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1b9a9a24 No.3637769

I mean discord is kinda big.

But i remember back in the good old days when usenet,chatrooms were around and altavista and geocities were a thing and google didn't exist and when normalfags were not on it using their phones.

Nowadays websites are being brought down to kid friendly levels, regardless of what the sites rating actually was. I think soon or later youtube might start getting rid of stuff that isn't family friendly.

136efb5a No.3637772

Web 2.0 is garbage. Shit started going downhill fast once social media like Facebook and Twitter became a big part of the internet. Myspace and live journal era internet was a lot more fun and free than this shit.

Everything has been sanitized in the name of being advertiser friendly

f994df9b No.3637786

File: 1639521685909.jpg (91.43 KB, 1280x720, sevenkeys.jpg)


Imagine, FB and T owns part of these keys… how terrifying!

813dbee5 No.3637789

>Anyone miss the old internet?
I don't miss the shitty speeds and megabyte limits and not being able to download anything. I do miss the privacy, sleek low-weight websites and browsing sites that don't look designed for people with eye problems.
>I think soon or later youtube might start getting rid of stuff that isn't family friendly.
You're about 5 years late on that

93eea630 No.3637800

File: 1639530121596.jpg (1021.37 KB, 4752x3168, internet-expert.jpg)


>I think soon or later youtube might start getting rid of stuff that isn't family friendly.

That's just misdirection, look deeper. The same people/creatures/whatever who are now censoring the Internet in the name of "kindness" and "family-friendliness" and "safety" are the ones who are involved in and creating some of the most horrific content that's out there. It's part of their plan to want and create a monopoly on absolutely everything.

Also - Certain unusual subjects or "kinks" or whatever, that were maybe not considered kid-friendly but generally harmless nonetheless, had the ability to attract large communities in the past. Therefore, any large gathering of independent people, especially slight "outcasts" of sorts (who won't identify with and accept the mainstream lies and therefore control), are an especially large threat to the control and tyranny being imposed by those who are censoring the Internet.

Such large gatherings were then infiltrated, subverted and taken over, damaged or destroyed or censored. That's why you'll see a lot of people talking about how much better the Internet was a few years ago - it was more "real and honest" than it is now: it was run, used and and controlled more by everyday people.

People aren't actually all that bad - they're self-adjusting towards the positive and good; it's a lie that people need some kind of control mechanism in place to prevent them from destroying things. Usually, destruction within humanity is artificially supported and nurtured by a small amount of unnaturally influential psychopaths.

136efb5a No.3637801

If a website has rules about not hurting trannies' feelings then it's a shitty horrible place.

Trannies are a universal bellwether for shittiness

9990e3af No.3637802

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1ede090a No.3637803

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File: 1639531062392-3.gif (2.08 MB, 622x423, 5EB210E1-FDC8-4CE2-ACB1-0D….gif)

Welcome to tyranny…now shut the [email protected] up!

e2bd9f28 No.3637812

but the nft's, someone pelase think of them!

1b9a9a24 No.3637813



I have noticed myself as being a furry, that we have to go from website to website once the ones in charge start banning furry.

Like look at what happened with tumblr.

Makes me wonder if the quote from 1984 is correct.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”
― George Orwell, 1984

1ede090a No.3637816

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File: 1639539963918-1.jpeg (110.32 KB, 980x653, 72A13C1F-A9EC-4C9D-9931-B….jpeg)

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Corporations make power moves to control the market. They don’t care about porn anymore then they care about the public or laws.

If people are going to be sheep then prepared to be slaughtered.


We told you it wouldn’t stop but you let it happen anyways!

248b508e No.3649762

This thread sucks. It needs loli sex doll porn or some such.

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