. You get or have got the shot. You dug your graves so don't be coming to people like me and asking for help or saving you fell for your own stupidity and its your own damn fault take the responsibility and just die allready.

2aefc26d No.3644351


And as always the state solution to the problem is expensive. Billions wasted when drinking an inexpensive bottle of bleach achieves the same as the vaccine and much faster.

9c444bab No.3644352



c28df8e4 No.3644358

That's not the ONLY source though. You're dissing the messenger and ignoring the message itself.

aa104b4e No.3644366

File: 1643578581226.jpg (586.96 KB, 2816x2112, 1615764245816-2_96.jpg)

>That's not the ONLY source though.
And yet all the sources are so untrustworthy that you dare not post any of them.

c28df8e4 No.3644370

Are you so lazy you can't use Google?

c28df8e4 No.3644371

its the hypocrisy of the left that is driving independents to the Conservative voting block.

Everyone knows that the BLM riots were chaos and lawless, but the Religion of Woke wont allow anyone to speak of it from their own side… they turn on each other like a pack of jackals over the slightest indiscretion.

Its controlled mob theory, zealotry on the level of early religions. Church of Woke is now operational.

However, moderates and old school democrats are flocking to conservative candidates in mass numbers. We are rejecting the Church of Woke in a slow and steady manner.

d3bbb788 No.3644372

File: 1643590324883.webm (2.08 MB, 320x180, Jefferies_vs_Cakes.webm)


Conservatism hasn't won a popular vote for president since 2004 and even then you only won 50.7% of the vote.

Your guys only ever get into office because the electoral collage gives states with less people in them more voting power.

No one is being driven to your nonsense. You couldn't win the special Olympics without it being rigged in your favor.

Every policy you have falls apart under the BAREST of scrutiny.

d3bbb788 No.3644373

File: 1643590888664.jpg (136.77 KB, 592x680, Trump_Rally_1-28-22.jpg)


Cobalt, no one who communicates as poorly as you do is a frequent reader. You can barely string a sentence together.

The most advanced thing you ever read was probably Clifford the Big Red Dog and you were probably jacking off while you did it.

d3bbb788 No.3644374

>That's not the ONLY source though.

Infowars only posts bullshit. If it's there, it had to pass their standards for high quality bullshit. They only publish the highest quality stupid.

c28df8e4 No.3644375

Which means, of course, you simply don't like what they publish.

6d3b0b51 No.3644377

I got kicked out of school for being too smart for my own good bro learn your place cause you were nothing short of childish lazy when it came to books in school. I'm betting the only one who fits your description is yourself.

bc8a7adf No.3644380

>I got kicked out of school for being too smart

Nothing about you could ever be described as "smart"

d3bbb788 No.3644382

>I got kicked out of school for being too smart for my own good bro

Translation: I was a violent thug or got caught with drugs so many times they kicked me out.

9f268433 No.3644383

File: 1643597526194.gif (174.46 KB, 220x165, stephen-colbert-popcorn.gif)

6d3b0b51 No.3644384

Whatever fgt not like you can prove your claim anyways and all your words are just hearsay. Again you probably didnt do well in any classes involving reading cause you comprehend at a retard level.

f804e4a1 No.3644385

File: 1643598222375.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1804x1760, FJ7HAZAUUAAzytL.jpeg)

>gets kicked out of school for "being too smart for my own good"
So you were a delinquent?

6d3b0b51 No.3644386

Teachers hate harassment and I kept harassing them for more schoolwork for my grade 11 credits. Kinda a right of mine but yet they kept refusing and I kept bothering them. And we all know that they don't like being seen as less inteligent in front of many people they are there to teach so I became a target for being kicked out.

9f268433 No.3644388

File: 1643601341000.jpg (44.53 KB, 597x414, i-hate-high-school_o_81554….jpg)

As stupid as that story sounds, I had a similar thing. I was in this program where you could go to the local community college instead of high school if you passed a test, which I did. So my last 2 years of high school were actually spent in college a few minutes down the street.

I almost didn't graduate because of that stupid "no child left behind" thing requiring you to have so many "in class hours" on various subjects, and since the high school ran on semesters, and the college ran on quarters I didn't have enough time in geometry, specifically on the pythagorean theorem to graduate, despite being in a trig 2 class. They probably gave me the option to do it as a joke.

Ended up having to full on rape an online geometry course that the high school offered just to graduate. If you got a 95 or better on the pretest you got to skip that lesson, and I pretty much skipped them all and finished a years work in 2 off-brand energy drink fueled days. Still didn't get to walk in graduation, but I got a print out of my diploma mailed to (the wrong address). Still counts though.

Being one of two gay people in school back then, and being in a rural fuck you chatholic area, I was pretty frowned upon by just about everyone, kids and teachers alike. The other gay guy didn't even like me because I wasn't flamboyant at all, and he practically exploded in sparkles with every step he took.

bc8a7adf No.3644389

I stopped giving a fuck about school after getting expelled for having a tiny little swiss army knife. Fucking zero tolerance bullshit

9f268433 No.3644390

File: 1643602136145.jpg (21.08 KB, 480x360, because_fuck_you_ima_van.jpg)

I think about the only cool thing that actually came from me being in that program was this one time that I got stopped in the hallway for having a cellphone. High School policy was that if you talked on a phone on school grounds, it would be taken until you parents picked it up. I was making a call to a professor to explain that I might be late for class because of a required seminar on why we need to go to college, when I got stopped by the vice principle and he demanded me give him my phone. I basically told him to fuck off, and went to my college class.

Funny thing was they put up some cones to prevent people from leaving at the bottom of the hill leading up to the high school, I just rammed them and went to my college classes. Cause, why drive a doomsday black Chevy Tiera as a teenager if you can't plow through a few road blocks now and then.

The memory was worth the detention time.

9f268433 No.3644392

thats not the actual model of van. The Tiera only came in pastel colors, but my dad is a super car enthusiast. So he had it painted by a friend black and red since I was (and still am) a total gothy emoish sadsack of edgelordness.

Also got away with having all the windows limo tinted, since my dad's left eye is blind from an accident in the military, so he was able to get away with doing that legally, and as his kid at the time I got away with it too. Sooo many times I got pulled over… so few tickets.

6d3b0b51 No.3644393

Only thing I get stopped by cops for these days is mistaken identity also why I can commit a crime and get away with it cause they will just go after someone else aka my local criminal doppelganger and I even know their name no less I keep getting called andrew by random people at times and that how I figured that I had a clone. And probably why I have to go freelance these days because people assume that I'm some criminal when I have no criminal record. Bit stupid.

9f268433 No.3644395

You really shouldn't be committing crimes at your age. I'm bragging about being a shit in high school, but both of us are in our 30's now, you really shouldn't be doing criminal stuff anymore. Its now more deplorable than rebellious.

6d3b0b51 No.3644396

Not really. So called crimes arent crimes but an opinion of someone corrupt. Dancing around with semantics is part of legal interpretation in canada they do but also don't allow certain actions. But when its shit like denying people freedoms to protest I'm damn straight not gonna tolerate it and allow it to happen I'm going to intervene even if in their eyes they wanna see it as criminal. The law is a mess right now and peoples rights being trampled on so criminal is in the eye of the beholder and what you do on the extreme.

9f268433 No.3644397

File: 1643603944535.jpg (15.43 KB, 270x406, 9781671871809_p0_v1_s550x4….jpg)

meh, just don't break into houses, rob people, or do stupid stuff that cause other people to have to endure unsafe situations and I don't rally care.

And I guess get permission if you're going to do some graffitti.

Really if you aren't hurting anyone, break as many laws as you want.

9f268433 No.3644398

File: 1643604208611.jpg (159.5 KB, 930x859, 16a.jpg)

by copyright laws, I basically get a life sentence in prison every day just from what I do digitally.

Who am I to point fingers at victimless crimes?

6d3b0b51 No.3644399

Tbh I was refering to tonight's police raid being orchestrated over the whole convoy apparently poodeu Castro sans testicles cant handle true peaceful protest but News flash here in canada we have a law which gives the citizens the right to refuse arrest and not be tried as a criminal under the crime prevention act an officer is not allowed to abuse their position and if the public deems it necessary can citizen arrest an officer. So that being said fuck the police if they wanna deny freedoms ill deny theirs by violating every single one. And if they protest well we can just punish them harder in sure they will enjoy it regardless since they open carry BDSM GEAR. Publicly!

9f268433 No.3644400

Its a classic tactic called "raiding the villiage" they put all of the local force on patrol and bring in the state forces as well, it results in a show of force.

Pretty good tactic at limiting crime in small areas, and catching people who have warrants.

f8af583f No.3644401

Cept this is an illegal order in this case. The right to occupy and protest is a right. And an officer has no right to fear for their life they are there to serve and protect failure to do so will result in riots. And by pushing a riot they will claim that its illegal cause they are being violent and the criminal code clearly has a lot of things covered here sadly most don't realize they are protected just that people are trying to just deny these facts and deny rights simply because they dont want to lose any semblence of power they have. But watch they start towing trucks with people sleeping inside and I bet you out comes baseball bats and caved in cops heads enmasse truckers are not known for sitting back they will fight back. Truckers are just another form of biker dont fuck with any.

9f268433 No.3644403

File: 1643605460689.png (503.7 KB, 670x528, NightmareMoon_S3.png)

remember to use your punctuation. I really enjoy talking to you but sometimes you get less than coherent.

It can be a little aggravating.

f8af583f No.3644404

That's just cause I tend to be quite lazy. I kinda gave up on focusing a lot of energy on cleaning my writing being I tend to think and contemplate a lot more than normal people tend to I tend to see a lot of sides and being often there's woo much to say I find it tiresome to waste a lot of time trying to. Plus I'm watching. That vanitas vampire anime so I'm also preoccupied.

f8af583f No.3644406

Also my phone just does shit to my writing without me doing it so periods in wrong places and so on.

9f268433 No.3644407

File: 1643605770380.jpg (23.09 KB, 728x407, my-little-pony-princess-lu….jpg)

I got you a toybox of things to use ";l..,,,,,,:;!?….."

You arent unintelligent, you just get lazy in your expressions now and then.

f8af583f No.3644408

Again my phone just does shit to my writing and I can't be able to see every bit of bad placements of the periods so minimal even it autofucks instead of corrects.

9f268433 No.3644409

it happens

5da08726 No.3644411

Nah they just want to live their 15 minutes of fame and the guy is legit getting what he deserves. Because he is a little fucker.

fd044304 No.3644421

ive decided furries need to die

but how

d3bbb788 No.3644422

>Chevy Tiera

Do you mean a Chevy Astro Tiara?
Kinda makes me doubt you drove one if you can't spell the word.

d3bbb788 No.3644423

File: 1643624368608.jpg (69.63 KB, 579x900, FKW-i-sWYAY7TZK.jpg)

>I kinda gave up on focusing a lot of energy on cleaning my writing being I tend to think and contemplate a lot more than normal people tend to I tend to see a lot of sides and being often there's woo much to say I find it tiresome to waste a lot of time trying to.

We know it's hard for you.
Basically, your brain is like a 1980s computer. You have to think long and hard about even the most simple task that more advanced people could do in a second.

We understand your struggle, take all the time you need.

d3bbb788 No.3644425

File: 1643625249729.png (173.18 KB, 598x571, Trump_Admits_Conspiracy_Ag….png)

Meanwhile in stupid Republican news: Democrat Susan Collins trolled Trump by writing legislation which CLEARLY spelled out that the vice president role in certifying the electoral votes is purely symbolic so no one, Democrat or Republican can ever make that stupid argument again.

Trump, being the dumbest man alive, responded by putting out a statement saying this proves he was right and that Mike Pence should have overturned the election and made him president again like he wanted.

So, again, openly admitting to planning treason.

I don't know if Republicans are retweeting his stupid, stupid, statement out of support for him or if they are trying to get him banned from running. It's hard to tell at this point.

d3bbb788 No.3644426

File: 1643626228583-0.png (31.09 KB, 545x224, t2t3ehhe.png)

File: 1643626228583-1.png (29.59 KB, 532x219, trehtdrtfe.png)

File: 1643626228583-2.png (31.48 KB, 550x225, 353y5rgrfrr.png)

File: 1643626228583-3.png (24.1 KB, 527x176, errfwgwrrgh.png)

File: 1643626228583-4.png (21.11 KB, 550x205, Jan6th_Committee.png)


A lot of hard core conservatives seem to be throwing Trump under the bus hard for saying the quiet part out-loud.

Lawyers and legal experts are all chiming in saying he's admitting to a crime.

The comedians are also ripping him a new one. It's a party all around.

Trump's admission of guilt, in writing, especially legally troublesome for him since just two days ago he promised that if he wins election he will pardon all the insurrectionists from Jan6th.

6a0337a4 No.3644431

File: 1643628714172.jpg (299.01 KB, 925x727, 3b_lol_a.jpg)

5f098a0a No.3644432

File: 1643629049890.png (341.84 KB, 600x478, the-fox-news-trump-honeymo….png)

Has Fox news stopped caring about Trump?

8070485a No.3644435

I dunno, what's Rupert Murdoch's stance on Trump?

8070485a No.3644436

File: 1643630215622.jpg (35.63 KB, 552x522, 272965056_361007449196620_….JPG)

A year into Biden's administration and you really can't find any Biden supporters anymore. It's like he doesn't even exist and in the place of a tired, demented, racist installed president (thank you Billionaires, tech oligarchs and Chinese buddies), Trump's sexual prowess is taking over.

That's the number one reason these people don't like Trump, because he'll never have sex with them.

efa7e976 No.3644437

A couple of comedians sent people to the latest Trump rally to find the kooks.
It took them only a couple minutes to find them and let them spout.
"Biden is dead, he's been replaced by a robot."
"The Jews want to keep selling their fake "Maus" comic book."
"Biden and his family did business in China," (Not even mentioning all the business the Trump family still does there, like Trump merchandise having "Made In China" on it.)
"Vaccines will kill all of us in (fill in the blank time)."

Trump's cronies and fans have been described as a larger version of Jim Jones and his suicide cult, and they are right. It is a cult.

4c719460 No.3644438

File: 1643636687372.jpg (144.66 KB, 1600x900, 220113133344-stewart-rhode….jpg)

8070485a No.3644439

File: 1643639550338.jpg (67.47 KB, 680x569, Ea3yZw-WAAE9XOP_jpg-226121….JPG)

You should see the nonsense going on in left wing circles:

Men can actually get pregnant

COVID vaccines will completely protect you from getting or transmitting COVID

Joe Biden is more popular than Obama

Inflation is good, it means people are buying stuff

"Workers" who protest aren't really workers, they're actually secret white supremacists

Food comes from the grocery store, not trucks

Electricity comes from the wall outlet, not power plants

4c719460 No.3644440

File: 1643640959702-0.jpg (113.94 KB, 920x613, 654cc0c6f7.jpg)

File: 1643640959702-1.png (438.24 KB, 755x350, nuclear_reactor_technologi….png)

File: 1643640959702-2.jpg (315.71 KB, 2056x1157, 211209080300-restricted-11….jpg)

Japan, China, Europe
More train transpiration infrastructure.
Healthy political stability and stable taxes.
Less car use, sustainable city planning.
Better healthcare system.

United States
Two party system that created destructive groups black lives matter, conservatives anti Asians.
A lot of concrete road deserts that take up land space should be good for train rails to deliver goods and people. Too many cars. Drug cartels near the boarder of the U.S. making a profit to destroy the south American environment?

Why are there a lot of conservatives, black live matter, bureaucratic wealth elites who hate the idea of having better trains? "ooh we have Elon Musk he's showing us he making our live better? Elon musk is a con artist, he's a living joke! Ask me Why the fuck is the rest of the world living better than the United States?

Something showing a sign that there's a war happening in Venezuela.

5d0b04f6 No.3644441

Most of the local train systems in Europe are government boondoggles and 60-80% of the ridership is on subsidies because it costs too much otherwise.

>Trains are 5x more expensive than buses and trams for the same distance.

Paris to Brussels by train 35 - 50 EUR
By car: 300 km x 5 L/100 km x 1.7 EUR/Liter = 25.50 EUR.

8070485a No.3644443

Of course. Rail systems are just boondoggles that make rich people rich. Just look at that California "rail project".

5da08726 No.3644447

Hey if its what tv wants then you paid for it.

9f268433 No.3644450

assuming you've ever paid for live tv in your life.

The only live tv I ever had since I left my parents house as a teen was from bunny ears. Other than that, on demand streaming master race.

I still have flashbacks of 3am background noise infomercials trying to sell russian diamonds that can only be mined for a few months due to permafrost, and how spoon sets are selling so fast and you have to act now or forever be scorned by all your friends and family.

bc8a7adf No.3644451

Growing up out in the sticks the cable companies didn't even offer service to us. We got our TV through a satellite and would use hacked boxes with these cards we would have to update through a printer serial cable and 28k dial up internet.

At least we got the premium channels for free.

fd044304 No.3644452


this is like the most intense fucking story ever, holy shit, I have to keep pausing it because the suspense and suffering on display is appalling

d3bbb788 No.3644453

File: 1643654227282.jpg (265.84 KB, 1200x800, LeraPI-947306-OC_Mint_stre….jpg)

>Most of the local train systems in Europe are government boondoggles and 60-80% of the ridership is on subsidies because it costs too much otherwise.

Using your logic highways and roads are all boondoggles wasting money on pavement and upkeep with the government subsidizing most of it because it's too expensive for any individual to pay for the roads they use on their own.


2aefc26d No.3644465


It can only be compared if anybody can run a train line on the subsidized rails.

And it's not possible because you can only have so many trains on your network and you need to control all of them to avoid collisions.

The problem of Europe is that industry moved to China and the average worker has to drive/ride a train to work because there's little left where she lives. Plus wages are terrible thanks to unemployment and migrants putting pressure on them.

Result : You have to subsidise workers taking the train, or else they can't fucking afford to go to work.

1645b151 No.3644466

During our first year in office, we achieved:

- The greatest year of job growth in American history
- The fastest economic growth in nearly four decades
- Record drops in unemployment

Now, we’ve got to keep the progress going by passing my Build Back Better Agenda.

cf0fd9f2 No.3644467

File: 1643671776569.jpeg (5.88 KB, 201x251, imagytges (9).jpeg)

And on what Earth in what alternate universe did you achieve this?
It sure as HELL wasn't HERE.
You actually HAD all those things under Trump, and you threw it all away.
Didn't like his "mean tweets", I guess.

652c2667 No.3644471

File: 1643673324689.jpg (20.99 KB, 370x400, Biden Did That.jpg)


No, you didn't get any of those things.

All of the growth was simply the economy returning to normal after recovering from the artificial bottom forced upon it.

It's easy to see growth when you conveniently forget the enormous non-recessionary drop in economic activity that occurred the year before.

What we do have is an increase in inflation, as evidenced, in part, by increasing consumer goods and energy prices. We're pretty much back to the Carter years, all we're missing is the 20% loan rates we had in the late 1970s.

5da08726 No.3644477

File: 1643676642409.jpg (445.35 KB, 1296x972, 1512309752371.jpg)

Good, politically speaking there are no future aspects to change in the world. And doing so will arbitrarily cause further road blocking for people to the point society will cease to function. It is sort of a hemo-philiac well being that will undoubted drain the resourcing of your country, diversifying through egregious entitlements to services that neither promote or sustain the current economic will cause the fallout of its infrastructure.

What does this mean really? To be honest and really it means short of having good dental you don't need any special treatment. If you have a baby, don't expect anyone to raise it but you. If you suddenly think you are getting a raise, you are actually getting demoted, not even doctors should keep their 50 dollar an hour salary after 10 or so years, they don't even need it. The point is to live in your means or the whole system gets bulldozed. And when you start to think that is unfair realize you had your time and it came and went. That is sort of what equality is.

35e7207c No.3644478

File: 1643677804973.jpg (25.78 KB, 250x300, dunce.jpg)


>Reverting to the mean = growth

By the Elder Gods….

e66cfdd6 No.3644479

Joe Rogan breaks silence on Spotify controversy over COVID content


d3bbb788 No.3644480

File: 1643681189331.png (239.44 KB, 598x528, Thomas Massie on Twitter.png)

Republican politician Thomas Massie is in hot water for mis-attributing a quote to Voltaire, the French, Enlightenment era philosopher when it was actually a quote from a 1993 Neo-Nazi book called, "All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us".

So what do you think, did he purposefully quote the Neo-Nazi or was he just so stupid he didn't know any better?

d3bbb788 No.3644481


Joe Biden's only achievement has been doing the bare minimum while America struggles to recover in spite of his efforts to funnel all the money to the wealthy.

His numbers only look good because the economy collapsed under Trump when Covid hit.

It's easy to have "record growth" when you are recovering from a record breaking loss.

d3bbb788 No.3644482

File: 1643681688920.jpg (43.98 KB, 655x680, FKSHCJjVgAAsQAu.jpg)


Joe Rogan is an idiot.

His defense is that he did nothing wrong. He is only letting his guest say what they want to say.

That argument falls apart if one of his guests says something like, "We should round up all the vaccinated and execute them."

If you know someone is saying something to promote death and violence and you say nothing against it, you are just as guilty as they are.

572c73c3 No.3644483

File: 1643685095546-0.jpeg (124.71 KB, 640x643, 4654DC55-3F3C-41CA-9C5A-4….jpeg)

File: 1643685095546-1.jpeg (135.1 KB, 1024x1024, 543ABAFD-0ADA-419B-9483-A….jpeg)

File: 1643685095546-2.jpeg (132.57 KB, 796x960, 1F9008B3-1323-42F4-9162-4….jpeg)

Are you getting a cut from the pharma companies like your favorite politicians or are you just a little unpaid bitch?

Price of freedom has always been death. I wish I could say it’s been paid but that was only the down payment.

d3bbb788 No.3644487

File: 1643692601796.jpg (59.53 KB, 546x680, FKPmj-cWUAA4hWn.jpg)

>Price of freedom has always been death.

Mostly it's conservatives paying the price so I'm okay with it.

9f268433 No.3644492

File: 1643693003640.jpg (45.87 KB, 900x596, Rouxls Kaard.jpg)

I still think this COVID thing is a complete hoax. I've been trying to get into this VA rehab program since the first the first tuesday of November, and just keep getting pushed back a week, every week, because of the virus. I only put up with it because, honestly its not like I have anything else to do, but most people can't just put everything on hold for 3 months and sit patiently next to a go bag.

First it was the ward went on lockdown because people kept infecting eachother, so no one on the floor was able to do anything because of a quarantine lockdown in effect until everyone tested negative. That never happened.

Then the program got shut down because the staff quit. So I had to wait until they got new staff. Then they got new staff, brought everyone in for the normal employment training and what not, where they did the COVID tests on all the new staff. One guy showed up positive so they had to be quarantined, so some just refused the job, rinse wash repeat.

The VA being a government organization has to follow their own stupid rules, so its not like there is any reason to get mad at the people trying to schedule me, but damn son, when you can't even function because you're afraid of a cold that no one is even aware they have, and your entire staff and patients are required to be vaccinated against, but somehow all still have, you have problems.

The Covid hystaria is like an extreme global clusterfuck version of when I purposefully derail a thread when I'm bored.

9f268433 No.3644494

File: 1643694241280.jpg (37.66 KB, 578x400, q3256jyhsf.jpg)

One of the worst parts is, you can't even be neighborly and help anyone anymore. Back when the local schools were kinda reopening, but just via online classrooms, I put up this flier at the dog park. I make a little extra money on the side fixing computers and that kind of jazz. So I figured I'd just pro-bono fix up people's computers and make sure they could connect to the school's stream and such.

Its not such a big deal, essentially you just run safe mode, scan with ccleaner and malwarebytes, check settings, clear out a few obviously malicious software, make sure the webcam and mic is detected, and that you can connect to the school. Then the normal problems started where a month later people break their computers by downloading every link from porn sites, blame you, threaten to sue and want like full time customer support, despite me not being a company, and them only vaugly being a "customer."

Really if anyone thought that online only school was actually a solution to anything, they need to be hog tied by a chain to the back of a pickup truck.

68e311d5 No.3644496

File: 1643694857912.gif (48.25 KB, 500x746, tumblr_o6pqoub78Y1uljx89o1….gif)

Sounds like a deficiency in Vitamin DIY.

9f268433 No.3644498

File: 1643695044495.jpg (9.36 KB, 225x225, allmight diy.jpg)

you'd be surprised at how common and annoying those kinds of people are.

Its almost as bad as people who bring you completely shot computers and blame you for breaking them.
>I'm sorry but your PSU was filled with what appears to be cherry jack and coke, and your motherboard is sticky
>well fix it! And don't open anything in the download folder
>audible groans

c86f5cfe No.3644499

File: 1643695215518.png (69.96 KB, 853x680, gravewatercontamination.png)

Imagine all of the dead that is infected with the virus stayed dormant in graves as it leeches to the ground water. What if these graves filled up till there's no space left?

68e311d5 No.3644500

File: 1643695306851.jpg (124.03 KB, 1080x1066, 1643658037026.jpg)

I am also very lazy and don't care about people's problems like you might think.

8070485a No.3644501

File: 1643695341088.jpeg (262.83 KB, 1032x1521, 1IeZhtp.jpeg)

Leftists continually spout nonsense from genocidal, mass murdering, insane communists. They even fly the hammer & sickle flag, you know, the flag of Soviet RUSSIA?

Anyone in possession of a pro-Russia propaganda (remember, Putin was the KGB) should be executed on the spot.

572c73c3 No.3644504

File: 1643697300329-0.png (397.83 KB, 713x804, C1A4C0CF-F0F0-47FA-B464-8C….png)

File: 1643697300329-1.jpeg (171.84 KB, 1024x576, 11F2CA35-0852-41FE-A3AB-F….jpeg)

File: 1643697300329-2.jpeg (189.22 KB, 1024x576, 2272605E-C6BD-4797-8721-1….jpeg)

File: 1643697300329-3.gif (1.22 MB, 574x750, D588279B-DD41-45BA-A153-84….gif)

I seriously doubt Leftists will ever die from anything other than heart disease…..


9f268433 No.3644505

File: 1643699383336.png (971.41 KB, 1200x675, mcdonalds-2015-ad-campaign….png)

Eventually democrats and republicans will learn to love each other and become libertarians.


d3bbb788 No.3644506

File: 1643700364627.jpg (73.55 KB, 507x679, Trigger_A_Capitalist.jpg)

>They even fly the hammer & sickle flag, you know, the flag of Soviet RUSSIA?

9f268433 No.3644508

who needs flowers when democrats can surprise their loved ones with a faked hate crime.

Smash her car in and spray paint "crackers go home" on her hood. The most romantic of valentines gifts.

2aefc26d No.3644509

> was he just so stupid he didn't know any better?

That quote is widely known, and attributed to Voltaire. Mis-attributed apparently.
So what, that politician isn't all knowing, big woop. That doesn't make the quote any less wise anyway.

fd044304 No.3644512


it came from voltaire, cope

fd044304 No.3644515

You should see the nonsense going on in left wing circles:

Men can actually get pregnant

COVID vaccines will completely protect you from getting or transmitting COVID

Joe Biden is more popular than Obama

Inflation is good, it means people are buying stuff

"Workers" who protest aren't really workers, they're actually secret white supremacists

Food comes from the grocery store, not trucks

Electricity comes from the wall outlet, not power plants

2aefc26d No.3644517

>white supremacists

You forgot:
The recent wave of crime against Asian is done by white supremacist blacks.

0d0573bf No.3644518

File: 1643717664959.jpg (314.76 KB, 1280x720, INCELS.jpg)

Some weakling commie didn't like me posting Marcus Follin videos, so I'll post some more…

In this one he talks about incels, and incel behaviour and how destructive it is to act in such a manner:

0d0573bf No.3644519

File: 1643717979918.jpg (22.17 KB, 336x188, A_Heads_Up_Also_What_Do_I_….jpg)

He makes some good points in this video, talking about how a percentage of people don't really take the time anymore to analyse things, and also how changing ones' mindset can affect the world around oneself. This is something I've heard a lot in my life, from many positive and influential people, and also experienced myself.

0d0573bf No.3644520

File: 1643718230820.jpg (30.95 KB, 336x188, I_Was_Angry_And_Frustrated….jpg)

He gives a couple of simple tips in this video, which to be honest seem pretty mundane, but actually many people don't actively perform those suggested tips anymore, to their detriment.


0d0573bf No.3644521

File: 1643718740496.jpg (62.36 KB, 640x360, The_What_Is_The_Dot_-_The_….jpg)

Icke's going over the week's news and connecting the dots like he usually does. Talking about the tensions/theater between the US and Russia, how China fits in to things, how America is being intentionally weakened in order to allow it to be overthrown (with wokeism, trannies in kid's classrooms, inflation, destroying the military, removing southern borders, causing fear, destroying families, BLM, etc.)


0d0573bf No.3644522

File: 1643718969517.jpg (136.69 KB, 1280x720, When_The_Woke_Go_Broke_and….jpg)

When the Woke Go Broke! Jeff Berwick laughing about stupid wokesters, talking about the truck convoys and more:



0d0573bf No.3644523

File: 1643719320432.jpg (205.83 KB, 1280x720, Situation_Update_Jan_31st_….jpg)

Mike (6 gazillion jews™) Adams going over the latest news and making some reasonably positive points about the future… basically those smart enough not to have drunk the covaids koolaid rebuilding things from the ashes once the lunatics have all died out. :/
Not sure if that's how it'll go, but we'll see I guess.


0d0573bf No.3644524

File: 1643719569891.jpg (200.36 KB, 850x680, Real_Life_Bolt.jpg)

That's about all from me for today… by the way, Bolt is still awesome!

c86f5cfe No.3644525

File: 1643719904034.jpg (2.38 MB, 3387x2560, stay_woke-_kids_-hardback-….jpg)

A woke shall smoke…
A woke will poke…
A woke drank coke
Till they all go broke…
And got a stroke…
What a joke…

d3bbb788 No.3644527

File: 1643719955164.jpg (122.67 KB, 675x1200, FKZf28eXwAAblw3.jpg)


Business Dog - 7 posts in a row supporting a neo-Nazi and yet he still thinks he's one of the good guys.

fd044304 No.3644528

You should see the nonsense going on in left wing circles:

Men can actually get pregnant

COVID vaccines will completely protect you from getting or transmitting COVID

Joe Biden is more popular than Obama

Inflation is good, it means people are buying stuff

"Workers" who protest aren't really workers, they're actually secret white supremacists

Food comes from the grocery store, not trucks

Electricity comes from the wall outlet, not power plants

efa7e976 No.3644529

File: 1643721942482.png (953.27 KB, 918x621, bpuwatB.png)


You need to turn off the bullshit from Faux "news."

efa7e976 No.3644530


Unless you're too stupid to do so.

fd044304 No.3644531

yeah, i get that, but you should see the nonsense going on in left wing circles:

Men can actually get pregnant

COVID vaccines will completely protect you from getting or transmitting COVID

Joe Biden is more popular than Obama

Inflation is good, it means people are buying stuff

"Workers" who protest aren't really workers, they're actually secret white supremacists

Food comes from the grocery store, not trucks

Electricity comes from the wall outlet, not power plants

514b2540 No.3644532

free energy…is real.

efa7e976 No.3644537


Total bullshit.

efa7e976 No.3644538


So is the tooth fairy. (sarcasm off)

fd044304 No.3644539

"All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us", voltaire meant you guys, as even 3b admitted in this thread

d3bbb788 No.3644541

File: 1643730629293.jpg (107.78 KB, 680x680, FKZvrQRWYAAlTQ-.jpg)

Only a conservative could be so stupid and ignorant they think Voltaire was an American.

fd044304 No.3644542

yeah, i get that, but you should see the nonsense going on in left wing circles:

Men can actually get pregnant

COVID vaccines will completely protect you from getting or transmitting COVID

Joe Biden is more popular than Obama

Inflation is good, it means people are buying stuff

"Workers" who protest aren't really workers, they're actually secret white supremacists

Food comes from the grocery store, not trucks

Electricity comes from the wall outlet, not power plants

d3bbb788 No.3644546

File: 1643732813059.jpg (40.95 KB, 540x540, FKXx3VpX0AQ6MBH.jpg)


Can we not ban this guy for spamming the same nonsense over and over again?

He's not contributing anything. He's just copy-pasting the same stupidity.

fd044304 No.3644547

Except you don't respond to them.

And if the mod bans me, you will all wish you were never born.

fd044304 No.3644548

To paraphrase Mark Twain, 'There are three kinds of liars: liars, damned liars, and liars like 3B who take to it naturally…like breathing.'

e029454c No.3644550

File: 1643733467959.png (1.49 MB, 1140x969, Operation_Upshot-Knothole_….png)


Is everyone here lip tight about what's going on in Russia and Ukraine?

d3bbb788 No.3644551

File: 1643734514734.gif (3.37 MB, 360x202, cp9JcLX.gif)


We've talked about it extensively. There isn't much more left to say.

Putin is demanding that Russia be allowed to "Take back" land that was, at one time long ago, part of Russia. The people who live there don't want it. NATO and more importantly the U.S. is helping them defend the border.

It's just Putin putting on a show. He knows he won't get anything. The whole thing is absurd. It's like Mexico demanding we give California back.

No one seriously thinks it will happen and if he invades there will be a ground war over it and his economy will be crushed by multiple international sanctions while his global assets are frozen.

He's got nothing and he knows it.

9a10bca8 No.3644553

>Result : You have to subsidise workers taking the train, or else they can't fucking afford to go to work.

Or you could lower the $10/gallon gasoline prices by reducing the insane taxes, but that would make the socialists cry blue murder, so it isn't happening.

Also, roads aren't that expensive. Norway does a thing with their main highways where the state funds the road and then sets up toll booths, and after 5-10 years when the road is paid for they remove the booths. Roads are an investment for a better more efficient economy. Railways exist simply because the government wants them to exist - they're more expensive and less efficient than roads because you can only go from A to B and everything else has to structure around that.

76a9a9e0 No.3644557

>Norway does a thing with their main highways where the state funds the road and then sets up toll booths, and after 5-10 years when the road is paid for they remove the booths.

That means that the road cost more in the end. Construction cost + toll booth construction cost and staffing for X years.

9a10bca8 No.3644559

>land that was, at one time long ago, part of Russia

Which they grabbed by invasion in the 19th century and subsequently lost, and then invaded again in the 20th century, and lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The justification to stomp all over Eastern Europe comes from the idea that "Russia" was actually the bunch of sovereign city states and petty kingdoms that existed. Instead, what happened was that a rival kingdom emerged in the Moscow area and expanded to invade their neighbors. If you want to look for the real original Russians, the whole thing should actually be the other way around: people from Ukraine, Poland, etc. should own what is today Russia.

9a10bca8 No.3644560

An automated toll booth doesn't add significant cost to the road that costs tens or hundreds of millions to start with.

8070485a No.3644561

>Putin is demanding that Russia be allowed to "Take back" land that was, at one time long ago, part of Russia.
So essentially Putin's going with the Israeli excuse for constantly taking Palestinian land.

>Oy vey it was always Israel thousands of years ago

What's the difference between when the Jews do it (good) and when Putin does it (bad)?

9a10bca8 No.3644562

No difference. The Israelis today are a bunch of Johnny-come-lately Ashkenazi Jews who left the region around year zero, settled all over Europe, mixed with the local populations and lost their roots in the 2,000 years that followed.

Similarly, the slavic people that live in the eastern European nations are the original Russians, and the "Russians" living in Moscow are Johnny-Come-Lately fake Russians who started in the 15th century and expanded westwards in several waves of invasions. Each wave has always ended with stagnation, corruption and social collapse within the robber empire, and then the borders receded back towards Siberia.

4f11118a No.3644563

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah the coward poodeu Castro sans testicles has officially met the 5 day deadline he claimed the convoy would be dealt with for him to come out of hiding. Were here on the 5th day and he's given an order for cops to clear people out but the cops won't do it so he's now stuck in his bunker losing most of his support and people now wanting his head. Canada ain't weak we got the balls to stand and fight back even non violently also our snipers are some of the worlds best spite sharpshooters dont fuck with us lol

fd044304 No.3644565


eberías ver las tonterías que suceden en los círculos de izquierda:

Los hombres realmente pueden quedar embarazadas

Las vacunas COVID lo protegerán completamente de contraer o transmitir COVID

Joe Biden es más popular que Obama

La inflación es buena, significa que la gente está comprando cosas.

Los "trabajadores" que protestan no son realmente trabajadores, en realidad son supremacistas blancos secretos

La comida viene del supermercado, no de los camiones.

La electricidad proviene del tomacorriente de pared, no de las plantas eléctricas.

e66cfdd6 No.3644567

File: 1643738005393.jpg (56.2 KB, 600x600, Justin Turdeau.jpg)

What a cowardly crock of lies by the Canadian PM, he is using Covid as an excuse to hide from the Truckers!


"On Monday, Mr Trudeau also announced that he has tested positive for Covid-19 but is "feeling fine". He said he would continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines."

d3bbb788 No.3644569

File: 1643740131874.png (108.84 KB, 679x388, FGRJBWaXEAcyEN6.png)


The problem with toll booths is that it taxes the working class who use the roads the most and allows the wealthy to avoid paying taxes.

They don't need to travel to work every day, they don't need to take their kids to school, they don't go to public theaters or public hospitals.

The world comes to you when you are rich and you better believe that the MOMENT a state creates a toll system the rich will be issued immunity passes for those tolls or a way to write off the tolls as a tax rebate as a cost of business.

The rich work very hard to make sure they don't pay taxes no matter what form those taxes take.

d3bbb788 No.3644570

>What's the difference between when the Jews do it (good) and when Putin does it (bad)?

You would have to ask conservatives. The left has been pro-Palastine for a long time.

It's basically an open-air prison there where Israel guns down and bombs people when not trying to starve them to death.

b6de0d4a No.3644572

The last time I dealt with a toll booth I got a ticket because they didn't put any signs up stating it was a toll road until the short unannounced exit to the toll booth. Shitty thing it the "toll road" was just an extra lane on the already low traffic interstate.

Toll roads are a grift

fd044304 No.3644575

To paraphrase Mark Twain, 'There are three kinds of liars: liars, damned liars, and liars like 3B who take to it naturally…like breathing.'

fd044304 No.3644576

Another OBVIOUS shit-and-run string of posts from 3B, that's his M.O.

Nothing you say, 3B, has any validity, truth, or meaning, and nobody here believes you when they can see with their own eyes that everything you say is the opposite of what it actually is.

Yet you still try. It's laughable.

fd044304 No.3644579

>the vaccine mandates

Just when you think leftists couldn't possibly find another dumb way to kill themselves…

fd044304 No.3644580

wtf?!?! Is that really him? Any other evidence?

efa7e976 No.3644581


Would you quit posting your fucking bullshit?

Or are you so stupid?

007ac35b No.3644582

>>3644579 More like a way for conservaive retards such as yourself to improve the world, by your death from COvid.

The more rightwingers refuse to be vaccinated, the more they die and the better off the world becomes.

Those who survive can't get it up afterwards.

Covid- making the world a better place by eliminating the worthlessness rightwingers:


fd044304 No.3644584


You would have to ask leftists. The right has been pro-Lockdowns for a long time.

It's basically an open-air prison there where the government guns down and bombs people when not trying to starve them to death.

fd044304 No.3644585

3B is an idiot.

His defense is that he did nothing wrong. He is only letting us say what they want to say and replies to nothing else.

That argument falls apart if one of his guests says something like, "We should round up all the conservatives and execute them."

If you know someone is saying something to promote death and violence and you say nothing against it, you are just as guilty as they are.

007ac35b No.3644587

>>3642799 Pretty fucking stupid if you think Biden is remotely leftwing, let along a socialist.

There really isn't a god when an utter retard like you was allowed to be born and live this long.

8070485a No.3644594

That was the entire plan of the "left", they were going to gang up and bully Biden "further left".

But what they didn't realize, that everybody else knows, is that a man with two brain surgeries, who's been Wilmington's village idiot for 47 years in politics, is not calling any of these shots.

652c2667 No.3644595


Drugs are bad kids, m'kay?

652c2667 No.3644596


LOL, yes because COVID is such a dangerous disease to anyone that's remotely healthy. You're not included of course, being a uberfatfurryfag.

Turn off your television and it magically vanishes. Remember, you don't need to constantly advertise a pandemic, because it comes to you.

652c2667 No.3644597


> It's like Mexico demanding we give California back.

Yes please, they can have it.

2aefc26d No.3644599

Good. This guy is an insult to Canadians, there are flaming furry fags with more virility than he has.

cfad4ab8 No.3644604

File: 1643760783882.jpg (50.54 KB, 501x670, godisinthehouse.JPG)

>There really isn't a god

I am a millionaire on top of it with an IQ in the top 1% of the planet.

Clearly there is a god. I am he.

e029454c No.3644605

File: 1643761648707-0.jpg (70.07 KB, 736x607, e51a361a6e1735450ec2cbfbea….jpg)

File: 1643761648707-1.png (347.47 KB, 500x494, nienarryanne.png)

File: 1643761648707-2.jpg (20.27 KB, 540x540, or2NNjz.jpg)

efa7e976 No.3644606

File: 1643764119735.jpg (62.3 KB, 1000x1000, dez5g0o_02_01_2022.jpg)


"God" and "Jesus" are fairy tales.

1645b151 No.3644608

99d116af No.3644609

Prove it.

b6a0eecf No.3644610

File: 1643769306337.jpg (448.85 KB, 1280x1707, horse anus side view.jpg)

> wtf?!?! Is that really him?
Looks like him. 3B, the real one, used to post pictures here of an overweight white guy that he claimed was himself. Of course, more recently he has been claiming he's a negro.

99d116af No.3644611

File: 1643769522450.jpeg (15.69 KB, 420x315, e01d414879eabd67a90e4de20….jpeg)

e029454c No.3644612

File: 1643770183868-0.jpg (60.32 KB, 412x679, FKcl2E6XsAMtXp9.jpg)

File: 1643770183868-1.jpg (23.56 KB, 288x360, FKcl2E8XsAYiZAm.jpg)

Ohh my god, did President Donald Trump changed his gender into a young teenager?

99d116af No.3644613

Try searching for a video of a white girl fighting another white girl and see if you can find one without a black person in it. Seriously, its weird how frequently a black person is present.

70cae175 No.3644614

The only way tyranny gets defeated is through action. Words alone will only stall and prolong tyrants its just a bandaid to an otherwise lethal wound to society.

e029454c No.3644615

File: 1643770565973-0.jpg (260 KB, 1181x1823, 2750381.jpg)

File: 1643770565973-1.jpg (211.5 KB, 1200x1697, 2750384.jpg)

I cum in pies.

70cae175 No.3644617


d3bbb788 No.3644623

File: 1643774528322.jpg (44.92 KB, 680x499, FEWPQcrWUAMp3b.jpg)

I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, these doctor's are heroes.

efa7e976 No.3644624


Faulty logic.
"You can't prove it!"

Prove there IS a "God."

70cae175 No.3644625

Science can't currently quantify what is a god currently so all we can do is account of some of the eyewitnesses. I'm for one one of these eyewitnesses though I did not encounter a Christian god. More like I encountered shiva. But not like I can physically prove it till science has a means of quanitifying a god.

Is say a god is a being of ultimate creation can create a universe and thus the life within but yet outside of that creation and thus noninterference besides giving an image of itself. But don't take my word for it keep searching even it it means bearing witness to a god you may not like eventually you may humble yourself with a vision.

6a0337a4 No.3644626

You said there wasn't, so the burden of proof is on you.

efa7e976 No.3644627


Show me!

Or just STFU.

efa7e976 No.3644629


Fairy tales.

70cae175 No.3644630

Like I said don't take my word for it go look for yourself and stop pulling the I tried for 20 years crap theres no time limit on encounter with a diefied being you can just an easily waste your whole life trying to quantify a diety if they even exist etc. Why its called being graced by a presence and a humbled encounter. You may never be able to prove it but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist just that modern science can't explain it. There's theory as well to account for so you can't prove they don't exist therefore you are barking at the wind here.

9a10bca8 No.3644633

Science doesn't have to "quantify god", that's not how science works.

You have to come up with a definition and a means to test the existence of god before anyone can take your claims seriously.

People can trip on DMT and see magic elves. Does that mean elves exist? Of course not. How do you know you aren't hallucinating? Of course you don't, until you test yourself. That's why you're not an "eyewitness" any more than any other loony out there.

9a10bca8 No.3644634

>There's theory as well

There's no theory until you have testable hypotheses, which you or anyone refuses to provide. That's why god is simply a supposition.

9a10bca8 No.3644635

>The problem with toll booths is that it taxes the working class who use the roads the most

That's kinda… not a problem. Quite the opposite. The expense should be directed towards those who use it, so the cost of labor goes up by distance and road access. If the roads are subsidized to the actual users by socializing the cost, then businesses and corporations don't see the true cost and are liable to cause economic inefficiency.

The Norwegian road tolls are completely automatic. They photograph your license plate and send you a monthly bill.

9a10bca8 No.3644637

>They don't need to travel to work every day, they don't need to take their kids to school, they don't go to public theaters or public hospitals.

As business owners and employers, they need to pay people who do. If you can't come to work because you can't afford the road tolls, then that's either a bad business location or you pay too little. If your customers don't come to your shop because they have to pay too much road toll, you take your business elsewhere. Why should the society build roads just for your benefit?

The road tolls actually slow down things like American style massive supermarkets in the middle of a field nowhere that kill all the local businesses. Small shops that would otherwise not even require a car to access. When the cost of driving is socialized and subsidized, the people see no penalty besides the fuel cost in driving further for small savings, which is an illusion since they end up paying more tax AND killing their own job opportunities.

9a10bca8 No.3644638

>The rich work very hard to make sure they don't pay taxes no matter what form those taxes take.

In a socialist society, the only way to become rich is by cheating, which makes the whole thing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fundamental problem is that the socialist society gives money to the rich by giving money to the poor and having them spend it unwisely. That's what economic inefficiency does: you put money in the wrong place and take it from the wrong people, and it ends up in the wrong pockets. First because they can't do anything about it, and secondly because the state and the rich are inevitably the same thing and write the rules for themselves.

fd044304 No.3644640

Someone in another thread called him a known pedophile and he just vanished. He hasn't been here since.

What, the, fuck? You're housing people like this?

fd044304 No.3644641

Leftists continually spout nonsense from genocidal, mass murdering, insane communists. They even fly the hammer & sickle flag, you know, the flag of Soviet RUSSIA?

Anyone in possession of a pro-Russia propaganda (remember, Putin was the KGB) should be executed on the spot.

625ec399 No.3644642


OK then. But what about American mass murderes in unuform, torturers from CIA who "practise" on people they know is innocent, Drone-pilots who kills childen and bystanders, Special forces who deliberately murder civilians for fun as a "first blood" ritual to win a beer and not to forget the old creep Bush senior who was also CIA chief and to his deathbed refused to say where he was on the 22 november 1963.

Can we write them on the list ?

6a0337a4 No.3644643

I meet thousands of new people a year, and none of them have your views. It's like all 50 of you that exist are on the Internet and nowhere else.
Now prove that God doesn't exist or Shut The Fuck Up.

fd044304 No.3644646

So if this guy is William Bishop the guy from the portal of evil back in the day who molested kids at cons according to kiwifarms, have we just proven that leftists are the real pedophiles all along? That's really funny given how much he brought up conservatives screwing children, hahaha

fd044304 No.3644647

Yeah. Most national socialists want the CIA and FBI to pay for their crimes against privacy and human rights in general pretty severely.

e029454c No.3644648

File: 1643809621046.jpg (33.45 KB, 273x537, f66a72188d9c3ff9873220a817….jpg)

Unless this "God" has a group of advance extraterrestrial civilizations on other galaxies.

514b2540 No.3644649

I am not sure if eating a fungus that contains psychotropic chemicals can compare exactly to a spaceship that can simulate the same experiences in which you are subject to the entire working of the universe in a scheduled programming in which you are trained for navigating astro-physically, but it probably shares something like the effect.

Floating through space and or drifting through time but more in the commanding of your body than an actually spacecraft. Where you likely end up shitting yourself once you lose all earthly connection to your body and gravity, a spaceship can autopilot, and people on drugs simply cannot.

99d116af No.3644650

Why does it surprise you that he would say something like that? Liars gonna lie. The mission of evil is to try and damage or destroy anything that's good.

8070485a No.3644651

File: 1643812832677.jpg (50.44 KB, 1125x367, 987908.jpg)

>That's really funny given how much he brought up conservatives screwing children, hahaha
That's a general tenant of leftism that they can never get away with. The general rule is anytime a leftist is whining about what "The enemy" is doing, they're doing it themselves.

The cries of "voter repression" for instance about Georgia is bad because it makes it harder to cheat, yet the new voter laws barely reach the levels of Delaware's voter laws. Why? Biden Crime Family doesn't need any competition.

When you point this out to a leftist, you get the deer in headlights look, and immediate cries of DEBUNKED. Going further to explain the differences and you get NAZI screamed at you.

fd044304 No.3644652

It is absolutely the same guy too according to another dude in this thread and the way they write and misspell things 'electoral COLLAGE' is exactly like their old livejournal posts.

Hahaha. Hey William Bishop, still enjoying cheating on the same person with Johnnydog? How are you liking the pedophile art you're into?

fd044304 No.3644653

fd044304 No.3644654

File: 1643813966004.webm (95.29 KB, 1920x1080, palaugh.webm)


Holy shit, it really is him. I like how he has a lifetime of evil and giving trauma to other people and then dares to walk around and play Paladin with us. And I bet when he comes back he'll just ignore us at best and keep shitposting even though he is a proven pedo zoophile FUCK.

Hey 3B. Is your leftist phase another 'stop hitting yourself' moment just like when you fucked kids at cons that you'll be 'sorry' for again when you see the gulags it leads to?

I can't imagine you're being paid well, you sewer dwelling pedo ape. Oh, FUCK. Oh MY.

fd044304 No.3644656

File: 1643814531248.gif (1.09 MB, 845x634, sgrs.gif)

for me, it's tits.

Because I'm not fucking diseased and I like being an angry shortstack and antagonize girls, but at least I antagonize ones that are over 18 and most of the time they like it

And I'm borderline asexual anyway. I don't get why people have to put their dick in things and when it only works if it's a kid, you have to go play bumper cars with your erection and theirs. Except you are favouriting a lot of bara stuff.

Do you feel bad you ruined your life for nothing if aught else? Forget the victims since they weren't in your mind anyway

fd044304 No.3644657

the homosexual part in my name is way worse than being a predator but I left it there anyway. I'm done here for now. When 3b comes back feel free to remind him how much of a clown he is

My guess: he'll try doxing me or Sophistry and find some random person that isn't me HAHAHA

fd044304 No.3644658

The guy laughing in my webm may have raped some teenager but at least he gave her a job and has a nice laugh in the face of degenerates like you. I bet when you raped someone, the only apology you had was that they should be sorry for feeling that way after the fact, huh. Are you going to talk about dogs consenting?

Oh wait, do you seriously think the commies you want to put in power are going to let you bang kids in the end? Even historically when younger kids got fucked it was within chivalric standards you wouldn't be able to fulfill and the few out there on their own would have been trade geniuses who'd have told you you're a fat, stinky, animal fucking piece of garbage with a 40 yard stare and to go away.

And that isn't the era we're in. It's likely you'll be strung up and strangled by your entrails for suggesting it, the left are not even that forgiving about this publicly despite the fact a lot of you get caught since you're dumb and think some fringe movement overrides the zeitgeist of human culture

I'm not even going to say 'what most people think = right,' I just think you're a creep who fucks things that can't say yes properly and you probably would rather do that than a consenting adult despite clearly being able to find adults hot. I can sympathize with a real pedobear and give them therapy, but you rofl

And you dare waltz in here and say we're the bad guys, that's rich.

fd044304 No.3644659

3b is awfully silent now. Do I get an 'i kneel'?

It's probably just going to last a literal second but I'm enjoying the peace.

fd044304 No.3644664

File: 1643825682948.png (622.61 KB, 798x960, ffa.png)

The funny thing is given just how coarse reality can be, leftism is appealing in a weird way and 3b's veneer of understanding concerning it's place in the world almost had me convinced to 'try' it but seeing how he's just some pedophile I'm yet again disappointed. Yeah, that's right, I might be realistic about race but I'm no fascist. Not like Hitler… Or 3B…

When will life stop being an endless series of leftists of different shades (from ethnofascism to outright commies and pedophiles) trying to trick you for some dumb predatory or hateful agenda? It's really getting old

50b5dca7 No.3644665

And that's why you are a dumbass.

Theory is what's called scientific guesswork which Is why its called theory and not scientific fact which is what you just described. Stop trying so hard be smart.

fd044304 No.3644667


yo cobalt. What do you think of the fact I made 3B eternally BTFO and go away?

50b5dca7 No.3644668

Not as impressive as my biological fathers feat. Has evaded detection for basically 31 years and climbing and no one can find them not even the government.

fd044304 No.3644669


Wbu, did you find him?

50b5dca7 No.3644670

Nope and I can usually find a thief within 1h after theft of my bikes. So I consider myself good and finding people.

fd044304 No.3644673

He went to get milk and never came back. Respectable, at least compared to 3B/Kupok/William's father who apparently decided to make do with his semen as a replacement and force feed it into his kid's mouth. According to those LJ posts he liked it, though

fd044304 No.3644675

@business dog

what do you think of this

d3bbb788 No.3644677

File: 1643843902195.png (21.07 KB, 598x220, hnouoy890.png)

>The expense should be directed towards those who use it

Normal cars and traffic cause a tenth of the damage of industrial trucking and shipping. Businesses are what causes the most damage but civilians end up paying the taxes while those corporations make billions.

Socialism for the rich. Bootstraps for the poor. That's what capitalism gets you.

d3bbb788 No.3644678

File: 1643844120497.jpg (866.88 KB, 2000x1143, personalami-954154-Visera.jpg)

>The fundamental problem is that the socialist society gives money to the rich by giving money to the poor and having them spend it unwisely.

So your argument is that we shouldn't tax the rich and give poor people money because the rich will just get the money we tax back after the poor buy stuff?

By your logic we should just give the rich all the money and have everyone else starve to death.

d3bbb788 No.3644679

It's an amazing statement of how stupid you are that you think that cartoon paints the communist in a bad light.

f804e4a1 No.3644680

File: 1643844605207.jpeg (146.13 KB, 1242x1774, FKdANfRXsAcqsaU.jpeg)

3B, why do you even bother posting anymore? Do you really think anyone here is going to listen to you?

d3bbb788 No.3644681

File: 1643844670601.png (120.73 KB, 822x844, The_Same_Guy.png)

This pol thread is 90% the same guy posting under different names pretending to be people who agree with him while he rants about 3B.

I really wish the admin would ban him so we can get rid of his insane delusions.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

f804e4a1 No.3644682


Wow, a completely unreadable screenshot. Did you get dropped on your head as a child?

d3bbb788 No.3644683

File: 1643845853692.png (89.73 KB, 450x247, h534jjjrf.png)

You clearly don't know how the board works. If you know how to do it you can highlight all the posts by the same user, even if they change their user name and pretend to be other people.

All those outlined posts? Those are by the same, pathetic loser, pretending he has friends who care about what he has to say.

f804e4a1 No.3644684


I can't see for myself if you don't provide me the ID. And I can almost guarantee I've been here longer than you.

fd044304 No.3644685

i think this is severe autism he has

fd044304 No.3644687

Sorry guys, I tried to stop him. It looks like he's going to terrorize the thread forever

d3bbb788 No.3644688

File: 1643847645531-0.jpg (454.56 KB, 800x1400, FKcHPe_WUAEYf5B.jpg)

File: 1643847645531-1.jpg (415.11 KB, 800x1400, FKcHQEKWUAANw2y.jpg)

Okay, I guess looking at the picture and seeing the highlighted posts with easily identifiable images in them was too hard for you.


All the same guy.

50b5dca7 No.3644690

Is it fine if I said that guy made me a painkiller addict cause that level of delusion was just too painful to watch.

d3bbb788 No.3644691

File: 1643847846638-0.png (28.1 KB, 1075x245, Rename__Reword_Repost.png)

He's still trying to do it. He keeps posting and changing his name. He fucks up some times and posts under the wrong name then goes back and deletes it but he has to leave the old post until after he makes the new post so both of them end up on the page at the same time.

For someone so obsessed over this board he sure is bad at running this scam.

f804e4a1 No.3644692

>I guess looking at the picture and seeing the highlighted posts with easily identifiable images in them was too hard for you.
Yeah, you posted an extremely low res image with unreadable text because you are just that retarded. But ok, blame me for your stupidity.
>lol samefag
Maybe you're too autistic to see that weavile is being funny and doesn't expect anyone to actually think he is a different person.

Also tripping up cause fuck you.

d3bbb788 No.3644693

File: 1643848769071.jpg (145.07 KB, 640x1231, Say_it.jpg)


I'm not against tripping. I just wish this moron would sing a new tune. He just spams the same nonsense over and over again and the person he is mad at isn't even here. He's probably not even alive any more and this moron is still raging about him.

fd044304 No.3644695

File: 1643848962756.jpg (481.48 KB, 1080x706, GSGS.jpg)

This is just classic William Bishop shit. He tries to be emotionless and detached on the surface while hundreds of people on the aging peach/agnph were angry he cheated on them and openly trolled him, but deep down he is dreaming of pulling strings or killing you. At least I'm open about it, I would absolutely pay Thailand police to dispose of his body, it's as straight out of my dick like cum into someone's mouth, but Kupok is a little coward and a psychopath unlike me

Yo, I remember he told a friend of mine… 'yeah I have a lot of boyfriends, but between you and me, there's something special' a special bond, and a 40 mile long stare into space

>he's probably not alive anymore



Dude, no one makes the same dyslexic errors you do except him

fd044304 No.3644696

This is all you can do and why you still live with some greasy guy who you seduced with a bnb meal you made him. You do it in life, you did it on that one booru of psychopathic pedo nuts in their IRC channel, and you do it here too. You cry to the admins, cry to the people with power, every time for help. And when you don't get that you have a little meltdown that never even acknowledges the person you're talking to or who's decided you're annoying

Does it make you feel like you're young and asking your step father to solve all of your problems? He couldn't help you now for the same reason you can't help yourself: dick doesn't solve everything

fd044304 No.3644697

If he comes in with a raid of 10-20 people and ex pedo mods without confirming who he is, and they all attack me and make unfounded claims, you will know it's him btw

d3bbb788 No.3644698

File: 1643849536893.jpg (195.13 KB, 1254x706, Clown-3-iStock.jpg)

>If he comes in with a raid of 10-20 people and ex pedo mods without confirming who he is, and they all attack me and make unfounded claims, you will know it's him

fd044304 No.3644699

I'm just bored man. I come here hinting at the pedoring behind the scenes and there's one of their main customers just waltzing about in the open. I don't - I just don't care anymore. I can't - I can't - I can't breathe, I'm laughing too hard. I need to, shut the fuck up. It's like if you're Link and Ganondorf just sits there chopping wood in Kokiri Forest like a lumberjack. Why are you fucks everywhere? This place is abandoned. I'm post timeskip and training arc now so it's just a ghost town full of Redeads if it's Link shit, right. And there you are, right at the doorstep

Can you just, fuck off? I really will have to stfu about this now because though idc what anyone thinks of this I don't want to bother them with my blogging. What forces even guide you? You're not funny, you convince no one, you're guilty of everything you say conservatards do on a personal and irreconcilable level. Do you think it just magically doesn't count because wooo, ooooh, I'm anonymous, you know, ANYONE could be saying it oooo… Oo scary

fd044304 No.3644700

Come on man. Even most of my stuff is a shitpost and I actually do care about people nowadays. If a nutcase like me can come to terms with his wrongdoings and reconcile himself, why the hell are you still like this? You aren't capable of humour and this sure as fuck doesn't even unintentionally count as that, so you clearly are serious about everything you say

Why are you still getting banned from greasy cons for fucking minors (according to KF), why are you still even going to them. You're what, 40 now? You were a fossil when I was a child

fd044304 No.3644701

File: 1643849983456.png (666.89 KB, 1200x675, gsg.png)

im done LMAO

if you actually enjoy this be my guest, go back on topic. go on. go post. c ya

d3bbb788 No.3644702

File: 1643850144000.jpg (38.14 KB, 594x396, Clown_Running_Away.jpg)

>im done LMAO

fd044304 No.3644703


fd044304 No.3644706

File: 1643850797901.jpg (1.66 MB, 1065x2351, ghf.jpg)

Whoever raised you can truly go to hell , because you say 'running away' but even on political matters you never respond to anything anyone says. Ever! You just talk past them

It's not entirely your fault or can't be, not intrinsically, because it just seems like there're basic courtesies you've been left ill inclined to observe with others whatsoever. You run all of the time. People are always annoyed with you but barely even know if it's actually a human being behind there most of the time

You mentioned your mother is more of a friend than an actual mother, so I'm assuming she didn't do her due courtesies in raising you OR keeping you safe from predators. It's disheartening, especially since I'd view expunging you via ban to have higher priority than censoring the N word if both have to register on the radar. You are just that insufferable

It is like talking to a bot

fd044304 No.3644707



so if I was molested by you as a kid, what would I do

d3bbb788 No.3644708

File: 1643851953395.png (48.35 KB, 638x434, Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 2….png)


Thanks for posting your inkbunny account and proving you are the pedophile in the room.

This is clearly you. You write your drivel in the same disjointed, incoherent way every time.

fd044304 No.3644709

File: 1643852169931.jpg (47.77 KB, 350x485, vsgs.jpg)


d3bbb788 No.3644710

File: 1643852253027.png (4.5 KB, 630x57, Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 2….png)


I see you are also a frequent Telegram user. The app of choice for pedophiles. Of course that is where you would go to commission your artwork.

fd044304 No.3644711

I can draw better than any of your 'commissioners' can, Cobalt saw my art in the other thread. I do not need to talk to pedophiles like you to get art.

d3bbb788 No.3644713

File: 1643852582929.png (117.08 KB, 300x288, Press-X-2-Doubt.png)

>I can draw better than…

Prove it. A male tiger wearing shorts drinking a bottle of coke while leaning against a life guard tower on a beach.

Draw it or you are full of shit.

fd044304 No.3644714

File: 1643852601432.jpg (79.08 KB, 960x540, ereaf.jpg)

this is what your life is reduced to, accusing someone else of being you and having your internet accounts because you know it's that much of an insult

fd044304 No.3644715

File: 1643852652368.png (859.38 KB, 1280x720, faefe.png)

d3bbb788 No.3644716

File: 1643852813952.jpg (237.47 KB, 1600x900, Born-a-clown.jpg)


Yeah, that's what I thought.

Talentless little bitch like you has never accomplished anything in your life and never will. You are the punch line in the joke that is life.

50b5dca7 No.3644717

I'm not taking sides but I will say the art i did see was pretty ok if compared to the highest tiered art out there but fairly good nontheless. Also stop buying all the bait some of us need to eat the fish too.

The less you respond to him the less you validate them by responding all you are doing is giving them a boner so take that away from them and they should go away.

fd044304 No.3644720

File: 1643853273068.jpg (1.05 MB, 1744x1570, sdfsf.jpg)

nvm. fuck this. Yeah. Can't believe I'm agreeing with ya.

jfc man

514b2540 No.3644724

File: 1643863521818.jpg (79.3 KB, 800x598, riptide03.jpg)

Hey future shits, when you clones be riding coach in suspensions tank after yo full day lithium mining just remember this is how they be doing it on dat real shit, when you hear dis sound like a sqweuaky asian hooker round the cove, it on the lo-key what 50buk an hour iszzz bishe.

05d1b06d No.3644730

I think that picture has some skill.

fd044304 No.3644732

But King Desha clearly being tired of surface dweller bullshit fits I guess.

dude go back to politics, I'm not stopping you, rofl. I'm done. Just don't accuse me of running away, you're the expert at that. peace

fd044304 No.3644735

that's future blm

68e311d5 No.3644738

you are a retard

99d116af No.3644740

Why are LIiberals such vile scum?

fd044304 No.3644741

ask the pedo circle that 3b is in



514b2540 No.3644742

File: 1643891470658.jpg (136.8 KB, 1258x644, 31a4662eff5505ed0ce2389d89….jpg)

Ya definitely the same fagoti fcukboi that -loves- pol. this is the 666 thread. This is the future we want.

76a9a9e0 No.3644744

Biden crippled in his effort to heal the country !

A dem senator had a brain clot (these things happen, stop it, you tinfoil-hat-wearing complotist). So Dems don't have majority anymore…

0d0573bf No.3644745

File: 1643898668851.jpg (31.6 KB, 416x234, keep-on-truckin.jpg)

>@business dog
>what do you think of this
Hmm, not sure what you're referring to.

I'll drop in for just a minute today to post Jeff Berwick's latest W&T. It certainly looks like the covidscam tide is turning against the scammers, but I know the one world gov has many tricks up its sleeve.
Nevertheless, it's fun to watch just how cowardly these tyrants are, haha, now all catching "covid" so they don't have to face the people they've been screwing over all this time.


(Oh, and Bolt is still awesome.)

514b2540 No.3644746

I think its more about boomer antics covering up the zoomer rejects introverted teens. It is basically what the school system pumps out every throw of the decade. This is what happens when that behavoirial caste (worsened with the diet habits and modernized conformist agendas) are left to their own devices, they spill out into this attention grab because they have no true identity. They will stop trying to fit into their dad's shoes and realize what total douchebags they are and fade into mediocrity once they admit reality. Ad naseum. It's all according to script.

fd044304 No.3644747

3b being exposed as a known and doxed pedophile is what I meant

Did you all just know?

fd044304 No.3644748

File: 1643901302050.jpg (12.19 KB, 184x184, ffdhgd.jpg)

I mentioned this before but my family has been showing up as wireless wifi points on my phone after the vaccine. I try tracing the mac addresses but they're of an unrecognized format. What the fuck?

fd044304 No.3644749


If you start here because I actually am the god of rape and I like this bookmark, you can scroll down and see some sourced claims and savvy contemplations with others on the merits of these… Signals… And what they're for.

Why would people who are vaxxed start showing up on my phone?

514b2540 No.3644750

>Why would people who are vaxxed start showing up on my phone?

parasite boners

fd044304 No.3644754



here's my problem with all of this. It is entirely feasible, shitposting aside. We came too far without even realizing homosexuality is a disease and now we have that to deal with

76a9a9e0 No.3644755