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027fe30c No.3635855

Which one is the best art site? Which one has the best community? Which one do you see more future long term?

d785fb09 No.3635857

in terms of functionality and feature completeness, inkbunny
in terms of community, furaffinity
in terms of longevity, furaffinity simply because it's already established and so much larger. It also doesn't have the cub stigma associated with it

but you knew all this already

0021980c No.3635878

In term of maintainance and trust toward the safety of the code, Inkbunny. They regularly upgrade stuff and communicate about it.

As for community, IB too. Degenerates that are into cub porn generaly avoid the holier-than-you attitude and drama.

aa2af74a No.3635882

I'd say IB hands down in just about every way. I just use FA because I've been on there since forever, so my watch list is more comprehensive than my IB one. E621 and U18 are even better than FA, at least they have working search functions.

E621 has lost a lot of my respect here recently, I mainly started regularly using it because the comments section was always amazing, but ever since (mainly) Milcore went all hitler the comments are worse than FA's, if it isn't 100% hug box and 100% not sexual or referring to a picture's sexual nature in anyway, you get perma banned on the spot. If you have a picture of a shaved eevee with dozens of piercings, anal beads made of bowling balls, drinking piss while having its eyes melted with a heat gun, and say anything other than "wow what great shading!! :3!! x3" you might as well just delete your account.

bdc926ac No.3635889

That's my problem with E6. I love thed picture content, but I got in a disagreement with a mod once. I just suggested they use normal names instead of fake zoological science names for pagasus, and unicorns. Their argument was that Pegasus was a specific creature, and the real name is for the species would be pterripus. I was like, who the fuck calls them that? You gonna change lamias as well? And minotaurs? Anyways, they were total dicks about it and I dropped it because I was legitimately trying to help them make their website make sense and not look like shit, so I didn't care if they didn't care. Surprirse, it changed back a few months later. I get that they are volunteers, but man… They are unstable.

32d7c296 No.3635893

Do you really expect someone sane to volunteer as mod on furfag website?
Even if they start sane, looking at all that crap will drive anyone nuts.

aa2af74a No.3635899

File: 1638715743298-0.png (491.5 KB, 800x1200, 1594372572630-1.png)

File: 1638715743298-1.jpg (143.74 KB, 1280x880, 1616922628.greyfuzzbutt_ai….jpg)

I'm still irritated that they changed cuntboy, dickgirl, mtf, ftm, and futa all to "intersex" because it was majorly triggering some people. Those are all seriously different categories, and it makes searching for specific things really off putting sometimes. Sometimes you want a girl with a dick, sometimes you want a guy with a pussy.

E6 has really gone off the rails with the whole snowflake pandering in the last few years.

32d7c296 No.3635900

>because it was majorly triggering some people
I know who.
LGBT, T to be precise. If you can find reasonable people among fags, but trannies are 100% insane.

ca151e17 No.3635903

I actually know two trannies personally and neither gave a shit, so you'll have to further narrow it down to the insane among the insane.

f3b00cb2 No.3635904

>Mastectomy scars

I hate how trannies have ruined cuntboys.

aa2af74a No.3635907

File: 1638720199608-0.jpg (304.88 KB, 1046x1280, 1530373453.spica2501_gree_….jpg)

Sometimes I like scars on stuff like that, if i'm feeling really gross and kinky, but its become way too common. I can usually just ignore it or do some mental gymnastics.

Also that was kind of my point an ftm is not a cuntboy, and a dickgirl is not a mtf. They can be but when you start adding scars it changes things. Which is why the intersex thing is so bloody annoying

aa2af74a No.3635919

File: 1638723145456-0.png (738.53 KB, 1280x880, dogpussteamedit_nostupidsc….png)

File: 1638723145457-1.png (759.84 KB, 1280x880, dogpussteamedit.png)

I made these just for you, I edit shit out of pics all the time.

aa2af74a No.3635927

File: 1638726071308.png (747.04 KB, 1280x880, reallyweirdsteam_edit.png)

sometimes I do other things.

00db5d07 No.3635947

File: 1638729927137.png (628.42 KB, 930x683, 2262791_TheDomovoi_kimmyco….png)

What is up with the paedo art on Inkbunny?

d998a760 No.3635970

File: 1638740176680-0.jpg (275.64 KB, 2400x1600, 67ec58e92cf598d3324c1897b8….jpg)

File: 1638740176681-1.jpg (233.65 KB, 1200x731, f32c6b2194409a1b181078cbcc….jpg)

God, mastectomy scars in art are fucking retarded and the work of mental illness. Do you identify as male? Great, have your fursona drawn as a male. This shit indicates to me that you don't identify as 'male', you literally identify as a mental illness. It's not transitory if being 'trans' is the destination for you. Like fuck, there's only two genders. Picking one shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, an issue I've been having with e621 is that they label every fucking scalie as a cuntboy now. No tits? Must be a man! No visible genitals? That must be a pussy then! "Tag what you see" my scaly cloaca. I don't see any labia or clit on half the scalies there, and obvious eyelashes on the ones that do have an actual pussy.

Both of these images are cuntboys according to e621

d998a760 No.3635971

File: 1638740371708-0.png (833.49 KB, 766x1000, ed6b9b4212a398d83d883aff59….png)

And I do love my cuntboys as much as I love my scalies. It's just aggravating that retards seem to think being intersex is the safer assumption than internal organs or anatomically correct flat chests.

Birds too.

aa2af74a No.3635972

File: 1638740489306.jpg (166.12 KB, 1429x1627, dcb2296c8feb7013033d688986….jpg)

birbs aren't all that important

aa2af74a No.3635976

File: 1638743026605.png (1.71 MB, 1200x731, tag what you see.png)

Presto chango an androgynous possibly cuntboy possibly slit fucked fag into you I changeo

aa2af74a No.3635980

and maybe just a girl, its kobald, so who knows. Probably doesn't even know common, so I guess just wait a few months to find out.

d998a760 No.3635982

File: 1638745884302.jpg (121.7 KB, 1280x853, c5e1a95b8d59fab948abff763c….jpg)

Kobold's don't even have gender roles. A cuntboy kobold would just be a female. You'd have to look at it's chromosomes to know otherwise.

Although according to some lore, they'll actually change sex if there are too many males or too many females, so that might not work either.

Kobolds truly live the communist utopian dream, complete with waging war by just throwing bodies at the enemy until they win.

748e335f No.3647416

Inkbunny is better except for some of the assholes that abuse the "Popular" section to politically troll everyone who visits the site like Roareyraccoon.

Furaffinity still compresses image uploads (last time I checked), has archaic features, and kowtows to the whims of their web hosts to ban whatever they find morally unacceptable like cub.

e5301565 No.3647445


Birds are very important, if not the most important.

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