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f533b81e No.3642265

Apparently Dershep was wanting to off himself but a bunch of his Furriends came to his aid with emotional support.

f533b81e No.3642266

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83070a18 No.3642270

Isn't this the same person that said fucking a vagina sounds like plunging a toilet?

5dcad717 No.3642275

File: 1642198090877.jpg (140.93 KB, 1030x1280, 1620876791.koiisk_70440a2f….jpg)


you are exactly correct.

b6e5202d No.3642295

i'm a mild autist and get upset when other autists whom share interests are not sexually active in that department to meet-n-fuck, so i whine alot until they do.

24d451e2 No.3642298

File: 1642210054151.jpg (7.33 KB, 250x250, thFBXJ10AC.jpg)

Lol, True DAT. Word. I am a sex addict and I also get frustrated when I can't bang 3 chicks at once, hardly two. I tried something like SELF HELP where when I get a craving I would reward myself in otherwise, but then masturbate anyway.

No one really knows the pain I go through and sometimes I just want someone to see it my way, but I am not like a rapist or anything. I just am posting for post's sake. No reason.

It hurts sometimes but I enjoy having reaching out, more like reaching around, to other people. HAHAHAHAHAHAH, thanks for showing me that is ok.

But I can't help it I am actually very needy, Sometimes I will just sext random people. But its good someone is truly a giver. Strangers caring about me makes me feel less alien and weird.

f533b81e No.3642301

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