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File: 1640462381178.jpg (142.95 KB, 1280x720, 1630827034.schmutzo_pests3.jpg)

4cf4f9ee No.3639054

Did the Christmas thread really get banned on Christmas? I blame salty jew mods.

748cfa97 No.3639055

File: 1640463024567.jpg (525.64 KB, 2396x2700, 5f97fde9f5def41eae69909b6d….jpg)

Looks like it got deleted.

We do need a new rodent appreciation thread though. Rodents are cute and good and pure.

9b9f58af No.3639062

The war on Christmas has been lost…

96688509 No.3639072

File: 1640479454883.png (385.27 KB, 853x470, dafukamIreading.png)

Holy crap it really is gone and I never even got to save it.

I'm a max level fedora-tipping atheist but I hate the left so much that I made a conscious effort to say "Merry Christmas" at every single opportunity this year.

Not even fucking sorry about it.

>>Rodents are cute and good and pure.
That's one opinion I guess.

748cfa97 No.3639074

File: 1640479929838.png (589.11 KB, 728x952, e50441eb58d11e26d9cfa8c48f….png)

Are you implying that rodents AREN'T cute and good and pure?

0b92c4c6 No.3639080

File: 1640481546326.png (129.73 KB, 500x700, 3b80d37264b631bf78f4433551….png)

I don't even celebrate christmas, and the worst I've said when someone wished me a merry one was "same to you." I don't see any reason to be a dick. No reason to spread my bitterness, hell a few years ago people weren't even allowed to say it, and just had to go with "happy holidays."

rodents are pests, but they are cute.

96688509 No.3639083

File: 1640481895633.jpg (85.13 KB, 1035x900, 1337136851.biscuits_omari_….jpg)

Well, some are. Some aren't.

8c27ada3 No.3639084

File: 1640481954408.jpg (195.26 KB, 800x1200, 1640359128.thefunkyone_xma….jpg)

162ef5cf No.3639085

a mouse simp who redlists the mods. good luck.

0b92c4c6 No.3639086

File: 1640482155457.jpg (65.64 KB, 850x554, cea6c55a8c1306b0271e79fa5b….jpg)

never really understood Biscuits' extreme brief fetish, but meh its whatever. His fursona is cute, and last time I saw an irl pic of him he's basically just as much as much of a fuckable nerd boi as his sona.

96688509 No.3639087

File: 1640482460902.jpg (55.62 KB, 600x704, 317.jpg)

I used to go with "Happy Holidays" too, back then when this was still controversial, but I dunno, now it's the mainstream. And when people tell me what to do, I kinda feel like doing the opposite, just because.

I wanted to make a christmas tree for nostalgia's sake this year, but my room is so filled with tables, shelves, electronics and tools that I literally don't have where to put it. I do have some christmas lights, cause colored lights are nice (and I can hang them around the gas pipes so it doesn't interfere with anything in my room).

Those are more comfy. I like wearing them too.

0b92c4c6 No.3639088

File: 1640482705766.jpg (78.42 KB, 640x640, dfffbd809800ffd15dbfc9c7f4….jpg)

If I were to do a christmas tree, I'd do something like this.

748cfa97 No.3639091

File: 1640483535317.png (984.56 KB, 2400x3000, 3eaaee887daf08bf23487dd976….png)

>fuckable nerd boi

I want to bully cute gay nerds right in the dick, with my mouth.

0b92c4c6 No.3639092

File: 1640483539587-0.jpg (93.82 KB, 1000x1000, product-image-1116556133_1….jpg)

File: 1640483539587-1.jpg (111.41 KB, 1319x1500, 71FNGkRkjKL._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

I wear these briefs mostly, they're pretty nice.

I was a boxers guy when I was a teen, then went boxer briefs, now I just rock whatever is a good mix of sexy but still masculine. I even have a few T-backs. But Only during winter when I can be sure no one's going to have any chance of seeing any accidental crack.

27617d61 No.3639143

File: 1640500941002.jpg (39.37 KB, 794x541, glow in the dark tentacle ….jpg)

With battery powered glow in the dark tentacle buttplugs?

0b92c4c6 No.3639181

Who the hell do you think I am? I'd never use buttplugs that small for anything.

1e71c1d6 No.3639190

File: 1640537394128.jpg (437.27 KB, 2100x1400, paris-art-installation.jpg)

Here's one more suitable for you and the thread too.

70ed827d No.3639191

File: 1640537635986.png (6.17 MB, 1933x2560, 0b31426727fc4a93cb6072684b….png)

Let's get this thread back on track

Are there any rodent penis dildos?

0b92c4c6 No.3639192

File: 1640538190607.jpg (137.57 KB, 1063x751, 256fb908756169496847fffe0d….jpg)

0b92c4c6 No.3639862

File: 1640924576166.jpg (130.18 KB, 850x904, 3b66dfc43e11c5a9858d9aa1b6….jpg)

e2f39d83 No.3639864


The Zeta Creations company used to make animal penis shaped dildos before Bad Dragon was around. I remember they had a mouse one, but there would probably not be much demand for a mouse cock shaped toy.

0c8c39ad No.3639865

File: 1640926253363.png (6.29 MB, 2427x3840, fc56fef3c340e00768e3dc2740….png)

The clock says it's New Year's Eve!

0b92c4c6 No.3639866

I had two of their toys, the lifecast equine buttplug that I still have, and the emu egg. The egg's recovery string broke and it took a very uncomfortable 2ish days to get out. So I tossed it.

7954e436 No.3639963

Still got that IRL pic?

0b92c4c6 No.3639982

He never sent them to me personally, I've never talked to the guy. He did one of those "your fursona vs you irl" meme things. Doesn't seem to be in his scraps on FA anymore though. Still his fursona is kinda like mine, where it was basically a trace of an irl pic of them and then furrified.

Then again, that was who knows how many years ago, for all I know he could be a hambeast now.

0d7eea8c No.3639983

The majority of Furries wont care if he's a hambeast if he's got a Fursuit of his character.

0b92c4c6 No.3639984

File: 1640976784594.png (4.95 MB, 2000x2732, 2f265c9344239eb019b70ff49f….png)

I don't really care in general, I just really hate it when people who have fursonas that are really hot post irl pictures of themselves, and they turn out to be hideous monster people. This character for instance, Kerr, love the character and even have the daki, but it was kinda ruined after he started posting pics of himself on fa.

With me, I've posted pics of myself and kind of ruined the illusion, but at least I'm arguably hot… as long as I'm wearing a shirt.

0b92c4c6 No.3639986

File: 1640976875907.jpg (173.85 KB, 1280x692, 1430155655.possumbite07_20….jpg)

the guy with the beard is who actually plays Kerr. Boner killed.

0c8c39ad No.3639989

File: 1640977487133-0.jpg (221.72 KB, 900x910, comparison_meme_by_pheagle….jpg)

File: 1640977487133-1.jpg (911.76 KB, 872x1280, 4f8f102184d1f1a87eccceeca2….jpg)

It's like that one guy who has an autistic obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dickgirls are a total boner killer for me, but cuntboys on the other hand I quite like. Same with male avians with an anatomically correct cloaca.

0d7eea8c No.3640081

File: 1640990258642.png (1.34 MB, 960x733, Fursona-meme-werewolf-nerd.png)

9a595691 No.3640097

I wonder why people like that have to make such charaters their sonas to begin with. You can make a character and have a "third-person" relationship to it rather than it having to be "literally you".

7ad0ed0d No.3648724

File: 1645782262665.jpg (250.83 KB, 1650x1654, 1565856157461_u18chan.jpg)

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