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6caf69bf No.3642506

Earlier encountered a faggot who hates heavy metal music. What is with people disliking metal and saying it's bad when they obviously never heard the music before?

913368b7 No.3642507

Dire Straights says metal is for faggots, but Mentors says metal is not for faggots!


bca8f149 No.3642509

If there's any kind of music that needs to have it's fans violently purged from existence it's kpop fans.

Is metal for faggots in a Judas Priest kind of way?

efd4eb79 No.3642510

File: 1642392399971.jpg (3.16 MB, 4000x3000, 20220116_162524.jpg)

"I listen to everything but rap and country"

6caf69bf No.3642532

1348c270 No.3642535

File: 1642447450067.jpg (22.63 KB, 600x352, Impaled Nazarene.jpg)

I'll listen to just about anything. It really depends on my mood, the weather, what I'm doing ect. I used to be one of those "anything but rap and country" people, but fallout new vegas gave me an appreciation for old school country, its actually pretty enjoyable driving country roads during fall and just chilling to some slow country, and I had black roommates in college and developed a limited appreciation for old school rap and hip hop, I'm actually a fan of Emenim from back when he was young and didn't suck. Still can't stand modern rap though, I just find the most the lyrics and artists tasteless.

When it comes to sound, I'm a fidelity guy, can't fucking stand those fuckers who listen to shit ass music with giant ass shitty subwoofers with the bass cranked up so high you can feel it a mile away. They usually have those shit ass glass pack fart cans on their cars too, which just adds insult to audio injury.

Also Finnish metal is best metal.

6caf69bf No.3642540


Also what is with kids today liking pop music that is shitty commercialised garbage?

1348c270 No.3642545

I wouldn't know anything about that. I listen to my own music or pandora when I'm driving, I quit listening to the radio ages ago, and even if I did, I don't think we have any pop stations here. So I have no clue whats trending with young people.

The radio here is garbage, its 50% repeated ads, 25% people talking about sports, and 25% the same 15ish songs on repeat for years at a time, and its all the most generic shit they could find.

6caf69bf No.3642562


I wonder too what is with in America, kids listen to Slipknot or such?

But nothing like proper metal like Ensiferum, Rhapsody of fire,Nightwish,Hammerfall or such?





913368b7 No.3642571

File: 1642480690527-0.jpg (136.86 KB, 1000x432, Bocephus.jpg)

File: 1642480690527-1.jpg (379.9 KB, 1172x1756, DMX.jpg)

I listen to nothing but rap and country.

083c5bbb No.3642602

>flower metal shit
>proper metal
Pick one

2ec0e3e9 No.3642714

File: 1642648002097.png (1.01 MB, 890x1200, 14654e9165fecd19b3d854c96b….png)

Why does "real" metal always sound the same? I prefer the softer stuff that's more melodic

1348c270 No.3642716

File: 1642655462864.jpg (17.33 KB, 274x184, mawsh.jpg)

You don't really always need to pay attention to lyrics, you just want that mosh pit rage in you.

Kinda like how I like Finnish metal, but don't speak a word of Fin.

1348c270 No.3642718

its kinda like hallucinogen drugs. If you've never dropped, you just dont get it.

If you go and give an explanation of "going over the highway" to a normal person it'll go kinda like

"yeah I can kinda see that"

if you talk to someone whos been around the block a few times it'll be more like

"shit, how long were you over there, how old are you man"

7d6bd9b6 No.3642919

Proper metal. Lol

Currently listening to bands like trivium , epica , sabaton and a handful of randoms like battle beast

df930c34 No.3644394

It was a young kid.

I think the kid probably listens to the music were the rapper says whatup my Niqqa and such.

cf8b8329 No.3644405

File: 1643605620083.jpg (1 MB, 2907x3000, 3264056_SmittyG_sketches_9….jpg)

Darma is a cutie patootie

09dea225 No.3644463

File: 1643665817365.jpg (43.67 KB, 300x300, TDWP_Zombie.jpg)

My favorite music genre is "Metalcore", when was I was a young teenager trying to fit in- I used to listen to rap music but now I can't stomach it. Metal music has so much emotion that you can actually feel it when listening.

IMO people need to stop hating screaming metal vocals & take the time to actually listen to the music, after a while you will be able to clearly hear the vocals & feel the music.


1b0f17e9 No.3644468

File: 1643672176554.jpg (127.67 KB, 850x877, 47d4ee38502f7adb42eaa2de74….jpg)

Can someone please re-post the picture of Darma with the big erect clit? That was great, why would somebody post that and then delete it? In the meanwhile, here's one of the her with a fortune cookie.

1348c270 No.3644472

File: 1643674121521.png (3.59 MB, 2907x3000, erect clit.png)

I made you a replacement

1348c270 No.3644473

I was the one who posted and deleted the edit >>3644468 was talking about. I'm not very good at vagina and just kept thinking it looked wrong.

06e054cd No.3644474

File: 1643675658295-0.jpg (821.42 KB, 3600x2787, 8c2729d3a1023b739b0a12426a….jpg)

File: 1643675658295-1.jpg (828.33 KB, 3600x2787, 7827696ea1c6470b017a00a0c7….jpg)

>>Darma is a cutie patootie

She really is, I can't figure out why there isn't a lot more art of her.


Ok, thanks! I thought the other one looked fine, I like vagoos that look a little different.

1cd23fd6 No.3644616

Well then check out trivium. Lots of music about the days ahead for us the human race

Check out the last 6 albums.

Some gems like other worlds , phalanx , blind leading the blind , in the shadow of the arbitoir. Just a handful of some of the good ones from last 4 albums

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