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38f385f8 No.3636786[Last 50 Posts]

What the fuck is your problem?
Who did this?
What the hell did I ever do to you that you're gonna make a phony account using the name of one of my characters and go around riling people up?
I'm not claiming some disability status.
I work for a living.
I'm not hurting anyone.
Whats the big idea here?

ad3ddcac No.3636793

You are legitimately autistic, among other things, serious answer.

38f385f8 No.3636794

So? So what I have autism.
At least I fucking work.
Steam don't fuck'n talk to me.

ad3ddcac No.3636797

File: 1639172361181.gif (162.5 KB, 220x220, createdby-anthony-likes2-b….gif)

Make me~

The work you do is literally worthless, you don't actually do anything that advances society in any way, and you only work because if you didn't you'd die.

e4ea95f4 No.3636801

Hey Poly can you rinse my screen with that cool poly power. Thanks.

9ec4d97b No.3636846

File: 1639187349500.png (388.61 KB, 793x791, Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 2….png)

Holy meltdown Batman, I think Poly needs to take one of these.

1d15f49e No.3636850

File: 1639187965828.png (89.28 KB, 735x446, 2b4c6b.png)

9ec4d97b No.3636852

Let me give you some rational advice? Do you not understand that this is a "Troll Board"? With this post you are just feeding the Trolls to mock you even more. You should have ignored the trolling and it would have soon been forgotten. Now you're just adding fuel to the fire and more people are going to poke fun of you.

9ec4d97b No.3636853

File: 1639188703480.png (273.51 KB, 600x600, Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 2….png)

>make a phony account using the name of one of my characters

Are you claiming the Funtime Foxy character from the Five Nights At Freddy's game to be your own? This just seems to be that you are ripping off one of their game characters without permission from the game company to do your on-line fetish stuff in. Have you consulted the company to ask for permission prior to doing so? If I were you, I'd worry more about what the company could do in terms of taking you to court for Trademark infringement.

9faf0ad3 No.3636857

File: 1639190279597.webm (7.23 MB, 576x1024, dog-life.webm)

I'm only surprised it didn't happen sooner tbh, and I don't even look down on you, compared to lulz's eternal NYPA and sycopol sewer rats

b2a7f5e3 No.3636859

if a company does that they are just ass

9ec4d97b No.3636860

I'm not saying that they would, but they could if they wanted to be mean. I can sort of see such a thing happening to Kayla-Na by some company because of the porn money she's been making off of various Trademarked characters.

d75e1aac No.3636862

Why don't you show the trolls that this doesn't bother you. Just go with it and draw a Who Framed Aufy pic or something?

c296a354 No.3636865

File: 1639191872529.jpg (16.33 KB, 480x360, evilstrawberry.jpg)

Dude just went full on strawberry. You never go full on strawberry.

688acbef No.3636879

File: 1639202764405.jpg (123.54 KB, 960x720, slimshadylyrics.jpg)


May I have your attention, please?
May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here


ad3ddcac No.3636885

I salute you and the 90's at the same time

5d96ca2a No.3636940

File: 1639213551477.png (123.41 KB, 1920x597, Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 0….png)

>So? So what I have autism.
At least I fucking work.

Where do you work? Is it this place? https://www.bimbobakeriesusa.com/

7d16876a No.3636941

File: 1639214168682.jpg (403.8 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210820_234234_2.jpg)

Oh so apperantly food is worthless.
Apperantly providing fuel to our body doesn't mean anything to fancy lad over here.
Well how do ya like that?

Cracker Jack Betta step back. Let me give you some advice. "Ignoring a problem doesn't fix shit.
Fuck that. If some one's using my name and pictures people need to know that fucker ain't me.
Why should "not say something"? That makes no since.

Reach out to the company?
Are you out of your fucking mind? Are you high? Or you just new?
I gave years of my life to that company. Are you fucking threatening with Freddy fazbears pizza "taking me to court"?

Circus Fox is an original character based on Mangle and Fun Time Foxy design.

Huuuh this is America. We're allowed to wear costumes

>>3636862 That sounds fun actually.
>>3636940 probably not a bad place to work.

7d16876a No.3636942

File: 1639214424921.jpg (415.75 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210816_203905_3.jpg)

I know why you did this. You miss Circus Mama didn't you?

Ohhhh Circus Fox isn't paying enough attention to me..
Ohhhhh let me go stir some shit.

ae0d013d No.3636948

File: 1639228986279.jpg (112.91 KB, 1200x800, MrLahey.JPG)

In the words of Mr. Lahey, played by the late, great, John Dunsworth, "Son, you are dropping enough seeds for the Farms to grow a Shit Tree out of. Fuck that, not just a Shit Tree but a Shit Tree Orchard!"

If you weren't happy about being mocked by KiwiFarms before, by your crazy rant now you probably will be mocked more than ever, and sheesh, everybody here thought that Cobalt was the whacko one? Nah dude, compared to you, Cobalt is quite normal!

9ec4d97b No.3636949

File: 1639230086779.jpg (185.9 KB, 428x614, MV5BNDhkMzQ0YzUtYTg0Ny00OD….jpg)

From the sound of your replies I think you did this all yourself. I have to hand it to you, for someone who craves attention, this was a brilliant advertising campaign to gain yourself more followers.

It's like monkey see, monkey do, and you saw how negative attention made Maned Wolfy more popular in the Furry Fandom, so you wanted a slice of the cum crusted pizza for yourself.

b658d29f No.3636958

File: 1639237993903.jpg (25.27 KB, 260x335, 51rB10vDaKL._SX258_BO1,204….jpg)

Your shit is as original as Sonichu

The only difference between you and Chris Chan is the fursuit and the senile mother raping

9faf0ad3 No.3636966

File: 1639248790455.webm (6.46 MB, 576x1024, pool.webm)

Let's put this into perspective: I still enjoy aufy more than every single one of you. He's a nice guy and as long as he doesn't fly off a handle at somebody, I can honestly armchair diagnose at least half of users on this board with serious psychological problems (why do you think I was here in the first place? You eventually become self-aware) that are more harmful to others than his, which just aren't.

Get over trannies you stupid faggots, there are way more important things you should worry about (no dumbass I'm not a neolib/socialist/communist). I rant on christians here for fun sometimes, that's the only reason I rip on him and it's a soft nibble. He's been around forever.

I can't be angry at a website, kwf is a den of circlejerking and incompetence. Posting something there lowers its shock value by association.

dacee29e No.3636967

File: 1639249003853.jpg (404.59 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210816_021924_0.jpg)

Mock me or not. At least the community knows I didn't make that account.
>>3636948 Obviously these people were trying to get my attention. They got it and here we are. I get compared with cobalt from time to time because both of us are passionate out spoken people.

>Calling out a fake account
>Jizzing on a pizza and giving it to people for consumption

Not the even remotely similar.
If they went through all that trouble it was because I wasn't paying enough attention to them and that made them sad, they just had to have more Circus Fox.

>>3636958 Yeah and I see why he makes those comics to begin with. It's a fun satisfying thing to do.

8ff4ab15 No.3636968

imagine the smell

dacee29e No.3636969

File: 1639249349533.jpg (404.69 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210816_021813_1.jpg)

Why thank you.
What a kind thing to say.

b658d29f No.3636970

Trannies are fucking scum and are constantly trying to seize whatever power over institutions they can get into and hijack with their bullshit.

Fuck trannies and fuck their enablers

ad3ddcac No.3636971

>Jizzing on a pizza and giving it to people for consumption

Well you have said that was a fetish of yours, and you do work in the minimum wage fast food industry… You've never said that you've done it, but it does make one suspicious.

9faf0ad3 No.3636972

File: 1639250005104.webm (2.6 MB, 720x720, red-wolf.webm)

It's not even about you. I'm not done:

On the level of people I enjoy for one reason or another, these are the only members who bring non-psychopathic, non-adroid actual emotional human lulz to my internet experience:

* aufy
* steam
* maybe 2 namefags I can't remember
* about 2-4 anons

Everyone else is gone or gone to shit, nobu was an intelligent guy I miss but a fucking shit mod and cho0b wrecked his brain since the court case and hired more shit mods instead of basic software solutions, so fuck each and every one of you, you suck, you don't give a shit about furries and the internet sucks because of you, you revel in your defects as bad or worse than aufy and he's an autist.

Again: Fuck your stupid tranny obsession, blame people with actual power, trannies are just tools being used as bad as you.

dacee29e No.3636974

File: 1639250641043.jpg (883.2 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_213437_9.jpg)

I understand the trans community goes way to far sometimes and by sometimes I mean entirely to often.

Regardless, we shouldn't disparage all cross dressing because of that. It's a fun thing to do for some people.

dacee29e No.3636975

Jizzing on my food. Not other peoples food.

ad3ddcac No.3636976

so you say. Slippery slope when you're working in the food industry.

9ec4d97b No.3636977

File: 1639251570577.png (887.55 KB, 735x493, Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 1….png)

The reason that people poke fun of you here or probably any other place on-line is because you give the Trolls the biggest reaction. People here used to razz Cobalt when he did the same, but he realized this, stopped caring and stopped acting out like the Town Crier whenever anyone made him upset. It's okay to speak out in your own defense, but a "Hey, that account isn't mine. Someone else is pretending to be me." would have been sufficient. If you keep offering the Trolls an all you can eat buffet, of course they are going to focus all their attention on you, instead of scrounging for tidbits of laughs here and there with others.

dacee29e No.3636978

File: 1639251882009.jpg (416.56 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210820_235349_1.jpg)

There are cameras steam.
No one is jizzing on the food.
Green Guy jizzed on a pizza, I said it that was terrible thing to do, but I still thought it was kinna hot.
I think the only reason your talking about it is you want an excuse to think about me jizzing on food because you think it's hot.

9ec4d97b No.3636979

>Yeah and I see why he makes those comics to begin with. It's a fun satisfying thing to do.

I'll say this in your favor, if you enjoy drawing your comic, just draw them because you enjoy doing so, and don't give a damn what any of the haters think. Keep posting your comics as they will find an audience that enjoys reading them.

9ec4d97b No.3636980

I don't think that Steam is interested in the stuff you do in your costume, nor is he interested in your comics. Why don't you stop shoving them in his face and I bet he'll stop ragging to you about them?

9faf0ad3 No.3636981

File: 1639252235122.webm (7.96 MB, 720x720, snow.webm)

[This is also a personal message to someone who tried to fuck with me who reads this right now: I'd rather have aufy as a friend than you, you worthless rapist little sack of pseudo-furry shit, go get your little paycheck earned under treason, I'm going to enjoy my permanent catharsis very much]

dacee29e No.3636982

File: 1639252341439.jpg (873.21 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_081856_8.jpg)

>Hey, that account isn't mine. Someone else is pretending to be me." would have been sufficient.

I'll keep that in mind.
Not sure why but I've feeling particularly emotional here lately.

9ec4d97b No.3636983

I've taken a look at the comic pages you've posted here and they are entertaining. The art may not be the best right now, but give it a year or two and I bet it will improve tremendously.

dacee29e No.3636985

Then he should have stayed his ass out of the thread.
If he wasn't interested in seeing me spoo on food he
why even bring it up.

He knows what he's doing.

ae0d013d No.3636987

File: 1639252812924.jpg (15.57 KB, 500x281, e65c1f209edbe3247dc2346efd….jpg)

>you worthless rapist little sack of pseudo-furry shit, go get your little paycheck earned under treason, I'm going to enjoy my permanent catharsis very much

You're just mad that I raped ur mom.

ad3ddcac No.3636990

File: 1639253255812.jpg (1.33 MB, 1672x2864, 20211211_145444.jpg)

I don't really find sandwiches sexy, and have no interest in as CWC puts it "recycling the navy." I have other inanimate objects I'm interested in, pic very much related.

ae0d013d No.3636992


Go cry me a river you dog fucking, tranny obsessed POS. This thread's about Aufy's problems. Stop trying to make things about you.

9faf0ad3 No.3636994

File: 1639253490801.jpg (361.5 KB, 1600x1200, be-gone-demon.jpg)

Skip the name and you're not that far

No. I will continue.

9faf0ad3 No.3636995

[See even Aufy has the reading comprehension, I don't understand why you guys want to drown in a pool of idiots]

dacee29e No.3636996

File: 1639253688053.png (82.61 KB, 300x239, tiny_d09a68e1-127c-447d-94….png)

Why does it bother you so much that other people have things that make them happy?

Is it like seeing people happy and enjoying themselves pisses you off or something?

dacee29e No.3637006

File: 1639255075632.jpg (56.65 KB, 640x960, 17e822e8018127882da6ff9cfe….jpg)

>because what makes you happy is extremely cringy,
Says bug boy over here didnt you support that bug lady fetish thread? Says Diaki Mira pillow bad dragon sex dolls over here.
You are really no one to talk when it comes to weirdo cringy fetishes.

>I'd say its willingly wanting the attention,

I'd say Thier the ones who wanted my attention.
They made the account then when that wasn't enough made sure I saw they did it when they posted it in your deleted December 1st thread.

dacee29e No.3637007

Please explain to how bug pony changeling fetish isn't cringy

ad3ddcac No.3637011

I haven't payed attention to mlp in a long time, besides its not that I found them particularly sexy, I just like the concept of feeding off of emotions.

I'm getting one hell of a buffet right now.

9faf0ad3 No.3637012

File: 1639256035460.webm (1.68 MB, 486x720, cat-owns-dog.webm)

I cringed too, but now more at peanut galleries expecting to affect the behavior of someone like this with twitter lines and sockpuppets. He tattooed the site's name on his knuckles. You think people like this leave? (I'm insanely bored until next year too)

It's this "3B" again, you're making sure he'll live forever in a digital tumbleweed while you become earthworms. Broken records on repeat forever. Unless that was Bob Barnaby (wasn't that a girl?), I have no idea why I should care. It's not funny.

ED was soulless snark, kwf an occasional chuckle from tasteful posts like that guy with the Carlton avatar, but… 95% of lulz.net is just not funny

Now you want to kill off the only good characters left in the story?

ad3ddcac No.3637014

All stories have to end some day.

I prefer to be the winning anti-hero, hell I beat cobalt with common sense so hard that he put his act together. Now just a few characters left…

9faf0ad3 No.3637016

You can have that part. I'm just a plot device. Sometimes you have to make things go, fucken turtles.

ad3ddcac No.3637019

spoken like a true troll in the world of internet drama, but you have yet to awaken your full potential.


33d92d8a No.3637020

Well here we go, he's trying to make new namefags again.

9faf0ad3 No.3637023

File: 1639260014853.jpg (191.79 KB, 1000x523, cat-fox1.jpg)

I still like Aufy since I knew him from elsewhere (nothing to follow up), no plans to cut his brakes here, just expressing boredom. Telling the truth is already indistinguishable from trolling, was honestly trying not to anymore. These people force you to.

Forgot about that show completely, good enough to drown the sounds of shopping. I loop these
but it gets depressing and then
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFgKbP4CjcU (thanks sky)

9faf0ad3 No.3637024

Wrong link, second one should be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0socC7W-YUk

5d96ca2a No.3637029

>Fuck that. If some one's using my name and pictures people need to know that fucker ain't me.

I remember seeing a post where Cobalt asked you not to include his character in your comics yet you still did. Care to explain why it was okay for you to do that?

dacee29e No.3637032

>>3637011 Yeah? What a cringey creepy creepo creep thing to say.

ad3ddcac No.3637034

File: 1639261756189.jpg (321.87 KB, 803x1200, 94371147_p0_master1200 - C….jpg)

I'm on lulz, obviously im a creep.


No one here is going to say they're a perfect christian member of society.

9faf0ad3 No.3637039

Damn they overact lol (huge Beastie Boys flashback), nothing beats the Michael Bolton one

12a47a7a No.3637041

File: 1639262408770.jpg (121.71 KB, 579x750, kattywampus-furry-drama-si….jpg)

Best thread on lulz!

c296a354 No.3637042

File: 1639262561447.png (1.55 MB, 1278x718, Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 1….png)

How ironic is it that I can sorta see the resemblance between these three from the video and Aufy?

6348e4d1 No.3637047

at some point someone will stop you.

ad3ddcac No.3637050

I've asked for people to stop me, I straight up banned myself for life, and guess what, here I am.

I'm kinda here to stay, cause I make everyone else be entertaining, and lets be honest, you all want a good show.


9ec4d97b No.3637051

I find it hilarious that people try to make this board anything more than the trolling place that it actually was meant to be.

ad3ddcac No.3637053

shush, this is a drama that just keeps on playing… and its amusing as hell.

ad3ddcac No.3637055

the best thing is that none of you can get out of it, its just a ride that never stops.

9ec4d97b No.3637056

File: 1639264057169.png (89.34 KB, 300x250, 7dCg11KYwl.png)

33d92d8a No.3637057

File: 1639264479661.jpg (59.21 KB, 850x668, c8e02d6b8f0d71a1cdbb8b9eeb….jpg)

Steam is the monster at the end of the maze

9ec4d97b No.3637058

File: 1639264662363.jpg (109.89 KB, 943x629, Piche-o-shit.jpg)

Are you sure that the monster isn't Dragoneer?

9faf0ad3 No.3637061

File: 1639265916518.gif (307.95 KB, 374x498, skifree-oh-god-please-no.gif)

The most angsty posters will be dead of diabetes at 45 (that's barely a joke, see?). steamaufy might be the only thing keeping someone from total creative death. It's almost genuine concern.

Shit it's close

9ec4d97b No.3637067

File: 1639268366044.png (390.39 KB, 414x512, Dragoneer-Piss-Jug.png)

Obligatory Dragoneer piss jug photo.

9ec4d97b No.3637068

File: 1639268451428.jpg (60.4 KB, 500x375, when the cat says stop pos….jpg)

Lulz ends when the cat says it's time to stop posting.

9faf0ad3 No.3637072

File: 1639269685136.jpg (46.84 KB, 640x480, cheza.jpg)

See you in the next life…

9faf0ad3 No.3637073

damn that copy-paste

dacee29e No.3637104

File: 1639285569829.jpeg (8.02 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

1. No the hell he didn't. He may have expressed concern about it but he never explicitly forbid it.
2. Even if he had, whats been done is done, what's been drawn is drawn. It's too late, I'm not going back and rewriting shit.
3. I am not impersonating cobalt. He is a part of the /furi/ community, so he gets included the comic book.
4. My portrayal of cobalt is not meant to be insulting. He gets drafted by the others regulars at the bar along with Dan to go check on Poly because he wasn't paying attention during a round of 'not it' and sexy bimbo science shenanigans ensue.

That is entirely different than using his handle to go off on a trolling spree.

dacee29e No.3637105

File: 1639286379076.gif (1.24 MB, 498x498, pepe-pepe-drinking.gif)

All I'm saying is you people have literally zer0 room to come down on me about my fetishes being creepy.

Let's see, the same people who post
genital mutilation
Bug women
Diaper furs
Changeling pony bug creatures that feed off emotions
Literal animal porn

Are calling me trying to convince me I'm creepy…
Because I like pink little extra thickness on the curves and maybe some dong and cross dressing?
That is laughable.

ad3ddcac No.3637107

what you do is not crossdressing, calling it that is a slap in the face just about all women on the planet.

dacee29e No.3637113

File: 1639289445300.jpg (404.83 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210808_190612_0.jpg)

Ah Steam finally admits to it.
That what I am doing is a step above what most people think of as cross dressing.

It's hardly a slap in the steam.
There is no invading of women's spaces here.
Rather a declaration that if men being attracted to women is so troublesome for them, then we may go our own way, go after exactly what we want perfectly fine on our own.

Call me a fascist if you must but I believe women have a right to Thier safe spaces. The more men leave women alone & do their own sexy things, is as many less men women have to worry about drooling over them.

I think a slap in the face to women every where was when that mtf trans literally beat the crap out of a women in a ring for audience perhaps billions of people.

Not entirely sure my having a little sexy fun in the privacy of my home before an audience of maybe hundreds. As well to use my horny to boost significance to suggest that the trans movement are entirely over stepping thier bounds… Is hardly a slap in the face to women anywhere.

b658d29f No.3637114

File: 1639289503455.jpeg (47.26 KB, 682x768, 0622D34C-5CDD-41C2-8014-1….jpeg)

You're an affront to every woman in the world, and no, trannies are not women.

ad3ddcac No.3637118

fuck it, whatever, you aren't invading women's "physical spaces" being a total psycho bimbo, but you are invading "head space." You're honestly an affront to anyone even slightly sexually sane, even from the furry perspective.

dacee29e No.3637120

File: 1639291736185.jpg (399.71 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210820_235026_0.jpg)

Hardly. A picture of an unattractive trans person is not much of an argument. I think women have bigger problems than a cosplayer speaking up for them.

Lmao! I'm what?
Invading your "headspace"?
The hell does that even mean?
It sounds like your literally accusing me of thought crime.

It's just a costume…

ad3ddcac No.3637121

You know you don't stop being you when you're wearing a Halloween costume right?

dacee29e No.3637123

File: 1639293118351.jpg (822.6 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_081807_9.jpg)

Right'O champ

9ec4d97b No.3637130

File: 1639303374836.jpg (8.79 KB, 320x240, Woman_Breast_Inflation.jpg)

This old Benny Hill sketch is exactly how Aufy would handle abuse against women.

9ec4d97b No.3637133

File: 1639304531452-0.png (741.59 KB, 632x757, Magnus-1.png)

File: 1639304531452-1.jpg (101.21 KB, 584x713, Magnus-2.jpg)


I have to admit Aufy that you're not as crazy as this guy. Still if you went out about your town wearing your costume, you would get a bunch of people shouting out "Hey, it's not Halloween everyday buddy!", but I suspect that wouldn't bother you in the least.

It's also quite tame compared to some of the other crazy fetish posts we get here. Personally I don't like seeing diaper porn, real animal porn, among other fucked up toilet fantasies here that belong in some scheisse video.


4f5e13ff No.3637238

File: 1639353867910.png (2.37 MB, 800x1354, 3-10.png)

it's that guy I merged with sonixfox

9ec4d97b No.3637240

What would a Cobalt/Aufy conjoined furry twin look like?

ad3ddcac No.3637243

File: 1639354484159.png (1.1 MB, 1198x676, Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_….png)

I'd say an opossum screaming in rage in a non stop in a 16 hour cycle loop.

9ec4d97b No.3637246

I'm surprised you haven't drawn an Aufychu comic yet? According to Aufy's reply per his use of Cobalt and others in his comics it's only fair use. Aufy himself borrows heavily for his character designs such as Rick and Morty and Five Night's at Freddy's so he really can't complain if you did your own comic based on him.

9ec4d97b No.3637253

File: 1639355893804.jpg (42.65 KB, 402x587, Roxi_ESG_manip_2009.jpg)

I forgot to mention his use of John Barrett's Roxikat character too.

ad3ddcac No.3637262

im more of a spoken word storyteller

b658d29f No.3637271

Is he really so pathetic he can't even come up with his own bimbo fursona?

ad3ddcac No.3637274


b658d29f No.3637276

That's just fucking sad. Even livejournal era sparkledogs have more soul than everything aufy holds dear.

Considering the severe autism I'm surprised he didn't go with a Sonic OC. Haven't seen any bimbo ponies but I'm sure he'd be all over that shit

9ec4d97b No.3637277

He admits to combining two Five Night's at Freddy's characters into a new hybrid that is his own original creation. That sounds exactly like what Chris Chan did combining Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog together and claiming Sonichu was his original creation.

The fact is that without these already existing characters to borrow your ideas from, you would not have been able to make your own "original" character. That can also be said for almost anyone's "Fursona" because Furries borrow traits from already existing animals or other cartoon creations made by popular television, comic book or video game companies.

There is hardly anything original created these days, and if there is, then it is more of a rare occurrence and those creators should be congratulated.

ad3ddcac No.3637278

File: 1639360745591.png (2.92 MB, 4000x2776, 3c67c9ce9800692cfa51c1c881….png)

that took me a whole of 3 seconds.

but yeah Aufy is the kind of autism Im still trying to figure out how to handle. Its like Bobby from King of The Hill, hes like goo, you can't break it down, and you can't build it up.

9ec4d97b No.3637279

File: 1639360791358.png (152.93 KB, 968x480, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

Here's where he admits in his own words that he borrowed the character design completely from Five Nights At Freddy's for his costume.

"Circus Fox is an original character based on Mangle and Fun Time Foxy design. "

9ec4d97b No.3637281

File: 1639360964324.jpg (73.84 KB, 750x600, that__s_my_purse_by_theram….jpg)

Then just don't ever touch his purse. ;D

9ec4d97b No.3637283

So the big question now is, how do we save Aufy from becoming the next Chris Chan? He's already religious so maybe the Jesus preachers can help him, or will he eventually get some divine notion like Chris Chan did and start believing that he, himself is "God" and start proclaiming future events to happen, foretold by himself.

ad3ddcac No.3637284

File: 1639361459610.jpg (8.24 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

trust me, his "purse" is very safe from my feely hands.

ad3ddcac No.3637285

nothing I can think of, my plan for the past few years was just let him dig his own grave, but it doesn't seem to be working.

9ec4d97b No.3637286

File: 1639361653312.png (182.07 KB, 1000x86, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

I'm just joking here but, yikes we may already be too late, he's got some Islamic front going on. ;D


b658d29f No.3637287

I think the better and far more amusing option would to milk his autism for all the humor we can.

He's like Chris with his Love Quest replaced with being a slutty bimbo with no standards. He'll probably fall for any troll that says they want to fuck him in his fursuit.

9ec4d97b No.3637288

File: 1639362270343.png (1.43 MB, 959x812, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

That sounds spooky. Who's going to be his Ju-lay? Also for goodness sake, don't anybody send him an inflatable doll! D:


ad3ddcac No.3637289

I mean hell what are you going to do? Aufy got kicked out of his house by his new (at the time) step dad so he could fuck his mom without having to hear him fap in the next room, and made to live in a tool shed for years in Georgia, and he was perfectly happy with the situation. I really don't think I could kick him down any harder than that, and even offering help to get him out of the minimum wage gutter he's in, he flipped his shit, because I wouldn't help him make a FNAF cyber suit.

You can't even brush him aside, the guy has the website tattoed on his hands, you can't get rid of someone like that.

Then like you said, he now has that suit, and now he has multiple personalities… Even with my super trolling powers, I can't even start.

9ec4d97b No.3637291

>Then like you said, he now has that suit, and now he has multiple personalities

So all this ruckus could be that one of his personalities might be trolling himself and he doesn't even know it?

ad3ddcac No.3637292

Yep, best just write him off as a lulzcow now.

There is nothing to be done to help him, might as well make the best of it. Just not looking for the years of seeing his suit…

ad3ddcac No.3637293

unfortunately, that bimbo personality seems to be the dominate one.

9ec4d97b No.3637295

File: 1639362827747.jpg (64.13 KB, 407x405, get-to-da-church.jpg)

Quickly, we must get Aufy to the Church!

9ec4d97b No.3637296

>and even offering help to get him out of the minimum wage gutter he's in, he flipped his shit

So he's been offered financial help when he was in bad times and he turned it down? Why would he want to live in the shed if people were willing to help him get on his feet? It sounds like it would be a waste of time for anybody to start a "Go Fund Me" to try and help him?

1154ac76 No.3637297

Like you said, there's no reasoning with or getting through to him. He's just too far gone so we might as well enjoy watching the inevitable dumpster fire whether or not that involves pouring more gas on it.

1154ac76 No.3637298

probably because the offer of help came with the condition to stop being a pathetic retard

ad3ddcac No.3637299

File: 1639363359969.png (2.63 MB, 1284x856, into-the-dark-pooka.png)

he's not living in a shed anymore, hes living with a couple of transexual furies willing to put up with his shit. Probably only making his mental state worse. His suit just isn't helping.

kinda reminds me of this "POOKA" movie.

ad3ddcac No.3637301

naw, really didn't give any conditions, just wanted to help him find local services. I even offered to give him a little loan to cover a security fee for an apartment back when he was in the shed.

9ec4d97b No.3637302

>hes living with a couple of transexual furies willing to put up with his shit

Strangely enough his current behavior and his current living situation, it's all starting to make sense. He's trying desperately to emulate the people he's living with. He probably thinks that he needs to be exactly like them to fit in.

ad3ddcac No.3637303

seems likely. I don't have a better explanation.

9ec4d97b No.3637308

There's really only one or two things that could save him now. He needs to get hitched with a strong willed woman, who can be a positive role model for him to emulate. One that will care for him but not take advantage of him either. Either that or he needs some kind of "Big Brother" to help guide him with his comic endeavors in a more positive way, and also to get his head out of the gutter with his Bimbo costume fetishes before he lands himself in some bad situation where he ends up like Chris Chan in jail or worse!

ad3ddcac No.3637310

File: 1639364647446.jpg (8.65 KB, 299x168, srawng_wmen.jpg)

probably the "strong woman" wife approach, I tried to be the "big brother" and like I said, he rejected it pretty sternly.

ad3ddcac No.3637312

unfortunately, now he wants to get his weiner chopped off since hes all "trans" so I don't see that happening any time soon

9ec4d97b No.3637313


Despite that he borrows ideas for his art, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many artists do just that. With guidance he could become a great comic artist. For someone who's never gone to art school, his art is much better than many other beginners. He just needs to stop rejecting helpful advice and ranting back at everyone who tries to be helpful toward him.

9ec4d97b No.3637315

>unfortunately, now he wants to get his weiner chopped off since hes all "trans" so I don't see that happening any time soon

Before he moved in with the two transsexual furries, did he ever show any indication of wanting to transition himself into a woman?

ad3ddcac No.3637316

<_< his art is trash even compared to grade school art galleries…

ad3ddcac No.3637317

not that I can recall. His first bimbo suit "photo shoot" was taken in their house.

9ec4d97b No.3637318

Okay even if his art is trash as you say, that Max guy who drew those Sunnyville Stories comics which are nowhere near as good as Aufy's artworks, found a considerable fan following. Aufy could post his comics to artwork hosting sites or even get his own webpage and his followers can go check out his stuff there. That could keep him both busy and happy and if that happens he'll bother everyone here a lot less. :)

ad3ddcac No.3637319

maybe, pitch him the idea. Just because I think his comics are hard to even look at, doesn't mean everyone does.

9ec4d97b No.3637320

File: 1639365348024.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x480, ChickenBoo.jpg)

I somehow think that he's only wanting to do this to fit in with his housemates. It's like the character Chicken Boo from The Animaniacs.

ad3ddcac No.3637321

anyways, im going to take a nap, I'm sure he'll show up soon and start ranting.

9ec4d97b No.3637322

I think that he should continue to draw his comics and go take some art classes either part time or full time if he can.

9ec4d97b No.3637325

File: 1639365821560.png (1017.75 KB, 735x494, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)


Now I'm just joking here but wouldn't it be funny if you going off to take a nap and him showing up was sorta like old school Sesame Street where everyone thought that the Snuffleupagus was just an imaginary friend of Big Bird's? I'm just kidding of course, but damn, until you told some history on Aufy, I hardly knew much about him at all.

ad3ddcac No.3637327

there are pictures of both me and aufy, we look totally different, and have way different decore in our houses. I just HAD to check back in before going dark after my pre-checkout bathroom break.

b2a7f5e3 No.3637333

i am not critiqueing your art in anyway but there are some branding issues that i don't feel are easily "inclusive" to the furry fandom, but that is not my main point and i don't really have that much depth in considering the "statement" it refers to. Probably Like…merchandising sports and politics are a vague attempt at appealing to the millenial generations…

But a dead tulpa? That is just…not exactly compatible to the description of what a tulpa is, which is an figment of the imagination-or a 'mental embodiment' fueled conceptual manifestation, while it can be personified as a dead thing…or even expired by a re-imagined version of itself or cast-off for other 'designs'. The identity of a tulpa is neither dead or alive and more of an 'inactive' until by request sort of occurence.

e47457ea No.3637342

File: 1639373300594.jpg (123.6 KB, 818x1088, Steam and Aufy.jpg)

9faf0ad3 No.3637350

File: 1639376095438.jpg (614.86 KB, 819x1024, Evil cats (15).jpg)

I kind of understood. You telepathically screw with someone's brain by acting or programming a tulpa (with virtual holograms or spirituality) and making them believe they're making up a personal friend, but they're under the control of someone else. After a drug-filled honeymoon period you kill the tulpa to crush their dreams. The dead tulpa storage is symbolic for all the hopes and dreams he's crushed that he feeds off. It's a racket, you make someone dependent on you like a dealer and then you crush them like ants. (this probably has nothing to do with the artist's interpretation)

9faf0ad3 No.3637351

(I decided to ignore the other panels on the page)

271ccaf2 No.3637446

File: 1639385609588.jpg (102.41 KB, 609x960, d664hra-20495c14-5352-4a27….jpg)

Actually no. That I would have been okay with.
Some one actually made this for me here once.
The person who did the line work got mad at me because some one used her drawing.

Making account and getting randos thinking I posted it are entirely different things.

I am just so very pleased with who made this image.
I'm not sure what the intent was entirely but I love it.

9ec4d97b No.3637450

I had a look at the Farms and nobody there believes it was you. The consensus there is that it was some noob troll. Stop worrying and draw something new.

271ccaf2 No.3637457

File: 1639387213035.png (130.3 KB, 700x829, 1491878184.aufybunny_12970….png)

>Takes inspiration form Roxikat.
Ya think? Captain obvious much?

Others may just see another furry.
But she's more than that. She's different. She's a pioneer.
As well she is quite clever, so I want to pay attention and apply the lessons she has to show the world.

461355d9 No.3637462


9ec4d97b No.3637463

File: 1639388700551.png (247.47 KB, 500x295, 9dsHPmU.png)

>Others may just see another furry.
But she's more than that. She's different. She's a pioneer.
As well she is quite clever, so I want to pay attention and apply the lessons she has to show the world.

As kids almost everyone got on the trolley to spend time with Mr. Rogers in his Land of Make Belief, but unlike most of us, you never got on the trolley to go back home. In short, for the rest of us, when the television episode ended, we went back to regular everyday life!

9ec4d97b No.3637465

File: 1639389070516.jpg (57.76 KB, 600x596, MR-with-X-and-Hen-600x596.jpg)

We don't live in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood 24/7/365 as you seem to do.

271ccaf2 No.3637466

File: 1639389493329.jpg (177.23 KB, 837x606, 1570513027.polybiusrick_st….jpg)

Oh I'm sorry sad Kathy, are my bimbos not original for you?
Maybe I didnt make them for you.

>>3637274 Steam, you're fursona is a fucking raccoon.
That's it. Just regular looking raccoon person. Which would be fine. But You're also "bored".

You have 0 room to come down on me for lack of creativity.

>>3637276 Actually it's just this sort of attitude that creates sparkle dogs in the first place.
Why does everything have be 100% original everytime?
I don't care if isn't the most original thing in world. It doesn't have to be, it just has to work.
For it to work it has to be something that will flow.
Sparkle dogs get created when some one has an anxiety about being the most original.

>>3637278 Steam you're not after building any one up. The hell are you going on about it?

>>3637459 Why would I complain about that? That some thing sparkle dogs cry about. If I inspired some one to create something and express themselves, this is a good thing.

>>3637279 Don't get why you're so offended that I own fnaf style costume.

>>3637281 This is good advice.

9ec4d97b No.3637470

File: 1639390003382.jpg (61.8 KB, 584x427, 55w32q.jpg)

Listen to the cat in the pic's advice.

271ccaf2 No.3637473

File: 1639390536654.jpg (735.64 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20211213_050009_8.jpg)

And just who the hell are you to save me?
Your troll you're not trying to save a god damn thing.

>>3637289 He "didn't kick me out of the house".
I had one of those liberal hippie kids as friends type of moms.
No one was pressuring move out.
My dad thought I could use a little more privacy and offered to buy me a little house, yes a shed but it was very nice one.
And it was a very kind thing for him to do.

If you sling words around enough you can make anyone's background sound bad.

Holy Hell there's a lot to unpack here.

271ccaf2 No.3637474

Steam you're "offer" was entirely disingenuous and everyone knows it.

271ccaf2 No.3637475

>>3637317 You are lying.
I there are photos of me at the bars in savannah cross dressing.
Holy Hell Now I see what lulz has been telling me. My God! You get the internet and just tell actual lies.

Steam bullshiting you. He bullshits everyone. >>3637450

9ec4d97b No.3637476

File: 1639391580617.jpg (218.85 KB, 955x842, MAD TV Characters.jpg)

>And just who the hell are you to save me?
>Your troll you're not trying to save a god damn thing.

We are trying to point out that you are acting just like Chris Chan and that the majority here are laughing at your overly, obsessive, ranting behavior.

People have tried to give you helpful advice in the past and you just sperged out at them. Most of us do not care which characters you draw, what kind of character costume you have, or whatever the heck you do with it on your own time?

Stop acting like a cross between MAD Tv's Vancome Lady, Ms. Swan andStan McNer the Coffee Maniac with a touch of Stuart thrown in!

271ccaf2 No.3637477

File: 1639391686334.jpg (385.84 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210828_033221_6.jpg)

Also pretty sure that's a lie too. I never remember steam offering me any kind financial assistance.
Like no… He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. I started cross dressing LONG before coming up to virginia.

271ccaf2 No.3637478

The Bimbo cosplay ain't go'n anywhere but up. If a woman is trying get with me she needs 100% on board with my work or not I'm just not interested.

271ccaf2 No.3637479

I was doing this before moved up here. You only think because you fell for steams bullshit.

271ccaf2 No.3637481

File: 1639392931995.jpg (753.54 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20211027_211407_0.jpg)

You're pointing out I'm like cwc because
you're a troll
you're bored
And you want some attention.

He's almost become like a modern day Godwin's Law. So of course as soon as I go to make a comic book you come at me with the cwc comparison.
Cwc was entertaining for you and you're hoping to find some one who can unbored you like he did.

Well ya know as much of a weirdo as he is, it's still better to live for creation than cynicism.

9ec4d97b No.3637482

>And you want some attention.

It's quite the opposite. You are the one who is craving all the attention. That is why you are trying so damn hard to be like those "Popufurs" with the art, bimbo costuming, etc..

I know that you're not stupid. I believe you know exactly what we are trying to tell you that could help you out, but you want to have it your way aka The Burger King. Well the World doesn't work like that.

I don't care if you want to act slutty on camera in your bimbo costume, but I tell you who might care which would be your employers present and future if they found out.

No, I'm not going to try and find out where you work to tell them. I just am trying to give you helpful advice that you could use to move forward with your life in a more positive way.

Heck, if you are so keen on being an internet porn star, why don't you do it as yourself out of costume? The only reason I say this is that if you want a greater audience that will pay more to see you, more people would rather see the real you than the bimbo costumed you. Just something to think about.

9ec4d97b No.3637483

If I was a troll I'd have completely trashed your artwork. Instead I'm telling you that it has promise, to keep drawing, despite what others here may say. I'm also trying to tell you that you shouldn't rely so much on your costume to portray yourself. Wearing it now and then is fine, but you are not ugly, you keep yourself in shape better than most, so why not be proud of who you are outside of the costume more often?

Also just because I said some complementary things, don't start assuming that I'm in any way interested in dating you, because sorry I am married to a wonderful woman in real life.

9ec4d97b No.3637485


You may either choose to take the helpful advice that some of us are trying to give you now, or learn the hard way and end up a LOLCOW like CWC later. That's really all I have to say. Please do not misinterpret this?

271ccaf2 No.3637486

File: 1639394588714.jpg (404.78 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210811_221328_8.jpg)


No one cares he says. Not a cry for attention he tells me.

Well I think a certain some one cared enough to make a troll account and fuck with a bunch people.
Then a certain some one made damn sure I saw it.

Ya know of that's not a hard cry for attention gee I don't know what is.

>>3637450 [+] This.. thats all I needed to hear. If they know that's me then it's a non issue.
I'm just a bit surprised that some one would go through the trouble.

9ec4d97b No.3637487

Geez, are you not getting the message that people are just trolling you because you keep on acting out like such a spoiled attention whore?

I'm trying to tell you to stop acting out. If you don't want anyone to troll you further, then don't act like a big baby on a troll board for goodness sake.

Why are you even bothering to post your artwork and costume photos here in the first place? There are better places to post that stuff where people looking to view that stuff will find and appreciate it at.

271ccaf2 No.3637488

File: 1639395184066.jpg (821.6 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_213507_6.jpg)

Calm down guy.
It's just a thread.
I do take advice from people here from time to time.
Not always. But sometimes I do.
Maybe you're not one of the people putting me down, but God damn. I had no idea there would be this much activity. So I'm not exactly keeping meticulous records here. So I confused your comments with some one else's, what can I say. My bad.

9ec4d97b No.3637489

I'm just trying to get you to realize that the majority of the people here are laughing at you, not laughing with you. I don't think you deserve that kind of treatment, so I'm trying to give helpful advice. :)

ad3ddcac No.3637491

File: 1639395938827.gif (178.74 KB, 220x165, popcorn-watching.gif)

You know Aufy, I might have been the one who made that account. I'm not taking responsibility, but it could very well have been me.

271ccaf2 No.3637492

What you see as trolling on a troll board.
I see as Tuesday.
You see it as me "being a baby" I see having a conversation.
If an ordinary back and forth comes off to you like that.. perhaps it is you who is projecting.

This isn't a just "a Troll board"
The majority of the people who post here are furries of some time or another. Many of who'm are because they see glaring issues within the fandom most furries don't want to address.

You say it was made for trolls by trolls.
But it seems like it was made for furries by Cho0b( who ironically isn't a furry himself I believe) and others.
So that we could have a place to discuss distinctly furry issues openly. You can't do that in a lot of furry communities.
You always tip toe around egos so you don't get blocked.

Being able to speak freely and not have to hold back all the time. It's a wonderful thing.

9ec4d97b No.3637494

>Being able to speak freely and not have to hold back all the time. It's a wonderful thing.

I'm sure you know of the consequences that can come with doing that.

You may wish to see this place as more than just a troll board but there is enough trolling going on here that you should know to be careful about what you say or post to this board.

9ec4d97b No.3637496

>Sound about right?

Now you are starting to act much more calmly about things. Do you own thing, and if Steam or someone else laughs at you for it, act like you don't care from now on and don't give out such a huge reaction as you did previously here on this board.

b2a7f5e3 No.3637497

i wonder if i can bother polybius for clout online…then promptly get ktfo

271ccaf2 No.3637498

File: 1639397219481.jpg (799.14 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_081735_2.jpg)

Perhaps they are laughing at me.
As I laugh at them.
We're laughing at each other really.
I dunno. It seems a bit silly.

They'll laugh at you.
Then when they feel like you're not caring enough that they're laughing at you, they go out of their way to make sure you know it. You let them know…
You're going to do your thing anyways regardless of them laughing at you.
Then they act as your the one crying for attention when you calm them out on it.

Then you keep doing your thing anyways.
And they stay mad and bored.

Sound about right?

271ccaf2 No.3637499


Damn son you were on it.
I thought might have to correct a typo and repost but damn if you didn't snatch that up. It's alright though.

9ec4d97b No.3637500

I think you're getting the message now because you are definitely acting more calmly than before.

9ec4d97b No.3637504

Sorry, I clicked reply to the wrong post by accident and my reply was posted above your reply. I've been up all night gaming so I'm prone to making silly mistakes. ;D

271ccaf2 No.3637505

File: 1639398516145.jpg (839.02 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_083111_6.jpg)

Because I called out steams lie'n ass.
And said exactly what I felt needed to be said.
Kiwi farms isn't fooled they know that wasn't me.
Now that we have all that out of the way…
What need is there to upset?

I accomplished exactly what I set out too when I created this thread.

9ec4d97b No.3637506

>I accomplished exactly what I set out too when I created this thread.

Well it seems as if there's no longer a need to continue replying to this thread. It's time to move on to other threads and talk about other things.

271ccaf2 No.3637507

File: 1639402483493.gif (5.26 MB, 932x548, 710.gif)

Oh but I'm not quite done just yet.
For you see, now that have you and rest of you just where I want you, let us all take note.

It's as Steam has said… I can be quite difficult to ignore.
Apparently invading one's head space is a thing now.
He has described my work as …. Disturbing?

Perhaps it is. Perhaps I understand all to well how it might come off like that. But for me it is all the more reason to continue it. People remember things that disturb them.
But the intent isn't to disturb rather to transcend and awaken.

The paper clip is not so insane for being so attracted to the magnet simply because the forces that compel him are unseen to the naked eye.
Nor is the paper clip a fool to realize that if he but coils himself with copper wire, then adhere the either end to a battery that he to could be a magnet.

I have found that the moment you really start doing something with your life is the moment people around who arent become ever so resentful. But you then once that spark has a ahold of creative faculties… It scarcely matters.

The only thing that really matters at that point is the goal. How wonderful a thing it is.
And you entirely correct. My time would be better spent more on goal and less on the board. But enough time surely to make it count.

I am very much who I am today due in part on the lessons I learned here. The ones who don't get it may never get it. If they're going to laugh let them. But the ones who do …. It will be exactly the kind of they've been looking for.

271ccaf2 No.3637515

>>The fact is that without these already existing characters to borrow your ideas from, you would not have been able to make your own "original" character.

I would dispute that.
Aufy, Azy, Cleric Fox, Father Booq, Tilt, Paw head, and others all predate fnaf Rick and Morty and me discovering Roxikat. I can make original characters thank you.

Originally I had some long intricate space war story going on for Aufy.
I simply have another story that I'd rather tell.
So thats the one I'm going with.
The pieces fit better and there are fewer of them.

ad3ddcac No.3637598

Stop shadow bumping this thread Aufy. Its attention seeking and disgraceful.

41386150 No.3637601

File: 1639435384660.jpg (147.15 KB, 1193x1280, 1510099820.polybiusrick_p_….jpg)

>I would dispute that.
Aufy, Azy, Cleric Fox, Father Booq, Tilt, Paw head, and others all predate fnaf Rick and Morty and me discovering Roxikat. I can make original characters thank you.


ad3ddcac No.3637603

You're totally delusional

ad3ddcac No.3637605

File: 1639436643224.png (178.49 KB, 1878x622, gotcha.png)

Don't try to delete things just because you don't think people will see them.

ad3ddcac No.3637606

File: 1639436784665.gif (588.95 KB, 498x282, 4df18e92e572823631919cf33d….gif)

Not much of a "God" now huh?

ad3ddcac No.3637607

Really though, you need to get some help, a god complex is not something you should foster. I don't know what the trannies your living with are filling your head full of, but its obviously not healthy.

41386150 No.3637609

File: 1639437542293.png (805.41 KB, 644x457, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 1….png)

Steam were you and Aufy married at one time? You two are bickering on and on like a divorced couple.

688acbef No.3637681

File: 1639450872289.png (152.23 KB, 857x319, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 1….png)

688acbef No.3637682

File: 1639450902598.png (49.69 KB, 1503x233, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 1….png)

91e92ed3 No.3637695

File: 1639452017177.jpg (27.04 KB, 400x400, FX-x813-_400x400.jpg)

Steam… I call bullshit.
That Is a either a fake screen shot or otherwise posted by someone else. You or either lying or mistaken the poster ID is completely wrong and the time it was posted when from when I was asleep.

I did not post that and you know it. The idea was never to create a universe in which I was a God. Only to tell a compelling story. Polybius still has to work a job and over come obstacles

Polybius Rik is not a God in this Universe. Far from it.
Cleric Fox as I stated before is the creator God of that universe not Polybius. He doesn't solve all his problems only to guide Polybius on his path.

91e92ed3 No.3637709

Steam you post stuff and delete it all the time.
If I post something and delete it, it's because it contained glaring typos and is typically reposted with the typos corrected within in a matter of minutes.
Posting something and deleting it hoping no one saw is your m o not mine.

>>3637682 I haven't been back there because my intent wasn't to stick around. It was just to let the people there know that wasn't me.

5cb55415 No.3637797

File: 1639528911193.png (1.69 MB, 1278x781, Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 1….png)

Anyone notice that Cobalt's not been active replying to this thread?

2c7a36af No.3637798

Because it has nothing to do with him why would he?

947faf64 No.3637807

Because I'm chilling selling TCG shit and facepalming whenever I see this thread.

b2a7f5e3 No.3637811

honestly when i clicked the thread, i knew it was some sort of test not to click, but i had to click….just a lonely nut looking for a squirrel and ended up here

2c7a36af No.3637853

Do you mean a lonely squirrel looking for a nut or was that not a typo?

ce001049 No.3637875

File: 1639610222750.png (1.99 MB, 1278x770, Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 1….png)

It starts with ooey, gooey, goodness, and ends with chipmunk cheeks.


3274c2d1 No.3637956

File: 1639657868624-0.jpg (154.91 KB, 648x864, directive_cover_by_st1llat….jpg)

File: 1639657868624-1.jpg (83.86 KB, 389x782, sexy_scene_form_directive_….jpg)

I dunno I thought Paw Head was pretty Original.

ba1d2317 No.3637969


30cfcbce No.3638018

File: 1639711926415-0.jpg (104.04 KB, 588x571, aufy_in_defense_mode_by_au….jpg)

File: 1639711926415-1.jpg (37.68 KB, 430x358, f_ck_me_by_st1llat_1t_d3fo….jpg)

Banned Deviant account.

Before Polybius Bimbo I seem to remember working on some confusing space epic called Directive where apparently

Azy and her little trio of Aufy's figures out a way to use bio electro magnetic fields to generate massive amounts of electric power using the changes that occur during sexual activity.

There had been this huge war earlier between the mammal people and repetile people. The reptile people ended up being banished to a neighboring planet where they plotted for decades to come back and retake the mammal people's planet.

So Azy and her Aufy's work with the mammal people federal government to develop the technology to seduce the enemy through sexuality rather than by force alone.

PawHead is an interdeminsional nameless sex creature with a floating paw for a head who goes by D.

gen 1 Aufy shorter no mustache
was an observer scout sent from machine people who also lived in the same solar system who were purely neutral. Niether the mammal or reptile knew they were there.

I think the purple fox face was a symbol of the machine people's empire?
Because the mammal people teach the machine people about sex and they love it so much the machine people assist the mammal people. But only if they get more sex.

The reptile people reverse engineered a great deal of the machine people's technology think'n they were slick. But because the machine people liked fucking more than fighting this gives the mammal people an advantage..

I dunno it was long time ago on a website far away.
The whole thing was a big confusing mess. There was just entirely roo much going on. I pulled a great deal my art off FA and dA don't remember why. But I do remember The mammals peoples currency was called the Furo.
I just I dunno hit a wall and dropped the whole thing and pulled a bunch of the concept art.

But the one day it dawned on me.
If he's a robot,
wouldnt it be a more approachable story if Aufy was simply built, by some one much like myself but has the skills to build Aufy robots and other tech.

30cfcbce No.3638020

File: 1639712647610-0.png (1.17 MB, 696x754, 1491869502.aufybunny_come.png)

Something about arousal creating a sort of flame of energy around a person that can be used to generate power.
Often when I draw a character as if they are on fire it is to represent that they are aroused.

b2a7f5e3 No.3638021

oof…when you hit that dbz stage of horny. and on fire all the time.

204c2f0a No.3638027


That's a great pic! Nice job with the coloring.

2b7570ab No.3638059

Thanks. I appreciate that.

ad3ddcac No.3638095

I rarely give compliments, but that isn't actually all that bad. The perspective needs some work, but thats just constructive commentary.

ad3ddcac No.3638098

File: 1639781856989.gif (4.05 MB, 1772x1772, 50dd1c2de441c7805cca5d7e11….gif)

also you are still a total bag of burning trash, and still suck at literally everything that you do~

One high school fair level of art does not make up for you being a total failure of a human being. You're less than CWC at this point.

32dacfe3 No.3638099

File: 1639781989796.jpg (104.36 KB, 1200x1620, Graveyard_66f5c2_6447397.jpg)

ad3ddcac No.3638100

File: 1639782071802.gif (1.9 MB, 1280x720, d9zuhpo-236136af-68dc-4a3e….gif)

Just what exactly has Aufy achieved in life, up to this point?

ad3ddcac No.3638102

let's see
>lived in a shed
>disappointed his mother
>disappointed his father
>lived in a shed because his second father thought he was a joke
>became a bimbo
>never graduated high school
>never got a ged
>never had a job over minimum wage
>got the name of people who were sick of him tattooed on his hands

I don't need to go on.

688acbef No.3638103

File: 1639782464962.jpg (1.74 MB, 1900x1267, ctphjun19_001_elvis_chapel….jpg)

So when's the marriage between Steam and Aufy going to happen?

688acbef No.3638112

File: 1639787899128.png (2.77 MB, 1800x1280, AufySteamLasVegasWedding.png)

b658d29f No.3638118

He's beyond hope. Mockery is all he's good for at this point.
>got the name of people who were sick of him tattooed on his hands
That's a new one to me. Story and pics?

ad3ddcac No.3638120

he tattooed his hands with "LULZ.NET" on his own as far as I know. Just says how much hes weirdly attached to this place.

ad3ddcac No.3638121

personally I think his attachment to this place is pretty mirrored in his recent behavior, attaching to his suit, and his tranny roommates.

ad3ddcac No.3638122

He's already stated a few times that his suit reflects his personality more than his own… which I don't really understand.

b658d29f No.3638124

He desperately wishes he was not only someone other than himself, but someone that people would desire in some way. He's too socially retarded to understand the reasons why people like and enjoy being with other people so he goes with what he knows. He can only comprehend sexual attraction as the reason why people associate with each other and equates being used as a sex object as people liking each other, hence the bimbofication. It's really superficial social retard shit at it's core.

ad3ddcac No.3638125

well you basically hit the core, I wasn't going to say it since it would just make me look like an ass, but that is what it is.

00df2ecd No.3638126

There's also the possibility that at some level he's just barely mature enough to understand that he has nothing to offer when it comes to WHO he is as a person and wants to make up for that by being desired for WHAT he is as an object.

You see the same sort of shit with others who go full throttle with sexual fetishes and making themselves into sex objects. Pet play and BDSM as a lifestyle are prime examples of this. Same goes for all the polyamorous relationships.

ad3ddcac No.3638128

he's too old and made too many bad choices to ever get on a good path again.

8ba5958c No.3638176

>You're less than CWC at this point.
I winced so hard I hit the lock button on my phone.

51b142e8 No.3638177

File: 1639824371573.jpg (402.12 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210909_062846_3.jpg)

Ohhhh so now that you managed to say one nice thing you have to get all defensive and start ripping into me? Typical steam.
Steam… What the hell is your problem? What the hell did I ever do to you? You say I'm not good anything well I was certainly good at invading your head space.

Then why do you act so jealous of me all the time? Like what the hell do have that you don't that you have to act like that?
At least I'm not a fucking miserable liar.

I had a birthday thread and you threw a fit about it. I have this thing I'm excited about and you then you got defensive about it.

You constantly gloat about how rich and smart and educated you are. But it this begs the question … If you're so secure in yourself you why do you do it?

>lived in a shed because his second father thought he was a joke
My dad wanted me to have my own space. So He bought it for me because he's a kind hearted guy.
>never graduated high school
Again with the lies. I graduated from Savannah Arts Academy. Class of 02.

>never got a ged

Yeah… Because I don't need one because I have a highschool diploma.

>never had a job over minimum wage

Also A lie. The minimum wage is 7.25.
I make 14 an hour. I know thats isn't big money but to say I never worked for anything over minimum wage is just and a fucking lie.
Before that I was making 10.
>got the name of people who were sick of him tattooed on his hands.
I got the tattoo because I wanted knuckle tats. There are 8 characters in lulz.net and 8 knuckles. If I was gonna get a tat I wanted it to be something meaningful to me. And having a place where I can speak my mind is an important thing.
There are people who like me here. Rather you admit it or not.

>I don't need to go on.

You didn't need to start in the first place. It's like it upsets you when I'm happy. It is no coincidence that this started right around the time I started drawing again. ​Like how do have all this money and intelligence yet you spend your energy on jerking me around and spreading deliberate miss information? It's like now that I feel confident enough to draw again and build a creature it's like that bothers you for some reason.
​Why do you act like you were ever some charitable philanthropist.
You said if I got into tech school for electronics you would give an oscilloscope. Thats it. You never offered a loan or to be some big brother type. You are fucking lying.

b2a7f5e3 No.3638178

kiwifarms is basically the florida of the internet. people just…start out buying a timeshare…that's how it always starts.

51b142e8 No.3638180

File: 1639825243331.jpg (861.9 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210811_081843_9.jpg)

As if. I don't get along well with the insecure braggart type.

>>3638118 Maybe Mockery is all you're good at it? Maybe rather than trying to improve your own life and your own character you just mock other people so you don't have to think about you.

>>3638121 One of them is trans, one who moved in fairly recently is thinking about it. The other one is just gay. Just because I'm a cross dresser doesn't make me trans.

>>3638124 I actually had a very active social life in Savannah. There are plenty of pictures of me with friends and at parties. I do not have any trouble making friends thank you.

>>3638128 I think you want to think that. So let's see. I'm making better money, I settled on a plan, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm not dependent on medication, I'm not hooked on drugs. I'm about to move into a new place that is more spacious, quieter and the rent is lower. I think I have a pretty decent shot. True I could have made better choices, but I could have been made a lot worse choices too.

>>3638176 It is no coincidence that here recently this is probably the most attention Steam has shown me directly on the board.

Steam is saying all this because he gave me compliment so now he thinks he has to double down on the asshole. I don't get why but he seems to offended jealous even when I start to feel okay about myself. Jealous of what exactly is beyond me. But it feels… sort of like kicking some one when you see they're getting back up. This is most motivated and happy I've been in a long time. I'm not sure why exactly but this really seems to bother him.

1fe7397d No.3638185

File: 1639826877549.jpg (52.06 KB, 564x460, roadside-romeo.jpg)


Aufy and Steam are a modern furry Romeo and Juliet story.

492c4017 No.3638200

File: 1639848744490.jpg (17.44 KB, 511x109, Capture.JPG)

Polybius - someone appears to be looking for you.

0f755be9 No.3638223

File: 1639871730834.png (240.29 KB, 381x369, Screenshot_2021-12-19 Dont….png)

There was that video of a man jumping and yelling in a gimp suit with horns.

I need that video.

930f7f84 No.3638226

File: 1639872566454.png (220.05 KB, 480x360, Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 1….png)

0f755be9 No.3638261

Yeah yeah that's the one!
But he was saying something as well.

0264299f No.3638266


The original was taken down and someone re-uploaded the video with music dubbed over it. I couldn't find the video posted anywhere else, so make sure to save a copy.

0f755be9 No.3638271

I probably have the original, because I save everything. But finding stuff again… hmmm. Gonna be a challenge.

Do you still remember the title?

f022c4c9 No.3638275

The video was called Epic Anime Body Pillow Humping

36b0901d No.3638328

I find it amusing your best examples of me acting out are always other people.

ad3ddcac No.3638334

File: 1639952531970.jpg (44.03 KB, 960x540, bojack-horseman-season-5.jpg)

You just provide all the best examples of yourself, yourself. It would be like me saying I drink enough vodka to kill a horse every day, and then the next post being "oh hey did you hear Steam is an alcoholic?!?" its just redundant at that point. No one really needs to prove or provide proof, when you just set it out there for everyone to see.

d44e7fb0 No.3638399

File: 1639995272658.jpg (61.98 KB, 728x910, BPUR2Xjg.jpg)

Then why bother? If you don't need to compare me to anyone else then there would be no point in doing it.

We have people here shoving animal toys and a camera into their rectum and taking photos of it, but I'm buffalo apperantly because I'm into being a pink cross dressing furry?
How absolutely preposterous.

Ya know you remind of some the girls at work.
They fuck with me then later go
"So when are you gonna ask me out?"

Assuming that was you that made that fake account…
Why do it? Why bother unless you actually wanted me invading your head space? You don't want me in your head space then don't fuck with me. Seems pretty straight forward.

Steam… Prehaps I'm not particularly accomplished and maybe my parents are a bit disappointed I havent done more with my life but atleast my parents like me.
If anything my parents biggest mistake was not being harder on me and pushing me to be more independent.

Perhaps my life is a bit of a mess well…
This is the result of liberal parenting.
I have cousin…. about my age.. still lives with his mother who has no plans or letting him go and be his own person.
I don't associate with them anymore… They're cowards.
My mother would have been perfectly content to have live me with her for the rest of her life like many other liberal parents.

I decided I didn't want that for my life. So when the opportunity made itself available to move out and a furry house I took it.
If I was such a joke to my Puruvian step father if he hated having me around so very much why then did he get upset with me when I decided move ​to Virginia?

If I'm so dependent and influenced by transgender roommate and good friend … Why then have I decided to move out and find a place of my own? Why did you lie to everyone and tell them I had started cross dressing until I moved up here?

d44e7fb0 No.3638400

File: 1639996895331.jpg (24.59 KB, 663x302, IMG_20211207_054734_1~3.jpg)

I think perhaps my biggest mistake was living for other people's benefit, puting my own goals in the back seat and hating my self for becoming so sexually confused when thinking I was straight only to fall so completely for a man. Hating my self for not being able to shake off cupids ammunition. So I decided to take these feelings and do something creative with them.
Why would that bother you so much?
You didn't seem as bothered by me then.
But that now that I have settled on a specific agenda, now that I'm actually drawing again. Now that I'm building a creature and have plans to build more, now that I've decided to stop hating myself…

You seem absolutely desperate to cut me down…. Why is that?
You made money your goal and achieved it. Congrats… Why don't you pay yourself on the back until you pull a muscle in your .shoulder?
Now you're bored and a lone, because you failed to plane for what to do with it all once you got it.

I'm sorry but THAT'S a fucking joke. Perhaps I'm not particularly accomplished but at least I'm taking active steps to move forward.
I started with cinder blocks, then 25 pound barbells, then 35 now I'm at 40 pound barbells. I lived in a cozy shed in the back yard at my parents house, to my own room. In a furry house, now I'm looking at a bigger place on my own. More space better living conditions for less money… I went from 10 dollars an hour to 14.
I went from barely being able to bring my self to doodle, to working on a comic book and drawing daily.

And some how I'm worse than Cwc who was living on disability, thinks he is Jesus and is in jail for raping his mother?
Yeah that makes no sense.

d44e7fb0 No.3638401

File: 1639998048262.gif (2.66 MB, 485x498, cheers-suck-it.gif)

a39b46f1 No.3638414

>In a furry house
I truly feel sorry for you

>I lived in a cozy shed in the back yard

Say hi to Bubbles and the kitties for me

382f0b07 No.3638427

File: 1640025498893.jpeg (552.85 KB, 2048x1875, FGNPHYFXEAAKRFO.jpeg)

>Lives in a furry house
>I feel sorry for you
It was my choice and have no regrets in doing so.

I am the creator of Aufy who's directive is to be of service to the fandom. Our work within the fandom must take priority.
For these are the bonds we have chosen rather than the bond we were born into.

Perhaps progress has been slow but it is accelerating.
I can relish in knowing that I am living the life I have chosen.

It was toss up between fnaf theory and slutty pink bimbo theory…
But in the end I chose what makes me the most happy.

f505face No.3638430

Imagine being so pathetic you consider being a furfag to be an important part of who you are as a person.

e3c78262 No.3638448

File: 1640032308490.jpg (40.02 KB, 600x686, 1156827067095.jpg)

Imagine being so pathetic that you lack any grounding on who you are because you're too concerned what others might think.
Imagine being so cowardly that you have to post everything anonymously for fear being held accountable for speaking your mind.

Whats important you then? Whats an important part of who you are that is vastly superior?
You know your phrasing could be so easily replaced with any number of words or phrases.

Imagine being so pathetic you consider being sports fan to be an important part of who you are as a person.

Imagine being so pathetic you consider your boring dead end job to be an important part of who you are as a person.

Imagine being so pathetic you consider being gay to be an important part of who you are as a person.

Imagine being so pathetic you consider being anonymous and devoid of identity to be an important part of who you are as a person.

Imagine being so pathetic you don't have any since of purpose or identity what so ever,
Imagine not even knowing what's an important part of who you are as a person.

See how that works?
Alright smart guy….
What would be a better metric for self identity besides going for anything other than precisely what one wanted out of life?

Or you done here?

e3c78262 No.3638449

File: 1640032686837.jpg (2.57 MB, 2401x2834, Pyraminx_scrambled_cubemei….jpg)

Honestly those were just examples ..
If your job, being gay, being an Anon,
or being a sports fan and supporting your team are an important part of your identity … No judgement.
To each his own.

Some people have made their life about twisty puzzles.
Who the fuck are you judge them for that?

ad3ddcac No.3638457

File: 1640034816513.gif (947.61 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

These last few post of Aufy's have just been a dumpster fire of autism. I guess we might as well keep throwing trash into the inferno.

e3c78262 No.3638459

File: 1640035145455.gif (1.26 MB, 480x270, WOW4Bq8.gif)

f505face No.3638460

I love a good dumpster fire.

Being gay is way more important than having some sort of escapist wish fulfillment fursona.

ae0d013d No.3638499

File: 1640048401904.jpg (224.39 KB, 1075x555, NHL-Fans-celebrating-at-ga….jpg)

>Imagine being so pathetic you consider being sports fan to be an important part of who you are as a person.

What is wrong with enjoying sports? Just because you are too much of a girly man to enjoy playing or watching them doesn't give you the right to put down sports fans!

f505face No.3638501

Nothing wrong with playing sports

Being personally invested in a sports match that you or nobody you know personally isn't playing in is fucking retarded. Having a personal attachment to some team that doesn't give a fuck about you is pathetic.

0f755be9 No.3638518

File: 1640061650995.jpg (90.58 KB, 700x573, hod_mi_micek.jpg)

>sports fan
There's a difference between personally engaging in a sport for health purposes and turning on the idiot box to watch some grown men chase a ball. My dog can do that too.

45593f61 No.3638545

File: 1640070434451.gif (325.85 KB, 410x542, fe6.gif)

>Being gay is more important than wish fulfillment.

I don't know about that. Being gay is something you are.
Wish fufillment there is actual work and effort involved.

Who else besides our selves is going to grant our wishes?
A fucking a genie?
Personal wish fufillment through effort essence is of success.

Wish for a sandwich? Make a fucking sandwich. Success!
Wish for fursuit? Make one your self or gather the means to buy it. Success!
Wish to be in better shape? Work out. Success!
Wish to be a better artist? Draw more. Success!

I dunno I think there is more value to be had in doing than simply being.

>>3638499 [+]
>Whats wrong with being a sports fan and the hell are you to judge?
Not a God damn thing. I think you may have missed the part where stated that these were just examples to show just how weak the statement was.

But no your response to that is entirely justified. And it's exactly how you SHOULD feel about it. While it's not my cup tea, I don't have anything against sports fans. And some one is interested in following a team I say go for it.

>>3638501 Is it though? Why should the things were personally invested always be personally invested in us?

>>3638518 common don't be a judgemental Judy. There's more to it than that. There's numbers and stats involved. It's exciting to see athletes compete. It's suspenseful. The highs the lows the ups the downs the massive amounts of work these athletes put into win.
Sporting events are an important part of the human expierence.

ad3ddcac No.3638564

File: 1640076246534.jpg (441.77 KB, 1300x1065, burning-trash-pile-1422489.jpg)

you aren't gay, you're a trash pile. Stop trying to be "normal" you aren't, you're a fetishistic abomination. You make the rest of us look bad and have to deal with your stupid fallout.

ad3ddcac No.3638566

File: 1640076528962.png (2.35 MB, 1280x720, rupauls-drag-race-winners-….png)

You say that everyone has to base things you do on other people, but its the reverse. We normal guys and girls who happen to be gay, fight against the stereotypes that people like you preserve. The drag show, over the top freaks that make everyone hate us.

I'd be happy just being a guy who likes guys, and just being left alone… but nooo, everyone thinks were freakshows because of people like you.

45593f61 No.3638570

Steam… I wasn't always like this…

Made no claims to be neither gay nor normal
You're not exactly normal your self
I feel like you aren't even reading the posts or attempting to make rational responses at this point. I feel like you're just haphazardly slinging insults at this point .
Are … You okay? 🤔
It's just a costume Steam.

ad3ddcac No.3638573

you literally brag about being a bimbo in a consume, not many people do that. You are legit the thing that everyone is afraid their kids are going to get exposed to being gay, and its a problem for us not psychotic gays.

45593f61 No.3638579

File: 1640083670083.jpeg (296.62 KB, 2048x1152, CWs_CLEUwAAzuvh.jpeg)

Disturbing he says…
The Children he says…

well… maybe … I am the way I am because it happened to me.

Maybe I do get it.
Maybe that's why I get angry when LGBTQQIP2SAA sing and brag about how their converting our children.
Maybe that's why I very rarely out into public dressed in these costumes and when I do it's a child free setting.

Maybe … What I've been trying to tell you is that if your disturbed or traumatized in some way by my costumes ….
I get it okay…
It happened to me too.
If you wanna talk about it private on FA we can…
But yes… It is disturbing .. and as time progresses
these costumes of mine will only get bigger pinker curvier and more disturbing.

Because when I tell people tell to leave each other alone and stop picking on each other and stop trying to corrupt our youth and stop picking on normies and just live and let live..

I want to be as disturbing as possible so the message will fucking sink in. It's easy to ignore a little ol poly

But a 10 foot armored up, glowing eyes dick nippled, fire breathing
, angry sinccubus who can bust the door open on your head space and give you nightmares forever for being an asshole to people?
Not so much… gonna a little harder to ignore that.

You're post are getting worse Steam.
If I invaded your head space to much I'll back off for bit let you catch your breadth.
But I think you're confusing my motives here.

930f7f84 No.3638588

File: 1640092532381.png (552.48 KB, 517x640, Dragoneer-Sean-Piche-Piss-….png)

>If you wanna talk about it private on FA we can…

Nothing on FA is private! Did you forget FA's history of leaking and spying on private messages?

204c2f0a No.3638629

File: 1640119970058.png (453.89 KB, 374x500, Ms Auphries.png)

ad3ddcac No.3638650

just a quick question, would you let this into your (theoretical kids's) birthday party?

7d467136 No.3638651

File: 1640124325646.png (492.52 KB, 500x500, Chuck E Cheese says.png)

>would you let this into your (theoretical kids's) birthday party?

ad3ddcac No.3638653

and now all our answers have been proven, Aufy is a freakshow.

431db371 No.3638655

>Aufy is a freakshow.
Yes but is he a freakshow on the dance floor?

f0ec7d1f No.3638656

File: 1640126139775.png (586.88 KB, 942x512, officelemur.png)

Not really no. To me it just looks like You're just a bitter twat waffle. Don't care what you or he says.
From the little I've seen, It's not all that disturbing.
Quite frankly between genital mutilation, watersports piss fox, gross diaper porn and shoving figurines up the pooptoob its probably one of the most vanilla tame things the board has to offer.

Not like he's going to schools and libraries and making a display of it in front kids.

He likes to dress up as a pink bimbo in the privacy of his room and sometimes post pictures of it here. So what?

Nothing wrong with that. So here's what I've observed.
>Polybius makes it crystal clear exactly what he was working on.
>In the /pol/ thread Steam says something about being a wealthy retired engineer super genius.
>Knowing Polybius is working on a project where engineering skills may be useful Says something about if Polybius or cobalt wants his help to just ask. >Says something about not being a mean snakey reptile person everyone thinks he is.
>Polybius does ask.
>Steam quickly retracts the offer and tells him he refuses to help with the one thing he knows Polybius working on.
>Polybius is like WTF? He gets pissed off and rightfully so.
>Steam proceeds to engage in mean snakey reptile person behavior

So is my asessment correct?

Say what you like Steam. But from what I've seen that's a shitty thing to do. I think if you really wanted to help you wouldn't be bobbing it up and up down like you're playing with a cat.

Polybius DON'T! Do not engage with that asshole. If he's "disturbed" by some mild furry cross dressing that's his problem not yours.
If anything it's not nearly disturbing enough.

ad3ddcac No.3638657

File: 1640126487577.gif (358.02 KB, 500x357, animesher.com_anime-laughi….gif)

"mild furry crossdressing" yeah, thats really not going to fly, he's a total psycho crossdresser with giant inflatable boobs, and a fursuit that looks like it was made to birth octuplets.

Doesn't help that he's perfectly ok with raping young boys and girls, as long as they "orgasm from it."

tbh he makes me sick.

wouldn't mind to see him try to dance to that though. Could be a little funny.

f505face No.3638658

File: 1640126685819.jpg (629.2 KB, 740x1100, a301ce352059c98b5210ee0db2….jpg)

>mild furry cross dressing

There's a huge difference between men dressing up pretty and the deranged bimbofication shit aufy is obsessed with

ad3ddcac No.3638661

File: 1640127525528.gif (47.48 KB, 220x165, lizardman-planning.gif)

this, this right here.

f0ec7d1f No.3638662

File: 1640127627735.jpg (27.86 KB, 680x383, 1d9.jpg)

On a board with the kind of content I've seen here, where it's just business as usual but pink "inflatable boobs" and you're acting like he's some sort of hell spawn.

Sorry but that kind of reaction is very confusing to me.

I'm not sure if he is or not. But his art style nor the costumes reflect any pedophilic tendencies as far as I can tell.

There is straight up cub porn, straight up cgi baby rape in the /pol/ thread, children sex dolls.
No one bats an eye.
Just another day on /furi/

But some how… for reasons that are entirely unclear… pink bimbo inflatable boobs equals pedophile?

Something doesn't add up here. am I the only one confused by this reaction? This just doesn't make since.

f505face No.3638663

It's not the fetish suit itself, it's the mental illness that lies within it.

9ec4d97b No.3638664

There's nothing wrong with Aufy's art. It's not great, nor is it terrible either. It's decent and he should continue to draw, despite any criticisms posted here.

As for the Bimbo suit stuff, there are specific furry video sites to post that stuff to other than here.

ad3ddcac No.3638665

File: 1640127895020.png (1.22 MB, 582x765, Reptoid.png)

You know, I always wanted to have the day that I that I had enough influence to become a conspiracy reptoid…

he's stated in the past that he's ok with kids having sex as long as they orgasm, I disagree with that.

Besides the point, his disgusting bimbo fetish is not "mild cross dressing" its just really disturbing, and like >>3638658 said, its not comparable to just guys wanting to be pretty at all.

Hell, I've crossdressed just to be pretty when I was a teen, I pulled it off ok, but I didn't have giant baloons on my chest and ass, Aufy is a freak.

ad3ddcac No.3638666

sure I was an amazon, but with some tissues, tucking and a dress I passed ok in the cincinnati night life for one night.

ad3ddcac No.3638667

I had horrible bumps after shaving against the grain that night though…

f505face No.3638668

File: 1640128389860-0.jpg (879.74 KB, 2525x1500, 721d6bc1f450248190ea092749….jpg)

File: 1640128389860-1.jpg (388.59 KB, 2317x1500, 878ae37c75acb1241add9d8b2d….jpg)

I'm gay as fuck but there's something really hot about guys in lingerie, especially if they're doing it as a special romantic kind of thing with the intent of making their partner happy. I also prefer if they're masculine and not trying to pretend to be a woman or some femboy trap.

bd53539e No.3638669

File: 1640128555216.png (377.98 KB, 958x775, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 1….png)

>I had horrible bumps after shaving against the grain that night though…

That reminds me of this.

bd53539e No.3638670

File: 1640128757627.png (1.15 MB, 958x770, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 1….png)

Or this if you prefer the more modern version in color.

f0ec7d1f No.3638671

File: 1640129038710.png (396.19 KB, 600x428, 76a03b621f9196c29793ca2550….png)

I think it's mentally ill to accuse some one of being a pedophile who shows no apparent tendencies towards it when there's actual pedophilic material here that no ones seems to care about.

I haven't seen him post any videos though. But even if he did I thought this was a furry porn board?

>>3638665 How exactly is it disturbing?

>he's ok with kids having sex as long as they orgasm, I disagree with that.

I'm certain you have a screen shot of statement then?

I don't normally do this sort of thing, I'm very very confused by the reactions I'm seeing.

It's like going to a cake party.
Everyone is brining cake, many of the cakes are straight up bizarre some the cakes are down right demonic.

A guy walks in with a cake. Other than being neon pink it seems pretty much like an ordinary cake. But people at party start freaking and throwing fits about the pink cake.

How am I the only confused this?

f505face No.3638672

His entire life revolves around his bimbofication fetish. He's said so himself. He also flips out if you suggest that the entire world doesn't revolve around what gets him off and his perception of what a woman is is fucking deranged.

ad3ddcac No.3638676

File: 1640129833531.png (2.65 MB, 1500x1000, crowder.png)

His perception is a little off, and hes a fetishist, prove me wrong.

5a92acbb No.3638677

File: 1640130208602.png (900.18 KB, 958x775, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 1….png)

>wouldn't mind to see him try to dance to that though. Could be a little funny.

Just dub one of his bimbo videos to Mahna Mahna and it'll be just as funny.


ad3ddcac No.3638678

people really under estimate old timey videos

366c6315 No.3638679

File: 1640130443813.png (1.06 MB, 958x773, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 1….png)

My bad, his vids are costuming, gotta add in some Muppets. ;D


ad3ddcac No.3638683

I never actually saw the original, so I was kinda enjoying it.

9d2e08b3 No.3638684


It seems like Aufy's life is a manifestation of the Adult version of The Muppet Show.

The Muppets Are Back With a Grown-Up Show

9d2e08b3 No.3638685

The original is a classic!

4bea5347 No.3638687

File: 1640131159098.png (719.68 KB, 680x1250, Auf Mahna Mahna.png)

ad3ddcac No.3638688

I really liked it.

80179134 No.3638690

File: 1640131894580.png (1.39 MB, 1168x772, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 1….png)

Take a listen to this version.

ad3ddcac No.3638693

you literally ruin everything

9ec4d97b No.3638696

File: 1640136786725.png (1.56 MB, 1278x772, Costumes That Take Cosplay….png)

On the subject of costuming, wouldn't this be the ultimate costume for Cobalt?


f505face No.3638698

Only if it's crudely made from trash picked out of a McDonald's dumpster

9ec4d97b No.3638700

The video said it was made from McDonald's packaging, such as McNugget boxes.

f505face No.3638701

I said "crudely made from trash"

I don't see a single grease stain

bb94358d No.3638720

File: 1640154702178.png (315.58 KB, 1024x1472, angry_applejack_by_cloudyg….png)

Fuck are you talking about?
I don't dress like that for kids parties.
I wouldnt want that at a kids party myself.
Because what I do isnt for kids in the first place.

>Doesn't help that he's perfectly ok with raping young boys and girls, as long as they "orgasm from it."

You fucking mangled up liar!
'to become a conspiracy reptoid…'
The fuck are you talking about? That was you! You were the one who said that about yourself. You are like "Common if you want my help just ask. I'm not this terrible reptile person that people think I am" but that was YOU who mentioned it in the first place.

>he's stated in the past that he's ok with kids having sex as long as they orgasm, I disagree with that.

When?! When did I say anything of the sort?
When did I say anything that even remotely resembles that?
The mods in the IRC can attest to this, when I see cp on the board I report it.

I'm mentally ill? I'm not the one who gets off on being liar, making up fake accounts, making up fake screen shots and antagonizing people.
That's not my idea of a good time. That's what crazy psychotic people do.
I'm starting to think your projecting your own insecurities on to me.
You're likely a pedo, so you call me a pedo
You're a pyschotic and mentally ill so you call me pyschotic and mentally ill
You're younger than me but your body is a Fankenstein monster mangled up dumpster fire mess held together with surgical wire and duct tape, so you call my life a dumpster fire.
I don't like saying mean stuff to you but what option have you left me?

I live with other furries.
I help with the pets and household chores.
If they need my help with something I help out.
I work a full job, the pay isn't great but isn't bad at all for what I do.
I do furry art, have some fursuits.
I have an FA and a Twitter.
This isn't a "dumpster fire" this is a relatively ordinary life by furry standards.

32dacfe3 No.3638723

File: 1640156546829-0.jpg (109.11 KB, 900x554, XwbxM.jpg)

File: 1640156546829-1.jpg (278.94 KB, 1920x1080, image-asset.jpg)

imagine infinity war with restaurants fighting greatest enemy a single fat man customer.

f505face No.3638724

You have no idea what a regular life is, not even by furry standards. You're a full-time fetishist.

ad3ddcac No.3638727

File: 1640158279564.gif (1.02 MB, 375x250, TastySatisfiedCod-size_res….gif)

You keep saying I'm using proxies and you keep being wrong. Spoiler alert, its not 2012, there isn't a huge free website full of proxies anymore. I've got one proxy that I use for torrents, my regular IP, and my phone (which only has 1gb of Internets so I use sparingly for the dog park). Oh and Lulz has most major proxies banned since I last checked.

Nope, my billions of proxies are just something that only exists in your head.

1e867e69 No.3638732

I didn't say anything about proxies.
I said fake screenshots. This is a fake screen shot >>3637605
I said fake accounts…
Which is what started this thread in the first place.
Which yes you implied was made by you.
I said nothing about proxies.
See! There you go again.
You don't read the post you just fill in what you think I said.

I don't know who made the account or the screen shot.
But I'm looking at you since you have by far been the most active in this thread out of anyone else.

1e867e69 No.3638736

File: 1640160961696.jpg (243.57 KB, 850x1511, sample_ca028fda22aa02dbcb5….jpg)

>Full time fetishist.

Well … Not yet. But I'm getting there.
But yeah that's my goal.
All I have at the moment is my phone and the space is very limited.

But I may have found a place that's bigger, quieter, no pets, and 200 less month than what I'm paying now.

My old laptop is broken so I'm just going to have to save up and get a computer.
Fuck all this nonsince about "shame" and "moderation".
When I get my computer I'm setting up monitized accounts and on my days off from work I'm gonna either study, draw, or slut it up on camera for money.

If I make enough money doing that I might just start doing it full time.

ad3ddcac No.3638737

File: 1640161337007.gif (696.25 KB, 400x223, mwahaha.gif)

yes, give in to my siren call. Fall so deep into your fetish that you either lose yourself or try to claw your way out at the last moment.

I win either way.

ad3ddcac No.3638738

File: 1640161633070.jpg (85.76 KB, 1000x1000, 637467_274696_01_front_zoo….jpg)

I'd suggest this MSI Katana GF66. Its what I use as my run around gaming computer. Its not the best in the world, but with a little RAM upgrade its an run just about anything that isn't top of the line.

Then again its edgey as fuck, and every time you look at it you'll have to think of me, but…

1e867e69 No.3638741

File: 1640162180417.png (116.06 KB, 970x1024, large.png)

You only implied it was you because you're a shit stiring sociopath.

ad3ddcac No.3638742

File: 1640162216058.gif (922.78 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_mqkjqo5gCn1q….gif)

Gets the job done. Its fun to have puppets dance for me.

ad3ddcac No.3638743

File: 1640162560066.jpg (78.06 KB, 694x652, Yu-gi-oh-banned-trap-cards….jpg)

wait where the fuck did my post go?

It was whatever, something something, me implying that I did something to aufy, him believing it. Trapcard.jpg

Weird ass thing for a mod to delete.

1e867e69 No.3638749

File: 1640163991388.png (148.38 KB, 860x1105, 579-5794554_confused-meme-….png)

>Siren call
Steam… Are you really so egotistical as to think this bimbo thing has one single fuck to do with you or you're "siren call"?

None of this … Not one single aspect of my bimbo life has anything at all to do with you.

I go back and forth from time to time and particularly in this thread because… Well If I started it I should finish it and atleast make it entertaining for the viewers at home.

I go back forth with trolls like you not because it has a anything to do with as an individual but because that is my m.o
When a troll starts with me they're hoping at some point I'll rage quit and end it.
But that is not how I operate.
I go and go until the troll gets themselves get frustrated and walk away.
I've done it before and I'll do it again.
Ya know steam… I don't say this to many people but I really think you might consider getting saved. I think you might need to get baptized.

Your opinion of my fetish means nothing to me. Because it's not for you. It's for the people who ARE going to be into it and believe me there is shortage of them.

ad3ddcac No.3638750

File: 1640164314120.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1090, Enrico_Maxwell.png)

actually I am baptized, even confirmed by the catholic church. So by you're religion no matter what I do, I'm cool.

how do you know that I haven't been funneling you into this hole since that cult? cultivating you into a psycho bimbo for my own amusement? Just playing you until you ended up like this? How many years have you been on my strings?

ad3ddcac No.3638751

File: 1640164462888.png (215.23 KB, 499x401, Alucard.png)

Im kidding, I don't give that many shits about anything.

You did all this on your own.

1e867e69 No.3638754

File: 1640165500444.gif (106.93 KB, 220x217, my-little-pony-apple-jack.gif)

Catholic baptism? Bwahahahaha you mean where they dunk the little stick in the little cup and "sprinkle" you with "holy water"?
That's hardly a baptism.
I got one of those when I was in highschool and had to stop myself from busting out laughing right there in the church.

It's why I got baptized for real in 2018.

No no no I mean full submersion in either baptismal pool or a river or lake.

And no being baptized isn't get out of hell free card.
If you're being tormented by sleep paralysis demons you're clearly pissing off some one on other side.

ad3ddcac No.3638756

actually there was a jacuzzi above the stand, full dunked. I'm Catholic now, but was full on Baptist growing up.

I just like Catholicism since they're more ritualistic in their worship. I decided that witchcraft wasn't really working out for me, but wanted a more active participation in religion that most protestant sects just don't have.

1e867e69 No.3638757

File: 1640166844695.jpg (69.07 KB, 600x1045, f52.jpg)

Well I'm pretty sure you're lying again.
Didn't you say something about Set?
Some Egyptian deity or something?
Or was that also a lie.
Steam you tell so many lies it's hard keep up.

If there was some ritual or spell cast or dark matter energy force or whatever that moved in this direction…. It sure as shit wasn't you who did it.

1e867e69 No.3638758

File: 1640167256524.gif (1.56 MB, 501x501, full.gif)

The creature is not happy that I have spent so much time going back and forth you. This was time that could have spent making her bigger and happier. So I'm calling it a night before she gets angry.

😄I'm kidding there is no "creature".
I'm just done for the night is all

ad3ddcac No.3638760

File: 1640168767153.jpg (60.41 KB, 1200x630, pooka-1.jpg)

The hell is "the creature?"

Do you literally take instructions from your suit? Thats psychotic as anything I can think of.

b2a7f5e3 No.3638766

We Have Zer0 Coom Room
Threads You have Doomed.
Anal Banal G-Rated Panel.
Why Does Pink Man Dress Up As Animal?
Me Knows he is creepy, he says it laughable.
I want to remind him that his god is fallible.

7d467136 No.3638771

File: 1640184149834.png (789.73 KB, 522x757, Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 0….png)


The hell is "the creature?"

Do you literally take instructions from your suit?


4aaa4de3 No.3638786

File: 1640202224476.gif (655.12 KB, 456x502, full (1).gif)

Ohh steam! I was joking. I was being silly. It was late we all say silly things some times when it's late. No one's taking instructions from inanimate objects what a preposterous notion.
Taking instructions?
From a costume?
Why that's ridiculous!

ad3ddcac No.3638789

Psh, see that big square thing in front of you? You've been taking instructions from inanimate objects since you were a kid. The suit thing is just way more disturbing.

ad3ddcac No.3638790

File: 1640208722676.gif (1.14 MB, 498x280, mlp-head-bang.gif)

ugh, I tried for hours to ignore the square inaccuracy, but my ocd mind just wont let go that computer monitors are rectangles and not squares, because this isn't the 90's.

Damn you brain. I only take solace in that pixels are technically squares and my statement was still technically correct.

f505face No.3638791

Did aufy go all pro-tranny when the creator of the character he stole went tranny?

ad3ddcac No.3638796

Who knows, I still think his tranny roommates are probably the reason. He might not know anything about his stolen character's creator. I sure don't, I tried playing FNAF, but I can't take jump scares after trying to play "Amnesia Dark Descent" while using an Oculus Rift headset. Tbh in retrospect, that combo was bound to cause mental scarring.

f505face No.3638799

Apparently they started trooning out earlier this year.

>I started HRT on 1/27/21 and trying out they/them pronouns

b2a7f5e3 No.3638803

f5 5 face 5 freds

74bec17c No.3638838

>>3638789 What part of "I'm joking" did you not understand? I was just having a little holiday fun is all.
But no… I do not see a big rectangular object I see small one that obeys me, not the other way around. My computer is broken and I'm just gonna have to get a new one.

>>3638791 I was never anti trans to begin with and I didn't "steal a damn thing. If you're talking about Proxikat, She may have been inspired by Roxikat but she's is her own character and Polybius Rik's story could not be told without her.
I'm allowed to be inspired thank you.

I am critical of the way the trans movement is being pushed on youth and how some trans individuals behave and how this is just one more way big pharma exploits people's insecurities for profit. But no I was never anti trans.

c296a354 No.3638841

File: 1640253374613.png (781.26 KB, 720x479, barking dog.png)

74bec17c No.3638842

File: 1640255045950-0.jpg (123.04 KB, 567x465, oh-noes-its-that-faggot-au….jpg)

File: 1640255045950-1.jpg (81.11 KB, 400x400, sohh-aufy-what-about-pink-….jpg)

File: 1640255045950-2.jpg (214.06 KB, 798x604, aufy-avenge-the-death-of-a….jpg)

File: 1640255045950-3.jpg (265.23 KB, 500x650, aufy-hurry-up-man-i-swear-….jpg)

File: 1640255045950-4.jpg (82.71 KB, 637x358, aufy-who.jpg)

Yeah appearantly there are some old Aufy memes floating around the internet.

My dad made the last one when I dropped off the radar for awhile.

c296a354 No.3638843

File: 1640255442272.png (132.49 KB, 500x278, aufwiedersehen.png)

>My dad made the last one when I dropped off the radar for awhile.

4d4206fb No.3638847

File: 1640269239709.png (2.36 MB, 2048x1972, 7a99b563e91ee5a3a34734f02e….png)


4d4206fb No.3638848

File: 1640269417356.jpg (6.38 MB, 2894x4093, 984a215733395a9b49eaffdce4….jpg)

And what about this? Independently living cocks that have a life of their own.
And just when I thought there was nothing new.

f505face No.3638850

Your characters are less original than Sonichu. Just because you came up with some sort of autistic fan fiction for other people's characters doesn't mean you aren't just ripping off someone else's work

ad3ddcac No.3638871

File: 1640313630916-0.jpg (98.18 KB, 800x800, 3ab76a05c6018a3fbdda343cff….jpg)

File: 1640313630916-1.png (273.79 KB, 672x672, The_Beast_1_672x672.png)

That isn't a sentient cock, I've got a chastity cage really similar to that design, minus the horns and tusks, but its really similar but plastic. As corny as the thing is, its ironically my most comfortable ones I own, and one of the cheapest. I've got the one pictured here too, but unfortunately the "wild boar" chastity cage I'm talking about is no longer available for sale, at least not on etsy but its probably still somewhere on one of those asian knock off sites.

Sentient dicks are not a new thing though, look up "snake_penis" on e621, its been around for years, along with variants. Hell there are even games focused entirely around the theme.

just in case anyone decides they want to spend the holidays exploring different ways to literally be a total dick.

ad3ddcac No.3638877

File: 1640315373816.gif (963.83 KB, 480x262, anime-poke.gif)

You respond to your rectangular master all the time. You can't deny it, it taunts you constantly and you give it reactions. More so than most, the majority of us don't go and start tatooing their bodies just because they worship the glowing rectangle and the squares it shines with.

a76fd614 No.3638899

File: 1640331900738.jpg (837.83 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20211224_023734_9.jpg)

Seems pretty self explanatory that my character and stories are at least whole hell of a lot more interesting and original than your insults.

ad3ddcac No.3638911

You're so easily insultable I doubt any would be original to you.

Speaking of unoriginal insults, just to avoid being called a liar, that rehab thing got pushed back. Apparently the ward I was going to is in quarantine because someone tested positive for covid. It might get pushed back again depending on if anyone else contracted it and is still in the incubation phase.

1de669c8 No.3638929

If you want to avoid being called a lair you could always … I dunno stop fucking lying constantly?

ad3ddcac No.3638956

The only times I lie is when I've been mislead to begin with. No idea why everyone has always just assumed everything I say is a lie, not just here, but like my entire life since I was a little kid.

Its practically and SCP super power, anything I say can and usually is taken to be objectively false.

727e3a83 No.3638958

They're not insults, just pointing out facts about you and your mental illnesses. Since you never change the facts don't either.

ad3ddcac No.3638961

File: 1640392328260.gif (2.46 MB, 500x500, 5a2fcb161314c24822896a7073….gif)

>since you never change

Aufy is like a diaper fur with a scat fetish. I wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with either of them.

727e3a83 No.3638962

They both probably smell as equally bad.

ad3ddcac No.3639028

31847c89 No.3639032

Not actually, although I don't recall the term.
I remember seeing that sort of thing waaaay back as an underage b& in the mid 90s, Usenet and lj and vcl. Some offshoot of parasitism, "postfurry" wrote stories about it frequently.
You know that bug that lives on the tongue of fish? It was like that.
Pre 9-11 furry was so much more inventive, then THE COOMER NATION ATTACKED and there was suddenly nothing but gay wolves and yiffy foxes and stair diving dragons instead of making porn of weird shit from nature.
I do remember what came after, tho, 'Alyn Gryphon' and his infamous "cum snakes"

29032698 No.3639040

File: 1640432865360.jpeg (109.25 KB, 510x680, FFouExdWQAwfJDQ.jpeg)

>You're so easily insultable.
It's an easy thing to do pick from a list.

>>The only times I lie is when I've been mislead to begin with.


>No idea why

Because you will sit there and tell straight up lie after lie and people will catch you.

>everyone has always just assumed everything I say is a lie,

Not "everything", it's just people will catch you. So this cast doubt on the rest of what you say.

>>Its practically and SCP super power, anything I say can and usually is taken to be objectively false.

Are you literally congratulating himself for what what terrific liar you are? wow.

>>They're facts.
They are comparisons.
Huge difference between comparison and fact.

>>3638962 Wager I smell better than you.

482a6269 No.3639041

File: 1640433847439.png (1012.85 KB, 1152x1800, CobaltSmellsBad.png)


>Wager I smell better than you.

9ec4d97b No.3639413

File: 1640679155785.jpg (573.01 KB, 1012x1280, 1640450450.cchilab_aja.jpg)

eb4a10da No.3639517

Maybe Steam is jealous because you've never needed to go to rehab and you have all your organs.

9ec4d97b No.3639519

>Maybe Steam is jealous because you've never needed to go to rehab and you have all your organs.

From what people have said here, that wont be for long because Poly's planning to chop one of his major organs off to go trans? I don't know? Perhaps Steam or someone could shed some more light on this?

688db4a6 No.3639526

thats not a chess piece its a Doge! DOGE! THIS IS A BIG CHESSBOARD WITH A DOGE ON IT. WTF

9ec4d97b No.3639529

File: 1640739945137-0.png (581.47 KB, 735x413, Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 2….png)

File: 1640739945137-1.png (343.47 KB, 616x324, Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 2….png)

I'm wondering if this game's characters will give Aufy any inspiration for his further comic adventures?

2d5ef041 No.3639538

Aufy finds time to argue with Steam but never drops into Discord to say hi :(

56ea4766 No.3639718

I doubt it. I don't think Aufy is trans. Even if did go trans he likes dick way too much to ever cut his off.

248079e9 No.3639721

The majority of male trannies don't cut their dicks off.

1fa5251e No.3639723

Icono! *Hugs* well If I don't need to download an app I may check it out. My computer is broken and have extremely limited space on my phone.
Did you hear, I may be moving out soon into a place of my own.
Me and Romi are getting along fine, I just need more space to build costumes.

1fa5251e No.3639724

Yeah I'm not doing that. I like my junk.

8ba5958c No.3639802

File: 1640849966437.jpeg (199.56 KB, 1339x2048, FGa5sZHUUAQEQEk.jpeg)


What type of phone do you have? It may accept microSD cards, giving you more storage.

930f7f84 No.3639921

File: 1640965142652.png (209.91 KB, 317x400, Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 1….png)

Is this not the perfect userpic for Aufy?

54288e30 No.3655533

Stop bumping aufy threads

90ff824d No.3655546

You don't like Aufy threads? So petition to have Polybius permanently banned. Someone here no doubt would support your effort.

782181cf No.3655551

File: 1651446026184.jpeg (86.87 KB, 960x960, FRYltvTXEAIeSyd.jpeg)

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