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364f76fd No.3642446

How did you realize you are gay? What was your reaction? What did you do and what happened next? How did you find others like you? Your first close encounter experience?
Let's have a nice life stories thread.

d25361dc No.3642447

well I got webbed into a rape ring when I was 5. So I had lots of gay sex, and no trouble having the adults find others to interact with me. Then the guy who ran it had a heart attack and died.

dae7f3e7 No.3642462

>How did you realize you are gay?
Back in 6th grade I started to have feelings for the other boys in class and no feelings for girls
>What was your reaction?
Apathetic. I already had enough self-loathing beaten into me by that age so it didn't make a difference.
>What did you do and what happened next?
Absolutely nothing changed. Any form of interaction with other people was already written off. Alone and gay is no different from alone and straight
>How did you find others like you? Your first close encounter experience?
Never did either
>Let's have a nice life stories thread.
There's nothing nice about my life

7614f53e No.3642519

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gay furry porn
how else?

364f76fd No.3642624

Come on! You can do better!

10436151 No.3642626

I'm not gay per se, but I have an opportunity to fuck some bottom fag. I don't want a disease and I don't want to deal with some whiny bitch but I appreciate a tight hole. Y/N?

d7b3245d No.3642628

>I'm not gay per se
>I want to fuck a gay man

d25361dc No.3642634

File: 1642547543331.jpg (627.39 KB, 831x1000, 1642544115.causticcrayon_f….jpg)

its not gay if you're just practicing. Besides, no girl wants a straight guy anymore. They all want that gay dick. Gay guys get all the pussy.

0fe1d543 No.3642636

File: 1642547798882-0.png (385.3 KB, 700x700, D536865E-6252-4506-8762-A5….png)

No matter what your sexuality is, people are dangerous and stupid. Many times in fantasy people are a lot better than then reality.

That is the real appeal of furry porn and why it’s sad that people don’t try and elevate themselves.

I hope no matter what your sexuality is, you take this into account.

10436151 No.3642639

Guys don't really do much for me but an asshole is an asshole and I haven't had any tail in almost a decade. So what then?

9d08bee1 No.3642649

fuck your dog

d54472f4 No.3642656

File: 1642553218581.webm (1.74 MB, 1280x720, cc943d90acea8240a66315504….webm)

7614f53e No.3642660

File: 1642555612176.gif (906.27 KB, 750x620, hXc7LH8.gif)

i suppose if you just want to use a person, any person, like a fleshlight and they're up for it you may as well go for it
you want detail? alright
>How did you realize you are gay?
around 15 or 16 i started masturbating to porn, and i found that various kinds of gay furry porn were a lot hotter than straight porn. i remember once thinking i was proud to have equal amounts of gay/straight stuff saved, then when i checked it was more like 75% furry femboys.
>What was your reaction?
"oh, guess i'm bisexual then, cool". i didn't attach much significance or moral weight to it, it was about as significant at discovering i like both light and dark beers
>What did you do and what happened next?
fapped, got sex toys, e-dated a bunch of guys and a few transwomen, some even from here (hi jarlix)
>How did you find others like you?
imageboards at first, in the last few years i've been really trying to branch myself more into irl social groups. so far i've only really met people through friends of friends
>Your first close encounter experience?
just turning 19, flying to iceland to meet someone i'd be with for 4 years. i was horrified that i wasn't attracted to him at all, but as time went on i warmed up to him in that department. he fucked me and sucked my dick while i played dark souls

1ac93d34 No.3642690

what the heck is that dog wearing?

e6fed1d6 No.3644055

oh man thanks for reminding about stuff i did as a kid.
Yeah curiosity it was, right? Touching other boys, playing with dicks, wrapping your mouth around them and the like. Grew a bit older and found interest in girls.

That was on shaky grounds considering I still found interest in stuffing things up my butt for.. uh.. reasons? Must have been the gay furry porn and yaoi when i was around 12? Moved from one place to another and kept finding things to feed to my butt, but also interest in girls was peaking.

I was approached by chicks but I wasnt really… calibrated for that? I would just find myself with dudes all the time. Some even asked me if I was gay but I always denied that. Honestly I didnt even think I was. As time flies I get my first dildo, kept a secret from everyone ofcourse.

I Went to a couple of gay bars to see what it was all about but never really felt like part of some "gay culture" whatever that is. Flamboyant people irritate me, just like girls. I suppose I'm more into dumbasses and clowns, it's just more fun.

e6fed1d6 No.3644056

File: 1643370886502.jpg (1.27 MB, 2357x2407, 25370228b3dbbba036bead4879….jpg)


Also overly masculine dudes are also not really all that. Anyway, growing older, dating women bla bla bla always had this feeling deep inside me that I dont really care for the company of women…unless theyre like 40-60 year old (what? why?)

So those relationships wouldnt last since I just didnt care enough about them. Dreams of buttfun and daydreaming of it too. I swear I'm not gay but I cant shake these longings out of my head and I'm okay with that. I dont go around fucking 300+ dudes (or whatever the gay average was) and i dont go to pride events. I might go to a gay bar for a drink but really the whole promiscuous nature of the thing is not something I really give a fug about.

It's pretty much just one person who I'd… let do stuff to me. Been thinking about him for a few years now but we are bestest buddies so its a difficult situation. That dumbass thinks its okay to put his legs over mine or his arms over my shoulder. He thinks its okay to give me drunken kisses and he thinks its okay to pinch my asscheeks and nips. That fucking dumbass threw me into a six day waking fever dream where I couldnt eat or sleep because I was constantly thinking of him.

Yeah I'm totally not gay but I got a sketchy record that might say otherwise and I'd totally let my bestie do all sorts of stuff to me. Except for kissing my neck and throat area. If he ever did that I would probably die.
end of blog, sorry for typos dont care just wanted that out of my chest. NOT GAY!

2537d397 No.3644066

File: 1643373213778.png (612.19 KB, 1250x1158, #justfurrythings.png)

I realized that almost all my actor crushes were men (of the human ones…)

I mean you can only deny it so much until the gayness is coming out of every single pore, and being a long-haired twinkish faggot IRL didn't help either. I did have a bit of an out as a metalhead I guess.

At any rate, the closet became so transparent, I may as well just open it.

d7b3245d No.3644158

File: 1643410955225.jpeg (808.03 KB, 2000x1736, FJ-biGAWQAEg5lB.jpeg)

The only landmark moments I care to recall were dating a woman in high school, then losing my virginity to a man when I was 18.
Now I'm pushing 30 and have very little sex drive. Doesn't bother me a bit.

fcf7d273 No.3644165

Look, if I take the time to make you breakfast in bed, all I need is a simple "thank you" not all of this screaming wondering how I got in to your house garbage.

744a6735 No.3644190

That is not how surprises work if your a stranger. Regardless of your intent. If you got into my place even if to surprise me my first reaction is always going to be stab first ask questions later when your done appologizing for being a sneak! And fyi I sleep with a knife always even if in a secure place. Also your balls will be kicked even if I'm asleep its just my reflex.

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