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febfe9f1 No.3637218

Let's take a look at what's been happening with our old friend Connor Goodwolf. What's Scrooge McDuck been up to lately? Let's see, he went deer hunting in blackface camouflage, he found an injured homing pigeon and nursed it back to health, and also went on a big Covid vaccine rant.

b61f9623 No.3637269

File: 1639359844071.jpeg (188.35 KB, 1024x858, FGNJKlRXMAMY-4y.jpeg)

'member Scrooge McDuck?
I 'member

afb7dad5 No.3637346

File: 1639374897997.jpg (160.57 KB, 900x495, Riverside-Stereo-Tape-Play….jpg)

That will fit in right next to my 4-track tape player.

febfe9f1 No.3637356

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e5ce6f25 No.3637433

112a9734 No.3638389

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6953409e No.3638434

File: 1640027530282.jpeg (78.81 KB, 1024x832, Atari-Portfolio.jpeg)

Brb hacking ATMs

febfe9f1 No.3639047

File: 1640448580277.jpg (193.66 KB, 780x463, 780w-463h_120717_scrooge-m….jpg)

3922439b No.3639170

File: 1640525806493.jpg (39.86 KB, 482x480, 1433793691702.jpg)

f37eb2dd No.3651130

Suck it! Go on, suck it. You know you want to.

a6b73123 No.3651146

He said he had info and user profile dumps of beastforum, he never replied to my DM >:(

77b00a66 No.3651164

Thread was made by InsaneKangaroo. It's clear he's involved with zoo cultism and exploitation of animals and people.

7ad49507 No.3651168

Well look at it this way in as long as maybe 9 years from now he might just drop dead thanks to his experimental injection he so willingly took. Lets start the clock now how many furs have dropped dead cause of the vaccine start listing them off cause its going to grow as the years add on. And were not talking old people who were going to die within the next couple years anyways were talking below the age of 50.

49c9cf48 No.3651169

Heroin/fent abuse will claim popufur artists in the next 5-10 years. Meesh, Zaush and other known figures will die first.

fb91f2b9 No.3651216

So glad I did not get vaccinated.

d891b179 No.3651227

File: 1647739864384.jpg (295.37 KB, 2048x2048, GET VACCINATED.jpg)

d5bb57c1 No.3651260

why don't you die lol

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